Debating The Mighty 1-to-10 Scale

Few subjects inspire more spirited debate between men than the 1-to-10 scale—the go-to metric for rating a girl’s viability as a sexual partner or arm candy. I’ve literally stayed up all night arguing with buddies about the theoretical underpinnings of the thing—from whether a 10 (“dime”) can actually exist in nature, to the irrelevancy of the “potential-girlfriend factor,” to the exact location of the barely bangable line.

I was also single-handedly responsible for having the once-great-but-now-shitty website HotOrNot blocked at my old job, when the IT department invariably realized how much a work-buddy and I would visit the site from my office computer. We’d sit there arguing for 5 minutes about whether a particular girl was a 5 or a 6, only to then discuss why after we’d arrived on a consensus. We’d then repeat the same ritual on the very next girl. This went on for entire afternoons during light days.


It seems like every few months I come across another attempt to settle the debate which, in the end, reeks of reductionism or hubris. This debate will never end because, like sports and politics, the joy is in the disagreement. Comparing women like commodities in a store display is man’s ancient, god-given right, inscribed in the hand of god on the inner walls of his scrotum.

The best we can do is chart the boundaries and features of the debate and hope to arrive on a détente—that we all can live with—so we can sit back down at the desk and keep rating girls.

The Binary Solution

This is reductionism at its worst. In sum, the argument goes that “there are only two types of women: bangable and not bangable.” Guys who subscribe to this belief claim to simply rate women as zeroes or ones. The laughable gaps in this logic are too easy, and numerous, to itemize. I usually just counter: that’s like rating a car driveable or not driveable.


Asymptotic Theory

One of the least controversial views is that there is, in fact, no such thing as a 10. A 10, on a 1-to-10 scale, implies perfection, and most guys—particularly those with our sensibilities—soundly reject the notion of flawlessness among women. The scale goes in whole numbers (with occasional allowances for halves) until you get to 9. After that, you can approach 10, but you can never reach it. Some guys increase granularity into the tenths after 9 (e.g., 9.2), but that itself is a matter of controversy.

The Pictorial Concept

This is a novel solution that has been impressively executed by various sources. While some of the more impressive iterations use methodologies that most men can stand behind—accounting for personal taste, pegging a girl’s rating to the number of “highlights” a she has, and putting pictures to black-and-white abstractions—it still suffers from an array of logical imperfections that keep it from being authoritative (e.g., an over-emphasis on factors under human control, such as makeup or hygiene, rather than a raw score).


Extremism, Pride, and Emotion

A regrettable feature of the 1-to-10 debates is that a lot of guys succumb to emotion in their ratings, rather than producing even-handed, consistent assessments based on logic. I’ve seen guys reflexively rate a girl a “1!” despite the fact that, while unquestionably unattractive, she was a probably no worse than a 3. I’ve also see guys do the opposite, which is no less annoying: declaring a girl “a dime!” when she’s no more than a 7 with an inch of caked-on makeup, high heels, and a Photoshop filter. Guys are also subject to inflate the numbers of their own catches, while holding everyone else’s girls to a higher standard.

The Bangability Line

Another matter of contention is settling on the location of the barely bangable line. While I find that a majority of men (myself included) now set that line at 5, others set it as high as 7. Placing the line that high tells me that a man’s scale likely suffers from inflation, with bottlenecking at the very top of the range. The implication—which is rarely true—is that he only bangs 8s and 9s.


The Embarrassment Metric

To my knowledge, I’m the originator of this framework, though I’m certain many other guys will be quick to claim it as their own. Because female beauty is a quantifiable commodity that both men and women recognize as a status symbol for the men who can capture it, people’s expected reaction to a girl is as reliable a barometer as we have for objectively measuring a girl. How embarrassed—and conversely, proud—in other words, you’d be at being seen with a girl (especially by your buddies, ex-girlfriends, and haters) is the best way to determine a score.

My personal scale, which is strongly pegged to the Embarrasment Metric and Asymptotic Theory looks like this, summarized:

0: No Such Thing. Has a dick.

1: Hideously Unattractive. A monster. Disfigured or irretrievably mutilated. Has two heads, is missing an eye, etc.

2: Very Unattractive. Disproportionate, morbidly obese.

3: Unattractive. Ugly, fat, and/or old.

4: Almost Bangable. But definitely doesn’t pass the boner test. Still not good-looking.

5: Merely Bangable. Barely passes the boner test. You’d be pretty embarrassed to be seen with her.

6: Almost Cute. She might be cute if one or two things were different, but they’re not. You may not be super-embarrassed to be seen with her, but you certainly wouldn’t be proud, and you definitely wouldn’t willingly bring her around to anything.

7: Solidly Cute. Zero embarrassment, even some nascent pride in being seen with her. You could bring her to things without looking bad, or losing any of the luster on your game.

8: Hot-Cute. Would be straight-up proud to be seen with her and/or bring her to things. This is often the sweet spot for long-term relationship material.

9: Smoking Hot. This is a girl who can easily monetize her beauty. You’re going out of your way to be seen with her.

10: Perfection. A theoretical abstraction that only exists in the laboratory.

I use halves (.5s) to achieve a little more precision. The idea is that a girl who’s almost at that next level—but doesn’t quite have it takes to get the rating outright—will get a .5. I’ll also occasionally grant (or deduct) halves for “intangibles”—things like extraordinary sweetness (or bitchiness), a sexy vibe (or awkwardness), or a personal preference (though I’m quick to disclose the latter).

Judicious and honest application of the 1-to-10 scale is an essential part of guy talk. I doubt we’ll ever fully agree but—whether you accept my version, somebody else’s, or have your own exotic A-to-Z scale—strive for consistency and responsibility in your ratings.

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284 thoughts on “Debating The Mighty 1-to-10 Scale”

  1. For the record, both women pictured in the binary example are 1’s.
    //yes, this is humor.
    P.S., the 2nd picture in on the 3 line is the only picture that nearly made me vomit.

    1. Of course it exists, some people can’t stand tattoes, some don’t want curly hair, etc.

    1. Yum Yum, I’m a sucka for blondes too.
      Move to NL or PL?
      Seeya there…

      1. Some reason? That´s the level where I would kill someone if that means I would keep the redhead. We are not actors/rock stars/millionaires, so we will never ever have the chance to know what it feels to be with her walking on the street talking about everyday stuff. Beta thinking? Who cares?

    2. The pics in that jpg are good, but: #9 row, top row of that, girl on far left… no more than a 7, and could easy drop down if she got chubby. Dunno how the author ever considered her a 9.

      1. Yeah, I could move a few chicks up and down. Honestly, some of it has to do with personal taste (which will create disagreement and cause chicks to float -2 or +2 points.)

  2. I hate to let my residual blue-pill damage show, but do you make any account for character?
    I have a firm belief / superstition that one can read character in a person’s face.
    George Orwell has been said to have claimed, “At age 50, every man has the face he deserves.”
    If turbo-capitalism and modern social media accelerates how young people mature and and indeed age, then we should see this effect well sooner than 40.
    Sadly for so many examples of the “smoking hot!” on the high end of your scale, while they have been generously endowed with attributes contributing to their attractiveness, often they have been stiffed with regard to important characteristics of humility and modesty. I’m sure it’s often just situational narcissism from their whims being constantly indulged. In short, they’re hot but spoiled. I may be alone, but I’d rather spend time alone or in the company of a plainer girl who is more pleasant to be around than a high-drama caustic bitch.
    So gentlemen, I ask your opinion: Is it possible for you to recognize a hot babe on the high end of the scale who is still sweet and pleasant and distinguish this kind from the spoiled rotten bitches? Or do our sensors just get overloaded and deceived by beauty just like those poor dumb hamsters get charmed by the dark-triad bad-boys?

    1. I don’t know where you’re meeting these “bitchy” 8s and 9s. All the ones I run into are really fun. And yes, I live in Amurrika.

      1. honestly lots of good looking girls are happy, fun & friendly cause they are grateful about their live whereas lots of ugly girls are rude & grump cause they are bitter about theirs

    2. Looks are the bait, character the hook. This works for both sexes equally.
      To try and make a judgement about someone’s character based exclusively on their attractiveness is indeed flawed. If you observe how they interact with others then it can give clues but it isn’t until you actually engage that you can make a judgement based on evidence.
      Basically, do you avoid the lot, nibble at the bait and avoid the hook or do you take it in one gulp?

  3. I’ve gone back and forth on rating systems. The 1-10 method is value, and it’s advisable to only go to the tenth… e.g. 9.3, 7.2, etc. But (notwithstanding that epic chart), what exactly is the difference between a 3 and a 4? A 5 and a 6? That’s where it gets tricky.
    Thus emerges the value of the A through F scale. The point of reference is school, and there’s no question as to what passes as “passable” – that would be a C-. You know what an F+ is… you don’t know off the top of your head what a 3.4 is. In comparison, the 1-10 scale doesn’t have a set “passable” number (though one assumes anything under a 7 is not passable… again, this references the C- grade). Of course, nobody wants to actually be seen with a C-…
    The pic scale cracked me up. But that girl with the glasses is no 9. She’s a 7.8… aka a C+.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the embarrassment factor. If you wouldn’t want to run into someone you know while with her, don’t bang.

  5. Regarding the #1 row: are they truly 1s? I don’t mean to be an asshole, but damn…they’re less than 1s to me.

    1. a 1 to me is you look at someone and think did the hunchback of ND or the elephant man have kids?
      1 to me is the botton 2% of girls, 9 is the top 2%

    2. The guy who made that jpg obviously subscribes to the asymptotic theory, which we may presume applies to 0s as much as it does to 10s, only in the other direction.

  6. Attraction is somewhat subjective based on your personal preferences and also if you know the person’s character beforehand, so the 1-to-10 scale gives us the best metric by which guys can judge each other’s preferences in a manner each guy can understand.
    Having said that, some girls I thought were attractive others rated as average; and vice versa. Also, I may have preference for certain features etc.. and this is where the debate rages.
    One thing is for sure – to be physically average/attractive (5/6 and above) you NEED to be slim. The concept of attractiveness changes as the average weight of a group goes up, and whilst the US had some hot girls, I often saw guys that were 8/9/10 in looks dating 4/5’s, because that was the best they could do in that environment. I found it easier due to my Brit accent, even though I’m average, but those guys would’ve cleaned up in the UK or even Europe. It was truly amazing to behold. In the US, these barely average girls were snaring what were arguably greater betas in character and alphas in looks.
    Finally, whilst looks do matter, personality is important too and most women don’t even make a ‘5’, due to their princess syndrome. Guys work on personality and inner interests. Having said this, Europe and the UK favor the physically ungifted, whilst I felt looks matter a lot more in the US; for males. Also, being white gives you an advantage and having an accent or being foreign can be an ‘in’ for girls with a fetish for that kind of thing. US women like success and money in a guy much more than in the UK/Europe.
    I feel our society (Western) is becoming more conformist, as cultural trends spread by the internet are adopted by many amongst the Western nations, so I feel that being a unique man who somewhat challenges the status quo and how others think may make a comeback in the next decade or two. Because no amount of pick up can create this, I feel that guys who also concentrated on their personal development may make a killing if they can get their shit together/play their cards right.

    1. “Having said that, some girls I thought were attractive others rated as
      average; and vice versa. Also, I may have preference for certain
      features etc.. and this is where the debate rages.”

      The “true” score of a girl can only be found by asking a group of at least 20 men to meet her in real life and rate her. Their answers should follow a bell curve, and the average of the bell curve would be her “true” score.

    2. Getting a women to have sex with you is fairly easy. You just need to give her inner animal the perception that your a dominate successful male of higher value then herself. This is often done with subconscious signals and cues, dress, tone of voice, levels of investment and so on. The problems arise when you try to keep her around as she’ll end up seeing through any fake fronts your threw up initially. Only master PUA’s can throw up game 24/7 and often at great personal expense / effort. The “natural man” approach works by changing the inside of a man to permanently reflect the traits associated with a dominate, successful high value male. It requires a ton of up front effort, lots of lifting, studying and working on yourself but removes the need to constantly spin game to keep girls around after the initial sex. You don’t need to spin game because you’ve become the embodiment of what game projects.

      1. I agree with you on many points, but master pua’s probably cannot fake a front 24/7. If you’ve looked at the pua community lately, only perhaps krauser and mabye a couple of london pua’s are any good. The Mpua’s are imploding and we have jokers such as Vince Kelvin doing the rounds.

  7. I’ve always thought that the 1-10 scale was implicitly assumed to be a bell curve, which is why most guys come up with similar ratings. Most human traits, like height and IQ test performance, are.

    1. I did a statistics project on female attractiveness. My professor thought it was funny as hell but naturally did not want me to do that as my presentation material as he knew how objectionable some would find it.

        1. I wish I still had it. It was from my undergraduate Business Statistics class in ’05. There are a couple pieces of academic work I’ve done over the years that I regret not keeping and that is one of them.

    2. For men rating women, it is a normal curve (bell). For women rating men, it is profoundly skewed (80% under the line for desirability; 20% desirable). Women need signals of power to decide (doctor´s attire, suit, uniform, etc), we don´t.

      1. No, we don’t need “signals of power” or whatever that crap is. Women can decide if a man is attractive or not even if hes in jeans and a plain tee. I don’t think you spend enough time with regular non gold-digging women to know. And even if women did use these so called “signals of power” to rate men, good for them. Men can get away with saying “I want a woman who will cook, clean, and take care of my kids” So if thats the way of thinking, women will want a man who can be successful enough to provide for her and spoil her. No woman should do all those things for a man and put up with him if he isn’t top-tier.

        1. So most women will remain single? Because in a capitalist economy, no matter how much you work, chances are that you will not be a top dog.
          “Signals of power”, read as a bastardization of Bourdieu´s “habitus” (was of being, more or less).

      2. Actually I hate it when guys wear suits. I’m more likely to talk to a laid back looking guy in a clean tee shirt and jeans than the guy in a suit with bluetooth in his ear all night. I like physically fit men more than I like wealthy “power player” type men. Mostly because men like that tend to be assholes. Not all, but most.

    3. The bell curve is the distribution by quantity in a population. Rating desireability by distribution makes no sense. I have standards. They are met, or they are not.
      And The Law of Records is logrithmic. Where willfull action can influence performance that means that the majority of people could make the 90th percentile if they just put in the damn effort. The only reason they don’t is because: they don’t.
      Nobody is looking up who was within one standard deviation of times in the last Chicago marathon. No one gives a good god damn who they were. For the most part not even people who know them give a good god damn anymore.
      People look up who was at the pointy end of the field. The ones that, ya know, mattered. the ones that might be the first to break the two hour barrier. The ones that aren’t just pack fill. The ones that meet a competitive standard.
      Don’t be one of those poor bastards who buys a car because the ad said more people buy it than any other model. Figure out what you want, do your research and buy the car that best matches your needs and desires.
      You are an individual, not a population.

  8. Where is the “I’d let her give me a bj in the parking lot after work, but I never want to talk to/see her again” line? I’m thinking about 3.

  9. For me, I like a woman or not, 1 or 0. Of course I have personal preferences but that’s it. I don’t care what someone else thinks of the women that I like.

    1. What if you had to choose between two girls you liked? You have a choice between a 1 and a 1.

      1. Sample text message exchange:
        Darkmat’s Buddy: “Hey, Darkmat, how’s the talent at the bar? Trying decide whether to leave this other place.”
        Darkmat: “Dude, it’s packed with 1s.”

      2. Exactly. A zero is a zero but within the 1’s there are degrees of acceptability. Its like the swimsuit edition of SI, you’d bang pretty much any of them but if you had to pick one, I’m tipping that you would sort them into a ranking.

        1. agreed… pass or fail is the best place to start…..
          giving a girl a 5 or a 6 is flattering her and fooling yourself.

  10. I’ve heard a saying once that happy families are happy in the same way, but unhappy families are unhappy in a thousand different ways. Can apply that to females looks as well. All beautiful women are beautiful in the same boring conformist way but ugly women are ugly in their own unique way.

  11. With all of the 10 scale talk, it really has never made sense to me that “there is no ten”. It invalidates the entire scale. If 10 is some nebulous, unicorn of a number, then where does 9 begin? Makes no sense.
    Solution: Pick the 10 hottest women you see during the course of your year, those are “tens”. It’s relative, contextual, mathematic, and works everywhere. Then, you actually have a 1-10 scale that works.

      1. I think its more that it’s relative to whats around you. I can understand that because unless someone’s visited outside their local area they may not have a true grasp of how many different types of sexy there is. I can relate as I’ve been pretty much ruined for any western women. The only ones I would bother sleeping with have such inflates value and excessive neediness that they price themselves outside of the market.
        Guys really need to kick the pedestals out from under these lazy fat assed adult teenagers.

    1. You missed what “there is no ten” means. He’s saying you can have a 9.9 or even a 9.99 or 9.999 or 9.99999999999 but never a 10.000000….

  12. I’d say your scale is accurate except for the 10 part.
    While a 10 may not be able to be universally agreed upon, I have met a couple girls who I wouldn’t change anything about physically.
    Their combination of features appeared perfect to me. And no, I didn’t bang them.

    1. If you didn’t see them nude, how can you grant an honest 10? There’s no way that assessment of perfection would hold up to that level of scrutiny. I’ve also seen a couple of near-goddesses in my lifetime. I couldn’t believe something like that existed in real life. I still don’t concede perfection.

      1. Not that this will be news to you, but for the peanut gallery:
        The question comes down to whether the scale is relative or absolute.
        If relative the fact that there are 10’s is a tautology. At least one woman must be at the top of the scale.
        If absolute then 10’s do not exist because it is impossible for them to exist, simply on an engineering basis. To enhance one aspect of a system it will be required to deenhance some other aspect. Hips affect ass. Pick which one you want to be nominally perfect.
        Perfection is a purely abstract concept and physically impossilble. Optimization is approached asymptotically.

      2. I saw them in bikinis. I suppose they could have had weird nipples, but I don’t think they did.
        I think exquisitely beautiful women are similar to brilliant artwork. They may not exactly suit your tastes, but you couldn’t objectively point out a way to improve them. Would the Statue of David be “better” if he had better ab definition?
        If 10 is taken to mean perfection, I suppose I would subscribe to the Asymptotic Theory. I don’t necessarily think women have to be “perfect” to be considered a 10 though. To continue the analogy, the best works of art aren’t described in terms of perfection, but how much pleasure we derive from looking at them.

      3. To me, a 10 doesn’t imply perfection, it just implies the best of what is out there. If there are no 10’s, then the scale is really 1-9. But I think how you describe your scale in terms of embarrasment/bragging rights is dead-on.

      4. Olivia Munn. If there is a 10, Olivia Munn is very close to it. Or the Fox girl in the first Transformers (but dear God, don´t let her talk!).

        1. Olivia Munn is most definitely not a 10, an 8 maybe but that depends on how you value things.
          That’s the issue with the USA (and England). So many hambeasts and “just accept your body” bullsh!t going on that guys don’t even know what sexy even is.

        2. She has the plain face and high cheekbones that a good makeup artist and/or photoshopper can turn into just about anything.
          I’ve noticed a peculiar social trend over the past ten years or so. In product reviews as much as half the review can now be taken up by a discussion of the package the actual product came in.

        3. Well, I´m not American, I guess I just like the character she plays in “The Newsroom”, which is kind of the fantasy of a high-power professional which also is kind, clueless with gender games, and somewhat romantic.

  13. Another approach to the elusive 10 [though not one i particularly subscribe to] is the ‘video game 10’.
    When sites like metacritic or whatever give something a 10, that doesnt mean its perfect just that its the best of that type at the moment. The metrics they use determine that for for games/films/whatever right now, this fully formed media is a 10 for what it is. Reapplying this to women, you could say that a particular woman is physically a 10/10 there’s nothing you would change about her aesthetics. She’s got tops marks in the boner inducing bangability scale.
    Ofcourse the problem with this, is that subconsciously there is always a tying of the number 10 to perfect. And this can skew people’s views when assessing or determining a 10 (i.e. the beta seeps in)
    Alternatively there was another scale trumpeted by the late great patrice o neal.
    1-30. He posited that people dont have a clear enough division mentally between 6’s 7s and 8s in a conventional 1-10 scale so by increasing it people can be a bit more discerning and accurate when ranking women. It also helps kill that needy part that pedestalises a woman who happens to be an 8 or higher.
    Here’s the scale:
    1-10: simply would not bang. For whatever reasons these women are a no.
    10-20. She’s aight. A combination of femininity and attractiveness means that she’s in this category. Most good quality girls you’d find in the upper end of this category
    20-30: She’s fine. Simply These are the hot points. The extra rankings caused by virtue of a girl so hot she gives that little DNA tug [credit: krauser for that term], where you forget what the fuck you were doing because she’s that hot and she’s what you deeper than anything are drawn too. Often occurs when you see the odd Russian and spanish chick about on the streets of london.
    Paraphrasing from black phillips show [great red pill radio show patrice did]

  14. “Well, hello there, Blake.” Carl growled into the boys ear from behind.
    Blake didn’t even bother hiding the smirk that stole his lips. “Hello, Carl.”
    He purred back before spinning round to face the boy. He tilted his
    head so the lips brushed against each other but kept his distance enough
    to make Carl crazy.
    Carl didn’t dare to be the one to close the gap first. He just breathed a short, sharp laugh as he examined his prey. He noted the messed up hair, the awkwardly laid out shirt that hung off one shoulder, the smooth chinos that clung to the slim, shapely legs. God he loved that slender figure. Over the years Blake had grown taller than Carl and so much more beautiful, but still chose to keep Carl around as his loser of a boyfriend. Not that Carl was complaining.
    “Are you going to do something or should I just leave?” Blake sighed dramatically, flipping a tassel of hair behind his ear.
    “Hmm… let’s see.” Carl growled against his lips. His eye physically twitched
    and his breath hitched as Blake grabbed him through his filthy jeans. “Well, seeing as you asked so nicely.” He purred before mashing their lips together roughly. He nipped at the bottom lip before forcing his tongue in to twist and twirl around it’s equal partner.
    Blake forced his fingers to let go of Carl’s rising arousal. He curled an elegant finger under Carl’s chin and pushed upwards, forcing Carl’s head up to allow Blake more access to shove his tongue in deeper until they were tongue fucking each other.
    Carl pulled back, lips turned up in a predatory grin. Both parties panted wildly, hands never stopping roaming. Carl quickly did away with all their ridiculously annoying clothing, really hating how many layers Blake was always so determined to wear, before attaching his lips back onto Blake’s into a kiss just as heated as before.
    Carl shoved his weight forward and forced the two into walking until the backs of Blake’s knees collided with the metal frame of the bed and he soon sank, happily bringing Carl with him.They both manoeuvred masterfully backwards on the bed, keeping their mouths fused together until Blake lay down perfectly flat on his back, hips and knees raised. and Carl rested on his knees, between Blake’s open legs. He instantly ground their erections together.
    “How was Paris?” Carl growled into an open ear as he dry humped his lover.
    “Boring,” Blake replied blandly between pants. He crooned his neck to give Carl
    the access they both wanted to lay kisses the soft flesh.
    “Why? Because no one was there to fuck your pretty little hole?” Carl bit against the skin before then clamping his teeth down.
    Blake screamed a long moan, bucking his hips harshly into Carl’s. “Don’t be
    ridiculous. I was bored simply because you were not there.” Blank panted out. He didn’t allow Carl time enough to answer, just stared into those incredulous eyes. “Although you lack… well everything, I still somehow manage to find you incredibly… interesting. Unlike the rest of the people on this god forsaken bore of a planet.” He explained with the occasional wave of his hand to add to the exasperation of it all.
    Carl couldn’t believe his ears. “Well, careful there, Blakey, it almost sounds like you love me.”
    “Don’t be stupid, Carl!” Blake snapped back instantly. He averted his gaze,
    his face flushed red, “Of course I love you.” Carl opened his mouth to say something Blake knew would either ruin the moment or be simply something he did not want to hear so he quickly regained composure and wiggled his seductive little bottom and purred “Hurry up. I need you.” up at Carl, his back arching off the bed and returned them to rutting together.
    Carl lost all of his brain power instantly and flung himself back down into the heat of the moment. Pushing his hips forward, sliding their growing erections together. He watched as Blake’s face contorted with pleasure and he pushed his hips up off the bed straining for more. More that Carl was happy to give. He moved himself down Blake’s beautifully lithe body, scattering kisses all about the white expanse of perfect skin.
    “God you are so sexy when you want to be.” He growled against the soft stretched across the smooth stomach before laying a gentle kiss on one jutting hip bone.
    Blake opened his mouth so that he at Carl to shut the hell up and get on with it, but all that came out was a long, loud moan as Carl finally took his aching cock into his mouth. He tried to buck up and force himself further into that wonderful heat but Carl’s grip on his hips was far too strong. He was going to leave bruises yet again. That bastard. That wonderfully talented bastard with his fan-fucking-tastic tongue.
    Carl smirked – well as best one can smirk with a mouthful of cock – up at
    his boyfriend as he watched him come undone. He watched that beautiful blonde covered head toss back and forth in the throes so his overpowering pleasure, his hands fisting into the sheets until his knuckles turned white. He pushed his mouth further down the large shaft,just enough to nudge at his throat but not enough to cause him to gag.
    He pulled back so that just the tip stays in his mouth and pushes his tongue flat against the head, sliding it down the slit before twirling it around and round. He pokes Blake in the ribs and waves his hands indicating to pass him the lube.
    Blake opened his eyes, intending to watch that skilful mouth at play, just at
    the moment of Carl demands the lube. He smiles and leans back, arching
    his back more than he needs too just to give Carl a nicer view. He winks as he tosses next to his own hip and Carl’s awaiting hand.
    Carl catches the tube easily and smiles mentally at how it’s nearly empty as
    he pops the cap and starts pouring it liberally onto his fingers. He flips the cap closed again and drops it aimlessly, knowing he’ll need it again soon. He pushes a finger bluntly against the whole before taking the whole cock in deep into his throat, past his gag reflex, and pushes the finger in past the initial ring of muscles.
    Blake stretched his legs further, his hole body relaxing into that wonderful touch. His entire world was white as he opened himself out to full vulnerability to the only person in the world he truly trusted. He crooned incoherently as the second finger was added and the mouth sped up. He was not only going to cum but he was going to just plain explode.
    “Carl!” He nearly screamed as he came, shooting his load deep into that open throat.
    Carl had to struggle to pry his fingers from Blake’s entrance as it stayed
    clamped round him. He pulled his mouth back, lapping up the splodges he missed and wiping the back of his hand at his lips before wiping them on the sheets. He noticed Blake’s silent glare and smirked, kissing his cheek.
    “I need to be in you. Now.” He breathed against Blake’s throat.
    Blake shuddered as the hot breath washed over him, rolling his hips. “Well you better take me then, hadn’t you.” He quipped harshly but the glint in his eyes and the smile tugging at his lips gave him away.
    Carl smiled ruefully down at his lover as he lined up his already leaking cock at the quivering hole. He poured some more lube over his cock and rubbed himself a few times and took a deep breath. He placed a small kiss on the base of Blake’s throat as he nudged in, then bit down harshly as he rolled his hips and sank himself balls deep into his lover. “Shitshitshitshit!” He growled out, the tight pressure and heat making him want to buck furiously into his lover repeatedly until the whole of the universe exploded. But no matter how much they spat insults at each other, he would never be such a brute.
    Blake breathed harshly, his body still far too oversensetised from his orgasm just minutes ago and his cock twitches at the intrusion. “M-more!” He groans out, back arching off the bed into a perfect bow and eyes screwing shut. His ankles knotting together behind Carl’s back and urging him further in.
    Carl moans loudly as he pulls himself out and pushes himself slowly back in, setting up a slow rhythm. His hand fumbles between them both as he strokes Blake’s cock back to life, loving how small his refractory is after an orgasm, eagerly building up,ready for another.
    Carl feels Blake relax enough and his tight rings of muscles finally allow him to begin moving in earnest. His thrusts becoming mere quick, shallow twitches of his hips. His breathing becomes rapid moans of incoherent mumblings and splutters of sweet nothings and sex crazed statements.
    “God. Blake. Fuck. So tight.” he grunts as his thrusts become harder, more erratic. His hand picking up the pace to try and keep up with his wild thrusting. His slows his thrusts for a short while into long, deep and hard strokes of his hips, dragging out the pleasure as much as he can.
    Blake finally starts to become hard again and slams his hips down expertly, his toes curling at the harsh depth and feeling of being filled so incredibly. “I am so close!” He cried out, eyes rolling to the back of his head and mouth hanging open. His mind filled only with the ridiculous feeling of Carl inside of him.
    Carl moaned out, that sexy voice shaking him to his core. He grabbed the back of Blake’s thigh, his fingers digging in harshly, and pushed backwards, and hoisted it over his shoulder. The different angle was perfect and he aimed masterfully after many years of practise into that spot. That sweet bundle of nerves that forces the last bit of restraint to come undone.
    Blake screamed out Carl’s name as mass delirium over took him, pleasure exploding through out his entire being and shooting through his cock all over the two of them. His breath shuddered free from his chest as it rose and fell heavily.
    Carl choked as the walls surrounding clamped down around him and rippled, yanking his orgasm from his core. He let go of his lovers body and barely managed to collapse next to him instead of on top of him. He remembers the first time he fell onto Blake and nearly squished him, the angry curses and beating was not fun. He smiled into the pillow at the memory of so long ago. It felt like they had been together forever.
    Blake rolled onto his side, his arms open wide and waiting, welcoming, Carl
    in. Carl instantly took the invitation, wiggling himself into the sweaty embrace, nuzzling into the pale chest. “I love you too.” He murmured out tiredly against the skin before placing a delicate kiss.
    “Shut up.” Blake mumbled, the smile never leaving his lips even as they feel asleep in a mass of tangled long arms and legs.

    1. Women: cluesless enough about men and masculinity that they write sex scenes between two of them through a romance novel filter of feelings and emotion until the men might as well be women.
      Ever read ‘1984’ toots? Julia’s response to crippling authority by responding with petty vandalism and sexually-acting-out cracks me up.

  15. I dont think 10 implies ‘perfection’- but rather ‘the best available’ (in any given sample). For example, rating girls in your city or school, you would take the ugliest girl as the 1 and the hottest as the 10. If enough ugly/hot girls move to the city/school then the ratings shift accordingly. After all, one only rates girls in relation to others he has seen..

  16. “Guys are also subject to inflate the numbers of their own catches . . .”
    According to these pictures I’ve never done worse than a 9.5 (and I don’t count makeup), at least half of whom initiated, which I find as hard to believe as you will. Nonetheless I find all the 7’s to be unbangable dogs and most of the 8’s an embaressment to be seen with.
    And as I am going to be seen with anybody I’m banging, why would I?
    Contrariwise; why would I go to any effort to be seen with a woman? When I am out it is to be seen myself. Otherwise I’ll just stay home, that’s where my stuff is and the assholes aren’t.
    As I do not in the least consider myself some super human 10 magnet, are you sure the asymptote isn’t the wrong way round or something?
    At 5 and lower I can admit to a complete lack of objectivity to the point where my opinion is basically useless. My mind simply screams “Avoid!”.
    And I do.

    1. Same. 5’s don’t even register to me as an option. Sure that exceedingly limits my options, but I’m just simply not attracted.

      1. Well of course it limits your options. That’s the point. Contrary to what some might have heard discrimination is a good thing.
        It keeps you from wasting your life on a bunch of overpriced, worthless crap.

      2. I have always maintained my standards, even in periods of drought.
        The embarrassment metric is a great rule of thumb, if I’d lie my arse off and deny sleeping with a woman, then she doesn’t meet my standards.

    2. This is the mentality to have. If we all thought like this, girls in Amurrika wouldn’t let themselves get fat.

      1. and all the girls would be fit but 90% would still be deemed worthless and an embarressment due to facial imperfections that they can’t help and thus would have no other choice but to kill themselves. I’m not denying the importance of attractiveness but there is no need to scrutinize to such an obsessive and hateful extent.

  17. wow, I stumbled onto this website by accident…
    ummm.. dear men. Please turn off the computer, step outside, and try and make eye contact with another human today. Don’t try and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, smile at young ladies, old ladies, old men, young men, little kids, like you’re smiling at another human being and not a theory. Maybe even smile, they just might smile back at you. Breath the fresh air. Go to the park. You’re living in a make-believe world of rules. Come join us in reality.

      1. I just feel bad for you, it reminds me of me when I was a brace-faced teenager thinking there were soo many “rules” to getting a boyfriend or being popular or whatever that I had to somehow figure out… but once you grow into yourself and get out into the world you learn it’s not all so simple, life is messy you know.

      2. Yep she’s deploying typical male shaming techniques. Women judge men FAR harsher then men judge women. Men at least attempt to use a fair rational process. Women’s judgement process goes about like this “is my p*ssy wet, will he buy me a pony, SLEEP WITH HIM”. We are nothing but sperm donors, sources for emotional validation, and walking ATMs to them. Don’t ever let a women convince you otherwise.

        1. “Palladin9479” is it? Maybe get off your fat butt and stop playing world of warcraft twelve hours a day so you can meet some real women? Maybe then you would have a modicum of understanding as to how a woman’s brain works.

        2. It’s the exact same, dude. Both men and women don’t need to have a sexy beast but if you’re at least average looking, take care of yourself, and if you’re a good person and you’re fun to be around then that’s really what matters. The only people who date based on looks is ridiculous. Unless you have high standards (which isn’t common) then you have nothing to worry about. palladin9479, you sound like a typical reddit user who complains about being nice and not getting sex in return.

    1. If I have told you once I have told you 1001 times; that’s a mirror. It’s just a reflection of yourself, not actually another munkeee.

        1. I do not believe in evolution. I observe it as fact. Perhaps munkeee see, munkee do, but I myself am an ape.
          A great one I might add, so I have.

      1. Well I’m newly single and in my 20s so I can’t say I personally know for sure what works but my grandmother and grandfather were together for over 55 years and he certainly didn’t have “game”, he just worked up the nerve to ask my grandmother to dance and they hit it off.
        The only thing I see that has ever worked is living your life and taking a few chances if you meet someone you really enjoy being with. And then remembering that people do age over time.
        Oh and sunscreen helps. Also not smoking. Staying healthy. And I think having separate beds for sleeping in isn’t such a bad thing either lol.

        1. Of course your gramps doesn’t have game. You didn’t need game in the 1950s. Nowadays, though, it’s a must.

        2. Oh please, times may have changed but real love works the same way it did back in the days of olde. It just happens and it’s awesome and wonderful etc. and it actually is as corny as it seems in movies except that it isn’t corny at all, it’s beautiful. But it usually happens when you least expect it and sometimes unfortunately it can’t last forever.

          Until the bitch divorces you, takes the kids, half your money and gets the state to enforce vagimony on you. Then she gets to run away and throw herself on all the dick she can find like a starving kid at a buffet.
          The reason older couples stayed together was the girls were taught to be women, to value and respect masculine attributes and to be loyal even in the face of adversity. Modern girls are only taught “me me me me me, GIVE A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS, TAKE ME TO THE LAKE”. And if a man fails to provide that pony, or that lake, or hell just have a dick, then he’s instantly vilified.
          So no, we’ll take biological cues and instinctual imperatives as guides for mate selection over the “she has worth cause she has a vagina” method. Hambeasts need not apply.

        4. Your earlier replies were much more eloquent and reasonable. Now I suppose we’re getting to the meat of the matter. You’re bitter. It’s terrible you’ve been hurt, but isn’t it a smidge hypocritical for you to continue on the vein of harming another human being? If it was so terrible for her (them?) to abuse you in such a manner, what makes you think your behavior here, albeit in a relatively anonymous medium, is any more appropriate?

        5. I would imagine that your older kinfolk of yesteryear also exercised judgement. Something that has been shamed out of most people today. I’ve sen the MGTOWesque stories. Them fools got involved with shit women, but it’s everyone else’s fault…sure.

        6. Based on this scale I’m an 8, 8.5 considering the fact that my breasts defy gravity and I’m a car salesman with a bad ass personality. I know all about shallow men, and idiot whining women. The fact is, men are too stupid, and insecure to use proper, descriptive words. They’re like dogs, 1-10 is easier.
          Yes the comments assuming you “need” game are a little outlandish, and the comments surrounding “all 8s and 9s being whores and bitches” are over the top. You’d be annoyed too if you had men who THINK that because they have a good job and aren’t balding that they’re entitled to these women.
          But ladies- these comments aren’t all wrong either. No you aren’t useless or worthless if you aren’t a model, but if you find yourself on website after website looking for some sort of validation that you don’t need to take care of yourself or work hard and that there’s some knight in shining armour looking for a 5,5, acne ridden chubby girl with a “great smile” you probably aren’t going to find it.
          MEN- grow up and look past out bums and boobs, although they’re great.
          WOMEN- spend half the time that you do on these websites getting furious that men “rate women” on going to the gym, accessorizing, and facial treatments and you all might just find this problem resolves itself.

        7. Based on this article, if you’re a “salesman”, you’d actually rate at a zero since only someone with a dick can get that rating.

        8. Different times man. Different type of women also. I witnessed the same thing. They didn’t have all the varying factors for failed LTR that we do nowadays. Hypergamy was also systematically stiffed. That’s why the generations born prior to the 1960s were about WE vs ME. There is always a oppressive factor enhibiting some form of populus activity, But the enabling of an entire gender by way of welfare and feminism has hindered the human race to great affect. As leading men at varying levels of Alpha we have to pull in the reigns on the tailspin of humanity. It will contest with the values you have to become stout in opposition of the current way women men and women interact themselves. The “privilage of everything” comes at a price and society is over drafting right now. It’s evident with the memes, mental illnesses and crazy levels of life dissatisfaction most women are experiencing. We might seem harsh right now but dime tough love will right this ship agian for future generations.

        9. Is there You Go Girl in the 1960s?
          Ask yourself what is the state of feminism in 1960s and in 2010s? Girls like to blame guys for Game, but it’s they themselves who created this whole mess in the very first place.

        10. Guys and girls have different idea of what’s hot and not. Look at all the girls who think they are such a great catch because they are talkative. Pro tip: talkativeness actually **reduces** your score, not increase it.
          If you want to lie that you are an 8.5, at least grow some brains to say that your boyfriend’s bros rate you as a 8.5.

        11. Real love works the same way; Except girls these days aren’t looking for real love, they are looking for Lamborghinis, David Beckhams, Brad Pitts, and THEN they are justifying that by calling that real love! That’s girls for you.

    2. “wow, I stumbled onto this website by accident… ”
      Ego-protecting Womanspeak for “I obsessively lurk on a website targetted at masculine men trying to learn why I can’t attract one.”

        1. “why are swedish women”
          Because they are diversity feminists. As for the female Swedes, ya got me swingin’.

        2. Give the Swedish a little respect, they invented Ikea and ABBA, next step is world domination.

        3. sweden use to be a good place until mindless feminists like yourself nagged the men to death and fucked it up

      1. Hmm… that sounds like “ego-protecting Manspeak” for “I’m ashamed and threatened by the fact that someone pointed out the obvious stupidity of this post and its consumers” 😉

        1. Hmm… that sounds like “ego-protecting Women speak” for “I’m ashamed and threatened by the fact that someone pointed out the obvious stupidity of this women’s comment and the stupid women that liked it like yourself”. Plus I know feminists are to stupid to understand ,but this is real sexuality. Not false feminist sexuality as annoyingly put by the huffington post/buzzfeed and all their stupid consumers. Just because you get offended by true masculinity doesn’t make it stupid, but obviously your too dumb to comprehend. And the most laughable thing is to suggest that a man would be threatened by something as small, weak and dumb as a feminist women.I know your too dumb to understand ,but this is an intelligent post that puts dumb women like yourself in their place. Also, I’m assuming your dumb feminist brain must use the word threaten because your trying to protect your own ego which is threatened by the highly superior male sex drive.

        2. plus the only thing obvious and stupid is stupid women like yourself who feel the need to comment stupid shit about how offended you are in a article targeted at the average male, got it stupid

        3. I actually though she said something pretty non-confrontational and nice. It mostly seemed like she was saying “be nice to people instead of rating them”. I didn’t realize this was such an unforgivable crime!
          I’m not sure what you mean as ‘real sexuality’, or ‘real masculinity’. I didn’t realize ‘real masculinity’ was rating people on how ‘bangable’ they are. I thought ‘real’ men would have better things to do with their time – like be successful gentlemen in this world, or making it a better place to live.
          But hey, what does a feminist like me know?
          It’s best to use proper grammar and spelling when you’re trying to make a point about how dumb the other person is.
          I’m not sure what ‘place’ this post was supposed to put me in? Please enlighten this ‘dumb’ feminist, good, kind, sir with ‘real’ masculinity’ and no ego to speak of 😉

    3. Us?, women rate men numerically just as much and just as often, I have seen them do so countless times.

      1. I wasn’t talking about men, I was talking about people on this website, I’m sorry but you guys are taking it all way too seriously.

    4. Shhh. Much better if they stay inside hunched over their computers arguing the finer points of “the bangable line”
      Don’t want them out in the wild where you might meet one.

      1. the only creatures that need to stay in their homes is people like you, how did you get out of the kitchen and onto this computer anyway. In the wild I don’t think u understand that concept because your wasting your time pointlessly commenting on this video staying inside because you seek to disrupt real men. Real men who are masculine and discuss the beautiful object that is women, excluding ugly cows like yourself. Also, shhh was applied to you to often, only you are too ignorant that you lose perception of reality and clearly superior male sex drive.

    5. This is reality men have a much higher sex drive and are greatly visually pleased by women. So I will continue to rate women and encourage others to do so in reality. Unlike you who lives in a masculinity killer feminist fantasy land who hypocritically cannot accept reality herself. And for you and the other 162 dumb women who liked your comment a normal person who gets offended by posts like these would just skip them and not threaten their “ideal reality” by commenting dumb feminist nonsense on them. Your only increasing the articles viewership and encouraging another. Plus even if this was a time waster most true men who have visited this site, have spend less time in on it then you. What you obviously didn’t understand is rating women and wanting to mate with them, being attracted by them is a perfect topic cemented in reality. However, scolding people for having natural tendencies is one much suited for your fantasy world.

  18. Looks, shmooks. Can she crack walnuts or will you need some rope and a 2×4? If she been bangin Tutmosis it may be the latter. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  19. This is a pretty good article that actually makes me reflect on my own successes antd failures. All things considered I’ve done pretty goddamn good over the years. About 50% of the chicks I’ve banged are quite attractive. Good shit.

  20. I do have to say, I honestly did always hold the opinion that the concept of a “10” chick was bullshit.

  21. I think the 1-10 scale is too complicated. I use the 0-5
    ———Bangability line
    Debating whether a girl is a 6-7 is a matter of preference most of the time, but nine times out of ten most men can agree on the difference between cute and hot.

  22. I posted this yesterday in an older thread. It probably wasn’t going to be viewed in that thread so I’m glad for this article. You might find it interesting and helpful. Here’s the post:
    I agree that the probability of there being any 10s out there, although not out of the realm of possibility, is significantly low. I also agree that 10s get thrown out there a little too easily. I’ve found that the problem is the actual grading system that’s used.
    The 1-10 grading system, with the ten being the highest, is too open to error. Why? Because it allows for a guy’s score to be too easily swayed by one great physical trait. How many times has a guy seen a girl with a beautiful face and said, “Wow, she’s a 10!”? Or the same with a chick who has a great body?
    Because of this I decided to tweak the system a little bit. And by tweaking it I was able to keep scores more honest (it even benefits the not so cute girls).
    What I did was separate the grading system from a simple 1-10 to a 1-5 (body) and 1-5 (face) with the total score being the sum of the two. With this system the same guy who was awarding 10s to girls with a beautiful face will be forced to be more objective. He may give the girl a 5 for her face, but if her body is merely good, not great, he would have to give her a 3. Her total score then comes down from a 10 to an 8. If you flip it the other way, and say you award the body a 5, but she has an OK face for which you give her a 3, again she goes from a 10 to an 8. Even butterfaces benefit from this scoring system. Instead of getting a 1 from a guy who finds her face hideous, that same guy would be forced to distinguish between the body and the face. (She may be a 1 in the face, but could get 3 points for the body thus bringing her up to a 4.)
    Even though this system is also victim to subjectivity it can keep scores more honest by forcing a guy to distinguish between the two important things we look for in a female.
    This is how I view each individual score and they apply to both the face and the body (halfs can also be given):
    5 = Perfection for either the body or face. Highly unattainable, but not impossible (especially since it’s subject to an individual’s taste and opinion).
    4 = A chick who’s face (body) is nicer than 90% of other women. Only someone with a face (body) that’s a 5 overtakes her. This chick will usually be the prettiest girl (or have the best body) in the room.
    3 = This would be the chick who is pretty. She’s not beautiful like or drop-dead gorgeous (or have a body) like the 4 or 5, but she’s no slouch herself. Only a 4 or a rarer still 5 is more beautiful than her.
    2 = This is the chick who’s average in the face (and body). She’s not hideous, but she’s nothing to write home about. She’s your run of the mill Plain Jane. And for the body it’s just regular, nothing special.
    1 = This is the score you would give a chick just to be nice. There really isn’t much difference between a 1 and a 0.
    *The halfs can be used for seperation between two numbers. Say a girl who’s not a 4, but you think she’s slightly more than a 3. You would give her a 3.5.
    Lastly, I want to say that I put the system to the test in the heart of NYC. And the system didn’t disappoint. It worked just as I figured it would. I even used my co-workers as guinea pigs. I had them score chicks who they found attractive and they were giving out 9s and 8s. When I had them re-score them using the new system the 9s went down to 7s and the 8s to 6s. They were being swayed by the pretty faces. But when forced to separate the face from the body and score them individually the scores dropped.
    So take it out and use it and you’ll never see a 10 the same way again.

  23. In general, no guy should rate girls on any kind of scale since it will give him an off vibe and he’ll fail to communicate well. You need to see women as normal humans for the best success. Scales turn women into objects. It also invariably makes guys put women on a pedestal.
    Considering an “embarrassment factor” is dumb as shit as well because it promotes your shitty ego and also kills the human element.
    True men develop their own standards and don’t give a fuck about what other people think. Learn to feel how your body reacts to different women and how attracted you are.
    If I did go with a scale, binary would be the best. Keep it simple. Or maybe no attraction, some attraction, extremely attracted. Or use different words to describe women and cultivate a stronger vocabulary: cute, adorable, hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, plain, ugly, hideous, etc. But figure out what qualities you like in women and qualify them on those qualities. Explicit scales are stupid.

    1. Binary works the same for me regarding guys. As for “game” honestly I have met guys who try to work “game” and it’s obvious because you can tell something is unnatural and off. And I’m kind of a social retard so that’s saying something.

      1. I have nothing against you personally, after all, I don’t even know you. It’s just that I can be a bit of a sucker for a straight line, so even though you pitched that one slow and right down the middle I’ll take the foul.

        1. Ha…I love when I hear women saying ‘game doesnt work’. Its a bit like the person who says he never falls for a sales pitch, that he can see through their tactics a mile off but then a salesman who really knows how to sell comes along and he manages to sell the guy a truck load of shit.
          If you meet a dude who is good at game, you wont know what hit you, trust me.. You’ll be giggling like a little schoolgirl with your knickers in a ball flung violently into the corner of the room before you even know it, that’s the whole point of game.

      2. If you can tell they are trying to work “game”, it simply means one thing: They have just gotten started to Game.
        The real good ones will be so adept you couldn’t even tell. And after you have married him, try to be nonjudgemental and you’ll be surprised that he’ll admit to having had used Game too. (Note that he’ll only tell you that when you are 50 y/o and ugly and have no means to run away after realizing the truth.)

  24. My crew prefers the A,B,C,D,F system using +’s and -‘s to further calibrate if necessary.
    A-F: A Field Guide
    A = absolute beautiful women. These are rare, if not almost extinct, especially outside areas of dense population and in Western countries. Only men with tight game should attempt to tame this specimen.
    B= standard issued cute babe. A few of this specimen will be found in bars and night clubs especially on the weekend. Almost all, with no justification, believe they are really an A. In the West a B can be particularly annoying because of this. Use of asshole game to tame is highly recommended.
    C= this the the Chevy model of woman. Good for getting from point A to point B. No bells or whistles. A few annoying dings and dents. The engine will occasionally knock. This species is plentiful in highly populated areas. Most will have “daddy issues” and be addicted to their smartphone. General game should be more then enough to tame this kind of woman.
    D= pump and dump, but only if you dare, woman. This one comes with jowls, muffin top, and a smelly, hair filled pie hole. Generally one or two of this species can be found congregating with herds of C’s and occasionally B’s. D’s are however shunned by A’s. They are bitter enemies. The only redeemable quality of a D is that some are very sexually open hoping that doing anal, swallowing, and providing high quality oral sex will compensate for their lack of physical traits. Game not required. Simply treating this type of woman like a human being will tame most.
    F= fatties. Women who are grotesquely overweight, waddle, and use shower curtains and clothes pins as clothing. Knowing that they have no chance for any type of sexual/social life this species of women become socially reclusive and substitute cats for human interaction. Occasionally, one will attract mainstream attention by serving as a spokesperson for issues involving “women”, “feminism”, and the “patriarchy”. Do not attempt to game. Successful attempts in the past have resulted in reported of mental illness, psychosis, and false accusations of rape.

  25. 1: deformed and (morbid obesity or very old)
    2: deformed, morbid obesity, very old or (obese + old)
    3: obese or old
    4: overweight, middle age unless in great shape, or (overweight + young)
    5: nothing wrong, but nothing that stands out.
    6: 5 with one or two features that excel, butt, lips, hair, etc.
    7-9: stated definition
    10: An objective 9 you have slept with

  26. I live in a rather financially depressed,backwards thinking part of north east UK and ive noticed that there are far too many rough,fat,unintelligent and happily mediocre physical wrecks dating guys that would surely rate as 8’s/9’s on the scale,this has to do with the fact that in my environment i would seriously and without any exaggeration what-so-ever rate 90% of Females over the age of 30 as being medically obese,so the guys in question simply have no choice as the remaining 10% of reasonable Females are looking to hook up with professional footballers or very wealthy businessmen.
    After long,hard thought on this subject ive come to the conclusion that Men NEED to be more UNWILLING to settle for this,as if we en masse,refused to treat lazy,unmotivated and usually rather nasty natured Female individuals with the respect they DO NOT deserve then maybe this will shake them up into making a fucking effort with themselves (as we do with ourselves).This does,admittedly sound rather harsh but in my experience if we were to try to suggest to them to make more effort it would be met with out and out agression and hostility.
    Many Women respond with accusations of latent homosexuality or questionably sized genetalia on our part….just because we DARE ask them to sort themselves out.
    NO,we must lead by example,i suggest to just use them and discard them,that way the smarter ones will figure it out.

    1. Yet another anecdote showing that the U.K. is the polar opposite of the Ukraine:
      ive noticed that there are far too many rough,fat,unintelligent and happily mediocre physical wrecks dating guys that would surely rate as 8’s/9’s on the scale,

      1. Its caused by the culture over here corvinus,the GB people have been spoiled,pampered and turned into weak willed,obese and pathetic cases,needing to be ‘wet-nursed’ through the simplest of tasks,in fact the UK is actually de-evolving.
        And its heartbreaking and very lonely to observe.

    2. I also live in the north east and I see the same problem. Seeing decent looking men chase ugly bitches who wouldn’t pass as a 5 in my books is a very unsettling sight. This results in the 7s thinking they should be models because every guy will fucking bend over backwards for her. I need to move. Although I think living in such a harsh place will help my game.

      1. aside from the very rich areas in some of the home counties and sections of london, its pretty much the same in the south.

        1. its to do with the socio economic status of the working and middle classes in GB at the moment,everyones struggling and the first thing to suffer in this scenario is the physcial health (also attractiveness) of the individual

        2. Even in the home counties (Guildford, Surrey) this effect can be seen. There are some higher quality girls here, but there are also huge council estates full of human trash. The effect might not be as profound as in the north but there are plenty of attractive/semi-attractive guys settling with hambeasts out of desperation. Also the actually fit girls seem to gravatate towards London and/or Brighton, I assume either because there are more/better clubs or there is a perceived increase in quality men at those locations.
          The worst part is that alot of my friends are pairing up with these monsters to settle down and have family (23-28 most of us) already without seeing just how much higher the quality of poon is elsewhere as they don’t travel/only go t shitty “British” resorts in Spain or Greece.

        3. Absolutely not. There are lots of places where people don’t drink themselves into obesity and have several baby daddies by the time they hit their 20’s. Multigenerational welfare legacies are the result of a tough economy.

      2. As for the cultural and socio economic reasons behind this phenomenon,i would wager that,at least from what i see in my area,that its the intergenerational high unemployment along with the negative effects this has on life ambition/expectations,literally i know of whole counties that have council estates full of unfortunates who think it’s PERFECTLY NORMAL AND REASONABLE to never work a job,to rely totally on government handouts and sickness benefits for their entire working lives.
        The fall out from this,from a physcial attractiveness standpoint,is quite obvious….a lack of self worth,a lack of interest in being fit and healthy,as,after all,if they became healthy and vibrant then theyd have to leave the benefits system and be WORSE OFF FINANCIALLY by being forced to work in a minimum wage job.
        In the final analysis,the blame for this state of affairs MUST be placed at the feet of the past and present Governments of GB,Tony Blairs leadership in particular,allowed the benefits culture to flourish through his Fabian Socialist ideals,having millions of families reliant on “Big Brother” for their survival due to massive cuts in investment in this rapidly declining country.

        1. Yes, I suspect the nanny state is a big part of female uglification. They feel free to get ugly and become single moms because they don’t need a man, as the state takes care of them.
          Here in the States, this exact trend is worst among the blacks, but whites are heading in that direction, the Democrats are trying their hardest to speed the process along, while the Republicans act like idiots.

        2. Its all part of the coming world communistic system that the political party’s (of all persuasions) are ushering in,with the aid of international corporations,the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is the real shadow government.They are enforcing these changes via austerity (thanks to the banking boys).
          In other words the physical fall out we see each day is actually a side effect of this policy,similar to the peasants of the middle ages being malnourished,stunted,ugly and with rotten teeth ( dental problems have skyrocketed since in inception of “austerity”).
          The future ain’t too bright i’m afraid.

    3. As another fellow redpill man residing in Britain i have to agree.
      Being in a country where there are so many uglies and fatties, makes thin women look attractive just by virtue of their thinness.
      I got a huge fucking wake up call when i went to Italy, [milan in particular].
      Thin is the DEFAULT over there. At first it was hard to concentrate on much during the trip because there were so many attractive northern italian girls all about the place pottering about on scooters but then after a while you adapt.
      Instantly a higher standard in women is found. You become more discerning of physical indicators of attraction in women, not just thinness, but body ratios, etc.
      This feeling carried over for a few days when i returned to the UK and it felt like fucking cheat mode was on.
      Because i got desensitised to a higher value quality of woman over there, when i came back, it was very easy to talk with and attract British 8 or 9s. why? because they simply were inferior to italian 8s/9s. This made game much easier because from an emotional internal standpoint they could sense i didnt rate them that highly. And that subcommunication worked wonders for attraction.
      The only negative is that it does where off when you go back to the host country [uk] and stay here again. As attraction parameters change trying to sort the wheat from the chaff , we unconcsciously reverse downward our scale.
      Call it attraction and differentiation by proximity. Its precisely why the man who’s only bit of social life is his work, will slowly get attracted to medium sally in the office. If he had any kind of outside exposure he would be innoculated against her, but because she’s the best in the office environment, his emotions drive him to value her higher than he would had he been in a better environment.
      There are two takeaways from this:
      1) The best way to improve your game is be in the company of hotter women [preferably abroad]. Get desensitised to what glitters and your subcommunication will do the gaming you need. So go abroad to places with hot girls, when you come back, you’ll be much better at game, because you place much less value on the higher tier girls over here.
      2) After you’ve been abroad why the fuck would any of you want to return to a lower baseline country?! Thinness is the default in northern italy. Both objectively and subjectively even with repeated crap game + time invested, you are going to find + fuck better quality women than the all the 6,7,8, and 9s Britain could ever produce. Why’s that? diet, genetics and cultural factors.

      1. I so understand what your saying. I go through the same thing when I go back to the states. Being surround by hot non-entitled girls makes you rate women differently (I’m in Korea). When I go back to the USA all the girls look so ugly that it doesn’t even faze me when I talk to the hot ones (they think their hot anyway). It’s why I believe every man needs to visit other non-liberal countries and even take a “vacation” to PI. Just to see what a “good” women looks like so as not to be confused by the hambeasts.

        1. in my country the Female is rather often “married to the state/government”,by this,i mean that she doesn’t need a man to look after her as the state does it for her.This appeals to human nature,which is basically lazy,because if the de-evolved British Female is looked after by a government body then why would the typically lazy Female be bothered to look appealling enough to attract a Male she doesnt really need?,especially if she already has a few kids,which they normally do by they are out of their teens.
          You see,this is all a technique of mass control by the state,its called Fabian Socialism…total oversight by the government by manipulating the ignorant masses,its been used since time immemorial in many parts of the world.

      2. Amazingly,i have a friend who actually leaves GB to work in Italy,he works for Ferrari,he says exactly the same thing!!….i think you should maybe write a book on this topic,there’s definately great truth in what we speak of.

    4. well shit, looks like i’ll have to remodel my entire life. i am studying my dream degree at one of the best universities in the world, i have grown up in a bad area and used my will power and determination to create a positive path for myself, i am a fully trained charity worker and have spent months in foreign countries building schools and ensuring fresh water, but clearly the fact that i am not conventionally attractive means i have no value as a human being! glad you opened my eyes to that. now maybe if i work on losing some weight and slapping enough make up on myself, i can attract misogynistic nobodies such as yourself. thank you.

      1. wow and wow (surprise and your username): TWO years ago since you’ve commented on this, but it’s still relevant.
        Quite how you turn self esteem and self respect, which is what we’re talking about, into ‘misogyny’ is such an OLD, trite, totally disingenuous sexist bigoted talk! Although Jason’s comments were strong (he’s as entitled as you to express himself) he’s still nevertheless right. Far too many people, men and women (but particularly women, it’s true) are overweight or even obese and do need to face up to, and deal, with it, instead of expecting society to just accept them. These people expect everyone else to change and to accept them! What arrogance. What ignorance. Why should the rest of us pay out from taxes to fund the NHS to care for these people, who have no self-respect and expect everyone else to change, when they themselves don’t want to change? Quite how anyone can disagree, both on economic grounds as well as morally, is just beyond words. As a nation we’ve slowly been lowering out standards all round, as people have felt ever more entitled, but at the same time less and less accountability, as people rely more and more on the state. It’s a bit childlike to not take responsibility ourselves, instead of irresponsibly passing this on to others.
        It’s fine to do what one wishes, on condition it doesn’t affect others. If one sticks to this mantra we can all do pretty much what we want without interference. But one owes it to oneself AND everyone else to have both self respect and responsibility to others; and part of this is to look after one’s health as best you can, not wag the finger at people criticising overweight people, in a finger-up-to-you way. Those people have a right and freedom to speak as they feel, they are, after all, paying their taxes so that overweight people can be treated when they get ill. If I was paying for something I’d expect to have some say in how it’s spent. Much as you’d feel it’s your right if you’re paying into something, to have your say how it’s spent, I’m sure. Surely you can’t disagree with this premise?

  27. what about the ‘I have seen her naked’ factor? That plays a huge role and more likely bumps them up by +1

    1. Once you have spent a significant fraction of your lifetime in the company of naked women I think you will find that the opposite is true.
      Clothing is a form of makeup. It hides and enhances a lesser reality.

  28. My personal theory is to assign 1-10 values on a bell curve with each number being 1 standard deviation above or below the mean attractiveness of all women. The average women is a 5. Probably could bang her. A 6 is one standard deviation more attractive- or the hottest girl out of about 6. A 7 is two standard deviations, or about the hottest girl in 50. This scale works up to 10, where you get to the hottest girl in millions, and who really knows at that level? It’s pretty much subjective. It also works the other way. A 4 is the least attractive girl in 6, and so on. Thinking about hotness like IQ helps account for the subjective nature of attraction, allows for ambiguity at the extremes, and makes the 1-10 scale useful in rating women between different men once they share this understanding.

    1. This is also how I tend to rate things. Though I would add that I rate body and face differently. A women who’s a 5 in the face department but maintains a bad ass “9” type body gets bumped up to a ~7. So even a girl who’s got a butterface can still be above average if she works on her body enough.
      Also living in SK my scale for things like body mass and breast size are different then most westerners. Most western women rate a 3~4 just due to body size alone.

  29. It’s good to know that based on that pictorial scale my taste is 1, maybe 2 points higher than average.

  30. You guys really have low needs.If these are the “6” “7” and “8” you are so proud to fuck,then I just realized that you have nothing to tell about pickups.Any looser can fuck girls like these.

  31. In terms of the pickup I stopped any kind of 1 to 10 and just started pass or fail. If she catches my eye from 20m, and passes, GAME ON.
    How beautiful she is, will in these modern liberated times, often be directly proportional to how much of a bitch she is, therefore where a 10 was once theoretically possible, it is now impossible unless you only consider physical beauty and even in that case assigning a 10 to a girl is a danger because it makes you think she’s perfect when she cannot be.
    Even the most mild, gentle, polite, smoking hot wife material, will not be a 10 when she’s got her period, has the flu, hasn’t brushed her hair in three days and is snarling at you to fetch her some medicine.
    Women like the weather are not a constant.

  32. Alright, I will suggest something bordering on heretical here. I’m not a big fan of the bell curve. as it is numerically expressed in the 1-9 range. Non-existant 10s and practically non-existant 9s?! No fun! By degrading women you are ultimately degrading yoruselves. Saying you are banging 6s and 7s sounds horrible (and a 5 is just wrong for someone with a bit of game and a bit of self respect).
    I live in a very big city. I can go on the street and see 100s of girls within the space of a few minutes. Why not give the best out of 10 a 10, the best out of 100 a 100 and so on (so you could have a 98-99 or even a 1000–you just use the number that is the best descriptor). Better to say you’re shagging a 100 rather than an 8, and how much better to shag a 1000 rather than a 9?! It’s that simple (if you needed to turn everything into 9.999999 you could do that too–100 becomes 9.9, 1000 becomes 9.99, etc.). The point is, if you are interacting with hot girls, why not use numbers that reflect numbers of women in the actual world and make you (and the girls) look good? Also, for the ugliest girl out of 10, go ahead and use the 1, she’s earned it!

    1. “By degrading women you are ultimately degrading yoruselves”
      This is nonsense. Kick that pedestal out from under women, their just as nasty, disgusting, dirty, selfish, rotten and annoying as we are. In fact their probably even more so due to decades of men censoring their speech and trying not to “offend her sensibilities”.
      If a girl is ugly then she’s ugly no way around it. If she’s hot then she KNOWS she is hot. Women are far more superficial and judgmental then men ever were. You get a group of women together and they INSTANTLY gauge, judge and compare themselves to each other to determine who’s the tallest / sexiest / best looking. They know who the fat dumpy ones are, who the butter-faces are and who is wearing push-up bra’s.
      Banging 6’s and 7’s is not horrible, 5 by definition is average meaning the majority so 6’s and 7’s is above average. Weak men just want to use a women’s “number” to make themselves feel better.

      1. we’re talking about references to girls you are pursuing (i.e., your own worth–you don’t have a pedestal to kick out my friend, unless you want to hang). you don’t have to tell the girl she’s a 100 or a 1000. just this whole stupid numbering system that basically only goes from 3 to 8 is a bit silly to me. No, I don’t want to be going after a 6 because she is slightly above average. If that’s your lot, you have my condolences, bro. The numbering only gets interesting towards the extremes.

  33. I’ve added more factors to the 1-10 scale to help better determine if a women is in my “bangable” spectrum. It is in my personal opinion that guys can hit 1-2 points above their own personal rating (a 5 can get with a 7, 6 with 8 etc…). I also like to factor in things like if they have children. I deduct 1 point from their initial rating for the first kid then .5 for each additional kid. So an 8 with 2 kids becomes a 6.5 and could be in the range of a male who is 4.5 or higher. Also, men should play for 2 points above themselves and 1 point below themselves at all times except under certain circumstances (such as having a long dry spell, where they can go 3 points below where they normally aim for).

  34. Patrice ONeal had a 30 point scale.
    1-10 ugly bitches
    11-20 aiight looking bitches
    21-30 fine bitches.
    As an example he used Angelina Jolie. He gave her a 20 which is a fine ass Aiight looking bitch.
    His theory was you approach with the right amount of confidence using this system.

  35. After 6 years of being a player i am now married to a 8.5 ukranian of 176 cm and 57 kg, 18 years my junior. Inside in her head she is a nice 9+(and i am not a bald, fat, stupid and rotten nob).
    I would advice any guy to take the plane and make a little travel outside his native country to open his eyes and starts to be hard to please, rather than doing a maximum TO PLEASE. Which means that i see a tons of guys who are so hungry that they lower theirs standards so low that the ugliest become high boosted ego women with shit demeanor.
    I would say here that MEN wear a large part of the responsability by their behavior.
    I would like you go abroad to understand the whole spectrum of feminity, largely cut off now in the west hemisphere.
    It is time for men to understand that they not help themselves by investing on girls with a bad behavior (whatever their beauty, if you want more than a bang), but they should rather develp their attractiveness to extend their choices, and ditch those girls ASAP. And if at the end you are not satisfied, your land is not the only one field available.

      1. The first thing that you do when you see a lady, it to rate her in the
        first milliseconds or seconds in your internal scale. That is it. This
        is a physical and human law. Not knowing that she will be your wife.
        After you realise that you are not the only one assessing this rating
        when your wife tell you how many times she is hitted by men in the
        streets. You also have a mark on the market, don’t put your head in the sand.

      2. You don’t rate the girls you date? OH, she was your wife even before she was your girlfriend? She became your wife without even a single date?
        Get a life and quit fooling yourself. The pill you’re eating isn’t even blue.

    1. I would certainly say that Russian/Ukrainian girls, on average, are better looking than American and British females, largely because they aren’t overweight and unfeminine. However, I know plenty of guys who’ve married Russian/Ukrainian women who later regret it. If you ‘buy’ because like the look of them, then for the most part you will be disappointed further down the road, for not only do looks and appearance deteriorate, but you often have some VERY demanding women as a partner! They are known for this (though I’m not saying your wife IS necessarily is one of these, but it’s highly likely, that’s all). You may be one of the lucky ones, but for me personality is also key to long-term relations. To just get hung up on the drop-dead gorgeous appearance is the honey trap bit (and believe me guys are pretty weak in resisting women like that, including myself). I’ve dated a couple of really stunning women, but they bring with it suspicious as to t heir motives.
      Because the KNOW they easily get some other guy (sucker/mug) they tend to treat guys very poorly – or at least less kindly than a women/girl of looks that are less obvious. You’ll always have to be mindful that she can and could easily still be secretly wishing she had some rich guy with her, but you’re the best until he comes along. So I don’t want to spoil your obvious pleasure with such a beautiful girl, but just be careful!
      However, I wish you well, and maybe you can prove to be one of the exceptions. Good on you, bro.

  36. Wait, you spent your nights debating the validity of women’s attractiveness and spent your workdays doing the same, presumably while the rest of us were having sex or earning a paycheck, and we’re supposed to try to emulate YOU?

  37. Is this article/website satirical? Or are the website and the article meant to be sincere and taken at face value? I’m genuinely asking; I can’t tell, and I’d appreciate if someone could clarify for me. Thank you.

  38. I’d rate most of you men at a 2. Regardless of how you look, most of you sound as dull as ditch water.

    1. If he doesn’t smell like fried chicken grease you’d rate any man a 2/10.

    2. Be careful of what you type. Your husband/boyfriend is here too and he’s reading what you type. OH, your boyfriend isn’t like this? How gullible are you? Obviously he wouldn’t be admitting it.
      Which idiot goes up to a girl he wants to manipulate and say I’m an avid reader of ROK? I don’t tell that to the girls I screw.

  39. Love this scale! I always wondered how age plays into it. Am I ranked against all girls or women my own age? I’d say all, except that most men feel awkward with too much age difference. Your scale is a fab answer: I’m 32, and I think I’d fairly be an 8 when I’m out with someone over maybe 36-38. Definitely intentionally shown off. BUT, a 7 with younger guys. Good to know, thanks.

  40. On my way to afghanistan we stopped in romania, bucharest and i tell ya the sluts there were rail thin. I have alot of hot friends in college but those romanian sluts make my friends look like pigs!

  41. I’m like anywhere between a four and a six. I wonder what other women would say about me, though, as I never get called attractive, but I don’t think I’m ‘grotesque.’

  42. what the FUCK did i just read?
    please tell me this author/article is a joke…

    1. You read something written by a guy who is speaking the truth.
      And he’s telling the truth because he doesn’t know you and have ZERO incentives to manipulate you to think otherwise.

    2. What the FUCK have you just said? Please tell me your comment is a joke…PLEASE……

  43. ALRIGHT LOSERS WHO ARE PROBABLY FAT EATING A BAG OF CHIPS OR CRISPS (AS YOU DICKWADS IN ENGLAND WOULD CALL THEM) AND SITTING BEHIND A COMPUTER WITH A COUPLE STAINS ON YOUR SHIRT LISTEN UP! I am a girl, yes shocker a girl, who has standards too; however, sometimes I question how I got these standards. Then, the answer came to me. The media has forced this idea in our heads of a perfect man or a perfect woman. Now lets think about this (I know it may be hard for some simple-minded dumbasses). What kinds of movies do guys usually like. There can be an ENDLESS list of possibilities, but a few that can be named are action, maybe robots, a few cool cars, guns and finally hot women. How are these women portrayed one may ask. Well the answers simple. Either in tight black leather or spandex, booty shorts or buck-ass nekkid. They’re all tan and beautiful and hair is like all flowing and stuff. But then reality hits you like the brick I am mentally throwing at all you sexist twats balls. Women aren’t what they are portrayed as in the movies, just like men in movies. (I know girls like to look at hot men too). The thing is about men though is that they think this is the ONLY acceptable kind of women to have (bunch of cunts). Someone who is hot, who will make you food and give you sex. What you don’t know is IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THESE KINDS OF WOMEN THEY DONT FUCKING FALL OUT OF THE SKY. I KNOW SHOCKER. The point of all of this is to show you sexist Satan worshipers the effects society has made on your impressionable and incredibly stupid brains. You were taught that women belong in the kitchen and are meant to be seen not heard. Well if you people from England or any other country know anything about the American Constitution I’ll summarize it for you! People have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. FREEDOM AND EQUALITY people from other countries scream WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT. If you haven’t noticed the equality in all caps I think you’re missing the point here buddy. The point is women have an unrestricted right that keeps being taken away from them because men view them as belongings not actual creations of God or Allah or whatever god you believe in. So you twunts (twat and cunt mashed up for you hysterically below average people) should now realize that you are being sexist little bitches, and you should shut your mouths like all the women you have told to shut theirs.

  44. ….yup. This is pretty much the same with men. Although luckily, woman’s standards are much lower and go more for your personality. If you have a gut well…do you have a nice face?….nice? okay. maybe their’s a chance but maybe not.

    1. Well it’s lucky for you then that your fingers still work, innit?
      To paraphrase Tom Lehrer, the very least that people who are speechless can do is to STFU.

    2. there’s a lot here to object to perhaps, but are you surprised it exists because you thought the world had matured somehow (which would be absurd) or because this type of speech (the kind you don’t like) tends to get shut down. Personally I find this cruel at the bottom end, particularly the women who have obvious disfigurements, but in that cruelty it speaks a kind of truth, that sexual judgement in either direction (i.e. male or female) is typically superficial and objectifies one way or another. I wish it weren’t so, but it is…typically. Hoping we become better people isn’t going to make any difference

    3. There are sites with it reversed-often worse. Their are sites calling for women to exterminate men, which doesn’t really compare to a site where men talk about their preferences for women.

    4. This kind of website exists so that you can thank us for telling you what your boyfriend wouldn’t admit to you. Or would you rather be interested in living a delusional life thinking that women rate men but men don’t rate women?
      A guy who is trying to pay off his debt with an income of $10k/y is no different from a guy that makes $100million/y? I Wish Too.
      Typical hypocrype feminist.

    5. And I’m speechless that you would be so naive as to think nobody judges anyone – especially in the attractiveness category. I guess guys logical brains systemise this more than the average female. We put things into measurable, broadly understandable ways. Whereas a female brain might do the same ‘judging’, but you want to kid yourself that you’re not; but you are, and your subconscious/unconscious mind does this automatically – or are you going to tell me it doesn’t? How can you know if it’s not in conscious mind, eh?
      This tells me a lot about women/girls and men/boys: The male species seems infinitely more open and honest; the female species dishonest and in denial. No wonder women have difficulty making snap judgements when the right and left hemisphere are forever vying for attention. Indecision often accompanies such ‘woolly’ brains.
      So yeah, I’m speechless too – but kind of expect it, given the facts and that science has been saying as much for decades.
      Welcome to reality. Sound like you’ll learn a lot by reading more on here then. An insight into how the male brain, and the more logical female brains that support this site, actually work in real life, instead of your deluded imagination.

  45. This is complete garbage. A gentleman (there is if any exist anymore – would be kind and considerate), he would treat a women with the human decency and respect whether or not she was ‘unattractive or not bangable.’ If you men think that you can prance around judging people meanwhile you are probably worse off should not be judging women who try so hard to make you and themselves happy. I’m forgetting that this generation of men are entitled, lazy, insecure and obviously have a huge ego that you need to de-value a woman with this 1-10 scale. We all have value and whether or not you think she is hot or not, she is still a human being, don’t judge people because you will be judged and left out in the cold with no one or someone who is as shallow as you are. We all are human beings, no one is perfect, least of all you.

  46. You talk about women like we are a piece of meat, calling some inferior to others and basing our worth on our attractiveness. We are not objects, we were not put here to look pretty for you. I do not need a man to take care of me, and I will not change who I am to attract one. You act like the only reason a woman would be with a man is that he is successful, and a man would only be with a woman because she is attractive. We are people damn it, trying to live our lives; not sitting around waiting for a man to come around. This entire site is sexist and horrible. Your rigid sexual stereotypes are appalling.

    1. Blah blah blah .. guys look past yawning boilerplate commentary straight from wymyns studies indoctrination class. Zero original thought repetitive chanting . Notice how they can Never debate on logic.

    2. I don’t agree with everything on this site, but men mentioning their opinions on what kind of men they prefer isn’t that horrible. Hell, women write articles rating men just as often, if not more often.

  47. lol this was probably the most entertaining thing i’ve read all week. so accurate and so true. props to whoever wrote this!

  48. You know, I’ve read a few of your articles this week and all the other ones I hated. This one was pretty good though. Your “embarrassment scale” is pretty close to what goes through my head when rating men, except without #5 (or combining #5 with #4).

  49. You know, I’ve read a few of your articles this week and all the other ones I hated. This one was pretty good though. Your “embarrassment scale” is pretty close to what goes through my head when rating men, except without #5 (or combining #5 with #4).

  50. Well OkCupid has a 5-point rating system which makes things a bit simpler conceptually, and I have a pretty consistent method of rating girls.
    1 – Fat and gross
    2 – Slightly less fat or slightly less gross
    3 – Slim but not pretty
    4 – Slim and attractive
    5 – Slim and beautiful
    I only message or date girls that I rate as 4’s or 5’s. The two girls on OkCupid that I have dated would place as 8’s on a 1-10 scale, but I rated them both as 5’s on the OkCupid scale. Based on my experience, a proper 1-10 scale should look like this:
    1-2 – Fat (or severely disfigured)
    3 – Fatties that you can tell would be attractive if they were thin. Liable to jump several points if they bother to lose weight.
    4-6 – Either slim and not pretty, or very slightly overweight with a tolerable face.
    7 – Decidedly good-looking but not remarkable. Not overweight at all.
    8 – Very attractive.
    9 – Exceptionally attractive.
    10 – Once in a lifetime attractive.
    Excuse my lack of detail on 1-2 and 4-6. I find it much more interesting to decide between the 7-9 girls, and to find that rare, rare 10.

  51. Well OkCupid has a 5-point rating system which makes things a bit simpler conceptually, and I have a pretty consistent method of rating girls.
    1 – Fat and gross
    2 – Slightly less fat or slightly less gross
    3 – Slim but not pretty
    4 – Slim and attractive
    5 – Slim and beautiful
    I only message or date girls that I rate as 4’s or 5’s. The two girls on OkCupid that I have dated would place as 8’s on a 1-10 scale, but I rated them both as 5’s on the OkCupid scale. Based on my experience, a proper 1-10 scale should look like this:
    1-2 – Fat (or severely disfigured)
    3 – Fatties that you can tell would be attractive if they were thin. Liable to jump several points if they bother to lose weight.
    4-6 – Either slim and not pretty, or very slightly overweight with a tolerable face.
    7 – Decidedly good-looking but not remarkable. Not overweight at all.
    8 – Very attractive.
    9 – Exceptionally attractive.
    10 – Once in a lifetime attractive.
    Excuse my lack of detail on 1-2 and 4-6. I find it much more interesting to decide between the 7-9 girls, and to find that rare, rare 10.

  52. I’m participating to this, yes, I’m bored and all: can someone explain to me how the 5 in the first picture is a 5 when she has (what seems) a much nicer face and body than some of her better rated friends?
    She must have pissed off the person who gave the grades, somehow.

  53. I don’t judge man that scale women, we do it too, sometimes. At least I do. I would say I’m about a 4 and 5. Maybe a 5.2 if I wax my lady mustache and loose some weight. But I wonder, could this scale be influenced by the attractiveness of the man using it?

    1. While, as you can see by the comments, there is a certain amount of personal variation, on average, no.
      Beauty is truth, and that’s all you really need to know.

    2. I’m assuming you’re referring to The Pictorial Metric. The pictorial scale is the most objective of all the other scales and the advantage of it is that it isn’t affected by man’s own attractiveness. An unattractive men doesn’t automatically think a 5 is a 10 and viceversa. Even if he is willing to lower his expectations to a 2.5 (say, if he has some medical issues) a 2.5 is still a 2.5, a 5 is still a 5, and a 10 is still a 10.
      On the other hand, the The Embarrassment Metric is highly affected by the attractiveness of the man. It’s a very subjective scale.

    3. Good question, but I don’t actually think it would. He might tend to judge differently than other men, according to his own taste, sure; but not necessarily BECAUSE he is less attractive.
      It may be a poor comparison, but even so it’s worth a shot: If someone was to lose a lot of weight (if they were well overweight to begin with) and went to the gym, got a successful facelift and sported a slight tan and then started wearing clothes befitting of them, I don’t think their rating system of women would change with it, even if their perception of themselves improved too. They would still rate the opposite sex as they did before (assuming there isn’t much time difference and they haven’t aged much in this period).
      However, I think they’d be able to pull a better looking partner, and would certainly got for someone more attractive (don’t we all want someone roughly in par with our own attractiveness?). However, their scoring won’t be changed, I would think.
      Just my opinion.

  54. I have to take exception to your ratings of the girls at the top.
    I would never give a fat girl more than a 3, period. And the 3 is reserved for the ones who would be at least a 7 with weight loss. The rest of fatties are 1’s or 2’s.
    I don’t know why you gave the short girl in the middle such a low rating. She has a nice body and a very cute face. She deserves a solid 7 at least.
    The girl you rated the highest is quite pretty and would probably merit an 8 on closer inspection.
    From left to right, I’d give the girls 3, 3, 6, 7, 6, 8, 7, 5, 2.

  55. I laughed my ass off simply because I find it hilarious that you even wrote such an article 😀 Then I became serious as it is a great read and contains many valid/logical points. Keep up the good work ^^

  56. The 1-to-10 scale is completely subjective.
    Using your pictorial scale as a reference:
    Personally, your 9s resemble what I consider to be 6s and 7s and I would have started counting 1s at what you consider to be 5s. I won’t even acknowledge the Bowsers you labeled 4s (and lower) as I assumed they were included for comic relief (I laughed for a solid five minutes). I would have omitted your 5s as well, with the exception of anyone with ENORMOUS tits I could tittyfuck discreetly.
    Addressing 5 key issues would create a more accurate scale:
    [ 1 ] Is this scale relative (subjective, comparative, etc) or absolute (immutable, a la The Ten Commandments) [ 2 ] Is this scale exclusive (i.e. only women worth nailing) or inclusive; Meaning, every woman on Earth? [ 3 ] Do monstrosities or abominations of nature even deserve to occupy space on this scale? [ 4 ] Is perfection a collection of the most desirable physical (and behavioral) traits or completeness (nothing to add or subtract)? and finally [ 5 ] What defines a 10?
    Establishing baseline attributes as a basis for deciding who falls into what category should be simple once these questions are answered. Anything else is arbitrary and subject to opinion. I’m probably over-analyzing this but a great man once said “…we could be at each other’s throats or we could set rules here, that we can all prosper by.”
    Lastly, I’m glad someone said it: No out-right 10s exist. It’s a complete myth; Something men say to their girlfriends to get over. Even acknowledging a ’10’ would create what I like to call a ‘Highlander Paradox’ (i.e. Can multiple 10s exist if there can only be ONE). Thus generating a tear in the space-time continuum, which would in turn cause the universe to collapse inward.
    My point being: ’10’ is the summit. Unless multiple (or parallel) concepts of perfection exist, there can only be one

  57. and if I ever had the joy of meeting any of your types, your personalities alone would be enough to merit a one a cold bed and playing with yourself for the night, enjoy.

  58. I’m in college now, and me and my friends think we have come up with the perfect scale. It has only three brackets:
    1. Hot
    2. Fuckable
    3. Uggghhhhh(NO!)
    In every scenario a girl will fit into one of these categories.

    1. True, but this is more of the lazy way to do it. Rating is important when there are 3 Hot ones and you are deciding which one to take back with you.

  59. What is with the fat shaming again?! Not all overweight women are unattractive! And not all skinny women are attractive! Heck, I’ve seen some hideous looking anorexic girls that I would consider a 1! Sure an overweight woman is unhealthy and needs to lose weight to be healthier but it does not make her any less attractive! Everyone come in different sizes. Some small-boned, big-boned, thin, chubby, muscular, tall, short, etc. These comments are just shallow, guys!

  60. Just remember that women are more shallow about appearance and status than men; they just hide it better.

  61. Okay, so what do all of you rate yourselves anyway? Also, to have something to compare your standards to, what do you rate Selena Gomez?

  62. So what would be the ‘scientific’ way to rate a girl whose appearance ‘fluctuates’. The example that springs to mind would be a girl who is normally a 6, but gets mad acne when she’s on her period, thus bringing her down to a 5. Would she be a 6 for 3 weeks a month and a 5 for the other week, or would she be a 5.5 all the time?

  63. please regale me with your opinions of female beauty (or in this case not beauty) while you die alone.

  64. What about the idea that a girl can be a 7 for one guy but another guy will consider her an 8 for example. The whole “my type/not my type” thing. When me and my friends rate boys on looks it’s common for one boy to receive a variety of scores from the girls. Do guys do this or is every girl’s score set in stone?

  65. hahahahahahahaha that chart
    it should be printed out and nailed to every sorority door. watch them all freak out about what they are

  66. I remember awhile back on some night TV talk show, maybe it was David Letterman, where they walked around the city showing random women a picture of a guy, his job title, and his yearly salary. They asked the women to rate the guy, 1 to 10. When a guy was shown as a construction worker, making only around 40,000 a year, women rated this guy very low, around 4 to 6. When they used the same picture of the man and changed his job title to a doctor making well over 100,000 a year, the women rated him an 8 to a 10.

      1. There are over 158 million women in the United States. This one survey is not a sufficient sample of the population for the population. Learn how statistics work.

      2. There are over 158 million women in the United States. This one survey from a late night talk show is not a sufficient sample population to represent the “state of American women”.
        Learn how statistics work.

  67. A mate and I used to simplify things using a bucket system which consisted of four buckets – A, B C and D. Bucket A being top drawer totty and bucket D being bargain basement and unwanted goods. I guess it just agreggated the 1-10 scale into four levels but allows for more flexibility to accomodate personal preference and taste. Perhaps use this system if you are looking for less granular analysis, for example if there are newcomers amongst your group…
    Bucket A: Hot -> Smoking Hot
    Bucket B: I’d give her one -> Pretty cute.
    Bucket C: No way Hosé -> Not so hot.
    Bucket D: GET OUT OF TOWN!

  68. I think it’ll be more accurate if the ratings were based on a bell curve, like with standardized tests, rather than arbitrary standards. That ways, a “five” would simply be average, and each 2.5 points would be a standard deviation away from average.

  69. Well, I suppose I’d be a 3 on your stupid-arse scale. Being so old and all being over 40

  70. I think 10 is more of a relative situation, the best girl in the area. Of course, this only applies if there are 9s there. A 10 can be upstaged and drop back to 9. The girls I rate 5 and 6 I wouldnt be embarrassed to be with, and one girl friend of mine who I said (half jokingly, but in truth, seriously) was a 6, reacted with horror. Shes kinda cute, but not too far above average. I wouldnt be embarrassed of her. Every number should be potentially seen in public. 0 is like a paraplegic with a very visible skin deformity. You might see one every now and then and react in horror, as you should.

  71. I find it funny that you use the word “logic” and “objective” in this article. First, a word from our dear Immanuel Kant:
    Aesthetics are arbitrary because they are subjective.
    Now, here’s some REAL logic:
    This 1 to 10 scale is a matter of aesthetic opinion. (which, you point out an inkling of in this very article–“I’ve literally stayed up all night arguing with buddies about the theoretical underpinnings of the thing…” ). There is NO OBJECTIVE STANDARD OF BEAUTY for men, women or anyone. To claim that there is even a remotely objective standard of beauty is easily falsifiable. Objective means without bias–based on your 10 point scale you have a bias towards old, obese and deformed women.
    Even if there was one woman in this world that every single man agreed was beautiful, that would not mean that it’s true. That is a logical fallacy known as argument ad populum. Just because everyone or a lot of people claim something does not mean that it is true. For example, a lot of people at one time believed the earth was the center of the solar system–this we know now is false.
    Your definition of the ten point scale is not objective and will not settle anything.
    Why is being old “unattractive”?
    What is your definition of “perfection”?
    And finally:
    What the hell happened to you that made you so pathetically obsessed with this completely irrational and asinine topic? You sound like a woman.
    Grow some balls and get your frontal lobe developed.

    1. Women aren’t hot based on some pseudo intellectual aesthetical biddy giddy concept; they’re hot because they are good for baby making. On this subject, drop Imannuel Cunt and pick up some Darwin.
      You sound like a women too. Let me guess: since there is no objective standard of beauty, then fat whales can also be beautiful? Maybe to Kant they are lolz but not for me.

  72. If a man has a penis shorter than 6in he isn’t even remotely desirable maybe a 3 on the scale. Heaven help you if you say something sexist lol make friends with your hands boys.

  73. Have you ever rated yourself on a scale for men? Because the likelyhood of getting with a girl depends on what she thinks she is, probably 1 or 2 above her actual score. She’ll probably aim for a guy at that same level, which ruins everything because they set their bar too high (and we all know a better looking man would never get with a girl like her)

  74. I don’t think that people who are mutilated should be on the scale. Just go on Born Ugly, not Was Made Ugly in an accident.

  75. Young men are superior to old guys. They have a lot more energy and no wrinkles. I hate the look of saggy old skin on a man. Young men have all their hair and don t have the rotting smell of old flesh. They are not biter about the world and don’t hate women as wortless men over 35 do. All men over 35 need to kill themselves immediately.

    1. You must be one of those women that no self-respecting guy over 35 would fuck, ever. Yes, thirsty young men would probably fuck you, until they realise their own value and move on. Then it is time for you to buy those cats.

  76. This is stupid
    So basically a 5 which should be the average is BARELY ATTRACTIVE on your scale?
    Any sane man would put your 6 or 7 to the 5 level.

  77. The woman 2nd from the end of line one is the result of a face transplant because the psycho boyfriend blew her face away with a shotgun. Bad form RoK.

  78. The Pictorial Concept is the best approach. Aside from niches (which I admit can vary quite different between country/cultures), men usually have the same hotness scale.
    The problem with your novel “The Embarrassment Metric” is that it depends on the guy’s own rating. If he is unattractive, he will “go out of his way” just to be seen with a 5. On the other hand, a superstar like Beckham or BradPitt would be embarrassed to be seen with an 8.

  79. Please post a photo of yourself.Id love to rate you .Please also include a picture if your cock,which I imagine to be on the smaller than average size.Thanks.I have no problem with people objectifying one another,but if you are going to do so,and essentially judge someone only on their superficial appearance,the only fairness is to put yourself up for the same type of evaluation,right?

    1. So, using your ‘logic’, no one can have an opinion and say so out loud unless they put themselves out there too? How would a democratic society work like that then? I mean, if we could only ever pass opinion by putting ourselves out there first, for judgement, then we’d never be able to vote, as any preference would mean we have negative opinions of the other parties, and we cannot – according to you – have this, as we haven’t been first publicly judged by others! PLEASE! What a plonker you are!….hang on, I must first have other’s opinion of me to say that…… But they won’t be able to give their opinion either, as they’d need to do the same. It’s a circular argument, you moron!

    2. You totally misunderstand the dynamics. A woman may judge and evaluate only those guys who try to pick her up. Her opinions on the rest of the guys simply do not matter, it is irrelevant. At all. Never did, never will.

      1. So..let me get this straight…Men are free to judge women based in their physical appearance, regardless of whether they (the men doing the rating),fit into any desirable category at all?? Be it based on physical characteristics, achievements, independence or financial status? But women are only “allowed” to have an opinion on the men who approach them? Wow! I’m sorry that you are so insecure about your appearance that you have adopted this skewed philosophy,if you had a better approach to the world I might say that your personality could make up for it,but that seems doubtful. I hope you guys enjoy living lonely lonely lives or lives with women who will secretly dislike you and long for a life with someone who possesses qualities like empathy and respect.Maybe ,if you offer a salary???,certain attractive women will choose to tolerate you.But know, that you are missing out on having a sexual & emotional connection with someone who could be your partner.Personally,I question the sexual orientation of most of the “red pill” philosophy “devotees”.There’s nothing wrong with loving men,please treat them better than you seem to want to treat women.

        1. Of course, naturally, men are free to judge and evaluate all women based on their physical appearence, because they will approach women based on that very evaluation.
          Of course, women are “allowed” to have an opinion on men who do not approach them, there is no Thought Police out there yet. It is only that opinion does not matter at all, nobody is interested in it, therefore they might as well just shut it.

        2. I’ll bet you have a life partner who is passionately committed to you. Must be nice to feel such a deep and tender connection to the person you love. If that’s how you feel about women,may explore your sexuality a bit further, you might find happiness somewhere else and stop being so disdainful of women.

        3. TruthTeller: A bit of a snooty, condescending username I must say. But secondly, I think you’re being a little harsh on Hunn. Sure character is important – very important – but like most guys (and women too!) we necessarily have to judge with our eyes first. That’s all we have to go by, before we speak. Are beauty contests all about how women ‘look’? We’re not talking a mate or lifelong partner here are we? We’re just passing comment on how they look, and only that. Relax!
          Why is it that some people take the moral high ground when people judge others on a single parameter, of a certain type? I mean would you criticise someone for judging another by their personality? No of course you wouldn’t. So why can you not accept someone’s opinion on the way someone looks? It’s only another parameter after all. Who are you to decide what is and what isn’t acceptable? You sound like a white knight, if I may say so (I guess I can because you’re also criticising Hunn for what he says. In fact you’re ‘judging’ him based on a few words he’s said, just like he’s judging women based on the visual information he’s receiving from them. Can you see more than a hint of hypocrisy on more than one level here, in how you’ve come down on him?).
          I guess you’ll go around and tell all the women who openly specify tall men as a partner, not to, as they are therefore judging by physical appearance too? And the women who say they don’t like beer bellies; or bald men; or men who don’t have much money? Or the men who don’t have a job? Or to specify positives, such as a toned body with flat abs, or ‘good looking’ (whatever that means); or a man who’s wealthy or going to spoil her and treat her like a princess?….You see we ALL in some way judge others, but who are we to say WHAT and HOW to judge?
          Look, put it another way: Women put themselves on pedestals by dressing in ways to attract, and the emphasis is on beauty. It’s in their genes; it’s how they were programmed, just as men are programmed to respond to visual stimulus. Women know what men like, so play on it. Except now it’s a matter of feminism having warped pretty much all that was good and just about society. The man-bashing culture has resulted in MGTOW, the emasculation of men, the promotion of women over men, and the very gynocentric, narcissistic tendencies women and girls now behave. Just like with feminism, there is now a backlash from men who feel enough is enough, and are standing their ground. But because everything is so gynocentric at the moment, anything women do is accepted because they’ve ingrained us to think that women (even in the west) are somehow still oppressed, when in fact they aren’t but men ARE. When men react it’s laughed at, treated with dismissive disapproval and belittling, because feminists want to snuffle out ANY criticism. They are snowflakes, even though they SAY they are strong independent women (ironic eh?) they look to the state to protect them and other men (white knights – the biggest traitors!).
          So when women whine they get listened to because they are perceived as ‘weaker’. Men have given their lives for them and this is how feminism repays us!
          Okay, so a long post, but it’s not a simple scenario, and feminists have woven a complicated web of deceit. But you’d expect it when they’ve been creating it for many, many decades. But it’s gone too far now and there is a backlash. But of course when a man retaliates he’s accused of misogyny, or that he has a chip on his shoulder or any one of many reasons. You see when women complain they have a REASON, but when men complain it’s MEN who are the problem. I hope this isn’t going over your head.
          Look feminists NOT ‘women’ are the problem. But feminists talk about ‘men’ being the problem, broad brushing ALL men. But when you speak back they then duck and dive, saying ‘but not ALL women are like that’; hell even ‘not all feminists are like that’. It’s like fighting with a ghost. Except there IS an agenda and it’s being driven by the radical feminists and white knights, who dominate the media, law courts and journalists – the very people who didn’t want Brexit nor Trump. I wonder why? LOL!
          Wake up buddy!

        4. Making presumptions about someone’s relationships based on internet comments is preposterous. If I were you, I would refrain from it in the future.

        5. Threatening??? WTF you on about???
          No, you ain’t correct in anything, you are a serious head-case with a rather tenous grip on reality and the people inhibiting said reality.
          I have no advice for you, but if I were you I would seek professional help.

      2. And if women decide to pick up men???? Let me guess…. We are all just ignorant sluts? There must be a line of women waiting, at the door to your parents’ basement, to hang out with you at all times….Yeah,doubtful.Im sorry you are so lonely and angry about it.You know,treating people with respect and regard goes alot further than your silly,clearly based in social ineptitude and resentment towards the women who aren’t clamoring to date you, formulas for how to deal with women. Maybe trying actually relating to women honestly,but with flirtation will eventually work out for you,women are very sympathetic to the communication shortcomings in others.Or you can keep being angry on your little man blog of “we don’t like girls because one broke our hearts” blog. Seems to work out so well…..Ha.

        1. When you attack ad hominem style you’re obviously feeling you’re losing the debate. Calm down. It seems to be personal attacks from you now compared to Hunn giving reasons.
          I think I know whom I feel sorry for…..

        2. If women decide to pick up men, they have a tendency to suggest it subtly, rather than saying it into your face, otherwise they know they may come off as off-putting.
          Me saying that, kind of contradicts that I may expect women waiting for me in line, isn’t it? Totally opposite dynamics.
          My guess is you are a woman. You have absolutely no fucking clue what we are talking about, what sites like this are all about, right? You just heard somewhere that woman-haters congregate here voicing misogynistic things, and you came here to be outraged and virtue-signal, right? I bet you voted for Hillary, LOL!

        3. No moron, I didn’t vote for Hilary and I didn’t come here based on what I had heard.I read more than one article written by sad lonely red pill blue pill little boys who are so terrified of actually bonding with a woman,that instead they try to break us down into insulting formulas and speak to each other in little boy code language. You guys make me sad for society.Im sorry that the world has failed you and that acting like women are conquests instead of friends and allies regardless of what level of interaction you are sharing (from casual sex to serious commitment) it seems like you’d rather bond with your Bros about how well you are doing in terms of your “game”. Thats got to be lonely. I feel pity and sadness for you more than anything else.Im sorry you can’t love and be loved back with real depth and honesty.

        4. Sure dude,feel sorry for me all you like,it will be unwarranted.Im happily engaged and romantically and sexually fulfilled.Can you say the same? My point in posting here was to show other women how disconnected and emotionally stunted some men are and to encourage them to tread lightly with sympathy.I also hoped to possibly get through to even just one of you,because if you spend alot of your time discussing your sexual goals with men,that’s who you should be fucking. If you want to fuck women talk honestly and earnestly with women. It’s pretty simple.

        5. I was just guessing about Hillary, but it is perfectly clear that you did not understand the articles you read, you have not a clue what self-improvement is all about, you have yero understanding of what Game is and what goals people aim to achieve with it, and you totally misunderstand Red Pill concepts. Either your grip on reality is rather tenous, or you are talking a blue streak.
          I really do not want to insult you, but I would not like to live in that parallel universe which you seem to live in according your comments.

        6. First off I am indeed married and happily so. I’m pretty certain I’ve also been married a lot longer than you have (just a feeling from the manner in which you write).
          You ask that men tread ‘lightly with sympathy’? Why? The feminists tread heavy, and all over men and anything to do with masculinity – obviously you’re living in some hole somewhere, or blinded in some way.
          A lot of guys of course want to ‘fuck women’ as you say, I’m not sure if you mean that literally or metaphorically, but in either sense I’d say ‘yes’. But to then finish by saying ‘talk honestly’ as if somehow they aren’t already, just sows how far you are from reality. The two don’t conflate and certainly don’t represent reality. But yeah, it’s pretty simple alright, but obviously not for you.

        7. I don’t know what discovering the Red Pill and learning Game did to your life, sir, but it literally saved mine.
          Pre-Red Pill I was an incel and a smack addict, for more than 10 years, for what should have been the best years of my life as a young male, waiting for death, sometimes thinking about pulling an Elliot Rodgers on my way out.
          After the Red Pill, these days I live a new life, seducing women I would not even have dared to even speak to a just few years ago…
          With my past, do you think I care if some random broad has a negative opinion on Game or the Red Pill, just because it does not cater to the Feminine Imperative? Or that she is outraged just because I refuse to go back in line and mince my words and aquiesce to the Feminine Imperative?
          Sympathy? What sympathy should a man expect from a woman? She came here to get outraged herself, and she wants other women to come here and get outraged, too, by her own admission. She does not give a fuck about us, she does not come here to help us, she came to order us back in line by shaming tactics so we would again accept the Feminine Imperative.

        8. I honestly and earnestly tell you that you only came here to get outraged, and that you want other women to come here to get outraged as well. And that’s all.
          I honestly and earnestly tell you that you did not come here to “possibly get through to even just one of us” because you do not give a flying fuck about any single one of us, your comments are not written with the intention of helping any single one of us in anything.
          Nobody is looking for your sympathy. As a matter of fact, your thoughts and opinions, honestly and earnestly, are totally stupid and worthless, and the only reason I wasted time on them because you were answering my comments, otherwise I would never have bothered thinking about them, let alone answering them, at all.
          So missy do domething nice, say, make a sandwich and give a blowjob to the guy who engaged you.

        9. I’m pleased for you. If your awakening has saved you from certain oblivion then that’s certainly to be welcomed. Well done and a big thumbs up. Sounds like it’s no looking back for you now.
          But as to the rest of your previous post, yes, I hear you and I agree. Certain people of a certain (limited, indoctrinated) mindset just can’t help trundling out the same old record, thinking it represents original, enlightened thinking, when in reality they just show themselves up for being what they are: ignorant, bigoted, butt-hurt losers, of the ‘head-in-hands’ variety, crying into their Big Macs or putrid coffee, thinking the whole world is crumbling before their very eyes, and unable to cope with the reality that is the real world instead of the one they’ve been told exists, and they made it up in their heads. These people are just sheeple, and women are particularly inclined to be easily led and brainwashed. They also have the double handicap of being afflicted with ‘same group preference’; the very condition that leads weak women to become feminists in the first place, and then see the world in such a futile, gynocentric way. We should feel sorry for them, but sadly they’re more widespread than they otherwise would, because those in positions of authority (white knight lawyers) ALLOWED women to go the way they have and to positively support them with taxpayer money. Worse they even allowed gender studies (really ‘women’s studies’ by stealth) to be introduced in schools, which is a very evil thing to do: to indoctrinate and pollute girl’s (and some boys) minds when they are most impressionable. Nothing short of teaching hatred of everything male. This is the work of the devil and incarnating from thoughts into actions to destroy men and hence families.
          Men have allowed this to happen as we’ve been busy out working earning a living to support them, and all the while given them the time they need to launch a such undeserved offensive like this. To think men have given their lives to support women; we fought wars to protect our women and countries, and now the hand that feeds is being bitten. Ungrateful isn’t a strong enough word for them, but it’s the feeling I get. They say they are strong and independent, yet at the same time RELY on the state (mostly men!) to protect them instead of the ‘men’ in their nuclear family, because men often don’t feature there. They pretend we aren’t needed, when in fact we very much are, but they like to kid themselves otherwise (but you never expect much from brain-dead morons).

        10. I agree. See, the thing is, Feminism is based on a total lie, aka. men opressing women, and the only reason Feminism works, is because in reality, men are hardwired to make the world a better place for women, in order to make them happy, even if it is against our personal advantage, and if other men challege this, we keep them in line. So when women said they want this and that (the vote, work, equality, etc…) to make them happy, we have taken them literally and gave them what they asked for, and we kept other guys in line who disagreed. I wish women just asked for a pony for Christmas instead of “equality”.
          Thing is, men are, like myself, are totally fucked up these days, so we deserve the fucked up women of today… but this is not the end of story. The present is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to correct this, to tell them that no they can not have a pony for Christmas, totally un-apologetically, with a knowing smirk on our faces. And it works. You know, women prefering bad boys is a permission, well, to be more to the point, it is a fucking standing order for all men to always show women our most macho, masculine faces. Realising and internalising this (aka. frame) gives you such a high, that for that alone it is worth it. And, what is more, it just might save white, Christian civilization on the long run…

        11. Feminism was initially a little disingenuous (the suffragettes wanted the right to vote, BUT were against signing up for compulsory service – so they wanted the nice bit but not the distasteful. The right to speak their mind but not accountability and responsibility) except now it’s become very much more toxic, as women realise that things aren’t quite as rosy as they thought, are frustrated and to redress the imbalance they want yet more; but little do they know that just doing more of something isn’t going to change the outcome to what they hoped for. The definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different result. So just banging the hammer harder isn’t going to correct things, but the femtards somehow think it will.
          As I say, the white knights GAVE them what they wanted, through the law courts, and everything else followed. They got ‘high’ on what they then saw as ’empowerment’ (ego like) and like any drug, they can’t stop taking it. They are so self-obsessed and gynocentric that they don’t even notice all the injustices that men now face, for their eyes are firmly on their own navels. Narcissism rules it seems, and the so-called ’empathy’ women are supposed to have is but a dream. Never do women possess more empathy than men; it’s the exact opposite!
          Now this extreme ‘retardom’ where they can’t see the wood for the trees, has blinded them to what’s happening to western countries in the face of Islam. They are actively welcoming it, as they are not opposing it or even showing signs of a whimper of protest. No. They keep on about ridiculous minutiae while altogether ignoring REAL suffering. The 3rd world suffering and all the women raped by gangs in Europe. But their flawed thinking WILL come home to bite them on the backside for Islam will eat them up for breakfast! They complain now, but they they really WILL have something to complain about by being all-inclusive (except including white western men of course – what irony!) and letting the Islamists in where Sharia will eventually rule over them. Feminists get what you deserve, one way or another; and NEVER expect me or any other men to lift a damned finger to help you when you ask. I’ll just laugh and show them a finger or two.
          Well, RIP feminism!

        12. Feminism is indeed over, but for different reasons.
          It already evolved to the point where its subversive goals are achieved, and you must have noticed that the Cultural Marxists have already started pushing the next phase of their plan, which is called: Gender Ideology.
          With that will they reach the total destruction of the ex-white, ex-Christian societies and the destruction of all male-female and sexual relationships between the sexes…
          Now, as per Feminism: if a trap is scientifically devised, following human psychology, planned so that human beings can not avoid it and when they fell they will not realise they are in a trap, then when they indeed fell into it, is it clever to blame them for falling into it?
          The trap was Feminism and those who have fallen into it are our women – and sadly, lotss of our men as well.
          I am already over my anger-phase over women and Feminism. I understand it was a trap, I understand why women have fallen into it, I understand why they will never admit that it is a trap and why they will never come out of it on their own.
          So I am already over my anger phase. I realise it is our duty, the white men’s burden, to say that this shit must stop, period, and then it is our white men’s duty to make it stop, because if not, we will all fucking die…

  80. So I must be an eight/nine because so many men are attracted to me. I always thought they liked my personality but then one day I realized that they also liked me better than most of my gf and I didnt get it because they also have great personalities. And i must say of course i like the attention i get from men. And one advantage of being pretty is that other women are easily scared by you and men are most forgiving. I blah anything and noone of the guys is ever mad at me and they protect me from jelly women. And even when i talk about science and do that at the mensa table people think it is sexy! Im always like: okay that was extremely nerdy but then they still like that (or are indifferent). Haha.
    But still i am convinced that w/out my personality (and wits) i would only be have as attractive -at least to proper men! 😉
    Oh and as for the scaling… i believe it to be real but it is kind of also a thing that should be kept out of the public because it really is not something that should be famous. And the very first picture… it really is inadequate! You cannot call them cows! Imagine she reads that! And also a 3 is too low for the girls rated! Reg.

    1. Oh and to make this relative: i also know a few girls who are very pretty! E.g. one looks a tad like megan fox and she def is equally pretty! And when being with them the guys are not so muchly craving me as with the other girls. Then they are like: either one is good. And i have to admit going out w/ a pretty gf is really a lot of fun because it keeps your attractiveness (its not diminished or so).

  81. “Comparing women like commodities in a store display is man’s ancient, god-given right, inscribed in the hand of god on the inner walls of his scrotum.” In reality, it is women’s god-given right to compare men like commodities in a store display. It is men’s prerogative to decide whether a particular woman would accept him or not.

  82. Laughing so hard there’s a dating app advertisement with the picture showcased here on it

  83. First off, let me say, I’m a 16 year old male. Now excuse my fucking language, but why are the people (mainly men from what I’ve seen) in this post so incredibly and insanely fucking insensitive and fucking rude. Calling overweight women lazy bigoted dumb losers isn’t gonna solve a single fucking problem is it??!! It’s honestly fucking disgusting what kind of language is used about these women. Yes I fucking agree that being overweight isn’t a good fucking thing and shouldn’t be praised and accepted. But that doesn’t fucking mean that overweight people aren’t worth anything. The places where there are high levels of obesity usually have higher levels of poverty, and unhealthy food is usually way cheaper than healthy food so that explains some of it. I get all the anger and frustration about obesity, it is definently a problem. But I believe that alot of overweight people are overweight because of factors from their life that shape their habits like their upbringing and experiences through their life, so try and say something fucking productive instead of that shit. Sorry if this comment is kind of a mess, I just got really fucking pissed at some of these comments. But my point is. Overweight people aren’t always in control of their situation, and by shit talking them you just create more negative useless debate that supports nothing. Spread some love and support to the people you see that have problems like obesity, don’t bash them till their lack of self esteem forces them to become a traumatised gym addict, or just beomce even more obese. If you are one of the people who talk about other people like this, you’re just coming off as a big bumhead with a shallow mind and heart. You’re not solving anything or helping anyone. The first picture on this pisses me off the most of everything i’e read.

    1. Sounds like you’re merely excusing slovenly, lazy people – and sorry, but being just 16 shows how ignorant you are of the REAL reason why people, not just women, are overweight or obese: diet! Yes, it really IS that simple, dude.
      You talk about sensitivity, but you’ve shown none either, using such profanity throughout your post.
      Hey, if you’re going to get all hissy about overweight women and hot under the collar, then I think YOU are the one who’s over sensitive.
      People, use ANY excuse in the book to justify their weight being higher than it should be for health. There are almost NO people who actually are fat ‘naturally’, it’s down to lifestyle and eating habits – pure and simple. If you can’t accept this, then it’s your wilful ignorance.
      No amount of exercise is going to make people thin or lose much weight, it’s mostly diet! But exercise is important to health too, make no mistake.
      So get off your damned high horse, quit the attitude, EDUCATE yourself, and grow up!!!!

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