How To Question A Woman’s Past

After a round of sex between a nonjudgmental man and his wonderful fiancé, a conversation ensues between the two as they lay in bed—cuddling in their post-coital bliss. Let’s observe their little chat…

Man: Wow sweetie, you’re so amazing and wild! So look, we’ve been together for almost two years now and have lived together for six months. Tell me, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

Fiancé: Oh, I don’t know, I’m pretty shy about that stuff, I don’t want you to judge me either. Besides, nothing could ever compare to you big daddy, hehe…

Man: Aww shucks, don’t be that way sweetheart. We’re best friends! You know that you can tell me absolutely anything without fear of being judged.

Fiancé: Really baby? Are you sure?

Man: Absolutely, cupcake.

Fiancé: Okay! Hehehe [grabs iPhone from the nightstand]… Well, there was this one time where I let six guys take turns cumming inside my butthole and then drove to my ex-boyfriend’s place and sucked a booger out of his nose. Take a look, we’re still friends on Facebook—here’s his picture:

…God, he’s still so fucking hot… By the way, can I borrow 30 bucks?

Boyfriend: Wow… ummm… you know what, sweetheart? I love you and the past is the past, and yes—he seems like a great guy. You two should hang out again sometime and catch up. I’m sure the other six gentlemen that ejaculated into your rectum were quite charming as well. All that matters is that you’re with me now—that’s the only thing I care about. You’re my world. I’ll tell you what, here’s 50 dollars, keep the rest and buy yourself something extra. Don’t worry about paying me back either.

Fiance: Oh my God babe, you’re the best! I can’t wait to marry you!

Man: I can’t wait either, sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re going to be mother of my children!

The man in the above story is such a great guy, isn’t he? I, for one, completely agree with him 100 percent. It wouldn’t bother me one bit to take sloppy seconds from the bastard in that picture. After all, the past is the past, and it takes a “real man” to overlook a woman’s dubious history, right?


Let’s cut the shit, right here and right now. There are only two types of people that subscribe to this whole “The past is the past” line of bullshit thinking: people with fucked-up pasts, and people that date people with fucked-up pasts.

Feminism has successfully brainwashed men into thinking that a woman’s history is somehow completely irrelevant. If you were to meet an attractive 23-year-old woman right now, it would be your obligation to ignore the first 23 years of her life as if they never happened. You’re supposed to pretend like she didn’t exist until the moment you met her, or to assume that she was a darling little angel throughout all of those previous years—what a crock of shit.

I’m one judgmental son of a bitch and I make no apologies for it. It’s incredibly important to me to know what kind of woman I’m dealing with, and I want to know as quickly as possible. There are basically three tiers of acceptability women can fall under as far as I’m concerned.

Tier One: Relationship

These types fall under my personal standards for a relationship-material woman. They have no tattoos, no slutting around in their past, and have pleasant and nurturing personalities. They will also answer any questions about their past without reticence. A good girl knows that she’s a good girl, and will speak freely of her experiences or lack thereof. Relationship material women tend to be on the demure, quiet, and shy side as well. It’s important to note that I’m basing my “good girl” experiences on foreign women here.


Tier Two: Fuck Buddy

These women are sluts, but they’re sluts that are enjoyable to be around. They have somewhat pleasant personalities and listening to them talk doesn’t make me fantasize about my own death. Their sexual prowess tends to be very good and they pull their own financial weight when we go out together as well.

I make decent coin and can easily afford all of our outings, but watching a woman pay for shit when she makes significantly less money than me makes me happier than a freshly-sucked dick. And while these women usually have tattoos, they can easily be covered up with normal clothing. This is important to me because I don’t like to feel embarrassed when I’m out in public.


Tier Three: Nail ‘N Bail

These sluts have the types of personalities and mannerisms that would make a trip to the cancer ward at a children’s hospital a pleasant experience in comparison… but if they have big titties that I wouldn’t mind playing with, I might tolerate their shit just long enough to get them into bed. After I nail this type once or twice, I will quickly remove them from my life. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve developed a low tolerance for these broads and have pretty much stopped messing with them altogether.


Now, in order to appropriately categorize a woman, she must be interrogated. American women have hit rock bottom and started digging, so for the most part, I don’t even have to ask anymore. Give me 10 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with the average woman and I’ll know what I’m dealing with pretty quickly from her mannerisms and the way she talks.

With roughly 80 percent of them, I can figure them out quite easily this way. This is the demographic of women that I draw my fuck buddies from. I know what they are and what they’re all about, and therefore I don’t have to question them about their pasts—the relationships will never get serious to the point that I care enough to find out. The problem lies with the remaining 20 percent, it’s these women that think they’re clever and slick that find themselves under the microscope.

Women are pretty good liars, but they’re not that good. They have the allure of their pussies and that’s it. If you’re a sucker for pussy, then you’ll be a sucker for their lies too. If you can maintain a level head and look at things objectively, then you’ll realize their attempts at subterfuge are amateur at best.

This is best handled by dating two women—or more, if you can handle it—at the same time. It would be easy to tell your current boss to go fuck himself on a Friday when you could have a new gig starting on the following Monday. It’s the same way with women. This is important because of the power it gives you. It makes walking away from a woman very easy when you’re not concerned about replacing her. With this in mind, let’s look at the first technique.

Directly Asking

This is the route I take nowadays simply because I don’t fucking care anymore. If a woman passes the initial screening process and presents herself as decent, then I’ll just ask her whatever I want to know. It’s my privilege to know who and what I’m dealing with. If I’m paying for dates or she’s coming into my home—then I want full disclosure. That’s the bottom line.

If you were engaged to a woman and asked for a prenuptial agreement, then “yes” would be the only answer you would find acceptable. It’s the same way when directly interrogating women about their pasts. If there’s any hesitation, or any dancing around the questions, then you have your answer.

If you’re going to take the direct path, then you need to be prepared for some return fire. The woman in question might be offended by your audacity. This is where the shaming language and emasculation attempts may come into play. Here are some common slut responses and how you should properly view their reactions.

“You’re so insecure!”

Yep, I’m so insecure that I will discard you like rotten fish guts and then swiftly replace your ass like a burnt out lightbulb if you think you’re too good to answer my fucking questions. Let’s get something straight here: there is nothing “insecure” about seeking answers to any questions you may have—absolutely nothing. Insecure would be sitting back and wondering what type of woman you’re involved with, but not asking uncomfortable questions because you’re a chicken shit that is afraid of what you might hear.

Repeat after me: “Looking out for my best interests does not make me insecure. Not settling for anything less than what I want does not make me insecure. Demanding to know the truth about someone I’ve been intimate with—or plan on being intimate with—does not make me insecure.”

If a police detective was conducting an interrogation, and the suspect said, “Oh my God, detective, you’re so insecure for asking me what I was doing at 3:00 AM last Thursday,” the detective would be like, “Lady, you’re a fucking idiot.” He’s just doing his job, and that’s exactly what you’re doing—your fucking job. The most important job you’ve ever had at that: the job of looking out for yourself first and foremost. Having the balls to ask tough questions and not being afraid of getting your hands dirty is the complete opposite of insecure.

“Why do you want to know? Don’t you trust me?”

Fuck no I don’t trust you. Why would I trust someone that’s choosing to blow smoke up my ass instead of answering some straightforward questions? And I want to know because there’s a certain caliber of woman that I’m looking for when it comes to a relationship. I get to choose the type of woman I spend my time with—that’s my choice and my choice alone. And if a woman has a problem with that? Well, tough shit, sweetheart—should’ve laid off the dick sauce and made some better decisions.

“All of the guys I dated before didn’t ask about my past!”

Well, all of the other guys you dated were either cowards, weirdos, or fucking idiots. Let’s examine these three types of men in detail.

1. Idiots

There are way too many men out there operating under the strong misapprehension that they are special. Their arrogance is cute—it would even be somewhat admirable if it wasn’t so misguided. They think all of the bad shit in life doesn’t apply to them. They think that no one can fuck better than them, provide better than them, or understand women better than them. They’re under the impression that divorce or being screwed over is something that happens to other guys, and not to such rock stars like themselves—they’re fucking fools.

I fully accept the fact that I’m a pissing, shitting human being. That’s all I am—I’m not special. Being cheated on, lied to, misled, and flaked on? Those things all have and still do apply to me. And being armed with this knowledge that I’m not exempt from all of the bullshit the world has to offer makes me a very discerning and calculating individual.

2. Cowards

These types of men are too afraid to ask hard questions because they only have a woman come along once every so often. Since they don’t want to fuck up their biennial vagina encounter, they keep their mouths shut so they don’t rock the boat and lose out on the trickle of tattered and torn pussy the that so seldom comes their way.

These are the guys that say, “I don’t care about her past.” Of course they don’t care about her past—they can’t fucking care. They don’t have the options at their disposal to care. Their only choice is the slut that’s sitting next to them—that’s all they’ve got. These men are like buzzards—they guard their rotten stinky-ass carcass of a woman like she’s a piece of prime rib. They have to do this because it’s the only God damn meal they’re going to get. These men are exactly like what they desire but can only sparsely obtain—pussies.

3. Weirdos

These are guys that actually like the idea of their women getting nailed by other men. Have you ever stumbled upon one of those amateur porn videos where some housewife is taking a jackhammer-style beast fucking by a group of men in a poorly lit living room? Oh, you have? Well, who do you think is holding the camera and directing that shit-show? The motherfucking weirdo husband—that’s who.

I’m not going to pretend like I know or understand the psychology of these men, but suffice it to say—I’m not into that shit, personally. I think any man that gets turned on by the thought of his woman taking dick from anyone other than himself—either in the past or present—has seriously tripped a brain wire somewhere along the line.

Here’s the bottom line—all of the “other guys” in a woman’s past weren’t me. As a result, I don’t give a fuck about them or what they thought of her. I care about me, what I want, and what I think. Just because some other joke of a man is cool with a past filled with drunken cock consumption and drug abuse doesn’t mean I have to be. I’m smarter than those other guys, and any man reading this right now—that doesn’t have his head up his ass—is smarter than them too.

“Just give me a chance! Let me prove to you that I’m not like that anymore, I was a different person back then!”

This is one of my favorites. Just how long is this “chance” supposed to last? How long will it take for you to “prove” to me that you’re “not like that” anymore? All the way up to the point where the novelty of our relationship wears off and you reveal exactly what I knew you were all along? I’m not thinking about six months down the road. I’m thinking six years down the road, or sixteen years down the road. You know, when you could take my kids, retirement, and other investments through a divorce, perhaps? Out of all the replies you’ll be faced with, this one will be one of the most difficult for you to walk away from.

When a woman says she’s “not like that anymore,” there’s a good chance that she’s being sincere. That’s why you might be tempted to give her a chance—she’s actually being honest when she says it. At that particular moment in time, she actually believes in her own bullshit, and that’s exactly why knowing her past is so important. All of the lip service about how she was “immature” or a “different person back then” is fucking nonsense. Her past is exactly who she is, and she can easily revert right back into being herself once her goals have been accomplished—at your expense, mind you.

Women never really change who they are, they just change what they do, and they only change what they do just long enough to get whatever they’re after. The only way people really change is through deep introspection, self discovery, and a very strong desire to overhaul themselves for the better. Have you met any women that possess those three qualities? Yeah, me neither.

I could write a book on all of the different shit women will say in response to questions about their pasts, but this will have to do in the interests of saving space. Now, directly asking a woman about her past means exactly that—you just ask. Here are some examples of how to take this approach.

Primer Questions

In part two of this article, I will talk about the easier approaches: Appearing Non-Judgmental and Clandestine Measures. For guys that may find what follows a bit out of their comfort zones, those techniques will be much more suited for them. Now, I generally like to preface my interrogation with a feeler question(s). This is to test the waters and see how she reacts—think of it as laying a foundation.

It’s very important to pay close attention to her responses here, and remember to trust your instincts. Remember, anything other than transparency and candid responses to your questions means she’s hiding something. This includes saying things like, “I don’t feel comfortable answering that,” or “Do we have to talk about that now,” and so on.

These lines are to be said “matter of factly” and with confidence. Don’t be timid with this shit. Say it like you’re telling a waiter what you’re ordering for dinner. Have an attitude that says, “I know what I want—you can either give it to me or fuck off.” When asking a woman about her past, you need to prepared for the fact that it could be your last interaction with one another—either by your choosing or hers. With that said, here are some ideas for you to use. I think it’s important to note that I’ve said variations of these lines in my own interactions…

“We’ve gone out a few times and it’s been great getting to know you, but if this is going to go anywhere—I’ll to need to know some things about you.”

“If this little relationship of ours is ever going to progress beyond where it is right now, then I’m going to need to know more about who you are.”

“I value my time and only want to spend it with the absolute best people possible. So far things are going fine, but I still don’t know you well enough to tell whether or not you’re the best. I need you to help me make that clear.”

“So, this good girl act of yours, is it legit or are you trying to charm me?”

If she seems pliable and willing to answer, then ask anything you want to know. How you ask is at your discretion—just be sure to pay attention to eye contact and body language. Another suggestion is to do this when you’ve had a couple of drinks at a bar or other public venue. She will be much more reluctant to cause a scene or act like an idiot when there are people around. It also gives you the chance to get up and leave if you hear something that disgusts you. As always, I recommend sticking her with the entire drink bill if that happens.

In Closing

In the aviation business—pilots specifically—it’s simply not enough to be a good aviator. If pilots hope to be hired by major airlines, major cargo carriers, or land a good corporate gig—then they can’t be fuck-ups in their personal lives. Pilots have a reputation for being drinkers, and this is a reputation prospective employers are well aware of.

As a result, if a pilot has a DUI in the past 10 years, then he’s pretty much screwed unless his daddy is a company executive or the director of flight operations. He also can’t have too many busted checkrides on his PRIA record (especially at the part 121 airline level); even too many speeding tickets can be a deal breaker.

Why do you think airlines, fractional operators, and cargo outfits are so hard on pilots for DUI’s? Easy answer—because drunk pilots are bad for business. Employers know this and act accordingly with their hiring practices. I’m sure many readers have noticed that it always makes the news whenever a flight crew member shows up to work intoxicated. Needless to say, it’s bad for public relations when that happens; not to mention highly illegal and dangerous. A DUI gives employers the impression that these pilots not only put their own lives at risk, but also the lives of others.

Pilots are aware that DUI’s can greatly impact their careers in a very negative way, so what does it say about them if they make the decision to drink and drive? Perhaps it shows that they don’t take their careers seriously, that they’re impetuous and lack foresight, or that they just flat-out have a drinking problem—none of which are good traits for an airman. An employer will ask themselves, “What kind of risks would these guys take with passengers on board?”

I’ve known some great guys that were excellent pilots throughout the years, but they have a DUI on their records. These guys didn’t just make a mistake—they made a decision, and a bad one at that. Their career progression has stalled due to their poor judgment. It’s a competitive market for good jobs in the industry, and there are plenty of pilots that don’t have any blemishes on their records. The ones that haven’t fucked up are the ones that get the good jobs, period.

I’ve also known some great women throughout the years, but their records revealed that they were poor decision-makers or sluts. So guess what? They don’t get the job of being with me. I only hire sluts for temporary positions such as blowjobs or doggy style. The more permanent and rewarding position—that of my commitment—is only open to the absolute best, period.

Airlines won’t hire pilots with checkered pasts, banks won’t give loans to people that are unemployed or have shitty credit, and DMV’s won’t issue driver’s licenses to people with vehicular manslaughter charges on their records. If all of these entities exercise strong judgment in their practices, then why would it be any different for a man and the women he dates?

The answer is simple: there is no fucking difference, and don’t let anyone—especially a woman—ever try to convince you otherwise. Stay tuned.

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346 thoughts on “How To Question A Woman’s Past”

  1. Fuck that “don’t judge” shit. I’ve known fellows to end up in prison because they did not ask questions or be critical.
    Learn to judge the bitches or you’ll end up before a judge.
    Good article.

      1. True. They say “I have a no judge rule.”
        “I am the Lord Godess of my own little universe, and I am the supreme deity waiting to enter into your world. No man, child, business, or other woman shall ever take my place. I reserve the right to judge you for every personal, petty, vindictive little thing. But if you ever, ever, so much as judge me for anything, so help me the actual God of the universe, I will destroy you with a false accusation or family court. Hail to the V fool, and buy me dinner now.”
        I keep telling myself that these women are facing a peaceful insurrection of male apathy. But who am I fooling? We all know that scarcity mentality, white knight manginas who will lick the spittle of a woman who just 69ed the better man will fight you to their death to protect this little harpy’s right to destroy them, and you.
        I can never have enough contempt.

        1. “I don’t judge”
          …oh really? What’s with all that “war on women!” hysteria coming out of your mouth?

        2. Perhaps he has tasted one too many an orifice embittered by, as he said, “a better man”.

        3. Because the wimminz all do the debauchery with all those “lesser men” and not him, that’s what.

    1. Its your own weakness if you don’t judge these bitches but they’re counting on you “doing the right thing”.
      Every time you don’t judge a woman its a victory for her and feminism because you’re showing her you’re passive and that its somehow OK and normal to not be judged.
      Don’t be the guy that gives feminism and female arrogance its little victories

    2. First, guys need to stop putting pussy on a pedestal. Example:
      While in Korea, private snuffy looses his virginity to a Filipino hooker and asks her to marry him and come back to the US. He was willing to overlook everything right in front of his face. Lucky for him she said no.

      1. Filipino hooker? Damn, at least when I was there they did their own hooking – now they’ve even outsourced that!

        1. Yup, shit was so nasty. Korean girls are pretty hot. The Filipino girls they brought up were terrible.

    3. bollocks to the past… women are whores and you’re the icy cold mother fucking pimp…. in your future is her serving your every need and whim… and hey… if you’re short for rent this month, her time flat on her back at $100 per 1/2 hour, is much better than your blisters from digging the roads at $10 per hour….. in the mean time she’s your private hoe, but it’s going to cost you about the same if not more than the going rate……. unless of course you let her hold down a job, in which case she’s essentially someone else’s whore….. that’s all you need to know….

      1. out of work are ya? snicker……..inferiority complex much? One can only imagine the gem of a woman that is “worthy” of you….

    4. Yes – good stuff. It also shows why men nowadays have so much trouble challenging those “ex-sluts”. It is a market where the thin even aging sluts are a hot commodity. No wonder that many guys decide to become MGTOWs, since you would either have to settle for an obese monster or a deluded slut – becoming a high-value man with Game takes lots of energy. And yes – it is better to know it all – and judge her to the hilt or you end up like this guy who calls his girlfriend who is just doing a porn-casting:

        1. Whatever you tell yourself. I’m not really from this site, mainly. I just stopped by to improve the quality of some of the red pills here, because that’s what I do.
          Neither I, nor any serious man worth anything, has any interest in sticking our dicks in whores. I never have and never will touch such creatures. There is only to be on wife and nothing outside of that, ever.
          There’s plenty of men that follow this paradigm. I don’t really care what some arrogant self-described “player” says because I am also a professional warrior.
          Perhaps you should think for yourself and put something of your own out there, instead of just complaining, like a woman, about how women are being judged, for being women. Because you sound silly.
          What would you do without a government enforcing a whoredom System? It’s an interesting question. But I don’t care to associate with hookers, and no one’s going to make me.
          As we say on /Pol/ on 8Chan, “No hymen, no diamond!”

        2. See, this is how it works: Men have have to TRY to get laid. You, all you have to do is check your pulse, make sure it still ticks, and then summon up whatever schmuck you fancy and they’ll come running, The Horsemen arriving wouldn’t even stop them. Just dial-a-dick or point in any cardinal direction and some dork will take the carrot you’re dangling.
          Hence, men can’t be sluts. We have to put forth effort, all you have to do is not die (until 40, then it gets really weird for you).

  2. The questions are only relevant if you want kids and are therefore planning to spend the next 20 years with her. Otherwise, all I want is a girl who looks nice, feels nice, I can have fun with and is great in bed. I’m ready to dump her at a moments notice because I know I have choice.

    1. I put women in 2 categories as quickly as possible, short term dating and long term potential. Yes the past matters. A man musts be able to trust a women with his money and his kids. Unfortunately in America, the reality is typical female starts having sex around age 15, and by age 25 had already done it with 25 men, and maybe 1 or 2 women. They are all going to lie if you ask. Or they turn the questions on you and say you have to answer first, then mirror your answers. And those are conservative numbers, that’s your boring sister that you wouldn’t fuck with someone else’s dick. Numbers could very easily be over 50 for a woman over age 30. I try to date foreign women as much as possible, I don’t expect virgins just a woman who didn’t grow up masturbating to radio disney.

      1. “Or they turn the questions on you, then mirror your answers.”
        Then be frank and tell her you fucked a lot, you’ll see if she still want to mirror your answer.

        1. oh-oh ! next time I’m a tell the bitches I have rounds of girlfriends. I’ve never said that to a girl before..or have I?

      2. I’d say these figures are very realistic to actuality, and about what most men are going to land in the US.

      3. Lol, “foreign.” No thanks. There will be no racemixing for me. That reinforces the System. I won’t be touching any whores, either. That means I’ve been by myself for a long time, but I’m not changing for this System.
        Surrendering makes you not a man.

  3. “I’ve also known some great women throughout the years, but their records revealed that they were poor decision-makers or sluts. So guess what? They don’t get the job of being with me.”
    VERY IMPORTANT. If I can summarize your article in two sentences it is that. Pook has said this before. YOU ARE THE PRIZE TO BE WON. Work on becoming that man. And you will be in control of your life by choosing the women who are good enough to be with you.

    1. Oh lord, Pook? I haven’t heard that name in ages. I remember his posts on Don Juan back in the day. He was a fav.

        1. Pook was the best poster on Don Juan, aka “so suave” forum. This was like 10 years ago. Pick up has evolved since then, but there’s probably still some timeless nuggets to be gleamed from his old posts.

        2. I found his posts collected on pdf and his ideas are quite prolific. Easily applied, they make so much sense in the sphere of dating.

        1. Dang, I had no idea. He was just a guy who posted stuff on a message board back then. His posts always made sense, but I hadn’t read him in years. Whatever happened to him? Did he change his name to Heartiste or something?

    2. As that crazy woman in Scandal said “EARN ME!”
      A bit of eye-rolling works wonders when you say that.

  4. ABJ- Always Be Judging. It doesn’t really matter with random girls but if you are putting any kind of investment into the girl, due diligence is required.

    1. That’s exactly why women hate being judged, because it makes their value as a partner all the much clearer.
      And that’s exactly why every man needs to be judgemental when it comes to women. They are with men, why shouldn’t we do the same?

    1. Noted.
      My excuse for not knowing that will be that I’ve never had a fiancee, therefore, never had a reason to know the correct spelling.
      I can live with that reason.

        1. Ha!
          Wait a minute, if you’re calling me “cute” …
          I like your hard hitting style, by the way. Your writing style.

        2. LOL, just messin’ with ya.
          Can’t hate on a guy named” Shortest Straw”… though Blackened, Dyers Eve, One, and Harvester Of Sorrow are a bit higher on the first choice list.
          Glad you enjoy my articles, man, thank you for that.

        3. Glad you put it first on the list, because Blackened is pretty much my favorite song. Short, tight, and nasty. Like I like my women.
          I needed to pick a user name for an account on Kaotic. The hapless bastard in the video had not had a good end to his life, Shortest Straw happened to be playing, and it just stuck. It also fits because I think a lot of men out there pulled the shortest straw.

        4. Aha, good to know you’re also a metal fan! “Dyers Eve” was by far my fave on that album.

  5. Personally if the woman has a corrosive personality…why would you have sex with them?
    That pair bond can play crazy tricks on a terrible woman’s mind.

    1. Well.. men don’t get any pass for having bad character. He suffers for it dearly.
      Therefore women of “corrosive personality” invite themselves in getting used. They are the easiest to game.

      1. Even if they are easy to game…at best doesn’t it make a guy feel empty inside? At worst now they have some BPD or soulless woman thinking she’s found her meal ticket.
        And I know men don’t get a pass for having bad character. That’s why I try to not have bad character.

        1. “feel empty inside”.
          You trying to rustle my jimmies? You can’t be serious using a term like that.

    2. ‘Personally if the woman has a corrosive personality…why would you have sex with them?’
      if she has a great body why not? just don’t get into relationship with her.
      ‘That pair bond can play crazy tricks on a terrible woman’s mind.’
      what pair bond? it’s only sex.

  6. 10 minutes of uninterrupted face to face conversation is an eternity in the minds of most modern, Apple-wielding females.

    1. Stopwatch game: make the chick place her Feminist Fruit Device in the middle of a table while covertly timing her on how long it takes for her to “need” to use the device.
      Reveal the stopwatch and read out the time as a potential disqualifier.
      You want something lasting? Find a chick who still uses a Nokia feature phone — she’s not going to spend all day texting, that’s bloody well certain …

        1. Bullshit. The broads who have an attention span hate smartphone shit, they have more interesting things to do.

      1. Feminist Fruit Device… thats pretty funny. That was always a disqualifier for me. If you can’t hang out without impulsively looking at that thing you’re an empty girl and no one I want to be with.

  7. Solid article and advice as always. I love it…no sugar coating shit.
    I’ve always told younger guys to walk this way in life. Never sugar coat it, give it to them straight.
    This definitely rings true when dealing with women.

  8. Great article and enjoyable, this topic comes up with one of my friends at semi-regular intervals. He is of the ”Don’t care what happens in the past” persuasion and I just can’t seem to bring him around. I don’t think he’s fronting either, I think he just does not experience the visceral disgust I feel at the thought of pair bonding with a woman who has been ploughed by a dozen other guys. I figure, like you said, our brains are just wired differently. I’m fairly sure I’m the majority here, but it’s hard to tell with how so many guys will pay lip service to the don’t judge thing because it’s the herd approved correct-think nowadays.

  9. Why would you need to question a woman’s past? If she’s older than 16 you already know her past. Same shit the rest of them have done!

    1. Not by a long shot. In the West it seems they are all damaged goods, and a lot can be said for how it turns up a woman slut meter, but in truth, people are different. Always add the friends’s experiences and divide by the group amount. Solid gauge of a slut. Another thing to do is watch the language. A slut will do her best to avoid telling the truth. A slut will always conform the truth to paint herself the victim. Neither does you any good. If you aren’t talking to another girl or more experienced, you may ignore the signs and say, yeah, pussy. Don’t do it to yourself. But best believe, not all woman are the same. There is a wrong turn called Albuquerque in every woman’s life. Not all will reach it. Once they do, they can’t turn back.

        1. Ah, culture has robbed so much. It is a location joke. The intent that your actions took you towards one goal instead of leading you off track. You can use Google if you need further reference.

        2. Or review any classic Bugs Bunny episode. I particularly like the one with Daffy Duck in Aladdin’s Cave.

        3. Good call! There is a historical reference to the wrong turn of Albuquerque. Not sure when it occurred but the end result was a demolished army. All because of a wrong turn.

    2. Deshler: You have it right. It is more about you as a man keeping things under control. Any woman you meet has sexual past that you really do not want to know about. Assume that and control the relationship appropriately.

  10. Excellent article. But I don’t know sometimes I like it when a woman tries to game with BS about her past. It tells me a lot about her. It tells me what kind of person she thinks I Am, in that I would want to know, and hear those particular type of lies. It tells me what she cares about, and for what she feels shame and guilt. It’s just part of the Game. I love it !

      1. Yeah, sometimes its not what they tell you that is most important, but what they don’t… And why?

  11. I think most women are doublethinkers. They hold two contradictory ideas in their minds and somehow reconcile them. Constantly trying to rationalize their slutty behavior while at the same time jingling their pocket full of quarters, tingling with excitement, for their next turn on the cock carousel.

    1. Absolutely.
      For example: he doesn’t count as a sex partner, cause I had a cherry slurpee first.
      Or blatant amnesia. Did I do that?

  12. That story at the start was cringeworthy. Well done.
    I notice that the shy, demure girl tends to be LTR quality in a lot of cultures and for a lot of men.
    Are the odds against you if you prefer passionate and outgoing?

    1. Yes. To become passionate and outgoing, know few women are naturally such. Which increases the odds she is far more socialized than you, and far more sexual than you. You don’t gain command of social situation by reading books at home.

      1. Actually, outgoing was the wrong word going through my experiences. Sociable is more appropriate, and pretty naturally feminine.
        I was unclear.

        1. Not at all, it’s a fairly accurate sign of what her sexual temperament is. Most of the time, those kind of dolls will never use deceit, even if they are a “freak”, they”ll just let you know, and if you dig it, you’re on, if not they might friend you if they like you, and if hearing about their sexploits turn you on, they might tell you whatever you want to know.
          Also, if you and some future girlfriend crave a 3sum with another broad, she (the extrovert) would probably go for it.

        2. So pros and cons. But for an ltr they dont sound stable from the descriptions given.
          That was what I was curious about since the criteria for an ltr are more complex than a bang.

        3. In my experience, this type will still want novel cock periodically, but at least will be upfront about it. They are probably more stable than the types who claim, even with a low n-count, that every bang was either “love” or an alcohol-related incident.

        4. so at least they are honest, I got it. Thank you.
          As you can tell, I have a thing for social butterfly girls since I simply get along better than them so this advice has been helpful.

  13. I really like the theme of this article, and agree that the past matters with LTRs. However, does anyone have tips to overcome what I predict will happen to most men that try this except for the few master frame holders…
    If its too obvious you care too much, she will instantly slip into lying mode. That stern talking to provided above as an example, will be the time she uses to formulate her ideal past to present to you. By the time you finish with your 2 sentances of why you deserve/require to know, she will have calculated what she can say based on what her social media can not disprove.
    Probe into her past in a nonjudgemental way, as early as possible, durring the fun feel good part of the relationship. After that, once she likes you, decided youre ltr material, most of this stuff will not work.
    Better to be aware, eyes open, and pay attention to every bit you can.
    And for the love of god, NEVER tell her what youre doing. Never tell her what you found out, or what you think of it. One slip and she will become the MASTER of hiding things. I ONE TIME commented on something mildly weird about a photo she liked on facebook. The chick did not like another non non female photo for the next year. Never tagged in any more photos. God damn how i would have preferred never saying anything and still getting access to that data.

    1. That is simple. Field away from answering any questions phrased after your question. A lot of women will search for additional information to provide the most profitable answer. Don’t waver and offer assistance. Ask your question and STFU. If she doesn’t answer in 5 minutes except to ask a question, she is a slut and mining you for the appropriate answer. Walk away as soon as possible. Or date at your own peril.

      1. The 5 minute thing makes me think you mean via text, which I wouldnt do. In person the tells are much more obvious. Heck, as the article says, even the slight hesitation to answer, IS your answer. After that moment, id expect mostly lies. OR, you have independent-womanTM and shell tell you proudly, at which case you can atleast thank feminism for helping that women reveal themselves.

        1. From someone who has lived by this code, I meant in person. Never ask over the phone because now, you’ve given her chance to research. 5 minutes is perfect. If she avoids for five minutes, run, get tested and don’t look back. The first minute is a giveaway for honest and dishonest women. If they need a cover story, she will use the first minute. Don’t waver when you ask. Be as cold as a convict. No excuses and no pleasantries. Just facts. And keep a stern face. Also why I said, STFU.

        2. I agree, in person, followed by silence. this may work because the silence is so uncomfortable for people they tend to do what you ask/speak their mind. Im in direct sales and the whole “ask and them stop talking, first one who talks loses” has proven itself true more times than not.

      2. Yea, I was dating a girl that every time I’d probe her past, always face 2 face, she’d pretend she was busy all the sudden or forgot to do something like put clothes in dryer or had to piss, or you name it. Clearly to think up the best answer (lie) because no woman can lie about everything and get away with it all the time. When she was done pissing I’d restate the question and she’d have some bullshit answer, but it really should be automatic.. like 5-10 sec or less when the response begins. Otherwise its a fuckin lie. Guaranteed.

    2. “she will have calculated what she can say based on what her social media can not disprove.” brilliant LOL

  14. That was a great article…funny and well presented. For further reinforcement on this topic, rent the 1981 movie Body Heat.

  15. I sincerely doubt that you are getting any truthful answers. It is closely held lore in lady land that the correct answer to the question of how many men have you slept with is always three. Enough to show you have some experience and skill, not enough to appear loose. Over the age of 25 or so until death, a lady’s answer will be three unless she is 1) actually a tramp with no pretense (I.e. Dumber than a box) or 2) a religious zealot, in which case you are not likely to find her at a bar or club. Good luck to you, sir!

    1. I think the ladies have loosened up to promote a safe five. In truth though, more women are revealing their numbers unprompted. In that regards, it is clear being a ‘lady’ holds little weight in way of equality. Especially when you can bully those who oppose what you’re saying.
      I’ve heard, 5, 10, 3, and over 30, all from women under thirty. Maybe the ladies aren’t meeting with these women?

      1. “I think the ladies have loosened up to promote a safe five.”
        If that was an intentional pun, then well played sir.

    2. I had two young women, both under thirty give me an answer that was in the twenties. I had a twenty-something coworker tell me point blank that she was a slut before she got married. My answer is an honest two, but don’t men like experienced women who know how to get them off? Plus, won’t guys like you guys not believe us anyway? I have started to believe myself that promiscuous men are as damaged as their female counterparts. Both groups do not respect themselves as people, or their bodies or the sex act itself. If you believe in God, then you are also showing a lack of respect for Him. I learned the hard way that sex to me is sacred. I will not pursue it anymore. It has become corrupted.

      1. ” I had a twenty-something coworker tell me point blank that she was a slut before she got married.”
        And the only reason she was honest was because she had a ring on her finger. If she was still trying to lock down some poor bastard I highly doubt she’d be admitting that to anyone, including the said poor bastard who was presumably unaware of her past.
        “My answer is an honest two, but don’t men like experienced women who know how to get them off?”
        That depends on the man’s purposes. Review the article above, and how it breaks women up into categories: (a) possible relationship material, (b) casual fucks, or (c) potential one or two-night stands.
        In category (b) or (c), sexual experience is the main drawcard since the man’s never going to enter into a long term relationship with her and it’s about how good the fuck is. Little emotional investment arises.
        In category (a), extensive prior sexual experience is a much less valuable pro — primarily because of all the other cons that invariably accompany the pro, from sexual diseases to prior children to, most importantly, a diseased if not mercenary attitude towards the man. Look up an article on ROK called “You can’t turn a whore into a wife” for more discussion on this concept.
        In women, extensive sexual experience is always paid for with a concomitant erosion of worldview and personality. Hard as they try, the vast majority of women cannot separate their self-image and self-esteem from their promiscuity (or rare lack thereof). And most women who shout from atop mountains of “conquered” penises that they’re empowered, independent, and strong are generally anything but. It’s simply something they say to deal with the cognitive dissonance emanating from those psychological and biological parts of therm that are calling out to her to find a partner and be a mother.
        Men are much better at dealing with it, but this site is not about trying to fuck men. (Indeed I find it consistently amusing that the first defence women seem to run to on these sorts of issues is “WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ?”)

        1. If you are placing such value on those (men and women) who are not promiscuous, the question that remains is why do the male sluts feel they are worthy of a nonslutty woman? I mean the chances are pretty good that while you are carelessly exposing yourself and the women you hook up with to disease and other negative consequences , you too are also damaged goods. Why not just boink all the sluts and buy yourself a subservient virginal foreign bride who will be your servant or just get a blow up doll? Isn’t that sad? You can’t crap on a buffet table and then ask why the food is so shitty? I think the reason you have no respect for women that have slept around is because in sleeping around yourself you prove you have no respect for yourself but rationalize it by saying that there are reasons men should have a higher notch count than women before marriage …How many notches you have in your belt is not an indication of your being a real man. It is not even close to the top of the list. . Noone with any self respect likes their partner to have been a slut, male or female. Making excuses for slutty and irresponsible behavior by men or women is laughable at best and at the same time, sad.
          EDIT………by YOU, i didn’t mean you, specifically, Shep, I mean you as in the men who feel this way.

        2. Typical response right here. I’m going to assume you’re an older woman — one that hasn’t the foggiest fucking clue about what dating is like for millenials and younger gen X guys.
          Here’s the deal, I’m a man and I need sex. Sure, there are guys out there that are content with snapping one off every night to porn and calling that a sex life – I’m not one of them.
          So what are my choices, exactly, infadelicious? I assume this is where you’re going to come back and tell me that I should date “good girls” and seek those kind of women out, correct? I’ll save you the effort of that response and go ahead and give you my reply to that statement – go fuck yourself. Head over to the tattoo and piercing article and peruse the comment section for a while and see what’s out there – those broads are what we have.
          My choices are to either get laid through my current means and through what’s available to me, or not get laid at all and become celibate while searching out some mythical American good girl – going years without sex in the process.
          Here’s the deal lady. You’re not a fucking man. You don’t have a dick, and you don’t get to tell me what it’s like to have one. You don’t get to tell me what my options are because you have no idea.
          Keep your opinions to yourself on this subject – they’re beyond worthless.

        3. “If you are placing such value on those (men and women) who are not
          promiscuous, the question that remains is why do the male sluts feel
          they are worthy of a nonslutty woman?”
          For alphas, I’d say it’s because they feel men don’t need to prove their worthiness to any woman. Or any man. They have sufficient self-esteem not to have to justify their choices to anyone except themselves.
          For betas, it’s a different matter – but betas are basically society’s bitches right now and need every selection tool they can lay hands on to try and find a partner who will not fuck them over, 2 kids and a mortgage down the line.

        4. yawn… you deserve the type of trashy women that you are getting. Enjoy. Don’t keep damaging yourself and more women and in doing so crapping on the buffet and wondering why your food selection is so shitty. I didn’t tell you what your options are, you are the one setting the low standards for your options and you are getting what is available in that category. Any snake hole will do for your type and that is indeed your choice. That wasn’t my point.. I am sorry you have issues with your inability to control your impulses. There are plenty of sluts out there to “satisfy” you, and hopefully you’ll not damage your “goods” too much with anything permanent, but have a good time, just don’t complain about there not being any “worthy” virtuous women out there to choose from when your body starts giving out and/or you want to settle down with a “good one”… You’ll be one of those sad, chubby balding men that has to buy a “good wife” ie: subservient foreign housekeeper/sex slave….. Save your insults, i was merely expressing my opinion that those slutty, possibly diseased damaged men really can’t expect to be considered a “prize” just as the same type of woman can’t. I am entitled to that even if you think it worthless. If it hit a nerve with you that’s your issue to deal with. Man up and admit that the pool of decent men out there is just as small as the one of decent women, but imo it’s sad that you can have sex with someone that you wouldn’t be seen with in public. And you can shove the whole I am a man and need sex bs, that’s more rationalizing behavior that you engage in but find repulsive when done by a woman.. Just as I won’t tell you how to feel as a man, don’t begin to tell me about how i as a woman, feel about sex or anything else.

        5. Well for starters, a lot of the men posting here are trolling bars and other places looking to “hook up ” easily with no strings attached, which is cool, have at it, but at the same time they are complaining about the quality of the women they are screwing. Is it really a notch worth bragging about to have sex with someone who is just as loose as you are? Yikes. These are bottom of the barrel women (to NOT use their descriptions and put it politely instead) whores that they wouldn’t be seen with in daylight yet they would have sex with them putting themselves and future ‘scores” and maybe girlfriends/wives at risk for all manner of disease and dangers . Women they consider repugnant and nasty because they supposedly engage in the same type of behavior as the men do.
          Please point out where I used “spotless, untarnished” — I didn’t. My point was pretty clear. I realize there are no spotless untarnished maidens but I was asking why tarnished spotted men felt they were worthy of the spotless untarnished maidens if they were to finally find one. It would seem they are getting exactly the type of women they are wanting and deserving of. Why complain then? Again,you can’t keep crapping in the buffet line and wonder why the food tastes shitty, yes? That is all. No big deal. My question was answered above. I thank you too, for your civil reply and question.

        6. I’m lost why this escapes women. Maybe it’s defensiveness: They are feeling shamed for something that is a natural impulse.
          Men seek to pair bond. Less so than women do, but they have a strong urge to nonetheless, as the existence of this blog indicates.
          One important criteria for a woman with whom we might pair bond is fidelity. After all, we don’t want to invest in raising children that are not our own. Promiscuity is a good indicator of future infidelity.
          The woman, on the other hand, is less concerned with where else the man might leave his sperm than with whether he will stick around to protect and provide for her and her children. She is more concerned with whether he is pair bonding with someone else.
          Male promiscuity is even a positive indicator, as it demonstrates sexual desirability, which the female is going to want for her sons.
          The first principle in understanding all this stuff is to nothing – at least nothing that is pervasive – is a social construct. We’re wired to do the things we do. There is an obvious difference between the genders: Women make babies and men don’t. This is not a social construction, so why wouldn’t there be a whole slew of other innate differences? To argue that there aren’t just seems bizarrely naive.

        7. The sad part is I think you really WANT to believe all of …. That. Rationalizing it is good if it makes you feel better but try a little harder to make it believable at least

        8. My god, you think like a child. No wonder men don’t like talking to you.
          I don’t mind though. It does me good to try to explain it in a way that even a woman can understand.
          Tip: next time a man says something you don’t want to hear, just pick an insult from the list.

        9. Tip : next time a women with a brain ( clearly something you try to avoid) tells you something you don’t agree with just walk away because you clearly can’t agree to disagree like adults do and it’s embarrassing to see you have a hissy fit. : I am not one of your brainless notches. I get you loud and clear though. If you can’t force your view on someone they are put into your ‘thinks like a child ‘ category. Sorry but again I am not a notch and can think for myself. I don’t fall to pieces if insulted by someone who can’t handle another person who has a different view on things. We’re all entitled to our own opinion. You just don’t like mine and have to attempt to silence me with insults. As for men not liking to talk to me? You don’t even know me. I asked one little question and a very classless author got his panties in a twist and assaulted me with a vulgar, knuckle dragging blast of bs. I expected it from him. Then you come on, seeming reasonable at first but then started acting all butt hurt merely because I didn’t buy your rationalization. Wow ! For two guys that are so secure in your sexuality and promiscuity you sure are defensive. I didn’t condemn you for it I just asked the question. It was answered already. Let it go. Sheesh. Laters –

        10. You never have to qualify your writing for me.
          After I was divorced I obtained a few too many notches myself. To this day I am amazed that as dark and consumed as I was, women were still interested and even pursuing me.
          After I calmed down I realized that I could obtain as many notches as I wanted. There came a point where it was kind of a nuisance to go out and get another notch.
          We’ve talked before about my deliberate decision to find a wife. That is when I began my search. Once I knew what I wanted it took a couple hundred first dates to find the right woman. The ‘Boss’ never threw up a red flag while we were dating, and I have never asked her about her past.

        11. Sometimes I forget the huge difference in those who have become men like you and those who are in between boyhood and what they will become as they try to sort out what makes a man. They are whining about the whore-ible selection of women while they are trolling the dregs of society which kind of makes them the dregs as well. Their goal right now is to find easy skanks and nail as many as they can. That’s fine and dandy for a while and hopefully they escape it unscathed, but clearly they are admitting it is lacking something or why do they always end up talking about finally getting someone “worthy” of them. They will never meet anyone of quality in the places they are looking. They are looking for easy hookups with no strings attached and there are plenty of them out there, If they’re just out to get laid, they should quit bitching about the type of women they get and the lack of quality ones left for them, the “real men” who deem themselves so worthy.
          They complain about them in the same paragraph that they brag about adding another notch -one i might add that was easy for the first 30 guys before him and will be for the next 30. Ewwwww I read a few more today and they were so juvenile and I laughed so hard out loud that i couldn’t even be offended anymore. They are fooling themselves . They beat their chests and say “I AM THE PRIZE TO BE WON” and ‘I AM THE MAN’ OMG! Really? Any woman of quality would yawn in the direction of a boy like that. A real man doesn’t have to say he is a prize or even say that he is a man. He just is. If you try too hard, your desperation will stink up a room pretty fast and is a natural repellent to any good woman.
          One guy on here even tried to tell me what a woman wants for her sons- for them to be promiscuous because that equals desirability.. Really? No mother or father I know wants their son sleeping with the neighborhood floozie lest her son get stuck with unwanted fatherhood or disease. The difference between popular and promiscuous seems to escape some guys. Frankly, it matters more where someone is right now and where they are going. They should work a little more on what’s between their ears rather than what’s between their legs.
          It sounds like you and your wife ended up finding “keepers”. Good for you .;-) Like I said before, in my next life i’m coming back as a cat or dog and living in (and running) Shep’s house. 😉 Shep and Leonard told me it’s a pretty sweet gig.

        12. I like having lots of love and interaction in my home. Sounds as if you do to. I’ve had other friends say that they would come back as one of my pets if given the option.

        13. The masculinist movement forming at ROK has not yet gelled into a consistent set of principles. When it does the misogynists will fall along the wayside or be pushed out by force.
          I’ve studied Morton Blackwell and seen mass based movements form both in our country and in Latin America. This site has all of the hallmarks of the start of a legitimate grass-roots movement.
          This website terrifies the Left because they sense that it is one of the rare exceptions among movements. They had nothing to do with Astro-turfing its start, they have no control over the ideas or direction of the movement, and worst of all, they cannot integrate it into their larger social deconstruction of the West.
          I will continue to watch this movement with great interest. It needs to be led by young men. It makes me wish I was a young man again.

        14. Yes, they will be forced out and shunned just as the misandrists that make up the majority of feminists are now shunned by womennow asit has become clear neither group do much to improve the appearance or the lot of men or women or for that matter society as a whole. I have always said the majority of men on here are just looking for a place to either vent or to talk amongst themselves without being beaten down by feminazis and leftists who have clearly made it open season on the traditional male. That being said I still like to come here and invade their space, mostly just reading and appreciating their opinions and views on topics and sometimes i am nicely surprised that lo and behold i was right– men really are human despite what those feminazis have been trying to brainwash us into believing. I don’t come here really meaning to lock horns with any of you, unless absolutely necessary or I am really bored . LOL Fiddle dee dee, (bats eyelashes innocently while holding verbal drop point knife)

      2. “My answer is an honest two, but don’t men like experienced women who know how to get them off?”
        How many cocks does it take to train a woman?

      1. Bless your heart 🙂 I tried dropping you a clue, sweetheart, but it’s on you to pick it up!

  16. Good readable article as always. However Red Pill guys will not need to resort to questions. It’s all so painfully apparent who one is dealing with via casual non verbal observation. And lets not forget the men who were taken to the cleaners 10 years down the road by a “Virgin good girl wife” turned bad.Buyer beware…..

  17. The way I see it, it’s just sex.
    Sex alone ( or the number of partners) isn’t telling the whole story. Some girl with a low lay count can easily be the most psychotically deranged person you’ll ever met…
    Why do we always strive and fight for the sexually “purest” girl possible? Especially on a blog like this that celebrates guys that get high n counts for lays? Not only are those girls terrible lays, they will also get clingy since you’re one of the few guys to get with them. And you’re lying to yourself if you think you can find that attractive 20-something that had only been with <10 guys and something isn’t wrong with her.
    I’m a guy and I’ve banged 30+ girls. The only thing I really see with girls with high number counts is either:
    1) Emotionally unstable (Can’t keep a guy worth a damn, only good for sex…)
    2) Use sex as a means for an end (gold digger, divorce rapist, etc. These are the kind that are all take and hardly any give)
    3) Genuinely likes sex and cares about their partners. ( I’ll admit the second part is a stretch here in America)
    3 is rare, and 2 is way too common nowadays. Provided I get to bang whoever I want in the relationship, and they aren’t a manulipitive psycho, I really don’t see the problem with a woman that’s been around the block.
    Sorry for the long rant but that’s my view on the subject.

    1. And that the higher number count of a woman is an indicator of future infidelity, plus the experience of many partners for a woman deludes them to think there’s something better to get. Why? Cause she’s already had it, someone richer, bigger, lasts 4 hours, will dominate, etc. Their hamsters think they deserve the best, too bad I’m really the best and already dumped her.

    2. Most of the guys on here are wishing for a return to a mystical version of yesteryear in which girls were pure and lost their virginity on their wedding nights. That never really existed, and it never will. Keyboard warriors who have been shunned by women their entire lives, would love to return to that easy life of one man, one woman. The reality is, by most definitions, any woman over 22 is a slut, and a man should never get married in the modern age, so why even bother with these questions.

      1. Actually it has… Even before liberation, most waited until marriage. If they didn’t the count was VERY low for both.. I assume under 3…

    3. If it’s just sex, then why do so many women lie about their partner count? To sum it up, too many women are unpaid prostitutes… And that first sentence is why society has fallen. Nothing is sacred anymore…

      1. Okay…
        Why do so many guys lie about their partner count?
        Too many guys out there are willing to give up a lot to get laid which is just adding to the problem.
        And lastly nothing is wrong with society. The problem is nowadays we as men need to bring more to the table than good sex and stability to keep a woman.

        1. The problem with that argument is there is a core vortex. Everyone needs that core filled. So for a man, without a strong value behind hard work, core values, and a sense of self beyond a partner, finding a woman who shares his values and ideals as well as seems a solid pairing is high on the list. When said woman appears, she can fill a void. She can also lead him off a cliff easily. A majority of men aren’t taught about embracing your own ideals and get caught in the consumerism/materialism whirlwind that is America. A high value guy typically, is cunning, intelligent, can find means to provide for himself and has a hhigh level oof social flair. No coincidence that this man will get access to a lot of sex and a higher notch count. Women shop around but some keep it within the range of thhe ‘safe number’ and others are burning rubber faster than any Nascar driver could dream of. The reason to lie is simple, they want a partner.
          I won’t elaborate too much more on why plenty is wrong with society as the widening of wealth, the riise of single parents, the level of sex and gun assaults, the dropping levels of male graduates, the rise in unmarried couples, and a few other areas could draw out, something is wrong with American society. Will blaming society solve thhe problem? No. But not being able to admit their is a problem or simply stopping at the thought of this being America’s problem and not mine, will only continue the course we are on.
          At this point, if a site like here develops solid definitions of manhood, patented rules of success and areas in real life that can allow men to meet unencumbered, a major shift in this tide will occur. The idea of simply being a better man to solve this problem should be killed from your mind? Do it now. Here. I’ll hand you the gun with one bullet. There you’ll have the dignity of watching that dream die in grace. The valuable pairing has received multiple assaults and as society has promoted a world safe for debauchery and shameless usage of people, men need to come together to form a counter community to slap the shameless behavior and debauchery out of our sphere.
          Remember, even as a high value man, you battle, the many men still in her mind from her past, her friends and their lives, the control materialism and consumerism has on her, the morals her parents taught her, the strength of the father in her life, the degree and time spent pursuing a career, the collection of beliefs she embraces, her ability to assist in creating a space conducive for relationships and what society says is cool. We are on the fridge. Outliers amongst men. Do what you can but know the problem is bigger than being the superior man.

        2. Both genders need to bring something to the table. Good quality of mind body and soul. Nothing is wrong with society? Are you blind? I suggest you Google Chris Mackney, read his story and multiply that by 100. The foundation of our country has been severely fractured. The foundation is the family. We are plagued by diseases. Morality is in the toilet…. People are more lost then ever…

  18. I don’t see how any of you guys could take white women in their 20’s seriously as potential girlfriend material. Just fuck em. They’re pros at taking cock and not getting attached. Enjoy that shit

    1. As opposed to what? Asian American women? Indian American women? Native American women? They’re all fucking sluts dude.

      1. True, but atleast other races don’t flaunt it like a badge of honor. WW take pride in their hoarish ways which makes me take pride in pumping and dumping them.

        1. Many women who were born and bred in the USA regardless of race are whores. After being raised by all the junk on TV/media and parents working so hard they were barely at home.

  19. I wonder what this girl’s “experiences” taught her……………
    5 Boys From My Freshman Year Of College (And What I Learned From Each)
    Also titled: 5 reasons never to send your daughter to college.
    And never underestimate the alpha widow impact on a woman’s psyche. They just never get over this stuff. Pair-bonding is real.

    1. That is some vapid shit. But typical. Extend 5 guys per year in college for 4 years and that’s 20 guys. Plus the vapid emotion.

    1. Whichever one works best for you. As with Buddhism, you take what works for you and leave the rest.

      1. As with Buddhism, never trust a 5′ tall man who weighs 400 pounds and preaches restraint…

    2. The guy who wrote that other article got shredded in the comments, the vast majority of RoK readers share similar views to the one expressed in this article.

      1. …lotta amateurs. If you’re not debating a long-term situation, who fucking cares. Besides, if you’re on here, you’ve probably got a few miles on yourself, how the fuck are you gonna make demands that you don’t even begin to meet yourself?

        1. I dunno, the same way broke ass women feel no shame in wanting a successful man, the same way all women want a courageous man even though they’re a bunch of gutless cowards themselves, etc. It’s almost like different sexes are different and prioritize different things. Weird right?

        2. If I’m justifying something I do by saying women do the same thing, I’ll know I’m fucking up.

        3. It doesn’t require justification, that’s my point. I want what I want and I see no reason to add additional barriers to my getting it.

    3. If I’m buyin a car, I wanna know where its been. if I’m getting a rental I could almost give a fuck. I tend to be hard on my toys so I usually “rent”, and therefore don’t give a fuck if she has…traffic tickets or whatever this guy is on about.

  20. I agree that a womans past is very important. In fact I like to see a woman who has been through some shit. However its BS to say that people can’t change. People change when they have enough of a reason to change,I’ve seen it countless times. Take the case of Sam Walton. He had major constant failures in business, didnt even start Walmart until he was in his forties. By the authors logic no one should have bet on him ever. Then he became the richest man in the world. Its also a mistake to assume that a woman who has never made a mistake, never will. To me whats more important is the current character and behavior of a woman, and your own ability to influence her character. No woman is perfect, but if you can either tolerate her imperfections or convince her to change them, you’ve got a successful relationship. Improving your ability to influence a woman will earn you long term benefits more than finding the “Perfect” girl.
    Oh and what is this direct questions nonsense? Good police interrogators don’t trust direct answers, they ask around the edges and ask again later and compare results. If she feels like you are judging her on her response she is more likely to lie. If she feels like you aren’t judging her, she is more likely to tell you the truth.

    1. I can’t remember who it was, but someone on here once pointed out that such ”changes” happen with suspicious regularity once a woman approaches 30. I’d perhaps be prepared to listen to the ”I’m not like that anymore” speech if it came from a 23 year old, still at peak attractiveness. Otherwise? Sorry, I’m just going to assume you’re trying to cash out of the marketplace on my dime. No, I’m not going to bother considering that you might be the one in a million who this doesn’t apply to. I get one life, I’m not going to spend it making bad-odds gambles for the benefit of others.

      1. A 23 year old with a great attitude trumps a 30 year old with a great attitude(all other things being equal). And if I have a choice I pick the former, if I don’t then the latter. If I’m 60 do I need to be concerned that she is starting to hit the wall? The “Im not like that” speech is again taking statements at face value. Look at the clues she says, look at her actions and look at her past-if you have experience in life you will see through all of her lies.

        1. Well obviously any discussion of this assumes that a man is choosing a life mate, not trying to get whatever tail he can before he kicks it. I’m talking about if I’m considering making an actual investment.

        2. Whatever age you are at can get you into life mate situations. My grandfather’s first wife only brought him misery. He fell in love at 73 and lived 19 wonderful years with her. He didnt mind at all that she had hit the wall two or three times. When she died, he died very shortly after..I don’t think he wanted to live anymore. It is unfortunate that marriages are so high stakes now, a woman can steal your money and your children from you through no fault of your own.

        3. There’s a reason he didn’t marry a woman who had hit the wall two or three times the first time he got married. He had better options at that point.

    2. Ok I agree with you that people can change but let’s get some facts straight here. If you actually think Sam Walton was the richest man in the world you are beyond clueless

      1. Forbes ranked Sam Walton as the richest person in the United States from 1982 to 1988, ceding the top spot to John Kluge in 1989 when the editors began to credit Walton’s fortune jointly to him and his four children.

  21. I am a virgin and I won’t be giving it to some man-slut, even a reformed man-slut.
    Sluts and man-sluts are made for each other.

      1. Perhaps I might have been, but now knowing that men think they are entitled to a chaste woman is a huge turn off.
        We are entitled to nothing in life, we must earn it.

        1. ‘We are entitled to nothing in life, we must earn it.’
          when it is expedient then women sure can come up with all sort of big noble words which they themselves don’t even believe, but the minute they’ve got the upper hand…………..

        2. …no one here is claiming entitlement, only a preference. And as long as you haven’t got your mind completely made up, I’d like to bring out something in your size.

  22. “[E]ven too many speeding tickets can be a deal breaker.”
    Just what do the cops use to pull over a 747, an F-16?

    1. I tried to find an image of the police aircraft from the end of Dan Ackroyd’s “Dragnet”, but failed… 🙁

    2. Speeding tickets that get ignored to the point that there’s a warrant out for her, that’s a woman who has 3 kids from 3 men.

  23. AV8R I enjoy you articles ver much. This one seemed to be a tad emotional on several fronts. The first part: I know that what you wrote wat what one would be thinking in such a situation. Although, ones words should be fewer. Such as, “you’re insecure”. “Don’t give a fuck. If you don’t want to answer you know which door you came through.”
    “You don’t trust me?” Nope. Now answer the question.
    And so on. What you said about being absolutely prepares to cut a women off if she doesn’t answer is the best advice. Never be afraid to loose a bitch.
    Those primer questions are so insecure. Ask the woman what you want to know. Obliviously wait for the most opportune moment, but there’s no reason to pussyfoot around about it.
    Last while you touch a great deal on verbal communication, body language is more important. For example, what are her eyes doing? Are they darting around failing to make eye contact? What about her hands and feet. Is she figiting? Chances are if she is she’s hiding something, the way she positions herself will tell you in ten seconds into the conversation whether she is being honest or dishonest.
    While I thought this post might have been satire at first it contains much wisdom and introspect.

  24. Fina-fucking-ly. Someone who spouts the truth about this without pussy-footing around. Back in my purple pill days, I thought something was wrong with me, for caring so much. I’d read the typical leftoid feminist rhetoric ‘it doesn’t matter, the past is the past, just becasue she cheated on her last boyfriend and has swallowed 50 litres of cum from different guys in the past year doesn’t mean a thing’. Tainted bitches be damned. New found respect for Return of Kings. We need more guys like this and Quintus Curtius writing posts, and less guys explaining for the 10000000th time how foreign women are better.

    1. Good thing you didn’t see the other article from barely a week ago blathering on about “the past doesn’t matter.” Riiiight.
      Sometimes I wonder if the back door to ROK was left open and a Jezebel writer sneaks in occasionally to fuck with us.

  25. IN a study they asked 5000 People to rate life events on a scale of 1-500 in order of their stress level, there were 50 “life events” studied and rated
    Guess which one caused the most grief?
    Relationships, and the most committed ones caused the most grief of all, with the #1 ranking grief, divorce
    We have been sold a massive CROCK about relationships in this demented culture!
    Just like sugar tastes sweet but is toxic to the body, so is a relationship to the soul, accept the bitter sobering truth, or consume the sweet poisonous lie!
    If relationships are so important to our well-being, why do studies suggest they cause the most misery of all, and also why can’t millionaires with the aid of the best relationship experts in the world make it work? Why can’t humans bond in the best of circumstances, when money is not even an obstacle? Reason: CROCK.
    Why can’t successful businessmen, and high achievers avoid relationship failure? and what makes you so arrogant to think you are the exception?
    -Loneliness is a bitch fellas, but it can’t be cured by a bitch, not for long and without a ton of resources, risk and headache and it only gets harder as you age, your energy levels drop and access to only large dry cunts is attainable
    the male phallus remains the same, while the female twat simply enlarges every year in an exponential fashion, as the female twat enlarges, it collects more semen from more and more partners exponentially, therefor becoming a higher risk, lower reward pursuit exponentially, eventually even causing roosh to throw in the towel as with his visionary ability, he did not see himself doing this at 40 IMO,
    That’s right, High risk,Low reward. Big headache, Small win
    -Everyone thinks of themselves as the clever exception in all circumstances according to studies.
    ^more profound of a statement than you think

    1. “Loneliness is a bitch, but it can’t be cured by a bitch either”. This is another gem .. lolz

  26. Hey AV8R, if you’re such a good fucking pilot and constantly seek the truth, why don’t you let us in on what “they’re” spraying on us in the skies. Because as far as I’m concerned, Chemtrails Make Liars and Traitors Out of All Pilots. Or maybe that’s part of the reason you make such good coin? Maybe that’s why so many pilots drink?

    1. Know why pilots drink? Cuz they HAVE to go to the bar; otherwise no one can see their flightsuit/ pins/ “fuck-me-I’m-a-pilot” t-shirt! Its like the crossfit of occupations…they’re the shit, just ask ’em!

      1. I have ZERO respect for modern pilots for 3 main reasons: 1) large commercial jets completely fly and land themselves (and have for quite some time); 2) pilots are in a tremendous position to better expose and collaborate the phenomenon of Chemtrails, but don’t, because their employment / pension would be terminated; and 3) they are also are in a great position to shed light on the so-called “UFO” phenomenon, but don’t for fear of losing jobs / pensions. As such, ALL PILOTS HAVE BECOME LIARS and TRAITORS, complete pussies who whore themselves for a pretty good paycheck and “fringe benefits” with women. Plus, 90% are arrogant pricks… Just my 2 cents and sorry to piss on your little parade AV8T — I’m sure you’re the exception…

        1. I ain’t never seen a UFO.
          But if by UFO you mean….
          Unidentified Fag Object
          Then unfortunately, I’ve seen plenty. Too much actually.

  27. ” I only hire sluts for temporary positions such as blowjobs or doggy style. The more permanent and rewarding position—that of my commitment—is only open to the absolute best, period.”
    Sluts are only good for internships, not the full task. Great article, man.

  28. Women fuck bad boys / alphas when they’re young. You’ll know if you’re an alpha or not before you even hit 18 because women will want to fuck you. If you’re 25+ and still haven’t even received a kiss / an advance from a woman, then you might as well just die single. I’m serious.
    Women know exactly what they want when they’re young and are more than capable of getting it. Then once they aren’t capable anymore, they find some beta bucks to support them.
    If you haven’t figured this out by the time you’re in your early 20s, you’re either an idiot, or you’re so beta that you never received any attention from females at all and so you pedestalize them as angels by default because you have never seen what they are capable of.

    1. Agree. I honestly don’t think women know what they want (or what they are doing) in their earlier years. Hell, many don’t know what the hell to do, now, at my age.
      I think the light comes on for women when they hit “the wall” and the attention stops coming (and it’s directed at the new, younger models).
      It’s at that point they become humble and that list they all carry around starts to shrink. The shopping days become shorter and they start to grab at anything (read: the beta male steps in).

      1. Some won’t even do that – they keep the price high on something that’s past the sell-by date.
        Even if they do think they’ll get a beta provider later in life, who’s that going to be? The guy kicked out of his house after a divorce, up to his ass in child support and alimony? Because that describes a significant number of what’s out there for the women who wait too long.

        1. yeah …. I run into 40+ somethings that think they have something to offer, then always come back after being used up by young guys. then they are also alcoholics by the time the expiration date hits.

        2. Yep…good point. But I have a feeling that is why society (and feminists) have started the narrative about how women are much better later in life (i.e. cougars). They are targeting more younger men who will still have resources versus an older, divorced guy paying out alimony and child support. Good points, though. Some of this shit, today, is just wrong.

        3. Heard Tanzania is a popular destination.
          Sadly, a lot of them are still able to shit out anchor babies.

      2. “I think the light comes on for women when they hit “the wall” and the attention stops coming (and it’s directed at the new, younger models).”
        They are reasonably pleasant until 30. Then they go through this 5 year period where they think they’re still hot like a 22 year old. Many have been spoiled by the times in their 20’s rendering them meaner than a dog shitten tacks. Then the entitlement & jealousy set in. After about the age of 35, or so, they come to terms with nature & reality & become somewhat pleasant again.

        1. Ugh…some do become pleasant, again, and some don’t. I see many marry after that age only to still be bored or angry (with their choice in life). Many still believe they “have it” like they did when they were in their 20s and they hate younger women for it.

    2. I married young, and my Wife didn’t have a rep. around the small college we went to. She said “only one before me”. Come to find out many years later that she had a really fucked up definition of what sex is.
      Even if you have done your due diligence and are confident with what she says, triple it at least. Their fucked up female perspective/rationalization will get you, especially the ones that think of themselves as “good girls”.

      1. We had a wisdom of the elders dvd night in college. Clerks…. 37 made a lasting impression.

    3. So many people my age need to read this. I can never view women the same after the shit me and I know others do with them. It’s always hilarious see an ex fuck buddy with some pussy faggot as if she’s been a princess all her life.
      I feel the problem is there aren’t enough real men teaching kids how to be men. My father wasn’t there for me so I had to learn the hard way, however a lot could be avoided if men just acted like men.
      Men realize at the end of the day, nobody can be trusted and you’re all alone in this world. You have to make a name for you self, nobody is going to hand you shit.

      1. I think about all the time I wasted chasing girls. I could have been a pro soccer player or something. such a waste of time, modern day women.

        1. I remember when I used to chase men, then I realized I cared more about my education and career.

    4. If you want women who are virgins angels, you likely are one yourself.
      It doesn´t keep society going, it is what keeps its parasites in charge, otherwise they would be lampshaded.

      1. most of the women at my college were sluts. the biggest sluts though have the best marriages. is what it is. many a gal has been thru a basketball team yet tones it down once married. but when I go to my college reunion weekend, amazing how these married types (good+bad gals) r back to sucking every dick like old X!
        as for foreign chicks, check out eddie murphy’s take on the subject in delirious.. they’re only pure til they get “Americanized”.. sluts r here to stay, going nowhere, its mainstreamed whoredom!

    5. Not all men are cut-out for a life of peace, quiet, loneliness & solitude. Some require that female companionship as my father does & some dream of a life with a big family. I thank God with each passing day that I can live a life where I don’t desire a child, a roommate or a girlfriend. Although I will admit, having a nice looking girl in a semi-dating relationship is very invigorating for the first 4 months or so.
      I think each man should think of himself as the stock market. Each passing day you are not married & have no kids, your stock goes up. So why would you sell that stock? If you’re a man who wants to have children & devote himself to 1 woman, ok, sure, whatever. But I would advise to plan this for sometime at the age of 40 & after a pre-nup assuming you own property, make decent money, planning a child, ect.

    6. That’s very true. If you don’t have women trying to pursue you or lobby you for attention, it’s time to prioritize some self-improvement before it’s too late.

    7. You contradict yourself. On one hand you say “Being alone is really not that bad”…”you can really just learn to live for yourself.” And on the other hand “If you’re 25+ and still haven’t even received a kiss / an advance from a woman, then you might as well just die single.”
      I’m a kissless “such a nice guy” virgin approaching 25, building a successful business, planning to intensively work out once I get everything under control, and learning about game and red pill in the meantime. So why should I die single? Within 5 years I’ll be a millionaire shredded alpha, and within 15 I’ll have a trophy wife, with a prenup of course.
      Today’s teens have unlimited means of entertainment and megatons of porn at their fingertips. That, coupled with feminism, doesn’t really make one want to rush into the dating game like a desperate, sex-starved dog.

      1. i heard many say that pre-nups depending on the court could very well not been worth even the paper that are written,Ofcurse i´m not a laywer so consult a good one first.

  29. So look man, I’m as he-man-woman-hater as anyone here, but don’t lets become hypocritical; just like we would ridicule a woman for being fat, mouthy, entitled, unemployed, and still expecting a top-quality man, for anyone here to be anything less than top-quality yourself while expecting a young, hot, charming, low-mileage woman is just fucking retarded. Even worse, looking down your nose at any woman with half the notch count you yourself have is kinda bush-league. You can say you ain’t interested, you can say you wanna step up, but don’t act like you’re above it all just cuz one day you decided you were; that’s about some pilot-shit right there.
    I mean hey, I fuck like they’re gonna outlaw it tomorrow, so if I wanna make a move on what I perceived as a very high quality woman, this chick is well within her rights to have an issue with my previous…endeavors, and I gotta be prepared to accept that. Same way, some chick with high mileage might very well have turned some kinda corner and wanna pursue me as a reasonable match. I could certainly say I wanna hold out and try to score something really nice, but to say “ohhhhh I’m above being seen with any woman who behaves half as bad as I do”….that’s some hamster-caliber bullshit and it won’t do.
    In short, if you’re gonna roll like a pig that’s fine, just don’t get all pissed when you don’t have a silk hat.

    1. “Even worse, looking down your nose at any woman with half the notch count you yourself have is kinda bush-league.”
      Stupid feminist argument. Female promiscuity and Male promiscuity don’t implie the same personality traits at all.
      Any average woman just has to bend over to get 10 men.
      A man who gets 10 women, is guaranteed at least to have done a bit of work on himself, and to have a minimum of strategical social thinking and self confidence.
      Again : A key that opens many locks is a master key, yet a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

      1. …not talkin exclusively about promiscuity, because yeah, that a woman just needs to maintain a pulse to be a slut, a dude’s gotta put his back into it. Point is, all this howling about “I demand top-quality and anything else is shit”. Well, Are YOU top quality? How do you figure you DESERVE what you’re demanding. Just cuz you woke up and decided one day that you’re the shit? THAT is a feminist argument; you don’t magically get what you want just because you want it.

        1. ‘Well, Are YOU top quality? How do you figure you DESERVE what you’re demanding.’
          many 5′ women got no problem thinking they deserve 6′ men, don’t tell me they can’t figure the 1′ height difference.
          ‘Just cuz you woke up and decided one day that you’re the shit? THAT is a feminist argument; you don’t magically get what you want just because you want it.’
          women tell themselves and their fellow women not to settle because of “oh how so precious we all are”. Meanwhile some men privately tell themselves that they’re the shit and then openly tell their fellow men “dude, you’re not exactly a winner so you’ll be well-advised to settle with that fatty right over there” – yep i’ve met guys like you before.

        2. ‘…lemme guess, you’ve been the chubby consolation prize and you’re still pissed.’
          sorry but you guess wrong, that’s not gonna happen as long as they haven’t walked over my dead body. but you’re right about 1 thing, i’m still pissed with the “friend” who tried to set me up, i severed ties with him and i earnestly hope his wife gets gang-raped by a bunch of midgets.

        3. ‘…as long as you talk like that, you’ll never be more than a consolation prize.’
          please do elaborate how it is so.

        4. If somebody fucks you over in grand style, most times its best to say “thanks”. People that fuck you over “just a little” tend to go unnoticed and you still see them as a friend.
          Somebody jams you up good, the answer is obvious, they ain’t your friend, and you got it figured out before another day went by.
          Plus, there are just to many drink specials out there to go around wishing gang-rape on people….now, lets get those pants off. 😉

    2. ”this chick is well within her rights to have an issue with my previous…endeavours”
      You said all you needed to right there. Yes, it’s perfectly true, any woman is within her rights to reject a man for prior promiscuity. If women wanted to even up the double standard they could do it tomorrow. They won’t though, they want US to do it FOR them. Like you said, it’s hard enough meeting the requirements women do have, why am I going to add extra ones?

      1. I guess that’s the thing, I’m not really much on trying to meet requirements for women; most women couldn’t find their ass with two hands and a sherpa guide. But a man should know if he’s meeting his potential or if he’s fucking up. If you’re shit is tight, you should be good with shopping for a woman that suits you well.
        .But my point is, how the fuck can a man demand top-shelf out of some woman when he can’t even get top-shelf out of himself?

        1. Top shelf means different things for a man or a woman, obviously. Top shelf for a man means successful and distinguished, top shelf for a woman means hot and chaste.

        2. That’s your opinion. Not every woman and man are the same. If you keep going with this mentality you will be quite unhappy in the future.

        3. ‘That’s your opinion. Not every woman and man are the same.’
          care to elaborate?
          ‘If you keep going with this mentality you will be quite unhappy in the future.’
          you forgot to include the mandatory “you’ll die alone” – yep now he’s certainly in a deep-shit dilemma because the only way for him not to die alone is that his wife and kids also die at the same moment with him.

        4. Because we all define successfulness and being a distinguished person differently.
          And for women, appearance.
          And I did not say ‘die alone’ I said unhappy.
          It is a cookie-cutter mentality and if someone does not fit it they will be unhappy. A woman may be thin and attractive, but what if that man likes curvier girls? And a man might have a successful job working on the rigs, but what if that’s not seen as desirable in a woman’s eyes or distinguished?
          You know the drill, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists those are the ‘distinguished’ occupations. Not rig jobs (even though you can make a lot of money on the rigs).
          So if you do not fit that mould, you are not distinguished…so you are not top shelf. Therefore top shelf women would be unattainable for you.
          At least that’s my take.

        5. ‘Because we all define successfulness and being a distinguished person differently.’
          not according to millions upon millions of women who wish they can land guys like leonardo dicaprio though, for them leonardo definitely has more success err i mean “successfulness” than say 80% of earth male population?
          ‘And I did not say ‘die alone’ I said unhappy.’
          what makes you think that some random guy on the internet whom you never even met will be unhappy?
          ‘A woman may be thin and attractive, but what if that man
          likes curvier girls?’
          then that man who likes curvier girls can simply reform himself from chubby chaser into fatty fucker, what’s so complicated about that?
          ‘And a man might have a successful job working on
          the rigs, but what if that’s not seen as desirable in a woman’s eyes or distinguished?’
          then that particular woman can continue pursue guys like dicaprio or henry cavill or some isis hunks or whoever gives her gina tingles, it’s that simple.
          ‘You know the drill, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists,
          optometrists those are the ‘distinguished’ occupations. Not rig jobs (even though you can make a lot of money on the rigs).’
          you can even make more money and at the same time be the ultimate bad-ass whom women lusts after if you tell the irs scums to go to hell but unless you’re superman then i won’t recommend it because bullets won’t bounce off you and steel bars shall confine you.
          ‘So if you do not fit that mould, you are not distinguished…so you are not top shelf. Therefore top shelf women would be unattainable for you.’
          ah but you forgot the infamous nawalt defense or should i say natswalt? not all top shelf women are like that?
          you see, if we go by the natswalt defense then surely there are top shelf women who make themselves attainable for guys who flip burgers for a living, no?

    3. Some good points. Yes, you have to be of a certain caliber yourself to expect a certain caliber woman.
      The problem, today, though is you have so many beta orbiters and white knights telling many “low caliber” women (in the U.S., anyways) how great they are, how wonderful they are, etc…and that’s the real problem with the female market. That coupled with feminism preaching that men should just accept women “just the way they are”.
      Bullshit. If you want to spend time with me, at least, then get your shit together. One of my requirements….eat right and exercise – take care of yourself (and I don’t mean some bullshit model photo on any these women’s magazines).
      Otherwise, Driver is stopping the bus and letting her fat ass off.

    1. Damn right. I have no trouble at all asking a woman about her partners, her age, her weight, etc….because she’ll (more than likely) ask me (anything).
      Equality folks…it’s a motherfucker sometimes (to women).

      1. I can’t recall the last time a girl actually confessed to me up front with a straight arrow answer to the notch count questions.
        ,,I don’t think it concernes you”
        ,,That’s none of your business”
        ,,You shouldn’t jugde someone by their past” – No shit ?
        ,,You come off as being insecure for letting your self get affected by my past ”
        ,,You aren’t man enough to get over it (her past)” – I actually got this response from my recent ex-ex-girlfriend, gave me something to really question. Who is the moron here: me, for wasting my precious time while getting angry at a slut, whereas I could be hitting the town, eating good food, visiting museums, having a good time hitting up 9+ ladies, or her, trying to snatch me into thinking that even if she’s damaged goods, I can compromise my entire future with her ?
        Man, the drama some us of had to go through before we were enlighthened…but you know what ? IT WAS WORTH IT !

        1. I met a girl on a plane once whose tattoo artist ex had of course convinced her to let him doodle all over her body. One more reason this tat craze is so dumb–it’s like sluts passing out sexual resumes. What’s the number, 10 dicks for every ink job?

        2. I like history. It was a time when murderers, thieves, witches and whores were branded with symbols using a heated iron rod. When I see tatoos, my mind goes in the same direction. Ya know ?

  30. I would say when I asjed this in the past I got stone walled with why? Never had a good answer and the article doesn’t provide one. The woman usually gives a 1 word response and it is why, with no reason, also they are not logical.

    1. A woman is always going to lie to you (especially about the number of sexual partners) because she always wants you to perceive her as a “good girl”.
      If she said she was a virgin, then I would have figured at least 3 to 5 sexual partners. I never take a woman at her word…always watch her actions.

      1. No, that is the problem, girls don’t answer the question with a statement they answer with another question, they ask why? With no further statement, that has been my experience.

        1.’s always interesting to see “how” they are going to respond (if at all). Another question? Change the subject? etc….it usually happens.

        2. “Because I want to know. Answer the question.” If she says why again, you don’t need to proceed any further, you have your answer.
          The fact that she’s stonewalling instead of answering should be a pretty big red flag for you.

        3. Just answer that “why?” with a straight-faced, “because I might be crazy about girls who have lots of experience”. Once she answers, if you don’t like the answer, just say, “Then again, I might not be”, as you walk away.

  31. What makes you think she just won’t look you in the eye and lie to you? I remember meeting a girl who said she was a virgin and she kept saying I’m not that kind of girl who has sex. I ended up getting a nasty STD from this virgin and my first dose of the red pill…

    1. Yeah man, don’t fuck these bitches raw if that’s the case. I know you can’t feel shit with Trojans but damn….

  32. They think that no one can fuck better than them, provide better than them, or understand women better than them.

    Fuck. I’m an idiot.

  33. AV8R on pleasant sluts : ,, They have somewhat pleasant personalities and listening to them talk doesn’t make me fantasize about my own death. ” Man for this statement you deserve some swort of prize. Holy Moly, funny as hell. I’m saying this from experience with sluts – the ones that actually think they are some kind of special snow-flake sluts – so different from the other sluts, because ,,I’m special.”

  34. One point I would mention about interrogating your girlfriend is that the door can swing both ways. She will likely have questions for you too. I would only pursue the direct method if you are comfortable with your answers to the inevitable questions.
    If you are not comfortable, there is always the indirect method. Women have a lot of “tells” even when they think they are smart. In fact, smart, pretty women think they can run rings around men. These tend to be the ones who let the most slip mainly through arrogance. One girl told me “I love to eat”. I thought “OK that’s a future fat woman.” Another told me “I love sex”. OK that’s a slut.
    Even without that, you can observe their personal habits (keeping a lot of male friends, pictures of men, always going out, frequent drinking, ditching you for a night out with the girls, etc). Ultimately, you will not need to ask a woman a lot of questions. Sluts and other bad women, usually give themselves away very quickly.

  35. Boy do I enjoy reading articles such as this one. You guys deserve a medal. This type of quality work & introspective deserves high praise and I’m not even ass kissing here. But this A type article should be a trendline for the rest of you readers and article authors.

  36. The truth of the matter nowadays is that good girls, as we like to call them, don’t really exist. They are unicorns. You are lucky if you come across one that is actually who she says she is. We sometimes even joke that our future wives are currently in Kindergarten because it is comforting to know that she is currently playing with blocks and not swinging from man to man because they sell her a good enough story. And when she’s 18, we’ll snap her right up and she’ll have no exposure to the world of dating.
    At the end of the day you can’t change women that are already broken, so those are the ones that men use for exactly what we want: sex with no strings attached. Because it’s easy and it’s right in front of us. But at some point in time, through the course of our lives, we are going to grow out of chasing someone that has been with everyone. Sure being a bachelor is fun and all, the stories are great, bragging to our friends is epic, but we are eventually going to want more out of a female than just sex.
    That is when we want to settle down, but with a lady who has respect for herself, morals and there isn’t one guy out there that can have a bad story to tell about her
    like the time she had a threesome in a London hostel while studying abroad.

  37. “Women never really change who they are, they just change what they do,
    and they only change what they do just long enough to get whatever
    they’re after.”
    Pure fucking gold right there. What you say about foresight and making sure you present the least possible risk to prospective employers, customers etc is also spot on. Another great article.

  38. I can’t argue. I’ve often said that men don’t grow up, we just get
    bigger. And it’s true. I still have the same juvenile impulses I used
    to, and even if I don’t engage in them, I’m still amused by them. My
    tastes are still the same, but they’re definitely tempered by more
    mature (ha!) and adult themes.
    Why should anyone expect a women to be any different, with regards to growing up and/or growing older? Unless she experiences something huge, drastic, and life-changing, she’ll probably stay the exact same person, only with a few more
    wrinkles, just like a dude.
    Besides, you can be your ass she’ll be judging you by your past..

  39. Strongly agree with you, I always roll my eyes at my friends who say they don’t judge a woman by her past… Then what the fck do you judge her by? The size of her tits? The beauty of her face? The lies she blatantly tells you to win you over?
    Personally, I prefer to take an indirect approach to the questioning, which doesn’t put them on the defensive and increases the chances of getting truthful information out of them. One strategy I use is to open up about my sexual past (well not the craziest shit lol), acting like I am open-minded about hers as well. This is best done over drinks, as the less un-inhibited she feels, the more truthful she will be. Another strategy is to bait them with their slutty girlfriends. I criticize their GFs’ questionable life choices to see if they will defend them or not.
    Rule of thumb: a girl who defends a slut is not far from one herself.

  40. “but watching a woman pay for shit when she makes significantly less money than me makes me happier than a freshly-sucked dick”
    Incredible line, made me spit out my coffee.

  41. I was seeing a girl who had 4 tattoos and a tongue piercing – She however would not give me blowjobs because “that’s reserved for my boyfriends”. Now, let’s say that she’s clearly looking for someone to “winter” with (cuddle, then dump in the spring) and she was doing everything to try to lock me down. I kept playing it cool, banging other girls, banging her and then dropped it off as she pointed to some bouncer she “ended up in another city with” on her last birthday.
    I find it amazing, as if anyone will ask her, she probably will only see the guys she gave blowjobs to as the guys “who counted”, meanwhile, half the city has banged her.
    On top of it all, I found out how her ex BF owes her a shitload of money and she’s now back living with mom.. girl, you’re 25… and competing vs younger Eastern Europeans… good luck.

  42. Ever had a girl you were REALLY interested in, like, enamored with, suddenly kill everything by telling you she has an ex-boyfriend with your same first name? Yeah, that’s something really special! You can literally feel the wind being taken out of your sails with that one!

  43. One of my friends one day asked his ex-single mom girlfriend what was the craziest thing she’s done, and she voluntarily told him about getting gangbanged by 2 guys in college. He tried turning a hoe into a housewife, would even babysit her kid while she went out to the club. It took awhile for the lightbulb to go on and for him to finally realize she was a hoe lol

      1. all single moms are fucking crazy and expect the guy to take up the slack for their lazy asses.

        1. It means that having two guys work her at the same time is extremely “crazy” for a Moslem woman, even more so if the dirty deeds take place in a Moslem country.

        2. So are the moslem guys (happy that you’re not moslem), they tend to “cut loose” sexually with girls outside their religion, and they are usually very good at it.
          If moslem guys could f*ck more, the world would be a better place.

  44. “Well, there was this one time where I let six guys take turns cumming inside my butthole and then drove to my ex-boyfriend’s place and sucked a booger out of his nose”
    Hahahaha, I needed that, thank you. On a more serious note – That whole “no judgement” thing has it’s place, (maybe) but not in dating. I don’t see it as being judgmental at all. If you find out something unsavory about your partner, let’s say…an arrest record, then deciding “I don’t want to date a convicted felon” isn’t being judgmental, it’s being sane. There’s just some stuff you can’t take the chance of exposing yourself to, point blank. Anyway, thank you for the article.

  45. Hmmm, I don’t know why, but the first image in the article isn’t showing, which really tied in what I was writing about. So, I’ll put it here..
    Then sucked a booger out of my ex-boyfriends nose…

        1. All girls do, nothing wrong with that.
          Some guys would say that’s too mercenary, but those are fools. Psychologically, if I buy some hotty a pair of sexy shoes, and then drill her silly while she wears them, every time she sees those shoes/wears them, she ought to get horny remembering the whole scene… 😉

  46. Exactly. You wouldn’t hire a truck driver with a DUI record. You shouldn’t hire a wife with a long history of depravity. Judge silently, act loudly,

  47. This is one of the best “spot on articles” I’ve ever read here. The whole bullshit lines about “the past is the past” “its who made her who she is today” “she’s with you now” all of that horseshit. Like some poor sap that falls for a chick that was the town whore. And this poor bastard cant walk to the curb store for a pack of smokes without running into 20 guys thats busted a nut in her face. Chicks think they can can fuck the football team in highschool or be in a gangbang in college and suffer no consequences for it later. These are the same cunts that want to get pissy and cut you off for sex because they didnt get to buy that new pair of heels last week, when they were basically prostituting themselves for some looser who treated her like a fuck doll and your doing your best to treat her as a queen. So I say “fuck yeah” the past matters, in all aspects and tells you alot about who she was back then is a good indicator of who she is today and what she might do in the future. My brothers in arms, you can thank feminism for all of that shit. The ones with that attitude about her past are the very ones that has a slutty past and racked up some serious numbers of different cocks in her. And dont feed me some bullshit line about how you were abused sexually and it fucked you up. If you were looking to feel better about yourself by opening your legs for a bunch of different dudes, you should have learned that lesson, I dont know, after the first two or three instead of racking up a bunch of numbers. Fucking whores

      1. fucking a lot of guys fucks with women’s emotional state and their head. every guy fuck makes them that much more crazier.

    1. plus it is easier for a whore to get laid, it takes 0 game for a girl to get laid. so one who spreads has no value when it comes to herself and men

  48. “We should allow and encourage women to act as stupid as imaginable and then denounce men as ‘faggots’ and ‘misogynists’ if they dare to criticize the women’s stupidity.’ – Adolf Hitler

  49. Woman’s world is her husband, her family, her children and her home. We do not find it right when she presses into the world of men.
    – Adolf Hitler

    1. …unless her name is Eva Braun, then she can have the Fuhrer suck her cock before she pegs him with it.

  50. “Parallel to the training of the body a struggle against the poisoning of the soul must begin. Our whole public life today is like a hothouse for sexual ideas and simulations. Just look at the bill of fare served up in our movies, vaudeville and theaters, and you will hardly be able to deny that this is not the right kind of food, particularly for the youth…Theater, art, literature, cinema, press, posters, and window displays must be cleansed of all manifestations of our rotting world and placed in the service of a moral, political, and cultural idea.”
    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 10

    1. …and then the genetically inferior flunky made a breeding program for nazi bitches to make lots of cannon fodder for his reich by any means possible (in or out of wedlock, by husband or not, raise those puppies for your fuhrer!)

  51. Problem with sluts (nail and bail) are that they most likely will have an STD at sometime, or a permanent STD. I hate condoms, so it is like playing Russian Roulette and I have done just that. I got Chlamydia once. However, I hear, the bacteria is getting more resistant to antibiotics.

  52. Goddammit, I wish this community’d been around when I was a teenager. I love you brothers.

  53. do any of you guys get tired of fucking the pump and dumps: single moms, tatted up sluts, bottle rats, strippers, etc? Do you bail quicker as you date more? I get less and less tolerant of their behavior even if it means no more easy pussy for another few months.

  54. Great article, what branch and platform are you from/on. Love your comparisons on companies, great way to look at it.

  55. “but watching a woman pay for shit when she makes significantly less money than me makes me happier than a freshly-sucked dick.”
    Congrat on being sane/pratical.

  56. “If this little relationship of ours is ever going to progress beyond where it is right now, then I’m going to need to know more about who you are.”
    This sounds sooo try-hard. Like most of the article. Why are you even bringing up a relationship? Just comes off as needy. I bet girls run when you try to question them this way.

  57. If there were 6 caulks in one room with you at one time and you waved them in for a landing….that’s not just a questionable sexual history decision, that’s an “I MAKE TERRIBLE LIFE DECISIONS” banner around her neck.
    Do not pass go, do not collect $200. (or anything else since no marriage = no divorce)
    The N count — 2 or less. preferably less. ok…less than 2. counting me.
    Thanks. 🙂

  58. my girlfriend of 5 years once had sex with a guy because we were in a long distance relationship at the time and i had insisted on an open relationship if she wanted to stay with me. she told me about what happend the very next day and it never happened again (and yes this is true, please no “that’s just the part she admitted to you”comments). This happened per 4 years ago and i never let it bother me, but after “taking the red pill” it has begun to bother me a lot, and i have considered dumping her because of it. am i being irational?

  59. And when she asks about your past, will you be open and honest with her, and understanding if she turns you away because your list of previous sexual partners is too long or too crazy?

  60. I don’t need to ask these questions to Slavic girls. I already know the answers. They live with their parents & have never left the nests. Have had 1 boyfriend before we met, are usually ages 22-26 & are not as easy to bang as Yankee women. (typical scenario)
    With Yankee women, it’s the quick pump & dump. The only real question comes after the 3rd bang when I no longer want to wear condoms…”So you go to the gynecologist for birth control, right? You get tested there too, yea?”
    Usually I find that they tell me this before I ask actually.
    These same Yankee girls fall into AV8R’s ‘Tier 2’ typically. 6 or 7 hot but kinda crazy in the head & since I live in Colorado, they usually have an unfortunate tattoo & are very poor dressers among other issues.
    Date them for 3 or 4 months when the relationship is actually still fresh & exciting & im getting a ton of the strange & she is still under the impression that you’re both “dating” when you’re really just “bang buddies”. … Then show her the door when you’re done with all the crap that comes with a complacent relationship.

  61. AV8R: Would you write one of these for your daughter regarding men suitable for marriage or friendship, identifying guys to avoid, and answers you expect to supply women who answer your questions.
    Context: I’ve got a daughter. I’ve got my own ideas, but feedback from other men would help.

  62. You are really limiting the kind of women you attract with this kind of behavior. The women respond as they do because they feel violated by the questions. Who wouldn’t? People with good self esteem have the boundaries to walk away when they feel violated. You are trawling for the ones who have none to speak of by behaving this way. You are inviting only the ones who will stay even though to demand these kinds of answers, in the context you have described, is not a considerate or respectful way to treat another human. You are shutting the door on your own happiness. I know you won’t hear me, but I have to point it out.

  63. Imagine a girl you are getting to know demanding 100% full disclosure on the spot from you, about everything in your life. Would you put up with that? If you had self-respect, you would walk away. That is what women who respect themselves do when someone they are starting to spend time with suddenly goes full-on cop with them. Ipso facto, you are limiting your options to women who have no self respect.

  64. I’ve also known some great *men* throughout the years, but their records
    revealed that they were poor decision-makers or sluts. So guess what?
    They don’t get the job of being with me.
    works both ways. perfect.

  65. So its acceptable for a man to be a whore? Id like to meet the woman who fucked you up so good.

  66. I am a male raised by a rabid feminist single mother at the time of the introduction of no-fault divorce (mid-70s). My younger brother was feminized by our mother but I kept the faith and paid the price – vilified by the entire family to this day. Brother married a woman he knew when she was with someone else in her late teens. She and the boyfriend of the time came round to smoke bongs with my brother and his mates, her boyfriend passed out and every other bloke there went through her while the boyfriend was out of it on the floor. My nutless wonder brother married this cum dump years later and they had 4 kids. Marriage lasted the best part of 20 years before her true character again re-surfaced and now, especially the younger kids childhoods have been destroyed. As for me, I married a devoted and loyal Japanese woman and we are rock solid 22ys+. This article will compel you to think about which women are ok for acquaintances and casual liaisons and which women are marriage material. It’s very important to understand this and get it right.

  67. I have several female cousins who grew up to be slutty single mothers just like the women who raised them. I am one of the only ones who is married and never had children out of wedlock or rode the cock carousel. This is likely because my married parents were strict because they did not want me to become the terrible stereotype of black women. Men need to judge women who are potentially raising their future children. A slut can’t teach a little girl how to be a decent lady.

  68. Fuck yes, you as the man are the prize!
    I’m not auditioning for YOUR show, I’m not trying out for YOUR team, your ANYTHING!
    You will age poorly, gain more weight, become more insane, more manipulative and more embittered as you hit the wall and your market value nosedives. Me, I’ll become smarter, get in even better shape, have more money, more experiences, and will command more and more respect as I grow stronger with passing time.
    You, on the other hand, will shrivel away like a the piece of low-hanging fruit you will become, regardless of your “status” right now.
    Good luck to you. You’ll need it, I won’t.

  69. I’m one judgmental son of a bitch

  70. Mr. Yader, You happily have/”hire” sluts for temp work, but you’d only marry a girl who wasn’t like that. So you admit there’s a need (for you) for sluts . . . because having sex a lot is important to you . . . . I’m confused. Are you a slut, then, too?

  71. “I only hire sluts for temporary positions such as blowjobs or doggy style.”
    I don’t get this insanely hypocritical mindset. Like, ‘I can bang as many sluts as I want but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna settle for a slut.’ Wtf?

    1. Maybe if women figured out how to keep their legs at less than right angles there wouldn’t be the choice?

      1. Riiiight…because we all know how well sexual repression has been working out in the Middle East. Dudes blowing themselves to Allah and taking out massive sky scrapers to get laid. We should be more like those guys. They sure got their women folk in line and look how awesome things are over there.

        1. Considering human beings are one of two species on the planet who have sex for other than procreative processes, the other one being the bonobo, it would be a good indication that people were not intended to be monogamous. In fact, monogamy has only really existed since maybe the 40s. Before that, men had mistresses or frequented prostitutes and were polygamous for several thousand years before that. And even before that, they were matrilineal. Of the few societies that are still matrilineal, they are quite peaceful and highly egalitarian. Children are raised by the entire clan and women raise their sister’s and cousin’s children as their own so even if the mother died, children are always insured to be cared for. Fathers hardly have a role other than maybe the occasional financial support and does not particularly affect children if they don’t. Uncles take over the male role in these societies. Men visit their wives/girlfriends at night and return to their clans the next morning. It is not uncommon for men to have multiple wives/girlfriends or for women to have children from several fathers. In some cultures, it was an honor for a father to even be named. Property is passed down through the women who collaborate in caring for the family. So, I guess if you want to put it into those words, yes, women being sluts would bring “world peace” because it really doesn’t matter who the father is so long as children are cared for and supported by a strong social network like the type I described. Then when these children grow up, a lot of the cultural problems society suffers from like crime, violence, poverty, etc. wouldn’t exist.

        2. “…it would be a good indication that people were not intended to be monogamous.”
          “Intended”, darling?
          Just have a think about the vapidity of that choice of word for a moment, particularly in the context of fedora atheists like yourself who pontificate criticisms about people working out God’s “intentions” from the Bible.
          “In fact, monogamy has only really existed since maybe the 40s.. Before that, men had mistresses or frequented prostitutes and were polygamous for several thousand years before that.”
          The fact you cite not one reputable source for this mindblowingly ignorant statement is eloquent evidence of its falsity.
          “Of the few societies that are still matrilineal, they are quite peaceful and highly egalitarian.”
          Too bad they have nothing to contribute to mankind and have to be supported by patriarchal societies, which are uniformly better at civilisation all round. Shit, matriarchal societies couldn’t even figure out public sanitation, much less vaccination or anything that really preserves a society.
          “…it really doesn’t matter who the father is so long as children are cared
          for and supported by a strong social network like the type I described.”
          LOL. The incarceration rates of the children of single mothers versus those of single fathers (and married couples) says entirely otherwise. And the idea of “a child is raised by a village” is a historical myth, first cousin to the myth of the “noble savage”, as anything more than a cursory reading of history proves.

        3. First, you automatically come out with juvenile ad hominem attacks such as assumptions I’m a “fedora atheist” whatever that is. I am not. I’m a panentheist and follow a number of theological concepts. But if it amuses you to sit behind your faceless keyboard and drivel out snide condescending remarks with the clearly benevolent masculine grandiosity that is you, please knock yourself out. I’ll even pretend to be butt hurt if it helps.
          I’m pretty sure it is common knowledge that men frequented prostitutes and/or had mistresses for, well, all of human history up until the last one or two centuries when it became taboo. The history of the mistress/concubine is pretty ubiquitous to every culture and every Age. The marvel that is Google is at your disposal though we wouldn’t want to interfere with your insular mindset of the infallible male sex. But off the top of my head, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines and concubines and temple prostitution and polygamy were referred to A LOT throughout the Old Testament. It wasn’t until Mithraism and later the Catholic Church tried and utterly failed to put an end to the mistress and extra-marital sex seeing as monasteries were chock full of abandoned bastard children. Historians estimate up to as many as one third of children at times were born out of wedlock. In the 19th Century, it was actually preferred that men sleep with prostitutes over their wives with sex with their wife only being for procreation. Not to mention, they were expressly forbidden from doing something as unthinkable as *gasp* masturbation.
          And of course single mothers are more likely to have children to end up incarcerated. But I never mentioned anything about single mothers. Women in matrilineal societies are hardly “single” seeing as they have a huge support network of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins to help with house duties, finances and rearing children.
          Where are you getting this information that matriarchal societies need to be supported by patriarchies. The Minangkabau in particular are quite independent and men are disproportionately successful in Indonesia compared to other ethnicities. The Mosuo in China are also very independent and support themselves just fine especially compared to other indigenous cultures in China. Same with the Ashanti who fare far better compared to their other West African counterparts.
          I’m not sure where you’re coming up with this illusion that patriarchal societies are “superior.” Modern day patriarchies are hardly as patriarchal as those of Yore seeing as women can vote, divorce, work and actually have rights and are far more egalitarian than they have ever been. Nobodies saying woe is me. Life would be so much better if we could go back to the good ol’ days of the 19th Century when men really were men. In fact, it seems the more patriarchal, the worse countries are considering the countries with the worst subjugation of women tend to rank as the worst faring and are almost always a third world country.
          I’m not sure why you’re hating so much on matrilineal societies. I offer an alternate society where children are cared for, women are loved and supported, men aren’t tied down to the woes of “patriarchal duties” and monogamy not to mention freed up a great deal of liesure and not need to be overly depended on to support an entire family on their own and can even go out and pursue their endeavors so long as they offer some financial support or labor to their clan. I’m scratching my head as to why that’s such a bad thing.

        4. Like most ignorant Western women, all you’re offering a “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” argument, with all the classic ignorance of how those societies function in reality.
          That’s apparent from your pick-and-choose approach to spirituality, which is arguably even worse than fedora atheism because it’s ultimately narcissism with a lick of God paint on it. Among your mindblowing theological mastery of the Old Testament, did you happen to notice this thing called the Ten Commandments? Or perhaps the punishment for adultery?
          “I’m not sure where you’re coming up with this illusion that patriarchal societies are “superior.” Modern day patriarchies are hardly as patriarchal as those of Yore seeing as women can vote, divorce, work and actually have rights and are far more egalitarian than they have ever been.”
          Patriarchal societies are superior. Quod erat demonstrandum. Please show me anything of value to preserving human life or making the lot of human beings better on this earth that a matrilineal society has produced.

        5. Lol. How is anything about religious institutions and their literally thousands of different variants and sects not narcissistic. Everyone thinks their version is the right version and everyone else is doomed to burn in hell. And if they aren’t happy with that version, than they make their own version and henceforth deem every other version as on a path to hell. That sounds pretty high and mighty and narcissistic to me. I should know. I come from a very conservative evangelical extended family in West Texas hence why I turned my back on the idiocy when I was like 12 and haven’t looked back since.
          As for the superiority of patriarchy, from the words of a white male, well of course I’m sure it is quite superior to you. As for everyone else that did not meet that demographic, it’s been quite shitty. Everyone else is shit out of luck except for a few guys at the top for most of human history. Even today, three quarters of the world’s population lives on less than $2 a day while the first world leeches off their resources and cheap labor. I won’t deny I quite enjoy the luxuries I have been fortunate enough to experience but only because I was supremely lucky to have been born in this century to an educated white middle class family in a first world country. However, it’s been at the expense of many a soul up to this point. I’m not sure how “superior” that is in the eyes of someone else who had to break their back for me to have the lifestyle I take for granted in many ways.
          As for what matrilineal societies have had to offer, I’ve already gone over that and you completely dismissed it. Apparently, peace, love, respect, equality, cohesion, social support and shared labor don’t mean anything. If what you’re looking for is historical significance, there was a transitional period when people such as the Sumerians, the Kemets, the Spartans as most early Greeks, the Celts, the Vikings, the Scythians and I don’t know how many others were still matrilineal. Then noble families started marrying their children into other noble families in order to strengthen political ties. Men would also plunder the virgins as wives after conquering a territory and sell the resulting daughters for a dowry. Pretty soon, women from marriages started out-breeding the matriarchs and became a long forgotten way of life. With the spread of patriarchal religions and empires, they forced people in conquered territories to give up matrilineality and that was basically the end of it with the exception of a few societies here and there. Native Americans were all matrilineal before European conquest. The Hopi, the Seminole and the Iroquois still are. The forefathers remarked on their astonishment on how the Iroquois were able to maintain peace for 400 years.

  72. Ask, ask, ask … when I was younger (and naive) I dated a girl with a male roommate. She never wanted to bring me around to have sex; always had to be at my place. Turns out (after I prodded enough), her “roommate” is actually her ex-husband. She married him, because he was a “nice guy and good provider”, but she could walk all over him and didn’t respect him. So, they got a divorce. To prove how much she could walk all over him, she stayed living with him where he paid all the expenses, but she got the master bedroom at the apartment. Wow. Eventually he moved, and she couldn’t afford the place on her own. She really turned on the charm, and I could tell she was trying to butter me up to be her replacement live-in that paid for all the bills. I told her that, and she got offended. However, I was also dominant, and was spanking her and being the alpha guy she craved. She eventually confessed to everything. I told her I wasn’t her bitch that she could walk all over. She would cry and sob, but her respect for me was through the roof. I broke up with her, though, because I realized I was too good for a cunt like that.
    Another chick I dated for 2 weeks. She had told me about her ex-husband, and how he was a loser and she kicked him out and got rid of him. Good for you. Good for standing up for yourself, little momma. She came into some money from something (a lotto ticket or something, can’t remember)… and we’re laying in bed after sex one night. She tells me … “so, please don’t be mad, but … my husband” … ok, stop right there. What do you mean “husband”? Don’t you mean “ex-husband”. “Well, yeah, that’s what I need to talk to you about.” Turns out she kicked him out, but they never got a divorce. So, she used the money to file the divorce papers and make it official. Ok, good on you for finalizing it. Bad on you for being a lying piece of shit that didn’t tell me the straight story from the start. Breaking up with you, because if you’re willing to lie about that, god knows what else you’re willing to lie about.

  73. It’s also very important to ask, ask, ask a girl up-front, esp in online dating, because women think it’s perfectly ok to lie about having an STD. In online dating I always had to approach women. Why? Because 6’s and 7’s got so much attention from men they got inflated egos making them think they were 10’s. Then a day shows up where a chick messages me out of the blue…a cute chick, nice bod, nice rack… holy cow, his is this girl not taken already? We chat. I ask a lot of questions. Not like interrogation-style… I just happen to be the type of guy that digs into a person without them realizing it and before they know it they’ve spilled every little secret. Women love attention, so when you start giving it to them you can start politely prying more and more info out of them. If they’re not willing to provide it… red flag.
    However, this one chick, turns out she had genital herpes. Gee, you didn’t think maybe that was IMPORTANT enough to tell me up-front? No? She got offended when I told her I couldn’t date her, because of this (I don’t have STD’s, and I don’t want them). Then I told her that she did this to herself. She shows up, we converse, she already has wedding bells playing in her mind, but it’s all based on me not knowing crucial info…that she could have told up-front if she really wanted to be a decent person. But, no, I’M the asshole for calling her out on this. I’M the asshole for “leading her on” then not going through with dating her once I find out she has an STD.
    I’d rather be an asshole then have herpes. Thanks.
    Another chick was the same. Out of the blue… contacts me. Again, skinny, pretty, humble… ok, wtf is up.
    We chat for a few days. She seems really cool. Eventually she gets depressed. I ask what’s up. She asks me if I’d get offended, because she has a friend with Aids, and she goes to support meetings with that friend to show support for them.
    Why would I be upset that you’re helping a friend out … unless
    Oh, right.. YOU’RE actually the one that has AIDS, and this is your way of seeing if I’m ok with hanging out with someone that has AIDS… by making a stupid story as if you don’t have AIDS but hang out with someone that does and …
    Jesus christ, I don’t have time for this. Put the fact that you have AIDS in your dating profile up-front. You’ll save yourself huge amounts of time by spending days wondering if someone will “accept you” for having an STD.
    It just boggles my mind. I like to spank women. I’m up-front about that and put it in my dating profiles. If a woman doesn’t like it, at least she doesn’t waste days of her time chatting with me just to drop a bomb like that.

  74. I would love your opinion. I am a woman in my mid-20s. I dated 1 man for 10 years exclusively (right after high-school). After we separated I fucked women only (it’s a lot of fun, and explains why I love your columns).
    So history :
    Men = 1
    Women = 100+
    How would you/most men judge me?

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