Men Should Not Help Sluts

Being out of town for two weeks I fell behind on the drama going on back home. I was, however, only slightly surprised when I showed up the house party and found an acquaintance I’m going to call Haylee having a screech at a friend I’m going to call Steve. From what I could sifter out of Haylee’s mood killing spaz attack, she and Steve had been knocking boots for the last little while and Steve – glorious poosy slayer that he is – had moved on to tighter horizons. Like most dumb women, Haylee seemed to think that, having slept with Steve, they were now somehow dating.

As much as I am amused by the consequences of their actions finally dawning on selfish people, I just wanted to relax and enjoy my first real night off. Steve, myself and a couple of other guys went to a different house party and had a good night.

Around two a.m. Steve’s cell phone began going crazy. “This bitch is psycho,” he said – there was no need to say that it was Haylee. We all knew it was. I sensed a bit of an article though, so I said he should answer her calls and put her on speaker phone. Steve, beautiful bastard that he is, did so.

“Steve?” Haylee asked. She was slurring, and it was obvious she had been crying. There was the usual Friday night cacophony behind her of laughing, screaming drunks.  “Where the fuck are you?!”


“What do you want Haylee?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know where I am. I need a ride. I’m at the [club]. I need a ride can you get me?”

This girl had nearly ruined Steve’s night, and the party she was at. She had called him numerous foul names, threatened to post lies about him on the internet and call his parents and tell them, quote, “What a fucking piece of shit you are”; and now she was calling from a club (how heart broken she really must have been, to go out clubbing) telling Steve to come pick her up.

“Take a cab,” Steve said. He was grinning, clearly revelling in her drunken drama.

“I don’t have any moneyyy.” This might have been true, but it wasn’t our problem.

“Then find someone to give you a ride.”

“I want to talk to you. Please Steve pleaseee.”

He hung up. His cell phone went crazy for five more minutes and then fell silent. I thought it was over.

And then mine went off. I was getting a call from Andrew, another acquaintance of mine.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Hey Billy? What’s up?”

Andrew wasn’t a good friend, nothing more then a drinking buddy really, so I wondered why the hell he was calling me.

“Nothing. What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. Hey man listen, I know it’s shitty to ask but could me and some other guys get a ride?”

I suddenly realized what was going on. I held the phone away from my mouth and said to Steve, “Haylee’s making Andrew try to get me to give them a ride.” I put it on speaker phone. “What do you need a ride for?

“We’re at the [club].” It was indeed the same as Haylee’s. “It’d be awesome if you could give us a ride Billy.”

I’m typically a nice guy to folks I know, and usually wouldn’t have had a problem doing so, but I knew what was going on here. Andrew was trying to be a white knight for Haylee.

“Who’s we?” I asked. “I’m not a taxi Andrew. I’m not gonna drive all over town dropping drunks off.”

“We’re all going to the same place man.”

“Who’s we.”

Andrew hesitated. He knew I now knew he was with Haylee, and he must have guessed I was with Steve. “Just some people. We’re all going to the same place.”

“Who’s we.” Then I heard Haylee in the background, asking if I was fucking coming yet. “You guys can take a cab.” I hung up, and we had a pretty good night.

I expected Haylee to show up at the house we were at and bring more negativity on us, but she didn’t. Of course the next day I got a text from her saying I was a jerk.


But why was I a jerk? Haylee wasn’t my girlfriend. She wasn’t a sister or cousin or any other sort of blood. Hell, she barely qualified as a friend. And even though it wouldn’t change the situation, I’d also never banged her. She’s just another entitled slut. Steve feels the same way. I talked to him about her, though I could easily have guessed how things went between them and still been right.

Haylee and he had gotten drunk a few weeks ago at a house party. She had blown him in the washroom. The next night she came over to his house and they banged. Then she started showing up randomly, wanting to watch TV or go do something – never on her own dime, of course. In short, she acted like they were dating, when Steve made it clear they were doing nothing of the sort, being rude to her, sending her home after each bang.

Haylee’s attitude, her lifestyle, is indicative of the average woman’s nowadays. Steve was the seventh person I knew she slept with. There have doubtlessly been many others. She gave her body up to him for nothing and then turned around and expected to be made a princess by Steve.

There’s a lot of that going around amongst today’s women. They act like whores then expect to be treated like girlfriends. They manipulate manginas and white knights into doing their dirty work, and then when called out on it they say that you’re the asshole. They live their lives by the motto that they don’t need no man, and then get pissed off when men aren’t there leaping forward and helping these awesome liberated women.

One needs only search such phrases as “Where are the real men,” “Where have all the good men gone,” and other such tripe to find many articles written by entitled sluts or their weak manslaves pondering why all these men they chastise or sleep with within hours of meeting them aren’t putting on their knightly armour and treating today’s whores like princesses. They wonder why men aren’t putting themselves in danger to save their material goods when for years men have been shamed for being manly.

You know the kind of women I help? Ones like my friend Christina. She’s engaged (at the ungodly age of 21, I know I know there’s just no helping some people) and I’ve known her for three years now, since she was 18, and she never ever got really drunk and went to clubs to grind on strangers junk or slept with randoms. She is pleasant to be around, bakes treats for us friends when she hears we’re going to be around town, and helps others as much as she can – she is a good person, not just an entitled slut who thinks herself a good person.


Even though Christina has never slept with me, or even kissed me, I still wound up driving two hundred kilometres in the middle of the night last summer because a disaster was happening at her house and her fiancée was almost five-hundred kilometres away working in the oil sands of Alberta and couldn’t be there to help her. Whenever she asks for a favour, if I’m capable of doing it for her, I do. And so do many other guys in my circle who know her – yes, even the player types. And none of us expect sexual favours, or rewards or other stupid crap. We help Christina out because she’s that increasingly rare pleasure one finds in their life – a decent woman.

She’s got her flaws, sure, but the mere fact that she acts like something resembling a caring human being means that we men treat her with respect and kindness. Steve, who would never give Haylee a ride two blocks to get a can of Pepsi even after she took his load, has gone out and helped Christina and her fiancée shovel out their car in the middle of a blizzard at midnight, when he had to work a hard construction job the next day at five. And he was glad to do it as I would have been. As many men would be, because decent guys look after decent people; regardless of whether they’re men or women.

The real men so many useless women and nutless men are complaining about nowadays treat others exactly how they deserve to be treated. There is no dearth of real men, or good men. We’re just responding to how we’re treated, and how we see others treating themselves. We don’t owe sluts our chivalry just because they need our help. They’re the ones who choose to live degenerate lives, thus creating a degenerate society; when the degeneracy finally comes home to them, it’s not our fault. It’s theirs. And no amount of shaming will convince real men otherwise. Good men have always and only helped decent people, and that will never change.

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246 thoughts on “Men Should Not Help Sluts”

  1. The other solution was to collect Haylee but only after agreeing with her on the phone that she was going to be doubled teamed… hell invite Andrew too….
    The sexual moral code is long broken, so in my opinion the answer is to be absolutely blatant…. You want a favor – this is what it’s going to cost….
    And I think it should be rolled out to nice couples as well….. There’s no real reason why Christina shouldn’t offer you herself with her husbands consent….
    A good fuck is nothing more than a pat on the back these days…. and in truth everyone wants to fuck everyone, so we might as well get down to business….
    Am I totally insane ?

    1. You’re kidding, right?
      Haylee brings drama wherever she goes, so Billy doing any more than how he handled the situation in the article is inviting that into his life.
      Also, it was established Christina is not a slut. A decent man would not regard or treat her as such, and neither would her husband. Beyond that, a) you don’t sleep with a friend’s wife, and b) you don’t remain friends with a cockold who’d give you permission to sleep with this wife.

      1. I don’t believe for one second that Billy and his Chubby aid Christina because she’s one of the “nice girls.” (How does he really know she’s not a slut?) He’s been her beta orbiter for three years because he couldn’t get into her pants and is still, STILL, trying after all this time.
        One of the major manosphere rules is you don’t do any favors for a bitch until you’re bangin’ her! And she’s suckin’ your rod and swallowing your jizz and taking your ten inches of hard cock up her asshole, raw-dog style!
        Just repeating the rules, lest anyone forget.

        1. well you might help her out if you like her man… but if her man had any balls he’d let you nail her to return the favor….
          men need to get over their obsession with cuckolding and do away with these precious ‘relationships’ that deserve zero respect…. pimp the bitch out…. demand it….
          when she’s getting more cock than an Amsterdam hooker, and loving it… a.) she’s not going to cheat b.) she’s going to be so pacified and feminine she can’t so much as ask you to take the trash out c.) you’ll be happy to do all kinds of things for her of your own free will d.) you’ll be having a ton of fun, and e.) she will surely know her place, and understand the benefits of having a liberated guy in her life, that not only gives her great sex, but lets her be the nympho-slut whore she really is…

        2. “little code of honor between men”
          No such thing ever has or will exist. Esp. where pussy is concerned — they are like toddlers asked to share their Cheerios or sippy cup.

        3. no such thing as an alpha male then….. except maybe the pimp that runs the brothel…..
          if men passed their women around like they were sharing a blunt… the entire female problem would be solved overnight….
          recognition of ownership is what separates savages from civilized societies….
          and women when it comes down to it absolutely love bein sexed up, and being released from tying to be ‘good girls’… most of the female frustrations are simply due to lack of sex… look at all the ugly feminists…. it’s only because they are not getting laid enough…
          wives all turn grumpy because they need more cock… it was common for slave masters to bring in the best slave to give the wife a good pounding….

        4. I’ve broken many girls this way. It’s fun. You bang them out real good for a few months, then get them to tell you their fantasies, you tell her yours which involve her fucking your friends. She may be a little apprehensive at first but you just tell her it’s all just fun and nothing changes between you two (snicker). She bangs your boys and then from that point on, you are tag teaming her on a regular basis and she is loving it. The trick is, you have to praise her up and show her”love” after she does it so that she knows she pleased you. That will make her feel good about it and want to do it again.
          It’s like training a dog, seriously. You praise them up for doing what you want them to do. Positive reinforcement.
          Me and my buddies have banged out 10 chicks this way. Each taking turns turning out each other’s chicks. These women aren’t keepers, just party treats.

        5. That sounds fucking disgusting. I sure as hell don’t want to put my dick in a whore my friends have all been inside.

        6. but you happily take on some girl that’s already with a notch count of 50+ but you just don’t know it…. it’s just a bit of cum…. what’s the big deal… between friends, no different to sharing a bottle …..
          i don’t see any other solution… people who think monogamy is some kind of silver bullet are just fooling themselves…. any pretense of monogamy, even spinning plates is a sham…
          it’s even more of a sham to get married and divorced and then remarry some other chick that’s already had plenty of cocks… rinse and repeat… it’s absurd…
          better to understand how filthy sex is and how filthy women will be if you train them right… and then enjoy it for what it is… nothing more than sport…
          either you’re riding her, or she’s riding you… which one will it be ?

        7. Second that.
          It seems that we are deviating again from the manosphere, from the content of “men should not help sluts”.
          By pimping them around, we’re actually doing them a favor, and becoming Pimp Daddies ourselves nonetheless. Sluts don’t need favors from men to search them prospective lays on the side. A slut is usually self sufficient on that account, considering she’s a slut.
          Pimps should rather read “Return of Klutz” for articles like “How to successfully pimp your slut”.

        8. “it’s just a bit of cum…. what’s the big deal… between friends, no different to sharing a bottle …..”
          Yeah, no.
          Different strokes for different blokes, but it’s not something I’m interested in.

        9. Nonsense.
          As a prerequisite for simply retaining a modicum of stability, every civilized society throughout history has embraced the kind of “code of honor” you deride. It’s codified in pretty much every major religious text everywhere.
          You catch someone with your wife; you kill both of them, and as often as not, round up a party of relatives to kill the better part of his family, perhaps taking over his daughters as replacements, should they be qualified. And noone will step in to do as much as lift a finger in their defense. After all, why should they? It never was their fight to fight; and civilized people stay out of other people’s business.
          It’s only in post civilized dystopias where only lawyers and other tax feeding leeches get to decide all outcomes, that such codes no longer carry any weight.

        10. Roflmao!!! Do you think the sluts you’ve fucked haven’t had a whole bunch of dicks in them. What’s the difference? There is none. At least you can compare notes with your boys on her dick sucking skill. Lol

      2. all women are sluts…
        there is a difference between your girl taking another man, and you pimping her out…. if Christina needs help while her man is away… Christina needs to get down on her knees and swallow the 10cc… if men were truly alphas and actually treated women how they should be treated there would barely be any women that would merit monogamy…. a committed relationship, with the benefits that ensures…. sure… but she’s going to be putting out so i can get my swimming pool cleaned for free…. thanks Mrs. Christina … see you again next week….
        cuckold is an incorrect expression… accurately it refers to a guy whose wife cheated on him and carried another man’s child to term, which he now thinks is his… cuckold as in cookoo…. the bird that lays its eggs in other birds nests….
        women have sexual capital…. sex costs a married woman nothing…. NOTHING ! and yet it can reap rewards far and beyond just keeping her man happy……
        pimp the bitch out…. she’ll love it…..

        1. Well said sir!
          Pimps are happy men because they’ve learned the game completely. They OWN bitches. Society despises them because they have figured it all out.

    2. You sir…are 100% right! That is how you treat sluts. To quote the great Snoop Dog, “it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none”. Lol

  2. This is what is wrong with girls today, for some reason they feel that they are entitled to act like complete sluts and still demand to be respected because they are a “lady”. Ms. Haylee probably went home with the friend just to “show” Steve what he was missing too. I feel very mom-like saying this but guys, you will never find a “good girl” at a club. You will find one night stands who turn pyscho, or sleep wth anyone who buys them a drink but you will not find someone that you will be able to take out in the daylight.

    1. Honest question Lissa13, so that the young bucks here can learn; tell us where young men can find good girls these days (and don’t say “church”, churches have become bastions of blue pill white knightery on the half shell). Serious question though, I suspect a lot of guys would love to find decent women again.

      1. Funny you say that, I have never met someone that I would date at church, mostly because I don’t want my private life discussed as though it were a soap opera. Get involved in your community, anything from community service to a running group. Find something that you enjoy and get involved in it, the gym is a perfect place as well, just please do not go up to a woman who is right in the middle of a good cardio workout. Do you have a dog? Start visiting dog parks. Basically anywhere but the club, and don’t be afraid to walk up to us in the daylight, most girls will be extremely flattered, if they aren’t and reply rudely then their loss.

        1. Admins banned men for no reason, they didn´t answer the emails but they let women talk here free, such a shame.

        2. Still common sense advice though it smacks of ‘do as i say not as i do.’
          You won’t cook a 5 star meal if you’re getting your groceries out of a
          dumpster, you won’t find any decent female in a club setting.

        3. Did I miss a memo? What’s wrong with responding to female posters here?
          Especially one who is giving some common sense advice and not a feminist wack job?

        4. Roosh is contemplating banning anyone that replies to the fucking cunts. Its gotten that out of hand here.
          So, yeah. We are trying to help Roosh and the Mods out by self-policing ourselves.
          Think of it as FINRA for the Manosphere.
          Be compliant, or be a banned beta faggot.

        5. GET the fuck off of our site Bitch and stop posting. You see the rules and yet you totally disrespect us. No one gives a rats ass about your advice. And who are you Beta fags that keep up voting?

        6. Could be other women readers upvoting. Who knows.
          We need to go pay site.
          Really. Its looking like the only solution.

        7. So what is the exact issue? That one woman replies and swarms of guys start replying to her?
          Big feminist arguments? I usually just do a quick read of the comments and don’t even bother writing anything.

        8. I’ll tell you what’s wrong, it is about lowering yourself and your value as a man by taking advice from a woman and not being Alpha enough to recognize that by responding you look like a facebook Beta talking with these bitches. this is for Men to help other Men be better and accomplish their goals. See Roosh’s “never take any advice from a woman”

        9. Exactly. And then the anal bullshit back and forth goes on and on and on with more beta faggots chiming in until the fucking threads are full of pure shit.
          Go back and read some comment sections all the way through. Go back a month or so.
          Then go back about 8 months and see how calm, informative and intelligent the site was.
          It all starting with the article by Tuthmothis, and the females have been on a sneaky vendetta to infilitrate and disrupt since then.
          Oh, but they will tell you they agree with “some” of our articles and “are just trying to help us”
          Pay Site Now.

        10. Clearly the solution is not to ban them but simply delete her comment and the entire whack of sub comments that follow. Mods? Roosh? C’mon buddy, I bought your damned book and I tell every man I know who’ll listen about ROK.
          Boobies! Boobies! Yum, yum, yum. Boobies, boobies on a girl that’s dumb!

        11. All men that are here are not looking for good women Lisa, but I would like to form a site where people (men and Women) with similar intellecs can speak freely. No Liberals, RoK, or Feminists allowed. Email me Love [email protected]

      2. What the fuck are you doing asking a chick about where to find ‘good girls’?
        Have some respect for yourself.

        1. I was asking on your behalf dude. She was telling you not to look in clubs, so I prompted her on her idea of where to look. The more info you guys can get the better, that goes for anything in life. If she’s wrong she’s wrong, but if she gives a good suggestion, even inadvertently, then you profit.
          My days of worrying about the “where” are long gone, I’m well aware of the score and have no need for advice. But since she’s younger than me presumably I figured she’d have a better set of options than some 40 something man for y’all.
          Take it or leave it, I really don’t care enough to defend beyond cursory levels my actions to your rather effeminate “rage”, guy.

        2. For fucks sake mods – please ban these fuckin’ guys engaging in the online banter with girls in ROK threads. Delete the comments of chicks like Lissa69 however well intentioned they may be; they’re totally irrelevant, redundant and unwelcome.

        3. I’m new here, kid, maybe you should control your impulsiveness and quick anger and educate instead of condemn. If the “chicks” are trolls, fine, no engagement. Expecting everybody to know the lay of the land on the first or second day is a bit silly.
          If there are rules posted on thread engagement, post the link. Men are fine to abide by solid rules, but they have to be known, otherwise it’s just another game of feminine passive aggressiveness.

        4. If you are new, I can forgive you.
          Here is where we are coming from. Every ‘exclusively male’ site will eventually have chicks coming in expecting validation. They will post inane comments and derail the conversation.
          Think of the gamer community for a good example. Also the men’s rights community.
          This is the last real male space on the internet. We don’t want it fucked up.
          p.s. the rule is no women commenting

        5. Sorry, just trying to help you guys out a bit. Not seeking a lick of validation here, just like the site and sometimes I actually agree with the articles.

        6. Just found out you are new here. My apologies for the outburst. There are plenty of guys here who fully know the rules and consequences of breaking this particular rule but who go ahead and engage with females anyways.
          Regarding your comment:
          Asking a girl advice on finding a good girl is like asking a robber advice on how to make your house safe at night… they aren’t going to give up the goods. In fact, they have a vested interest in making sure as many are ignorant as possible.
          Also, if you are a 40 year old man who managed to get himself a wife, you advice is VERY valuable (more valuable than that of a man in his 20s (myself). We get wiser over the years so it’s important to get the input of any older man willing to give advice.

        7. Thanks John. I’m not sure if my advice is new, but it worked. I went out and found a 1st generation American (parents from Germany) who lived out in farm country. She grew up baking, cooking, tending chores and being proper, all the while learning to laugh and enjoy the simpler things in life (low entitlement). I did this intentionally (well, not the 1st generation immigrant thing, that was utter chance) as I kind of saw the path we were on back in the 1980’s before it was apparent to many young men. At the time I felt like a fool because women were just starting to give it away for free while I was out moping about still looking for virtue (meanwhile my friends were all swimming in newly available young fresh tail, damnit!). BUT…it paid off.
          That said, I really don’t think such a thing is possible any longer, back in the dinosaur days of the 1980’s it wasn’t anti-man-all-the-time, and there were still large pockets of virtue to be found in the female community. I may be wrong, but what I see coming out of rural America these days has sharply declined in apparent quality over what was out there when I was looking to “plant some crops”.

        8. @Vince
          You expect people to know unwritten rules. I reject your premise.
          That said, John was kind enough to lay down the rules and they seem reasonable and I clearly agree to follow them as well as to the soundness of their purpose. If you need to further engage in a pissing contest that’s up to you, feel free to dribble down your leg, I don’t have any more time for your brashness.
          Slainte, mate.

        9. read the articles and comments…but do not post here. It is well known redpill knowledge to never take advise from women.Repect a male only space…as it is we have very few male only spaces.

        10. Unwritten rules? It’s a site called Return of Kings – not Return of Kings and Queens. Are you so autistic that you need to walk around asking the rules for all and every situation you encounter in life?
          Pissing contest? Well at least when I enter the men’s urinal I won’t have to search the walls for the rules on how to piss, nor unlike your good self, conduct said contest sitting down to urinate.
          Slainte, mate.

        11. Not really directed at you, but how about judging someone’s comment(s) based on its merits instead of who wrote them? Crazy idea I know…

        12. “Also, if you are a 40 year old man who managed to get himself a wife, you advice is VERY valuable”
          Not a snipe, but why is that kind of advice valuable? I’d be more inclined to listen to a 40 year old guy who managed to steer clear of that particular life milestone despite the societal pressure. Another thing, being 40 myself, I look at some of these younger guys here in admiration for the stuff they’ve figured out in their earlier years. Age is very much a number – it has no baring on wisdom or otherwise.

        13. You’re actually correct in a way. The quality of advice is directly proportional to the real experience a man has and can relate. I know it’s the internet and you do not have to believe me, but by scouring small towns/farming communities back in the day, I have ended up with a 24 year long marriage to a very demure, modest, traditional wife who has kept herself thin and trim and is quite beautiful even to this day. The exact description of the girl mentioned in the article who all the guys were being nice to because she was a nice girl. We have built a strong family of which I am the acknowledged head, and our children are happy, healthy, active and prepared for life.
          That said, my method as you will is likely not applicable today (see below). Back when we were younger it wasn’t anti-male all the time and there were still good girls, at least out in the country. Today, good luck with that.

        14. “I’m new here, kid . . .”
          Most websites have a page just for people who are new. It is called “About,” and it is there to inform you what the site is, ya know, about.
          As a general rule it should be the second page you read on any site (the first being whichever one attracted your attention in the first place).
          “If there are rules posted on thread engagement, post the link.”


        15. Its ironic. An article bashing on white knights, Some chick makes a random comment, gets upvoted and validated by all of these keyboard alphas. Some guy even asks for advice.
          Alot of Andrews around here… Chicks behavior are not the problem here, Andrews, you are. You allow to be treated like shit and then cry like little babies how girls are so mean and slutty.

        16. Yeah, but it doesn’t say anything about answering them, I looked. Not a big deal, certainly not as big a deal as some of the more…sensitive…types wished it to be. Lesson learned, no repeat mistakes, all is right with the world.

        17. I think a little leeway should be given for new participants. I had no idea on the rules and it took two weeks for another member (it may have been you) to correct me.

        18. The “soon to be rule” being considered by Roosh is for anyone replying to women will be banned also.
          And I, for one, dont think that new rule can be implemented soon enough.
          The females have been destroying this great site for quite long enough now.
          Its time for change.

        19. Take some time and read all the way through some of the comment sections on some of the articles of the last month or two.
          See how the females baited and engaged us and destroyed the threads.
          Its something we have really been struggling with here. I have been calling for Solidarity for awhile now.
          But too many of you fucking thirsty, pussy-hungry beta simps feel the need to send quick replies to their bait.

        20. Its pretty reasonable for someone to expect that behaviour that will get you banned from a website is written down somewhere – like on the About page.
          The alternative to codifying rules is to have people determine acceptable standards of behaviour themselves through participation. Most people are capable of this, but it inevitably results in lots of new people messing up while they acclimate. This increases a mods workload as well as disorder in the forum. Applying “no warning” penalties for something that hasn’t been specifically prohibited, especially when its done inconsistently, can easily put fair minded people off a site altogether, and results in the mods receiving more complaints.
          Its up to the mods here as to what rules they set and how they enforce them, but writing down the rules and consistently enforcing them is less work and is better received by visitors.

      3. You go to places that are more “neutral” and less like a meat market, so clubs and bars are out. I disagree with her gym idea, and I know there’s an article floating around here somewhere talking about gym game and how long and drawn out (and essentially not worth it) it is. Grocery store, library, coffee shops, the mall, the park, etc.
        Think more along the lines of day game settings.

        1. Right on. Gyms do seem like a bad move. The women that are really there to work out are in the “women’s only” gym, meaning the rest are basically preening just like a club ditz.

        2. I hear cemeteries are a great place to meet Western women these days – don’t talk so much, a consistent level of housework compared to the living, sex, pretty much the same.

        3. And even in the fucking gym they saunter into the weights area to attention whore with their dumbells in front of the mirror.
          You cant avoid these bitchfaces anywhere any more.

        4. No, the gym is great place to meet vag because you are there anyway. Zero additional time and $ outlay and you get the benefit of seeing them in something tight and in good proper ‘daylight’. Best pickup arena by far. Also, as a man get older the gym is the best odds leveling device as it allows 20’some women to see you are in better shape than all but guys like you in their 20’s.
          Witch: Lower Uncton will be forever shrouded in darkness!
          Bundy: Why? Will ye be hovering above [on yer broom]

        5. Cemeteries are a great place to meet the ghosts of Western sluts, who still seek to get laid. Most western sluts end up becoming succubi in the next world.

    2. I think it is because women can only respect men who stand up to them and call them out that they think the reverse is true and that whorish behaviour will command respect. I am 100% confident that every ‘red pill man’ has – prior to swallowing the red pill – exhausted himself trying to win women over by being ‘nice’.

    3. *Message directed at Roosh or another Mod*
      We hear about the no woman policy in the comments section… it’s time for it to actually be enforced.
      You always see thirsty guys engaging with any attractive or semi attractive chick that seeks attention and validation here.

      1. It is enforced, every day, but..
        1. Men keep upvoting and responding to women
        2. Our audience of women is quite large and new women show up every day, so the problem will not be eliminated completed.

        1. Ive been a mod on a fairly busy forum myself, and keeping the undesirables out is a lot of work. Its like having another job – a thankless one that you’re not getting paid for.
          Maybe, as you suggested in another thread, you should start banning men who respond or upvote women. Update the About page to reflect the change so people are aware, and then start dropping the hammer.

      2. RoK. The new Facebook.
        Do NOT give them validation guys. Ignore. Ignore.Ignore. Resist the urge. Man up.

    4. dude, sluts are every where, not just clubs..but I do enjoy the toilet club BJs, I’m grown quite fond of them these past 5 weeks.

      1. No need to be apologetic to women who post here, at the same time when telling them to politely fuck off (“no women allowed here”).
        This is the manosphere. Tell her in blatant language TO FUCK OFF.
        Most “women” who post here are either:
        – manginas posing as trolls seeking comedic applause
        – seeking attention/validation from red pill men
        – venting their hatred for manosphere/redpill concepts
        – trying to use solipsistic feministic “rationale” and “logic”, to hopefully convert red pill men into subservient manginas.
        So, the next time, you see a female troll, just tell her to fuck off – like a man. .

    5. I really wish that was true Lissa but unfortunately it’s an outdated observation. Women are just out of control today – period! Doesn’t matter where you meet them. The craziest woman i ever dated was a shy bookworm type who read a lot and hung out in libraries.

  3. Good article and I’m sure it will hit home with many red pill types having similar stories, I thought of one recent night and got a quick laugh. One thing I take from experiences like this–Andrew is now off the Christmas list. I’d rather roll out and drink somewhere alone, meeting new people on the go, then keep someone manipulative around.
    While I don’t make a habit of it for the same people over and over, I do fully agree that decent people help out decent people, so I can see where you are coming from with the couple, everyone has had the times when they’re out on their luck.
    One last the hell does she know who his parents are? I’m an 80s baby and still till this day I would be hard pressed to fill up one hand of women’s names who have met my parents. If I ever get married, my wife will have that luxury.

    1. He should have told him that he was on the way – “Ill be right there”.
      Made them wait and wait for someone that would never show up.
      You guys need to be more devious when dealing with these cuntybitches.

  4. Finding a “good” woman nowadays is harder than finding a narwhals tusk in the Sahara.
    And lowering yourself to be a PUA, or dark triad cult member (the dark triad is an obvious Saturn death cult reference if you study the history of secret societies going back) makes you just as bad as the current whores of Babylon.
    Being back whore shaming. Bring back stoning for adulterers (male or female). Bring back lynching of murderers and child molestors. Hide your homosexuality, degenerates. Take away the right of women to vote.
    Women have no logic. A few slip by the cracks every once in a while.
    But I have yet to meet a woman who accepts her mistakes and stupidity, admits to it, and make herself a better person. They play the act after they have a child and get to show it off to the world.
    Women are the weaker sex and shouldn’t be whores. Men should control their sexual urges, and sublimate their energy

    1. Babylon… so you are Christian? The bible tells me that dark skin is not attractive: “I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, Like the tents of Kedar, Like the curtains of Solomon. 6″Do not stare at me because I am swarthy, For the sun has burned me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; They made me caretaker of the vineyards, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.…”
      But light skin is attractive: “1 Samuel 16:12 So he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!”
      Should we believe and encourage that kind of discrimination? eh?

      1. It has nothing to do with race, in Hebrew there is a quite a ” שחרחורת and שחורה difference between the word
        Meaning that woman belonged to a working class and her skin got tanned from working outside in the vineyards so that is why “she” is worried about being prejudged, while it is mentioned that Moses married Zipporah who was black(“Cushit” in Hebrew) and according to Rashi:
        “the Cushite woman – Scripture teaches that everyone acknowledged her beauty just as everyone acknowledges a Cushite’s blackness.
        Cushite – Its numerical value [gematria] is “beautiful in appearance.”
        I can go on and explain it more in depth but in my experience shallow atheists are pretty close-minded, and I don’t want to waste any more of my time.

        1. So, in Moses’ times Blacks were more respected, however thousand years later ,in Solomon’s times, not anymore, from what I see, your god is indifferent to whether the Jews did view the black as pretty or ugly. That is quite racist. eh?

        2. I will try to explain myself more clearly,
          The Song of Songs is using the relationship of a man and a woman as a metaphor to the bond between God and Israel, so we should be very careful when we try to read it literally, especially since the English translation is very problematic.
          The “blackness” is not related to the color of the skin, I think it’s pretty obvious since it is stated that “her” skin has darkened because she has been forced to work outside in the vineyards, this is representing the general state of the believers in the times of harsh suffering, that had made them “seem” black meaning not pure in soul, this is a plea to God not to judge Israel, because like the tents of Kedar that are dirty on the outside and comely within, so also are the disciples of the wise, though apparently without beauty, but nevertheless full of wisdom and good deeds.

        3. The excuse that the Black is not literal, eh? let’s see who really believes that. Who is the Jew Rashi, Christians, specially the Protestants follow only what the Bible says : P

      2. WTF are you talking about. The first part (Song of Solomon 1:6) is a poem by a black or darkskinned woman who Solomon was in love with. She was merely addressing hateful, jealous, bitches who resented her having the kings affections.
        And the second verse you referenced is God’s appointment of the future king David. It doesn’t even mention his skin tone.
        Nowhere from either is a “God directed discrimination” of dark colored people implied.

    2. Stoning is a bit excessive. And society is too far gone, so it can’t be fixed for the majority. I think having a movement to bring some balance would be nice though, because the women were sluts when I grew up (perhaps women for all of human history were), but now they are excessively solipsistic/narcissistic and useless. You can’t have a society if everyone acts like an entitled kid without being a good parent – that’s how societies like this collapse and get eclipsed by others’.

  5. They wanted a war of the sexes, so now they are starting to get served their comeuppance. And good for that.
    The strategy here is simple.
    1. Pull sluts like a bastard and shame them as was done in this article
    2. Teach younger girls (our daughters not yet out of high school), about this going on e.g. – men *intentionally* going out and treating sluts like the whores that they are. Let them figure out the “correct answer” on their own (modesty, the return of feminine virtue, loss of entitlement expectations, not giving away the milk for free, etc), and the word will spread.
    3. Win!
    They wanted a war, and men being men have started analyzing the tactics and strategies needed to win. It took a while for us to catch on that it was a direct assault on our very humanity, hell on Western civilization itself (remember the heady days when the allure was strong for loose women? Well, those were the days we were being fooled), but now the word is out. Time to hit the trenches boys, slay that pussy righteously and shame them afterward with taunts and utter assholery. Leave the good ones alone and treat them with respect (there has to be a positive feedback loop), but the all out Who—oooores, mock and laugh at them the moment your seed is dribbling off their lips.

    1. I agree on all the above. Also, its worth repeating that this “war”, imo, wasn’t really taken all that seriously by men for many decades. Meanwhile, the feminists resorted to dark back ally deals/tactics which was bolstered by the growth of government bureaucracy. This created conditions where key decisions and policies were and are made and implemented by unelected feminists. The ideological production coming from “women’s studies” et al. I can’t emphasis this enough that men today have to come to terms with this, wake the fuck up and deal with this mess. If enough of us do the above, then, change will come.

      1. Yeah, our fathers really dropped the ball on this one (Boomers). They were so happy to be out dogging it up that they let women get by with *anything*, and they were so new to shaming that they didn’t notice that it was a one way street. The first mention that a woman should act proper and they’d all white knight the issue for feminism, not realizing they were helping in their son’s and grandson’s destruction, not to mention their daughters. I can understand the novelty of it all being something they weren’t used to, but Christ, even now they’re all mostly pro-feminists. Meh.

        1. I hear ya. But, ROK and the manosphere is the much needed correction mechanism. Thanks to feminism and all its destruction and toxicity all we have to do is get the word out and drive awareness. Conditions are so bad for men today that we know there is a huge audience in the wings. The internet gives us a huge advantage over feminisms, and all the other ism’s, because we can organize and spread the word a lot more efficiently and quickly. I also see that the concept of iCulture is now possible given today’s technology.
          What is iCulture? iCulture is using the internet to customize your own personal culture…think about it. Whereas, in the past content was driven by nbc, cbs, abc…even hbo plus the short-list of media holding companies and movie/music production. The news too, of course. This enabled the transmission of politically bias propaganda to proliferate – monkey see monkey do and the endstate of farcical dramas like zena the warrior princess has 98 lbs waifs thinking they be bad. That was then, today, these outlets are effectively obsolete…they’re influence and power being derived from their monopolistic control plus a crony relationship with the state. Importantly, the web has given us all the tools, capabilities and freedom to “molt” the feminized culture into obscurity. We don’t need to picket abc or msnbc…we need to ignore them en masse and show all men that they can, for instance, customize a youtube stream to have alternative content delivered to them on demand or, if you want a more traditional tv watching experience, on a schedule. But you don’t need to have to get information from feminized outlets. This goes for entertainment too. Granted, we’re still some years away from that being more prolific but its coming. Once, a small group from ROK figures out a model to monetize a “show” that they produce and transmit just over the web…more of this will follow. Indeed, with google glasses and tiny satellite web transmitters…forget about listening to idiot commentators gloat about female olympians and homosexuals…we already have the means to have just male only sports coverage. IMO, iCulture has enormous potential, it can be one of the key levers that destroys feminism and progressivism. I could use your help to spread this idea here. Anyone else reading…please help me bring this concept to light.

  6. This was well-written. Thanks Billy. You articulated the opinions of many with two great (or one great, one not so great lol) examples.

  7. My consistent fuck buddy, that routinely comes over to do chores for me, said the other day-
    “Just so you know, I’ve never liked a guy enough to do his laundry before.”
    I believed that 100%. Her inability to fold a t-shirt worth a shit completely supports this.
    When she said-
    “Just so you know, I’ve never done anal before.”
    Yeah yeah, sure bitch- whatever. Didn’t believe that for a second.
    If that doesn’t sum up a single American woman in her late 20’s then I don’t know what does. Every guy before- Wanna get butt fucked? “Sure, no problem at all, I’ll get the lube.” Every guy before- throw a pair of blue jeans into the washing machine for me? “Hell no, do your own laundry asshole, go fuck yourself, do I look like your maid?”

    1. On the flip side, every girl I bag here in SE Asia always follows up our first fuck session with a text saying how she wants to come over next time, cook me dinner, clean my condo and do my laundry. Instead of naked pics, I screen capture these convos and send them back to my friends in Australia who are stunned into disbelief that these mythical creatures ( women) actually exist.

      1. If I ever received a text like that from an American girl I would also screenshot it, print it, and laminate it. I would take it everywhere I went so I could show other men that such a thing is possible in 2014. Sadly, my phone will have a lot more nudes on it than those screenshots- don’t see that changing anytime soon, and by anytime soon- I mean never.
        I have a thing for Asian women, I think when the time comes SE Asia is going to be the spot to find a good one. Congratulations on your escape to feminine women land- and congrats on your clean floors, clean clothes, and homemade meals. That doesn’t suck at all.

        1. And if I can find one to remove the 45’s from the leg press machine, I’ll have myself a keeper. 😉

      2. HOUSE TRAINED women…. that’s the expression i was looking for …. brilliant…. if you are going to have a pet, at least it shouldn’t be shitting everywhere…. and know to bark at strangers not guests…. AND never bite it’s owner.

      3. I don’t know about the younger ones, but I have an SEAsian employee and while she’s totally fantastic at her job, I accidentally left my laundry in the company dryer and she took it out, ironed it, and folded it better than any western woman I’ve had a relationship with (and yes, they all did the laundry, including mine…heh heh)…for fuck’s sakes, she even buttoned up the shirts so that they looked brand fucking new (doing MY laundry is not part of her job)!
        I’ve been in a month-long online relationship with a SEAsian lady who’s fallen head-over-heels for me and wants nothing more than to treat me like the King I am. I have a pretty good bullshit detector, and since I’ve spent so much time with her, I’m quite sure she’s totally genuine (thank God for wireless internet and tablets). But she complains about the younger generation of women over there, so things may be changing even in SE Asia. But for mid-40s guys like me, finding a mid 30s SEAsian hottie can restore one’s faith in women.

      4. This is a load of shit. Asian women are probably a little worse, they WILL cook and clean for you, but once they have you, they’ll go ape shit insane basket-casex1000 when they see you speaking to another girl or go out to parties/clubs. Seriously, do NOT accept the cooking and cleaning offer, once you do, that’s how they claim their territory on you, and once you do something “wrong” they’ll try to guilt trip you. It’s too much bullshit to handle. Those texts you receive are more clingy than it is “wonderful” and sounds like they have daddy issues.

        1. See, this is where the informationz provided for flee on sites like dis one actually help. In the beta days past, the scenario you outlined with the girl offering up her services (both sexual and domestic) as a ploy to insinuate herself into my life, would have worked. Now I’m in charge and I don’t brook shit from any of these lovelies. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of girls I’ve already given the flick to when “crazy” began rearing its ugly head. Can provide just as many screen caps of me telling girls to “fuckoff-ski” (as they say in Russian) for in the slightest of missteps. Although it’s brutal sometimes, I won’t be dictated to by any woman, ever again. And there’s such an abundance here that when one falls, there’s plenty more to take her place.

  8. I help my wife finding alpha males for sex and I usually assist her by thrusting her hips on the penis while she’s riding. Is this wrong? I mean, I’m helping fellow alphas to fulfill their natural duties. I wouldn’t call my wife a slut, since she never sleeps with guys I don’t approve of. Right now we have a young man living with us since October and we are very happy to fulfill all his desires. I usually work in the morning and leave my wife in the bedroom with her lover. She’s not yet sure that she should have kids with him, because he is too young, and also because she’s always stoned on marijuana (she says the sex feels heavenly when on weed, I don’t know because I can’t smoke for my ashtma). Is this considered slut-helping?

    1. dude you are a serious mangina. Why would you just show your wife to other men to have sex with. divorce her and have sex with other women.
      Do not cuckhold yourself.

      1. Why? I love my wife and she loves me. She’ll never leave me. We have been together for 10 years and she’s the first and only love of my life. I’m the alpha she deserves too, I got a high paying job and nothing missing in our lives. I let her have fun with other fellow alphas because I know it’s just sex and she’ll always consider me as the first alpha of her life

        1. Ironic that you should get on other dudes cases for engaging with females. It should be a men’s only site? Cool. Please help the cause by getting the fuck out of here. Just having a penis doesn’t make you a man. I value what a woman has to say a hell of a lot more than I value the input of a cuckold.

        2. What? I am an alpha! I’ve been reading the manosphere for years right now and know exactly how hypergamy functions. I’m heavily anti-feminist too. You can’t get more alpha than me

        3. Bullshit. Your a cuckhold freak in denial. Ill bet your wife does not allow you to have sex with other women.
          Get off this site troll. Your mangina fag trickery will not work here.

        4. why you call me troll if you believe I’m a cuckold? The things do not connect together. Or are you saying I could be atroll because the story could be invented? How can you believe that? It’s written on the internet, it cna’t be manufactured

        5. because you say you read manoshpere stuff + being anti feminist while being cuckhold…which is an oxymoron which is trolling. Feminist want marriage where the man lets the wife fuck tonnes of alphas…and you played right into the feminist’s hands…so much for anti feminist.
          Now dump your wife and go bang some sluts.

        6. and neither would I want to bang your used up, stretched out wife. I’ll bet you never bang her either. She is just like ” oh but I want to bang your friend again, he got me off 3 times”, lololol. I have my hot club sluts to give me BJs. While you give you wife free access to other men aka omega male.

        7. yea buddy, I’m stuck here trolling fantasizing romantical nerds on gay websites because I can’t get a fucking job and I need to put my medical degree up my ass.
          Btw it’s always fun to see how much people believe to any bullshit they read on the internet

        8. you are a virgin seeking for validation on the internet. You never fucked anything in your life and maybe only got one number in a club from an exhausted ugly bitch, and got your emotional rush believing the shit you read on the internet finally could get you laid. Don’t lie to me. You are my bitch and I own you, I always have

        9. “I’m stuck here trolling fantasizing romantical nerds on gay websites”
          Here’s a little tip. If you want to troll, at least learn how to speak English. It’s kind of hard to get people all riled up when they can’t even understand what the fuck you’re talking about…

        10. I know, english is my second language. Can you point out the mistakes I made so I can learn from them?

        11. don’t make me laugh bro. You are the one seeking validation for your shitty cuckhold lifestyle on a red pill site. I mean it does not get more pathetic than that.I will own you any day. Hell, any red pill man can own you. you are your wife’s bitch, letting guys bang her out, what a loser,lol. Meanwhile I’m laughing it up banging club sluts.

        12. I do it.
          Here is your mistake:
          1.You are on the wrong website. Find a FAG website more appropriate to your omega personality and NEVER come here again….

        13. why would my personality be omega? Do you know me?
          As far as I can tell, I’m the one mocking you. According to heartiste I’m the alpha and you are the cock suckers.
          And it’s like that even in real life…

      1. no, my biggest fantasy is hearing her moaning in the dark and kissing and caressing her stockings and fishnet when I wake up in the middle of the night in our 3 people shared bed

    2. No, its not slut helping. You are a little bitch of a “man” but if that is the life you want, enjoy.

        1. Uh, its my actual name.
          Not Alpha. Sigma Chi.
          and D&D? Divestiture & Deregulation? Drug and Disease Free?

    3. You’re more hilarious than the Simpsons, and more delusional than Don Quixote.And also the people who up-voted for you.

    4. Troll Alert! I think this is PabloAndGringo aka GayNiggerfromOuterSpace aka Mashenka aka Maria aka Mia aka Sizwe Banzi aka MAUREEN, in a new cuckolded form.
      Good attempt/try at trolling.
      Men, don’t respond to his attention whoring.

      1. I’m not gayniggerfromouterspace… but I like the guy… and I noticed we use the same nicks without even noticing one another


    1. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Once a whore, always a whore. It’s too late for them already. If there is hope it is in this upcoming generation.
      Any woman over 21 has had her share of dicks, the thousand cock stare is permanent as is the diminished ability to produce/respond to oxytocin.
      The words “damaged goods” were never so relevant as they are in 2014

      1. they are all whores… that is why men have a penis with a knob, to scrape out the cum of all the other men that have had her….. very few animals have this knob because their mating habits are far more reserved…. at the end we’re just monkeys fucking in the trees….. might as well enjoy it….

        1. Lions have scales on their penises which induce ovulation in females. Probably that is the same function for knobs among humans. Didn’t know knobs on penises where designed to scrape out sperm from women’s vaginas. So is that what sex is all about – cleaning vaginas with penises, and are men reduced to the role of vaginal cleaners?

      2. I heard there was a study that proved that having tonnes of sex diminished oxytocin. Do you have the link for the study by any chance ?

  10. One of the main problems is the incredible numbers of thirsty guys populating every street, and every social venue. Take a damsel in distress and multiple guys seem to quickly materialize out of thin air, ready to lend a helping cock, uh, hand. What makes these guys so mad with thirst is beyond me. Watch any instagram, facebook, twitter account of any decently attractive female, and observe how she’s carped bombed with attention and validation.

    1. The betas have been well grown and groomed, not just by feminism modern, but also by feminism ancien (chivalry).
      If you look at how our grandfathers acted, it was neither case most of the time. Sure they might open a door for grandma now and then, but usually they were hard men who worked hard, drank hard and who were masters of their castles. That’s the model to reinstate, the king of the castle. The problem is, as you note, the beta schlubs.
      How to solve that one? I’ve met no end of white knight types who would rather slit their own wrist than listen to quietly spoken red pill truths given to them when they’re not out making absolute arses out of themselves over dumb feminist bimbos. I’m open to suggestions on that one.

      1. “How to solve that one? ”
        Legalize and destigmatize prostitution thus significantly lowering the value of pussy for pussy’s sake.

        1. Feminists loathe prostitution because prostitutes sell sex for what it’s worth: not that much.
          In Amaterdam a quickie with a solid 9 works out about $75.
          I’d love to see a glimpse of a society where the men stopped genuflecting to the attention whores. Women would probably start to spontaneously combust.

        2. amsterdam is a socialist shithole. sure easy pot and pro’s. but the culture, my god wrap up everything shit about the new world and boom amsterdam

        3. game the chick and then game her into sleeping with your friends… (and bringing her friends to sleep with you)… now you have a small army of hoes and the white knights are at your service…. they can get laid and do you real favors – instead of just milling about for a glimpse of her cleavage….

        4. Prostitution that’s legal and socially acceptable would change the landscape overnight.
          I’m not actually endorsing being a john because it’s unfulfilling and doesn’t solve a man’s inner problems. However, it would stop betas from this insane white knighting and thirsty behavior while at the same time improving the attitudes of average girls because they can’t simply act like a bitch all the time because they have a mediocre vag.
          It’s a win/win for everybody because it stops the bad behavior from both men and women. So even alphas benefit from the increased pleasant attitudes from females in general.

        5. A slut will always be a slut.
          A whore will always be a whore.
          A slut offers easy and usually “free” sex. A whore offers easy but paid sex.
          There’s a huge difference in the mindset of a woman who sleeps around for the sake of money (whore), and a woman who sleeps around for the sake of attention (slut).
          Legalized prostitution will only help professional but closet whores to come out in the open, but it won’t reduce sluttiness among sluts, by offering them a chance to “offer” themselves legally.
          Neither would it reduce the population of women (having normal or no jobs) who sleep around occasionally for cash, because a full time, blatant professional job as a whore would not be their idea of a career (either for social or cultural reasons). They would still operate as covert whores.
          You can’t apply male logical rationale in a scenario where you’re dealing with female complicated solipsistic thinking.
          So sluts would still fuck for free, unlike whores. Understand the difference.
          Places where legalized prostitution exist – still have sluts.
          The logical solution would be to ban covert prostitution, and shun sluts – both by force. But both would be practically impossible, as women (and men) would still break the laws. You can’t change people, you can only influence them to change. To change, only lies in the individual’s own will.

        6. “In Amsterdam a quickie with a solid 9 works out about $75.”
          Made me laugh more than i should have.

        7. I said it would stop the extreme beta supplication of very average women having a cascading effect of making women behave better. I didn’t say it would stop girls from being sluts.

        8. That’s why I found it funny. I’m from the U.S where prostitution is illegal. It’s just surreal to me to see it’s the norm in the Netherlands, where you can get a blow job for 75 bucks.

      2. “How to solve that one? I’ve met no end of white knight types who would rather slit their own wrist than listen to quietly spoken red pill truths given to them when they’re not out making absolute arses out of themselves over dumb feminist bimbos.”
        Ancient Chinese Wisdom Says: Answer lies within.
        Let them slit their own wrists.

    2. Sluts and betas as we define them, are the products of our sick society in the West. Most people if they don’t have any boundaries imposed on them, will engage in behaviours that are self-destructive and also destructive to society as a whole. I would argue that sluttiness is having a worse effect on society as it is true that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and the excessive behaviours most women are indoctrinated into by media etc.. are leading to men ‘dropping out’, a rising divorce rate, single parenthood and the like.
      People had families in the past because it was how a society functions. The family is the basic building block for a society. How can you have a viable society without it? You can’t. When you look at this, its clear why the UK is going down the drain (mass immigration is a consequence of people having fewer kids and of marital breakdown, as a people lose power if there is no family unit).
      I have come to realize that most people will go along with whatever is socially accepted by the majority. Sluttiness is socially acceptable, so most women and men go along with it. If you shame it and make it undesirable, over time people will see this as the new norm and want to be more prudent with their liasons. There are bad consequences to a slut society that many don’t want to acknowledge. Perhaps gen X and beyond have inherited the boomers’ debt woes and all, but all of us are already reaping the consequences of a slut society (in a bad way). Give it another ten years and see how Hoe-bamacare has led to a lot of welfare recipients, trigger happy thugs and a variety of other social diseases.
      I think we need to have an article that contests which countries won’t exist fifty years from now due to social pathology, economics and the like:
      (1) UK (it was bad before, but now mass immigration is the nail in the coffin, as apparently human life has no intrinsic value than in its ability to be a wage slave)
      (2) France (not as bad as UK, but same issues. It is saved by being a larger land mass with a lower population density)
      (3) USA (this is controversial, but whilst UK and France will be destroyed by civil and international strife, the US will go broke and will see a secession of States, as opposed to not existing outright. It will no longer be the center of world affairs, but perhaps this is not a bad thing).

      1. I think in the UK and France, the Muslims will be the ones to finally end the pervasive sluttiness of Western women. Problem is, a lot of other things will suck ass.

    3. White knights and betas are not the issue for the modern entitled cunt, as they are invisible as a person, and an abundant, replacable resource.
      The issue is the lack of alphas willing to commit or when white knights and betas somehow fail to satisfy the need of a woman at a certain monent.
      If a woman wants a gentleman she must act like a lady. If she gives away his most valuable asset (her sex) easily or quickly, then it does not make financial sense to expect further investment by the (sexually satisfied) male.

    4. 100 years ago, all of these thirsty betas would have been sent off to war to die in waves. The ones who returned from war were much more alpha. There is a glut of worthless men out there.

      1. I don’t think that had anything to do with it. Feminism, marxism, and cultural marxism weren’t as pervasive and definitely not as well-entrenched in the West at that time. They were fringe ideas. In fact, I think WWII and women participating in the work force en masse sped up the decline.
        Societies without good women staying at home, pleasing their men, and taking care of the children are doomed to a slow suicide. We see this everywhere in the West these days and even in places where our influence has spread, like Japan.

    5. Not just “thirsty” betas. Apart from Chubbs (and based on his claims alone), tell me which guy has done anything for a woman based on her goodness, and pure goodness alone. I have yet to meet one.
      Unless she is a relative, or a close family friend or a partner of a close male friend or relative, AND is deemed “deserving”. no man would give two shits about her if he wasn’t sexually/romatically interested at some level.
      Men get the women they deserve, and vice versa.

    6. Good points. Most guys have been programmed on how to treat a lady or good woman. The problem, today, is that many of these women are not ladies or good women. They ask for all of the good men after they’ve gone through their slut years and they are ready to settle down.
      Women want to have their Sex in the City moments (20s) being care free to sleep with many guys and then when they hit the wall they want to settle down – look for good guys. The girl in this story (Haylee) is a typical example of today’s female…wants to act like a slut but be treated like a lady (until the later years and she hits the wall).
      The white knights are, usually, following through on what they thought is right or what they’ve been programmed to do (that is right) by society. I say let’s have equality….take a cab home…that was the correct answer.
      If more men started to treat women with equality (like they all say they want) then the better off we will all have an understanding of true equality.
      Maybe, women will start to act like ladies again.

  11. ” I sensed a bit of an article though, so I said he should answer her calls and put her on speaker phone.” That’s funny, and it gave good results.

  12. Must say, this has to be one of the best articles on RoK in recent times.
    An awesome post, Billy. Keep it up, and coming.
    The points that you mentioned in this article, are eerily similar to a matured slut/whore I worked with and knew before. (My boss’s mistress (single, older) at that time, who was often sexually preying on unsuspecting young men at the workplace. Her persona/character – to describe it – was like an ironical mixture of Demi Moore from “Disclosure”, and Julia Roberts from “Pretty Woman”. )
    And when correlating her character with what you wrote, especially the below two paragraphs, were simply OUTSTANDING. It described her traits in accurate detail:
    “There’s a lot of that going around amongst today’s women. They act like whores then expect to be treated like girlfriends. They manipulate manginas and white knights into doing their dirty work, and then when called out on it they say that you’re the asshole. They live their lives by the motto that they don’t need no man, and then get pissed off when men aren’t there leaping forward and helping these awesome liberated women.
    One needs only search such phrases as “Where are the real men,” “Where have all
    the good men gone,” and other such tripe to find many articles written by entitled sluts or their weak manslaves pondering why all these men they chastise or sleep with within hours of meeting them aren’t putting on their knightly armour and treating today’s whores like princesses. They wonder why men aren’t putting themselves in danger to save their material goods when for years men have been shamed for being manly.”
    She had these same traits , that you mentioned accurately (like a clairvoyant):
    – Acted like a whore, but expected to be treated like a girlfriend (by the guys at the workplace, and other men who often “paid” to fuck her, whom she called “boyfriends” or “lovers”, even though essentially they were her “customers”. This was the idealistic Julia Roberts from “Pretty Woman”, in her.)
    – Manipulated the men at the workplace with her wiles/charms to often do her dirty work, and often dominated the men with whom she had sex, by use of threats to expose the sexual relationships she had with them, to the boss. Used sex to both gain control of. and then to dominate men.
    – Had a very low self esteem (as sluts often do). It didn’t take much to send her to bitch mode. Men whom she liked but who spurned her predatory sexual charms and advances, or who showed interest to other women at the workplace, were often destined to suffer sabotage in their careers due to intrigue from her, as she often used the upper mangina management (to whom she provided sexual favors) to pressurize these unfortunate men. This was the Demi Moore from Disclosure at her worst form, in her. In worst cases, these guys quit or lost their jobs.
    – Often talked about her need for freedom, and then was pissed that the guys who fucked her didn’t want to commit to her (probably more out of fear of lifelong domination by her, later on)
    – Often used the VERY phrases you mentioned (“Where are the real men” etc), in public, around men and women alike.What was disgusting to note the way, the manginas (or men who had fucked her) at the workplace often nodded and smiled in awe/approval to her to such statements.
    – Often indulged in man-shaming out of sadistic pleasure, and also slut shaming at times (especially when around younger more attractive slutty women who used to steal the limelight from her. She couldn’t bear to see a “slutty” younger woman beat her at her own game. These women were destined to suffer slander from her, or in
    worst cases, lose their jobs).
    – Ironically, when around women of higher value than her (younger, decent, traditional minded girls), she used to often glorify the path of sluttiness/whorishness, liberalism and feminism to these unsuspecting women, so that these girls would fall for the bait, indulge in slutty behavior, and thus lower and lose their own value
    in front of men. And then this evil woman would then often slander/shame these
    girls for their sluttiness, by highlighting/gossiping about it to other men.
    At first, I thought she needed help (psychological). But I soon realized she was a natural-born slut, and sluts can’t be helped. Sluts often hate men, other women and most often their own selves for lowering their own feminine value by slutting it about. They’re often damaged, unnatural, broken women.
    It wasn’t too difficult for me to identify her traits from observing her closely (because such women tend to exhibit hypocritical slutty behavior, to give their “game” away.)
    But I did feel disgust and pity at the same time for the Betas/manginas/white knights at the workplace who often turned a blind eye to her and her hypocritical
    sluttiness. I realized that I was seeing men around me, who had lost their
    dignity and male honor – all because they had yielded to the sexual allure of
    this slut – and here she was using that very fact (that they had slept with her) relentlessly, to ruthlessly dominate these men.
    Men who yield to sluts for the sake of sex, often lose their dignity and male honor. And one of the worst kinds of these sluts – is the slut who works at the office (the office slut).
    But, I resisted her wiles, her sexual snares and dodged the office intrigue that ensued. It was difficult and stressful, but achievable. Had I fallen for the sexual bait, I think I would have just become another one of her notches, and would have become dominated by her, just like the other men I saw with her. I don’t think I would discover red pill, had that ever happened.
    And for those men who think that such evil behavior is predominantly a trait of sluts from the Anglo sphere – this woman – well she was from EE (the FSU). Just shows sluts, regardless of race/ethnicity/age/culture, exhibit the same evil traits. In the end, a slut is a slut. Foreign sluts are no different from American sluts. Don’t ever help them, or for guys involved with sluts, don’t ever think of changing (reforming)
    them, or producing potentially morally damaged offspring with such women. Men
    should never forget that.

  13. This is a wonderful article but I still don’t agree with how you guys can slut it up until you find us. This hardly seems fair to take advantage of stupid girls who think the way to your heart is by giving you what you want immediately. I was the one asking my guy “so how many women have you had?”. Serious hesitation comes from us also and It’s not exactly something to be proud of being a giant pussy hound.

    1. It’s not taking advantage of stupid girls, it’s taking advantage of the sexual market. We don’t need to commit because sex is available for free. Women have lost their ultimate power and you have to thank feminists for that.

      1. I gathered that, I just wonder if anyone would have a regret when they did marry and their woman had to have run ins with previous ” conquests” but you didn’t since she has none. It seems kindof torturous to the gal you marry. No, I don’t have sour grapes and wish I would’ve whored about. I’m just saying to play devils advocate here. Just because that nasty 3 day old cake is on the counter waiting doesn’t mean you have to eat it. I thank you for your input. Sorry Im being Buzz Killington. I’m done on your site.

        1. Why would you regret not slutting it up/whoring about. If anything you did the right thing. To much sex with different men is bad for you oxytocin levels , makes you lose the ability to feel emotion and true sexual pleasure.
          Sluts are have worst sex lives.They are made for guys like me to go to slut gathering grounds(clubs) and get easy BJs from them.
          Also don’t come on here and play devil’s advocate and try to give us your advise. The men on here have a wealth of experience regarding women and are keen observers. Even good looking tall guys like me who get sex have to learn a few things to not get fucked over by women.
          It is in the best interest of a redpill man to not take advice from women.

        2. That’s illogical. Lmao. Don’t reply please. You seem to have some comprehension issues.

        3. You don’t get the right to order men around …especially in a men’s space, learn your place troll.
          BTW, DO NOT REPLY.
          Besides, you made the right move by not slutting it up. you can not enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your man. For women sex is emotional, form men it is an impulse.
          If anyone brought into feminism it was you. You still cannot see that men having sex with man girls is not the same as a woman having sex with many men. Secondly, do you honestly think that that many guys are “studing” it up ? It is only us tall good looking guys that get that much access or famous guys. The other 80% of men barely get to 4 relationships in their entire lives.
          We here choose to inform men of the consequences and thus help them stir clear of potential mistakes. like men not realizing the low value of sluts.

        4. Sorry, you lost me, did I strike a chord? Must be our IQ scores. It’ll cause frustration when you realize you can’t liken it to your best golf game :). You’re wrong though 🙂

        5. DW us high IQ men are red pill for a reason. So how does it feel to be wrong ? So why are you still in a male only space? Is your IQ that low that you did not understand it the first time?

        6. Your comment before last was a bunch of nonsense and babble, unless you fixed that disaster. You all can stroke each others wits and claim it’s intelligence. Wrong? I’m not wrong. This website is on the Internet begging for its articles to go viral. By your own words You guys are begging for attention and hope for trolls and or feminists to come in so that you can argue with them. This is only verified by the statements you make. Either you’re acting like a bunch of women that don’t know what you want or you’re being incredibly hypocritical. If you really don’t want them here you ban them and privatize the site. I think it would be logical to say you are antagonists in your own right and are attention whoring with the page, so don’t complain, and know that my “place” is above you and you’d be lucky to kiss my hairy sweaty bum.

        7. I don’t see much hair on your ass.
          I think you’re probably talking about your anus – where you feel the hair when you’re stuffing your fingers up it (also probably explains a lot why you’re so anal retentive about trolling on a men’s manosphere site.You should rather be “truthing” your views on Jezebel.)
          You need an anal wax and an enema in that case, and definitely a towel for your “sweaty” bum.
          Your persistent behavior of trolling is typical of a feminist sore loser.
          Get a life, bitch.

        8. My comment was the truth, your comments are a bunch of nonsense.We want you girls to GTFO.
          Log out and never log back in.
          We do not want to listen about you chicks justify how wrong you are.
          You can choke on my pubes for all I care.

        9. Haha you are a Woman or Mangina. I’d bet a grand on it. I can tell and this is funny as fu** cause you have everyone here fooled. No real man would say some of the emotional BS that comes out of your mouth lol. That’s hysterical!!!!! Nope not a feminist, but you are a muff diver HA! Busted$$$$$

        10. Sorry, I was getting bored and your page was hoping for troll activity. I’ll not post but DO NOT REPLY 🙂 I have to answer all emails, even trivial ones.

        11. PLEASE! I’m very busy formulating a new ointment called Addadickto/FG 10mg with you in mind. Add to your perineum twice daily for the emotional outbursts and DO NOT REPLY.

    2. I was the one asking my guy “so how many women have you had?”.
      In our case, women think we suck with women if our number is too low for their taste. There’s a reason men lie on the high side and women on the low side.

    3. You didn’t hear about the key analogy yet.
      Here it goes:
      A lock that is opened by many keys is a defective lock.
      A key that opens many locks is a master key.
      Basically, all you have to do to get laid by attractive males is not be fat and exist. Whereas it’s a 10000000 times harder to fuck many attractive woman.
      Blame biology if you must be mad at someone.

      1. A woman bragging about getting laid a lot is the equivalent of a man bragging about slapping girls around

    4. My first girlfriend was not a virgin but she made me think she was. If she had been, I would not have had sex with her. After that, I was like… what’s the point. Ended up cheating on me and I broke up with her.
      Women choose bad men to have sex with and when it doesn’t work out then you turn around and blame all of us. Women don’t have nearly the sex drive that we do and the structure of marrying early and for good… it guaranteed that you experienced everything with one person and it gave men sex. Win win. But women didn’t like that, because there is always something wrong.
      When I go out and meet girls, sometimes I give them the bait for fucking that same night. As soon as they say yes, I say no. The amount of sluts out there is scary.

    5. What FuriousFerret said. But to me, that just makes the man a master ho and the woman an easy ho. They still a ho.

  14. “They live their lives by the motto that they don’t need no man, and then get pissed off when men aren’t there leaping forward and helping these awesome liberated women”
    Also, don’t call them “whordiot”, they hate that.

  15. White Knighting ones not increase a woman’s attraction to you.
    So don’t do it thinking you will get laid.

    1. In fact, it decreases a woman’s attraction to you. Fuck that. Help people who deserve help.

  16. Frame control, self control. When you can control your impulses then you rise above the animals (men and women) who flood the streets of our degenerate society. If it takes slut- and fat-shaming to make people rise above their impulsive, animalistic side, then we should do more of it. It does both us and them a service.
    When you have Miley Whorus twerking on television, when you have girls dribbling their tongues out of their mouths on Facebook, you can tell that the race to the bottom is happening faster and faster. I’m kind of curious as to what crops up next in our society. Sex in the streets?

    1. I always thought we men slut shame to put sluts down, but in actual reality we are grateful for free pussy. Can you imaging having to marry a bitch just to fuck… But on the other hand having a certified virgin at home knowing that you are her only dude would be nice too. Only fools marry banged out women. She brings nothing to the table unless she is a millionaire except pussy, and that pussy better be unused.

    2. What’s next? pedophilia. Right now, the a.p.a. is already working to ease pedophiles into a sexual orientation. “They” have even coined a new euphemism “trans-generational love”. Yes, be disgusted and, yes, do everything in your power to resist this.

      1. Back in 1980 in England, some of the current Labour Loopies were linked to a group who were lobbying for the right to have sex with children. They wanted the age of consent dropped to 4yo.
        Harman now claims that it’s a smear campaign of some sort, who the hell can tell. Papers, news, pfeh.

  17. Sluts are women who “throw their pearls (bodies)”, freely in front of men.
    The men who help these women (sluts), are sluts themselves, to “throw their diamonds (time/resources/emotional investment)”, freely before these sluts of women.

  18. Good post. Very logical. Never ever EVER go out of your way or try to white knight a slut! She is there for pleasure and PLEASURE ONLY! Use her for how she allows herself to be used…… Then go about your way. She is happy for the temporary false feelings of love and you are happy you got your rocks off. It’s a symbiotic relationship.
    Chivalry is dead, feminism killed it. Long live the Black Knights.

    1. Just remember to stick to your guns, come what may. Don’t come running like some stupid chump to aid the oppressors in their effort to rob me, for the supposed benefit of whores about to be stoned by better men than us. If the whores arrange their lives so that the natural outcome is they get murdered, or starve to death, or whatever; that is their problem. And theirs only. Not yours. Not mine. And certainly not “ours.”
      Just remember that. Too many self described “black knights” don’t; and wobble when push come to shove.

  19. Hear hear.. I’ve had a couple of these sorts of bitches try and get the better of me. Just because I fucked you, doesn’t mean I respect you later. A piece of well used cooze, given away, does not give you any special privileges…..Usually, it’s just some random that thinks she can weasel herself into my life and ask for all sorts of favours. There might be plenty of suckers around to come to her aid, but I am NOT one of them.

  20. So desperate to get their dicks wet that these guys will
    just about step over their own bros for just the hint of getting some. If you
    ask me? Lowest quality males are the ones who float around these drama queens
    hoping to eat up the scraps. These “nice guy gnats” all a flutter out to be the hero when at best
    they are just above a zerio….living off of dreams and hopes and rumors that
    maybe she will give them a chance?
    She’s a drama queen for a reason, a leach, a consumer of
    time, of energy and of patience and she provides nothing back in return other
    than drama and bad vibes.
    Spend as little energy on these guys as you would the drama
    queen star they orbit.

  21. While the author’s heart may be in the right place, the tone of this article (and most others like it) is all wrong.
    Does the author of this article and others like it forget that about 80%+ of the male population just about never gets laid outside of a relationship? That a six months dry spell isn’t out of the ordinary? Of course you know this.
    With that in mind, do you honestly believe that you are helping the plight of these men (the majority) by telling girls to stop spreading their legs?
    There’s always a bit of a ‘humblebrag’ element associated with this kind of advice. “I’m sufficiently coveted by sluts that I can afford to take the moral high ground by telling women to reduce their promiscuous behavior. Thank me after your next date, betas.”
    The problem isn’t so much female sluttiness, as it is female sluttiness for the wrong kind of guy. The right advice isn’t telling women to stop “spreading their legs”, it’s telling women to start exercising more sober judgment when selecting a guy to spread her legs for. Telling women to stop being “sluts” is sending the wrong message, and ultimately makes you part of the problem.
    In an ideal world, a girl like Haylee would have selected a guy on her level to spread her legs for, and he would have been glad to have her. Likewise, in an ideal world, guys like Steve are less abundant as they’re afraid of catching a beating from the girl’s father/brothers.

    1. I should clarify with that I’m not trying to be a white knight with that last comment (the last thing I am is a white knight). I just mean that in an ideal world, assortative mating still exists – girls are less prone to chasing guys who are out of their league, and guys are generally disincentivized from screwing around with the proper order of things.

  22. I only help out good people who treated me good, not narcissistic sluts who feel they’re entitled to the world because they blew five dudes in a bathroom stall. Those bitches are on their own.

  23. What exactly makes a Good person? Maybe it’s because I’m still somewhat young but I’m still having trouble figuring that out.

  24. sorry bro, but driving 200 ks to help out an ENGAGED woman in the middle of the night, assuming you are not living in alaska or the australian outback and you are the only person close by, is beta.
    totally beta.
    if its a medical problem there are ambulances, if its a real issue of safety there is the police, and if she needs some help moving furniture to make hubby happy, she better finds herself an orbiter who lives closer. what did you do for her that night? comfort her in times of pre-martial distress?
    seriously dude, you do not drive 3 hours straight to help out a damsel in distress when sex is not even a possibility (exeption: family)
    I hope that wank in your car on the way back was statisfying.

  25. This is especially true for fat sluts. Fat women are not sexy and they should be treated like garbage so that the learn the only course of action is to lose weight. Fat women are not people and need to be treated as such so that they learn.

  26. I just realized this is actually a great article to tell another one of my great anecdotes from my teenhood/beta days (but brief this time!).
    Now when I was a teen I was a bit of a “nice guy,” but I was never that nice. The things that betas do today, I’d have been ashamed of back then. Anyway this senior girl asked me, three years younger than her, if I was going to buy her baby some diapers. Of course I looked at her like she was stupid, large baby stomach and all and I asked her “Isn’t that the DAD’s job?” She storms off in a huff as if I’m in the wrong.

      1. Actually all women are really Whores, except for Hookers cause they are at least honest about selling their VJ for monetary benefits.

        1. Learn how to suck the dick of your fellow MGTOW since no woman would touch your disgusting ass with a 10 ft pole. MGTOW…what a joke group. A group of rejected dudes who can’t get laid. Wahhh….mommy issues…wahhh ex-gf issues. Ugly ass…stop blaming women for your short coming. No pun intended. Loser ass cry baby. PS….don’t need a man for $$. I financially support the both of us just fine unlike you who’s probably still living at mommy’s or in some shit hole, jacking off to porn nightly. Wahh-wahh…cry some more for me.

    1. Oh wow nice shaming tactic..
      How about good luck getting a guy you fat gold digging slag have fun with your battery powered rubber pussy plungers.

  27. I go back and forth between thinking it’s denial/delusion, and ignorant confusion that has girls thinking something has changed and you can now be a respectable sloo. Media tells you it’s well and good to sleep with strangers within hours or less of meeting, yet no girl can deny we’ve been told our whole lives that men don’t respect you when you put out right away. I can’t feel sorry for easy girls who feel entitled to commitment because they’ve put out. Figure it out already. But even (relatively) intelligent girls seem hurt and confused when the guy they occasionally bang (and started banging the first night they met) is also chasing other skirts. They’re being fed lies and being encouraged to act this way, then don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

  28. Don’t help American sluts, or any sluts from the Anglo sphere.
    Don’t help Russian, Ukrainian or any EE or FSU slut.
    Don’t help a Middle Eastern, Latina, Asian slut woman.
    All sluts can help themselves (with their bodies with which they will often prey and manipulate men).
    And most importantly, don’t help a male slut (mangina). A Mangina friend or acquaintance, being a slut himself, will betray his fellow men, just to have sex with sluts.

  29. I say don’t help women. They are more then our equals and are completely competent and capable adults.
    In fact unless your married to one and your not getting something in return your a Male SIMP. Women are strong and empowered they can take care of them selves.

  30. This entire article is disgusting, it literally made me sick to my stomach after reading it.
    Why is it that you place your friend Steve high on a pedestal as the “glorious poosy slayer”, but label Haylee as a “slut/degenerate” for performing the same act (sex)? As I sit here, I contemplate if I should even bother with this nonsense, this contradictory, misogynist bullshit.
    But lets talk about character. The actions of your so called “glorious poosy slayer” friend. No. On second thought, I’ll pass. No more of my time will be wasted here.

  31. As someone who has been more successful than average with beautiful women and is now in a great relationship with a hottie, I think every man owes it to himself to get to know some beautiful women (as friends or otherwise) in their teens and 20s and ask them to show you their inboxes. It was a shock to me when I initially saw this, the stuff male primates (not men) write and do and how fucked up it is. I have dated good women who have been stalked, sexually harassed, forced to change jobs, gyms, and cannot even walk down the street. My ex couldn’t even take a taxi by herself because the cab drivers would chase her to her door trying to get her number. If you haven’t dated beautiful women, that’s cool. i grew up without a father, had zero game and no one showed me anything. I had to learn it all myself and so I didn’t start killing it until my mid 30s. As they say in politics, it’s very tough to hate someone you’re face to face with, because you are forced to get to know them. So talk to men who have and above all, talk to beautiful women. ASK them what you want to know as very often if you are sincere, they will tell you. Believe me, they are STARVED for a man who knows what he’s doing! Everyone on here should view Kezia Noble’s videos because a lot of them are spot on.
    That said, it is more important than ever before to distinguish between the “good girl” mentioned in this article and the “train wreck” in this article. The latter usually has daddy issues, a broken home and a troubled past and this along with many American sociological selection factors such as feminism and preferential treatment contribute to faulty brain wiring. Much like a child who was exposed to lead during the critical developmental period, their brain is literally not wired right and to expect any change in their behavior based on the male’s activities is to expect to change the behavior of a fence post. They are incapable of loving, or having a 50/50 relationship or accepting blame for anything. In essence you are dealing with a six year old in an adult sexpot’s body. The difference now is the “woman” who only 5 years ago was a prime candidate for casual sport fucking is now protected under the umbrella of feminism and the beta male law enforcement system and seen as a “victim.” Like most 6 year olds, they generally see the world through ‘sliding scale morality” i.e. if they can get away with it, it is ok. This archetype is far more common among millenials as the divorce rate now is over 50%. Given the paradigm shift on female victimology coupled with the power of social media, this type of woman can ruin your life for years in an instant, either through fake legal accusations or just putting you on blast. Paradoxically, they later come back and apologize as mentioned and seek your attention as mentioned in this article. It is a warped perception of love. Every man should become an expert in axis 2 personality disorders, in particular: borderline, narcissistic, histrionic and antisocial. Know and understand the terms “narcissistic supply” and “splitting.” The American women we once chased as sexpot mistresses are now best viewed as lepers. The legal liability and social repercussions are too great for the man and as they say in finance, one must now be “risk averse.” I strongly recommend saving your sport fucking for other countries, leaving these American wack jobs to wither on the vine with only their FB page and feminazis for company —

  32. Glad I found me a “Christina” type girl. I have guys nights when I want or at home if I want and she is more than happy to host and cook for us. She knows she is a catch and that’s why she isn’t afraid to let me go bc sure as hell I will be coming back.

  33. What I’ve gathered from this, in my continuing quest to understand men and what they really want from women, is that what makes a woman a “slut” has more to do with her general behavior and attitude than the number of men she’s slept with. I imagine that if Hayley hadn’t been a demanding screaming banshee, but had instead acted like Christina (aside from offering everyone her pussy along with the baked goods), her night might have ended a little differently. I don’t think most people of either sex would be too keen to help an entitled brat of either sex who never shows gratitude or returns the favor, but instead turns on you and screams and threatens because you didn’t act like the world revolves around them, whether said brat is a prostitute or a virgin.

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