I Hate Living In Toronto

When everything you have ever been told is a lie, everything you say will likely be a lie. I feel as though every time I interact with the outside world, I am being lied to in some way or I can detect fakeness in people.

I went to apply to a job at Dollarama last month and when I met the manager, he told me that they were not hiring despite the fact that right on the entrance door there was a sign saying that “We are hiring”. After the store opened a couple weeks later, I noticed that all of the new employees were either black, Muslim or degenerate tattooed young women.

Welcome to Toronto

Of course, I live in Toronto, Canada, arguably the most anti-white male city in the world. Why would they hire me? I went to go visit the house of an old friend whom I had not seen in years and as we approached the house, a white stay-at-home female neighbour came running over, likely looking for a problem to yap about to her husband for the next two weeks.

We asked about if anyone is living in the house and she said yes, someone is living there. So we turned around and parked on the side street, and after she had gone inside we walked up to our old friends house, which turned out to be completely abandoned and empty. The yard was a mess and there were tree branches blocking the entrance.

Why would this white Canadian lady blatantly lie to us for no reason? Because she fits into the 95 percent of woman these days who are non-stop compulsive pathological liars—all day, every day, every word, everything they say is a lie. It’s a little less with men, maybe 75% are the same but not nearly on the same level as women—not even close.

My friend and I went to look for a job last month and as we parked on a side street, the owner of the house came out and said we couldn’t park there – despite the fact that many other cars parked on the street. He said he was doing us a favour when he was simply hoping we would object to create a problem out of thin air. He drove away but immediately spun around and came back in the hopes that we would still be there so he could call the city and give us a ticket. These people love to create stupid problems for the simple reason of having something to yap and bitch about for next several weeks of their boring, miserable, and empty lives.

I went to Tim Hortons to get a bagel sandwich combo for breakfast and the female cashier tried to pretend it wasn’t a combo so I wouldn’t save a measly dollar seventy five, and she also didn’t ask me if I wanted a piece of sausage on it. When I told the server I wanted bacon instead, the female cashier gave me a hideous dirty look, as if she was furious she couldn’t screw me over in any way.


But perhaps I am simply not fortunate enough to live an honest enough society to experience this, and I understand that many who do will strongly disagree with me. Perhaps I go on about this simply because I live in Toronto, Canada which is an incredibly boring and fake city with awful women—arguably the worst on the planet.

And look, I get it—Toronto is a playground for the New World Order and a toy factory for globalism and is arguably the most media brainwashed city on the planet but still, I wish I lived a society where the average person I encounter could be trusted, but unfortunately I personally do not live in that society, at least not yet in my life.

The small five percent of women who understand honesty, being straightforward, and are trustworthy are the gems, let alone if they are also gorgeous and attractive. They are the keepers and if you have managed to find one, hold on to her and consider yourself a lucky man. If you live in a society where you are surrounded by good natured, honest neighbours who go out of their way to help you in times of need, consider yourself lucky and strongly cherish them in return.

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126 thoughts on “I Hate Living In Toronto”

    1. It is very helpful actually. The writer is telling us to stay the fuck away from Toronto. What a shitole, hope the few men with a single living braincell and self dignity do something.

        1. They feminazi international outcry machinery has taken the Toronto police department hostage.
          Pretty simple concept.

        2. If your genuine interested in that shitholes story, follow/subscribe to diana davison on YT.

      1. Toronto would make a 20yo man feel like he is in his 80s or 90s. Some men that I’ve met in Toronto secretly confided with me that they envy those who are in the cemetery.

    1. Except that the system is designed in Toronto that only the Joos who live in Yorkdale, Leaside, Forest Hill, Rosedale, Lawrence Park and anywhere around Sherbourne are the only ones who become wealthier and wealthier every year. In Toronto many are in deep debt because of the artificially high cost of living. The Joos have brainwashed morons in Toronto to think that living 50 miles away from the downtown core in some suburbia is somewhat the same as living in a Louis Vuitton store located in the heart of Paris, France or right in the heart of London, UK.

  1. I used to be fond of TO, back when I was younger, then as you get older you see the degeneracy and pretentiousness of people in the city. A French friend of mine noticed this as well from living here, its devoid of culture, soul, cohesion.
    It’s pretty much an airport without any real destination.

    1. The only great thing to Come out of Ontario was Shania Twain.
      She was from a country town called Timmons.

    2. “I used to be fond of TO, back when I was younger”

      I absolutely LOVED Toronto when I had to move there to do my 16 month industrial internship as an undergrad in Computer Science. This was in 1998-99.
      Back then, TDot had a wicked vibe. After my internship, I stuck around making good coin during the dotcom boom.
      I can’t emphasize how AMAZING Toronto was during this time. A lot of credit has to go to the city’s pioneering, vibrant underground EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene which attracted the planet’s biggest & best House/Progressive House DJs. In this scene, the clubbers made all the DIFFERENCE. The club gals were very cute, mellow, athletic/slim and most stayed in good shape because everyone in the EDM scene goes out to dance — unlike other club scenes like Hip Hop where clubbers have a shitty vibe (fights, excessive drinking, attitude, pretentious crowds, etc.).
      Today’s global EDM scene, to me, is now littered with commercial crap for beats that has zero vibe or rhythm. So I give big props to Toronto and Montreal for red-pilling this “asleep” black dude. I will always have a special place in my heart for the wonderful connections I made during this time (1998-2005) at clubs like The Guvernment/KoolHaus, System SoundBar, Film Lounge, The Comfort Zone, Elements, Life, Turbo et al. The music was out of this world – made even more enjoyable via sativa, shrooms and those wonderful treats with BMW, Motorola, Versace logos on them. 😉
      Anyone remember this beat by Rosh?? —->

      ROKers, this is how I got red pilled – real fukin fast. The layers of this fake society peeled away – right in front of my very eyes. And once you’ve acknowledged this “reality”, there’s really no going back to being “asleep” — if you know what I mean. In fact, I can’t stand being around bluepilled zombies any more.
      That’s why I would love to get the fuck OFF this insane planet — because things are not looking good for humanity, which has been corrupted to the core. This is just the calm before the big “shit hits the fan” storm that’s coming. And I want no part of it.

  2. Toronto is a liberals paradise. Useless women, homos, “diversity” and plenty of drugs available. Fuck that place.

  3. It’s no surprise that Jordan Peterson arose from Toronto. It sounds like a bad place for any man with a clue.

    1. Your wording… do you like Peterson’s work, or are you saying you don’t because he’s from Toronto? I think Peterson’s right on track, though I’m less… existential? I think some of the scriptures are very literal. Apropos of the article: gay sex is an abomination, and looking at a man that way is just as vile. Not that I’m making a straw man out of gays to shame you if you don’t like Peterson.

  4. Everyone here already knows Toronto is a lib-shithole. If you’re “redpilled” you should now that every major city in the Western world has this problem. And also it says in the bio of the author that he “masturbates to thick Japanese women”. Tongue-in-cheek or not, that’s fucking degenerate.

    1. Is there such a thing as “thick Japanese women”? I didn’t think their genetic makeup had fat genes in it.

      1. They are extremely rare, but they do exist. It’s nearly impossible for Chinese women (usually of Han ethnicity) to be “thick”. Same with Koreans and Indochinese. Mongolians and Japanese women are the only East Asian females that have the ability to be truly “thick”. I must admit, they are pretty great. But what made me view the author as a degenerate is because he masturbates. It’s a sin. Not only that, it’s a bit gay, as well.

        1. Masturbating in general is pretty sad. Jacking off to FAT Asian women is even worse. One of the best things about Japanese women is the fact that they are thin.
          Toronto does remind me a lot of Sodom. Like Sodom, God will judge it someday. He will judge us all, in fact.

        2. Sure retard! Have a look at the Londoner chinks! Between teenage and 28!
          FAT FUCKING PORK LOOKING chinks all over! On the tube, on the bus, everywhere!!
          Really pork chop looking ones!
          They give zero fucks about their heritage and healthy diet!
          They should be poster chinks for McDonald’s! ! !
          + their spotty fucked up acne ridden faces!

        3. I’ve seen me a lot of fat women. I’d never want to date one, or bang, or anything. Get your like in order. That said, stick-thin women aren’t always very hot either. Anybody else seeing ‘thick’ Lindsay Lohan in the click bait here? She could be thinner, but WB. I wouldn’t rub one out to her picture, though. I’m with the guys who think that’s a weakness, but not sold on masterbating being gay. You’re way better off without that particular brand of self-care.

  5. “The small five percent of women who understand honesty, being straightforward, and are trustworthy are the gems, let alone if they are also gorgeous and attractive.”
    I think the word you’re looking for is unicorns.

  6. So? The advice of the manosphere would be to go to southeast asia on pedo tourism, my advice would be to kill urself, who cares?

  7. The victim blaming pic…..WTF, subhuman species did these specimens hatch from? that pic alone should kill off any tourism interest…Then again, is you saw the locals in my area and their sense of style you wouldn’t want to visit where I live either…Can’t wait to leave.

  8. Maybe everyone is an asshole to this guy because of his appearance or personality. I am a white male living in Toronto and people treat me just fine. I hate this city too (socialist urban planning – if there is such a thing – very bad place to drive, bike, walk or use public transport). The WASP girls here do suck as has been widely reported on ROK, but there are hot girls in various japanese, chinese, italian, latina suburban communities etc. I say redpill shit to them all the time and they eat it up. Just got to avoid the mainstream girls in the downtown area.

    1. IMO, same advice for 90%+ of all California coastal cities; we actually ought to apologize to Toronto for exporting a few ultra-liberal flaming-bags-o-dog-shit to your city. West coast has a very long media/internet catapult. “Socialist urban planning” of the infrastructure actually not nearly as harsh as seeing half the state’s population drowning in control-obsessed, perpetually-offended “protected class/gender” snobs that tick off every box in this article’s complaint list (and then some). They really know how to crank it up worldwide from here.

      As far as coping tactics for men, red pill is a good arrow in the quiver during an age when people are obsessed with being offended over everything. Embrace the chaos and discover new ways to serve up (mostly subtle) red pills. I’m not going to retreat to the countryside and cede the city to experimental SJW mental illness and power-tripping nonsense. Each day engaging certain urban social battles” upon your judgment, even taking time to give certain wayward beta males their confidence back by slyly reminding them why they shouldn’t put up with the metro Victim Olympics crew and their bullshit in the first place. Get certain borderline-worthy betas to step up and wake up a bit.
      Once the job is done, enjoy work and life to approach that “5%” group of women with honed profiling skills; the usual timeless techniques have never gone out of style. Feel like my male ancestors are owed something, as they did help build it and died for it in war, so I’m not giving up. Women who have any dignity or common sense will actually notice what’s going on, and will let you single them out to be approached. By the numbers and the willpower, there’s no need to be lonely in a hyper-lib city.

    2. Well Mitch, you must have either one of two things (perhaps both) — money or very good looks. If you don’t have one or the other, good luck having a woman give you the time of day in Toronto or the GTA.
      I gave up on trying to deal with people around this area a long time ago. Almost everyone is brainwashed with Marxist ideology and only wants to be “friends” if you have some advantage they can use in their career or in some other materialistic way.
      I spend a great deal of time alone in my house and I prefer it that way. You can’t win a war against people who are brainwashed.

      1. You recommend staying indoors alone?
        That is one helluva solution, my friend. You have a bad attitude. Yes, this city and it’s people are deeply flawed, but there are millions of people here and thousands of things to do and places to see – you gotta grab life by the horns.
        I’m not rich nor am I anything special to look at – Game is all about attitude AKA internal game. Be the man you want to be and women can sense your confidence.

        1. Go to hell, Mitch. You’re just as bad as the city itself and seem to have developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome with it. I’m too old to play the little mind games that you seem to enjoy. All you want is to act like a dog and get your dick wet.

        2. Except that the millions of people in Toronto are most likely to stay in their ethnic niches, or they adopt Canadian values like Kathleen Wynne feminism, and it’s horrible for a white man or open-minded man to meet new people because of the cliquish and uptight culture. Only J00s who live in Bathurst, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Lawrence Heights and Leaside tend to mysteriously keep their close-knit ties even in the face of militant feminism political correctness and the rising violence of ISIS militants who are now masquerading as incels to the media.
          How come no incel or ISIS militia ever targeted a Jooish neighbourhood? AFAIK Yonge& Sheppard-Finch & Danforth Ave near Broadview Ave are not populated by Joos.

    3. (((Mitch))), it’s like walking thru a minefield to find that snowflake in Toronto; nearly every female in Toronto, from 8yo Tiffany to 97yo (((Beth RosenbergsteinwitzoffAuschwitz))) are all feminists. Not everyone is a Joo living an upper class lifestyle in Bathurst and St. Clair, Lawrence Park, Leaside, Bayview, Forest Hill or Rosedale.

      1. Your argument is that (a) I’m a jew, and (b) all women are feminists (but somehow jews are impervious to feminism).
        You also threw in a holocaust joke.
        Dude, if you’re not getting laid (in Toronto or elsewhere) its FAR more likely that you are an asshole or a loser rather than the victim of a judeo-marxist cabal.
        You have a bad attitude. You blame others for your failings. That is your problem, not the jooooos.

        1. You sound like a fcking Jooess. One of these days, likely in America, a real HollowCOST will hold each and every one of you fcking Joos responsible rather than that phony Holohoax that you Joos use for sympathy when murdering unarmed and elderly Palestinians in their mud huts you fcking animal.
          Toronto is a Joo infested and Joo ruled city and that is one of the reasons why it’s such a feminist shithole because the major religions in Toronto are Holohoaxianity and feminism.

      2. always someone elses fault. the jews. the feminists. the rich.
        maybe ur just a loser.

        1. One of these days every one of you Hasbara trolls will have to face a reformed version of Hit-Lur, because it’s only Joos who seem to have a disproportionate amount of corruption, advocacy, influence peddling and other social ills that are plaguing the planet. Fck you Joo.

  9. I too live in Toronto. (Old married guy). It is a socialist paradise. Even the “right wing” mayor is a big fucking pussy. The token black police chief is held hostage by left wing politicians and can’t stop the daily gun violence. In the world’s most multicultural city only one ethnic group is carrying out the violence. I will give you a hint: it isn’t the Chinese, Indian or Whites running around shooting at each other in broad daylight. So the newly elected justice minister goes for a nighttime ride along with the cops to get the lay of the land. The cops (per procedure) give him a bullet proof vest as he spends the night driving through Toronto’s version of the south side. After he brings it up, the social justice warriors lose their fucking shit, calling him racist for mentioning he was in a bullet proof vest in the most crime-infested part of the city. (Their solution? Give jobs/cash/prizes to the “disadvantaged” ethnic group). How about addressing the deep-rooted cultural problem of single mothers, no fathers, no respect for law and order, no work ethic. No other ethnic group in the world’s most multicultural city exhibits these problems and ask any Indo or Chinese Canadians if this group should be given special treatment because of “systemic racism.”
    But yes, Toronto has a very large, very powerful gay community and our pussy Prime Minister and Mayor just love hanging out with them.

    1. So you going to ignore a muslim just shot up 13 people and ignore that the Italians are shooting each other off everyday in Woodbridge and the entire West side?

  10. Vancouver is not any better…it is constantly billed and touted as one of the top-3 or 5 cities in the world to live in, but the reality is about the same as described here for TO…left wing muni government, topped by an extreme-left NDP provincial government which took power in a ploy with a 3-seat irrelevant Green party to hold a one-seat majority together, screwing the “rich” (rich, by their definition, is about anyone who is above welfare class pretty much)…1,500 deaths from fentanyl overdose per year, exorbitant property taxes and lefty bs politics rule the land. Neighbors do not talk to each other, no sense of community, people trying to keep their heads above water, young professionals getting pushed out of the city not being able to buy any real estate, while there are streets of empty multi-million dollar houses (in thousands) held by absentee overseas owners who just parked their ill-gotten money there while there is little housing to rent. Vicious circle…

    1. “young professionals getting pushed out of the city not being able to buy any real estate, while there are streets of empty multi-million dollar houses (in thousands) held by absentee overseas owners who just parked their ill-gotten money there while there is little housing to rent. ”
      Sound like London, UK.

    2. maarten If Vancouver continues to let wealthy Chinese migrants purchase multi-million dollar homes, the market will remain off limits, permanently, for 99% of Vancouver’s population. It doesn’t matter if you’re making 100 thousand or more a year; in Vancouver, you’ll be lucky if you can afford your rent.

    3. Fuck man that’s exactly how I describe Hongcouver… glad I’m not alone..

  11. Visited both Toronto and Montreal a few years ago.
    Albeit I barely speak any French, I found people -in general- a lot more polite , welcoming, the ladies prettier and kinder in Montreal than in Toronto.

    1. Yeah Montreal is way better, one of the finer cities in NA.
      Girls, food, nightlife, people in general, and they have pride in their heritage.
      Total opposite of TO, where theres no social cohesion.

    2. Yeah people in Montreal actually want to have fun.
      People in Toronto are prudish whores.

      1. Yea lots of thots wear butt shorts but get offended if they think that you saw their beef curtains or brown hole when they were bending down for the Joo driving his Maserati to his company which employs thousands of immigrants for minimum wage under third world working conditions. Every Toronto thot who follows feminist mantra is subservient to only the wealthy Joos. The Joos are the Chads in Toronto, while a few Tyrones are allowed to rape a few femthots for debt settlement over drugs. that’s Toronto in a nutshell.

    3. I lived in TO for 4 years in the 90s and we always fled the city on a monthly basis to have fun in Montreal. In those years, bars in TO kicked you out at 1am — Montreal was 3am. Montreal, while not perfect, had much better chicks, cheaper prices and less stuck-up people. In addition, a much more European feel to the city. The Formula 1 weekend was also a blast.
      In those years, there was a palpable difference between people from TO and the rest of the country (Canada) — something that I originally clued into when I met my first couple of TO gals on a trip to the Dominican Republic back in 1989. TO people always maintained a “superior” air about them, an arrogance, a stiffness, a keen sense of materialism and social hierarchy. Always looking down their nose at you and incapable of letting go and having fun. Also a very prominent J-tribe presence in the upper-middle-class realm, and a (relatively) dangerous Caribbean element causing havoc in the lower class realm during those years. Driving out of TO on the 401 in the summer of 1999 was one of the happier days of my life and I vowed to never return — and I haven’t. I can only imagine how much worse it is now…
      However, over the years, I noticed how many more people across the country became much more like Torontonians in their attitudes and behaviors. I eventually realized that this was not a “TO virus” spreading across Canada, but a virulent and well funded “Marxist-Feminist-SJW-LGBT virus” spreading across the world. This infection is now a world-wide plague and the most pressing issue of our times, so I feel exposure of it is of the utmost importance.

      1. “TO people always maintained a “superior” air about them, an arrogance, a stiffness, a keen sense of materialism and social hierarchy. Always looking down their nose at you and incapable of letting go and having fun. ”
        Well said. It’s only gotten worse over the decades since then. Torontonians’ idea of having fun usually involves work (their de facto religion) or getting sh*t-faced drunk. Neither are my idea of fun.

  12. I can confirm that Toronto is a terrible city.
    If you are Canadian there really are only three choices – Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Canada is not like the USA. In the USA, every state has a big center. Our American friends have more choices to move away. There is virtually no economic activity outside of the three big centers in Canada.
    Toronto is getting worse. The roads and public transportation systems are over capacity. I am sure the Third Worlders who live here still think Toronto is fancy but to me it peaked in the late 80s.

      1. clark kent = jew
        you revealed this to me during an earlier conversation we had, don’t deny it.
        You’re not white

    1. Come on Don, there are many other choices in Canada that are viable and can provide a decent life — Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, a number of smaller cities in Ontario (Waterloo, Burlington…), Halifax to name the most prominent.

      1. I have a buddy that just moved to Halifax to escape Toronto… Might be worth looking into..

    2. You’re forgetting Western Canada. If you have any recollection of the last federal election Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta to parts of BC were all progressive conservative. It was Eastern coast of Canada, Ontario and parts of BC that elected the liberal majority. While some western cities may not be ideal in some aspects, having grown up here I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot better than TO or even Vancouver for that matter. But things are changing and I can see the slow seepage of SJW sewage that is coming in.

      1. There is no federal Progressive Conservative Party. You might want to read something on current affairs since 2003.

      2. Hardly groundbreaking to anyone paying a bit of attention to things over the past fifteen years, Burton. Oh, and your down vote has me just devastated.

      3. It was groundbreaking enough for you to take the time to post a comment. The nuances are important to some I guess.

        1. Well no, I think you need to look up the definition of words you clearly don’t understand. I pointed out your ignorance. There was nothing groundbreaking in this.

        2. Nuance: a subtle distinction or variation.
          William you do realize there are provincial progressive conservative provincial parties in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, etc right? Interesting how you pulled the ignorant card so early my friend.

        3. It has nothing to do with nuance, Burton, but nice attempt. The provincial PC Parties are not the federal one.

        4. In your eyes it’s not a nuance but it is. If you like correcting people on small details, go for it!

        5. It’s not a nuance at all, Burton. You mentioned the federal election in 2015 and the Progressive Conservative Party electing MPs west of Ontario. There was no PC Party that elected anyone in the federal election of 2015. The Conservative Party of Canada, which sprang from the Reform Party, elected MPs. This is a major detail, not a minor one. End of story. Quit spinning and admit defeat like a man.

  13. this Isn’t the first, second, or third time I’ve heard Toronto is a horrible place for sane heterosexual males.
    25 years from now Canada and America will probably look the same. I live pretty near middle America and can watch the virus spreading.
    At this point in time, it would be better for the whole thing to crash and a thousand years of darkness covers the earth.
    A lot of articles on this site deal with the decline. The only red pill solution I have come up with is to participate as little as possible. Work the system, as much as you can. Work on yourself.
    Don’t treat western women like humans. That’s pretty extreme, but extreme times call for extreme measures.

    1. I live in the foothills of Colorado, which is one of the last cool places in America. Just like you said, there is a virus spreading. It is some vague, homogenous, and extremely boring death cult. A shitload of walking stereotypes.
      Your typical Boulder resident exemplifies the “nü-Coloradan” to a tee. They drive a Subaru Outback, the man is a 5’7″ pale, balding, 145lb cyclist/mountain biker, he is an attorney. His wife is a 5’5″ 110lb cyclist/mountain biker/crossfitter who believes she is Connor McGregor, she didn’t take his last name. They both voted Hilary, they both believe no human is illegal, they both went to a Eastern liberal arts school. Both of these wastoids have amassed at least $20,000 in outdoors gear that exceeds their athletic ability. They are in their early to late 40’s and don’t have kids (even though they met in their mid thirties), but have two rescue dogs to compensate.

      1. I went to CU-Boulder and spent a couple years living there after graduation. This is an absolutely perfect description. Red pilled men, stay the fuck away from Colorado.

  14. Toronto sounds an awful lot like London England, leftist to the max, very expensive, hardly any ordinary people from white Anglo Saxon stock pretty much only those working in the highest paying industries like finance and media. Women that have a hostile attitude towards men, men that have a hostile attitude towards men! These cities are mirror images of each other, few people actually end up loving the place so much that they stay for decades, as someone said above they are like giant airports with an incredibly transient population.

    1. And what do they have in common? The men insist on being “nice”, while the Ju and the White Whore gang up to destroy them using their pet monkeys.

  15. “Masturbates to thick Japanese women”
    Jeez, really hope that is just a joke…

  16. So Toronto is plagued with the same issues as….. every other city, small-town, and tin shack community in the continental United States? If you go looking for things to be offended by (nosy neighbors, bored housewives, brain-dead cashiers) you will very likely find them. As is true anywhere else you may find yourself. I have a sneaking suspicion the author has not strayed very far from Toronto in his life, if he wasn’t born and raised there to begin with. This kind of Holden Caufield-esque whining seems out of place on ROK, as this sort of vitriol seems more like the complainings of a petulant child than observations of a travelled or experienced man.
    Also Dollarama, really? Talk about a “boring, miserable, and empty” life. Get a hold of your aspirations. What’s happening to this site?

  17. The author forgot to mention that Toronto has the worst subway system in (always breaks down)the world and with the ugliest people in the world on it.

    1. In the time that Toronto has built a few new subway stations
      in the past ten years, a city in china comparable in size and
      population of Toronto built six gleaming high tech new lines that cover hundreds of miles. In less than twenty years, China has created a high speed rail system that covers the whole country. Toronto finally got a rail connection to the Airport after more than fifty years of political debate.
      Oh, and there are no Gay Pride parades, Slut Walks, Park shootings, heroin injection sites. dope dispensaries, or
      Muslim controlled no go Zones like Thorncliffe Park.
      Anyone who has been to Japan, Singapore, China, or Korea
      knows Toronto, and most other western cities, are shit-holes.

    1. Snake,
      I used to think that but was faced with the reality that most preppers have little or no chance of escaping or surviving if they live in or near any urban areas. Move somewhere the ravening hordes won’t be able to reach. When it comes to the fall, there will probably be more of ‘them’ than you have bullets.

  18. Amen brother, I also live in this wasteland. You know why they call this city “the 6”? Because most of the women are 6s or below, but they all think they’re 10s.

  19. Canadians are known for kindness, but kindness is not always the most appropriate virtue. If every every mentally-healthy man, woman, and child cut out those gays, they wouldn’t take over metropolitan areas. Theses insane people are a symptom of moral (scientific and religious) apathy, not of empathy. If people knew when to turn away from filth, and how to teach the children that, there wouldn’t be these perverts everywhere. This article is a sign of the times, and a lesson. Men need to speak up for what’s right. People will kill you for saying what’s right, what’s wrong, or what’s popular (look at James Gunn or Roseanne), so you may as well go down in a blaze of glory as a deplorable biggot. Or your children and your friends children get to see a lot more gay shit.

    1. I’ve met more a-holes in Toronto than anywhere I’ve been to and I’ve lived abroad on and off.

    2. Yes, Canadians have become too nice, too polite, too tolerant, too accepting of everything culturally destructive. They are now also too naive, too glib and too lazy / comfortable to do anything constructive to save themselves.

    3. The kindness is very superficial, though. Below that thin veneer lies passive-aggression and rudeness just seething to come out at the first moment the person thinks it’s to their advantage to do so.

    1. Those whores are perfect examples of the worst of white womanhood.
      I’m a Canuck living in US. Both cuntries are screwed.

      1. Maple syrup guzzling bastard just kidding bro it dosent matter have faith in Christ this world dosent matter

  20. Yup/ We all hate Toronto.
    Centre of the invasion and White Genocide agenda in Canada.
    Its a crime.

  21. Articles like this tell us which cities we will feel less guilty about when we blockade it during the coming war and starve the residents to death.

  22. Lets be honest; most of the problems, scenarios, circumstances and situations mentioned by this author has NOTHING to do with “against white MEN” !!
    Nothing else to say!

  23. As far as America turning into a minority-majority country go, I’ve found women from countries that retain a semblance of patriarchy and religion to be more traditional in their views. However, after a decade in America they are wholly Americanized and bitchified.
    It’s sad in a certain sense. And fat, they keep getting fatter. It’s disgusting.
    One of my fears is America exporting its culture around the world and eventually feminizing the globe.
    Could you imagine a country like China or India or sub Sahara Africa populated by women who behave like Canadian or American women.
    I think this is a real possibility.
    I think it’s already happening in some places.

    1. Agreed, you see more and more highly ‘westernized’ outside of the west, the infection is spreading. First hand experience with the Singaporean and urban Indian youth. Feminism is rampant.

    2. I get the feeling this “thick” stuff and more and more men saying they like big baboon ghetto butts didn’t happen by accident or is a developed coping mechanism for the female landwhale epidemic.

  24. The greatest idiot is the author and not the feminists. Why ?
    Because he doesn’t leave Toronto and cry like a little baby.

  25. The greatest idiot is the author of the article and not the feminist.
    Innstead of leaving Toronto he cries like a little baby …

  26. I don’t understand why men continue to realize they live in s-holes like Toronto or other major cities but still elect to live there. Access to jobs is literally popping up all over Canada and the US outside of crappy, liberal run, expensive metro areas. Vote with your feet and move!
    I was between jobs a few years ago and took some advice from a friend. Called up a temp agency in ND and got a job working the fracking fields in less then 24 hours. Took two days to drive up there and another day to find housing. The job paid about $6,000 a month. It was tough work 18 hour days 5-6 days a week. But, the housing (which was like a dorm room) was free, food was cheap, and I worked so much I didn’t spend any real money. The weather wasn’t great once Winter set in, but my work was mostly in an office. Three months flew by before I got a more permanent position back home in a nice small mid-West city.
    The money I saved was an easy 20% down payment on a nice 3 bedroom house. In a major metro area it would have barely paid 4-5 months of rent.
    Leave the major cities to the liberals to run and ruin. When they want to migrate to areas of the country that are well run, have decent schools, and affordable housing just tell them “no thanks”.

  27. I was born and raised in Toronto. It saddens me to read how a once nice city has gone down hill. I lived outside of Toronto in Burlington by the lake and that was white, pleasant and great. So sad

  28. ” Because she fits into the 95 percent of woman these days who are non-stop compulsive pathological liars—all day, every day, every word, everything they say is a lie.”
    Internalize this boys.

  29. Google “Toronto suspects” and hit the images tab. You’ll know why else it is a shithole.

  30. In these areas (Montreal, Toronto, etc) I’m the only white guy with any resemblance of a Nordic skull shape. If they’re of European descent, they’re South Slav, obese, with a huge ‘melon’ head where the back of the head (occipital bun) is extremely flat and the forehead is just a lump. Not many over 6 feet tall!

  31. The author complains about a series of what the SJWs would call micro-aggressions happening to him. Stop being so sensitive (dare I say feminine) A low paid service industry employee frowned at you FFS. Stop being affected by other people’s emotions and manage your own, your life will improve.

  32. Toronto was never cool. As a Montrealer who moved here years ago, I noticed it immediately. The restaurants sucked, the ‘social scene’ was full of the most uninteresting people imaginable, the audiences at public events did their best impression of an oil-painting and the nightlife was completely useless. There wasn’t that un-self-conscious spontanaiety that other cities just seemed to have. People didn’t spontaneously coalesce into fun get-togethers. It’s a city where people kind of look down at the ground and wait for someone else to generate some excitement. I’ve even seen buskers stop their acts midway in an attempt to teach the audience how to act. One person with a strong personality could take over the whole city. The only person who would stop them would be some obese, tatted-up mother hen who had more testosterone than 95% of the dudes here. One angry Black Lives Matter lesbian with a megaphone cold shut the whole city down if she wanted to.
    It’s a veritable shithole socially and culturally even if there is low crime and reasonable infrastructure. There is something that is just missing in T.O., like a person who was grown in a laboratory instead of organically like most of humanity. Nature abhors a vacuum and into the vast cultural vacuum of Toronto has come the most ‘progressive’ of agendas with very little resistance. Where there is no culture or tradition can come the most extreme of agendas and Toronto is ground zero for social engineering. Even the Swedes, who we mock mercilessly, are a 100x cooler. We have no Pewdiepie. Most Americans have more personality in their little finger than a 100 Torontonians.
    As much as we complain about the excessive immigration, it actually is a mitigating factor in the all-out liberalization of the city since most of the immigrants are conservative family-oriented people from southern/eastern Asia.
    Toronto is good for one thing: work – and work they do. Here we say TGIM instead of TGIF. There’s enough stuff here that people trick themselves into believing that they are really ‘living’ here. And since it is the economic center of Canada and at one of the most southern points, people stay here. Scientific research has shown that people’s asses freeze at -17 so everyone gathers around the weather of Southern Ontario where it is warmer than the rest of the Great White North and much drier than Hongcouver. In our world of ever-shortening attention spans, it’s hard to give up the hustle and bustle of the big city once you’ve experienced it. Unlike the US where there are so many more cities to live in, your choices in Canada are limited and bc no one voluntarily learns french, you either stew or immigrate to the US or Mexico.
    Toronto is safe, clean and you can and will waste away your life anonymously here. The only worthwhile pastimes are building a harem of Asian chicks and watching your house triple in value so you can geoarbitrage your winnings in a cheap and warm offshore retirement haven.

  33. Terrible article. This dude starts off with a failed job opportunity at a dollar store, then complains about bad service at an already shitty coffee shop. Sounds like someone I would certainly not take any advice from. Toronto is an amazing city filled with great food and a seemingly endless supply of beautiful women in my opinion/experience. Then again, I’m not working at a dollar store or eating bagels at Tim Hortons so what do I know?

  34. The idiot who wrote this article is a fucking moron and deserves to be fucking whipped in the street. Get the fuck out of here whiny little faggot.

  35. The idiot who wrote this article is a fucking moron and deserves to be fucking whipped in the street. Get the fuck out of here whiny little faggot. I am deeply embarrassed for you.

  36. no wonder many of the pickup artists (the founders) originally come from this city Toronto: Mystery, RSD founder Tyler nearby Toronto, Sasha Daygame.

  37. I’ve never understand why supposed men cry and bitch about something they have control over. Move…no no no don’t make faggot excuses as to why can’t……bloody move. If not, don’t bitch, cause it’s apparently not that bad, if stay for stupid reasons. Also, dont bitch, cause you’re supporting the stupidity by staying…my tax money doesn’t get filtered into slut walks and fruit parades.

  38. Toronto the PC freak show and behavioural sink. No wonder Deagle.com figures Canada will be missing 10 or 11 million people by 2025.

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