Women Have No Sense Of Justice

A fairly common shit test that women employ at the middle stage of seduction deals primarily with the woman’s self-image. Unlike many other shit tests, it is just as frequently encountered by romantic beta men as by aggressive players, appearing seemingly out of thin air as a certain ‘light bulb’ flickers on within the woman’s head. The test usually pops up during escalation, which causes your level of intimacy to advance to the next level. For example:

  • when you touch a new area of her body
  • when the chemistry between you two deepens
  • when either of you mentions something you might do in the future
  • when you go in for the kiss
  • when you have already kissed her and you’re making out
  • when you’re in bed and undressing
  • rarely, when you first meet her in a club and try to dance with her
  • and very rarely, after sex, when she wants to know the status of your relationship (or lack of)

During any single growth in the intimacy between you that implies that something more is going to happen, a curious phenomenon appears in the woman’s mind: “Wait, what does this look like? Do I appear easy? What will he/observers think about me?” In other words:

A woman never wants to feel like a slut, even if she is currently doing something slutty.

It is at this moment that her defenses engage. She is not a slut, nor does she want to look like one! She is going to put up some resistance, pleasure be damned! That is where the famous phrase appears:

“You just want me for sex.”


“Do you like me just for my body?”


“You just want to sleep with me, don’t you?”

The universal rule of all shit tests is that rational answers are generally not good answers, but it is made even more prominent now. No matter what, do not try to explain yourself, convince her that it’s not really like that, convince her that you value her as a person, or engage in a prolonged discussion. That is exactly the fodder that she needs to reject you and prove that she really is a Nice Girl ™ who cannot be lured into sex by a few sweet words and reassurances. The more you try to convince and soften her, the more she will clam up, and the chance for further escalation is going to fade.

A common misunderstanding

Being the stone-cold player that you are, you’re not going to make the mistake of trying to convince her. Instead, here are a few effective answers (all of which should be delivered with a grin, followed by a brief look into her eyes, and then continuing the escalation as if she hadn’t raised any objections):

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Why is that bad?”

I call the answer above “pulling a Juan Antonio”, as it was immortalized by the protagonist of the excellent movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona in the scene in which reacts to a similar accusation with a shrug and a simple counter-question: “Why not?” Don’t treat wanting to sleep with her as something that needs to be justified, and she won’t either.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And you like that.” *

A classic example of so-called “asshole game”. You need some nerve to run this successfully. There are few men who can nonchalantly launch stuff of this caliber and really mean them, but those who can shall be richly rewarded by women.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I actually want to steal your organs.”

Agree and amplify at work. Make fun of her with an absurd proposition that goes even further than hers.

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do I need a reason?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “And because you talk so much.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Just shut up and kiss me.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “No, I like your law degree.”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “Do you only want me for sex?”

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: “I haven’t decided yet.” *

Her: “You only want me for sex.”
You: *grunt**

* = an answer that I have personally used with success

Never allow a woman’s last-minute doubts about her image to stop you. Learn to defuse her reluctance in a playful way and she will reward you with fornication.

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302 thoughts on “Women Have No Sense Of Justice”

  1. No need to read the article but, I still will. Title says it all. Enough said

  2. ” as the weaker sex, to be dependent on strength but on cunning; this is why they are instinctively crafty, and have an ineradicable tendency to lie.”
    Thy name is woman.

  3. Loyalty and courtesy do not exist to women. Make no mistake that any girl can change her mind in an INSTANT. Doesn’t matter how much rapport or history you have. She will stop responding, she’ll cheat, she’ll completely vanish off the face of the Earth just because.
    It’s all good though, just keep this in the back of your head when dealing with these creatures.
    As a sales professional, my job is to talk to dozens of potential leads, each potentially dropping out of the market or ceasing communication at a moments notice. Dating is very much like working extra hours.

    1. You have to prove to your woman, every second of every day, that you’re more than worthy of having her. That’s a tough mountain for a lot of people to climb, and most men can’t even see the mountain or know it’s there. They think showing up is all there is to it. The poor bastards. They get their advice from Bruno Mars’ love ballads. If you’re here, you’re in good shape.
      The option for her to cheat will always be there. The best way around that is to shake hands with the devil. Acknowledge it, but change your perspective on it. If you’re doing the girlfriend/ wife thing right, every girl you date should be more desirable than the last. Your last girlfriend knew how to cook, speak French, and was an 8? Well, your next girlfriend is going to have to know how to cook, speak at least one foreign language, and be an 8.5. You wouldn’t date her otherwise. You don’t drive a junker after you’ve just turned in a Lexus.
      The takeaway: always realize the next one will be better. No matter how good this relationship is, if she does decide to sabotage it and cheat, she’s just putting you on the fast-track to meeting an even hotter woman on the assembly line.

      1. “If you’re doing the girlfriend/ wife thing right…” you’re not going to be doing the wife thing. At least not here.
        Yes, as long as they keep themselves healthy, in shape, and don’t unnecessarily lock themselves in with onerous obligations, men’s options tend to increase as they gain in experience and wealth.

        1. Up to a point. As I start to push 60 hard, I see that all the alpha attitude in the world does not make up for a sagging body, bald head, and wrinkles. There is a male wall and we all hit it eventually. It is just much later than for women. As youroptions start to decrease to over 40 American women you contemplate suicide or lifelong chastity. I chose going outside the US, but this is not a path for many. Most of my age cohort has chosen chastity (both inside and outside of marriage.)

      2. > You have to prove to your woman, every second of every day, that you’re more than worthy of having her.
        Bullcrap. I don’t have to prove anything to my bitch. What is this nonsense? Are you a feminist? If you’re “proving” anything to your bitch then you’re already doing it wrong.

        1. Calm down. What he means is that your actions have to demonstrate that the woman is lucky to have you, not the other way around.

    2. It’s not that they’re totally nonexistent, it’s more that women tend to define these values in relation to social acceptability, which invariably distorts logical interpretations.

    3. Dating an American woman is not like working extra hours it is working extra hours. That is why I stopped doing it years ago.

  4. Female Sense of entitlement is exactly why they are pumped and dumped as they deserve to be.

    1. They dont even deserve that. In my opinion.
      Brilliant article by the way. Thank you again RoK.

  5. Funny how you “alphas” talk about confidence, but try so hard to justify your self-made superiority that you need to put people below you – whether than means other men, homosexuals, and women.
    PUA is a waste of time. Just treat everyone as a person, with their own faults, and you’re good.
    God damn.

      1. By the sound of the comment I doubt its even a male. I would hope men couldnt stoop so slow.

    1. ^Ban this beta who kisses girls good night and tastes the semen of the alpha who sent her home in betas car because it’s cheaper than a cab.

    2. I did that “treat everyone as a person” thing. I was a virgin until the age of 29.
      Guess what happened that caused me to know what women actually wanted, and how I – a shy man that people like you would very easily put below you and everyone you know – lost my virginity a few months shy of 30 years old? You get three guesses.

      1. He’s a classic equalist libtard who thinks men and women are actually equal. We’re not putting women and fags below us… they are below us.

      2. I was lied to for a long time too. I grew up in a household with an overbearing mother, a weak father and all sisters. I was constantly told crap by women about romance, about ‘true love’ and about how you should listen to women and respect what they say.
        I couldn’t work out why I kept getting steamrolled by girls all the time.

        1. makes me think of that line from the movie “twins”. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his twin Danny de Vito are having a conversation about girls:
          Arnold: “I respect women”
          Danny: “You’re gay?”
          Only funny because if you do show them respect you might as well be

        2. Pretty much. You have to think of what you’ve already lost whenever you start getting thoughts about love or respect.
          Then you think about what you have to lose and you realize that it is nothing. This allows you to remain aloof and cultivate the asshole attitude that is required for basically any success in this demented society.

    3. The only thing that I agree with is that PUA is a waste of time for most men. Most men already have it genetically, or no matter what they do, they’ll never get it.
      For instance, a Black guy trying to learn PUA to get Northeast Asian girls are decent-looking girls is probably going to get a very low ROI, whereas a White guy doesn’t even need PUA to get girls in Asia.

      1. That’s a myth. Betas are betas worldwide, coming to Asia won’t help anything. They won’t get laid frequently, they’ll get LJBF’d just like any other man. However, they can find a girlfriend which they can marry. One girl is a hell of a lot better deal than zero.

        1. I went there with a manipulative Korean slut who lied and guilt tripped me into dating her. Meanwhile she cheated constantly and I couldn’t work out what was going wrong. The relationship was extremely dysfunctional and I wouldn’t recommend East Asian women to white guys at all. I personally don’t even find them physically attractive.
          I’ve also had a lot of Chinese women hit on me. Not interested. . . at all. Same deal.

        2. Not from what I’ve seen, and even experienced. When I was in Japan, White guys that would do well in America would kill it. White guys that were incel in America would get many girls too.
          I am Black. In America, I was incel (still am, arguably, but certainly was back then). I scored on a regular basis with decent-looking Japanese girls (keep in mind this was in the mid-2000s when Black guys were a fad there).
          Alpha and Beta are Alpha and Beta, but what is considered Alpha and Beta change in different cultures/locations. These things may change as the media sweeps the entire globe, people travel and change perceptions, cultures, economies, etc. change, but for now, being White = automatic alpha in Asia.

        3. Rice Kings are better than the Black dudes that go for the fatass white war pigs. The only thing embarrassing about being a Rice King is that as a Black guy, I cannot really do well with NE Asian girls.

        4. honest question: why can’t you simply date other black women? why are so many black men so obsessed with poaching the women of other races?

        5. Dont take your failure there so personally. As a white guy trying to hit on hot black chicks here in the US, I come across the same thing as you. I just accept it, but I dont paint all of them with the same wide brush. Maybe you just need to spend a little more time there, like 6 months to a year. See if you can find some type of work there. Once you become known to some of them there they might warm up to you after awhile. Or just try to find some interesting women from other cultures. Heck, I like em in all shapes and colors.

        6. don’t you think there is something psychologically amiss if you are repulsed by your own race? and why on earth would other races be expected to support the idea of black guys poaching their women?

        7. not really. the truth would be too terrible for him to admit. but he loses all credibility if he can’t address the issue any deeper than his bullshit platitude about white guys doing it too.

        8. Why should you automatically have a preference for Black skin women,merely because you have black skin too?You are under no obligation to fuck within your “race”,only eugenicists and society engineers (leftists) will dictate that to you.The world is yours,take what you like.Let Noah Fishbein run after the kind most similar to him:Beta homosexual kykes.

        9. It’s because even black guys realize that their women aren’t as attractive as women of other races on average.

        10. What’s funnier is that black guys, for all their shit-talking about “white guys this, white guys that” seem to make it a point to horn in on whatever it is that white guys are doing. I recall a time not that long ago where it was “common knowledge” that black guys “didn’t like” Asian chicks. Now, you have all these black guys coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be rice chasers. (I can think of at least a couple from the RoK boards.)
          As usual: wherever whites go, blacks try and follow.

      2. A black guy trying to score an 8.5/10 asian girl from her native homeland =/= an asian guy trying to score an 8.5/10 white girl from her native homeland.
        I agree though, universally, that white dudes have it best on all fronts when it comes to scoring chicks of any race, ironically, they’re also the ones most likely to be conditioned from childhood to be betas/simps/manginas from their (dis)respective societies (especially anglo countries with their rampant feminazi’ism).

      3. I wouldnt say that. As a white guy I can attest its easier to meet women in Asia as the culture as a whole is more upbeat, friendlier and easier going. I by no means could just get any girl I wanted.

      4. My two cents on this.
        Asian girls are the second best thing to the white wimmenz if you are looking for someone to start a family with. Northeast Asian girls don’t really like to party and drink and fuck around so much, and generally are more genetically stable. A lot of tall handsome white dudes like Asian girls just because they are more predictable and manageable. Not all, but a lot.
        However with all supposed bonuses there are negatives.
        These are the same Asian women that shit on their own men. That is a big red flag and it should be to any man. Any woman that hates herself and her own culture is probably mentally unstable.
        How do I know this? My dad is a 6’2″ blue eyed German American man, red haired and hairy. My mom was a 5’6″ Hong Kongese woman who poached him early in her school years. However when I was born she required a C-section, got sick with Hep-D and died; she was also suicidal and refused medicine and extremely disappointed in my father’s inability to provide high income. My brother and I both have extremely high IQs, and both of us are on different spectrums of mentally ill. I have severe depressive disorder and am amazed to have made it past 25, partly because of my looks, which have benefited me more than my brother who is schizophrenic and mentally crippled to not even be able to work; both of us lag far behind our peers, Asian or white, in our careers, though I am doing better. I, however, have to live my life knowing that my own mother hated Asian men and that my father was a fucking retard beta male who pretty much threw away lottery-type genetics.
        I married a normal looking Chinese woman from a great family who prefers Chinese dudes. I guess I did this subconsciously to make up for my extremely low self esteem and I admit readily that she kept me from killing myself. I would have gladly have married the other women in my life before, generally hot but uniformly crazy, and I blame them for not making the effort to keep me around.
        Either way, women are women, and one need only look at the Asian American women to see that those are generally the BIGGEST sluts in the US, hands down. America is poison.

    4. god damn troll….men will always be superior to women otherwise there wouldn`t be men.

  6. Arthur Schopenhauer was a God among men, able to observe the truth of female nature with amazing clarity.
    Loyalty, duty and honor are purely masculine concepts, never expect a woman to adhere or even understand them.

    1. With respect to God, only a man could have conceptualized God. In this regard, women are barely above machines, or animals, which are essentially the same thing. It is a pity, though, that many men use the natural beauty of women as evidence that there is God – i.e., the Lord of the Rings style white-knighting of Arwen and the depiction of angels as blue eyed blonde haired angels. Once women are exposed as being what they are – all possible conceptions of God become moot.
      A tall man will gladly welcome a short man into his church and his friendship, and will hardly consider the man’s height as a measure of his character; a tall man can love a short man as a friend (no homo) to an incredible degree and wish nothing but happiness on him.
      A woman however will instantly disqualify the man as a human being – let alone a sexual partner.
      Go outside and look at your typical hot chick glued to her phone or sitting alone in public. She doesn’t have a purpose; her mind doesn’t contemplate anything except herself and her friends and alpha male dick. You can see it in her eyes. It’s just a vapidity that even dogs don’t have. I swear I have had cats with more curiosity and interest in their own existence that extended far beyond that of a human female.

      1. Of course hot chicks are like this. When have they been punished for their wrongdoings in their lives?

        1. If they grew up with a proper father, many times.
          My daughter is almost 15 and quite beautiful, as is her mother. I routinely tell her no to her incessant demands (nascent shit tests of course), punish her for transgressions slight or large, and reward her only occasionally for good deeds. The result is a demur, polite, charming, happy girl who in all ways is cast from the same mold as American women from the 1800’s.
          That said, I suspect that I am one of possible ten fathers left in America who does this, outside of the Mormons and Amish.

        2. Now all you have to do is keep the authoritarian State from SWAT teaming your house and bring CPS workers in to document the “abuse” your responsible for. Next they’ll abduct her, put her on 7 different psychotropic drugs and give her 2 dozen vaccines one right after another. By the time you petition the courts and get her back, she’ll either be paralyzed or unable to talk. Perhaps both. All this of course in hopes your not too late and that she hasn’t already been sold into the sex trade to some Saudi Prince overseas. I mean, we can’t have you raising children correctly working against the planned destruction of the American Family by design. In fact, it’s highly racist.

        3. If you’ll also notice that successful child rearing of the traditional kind is being systematically maligned. The Cultural Marxists in the MSM are relentlessly attacking Mormons and the Amish. The coup doesn’t want any clues of nation-making success left behind.

        4. I am so so sorry for you’re child, that she could not grow up to be strong living human who is abel to say and do what she pleases, just like we men are able to do.

        5. Everyone is accountable for their own actions. The key is to mold your offspring so that, in total, they make the right decision more often than not. Why not raise them to be respectful and demur rather than some un-feminine, bossy, loud bitches?

      2. hahahaha this is utter nonsense. I’m not even offended, as you are hilariously inept at making arguments.

      3. A beautiful woman will gladly welcome an unattractive woman as a friend and will hardly consider the woman’s unattractiveness a measure of her character. However, a man? He will instantly disqualify the woman as a human being let alone a partner.

        1. You’re forgetting that the reason they welcome them as friends is because it preserves their ego of being the hotter girl of the group and as a means to prop herself up. It’s ego gratification at it’s worst.
          That to me is far worse than directly dismissing someone. It’s dishonest and spiteful.

      4. I can’t believe I am reading this bullshit. “A tall man will gladly welcome a short man into his church and his
        friendship, and will hardly consider the man’s height as a measure of
        his character; a tall man can love a short man as a friend” YEH FUCKING RITE, HE WOULD PROBABLY RIP THE SHIT OUT OF HIM, BUNCH OF FUCKING BULLIES

      5. On the contrary, Since man only understands the honor traits and God-like justice, doesn’t that kinda infer that we (man) was created by God and in his image. Plus, God intended women (wo-man, came from a man) to help men, or assist men. Women were never intended to hold power at all since creation.
        Just my 2 cents.

      1. I believe when young men get their first erections (with the desire to have sex), they should be given this fine book. I first had sex at 12. However, with the amount of beta dads out there today who succumb to the will of Americunt whorish mommies, their sons will most likely be a spitting image of their pussy begging dads. I’m still proud of the fact today that I’ve never given a woman flowers, and I’ve always been handsomely rewarded after the fact. lol

        1. their sons will most likely be a spitting image of their pussy begging dads

          Unfortunately, yes. As young men, we tend to mold ourselves in our father’s (or father figure’s) image. Especially as boys — that’s the dominant image of manhood that we have in our lives. So if that father is a fucking eunuch who spends his life bending over for the ramrod dictates of the female imperative, well, the poison merely spreads into the next generation.

        2. you are a sad, ugly person. “Americunt whorish mommies”? Really? The excrement is spilling freely from your mouth.

    2. omg this is so much fucking bull-shit!
      You do not dare say something you must know is not real.
      If you think I am wrong I must say I pray for you to get well but please try to understand that women are as equal as we, men are

  7. No good deed goes unpunished.
    Great article overall with one exception:
    “There are very few American women who won’t burn you if you take this dangerous approach, and the exceptions are mostly fat chicks, who, you better believe it, would be entitled, ungrateful cunts if only they could.”
    Fat chicks are THE MOST entitled and ungrateful cunts.
    While I never hit on them, I used to think that they may in some way act like decent human beings because of their obvious limitations.
    However they manage to delude themselves into thinking that they have no such limitation. They think that everyone should have to deal with their cuntish behavior as if they were super hot chicks.

    1. Good observation. There is a reason for that. If you don’t care about yourself, you sure won’t care about others. Fat men are the same way. Avoid them.

    2. This happens to a point, but they’re still overall more gracious than women who are more attractive. Believe or not, they can be some of the best at sex. They tend to chase their orgasms and have developed sexual skills to please men.
      Men who are with very attractive women mostly get off on the visual because they are the most lazy and selfish in bed. YMMV

      1. “Believe or not, they can be some of the best at sex. They tend to chase
        their orgasms and have developed sexual skills to please men.”
        Sorry, this sounds like fattie fucker post hoc rationalization. Every guy I’ve heard say this couldn’t do better than the fat chick he was porking and was highly resistant to raising his sights through self improvement. That’s not good.

        1. There are some funny rationalizations to be had about riding the tricycle. One of my former shipmates used to make a beeline for the fat chick at the bar when we got ashore. His rationalization was that he never had to pay for anything but her drinks, always got laid, got breakfast and a ride back to the ship. The rest of us drank, spent too much on women who might or might not fuck us, then went back to the ship to beat off or went to the whorehouse and spent yet more money.
          Dude had a point, but I guess you could call it special circumstances. He never gave them his real name and never did this when we were in port closer to his home.

        1. Everyone has fucked a fat bitch in their time, so don’t judge too harshly. I mean, they do account for 2/3rds of the American female population so you’d be hard pressed to avoid it. Not to mention, cocaine is a helluva drug.

        2. Everyone? Speak for yourself James. No offense brother, but sometimes it is better to endure a bit of famine than it is to feast on a can of Crisco. Everyone has dry spells in their lives, but that doesn’t mean everyone approaches those times with the same strategy.

        3. I’ll agree to a point. I’ve chosen to endure in many cases when the options looked rather grim. But your discounting one key variable: Sometimes we drink. (Besides, we’d also have to define fat. I’d never fuck an obese woman. A so-called “thick” girl with it in all the right places, namely the chest… They give GREAT old fashions.)

    3. Fat chicks are a mixed bunch.
      Some of them will be the snottiest snatches you’ll find out there, particularly the mother-hen types who try to spoil everybody’s fun.
      Other fatties realize they need to compensate for the weight with good personality — especially the ones who are really horny or desperate for a man.

    1. Congrats (if you coined it); it has a nice ring to it.
      I dissent, but with courtesy in advance. I know I’m not making friends with this one:
      Men created God and other gods before Him. In time, men will destroy God and create something new, just as they did to the other gods that they created. This is what only men can do; it is an innate promiscuity to create and destroy that dwarfs the corollary power of women, who limit themselves to flesh alone. We created God when there was need enough to be creative enough. Whether that need was to control other men (indoctrinating them into not wk/pua/mgtow killing us all), to control women (channeling their cockfestering selfishness likewise into not killing us all), or both is yours to re-derive from the corruptible shared memory that is history. The last time men made God, they created something that lasted over two thousand years; what could have prompted such an impressive feat?
      Men created God so that boys would know how their fathers ashes before them felt. So that new men would remember old lessons forged by considerable suffering. So that we would not be wickedly ingenious in our lives but awesomely stupid over generations. So that we would not allow entropy to re-emerge. So that this would not be forgotten: honorable white-knight/beta joseph so desperate as to believe the damnable lies of his cheating cock-carosel maria, who never had sex with him and was a virgin yet bore a child that could not possibly be his, all while maria stole the well-faring from three separate kings, of whom took wealth from all men and gave it to the filth of history that betrays them time and time again.
      Such a pill had to be dressed up nicely then, as now. But the memory remains. And it is up to us to remember our heritage. All of it. Some men are born from those who failed. But most men are born from those who, each generation, stood at the edge of oblivion in some way, and made it. This is the past and future truth.
      If these shadows have offended, you can look away, but it as many find out, sticking your head in the sand doesn’t work forever.

      1. Well, I think you have to make the distinction that man-made institutionalized religion is not the same thing as belief in a Creator. That being said, you have to hand it to the Bible as it was the original Return of Kings. It tells us exactly why Women are the way they are and warns that they can never be trusted. For as I’m sure you know, the first Woman that ever was royally fucked over the first Man. Alas, we’re all destined to repeat this vicious cycle until the end of time.

        1. again, not earning points here. look away if it suits you, there’s probably good self-preservation in thinking otherwise. what might look like heresy is not articulated easily:
          a Creator as an idea didn’t create me. ideas don’t create people. my father was my creator. and before him, his. go back far enough before them, ours. i credit them with sculpting the behavior of their sons from the mud they would have otherwise been. in abstract, this idea can be God, as it existed before h. sapiens. but it is also inextricable from the emergence of men; the Creator idea is inseparable from the evolution of fathers and sons.
          a Creator as a belief is therefore self evident and requires only trust enough to stand apart from your specific life and open your eyes wider. tie this to the feeling and emotion of faith, and viola: God as defined today. pick your flavor. i have faith in my father that created me, and as mine has faith in me now (well perhaps… however distant at times, but still present). We, men, are the creators of the idea, the carriers of it, it’s tangible embodiment. This isn’t atheism, this isn’t meta-religion, this doesn’t negate choice to believe in the Creator idea or God, it’s just the greater truth. men made the idea based off of actual derived reality (as opposed to Biblical reality). This is our inheritance.
          this means that if a man believes in a Creator and doesn’t likewise believe that is also him in an acutely tangible way, i wager your first sentence completely rejects the thesis of my prior post (i doubt that was intended though).
          for the record, i’m not saying, reductio ad absurdum, run around thinking your God; that doesn’t generally work out so well. there’s a reason why the masses were told that the Creator was God and not them – alot of damn good reasons. but don’t sell yourself short forever; as far as civilization is concerned, men are the Creators that made creation.
          stones are in the bucket to the left. men may throw them at will, just watch the balls.

        2. Even still, Darwinism and people who believe in Evolution Theory have to take faith on much of what they can not and have not observed. To me, this is the exact definition of a Religion. People would get along better if they did the research enough to know that they in fact know nothing at all.

        3. ha! fact. i don’t know what we’re talking about anymore, so i’ll just type on this for a bit.
          i don’t care about contemporary – or even classical – definitions of darwinism or evolution. i use the word evolution when it fits close enough so as to pick my battles sparsely, even though my version derives from fact only – to the explicitly unforgiving exclusion of any and all other fictions. in stark contrast, as you describe, Darwinists, those pseudo-studious, the self-proclaimed experts without experience in excellence, the voluminous paper pushers who have never held chalk, the drafters that never build, the feel-good-samaritans who have no idea how to actually be or do good and would have us believe the opposite – they hold a special place of ire in my heart. they are believers of cult, its members indoctrinated by their mediocrity, its faith retained by un-exploration, its actions directed at killing Kings. i can only hope you didn’t get the impression that i was such.
          ask them, “define evolution?” they will parot “survival of the fitest,” wholly ignorant that their very existence negates the babble escaping their mouths – if it were indeed true. but consider, do you need to ace the test to pass? no. you need only be not the worst. it is not that the top percentile lives while all others die, nor even the opposite; it is that the bottom percentile dies by their own hand. thus survival-of-fittest is not right, not even wrong, just plain fucking nuts. evolution is the self-de-selection of the least-fit, the inept killing themselves, and their is no ‘plan’ beyond that. it always has been. but such means, by Darwin’s definition, Man cannot be proven the best, cannot be proven to be God’s chosen. Darwin, no matter what the Darwinists proclaim, was a religious man raised in a stoutly religious world in search of God. Darwin looked in the wrong place, nevertheless came so close to the right answer, but then went off into nut-ville. Darwin’s followers do the same to this day. his/their Evolution Theory be damned.
          i like cooperation, but after a certain point, i don’t think there’s any getting along to be had. Darwinist-Evolutionists get along like scared children huddled together on a raft set adrift from the flotsam and wreckage of the very ship said children just wickedly finished setting ablaze. while they watch it burn, clucking that they’re better, their beady eyes know they all lied in unison, in cowardice, in hate. it was all they could do; after-all, they can’t build ships, so ships are bad! i wish i could describe it better; i see it in their expressions when they talk, and i don’t know the word for it. to call it malice doesn’t come close to capturing its depth. being associated with them makes me want to go back to church.

        4. Using proper punctuation and grammar instead of 13 year old girl “web-pidgeon” would probably make your argument a lot more compelling.
          It’s hard to take some seriously who can’t even be bothered to capitalize an “I”.
          What? It burns too many calories to extend your pinkie a half-inch? Is this a global warming thing or something?
          Why even attempt to communicate your thoughts to others if you can’t be bothered to do it properly?

  8. If women are so skilled at lie detection, then why do they so easily fall for game? Or jewelry salesmen? Or feminism?

      1. @Vezzini
        It depends how badly she wants what is on the other side of the lie. Jewelry, beta bucks, alpha fvcks, etc.
        Game is not dishonesty. Game is a strategery and execution of personal conduct. In fact, in it’s purest form, game is the solid truth. It’s states clearly to the woman that I will not put you on a pedestal in the false hope that someday I will be between your legs.
        More importantly Game is about being honest with yourself.

        1. In the human species the egg is more valuable than your gazillion sperm. Even a hen’s eggs are more valuable than the rooster who knocks up a dozen hens a day lol.”Game” is just a delusion that beta blanket boys want to believe to console themselves in their inability to get females. It’s a joke. Real alphas don’t have to do or say anything to get a female because the female is good at detecting who’s the alpha and who are the others.Sure the alpha will talk to her but that’s just a matter of form and the conclusion has already been decided. So basically you should stop wasting your time with this game crap and just hope that some ordinary girl who can’t do any better condescends to let you shag her. On her terms and conditions.Just accept your fate, blanket boys.

        2. Mr.Big I bet is a fucking female…probably a fan of Sex and the City where the character Mr.Big comes from….
          Game is the truth, don`t listen to this female troll…

        3. Really?
          So by your argument Alpha’s have no game, the just unzip their trousers. Merely because “the female is good at detecting”.
          Your argument is self-contradictory, like most women.

        4. one small future amendment, if you would:
          please kill the myth that sperm are a dime a dozen. it is correct, but so massively incomplete that it reaches the opposite conclusion of reality. men are the most invaluable asset of civilization, not women.
          the whole truth is that micro-level cellular biology cannot predict the behavior of h. sapiens (even though it can in other species significantly more dependent on instinct/coded behavior). as such, cell biology cannot predict the worth of sperm in the h. sapiens organism, nor can it subsequently predict the worth of men (or women for that matter). unlike all other animal/plant/fungi/bacterial systems, h. sapiens inherits most of its behavior from learning, not genetic code. thus, what works for the rest of biology, maping the behavior of frog-sperm onto frog-male/female value, doesn’t work in mankind. it simply has zero predictive value when organisms get so complex. and it’s just a ridiculous extrapolation; an indoctrination that i myself fell for for a very long time. in short the biology of the cell (sperm) can’t divine the worth of a man to life itself.
          the contemporary thought pattern is that since sperm are cheap, men are disposable, and consequently eggs (and thus women) are divinely invaluable. which is the great lie of matriarchy, an illegitimate inversion of reality only recently tacked on to the legitimate science taught in schools throughout the world. it is men that are invaluable to human macro level survival. men are the life of civilization, while women are faceless. both are tied to each other, no shit, but the beauty of women came to be so as to drive men to create the cradle of civilization – against any and all odds. for us, beauty compels work, compels skyscrapers, and a woman gifted enough can even compel the hardest red-pill man.
          sperm, separated from men, is indeed worthless. but it is a tremendous cognitive dissonance to think that what plays out on the micro level in frogs some how maps one-to-one onto the macro level in mankind. the biology of the cell cannot be taken out of the context it was discovered in, no matter how much feminist hateful thinking may want to conjure.

        5. I agree with most of what you said, however the beauty of women is a supreme curse on mankind. Civilizations around the world under religious pretexts pretty much unanimously cursed the beauty of women. It’s only in our modern Luciferian times that beauty became a modus operandi for life, an industry even. It’s incomprehensible the amount of loss men suffered, now that Western Patriarchy is dead. A man’s looks is not the sole determinant of his attractiveness to women. Simply put, men are more valuable than women in almost everyway, with the exception of having extremely primitive sexualities. What I admire about women (the only thing I admire), is the fact that they can turn their ability to have sex on and off like a light switch.
          They seem to possess full control over their sexuality and this little aspect of their biology has allowed them to wreak terror on the West in the 21st century. There’s a reason, why every civilization from Japan, China, India to Old Europe and the Arab world, kept women under wraps. Adam and Eve may be false, but it was a warning, “this is what happens when you let them off the obtain parity, when you let them tempt you.” Men are the life of civilization and the human species. I would argue that beauty as a function of child bearing is a prime determinant for building civilization. Beauty as a thing in of itself, is extraordinarily evil, as our current culture of trash narcissism a la’ “selfies” can attest to.

        6. without question, agreed. it didn’t fit nicely into my post, however. i’ve been working on being more concise.
          as an aside, i think the sense of innocence is lost today, which i would argue is why beauty is such an extraordinary evil. otherwise outside of this frame, beauty is just a tool. when enough perpetual children wield it so selfishly, it doesn’t seem to turn out so well. especially cascading down through fatherless generations.
          but maybe it’s just that blue-pill acid-reflux that makes me hope that beauty can exist outside of the soulless succubi that wield it today.

        7. First off, anyone who would choose the name “Mr. Big” is not only a beta, but clearly compensating for a personal deficiency in some other area. Secondly, shut the fuck up.

        8. I would part ways with you in this small respect Lance. Beauty is not evil, however, vanity about beauty is very, very evil. A beautiful woman could, in times past, be expected to be modest and tamed, and her vanity was restricted to appearing in decent attire at social gatherings. Today even modestly attractive or even mediocre looking women take those “selfies” and put on the whore pants, ergo, they are participating in vanity in extreme measure for a gift they do not even posses.

        9. I would amplify your comment by adding that the egg is only more valuable where it is the limiting factor to tribal growth. Since we are not in a population growth competitive environment, what is the worth of the egg that gets flushed down the toilet every month for years and years? Women are not using even 10% of their reproductive capacity so what exactly are they good for?
          Let me add that I believe Mr. Big is a woman and I do not respons to comments from women. So, I am only responding and adding to your reply. Still I ask that you stop feeding the trolls.

        10. penitently ceded. i realized my mistake in cold sweat only after i posted. you need not ask, i already know i foolishly wasted effort. been kicking myself all day.

        11. This kinda reminds me of “Prometheus” the movie. How if you let the virus go, it will kill all of mankind. Women are very similar in this way.

    1. It’s not quite true that women have no sense of justice. They do, of a sort; it’s warped so that alpha = good and beta = bad.

      1. I don’t think that’s quite it either. Rather, justice is a manly virtue, enforced by men, chiefly against other men to maintain trustworthiness within the men’s societies.
        You need to be able to trust your right hand man more than anybody else in your life.
        Women have a different set of needs, and thus virtues, born of the fact they are the bearers of children, who are born helpless.
        They need to be able to trust men in general, not any specific man (who might come home dead), and children need to be able to trust them.
        So it’s that nurturing thing that is their equivalent of justice. Having robust, well provisioned children; that is what is “just.”
        Men are simply expendable in that cause.
        None of this is right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just the way it is. And it works, just so long as the first major division of the community is between the women’s circle and the men’s guilds.
        Try to make men women, women men (which is what expecting them to be just is part of) and mix them up willy-nilly and it all goes to hell.

        1. Insanity doesn’t last forever and these things brought about by wimpy Gen X,Y and millennial boys will correct themselves because men and females just aren’t the same and treating them as such is just causing too many problems. Even before anti-psychotic drugs were invented the symptoms of mental patients would become more benign with age.

        2. Listen Boomers Greatest Gen-
          You have to quit ragging on your successors, especially as they replace you and time moves forward.
          The idea that boomers are these ms my men. WW2 gen I can see but boomers? Isn’t that when so much bs began?
          Now go pay some old biotch alimony and child support, and whine how younger guys are wasting time and money on XBox.
          Weren’t you banned from here? I appreciate a good troll but this isn’t even funny.

    2. What a silly pyjama boy lol Females are not falling for anything. They want that jewellery and feminism. Game? hahaha That girl had already sized you up in the first 30 seconds and is just humouring your little “game” act. Females are always in discard mode and once they do it to you all the “game” in the world won’t change them. The most that you can hope for is a neutral reaction from the girl and (rarely) a positive reaction. And even after that if you’re a blanket boy pussy when you actually talk to her you can still be rejected.This is why even good looking men get rejected. They’re like a horse who looks good at the beginning of the race but can’t stay the course.But the #1 thing is not to have the girl click on rejection mode at first glance which they can do in a fraction of a second without even looking directly at you, peripheral vision is enough.
      That high school boy who advised you to just DO things was correct. You don’t learn how to box or dance etc but reading about it and thinking about what you will do. You have to do things constantly so that your response just comes naturally from instinct without thinking. If an opponent hits you with a punch you don’t stand there thinking about how to counter it but should react naturally because you do this all of the time.
      The female is hard wired to behave in a certain way (so is the male) and it’s a survival mechanism and by survival I mean primarily reproduction which in Nature is more important than life.She needs to be unpredictable to throw the male off balance and evade being knocked up by some inferior sperm, hence the “shit tests” aka fitness tests. I’m sure that in more primitive times (like 99% of human history) men would just grab females and fuck them (rape is a new concept developed when civilisation began for men to protect their property). So the female has the instinct to use her dissimulation and lies to evade beta matings, it’s part of her psyche and is so ingrained that even before humans knew that sex caused pregnancy (99% of human history) this subconscious instinct existed in the female.
      Flaking? Females will sometimes even do this even with an alpha that she really wants to fuck just not to devalue themselves and appear too eager which may decrease her value as a mate because if she gets knocked up she’s going to need the guy to stay around at least until the kid is weaned.

      1. “rape is a new concept developed when civilisation began for men to protect their property”.
        If a women was raped, who else would take care of the newborn? Wouldn’t survival of a rape child be extremely low compared to that of a child in a family structure?

        1. In the Bible if you raped a female you had to marry her. Sort of like “if you break it you buy it”
          I guess if the female was married she just wouldn’t tell her cuckolded hubby and he’d never know it wasn’t his kid.
          And IMO 99% of “rapes” are desired by the female and are not real rapes.What sort of a jackass would drink and then walk around at night with impunity and without a chaperone if she wasn’t asking for it? What sort of a female would go with a man or have him to her place if she wasn’t asking for it?(in my day this would be construed as consent). Did she think he was inviting her over to play a game of Monopoly? lol Even females are not this stupid and know what they’re doing so no, none of this is rape. And females who wander around in places where they can’t call for help are also subconsciously asking for it but won’t admit it to themselves so pretend it was “rape”. Why else would a female go to an area and away from the protection of the home (or at least other people) unless she wanted a bit of the old in-out in-out? The average normal female doesn’t even like to be alone and is scared of being alone so why the desire to walk in some isolated place or a situation where she can’t get assistance? She just doesn’t want to admit to herself that she just wanted a good fucking, especially if she’s married, and if she’s found out she’ll claim it was rape to save her “good” name. Females have little insight to why they behave as they do and are just operating on hard wired instinct and may even consciously believe they didn’t want to get fucked and it just happened lol

        2. meh, reinterpretation. realistically the passage you refer to involves getting caught COPULATING with an unmarried woman. ‘rape’ did not exist. It was refined later as ‘ravishment’ which involves violent penetration and usually murder.

        3. There was something called raptio but it was the abduction of women for wives. Of course the definition of wife was a bit different than today. In the Rape of the Sabine Women it really wasn’t a rape at all. The men of Rome (in the Kingdom of Rome before the Republic) needed women so the King offered them marriage, citizenship and a lot of other crap like hot tubs lol to entice them to come along.Well it was a lot better than living in the hills.
          OK since you believe you’re an expert on the Bible answer this. In the section where if a man lay(have sex) with a beast why were both of them killed? If it were just an innocent animal why would you kill that in addition to the man? So what did they mean by beast? I don’t think a lot of people on here are going to like the answer lol
          And btw, what does Adam mean? Man? Human?
          And P.S. don’t give me some stupid Wiki answer. Any jerk can write anything they want there and in Wiki Answers and it’s mostly ignorant PC crap.

        4. What a fool. The beast was killed because it was now unclean and spiritually tainted by the heinous sin of bestiality. The ancients kept livestock around to sacrifice to God and to eat, not for scenery. It would have been considered an abomination to eat the cow that had been sexually abused by a man, let alone to offer it in sacrifice to God. There were similar ancient rules, saying, for example, that if a little boy was ever penetrated, he could not grow up to be a priest. The boy was innocent, but was regarded as “broken” or unclean by the experience, and so was not permitted to serve at the Lord’s altar.
          Are you a woman? What kind of feminist claptrap is that? “Beast” is Bible code for “woman?” Your ilk will believe anything.

        5. I am far from an expert on the bible, It’s just that that is one of the passages Orthodox Atheists frequently quote as justification for secular whoreism. I have researched it, the one about the she-bears, and the song about the daseth the little ones bit exhaustively.
          The most popular reasoning behind laying with beasts was exceedingly practical. Gonnhorea and syphillis are both diseases that had their origin in non-human animals. There are a number of other STD’s that animals possess but are more or less immune to,
          prior to about 1500, venereal diseases were insanely rare (fiction to the contrary). They killed their carriers almost universally. it wasn’t until the 16th century that animal-born venereal diseases became a true plague… and plague they are.
          There’s also a strong possibility that the passage in question was referring to anal sex with male slaves. Slaves were considered ‘beasts’ as well, as ‘beastiality’ was generally a definition that included all ‘unnatural sex acts’. basically sticking your dick into anything that wasn’t a pussy or your hand. (All things considered, they might also not have classified oral sex as ‘beastiality’, since oral sex was not actually considered ‘unclean’)
          Freemen did not allow freemen to stick their dick into their ass. That was a humiliation reserved for male slaves… ‘beasts’. any freeman that permitted this sort of behavior was, himself, a beast.
          Kill the man, kill the animal, kill the slave, kill the fag… That was their solution for those who threaten to bring plague with stupidly risky sex practices.
          It was not nice, but it worked… for a long time. until humans became too ‘enlightened’ to kill people that threaten to disease and kill an entire community.
          Frankly, I am in favor of summary executions for that kind of behavior. If you are caught driving drunk, you are killed on the spot. intentionally spreading plague? *BAM* headshot. If you endanger more than 3 other people with stupid and risky behavior, you can either be immediately exiled or shot.
          So, if you are trying so hard to get someone else’s answer, how about you bring your own interpretation to the table? the ‘hurr hurr’ thing is a bit lowbrow.
          edit- Or maybe, what cui pertinebit said. I wasn’t there.

        6. I’ll give you another hint. You’ll read about humans, animals and beasts of the field. The beasts of the field are not animals.

        7. ‘Gonnhorea and syphillis are both diseases that had their origin in non-human animals’
          There’s no proof of that and these diseases have always been around. At certain periods they may flare up and become more virulent for unknown reasons. It’s just like viruses that may be mild and then suddenly mutate like the last big epidemic in 1919. Syphilis may have become acute in the 1500’s but became more benign over time and that’s before penicillin was even developed. It would kill people but then later only about 10% went into the tertiary stage years after the initial infection and then killed them.
          OK you’re right about the slaves who were called beasts of the field but it was a racial thing for mixing with the pure Israelites (jews are not Israelites). At around 1k BC the negro race had increased a great deal over the past 5k years from a tiny group on the west coast of Africa to a much larger group that migrated across Africa to the East. They were mingling with the native Caucasians there and many were kept as servants especially among the Canaanites. Whether you believe that the Lord told the Israelites what to do or this was all just man made stuff there are many prohibitions about racial mixing with the new negro people that were now in the area.
          Noah curses Ham, or I guess I should say that he cursed Ham’s offspring with a negro woman-Canaan.
          I have no idea what destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah since the account was written hundreds of years after the fact but it says that Lot was saved because he was pure in his generations.Why would Lot’s daughters get him so drunk then have sex with him? They had to know there were other men around. The reason was that although he was their father and it was prohibited it was still preferable to getting pregnant by beasts(negroes or mixed men) of racially impure blood.
          Why did the Lord tell the Israelites(these were not jews,jews were the racially impure that Jesus hated. Jesus was racially pure and White and descended from Tamar and Judah) to exterminate all of the Canaanites and other mixed peoples? Race.
          Adam wasn’t the first humanoid, it tells you that right in Genesis. He was the first truly human modern man and he was White. The word Adam in fact translates to someone who blushes which means a White person since negroes don’t blush.In fact, even under the skin I doubt if they blush because only really sentient people have a feeling of shame and self consciousness that causes this dilation of blood vessels in the skin.
          Cain killed his brother but the Lord didn’t kill him and in fact gave him a mark for protection from the savages. It was only when he was in Nod and became friendly with a beast and married her that he was cursed and his descendants.
          When David(a true racially pure Israelite) went out to fight Goliath a Philistine (Canaanite) of mixed race, Goliath taunted him by basically saying “you come out to fight me blond headed White boy?”
          So the Bible was very racially conscious book and the Lord dictated that each kind mates with its own kind as he intended.In fact the racial prohibitions were so strong that the Lord imposed that even when a true Israelite violated a taboo, like having sex with their father or daughter-in-law that wasn’t as bad as having sex with a beast of the field (negro or mixed). Even when you trace Jesus’ genealogy back to Judah and Tamar (his daughter-in law) that violation of a taboo wasn’t as bad as when Judah had a son by a female beast who was then completely knocked out of the line of secession as a result of racial impurity.
          The Bible isn’t this nice book by modern PC standards but it’s what the Lord wants.
          The 10 lost tribes of Israel weren’t lost at all but were transported to the Danube by the Assyrian and in fact Europe is the real Israel. By the times of Jesus there were only remnants of the two tribes left, Judah and Benjamin who were the people he was preaching to. Not the jews who were the race mixers and idolaters who he called the Synagogue of Satan for their disgusting practises and infant sacrifices.When the Romans couldn’t take them anymore they were annihilated or went to what is now Istanbul and then were kicked out of there a few hundred years later and went to Kharzaria.

        8. http://archive.archaeology.org/9701/newsbriefs/syphilis.html
          Syphilis apparently appears to be a new world phenomenon. Apparently, Syphilis was the Inca’s revenge for influenza. However, unlike mild influenza (a deadly disease for unexposed incans but a minor sniffle for conquistadores) Syphilis was apparently a deadly disease that had been raging through the Incans forever… while treatments were being sought, and some kings were creating camps to isolate ‘venereal leprosy’ sufferers from the general population, Syphilis in the new world was largely ignored… and sometimes was spread through eating the flesh of infected humans.
          However, I will admit that I was incorrect when I did more research into the clap.
          Gonorrhea has apparently been around for a LONG time. however, ‘origin’ strains of the clap have been frequently found in the bowels of animals, specifically the bowels of sheep and goats. This strongly suggests that the clap was first introduced into humans, not by sex with animals, but by ANAL sex with animals.
          No offense to the atheists out there, but anyone that would fuck a goat in the ass and then fuck a human deserves to die… just for the safety of our species.
          Many ‘rare’ venereal diseases encountered by the gay community today are directly linked to ‘origin’ strains in the bowels. In the bowels, among all of the other highly aggressive microorganisms comprising your final state of the digestive tract, they are more or less completely harmless. The peritoneal cavity more or less isolates these microorganisms from your bloodstream, and if somehow you managed to get those diseases into your bloodstream, you have MUCH more serious problems than a new sort of disease. In fact, you are dead.
          Essentially, these diseases can only have initial vectors in one of two ways… sticking a penis (very likely, especially if there is some sort of sore or skin damage to the penis) or tongue (very unlikely… your saliva kills most of these sorts of infections, which makes eating feces also an unlikely transfer method) into someone’s rectum, or having intercourse with a corpse.
          So, in essence, anal intercourse is just about as risky as fucking a somewhat fresh corpse, and far riskier than eating shit.
          I wasn’t really thinking this through before this, but this is applies a reasonable, albeit unscrupulous, reason to execute anyone that regularly copulates anally, including most homosexual men.

        9. In reference to Europeans that’s a load of bullshit only neo-Protestant Anglos believe. There is no proof at all that modern European peoples are descendants of Israel or any other Semitic peoples, for God’s sake not even our languages are related (we have more linguistic relationship with India and Iran than with Israel and Arabs…)That in itself disproves the rest of your neo-Protestant BS

        10. Hmmm. I’ll have to sign up for your Bibleology class as Lwanda’s School of Charismatic Cosmetology, Home Cookin’ and Scriptural Learnimification. It sounds like a really insightful, theological approach.

      2. ‘rejection mode’ is not the end of the game by any means. It can be disrupted by a number of different methods.

  9. > In spite of feminism, things should not be fair or complimentary. You owe them—end of story.
    “She considered men in general as so much in the debt of the opposite sex that any individual woman had an unlimited credit with them; she could not possibly overdraw the general feminine account.”
    — Henry James, describing a feminist, 1886.

  10. I’ll touch on the work environment, as the same bullshit applies there – maybe double. A few years back, the team I work with was male-managed, with 4 males and 2 females. Our group functioned well, despite the worthlessness of both the females. One was a 58 year-old woman who literally slept at her monitor half the day, and knew nothing outside the static-protocol key strokes we forced her to execute by virtue of ping email reminders with links to workflow items so simple a retarded chimp could follow it. They both refused to make certain adjustments that were designed to improve our function as a group. As you would expect, they hated our male manager with a passion, as he was an alpha with excellent ideas and an impressive demeanor. That was their form of retaliation for some perceived injustice whipped-up in their hateful heads over years of knit-and-bitch sessions during lunches.
    There’s no need to go into why these two rags weren’t fired, as we all know how HR rolls. One tidbit, our company recently instituted a no-exceptions policy that ALL managers and above are required to have a masters degree or better. The whole fucking place has transformed over the last 2-3 years, and is now lousy with worthless female managers and beta-douches skipping through the halls with their piece of paper. A textbook class of bourgeoisie wannabes. Meanwhile, the amazing leaders and creative geniuses have bolted or have been jackbooted by the feminist plague.
    Now, our team is managed by a female (masters degree of course) who presides over four females and two males. All the females have demonstrated they WILL NOT work for longer that their pre-conceived day. For example, if an engineer is keeping one at her desk past the time she was planning on leaving, you’d think he just raped her with the sense of injustice that overwhelms them. They nearly melt down right there on the spot. Interrupting the conversation flow with aimless chirps and jerky body language until the dude has to pack-up with no results, and wait till the cunt returns in the morning.

    1. Gain enough experience, leave and start your own ‘startup’, one fine day entire team would be liquidated and all tasks outsourced, you would be laughing and worthless would be complaning about globalization.

      1. Absolutely. I left the corporate bitch ‘n’ moan estrogen club and never looked back.

  11. These are good points, and it boils down to conservation of energy. If a man takes every hour he spends with these animals, and instead directs it to saving and investing his wealth, building a career, and building a healthy body, he will feel amazing. Conversely, trading his energy will weaken him.
    Haven’t you seen these guys? You know, the one in a marriage or relationship who can’t say, “no” to consumer spending? The one who is so financially tied up he is forced to eat pounds of her shit instead of just walking out the door?
    Warren Buffet lives in a house he bought in 1958 for $31,500, and drives some old used car. How many times do you think he had to tell her, “no” when asked to move?
    Say, “no” to renting money, “no” to credit card debt, “no” to expensive dinners, “no” to expensive drinks, “no” to expensive mortgages, “no” to expensive vehicles, and “no” to her kids, -let some sucker pay for that crap. Storing this potential energy in large reserves and feeling good about it, means not having to answer to bosses or bitches while at the same time having a great life with liberty.

    1. I’ve recently adopted this strategy, and it is paying dividends. Instead of wasting my money and energy chasing worthless Americunts, I’ve poured my energy and resources into myself.
      The stronger and more self confident I become because my bank account is finally growing instead of being depleted by predatory females, the more confidence I have. This confidence makes me more attractive here and when I’m traveling abroad. I’ve also adopted an attitude of I don’t give a fuck how relationships turn out because of the reality I’ve created for myself through having money and getting laid a lot, which only further heightens my self confidence.
      The truths I read here daily about the true nature of women help reinforce my resolve when I’m “on the ground” in the real world.
      It seems the eye that alter, truly alters all, and when a man puts on his Red Pill goggles and starts being an asshole who’s only concerned about himself, the world truly changes right before his very eyes.
      Next step: Continuing to get in perfect physical shape. Being in shape and knowing I look damn good only adds to my success.

      1. Keep it up, gent. I recently achieved a physical goal — getting back to my high school weight of 178 pounds (I’m 45 and 5’10”). I spent some time in the sun, got a good haircut and just stood in front of the mirror naked for a few minutes and thought, “Not too fucking bad at all, old sport.” I’m actually looking forward to walking the beaches shirt-less next week while in Mexico, which is something I haven’t done in decades. Will it create attention and get me laid? Maybe, but I feel great w/ or w/out pussy right now, so not thinking much about it — which, ironically, will likely guarantee me some puss-puss!

      2. “only concerned about himself”
        Revised that to say “never be concerned about women”.

    2. Most women in America are now so empty and vapid, I often regret having them over and feel the urge to unceremoniously kick then out after sex. The few exceptions are either foreign-born or had foreign-born mothers.
      Men are easy enough to please. A woman only has to play to our egos, our foolish pride, our foolish commitment to justice and romance, and our appetites; to have a man falling in love. Our empowered Western automatons seem only capable of draining a man’s balls.

        1. As a married man for 10 years and having known a number of women over the years, women are not as pragmatic as you might think. Allow me to explain:
          My wife knows a number of women who nearly all have serious problems in their relationships. They are better off than men only because of the strong feminist and chivalrous laws in our culture but even then, these women have a hard time getting by due to their decisions including romantic choices. For starters, they are lousy at finding decent men. They go to bars and discos where there are players and fakes and drunks. They also are a lot like men and will choose pretty “minbos” (man bimbos) who are good looking but dumb as rocks and then later will wind up as a burden for these women. I saw it all the time.
          Next, women in the states especially subscribe to the sisterhood cartel of dating and often refuse to ask normal men out or play games with them. This often results in the normal women winding up in their 30’s as spinsters. They are often amazingly lazy about their dating life but put effort into the wrong things. Which reminds me: These women often rationalize that men should pay for dates because she invests in makeup, nails, and expensive clothes. I was HAPPY to pay to date with a woman who didn’t put a nickel in those things but rather did a lot of walking and exercising, ate LESS food, and generally looked healthy in a natural manner. Of course, these women didn’t pay for expensive nails and clothes to make them better companions for men but rather to impress other women.

      1. No. There is absolutely nothing easy about dealing with whiny ass men’s egos. It is a JOB. The male ego is the most fragile thing on earth. Trust me, women pandering to your egos are absolutely resenting you and wouldn’t be dealing with such an exhausting task if you didn’t provide some benefit.
        Yes even foreign women. You can complain about being western but THAT is the very thing that gives you an edge up with them. A lot of them run all over their local men. Believe me I have befriended many in my travels and language studies and we’ve laughed about it.
        They resent you too. They just hide it better because there’s a stronger emphasis on group think status appearances than in the West. You won’t believe this though and to that I say good for them! I encourage them to milk your blind fetish for all you have. It’s hilarious.

        1. A good woman should not harp on her man’s faults and nag him to death. She should support him and use tact if she wants to point out his flaws. I stand by what I wrote.

        2. That’s why there’s no such thing as a good woman. rblue is, predictably, taking pleasure in the suffering of men (“I bathe in male tears”), but the last part of her paragraph is true: women universally resent and use men. The only difference is how they hide it. AWALT.

    3. “Warren Buffet lives in a house he bought in 1958 for $31,500, and drives
      some old used car. How many times do you think he had to tell her,
      “no” when asked to move?”
      From what I understand, he ejected wife one and lives with his mistress. He also somehow managed to convince original wifey to keep a separate household half way across the country without decimating him through divorce.
      Keep in mind, he came of age in a time when men in his cohort were expected to take wives, no matter what. His options were far more limited than today’s mogul.

    4. Warren Buffet was married in 1952, but separated from his wife from 1977 until her death in 2004. Together they had three children. He said no, but he paid for it. He stayed married because it was cheaper than divorce. I am sure she did not live in poverty or the divorce lawyer would have come calling. He did have a long term female companion from 1977, who he married in 2006, when she was 60.
      Although he owns the house he bout way back when, he also owns a $4 million house in Laguna Beach, California.

  12. “though one hopes that feminist cattle might soon be used to improve our lagging agriculture industry.”
    i lol’d

    1. Given as the word has its origin in Latin manipulus, which references hands/handful, and not a Germanic language where “man” can mean “man” or “one”, then I’d have to say yes, yes…it is a coincidence.

  13. You are coming from the wrong paradigm. There is spite in this article, you are condemning women for their nature.
    The best way to understand women is to compare them to children. Do children have a sense of justice? Are children rational and courteous? Of course not, but we don’t condemn them for it. It is just the way they are, and our consciousness of this determines how we treat them.
    Women are not men. Don’t expect them to be men. Know their flaws and adjust accordingly. But, the less spite we hold for them, the more we will benefit from the positive emotions they are capable of giving us.

    1. “Women are not men. Don’t expect them to be men.”
      The problem being they are permitted the agency of men, with more privileges and less responsibility than children.

    2. Women SHOULD be held accountable for their actions.
      Women are not fucking children…

    3. True, but you must have healthy sense of spite for women to be successful with them. This is just simply reality. Sure we all want to be great men and rise above all this shit, but we must also consider reality. A woman is not your friend. She is an important part of life that must be handled wisely and carefully. There is no room for some childish sense of “fairness” when it comes to women. Dealing with women is a zero sum game. You either win, or you lose. Being too lenient with women means you lose every time. The mating game is zero sum. Period.

  14. Solid article. I have experienced this many times and, admittedly, became very bitter. But I’ve learned that while women, like the rest of us, are born with the inherent understanding of the difference between right and wrong they are biologically designed to operate the way they do as a means for survival. Granted, 99.9% the time they use these “powers” for the “forces of evil” because Western culture no longer requires women to have a protector/provider, but their cunning nature is the same as a domesticated cat that still has its hunting instincts even though they’re born into captivity. This doesn’t absolve them by any means but knowing that this is the way they really are helped me to come to grips with how to deal with them, thus, eliminating my bitterness…most of it anyway…

    1. We are all bitter because a complete man will be an idealist, a dreamer, a lover, a writer, a mucisian…
      Bitterness is nature`s way of telling us we have a perfect soul polluted by the female agency.

      1. Well-said. It really is men who suffer more in love than women – always has been, always will be. We hate to admit we get attached to one woman, but we often do. That’s also a biological strategy – the bonding that makes us want to come back to HER, HER children (that we create together), our household, and her dependence upon us to provide whatever she needs. Women provide the illusion it’s ‘her man’ she loves but vanishingly small numbers (only virgins who marry their first partner) could actually bond so closely to one man and remain devoted through thick and thin – more so in the ’empowered’ West.
        Feeling bitterness is a slap in our face because it’s also a reminder that we’ve lost our masculine way. We cannot blame a woman for polluting us as we were blind to that part of ourselves which she showed us. Bitterness also boils down to a couple causes: 1) failure to clarify & execute our mission / purpose / campaign; 2) prioritizing pussy over our purpose. A complete man is also a visionary in that he can SEE an outcome before it occurs, he doesn’t have to pursue every possible relationship to predict the most likely outcome with reasonable certainty. A complete man goes into any endeavor eyes wide open, prepared as best he can be and will learn whatever life dishes out. Until we become our own best fortune teller, we have to suffer the slings and arrows of painful choices.
        The good news is we CAN learn and change (and MUST, else we die) which reduces future bitterness. The extent to which a man can take or leave a woman’s company shows his degree of inner perfection.

    1. This. Be wary men, if you have a long term relationship with a woman you must treat it like a full time job as a manager. The pay is sex and female company instead of currency.

      1. I ain`t working for a bitch like that….keep spinning plates to avoid full time managerial job…

  15. Replace ‘American girls’ with ‘Indian girls’ and same wisdom applies here in India too.

  16. When I saw the title of this article I immediately thought of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s hypocrisy. They have no sense of justice in any aspect of life.

    1. any readers in N. California ought to hang their heads in utter shame for allowing this horrendous, terrible monster of a woman infest the halls of power for so long. another in a mile long list of reasons that liberals are turds.

      1. If she’s a US Senator then it would be the entire State not just a congressional district. Right?

  17. In the 90s there was an interesting debate about more or less this issue between psychologist lawrence Kohlberg and his feminist student Carol Gilligan. Kohlberg developed a theory of moral development (based on piaget) which stressed the evolution of an abstract sense of justice as its highest level. It was noted that boys seemed to manage this rather better than girls. Gilligan went on to develop a notion of a specifically ‘feminine’ ethics of care that stressed that women saw ethics differently from men. Men / boys are likely to see morality / justice in terms of abstract reasoning from principles – for instance a moral imperative might trump the need to obey an unjust or inapt law – women were more likely to see things in terms of how issues pertaining to morality might impact on relationships. She called such a female take on moral development an ‘ethics of care’ – something to be contrasted with masculine notion of justice which were seen being based on abstraction as much as reason.
    It was an interesting debate in psychology, and one which pitted male values of ‘the good’ against an alternative feminine version of what it is to be a good person.
    Then along came postmodern / poststructuralist gender feminists such as Bartky etc saying both versions were ‘essentialist’ – and that were no male / female ways of doing ethics. So postmodernist / blank slate theory won the day.
    The latter was one way in which gender feminists manage to slip feminine values in the back way as ‘universal values’ as kohlberg’s justice / reason type of higher level morality has pretty much died a death in modern times

    1. Ive been thinking about the kohlbeg gilligan things for weeks, it smacked of tying ’emergent’ ethics with ‘organic’ female psychology etc… they were big buzz words at the time. its mainly projecting warmth and fuzzy relationality on the icecold sociopathic void of female ‘consciousness’.

      1. From
        what I can tell most but not all feminist objections to Kohlberg’s stages
        related to their implicit downgrading of women’s ways of doing morality, which was not universal or abstract (i.e.
        kantian) but typically had a specific content with regard to the context, practice and emotions of
        caring, relating etc (gilligans view at least). Some feminists saw
        this as a trap insofar as it seemed to suggest that ‘caring’ was something
        specifically feminine (extending from the instinct to nurture) rather than something that everybody could and potentially should do. To the extent that this latter view
        has prevailed in practice (e.g. all parents must be like caring mothers) there is a
        sense in which a feminist ethics of care / nurture has been universalised as a
        ‘categorical imperative’ for all ethical human beings, especially parents, something I find a bit ironic I suspect Kant is rolling in his grave about

    2. Kohlberg’s theory of moral stages, while not empirically verifiable, strongly coincides with maturity stages. the two theories support and reinforce each other in practical application.

      1. This is why Man is given Authority instead of woman. If you cannot be truly just how can you reign?

      2. “we are dealing with beings that really do NOT feel Morality the way we do.”
        I think the Kohlberg / Gilligan debate revealed real sex differences which our feminist overlords were inclined to gloss over while at the same time subtly seeking to privilege such identified feminine ways of thinking, feeling, knowing, and of course doing ‘morality’ – just look at the moral centrality of the concept of the “relationship” in today’s ethical infrastructure, or of the place of ‘caring’ in modern parenting.
        I think it’s quite right that men and women are simply not on the same wavelength when it comes to things such as the ethics of rape / rape accusations: there may simply be different departure points for men and women when it comes to our respective understanding of ethics.
        While I think it’s true that in no small part we are simply blind to the opposite genders point of view in this respect there is also however a social/political element to as well which complicates things namely women’s morality today can’t be viewed separately to the power-ethics of a feminism that increasingly has come to inform all
        discourse about women and morality
        That’s to say that if women may well have an impoverished sense of justice, as reflected by Kohlberg’s stages, then this is compounded by a received feminist ethics which asks of all female action “does this militate for or against the sum of female power”. In other words individual ethics reflect a collectivist morality that has no concept of justice outside of specifically (skewed) feminist social justice.

        1. The problem, of course, that male ethical frameworks tend to migrate towards collectivism as well… except that a more complicated ethical framework is capable of actually grasping the fact that individual ethics and self-determination are are the core of collective ethics and self-determination… In other words, more advanced levels of morality are capable of recognizing that the individual good HAS to be represented in the collective good or the collective good is literally impossible to achieve.
          The end result, of course, is a recognition that less advanced intellects and ethical frameworks are incapable of providing the guidance neccessary for advanced creatures… as evidenced by the fact that ‘woman power’ is perfectly capable of RULING women, but is entirely incapable of effectively directing women’s interactions with men, or guiding men in any ethical fashion.
          So in a weird way, feminists are correct. In a world without men, feminism’s fantasy world WOULD exist. Except that, of course, you have to account for reality and a world that is not woman friendly… and only can be woman friendly with the assistance of men on an ongoing and continuing basis.

        2. To go off track a bit I think the problem is both men and women are capable of functioning ethically at more than one level.
          Kohlberg describes developmental stages leading up to the capacity to be if you like self-legislating, to subscribe to universal or at least high-minded principles that one abides by despite, or even without reference to possible personal consequences (like in earlier stages).
          Such universalist principles (typically derived from Kant) may be as you say individual or collectivist or both. The principle of equality – e.g. something like “act always as though in everything you do you treat others as though they were equal to yourself such that this could be a principle everybody can subscribe to” – for instance, is pretty much universally accepted with law and discourse, and imbibed and practised by individuals who abide by the law and who partake of such discourse.
          But here’s the nub: feminists and women generally, subscribe to such principles formally, and often in terms of what they consciously believe – a lot of the time I believe women / feminists when they say ‘I believe in equality’, but at the same time, those surface beliefs, such a formal commitment to a collective good, is something that is instinctively manipulated below the surface.
          The most obvious example of this is when feminists say ‘feminism is about equality’. Equality is good for everyone (in the sense described above). Therefore feminism is good for everyone, both men and women. To say that this weird and deceptive syllogism is open to abuse does not even begin to describe it.
          The more I look at it, the more I think the principle of equality, and potentially all such universalist principles to the extent that they extend beyond their individual conscientious practice are open to abuse precisely to the extent that they can be manipulated for both personal and group advantage, consciously or unconsciously.
          One fairly demonstrable way in which this works is by persuading groups, e.g. men, who would otherwise be working straight-forwardly towards self-interest, that in fact they should work towards the collective self-interest, re-described as everyone’s self-interest, and thereby ultimately their own.
          Currently this is the means whereby resources are re-distributed from one class to another. In the case of men / women, this seems to involve an affirmation of female self-interest (justified as the will to equality) combined with a disaffirmation of male self-interest (justified by the same).
          This seems to me to be a potential failure of such higher level ethics – they can function as a social glue within the context of a social contract (the principle of equality is such a glue) but they are open to massive abuse and manipulation, which is what we now have.

        3. heh, my takeaway is “women don’t know what they want, and they don’t want what they know.”

        4. “women don’t know what they want, and they don’t want what they know.”
          mmm, that might be over-thinking the issue

  18. I’ve come to the conclusion that women are biologically incapable of making a sincere apology. They almost never apologize because they truly believe they were wrong. But they apologize shamelessly in order to “keep the peace” (i.e., placate you until the next time they want to jerk you around) or to avoid consequences. If a woman tells you she’s sorry, there’s a 99.8% chance she’s not really sorry.

    1. there’s a 99.8% chance she’s going to repeat the behavior that she apologizes for, as well… again and again.
      Not only are women’s apologies insincere, they are lies. If the behavior she is apologizing for is a deal-breaker, get out now… never assume that the apology means she learned her lesson.

    2. Well said, Bruce. I notice that women can hardly reason, but their talent for rationalizing is incomparable.

  19. Most women are hopelessly immoral (I say immoral not amoral) and have nothing in a the way of “true” morality, not like us men. I agree with Schopenhauer here. But with regards to your flaking issue, that’s a new thing and I think it’s based ultimately on two things; (1) women (and men for that matter) are having sex and being exposed to sex (pornography etc.) wayyyy too early, (2) women today, as mentioned in another article earlier this week, are deathly afraid of rejection. If you look beneath the surface, you’ll be amazed at how much fear of rejection shapes and colors their whole lives and many of their behaviours. You’d be a fool to love the average woman today. If you don’t feel anything for them, then their flakiness will never bother you. Sex is all I want from (most) women and I remain inhumanely focused on my goals. Lol. The other shit is off in the periphery somewhere.

  20. I’m probably gonna get smashed for this but I reckon guys don’t like shutting a woman down and have buddies who don’t text back after a message from a date. I personally will write something like I’m not that interested but some guys don’t want to hurt feelings?

    1. Truthfully, it can be very difficult to shake the early canalization. Especially since we men are pretty much hard-wired not to hurt women if we can help it.
      Just keep telling yourself that treating them like subhuman parasites is what they have told us a million times they want. Eventually the guilt fades.
      “The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride
      fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps. “

    1. So true about women during war, in nearly every war. They all side with the conquerors. The young women especially already start thinking about how to use their vaginas to survive, bargain and eventually thrive again under the new order. German women on the Western Front (where they weren’t raped) still bartered with their pussies, and were impregnated by many US GIs. Whether it was the Germans or Allies, women in any country were ready to show ass and tits to the victors. I’m sure soldiers in the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS were shocked to see so many of their “Deutsche Frauleins” who were taught they were the best, fuck so many of the allied soldiers and especially black soldiers.
      These men upon seeing this, despite the 12 years of Nazism, probably figured out in a flash, race is a male concept and is thus reliant upon men to uphold it. They saw that none of the women actually really cared in the same fanatical way they did about the Third Reich. To the women it was just young strapping Aryan lads dressing up in dashing SS uniforms made by Hugo Boss. We really are two different species it seems in almost everyway possible, between men and women. One of the hardest red-pills I ever had to swallow was the glaring but obvious truth of women in war and how that translates into everything they do.

      1. When it comes to settling down and having children I definitely think race is a significant factor for women if only subconsciously.

  21. The Cultural Marxists knew that they were unleashing hell on men when they took the right away from men to corporally discipline their wives and mates. Men are ill-equipped to handle the evil of women without the legal parameters to control their behavior. Men have little biological predispositions such as loyalty, honor and family that bind us together. Women never naturally veered into these roles out of want, they were forced into these roles out of necessity. I’ve been told so many lies by women, it’s crazy. No matter what you cannot trust them. I’d be lying in the bed with them, and they’ll tell me, “baby I never want you to leave me, I’ll always be there for you.” “Your special to me, and you’re the only one I ever want.” Men’s sense of duty, honor and loyalty makes us suspect to this, but STOP IT! You’re evaluating her on the terms of being a man and that is not the case.
    Needlessly to say, no woman can ever love you like a man (no homosexual shit), it’s true. A man you’d barely knew for his entirely life can go to basic training with you and develop the soldierly sense to take a bullet for you. A woman can know you and be married to you for all of your adult life and she’d never think of catching a bullet for you. Thus, is the nature of the sexes. I really do think of Eve despite my irreligiosity at times. If God exists, he shackled us at the waist to women. Our sexuality is indeed our downfall as men, and women use every advantage to leverage your penis against you. No woman can ever love you the way you want them to, and they only respond to force. I know it’s lovely to be cozied up to a nice soft feminine body after ejaculating, but a woman’s cunning is geared towards leveraging her vagina. As fellow comrades in the struggle against Cultural Marxism, feminism, and Bolshevism, I truly know and mean from personal experience, you can never ever trust a woman. Their “I love yous” come 10 cents a dozen, it’s never heartfelt, it’s momentary, transient and tactical to either what you can do for her or how you make her feel. ONLY TRUST A WOMAN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN LEGALLY CONTROL HER BEHAVIOR (and we all know the answer to that).

    1. Excellent comment. At biological levels, we are designed to survive on our own. If all females were suddenly removed from the planet we may not procreate but we would find ways to live, learn, share and thrive. Perhaps the necessity to invent sexbots would skyrocket. But if all men disappeared, the world would grind to a halt.
      The affect an attractive woman has on undisciplined male physiology is startling. We’re seduced into pursuing that untrustworthy creature at tremendous risk to person, livelihood and reputation. I believe a real man will see through the effortless manipulation of female sexuality to master those drives. To be very very discerning with whom he has sex, because recreational sex easily leads to entanglements – ask me how I know. I’ve been far more celibate the past few years and amazingly more productive in the work that matters to me. I have spent many evenings and weekends working, learning, expanding my skills in areas that matter to me. The fruit of that now is a greater capacity to give value to the world and be rewarded for it. This gives me even more confidence with women; amused mastery (hat tip to Rollo) is natural and effortless. I also presume hypergamy and discern what a given woman’s motivations are for wanting me around. When she aligns with my needs sufficiently, I’ll allow the interaction as long as feels right and discipline her when needed.
      The author is correct – only by strength will a woman (or the world) respect you. Talk is cheap, saying “I love you” not worth the paper it’s written on – judge them by their actions.
      Combined with finding your area of genius and devoting yourself to mastery, every man needs to wake up to their authentic Self. The method doesn’t matter but pursuing awakening as a hobby is not enough. It is either a paramount concern of you’re deluding yourself. Self-realization seems fueled by two things: a dissatisfaction with your state of existence and a burning desire to know what is really really actually True. No book will give you these answers so great courage is required to set off on your own, take a walkabout, a silent retreat, be on your own and find the teacher or method that suits you the best. And by suits you I mean, as Ramana Maharshi said, the method that appeals the most and by which you make the most progress.
      I tend to always come back to this in my comments because having been more blue pill than a Smurf, I see now how much suffering it took to detach from ALL forms of dogma and actually be self-reliant. You know, like the men whose books we like to read and quote. Know yourself and know peace.
      If one has not yet read Rainer Maria Rilke’s letters to a young poet, it’s tremendously powerful – especially IMO as Rilke writes about letting the vastness grow within you:

      1. Imagine a MGTOW world in which men could clone themselves and have no further need for biological reproduction.

        1. Women would usurp the technology and use it to clone women , while simultaneously destroying men. Then when all the men were gone, the technology would fail as no women would have the desire or knowledge or thoughtfulness to preserve it. They would blame all the men for being dead, turn on each other, and the human race would end in short order. HAHA!

        2. “Women would usurp the technology and….”
          Sir, I’m afraid your argument falls apart right there. These would be the same women who can’t hook up a cable box? The same women that stumble around in the dark because they can’t change a light bulb? Can’t fix a flat tire. Can’t reset a circuit breaker. Can’t use simple hand tools. Can’t reset their computer/iPad/phone/cable modem/you-name-it. Those the women you were referring to?
          To your point, though, I can imagine a bunch of lab-coated White Knights and betas helping them out. Yes. That’s conceivable.
          We’ll need some facility like Cheyenne Mountain. Staffed by men. Guarded by men. Maintained by men. Hmmmm….

    2. Essentially, there are twopost-neolithic hominid species. Homo sapiens Masculus, which has evolved to be a self sufficient omnivore, characterised by large muscle development and equipped with a logical brain as it’s most potent natural weapon, and Homo Sapiens feminus, characterised by it’s ability to hypnotise sap. masculus, and is an entirely parasitic species.

    3. You Sir, are fucking brilliant. You should be a contributor to ROK. I always read your comments. You are one of the only people I’ve ever come across who has such a deep understanding of Cultural Marxism; a topic which is extremely taboo to talk about in any setting. Cultural Marxism is the elephant in the room that nobody is allowed to talk about…

    4. Lance, did you at one point have a website discussing theology? I remember reading someone similar to you a few years ago when I was researching apologetics.

  22. Wow, this is probably why most religions worldwide forbid women from leading a congregation. With the exception of course of the gutted and feminist Christian churches of the western world that give sluts, feminists, and gays a free pass.

    1. It’s true, these days I’m so ashamed to be a Christian. Out of a sense of loyalty and honor (particular masculine traits), I’m a Christian. However, the amount of corruption, communism and feminism that’s desecrated the ancient church is awful. No where is this more revealing than in the Protestant churches, where they openly let women touch the Eucharist (Episcopalians/Lutherans) and preach! They marry homosexuals and bless dogs with holy water. I bet Martin Luther is turning over in his grave. I’m not Orthodox, but they are the only true church left. The rest of Christianity can burn and I mean burn to the ground. Vatican II has pretty much weakened the Catholic Church and everything else is Judaizing Christianity. Christianity as a real force in the world is done. At least if the Muslims conquer the West through rising birthrates they can instill some human decency and patriarchal order. The real Christian order fell in 1917 with the advent of Bolshevism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEftJc31ZB4

      1. It does make you wonder if the biggest problem with Islam is the stupidass desert camel-fuckers practicing it.
        I eagerly await the first weaponized nuclear tests in Iraq. It would be neat to watch them wipe themselves off the planet when some dumbshit is too scared to touch the ‘off’ switch with his ‘unclean hand’, although I imagine the isrealies wouldn’t appreciate the enormous clouds of nuclear ash falling on their country.

      2. God is perfecting his church:
        Here are Christian demographics:
        Download the 1st result pdf to see. The more liberal and nominal Christians are dying but the more conservative and rump Christians are growing through birth and are being imported by God into secularized nations.

  23. The bad news every time I read something on this site is; I digest it, ponder it some more, and then bring it to realization it looks like the apocalypse is happening.
    The good news is that every article on this site is like that.

  24. I still say that Barabarosaaa’s ‘artificial womb’ is a complete and ridiculous pipe dream.
    Interesting note, surgically suppressing commmunicative ability in newborns tends to inhibit the part of the brain which develops language, creativity, and the ability to rationalize and/or lie effectively. Slitting the tongue accomplishes this neatly.

  25. Women don’t have any sense of anything. Especially not god.
    God was the driving force among men even up to 70 year ago. What could drive men to expend all of their energy building something that looked like Penn Station? (The old one).
    I suggest all men look up these photos to see what the old Penn Station looked like.
    Women, in ten thousand years, would never, NEVER, be able to conceptualize something like this, nor would they be able to produce anything beyond a reasonable make-up job on their own face. They simply do not have the desire to create nor to better the world, only to leech off of it and to live it according to their own perverse interpretation of a Disney fairytale or any other ideal that they create for themselves in accordance for what gets their vaginas wet. Men are not the dogs; women are. They always have been.
    Anyways, it’s no coincidence that around the time of the sexual revolution that the old Penn Station was torn down, replaced by the new one, which is a truly hellishly ugly black steel piece of shit filled with drunken baseball cap wearing men cheering on their favorite black alpha male.
    Men will build, with proper incentive, and with no incentive they will do nothing; women will never build, only destroy.

    1. You’re partially right. I’m not a fan of Western women, but I can tell you, women who are suitable for marriage (virgins) are some of the most fervent believers of God. These are women, despite the biological proclivity for shit testing will still submit to their husbands. It just so happens that these women are clustered in the Middle East and North Africa and the men, rightly so guard them with their lives from corrupting Western influences. This use to be the case for European and for a brief time American women before transformed into fully fledged Americunts on average.
      I don’t want to delude you into giving you the impression that women still exist like this in the West, with the exception of crazy ass Mormon communities in Utah. These girls in the West today are wearing whore shorts and deep throating at 13 yrs old, all with the nodding approval of their whore divorcee mommies and beta dads who probably vouches for the slutty behavior by saying beta shit like “be careful when you express your sexuality dear and wear condoms.” What I’ll never understand about Modern Western Culture are these parents who’d rather see their daughters get their pussies pounded in high school and college than marrying her off at 15-18 (the prime of her virginity and fertility) to an established husband and preserving some sanctity about personhood as a woman, but ohhh no! That’s “pedophiliac” and “misogynistic”! “Little Amy is going to deep throat, go bare back, and get at least 2 abortions before she finds a ‘Mr. Big,’ Sex in the City prototype at about 35 year old, to show the independent woman she is! Wooo! Yayyy! Liberation!”
      Trust me, I lost my virginity at 12 to a 15 year old girl. The first conclusion you must come to, is that America may have some good qualities about us such as our natural penchant for creativity, entrepreneurialism, technological innovations and a loyal military but it’s a stats game, on the whole America is a very Satanic country. It has few redeeming qualities. Servicemen coming back here can’t and don’t identify with most of the filth they’re ordered to so-called “protect.” The women in this country and West don’t possess the capacity to create or innovate. They are a deeply whorish and a parasitic bunch and if God exists, I don’t see how he can continue to tolerate them. The stench of Western women has reached and permeated so far that it’s a wonder why some sort of apocalyptic punishment hasn’t come down on us.
      Men don’t possess the incentive to do anything anymore in the West. despite these pretenders on here trying to revel in bullshit “PUA,” (I’ve had my fair share of pussy and it gets soulless, meaningless, pathetic and boring) most men crave the ancient order of the family, the traditional wife and to grow and see his progeny being raised. This has been obliterated by Cultural Marxists, traitor politicians, and subversives of every type. God is a concept most women can’t believe in (Western women) anymore. They are all “spiritual,” because they can never come to grips with the concept of being second to us. True religion places them back under the holy yoke of patriarchy. That’s what it all boils down to, they’ll pay homage to the gutted Christian Churches on fanciful holidays such as Easter and Christmas, but they are void of any real Godliness, because they can never “go back.” The sickness of it all is this is all considered “progress.” We’re progressing our way over a cliff, and in 20 years mark my words, we’d “progress” to an era where perverts will start to petition the government to marry and fuck their pets as a “human right.” There are multiple red pills that need to be taken by every man on every facet of life, civilization, women, culture, etc… We’re in the abyss right now.

      1. ‘crazy ass mormons’?
        You know, once you add their theology to all other sorts of mythology, they really don’t seem any crazier than any other orthodox religion. And they are really good neighbors.
        Salt lake seems to have succombed far less to ‘whore syndrome’ than any other American city I have ever lived in, That’s why I live there.
        Of course, they do still have some crazy-ass neocon customs, such as jailing for child support (internally only) but much of the really crazy shit seems to be have given the city a miss… at least for now.

      2. BTW, the NAMBLA has had a recent resurgence and ‘legitimization’, and every year contributes substantial amounts to legalizing ‘open and honest loving’ between 40 year old men and 12 year old boys.
        Expect them to have some success soon. I already have several cases of ammunition ready to greet them. Remember, feminists hate boys, and would love to see 12 year olds getting legally raped.
        The lgbqtftmobamastfu has divorced themselves from Nambla (for purely political reasons) despite their support during the 70’s, but other ‘pure feminist’ groups supported them until they got a backlash.
        Again, as with many groups, sometimes their stated goals might have a few decent points (returning ‘child protection’ to parents instead of the government, lowering the ridiculous age of majority to the level it was in the 1960’s, allowing children to labor with their families on places like farms or family businesses, or get jobs if they can handle it.), but their primary goal (advocacy for homosexual child abuse) is repellent in the extreme… simply by associating sensible measure with outrageous ones, they are virtually ensuring that logical and sensible measures are permanently linked in people’s minds with legally raping 12 year olds.
        This tactic has been used very successfully by other liberal organizations as well.

      3. Lance, somehow we have to assume that although everyone has a free will, that [they] will reap likewise… Ofcourse that reaping time we dont know how. They say those out of the game are “broken branches” in China I wonder what it leave those women with in the near distance future…

    2. The only value a woman has, is to create a MAN, that is the only reason we assign them any value to begin with, to release our genetic material into only the higher quality ones so they may create a high quality scientist that advances the society. They have an inferiority complex and are trying to become the men due to media brainwashing , but they can never have our intelligence due to testosterone, height and IQ and general scientific reality of male superiority. WE advance society, simply because we have over 200,000 miles of myelin sheath in the brain, whereas women have under 135,000 miles, unless they are masculine women, hence more masculine women do tend to be smarter but also uglier. Women use the excuse for their lack of innovation by saying they were “suppressed” What a load of shite. Its biology BIOLOGY. We are NOT the same mentally. They also try and defend their “irrationality” with the outrageous LIE that they simply possess more intelligence in other areas vs men, ANOTHER LOAD OF OUTRAGEOUS SHITE.

    1. Dude. That is completely intense, and captures reality amazingly well.
      That is one of the reasons I consider space seed to be the best written episode of any television show written since 1950, and by far the best script in the entire star trek franchise.
      Good find. very relevant.

      1. This is back in the ’60’s where at least they still had male characters who weren’t wimps. The original Star Trek was like that too. Unlike Voyager or Deep Space Nine where the males are neutered.

        1. beh, not only were trhe males neutered, but so was the universe.
          I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the federation being cash free. Even in the moves, bones mentioned “Romulan ale… expensive, but worth it.”

    2. Man, that is awesome.
      That is exactly the script we should all be following. EXCEPT, since most of us do not have a star ship to hijack, after pushing her to her knees, that is simply the point that you push your dick into her mouth.
      Then, demand anal sex. If she resists, tell her to leave, cold an uncaring. When she agrees, bang that as long and hard.
      She’ll be back for more. Because she loves being dominated.

  26. Rarity indeed Ecc7:28 while I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all. pro31:10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies….

  27. Great article! However the generalization above doesn’t only apply to almost all women. It also applies to the majority of men today. Most men today have no clue of concepts like honour, duty or valor. They’re pussies in male bodies.

  28. This is quite ironic coming from a site that goes through great efforts to detail specific ways that a man can successfully cheat on multiple women at a time through completely fabricated stories and intricate webs of lies.

    1. cheat?
      as far as I see, a prevailing theme is ‘don’t get married’
      PUA’s don’t ‘cheat’ since that implies violating a vow. PUA’s don’t make vows.

      1. There is no need to get married, just tell a woman you WILL marry her at some point in the future, hell, buy her a worthless promise ring to fool her along with a nice romantic story, she’ll give you the same respect when she thinks shes going to be getting your money, meanwhile have another woman lined up and when she starts getting suspicious tell her it didn’t workout. This should buy you 1-2 years with a woman enough time get rid of her in time for when she starts taking you for granted, declines sex, and the rest of it. They think all men are stupid, let em fall for their own tricks. Show em what MORONS us men are by using 10x the cleverness/sneakier tactics

  29. The free pdf book, “The Predatory Female” echoes this. Women do not love or cherish loyalty/honor in nearly same manner as men. Anyday, they may click and just see you as an opponent in court which they will do anything to extract money from and tarnish. Treat them like shake ‘n bake baggies until proven they merit otherwise.

    1. When a woman is willing to sacrifice her own life for an ideal such as ‘honor’ even when she KNOWS that her sacrifice will be in vain, then I will consider woman to be ‘evolved’. Men have been doing exactly this for thousands of years…Women have never done it.
      Hell, even the ‘spree shooting suicide by cop’ is an example of a more advanced form of morality.

    2. Treat them like shake ‘n bake baggies until proven they merit otherwise.
      IOW just fuck and chuck forevermore.

  30. Women’s lack of a sense of justice can come back to bite them as well. Because women are ignorant of what makes something right and wrong due to their lack of reasoning and reflection, it inevitably means that they have to look to their environment to tell them what’s right and wrong. As a result, it’s very easy to convince a woman to think she’s at fault wrong even if she’s not guilty of any wrongdoing. Thus the lack of a sense of justice is a double-edged sword which allows women to manipulate but also makes women highly vulnerable to manipulation themselves.

  31. What is the most effective way to call a girl out ?
    For example if she does these two things:
    -“I’m not gonna settle for this asshole. I’m gonna do me now!”
    -Girl flakes

    1. 1) Author answered it: “OK, so what have you been doing all along?”
      2) If she flakes on you at a bar/club/etc, spend the rest of your night meeting other women. Then the next day you could text her “Hey, sorry I flaked last night. Was busy with taxes/client/(anything extraordinarily boring). Got a lot on my plate this week.” (SEND)

  32. True dat.
    The American woman is a vampire. There are almost no exceptions. They have been to far steeped in media culture of self affirmation.

  33. The faculty of dissimulation. Women need to convince themselves they are not really bitches while consistently demanding a the absolute highest possible price for their pussy. So nature has endowed them with this gift in abundance.

  34. Article is genius. ” It is for the same reasons that women tend to be so ungrateful”
    They are ungrateful, because if you don’t bend over for them, they just move onto the next 100,000,000 (or as many as they have time for) men waiting in line to do so. Their entitlement isn’t their fault.. it’s the reality for them thirsty men not believing they have options. Men are massive suckers for women and there is a sucker every 2 seconds for an average looking woman. (just make a dating profile with an average woman and see for yourself).
    and……It’s getting worse, More men are desperate and thirsty and spending more hours researching fashion, spending hours in the gym, getting trendy haircuts,learning game, trying to ou-compete their fellow man for that mannish hog who doesn’t exercise, can’t cook, is an overall- PERFECT and COMPLETE sociopath. That’s what i’ve learned about women. Just read up what a sociopath is. A cunning and destructive person. Only women use vanity. SO i guess we feel like we’re getting something in exchange.

    1. We troll ourselves using another women’s vanity. This type of creature has no value to me and i break the spell by jerking off saves me time and money when at best i can land maybe a 7-dumb 8. and soon i will land a 6 when more men start learning game and getting thirstier……..fuck that. I think the illuminati created a brilliant population control scheme. That we are now starting to see the symptoms of.

  35. Great article. And from both the sentiment and the experiences (being left hanging when a date is proposed) could have been written by me. And it something that I learned long ago. A woman must always know that you have options and that you will drop her in a second if she acts up. Its the only way to keep them in line and the main reason why they want to marry you. Then they have the State backing them up with a implied threat to take your shit and leave you destitute.

  36. I have GOT to get this out. censored comment from a ‘feminist’ board:
    You are whining about being raped and enslaved (and just as often
    ‘wifed’ instead) and women at least were permitted to LIVE after an invasion. Dumbest load
    of crap I have ever heard. worse even than clinton’s claims that women
    ‘suffer the most from war’.
    Tell that to johnny who’s feet both rotted off in the french trenches.
    Tell that to Nicholas who just caught a bouncing betty in the gut, and
    watched his intestines spread all over the faces of the men who were his
    best friends. Tell that to Hanz who is looking at his own severed stump
    of a hand, covered with pieces of Nick’s belly from the same mine.
    And yet, you somehow consider that the ‘equivalent’ of getting less respect
    for your affirmative-action position? of getting called ‘bossy’ or
    getting less respect because you are acting like a lazy, creepy bitch?
    Stupid woman, you need to get your priorities straight.
    Sheryl sandbags hasn’t done a single day’s actual work for facebook, and
    has just run around playing spokeswoman for ‘female empowerment’ and
    pushing her ridiculous abomination of a grrrlpower book. What does ‘lean
    in’ mean? It means demanding special treatment for being a woman.
    Demanding free childcare, ‘reasonable hours’, free birth control, and a
    smooth yellow brick road to the top without a single hint of the
    sacrifice that men must make to get to the top. Lean in means demanding a
    free ride to power that doesn’t require you to give up your hobbies,
    your social life, or time with your family in order to secure their
    future. ‘Lean in’ means climbing over the bodies of others with no care
    and no morality, using whatever means neccessary to get to the top…
    whether that means fucking your boss’s boss, or claiming false sexual
    harassment and ruining the lives of men in order to secure your power.
    you are emotional, and bossy, and you turn into primal wrecks while
    PMSing… how does a little bit of truthiness compare to being sent to
    jail or sent to the front lines to die in battle against your will? How
    does the occasional angry retort or insult about your whining compare to
    sacrificing everything you love in order to give your family the best future you
    Sexism? call it favoritism and you may be right.
    Here’s sexism for you. You know as well as everyone else that you are not
    empowered…. you know full well that ANY man that chose to could
    overpower you and force you to do whatever he wants. It doesn’t matter
    if you have a gun and he has none, in the end, the ONLY thing that
    protects you, and has ever protected you, from the wrath of men… and
    the only thing that has allowed you to ‘succeed’ and pretend to be
    ’empowered’ has been the good will of men.
    It has only been the goodwill of men, the pleasure we gain from fucking you, and the fact that you are necessary for producing children that has given you any
    modicum of power or false respect for your lack of achievement. In
    short, you are USELESS. You have no morality to speak of, no honor, no
    values, no strength, no faith, no truth, and no willingness to
    sacrifice. All you care about, all you have EVER cared about, is
    yourselves… and not one woman has EVER sacrificed herself for any
    reason save her own selfishness.
    You do not even have the ‘nurturing’ or ‘caring’ instincts that you constantly claim. If you did, the notion of slaughtering children in the womb, of divorcing a
    faithful husband, of ‘trading up’ because you are ‘unhapppeeeee’ would
    be utterly unthinkable.
    So yes, I am for damned sure a sexist.
    one has only to watch a man DIE in front of his eyes because some
    useless piece of vagina just dropped a grenade she was supposed to throw
    during her training for the ‘respected’ and ‘well paid’ life of a
    combat soldier for which she is not even remotely capable to realize exactly
    what women truly are.
    Cum receptacles. Breeders. Your usefulness starts and ends with your vagina… it is no wonder you worship it and value it’s power so much… It is, quite literally, the only thing you have that has any value at all.
    The funny thing is. I am not even angry. I don’t hate women, I love them for the sole thing that they have that is worth loving. I do not respect them, respect is for equals.
    I simply recognize that every scrap of power, every modicum of value
    you have has been provided for you, and is continuing to be provided for
    you, by men. Everything that makes you ‘equal’ to men is being forced
    on men… by men with guns.
    I do not blame you for your uselessness. I am not angry at you… I am angry at the men who have allowed you to cry and whine until you were given just enough power to make yourselves unhappy. I blame the wealthy, elite men that turned you
    away from the face of reality in order to make war on those who had the chance to make the world realize that they were nothing but leeches…
    the middle class.
    I do not condemn you for your worthlessness, or for your ready facility
    as a tool to turn men against each other… for that is to rail against
    ‘mother’ nature itself.
    That is the reason men do not turn and destroy you. because they are merciful. all of your ‘nurturing’ instincts exist truly in men, for we forgive you your foibles, and allow you to accompany us on our trip to immortality. We do not need your
    minds, we do not need your support, your love, your insight, your personality, your ‘inner beauty’ or your goading. We do not need your white feathers, or your selfishness, or your thinly-veiled hatred. We do not need your ‘mothering’, or your selfish chants of ‘women hold up half the sky’, your claims of ‘misogyny’, or your narcissistic demands that we acknowledge your ‘inner beauty’ while ignoring the putrid, obese shell that is the true reflection of your inner self. We know that your
    gratitude for the sacrifices we make turns always to hate… and men forgive you.
    We have always forgiven you.
    Your forgiveness is done. We are supremely tired of failing your shit tests. We are
    disgusted with your pussy worship, your thug-chasing, your faithlessness and your lies and justifications for the horrors you commit in the name of the word ‘ME!’
    And soon, very soon, will come a time when all women will have to fully submit to any man… not just the ones your beastial brains demand, but ANY and ALL men that choose to use you. Or you will be cast out, abandoned to die in the feces your proud proclamations of independence have generated.
    This is not a threat.
    This is not a promise.
    This is simply foresight… and it is already happening.

    1. Yup the day is coming. Men are tired of Western women. Waking up everyday is literally a surreal experience when I just look outside and see the madness and solipsistic narcissism of women. Western society has become a bad dream, a nightmare. The day is coming, when men will exact complete vengeance. We have always forgiven them. No more, it is done. A tidal wave of hate is brewing against feminism, and when all of their protection is over upon the collapse of our Cultural Marxist state, then all hell will break loose. On that day, there won’t be a place they can’t hide or run to, feminists will lynched from lamp posts and trees. Corrupting Marxist professors will be filled in mass graves. I see it coming, a storm of steel. They really should enjoy their position of privilege now.

      1. I am not sure about the lynching (not ruling it out, just not giving it a high probability unless the feminist is post bearing age) But I see a time in the not too distant future when women will proudly proclaim “My body, HIS choice!) or fall into the only position where women are even remotely naturally empowered… street whore..
        And even street whores usually require a strong man to keep them alive… their pimp.

        1. So use the attractive ones as broodmares? The Germans had a neat little program called “Lebensborn” (Fount of Life) for children out of wed-lock etc. Maybe if a decent state is set up again a similar program could be instituted so these women wouldn’t be completely worthless and disposable.

        2. On a personal note, I do have an elder male on my dad’s side of the family who got lynched for a FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION, so it’s justified.

        3. The only answer is enslavement of women. Those are the ones that can be rehabilitated. The rest:the lesbians and criminals will have their day with the hangman. Manginas and white knights will curse their parents for letting them live.

    2. hahahahahaha your semi-psychotic mutterings are absurd, and hilarious. So pathetic, raging little ape.

      1. Are you going to contribute anything of value to the conversation or are you just going to throw a temper tantrum until you get your way?

      2. Shaming tactics? How typically feminine and how unattractive you are. Try logic–oh wait….

  37. It is shocking how incompatible female nature is vs. what keeps a civilization running. Women and civilization are in direct opposition to each other..

  38. Missing from this article are examples of HOW to call out a woman in a ‘commanding yet terse’ way…

  39. Look at your mother and tell me if she’s a bitch or not..most likely she is a total cunt.
    If your own mother is a cunt what do you expect from female strangers?

  40. Women have no sense of justice because in the West, there are no consequences for their unjust behavior.
    They can’t pull the same crap in most “developing” countries without being shamed, condemned, hated on and even beaten and ostracized completely.
    When there are no consequences for bad behavior there can’t be any justice. That includes, first and foremost, the behavior of the spineless men who uphold women’s “freedom” to act capriciously by levying the threat of force against the more level-headed men who have the sense and guts to reprimand a woman when it’s merited.

    1. Mr. Vinturi I agree completely. However, the only modification I would make, would be to flatly assert the “Schopenhauerian” premise that women have no sense of justice, period. Not just in the West, but period. I’ve stated numerous times, that ever since men in the West dispossessed the legal right to corporally discipline their wives and mates as we do our children, women have a free rein. Not only that, they have more rights than we do. Our enemies are the men who aid these women, knowingly. I don’t know if most Western women realize, they have become monsters. Pray for sons if you want children. It would be virtually impossible to save one’s daughters in this day and age from the corrupting Western whorish influences that permeate our societies. This same sense of justice that women lack, is one of the reasons why fathers married their daughters off. Let women determine a mate and they’ll choose a serial killing felon whom they’d see for conjugal visits just to become impregnated. The lid has been open, and it’s going to be hell putting it back on.

    2. “When there are no consequences for bad behavior there can’t be any justice. ”
      There are no consequences for the bad behaviour of women because that behaviour is framed in terms of empowerment. There is no justice because justice is framed in terms of empowerment. Tackle the false equation of justice with empowerment and bad behaviour will be seen for what it is. Bad behaviour. In need of rectifying.

  41. Woohoo, a bunch of desperate, angry virgin losers taking one of their own kind seriously. Arthur Schopenhauer also believed that personality was inherited. So, to the loser virgin who said that his mother was a cunt, well-hey, maybe Schopenhauer was right on that one!
    “Wah wah waaaah, we don’t get our way on absolutely everything anymore, women are icky and stupid and we’re boycotting them! Yeah, that’ll do it! We’re a bunch of wastes of oxygen with nothing to offer anyone whatsoever, but they’ll miss us, they sure will!
    Newsflash dummies: in order for your little boycott to work, women would actually have to actually have an interest in you. They don’t. So keep crying and posting, it’s comedy gold and nobody gives a flying fuck!

    1. Newsflash dummies: in order for your little boycott to work, women would actually have to actually have an interest in you. They don’t.
      Au contraire, they send me lots of IOI’s. heh

    2. What retards like you don’t understand is that women tend to be attracted to men who are completely apathetic to them.

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