Women Can’t Handle Rejection

Last month, a woman was arrested on Delta Airlines flight 1189 that was bound from Baltimore to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Like any sane, fun person would do, she had a few drinks prior to boarding the airplane.  As is often found, females tend to be very sexually promiscuous once under the influence of alcohol.

So what did the dashing young lady do once she had her fill of liquid courage in the form of vodka cranberries?

She hit on her fellow passenger.

A Delta flight from Baltimore-Washington to Salt Lake City — widely considered America’s two sexiest metro areas and the corridor between them is usually thought of as the Bermuda Triangle of Arousal — was the setting for the attempted sexytime that went so very, very wrong.

The woman, who was described as “very intoxicated” reportedly made several sexual advances to her male seatmate, who refused. This allegedly made the woman intensely angry, as you’d expect from almost any drunk, horny, sexually aggressive citizen. As you can hear in the video, she then became loud and abusive, threatening to “fucking kill” the man, and then once she was restrained with handcuffs, things got even worse.

Below is the in-field video of her seduction:

Notice the confident opener, aggressive body language, and willingness to push past the resistance in order to get a close.  I give her an A+.

Except, this video was taken after the male victim had already turned down her advances.  This was her reaction – and I swear, I’ve seen the same exact scene play out in the grocery store – when a parent turns down a five-year-old’s consistent badgering for a donut.

She was so out of control that the pilots on flight 1189 were forced to divert to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Here is the video of authorities escorting her off of the plane.  Before you wonder why they’re taking the male victim off of the plane, look a little closer.  Or, you could, you know, vomit.

There’s no sense in wasting time debating whether she is a man or woman – for all intents and purposes, it is a female.  Now, let’s re-write this story with a male seducer:

A man was arrested last night on Delta flight 1189 from Baltimore to Salt Lake City.  Once on board, he ordered a Jack and Coke for the flight.  He was flirting with the passenger next to him. After flirting with her for an hour, he asked for her number.  She responded in a shrill tone, saying that she wasn’t interested.  The male flight attendant, upon noticing that a female passenger was facing unwanted advances, immediatley intervened, handcuffing him to the back flight attendant seat for the remainder of the flight.  Upon landing, the aggressor was questioned by police and a restraining order was put on him.

While this fictional story may be a little absurd, we all know that if we directly substituted a male for our lesbian dyke in these videos, he’d end up in jail, and probably not just overnight.

The real lesson to be taken from the story is not what the media portrays, which is that of a drunk, horny woman who lost control of her sexual impulses.  No, the real lesson to be learned is that women can simply not handle sexual rejection.  They are so used to dozens of thirsty men fawning all over them that when they actually stick their necks out and get the door slammed in their face, they go batshit insane.  It is a blow that their psyches are simply incapable of handling.

I know from personal experience, and I’m sure many other readers can attest to this, as well.  Turning a girl down for sex absolutely infuriates them.  Of course, the mainstream media would never mention that you can completely use this to your advantage.

For starters, your self confidence.  Turning a woman down puts you in the seat of power, and gives you a cocky demeanor.  It signals to you that you don’t need this particular woman, because you are already satisfied with what you have.  It knocks them right off of the precious pedestal.  Every man should reject a sexually aggressive woman at least once in their lifetime just to see what it feels like.

Two, even if you have slept with the girl already, or are even in a relationship, turning a girl down for sex is a great way to instill a little dread.  It will make her wonder if she is doing enough to keep you, which will result in her putting more effort into pleasing you.  I recently turned down my girlfriend’s sexual advances in a non-direct way – basically by just passing out.  Her reaction in the morning was priceless.

A relationship is most healthy when there are opposite polarities – you are the king and she is Cinderella – not the princess version, mind you – the servant.  Perhaps though, if this sexually aggressive woman on flight 1189 looked more like Cinderella and less like a dyke, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

Meanwhile, judging by the fact that there were no prominent follow-up stories on this situation, I’d wager that the approacher got off with a slap on the wrist.   It’s a shame it’s a slap on the ass that she really wanted.

She should have flown on United instead.

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289 thoughts on “Women Can’t Handle Rejection”

  1. Truth. My guess is women never evolved rejection coping mechanisms since they never had to experience it.
    Four days ago I was chatting up a girl in a cafe. A few minutes in, she dropped that she had a boyfriend. I looked at my wrist and half-joked, “Okay well it was nice talking to you, but I have to go.”
    Her instant response: “Hey I’m sorry but I have to go right now.” She said this with a straight face. Her brain completely ignored the fact that I was declared my intention to exit the conversation first.

    1. And women say we never listen… tsk tsk.
      My favourite is when women continue to argue with you after you’ve already ceded the point.

      1. Women continuing to argue with you is basically a shit test. Since you know, you can’t have the last word in all.

        1. Which is further evidence for the purpose and effectiveness of corporeal punishment on women. Slap the stupid whore and she’ll act right for a day or two.

    2. I would guess she was already mentally prepared for you to reject her if she was so quick to try to reframe an exit like that.

      1. Right, but not very well prepared. Echoing his “I’ve got to go” line is borderline autist-level social retardation.

    3. Agree on Roosh’s comment and can confirm from real life experience. The worst ones are the HB8+ types, especially when drunk, who get rejected. The booze and the typical Western woman entitlement thing makes her into a raving batshit crazy loon, but fast.

      1. That’s an understatement.
        Few creatures are more vicious than a legitimately cute girl who throws herself at a man and gets shot down for any reason other than him already having a wife or girlfriend.

      2. This African cab driver was telling me he dropped off this pretty “white girl” and she refused to pay. He told her to pay up and she called him a nigger. Then her white knight bf started arguing with the cabbie after he’d been woken up (why is his girl out without bf anyway). The cabbie explained and the white knight was embarrassed and offered to pay to which the cabbie said no I don’t want money associated with her.
        Entitlement = has sex with black men and pays their bills – calls them nigger when she doesn’t want to pay a poor cab driver from Africa

        1. Thanks for sharing the story – it makes my blood boil, i hope karma destroys her egocentric, racist existence. Dumb cunt..

    4. Jesus, thanks for telling that story. I thought I was going crazy when I had the same thing happen.
      I texted a girl “I don’t think we’d fit romantically, but we could work on (cool project we were both involved in).” She replied, “look, I don’t think we could go out.” Almost the exact same line.
      I guess if reality offends you, you can always ignore it as a woman.

      1. This happened to me 5 minutes ago and I had to come back to post this. I hadn’t texted this girl in 24 hours and I texted back and said “my bad” and and she texted back, “hey sorry i was doing this and that…”

      2. Just text back– walk chalk. And then ignore her.
        It will drive her crazy about what it means since most females know nothing.
        It originally meant a chalk line a sailor had to walk to see if he was sober enough for duty but it came to eventually mean to make a hasty departure (like get the fuck out of here fast)

      3. Which is perfect. When men move on to ultra realistic sexbots, women can lie to themselves about “how much they have to offer besides sex” all the way to their extinction.

    5. Roosh — was the woman you spoke with an AW in the USA? Or was it in europe with a european woman?

      1. Ukrainian girl in Poland who spoke perfect English, which suggested she has lived abroad for an extended period of time.

        1. Interesting — has the same thing happened when you spoke with a european woman who you know has never set foot in any of the english speaking countries?

        2. Your experience with the Ukrainian girl was a common shit test that most FSU women employ with men to see if the men become jealous. If you choose to quit the conversation at that point to walk away – they think you’ve become jealous or angry. You should’ve rather chosen to show indifference to it. Ukrainian/Russian women shamelessly cheat on their “boyfriends” with other men; when you implied that you became jealous or angry by ending the conversation – you failed her shit test.
          And what you experienced from her ( “Sorry but I must leave before you”) was typical Ukrainian/Russian/FSU female sore loser mentality. All Russian/Ukrainian/FSU women do that. They are sore losers – who simply cannot handle men rejecting their “beautiful” presence – more so from foreign men. They usually have an inflated fake sense of self worth which comes from the fact they are often told by men that they are “beautiful”. In short, they have hollow arrogance which they confuse with self respect. Another trait which is a trademark slut/hoe trait.
          When you said to her that you needed to leave (after she told you that she had a boyfriend), she immediately had to tell you that she had to leave – because she realized she made a gaffe with a self respecting man but didn’t want to lose face for it. So, the irrefutable truth is that girls from the FSU are sore losers. They need to be one up on men – as these women are closet feminists.
          But let me give you a tip which has worked with me unfailingly when it came to gaming girls from that part of the world (who had boyfriends): if she ever mentions about her boyfriend, you should mention fondly about one of your previous bangs from her part of the world, or a present “girlfriend” from her part of the world. Hype about that girl’s beauty, sexual expertise and loyalty in a romantic sense. If the girl you’re talking to asks as to why you didn’t choose to marry her, you should reply that eventually you felt been taken for granted by that woman. In short – you must arouse her jealousy. That is – along with a man’s money, his status and her vanity about her own beauty -the Achilles heel of every FSU woman.
          You must subtly make the “committed” FSU girl you’re talking to, feel that your previous FSU girl lost you because you felt that your ex didn’t value you enough. This approach works both ways: it is enough to make the “committed” FSU girl you’re talking feel that you are the “catch”, and she’d often feel intrigued by you. Second – she’d feel jealous with the thought that there could be another woman from her part of the world who could snag you in the future. Third – FSU women always prefer foreign men who have had prior relationships with fellow FSU women – and you score higher marks there (the herd mentality).
          I call this jealousy trigger approach “the FSU girl’s boyfriend destroyer” tactic. It always works. You may not get the bang on the same date when you tell her this – but the next time she comes around for a date, she’ll be more receptive to you.
          Or if you mentioned that you had a “girlfriend” from the FSU too, when she told you that she had a boyfriend, it would rouse her jealousy hamster into overdrive. FSU women are insanely jealous about other women – and more so about women from their own countries whom they perceive as greater competition. Expect demeaning words about your “girlfriend” from her, but make sure to defend your “girlfriend” in a polite but firm manner. FSU women love men who stand up for them, and the girl you were talking to, would secretly fall for you. That is enough for you to ensnare her in the near future. It never fails.
          The bottom line is: whores/sluts are meant to be enjoyed and passed around. FSU women are massive “feminine” whores/sluts even if they might be committed. Don’t let jealousy get in the way of a prospective bang with a “committed” woman in that part of the world; indifference instead is your greatest weapon to seal the deal with these women.

        3. If you enjoy this then all power to you. For me this is just too much effort and lying. I feel sick just reading this.

        4. There’s more money in lying to women (whores/sluts) than telling them the truth. You are gonna feel more sick after you just finished banging the cheating Russian/Ukrainian/FSU slut’s cunt, once you think of her boyfriend. That’s more sick than you’re lying to her. But hey, they’re all sluts. Remember, that even if you feel morally bad chasing these “committed” women – understand that loyalty is not the forte of these women. If she’s not gonna cheat on her man with you, then she will with some other guy. At the end, after you’ve fucked her, you’ll realize that she was not worth it and yet will be happy for shooting your seed inside her. Gaming women is like poker; you need to know how to bluff and when to bluff.

        5. Well played Sir! Thank you for taking the time to pass on knowledge.
          In business, my word is my bond but I would be lying if I claimed that I don’t lie to women. Business runs on trust. Sex runs on bullshit and money. I will tell a woman I am the King of England, movie producer, fireman, and a spaceship captain all rolled into one if I think there’s a BJ or three in it for me.

        6. Thank you for your insights. None of them excuse the terrible behavior of women. Let us replace their evil with something better.
          Just think for a moment – is all this effort worth a degenerate female?

    6. It’s just another display of knee-jerk female arrogance. They just HAVE to announce their rejection of you FIRST, in order to retain their perceived mastery of the interaction. The fact that you had already rejected her went right over her swollen head.
      So many girls make of point of inserting their relationship status “casually” in conversation…partly as a shit test, and partly as a way of “brushing back” unwanted advances.
      The sad thing is that even fat and ugly chicks will do this…although you obviously have no interest in them, they delude themselves into believing they’re desirable.

      1. It’s been many a year now, but i do recall one conversation I had with a girl, a soft 5 IIRC, who managed to mention “her boyfriend” five times in five minutes. Eventually I broke off and said, “you can stop now, I’ve been warded off, I’m just still chatting to be polite.”
        She was speechless.

        1. Yeah, the chick I fucked last week was texting yesterday that it had to remain a ‘one-off’ because she loves her boyfriend so much and has never cheated before (sure) and doesn’t want to again (which she obviously does or she wouldn’t be texting me). She mentioned him in every reply, trying to give me The This Can’t Continue Ultimatum, to the point I had to cut through the bullshit.
          Ignored her hamsterisation, and laid it out flat: “Yet your guilt hasn’t stopped you masturbating over our session.”
          “Yes I have and I [multiple loved hearts] every second of it. But I feel sooo guilty for cheating. I really love [the boyfriend].”
          “But you love my cock and being bad and the drama of all this more. I’ve got other business to attend to now. Keep squirming baby girl.”
          “OMG I’m squirming you bastard!!! [smilie] I love it.”
          I’m showing the texts to a mate as I’m texting, who just doesn’t get women. He thinks they’re angels, and they actually mean what they say. When he saw her giving me the ‘this can’t continue’ ultimatum he said it proved that true love was stronger than sex. I said I’d get her to admit she loved it. When I showed him her final “Love it” response, he looked like his puppy had died.

        2. good. the quicker you stomp on his idealism, the quicker he starts wrestling with bullshit versus reality, and the quicker he learns how to make the best of the decline, or go somewhere that hasnt fallen yet.

        3. I’ve never met a bitch who didn’t have a bf lol Learn to ignore this female crap because no female with their fragile ego ever wants to admit that they don’t have a man or that’s she’s available. In their mind it’s just a way of inflating their value.

        4. When was the last time you heard a guy having to do this shit? Very rarely, if ever, do men have to use safety methods when chatting to women. The fact that this article even exists is disgusting, especially due to the Elliot Rogers incident, and every other fucking account of when a guy has gone apeshit and killed people, simply because he couldn’t stand being rejected. Boo hoo! What do men worry about? Being rejected by women, being laughed at them? Women worry about being raped and murdered, women are scared of things happening to them simply walking down the road at night: the things they are scared of happening to them at any time are the things men are scared will happen to them if they go to prison. When was the last time you or your male friends had to walk home with your keys between your fingers, or permanently carry pepper spray and a rape alarm with you? Probably never. Any don’t give anyone that ‘not all men…’ Bullshit; let me give you an analogy for that; if I gave you a plate of cookies, and then told you that they were nice flavours, but four of them had cyanide in, and one might have arsenic in, but THEY AREN’T ALL LIKE THAT, you probably aren’t going to take a fucking cookie. So EXCUSE the female race for feeling permanently unhappy when they are around the opposite gender. You don’t get laid? Boo hoo. Your little ego got dented? Boo hoo. That saying of ‘grow a pair’ should mean tits, because you honestly have no idea what it’s like, and never will. And I know someone is going to go ‘lol watch out angry feminist’ but fuck yes i’m an angry feminist, for all the reasons I’ve just said. Because of scum like you.

        5. You hypocritical cunt. Try putting yourself in a guy’s shoes after getting rejected so many times. There are reasons dating in the Us is dead and it is pieces of entitled vagina such as yourself. MGTOW.

        6. That is a hoax bud. That shit didn’t (there’s videos everywhere) happen I have a friend that went to school there and lives in the same county. He didn’t see or hear anything regarding that nonsense.

        7. What a dumb fucking bitch. And look, pulling the Eliot Roger (you even got his name wrong as you tried to use it as a weapon, dumbtard!) card, which is about as trite now as calling anything “Nazi” you feel is oppressing you! In a country with about 200 million more people than it even needs, there are bound to be a few crazies, this is just what The Law of Large Numbers dictates. And it sucks, and nobody likes it, so STOP trying to say “hashtag-yesallmen” like all those comical pseudo-intellectual Twitter jockeys did when that incident was new news, you miserable little cunt!

        8. You don’t want more Elliott Rodgers style executions? Legalize prostitution. Because I swear to God after being exploited by this society for 27 years without once getting pussy for it, I’m about to be the next executioner.

        9. funny you mention permanently unhappy and opposite gender exclusively. Women are permanently unhappy even within the company of the same sex. I’ve had all kinds of anecdote from other women. I don’t need your lies. Just admit it, bitches are never happy.

    7. You can see this often in pubs clubs and bars when a girl approaches a man whilst her friends look from afar a the approach only to see her get rejected.
      The girl gets offended, does a 180 with a hand in the air like a diva and does a duck face.

        1. Alphas > women > betas.
          Imagine instead one of the two women seated there with two betas… the conversation would be exactly the same.

      1. Many years ago my friend and I shot down this girl who approached us at a bar (when we saw a group of two other girls watching it all from the other side of the room).
        She just came up and said, “Excuse me, what do you guys do for a living?”
        With no hesitation I said (in a droning voice) “I stamp forms!” and my friend immediately followed up with “I answer phones!”
        A quick ‘fuck off’ look to her and a second one to the girls across the room watching this, and then she walked away in shock.

    8. In the scope of an LTR – how often do you hear of stories where the girl is “too tired” or “not in the mood.” Yet, you never hear a man say that, because …. no shit, pounding pussy is why we talk to women. Everyone should try using the “I’m not in the mood” line and you’ll either a) have a cock hungry whore attacking your cock and balls or b) have a delusional whorechild tantrum about how she “doesn’t understand why you’re not in the mood.” Classic.

      1. Sure you hear men say this. Wait until you get older lol OK honey it’s time for happy hour. I’m taking a nap, why don’t you take one of the rooms and go to sleep yourself. Then I lock myself in my bedroom suite of my house and my guard dog who is trained to protect me sleeps right outside the door. I’m not joking here. In fact, I never sleep with a female if I’m not shagging her. Who the hell can sleep with some female moving around and breathing on you? Spouses have separate bedrooms anyway and only the vulgar lower classes sleep in the same bed probably because they couldn’t afford another one. And then I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a female who started this crazy nonsense of sleeping together, probably so she could keep an eye on you at night and knew where you were and not out shagging another girl.
        You younger boys have done a really bad job of training females. In fact, anything she wants you should do the opposite because females only want things that benefit themselves.Not you.

        1. Women like to sleep in the same bed as their husbands so they can use sleep denial torture. Waking him up at random times during the night, that sort of thing.

        2. The older I get, the more I think that the Roman custom of husbands and wives maintaining and sleeping in separate bedrooms was fucking brilliant.

      2. This is why you have to mentally-control them, knowing how women love drama and seeing themselves as the main character in a movie.
        There are actually times in your life when you won’t be in the mood for sex with your woman. Reject her outright, yeah she’ll take it personally and get pissy. Simply reframe her demand for sex into a tease to delay it for when you are in the mood: “Awww, Daddy loves seeing you so horny and frustrated, baby girl.”
        It can go a few ways it can go from there. She’ll either start turning on the actual feminine seduction into overdrive so you end up in the mood. Or she’ll get passive-aggressive and pissy: in which case, put her over your knee and spank her, including her snatch. Do this right, and she’ll end up very wet and be fumbling at your pants trying to get to your cock at the end of it.
        And you can still deny her release if you’re not fully in the mood. “Not yet. Maybe I’ll fuck you tomorrow to ease that fire in your pussy. Don’t wear underwear to work. Maybe I’ll come and fuck you in the bathroom. Or maybe you’ll think I’ve come to fuck you in the bathroom, but I’ve just come to say hello and leave you to suffer a little longer.”
        Now she has all day to sit there at work, thinking she’s the star of the show; thinking if only her workmates knew how exciting her sex life was; how her relationship is full of torrid passion and excitement, and knowing she’ll brag about this to her girlfriends over coffee later and command the spotlight, which is all I’m convinced women want from their friendships with other women: bragging rights.
        Women are so used to men doing anything for pussy than being able to say no or walk away even during sex is what I consider THE display of both male dominance and control that raises you in a woman’s eyes to the kind of guy they still fantasise over years later.

      3. The reaction of telling a woman that you’re not “in the mood” is equivalent to telling a child that there will be no Christmas this year.

      4. Bahahaha, delusional whorechild tantrum..fucking hilarious! Great comment, so true!

    9. If it’s clear to you that you are not their type, they get mad at you if you tell them they aren’t your type for whatever reason they aren’t.

    10. I’d warrant that in many many divorces and breakups, the guy has got bored of the girl and rejected her subconsciously, but due to any number of reasons from thirsty scarcity mentality, right through to kids and splitting up the marital home, he hangs on….
      She senses that he’s already rejected her and simply rejects him…… then feeling rejected, he spins into a horrid divorce with her cheating etc…. but in reality…. it was him that rejected her first…. for whatever circumstances he couldn’t find the balls to actually up and leave and make it permanent…
      She simply reciprocates the rejection… she convinces herself that she rejected him…. to avoid having to accept that she was rejected…

    11. I am curious roosh, why did you decide to pull out of this encounter? I mean I think I saw you write about various lines to get around and how to fuck girls with boyfriends (basically ignore it and keep gaming). I am just trying to understand the mechanics here of when you decide to fuck a girl who announces she has a boyfriend vs when you end the conversation and move on? Was it the way she said it, or was she just not hot enough to warrant plowing through the bullshit?

    12. Agreed. I see some evolutionary/biological underpinnings here. In the animal kingdom, males typically approach the female, who in turn can reject or accept his advances. Males adjust to such risk-taking activities that can include failure (hunting, attempts at mating, etc.), while females don’t.
      I’m thinking of of two ex-GFs in which I dumped them and they completely flipped out. It really messed them up in the head that I would reject them. In fact, after some time (2-3 months), they decided that they had dumped me and/or I was weak for “running away”.
      Which brings me to my second point: most women can’t handle reality. Data, research, facts, all are meaningless to them.

      1. Further evidence that 1) they are not people
        2) we should and have the capability to replace them with something better

    13. Lol,
      check out the british comedy snuff box. there’s a bunch of scenes where the lad’s chatting it up and, y’know, helping carry groceries, holding doors etc until the very second the girl mentions she has a boyfriend, then it’s “fuck you” and the groceries are dumped on the side of the road.

    14. Insecure b|tch wants to have the final word – as if she’s the one who decided to call it quits. Females are masters in psychological games, don’t be fooled!

      1. The word you’re looking for is “evil/psychotic”. I say we leave them in the dust. Fuck them for finding every dirty angle to destroy us after all we’ve done for them.

  2. They say the real you comes out when you’re drunk, and this butt ugly dyke just showed the world the that they’re not gay by choice, but because not even an omega low smv man, unless he was fag in transition,would consider boinking that “thing”. Soon as the alcohol flows we see the truth that dykes, like ALL women want the dick, and if it’s ALPHA DICK all the more better.
    So to all men with high smv value, I say take one for the team every so often and pass her to the next alpha and keep these so called “studs” happy by rotating her round the carousel.
    It’s the best way to keep these abominations from competing with you for those young hb10s still on the fence about their sexuality lol.

    1. I’d rather experience the downfall of human civilization than stick my man parts in a bulldog.

  3. I don’t know if God hates fags as such but if he makes them this ugly I really wonder.

    1. It is not that God hates fags, it is when you go against the natural order of things weird shit happens i.e. it gets ugly in more ways then one. Perhaps this is a form of evolution, heh!

  4. In one species of primates (baboons I believe but not sure) the female evolved the ability to have her genitalia flush with blood when she is in heat so they become engorged and purplish red which male baboons can see from over a mile away. Apparently it is easier for a female primate to evolve this ability than to evolve the ability to walk up to a male and risk rejection.

  5. meh, men cannot handle rejection either. I am not sure it is really sex linked.
    and this phrase “for all intensive purposes” really, really pisses me off. Call it the inner english freak, but the phrase is “For all INTENTS and PURPOSES” Intensive purposes makes no sense at all.

      1. was pointing out that contrary to popular opinion, men have emotions too… and they are entirely as powerful as any women may claim to feel.
        The difference is, Men are capable, and trained, to relegate that sort of emotionalism to where and when it is appropriate. We appear on the surface to be calm and handling rejection well, but inside we can be every bit as damaged as women by rejection.
        Of course, it’s entirely possible that eventually we learn not to give a shit, but that doesn’t make us superhuman.
        these chicks gotta learn to calm the fuck down. a karate man bleed onna INSIDE.
        Women’s lack of self control in the face of rejection is due to too much validation of her ’emotional truth’. fifty years ago that cunt would have just shut the fuck up.

    1. Men cannot handle rejection better they are simply better at handling it.
      What your comment seems to reduce to.

    2. Haha I once heard someone say it was going to be really cold “with the windshield factor”.
      Like, cmon man… Wind Chill.

      1. I know, right? If you are a compulsive writer, typos and misspellings don’t bug you NEARLY as much as a mangled catchphrase..

  6. Wonder if anyone else noticed if there is a connection between females with shirt hair and damaging behavior….

    1. I once met a girl who had a hair hat and was into Witchcraft. God that was weird!

    2. I refuse to consort with any woman who has hair growing on her shirt. It’s just tacky.

  7. Men have 25% more myelin sheath volume of the brain, i think this alone explains game and nothing else needs to be learned, your dealing with an idiot, now that is serious enlightenment folks. Unless its a shim with high testosterone, a man hater in a womans body, testosterone/height and iq development, google the real scientific truth about the biological red pill!

  8. Men who cannot handle rejection end up not asking as they know that in cold approaches at best he may average 10% and that is after alcohol is flowing without any prep. So if he cannot handle it – he just doesn’t go there. But women generally have a much much higher acceptance rate – this is probably the first time she has EVER been rejected, and her little hamster brain just could not handle such a situation.
    I know that in my life when I’m on the road I tend to tire of the usual generic entitled princess, and start looking for quirky and have run into more than a few young women who are used to being the center of attention, so when they aren’t they meltdown. This is such a woman – caught on camera for your amusement.

      1. lol… That ManWoman is used to being center of attention but most likely at the circus…

  9. – for all intensive purposes, it is a female.

    The phrase is… “For all intents and purposes”
    delete this comment if you fix it.

  10. Ive been rejected so many times that im used to it. Ive actually forgotten how many times. Rejection sucks for about 5 minutes, then you gotta move on.

    1. Rejection is part and parcel of being a man. You learn to adapt and overcome. It helps define our very nature. Women do not have this in their lives, generally, at least the pretty ones, which is why they never develop fully as a man does. Once they become old and used up and start to deal with rejection the time to make the most out of life has nearly passed.

    2. Rejection only sucks if you invest your ego in the approach. Once you learn to separate your ego to the outcome of things, you always stay calm

    3. I have been rejected so many times I am like the arch-villain in that Steven Segal movie where they have hijacked a train and he is being inappropriate with Segal’s niece (who just happens to be on the train also) and she sprays him in the face with tear gas. He just licks his lips and says “Mmm, strawberry…”.

  11. “I recently turned down my girlfriend’s sexual advances in a non-direct way – basically by just passing out. Her reaction in the morning was priceless.”
    Well, what happened? Tell us about it.

  12. I did this to my girlfriend once… she burst into tears and stayed there weeping for about an hour. It was very annoying. You would have thought her puppy just died.

  13. There was a girl in college who tried to start a rumor that I was gay because I rejected her. This seems reasonably common since I know other guys who have had this happen to them.
    I was also slapped and kicked out of a bar because I recoiled from some drunk b**** who was over my weight limit after she thought grabbing my crotch was an ideal opener. When did it become okay for women to sexual assault men?

      1. Or they knew they’d get hit if they acted like insane violent banshees and no white knights would come to their defense.

        1. She’d have been soundly slapped across the face by the man. With an open palm and not a fist, so as to not harm her in any permanent way.
          Gotta love Sean Connery, heh.
          But yeah, she would have been likely smacked hard and the rest of the plane (or at the time, train) would have glared at her and asked that she be removed at the next available opportunity.

        2. This is what I try to tell my white male associates. They need to start slapping their women, put them in check. To my dismay, these men are extraordinarily weak and go off with the normal Cultural Marxist tangent of “never hit a woman, no matter what.” I really want to these guys in the simplest ways possible, “and you wonder why your women come to guys like me.”
          Some of the most low-life pimps who are worthy of extermination, get some of the most beautiful women. I’ve always been fascinated by this, and I’ve simply come to the conclusion that most women crave, both psychologically and sexually, male authority. These women just cannot differentiate in their small brains, what is proper male authority and the proper amount of force that a man should use in disciplining a woman. They don’t care, because any form of male aggression is “sexy.” Which is quite sad, and gives you a glimpse inside their minds.
          Needless to say, these women aren’t getting disciplined by guys anymore. What was common place in the 1920s etc, with slapping women, spanking them etc is now an anamoly. The police showing up to a man’s house in 1914 for corporally disciplining his wife would have been laughable. The authorities would have summarily given him a handshake and probably would have told to proceed. There’s been a genetic mutation for the worse in our boys in the West, I don’t know what is, or maybe it’s all the Cultural Marxist inculcation.

        3. Well, human behavior is in large part regulated by the threat of force. This is something most guys come to realize early on in life if they have decent fathers (real men) who have no problem with corporal punishment and who dealt out healthy whippings if you fucked up or violated their rules.
          As you grow up, you also learn you can’t act like a total shitbird without getting punched in the face eventually. You realize there are limits as to what you can get away with and act accordingly.
          You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
          You don’t spit in the wind
          You don’t pull the mask off that ol’ Lone Ranger
          And you don’t mess around with Jim

          Like you said, women used to be subject to the same appropriate punishments reserved for children (smacks, spanking) and they’re not anymore.
          When you make a group completely exempt from the threat of physical punishment they’re gonna act like irresponsible psychos because they know they can get away with it.
          Consequently, you have generations of ruined women because of that.

        4. So true. This is empiricism and not the dream world we’re all trained to accept.

        5. wtf I can’t get behind slapping women, come on. Spanking, on the other hand…

        6. You clearly have no idea how much of an effect hybristophilia has on women. They are deranged and perverse in ways that are difficult to even imagine.

        7. True story, I slapped my ex, when she got out of control and she stormed to her car crying and I literally did not call her back the next day. She called me 26 times in a row, and when I finally picked up, she said “I really don’t want to break up with you, I love you, I love you so much, please don’t let me go.” (Swear on my life) Ragingbull, take the fucking redpill.

        8. Jail time, restraining orders and DV classes should not be any red piller’s style. Life is too short to indulge crazy bitches.

        9. Well you know some man took it too far at one point and got drunk and beat his wife up and gave her black eyes every 2 weeks rather than gave her a few slaps to put her in her place so the beta white knights took away the right to beat your wife. Which it should be a right. Because how can you have a relationship where if you beat your girl you go to jail?

        10. Well said. This is one of the most glaring differences between men and women today. As men we know that our actions have consequences, and we carry ourselves accordingly. These vapid broads know they can get away with blue murder nowadays. No wonder their attitudes are so fucked up.

        11. Absolutely. Worth it for the Sam Peckinpah clip alone. (And on that note, there’s far more from Bloody Sam’s filmography that the makers of this compilation could have used.)

        12. Wait, you mean that advocating lynching on women because of FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION is not an option? Damn. Even men got LYNCHED for FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION, and the Ku Klux Klan are too whipped to keep their women in checked.

        13. I agree with both of you guys. This is not 1920. We all know that women like being physically abused by men to a certain extent. Any man who denies this is full of his own shit. But in this day and age if you hit a woman, you will quickly find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Not worth it just to impress a woman. Not one bit.

        14. declining testosterone levels in men causes today’s bitchboy epidemic. It’s well documented.

        15. It’s just too God damned risky. I know in my heart and soul it’s what they crave, they need. But when beta white knight pigs show up, you go to jail at her fucking whim.

    1. I had the same thing happen “gay rumour” jilted girl. She a 4 at best. But because I didn’t want her I had to be gay. No other explanation.

    2. They have by and large become predatory and are trying far too hard to emulate masculinity. It’s all they’re taught these days. White Knights, unfortunately, aid and abet these little crotch grabbing hoes.
      Chick at a bar day before St. Paddy’s day, that I’d never met, sat down and demanded to wear my hate (I wear a Stetson). I politely declined as I do not pass my hat nor clothes around to random strangers to wear. She gets all huffy, mad even. The white knight sitting next to her (other side of me) gets up and with a big dopey smile on his face reaches for my hat with a sloppy beta boy cooing sound which resembled what may have been a language, saying “Aw come on man, let the little lady wear your hat”. I ducked out of his drunken way, half the bar went “oooooh” and I stood up, he got real small real fast (I’m 6’3″) and the dopey smile disappeared. “Don’t touch it”.
      He sat down. She sat and fumed that her meager little 5.5 arse didn’t get what it wanted when she demanded it. Totally classless little slag. But by golly, she had that white knight there who was willing to try and take an expensive hat off of a very large, muscular, masculine man on her behalf. Fuggin’ idiots, both women and white knights.

        1. It embiggens bossy women! Don’t worry, it’s a perfectly cromulant word.

        2. Bossy is just the polite way of avoiding what their behaviour simply is: cunty. Why pussyfoot around the issue? Call them what they are.

      1. Jesus finally someone stand up to these self entitled bitches. One night years ago coming out of a bar I went to grab a mcdonalds (nothing else was open and the bar doesn’t serve food) as I was walking back to my car an attractive girl who must have seen me leave the bar said to me loudly “o you bought me mcdonalds how nice of you”
        Seriously bitch, I ain’t even never seen you before and you trying to get free mcdonalds off me? You could at least ask in a nice way like a homeless man or fuck me first and pretend you live far away and have no cab money. These hoes be hungry. Needless to say her ass got ignored and she was all pouty faced about it and accused me of being gay for ignoring her.

      2. If only he had fought you, Then you would realize true and clear that you’re going to jail for defending yourself. The pinnacle of tyranny. No tyranny in history was ever stopped without force of violence. You/we cannot use reason and logical arguments to beat this. We can not self-improve our way out of this. The only way is the one that has worked for millennia – kill the evil.

    3. They even try to shame George Clooney’s habit of not committing to women by spreading the rumor he’s gay.

      1. Meanwhile, he has (in my opinion) banged his way through a succession of the hottest women in hollywood. The only guy who consistently seems to do better is diCaprio. And he’s avoided financial ruin unlike Mel Gibson, Jon Cryer and countless others. If that’s “gay”… where the hell do I sign up? Playa Pride Parade!

        1. Am assuming he “banged” his way through a succession of the hottest women in Hollywood – for the paparazzi. But he surely must’ve slept with a lot of old vapid well-connected bitches in Hollywood to get him his roles. The casting couch exists for both men and women – don’t get it wrong there. It’s not easy for men either – actors also have a dual life of a gigolo for influential women in showbiz to get their gigs.

        2. This is women being women. Their relationship is pure speculation. There is no actual confirmation of the relationship in any of the linked articles, and no pictures of them together in a way that could be considered intimate, affectionate, sexual or romantic. It could be two business partners having lunch.
          Feminist women want to believe he’s interested in her for her career and intelligence, despite her lack of beauty and advancing age so they’ll try and will it to happen. Expect him to be linked with a model in her 20’s soon enough, and they’ll write stories about ‘fragile male egos’ and how he ‘couldn’t handle her someone more accomplished than him’.

        3. You may be right. But it’s still a great gig, even if you have to sleep your way to the top. That’s what beer goggles are for, dude.
          I’d trade one night of romancing Miss Piggy, C.S.A. for a year or two of Elisabetta Canalis suckin muh’ dick. Cost of doing business.

        4. DiCaprio picks his gfs out of a victoria’s secret catalogue. If he gets sick of a girl, he simply turns the page and picks a new one.

        5. “I’d trade one night of romancing Miss Piggy, C.S.A. for a year or two of Elisabetta Canalis suckin muh’ dick. Cost of doing business.”
          – I’m sure Clooney would have enough distaste for females after romancing Miss Piggy, C.S.A. for a night. He’d get traumatic hallucinations of Miss Piggy (‘oink ‘oink) when Canalis would be going down on him. Possibly his polygamy is due to distaste for women due to his experience with Miss Piggy, than actual need for variety.

        6. LOLDONGS! She’s out of his league – wait for it – because she’s a lawyer!

    4. Whenever you hear a girl talk disparagingly of another guy being gay, it’s because he rejected her. Always.

    5. Was drinking at a bar a few winters ago with some coworkers. One of his buddies, a Filipino dude – was drinking with us. I guess a year or two ago some black chick had been hitting on him at a bar, he rejected her advances and she bit off — completely bit off — the lower part of his ear.
      Women are dangerous animals. Never underestimate them.

    6. Further evidence that we should put bullets in their heads for utter rejection of justice and morality while shamelessly dehumanizing men.

  14. Why women can’t handle rejection? Its all about ego and pride. A woman’s self image of being ‘unique’ and ‘special’ is delicately placed on a house of cards. Why wouldn’t it be? She can go up to any guy, at any time of day and say ‘lets fuck?’, how many guys can say no?
    A rejection is like a nuclear warhead detonation, it destroys her ego, hence you see the reaction of the woman in the video.
    That’s why after a rejection, a woman will almost always call the guy gay, to rationalize the rejection.

    1. She can go up to any guy, at any time of day and say ‘lets fuck
      I would advise you to never go with these types. She’s either crazy or luring you somewhere to be robbed.

      1. The idea is that most young women, particularly in places like America, Canada or Britain, are always desired for sex… no matter how fat, sloppy, slutty or imbecilic. That set includes 100% of bangable women. If you don’t “go” with those types, you’re gonna be “going” with your hand.

        1. I always have to spell everything out for these naive 20 something blanket boys and should stop assuming that they know anything.
          No normal female even if she’s been drinking comes up to a man and says come and fuck me so as I said, be cautious. If a female really wants some guy to fuck her she’ll be more subtle. She’ll make up some bullshit like she’s afraid to walk home and could you walk her, or just invite you over. That’s consenting to sex in my day. Females never like to stick their neck out only to be rejected so they’re subtle.If you’ve walked some girl home and are having a drink or something she’s not going to say ‘well are you going to fuck me now?’ She say something like’ are you staying over?”
          Any female who is too direct may be trouble.She may be drugged either self drugged or by someone else or crazy. And you may be blamed for it or she may drug you.

        2. Agreed, a woman offering sex i likely
          a) yanking your chain
          b) a prostitute police officer in disguise
          c)working with a gang who will rob you when you get to whatever destination she invites you to.
          No normal girl, not even a drunk high one will offer you sex, although they might agree to sex.
          No woman of sound mind will ever outright ask for sex. This post is bang on. She will drop her phone and bend over in front of you or talk to you but only a senial dude would think a girl will just come up to him and says lets fuck.

        3. “Let’s fuck” in the figurative sense. The OP was clearly exaggerating to make his point.
          Yes, of course you’re dealing with a nutjob if she propositions you like that. Or, as you said, you’re gonna get rolled.

        4. Further evidence for replacing these walking garbage bags with our incredible technology. Man was never meant to be enslaved to woman’s vagina! Let her do as she will – on her own – away from us – so that she will only destroy herself with her parasitic evil nature.

    2. Its true, its true, a girl was telling me her friend like me, her friend was moderately attractive, not fat, not ugly, but certainly been through the cock carousel. Beta males would call you a queer for not fucking her. Now trying to be diplomatic, I did not mention her friend being a used ho bag as for me not wanting to fuck her but she went on for 20 minutes trying to find out why i didn’t like her amazing friend. Now had the roles been reversed, a woman would not have to offer no explanation for why she turned down any man. A man who turns down a woman must have some type of defect.

      1. Further evidence that we should destroy them in the name of justice and morality. Or, we may turn them loose and for once allow them to sink their devious claws into themselves.

  15. This also goes on in every facet of their lives as well. Go tell a woman at the office that she’s wrong and her work sucks. Watch the sparks fly! they can’t handle rejection in any form as they’ve been coddled and pushed along their whole lives. they’re spared the harsh realities of life unlike men. For every shit storm they get involved in there’s always some white night (or hovering betas she’s surrounded her self with or white knight daddy) to bail her out. Their whole lives are like teenagers who crash daddies car and daddy bails them out. they never move past that stage.

    1. I made my managed cry, in front of my entire department when I called her out for her snarky comments.
      It was glorious.

    2. This is an emerging problem in tech companies. Particularly on difficult engineering projects that require collaborative writing, annotation and amendment of technical documents.
      Part of the current stink at github involves extreme butthurt on the part of a female worker who had her failed code critiqued and yanked by the responsible, presumably male, engineers.
      That’s their job!!!
      A male worker acting out in the same way would be ignored, then canned, and eventually blackballed. No one would care. And rightfully so.

        1. Search slashdot for “github.”
          In my opinion, her complaint about the founder’s wife is warranted. That is, if it is in any way true. Doubtful. The rest is straight up bullshit, like “donglegate.”
          Hoola hoops and the male gaze. What the fuck. Why don’t they just rename the organization Womenstudiesdyne, Inc. and tell the VC’s write it off. Thanks for all the money.
          I wish to god tech founders would sack up.

  16. Every guy should reject a woman at least once, and not just the horrendous monsters like the one above that the TSA allowed on an airplane, but legitimately attractive women who they’d otherwise screw. Your dick is going to be unhappy about that little moment of sexual suicide, but your brain will grateful for the the knowledge gained. And most of the time it the look on the woman’s face upon having her pussy declined is even better than her o-face.

    1. Solid advice. And it communicates absolute non-neediness, so chances are she’s going to try harder, or her friends that saw what happened are all going to zero in on you as their primary target.

    2. This is the worst part of being a man, I swear. I was dating this girl for nearly a year and I swear my rational higher thinking self was telling me to end it, this woman is poison despite the brief moments of bliss. A man’s dick can be his own worst enemy, and I’ve been through it. The worst part of this is allowing your dick to conflate lust with love, and run with it. At least the great thing about religion when it was a force in society was to teach people sexual self-control. Today there are no limitations, which is fine. But as a man, guard against your dick trying to get you to stick around for one woman, no matter how easy or great the sex is. Other considerations must be made.

      1. A duality to your dick causing you grief is when your dick says “no” but you take the plunge anyway and wake up with ulcerating sores.

  17. “Two, even if you have slept with the girl already, or are even in a relationship, turning a girl down for sex is a great way to instill a little dread.”
    This. Even better if you get her really primed, and then turn her down. Virtually guaranteed she will spend every waking moment thinking about this for the next three weeks.

    1. Oh I did this to a girl about 9 years ago. She was mad for a little while (pretending) but then wanted to be friends still for all those years. Silently, every other girl I would talk to she would send messages and misinform to try to fuck me over all those years. I had the idea it was happening on and off. Even after blocked her and got rid of her, she still stalked, and one of my female prospects told me about what she was doing.. a lot of them did actually. She told one of my friends recently he cannot get rid of me. I think she will not stop until I would give it to her. This just gives me more incentive to deny more women.

      1. So yeah guys, I am still dealing with this broad trying to find her way back into my life (her being in the same industry) while trying to become friends with females I know, try to convert beta males I know to her cause, and try to destroy my life.

  18. Pretty sure I recall Roissy doing a piece on this years ago. Good article nonetheless.

  19. Or when you pull down their bloomers and your dick says “no thanks” on seeing the ugly truth…

  20. I filed for divorce from my now ex. When it comes to rejecting a woman you can’t go any higher than divorcing them and expect a shit storm in retaliation.
    As men we are conditioned to be rejected since we were boys while girls weren’t.
    I have to say nothing gets me laughing now seeing a woman lose her shit when she doesn’t get what she wants.

  21. OMG! Just saw her on the video – I would have shot that down so fast her head would spin. I mean, I thought she was a man – still could be for all I know. Talk about an ugly-a** woman…

  22. Getting rejected is way better than never attempting anything has always been my motto in life.
    I’m a single father and I’ve learned that by treating grown women the same as my young children it’s worked wonders for me. I really think men should learn to tell women no just like you’d do with kids.
    What’s very interesting is I get worse reaction from women initially than from my kids but after they know “no means no” and I’m not going to allow them to pull childish games on me they quickly learn to shape up. At first that isn’t the case and they will shit test you a few times but once you put your foot down and tell them straight up to cut the shit out and grow up I don’t need to raise another child they obey.

  23. I’ve rejected multiple women’s sexual advances and immediately the shaming language comes out “are you gay” and “what’s wrong with you”.
    A man demonstrating that he’s not interested in a woman’s sexual advances is the most humbling experience a woman can have because outside of political correctness, white knights and big daddy government, it’s the only power they have.
    A man that’s not controlled by pussy is a powerful man who cannot be manipulated providing he’s not married or got kids with a woman.

  24. Two times in my life while out with a chick I’ve turned them down sexually. Women always say they’d rather be turned down then fucked and never to hear from him again so I thought I’m doing the right thing. I turned them down because I knew I’d never see them again and didn’t want the drama.
    You’d think they would appreciate it but both times I got angry psycho text messages that were mini-novela in length calling me a fag and I should come out of the closest and NO MAN HAS EVER TURNED THEM DOWN! I never replied back and both times a week later got a text message saying sorry and wanted to see me again. Both times I said lose my fucking number.

    1. “Women always say”
      That’s your first mistake there, and it’s huge.
      You should give fuck all what women say. It’s how they act that is the sole determiner of truth. The sooner you stop listening to their words and queuing instead solely by their actions, the better life will be for you.

      1. I never give a fuck what women say in fact I laugh when they say shit like this and call them on it. I’m always a dick to women and can’t count the number of times I’ve heard why can’t you be nice girls don’t like an asshole. I always reply bullshit if that’s the case you wouldn’t keep coming over.
        When a woman says something it’s the opposite of what she says that’s true.

  25. There is a hidden epidemic of female on male sexual harassment that goes on in the workplace. Many of you have been pestered by some female co-worker and are forced to walk around on eggshells for fear of her inevitable outburst on rejection. Or worse, a campaign of whispered lies that you are queer or that you came on to them and got rejected. I had one woman literally stage a screaming meltdown when I told her to get lost after months of come-ons and 3rd-party entreaties about how hot she was for me. I shudder with fear whenever I enter a new job knowing the harpies will be clawing to get at me. It doesn’t help that I am handsome, cocky, and funny. What am I supposed to do, put on a beta mask and pretend that I enjoy leadership from the Lean In crowd and their Bossy Pantsuit uniform?

    1. “What am I supposed to do”
      Start your own business. Vet hires and clients very carefully.

  26. Ugh! I don’t think that thing is a woman, or wasn’t at some point. In any case, this reminds me of the vomit inducing scene from the Lina Wertmüller film, Seven Beauties, where the protagonist is forced to have sex with the hideous female concentration camp commandant.
    While the “woman” on the plane is an extreme example, it is true that women generally handle rejection must worse than do men….although I’ve seen men behave like idiots as well. I was called a “faggot” by a girl at school after I ignored her very obvious signals.

  27. Rejection makes sense on paper, but be careful because girls are unpredictable. Rejection won’t make a girl feel as though she needs to improve if she still has men willing to get with her…

    1. Unpredictable? heh, seriously?
      They’re as predictable as the sun rising. If you are the highest value in the room, you can reject with impunity. Those beta orbiters she already holds in contempt, who cares about them?

  28. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
    I’m a little shocked that I’m the first here to cite this quote. I guess I’m a dying breed.

    1. To be fair, did you check out that “woman”? I suspect she’s woman in a chromosomal way only. We generally retain the good old fashioned chestnuts about women for women who look like….well….women.

    2. Is it REALLY a woman, though? Just watch the video a few more times to be sure….

  29. The bull dike’s attempt to mimic masculinity is almost always ham-fisted. Add alcohol and I’m not surprised she (it?) responded that way.

  30. It’s not just rejection from sexual advances, but any kind of rejection. Just telling a woman “NO” for whatever bull she’s attempting will immediately raise her blood pressure. Once they calm down, they’ll usually appreciate that you held your ground. Most women rarely hear the word no, the really pretty ones, almost never. It’s a rude awakening of the best kind-enjoy the high when you reject them!

  31. Whilst vaginal power over us (which I think is more cultural pushed by the same media that pushes feminism lest we say “yeah fuck off” and women are written off) is great, the power of rejecting a women… heh.
    It’s nothing new really. Are we forgetting the classics? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Havisham

  32. Bull dykes emulate men because they’re insecure and believe that being a woman is inferior/submissive and so suppress their feminine identity. So their projection of aggression/ bitchy attitude stems from a place of weakness and a victim mentality. Women cannot emulate alpha males, no matter bull dykish they are. Just as feminine gays can never emulate the HB 10 no matter how far they go.

    1. I find bull dykes to be utterly repulsive. In their quest to appear man like, they take the worst traits of the lowest class of men and exaggerate them. Loud, foul mouthed, aggressive, vulgar pieces of garbage. Even a sailor in the roughest parts of the world will have more class than them.

  33. Why the fuck did they cuff the guy getting yelled at? What happened to him? Despite the fact the bat shit insane hormonal driven animal was arrested, did the authoritites decide to charge an innocent man with something? It’s bothersome that a male victim went through the humiliation of being dragged off in front of everyone.

      1. Scratch that guys… my bad. What looks like a MAN being hauled away in cuffs is, in fact, the loudmouth female who got rejected. HOLY SHIT what a fuckin dykee looking piece of garbage. One would think she would have made a pass at a female passenger.

        1. The nice thing is, my answer still applies in this case. You know, given “her” and everything, there’s a fair chance the cops mistook parties and thought they were taking the Patriarch away. heh

  34. Another thing I observed is notice how this cunt’s name was withheld from the media. If this was a man they would have published his name, and of course this would go viral.

  35. This poor guy on the plane–to be harassed by something that looks like that. No wonder his penis retreated back inside of him.

  36. When a woman that looks like THAT makes unwanted sexual advances on a man, it should be a 20-30 year felony. How can any man ever feel safe on a flight again?
    No means NO, you ugly lesbian butch bitch. What part of “no” do you not understand?

  37. I once turned down a girl for sex. We were both locked inside the bathroom of a recording studio, my boys outside braced the door so I couldn’t get out. Meanwhile she was buck naked grabbing at my dick. I didn’t lead her on and she gave up, flabbergasted as to why I didn’t want to fuck her. I left the bathroom and went to go sit on the couch. She was furious, called me a shy guy for not getting with her. Still horny she called out my friend sleeping on the other couch. He begrudingly got up and went inside to go fuck her.
    The reason I didn’t hook up had nothing to do with her looks. She was a thick black girl with a medium skin tone and about 20 -21 years old. She looked good. What I didn’t like was that she was just gang banged by at least 6 dudes, including my cousin, all over the studio. I don’t do sloppy seconds.

  38. This is hilarious. It’s so funny seeing a woman hit the wall and trying to fuck studs. I literally know a few older women who made overtures at me, and thought “oh yeah this guy is going to fuck me because I have a pussy.” (Deluding themselves that they are still 21) I actually felt bad rejecting so many of these over the hill mostly single white women, although it was exhilarating. They didn’t even use game (because women don’t need it), it was like they automatically would say “do you want to come to my place this weekend around 9?” or some shit equivalent to that. This was really prevalent when Obama became president, and really the single greatest thing about Obama winning was getting a fuck ton of white chicks who wanted some biracial cock (lol), change I definitely believed in. Needlessly to say, I never told them that I couldn’t stand the political views of their limp-wristed homosexual dear leader and hated their feminist Bolshevik guts, but hey it was great and still is. So many of these women would press the reject button or put their phones on silent when I banged, to either their beta bfs or thirsty dudes. My criticism of Anglo women doesn’t just come from hearing about their misdeeds but actually seeing them in action on my phallus of course. Anyway it is always great to reject a few women, especially ones over the hill to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    1. American white women are literally the worst of white women in the entire world. Disgusting in every way

      1. Oh fucking yeah! I’ve been with all types of ethnicities and nationalities. American white women followed by women in the rest of the Anglosphere are the worst on the planet. They truly believe they are equal, if not above men. French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian women (the Romance countries) are pretty much the best of the best in terms of white women (due to some traditional values remaining). However, Anglo and Nordic chicks are the fucking worst on the planet. Maybe it’s the whole blonde haired, blue eyes thing going to their heads. But the men, really the state has spoilt them rotten. I look at a German woman today and think if this were 1934, no German man/husband would have let her get away with the shit she’s getting away with today. Men lost the battle when they let the leftists convince them, that women should never ever be hit, no matter what they do. This was one of the first nails in the coffin of Western Civilization.

        1. “French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian women (the Romance countries) are pretty much the best of the best in terms of white women (due to some traditional values remaining).”
          – I’d say Spanish, Hungarian and Italian women seem to be the best among white women left on this planet. They still retain traditional values (loyalty). I’d count French and Portuguese women out of the equation – French women are snobbish sluts and Portuguese women tend to be ugly.
          Women from CIS and Russia = Massive whores. Their femininity and sexuality is a ruse they use to pull wool over men’s eyes. By pretending to meow, a tiger does not become a cat. Pump and dump them.
          Women from other eastern European countries = Approach with caution but do approach. But promiscuity is quite common in that part of the world. Again don’t let femininity fool you.
          The quote which every modern man needs to know is:
          “As blushing will sometimes make a whore pass for a virtuous woman, so modesty may make a fool seem a man of sense.”
          – Jonathan Swift
          The most powerful tool a woman (bitch/slut/whore/feminist) has at her disposal against a red piller is a show of femininity and virtue. Many red pillers continue to fall for it. A fact seen in eastern Europe.

        2. Spot on about Slavic women! I’ve been trying to say this for years. What Anglo men don’t understand is the ONLY REASON SLAVIC WOMEN ARE WELL BEHAVED IS BECAUSE OF SLAVIC MEN. Men in our softened Western Hemisphere tend to equate these Slav women to virtuous “petite femmes,” when in fact the quality of Slavic men is much higher than ours, pertinent to keeping women in check. This really shows the strength of the Russian/Slav soul to still keep some elements of traditionalism intact despite the brutality of communism.
          Russian women when they arrive here are the most avid gold-diggers on a statistical basis and run roughshod over dumb American and British Anglos who’ve thought they’ve betrothed their one and only ice-queens. On to French women, you’re right, but just not as right when it comes to black and mostly brown men. French women, ever since the end of WWI, have had a thing for darker hued foreigners. I’ve had plenty success in France in addition to speaking French as one of the other two European languages I speak. I haven’t been to Hungary, but I should take a trip, the boar hunting is excellent I hear. I don’t know how the nightlife is in Budapest, but I should go before some crazy shit happens a la’ Russe.
          What men don’t understand is the only suitable women for marriage are virgins and always have been. Our communist government has prevented girls from being under loving husbands who they’d give their virginity to, simply because they’re 15 and 16 (the prime of fertility). This is anti-nature and anti-woman. The Cultural Marxists have really convinced these people, that is better for their daughters to get gangbanged by the college football team in college while playing beer pong, and then waste time on a career, riding the carousel even more and finally find a decently financially endowed beta who’d take her used pussy. This is absolutely Satanic. It’s not just the lie of women pretending to be virtuous, but the absence of the old criteria that made women virtuous a la’ virginity before marriage.
          I don’t think whores can ever be virtuous for simple reasons, she’ll always compare past fucks to her husband and thus is ruined for her husband. This is “misogynistic” to say in the West. Again modern day Western “Civilization” is hardly worth preserving. Let this whole fucking place burn. The institutions and buildings that represented the greatness of European civilization are no long relevant. They are empty shells, just occupying space. The cathedrals, palaces, statues, battlefield monuments etc, are nothing “we” believe in anymore. The West is a hallowed empty shell that is scarcely worth the military that defends it. Let the barbarian hordes have it.

        3. Hungary has comparatively more loyal women than other parts of Eastern Europe. A lot of German men (tired with the slutty feminism of German women) often travel to Hungary to find loyal, docile wives. Plus Hungarian women are open to dating men from different parts of the world. They are Magyar, not Slavic.
          Talking about virginity – and though I echo your view that virgins would theoretically make better wives – virginity itself has become a misnomer of sorts in the modern world. If you were ever in France (or most of North Africa), most North African women indulge in anal sex to preserve vaginal virginity. A trend commonly seen in most Middle Eastern countries and Roman Catholic countries. Don’t discount fellatio from the equation. With the help of modern technology (hymen restoration), sluts and whores have the benefit of rediscovering virginity. To be frank, virgin or no virgin, men cannot afford to be complacent with any woman. There is a slut and hoe in every woman; if she is not a slut before marriage, she can turn into one after marriage. Treat all women as guilty till proven innocent.
          Totally agree on the view that whores/sluts compare past fucks to their husband. Another reason why men should never hope to reform such women through marriage. These women are beyond hope and already destroyed. But our modern feminist society – much like a cruel sadist – likes to destroy women by promoting feminist sluttiness, and then sadistically destroys men by brainwashing men into becoming masochistic drones – to accept such women as potential wives. The reason why penis size has become such a craze with modern women is all due to the propagation of sluttiness among modern women. Only a slut/whore can tell the difference between dicks; the virgin woman cannot.

        4. Currently in Germany and would have to say that German women tend to be less materialistic and less demanding than American women overall, but also colder, more reserved, and more boring. Less likely to play games however, in my experience. Definitely less rates of obesity here, but I find American women more attractive in terms of face. Maybe it’s because I’m used to white American women who have backgrounds of various European blends rather than sharp ethnic European features.

        5. You wrote that the quality of Slav men tend to be higher than ours. I agree that traditional, masculine, alpha men bring out the femininity and submissiveness of women. But does that put the onus on American men to man up in order to draw women back towards traditional gender roles? Or does a woman’s feminiity bring out the natural instinctive masculine power of a man? Does the breakdown of traditional roles in society come from the rise of feminism or the decline of masculine men? (what comes first, the chicken or the egg?) I don’t have clear answers, am genuinely wondering aloud whether the return of masculine men will correlate with the return of feminine women.

        6. Well you have to understand the rabbit hole goes deeper than just placing the onus on American men or the whores that have become most American women. You have to question and put the onus on the power elite. The people who run the media, the people who cater to the female voting bloc. Until these critical elements are removed from society, then the corruption will continue. Men being weak and women being whores as a societal norm, is not an organic development, ever in the history of humanity. This is a top down system. It’s fed to the masses, men being weak and women being whores. Nearly every movie, music video etc promotes degeneracy and misandry. From that point, you have to ask why and by whom? The answer will become obvious to you, once you investigate, the glaring truth will be extremely politically incorrect.
          From that point, there are still men in the system who want to keep their women in check, but it’s not enough to change the system. The system that does exist, punishes men for being men. If a man decides to cohabitate with a woman, he must become something less of a man, a man only in vocalizing his position. The state is against us. Some men knows what needs to be done, but they don’t have either the political or raw courage to do it. Everyone wants to preach but no one ever wants to crack heads.
          The return of traditional, organic society and relations between the sexes will honestly only return when there is blood on the street. No amount of game is going to help you obtain the happiness that our ancestors took for granted. The real red-pill that these men need to realize, is that real change is going to come with blood and lots of it. The people who purvey the filth of modern media, TV, fashion, music in addition to the law makers and political prostitutes are serious scum. These are the people who benefit from our discontent. They are and remain the supreme enemy. Men capitulated a long time ago, a few real male refugees from our multi-culti PC state straggle here.
          However, it’s pathetic to look at the sorry state of men in America and I feel absolute hatred despite the sex for American women. Seeing this and coming to raw and honest conclusions has been the bitterest of red pills. Who in the USSR knew or admitted their country was evil? Now who in the USA can and even knows the level of nefarious malevolence that exists in this country, how many dumb ass Americans will be willing to admit this and do something about it? None, they’ll bitch and moan, but nothing will be done. They know the culprits but no one wants to pay the price of confrontation.

        7. Not to beat it to death, but you must write your own blog. I’ve never encountered someone who has such an in depth knowledge of cultural marxism, as well as an ability to articulate just how vile it truly is.

    2. Older women – more than younger women – simply CANNOT handle rejection.
      I know from my own experience, about the office cum dumpster – in her 40’s – who kept prowling about the office cavorting her cellulite ass trying to ensnare younger men -in one of my previous jobs.
      To compound the problem – she was the boss’s mistress. So I had to be very “restrained” in turning her down – even though I wanted to tell her just to fuck off. And I noticed this similar attitude in other women (both young and older) in that work environment – though they were not as vicious as this particular cougar.
      She even went to the extent of using witchcraft/sorcery (she was from the FSU and it is a common practice of women from there – another word of caution for men who are intent to date women from that part of the world) to spike the food/drink of men in the office to magically enslave them, Nevertheless, fed up with this, I left my job there. But it took a lot of years to get over the effects of the jinx she put on me. I learnt one lesson in my life – when it comes to sex, hell hath no fury as a (older) woman SPURNED.
      Don’t ever work in an environment where you are subordinated to women – power supposedly corrupts men into “lecherous creeps”, but women in power take that lechery to another level. Recently Britney Spears sexually harassed her bodyguard who had an out of court settlement with her.
      Powerful women in history (think Catherine the Great from Russia – am using this example because this woman was from that part of the world) abused power more than men to sexually enslave men. Modern society itself has empowered women (particularly in the western world) that men subordinated to women become sexual pawns. It’s tragic to see men being led around by women by their balls in public – and then commanded by these women to ravage their vapid holes on bed, later. This is the declining modern western society.

      1. But it took a lot of years to get over the effects of the jinx she put on me.
        If this happens to anybody else, ask a traditionalist Catholic priest for an exorcism. (Not one in the mainstream church, unless he’s elderly, as the mainstream church’s rite was butchered back in 1968.) I’m serious.

        1. Took me around 4 years. Wanna know the effects?
          Jinx on career, income, health and love life. I was engaged prior to before she put it on me – nevertheless that relationship broke off (not that I particularly think of it). What was fucked up – was the girls I found later (some were really good ones) – I couldn’t seal the deal. Sometimes the women wanted to be with me, but inexplicable bad things happened to them.
          I did visit a lot of experienced healers (Buddhist, Christian, Shaman, who all surprisingly accurately identified her to be the one behind the jinx – even though I met these healers at different times in different time periods in different places) but they said they couldn’t heal me completely. They said that the effects of the jinx don’t last forever; so I had to “wait it out”.
          The jinx was of Greek orthodox origin (the problem was she repeated it every 6 months to renew its potency).I was advised by the healers to move away from that environment to lessen its potency on me – which I did.
          I just warned all my buddies to beware of the risk of witchcraft/sorcery when dating a girl from the FSU and Eastern Europe. And I did save quite a few of them – another of my buddies was dating a girl from Ukraine who tried to spike his drink with her magically charged menstrual blood (a sort of Voodoo to bind him to her). He checked all her belongings to see if she had any articles of his person with him (hair/clothes/semen collected on tissue from condoms) etc and kicked her out of her life. He continues to date girls from that part of the world, but he’s just more careful to detect any potential signs of witchery in girls from there.
          Romania is the only country in the world where witchcraft/sorcery/black magic is legalized, but still practiced a lot among the village cultures of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslavakia, erstwhile Yugoslavia, Georgia, Armenia, Morocco/North Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
          A lot of central/east European girls know about it.
          A lot of modern girls from that part of the world believe in sorcery and will not hesitate to even practice it to snag a man. If you’ve ever dated or rejected a girl from that part of the world, and have problems with your love life, income, health and career, you must check with a healer for any jinx.
          And make sure to ask her casually about any interest in occult. You don’t wanna get burned later on for accepting a closet witch in your life – trust me.

        2. You know how a curse works, right?
          The person who wants revenge does some mystical bullshit, makes sure you know they did some mystical bullshit, and then takes credit for every bad thing that will happen to you in the future.
          Curses only work if you believe in curses.

        3. I didn’t know about the jinx till 2 years later. I did my own share of research on the occult and I found that victims of curses often think that curses won’t affect them if they choose not to “believe” in them – which is a mistake. Read it Satanic witchcraft literature- where authors/practitioners themselves mock at their victims for choosing not to believe in jinxes (which does stay with the victim until spiritual exorcism). To rid one of a jinx, one must take action. Not believing in it, is akin to a turtle withdrawing itself back into its shell when danger approaches, and thinking the danger doesn’t exist. It’s just waiting to strike once the turtle puts its head out of shell. Paranormal activity does exist.

        4. There are lots of atheists here who will ascribe it to a placebo effect (or anti-placebo, rather). I thought it was mainly gypsy women who pulled that crap. But if white women in that part of the world do it too… heck, millions of curses being flung around — mainly by the women at the men, from the sounds of things — might help to explain (among other reasons) why their economies are basket cases and their men have a low life expectancy. Especially as the men are more likely to be atheist and ascribe it to bad luck, like Kristophr here.

        5. Cabalist black magic, Armenian/Gypsy and Slavic black magic is very common in that part of the world. I don’t want to sound superstitious – but superstitions like stereotypes, are often derived from some truth/reality. My friend who caught his Ukrainian stunner trying to feed him her menstrual blood in his cappuccino – I can’t say more. Don’t want to label all women from that part of the world as witches; but want to say that men should definitely beware dating women having links to the occult – wherever they might be from. These type of women can fuck up your life for a very long time, with no remorse. Modern Anglosphere women on the other hand are usually witches only in divorce courts – once you cut them loose, you’re free of them. But not in the case of a witch.

        6. “But if white women in that part of the world do it too… I mean, they are intelligent, cultured people, …”
          – When faced with rejection, a woman’s intelligence, culture, logic, race, etc. usually goes out of the window. An educated masters degree graduate female from the US is no different from an uneducated Gypsy woman – when the rage that comes with rejection, consumes her. Anger and rejection has a strange way of dissolving racial, ideological, educational and logical differences between women. I learnt it the hard way – even though I chose not to sleep with this woman. In retrospect, I assume the men who did sleep with her – did it more out of fear, than just to sow some wild oats.
          There’d be men who’d disagree and think that I am superstitious. But to each his own. One man’s poison can be another man’s medicine. Let each man decide on what’s good for him, but share what’s been bad for him to inform fellow men on potential pitfalls from personal experiences.

      2. I truly believe the psychological reasons behind “witchcraft,” if such a thing really exists, is because women RESENT the natural physical and intellectual superiority of men. The only weakness men have in a macro-sense are our dicks and being enslaved to our hormones. Outside of that women have probably sought out witchcraft to “balance” out the natural order between the sexes. It makes sense that women would attempt to have power over men that they’d normally dispossess under normal circumstances.

  39. Women’s magazines advise women not to sleep with a man right away- otherwise, they will lose power over them. In my opinion, the ultimate alpha trait is self-control and resistance, not allowing women to have this power over you before sex. When a man doesn’t call a woman back after hooking up with her, many women will use this as an excuse to bash the man for using her rather than reflecting on their own promiscuous behavior. However, the worst insult to a woman’s pride is refusing to sleep with her in the first place, rejecting her when society tells her that her sexual power is irresistible to men, that she can have any man in the room she wants. This is something so disorienting, so unbelieviable, that it will drive them crazy.

        1. If I’m in a waiting room and feeling a little blue, I’ll pick one up. The terrible advice sections are always good for a laugh.
          50 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life, by Cosmo
          1) Use teeth. Trust us, your man has never experienced anything like this before. Keep it up and you’ll be writing your vows and shopping for rings, girlfriend.

          Wait, where did he go?

        2. 15 years ago I had taken a red pill, and was looking for more. So I went to a second hand bookstore and bought a stack of romance novels and read ’em.
          It was a worthwhile exercise. Especially reading so many in a short space of time – you can’t help but see the common threads, the same old same old story. Man with nice shoes chooses a woman and gives her unlimited free shit. The end.

        3. You forgot the rape and the pirates.
          And the cowboys.
          And the shiny vampires.
          And the closet femdom sadomasochistic donkey dicked billionaires.
          What is wrong with these people?

    1. I think if I had the time to do what Roosh does, the satisfaction would slowly go from banging them, to getting them naked and splayed and then…. instead of banging them… giving them a fatherly lecture and sending them home in disgrace….. it would be fucking amusing….

  40. Yeah, I turned down a 6 (29 y.o., close to hitting the wall, slightly pudgy) who had broken up with me after a two-month relationship and wanted to get back together a year later. My phone was blown up with angry texts fuming about how awful I was, and brought up my social awkwardness at the time. But I was resolute, and much more alpha than I was when I was involved with her, and she calmed down and left me alone.
    I get the impression that so-so women are most aggressive with betas, and betas are similarly most likely to be blown up at by women attempting to assert their dominance and regain control this way. Women generally won’t bother either alphas or omegas like this. Alphas for the same reason men are scared of hotties: they figure they’re out of their league, are too shy, a realization that attempting to crack the whip simply won’t work, and so forth (although I imagine an HB9 or HB10 may still try that with an alpha); omegas because of the ick factor.

  41. you know, we could always simply impose a moratorium on alcohol consumption in females.
    “Sorry hon, women aren’t allowed to drink.”
    Making drinking illegal for women would completely eliminate the whole campus ‘question’ of whether fucking a drunk girl is rape or not. eliminating 90% of all rape is exactly what feminists want, right?
    And it would not, at the same time, create a huge criminal subculture like prohibition did.
    You could even add in a provisio that women are allowed to drink when accompanied by a male relative, husband, or someone responsible for her.

  42. This is the Final Frontier. If we Men can control urges with women like this, and take the upper hand by saying no, women have no more power over us. They lost some power with the free porn revolution. You have no idea how hilarious it is to watch a group of women prance into a bar like they own the place, and have guys either ignore them, or not waste time with them more than 5 minutes if it is not going anywhere. Because at any moment, men can release themselves at will. And once they lose that power, women have nowhere, I mean nowhere to go but down. I’m not knocking Game at all, but there is an incredible amount of power in turning down a woman or not wasting your time over 5 minutes if they play the game. You are the true Master of the Universe when you can do that. You have sex on your choice, your rules, on your time schedule. And you tell them, you either fix your attitude, or you get dismissed.

    1. Many men end up enslaved because they’re afraid to use their veto on a woman because they’re afraid of upsetting her.

      1. “Many men end up enslaved because they’re afraid to use their veto on a woman because they’re afraid of upsetting her.” – to lose sex.
        The boner rules the mind when it comes to women. And women’s bodies holds the power to activate that boner.
        So realistically looking at it, women don’t actually enslave men. It’s the monogamous boner which enslaves men to women, and at the same time, the polygamous boner ironically can liberate men from the clutches of enslavement to women. But the pitfall with the polygamous boner is when men choose to relax to settle down into a fixed harem. Familiarity breeds contempt in both the sexes towards each other Men should choose which boner they want to have.

  43. Evo Psych theory has an interesting and, in my opinion, accurate analysis of this phenomenon.
    When a woman turns down a man’s offer of casual sex she’s saying he’s not worth the risk of a possible 15-20-year commitment of her resources, and a 5-10% chance of dying in childbirth, for 15-20 minutes of pleasure.
    When a man turns a woman down, he’s essentially saying she’s not worth the 2-3 tablespoons of sperm a roll in the hay would cost him.

    1. 2-3 tablespoons of sperm unknown chance of having a child (100% chance with psycho cunt) then 50%+ of your resources for the child maybe even more, all for 15-20 minutes of pleasure. Not an ouch to me. It is very satisfying to reflect a few hot broads and knocking them off their pedestal.. at least for a little bit while opening the world back up to them. I’ll pass on some trim for that bliss.

      1. Legally enforced child support has only been around for a very brief period in human history.
        So while it is a legitimate modern concern, it comes from the conscious mind rather than an instinctual adaptation.

  44. Just saying, if she was a “lesbian dyke” she wouldn’t have been hitting on a man in the first place. I hope your girlfriend is smart enough to dump a misogynist like you!

  45. This reminds me of one of my high school classes when a fat chick was attracted to me. When i told her i wasnt into her she threw a hissy fit and called me all sorts of names. Before the tantrums she had been an really nice to me and honestly i didnt expect her to blow up like she did! (Even if she lost weight she wouldnt have appeared sexy.) First she called me skinny (I never called her fat) then gay (Since when does rejecting a female make you gay?!) But her insults never got to me since i knew her behavior was because she couldnt handle rejection.
    I also saw this example on a show call “Santa Diabla” (Holy Devil). In the show the protagonists husband is a music teacher who is showing a rich girl how to play the piano. The students mother is coming on to the music teacher but he rejects her advances (He is loyal to his wife). Eventually the woman tries to force a kiss on the music teacher but he is forced to throw her off of him. She gets furious and lies that he molested her daughter as revenge for his rejection. The woman never really did overcome the music teachers rejection.
    9:55 for the rejection scene

    1. A fat girl wanted me in high school, but she was about a 3.5 and I was about 7.5. I was out of this girl’s league and it wasn’t gonna happen. In retaliation, she started dating my thirsty best friend, and immediately integrated her low quality female friends into our previously all-male crew. As a blue piller, I believed girls minds worked like ours do, so I was unprepared to combat the backbiting bitch tactics she used to tear my friends and myself apart. Being surrounded by low quality females and the blue pill males they were able to enslave really held back my progress growing into a young man. I knew they were hampering my growth and self improvement, but I thought “loyalty to my friends” was a worthy value.
      Maybe a little off topic, but the point is- reject a bitch and she’ll do anything and EVERYTHING she can to harm you.
      P.S. a female “friend” who doesn’t help you get laid is no friend at all.

      1. The fat chick got one of my more beta friends to give her my number and it was soon bombarded with texts about how I should come out of the closet and admit I was gay. All of her female friends left messages too calling a douche, prick, asshole. Apparently the fatty told her friends that i made her cry. I tried to let her down the best way i could. The difference between females: They flat out say “Hell No” “As If” or “I wouldnt fuck you if you were the last man on earth” Id seen this happen to a lot of betas in my high school years though to be fair i was kinda beta too..

  46. Another misogynistic post by some woman hating douchebag. It’s not like men don’t do it either. Douchebags like you would go calling women all sorts of names when they don’t have or show any interest in you. It shows that men like you can’t handle rejection either. Shut the fuck up and go get but fucked by some tranny.

    1. “Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.” – H.L. Mencken

  47. a few weeks ago i brought a girl over to my house. not to bang. i just wanted to get to know her since she was actually interesting and we have a few hobbies in common.
    anyways, when she tried to get me to fuck and i wouldn’t take my pants off she threw an honest to god temper tantrum. at age 24.
    what followed was even mire dramatic and bizarre (from a woman) she voiced why she was upset “I’m used to getting my way” and then took a Derp breath and said “i just need to calm down.”
    which she did and then we proceeded to do what I’d planned. and then when she came back she was a banshee in the sack. weird set of events.

  48. Most men who have any experience with women, at least men that are naturally desirably, know better than to fuck with a woman that is so sexually aggressive that she pretty much propositions attractive men for sex.
    These women uniformly are extremely low quality and unreliable. It usually means that this is the type of woman that is slave to her biology and fucks and sucks alphas without fear of consequence. I think there is a new trend of men, usually attractive and put together, straight up avoiding women like this. This can explain the handsome dude / ugly chick dynamic, or the white dude / minority woman type dynamic. However now that the rest of the world is getting fucked up, there is this kind of behavior being tolerated on pretty much every continent on the planet.
    I have an interesting perspective on this. I am Asian / white mixed. I look pretty much white though with good facial features. There are a host of women that are very aggressive to me, especially here in Asia. I tend to avoid them because I know for a fact that if I hadn’t been genetically born looking white they wouldn’t show me as much interest. I deliberately sought out a woman who doesn’t place race as a priority, as my mother did. I’m not that fucking stupid. Unfortunately a huge number of women of every color are.
    Character, personality, money, are all usually second (if at all a consideration) to women. It’s all about your genetics. They really are like machines. A dog can really love you more than a woman. I went through college being chased by women who didn’t give two fucks about my 3.9 GPA at an Ivy League school, or my interest in art and philosophy. I see how my friends who are short or otherwise average got no play even though they are far more successful and smart than me.
    Women really ain’t shit.

  49. Its weird, Had this happen with my girl. I was just not in the mood. Plain and simple. The media portrays us as wanting and thinking sex ever 7 seconds or some shit like that and, I call BS. Maybe its just me but, since the red pill or, fuck it, even before pussy was not on my mind LIKE THAT.
    Anyway, she went Linda Blair with her reaction and I was stunned. I just really wan’t in the mood. I could care less if it was Rihanna or Beyonce trying to turn me on, I was just tired from work and ready to sleep after a big dinner.
    Let the tables turn tho and we are animals and just have to accept it. “I am NOT sex object!”….
    I swear this broads are Blind Looney fucking tunes….

  50. whether you make moral vs database economic campaigns again to quote from “Respect” – “this is the final frontier” society can recontrol the aging demographic winter to come….

  51. That disgusting creature, whatever their sex, is a product of what passes for “culture” in the USA.
    Where I live not even the hardcore lesbos behave like that in public, but I suspect that the generation which is now around age 10 will produce such feral creeps.
    Of course girls anywhere get angry about rejection or even what they *suspect* to be rejection, and they show it too – that’s out of question.

  52. Spot on, I remember making out with this chick at a club, when I noticed her friends motioning her to go. That’s when I suddenly said, with a firm handshake and a smile, ‘it was nice to meet you,’ turned and walked away. She literally just froze up as if her brain could not process what had just happened.

  53. hahah i had a girl i was dating sleeping in my bed, i was tired and went to sleep. i woke up in the middle of the night to her sucking my limp dick. i said “what the fuck are you doing? leave me the fuck alone”. you should have seen the rage boil up inside her. she was furious for days. girls cant handle rejection at all, especially cute ones.
    this leads though to another point. a girls self esteem is dependent on a mans willingness to fuck her. it is entirely up to men how she feels about herself. they dont like that, so they constantly blather about self esteem trying to take control of it which they cant, and then they project that onto men in the form of what we see commonly today, where a mans worth is tied to his ability to get pussy and nothing more.
    a mans worth is demonstrated in many ways, the ability to get pussy being one of those, but our worth comes from us. a womans worth is nothing more than her ability to get quality dick, not just her worth but her self worth as well. it comes from men. and thats why women cant handle rejection.

  54. Nah its cultural, here girls have never had to deal with anything hard in their life usually, and too many desperate guys. In other countries I’ve met girls who wouldn’t take no for an answer. One full blooded Japanese girl in Paraguay asked me out 7 times(I was giving flat out no’s). Girls in third world countries have usually been through some shit..and are used to having to fight for a job, or a guy or whatever.

  55. Damn i thought the person in the black shirt was the man but when i saw the video good GOD! No wonder he didnt want that bulldyke. Idve thrown up!

  56. What girls are you chatting up? Mine’ve always turned me down rather politely and/or straight-forwardly.

  57. I am rather surprised at all the responses that stereotype all women into the same category. Although, I do not disagree with the fact that some woman defiantly cannot handle rejection. I, strongly, don’t believe this is a gender specific trait. I have known many men to have the same fierce reaction to being turned down. It all comes down to the person and were their ego, pride, and self esteem sit.

  58. F: You know I don´t want sex with you right now, right?
    M: Oh no, I am not trying to have sex with you.
    F: Why not? What is wrong with me?

  59. Oh,Mr Big,maybe the reason why women always say they have a boyfriend – as I have said before to a guy when I didn’t when being approached – is because they don’t want a man turning nasty.And there are plenty of men who turn nasty too and can’t handle rejection and I know women who it has happened to,too.
    “Oh,I didn’t fancy you anyway.” Wot,us a lebian?” No,dickhead,I just didn’t fancy you.Pathetic sad little men that basically are guilty of ALL the time.

  60. This is BS. Why’re you basing this female as a representation of us all? It’s just that women aren’t usually rejected as often, and neither do they seek out dudes as often as men seek out women (golden example: dating sites). But if she’s used to it, it’s no big deal. I’ve gotten rejected plenty of times, and it used to hurt a lot, but less over time.

    1. Within the space of two sentences you’ve answered your very own question but fail to see it. Do you wonder why the tendency then to not take women seriously in serious debate?

      1. This article is based off a woman who was immature and caused a scene from her outburst. Yes, that does happen, but even from a logical standpoint that is not what happens 100% of the time. I explained why in my original comment. Not sure how you don’t see the sense in that. But I am on a comment thread that is derailing women for the most part…to be expected.

        1. And again you demonstrate why men fail to take men seriously in debates. The focus is that they CAN’T HANDLE IT, not why.
          You also miss the associated point of irony – women (in comparison) barely get rejected compared to men, yet when it happens, a significant amount of time they can’t handle it and go into histrionics or meltdowns. This is not the first time this topic has been brought up on the net.
          And yet, women have the nerve to get pissy when a guy shows disappointment/irritation etc (anything other than eagerly lapping it up or being neutral) after being shot down and in doing so, speak from a position from which they simply CAN’T EMPATHISE with men.
          It would be like some Joe Average trying to advise LeBron James how to handle the pressure of big games. Simply, it goes to demonstrate how women simply can’t see outside their own experiences, viewpoints and needs.

        2. I just told you MYSELF that I used to get butthurt about being rejected then I got used to it. If your claim was true, then I wouldn’t be able to handle rejection no matter how many times I went through it. Even men don’t handle rejection well, women especially know this. It’s a matter of experience, not gender.

  61. Every man should reject a sexually aggressive woman at least once in their lifetime just to see what it feels like.

    I did this once. She was quite aggressive. I was not sure about it, said as much, and she claimed she did not like me, and then went right back to doing it. I confronted her later, and she denied it again. I told her off and felt I had defeated a woman for the first time in my life. It was amazing.

  62. Late to the game, but I can attest to this on a personal level.
    I used to work for Netflix. There was a young woman there who had made several compliments on my physique, and believing that the workplace isn’t an appropriate place for relationships–not to mention that I didn’t find her nearly as attractive as she herself thought she was–I shrugged it off. During a lunch break, I logged onto my account on the company computer and added some movies to my list. I logged back on again the next day and found a movie from the gay/lesbian genre in my list. After asking around, some of my other co-workers told me what I already knew, but being someone who tended to hold grudges, I decided to just let it go rather than make a scene. Some time later, I walked out to my car after my shift and found a page from a gay men’s magazine stuck to my window. The parking lot had no security cameras, so there were no witnesses this time. 
    Several years before that, a fellow college student decided to climb into bed with me after she and I had spent some time socializing with my next-door neighbors. She threw in the towel, but only after about 15 minutes of me asking her to leave while she groped me under the sheets.
    Looking back, the thing that irritated me the most about the ordeal wasn’t the fact that I was the victim of a crime. It was the fact that she was basically saying, “He must be gay. I mean, just look at me.”

  63. This is exactly why I don’t glorify sex or very attractive/attractive women. I respect them and treat them like every other human being.

  64. I have received so much venom and vitriol from fat cunts and old chicks because I am cognizant of the fact that I can do better.
    They go crazy.

  65. Almost forgot a funny story. My stripper friend who was pretty hot, had a crush in me for over half a year. For my own confidence boost and amusement, I rejected her constantly and watched her go insane the entire time.

  66. This explains why every girl went for the engaged guy, at my last job. Women can’t handle rejection, even though he had a girlfriend ,they were bending over backwards for him. Trying to please him. Laughed at 56 of his unfunny jokes every day. Which lasted for a year and a half. I was bored as anything. Now I’m going to have fun rejecting women. Watching them beg for attention. For women can’t handle rejection and will do anything to prevent it

  67. The real lesson is that we grab our guns and kill the fools who enforce the acceptance of these psychotic behaviors. Pigs, I’m looking at you. How many of you do you think I will kill tomorrow? Or the next day? What do you do when an extreme alpha unleashes himself against the populace?

  68. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve witnessed this very thing happen. On every single occasion, the exact same scenario plays out and they wind up with a deluge of butthurt that is immeasurably huge. Then the aftermath of accusations which they need to unload to deflect their insecurities will follow immediately post breakdown. I then follow it by telling them that all these things they say about me are totally made up and merely are just a reflection of their own self due to their extremely ridiculous insecurities. Usually from that point, it’ll involve them unloading even more butthurt on their social media account and how they think they are too good for me to begin with. This begs the question, however… If they’re too good for me, then why the hell talk to me to begin with?

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