7 Beneficial Activities That Cost You No Money

Whenever lifestyle optimization or something similar comes into question, the tips typically include cost-reducing hacks such as to buy things on a discount or do something potentially constructive but with low cost.

However, I would like to take this a step further and show how a man can do something constructive which costs absolutely nothing. The Chinese Tao philosophy has a saying, wu wei, which means non-action and I think there might be some truth in it. Sometimes it is better to do nothing. Still I think that we can have our own more appropriate Western version of this aphorism: action without paying (and I am not referring to sex). Say no to consumerism but still cultivate ourselves.

1. Outdoor gym exercising

I would typically argue that gym membership is a great investment and once you have paid the fee, usually monthly via an automatic payment service these days, you can go there as much as you like. Personally I hit the iron six times a week, on average, and my membership is not even particularly expensive. For the sake of the argument, though, one can try an outdoor gym as long as temperatures exceed 10 degrees Celsius.

Most exercises for the entire body can be done and some of them, like pull-ups, dips and various abs exercises, are really demanding even for the fitness enthusiast. For most men an outdoor gym and what it offers is more than enough.

2. Speedwalking, jogging or running

Speed-walking is an excellent, non-costly way, to get some—hopefully—clean air, burn calories, and watch the surroundings. Likely also listen to some pleasant music in the meantime.

Although I am not particularly fond of long-distance running, to tackle shorter distances are great for fat loss, health and increasing VO2 max, especially during spring and summer (Scandinavia is dark and cold between October and March). And it costs absolutely nil.

3. (Intermittent) Fasting

Obviously you got to eat, but to fast about 16 hours has a lot of health benefits for normal people. Perhaps this is a bit hard for working people but once you have got used to it, it can work even in general.

I think that especially during weekends this is a great hack to reduce costs while staying healthy. Instead of spending money, you save money, and you will be healthy in the process. Look for cheap protein sources and vegetables.

4. Visit the public library or read online

Besides from the potential aesthetics benefits, visiting the local public library and borrowing a good book on a subject that you are interested in is an excellent way to cultivate yourself while spending nada.

In case you prefer to read in front of a computer screen, there are hundreds of free articles and e-books online. Perhaps you may have missed some earlier ROK articles between 2012-2017 (now exceeding 5,000). There is always a new angle to self-improvement, politics, and how bad Western women are under current conditions that you haven’t come across yet.

5. Prayer or meditation

Spirituality is often a private matter, but regardless of your specific beliefs, you may understand that to pray or meditate for as little as 15 minutes a day can reduce stress and anxiety. If you are Christian of some sort you already know the praying drill and how it helps you.

6. Talk to someone important

Regardless of how much you value your individual space and free time, it is a balance, and there is often more room to meet and talk to someone important. Whenever I let go of the individual projects and pastimes, I tend to realize how much conversations matter. Even with those that I think is a bit boring, or at least are not longing for to meet (like my girlfriends’ dad). Sure it can be combined with dining and drinking, but might be as good without it.

7. Practice your conversation ability

Some practice cold approach game and some do not. Some are really good conversationalists and some are not. Many are somewhere in between. The thing is that you are never too good and there is always room for improvement. The goal should be to conversate, not just respond, something explained further earlier on these pages.

The worst thing that could happen is that those you meet are less sanguine about your newly found verbosity, and the best things could indeed be really good for you.

In closing

Whether you see these merely as temporary hacks to save money in order to afford something particular, become a little more well-informed, or truly identify with the power of minimalism and anti-consumerist ways of living, these are all constructive things that will do both your mind and wallet good.

If you want to read more of William Adams’ material, check out his website Syncretic Politics.

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28 thoughts on “7 Beneficial Activities That Cost You No Money”

    1. For where we’re from, there is an outdoor rink or a pick-up hockey game from now thru to mid-March. Fat-ass.

  1. Well meaning, but I wouldn’t really call this an ROK worthy article. It’s pretty much just common sense stuff to anybody even mildly red pilled.

    1. If this common sense stuff were so obviously correct, then why do 97% of all men spend money on mindless entertainment, booze and food during weekends, eat too much and exercise too little in general so that they become obese, stay inside their homes and don’t talk to anyone they don’t know, etc?
      I agree that to compile such a list is not difficult, but to live by these and elevate them as good practices is less obvious when consumerism is the dominant Ersatz religion. I think that we should celebrate selective minimalism both as a type of money hack and as a way to largely say no to the consumerist religion.

    1. Fasting it’s not muslim invention, was practiced by christians, Hindu, chinese or ancient philosophers. It’s exelent habit that not only helps your health but also teaches discipline. Btw not everything what is muslim is wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t be conquering us.

    2. Fasting teaches self-control. There is no other substitute.
      Did you know that most people already fast at night when they sleep? That’s why the first meal of the day is called “breakfast.” If, for example, you slept nine hours and then ate something an hour after you woke up, you just went, at least, ten hours without eating anything and didn’t even notice. Most of the time, people don’t even wake up hungry after sleeping nine to ten hours and won’t feel any hunger until a few hours later. Intermittent falters just ride that momentum until early to mid-afternoon when they eat a highly satiating food like one boiled egg that is packed with nutrients to hold them off to dinner. The body and mind eventually get used to it. When you realize how society has been duped by the food industry to believe that they must eat three balanced meals a day, that means you have finally been unplugged from the matrix at yet another level. Best of luck!

  2. Yet no bad advice. The moment a young man learns he doesn’t need to give up his hard earned dollars to be happy he will be free. And while youll never land the gold diggers. Cheap self improvement is much more attractive to the worthy conquest.

  3. Make fun of fasting again you fat fuck. Even endomorphs can turn into monsters just by fasting a few meals here and there.

  4. You don’t need proper calisthenics park to workout outdoors. Look around: small roof above door (pull up bar), two barriers (dips), bench (push ups in various forms). I also recommend going to woods if possible, forest is big gym.

    1. I partly agree but it becomes much easier if one has access to some sort of outdoor gym equipment. Here I see a benefit of the globalization of fitness, that it becomes standard with outdoor gyms around most of the world.
      When I travel for three weeks or so I visit a local gym maybe 2-3 times a week and if there is no gym equipment, like in a hostel, apartment or hotel, I do push-ups, pull-ups (if possible), ab exercises and dipping at some kind of solid area, like a railing of some sort. Better than nothing.

      1. Sure, but I’m currently living in the UK in very small posh town and people here prefer to go on gym instead outdoors, so guy like me must impovise.

    2. I do a dip between two barstools to show the room that I’ve got more than game behind my devilish smirk.

    3. For most people, walking in the woods exercises all the lessor used stabilizing muscles of joints of most concrete jjngle dwelling folks, is great variable cardio exercise without the need for an eletronic noise blasting in your ears to quell the boredom, is a natural classroom of animals to stimulate the mind at the same time, and is complete with a supply of fresh circulating air that doesnt smell of sweating unbathed fatass treadmill walkers and oozing undouched feminist pussy free bleeders in yoga pants. i built at home my own outdoor gym with pull up bars and custom made picnic tables that transform into benches, multi use of course. But hey, to each their own…hey look a squirrel!

  5. Disc Golf! Competitive, nature involved, trains problem solving skills and best of all….FREE!

  6. Very Victor Prideish. Good article. More self improvement articles in here is a GOOD thing.

  7. So the average EBT card holder has greater spending power than I have after taxes but the solution is to exercise at the local nursery school? Maybe I should fast, meditate and sacrifice even more so ungrateful invader scum can cuck me out of my entire existence. Maybe William could helm his local Agenda 21 chapter of The United Nations.

    1. you guys act like america is acutally like the third world. Unless you live in a metropolis how many of you have even had your car stolen. The less you live on the more rich you are as you find things that other people dont do. And while i agree there are invaders in a way. It is all our fault most are here “legally” and stay “illegally” they are not even really here. Using their brothers or whatevers id. It is all because we keep giving our money away to make life easy. Life aint supposed to be easy.

    2. How the hell did you get to “ungrateful invader scum” from an article about not needing to spend money to do be productive or have fun?
      Also “So the average EBT card holder has greater spending power than I have after taxes” thats entirely on you and actually made me laugh out loud to read.
      Tone down your hysteria and try not to get triggered by someone making good life advice – and for gods sake step your game up if EBT benefit receivers who are EXTREMELY poor have more spending power than you do.

  8. Good reminder article – we tend to get caught up in ‘must be a gym rat, must have the best gear, must be in a diet program’. People used to just ‘take walks’.
    One comment on the fasting: not a biggie, but I am at risk of gallstones and was advised this could make them worse (don’t know why).
    Also if you’re overweight even slightly – walk before you run hard. I used to be a runner in my slim college days, then had after 3 kids had to run through an airport with a heavy sack. The removed meniscus cartilage made it near impossible to run after that – one of the greater tragedies for me healthwise. Lose the weight first

  9. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting of the 16-hour-a-day variety for a few months and it’s been amazing. By combining the fasting with five or six short (25 to 30 minute) but intense workouts a week and a healthy diet (I cook almost everything I eat myself) I’m seeing great results. I’m a few years away from 50 and I’m seeing defined abs again, and my energy levels are way up. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds while getting stronger too. Highly recommended, and not nearly as difficult as it sounds. Check out PD Mangan’s free guide if you haven’t:

  10. Anybody who doesn’t agree with a majority of these points most likely has not figured out that money isn’t everything.

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