Stacy’s Sculpture

Stacy’s parents knew she was something special — she displayed extraordinary artistic talents at a very young age. So as a child they bought her an array of creative material to work with. Paint for drawing, journals for writing, and even a large stone for sculpting.

Stacy took a real liking to the stone and the idea of sculpting.  The first few years she spent just outlining the design of the sculpture on the stone. Her friends and family would come by and see the outline and comment on its potential.  It was too early to tell how it would turn out however.

After 5 years of planning and outlining, Stacy began to make small chips in the stone and implement her drawing. It was a very slow process, as Stacy would work on other projects in between. Nonetheless, Stacy would spend some time on it here and there and by the 10th year there was a clear outline in place of the earlier sketch.

As the years passed the sculpture began taking form. By the 16th year Stacy had finished a substantial portion of her sculpture. Now when people would come over they would all comment on its beauty and aesthetic appeal. Stacy was very proud but humble about her work, and always blushed when receiving compliments. She decided that her dream was to have the sculpture discovered and taken by a wonderful museum and displayed prominently for life, taken care of like only few sculptures ever experience.

The next few years Stacy refined the sculpture with small improvements. A chip here and there, some sanding for smoothness in various places. By the 18th year of its existence, Stacy’s whole town had heard of this sculpture, and people would ask to come by to see it regularly. But because Stacy lived in a studio apartment, there was only so much room for guests. She would screen for people that truly appreciated her art and limit the number of entries accordingly. It was a very tight fit, that studio, and Stacy did not want it overcrowded.

In its 20th year, a well to do and highly revered curator by the name of Jack saw the sculpture at Stacy’s studio. He spoke to Stacy a few times and offered to buy the sculpture for a very high price. He informed Stacy of his plans, to house the sculpture in a private museum with nothing but the best care for it. After all, a sculpture this beautiful and in such a pure state was of high value. Despite this basically being her dream of only a few years prior, Stacy now receiving more and more attention for her sculpture declined the offer. “I can do better,” she thought.

Stacy began to enjoy the attention her sculpture was receiving and although she didn’t previously want to let everyone in town into her apartment, she couldn’t resist. In the next five years or so, she would host viewing parties that would get very crowded. In and out, in and out were random people almost nightly. Occasionally guests would come into contact with the sculpture and cause minor scruffs and marks, but they weren’t very noticeable. By its 23rd year, the sculpture was still beautiful but nowhere near as pristine as it was five years ago.

By now Stacy was loving the attention and it got to her head a bit. She believed that no matter what she did to the sculpture, people would still be lining up to get access to viewing it. She turned down multiple offers to purchase the sculpture. While none of them were as good as Jack’s, they were still decent offers.

She experimented and altered the sculpture at times. She added some random color to various places on the sculpture. She was a bit careless with her previously strict rules about exposing the sculpture to the elements, and would leave it uncovered at nights or allow her friends to smoke cigarettes around it. Trying to be unique, she punched a few holes in her sculpture and hung circular metal objects from it. She even decided to chop off part of the top of the sculpture, listening to all her artist friends that convinced her it “would be cute” to do so.

Every year that followed, less and less people would come to see the sculpture. By the 30th anniversary of the sculpture’s creation, Stacy was shocked to realize at how much the demand to see her sculpture had dropped. Whereas before people would be lining up to see it, now she had to put in a lot of effort in advertising and seeking out people to come.

A few years later barely anyone wanted to come see the once famed sculpture. One day a man named Jim — not a very wealthy, smart or substantial man — came to visit. He had not been able to see many sculptures in his life as he couldn’t figure out how to access most of the viewings artists like Stacy had.  Having seen one of Stacy’s ads seeking people to come see her sculpture, Jim finally got a chance.

He could not offer much, but offered to buy it at a fraction of the price Jack offered. He also told Stacy he would put it on his coffee table next to his cat’s litter box. Having not received any offers in years, and tired of having to promote the sculpture, Stacy agreed to Jim’s offer. On the surface, Stacy believed this was a great end for her and the sculpture. After all, the sculpture did eventually sell and she had many many years of fun until it did.

After finalizing the contract Jim left with the sculpture, and Stacy fell into her bed with the idea that finally the burden of the sculpture was over, that she had reached her goal albeit a few years later than she wanted to. Yet instead of relief, she felt sadness. Instead of joy, she felt empty.

She eventually rationalized away her feelings and convinced herself she made the right decision and fell asleep. Jim was a nice guy and the sculpture would be in good hands, how fun all those endless viewing parties were, how individualistic she made her sculpture with the permanent alterations, and so on.  Despite her surface happiness however, she could never get rid of this little twitch deep down — that she should have taken Jack’s offer.

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127 thoughts on “Stacy’s Sculpture”

  1. Where is the part where Stacy gets a judge to give her the statue back along with half of Jim’s stuff?

    1. Honest to Bob, I was actually expecting that ending, it surprised me that it wasn’t there.

    2. Alternatively, Jim goes red pill, realizes Stacy’s sculpture is a piece of used trash, throws it out and collects himself a nice 18 year old sculpture from that lovely sweet Latin American girl around the corner. Stacy goes mad and starts making miniature cat sculptures.

      1. It is a trend in the manospehere now to consider the Latin American women are different from those from North America and Europa; you are deadly wrong.
        The Latin American girls are the same kind of sluts, but they are very careful with their reputation, because they know how important it is to show a “clean record” to fool men like you.

        1. I have Latin American family sir, I know the culture. You also miss the point, I never said Jim should make that his only “sculpture” if he had sense he’d have a whole exhibition going on!

        2. I was born and live in Colombia sir; also, I traveled to many south american countries (Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Brasil, etc), the girls here are the same sluts, the only difference is that they are not act like “bitches”.
          However, right now the girls in the upper classes are showing the same behavioral patterns of conduct that north american girls: feminism, hypergamy, (american) pop culture, etc..

        3. Yeah I don’t disagree with you, things are changing that’s for sure but really it could have been any hot 18 year old: white, Asian, black any really as long as they are hot young and up for fun, Jim has lots of catching up to do lol but of course if we are talking about long term relationships then that’s a whole different matter. Id still take a South American girl over a North American girl, the odds are still better.

    3. Or the part where Stacy takes Jim to court to take ownership of mini-sculptures she taught Jim how to make as part of the original deal. FT1X

      1. Not ownership, she’ll take 90% possession of them while charging Jim to maintain them and her own original statue.

  2. I like these modern fables. Like a carton of milk, we know 30 is the expiration date for most ‘sculptures’. One of the most irrational things about women is their propensity to believe they are entitled to a husband and children waaaaaay past the age of 30. My experience with older women has given me multiple examples. You wouldn’t believe a never-married 40-year-old woman clings to this notion, but low and behold there are herds of these lonely cows everywhere.

    1. It is quite the phenomenon. The level of cognitive dissonance with these women is extreme. They are desperately trying to blend reality with their sick fantasies. Because it is so very common, it must be a biological thing; a self-preservation or protection mechanism perhaps. If these women were to fully accept the truth, that aging for a woman is a horribly painful lonely process that never improves, many of these women would likely kill themselves. Hence, my theory that this delusion is a self-preservation survival mechanism that most women possess.

      1. Do you actually know any women over the age of 30? This is seems, excessively dramatic, and has a touch of projection to it.
        You know women don’t live and exist solely for men or to be in a relationship, right?
        Jesus. You people must live in a miserable world. :-/

        1. “You know women don’t live and exist solely for men or to be in a relationship, right?”
          You know that,but these Women don’t.Be a good white knight and break it gently to them.

        2. I’m a 35-year-old, never married woman. Not sure how I’m a “white knight.”

    2. I have so much fun either: (if they’ve maintained their looks as well as they can) pumping and dumping 30+ year old sluts or (if they let their looks slide) playing them up for a bit before introducing them to reality by ignoring them and going home with someone under 30.
      I’m 40 and have never had better access to attractive, flexible, girls in my life.

      1. I used to work at a coffee shop that baked muffins every morning. Every night at 6pm the old muffins went on sale, 1/2 off. There was this guy who would come around every night and wait until six to buy the cheap aging muffins. He was satisfied, figured he was the smart one. On the other hand, who doesn’t prefer the fresh baked muffins.

  3. Awesome analogues story I am deffinatly gonna save this article to remember for future conversations. It speaks the truth women just expect that nowadays they can do whatever they want to them selves and those around them and still get everything they want. They have been lied to by feminism and society the truth is you realy cant have it all.

    1. Yes, this “You can have it all” meme is pretty destructive to our society. Women tend to be particularly greedy and unrealistic, so they tend to fall for it more than men.

  4. Nah….A better ending ( less common but more meaningful and hard-hitting) would have been Jim backtracking at the last minute.
    Would’ve served the bitch (Stacy) right.
    She could then have taken her unsold sculpture with her to her fucking grave, while lamenting her mistake for not selling it to Jack even more, through the rest of her life.
    But the more common but anti-climatical ending that Jim bought it just sums up the thirsty nature of the average modern man, who’d still buy worthless antique sculptures (old/used up women).

    1. *sigh*
      I get so, so tired at the wish-fulfillment of “served the bitch right”. This is a site for positive social change, not a revenge fantasy essay contest.

      1. Fair point in and of itself. I wonder though, given how most women today do act like the fantasy chick in the story (extrapolated to real life of course), and given as many guys here were absolutely screwed over by these kinds of women, what kind of reaction do you think many of them will have? The more experienced men won’t go this route, but if you’ve just been reamed over by one of these women, whether in a LTR or divorce-raped, you’re going to have some serious, serious anger that’s going to surface.

        1. We don’t blame the tiger, but when the tiger exceeds it’s limits and kills a member of the tribe we go out and hunt it down, kill it, and have it’s skin lying in front of our fireplace. And thus all of tigerdom learns not to fuck with humans.
          So, if women are the tiger in your story where is the justifiable learning experience?

        2. You sound like a pussy. Women deserve being beaten to curb.
          Go read David Futrelle’s drivel, i think that’s more your style, mangina.

      2. Positive social change? Is it really though?
        As I’ve understood it, many in the manosphere acknowledge the problems, but also seek to work within the system to their benefit (whether that means applying game, mgtow, etc) rather than attempt to engage in a social movement for change.
        Men have opted out. That is not the mark of a social movement – more of an anti-social movement.

        1. Right, however if lots of men are doing a few very notable things as you list, and they are, then that itself is a social movement. The thing is though that it’s unorganized, organic and leaderless, there is no established hierarchy calling out men to march or whatnot. I get what you’re saying of course, but even an anti-social movement is still a form of a social movement, heh.

      3. After internalizing information that shatters your world view one goes through the “mourning process”. Anger is an early stage, just let it happen. BTW sighing before saying something is VERY feminine as with your touchy feely nag…

      4. *Sigh* is the noise Vezzini’s pussy makes when I rip a left hook to his solarplexus. Don’t you ever sigh at me liberal bitch.

  5. Sculptures can be preserved(although not in mint condition) for 1000’s of years with good care and become more valuable and appreciated with time.
    Too bad that feminists think the same applies to them.

  6. I feel sad for so many great artists -they all learn about the red pill the hard way. Wanting to impress their partner and nothing they do can impress them. As soon as they die and people appreciate their work every hipster girl froths them. Picasso, van Goethe and Yates. All whipped. The Venus de milo had perky breasts.there are no sculptures to old women. Women should understand their beauty is appreciated for a very narrow period of time. Ernest Dowson captures this perfectly “they are not long the days of wine and roses”. But the Greeks offered one route of immortality for women. That is to bear and raise the children of great men. To continue their blood line so their seed may create more beauty in this world and the next.

      1. They weren’t formerally married. Therefore spouse or partner are interchangeable alternatives.

        1. The word “Partner” is used by gays to legitimize their twisted view of reality. We need to stop using this word and use husband and wife instead.

  7. The commonplace and widespread attitude of “I can have my cake and eat it too (with icing)” that is rampant among modern women is appalling.
    Feminism isn’t about equal rights. It’s about women getting a better deal than men. You can’t advocate for women to have complete freedom of responsibility or duty during their younger years and expect men to still offer it later when the reward is dramatically less worthwhile.
    “Where did the good men go?” is a stupid, inane question that highlights just how solipsistic women are. The good men decided it wasn’t worth being good when they saw women acting so badly.
    Half of the guys in this world who are the Jack in this story wake up at one point and realize that it’s not worth their time even trying to find commitment. Some keep trying, and sadly we see lives like theirs ruined daily (divorce, alimony, child support, etc.).

    1. Jack went on to try sample an endless supply of 20 something sculptures and realized how foolish it would have been to plop down all that cash for one. He though it was unique at the time but then he realized there are millions just like it.

      1. Aye, men of quality often retain a large collection of fine art as a sign of distinction.

    2. True. But keep your eyes on what is going on. As this horribly ill-conceived social experiment unravels further, do expect women to use the political system even further to their advantage in an attempt to “right this wrong.”
      Expect to see lots of excessively punitive laws against men, tax increases for men only, etc.
      Remember, just because these old spinsters become invisible to men sexually, doesn’t mean they completely disappear. Rather, they blindly vote Democrat, expecting all kinds of free shit, while soaking up the idiotic and unrealistic message the party puts forth. Lonely single women always seek solace in the Democratic party. It’s the only institution that even pretends to care about women of that age.

      1. The taxes will not be blatantly men only. They are not that stupid. Instead it willl have entirely gender neutral language. Then there will be all the exclusions and exceptions; which will onlyu be available to women. The net result is that all the men will pay the new taxes and about 10% of the highest earning women, or those that just want to be men so badly thay just can’t stop. Look at all the severly unjust gendered laws on the books now. On the face they look to be gender neutral, with the exception of VAWA which is entirely unconstitutional on its face. As Thomas Ball witnessed it is in the second set of books that they screw the men.

  8. Instead of “Stacy’s Sculpture”, the title of the article should have been “Jack’s sweet revenge”.. muahahhahaha

    1. But, maybe Jack didn’t get any revenge at all. Maybe he spent many years making tenders to other artists only to get rejected, then turned bitter and eventually settled down into Jim’s role, or even stopped caring about art whatsoever. Jack has a lot of routes his life could have taken, not explored for obvious reasons in the story. Jack could be one of us, or Jack could have become desperate, thirsty you could say, to acquire art, any art, even used up blemished, rotted art and gave up all of his resources so that he didn’t end up “artless”.
      Hard to say really.

      1. I love your take on this. 🙂 Our future is defined by our actions and if these actions are not strategically and wisely defined, we will never end up discovering the road to whatever makes us happy. Most probably we will end up choosing the road to perdition like Jim and probably Jack. Great use of words btw. Are you blogging somewhere?

        1. Thanks Andrian. One of my two degrees is in English and I used to write for actual real life money, once upon a time and forever ago. I have a work of fiction in progress which is inspired, believe it or not, on the precepts of the manosphere. When will it be finished of course is anybody’s guess. In the meantime it’s far too overpaying contract work and a small business making leather items.
          You got my point exactly as I intended, that of free will. Jack has so many options and could be the captain of life or the serf in the mud. How he chooses determines where he goes, just like the rest of us out here in meatspace.

        2. Please inform us when your baby is released. I would love to give it a read. In the meantime if inspiration strikes and you start getting interested in blogging, I launched my blog ( last week and I am looking for inspiring authors to join my cause. Let me know if you are interested 🙂

  9. I agree with below. We on RoK should never be concerned about Stacy’s loss.
    We should applaud jack, and encourage men to be like Jack and less like John. He offered to acquire it when it was most valuable, he didn’t. No man should settle like Jim, no man should settle for second best, something degraded in value, particularly when everyone else got a viewing.. and probably for free.
    Men, be on point, if she isn’t offering her best to you, don’t settle for second best.

  10. Great analogy, would like to add; By the end Stacys 20’s/ beg 30’s she realised there were other statues in her town that got more attention from the viewers. Stacy started thinking she had to promote the statue more in order to attract the similar size crowds previously entertaining her statue.

  11. Well done.This is just how it happens: women learn when it’s too late. It’s a kind of justice.

  12. On a non-allegorical note,for all the arts courses that women stampede towards and the endless taxpayer grants they get ,you’d expect them to utterly dominate the upper tiers of contemporary art.But reality is by far the opposite.
    Indeed I think that Law Dogger intentionally chose Sculpting as his metaphor so that even a dimwitted jizz-a-bull reader would not be mislead and think this essay is actually about some has been Sculptress and her statue.

    1. That’s an interesting observation—I wonder though: is contemporary art similar at all to “modern art” as lampooned in the popular consciousness? One would think women are uniquely suited to produce such “art.”

      1. Most of it is uniformly awful, though there is some talent out there that shines through now and then. Hit a big city art walk event sometime and see. We have one here in Columbus, the Short North to be precise, quite often that we walk around at during the summer. Most of it is absolute shit, but once in a while there are some true keeper pieces that we find.

        1. My late wife and I collected folk art; its amazing how many people don’t have original works of art in their homes.

      2. Not per se. Contemporary art consists of every art that is in vogue today since World War 2. What is generally lampooned is abstract expressionism,since it appears like smeared chimp crap and is too esoteric to have aesthetic or philosophical appeal to a regular joe.
        However even in this specialist area of abstract expressionism ,men seem to rule.Which goes to show that if women make crap,it looks like crap.But if men make crap it becomes art.

    2. Women gravitate towards the arts because its fun, not challenging (art classes), and they just want the status associated with it. Most don’t care about creating anything.

  13. I enjoyed reading this, especially as I’ve already consciously decided to just enjoy women during their prime years without the intention of marrying them.
    The Jims of this world will clear up after me like the charitable good samaritans they are, some of them even become volunteer fathers for a used up single mother.
    I know I’m not alone in my outlook on settling down with these “empowered women”. Society, females and feminists have created this mindset in men, and they despise it.
    Despite feminism’s “empowerment” of females, we’re experiencing a time whereby women deserve the least amount of respect in history.

    1. You last sentence pretty much much sums it up. My dad is 77 years old. He told me that back then, women were highly respected because most had dignity and commanded a level of respect because of that.
      Dignity is a quality that is severely lacking in modern women. Modern women do not deserve default respect just for having a vagina. There are 3.5 Billion vaginas out there. They are not rare.

  14. I enjoyed this story.
    In case someone asks why Stacy can’t just restore/repair the sculpture, I’d like to give a few thoughts:
    1) If the sculpture has a low value, as in Stacy’s case, then a restoration and/or repair MIGHT raise the value, but not by much. Think about an old, beat up sculpture in your backyard. Why even bother spending the money and time on it, when you can get a brand new sculpture to begin with.
    2) If the sculpture was taken care of well(remained in a pure state while aging naturally without abuse) and truly had high value (ie. a gallery or museum piece), then repairs (considered modifications) would actually detract from the value of a sculpture.

  15. Where’s the part where she says, “Where have all the good wealthy museum curators gone?”

    1. Because, y’know, that’s what she “DESERVES!”. At least that’s what The Monkey tells her….

  16. Cool to be one of the guys who got to view the sculpture for free! After all… isn’t that the point of game? Get the benefits with none of the long term costs…

  17. What’s always been a mystery to me is when young guys for for much older women, say as much as 10-20 years older in some cases. These women are way past their prime and even though they may have kept in shape, their true age is written all over their face(some Asian girls being exceptions as they seem to age much slower). Men instinctively go for younger hot women so these guys have their switch flipped. I’m 36 and can’t imagine dating a girl over 40 and surely not 50. Any theories?

    1. Alot of guys in their teens and 20’s won’t pass up an opportunity to rail a milf/cougar simply because;
      1. The novelty of boning a broad old enough to be your mom
      2. Less chance of knocking her up due to the hag in question squandering her youth whoring it up
      3. Social conditioning through the media
      …or 4. Because they can’t(or think they can’t) score anything better.
      [Especially in the case of dating/wifing them as opposed to being a ONS or a booty call at best]

      1. I actually observed the dynamics in question in my social set. I married an Asian woman so I meet lots of Asian women. This one was in her 40s but looked good. She was slim with great legs which she showed off at every opportunity. Her face had some lines but from a distance she could pass for 25. Hard for me to see how she would look to a 20 something as I am in my late 50s. However, she hooked up with a guy in his late 20s. He was good looking and slim to athletic. She sunk her hopes and dreams into this relationship. She turned very bitter when it ended. The rest of us saw it coming a mile away. He saw nothing long term with her, but was not going to turn down a nice piece of ass just because of a number (age). However, the number did matter when it came to investing for the long haul. I am pretty sure she eventually asked the inevitable, “Where is this relationship headed?” question and he said nowhere, bye bye.

  18. I thought Jack would just try out the sculpture repeatedly in different locations and different angles before deciding to forget the whole thing and put it back in Stacy’s apartment.

  19. Great story. This is essentially showing the SMV value as shown by the graph below (RM).
    It would be interesting to find out if Stacy had a friend say “Summer”, and Summer was a Painter but in the same art class and totally bumped into Jack that night and he then invested in her work and so from student land, they went forth to create a portfolio for him and Jack entitled this investment as ”Jacks Summer”.
    This of-course was all happening contrary to all the other Stacies in the artclass who derived their behavior on the great ‘moaaaaaaaning lisa’ that Jim ‘a nice guy’ had been concentrating on taking ‘art electives’ and ‘liking’ on ‘’ fcbk feeds for soooo long!
    Finally Jim’s laptop had broken from over-wear of him button bashing the ‘like button’ and actually went into a gallery. Having no money as he had spent it on the latest Playstation88 proceeded to spend his last copper on Stacy’s painting based on a ‘coin toss’ in the mentality ‘thats-what-it-is’.

    1. Women are more attractive at 23 than at 18? heh
      Women are more attractive at 31 than at 15? LOL

  20. Great story. This is essentially showing the SMV value as shown by the graph below (RM).
    It would be interesting to find out if Stacy had a friend say “Summer”, and Summer was a Painter but in the same art class and totally bumped into Jack that night and he then invested in her work and so from student land, they went forth to create a portfolio for him and Jack entitled this investment as ”Jacks Summer”.
    This of-course was all happening contrary to all the other Stacies in the artclass who derived their behavior on the great ‘moaaaaaaaning lisa’ that Jim ‘a nice guy’ had been concentrating on taking ‘art electives’ and ‘liking’ on ‘’ fcbk feeds for soooo long!
    Finally Jim’s laptop had broken from over-wear of him button bashing the ‘like button’ and actually went into a gallery. Having no money as he had spent it on the latest Playstation88 proceeded to spend his last copper on Stacy’s painting based on a ‘coin toss’ in the mentality ‘thats-what-it-is’!

    1. this is the graph i was trying to explain, thank you! i’ll be sharing this to some verging on red pill friends of mine

  21. …how did she fit a block of marble into a studio apartment? I kid, I kid. Great piece man.

    1. It’s only after she marries Jim does the question of the ever expanding girth of her sculpture comes into question. Heh

      1. hahaaaaa. Yeah, you always start out with a petite little rendering and end up as hail-damaged monoliths.

  22. This is the same pathetic story of schadenfreude we see time and again on ROK. Don’t fool yourself, gentleman. Post wall women are not uniformly miserable, and in fact many are happier later in life than they were in their 20’s. Always looking for something better around the next corner is a characteristic only women have.

    1. I don’t think you’re incorrect, to a point, but those women are uniformly traditionally grounded and married (to the same man they originally married) and fulfilling themselves as wives and mothers, as it natural. The other exception that I’ve encountered is the 100% career woman who has totally rejected the entire notion of men and relationships, in a sense the WGTOW type (well, they seem happy, having finally made a choice instead of Having It All! ™, but maybe they aren’t I really can’t tell ). I don’t know of any normal 40 something women otherwise who are not in some shape, manner or form deeply dissatisfied with many aspects of how their lives have turned out.
      This is a perspective from the U.S., if you don’t live here then YMMV.

      1. I live in a major city in the states, and I don’t know any miserable 40 year old women. They might have some things they wished they did differently, but they are generally calmer and more contented than their neurotic counterparts in their 20’s. I know plenty of lonely 50+ washed up pick up artists that are male. Women are all too happy to settle down later with a stable beta who doesn’t jerk their chain, or another woman.

        1. Yeah pal, sure. I question your powers of observation and note your total lack of situational awareness in the world.
          Women are all too happy to settle down later with a stable beta who doesn’t jerk their chain, or another woman.
          Oh, they “settle down with a stable beta” all right, not because of somebody jerking their chain, but because they have lost the ability to attract the alphas that they still long for and have to thus, settle. That’s part and parcel with every theory in the manosphere that’s ever been put forward.

        2. WOW! No wonder these women can get away with their bad behavior. No matter how gross they are when they are older, there will always be some thristy beta loser to come along and save them from their poor life decisions. Unbelievable how despersate some men are.
          The guy she is with must be one helluva loser to be getting with that.
          Now here’s the real question: Which country has uglier women? The UK or the US?

        3. U.K., hands down. Been there many times, and every beautiful woman I met was usually always from France or slavic. The countryside has some decent women, here or there, but I really wasn’t impressed by the talent in London outside of a few rare exceptions.

        4. And alpha males have the highest occurrence of suicide, incarceration, and alcoholism because..?

        5. Exactly, this is a theory. Not data. If you find this to be true in your experience, fine. My experience is admittedly skewed because I enjoy the company of positive people.

    2. Looks like we got us a feminist sperge here gents. I’m assuming “it” is a male, but now am doubting my assumptions. Just to be safe avoid this Alf person.

  23. Stacy’s Sculpture: Part 2
    A few months later, Stacy and Jim are married. She pleads to Jim that the sculpture needs more space. A few months later, they purchase a pricey home in suburbia that’s bigger than the Pontiac Silverdome. It doesn’t seem right to Jim, but he has little experience with sculptures, so he agrees.
    One year later, and Jim is now working double shifts to pay the interest on the Silverdome purchase. He notices that, for the first time in his life, his health has started to decline. He quips to his friends that “it sucks getting old.”
    Six months later. Upon returning home early from work, he finds the pool boy in the living room, cumming on the sculpture’s face. He is shocked, and vows to leave the marriage. However, Stacy tells him that the sculpture was lonely because Jim now works too much. The sculpture feels neglected. The sculpture didn’t want to be anally violated every Wednesday, but it had no other choice – this is really Jim’s fault. Jim has little experience with sculptures, so he agrees. Plus, he now has no money to implement a Plan B, so his options are few.
    A year later, upon Stacy’s urging, Jim has begun reading self help books on how to communicate better with sculptures. Stacy informs him that her favorite TV personality, Oprah, who happens to be a strong and successful woman, has said that the key to relationships is better communication. Jim knows little about Oprah or sculptures, so he agrees again.
    Shit, I could keep going with this, but I lack the time….

  24. To be honest, this kind of thing afflicts a lot of guys as well. Same reason there are so many 20-somethings still stuck playing video games, dicking around on social media, talking with a teenage lilt, dressing like hipsters etc. It’s the inability to grow up, to constantly attempts to recapture and relive your youth instead of moving on and taking responsibility for family, career, achievements and so forth.

    1. Exactly what is the incentive for the young 20 something guy to “grow up” and take responsibility for these women? Will he get respect from the community or even from the woman he is supporting and responsible for? I think not. He is better off playing games, getting laid when he can, and not taking any responsibility for any of these disgusting humans suffering from BWV (Born with Vagina) disease.

  25. Come on law dogger you’re phoning it in trying to emulate roosh’s writings on the subject through a modern retelling. You’re better than this

  26. Did anyone else laugh and smirk the entire time reading this as i did ? haha !!

    1. I actually felt a bit sad. Because the ending just sums the theme of the story:
      Modern bitchy women – even if they regret they didn’t marry the best when they were younger – still have a thirsty beta to save their ass when they’re older. Just shows the reality of modern society. Bitches can eat their cake and have it too.

  27. The actual lesson to be learnt: a post-wall woman will always get a thirsty Beta to wife her up. Welcome to the 21st century. We men have lowered our standards.
    Considering the current trends in society, in the future ,this story would be rewritten with the ending of Jack regretting he didn’t forcibly wife up Stacy before Jim did.
    This story is a brutal, realistic take on the way modern society has become.

  28. Brilliant!!! This should be published in a book of fables for kids. This should be a Disney short. Even the title is terrific.

  29. Lesson learned: Women are depreciating assets and they should end up with the first good guy but still keep herself attractive to other men (but very loyal to Jack!!)
    Loved this story.

    1. Truth learned: Women, however, waste their prime because they think they are appreciating assets.
      But there is usually a thirsty beta willing to still wife them up when they have depreciated.

  30. I assume that the pristine statue is a metaphor for Stacy’s youthful beauty, and curator Jack’s offer of cherishing the statue in a fine museum is a metaphor for an offer of a great marriage and home — which Stacy unwisely passed up.

  31. A few weeks ago I went to the museum to see this statue before it was sent back to Italy:
    It’s over 2000 years old, and there were crowds of people around to see it, and while I don’t know what it looked like when it was new, it was surprising how… not old it looked.

  32. Why do you care? If you are dead set on being an alpha male, you are never going to be long term material for a woman anyway. Many, many short flings with thrill seeking crazies are all you are going to get with a pure alpha game. Women don’t “settle” for betas- they quickly realize that pure alphas are only good for entertainment. A man that has an ability to think critically will understand that betas and alphas both have positive and negative qualities. However, there is a huge amount of money to be had from gameboys in the guise of “self- improvement.” It’s not good business for a man to be content in a long term relationship. Also, people that marry later have a lower divorce rate. Alpha males have a very high divorce rate.

  33. the main thing i got from this is that i feel really sorry for jim. he needs to have seen more sculptures

  34. These articles remind me of the sage words of Bruce Springsteen ‘You’ll be fine as long as your pretty face holds out. But then it’s gonna get pretty cold out’-You’ll be Coming Down

  35. so stacy is good at art big deal what’s your point law dogger???
    kidding kidding. good metaphor but i prefer your opinion pieces rather than these parables…… sorry 🙁

  36. Alternate ending: Stacy sells the sculpture to Jack after all. She goes on to sculpt two smaller, more adorable versions of the original inspired by Jack. The sculptures are all happy being displayed with loving care for about the first 5 years. The original has now given her pristine image over to produce the smaller sculptures and now has marks and distortions all over. Jack does not wish to pay to have the sculpture rehabilitated to part of her original beauty as he feels it is a bad investment. Due to the upkeep of the smaller sculptures Stacy does not have time to do it herself so she lets it go thinking that the smaller sculptures are more important. Jack, loving the smaller sculptures insists that the original give itself over to their upkeep and invests no help in doing so. Eventually, seeing that the sculpture is beyond repair he seeks out an additional, younger sculpture to add to his collection. The original is not happy with this but acquiesces as she is still relatively comfortable in the home Jack has provided for her although any sort of façade of Jack still caring for her is long gone. The sculpture realizes that her resale value at 30 is now close to zero as she comes with two others who are high maintenance. The sculpture lives out the rest of her days with Jack, the younger sculpture he has replaced her with (who, of course, does not duplicate with miniature versions inspired by Jack and therefore keeps her pristine figure), and the two smaller ones that look like Jack attempting to be happy all the while wondering if she could have gotten a better offer originally if she had held out.

  37. I don’t understand- the first offer a woman has is always the best, because it will be an alpha man that values her only for her youth…but at the same time secretly loathes women and has a chronic lack of empathy? Why would a feminine woman marry an alpha when most truly feminine women avoid confrontation at all costs? In addition, a woman that is in touch with her femininity will also likely be intuitive to know when men are looking at them like a piece of meat. This sort of attention is not a turn on to feminine women who abhor pop culture. Most women marry men like their fathers, which would logically be 80% beta? A decent parent is never going to tell their girl to seek out men that are roving inseminators.

  38. I really liked this one, I enjoyed your use of fiction to convey your message. I found myself taking extra time re-reading paragraphs to give myself a chance to visualize the scenes. Great theme. Excellent article.

  39. Hahaha look at you silly boys thinking all women are objects (“statues”) and then acting all surprised that they’re not buying your bullshit. Somebody hurt your little feelings by choosing someone better (albeit with less money, admittedly, but here’s a shocker – this lovely statue of yours might consider other human features when choosing a mate for life)? It’s not that hard to understand your bitterness, lads.

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