5 Dating Conventions That Women Killed

Dating – as we used to know it – is dead. Hookup culture is the norm in America. These social changes are largely driven by women, and their need to avoid any feeling which might be “awkward” or uncomfortable. For the modern American “empowered” woman, the idea of needing a man goes against all the social programming she has received throughout her life.

Any behavior which might indicate genuine love or desire for another person is disappearing from the dating landscape, in favor of “combat dating” in which men and women compete to see who can love least. As a consequence, many of the conventions associated with dating are now dead.

1. Dates Are Dead

Going on planned dates and meeting up with someone based on prearranged plans is dead.

I’m not just talking about getting to know someone through spent time and courtship – that’s been dead for much longer. I’m talking about making plans to do any activity that requires advanced planning or doesn’t have a chance of leading to sex. The only people still going on “dates” are people going with their friends, or people they’re not having sex with.


There are two reasons for this. First, smartphones make flaking incredibly easy. Two thumbs and a minute’s notice can cancel any plan. Plus, smartphones allow you to contact anyone in your social network any time and see every other cool event you could go to instead. If you aren’t the shiniest prospect, you will be flaked. Second, modern women have an aversion to anything that might make them feel “awkward” or put the slightest social pressure on them, and following through on plans made in advance is typically more commitment than women can handle.

For men, why spend two hours in a movie or playing mini-golf when you could invite her directly back to your place? Even men who meet in a public place usually choose one walking distance from their apartment. The only reason left to meet in a public place is because you think your date might be a secret internet-fatty, mentally ill (as one in four women are), or not ready for that direct an approach. While the first two are serious concerns, as a man you have the right to leave or kick someone out of your house for any reason. For many the risk of dealing with a crappy woman is less than the risk of missing a bang.

2. Cheating Is Dead

Because relationships begin without formal dating, they progress without formal labels. If no commitment is given, none is assumed. You can’t cheat on someone you never said you were committed to.

It’s well know, he who loves least controls the relationship. If a man is the first to ask for exclusivity, he is considered needy. Most men with options would not make this request, because it would mean they would have to stop dating other girls. Likewise, women typically have multiple options and do not want to appear like they need men. Since neither person wants to look like they need the other, most relationships operate on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to sleeping with other people.


The corollary of this rule is that mate poaching is okay. Because even marriages can be broken up at a moments notice for the personal preference of one partner, there is no reason to respect the boundaries of another persons relationship. All is fair in love and war, and if you steal someone else’s partner, there are no social consequences, because it’s just part of the game.

3. Phone Calls Are Dead

Most young women are attached to their smartphones and communicate exclusively through apps and text. While it might seem like this would lead to more phone calls, phone calls require direct one on one communication in a context without looks or body language to fall back on. Phone calls also require a woman to give her full attention to a single man at once, which is more intimacy than most women can handle.

Calling women is considered needy and creepy. Since most women will not make a phone call, calling a woman shows greater interest in her than she would ever show in a man. Plus, women don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize, so unless you texted her first and she took the trouble to save you in her contacts list, she won’t answer.

Dating Sites

4. Technology-Free Relationships Are Dead

Relationships unmediated by technology are dead. Even if you meet face to face, the second meeting will be arranged through technology of some kind. Because women no longer make phone calls, communication will probably take place through text or some kind of app.

It used to be that technology was the domain of nerds and men who made things. Once Silicon Valley figured out ways for people to attention-whore through technology (twitter, facebook, instagram, early myspace) the internet was embraced by women. Now, I find women are the ones introducing me to new technology, constantly inviting to join apps or social networks I have no desire to be a part of – or worse, just assuming I use them. One girl told me the people who don’t have a kik account are creepy.

When I first wrote about online dating, I wrote that “every site is a dating site for women.” Now every app is a hook-up app for everyone. Even James Franco hooks up in a chat window.

5. Breakups Are Dead

Breakups – actually telling someone you don’t want to see them again – are dead. The fade away is the norm.

Because no commitment is given, there is nothing to break. You just simply stop contacting someone without any warning or reason. Calling someone to tell them you no longer want to see them again would require acknowledging someone else’s feelings and going out of your way to be kind to them.

Such a direct conversation might in inadvertently lead to intimacy, which is what all these behaviors are set up to avoid. In fact, replace the word “awkward” with “intimate” and the motivation behind most women’s behavior’s becomes appalling clear.

Just to review – wanting to get to know someone slowly over food, shared experiences, and face to face exclusivity is creepy. Typing “sit on my face” into a Tinder window is not.

Interestingly, this shift mirrors a larger cultural shift in the American attention span. Americans used to read books, now they reblog listicles. It might seem hypocritical of me to write that in a listed blog post, but most people won’t even read that sentence because it’s all the way at the end.

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258 thoughts on “5 Dating Conventions That Women Killed”

    1. Sucks. My phone game is tight, text game not so much. The only time a phone call got me laid recently was when I called a chick to tell her not to text and drive, she appreciated my concern and fucked me on the first date.

      1. “I called a chick to tell her not to text and drive, she appreciated my concern and fucked me on the first date.”
        Wow, that’s all it took? They’ve really lowered the barriers to entry. No pun intended. Sounds like it would benefit some of us to learn how to feign concern.

        1. I doubt that Atlanta Man feigned — and that’s why it worked. Ya got a lot to learn, kid.

        2. My baseline concern extends even to strangers on the street. Common humanity as it were. Atlanta’s chick wasn’t a stranger to him.

        3. I know a white nigga that fucked because he asked a slut to borrow a can opener.

        4. You’re assuming the lady made a distinction. Per @damienjohnson:disqus’s comment, it’s typically a matter of right place, right time. I never suggested Atlanta Man feigned emotion. However, it’s highly probable anyone could have said what he said to this particular female and achieved the same outcome. No disrespect to Atlanta Man of course.
          If you can’t understand that maybe you’re in the wrong company.

        5. Guess you could say that. Only knew her for a week. Lord knows what he could’ve caught from such an easy thing like that…

  1. >3. Phone Calls Are Dead
    Seriously? Am I so (old) out of the loop that this has become true? That calling a broad is displaying too much interest? Christ, so now any demonstration of interest is essentially a marriage proposal?

    1. I know people who text each other all day and yet can’t hold a conversation when they’re actually together.

      1. It’s no wonder I always have to be the one to keep talking. I’m thinking, “Shit woman, I’m not here to be YOUR entertainment. How about a little effort from you?”

      2. You’re spot on. I was in a restaurant last week and saw a nice-looking family of four — dad, mum, son, daughter — sit down at a table next to me. All four promptly whipped out their phones and ignored each other. The waiter brought their menus and they ignored him. The drinks boy brought their water — no thank yous. When the waiter approached them for the third time about their food, they glanced up in annoyance but finally deigned to give the poor sap their orders. Not once during the meal did any of the four converse, smile, or even look at one another — they just engaged in non-stop texting, even with forks in hand. I wanted to pour my water pitcher on the heads of those crappy parents, but … shit rises to its own level, doesn’t it?

    2. Meh, after I fuck a woman if she texts me, I respond with “I don’t communicate through text messaging, if you want to make plans, call me.”

      1. it’s all fine and dandy to stand on your principles, but what would the rate be, in your estimation, of second ‘appointments’? pure curiosity.

        1. ~50%
          Though, I wouldn’t attribute that to any one thing. The majority of my ONSs get a nom de guerre.

    3. Not dead, in fact people are extra obnoxious with their phone calls in public. Been in a confined space in public lately?

  2. It’s funny, women always say that they are the better communicators. Yet, when society becomes more feminized and women get more power, all rules of communication go out the window. The few rules of communication that remain are so murky and watered-down that they are practically useless.

    1. What they mean by girl’s having superior verbal skills usually turns out to be endless chattering over stupid bullshit like who’s being mean, what’s “not OK”, petty gossip etc. It’s all geared towards being social, not being outstanding or successful.

      1. I would agree to an extent but also disagree. I wouldn’t argue that they devote a great portion of their average daily word count to this crap.
        however, I would say that women generally have greater verbal dexterity and nimbleness, a great capacity to twist and distort, naturally, in the moment . I think most men need to learn this manually rather than possess it naturally. I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we have been verbally wrongfooted e.g. shit tests. I would say that men need to learn the capacity to be highly nuanced communicators, whereas for women this comes more naturally.
        I truly believe these are reflective of evolution and biology differences. Women devote their communication to social dynamics with concern about harmony and maintaining their place in the circle. Men focus on objective, concrete and doing. The issue comes when women are asked to get to the point, or are forced to define their position, or admit something that would make them feel socially uncomfortable and exposed, when they can’t tell you what they want, or when they code their words in plausible deniability.
        I agree these betray a lack of true communication skill but also fundmamental lack of courage.

        1. Not a bad analysis, however I’d tweak that a bit. We need to learn to recognize the twisting and “nimbleness” and respond to it with the aloof, silent detachment of our forefathers. Those men drew their strength not from playing catty word games, but from being above them. Shut down her nattering with a few deft rounds of “No” and “Not interested, sorry”.

        2. This is the painful truth. Women are incapable of using communication to transmit ideas, plans, or information. They speak many more words in a day than men; but to what purpose? My wife frequently asks me to talk to the male member of the couple we are best friends with if we need to make arrangements to get together. The women can have talked on the phone for over an hour, but no information was exchanged. Us guys can talk for a couple of minutes and have made decisions, plans, and exchanged the details about location and time. Women are well aware of this.

        3. I found STFU yelled into her face was somewhat effective. When after a few seconds starts talking again I would follow up with, are you incapable of shutting up even for a minute? She has found that merely admitting that she can’t shut up and then going on with her nattering is an effective counter strategy.

        4. It’s because ambiguity and vagueness are a part of their evolutionary programming. It helps them to avoid commitments. One theory goes that women have adapted to have fluid, shifting loyalties (read: none) because for thousands of years they were frequently kidnapped and raped by opposing clans and they had to be able to quickly turn their coats in order to survive. Disgusting to be sure, but it does explain a lot. MEN have a hardwiring for loyalty, brotherhood, and fighting for the greater good (however they define it) whereas women are only interested in what will provide them the most comfort, luxury, etc.

        5. There was a great scene in Casino (1995) that reflects this. Joe Pesci’s character Nicky Santoro is being surveilled by the Feds. The Fed’s have to check out of a phone conversation if it goes past 40 seconds and no OC business is mentioned. So he and De Niro’s character get their women to natter on the phone. Once they pass the 40 second mark, BOOM! They get back on the phone and in 2 seconds arrange where to meet. Then hand the phone back to the two nattering wives.

        6. I will agree with you on that, but sometimes you get drawn in before you realise what is happening. Straight up requests can be put down, but it’s when they lure you in, deftly turning inch by inch to their true destination, getting your compliance, then you realise you are a destination you don’t want to be at.

        7. Yep absolutely. And the evolutionary programming is based on their innate lack of courage and reliance on others. In an Armageddon style situation a man could pack a rifle, quickly pack food and other essentials, jump in a van and head for the hills. Women would be flailing about uselessly lick toilet paper.

        8. And I would add that for me the irritation comes from the complete hypocrisy it displays – woman want certainty, decisiveness and commitment from men whilst they simultaneously strive to operate in vagueness and ambiguity. Again it reflects biological preferences, but in a practical sense is immensely destructive.

        9. Disgusting for who? The kidnapped, raped women? Or the next bunch of kidnappers and rapists? I think as an argument this is in some ways pretty disgusting

        10. Shits not that thought through, girls aren’t cumulatively more nasty than guys. Calm down, respond with a clear voice make eye contact, and say “I understand you point, how i see it is —–“. Communicating with people. Fucking basic shit. Also, your’e an Autist. Accept this and grow.

      2. because being outstanding and successful is what a MAN can do thanks to the prior sociability created by WOMEN. To each their role and that’s how’s been for centuries.

    2. ….one more reason to either not engage with them or to keep the engagement very very brief.
      Very soon perhaps we won’t need to talk to them at all other than just:
      Him: Want to fuck?
      Her: Yes/No
      Him: Nice to know you…bye.
      It sound fine to me!

    3. Women always say they are better at stuff. Its merely a form of denial. After all, all the great communicators (MLK, Hitler, Churchill, etc.) were men.

        1. Or scientists. Or soldiers. Or explorers. Or architects. Or industrialists. Or… well just about anything for that matter.

        2. But, but, that´s only because we fear women and have deliberately impeded them from displaying their superior skills for all of human history in every nation! And they were too perfect and nice and wonderful to ever stop us!

        3. Jane Austen was a great writer, Charlotte Bronte, Louis May Alcott, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Bellhooks. Don’t you dare say ALL the great writers were men when it’s obviously not true.

        4. Marie Curie discovered the effects of radiation. Her husband, well he helped a little bit. But she, well she was the only woman in her class at university in Paris and she won a nobel prize in two science fields, the only person to ever do so, by the way.

        5. And two balls. What do you know, I guess standing up for women doesn’t make me any less manly guys!

        6. I don’t deny it. However, it is the RATIO that is the issue. For every Jane Austen, there is Dstoyevsky (?), Twain, Hemingway, George Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare etc. etc. For every Margaret Thatcher, there is JFK, Reagan, Roosevelt. Every field of endeavour, the ratio is in the dozens to one. Women would rather receive the benefits of such endeavours than create them.

        7. One of my favorite writer is Patricia Highsmith (the talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a train and many more).
          I’d say women can do good in many fields, but today it’s different. A talented writetress would perhaps waste her talent writing a book about feminist or patriarchy. Some women do not have any drive because it’s no necessary. Men will fuck them and tell them they are great no matter what. They simply have no incentive to better themselves.
          When women are so messed up as they are in this society it makes it harder for them to reach their potential.
          So in that regard, you could say that feminism is holding them down.

        8. That may appear true, but think of the woman’s plight throughout history. Many female writers (some mentioned above) had to write under a male pen name to even be taken seriously. Women have been oppressed – of course the ratio is going to be skewed.

        9. You must feel really great about yourself for trying to put me down. Fantastic job. I’m so offended by your limited vocabulary of insults.

        10. When you get into government bodies you cannot deny that there has always been discrimination against women. There were laws in place keeping women from voting up until the 1920’s and rules and societal values that kept women in the home and out of politics during certain time periods. It’s a fact. I know that the majority of great writers and leaders were male, but I’m simply stating that not all of them were. There were and still are great female writers in every genre. No matter the ratio of male to female writers and leaders, one cannot claim that all the greats were men if there was even one great woman.

        11. The idea of feminism is that women can work just as hard as men and get the same places. A lot of times women are passed over for promotion in corporate jobs, even if they work just as hard as their male coworkers, simply because she MIGHT want to start a family someday and that requires taking a little bit of time off. The whole idea of the equal opportunity employment act and stuff was to help women not be discriminated against in the work force. Up until the 1970’s-ish it was very hard for a woman to even be considered for a position other than a secretary. A lot of people are still in the “women are inferior” state of mind in certain professions such as firefighting even if a woman could outperform men on the physical tests (which some can). The feminist movement was to help women be taken more seriously in the world, to help them move up in the world and do whatever they wanted with their lives, whether that be a stay at home mom and housewife, or a working woman in a specialized field. That is what true feminism is about, none of that “women are better than men, all men are bastards” bullshit, that’s not feminism.

        12. You are right, after all there is nothing more manly than a Knight in Shining White Armor.

        13. I don’t give a damn if women “reward” me for saying what I said. The problem with a lot of men these days is that they expect something in return for just being genuinely nice or for standing up for someone in a place where they can’t stand up for themselves because of some BS rule about not talking to or listening to women. I’ve read older articles on this site where women commented and the responses I saw to those comments were disgusting; “tits or gtfo” calling women bitches and cunts and whores, that is no way to talk to anyone, man or woman, regardless of their personal habits or lifestyle.

        14. I dont know..but lots of what being said here is a direct response to todays women vile behavior. So don’t make it seem like they are innocent victims. They don’t need your protection and frankly, I dont think they want it either.

        15. And I also don’t really understand the “vile behavior” you’re talking about. Is it because women want to be independent and have well paying jobs? Is it the desire for women to be treated as people and as equals instead of as objects? Is it the desire for women to be taken seriously that makes them so vile?

        16. Actually, what we don’t want is stupid misogynistic crap posted on stupid misogynistic websites like this one, filled with misogynistic assholes who are so insecure and pathetic with women that they resort to talking about them as if they were objects. 99% of the comments on 99% of the posts on this site scream compensation and ignorance. I officially award this website with giving men a bad name. As for Jacob, I apologize that you get stereotyped for the asshole behaviors of these bastards. I don’t believe you are trying to protect women, but rather ensure that they are treated like human beings. Jesus Christ. The amount of pure bullshit on this website amazes me.

        17. Actually she is only speaking the truth. Speak to actual women and actual feminists and guess what? You will find valid assertions backed up by strong evidence. All I see on this site is opinion backed by nothing but hate.

        18. Actually. I listened to a woman for six months talk about “Woman Power” and “Feminism” stuff. In many ways she was the model feminist. Had a masters in Psychology. Explained how women have always gotten the short end of the stick thru patriarchal history, lived in Seattle. Was the model tree huger / crisis line worker / animal rescuer “empowered woman” type.
          She was in a really tough spot. I loaned her $5,000 to pay off a delinquent student loan she’d co-signed for with some other guy. Within a few weeks I somehow offended her (No idea how – was told if I couldn’t figure it out it was pointless).
          Hawked my car to do it. First time I’ve had a car payment ever.
          Haven’t heard from her since.
          I have a high school education. Worked my ass off in my college years to get a few rent houses.
          She saw me coming. Took what I had and left.
          I’ve continually been taken advantage of by women. I’m not some loudmouthed white knight either – I normally try to steer clear of those who have evolved social skills because I know I lack the capacity to lie, cheat, take advantage of others.
          This came on the tail end of being psychologically raped by a girlfriend of three years and her gay bff (who was actually bi) bff.
          I still haven’t figured out where I stand with the male / female relationship. There is much on RoK that strikes me as just angry white men.
          But they use a LOT more history and logic than Jezebel.
          I have spoken to “actual women” and “actual feminists”. I’ve been a White Knight (and not to get sex) and been totally hosed when there was actually something needed (not just stupidly interjecting myself into some snide bar comment to be cheered on as one … in situations where I payed a high Goddamned price for it.)
          Victims exploit the strong. I now often view “victims” or “feminists” or “disenfranchised minorities” thru the same lens as a pillaging rapist.
          It isn’t that what they do is morally on the same level. But protecting myself from them is just as essential – probably more so.

        19. why can’t the women stand up for themselves if they’re so independent? they’re “empowered”. they don’t need you.

        20. Have you ever actually read any of them? Probably not. and you know that little boys club you call sci-fi? INVENTED by a woman named Mary Shelly and practically dominated by female writers, so kiss that good bye if women can’t be good writers.

        21. Of course I’ve read them; otherwise I wouldn’t comment. And, “invented” is a very grandiose term for what Mary Shelly did. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was a good read, and I can happily acknowledge that it has elements of what would come to be known as science fiction. That said, it really is more of a gothic horror novel that dealt with ideas whose time had come with the industrial revolution. The story is entirely fantastic, and dealt not so much with any real knowledge of science, so much as the horror of the idea of a scientifically fabricated form of life. Whereas Wells’ and others’ science fiction often dealt with real topics in scientific knowledge and had an eerie capacity for almost predicting future developments, Mary Shelly’s novel is much more of a Romantic/Gothic piece dealing with the horror of the unnatural from the mechanistic, rather than the occult, point of view.
          It is very incorrect to say that Sci-Fi is dominated by women; the modern sci-fi genre has devolved into “love stories with dinosaurs in space” precisely because so many hackneyed women authors are writing whatever drivel occurs to them in their moments of inane whimsy. All the great sci-fi authors were men. All the great authors, period, are men. There will always be a good woman here or there, but even Mary Shelly’s work was far from a towering and genius work of art. It was a good story with a good flair for the macabre, at which women excel because of its blending of sensuality and fear. There has never been a female Shakespeare, Virgil or Pindar in any culture, and probably never will be. Don’t dare say “Sappho” to me; just because a woman wrote Greek poems in Greek metre, doesn’t mean she’s another Pindar. I enjoy Marie de France and Christine de Pizan; I don’t compare them to Chaucer or Dante. It’s simply a matter of the nature of male brains and thought. Male intelligence is more likely to go to extremes – both the very low and the very high end of the scale – where women tends more towards mediocrity, avoiding sharp highs, and also sharp lows. The male brain thinks abstractly and deduces from principles, and extrapolates. The female brain is imitative and embellishing. More often than not, if something totally innovative has been devised, a man has done it; more often than not, if a priest was dressed in beautiful vestments, or a family’s hearth was brightened with ribbons and colorful baskets, a woman had made them. It’s not “offensive,” it’s just a fact. If it is true that there are many more intelligent men than women, it is also true that there are many more intensely stupid men than women. Things are what they are.

        22. I almost forgot; there’s no reason to “kiss sci-fi goodbye” if women can’t be good authors. Men came along and wrote the best sci-fi, and would have done so whether Frankenstein (which is a Gothic novel more than sci-fi) had been written or not. And nobody is saying women can’t be good authors. I admitted Jane Austen was quite good. Emily Bronte’s not bad. We simply said that the greats were men, and this is likely to forever remain the case. Though, it’s not impossible that a truly great female author could come along. It is statistically unlikely, but it’s possible.

    4. Women confuse a constant stream of nattering with actually relaying a message successfully, hence “better communicators”. If communication were instead judged by the concise and clear relaying of information, women soundly lose on the communication front.

    5. There is no “better communicating” sex, the sexes communicate in different mediums lending the average person to assume that the other sex is just terrible at communication.
      Women communicate in the noise. This is why women bantering sounds like a chicken farm, all noise and absolutely no signal whatsoever. The tone of what is being said, the body language used, the facial expression used… all “frequencies” at which a woman can communicate, she is communicating, even if she’s not aware she’s communicating something. Men who can’t see the bandwidth advantages of this method of communication look at this and see an almost childlike drone of useless noise. This is why men stuck in a room full of purely feminine communicators (teenage girls, for instance) tend to get lost and consider the conversation almost unfathomable.
      Men communicate in the signal, in an almost binary/serial fashion. When a bunch of men are standing around talking, unless there’s so much noise in the room that you can only converse with the guy next to you, you almost never hear more than one man talking at once. This is extremely useful for a linear conversation about a serious topic. Women who are more built for a higher bandwidth of listening almost feel like the room is dead silent by comparison, and foolishly consider male communication to be non-communication. This is also why feminine women who can’t understand male communication tend to blurt out something stupid in a male conversation, and embarrass their SO. To the woman who opened her mouth, she was just trying to contribute to the conversation in her own way, to the men, what she said was probably illogical and non-sequitur.

      1. I would agree with this. The female style reflects their priority for social circle affairs, the male for high-minded operation.
        The problem comes, as pointed out below, when the two styles intersect and the environment or context demand male-style communication. Further, it is increasingly being promoted that the feminine style of communication is superior and attempts are being made to change environments (schools, universities and workplaces) to better cater for female communication style and discourage or punish male styles.
        Having worked in government, I did learn a significant amount about ‘feminine’ style language – often simply called ‘politics’ or ‘diplomacy’. I will agree it is very useful and often necessary for managing relationships. OTOH, being direct when required is being discouraged because it hurts women’s ‘feelings’. Women assume the political is personal and fail to separate the message from the people.
        In my MBA I did a group project with 4 women and it was a clusterfuck. I had 7 years more work experience than any of them and it was clear they didn’t know how to go about what they were doing. I could clearly see the problem. But first, I listened to them all, reflected back to get understanding and why they took their position. I asked some indirect questions to gradually bring them around to the point where they would realise the mistake they were making.
        Finally, I had to say it directly. Even then I was diplomatic, couching it as, “look I can see why you think this, but…”. Then I outlined my reasons and supporting arguments. No accusation, no superiority displayed, calm tone. I got folded arms, hurt looks, barely concealed anger. We had Facebooked to keep in contact for the project – 2 weeks later 3 had de-friended me.

    6. Men and women even define communication it’s self differently. To us, it is obviously a method for exchanging useful information or gaining perspective. Without even realizing it we have mentally classified it has strictly utilitarian. Women on the other hand are driven completely by their emotions. Two women might not convey one single piece of actual information to each other and still consider it “communicating.”

    7. All of this is so much rubbish I do not know where to start. I have been with the same man for 16 years, 6 of which we were “dating” and our relationship has always been loyal. Sex was not the only interesting thing between us and our relationship has lived through many technological changes. What I really think is that you are not able/interested to create a long term relationship with a woman and you are trying to blame women for that! I honestly think each one has to take their responsibility and be clear about what they want (at least in their minds). If you do not want to date in the first place why does it bother you that dating is dead? (which I honestly think it is not).

      1. “What I really think is that you are not able/interested to create a long
        term relationship with a woman and you are trying to blame women for
        Yeah fucking right! Tell that to all the women who flake on men without leaving a reason.

    1. So what you’re really trying to say is one should pop more wheelies and pop less boners to gay euro techno? Cool.

  3. Don’t forget the most important of all… marriage and Western Civilization as institutions are both dead. RIP

    1. add a little more technology and we’ll be able to fuck like turtles and just leave the eggs in a nest on the beach….. there’s progress for you….

    2. Stands to reason that traditional courtship would die out as traditional marriage dies out. Once the family dies, so does civilization. The state steps in to replace family but the state is devoid of love and affection. Single mums are married to the state, in the UK the government wants more women to leave their family and work, a family is a lifestyle choice now. What we have is an unholy alliance between feminism and capitalism, its a Nazi Soviet type pact for the historians out there. More woman in the boardroom! Cry the feminists. But aren’t they supposed to be inspired by Marxism? Remove the chains from the sink and chain woman to their jobs. The end of patriarchy at any cost. The modern woman doesn’t have time for “dates” these days.

      1. “…The modern woman doesn’t have time for “dates” these days.”
        What a coincidence, as the modern woman is also not worth dating (or marrying) these days, neither.
        As George Carlin once said, “There’s such balance in Nature!”

      2. Feminism is Marxism. True laissez-faire capitalism is pure economic Darwinism and couldn’t be further away from feminism ideologically, because women are straight up capable of less work than men.

      3. You should read the Rockefeller’s foundation annual reports starting from 1946 (go to their website). A lot of social engineering programs buried in their hundreds of pages of reports. Here’s an excerpt:
        “The Committee for Research in Problems of Sex of the National Research Council has since 1931 been screening and assessing research projects in its field. With Rockefeller Foundation funds totaling $1,205,000 over the past 18 years, it has supported…”
        Look at the names of the trustees and executives. They have names like Winthrop Aldrich (son of the slime ball that brought income tax and created the Federal Reserve Bank).
        They planned feminism, sexual liberation, birth control, abortion clinics, etc.

    3. No, marriage is not dead. People are still getting married and remaining faithful. Drama queen much?
      “Hookup culture is the norm in America. These social changes are largely driven by women, and their need to avoid any feeling which might be “awkward” or uncomfortable.”
      Seriously, a self-employed artist writing game theory. Dude, stick to painting by numbers. Hook-up culture falls squarely under the shoulders of men. Nothing wrong with it at all, just make sure to put the matter in the proper perspective.

      1. Marriage is dead , relationships are awaste of time. Pump and dump it the way to go for the MGTOW or the alpha male.

    4. Not where I live (Austin, Texas suburbs). The vast majority of my friends and neighbors still date, get engaged, marry, and reproduce. They work 8 to 5 and many attend church/temple. Many of the women are stay at home moms, and some are not. Extramarital affairs and divorces occur, but most people seem to want to keep their marriages intact. Without exception, they desire the best for their children and are concerned for their aging parents and grandparents. Boring, huh? But it does exist.

      1. You should have kept that to yourselves. Now y’all will get an IRS audit, a HUD evaluation to ensure your neighborhood is diverse, a DHS window into your PC’s, and a visit from one of the federal SWAT armies to ensure your guns are “safe”.

        1. Aw, if you don’t go looking for trouble, it usually isn’t going to find you. I don’t have guns — just two sets of large, pointed teeth attached to my two Rottweilers.

        2. OMG that’s terrible. Can you not get surgery to have them removed? Those poor dogs they must be in such pain!

        3. Yeah, those will last as long as it takes for them to start bleeding out their life essence when a criminal or cop shoots them. Which is, last check, within 10 seconds of breaching your home.

      2. I thought Austin was fucked up by libs after the wendy davis shit last year.

        1. My neighborhood is a mixed bag. Dems and Reps, Anglos, Mexicans, Asians, a few blacks, working class and white collar, couples with or without kids, retirees, religious and atheist, a few gays, and quite a few out of state transplants, attracted by jobs and affordable housing. Austin is only moderately liberal by my home state (California) standards and isn’t a big scary bastion of unfettered liberalism, though it might seem so to those who haven’t lived here and to more conservative Texans. In my area we all get along pretty well and lead fairly similar lives, regardless of race, religion, age, etc. The phone crap is rampant, though.

        2. Sounds ideal.
          Only problem is that Austin is a drab, overrated, far-too-self-impressed shithole. And it’s an absolute hotbed for strident retarded leftism that still bears the patchouli-scented stink of the hippie culture remnants that once made this town the butt of jokes all around Texas. Obama/Biden 2012 stickers on every car. Wendy Davis stickers on lawns. The increasing prominence of the Rainbow Mafia.
          Aside from that, the local women are butterfaces at best; sullen, tattooed skanks with unwashed-looking hair and a dedication to looking as unfeminine and uninviting as possible, at worst. The roads here are poorly and haphazardly designed with the worst fucking drivers I’ve ever seen in my life. Many of the locals are dimwitted hicks who clearly have never set foot outside of Central Texas. On top of that, there’s very little serious job opportunity here; professionalism and courtesy for others seems to be non-existent in the face of hipster self-absorption; the apartments and many of the homes are shoddily constructed; and the nightlife here is great if you just turned 21 last week and your idea of a great time is getting shitfaced on craft beer while shouting yourself hoarse over the mediocre bar band that’s blaring away in the background. Oh, and nobody knows how to dress in anything other than flip-flops and a Longhorns T-shirt so the local custom is to pretty much look like shit 100% of the time.
          The only decent- to good-looking women here are the college girls who came here from other states or countries. I happened to snag myself a 24 year-old Swiss girl — and that just about qualifies as a fucking miracle here.
          I’m out of this town soon. And I can’t fucking wait.

      3. That is my experience too, both living in Canada and now in Switzerland. But you should know by now that on this site admitting that there are still some good western women out there and that western marriages still sometimes work is simply not accepted – doesn’t fit in into the all or nothing mentality (which is really just another “ism”). Said it before and I will say it again – over reliance on generalization and stereotype is a tool for the weak mind. I read RoK in the spirit of education, and leave the cool-aid drinking for those here that can’t think or see for themselves.

        1. Would you happen to be in banking? Curious I wanna leave Canada also in the next few years but I majored in IB/Marketing and it’s not as transferable abraod as to say… Accounting or Finance

      4. Last I checked, divorce rates were fairly uniform across the country. If the Austin metro area differed greatly from the norm in a positive direction, you can be sure Perry wold have mentioned it in his presidential bid.
        Ditto for care for aging parents and grandparents. Aside from Austin’s above national average Hispanic communities, aging parents are no more likely to live with their children than anywhere else.
        And parents simultaneously literate and caring fro their kids in any meaningful way, do not cart them off to government indoctrination institutions every morning; even if said institutions have astroturf on the football court.
        The only area Texans can reliably be said to stand out from the majority, is in the level of self promotion they engage in. No other place do I hear more tough talk about “don’t thread on me”, and nowhere else is the silence more resounding when the oppressors do thread on them. Like when the state of Texas decided to kidnap hundreds of Mormon kids. Incidentally from homes where divorce rates are way below norm. And direct care for aging parents are way above. But Massa Gommiment said those people were baaaaddd scary virgins. Hence, true to form, those “freedom loving”, “individualistic” Texans lined up behind their oppressors, pumping fists in the air like bunch of Eurotrash excercising “their right to protest” (they only right they have left, it seems). Not trying t pick on you, and certainly not insinuating California is any better, but as far as I can tell, the last Great Texan was David Koresh. And again, his fellow statemates stood their like fist in the air pumping Gommiment cheerleaders when the Feds burned him alive on a bonfire of a hundred children; just so Uncle Janet Reno cold get some airtime on TV.

        1. Most Texans are white trash germans who couldn’t afford to live in germany. They talk big but they are cowards.

    5. Wow, here I was thinking: man I miss a few years back when dating used to be the thing.
      I totally forgot that marriage used to a “thing” back in the day, but that’s ancient history.

    1. Happy I don’t have to live in this world. I appear to be one of the few guys who is happily married (although it did take two tries to get it right). Mostly I read this blog to learn more about the world to help my young sons. I really worry about what the future holds for them.

      1. I feel sorry for your sons. And for you also, why you would bring them into this world.

    2. ROK in general has become really depressing lately. It’s making me dislike women more and more, which is the opposite reason of why I came here in the first place. The men here are drinking their own kool-aid and are turning into red pill extremists, which is not a way to live life.

      1. that’s true. this woe-is-me circlejerk has to stop somewhere, or else we’ll end up like the support group in fight club for sans-testicles and his ilk. yes we live in shit times, but a smart man can still get his own.

        1. Circlejerk was the exact word I was looking for. Some of the shit guys say on here is so contradictory just to feed their own rationalizations. Half the posts on this website are devoted to the acquisition of (quality) female relationships, whether it be a one night stand etc., but all the commentors are complaining about how useless/mentally retarded/whorish women are. Using this logic, if women are so useless and unnecessary except for sex, why spend half this website posts on the subject? Why spend time writing about a subject that the readers here deem so worthless? It seems pretty un-alpha to spend time on a pursuit that has zero worth.

      2. I think what RoK needs is some standards on the volume of whiny articles that come out. We do not need 5 articles a week that more or less amount to “modern women are bad”, and we do not need 5 articles a week about “foreign women are perfect”.
        It just gets repetitive. I would not say that it is bad to preach red pill knowledge, it just gets tiring to hear the same stuff so often.

  4. I think it’s actually a differentiator if you can maintain a healthy frame and still ignore most of these things. For example, I call. Girls generally respond really well to that; “Oh my God, no one ever calls any more!”
    I don’t waste time in chit chat, but if I can spend 3 minutes on the phone arranging something, that’s better than a string of texts that require ‘game’ and other bullshit.
    Perhaps it’s because I’m a trophy hunter and can (successfully) go after the smart + pretty ones (thank you genetics: good height and decent face), but I think if you can successfully portray calm self-assurance, then dates, phone calls, and taking the time to speak up and say, “This isn’t working and here’s why” really make you even more high-value in women’s eyes.

    1. True. I’ve had the same response when calling. With the right frame, you can break the rules. Strong personalities do not have to submit to social expectations, but that doesn’t change the fact those expectations have changed dramatically.

      1. What do you guys do if she doesn’t answer? Do you have strong voice-mail game? Hang up and try again later, forget her, or what?

    2. Sounds like you’re doing something right, Torq. Talking on a phone instead of texting brings a bit more humanity to the whole endeavor, usually with better results. High value women will appreciate your efforts; the others aren’t worth bothering with. Keep up the good work.

  5. The sexual revolution and everything that it claims to be is a sham. Today people don’t have sex as they did 100 years ago, even 50 years ago. You may get your women’s body’s, but her mind is just as off limits as it was before the revolution. What’s worse, because bodily sexuality is taken to be all their is now, society is becoming more and more psychopathic, and less and less satisfying. Women throw their body’s at us, compulsively, to hide the fact that they (perhaps more so now than ever before) never give their minds. Look closely at how a girl you fuck for the first time throws herself at you. As if she were afraid to slow down and open her eyes to what it is she really is doing. Listen to her screams and the little sayings that punctuate them – and how devoid they are of soul or substance. We men too are partly to blame, blinded by our sexuality, we neglect the female mind, choosing fantasy (a caricature of what we would like her to be) over reality (what she truly is and can be), to which she readily complies. Indeed their is an enormous fear of intimacy that women (and men) harbour. They fear annihilation – the very thing they need the most and crave. Her to her husband, and man to God. I maintain societal success and the widening (psychological) gap between life and death that follows is the ultimate cause. But this notion of equality, sharing gender roles, and all the other mainstream media garbage is equally at fault and not what raw sexuality looks like. Men and women are NOT the same. I know I’m preaching to the choir here at ROK, but it’s worth repeating. Men and women are different, and our sexuality is different. For women to be truly satisfied, both their mind and body must be given. As it stands, they only give their body, thus they are prone to compulsive behaviours (substitutes for their denied sexuality), obesity/emotional eating and other eating disorders, depression, self-sabotage and cutting, etc. For men to be truly satisfied, they must “take” both the mind and body of a woman. Anything less results in various degrees of impotence (depending on the strength of your latent sexual drive and the degree to which you’ve acquiesced to learned femininity), neuroticism of all kinds – even far reaching ones like the oh so popular anti-Semites! Lol.

    1. That being said gents. I recognize the societal barriers in place barring true sexuality. From the time we are born sexuality both of the mind and body is actively discouraged – and for very valid reasons. Things being as they are, I myself am not above taking the body of a woman and casting her mind aside. I only recognize – as law dogger (if I interpret his articles correctly) often hints – that this is an aberration and not the ideal.

    2. There’s a reason why most civilizations have come to value loyalty, virginity, devotion in marriages.

    3. ….YOU MUST BE A WOMAN…or a serious Omega mangina!
      “to hide the fact that they never give their minds”….WTF?
      “Listen to her screams and the little sayings that punctuate them – and how devoid they are of soul or substance. We men too are partly to blame, blinded by our sexuality, we neglect the female mind, choosing fantasy (a caricature of what we would like her to be) over reality (what she truly is and can be), to which she readily complies. Indeed their is an enormous fear of intimacy that women (and men) harbour.”
      “We men too are partly to blame”…..
      “They fear annihilation – the very thing they need the most and crave.”
      TRANSLATION: “They fear YOU taking the RED PILL.”
      …”For men to be truly satisfied, they must “take” both the mind and body of a woman.”…
      WTF? This is female/feminist crap….

        1. I´m not so sure. The sex of a man with his wife – the wife whom he loves, who has birthed his children, whom he possesses body and soul, is a much more pleasurable and human form of sexual activity. One doesn’t get bored of being with his wife, when this healthy relationship exists, because there is a profound engagement of the whole person.
          On the other hand, simply clobbering some woman’s snatch with your battering ram is physically pleasurable and fun for a while… but plenty of guys have had the experience of boredom with such sex, and especially of the ease with which these women are gotten into bed. It may not be until your late twenties, but it does get boring as hell. I have certainly found it to be true that sex is more pleasurable with the woman I love, and whom I have dominated body AND soul, than I ever did with random girls… which literally got boring. It’s something that makes me a bit sad for younger guys… women are now officially so screwed up that it is almost impossible to have anything real with them. And so many ROK guys, with some reason, don’t see any point in trying for anything more than robot sex with sluts, and imagine that any attempt to connect with them or take them seriously is “feminist bullshit.” I agree that being told to take your average, modern woman seriously, would indeed be feminist bs. These girls are literally mentally ill – narcissism, sociopathy, etc. out the wazoo. But there was still such a thing as a classy lady – and in some parts of the country, there still are – and it is possible to actually love a woman, be glad for her companionship, and to have a completely different kind of mentality when having sex with her.

        2. I actually get off more when my mind is focused on objectifying women during sex. When I let the animal out it’s ten times better than the romantic shit. I can’t stand romance, not the music, stories, none of it.

        3. I’m not talking romance; romance is for frivolous twats. I’m also not saying that there’s not more of a rush to just jackhammering some slut.
          But I’m betting you’re young. Give it a few years, and you’ll realize that the sexual adrenaline has saturated your system, and that the routine no longer gives you the rush. You will then either be a decent person, and just walk away from women because they bore you to death… or, you will turn into a freak and need girls to defecate on your chest while wearing nipple clamps to get you off. And you will be a pathetic wretch.
          Making love to a good woman, whom you know and love, isn’t “romantic.” Romance is a childish and effeminate concept; (healthy) marital love is a manly and masculinizing concept. It is human – profoundly, powerfully human. The magnetism of man and woman is deeper and more profoundly resonant, when you are actually a man and she is actually a woman, and the magnetism between you has matured and seasoned over time, and is productive of new life in your family. It’s a far greater happiness and contentment, that is lasting and actually grows over time, as opposed to the heady rush of jackhammer sex, which diminishes with time and leaves you empty.

  6. Very astute analysis. Take it for what it is and just continue on. Just keep going, improve yourself. Apply sound principles. Erase all fear. Make mistakes. Face mistakes and learn from them. Pride and ego mean nothing. Lessons learned and applications of said lessons yield results. Most importantly, no expectations. Always walk away when it’s time and realize that nothing is ever really “yours” in the first place. FT1X

  7. Dammit…we need real solutions!! this is like the final days, gathering the last remnant of the ‘village community’ into Walmart while the Zombie population increase.
    So either its “Counter Tech” which incase ROK needs to start a Coding division or its more “Religion” e.g Proverbs 23:27-28 “For a [whore] is a deep pit and a wayward wife is a narrow well. Like a bandit she lies in wait, and multiplies the unfaithful among men.”

  8. If ’empowered woman’ meant this,

    I’d be happy to take time over food and conversation to conduct a courtship, and in doing so I would be inspired to become a better man.
    However the reality in the English speaking world is that ’empowered woman’
    is a code for this,
    ‘Woman’ want to be treated like Natalia Poklonskya despite being Miley Cyrus.
    Total low class sluts, it’s not that I can’t meet ‘wymmenz’ it’s that I refuse to lower myself by acknowledging their existence.

  9. This was a very valid topic.
    Because of all this social media, I always tell girls I want to date that I’m not active on Facebook (haha like hell). I ask directly for the number and try to initiate conversation that way.
    A Facebook profile shows too much of me because I share topics of various interests. She would see all my pictures and she can easily make the judgement that there’s something wrong with me. FUCK SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

    1. Social media is for women, attention whores (mostly women), those seeking validation (again mostly women), and beta orbiters (who might as well be women). If you know what you are doing you can game on social media, but for the love of god don’t become another damn orbiter.

  10. Simple rule for me when a woman is around: Don’t use your phone or turn it off and put it away. Don’t want to? then next and I’m out.
    Surprisingly I haven’t gotten any back talk yet.

    1. Great! One strike and you’re out. It’s absurd that you have to teach these ill-behaved girls some manners. Stick to it, man.

  11. McLuhan said it back in 1964, the medium is the message. Look him up, or even better, look up Baudrillard who went further with McLuhan’s message and predicted total collapse which we are seeing now. Baudrillard is the original red pill, this is the guy the Matrix was inspired by, but the film doesn’t do him justice at all.

    1. Collapse of what? Reality? It is difficult to tell how much he cared about the fundamental emptiness of signs. He was a bit of a nihilist.
      Matrix is a clear misunderstanding of Baudrillard.

        1. sure. i wasn’t disagreeing with you.
          Strangely enough he thought Truman Show was closer to his ideas but even in that film the separation between ‘reality’ and ‘construct’ is all too clear.

  12. Give me a few glances, whore. That’s all I need to lock you down with some steely eye contact. Once they get a whiff of that shit they’ll drop the vibrator. Problem is, 98% of them never even look up, scrolling through old texts like a fucking lunatic while the barista whips up their 1200 calorie coffee. I mock these bitches on the spot in various ways I won’t get into right now. Nontheless, it’s always fun to watch them with their little calculators and sad insecurities.

  13. This article should be re-titled “5 dating conventions that Smartphones Killed”.
    Of course women are still to blame because they were mentally weak and stupid to let smart phones ruin something important like dating….now they are all sluts not worthy of relationships.

    1. Dude’s obviously bitter. Please, stay out of the dating scene. Means more chicks for me…not that you were competition to begin with given your piss poor attitude.

      1. mcg, eventually you’ll be bored of screwing the same kinds of fembots brought on by technology and feminism. You will become that of what you’re screwing, low quality.

        1. Only 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s for this hombre, Jason.
          And, FG, that’s laughable. “Toilet BJ”. Great life!

      2. Chill out man, we still have club game + pull to our place or toilet BJ. I’m just anti-relationship. All I said was that it ruins getting in relationships, not same night lays. That shit is in abundance.

  14. the part about gaming for a gf or wife i hear ya but remember hell be gunnin for yo ass is also game….most likley if hes from tradtional culture.
    this really rings true though. no relationships just simple interactions from certain people until they lose novelty or you get what you want from them. we are becomin sorta rebotic in a sense. no emotional investment for anyone just lookin out for our narcisstic selves.

  15. Depressing but very good, accurate article. I’m beginning to appreciate my solid, long-term marriage as never before.

  16. “Control the men by reducing their options to a no-risk involvement through technology.”
    Yeah I’ve been through that shit and i’ve lost patience with it. I don’t really care anymore. I had one chick, literally UPSET that I called her instead of texting (this was one a weekend during the day) claiming that she stated some rule that she was text only (less intimacy = easy flaking, easy release)
    I explained to another that I prefer phone calls to texting. She explained that she wouldn’t communicate with me then. So I promptly hung up the phone, wasting no further time.
    Men do the same, as far as where the origin of smartphone flaking came from…well that’s up in the air.

    1. Good, Jason. Continue to boycott these ungrateful idiots. A high quality woman will be very happy to hear a real man’s voice on the phone.

    2. The potential for smartphone flaking was always there. It’s perfect for those who prefer a passive method of avoiding people when they don’t need them for anything at the moment. They can be kept at arms length in case they serve some useful purpose in the future.

  17. Lol. America must be a completely different planet to the UK. You see, in London-
    * We still go on dates
    * Girls still turn up
    * Girls phone you if they like you
    * Relationship boundaries are clearly defined
    * etc etc etc
    I could go on but I have a feeling the author is either deliberately exaggerating to serve the blog’s aim or is a complete loser who has no experience with women outside of the cringingly named “manosphere”. This blog has turned into the “Daily Mail” of this genre. Using atypical, anomalous examples of worst case scenarios to work the readers up into a frenzy. This article is doing a grave disservice to any younger folk who may stumble across it.
    To the younger generation-
    Take the important points about predatory, hypergamous females, make a vow to not blindly get married and then go out with your mates, enjoy your life and don’t take this scene too seriously. Don’t form an identity about it and don’t become a preacher. Just keep it in mind.
    To the Author of this piece-
    I’d advise a relocation to Shoreditch, East London. You’ll find that your status as a self-employed artist who’s into spirituality allows you to effectively “hack” the dating game and end up with a much fitter girl than would normally be the case. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it is in England. Works for goths as well. But you knew that didn’t you, player?

    1. No, the U.S. isn’t a completely different planet (see my reply below to Lance Christopher), but this obnoxious, alienating “combat dating” is far from uncommon, especially among those who are under twenty-five.
      The author is correct in his comments about young women and their obsession with phones. One of my nieces insisted on texting during a recent family dinner at my house, so I reminded her of the boycott on phones in my home. She pulled a cutesy face and continued to text, whereupon her mum told her to put the phone away and apologize to me. She did apologize — by TEXT, not words — when she was all of four feet away from me. Yeah.
      At this year’s SXSW, nearly every music gig I attended had numerous girls texting in front of the stages, rather than watching and appreciating the performers — yet they didn’t want to give up their places to others who wanted to see and hear the music up close. Yeah.
      After these last two incidents, I was in no mood to tolerate a young woman who texted/yakked/texted not 18 inches away from me in bookstore. She refused to move even after I politely but firmly indicated that I needed more space to browse the books. Finally, I made good use of the breakfast burrito I’d eaten earlier that day. It took about twenty seconds for her to register my silent fart. Problem solved. Yeah!
      Crudeness aside, the continuing phone frenzy is intolerable. I don’t know how young guys nowadays stand it.

  18. “One girl told me the people who don’t have a kik account are creepy.”
    So Kik is a thing now? I just found out about it last month. Had no idea what the bitch was talking about.
    Facebook, Twitter, and my cell. That’s it man. I don’t have time for all that extra shit they keep coming out with.

    1. it’s a fool’s errand to try and keep up with these lame trends. social media was the worst fucking thing to mankind since bra-burning. two years ago it was facebook, last year twitter was the shit, now it’s all about whatsapp, who knows what the hell tomorrow will bring.
      to that i say, if you need the ‘new’ thing to validate your personality, you ain’t got much of it to begin with. shit if it weren’t for the opportunity to see all my exes getting fatter and fatter on facebook, i’d delete my account in a flash. payback’s a bitch, ladies.

  19. The fact that this article appeared the day after “Eight Essentials for Banging a Single Mom” is why, despite everything, I like this website.
    In high school in the late eighties-early nineties, the girls were the social butterflies, more articulate, mature and playful/flirtatious than we were. They were something more elusive and mysterious – something you’d catch. They really knew how to play the game. Today’s post-college girls, the core of the dating world, are borderline autistic social retards. Neither of the sexes knows how to be sexy. We’re going through a peculiarly lame period of social history – a sort of mass zombification. People are forgetting how to be human. Besides the greater implications for the future of man, Western Civ, God and Country and all that…these girls are BORING! “Hooking up” is so lame compared to having a complicated romance. deep down, everyone knows this. an animal that fears intimacy as “awkward” will not be very sensuous or a very good lover. the next Rubicon for feminism will be girls who rebel against the orgasm as oppression. the next step is Principled Frigidity.

    1. Check out this blog:
      Some ideas about how popular culture changes to reflect whether people are engaged with each other in society or whether they are cocooning and avoiding each other. Seems to be a generational thing in response to rising or falling crime levels.
      He has a lot to say about how girls behaved in the 80’s.

      1. I had a good read of that blog last night. It was quite interesting until the unnecessary use of pejorative terms to describe homosexuals (faggot/queer). I understand the point he was making about society’s progressive acceptance and unwillingness to enforce societal norms but he managed to speak objectively about the disadvantages of ethnic diversity without once resorting to racial slurs. I would have appreciated some consistency and less reactionary, stone-age thought processes.
        Apart from that, good find.

        1. Yes, it makes him seem irrational. I suspect he is a bit aspie and doesn’t realise that.
          He makes an interesting point about the Peter Panism prevalent amongst homosexual men: the refusal of a certain kind of gay man to grow up.

        2. Some people believe that homosexuality is a negative, a phenomenon that has accompanied every societal collapse in the past, and thus an harbinger of the impending doom hanging over ours. In men, it flows from the pussification of a decadent culture and the disengagement of the “apex generation” of men from their responsibilities (i.e., when the culture hits its high point, the men check out and the decadence begins, wherein everything goes to pot… as happened with us in the past half-century).
          So, some people don’t see the point in pretending that the gay scourge is anything but a sign of psycho-sexual dsyfunction, and the sort which often increases in quantity and intensity as civilizations die. The words to describe this phenomenon should not be any more positive than the words used to describe the wantonness or irrationality of the “feminist” movements that go along with it.

        3. Are you really dense enough to believe that the ‘gay scourge’ (as you describe it) is a psycho-sexual dysfunction rather than merely a natural phenomenon that’s become more visually apparent since liberalism has removed the shame that would have kept it below the radar? It’s symptomatic of a declining society, not causal.
          It’s fine if you ‘just don’t like gays’. I don’t particularly like blacks, as a matter of fact. As long as you understand that your emotional prejudice does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny (no matter how intelligently you word it).
          Also, comparing the prevalence of homosexuality to the rise of feminism only serves to highlight your ignorance I’m afraid matey.

        4. Read some history, man. The coincidence of “girls gone wild” and faggotry is well-documented. How could it not be? Women go wild when men lose their balls, and when men lose their balls, faggotry is on the rise. Read Juvenal’s Satires, even – the reign of the women and faggots in decadent Rome is a central theme, especially the ways in which men had ceased to be able to run their families, or engage in public life without degrading relationships with patrons.
          I agree that these are symptoms and not causes, and was pretty clear about that. I specifically said that homosexuality “accompanied” and “flowed from” other factors in societal collapse, so – apart from low reading comprehension skills – I’m not sure why you thought I regarded it as a cause of collapse. “Liberalism removing the shame,” is also a symptom… the same symptom that has permitted prior explosions of public indecency. The cause, is the neglect of pietas, “piety,” in the Classical sense of the term.

        5. Umm….you seem to be over-complicating things matey. Some people are born straight and some people are born gay. No-one gets corrupted/pussified by society and then turns gay. If you are ignorant or in denial of this fact then I can understand how you’d reach such erroneous conclusions. The only variable affecting how much “faggotry” you encounter/perceive is how much or how little a societal norms permit.

        6. That is pure bs. There is positive scientific evidence that people are not “born” gay; in studies of (identical) twins with at least one gay sibling, it is found that in only 20% of cases will both siblings be gay. Since identical twins share the exact same genetic code and birth environment, and due to the opinion of the very geneticists who mapped the human genome, there is no “gay” gene and no gay person is born that way.
          All the evidence points to the fact that children are homosexualized through a combination of personal character traits, combined with trauma (usually in early childhood) and the strongly influential factors of alienation from same-gendered peers and support groups, especially (in the case of male homosexuality) the father. No one of these things is a magic cause of homosexualization, but a complex interaction of these factors seems to be the root cause. Childhood sexual abuse features prominently in many cases of homosexuality, especially in women. Homosexuality is a psychological coping mechanism, designed to deal with psychological wounds, usually acquired in early childhood and confirmed as one grows up.
          Why don’t you educate yourself about the facts, rather than regurgitate the scientifically discredited and absurd proposition that a factor which inhibits reproduction would survive long in the human gene pool. Go to NARTH.com and learn a few things. 90% of the reason why Western civilization is collapsing, is because good little sheep like you simply don’t question what the public schools and prime time tv tell you to believe.

  20. Lol. America must be a completely different planet to the UK. You see, in London-
    * We still go on dates
    * Girls still turn up
    * Girls phone you if they like you
    * Relationship boundaries are clearly defined
    * etc etc etc
    I could go on but I have a feeling the author is either deliberately exaggerating to serve the blog’s aim or is a complete loser who has no experience with women outside of the cringingly named “manosphere”. This blog has turned into the “Daily Mail” of this genre. Using atypical, anomalous examples of worst case scenarios to work the readers up into a frenzy. This article is doing a grave disservice to any younger folk who may stumble across it.
    To the younger generation-
    Take the important points about predatory, hypergamous females, make a vow to not blindly get married and then go out with your mates, enjoy your life and don’t take this scene too seriously. Don’t form an identity about it and don’t become a preacher. Just keep it in mind.
    To the Author of this piece-
    I’d advise a relocation to Shoreditch, East London. You’ll find that your status as a self-employed artist who’s into spirituality allows you to effectively “hack” the dating game and end up with a much fitter girl than would normally be the case. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it is in England. Works for goths as well. But you knew that didn’t you, player?

  21. And to think that we still scoff cynically at the idea of imbuing sexual encounters, even one night stands, which as much humanity + honesty + kindness as possible. What is the goddamn point of doing otherwise?
    The only one of these 5 that’s ‘capital T true’ is #2 – and even that bespeaks a false ‘power’. You’re a man and you know that you’ll be ok if a relationship doesn’t work out. But to hedge against feeling any sadness at a breakup? That’s cowardice. Let the vapid airheads fake their way through the dating world like xanexed out bunny rabbits if they must. You can still ‘make the experience count’ to whatever extent you wish to actually be alive in this post-feminist toxic wasteland.

  22. I won’t subscribe to the hatred of smart phones on this site, just like I refuse to subscribe to the hatred of guns and rifles on mainstream media sites. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Smart phones don’t make people obnoxious, obnoxiousness makes people obnoxious.

    1. well, people have always been obnoxious, just that now they have the tech to actually let it show

    2. It’s not the tool, but the attitude it enables. Smart phones are fine if you don’t spend your life staring at the screen, but nearly all women do that now. The result is that your statement is, accurately, saying that almost all women in the West are obnoxious. And I agree.

  23. I live abroad (Asia) and sometimes I go outside and see a cute little couple composed of a beta male office worker, holding the hand of his thin wife, and their cute little daughter who says “daddy! daddy! pick me up!”…. and then I think Ahmadinejad was right when he said that the US is the “Great Satan.”
    Literally all evil comes from the US. It’s almost like some kind of bizarre circumstance or some kind of divine plan that the US and its chosen ones (supposed Jebus killers) had created that horrible place.
    I’m a nice guy and always will be. I just thank Thor or Odin or Baal or whatever the hell that I was born decent looking, and whitish looking. I can only imagine the hell that short or ugly guys gotta deal with in the US.
    When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect. When I turned 16 or so I realized that it was so virtually impossible to find a good quality woman to marry (since they all wanted to suck mah dick) that that dream is meaningless.

    1. You will note that all of the sickness oozes out of a certain entertainment industry. You can connect the dots yourself.

    2. “When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect. When I turned 16 or so I realized that it was so virtually impossible to find a good quality woman to marry (since they all wanted to suck mah dick) that that dream is meaningless.”
      What does one have to do with the other?? You don’t like the women around you so you don’t follow your career and intellectual dreams? What kind of weak, excuse-filled shit is that? I’m not surprised you are also blaming all of your problems on Jews.

    3. all evil AND all good have come from the US. We are the movers and the shakers of the world. where we tread, we spread change like a balm or like a floodwater over every culture in the world.
      We didn’t start to rot until we allowed the outsiders to consign us to mediocrity. Until we started being influenced instead of influencing… until we started letting the beggars write the rules.

  24. QUOTE: “Just to review – wanting to get to know someone slowly over food, shared experiences, and face to face exclusivity is creepy. Typing “sit on my face” into a Tinder window is not.”
    Damned you go that right.

  25. The modern woman is not worth dating, and certainly not marrying. Both are dead

  26. Why are you letting women set the terms of what you find acceptable in life and love (or what passes for love)? The only reason any of these things are “dead” is because men have wussed out in general (the beta plague) and have allowed women to define the vapid, idiotic terms of relationships.
    This is not defending women, rather I’m pointing out that women are vessels to be filled by a man’s personality. You are the leader, you define the relationship, she conforms or she isn’t worthy of your time.

    1. Do you think it’s possible to get past years of their feminist indoctrination and defense mechanisms? I ask because I find that pretty much all western women end up not being worthy of my time so maybe I’m missing something.

  27. So do you have a solution as to what we should do? You painted a pretty ‘doom and gloom’ scenario here

    1. I’d say, stop accepting letting them set the terms. If she pulls out an iCrap in front of you, take it away from her as if she is a child (as for certain, brother, she truly is one) and if she snarls then simply walk away. Be firm about not texting, and if she balks then bid her a nonchalant adieu. Set the parameters of the relationship right from the start, and if she gives you bitch face then smile and give her the finger and move on. Women do these things because men allow them to do these things. They are herd followers and collectivists and want to be led. So lead them, my man, lead them, they want nothing more than to be led by a man.
      This entire phenomenon is the result of beta males being pussies and afraid of telling women “no” about even the most minute thing. That’s the high and low of it. So don’t be a pussy.

      1. When I came of age long ago, it was the women who insisted upon the dinner date. A free meal at the man’s expense. No brainer for them. I am out of the market so I don’t know what it’s like, but I find it interesting a man would bemoan the death of the dinner date which most red pill men my age viewed as a chump game. One woman associate of mine used to collect matchbook covers from expensive restaurants (Spagos, Puck’s ,etc.) and went on dates simply to add to her collection. My wife told me that she went on dates as a college student because she wanted to get a nice meal.
        I took women out on more romantic dates such as walks around the reservoir (with a view of the Hollywood sign), a trip to the firing range (lots of opportunities for me to teach them and to hold them to show them a proper grip), minigolf, and the opera. No woman ever didn’t want a second date after one of those. But dinner dates were a disaster. I would be grilled on how much I earned and the conversation was awkward. It was like I was a clown there to entertain them. Few such dates ever worked out.

        1. Yeah, wasn’t specifically talking about dinner. Done the firing range date before myself. Another fun place to take a chick is to an old Victorian era graveyard for a noontime picknick. Like fucking catnip to chicks.

        2. My wife claims she can smell graveyards as the dead bodies rot in the ground and the gasses come up. Cadaver dogs also have this skills. So my wife would not want to have a picnic with the odor of dead bodies around…

        3. I’m fairly certain that people dead nigh on 120+ years have pretty much degassed.

        4. I was responding to your comment just below, actually. Where you said that women set the terms of what you find acceptable in life. Women, in my era, seemed to be the ones who liked dinner dates because they cost the man money.

        5. I’m probably “from your era” (graduated high school in 1985). I didn’t let them set terms then either, we went to where I wanted to go, and that usually wasn’t a restaurant (though to be fair, sometimes it was). The dinner/movie “date” always seemed rather pointless to me, but doing something fun or different was always on tap.

        6. I thought of that too as I wrote it. Keep in mind as well though that many coffins made, even then, were designed to slow down the decay process as much as possible. I read that one of the founding father’s bodies were recently excavated for DNA testing. So there’s still “meat” in there.

        7. My wife and I had both of our initial dates at places she chose. I think the reason why we got along so well is because both dates were amusing disasters.
          She chose a restaurant that turned out to be a ripoff, IMO. The menu had no prices. Naturally, it cost me quite a bit and I had to go to an ATM. She had to wait at the table as hostage while I went to the ATM, fetched cash, and took care of the tab separately. I was laughing the whole time. The fact that I could laugh at her mistake and not hold a grudge about it meant a lot to her.
          On the movie date, she chose the film which I’ll remember forever: unfaithful. She didn’t know what it was about and neither did I. It was Richard Gere being cheated on by his wife and he murders her lover. I was laughing while she was horrified by the brutal murder scene.
          My wife is the kind of person whose terrified by awkwardness or trying new things so it reassured her that I could deal with the unexpected.

        8. Women have a strong sense of smell. Asian women in particular. My wife can smell a dog across a lake. It’s insane. She can smell a fart before it even passes from an ass.

      2. I guess I’m just confused at the moment. I’m single haven’t had any serious play in a long time. Some of my I guess more alpha friends are saying fuck chicks and have no standards. Others are saying keep your standards and don’t give undesirables the time of day. Granted I don’t want some sloppy fat chick and if I can’t fuck a fine but uber bitchy chick of the jump I’m wasting my time. Idk maybe my SMV just isn’t high at all

        1. If you tend to believe that your SMV isn’t high, then I assure you – it isn’t high. Game is worthless without self-belief.
          The good news is you can get to work on your SMV right now. Inner work, outer work, weights, hobbies you enjoy but that take effort. Being a man is about actively doing ‘right work’, so get to it.

        2. I do have other hobbies and I do lift 5x a week for the last 2 or so years. I’m just always at odds with with myself, but I do need more inner work. How do I build on my inner self

        3. Fair question. Building on your inner self requires
          1) changing your story
          2) changing your attitudes
          3) make a gratitude list and review it daily
          Sources I recommend for this…
          1) Louise Hay, Jason Treu, Brent Smith, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins. There are others. This is the ‘new agey’ part. But it makes a real difference. Suspend disbelief and practice daily.
          2) Making conscious decision to give/help/inspire people whenever you can, and where you feel a person/cause is worthy of your time. Shift from ‘getting’ to ‘giving’, in short.
          3) Simple as it sounds. Write down things you’re thankful for. Express everything as though it is already happening, if this is difficult or you’re sensing scarcity.
          That is my complete outline to inner work. It can be expanded to articulate further nuance, but these are the basics.

        4. Thx. I’ve been on the redpill for only a few months. I started taking Salsa lessons, studying spanish and even got a tutor ,going on my 3rd trip to S.America, started meditating and also been doing my 1 approach a day but I find this one a bit difficult . I’ve been working on it. I’m 31 now and I guess its just hard since everything I thought I knew about happiness and women has been turned upside down. Its hard to undo 30 yrs of shit thinking ha

  28. Good article, but actually this problem goes back before smartphones.
    No doubt smart phones are accelerating the trend, but back in the early 2000s the situation was basically the same as now in terms of actual dates and long in-person conversations being “creepy” and generally uncomfortable for women. Your only real option was to meet up with them as part of a group, or meet randomly and seal the deal that night. Once you had hooked up, then you could meet later for a quasi-date, such as watching a movie at her place, but anything beyond that, such as gasp a dinner at a fancy restaurant, was still too romantic and creepy.
    Chicks watch and read fantasies about cheesy romance, but when it comes to real life it is the last thing they want. Probably because, as you identified, it would actually require the slightest bit of effort on their part.

    1. These cunts walk around my school wearing sweatshirts, sweatpants, wool socks and birckenstocks. Their hair is bundled up in a mess. Looking like you haven’t rolled out of bed and gone out the door requires too much effort for Princess.
      Yet you wouldn’t believe that chick you met Saturday night is one of those except that she walks awkward in her heels (because that’s the only time she wears heels). Effort?

    1. That it sets a framework where you have to jump through hoops and appease little Princess and put up with her solipsistic narcissism perhaps? That it places society in general in grave danger and feeds directly into the designs of the Left to deconstruct society and replace it with a totalitarian framework, maybe?

  29. Soooo what are you gonna do about it?
    … Hmm?
    Not to discredit any of the author’s points but the article has the underlying “all is lost” thematic that seems to be en vouge on ROK.
    I admit that albeit true the statements of “traditional” dating dying off, they can still be implemented suavely, not “creepy” as the awkward, inexperienced & young men these articles seem to target would just give up, assume and not attempt to.
    As with anything, it’s all in the execution.

    1. you’d be amazed at how many people are working on their bullet collection, learning how to build kablooeymakers, and otherwise happily encouraging the shit to hit the fan.
      Yeah, it’s gonna be horrible, but for us fatalists it’s sure gonna be FUN.

  30. I had to google James Franco. Not that I’m old as fuck or anything (getting there though), but having removed myself from much of the mainstream media’s influence,
    his name was lost on me.

    1. 16 is legal in most states and this 32 year old is more than willing to fuck one.
      You do realize that every male who’d give your daughter attention does so because he wants to fuck her:
      The Jock, the Dirt Bag, The Choir Boy, The Black kid, The Honor Roll student etc all want to fuck daddy’s lil girl.

    1. What’s the difference? You pay a whore to sleep with you, you pay for a slut’s drinks, meal, etc and hope she gives up the goods. What you should do is calculate the average cost of each option and go with the financially more sound option. Hint: whores are guaranteed to put out and they don’t divorce rape you in 10 years. And they’re only slightly more likely to carry an STD.

  31. Phone calls are dead but I still make them.
    Good game requires a phone call, done right.
    And done right it doesn’t come off needy. Instead it communicates all the right things. It says; you’re a man & you’re confident.
    Like you said most women will not answer, but placing that call, then following up with the appropriate text will subcommunicate confidence.

  32. 6. Giving her flowers
    I remember going on a date w/a Siberian girl in New York and the sadness in her voice when she asked “Why do American men not buy women flowers?” Not realizing at the time I did not and should not use American game on her, I said “Are you kidding? That’s the worst thing that you can possibly do.”
    Then I read Roosh’s Bang Ukraine. God Damn it …

  33. The culprit for all 5 is…..drum-roll…..the smart-phone. Ironic that the more vapid, asinine, “flakey” and moronic the woman, the more attached and dependent she is on her “smart-phone”. It does all the thinking/working for her. Just like a man! Don’t want to call and connect with another human being? Smart-phone helps you send an impersonal text instead! Don’t want to remember a loved one’s phone #/birthday/address/email by heart? Smart-phone will remember it for you! Want to find a real man but would rather base it on pure physical attraction rather than substance learned through human interaction? Smart-phone has an app for that!
    The previous ROK article from this week on the iPhone zombie nation that is America’s women nailed this point. I see it everywhere and it’s a goddamn miracle I haven’t witnessed a bus flatten one of these lovely ladies in a crosswalk. Her last vision most likely being the latest selfie posted to instagram. Sad…and no end in sight.

  34. This is mostly true of women in their 20s, but the ones that are close to mid 30’s bemoan the lack of traditional courtship, which is bullshit of course because they flaked like crazy in their 20’s, even before the advent of social networks.
    Cell phones made the ‘dating’ game harder. They fucked it up, no doubt, but i keep telling young bucks not to despair and improve their game so they can get laid. Many of them look at me sideways when i give them such advice but wanting relationships makes them look beta and desperate as fuck.
    Times have changed. You have to move with them or risk being left behind. Young women have spoken loud and clear.
    If I was 25 today my attitude would be sex or GTFO.

    1. I’m 24. What would you have done in the event of getting strung along and then turned down in a text? I just said “it’s cool, no big deal” and deleted all traces of her from my phone after. still, it did get to me that I asked her out in person and she decided to say yes without meaning it, then saying “sorry but I’m not interested” in a text. the sad part is I wasn’t surprised this happened.

      1. You just have to move on. Rejection is hard but you just have to let it pass. It gets easier with age, trust me.
        Hang in there!

        1. Moving on is all one can ever truly do. There’s too much to choose from to be stuck on one thing! Thank you.

  35. A wise Man once told me, I should ONLY date myself but allow the Women I like to accompany me. It’s helped me get laid but destroyed my outlook on Women. None can compete.

    1. It only destroyed your outlook if you are used to wearing blinders.
      How does actually having peripheral vision FEEL?

        1. exactly.
          Today, if you ever took a woman ‘to wife’ she would have to be completely submissive and meet stringent prerequisites for being a great wife and mother.
          It’s called ‘rediscovery’ and it’s the knowledge you have rebuilt that was understood and taken for granted less than a hundred years ago.
          It is rediscovering electricity.. figuring out that the pyramids were actually made of concrete, learning the ancient secret cure for cancer, and figuring out the routes of ancient asians that led them to colonize america.
          It is not ‘reinventing the wheel’ because the wheel was never lost… it is something that, while not original, is nevertheless worthy of pride and is knowledge beyond price.

  36. These all sound like positive, male-friendly developments. Going on “dates” is emasculating and frankly a huge time waster.
    Men can now interact with women on their own terms. Women who want male time other than sex will have to prove themselves to have value beyond sex.

    1. going on ‘dates’ was a way that betas figured out how to compete effectively with alphas. Prove your beta provider status, build up gratitude, working on the nesting instinct because you will never evoke the wild passion that a mass murderer will.
      Betas do not realize that, by wrecking the very institutions they put in place to make pussy accessible, they are destroying their own chances. Bad boys will ALWAYS get laid, you can never take that away… your only recourse as a non-bad-boy is to make ALL MEN attractive… and feminism’s villainizing men as a class and beta support of those cunts is just making it tougher for the little guy.
      I have cracked open WAY too many ‘paper lesbians’ to believe that the ‘real ones’ are anything other than women embittered by the fact that they are too vile to get laid by bad boys and too ugly to get raped. And feminism is nothing more than the will of lesbians writ large.

  37. Intimacy = Awkward?
    Hahaha yes! I refer to those kinds of girls as “Eye Rollers”. To them, everything in the world is “stupid”, “awkward” or “creepy” and they live life in a constant state of apathetic disgust at everything. I think that there is probably an equal number out of the male population who either have absolutely no game, are super immature, are assholes, etc. so to me it all just balances out, and hopefully they’ll decide to grow up. Meanwhile, I still think there are plenty of mature people who actually like to date and meet another human being. That’s what I did and I’m very glad for it. I certainly wouldn’t say the dating world is dead, just more difficult. However, I think the benefits outweigh the cost vastly!!!

  38. It might be hypocritical, but the fact is, the best part of most articles is the comments, anyway.

  39. I love how everyone on this site are all saying ‘women are cowards lol’ when the lot of you are posting on the internet about it. Want something done? Go out in the real world and try. See how fast your dreams are crushed.

  40. I thought this was a parody until I saw comments that appear to be serious. Everything you listed that isn’t normal to you is absolutely normal. I think you simply posted “everything that everyone isn’t supposed to do, do it”. I highly doubt any of you will get a mate if you even for one minute think this is true.

  41. Scrolled down Tinderfessions and realized that western civilization is truly in it’s death throes. I used to have faith in women, then I took the red pill.
    [email protected]· Jul 16
    Drove two hours away to fuck a Marine when I was still married to my husband who is in the army. #sorrynotsorry #marinesdoitbetter – Sarah
    [email protected]· 2h
    Matched with this dude who was so desperate, one fuck = a pair of louboutins. #worth it – Missy
    [email protected]· 5h
    I love posting photos of my ass on tinder moments. Show these thirsty guys what they can’t have – Rachel
    And THE coup de grace!
    [email protected] · 15h
    Matched with my married cousin. Fucked him in the bathroom while our spouses BBQed. Let him cum inside. – Kaycee
    These are modern empowered women, in their own words, not taken out of context in any way. Wives, mothers, future shapers of young minds. Moral of the story; you can probably fuck your cousin and cum in her if you get matched on Tinder… with the proviso you’re good for a pair of Louboutin’s!

  42. All that shit goes both ways. Be a fucking instigator. People follow those who practice rather than anonymously whine.

  43. This is so far from reality! I imagine whoever wrote this was in a very difficult moment. I don’t really get why women are to blame for all this nonsense…

  44. Phone calls ARE apparently dead. I briefly met a girl last week that only wishes to text and email. Today she emailed me that she doesn’t like to talk on the phone, only to text or meet in person. Just seemed wierd and there’s a big difference between pretty cute and super cute. Later.

  45. So dates are dead because of women but you specifically state that there isn’t a reason for men to go on dates anymore because they can just invite the women over to their apartment. They don’t miss out on bangs anymore, I guess. But that means that men AND women are killing dates right?

  46. This is current date-culture your discussing but men are probably contributing as much to the changes like women are right? I mean, a man can be as flaky as a women when it comes to second dates. Men might spike someone’s interest and forego on a second date because they had better options right?
    BTW, you just seem frustrated because of the lack of emotional intimacy and a certain sense of ‘sharing’. But blaming women for everything just sounds too rash to me.

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