4 Key Elements For Great Day Game Interactions With Beautiful Girls

This week I was fortunate enough to witness two day game “sets” (or interactions) in central London. While I have no idea who the men or women involved were, I saw enough to draw out some observations about what makes a great piece of day game stand out from a so-so one.

It is an interesting consequence of gaming that the more you do it, the easier it is to spot others doing it. What might to the uninitiated look like an innocent conversation between friends on the street appears to the experienced man precisely what it is—a covert bid for secret society sex.

Two Day Gamers

It’s worth me giving you a description of both sets, so you can visualise them.

The first took place on New Oxford Street, the road that becomes Oxford Street, the busiest in London. Here I saw a trim, well-dressed man in dark jeans and a black leather jacket chatting to a cute girl in a trench coat, who must have been in her early to mid-twenties. As spring slowly insinuates itself into London and the evenings are getting lighter, this set took place in the twilight, as delicate waning light bounced off the tall, white houses that line the streets there.

The second took place further up into Oxford Street. A guy with poorly-styled hair and a slight paunch, dressed in chinos, a business shirt and a North Face-type jacket was chatting to a very thin, cute girl (probably a 7.5 in make-up) who I believe was Eastern European. This was in a much busier area, in front of a row of busy clothes shops. The guy was chatting animatedly, using his hands to emphasise each point, while the girl was watching him, largely silent.

You’ve probably guessed already that the first set was significantly better than the second and you’re right. Indeed, that first couple transmitted overt sexual chemistry. It was shamelessly palpable, apparent to anyone who paused to watch them for more than a moment.

The second set was more difficult. I watched it for some time. On the one hand the guy did very well in stopping the girl and keeping the conversation going for at least ten minutes.

But on the other hand. Well, something was off. I could totally buy that that first pair would end up having sex, and probably sooner than later, with these two I just couldn’t see it. This guy was just too frumpy, too avuncular, too mediocre-looking to inspire interest in that girl.

Sure enough, my sixth sense for effective game proved to be accurate. The first man easily number-closed his keen-to-the-point-of-moist girl. The second, after what was an undeniably valiant effort, was rewarded with the classic ‘I’m-sorry-but-I-have-a-boyfriend’ speech.

Now look, I don’t want to be overly-critical. I’ve been told by more girls that they have boyfriends than there are men in London, and as I’ve always said, rejection is a central part of the game.

Nevertheless, if I were a betting man I would have put money on the first man getting his girl over the second. And you really want to be the kind of guy who at least looks like a plausible sex partner for the girl he’s approached rather than an unkempt but hopeful interloper pumped up on internet feel-good advice.

With that in mind, I’ll now outline four key elements that made the first set so impressive compared with the second.

1. Sexualise the Interaction

As I have always said, you should aim to sexualise your interactions with girls as quickly as possible. The first set telegraphed erotic intrigue from across the street. The second—not so much.

The snippets of conversation I overheard bore this out. The first guy was asking his girl about her type, indicating that their dialogue had touched on sex, however obliquely.

The second man was talking about his favourite fantasy movie. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with vibing about what interests you, but if, after ten minutes, you are still chatting about films without having engaged her on a sexual level then I’m sorry, but you are on a hiding to nothing.

The best sets are those in which a strong sexual vibe felt by both parties is rapidly established. If you don’t have that then carry on conversing for practice by all means, but don’t hold out too much hope for a conversion.

2. Have Strong Body Language

Body language is important—damned important. In the first set the guy was standing up strong, his legs wide apart, his chin raised, as though he was simultaneously sizing up the girl and about to bang her. They were very close together. He looked dominant. He looked as though he could bend her over and give her a very good seeing too at any moment. And it looked as though this were likely to happen.

The second guy was standing some way from his girl. His shoulders were hunched and he was gesticulating as though appealing to her, as though he feared that without him providing sufficient entertainment she might simply walk away.

This is a weak position and not one to emulate. Whenever you are talking to a girl you must maintain dominant posture and a strong, upright frame—at least if you want her to be attracted to you.

3. Don’t Be Nice, Be Challenging

The problem with the second guy was that everything about him screamed ‘nice’. He was wearing nice boy clothes, he was smiling too much (compared with the first guy’s arrogant smirk) and he was too keen to ingratiate himself with the girl.

In other words, he wasn’t enough of a challenge.

To the untrained eye it might have looked as though he was doing quite well. After all, the girl was hooked, but—and this is key—she was socially hooked. And without female-to-male sexual attraction (created when the man is challenging) then a polite, interesting chat is just that—a chat, which will soon be followed up by an ‘OK, well it was nice to meet you, but I have to go and have sex with some alpha dude now’-type response.

4. Look The Part

This final point is so obvious you would hardly think it requires repeating, but unfortunately it does. You really do everything you can to ensure that you look the part when you approach girls.

The simple question you should ask yourself, and you should try to answer as objectively as possible, is this: ‘Do I look like the kind of guy who could plausibly be having sex with her?’

If the answer to that question is ‘no’, then you need to take a step back and reassess your style and grooming.

Guys seriously come into this thinking that ‘game’ (in the very narrow sense of knowing how to talk to a girl) is a panacea that will get them laid no matter how they look. Perhaps they’ve watched scammy pick-up videos online, or read the sales material of unscrupulous companies promising them access to premier league pussy if they just purchase this video course or attend that seminar.

The truth, as all ROK readers should know by now, is that ‘game’ is an umbrella term for a whole host of tools, habits and techniques, some of them related to engaging girls, but more that pertain to self-improvement, both in terms of your mental state (inner game) and your appearance (body, clothes, hair, general grooming).

Too many guys still ask me what ‘line’ they should use in a particular scenario, without considering that improvements in these fundamentals would seriously impact on their results.

In summary, day game (and game in general) is about a lot more than having a pleasant chat. Whether you go indirect or direct, you need to position yourself as a plausible sexual partner, a man who is dominant, sexy and not afraid to go for what he wants. A sexual threat, in other words. Without doing so you will likely enjoy a lot of polite conversations and brush-offs, but little actual sex.

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225 thoughts on “4 Key Elements For Great Day Game Interactions With Beautiful Girls”

  1. Man, today would be a great day for a guy to utilize day game, at all of the “A Day Without a Woman” rallies. Speaking of which, it looks like those rallies have actually shut down a few schools today. The female teachers who are participating must truly be committed to the cause. After all, they’re actually missing out on a full day of having sex with their underage students. (Now that’s some serious dedication and personal sacrifice right there, I’m tellin’ ya…)

    1. Can’t wait until the teacher’s union is wiped out. Every principal should be taking down names of teachers who don’t give a flying fuck about their jobs and keeping a close eye on them.
      In related news, MTV’s Twitter handler replaced her ass with a bot that will upload posts and snarkily auto-reply to comments. If anything, it proves MTV hires one too many Twitter handlers.

    2. Anyone know how ‘International can’t-be-fucking-bothered-to-hide-my-contempt-for-my-employer’ day is going for the you-go-grrrrrrrrls around the world?
      My guess is that productivity everywhere has skyrocketed as groundless sexual harassment complaints drop to zero, HR departments around the world grind to a halt and cease spewing endless, meaningless diatribes, Men can get on with actually running shit, and whining, gossiping and troublemaking in the office space is suddenly, inexplicably, eliminated at a stroke…

    3. Day with out women participants are nothing more than clueless so called feminists with nothing better to do in their lives but protest. I find it interesting Muslim women participate when they have the most oppressing belief system towards women. Their beliefs are incongruent with what the protests are all about.

        1. Oh no! Sorry for inadvertently giving you such a nasty shock! I’m painfully aware of how dreadful the unexpected sight of the mother-in-law can be!

        2. Dr. Zira definitely has a better body, but her face….meh.
          Could you just put a bag over her head and do her from behind?

    4. Ok so let me get this straight public institutions like schools can be shut down for these “Lazy C**t Days”?
      What next Love a Muzzie parades???

    5. “..looks like those rallies have actually shut down a few schools today.”
      Lazy, low IQ female public employees took a day off to virtue signal? Shocker.

    6. Well we could do a day without men only the country would literally fall apart. A day without women was not really noticeable.

  2. By the time I was into day game, I was involved in church, trying to find a decent girl to marry. While I agree this works for sex, you need modify this formula a bit if you are looking for the “unicorn”.
    1) Instead of “sexualize the interaction” you need to show a strong desire to get to know her better right away. Have a specific plan for a date in mind that is interesting. A goody two shoes type girl would be comfortable with double dates or public dates first.
    2) Strong body language – spot on
    3) Be challenging…agreed. If she is standoffish or play hard to get, tell her to have a nice day and move on. More often than not, she will call you back.
    4) Look the part – spot on

    1. Long after it was too late for me, I finally got the formula down:
      80% attitude, 20% grooming.
      Edit: The most important concept in this essay is simply to ask yourself – “do I look like someone this girl would fuk?”

      1. Yep, attitude or at least knowing what to do is the key. I have seen some backwoods country boys go from work(wearing work clothes/boots,usually with one pants leg in a boot and the other out ala Andy Griffith lol)to a restaurant and spend five minutes in the place and have waitresses or other female patrons eating out of their hands.

        1. You can look good in work clothes. Stay in shape, and just keep the food from dribbling down the front of your shirt. Worn clothes are fine, to a point.

        2. Yep, it can be done quite easily. However, if you are at a fancy cocktail party, it will be even easier if you are dressed well.

        1. I read that as “Rotterdam” and was really confused until I realised you meant Rotherham.

      2. Every time I step outside the house I make sure that I look like that guy. And I walk with an attitude.

      3. I meet plenty of older dudes with confident outlooks, but their grooming almost always lacks. Hence they date single moms.

    2. When in doubt a simple I’m talking to you because I find you attractive or something akin to that works. Throw in some humor that exposes you have some balls and aren’t afraid to lose her and you’re gold. One of my best relationships came from day game where I laughed at her name a minute into talking with her. Sometimes you have to go for it.

      1. To this day, my wife will complain from time to time that I refused to be friends with her early on. We went to the same church, and either we would date, or I would have nothing to do with her. To which I reply “we are married now, aren’t we?”. All those blue pilled simps that thought they were ahead of the game by becoming friends with her are not her friend now.

    3. thanks Jim as a fellow christian its nice to see a more wife finding spin put on game advice.

      1. my pleasure….I was baptized at 23, so I was able to see both worlds. I would say it was easier once I got into church. The girls are not as standoffish if they think you have noble intentions.

    4. Some good points here. This is the approach I take with women that I determine are LTR material. I keep enough distance so that the hand I’m playing is not construed as trying to be friends. But I also put pressure on, so that she knows I am interested in getting to know her better.
      I think it’s just striking a perfect balance and hoping what we do as men is viewed as attractive to them. The past year I’ve been working out more, wear slim fit dress shirts/jeans, nice boots and have a couple of nice colognes I use. That alone obviously isn’t enough, but I’ve noticed how important it is to look the part.
      Been working on the body language and projecting confidence. That has always been something I’ve had a hard time with, but I feel like it is becoming easier to be a good conversationalist by being interesting and cool.

      1. Thanks, probably the most important, and what I didn’t mention (not a part of day game) is in order to get quality LTR material, you have to become quality LTR material yourself. Sure, by doing so, you can get a first date fine, but unless you have what it takes, they will see through it at some time if you are just faking it.

        1. Yeah absolutely. I used to approach women and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life as far as relationships go. As you can imagine, it hasn’t been a good time for me haha. However, I have found out recently that I am definitely ready to take on that endeavor again.

    5. Agree with this. I wish there was more “game” material out there for those who are not just looking for one night stands but for those who are looking for more of a traditional LTR style of relationship that leads to marriage/kids etc.

    1. You going out tonite? Lotta chicks walking around the big town protesting muh paycheck differential right now

      1. Nah, I don’t go out on school nights. Also, the ones i focus on aren’t protesting. Got a number earlier in elevator.

  3. For me, it was a mix of the following things that got me a fiancee:
    1. I had embraced as much of the dark triad as possible.
    2. I treated dating as a mental chess game, where I only cared about applying what ROK teaches.
    3. I displayed my sometimes obnoxious level of self-confidence, and let my actions back it up.
    Seems to have worked fine for me.

      1. I never turn game off, never.
        She knows I plan on fucking her hard for a very long time.

  4. Yes, Western man, keep running on your bloody stumps:
    You just have to buy an expensive suit, more fitted designer clothes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, wingtip shoes … it’s like finding the elixir to everlasting life … some magical combination of accessories, smirkiness, swagger, and expertly maintained facial hair and “Open Sesame” the door will swing open
    Meanwhile, over in countries that haven’t been infected, the Korean and Chinese guys are slopping around in sweat pants and flip flops and wouldn’t know a dumbbell from a paper weight … but don’t pay any attention to that because all cultures are the same, right?
    But keep improving yourselves Western man … hahaha

    1. Man, you really hate you some Asian dudes. Like every other post is you banging on about some Asian dudes just living life neck deep in pussy and shitting in your face.

      1. No: they have it far far better than white men do. And I want people to recognize that.

        1. Yeah but Asian men get traditional sexual norms while also getting the perks of living in a modern comfortable society
          while Arab and African men get traditional values but live in war-torn backward hell holes
          White men get the comforts of modern society but a shitty culture / valueless system
          Therefore, Asian men have it the best

        2. no they don’t. they just have it far better than you do.

        3. There are a few disadvantages, Asian women really aren’t faithful. Took me a while to get my head around that.
          But then, my white wife wasn’t faithful either.

      2. Average Asian dudes aren’t neck deep in pussy, they get more than white guys in the west but don’t really have the money to support that lifestyle.
        Old white pensioners living in Asia, we really are neck deep in pussy, because we have pensions and can afford the ‘all you can eat pussy buffet’ that certain parts of Asia are.
        My only limit is desire, when I came out here age 50, I was banging them 5x a day (kept that up for 3 years) ……… but 10 years later I’m really down to 4x a week. Not sure if it’s my age or the fact I’ve worked off the 30 years of sexual frustration I accumulated in the west. Probably a bit of both.

    2. First, this article clearly puts style last. We’ve all pulled when looking like shit so know it is only a small factor.
      What your comment really exposes is the notion that we’re supposed to be infatuated with women who are into weak ass dudes in sweat pants and flip flops? I prefer women that hold themselves and their men to a higher standard. You think a broad who chases a dude in sweat pants is going to keep her looks up?

    3. So what’s your suggestion?
      I agree with you on pretty much everything but it’s not clear what you think we should do about it.

      1. Start talking about it. Publicly. Openly state that Asian cultures are superior and that Asian men have it better. A strong man narrative, a “chin-up johnny bull” attitude isn’t going to fix shit. Be vocal. It’s not racist. I openly say contemporary Western culture is shit. So I can never be accused of being a Sinophobe: if anything, I’m a Sinophile.

        1. So what does “Asian culture” mean here? What do they have that we don’t?
          What I see is that they are family- and community-oriented, value intelligence and education, and are strongly nationalistic.
          Those are all things that the alt-right movement is pushing for, which is why I support them.
          The West is in a defensive position right now. The motivations for Asians in N. America to pursue tribalism are high as it gives them more potential to conquer the West. This more or less applies to everyone else wanting to enter the West right now. I think their women are compliant with Chinese men because in China survival isn’t as easy, and to see their own men as nationalistic (i.e., not useless cucks) gives the women a sense that Chinese men are a solid bet.
          I think the Western man needs to wake up to his defensive position, and the alt-right is the only faction I see explicitly working towards this.

        2. You’re at university: I’m sure you are aware of the dozens of clubs and organizations that are exclusive to Asian / Chinese students.
          They keep to themselves and don’t want to associate with others.
          Unlike white people who aren’t allowed to do anything without a token black, asian, paki etc thrown in.

        3. To create a Western Heritage Club would imply that Westerners are visitors and need a special club to join.
          I suppose that is becoming the case though.
          If anything like this happens though, it has to start with Western men recognizing each other and stop thinking that everything they do is “gay”.

        4. “So what does “Asian culture” mean here? What do they have that we don’t?”
          It’s more what they don’t have ……. they don’t have welfare.
          Here women have two choices,
          Choice 1 Work all day in the rice fields in the hot sun and never earn enough for a smart phone. Live in a mud hut with no running water or windows. Your children wear worn patched clothing, only attend school until age 12 (a school with no electricity), then repeat your life.
          Choice 2 Sleep with a foreign guy old enough to be your dad and live a life of luxury and ease in a modern house with all modern conveniences. Your children will attend good schools and university.
          Which life would you choose?

        5. You think too highly of asians man. The town I’m located in is loaded with asian students. Their men are laughingstock to us and their women are ugly af. When it comes to the sexual market , outside of their race, they are invisible , like literally they don’t exist. Also they have a good reason for not associating with others , not because they are proud or anything , but because they will always end up being made fun of , bullied , harassed , beaten in any social group not made entirely of asians.

  5. from stately Victorian / Edwardian England to a paki sex trafficking hellhole in one century

  6. The best sets are those in which a strong sexual vibe felt by both parties is rapidly established:

  7. “The best sets are those in which a strong sexual vibe felt by both parties is rapidly established”

  8. This is good advice that I am still working to implement. Often, I let a cold approach interaction slide off into chit-chat. Then I become more passive, because I really don’t care about whatever the chit-chat is about, which seems to drain my momentum. Sometimes I just overthink it, reading too much into every little thing or trying to come up with something else to talk about it, which gets me too much in my own head.
    I know I need to press harder, drive the interaction more and be more aggressive on making the connection and/or sexualizing, but it can be tough.

    1. this is a more realistic way things play out in real life for most guys in the west. Phone numbers mean nothing nowadays. Day game is so much effort for little ROI, but it’s probably the only way besides social circle

  9. I am not saying this doesn’t work. It does. Problem is if you don’t have inner game, and it’s all on the outside you will not be able to sustain it long term. She will shit test you, and you will fail. Then she’ll figure out she fucked the wrong guy, she’ll get pissed and next thing you know, you’ve go the police knocking on your door. Guys that don’t have it and are only emulating it, are pathetic. Keep it up.

  10. Isn’t today “bitches not showing up for work day?”. I kind of doubt that the world will stop turning.

  11. “The first took place on New Oxford Street, the road that becomes Oxford Street, the busiest in London”
    Dude, I commend you for doing this in a country that is beta testing a new law forbiding men to cold approach their females.

  12. Now please publish an article on ‘4 Key Elements For Great Day Game Interactions With AVERAGE Girls’
    After I approached 21 HB4-6 Girls in the last 3 weeks and didn’t get a single date out of it I think I’m in need of an article like this.
    But hey, at least Roosh has respect for me (For those who don’t understand what I’m refering to: Roosh made a Video with the title ‘Men who cold approach women should be proud of themselves’).
    It’s ridiculous how you can’t even score a HB4 as a HG7 as long as you are a german guy in germany.
    I was joking about MGTOWs last year.
    Turns out the joke was on me.

    1. Some facts about me:
      – I’m a student (writing my bachelor thesis)
      – I have 25k in the bank; education is free in germany (except for the time you lose)
      – I am over 6 feet tall
      – I look like a skinnyfat version of Brad Pitt – my skinnyfat body is my only downside

      1. You are not having any luck because German women hate you because you are a White (specifically, German) man.
        It’s that simple. You’re not doing anything wrong … other than not having been born brown.

        1. Are you feeling that prickling sensation on your scalp yet? That’s the crown of thorns society has placed upon your head.

        2. It would be more helpful if you got yourself a spray tan and started going by the name “Mahmoud” and learned to say a few words in dirka dirka

        3. I’m messing with you. But seriously, white women hate straight white men. Particularly, young white women. They have been brainwashed to see white men as the root of all evils and poor brown, black, asian men as the oppressed. It’s the same story in all Western nations not just Germany.
          If you could get out and go to Philippines or Thailand you might have it much better…

        4. If you are still in school, aren’t there any study abroad / linkage programs with Asian schools? Maybe a school in Japan where you could do a semester or even a year?

        5. most universities have sister schools or exchange programs – look into applying to one in any Asian country

        6. I consider cutting my balls of and attending a gender studies course.
          It will probably raise my success with german women a lot.
          You know, the strange thing about germany is that with most couples I see the guy is a) a german faggot midget skinny bitch or b) Tyrone BBC aka Syrian homeless boy.
          But most german guys I know that look great are single.
          It’s especially obvious when you visit a public swimming pool and see all the ripped germans walking around in groups with their bros but you always see the chicks with fags or muzzies.
          What a joke this country has become, goddamn Hitler where are you know that I need you?

        7. It’s the same in the U.S. – I see tall, fit, good looking (no homo) white guys alone or with other guys. I do not see them with women.

        8. Hhahahah the funny thing is we actually have many partner schools but all of them in Turkey, Morocco, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Barcelona, Paris and other girly-travel-places. But not a single one in EA.
          My life is a running gag.

        9. Look again – any program in Asia (even southeast like Indonesia) or Eastern Europe

        10. tell me: im middle eastern looking, in germany and not drowning in pussy what am i doing wrong (is it cause im half german – like in girls can smell that im not a real invader?)

        11. Yeah, there is ClujNapoca in romania – I planned to do an Erasmus semester there but the bitch from the international exchange office of our university is completely incompetent and couldnt help me with any planning.
          I know a handful of guys who did not study abroad because of this useless old feminist cunt who just sits there and waits for the paycheck.

        12. so all i have to do is get a tan and magically all the german girls will want me right?

        13. also kvetsch about how you fled from war and how white heteronormative christian culture is oppressing you

        14. do it – just be persistent and cry in her office about how’s it’s been your dream to study there … only thing these bitches understand is emotion so EMOTE

        15. Nah, man. I don’t care anymore. I just don’t know what I wanna do with my fucked up life anymore. The only thing I wanna do is write and paint, write and paint.
          But instead I’m wasting my time on this bachelor thesis bullshit for my fucked up SJW professor. Smdh.

        16. Yes, of course, so why do you ask if german women want arab cock if they all get knocked up by arab cock?
          Are you retarded?

        17. Oy Vey! AfD! Such good goyim! Beside that Höcke Hitler! He’s an evil nazi, goyim! Get rid of him! Oy gevalt!

        18. “What a joke this country has become, goddamn Hitler where are you know that I need you?”
          Your only solution is at the ballot box. Though when I see what Merkel has done and is still in office I wonder about Germans santiy myself..

        19. First of all im not arab and i take offense to that. I just wanted to show another side to all of your pathetic whining. I look middle eastern, so according to your logic i must be drowning in pussy but im not, i could give excuses for that like you lot do (girls are scared of me, they think im a criminal, dont speak the language yada yada yada) but i dont i know there are things i can do better my chances while whining will not help me. From what i read you live in in bavaria which actually has some of the least foreigners so there is some novelty to that, when you go to places like nrw where there is more, youll see that there are many women who categorically exlude foreigners as an option

        20. Partly, miscegenation is due to proximity. Most white men are sitting at their engineering jobs and never see a woman all fucking day.
          Blacks and Arabs, working some lowly retail jobs, interact with a lot more women (co workers and customers) all day.

        21. (((Martin Schulz))) is seen as the big alternative here in germany.
          They are so utterly brainwashed.

        22. Most blacks and arabs dont work at all.
          If you go to a german town in the middle of the week on a morning you see 70% migrant men because all germans are working their asses of.
          I know it because I’m on the train every morning at 11am.

        23. Exactly, they have tons of spare time on their hands to loiter in the town square, where women will go for coffee or lunch.
          Even if migrants make up only 1-5% of the total population, because they don’t hold jobs (or very lowly easy jobs), they have tons of time to loiter and so the majority of men “hanging out” in public are migrants. German men are sitting in their offices / cubicles all day – you won’t see them playing hacky sack in the town square.

        24. Another globalist cuck who will raise taxes and bring even more terrorists. Any of Merkel’s boys get a job yet? Yeah– thought not.

        25. WP is one of the funniest on ROK. Cynical as hell, both sarcastically and seriously. I hope he get laid with a hot white girl soon.

        26. I had an HG9 ‘girlfriend’ for about 2 weeks when I discovered I was being cucked by a muscly German guy called Sven. More investigation revealed she was a bigger player than RooshV.

        27. In NZ and Oz I’ve noticed that the guys are often HB+ compared to their HG- women. I.e. lots of guys who I would consider to be objectively hot (I am not gay) are with women who are ‘hmmm’. I feel sorry for the guys down under. I guess that’s why so many are heading for Indonesia and the Philippines.

        28. Out in the Philippines I see grossly overweight American granddads with long grey beards ….. and the tiniest and cutest 18 year old girls.
          I’m guessing when local wages are less than $100 a month, an American pensioner looks like a good prospect.

        29. It’s not only the look but the behaviour and attitude.
          You behave like a German cuck, and talk like a German cuck because you were raised in Germany. If you had been raised in Syria and only spoke Arabic you’d be awash in white German pussy.

        30. On average, women in the US have become virtually intolerable to be around for more than 10 minutes. They are loud, argumentative, and always trying compete with you… and this was all BEFORE Trump became president. I can pass just about any shit test, but some are just not worth it to me anymore, my patience has worn thin as the years pile on.

        31. Should I go to Germany and tell women I’m a refugee? lol
          I never really cared to visit Germany, but seems like it could be a good trip for me. I’m a 6’2 tall Palestinian

        32. thats pretty rich coming from a guy who fled to asia to fuck little monkey apes because he couldnt get women in his homeland

        33. Thais look down on Arabs and Indians, they say they are dirty and low class. Just about the only guys that have trouble getting laid in SEA.
          Anyway I though you posted you couldn’t get women in your homeland either. You gotta be the only Arab in the world who can’t get laid in Germany.
          Maybe you should try moving out of mommy’s basement and into a refugee camp.

        34. I can get laid, im just not drowning in pussy the way you stormcucks like to portray it
          thankfully i have a growth mindset and can work on improving my situation unlike you thats why I dont need to leave the country for some third world shithole and fuck little monkeys in order to feel validated

        35. I was watching vids on YouTube about night life in Bankok and it’s just like you said: old white guys walking around with college-age girls there. WTF???
          How does this happen? Do they really see us as Daddy Warbucks or something?
          An old, out-of-shape guy like that would have no luck in any Western society.

        36. I really don’t believe that most women actually care what their wallet or Sex toy looks like.
          Last night when I was out, the hookers certainly didn’t mind me being 60 and them being 20.

        37. No matter what you think, white women are the LEAST LIKELY by far to date outside of their race.

      2. I would say that cold approach is not your thing yet. If I were you I will do the following:
        1. Find something that could help you rise your confidence. 70% of the failure with girls is for lack of confidence. Read this:
        2. Hit the gym. Now. Today. At this exact moment. At least 2 hours a day. Start with a lot of cardio to burn the fat.
        3. Due that cold approach is not working, try other angles: the gym, used wisely, is an excellent hunting lodge. Look if there is an interesting prospect around you and you don’t know about it: sisters of your friends, friends of your cousins, etc, etc.
        4. Buy new clothes, stylish.

        1. Yeah, but you get all those little injuries with running.
          I gave up and started cycling, now I only accumulate big injuries.

      3. If I were you my focus would be on promoting AfD and getting Merkel voted out. Very little is more important than that, because your entire country is certainly doomed right alongside Sweden if you people don’t wake up and destroy your leftist cancer.

      4. Dude..if you’re approaching, just keep doing it. Its a numbers game and eventually you will get the “formula”. I miss opportunities all the time in my day to day and rely on online apps, and its awful & unexciting. Keep it up.

    2. out of curiosity what is HB4 and HG6? my lingo is lacking, and nothing shows up on urban dictionary.

      1. HB4 = Hot Babe 4 out of 10. Some people use UGx/UBx when x < 5. U for Ugly.
        HG7 = Hot Guy 7 out of 10.
        …retarded pickup language.

        1. Appreciated….funny thing about the 1-10 scale is 80% is based on health. A girl with a big nose and buck teeth can still rate a 7 if she has stellar health, while a “BBW” with a nice face will be a 3 or less. You find a girl that cares about her body, (not a fitness freak, but a well rounded mental, spiritual, and physical attitude) and you will be happy with your pick, despite her overbite.

        2. This is so true…Okay, I admit it, I lied when I said I didn’t get a single date. I actually found a girl that wanted to come over to my place on friday but I backpedaled because she is a bit overweight. She has a stunning face, no tattoos, long brown hair – just your normal german girl – but she is overweight and I know for a fact that she isn’t smart. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want some overconfident feminist HighIQ bitch, but a female idiot is a total turnoff for me. If she made the impression that she is intelligent I would have proceeded. I mean, you can change her bodyfat percentage but not the IQ range.

        3. who cares about her iq: breed her. Tell her you’re using a new invisible condom … feels like you’re wearing nothing at all haha

        4. Agreed on the fat thing. there is no excuse (outside the 6 months after a baby) for fatness. If she is in college and already looking “a bit overweight”, you would have an uphill battle. The IQ can be overlooked. It is not that hard to read a cookbook.

        5. You failed.
          Shouldve got dome at least.

          If shes dumb, ok. Use pimp game, get her to pay you, its great!
          Or, ultimately, yiu say she has a stunning face, then fill her with jizz baby. Run away if you want. Govt will pay for everything. Ha!

        6. Agreed, body shape is what counts for me.
          No interest in fat girls with pretty faces.

        7. My Asian wife was shagging me within a week of giving birth, and was back in shape within the month. My English wife never got back in shape and we didn’t have sex for 3 months after a birth.

      2. Hot Bloke. It’s what you get ins Kino if you’re not careful when you take that rather tall girl to watch a dark Brechtian film noir in Germany.

    3. Stop that shit right now. You are not the only one going through that, every man who wants to change his life has to endure that shit.
      How DARE you whine like that you asshole?!
      Your women are being raped by imported Muslims, who your people imported because the men in your country have become so goddamn r-selected that theyd rather bring in outside savages to fuck your women and bonus kill any testosterone positive men left in the country.
      Lets get something straight, I dont like you, I know what you think of people like me, and fuck you for that. But you STAND UP FOR YOURSELF
      She rejected you? FUCK YOU. I know guys in tel aviv that feel depressed if they didnt go through AT LEAST 30 rejections IN A NIGHT.
      Is this your idea of the kind of enemy Im expected to have? Some sad whiny bitch crying because the troll wouldnt jump on top of his dick? FUCK YOU! GET UP! GET THE FUCK UP AND FIGHT!!
      The hb4s are rejecting you?! You asshole, that means you may as well go for the hb10s! Youll get rejected either way so fuck it and have fun or at least GROW. Who told you to sell yourself short?! Who was the idiot that suggested you should waste your precious time on ugly insecure trolls? You go out and talk to EVERYBODY. You CRAVE rejection, you SEEK THAT SHIT OUT. She rejected you? אחלה motherfucker! That means you pushed it to the limit!
      “Ohh please will someone feel sorry for me? I am a 6 foot tall blond haired blue eyed German student in the wealthiest country on the planet and the bitches are all meaaannn to me”.
      Ask English Bob what its like gaming white girls as a black man, ask any asian on the planet if he wouldnt be willing to take a bath in hydrochloric acid if it meant he could swotch places with you.
      Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Take up weights and boxing, throw yourself into whatever art or study you are working on. BUT DO WHATEVER YOU MUST AND DONT WHINE.
      It doesnt help.

  13. Read, understood, and bookmarked. Seriously: good article. I really appreciate reading, “Don’t be nice; be challenging.” Simple and clear. That’s solid advice.

  14. I might disagree on sexuality for day game. Night game, yes, keno and sexuality are huge, because you can actually sleep with her that night. During the day, every woman I meet at cafes responds better to humor, gossip, stories about our career etc… Then I close with: I have to go. Im free thursday night. Lets touch base over at this place…
    It seems to work for me.
    Unless im at a bar in the afternoon, Id usually keep it pretty intellectual. Some negging is a given, because Im naturally a bully, but I dont talk about sex or tell her she’s hot or anything.

    1. When I first dipped my toe in the rippling edges of the manospheric ocean, I thought ‘kino’ was taking a girl to a German cinema. Nothing like a dark, Brechtian film noir to get the erotic juices flowing.

  15. Just like in BJJ, you can know a million “moves” but if you don’t understand positioning, you will never pull them off.

    1. Positioning? Western men continue to approach courtship as a stratagem, something akin to chess.
      Meanwhile, in Asia, the sexual dynamic is healthy and harmonious and all of these charades and juvenile tactics are unnecessary.

      1. Must be nice, unfortunately some of us don’t have that luxury. Those men who live in the West have to adapt to the environment… this is what modern feminism has wrought.

      2. > Asia has a healthy sexual dynamic.
        > Japan and China are experiencing demographic decline.

        1. China? With 1.6 billion people is experiencing a demographic decline? That’s rich…

        2. As for Japan: Japan will still be Japanese with 1/3 its population because it doesn’t bring in millions of foreigners.

        3. It’s a huge decline, okay?
          China has a tremendous decline.
          I love China. I have great relationships with the Chinese.
          They really have the most bigly decline.

        4. Ok, but you brought up the healthy sexual dynamic in Asia and the two largest asian countries are experiencing a demographic decline.
          The west isnt better, but its no worse.

        5. yeah but Asian countries don’t have mass immigration or miscegenation … so worst case is they have more older Asians

        6. And its not fucked beyond repair.
          A nice genocide will fix everything.

        7. Yeah, but who are the young guys who will be committing the genocide, the Libyans?

        8. Yes, the Muslims. 🙂
          If you walk around my village you see refugee women from Somalia with 3 kids on average and the women under 30years in my village don’t have kids.
          I know ONE german woman under 30 with 2 kids around here.
          Yes, you heard right.

        9. So, me being a white Christian guy with six kids would be a rarity in your neck of the woods I take it.

        10. I mean there is going to be a preliminary fight for the right to the genocide.

        11. Which disproves your point, which is that Asia has a healthy sexual dynamic.

        12. It’s also a perfectly cromulant word too!

        13. Philippines, Christian Catholic country,
          I met a 22 year old girl with 4 children.
          I met an 18 year old girl that was the youngest of 9 (same parents, now in their early 40s)
          Thailand, Buddhist country,
          Many of my Thai daughters school friends had children when they were 15, most have reproduced by 25.
          My white daughter is now 30, career woman, no boyfriends, no children. Unlikely to reproduce.
          Failure to breed appears to be mainly a white woman problem.
          White guys would, it’s the white women that won’t.

        14. Jesus, apparently no one knows how demographics play out.
          The Philippines also has a high infant mortality rate than the west.
          It is also a 3rd world country that has shortages of manual labor, so having a lot of children is needed for economic reasons.
          It is not because they have a healthy sexual dynamic.
          I would place my bet on the Philippines having high rates of sexual assault.
          At best we are comparing apples to oranges.

        15. I always though abortions should be included in child mortality rate.
          If it were, I’m thinking the rates in the west would be sky high.
          Does it matter to me if my child died through accident/illness (3rd world) or because his mother decided to kill him (western world)? ……… not really, the kid’s still dead!
          As for sexual assaults ……..
          Don’t western feminists claim 50% of western women are sexually assaulted, and 25% raped ………. can’t imagine the rate in the Philippines being higher than that.
          I ain’t comparing apples to oranges ……. I’m comparing girls I can fuck (brown) to girls I can’t fuck (white). Or maybe that should be girls I can afford to fuck (brown), to girls I can’t afford to fuck (white). I never really had problems getting a white girl to bed, but I couldn’t be bothered to buy them all houses or answer to the false rape allegations later.

        16. That’s inside of the country, not outside. There are probably more even more Chinese outside China than IN China.

        17. That school must be in a very poor area, it’s extremely uncommon for Thai girls to have children by 15, most of them are still virgins at that age. The average age women have their first child in Thailand is 23-24 so you are right there. The birth rate in Thailand is very low now though, at around 1.40. That is lower than most western countries.

        18. No there aren’t, there are over 1.3 billion Chinese in China, and a few tens of million outside of it.

        19. Low birth rates does’t mean a country has unhealthy sexual dynamics. The world is overpopulated; with East Asia the most densely populated region, so low birth rates are a good thing.

        20. You been listening to stories. Loads of my Thai daughters schoolfriends had kids at age 15. Girls are respectable or not. If not they are usually sexual active from age 12. They get married from 13 and up.

        21. I’ve not been listening to any stories, I’ve gone by the demographic statistics for Thailand. I don’t doubt that some of the girls in your daughters school had babies by 15, but that is not the norm. The minimum age of marriage in Thailand is also 15 with parental consent.

        22. Wow! Did not know there were THAT many outside! That is really a large amount all things considered.

    1. I mean, judging by LinkedIn, they have the most privileges ever in the history of womankind, and they’re still whining about men. I’m over it.

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  16. All of these smooth operator types, I could never pull off that look, even wearing the same clothes, etc because they all seem to have the slick, light framed “built for stealth not combat” build. I’m more of the “The kind of guy that they used as a role model when creating Quake II” Which ain’t bad, mind you, but if I were going to choose another look and *could*, I’d go with that whole James Bond smooth operator look.
    Of all of these, the thing that will guarantee that you get shot down without fail is being too nice. Nice is for incels. Nobody likes an incel. Don’t be one. A guy who hangs out at a bar I go into once in a while is always trying to “nice” himself into a girl’s panties and has not once…not freaking once…not left the place dejected and depressed after she flees and he then sits and complains how he’s so lonely. And of course, he’s absolutely impervious to advice on how to actually score and resents the hell out of me and the couple of other men there who try to help him out. I’ve stopped trying, he can stay incel his whole life for all I care.
    Strong body language is great too, and somewhat related, not being afraid of acting like you own the girl you’re talking to as a pet or servant. Sounds weird, but it works amazing when done with good timing and in moderation. I was talking to a girl at an event who had one of those “Hello, my name is” tags on (ok, technically, we all did) but her hair covered her name on it. While flirting with her I saw that she was very open to me and figured, eh, why not…so in mid sentence I reached over to her like she was mine, moved her hair and then finished the sentence with her name, then dropped the hair back down casually and kept talking. The effect was electric on her, in a very, very positive way. Giving them commands is also good, again with timing and when you sense receptiveness.

    1. You can be nice, if you back it up with aggression & confidence, unfortunately most men’ve been brainwashed into not being aggressive with women
      To successfully pickup women you need high levels of aggression

      1. I’m thinking Bill Gates doesn’t need aggression or confidence.
        $50 Billion in the bank is enough.

        1. That is what he is married to, not necessarily what he pays for or bangs free, but yeah.

  17. I fucking hate feminism, all those empowered stupid sterile cunts makes me want to hit them.

  18. Feminists are a waste of oxygen..hang them. Feminists are not humans. They are the cause of all the problems between the sexes we have today. They have no humanity. So hang them.

  19. “Guys seriously come into this thinking that ‘game’ (in the very narrow
    sense of knowing how to talk to a girl) is a panacea that will get them
    laid no matter how they look. Perhaps they’ve watched scammy pick-up
    videos online”
    I know right, sounds like the bullshit that Owen from RSD says to get money from the dudes who have bad looks.

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