Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet

I’ve often wondered how social activists can defend obesity while also promoting environmental sustainability. The fact is, fat people aren’t just putting a strain on their waistbands, but also on our ecosystem. Fat Acceptance simply is not reconcilable with environmental sustainability.

It’s no secret that obesity causes a myriad of health problems, including higher risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke to name only a few. There are plenty of good reasons to lose weight, but few think about the environmental impact.

According to findings based on eleven studies in the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology, 70% to 80% of environmental degradation comes from three major categories.

  • Transportation, especially cars and planes.
  • Food production, meat and dairy in particular.
  • Energy production for heating, cooling and running household appliances.



Have you ever carried a fat girl on your shoulders? I hope not. It requires substantially more energy than carrying a thin one. It’s simple physics. Over time, the energy required to haul all that extra blubber quickly adds up. Automobiles and airplanes are no exception.

A 2004 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that for every ten pounds gained by the average American, airlines had to burn 350 million more gallons of fuel to carry the extra weight. That fuel introduced an estimated 3.8 million extra tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In automobiles, fuel efficiency drops dramatically as the engine has to pull more weight. The lighter you are, the less gas you will burn, the less pollution you’ll emit, and the more money you’ll ultimately save. Further, consuming more calories requires extra fossil fuels to create and transport those foods. Obese persons also wear much larger clothing, which requires more energy and resources to both make and transport.

Food Production


Do I really need to explain this one? According to a 2010 report on environmental impact, agriculture, and meat and dairy production in particular, accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption, 38% of the total land use and 19% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In the United States, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. By some estimates, the average American consumes about 4,000 calories per day, twice what is needed. Many of these calories come from meat and dairy. Even more come from government-subsidized corn, which is used to sweeten nearly every processed food.

Energy Production

fat cat

Social activists are correct, fat people are hot. In the summer, body fat has a thermal effect similar to wearing a blanket over the body. Obesity gives the sensation of feeling warmer when exposed to summer temperatures. Because of this, fat people are less likely to spend time active outdoors, preferring air conditioning to keep them cool. In the winter they are warmer, but this can be compensated for by wearing warm clothing.

Research suggests there’s a clear link between obesity and watching television, at least for children. Surprisingly, watching television isn’t necessarily making children fat. Rather, fat kids just watch more television. This translates into heavier energy use at home.



Fat people simply require more energy, which translates into a much larger carbon footprint. Many social activists promote obesity as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. However, for the sake of our planet’s future, we can only hope they see the error of their ways weighs.

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210 thoughts on “Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet”

  1. This article is just offensive and wrong.
    Plus you don’t mention the methane issue, and what if they all jump up and down at the same time.
    I’m starting a change.com petitition to have this article removed

    1. Why not just force fatties to get some genetic engineering to have cow tits so they can be milked and we can derive…
      OK I’m going to be sick now. Never mind.

      1. but they do have cow tits. You just have to shape them a little before hand. Its like memory foam, but with sweet buttery milk just oozing for your delectation

  2. Interesting spin: eco-fat-shaming. Unfortunately, most of those arguments could be used against guys who lift. To pack on 30 pounds of muscle and be a lean 210, your calorie intake is ridiculous. Once there you burn calories just by breathing because you have so much muscle mass.

    1. Yea but the irony is while those weightlifters are consuming more, they’re also more than likely contributing more to society, and not having hoards of children.

      1. I am curious why anybody thinks its a bad idea for productive, motivated members of society to have less or no children. Is it because we need less hard working and productive people in the future?

        1. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but per the recipe of red-pill consumption, the same ones waking up to the reality of the dating and marriage market, just happen to be into self improvement, fitness, and avoid these snare traps.

    2. The biggest impact ressources wise will be on health care due to metabolic syndrome and related health issues such as diabetes in the obese. I saw a study that projects an increased prevalence from 11 million Americans in 2000 to 29 million in 2050. Another study estimating HALF of the adults at risk for diabetes and pre-diabetes by 2020. This is mind blowing. The big guy who lifts and eats clean may eat a ton of calories but on average will not bankrupt the health care system.

      1. Absolutely correct. The number one cause of death in America is heart disease which is a direct result of having too many fat people. It’s actually worse in America than in Canada which largely accounts for the 3 year gap in life expectancy; moreso than the triple murder rate or higher accident rate.

  3. The reason why they can push climate change anti-science bullshit and fat acceptance at the same time is because the “goals” of these two movements that they openly state have nothing to do with the real goals they define in their smoky backrooms.
    That being, as if needing mention here, is to create a carbon tax derivative to the tune of trillions of dollars.
    As for the fatties look at the damage the obesity is doing across the scale from the medical industrial complex to the destruction of sexuality. Oh there’s an entire amusement park of destruction coming from that alone.
    Otherwise the article has a lot of good points. A typical fatass environazi can be shut down with these arguments.

    1. Well said.
      In actual fact both of these movements serve the same fundamental purpose. Tax and control. Climate change is a pretext for vastly increasing our taxes. The obesity epidemic is a pretext for controlling what we put in our bodies and taxing various food stuffs. Ironically, the food that the government subsidizes and demands that we eat (grains) are both more fattening and more damaging the to environment than the foods they tell us not to eat (meat and dairy).
      But this is a perfect situation for the government. You eat grains, you get fat and sick, you buy drugs and the government pretends to swoop in and rescue you. Oil, food processing and the pharmaceutical industry are great friends of the government and fantastic way to control people. After all, every good drug dealer knows that once you are hooked, you will do anything to get that drug.

    2. Good points doctor. The fat entitled feminizis are actually the biggest rapists around, raping mother earth to the limit, wasting more resources than they replace. The ‘got to have it now’ culture is driven primarily by females too impatient to cook or produce. It is the females who get mad and break things but cannot fix anything, who cart good usable items that they broke to the curb and then bitch for more new stuff. Lazy bitches won’t even sew anymore and dump money on new shit. They drive the piss out of a car doing meaningless and frivolous errands leaving no time for TLC and maintenance on the engine and of course bitch for a new car when it dies. A typical fat resource squandering queen can be seen driving a Cadillac Escalade all day burning $80 worth of good American gas to get her hair and nails done. But the man who bought her the car is not to blame for being a beta and caving in to her. Usually under threat of her leaving, the beta man gives big gifts to placate the queen but she just grows bigger and fatter. Two days after getting a new car, she’s bitching about something else unrelated.
      It all boils down to the consumerist culture. The women have been spoiled the worst by it because they are not the primary producers and cannot fix or build or repair a fraction of what men can, especially the women who cannot sew or cook. They naturally consume more resources and consumer products than they replace or produce especially when they’re not reproducing and servicing young offspring and servicing the man. ‘Producing’ and ‘servicing’ have masculine and feminine definitions which are distinctly different.

    3. I’m past debating the issue. Just kill the disgusting obese on sight. You worthless lazy tubs of shit.
      For a long list of reasons, ably described in the post and the comments, which I won’t bother repeating.
      But the main reason I would like to see them rendered into cat food is that a lot of my tax dollars are going to be wasted on paying for their obese medical costs.
      Shoot them, stab them, gas them, anything is good. Open season, let’s post rewards.

      1. Yes, but my tax dollars are also going to give birth control to the able bodied, hip replacements to the demented elderly, fertility treatments to the old who should adopt, subsidies to the young that reproduce without thought and a thousand other things I don’t support. Tax dollars is a poor argument. Fatties gonna be fat…..let them and do your own thing……

        1. WTF kind of reasoning is this? So, its ok to add one more outrageous shitty amoral thing to a list of 1000 other shitty things and thus that makes it justified? There’s no way our tax dollars should support obesity and all of the complications that go along with it.

      2. truly healthy people will live longer, collect more social security, and be in the Medicare system for longer. of course people like you always ignore that. even so, my skinny doctor friend died young, ten years younger than the average life expectancy, at 67. fat = unhealthy is just a stereotype. why am I even talking to you?

        1. So your “doctor friend” lived a shorter than average life, who happened to be skinny, and that means being fat = unhealthy is a stereotype? Right, one person’s life can erase mountains of factual evidence that being obese causes or exacerbates numerous diseases. Hey I’m going to start smoking now since my uncle did it and he lived until he was 90. Great logic. Assuming you are a feminist.

        2. so you’re trying to say that there is no correlation between obesity and health? people like you are the reason I left the Western world. Please stay put, don’t spread your shit to Asia.

        1. Given that blacks and Third Worlders are more likely to be overweight/obese, there is a correlation. However it’s rather meaningless, like saying tall people tend to vote democrat.

        2. from that perspective, it is probably meaningless. but if one was able to categorize democrats and republicans by weight, i suspect there’d be a significant correlation.

        3. What? Fat people vote Dem because they want their healthcare paid for. They want to continue their unhealthy lifestyle habits and they perceive that a dem can do that for them. But what they don’t realize is that rep/dem, doesn’t matter, they will always be taken care of because its part of the NWO agenda…that is social marxism.

      3. You know you’re a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t even pay taxes. Do you even have a job? You’re probably a smoker that does drugs and has a lot of health problems. You should do everyone a favor and kill yourself immediately.

    4. What the fuck are you saying? Fat people are a social construct. There is no thing such “obese people”. Most anthropologist agree that there is no biological basis for fatness. It is another white construct like puting a man on the moon

    1. I hear that shit from people all the time. The usual excuse is that their weight is due to genetics, age, or some other bullshit excuse to rationalize not exercising and living healthy.

      1. There no doubt is weight gain by genetics, but you can change that and it’s not like you didn’t know by looking at your family members to begin with. So I agree, there’s no excuse across the board.

        1. That’s what I did when I started losing weight. I noticed that my father loves his carbs (bread, pasta, beer) with a huge belly and decided to tone that down with more greens and only having carbs once in a while.

        2. Many I’ve known in my gym who are obese and come from fatter families are surprised how fast that first 20 lbs comes off. It’s often during the first 20-40 lb reduction they decide; “wow that wasn’t that tough.” But what they did was increase their hunger engine along with metabolism, only to stop working out and gain it all back and often more because they’re mind has learned to be hungrier than ever.
          At my gym they have a yearly contest called the Biggest Loser, much like the TV show. The top 3 contestants each year have life-sized cut outs of their picture once they complete the competition, that you pass by entering the gym. They range from apx. 80 lbs lost to 150 lbs. It’s the opposite of fat shaming, giving them recognition, but I support it.

        3. I was fortunate not to fall into that trap as some of my family members have. I loosened it up somewhat around the holidays, but it just motivated me to hit the weights even more often. Additionally, I invested in measuring tape and followed the male measurement scales instead of that BMI b/s. Because of this, if the scales increased (as they have in the past 8 months or so) I don’t get discouraged because the tape measurements have become pretty steady in that time frame when utilizing the neck/waist ratio.

      2. It’s pure laziness if you ask me. I’ve mentioned numerous times to family members who ask what my secret is and I tell them flat out, “I quit shoveling shit down my throat and started lifting.”

        1. Exactly what I did to lose weight, stopped eating shit and hit the gym. I was never huge but I was chubby and feeling and looking like shit made me want to change, some people have no self discipline.

        2. Nonsense. Has nothing to do with laziness. As exercise is only a small part of weight loss. It’s far easier to not eat something than try to burn it off.
          The real culprit is the sugar industry. Sugar is in practically every processed food.

        3. The real culprit is the sugar industry. Sugar is in practically every processed food.

          You just answered your own question.
          Yes it is a lot of work to cook your own food that is far more healthy than processed food, but to do that, one could not be, well, slothful.

      3. If anyone uses that excuse, ask them about obesety rates during famines. The results must be pretty conclusive.

  4. There are fat people here and starving people elsewhere….I have a solution…and it isn’t even really cannibalism because fatties aren’t really human in the first place.

  5. I was at a small public pool with my daughter last weekend in an upscale suburban community. All 4 lifeguards (late teen, early college girls) were overweight or obese. That is something you’d never see when I was young. And most of the mothers there were fat-to-obese waddling around after their kids. Even the few thinner mom’s were skinny fat, rockin cellulite.
    Now I know what an American 7 must feel like, the way the blubbos were aggressively checking me out… and I’m only average in my book, for looks and physique.

    1. “skinny fat, rockin cellulite.” and that is considered athletic by 98% of women on POF. I tried to tell one once that athletic means having the body of an athlete aka toned, but nah they’re athletic. BS

      1. I hate it when they hamster by saying size zero girls are too skiny and no one wants skin and bones. Like being overweight is healthy? Plus in shape women aren’t size zero anyway, a healthy woman has some tone and muscle not skin and bones, that shit is what women and gay guys in the fashion industry like, not your average guy.

        1. I’m size 0, and very fit. I’m also very short/ tiny. I get called too skinny all the time. My BMI is 21 and no doctor has ever told me to gain weight. We as a society have actually lost perspective on what is a normal weight. Also want to point out that my size 0 pants would have been around a size 4 –20 years ago. thanks to “vanity sizing” I’m a mid thirties woman forced to shop in the kids/ juniors department. “Listen honey, if I could use your size 8 pants to tarp my car, they ain’t a size 8, no matter what the label says.”

        2. I’m not trying to skinny shame I agree with you, what used to be overweight is now considered “healthy weight”. I’m was just pointing out that a lot of obese women use stick thin catwalk models to justify the fact they are so huge. Every girl I know who works out and is skinny gets criticized by fat women for “starving themselves”, which they don’t, they eat healthy and work out.

        3. Sorry, didn’t mean you were trying to shame me. I agree with you, over weight people constantly point to some anorexic model to justify their arguments. If you want to have some (albeit depressing) fun, put your stats into this and find out what third world country your body type belongs to:
          We in the a West are doomed!

        4. Exactly….more moving of the normal standard to get people to accept an overweight standard.
          You know something is wrong when we (society) start to shame skinny people.

        5. I’m not joking about the vanity sizing. I work out a lot and unlike a lot of women, I refuse to spend 100s of $ on clothing to sweat in. Old navy makes a plethora of cheap t-shirts that are perfect for this. A few years ago I discovered girls size large fit perfectly and were cheaper (hooray!). In the last 5 years, I’ve gone from wearing a girls size large down to a medium. I am a fully grown woman wearing a t-shirt designed for a little girl age 10-12. Not exaggerating, and I don’t work out in skin tight clothing. I can also assure that while tiny for a Caucasian, I’m by no means freakish. There are plenty of Asian women my size, some even smaller. Can’t really complain though, works out well when we go to American sporting events. I can buy the kiddie fan wear at half the price 🙂

        6. I’m a guy who works out 4-5 times a week and has a BMI of 23. I constantly get crap for being skinny. My response is always “I am in the healthy weight range”. People shut up or actually admit that they are fat. Try it sometime.

    2. The fatpocolypse is coming. Be prepared. I use fatties as a thinspiration and constant reminder.

    3. Yep, and they’re not embarrassed to be seen in their swimsuit with their fat bulges. Its become normalized. You can see that at the gym also, overweight women wearing yoga stretch pants which just highlites how fat they are.

    4. Last year my hubby and I were on vacay and we were having a beer at the hotel pool before dinner. There was a group of very young women ( early twenties) travelling with who I can only assume to be their mothers. The mothers, while older, were all reasonably sized. The young women were all over weight. wtf happened to this generation?

      1. Video games
        Social media (which keeps people inactive staring at screens)
        fast cheap unhealthy food
        lazy American culture
        etc,etc, etc

        1. You’re 100% right, but it always shocks me that regular size parents let their kids become fatties. Don’t get me wrong, Canada isn’t too far behind with respect to obesity, but I gotta’ say, one thing all Canadians notice when travelling in the US is that the portion sizes are friggin’ HUGE! I mean seriously twice the size of ours, even when comparing the same restaurant chain. The only exception is when dining in a really swanky restaurant. Hubby and I literally order 1 meal and split it in most places.

  6. A few years ago, I read about an experiment. Bowls of peanuts were put out for people to eat as they were waiting for a clerk.
    For some customers, they put out previously shelled peanuts. Other peanuts had to have the hull taken off by the person snacking..
    The result was interesting. Skinny people tended to eat the same amount of peanuts regardless of whether the peanuts had a shell or not.
    Fat people, on the other had, ate little when they had to take the shell off themselves, but ate a tremendous amount if the hulls had been taken off prior.
    The conclusion was that fat people were lazy. Scary.
    I still am against fat shaming.

    1. “I still am against fat shaming.”
      Why? I am a smoker and I am paying $13 for a pack of cigs out of which $10 is taxes.
      Fat people over burden the health care system with their fat induced diseases that I’m still the one paying for through high insurance premiums.
      Fuck the fatties! They should get on a scale at the check out isle in the grocery store, and their weight should be fed into the computer calculating whatever the hell they’re buying for a higher fat tax than a thin person.
      And that’s only the economic aspect of things.
      Don’t get me started on the 80% of women being fat renders them unfuckable.

        1. She’d rather complain about how unhappy she is, instead of just eating less and reducing her grocery bill.
          I’ve got questions for her. She says she’s from Singapore but why American accent? Usually the only women in Singapore that are overweight are the ethnic Indians / Hindus.

        2. Yeah, I’ve been to Japan. The only accepted fat people there are Sumo. The other 99% are healthy and happy.

        3. Sidebar: I clicked to watch this video on youtube and the suggestion box is nothing but fat people talking about Japan. I’ve visited Japan and it’s built for small people. Bathrooms, Beds, restaurants, etc. A “normal” overweight American will have trouble there, let alone an obese one. These people can complain all they want but Japan is giving no fucks about Fat Acceptance and how some whiny Landwhale “feels”.

        4. Cant they just go to the doctor for their “condition” to get higher disability checks to afford the fat tax?

        5. After coming back from Japan, I’ve strongly advised my obese friends to lose weight before going themselves. The Japanese simply have no accommodations for fat people…and I love it

        6. Japan has no interest in accommodating godzillas or any other fat monster the only acommodation they get is the bottom of the ocean

        7. I’m 5’11” and I was towering over nearly everyone. Basically, its kind of like being 6’5″ here.

        8. Japan isn’t exactly known for giving a shit about others, humans and animals. Watch The Cove. They slaughter highly intelligent dolphins and then poison their own children with their mercury-laden meat.

        9. You’re too big, you weigh too much even if not fat, you will be killed and ground up for midget Mongoloids to consume, LOL.

        10. Because I am bigger I am not allowed the same things skinny people can have.

          Well, uh. yeah. Thin privilege exists, but anyone can earn it.

        11. I once heard some fat apologist spouting some nonsense about fat shaming being akin to enslavement of blacks.
          I told that land whale that I was deeply offended by her ridiculous comparison of CHOSEN obesity to racial prejudice.
          My ancestors could not use their race but fatties can certainly choose to lose weight. The fucking audacity amazed me.

        12. Clearly you’ve never been to Asia. Or actually read this thread. Let me spell it out for you…people who eat normal food like rice are skinny.

        13. And Americans slaughter highly intelligent pigs and feed junk food poison to our kids. So what’s your point?

      1. Booze, smokes and, where now legal, dope – taxed to high hell.
        Cool Ranch Doritos and Mountain Dew – government corn subsidies.

      2. I hate the fat promotion. And the last thing I want to see is a fat acceptance “movement”. No problem with fat acceptance. It’s the damn movements I cannot stand.
        I never hated gays until the LGBT movement got so rowdy. Still do not hate gays personally. Just the collective LGBT. It’s not the gays but the damn movement I can’t stand.
        Because at the end of the day, I do not have a problem with anybody. Just leave people alone. Fat, gay, white, black, male, female.
        But stand up to and don’t take crap from SJW’s. The only people I have a problem with.

        1. Agree. I don’t care about them either, but don’t turn it around and make it about me. In other words don’t paint me as the bad one just because I don’t wan’t to get laid with a land wale. Damn groups and movements and campaigns and SJWs.

        2. Agreed. I’m happy to live and let live. I just don’t want to be told I’m an oppressor all the time by these ‘movements’.

        3. I want to see a Fat Acceptance March…oh that’s right Fatties don’t “march” anywhere…

        4. The fat acceptance movement is just a wing of feminism, it’s something else for the harpies to whine about.

        5. You mean you never hated gays until they stopped being second class citizens? Sounds like you’re afraid you might secretly like a good ass fucking?

      3. As a smoker in the UK, smokes generate 8 Billion in tax revenue, whilst smoking costs the NHS 2 Billion. What do you think the rest is “swallowed” up by?
        What scares me is the idea of a “sugar” (you cant say fat) tax. Why the fuck should I pay more money for sugary and fatty foods because some lazy cunt cant work off some extra calories? I like pizza, and Pepsi, and sweets and fried breakfasts and beer. But I take steps to make sure it doesn’t effect me too much.
        The scary thing is, I recently had blood tests and whilst the cholesterol and sugars levels where in the healthy (upper healthy to be honest) range, my doctor told me that most people would be much much higher!

      4. the only politically defensible way to tax society is based on income. you can’t squeeze water from a dry sponge, or generate renevue from poverty. Still, if junk food was taxed a cent or two on the dollar, to me that wouldn’t be a biggie and would provide food manufacturers an incentive to make good tasting food healthier. Taxes on cigarettes are a tax on a product, not a person. Poverty is the real problem. Poor people get food obsessed because they experience legitimate worries about where the next meal is coming from. Children in poor families are sometimes referred to as “mouths to feed,” as if their whole identity is just this open mouth ready for the next bite. That’s how they’re raised. There are two kinds of poor people–the ones who literally don’t have enough to eat and are skinny, and the ones who, as if by magic, just get fat off of nothing–bacon fat on toast. I think fat oppression is a significant form of oppression that is wrapped up in classism, sexism, and racism. Apparently, though, judging from many posts on this web site, some people favor oppression and nuclear holocaust.

        1. I know. I was only kidding. I agree with many of your points, however it all comes down to personal responsibility.. See? I am pretty skinny and I was fortunate enough to never have a weight problem my entire life. I eat whatever I felt like but… everything in moderation. Sometimes I only have one meal a day (no breakfast or dinner). Why? I simply don’t want to eat more. I don’t feel the need… With that being said, I am becoming aware I don’t pay attention to the quality of the food I’m having, and that’s not a good thing. I am starting to do some research into how a balanced nutrition should look like, and little by little I am starting to correct that.. Anyway, I agree with you.

        2. Nobody in America is worried where their next dose of 2000 fat slime calories are coming from.

      5. Smoking has the worst index of all the health problems. We should just kill all smokers, right? You smokers are the worst scum on the planet, you’re literally polluting everything around you.

        1. I use electronic cigs lately(no smell and no taxes, yet)…sic.. So yeah, kill all smokers. I’ve got no problem there.
          And please don’t fucking tell me smoking related health issues are more of a burden on the society that the fat related ones. Smoking will kill you fast whereas fat will do it over decades… If you claim otherwise I will simply tell you to go fuck yourself.

      6. Have to disagree on your last sentence. After seeing so many fat women with young children I think there are plenty of sex starved fat guys who will keep on fucking those 80%.+ Just come to Texas and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    2. Welfare costs just as much, if not more than the military, and majority of people (the ones who aren’t skinny, bum-esque) who come into my stores and ask if we take food stamps, (we don’t), are tub-o’lards.
      As a taxpayer, I believe I have every right to shame these people.

      1. You think you have the right to insult people because you’re a taxpayer, that’s an interesting idea.
        Considering most of them are black and will sue you for discrimination you can try that argument on the judge.

        1. And why didn’t anybody shame you attitude? If you were acting like a prick then people are going to treat you like one,why don’t you deal with the truth?

    3. Wait a minute, are you saying that people tended to eat more when the food was more convenient?? Are you kidding me?! You fucking moron.

    1. anyone who stays that long up in space WILL have severe bone decay and will render them immobile so eventually you will most likely get fat/obese. you need the earths gravity or you can’t survive.

      1. You’ll have health problems regardless of obesity in space. Yes the body needs gravity, it needs resistance, what is termed eustress. A certain amount of stress on the body is healthy, as it activates repair mechanisms.

  7. I put MyFitnessPal app on my phone. What revelation! We just eat too much and none of these land whales will admit it. Have a look at the feet and ankles of young obese women. Swollen hamhocks that belong on a 70yo. cardiac patient. They just don’t realize that their bodies are telling them something. Don’t look at the land mass, look at the lymph system shut down.

    1. Humans evolved to survive famine, and are woefully unprepared for overabundance of food, at least from a genetic perspective. These diseases caused by eating too much is just a new evolutionary pressure.

    1. Speaking of transportation. I was recently flying from Taiwan to Florida with connecting flights in Hanalulu, and Huston. The flight from Taiwan to Hawaii was a full with Chinese and Hawaiians on a 767 and the takeoff was smoth and fast. However when I boarded the flight from Honolulu to Texas it was full of a bunch of fat American and I was cramped and the jerk fat lady behind me complained when I tried to recline the seat. I was crowded over by a tank of lard next to me and could not even put my arm on my own armrest as he was overlapping both his armrest and mine. His big fat elephant leg was encroaching on my legroom as well and I as forced to sit almost sideways in the seat. When we took off I swear it took what seemed like forever to achieve flight velocity. The plane acted like it didn’t want to get off the ground. This was a Boeing 767 mind you and they are not a wimpy aircraft. I definitely noticed a difference. Airplane full of Asian vs one full of fat Americans.

      1. I live in America, and I can only imagine how much more attractive the average Asian girl is than the average American girl simply because she is at a healthy weight.

      1. Fat acceptance people is stupidity, we should all aim to be healthier. Michelle Obama and other liberals aim to be in shape as well. All this extra stuff is fluff.

        1. Obama wants people healthy because of the money it would save on healthcare, plus the Obamas look like people who try to be healthy themselves. I wouldn’t say it’s just fluff, fat acceptance movement in Australia is huge and pretty much mainstream, I dare say The US is the same.

        2. Of course it would save a lot on healthcare, every President should want their population to be fit whether they are liberal or conservative. I say it is “fluff” because it makes others lump together anything to the left as the same as things like “fat acceptance” and it detracts from real serious issues.

        3. Yes I understand that but fat acceptance in my view is a serious issue as it’s basically a public health crisis the amount of overweight people there are. But you’re right it’s not really a Leftist issue.

        4. Yes I understand in that regard it is a serious issue. We have to teach our children and family members the importance of staying in shape. Screw this “fat acceptance” idiocy.

        5. Australia, along with a clutch of other countries, has a life expectancy bested only by Japan. The USA ranks 34th, behind Lebanon.

        6. You’re trying real hard to absolve Leftism of its own sins.

        7. Not really I have previously mentioned the sins of Leftism and specifically the Democratic Party. However I do not make blanket statements on Leftism. Leftism is not always Feminism for example, Leftism could be about economic issues I previously mentioned which people such as myself find most important. People that vote Democrat can also be for Traditional family values. Many times the Presidential Election can just be a choice between bad or worse. I could have easily voted Republican for a Teddy Roosevelt for example.

  8. Fat acceptance has to be the most ridiculous cause of Liberal SJW types in my view. They are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle that is crippling the healthcare system, how can they support someone doing damage to themselves? I understand that in The West with our high sugar and wheat diet and abundance of cheap unhealthy food it’s hard to stay in shape, but promoting people being massively obese is a joke, there’s no excuse for a human to be that big if they aren’t disabled.

    1. Feminists seized on “fat acceptance” as a new way to broaden the appeal of their movement. They can pull into the ranks some fat women who feel lonely. Its morally questionable, like enabling an alcoholic by telling them they don’t need to change.

      1. I think this is the real reason. Feminists are telling people what they want to hear in order to gain their political support. They rely on convincing everyone, except heterosexual white men, that they are victims, and thus need to vote feminists into power.

      2. “Its morally questionable, like enabling an alcoholic by telling them they don’t need to change.”
        A good point and a good comparison. Society doesn’t hold up alcoholics as “heros” or brave like many are trying to do with fat people. Everyone knows that drinking too much is bad for you. It’s the same for being overweight…it’s bad for you.

  9. Fat, just like everything else we’re dealing with here, is all about the money. There were no fatties before the ’90s.. Incidentally, it all corresponds with the introduction of the food pyramid (which started in Sweden in the ’70s). A lot of interests participated in its creation and because of that it had nothing to do with healthy eating. I understand, most have no self control when it comes to food. However one should NEVER believe anything the government says. Just draw your own conclusions…

    1. You should watch a documentary called “Food Inc”. It will make you want to buy a plot of land and go off the grid, I swear.

  10. “Fat Acceptance” and all this other fluff should not be lumped together with liberal economics for example. Issues of substance regarding Wage Gaps, offshoring labor, high unemployment, importance of a large middle class, and stopping Upper Class Corruption by Banks, Wall Street, and Government influenced by Big Money. These are the real issues, not this third wave feminist issues. People should aim to be healthy and have a muscular fit body. Even fat people know this inside their heads and also wish that they achieve this for themselves.

  11. This is why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. But even in hell these people will not stop to trouble their fellow men, as burning fat stinks.

  12. I’ve been reading stuff on this site for quite some time. I have always wondered why negative articles are the majority of what gets posted. Before you jump and try to say things like “this ain’t a feel-good site gtfo”, “the truth hurts” etc. Think about it, what are you promoting and how are you any different from the mainstream or the “blue pill”? You’re consistently promoting a nihilistic worldview by consistently putting out articles such as this that leaves you with a negative feeling just like watching news on tv. You think you’re doing good but you’re misguided. Don’t tell me it’s because you’re telling the truth about the world, no one knows everything. I’m not trying to promote Political correctness here but goddammit this article was useless. This is the internet and you can find supporting evidence for almost everything. My point is, the type of person who’d post this article is someone who got hurt in the past and is bitter about the world, not saying this as an insult, someone who is genuinely feeling happy about themselves and their lives would never write this article, only someone with an empty life. Don’t become thing you’re fighting against.

    1. It’s kind of useless, I agree. I’m getting the feel this side has been degenerating lately. I am not reading it with same interest as I used to a year ago and the quality will probably continue dropping. I am not sure what’s behind this.. money maybe?

    2. Feelings, whether positive or negative, are for women. Men deal with facts and logic. The above article is factual. Whilst you may find supporting evidence for anything on the internet it is usually quite clear what is fact and what is fiction.
      For example, if I say “Fat people are a danger to the environment because they consume more (of everything) and produce less (except waste)” you can follow the logic of my statement and find supporting evidence from many varied sources.
      When an anti-fat shaming website says “there is no proof that consuming more food and exercising less causes obesity, and being obese does not mean you are unhealthy” you can see the failings in their logic and note that their only supporting evidence comes from the Cadburys and Coke Centre for Nutrition.
      Stop living by your “feelings” and be a man.

      1. I get what you’re saying, nobody is arguing being fat is good. Fat acceptance people are degenerates true, but fat shamers go overboard in bringing fat people down and when questioned tell you they’re being factual/trying to help etc. You’re not helping shit, this is not about censoring language, it’s about showing some fucking respect. No real man would sink this low, you wouldn’t have attacked fat people and everything mainstream if you weren’t running on feelings, stop lying to yourself. And if I’m “blue pill” for not agreeing with this behavior then so be it.

    3. I thought this article had some pretty sound points to it. I’ve seen other articles in the past that may seem like they’ve come from a bitter person but not this one. This one actually gives out logical points as to how and why the obesity epidemic can harm a society.
      People (women and some men) have a hard time dealing head on with the truth. It bothers them because many of them, their whole life, have been fed certain narratives (i.e. I’m bigger because of my parents or family) and it’s just false.
      Society (back when I was growing up) had no problem telling you to mind your business, lose weight, be responsible, etc…and everyone followed it. It kept people in check. That “check” has been removed and now everyone wants to feel good about themselves no matter what they are doing. They want a “feel good pass” for eating too much (in this case).
      Medical facts, time and time again, clearly show gaining too much weight is bad for you. People need to wake up from their dream.

      1. Does that somehow justify creating a mob and attacking fat people in a SJW fashion? Who made fat shamers responsible for telling fat people how to live their life even if they are making bad choices? You don’t see a mob of people actively attacking smokers or drinkers. People already know what’s good and bad for them, you can only remind them of the consequences of their actions but to try to ostracize them tells way more of these “red pill” SJW’s than it does fat people. It’s not only ridiculously childish and wrong but dangerous. At the end of the day you guys need to look yourself in the mirror and question yourselves. You’re really no different from those you’re rejecting.

        1. Smokers and drinkers aren’t trying to mislead people by pushing pseudo-science as scientific fact. Fat acceptance really does rely on faulty science to claim being fat is no more unhealthy than being fit. The purpose of the article is to expose contradictory and incompatible beliefs by social activists.

        2. I agree to an extent with what you’re saying, including mob mentality being extremely dangerous. That said, using smokers to further your argument is a terrible example. Smokers are pretty much the most vilified and taxed people on earth these days. The obesity epidemic is shocking, but that doesn’t sanction outwardly disrespectful behaviour towards others. Conversely though, I get annoyed when I hear fat lobbyists forcing air lines to only charge for one seat when they require two. Do you think the air line suffers the economic consequences of this, or do you believe the regular sized, end consumer gets stuck paying? So, we can tax the smoker to death (literally) for his/her bad choices, but we have pay and accommodate other unhealthy lifestyles?

        3. Good point. Fatty needs to pay for two seats ! I am a laid back dude until blubber comes rolling down on me and my stuff.
          Otherwise, I am against fat shaming.

        4. Smokers and drinkers are already taxed heavily. If processed sugary foods were taxed like this instead of being subsidized we would see improvements. Also smokers are heavily shamed in advertisements. Maybe if we shamed fatties in the MSM, things would change.

  13. The competition wants to sweat Crisco? Shit, Im off to look like a sweet caring humanitarian donating to the shelter.

  14. If the purpose of this article is to get fat people to change their ways why not just stick to calling them fat ass ham planet obeast blimposauras lard butt cheese hog thunder thigh wide load pancake titty McMuffin top mother fuckers? Do you really think telling people who don’t even have enough self respect or self discipline to not be 100+ pounds overweight that they’re wrecking the environment will get them to suddenly change their ways? We need to bring back fat shaming week!

    1. Because reputable research has pretty firmly established that fat shaming doesn’t work and is actually associated with additional weight gain?

    2. Too mean. Just ridicule the movement, not the individual. I heap scorn on LGBT movements, feminists movements etc.
      But I do not have a probelm with individuals just living their life. Ridicule the slut march for what it is. Sodom and Gamorah decadance. Never going to celebrate slut values.
      But if an individual girl is a slut, I do not care. Would not want to marry her though.
      It’s like “gay pride”. Sticking your penis in an anus is not a source of legitimate pride or self worth.. Taking apart and putting together a lawnmower is.
      If a dude wants to do that at home in private, no prob. But I will not applaud and cheer as Oprah-ized liberals when he expects people to applaud and cheer his “courage” for coming out and and telling everyone.

    3. It sounds like you’re being sarcastic and I think bringing up a good point. If you are cutting down someone personally for any reason (name calling, mocking), its usually because you have a poor internal dialogue and low self-esteem. Whatever “shaming” means, it doesnt sound like its persuasive, so what’s the point?
      Fat people making real changes to their habits will require emotional awareness and intelligence on their part. I’m not saying they be coddled. I just fear that publicly mocking undesirable behavior, while a fun and useful tool in office politics and social situations, will probably only make fat people eat more.

        1. Their early deaths come after a very expensive struggle to live when their lifestyle finally catches up to them. Although it still might be cheaper than a healthy person living to 100 collecting Social Security for the last 30 years of their life.

        2. except guess who gets to pay for their hospital bills when they keel over reaching for that last tub of ice cream

      1. I do not have a problem with fat people. I just do not want to see another damn SJW movement take off. It is not a social crisis that we like to see beautiful people instead of ugly people. My son has a ripped segmented 8 pack stomach because he can do 35 pull-ups. I accept the fact that as an 18 year old, he would be a better model than I would at 51.
        There is a place for fat fashion models. Selling fat clothes. But other than that, we do not have a need for media to promote fat acceptance.Last thing we need is an Oprah style fat pride show where liberals clap every time someone expresses their pride of being fat. Or shows “courage” by parading around in a “fat pride bikini”. If a girl or dude wants to enjoy the beach and is 400 poounds, I don’t care and do not have to look. But neither will I hold them up as a courageous example to emulate.
        As long as fat shaming does not get too mean, let people spontaneously express love or hatred of fatness. Naturally.
        Don’t need fat shaming or Oprah-ized phoney plastic fat love campaign.

        1. Indeed. It’s become acceptable in recent years to celebrate the mediocre & the below par. Reality has a way of breaking through bubbles of delusion like a tsunami without a warning. Stay tuned.

    1. I miss George Carlin. He used to tell people in the U.S. the truth about our society (be it in a funny way) but still the truth.
      That’s what this country needs….more truth (even if it hurts feelings).

  15. I’m still waiting for plane tickets based on a formula of a seat+weight category+distance. Fatty gotta pay extra, powerlifter too.

    1. No shit they make us pay to check bags now because it uses more fuel. We’re subsidizing some obese person who’s paying the same price for their airline ticket.

      1. It’s considered “discrimination” to tax people for their weight. At least in Europe it is.
        I heard that in the US women now have the same weight as men in 1960. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2015/06/15/cdc-average-american-woman-now-weighs-as-much-as-1960s-us-man/
        But that’s not muscle. It’s purely fat. Europe is going the same way. And it’s now wonder I think. All the girlfriends I had thought that whenever we had a meal together her portion size should be as big as mine. And those girls didn’t have the amount of muscle I have. Women also tend to make worse choices about what they eat when nobody’s watching. And they also don’t workout really (lifting) so once they gain it stays on, especially after a kid is born or she passed 30.

  16. I see a lot of people that struggle with weight. I’m all about personal responsibility but I have an even bigger problem with a system thats designed to destroy its own people. Its very well known that chemical engineers in the food industry have created food that is now addictive. They’ve isolated compounds found in food and manipulated the molecules so that people can now be have a chemical dependency on certain food. You can thank our bullshit corrupt government and the F.D.A for allowing this to happen.A government that has allowed pizza to be classified as a vegetable!!!
    I live in an area thats relatively health concious but I’m blown away when i travel inland about 50 miles and I see a 75% obesity rate amongst the population and I ask to myself what the fuck is going on?!?! I thought I was on that planet in the movie WAL E! Everyone looked like those fat fucks!!!
    Once again the corruption trail ends with those cunts in Washington D.C and their bullshit lobbyist bribers having the last laugh and waddling all the way to the bank legislating the demise of the american people.

    1. “A government that has allowed pizza to be classified as a vegetable!!!”
      And tells you that vegetables are nutritionally dense when there’s hardly any nutrition in them at all.
      “They’ve isolated compounds found in food and manipulated the molecules so that people can now be have a chemical dependency on certain food.”
      The question is, why do I not eat those foods?

  17. When seeing a fat person the hardest choice is should you throw up or steal fatties their lunch money.

  18. From CNN: More than a quarter of young adults are unable to meet physical requirements to join the military, creating a potential threat to national security, a group of retired arm forces leaders said on Tuesday (article from April 20, 2010). “It’s not drug abuse, it’s not asthma, it’s not flat feet–by far the leading medical reason is being overweight or obese” said retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Norman Seip at a news conference.

  19. ROK needs to exercise more editorial control here. Publishing an article that implies CO2 is a pollutant is unacceptable. You of all people should be well informed about the “global warming”… um I mean “climate change” scam. It’s as much junk science as cold fusion was.

    1. The purpose of the article is to mock SJWs by exposing their contradictory beliefs, which are incompatible with each other.

    2. The more CO2 (to a point) the more plants will emerge, to suck it up. Having no CO2 in the atmosphere would be a very, very bad thing.

  20. New York Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Was Investigated for Sexual Incident With Escapee.
    Yeah. She’s fat.

  21. One of the best things one can do for themselves is to keep in shape. Good for the mind, good for the heart, good for the soul. When your body is kept in order, usually other aspects of your existence follow the same trend. When one starts to become overweight, its nature’s way of punishing a greedy, gluttonous lifestyle and it will weed the abuser out if it needs to. Being humble, eating only what is needed, eating for nutritional value rather than to satisfy cravings. This is the surest way
    to keep your body healthy along with a somewhat active lifestyle.
    Humans are not meant to be sedentary couch potatoes moving from one reclined position to the next. Moving, being fluid, engaging with multiple environments is what makes us feel alive and true to our roots.
    It is a shame these groupstry to influence/trick society into a belief that being overweight should not only be tolerated but accepted with open arms. Big business wont mind . . . big food companies, dove and whoever gains from this lifestyle all do their bit to support these social groups and trends. The fat acceptance movement is cruel in the sense that it gives people the false sense of belief that they should feel content in an overweight state. There should be a feeling of discontent… . It should arise and hopefully grow and grow and grow and get to a point where enough is enough, and they are ready to make the changes needed to live more harmonious with themselves and the planet.
    How many things in nature can we see that eat to the point where they inhibit
    their own living. Ever see a bird that after bad eating habits could no longer
    fly? What about a dolphin that caught too much fish and was too lethargic to keep
    swimming? About the only examples I can think of are pets like cats and dogs
    that because of the influence of their human “owners” have become too fat to be
    the active beings they were born to be. As well as the chickens/cows/pigs kept
    in “factories” unable to move, fatten up and then given for us to eat. However this is a whole other issue… but everything is interconnected and related.
    Let these people be free.
    Let them find that the true joy of living life is to live without excessive
    consumption, to be able to be free to move around without pain and discomfort. Let
    them be able to divert from the path of mere existence onto one where they feel
    truly alive.

    1. It’s nice to hear inspiration. Sadly most processed food addicts are like crack heads with their food. They would rob a bank for a bacon cheesburger if it came down to It. Well ok I might fleece a bank because I hate money changers but that’s beside the point. The point being that fat people can change their ways no more than any compulsive criminal or repeat offender. Only hard time served in a diet concentration camp can cure obesity. Otherwise they will remain obese and evolve ways to maintain their weight.
      A wild frog is fat, almost circular but has evolved strong legs to jump and a long tounge to procure and fetch food while sitting and without getting up. Fat chicks are strangely good at giving head, ever notice? And on the bed they can kick the shit out of you, but their arms are weak as shit. They’re evolving RIGHT NOW longer, faster tounges and stronger legs.

    2. You’re 100% right, but the habits start early and are hard to break. Children aren’t allowed to just run, and play, and use their resources/imagination to fill their days. Everything is scripted, organized, and mostly inactive. Obesity isn’t just a result of terrible food choices and a lack of physical activities, it’s a symptom of an overly consumeristic, materialist, and ultimately unhappy society.

  22. Yesterday I was cold on the subway – the air conditioning was up way too high.
    Then a land-whale sat next to me. Normally I’d be vexed, but I swear to god, she actually radiated heat. It was like having my own space heater suddenly.
    Luckily she was a professional type on her way to work in the morning, so she still smelled like soap and perfume. I’m sure her afternoon commute neighbor will get a nose-full.

    1. Especially after her workout at Curves, where she will proceed to flop around and wear shorts. Just wear shorts, that’s all.

  23. Good one Mr Thorpe. The fat woman piggy back rider must have been the inspiration for the article. Reverse the roles and she’d have a problem pulling a rickshaw foot-taxi even if it were empty. She’d threaten heart attack and abuse if required to run period. Even a lightweight midget like Richard Simmons couldn’t ride aboard. He’d have to run behind the rickshaw and bark orders to steer clear of the burger joints.
    ***ROCKS and then SOUP***
    Ecologically fat people become excessive shit producers as well when they run, seldom performing any feat that taxes their untoned bodies. The sedate obese person dislodges a bit of impacted and layered feces within their intestinal walls when they have to break into a bone and cartiledge crunching sprint. Those bowels get jostled and the farts that smell like death begin followed by the clog jam and then the liquid shit. It’s like rocks and then the soup. In fact anyone who has let their diet slip and consumes high amounts of butt jam caseinated products like dairy has at one time or another experienced the ‘rocks followed by the soup’ shit session. The pressure builds up behind the solid matter until it projectile flies out. The ‘big one’ capps a myraid of gas and liquid propelling it thus clearing the obstruction.
    And most importantly – BURY YOUR SHIT!! Surprisingly DEUTERONOMY 2-23 describes the protocols for building an ancient LATRINE that meets the scientifically proven hygenic specs today. It instructs you to go to the ‘summit of the mount’ with a ‘spade’ and even specifies how deep to dig. Dig a ‘sulak’ or privy/latrine. WORD. Failure to do so and you cannot conquer the land or worse you’ll LOSE IT. So to the fat bitches – RUN THAT ASS and most importantly BURY YOUR SHIT!! If your bitch won’t do it then rub her nose in it – she’ll learn. Plus the long sweaty walk to the mount should loosten up her #1, her#2 and her #3 quite nicely amen.

  24. I was thinking about posting a picture of my 64 year old ass (and everything else) working out in the gym. I wonder if I can escape the ROK fat executioner. My BMI is quite high, but so is my age and my bench press.

  25. fatness like thinness is a natural thing that probably is partially genetic. just look at all the fat Venus figurines uncovered by archeologists. yes, archeological evidence indicates it is not just McDonald’s. it’s been around a long time. people evolved a propensity for fatness so that they could live off their fat and vitamins stored in their liver during “lean months” of the year. hitler valued athleticism too, but his plan to create a super race failed. people are not assembly line products. some people just aren’t athletic and never will be. people that are should be thankful for their health without being condescending and judgemental. healthy, athletic people are lucky, not better. what’s not criminal must be tolerated. you can eat a cookie; you can’t molest a child. I wish you’d care half as much about child molestation and abuse as you do whether or not their tortured meat matches your expectations.

    1. just look at all the fat Venus figurines uncovered by archeologists.

      You mean the Venus of Willendorf? That’s the fat one, and the one usually cited. However, that is only one and other figurines are no where near as obese. Just because one figurine is fat doesn’t mean everyone back then thought fat people were hot. Anecdotal fallacy.

      hitler valued athleticism too,

      Oh brother. Reductio ad Hitlerum.

      I wish you’d care half as much about child molestation and abuse as you do whether or not their tortured meat matches your expectations.

      How do you now the author doesn’t care about those things? Ad hominem and red herring.

    2. That’s a shitty excuse. Luck doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it.
      Get off your ass, get out of the house & be active. Simple.

      1. You neglect to understand a very important reality: that both God and the state has given us a free will/the freedom to do whatever we see fit as long as it’s not criminal. What I do and don’t do is not something I need to negotiate with you. If people don’t have the right to live their lives as they see fit, I guess that means overweight people are here to tell YOU what to do–not the other way around. Get over yourself. You’re just a man, and you’re nobody’s boss.

        1. It’s their heart attack……
          They are free to do what they want & become land whales. And I’m free to ignore them and tell them the truth when a fat chick hits on me thinking she can bag a good man looking like a lard ass because her value is artificially increased due to too many likes on her latest selfie on facebook.

        2. You neglect to understand a very important reality: that both God and the state has given us a free will/the freedom to do whatever we see fit as long as it’s not criminal.

          And neither does being fat make you above criticism. If you’re going to run up the debt in our healthcare system, which the rest of us have to burden, and pollute the planet with your larger carbon footprint, then don’t expect us to remain silent. Your freedom to do whatever you want as long as it’s “not criminal” doesn’t give you freedom from criticism.

    3. Tell me you made that up. Athletic people are lucky? They weren’t born way they are athletic because they worked out

    4. The Venus statues you speak of are pregnant women. That is why they appear fat. Worshipping fertility was common among Paleo cultures.

  26. p.s. I was raised in a pacifist home. not everyone has to be a soldier. that is not an obligation. what overweight young people need is training for a job they’ll be physically able to do. no, maybe not the military or climbing up telephone poles, but pushing a pencil across a desk, sure.

  27. another p.s. as a u.s. Citizen, I expect u.s. law to be upheld. there are 4 kinds of child abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect. calling a fat child a “worthless tub of shit” I would consider emotional abuse. you’re not their parent. so what? nobody would argue, you’re not their parent if you raped them. if you can’t not judge an innocent child, who are you not going to judge? just remember, you were warned.

    1. True, but isn’t being fat and letting your child get fat, neglect and in some ways, abuse? Outside of health concerns, there are many other negative impacts socially for obese children.

    1. What’s attractive about her? She could be attractive if she lost 50 pounds, but right now she is just another obese western woman.

    2. Yeah, we were saying she could up herself from a 5 to an 8(or higher) if that bitch lost some goddamn weight!

  28. Okay, this really is the stupidest thing I’ve read on RoK. Time to abandon this “Lift and learn game” cult. Adiós.

  29. Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet < i don’t think so…Fat People Are A Threat To The Planet…not unless we unite…which this website is obviously not trying to do. Alpha Male Concept …is one big sick fuck joke….lolz.

      1. im talking about uniting? but if you think it’s the best way…do it first i’ll follow your lead..especially if you are an “alpha male” ..promised…swear to God ill follow you..crossed my fingers pro…missed…hehehehe.

      1. I don’t follow orders from anyone especially an Alfie Nitwit that use testicles for thinking.

  30. Speaking of the negative impacts of consuming meat and dairy; am I the only one in the manosphere who is on a plant based diet?

  31. Gentlemen, here is one of ROK’s regular bloggers. He hates fat broads, but he refuses to hit the gym.

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