Are You Too Young For A Mail Order Bride?

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A lot of guys under thirty-five or so look at the girls on international dating sites and say, “Dear God! These girls are hot, but they are just gold diggers looking for some rich old guy.”  That type of thinking causes men under forty to miss out incredible opportunities to date some of the hottest women in the world.

So, let’s get two basic things straight

First, besides the legal necessity of needing to be over eighteen years old there is not an absolute rule about how young is too young for international dating.

Second, the concept that mail order brides are gold diggers is one of the most persistent misconceptions about international dating.

Mail order brides are no more likely to be scammers than women anywhere.  The women on international dating site are ordinary women who have the same hopes as ordinary women everywhere – finding a great man.

Heaven For Geeks!

geek guy in front of his laptop

Even this geek would could married in the Philippines.

No matter how attractive you are to the opposite sex, you are sexier overseas, but not every guy needs to try international dating.  If you are in your twenties or early thirties and reasonably successful with the opposite sex, there really is probably not a reason to consider a foreign bride.

International dating takes time and effort. Mail order brides really expect that you are interested in meeting them. Many of them have friends who married an older foreign guy because he was kinder and more passionate than local men.  So, don’t bother if you are not passionate about meeting extremely hot women.

The reason that serious Western men have such a great reputation is that they tend to be earnest, shy men looking for true love, and, yes, they do tend to have the financial resources to take care of the woman and any children in a more secure manner than a local guy.  So, money matters but not like most guys think.

Younger guys who do well in international dating are usually geeks with good jobs.  They often work in tech – sometimes at Google, Facebook, and some of the other companies that will ironically not allow mail order bride agencies to advertise.

Sometimes they work as accountants or analysts where they spend their days in the background.  Sometimes they work in family business where they are overshadowed by their parents or siblings.

Young farmers are another group that international dating works well for because there are not many single women in vast areas of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In recent years, a lot of young guys are veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else the U.S. military has decided to send them.  Often, mail order brides like veterans because they know that this is man who can protect them from physical harm if it comes to that.

International dating is an incredible opportunity for shy, sincere young guys who have the financial wherewithal to support a woman.  Amazingly, it is just that simple, but there are a few pitfalls for young men.

Dating Tips Younger Guys

Young men have a lot of advantages with mail order brides.

The core challenge for young men is that most mail order brides have had bad experiences with men their own age and signed up with an international dating agency because they decided they want the perceived benefits of dating an older man: stability, loyalty, honesty, and a sort of gentle seriousness.

So, the first thing a younger guy needs to do is to communicate that he is not a player, because a lot of women assume you are JUST a player.

John Adams, the CEO of A Foreign Affair, has organized over 500 tours to Europe, Asia, and Latin America said that perhaps ten percent of the men are under thirty-five and that they do great.

He explained that the, “ So when there is a younger guy on the tour that carry’s himself well… they get a lot of attention from the women, even to the point of overwhelming attention, and they do fine.”

But there are challenges for younger men.  John explained that, “Most of the women in the places we go view men their own age and not mature enough, loyal enough, or stable enough to really be serious.  This comes from their frame of reference and the men they know and deal with.”

So, here is a checklist for younger men to help them address those challenges…

1. Are you really serious about a long term committed relationship?

It is not hard to meet girls who are looking to have a good time in Kiev, Bangkok, or Bogota, but the majority of women on international dating sites are serious – very serious about finding a husband.

If that’s not your goal, let all of the women you meet know what you are looking for quickly. It will save you a lot of drama.

2. Are you financially stable?

Foreign women are particularly concerned about this and all of the international dating spots – Ukraine, Thailand, Colombia and so – attract a lot of wealthy men.

You do not have to be wealthy, but it is not fair to drag someone else into a life of poverty.  So, be honest with yourself and the women you meet.

3. Are you ready for the cultural challenges?

Again, this is an issue for every man in interesting in foreign women, but younger guys may not be quite as patient about some of these issues. The best approach is that when you argue with a woman assume that their might be a cultural issue you do not understand or perhaps miscommunication.

4. How patient are you?

This is huge.  A lot of young guys are in a hurry, but the one overwhelming character trait that a man needs to succeed in any relationship is a bit of patience.  This is doubly true when dating a beautiful foreign woman who speaks a language you do not understand.

Western men often have a great reputation for being extraordinarily patient, so if you are easily angered or seem unstable it will often really set off alarm bells for the women. 

5. Will you be able to deal with her family?

This is another issue where older men have a built in advantage.  In most of these countries her family will have a built-in set of assumptions about the foreign man.  You need to recognize it and rise to the occasion.

Particularly in Asia, this might lead to a point-blank discussion about how much money you can spare to support her family, because the tradition of paying a dowry is still strong in some areas. But most of the time you need to be able to show some confidence and leadership.  They want to know you are a real man.

A little swagger and a nice gift will usually get the point across. Don’t go too far and talk down to her family.  It is not an easy balancing act to be macho, outgoing, and respectful.

You would probably need to put on a similar show in any Western country, but you would understand the language and the cultural context better.


If you are a shy, young guy with decent income international dating is an amazing opportunity.  If you still don’t believe that, click here to visit International Love Scout and discover the truth about international dating. It might just change your life!

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61 thoughts on “Are You Too Young For A Mail Order Bride?”

    1. when these adds pop up say hey just go overseas and youll kill it. Well youre getting girls playing you to get into the country, youre getting a closet westerner.
      Just hit up rural areas in your own country and youll get better girls.
      Ive noticed it here and my city is considered a top 10 most feminist city in the west.
      Ghostofjefferson and roosh noticed the same in the midwest.
      sometimes the small town girl outside the city centre is better then the city girl asia or eastern europe

  1. I would say to other young guys as a young guy myself to concentrate on finding a decent young women near where you live to settle down with. There is a lot of talk on here about young women in western countries being too hypergamous to want anything other than a popular handsome chad but look around and you will see plenty of normal looking young men with very attractive young women. We must not forget that something like 30% of 18 year olds are still virgins so they have not all “been ruined” the key is to look for the more pleasant introverted girls, we all know that a girl who is extroverted can be bad news wherever you go whether it is America, France or Thailand.

    1. Oliver:
      Are you in USA?? 30% of 18-year-old women are virgins?? WHERE???
      Where did you get that stat from? I live in “middle America” and I am going on 36 years old, hardly ancient. Back when I was in high school in mid-1990s, you COULD find girls who were virgins and all that in places like Kentucky, southern Ohio, Tennessee, or even in my hometown back in central Florida. NOW… come on dude. 🙄
      I agree with you that more introverted girls from smaller towns are best. I also prefer girls who are more introverted and less cuntish/whorish. But these are HARD TO FIND. Very hard if you ask me.
      You are talking “settle down” as in marry/marriage?? If so, I would at you have gone insane. No matter where the woman is from, if SHE DECIDES to walk away from marriage, you will cough up rock-bottom MINIMUM 50% of everything you have before marriage and built-up during marriage + minbumum 50% of your retirement savings + years of alimony so she can live comfortably and fuck dudes on your dime + child support for 18-26 years, depending on what State you live in.
      That is my problem with a girl from Eastern Europe. I have actually considered this possibility, as I can easily live in foreign countries and learn another language if need be (although I prefer NOT to have to live abroad again, since I already “did my time” 6 years between Brazil, Argentina, and Sevilla and I am tired of living in shithole countries and having to learn more language – I already speak Portuguese and Spanish and my Italian ain’t bad). In any case…. my issue with considering marrying a foreign girl (say Ukraine or Belarus) is that she can fuck me over just as any woman rom America can in court.
      I am not sure about you guys, but I personally do NOT like people having power over me. Maybe I am just a rebellious buck by nature, but the thought of marring again (I am widower after 12 years and sucked losing my wife)… BUT allowing a WOMAN to rule over me with threats of divorce is as appealing as a colon-rectal exam. -_-
      Being successfully married is a lot of work. First you have to find a suitable woman and that is hard to do, really hard. It was already hard for a GenX-re like me, but if you are a Millenia… man, you are sooooo fucked. The women of your generation are far worse then mine, and I am talking leaps and bounds worse. But being married…. first, I had to hold frame, at all times. I had to balance being the man and the “give and take” that is necessary to make things work. As a husband you simply CANNOT be in control and in charge 24/7. You have to give the woman some leeway, to “meet her in the middle” at times. I hate theater, but I attended 1 play with wife and she would watch superhero movies with me when we were chilling out at home. She cooked and I did the dishes (we BOTH worked FT and I took classes x2 week). We took care of each other and we worked as a team, we had goals and we worked towards them.
      The Millenials simply do not have these “dating skills” we Gen X’ers developed dating in high school. Going to have ice cream with some girl and making out in the car. Sneaking around our parents. Coming over to my house and she helped me do chores. That kinda thing. Millenials barely have the conversation skills to keep up a chat more then 5 minutes in person. Maintaining a marriage for Millenials is like maintaining peace in Middle East. This is why most Millenials say a “successful marriage” is one that lasts 4 years but ends in divorce. 🙄
      If you mean “settle down” = living with some girl in a NON-common law marriage State, then do that. Better that then get fucked over a divorce.
      That my friends, is THE problem with importing an Eastern European girl to any Western country. I have dated a Polish girl in high school, and she was amazingly sweet and nice, great family, and all. But today, if I had to marry her to help fix her legal status in USA, I would NOT do it. The rick-benefit is just too skewed towards risk.
      I think many Ukrainians and Belarusian girls are stunningly pretty. But worth me losing at least 1/2 my shit + possibly my freedom (since lawyers routinely advise women to falsely accuse men of crimes the husband cannot defend himself from, just to get the husband’s pre-martial home in divorce settlement) is not worth it. No pussy is good enough for me to lose my shit. Not after I worked and attended classes at night for decades. Screw that.
      Marriage in 21st Century feminist shithole Western country = suicide. Don’t believe me, just go sit outside “hearing rooms” for Family Court for a few days and see the men go outside these Kangaroo courts.
      These men have no life left in their eyes, they are wounded animals, begging for a bullet. Trust me, veteran paralegal and 1st year Law student here talking. Once you see a man going through or recently divorced, you KNOW the look of misery and despair. That is like players who can easily spot the 1000 cock stare, I can easily spot the “divorced man” look when I see it.
      Do NOT get married – American or foreign woman. Period. How many times do we need to repeat this?!?!

      1. Well, your fears and whining about an imaginary future where you lose half your stuff could all be alleviated by a Pre-Nup. So, why worry and carry on so? Just see a good lawyer before you enter into a marriage or cohabitation or co-parenting thing.

        1. Eric:
          You simply do NOT understand what a “Prenup” is (Prenuptial Agreement). You are like many foolish men who believe a prenup is a “fix all” to marriage scams that lead to a divorce rape at the end.
          A Prenup is not what you think. You think after she signs this “magical document” before you marry, that suddenly, if she divorces you after cheating on your ass or becoming friends with a bunch of divorcees that encourage her to divorce you, she will go live in a cardboard box under a highway overpass. 🙄
          I have met SEVERAL guys who are foolishly getting married (even though they have MANY concerns already about marriage to being with and some even doubt before their wedding if it will last more then 5 years) by saying “I am smart, I got a prenup. Bitch steps outta line, she is gonna be thrown out on the street”.
          I just laugh. 😀
          To think that in a Feminist-controlled legal system that a woman would sign a paper and suddenly, she becomes a man’s subservient slave, unable to step out of line because she will be left “with nothing” is folly that I cannot even comprehend.
          I have to ask: do you REALLY believes a Prenup = woman divorces and walks away with nothing?? Or do you merely WANT TO BELIEVE this? I am NOT being sarcastic here. I am really asking.
          Let me know…

        2. Ps. Co-parenting agreements are almost never enforced. You REALLY need to see a lawyer in your State if you wanna do the child-with-an-LTR thing. I am actually considering the child with an LTR (never ever marry the woman) because I CAN survive the child support hell and basically cough up the cash and not let the bitch grab any of my property and assets. But these “co-parenting agreements” are simply dismissed all the time, because some left wing judge can say “this agreements is not in the best interests of the child(ren” and then make a decision however she pleases.
          Ps2. I can explain what a Prenup is and what it is not, but here is a little quick summary: even with a Prenup, she will get at least 50% of your POST-marital assets, if not more. The Prenup simply protects PRE-marital assets to a certain extent.
          It will depend on how hardcore she wants to be about it and how good her lawyer is and how left wing the Judge will be in your case (over 85% of Family court judges are admitted feminists or “socially conscious”, which is code for SJW/radical leftist). This has been widely published in ABA magazines and is now taught in any practical law schools, like Yale and DU.
          So…. In a divorce in just about any State, thanks to no-fault divorce laws, even with a Prenup, she will make out like a bandit.
          Prenup or not, she WILL get, guaranteed, included, but not limited to:
          *50% of that new house you bought AFTER marriage. You will notice she begins to complain a bout EVERYTHING about the house and push you to sell and move, soon after the wedding, because that new house will NOT be included on prenup and will be very hard to fight her on that;
          *50% of the appreciation in value of the house you had BEFORE marriage (which is listed on prenup);
          *50% of all deposits you made into that 401(k)/RothIRA during marriage;
          *50% of the appreciation in value of your retirement accounts; *50% of savings made during marriage (including but not limited to stocks, savings accounts, Annuities, etc);
          *___% of your PRE-tax to be determined by a leftist family Court judge of your income in Alimony income payments from you, which the Judge may or may not consider your Prenup limiting Alimony;
          *up to 50% of any inheritance you get from a relative;
          She can simply accuse you of sexually molesting the kids or being violent with her in Family Court and the judge will immediately issue an Order of Protection, a restraining order, or an Injunction and keep you OUT of your own house until divorce is final. If the woman is really hardcore and she has a good lawyer on her side, she will accuse you of violence and call cops and have you arrested. She does not need to be injured or cruised. The cops will arrest based on her WORDS alone (this is called the “Duluth Model, look it up). This almost guarantees she will get 100% of HER primary residence a/k/a/ the house listed on the Prenup.
          Also, Prenups CANNOT legally include an “exclusion to child support” or anything related to custody or visitation, etc. That will be determined by a Feminist judge later on based on what is “best for the child”, which means living with mother only and paying child support so she can buy Luis Vuitton purses whenever she desires. Legally, Prenups cannot include child support, which will be extremely high (about 31% of your PRE-tax income), if you have any kids with her. If you “act like a parent” to HER kid (child from prior marriage/known child is not yours), you are almost certain to be required to pay child support in almost all States now if you marry her and “Acts like a father”, which can be things like being together in photographs or taking kid to Disney on family trip (thus, making it inevitable, you will “act like father”). I heard that in Canada, it is now automatic for fools marrying single moms to pay child support for her pre-marital child(ren) during divorce.
          Basically a Prenup protects SOME of your pre-marital assets, some of pre-marital retirements and savings. Anything AFTER you marry is 50% hers, including appreciation in value during marriage of a pre-marital asset. Your house was worth $100k before marriage and a few years later it is worth $300k?? She has the right to 50% of appreciation of the house, in this case, 1/2 of $200k in appreciation, so she can get $100k form your house. Sounds like an awesome payoff in a divorce to me. I would sign that prenup if I was the woman.
          Bottom line: should you get a Prenup if you are hell-bent in getting married? YES. Will it protect you 100%? HELL NO. Is Prenup always enforced? NO. Can Family Court Judge dismiss Prenup completely on a whim and give her 50% of EVERYTHING by ruling the Prenup is “unconscionable” or “too one-sided”? YES, happens very often actually. Is getting a Prenup “better then not getting one at all”? YES (helps if trying to appeal and some other issues).
          I really feel bad for the misinformed… 🙁 But I do not feel bad for fools, ones who think they can get a Prenup and that is the save-all for them. It simply isn’t.
          I am so tired of the “I will get a Prenup” talk that I feel like I need to write a “Guide to Prenups” for RoK.

      2. I threaten my wife with divorce. Not the other way around. I’d kick the bitch outa my house if it was the other way.

      3. You dont lose half of your shit, you Fn dumbass.
        You part with only that which you accumulated since marrying. Or that part of 1/2 of your shit POST Wedding Vows.
        The other assets are easily put into Trust, irrevocable, if youre that paranoid.
        You can always forego the Marriage LICENSE and just have a Civil Priest ordained Marriage and cohabitate in sort of a Common Law fashion which buys you almost a decade if things take a turn.
        Dave Ramsey said divorce runs about 10% for Couples that agree on
        1. FAITH
        2. Money and Budgeting.

        1. RW:
          I do not usually respond to ad hominem attacks, but you have made points that are either uniformed or are so invested in continuing our species that you are willing to take the risks of a divorce rape. Either way, I want to say that I respect married men and fathers. I was married myself, I am widower now after 12 years and would still be married to her if I had my way and we would have kids by now. But not my choice….
          So you said “you do not lose half your shit”, you only half of what you accumulated during marriage” (if you get an ENFORCEABLE Prenup). That is EXACTLY what I said. 😀 LOL
          My example was you had a $100k house , fully paid for pre-marriage. You list that house and its value ($100k USD) into the Prenup. 5 years into marriage, she reads Eat Pray Love and feels that she is losing her life being married and raising kids, she is not happy, wants an Euro cock carrousel ride. She files, you have NO say at all, since all 50 States and DC are all no-fault divorce (hell, some are basically one-party divorce, where if you have no assets and make no claim to property, you basically “notify” the other party, judge enters final order of dissolution, and goodbye.).
          Ok, so now, 5 years into marriage. Your $100k house is not worth $300k! Great, right, you are chasing in $200k profit! You got a Prenup, so no worries, right? WELL… NO.
          Assuming the family law judge had a good lunch that day, is in a good mood, and decides to UPHOLD your enforceable Prenup, you will lose half there. The woman is entitled to 50% of $200k of appreciation in value. She gets $100k (1/2 appreciation in value) and you get $200k (original $100k in value protected by Prenup + 1/2 the appreciation in value).
          If the family law judge is a Feminist and odds are SHE is a Feminist since this is Family law, 50 years of Radical Western feminism in our country and all that. Ok…. so Judge Rosie O’Donnell hates all men and INVALIDATES your Prenup. Reason? She does not like men (and yes, she can say that and still be lawful to invalidate your Prenup). But Judge Rosie s smart, she does not want negative media attention, so she will say she is invalidating your prenup due to “on ground that it is violation of good public policy” or “unconscionable” or “improperly executed”. Whatever.
          Prenup is gone. So your 300k house is now only 100% for grabs, and if the woman plays hardball and have you arrested for “domestic violence”. You are forced out of YOUR home until divorce is over. Now the house is the wife’s “primary residence” and your “primary residence” is a ghetto 1-bedroom shithole apartment. See where this is going?
          But let’s say “best case scenario”: woman does not call cops, you get to live there peacefully during divorce process, but Judge Rosie O’Donnell simply kills your Prenup. She gets AT LEAST 50% of house. Why would she get more then 50%? Because she will argue the kids need to live there and if you sell house, she cannot get enough money (using her 50% of total value) to buy a new house. So judge will aware say 80% of value of house’s total value to the ex-wife/woman, since she now has custody of child. You would not want to sell to get 20%, because it would hurt your kid, so you waive that 20% you are being allowed to keep, so you can keep items your wife would take from you, just to hurt you. She got 100% of house.
          As for the Irrevocable Trust…. it CAN work, but only in some States. Here is why: in some States, left wing lawyer groups have wished up to this and have put Trusts as part of divorce. I know NJ is one of them, can anyone who practices in Jersey confirm or deny this??? Thanks! 🙂
          Other problem with Trusts is that property becomes locked into the Trust. How about if you need to sell? And move for a job? Who will be administrator and Trustee and all that? Costs will be high…. this is semi-doable, better then Prenup, but need see State laws.
          Which brings me to next issue: MOVING between States. Your Florida prenup terms may not be enforceable in Georgia or Kentucky. Then wife gets at least 1/2 your shit + alimony + child support.
          You suggest Civil Ceremony. In some States, that IS a lawful marriage. Colorado is one of these States. We have common law marriage, so extreme here, if you do not even live together, but you identify as “husband and wife”, that is a legal marriage if she can provide 2 or more witnesses.
          Common law cohabitation = WORST THEN MARRIAGE. This specially true if you like in a “Communal property State”, like Louisiana.
          The only “safe” cohabitation is NON-legally binding, one where a Lease agreement is executed before a Notary and you are legally roommates, basically. But varies from State to State.
          I like Dave Ramsey, but he is very extreme. No credit cards, ever for anything. Pay for kids college tuition… uh what the hell for? S they can become certified Marxist losers?
          Also, not sure if Dave Ramsey should be talking divorce and marriage issues. Modern women are fickle, narcissistic, and unstable. They are nothing like Ramsey’s Generation.
          Friend, I admire you for marrying in this degenerate country we live in. As I told you, I was married, best thing I ever did, but since becoming widowed, I have seen how much worse things have gotten in 12 years. I would love to get married again and have kids in a stable household, but the risk-benefit is too great. NO way I am going to disrespect my late wife’s sacrifices WE both made to build what I now have to allow some dumb broad to take half my shit. No fucking way.
          I want kids and grandkids, but sadly, I will have to do it with an LTR woman, she can live with me in a non-common law marriage, non-community property State, with executed roommate agreement. I can survive hellish child support payments if she decides to walk away, but no way she is taking ANY of my stuff. I refuse to be held hostage.
          Marriage, as a Christian institution, was never intended to be a threat situation or to make the husband a Hostage Negotiator, where wife holds all the cards and can use divorce threat as a weapon against me. Only the fools would accept this Beta-field position. Not for me, sir.

        2. CHRISTIAN
          You get an idea of why the white rednecks in the US interior and South are so fucked, actually.
          Redneck World sums it up.
          The US interior and South is an internal second world country because they are stupid.

    2. I have 3 daughters 19 years and twins 15 years old.
      Would be a great deal for me, if some romantic guys would marry them, but don’t do it never ever!!

      1. Youre a Fn pathetic man and dad.
        How any man does not wish for Grand children is beyond me.
        You spit on the right of your ancestors who warred for your birthright. I curse you and all that you stand for.

        1. You can do or think what you want.
          But after the education I think the old wish, that the children should have a better live turned in my generation into a bad idea.
          The new gereration suffers a life, that is too easy for them.
          Two of them divas, too much helicoptered by mom, one is ok.
          Grandchildren…yes, but I fear its no more my time in some important aspects.

      1. True. But Gen Y is too stupid to purchase a newspaper and read information vetted and confirmed. They believe any link they read.

        1. madman marz:
          The same newspapers that lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that went along with the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax, that shilled for Hillary Clinton, that usually supports every feminist lie…you mean those newspapers?
          I’d rather pretend a turtle can talk and get the news from him.

  2. “Men who live on farms”
    Few overseas brides want to live on a farm. They are usually from cities and want to move to cities. Nobody wants to immigrate to the United States to live in the middle of nowhere on a farm unless they are Norwegian immigrants in the 1880’s.

    1. If she already does not live in a farm, I doubt 95% of urban or suburban women in Eastern Europe would want to live on a farm. That is like asking someone from a small town in Alabama if they want to move to a large city like NYC in a foreign country (or vice-versa).
      The culture shock would be even worse if moving from a city to a farm in another country!!! Just think about it.
      Caveat: If she is urban girl, BUT she into horses (warning flag there), she might be willing to live in a farm. But most women will NOT want to move into a farm just as most American farmers would not want to move into a huge metropolis on another country.

    2. Agreed, The “Farm Fresh Women” are the least likely to show any interest in dating a foreigner and probably have little to no English skills.

    3. Most Eastern Europeans come FROM farms, you fool.
      Its all they know and all they do.
      You can always take her into the big city if you wish, preferrably the most diverse hood and remind her how good she has it on the farm.

  3. Fuck this article, it adds absolutely nothing to the manosphere. A bit of quality control wouldn’t go astray.

    1. Indeed! So many shitty Articles are getting published on here !! Pretty much irritating.

  4. “would could married”, “Dating Tips Younger Guys”, “carry’s himself”? Who the fuck proofreads this bilge? Roosh, you out there, buddy?

    1. No kidding. The quality of writing on this site is on par with click-bait news articles on Yahoo or MSN. I seriously wonder about the education/intelligence level of ROK writers, as few bother to proofread their own work to catch sloppy mistakes.
      ROK version:
      No kidding, The quality writing one this site is on par with click-bate news articles on yahoo or MSN. I seriously wondering about education/intelligence level of ROK writer, as few bother to proofread their own work catch sloppy mistake.

  5. So not only commit to a quickly ripening foreign slut, but improve her station in life exponentially(green card) while taking care of her?
    For shame.
    To add insult, you advise to start this young, in your best years.
    Well, thanks anyway, but a week’s holiday “dating” these 3rd world “queens” would do more for a young buck than a foreign divorce rape.

    1. Tracy:
      Actually, the Family Law (divorce) courts in USA will make you pay insanely higher Alimony in a divorce BECAUSE you improved a woman’s life and standard of living so much! This is what is so damn insane. You get some impoverished girl from EE or SEA out of a shithole lifestyle. She now lives in a nice upper-middle class suburb, drives your nice car, etc. She has now “become accustomed” to a higher standard of living.
      “Become accustomed” = has become used to a much higher standard of living. This means your woman is now EXPECTED to have this type of financial security and comfortable life forever…. Oh so you got cancer or lost your medical license or whatever? Oh job market collapsed and you are out of work? “Well fuck that”, says the Family Court Judge.
      The Judge simply assumes the wife’s newly “accustomed” standard of living is now “her new normal”. You, the man, is “expected to” earn X number per month and pay her Y in Alimony to maintain her standard of living while she fucks every Moe, Dick, and Harry… OR JAIL.
      This happens all the time in Family Court. Dude is a lawyer or anesthesiologist and makes a ton of cash in his job for most of the time of the marriage and the courts “assume that income or higher” when calculating child support and Alimony. (I am mentioning ‘anesthesiologist’ specifically, as I worked in such a case 3 years ago). The wife in my Anesthesiologist case decided to falsely accuse the dude of RAPING HER CHILD in Family Court, thinking this would only stay in Family Court and she would get a Restraining Order to keep dude out of his house and she would get house in divorce.
      Well, the family court Judge freaked out, called CPS (Child Protective Services) and the court deputies arrested husband, send case to DA for prosecution, and CPS took child away from wife right away. The husband got his Medical License suspended and could not get it re-instated until case was resolved (whole criminal case took 14 months to resolve).
      Well, once CPS was involved, the criminal situation began. The husband was now unemployed with $0 income, the wife confessed to family court Judge the truth. Judge scolded wife verbally (but no sanctions, no jail time for lying to Court), but it was out of Judge’s hands at that point.
      In Florida where this shitstorm happened, once a crime is MENTIONED, the State is the victim of said crime, so CPS came in and DA pressed 2nd degree felony charges based on a single-statement by wife. This guy was looking at minimum 15 years prison (that is mandatory since child “victim” was under 12), but could have been as high as 30 under Florida’s setencing guidelines, because the charge was not only an F2, it was L10 (meaning, he qualify for the max under a 2nd degree felony situation (30 years), because the child was “relative or child under his or her care”, so it was Level 10 in sentencing guidelines). The DA offered our client a “good deal” of 9 years prison and sex offender registration for life many times… for a clearly innocent man. But this is how insane the whole court system can be. 😡
      While criminal case was going, the Family Court Judge later entered a “Final Order for Dissolution of Marriage” (“finalized” divorce) and ordered husband to pay child support of $4,600/month + $1,400/month (a cool, even-$6 grand for wife to spend, TAX FREE for her). By the way, this was LOW considering he made close to $200k a year at one point. But the Judge was “not “happy with wife”, so she got “punished her” with $6 thousand Dollars a month + tons of the guy’s stuff. 🙄
      Trouble is, when the Judge entered final order (divorce), the husband was UNEMPLOYED, waiting to have these grave, yet-false criminal charges dropped or dismissed. Do you think Judge gave 2-fucks about the husband being unemployed due to a LIE??? Nah!
      Judge just “assumed” the income husband SHOULD make each month. It is like the Kolkhoz farm system during Soviet Union. The Soviets set “quota” for each farm to produce. If you have a drought and no crops that year or lower then “minimum” crops that season, you get deported to Siberia to die in a Gulag.
      In America, they just send the man to jail…. indefinitely if need be, until MAN can pay the cash. being jailed without bond REALLY HELPS an unemployed man pay child support, of course. 🙄 This is like Debtor’s Jail, like in ancient times. 😡
      Oh yeah…. if Family Court Judge thinks a construction worker should make $100k a year but he only makes $25k year (proven with W-2s), well that is too fucking bad. All child support and alimony will be calculated out of $100k, not $25k. Can’t pay? No problem… just go to jail.
      Here are a couple of examples, but this happens all the time, even to rich and famous:
      Bottom line: once my Anesthesiologist client got his medical license back and CPS closed investigation and charges were eventually dropped, dude went back to pulling like $190k a year. Is this a “happy ending”??? I do not think so….. His life was in turmoil for over 1 year, facing over a decade in prison based on a lie…. Lost massive amounts of income, now has to fund his whore ex- lifestyle with $6k a month… and oh yeah and he had to pay almost 1 year’s worth of Child Support and Alimony in arrears with 6% interest (all past Alimony and Child support to the lying wife).
      The dude told me a few months afterwards that if they passed a law forcing all en to marry, he would either escape the country or commit suicide. he will never do it again no matter what.
      You help raise your single mom’s wife’s kid, you “act like a father” and that kid becomes eligible for child support from you. You make a woman’s life better and more comfortable, she becomes ENTITLED to that new standard of living on YOUR dime, even after a divorce.
      Take this for what it is worth. *shrug*

      1. Depending on ones state of residence.
        In mine of the Midwest, alimony doesnt exist until 10 years of marriage.
        Child support is another matter, Shared arrangement is preferred because it alleviates any child sup=port.
        You really should know the facts before spouting.

      2. Bullchit.
        I went to my very own child support proceeding.
        I brought in my own W-2s.
        I also brought in purposefully low paychecks as I was on commission but postponed a few large sales.
        Judge granted lowered amount based not on annual but on paystubs. Didnt even average them.
        You can always petition the court for lowered amount as well.
        You are a Fn idiot who has no idea from which orifice you speak from.

  6. You should only marry a woman from a country where divorce is very low and frowned upon. American women are the worst in the world at marriage. If you wish to marry, have a family and be a patriarch… do not marry an American woman. They are no more than an alimentary canal with an insatiable need for validation at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

    1. But Knuckledragger, that is the fundamental problem with your argument. Even if she is from a country where divorce is very low and is frowned upon as you say, at some point, she will be here in America, Green Card in hand a few months later, and with marriage certificate in hand.
      In HER country, where she NO LONGER LIVES AT (and is not under its social pressures anymore), divorced is frowned upon. Once she is here, the tables are turned in a way that SHE has everything to gain by divorcing you. Her family will NOT “frown upon her” once she goes back home with 1/2 the value of your house + monthly Alimony deposited into her bank account, which she will spend using a VISA card there.
      She will make her family’s life much better and richer by divorce-raping your ass and taking the Dollars back to her country, then by staying married to you. That is the core failure of your argument. 🙁
      Let’s say for the sake of this discussion that OK< she is from a country where female-initiated divorce does not exist under law (say Saudi Arabia). Here, in America, we have a “divorce lobby”, a well-oiled, well-funded machinery in full gear, courtesy of Feminist groups and Divorce Lawyers Associations. They spend around $1 BILLION in a variety of lobbying, making large campaign contributions (PACs, etc), packing the Family Law courts with favorable judges, developing militaristic child-support enforcement systems, lobbying State Legislators, sponsoring searches for “how to file divorce?” and “how to know a marriage is over”, etc. And of course, by sponsoring articles everywhere (MSN, feminist websites, Elle magazine, Yahoo, and all sorts of girly “relationship advice” websites out there etc) ENCOURAGING divorce. Then you have the US media, music, movies, TV sit-coms, etc… all cheering and promoting divorce.
      In America, divorce is all over the news and evrywhere you go! Take look at these stupid “US Weekly” or “In Touch” crap magazines at checkout lines next time you are at Publix or Safeway or Walmart. It is all “This [named celebrity] divorce shocking details”. Divorce-promotion is OUR a core part of American culture!
      Unless your foreign woman will be locked in a basement 24/7, she WILL eventually meet tons of divorcees women and make friends with some. She will get on SpyBook (FaceBook) and will start seeing other nationals of her country divorcing and smiling about it online. She will start getting curious about these In Touch magazines trumpeting celebrity divorce. She will see Vanity Fair covers with “how to crush your man in a divorce” headlines. She will watch TV and see insane TV shows promoting and celebrating divorce.
      Maybe she will not divorce you because of that, but it will not be long until she realizes divorce for women is easy, painless, and highly beneficial. Will that trigger her to file?? Who knows, but her culture will have ZERO BEARING on her decision to divorce rape you at later date or not, once she is in America long enough. Oh and if she is Russian, Russian social media is filled with advice on how to divorce-rape stupid American men, they have divorce lawyers in every State that speak Russian and will teach her how to inflict maximum PAIN on you and ruin your life if you do not give the bitch everything she wants and more. Russian women are vicious, and I would stick to Ukrainian if you like the Russian look and want to reduce the viciousness of the woman (research “Golden Poverty” in Russia, it will give you some insight into this issue).
      One thing we do agree on: do NOT marry an American woman (do NOT marry a damn Brazilian woman either, for Christ’s sake, they are horrific girlfriends, even worse wives!), unless she is from small town America and extremely Conservative. Otherwise, it is almost certain divorce-rape.
      But to think your foreign woman will not eventually become aware and become exposed to the American Divorce Industrial Complex (in time) is just insane. If she learns how easy (and incredibly beneficial) it is for women to divorce-rape men in America… and you start to lose frame and forget to run Dread Game on her occasionally…. and she decides she wants to go back hoe with tons of cash to help her family…. THEN bend over bro, ’cause that divorce-rape will hurt you more than a prison-grade ass-rape. 🙁
      Just sayin.

      1. Divorce is less than 10% for couples that agree on Faith and Money budgeting says Dave Ramsey who has counseled 1000s of people in 30 years.
        Youre a chicken little mgtow fag

    2. “They are no more than an alimentary canal with an insatiable need for validation at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”
      @Knuckle, Excellent! and 100% agreed with what you said. But this applies to majority of pussies on this Planet !!

  7. I wholeheartedly endorse fucking international women whenever you travel, and using the so-called “dating sites” can be helpful depending on your destination. However, actually wanting to date, or god forbid, marry these women is preposterous and absolutely retarded. WHY???? What is the logic or reasoning — access to pussy??? Why not simply BUY the sex (and maybe dinner and drinks too) from international women and be able to sample a nice variety without “risking the farm” or getting psychologically raped? Never buy a cow to get a glass a milk.

    1. Allister,
      Never needed to use a dating site, from the moment I left the white world I’ve been surrounded by women looking to fuck me (and get paid). You other guys all need to learn to leave your ‘safe places’ get out of the west and explore the rest of pussy world.

      1. Agreed. I’m now in South America and life is significantly better, as is my “gender relations.” As it turns out, there is a relatively high-class brothel run out of an apartment building about 75 yards to the south of my building. In about an hour, I’ll be balls deep in a 24-year old cutie for $40 USD (all in). It’s my first time at this stable, but a 2-minute walk beats a 20-minute cab ride to downtown anytime… Could turn out to be my new hangout!

        1. Allister, you definitely do NOT live in Brazil, then! 🙂 Gender Wars and FemiNazism in Brazil is hell.

        2. John:
          I had my “Asian Fettish” period back in high school, and my fettish mainly Japanese, Korean, and Thai girls only. Today I just find them a bit boring after a while. I have heard the complainn about Asian girls getting men bored very quickly. Not sure if that is your experience too or not…?
          In Brazil, they have mixed Brazilian-Japanesee girls (known as “Sansei” or “Nissei” girls) and they had Japanese hair and face and Brazilian body. I was llucky to have met and I nailed a BR-Jap girl before here in orlando (a/k/a “Mini Brazil). Sadly, when I lived in BR for 4 years, mixed Japn-BR girls were rare in Rio de Janeiro, but much more common in Sao Paulo and as a teen, I had no way to get to Sao Paulo back then). Sexually-speaking, it was extraordinary!!!!
          Problem with pure Asian girls (and I mean SEA girls) is they are boring and plain after a while. 🙁 That is my issue.
          And do we NEED to pay in SEA for lays or can we staright game them and sprinkle some cash and gifts around it?
          And do the “yellow cab” girls out there just approach foreign dudes on street and openly offer booty for cash openly or is it more “subtle”?? 🙂
          Very curious now… lol

        3. JOHN
          I would not say this is the case in Asia. There are many Lesbians, known as “Toms”.
          The reality COULD be that blacks are mor masculine than whites and white women simply prefer to be fucked by them because they are more muscular on average and more ruthless. Same with Muslims in UK. White women might admire their rough fearless masculinity.
          At any rate a country where women HAD to fuck to live would be a shithole of such horror I would not want to live there.

        4. ChrisCool,
          ‘And do the “yellow cab” girls out there just approach foreign dudes on street and openly offer booty for cash openly or is it more “subtle”?? ‘
          In Vietnam they approach you A LOT, was hit on in the park, was hit on in the restaurant, one or two offers a day.
          In Thailand hardly ever, except in bars.
          In Philippines, yeah they hit on you a bit.
          But Saigon in Vietnam, I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere, ever. They made me feel dirty.

        5. RW,
          HPV is a disease that only harms women, decreased fertility, sometimes cervical cancer. You need to learn a bit more about STDs before posting your ignorance on public forums.

        6. RW
          If I do it is because I actually get sex. You jerk off to porn-made by Jews exploiting white cracker girls like Stormy Daniels that sprout like toads in the US South because you poor whites down there are too stupid to run a decent economy.

    1. RP:
      No reason to get married EVER in a country where the divorce and child-custody laws are so fucking misandrist and blatantly anti-male. Unless you are importing a foreign woman (and taking all the risks, even if with a prenup) OR you are marrying a woman who is insanely richer then you, it is a loser’s bet to get married in USA, Canada, Brazil, Western Europe, or Australia/NZ.
      The entire Anglosphere is divorce hell for men, the laws, courts, and police here are set to imprison, hurt, and disenfranchise men. Only the dumbest (or incredibly religious) of us men marry in America today. It is the worst deal EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ChristianCool is right…. Brazil aint the paradise that the movies or the reports you get about here from the American Mainstream Media tell you. if anything Cultural Marxism might be worse here than in the US, due to our College Educators worshiping Marxism and Communism.
        I even made a post joking about it if you wanna check it out its called “How to Fake your way into the pants of Hot Communist Girls in Latin America”.
        The state of our Colleges is awful Cultural Marxism simply destroyed Brazilian Education. We got too many laws made with the purpose of screwing men.

        1. Howard… didn’t you write an RoK article about Brazil too recently? It was Red Pill heaven for RoK guys still thinking about going to BR now.
          I served 4 years in Brazil while my dad was working for US Consulate in Rio. “Served” as in a prison term, because when I lived there in 1990s, the country was almost at civil war levels of violence. I wnated to leave all the time, come back to the USA, but I had no one to live here in US at the time. Riots, arrastao descendo da favela, grenades in buses… it was hell.
          The cool thing is Brazil WAS great for American MEN. I was teenager and I made out (“ficar”) with a lot of Brazilian girls. Americans had coolness factor, so was awesome BACK THEN. 🙂 I lived in “Zona Sul” do Rio, so was great place, but it was insanely dangerous back then. But at school and in y “condominio fechado” (closed gated neighborhood), I never had to work hard to get girls. 😀
          NOW??? Brazil is a Feminist Marxisat Totalitarian country. Brazil had 8 years of hard left Socialism under Lula and 5 years under retired Communist Guerilla, Presidenta Dilma. These peop;le re-did the whole country’s courts, laws, education, and cultural mindset. Brazil has become a left-wing hell. It is radical FemiNazism codified into law. Anti-Americanism is standard. Laws like “Lei Maria Da Penha” and the insane misandry of “Delegacia de Mulheres” (women’s police station, created to falsely imprison men for fake-rape, if they cannot pay the cops hefty bribes) are normal in Brazil. At least Prostitution in Brazil is legal and that is actually safer and a much cheaper deal then some local feminist entitled bitch you will meet there these days.
          Brazil is a shithole now. I would not even date a Brazilian woman today (fuck only, but with cameras because of the prevent mentality of false rape accusations being so common in Brazil today). There are tons of Brazilian women here in my hometown of Orlando, you can pump ‘n dump some Brasileiras by dangling a Green Card in front of them (they are overwhelmingly here ILLEGALLY and desperate need to marry, their only way to legal status and ability to travel back and forth from Brazil)….
          The easiest way to meet them is to learn a few Portuguese words, dress well, and come out to the International Drive or Kirkman areas of Orlando. The Brazilians basically own the whole place. The Game style in USA is different then in Brazil. The Brasileiras expect American men to be cultured gentleman. The women consider dating an American guy to be “status”, so try some sort of relationship promise strategy. The game is “nice guy offering Green Card game”… then pound them real good if you want. Brazilian girls can take a pounding real well. Make her into your bowling ball too, no holes barred (trust me on this one, I know Brazilian women very VERY well). 😀
          But going to Brazil for women, it is a waste of time and dangerous as hell for men. If you are desperate for a taste of Brazilian booty, come to Orlando or North Miami. We have a limitless supply of these girls and overall appearance of the girls has improved a lot, since the entire Brazilian middle class fled Brazil and moved here. Their need for Green Card is the same, so exploit this to your benefit. 😉
          My .2 cents.

    2. Unless you want to die alone, miserable. Sort of a male version of a cat lady.
      I see them in Nursing homes sometimes. Thats your life, you selfish, nacissistic prick.

    I heard some horror stories.
    Overall, the barrios of the US beggar the question of why you would want to move to a barrio on steroids.

  9. I’m 38 years old. tried this “solution” on a Ukrainian/Russian website for French and Canadian people. It costs 250€ to subscribe, they coach you a little bit (photos, profil..) and help you with translation from Russian to French : didn’t need this though for two reasons :
    1- I speak Russian
    2- No girl responded.
    Actually, I gave up after almost 13 girls refused.. and make no mistake here : I wasn’t chasing “hot young babes”, the girls that every guy have in mind when he thinks of “foreign bride”. I read carefully their profil and picked the conservative ones, with family and conservative values.. the younger was 25, the oldest 33. none of them matched.
    I’m a 38 yo software engineer, 6″1 I’ve always been in good shape, speak 5 langages and living in Paris. I’m “brown” though, not French citizen, I moved here for several reasons, including not being able to connect with people of my home land : basically crap and “joy” culture beside their unability to mind their own fucking business. I like the sober side of the European culture and the normal joy of Bach music.
    I’m not sure that my background or look is a handicap, since I dated many girls in France (they were 100% foreigners, French girls are into the white effeminate hipster)
    Anyway. What I understood from the feedback of the guy in charge of this website, other “brown” candidates had success: example, a small balding 55 yo arab guy had ‘lot of success” with young hot babes (actually he had the opposite problem : lot of choice).. and yeah, it was pretty much cause he label himself as a “business man”.
    The good point of this “bride business” is it destroys the age gap that you can have in western world. Ukrainian girls don’t give a shit about age if you have cash. they don’t care also about the academic background / culture, neither the source of this wealth (the guy I talked about is the owner of many laundry service, which is quite incompatible with dating a young French lawyer for example).
    if you are a middle class guy with decent quality of life, unless you’re very good looking (syndrom of “prince charmant”), you’ll score nothing, or very low quality; simply because those girls aren’t the ones you’ll meet in Kiev or Odessa in your daily life there : they are different, they’ve become picky, cause they have a lot of choice and male attention from those bride agencies.
    a simple proof : one of the “normal looking” girls that I tried to connect with was in the website since 2016.. and she’s over 26. yet she declined. they’re not in a rush to get married like a normal Ukrainian girl.
    I was really serious about all this bride thing, I thought it was my “exit ticket” from all this dating crap scene in the west. I thought : first meeting in July, next inviting her in September to Paris, then I’m done by 2019. she’ll move here (no need for Visa to France), travels, fun, family life, may be a kid or two.. then I’ll focus my energy on other stuff or projects in my life.. I was probably naive to think that culture and traditions can slow down this hypergamy tsunami.
    guys, I’m 100% sure it’s easier and safer marrying a Slavianka than any western women (or worse : a French one), but if you want a good quality girl you must be a high quality guy. Ain’t no shortcut to high value. Only exception though (for obvious marketing reasons, this exception is the most used as success testimony..) : if you accept to marry a divorced women who already has one or two kids.. which mean connecting on emotional level with kids that aren’t yours and probably never know why this woman married you. This is another story.

  10. A female judge who says she hates men and cancels a prenuptial contract would NOT get negative media coverage- she’d be hailed as a “strong, assertive womyn in a male-dominated field.”
    If you are a man, especially a white heterosexual man, always assume divorce and family court is against you. Because it is.

  11. How about french women? I find them incredibly fuckable, i dont know why…then i was watchin live cam on internet and french women have the best pusssies, design wise, shape etc…anyone agrees?
    Are they easy to bang in france? Are they demanding, bitchy?..hardly anyone brags about success with frensh women

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