How To Increase Your Sexual Prospects Before Even Using Game

Crash ‘n Burn

The other morning I went through my typical routine of getting ready for my workout.  I stretch out, down a bottle of water and a cup of black coffee and hit the road for my 5 minute trek to my complex’s weight room.  The weight room attendant is the typical try-hard blue pill beta.  His clean shaven face, shoulder length hair pulled back in a greasy wannabe pony tail to show his “bad-assness”, and his ever present protein shake makes me chuckle every time I see him.  

The first thing I noticed about this dude when I first met him was his horrific breath.  Morning breath is one thing but this guy’s chronic halitosis was of the worst variety and was a tell tale sign his chompers hadn’t been intimate with a toothbrush in quite sometime.  With Limp Bizkit blaring over the sound system (his choice), I put in my ear buds to attempt to drown out the residual “fuck you’s” spewing from the speakers and start warming up for my squats when a solid 8 whom I’d never seen there before walks in to sign her name.  Billy Bad Ass immediately springs into action and starts running terrible game.  I didn’t hear the interaction but it was obvious she wasn’t interested.  After a pathetic attempt to have a conversation with her (he tried to corner her while she was on the elliptical machine), she finally packed up and left.  I doubt she’ll be back.  

A little while later another guy walks in gives the attendant some sort of cheesy secret handshake and starts a conversation.  They’re friends. On my way out I overhear one of them ask “Why are bitches so fucking rude?”  Clearly they’d been discussing Don Juan’s crash-and-burn with the hottie earlier.  I’ve seen this more times than I’d like to admit and that last one was the last straw for me.

The Ugly Truth

Men neglect the basics in terms of what it takes to resemble and act like a man—the very prerequisite of attracting the opposite sex. And these men wonder aloud about “what’s wrong with women” or “why are girls so hard to approach” or “why are they so complicated” on a daily basis.  Men here know that the answers to these questions are vast and that solving the poonani paradigm takes time and work. But if a man doesn’t master the basics, he will never come close to finding the resolutions he needs.

First off, let me be crystal clear:  game is necessary to consistently bed high value (read: hot) women without getting taken to the cleaners in some way, shape, or form.  Granted, there are plenty of men with zero game who enjoy the company of beautiful girls.  Rich men have harems, high-status men have romp rosters, and good looking men have good looking girls at their beck and call.  But the trick is to fuck them on the regular without allowing them to take their pound of flesh before, during, or after the sex fest is over.  That’s game.

There are, however, a few ways for men new to game to get a head start with the ladies whilst honing their skills in the Venusian Arts.  I’m not going to promise you that making these simple, yet effective changes will instantly cause women to throw their panties at you, but you will certainly start to notice a few more glimpses from the fairer sex. Now most of these changes will seem blatantly obvious at first glance.  The reason for this is that they’ve been drilled into our heads since we were yay high.

Granted, the majority of us exercise one or two of these routines every so often but precious few men use all of them persistently and this is where we fall short.  The fact is, these changes can easily be made within 24 hours, but it’s important to understand that most of these modifications are habits.   For these strategies to work, they need to be executed faithfully and maintained regularly—a small price to pay to increase your potential pussy pool.

Dress Better All The Time

The older I get the more I notice that a lot of men don’t put enough time into their wardrobe on a consistent basis.  It frustrates me to no end when I see dudes at 7-Eleven looking like vagabonds because they threw on anything they could get their hands on for the short trip to grab a pack of cigarettes.  What these guys don’t realize is that their bad choice in threads, even for a short time, is costing them opportunities.

Your choice in dress conveys a lot about who you are as a person. It gives people a pretty good idea about how to treat and address you, and more importantly, what your value might be.  Hobos are generally treated with pity because they’re dressed pitifully. Men in suits are treated better because their wardrobe choice commands more respect.  Simple concept.  The importance of what you choose to wear is magnified tenfold when dealing with women because they instantly assign value to most everyone they see based solely on their clothing.  Much like men assign value to women based mainly on their physical beauty.

Everyone’s style is different but there are a few universal rules when it comes to attire.  On that note, I would highly recommend checking out Virgile Kent’s blog for an in depth perspective on all things related to the male wardrobe.  This dude knows his shit as far as style is concerned so I visit his site at least once a week for tidbits on tightening up my vestment game.  And for those of you who might think he’s like the typical homosexual-esque “fashionista” on Lifetime, Oxygen, or any number of gurrrl power channels, I can assure you he’s far from that.  VK is the foremost expert on picking the right threads to make you look like a man and will point you in the right direction in every aspect of dress from head to toe.


VK will also advise you to make sure you’re looking good all the time and I concur 100%.  Nobody’s suggesting you put on a three piece suit for a quick trip around the corner for a bottle of water.  But a wrinkled t-shirt and dirty jeans will most assuredly repel that ample assed yoga pants stretching brunette ahead of you in the checkout line.  Taking a little extra time to wear clothing that accentuates your masculinity and confidence might just coax her to turn around and ask you if you’ve ever tried the organic spinach she’s buying as an excuse to strike up conversation.

Mind Your Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is paramount when it comes to women.  It is often the difference between getting an opportunity to spit game at her and getting dismissed altogether.  The three most important aspects of your daily hygiene regimen are oral care, the hair on your head and face, and the way you smell.


You can have everything going for you but if you approach a woman and your breath smells like hot garbage, you’re out.  Period.  Nobody should have to tell you to brush, floss twice a day, and tongue scrape at this point in your life but, again, this is something I find a lot of people, men and women alike, neglecting.  Minty fresh breath is your goal so start paying attention to oral care and you’ll notice you’re more confident with women—especially in close quarters (like the checkout line) where it counts.


Changing your hair style these days is as easy as walking into a salon or barber shop.  Look online, or through magazines to find a style that you’re comfortable with and fits your facial profile and change it up.  Anything but the boring shit you’ve been sporting on your dome for the last 5+ years.  Hell, maybe even take a razor and go with the bald look.  Whatever your choice make sure it’s masculine and appealing to the eye.  Trust me when I tell you that the women you see on a daily basis will definitely notice and respond.

Facial hair is extremely crucial and probably the most important change you can make to entice the opposite sex. The reason for this is that it represents raw masculinity to the core.  Women overwhelmingly respond much more favorably to a man with facial hair than a man who is clean shaven because they want to be ravaged by a man who exudes a ruggedness.  I could go on about the many studies that prove this (Google it) but I’m basing this purely on anecdotal experience and field reports from fellow red pillers.  So grow a beard, a gotee, an anchor—anything to avoid having a baby face like the typical office beta.  Do not forget to maintain your look.  It takes work but nothing looks worse than an unkempt gotee.  The bottom line here is that facial hair quite literally makes the man.



Few men understand the importance of the way they smell in regards to attracting the opposite sex.  The bulk of us either pay no attention to it, or worse, bathe ourselves in cologne.  The solution to this is simple.  Find a body spray or cologne with a clean, light scent that doesn’t overpower and give yourself a few sprtiz’s on the neck, arms, and chest before heading out.   If a woman thinks you smell good, she will tell you.

Paying close attention to your hygiene on a daily basis will swing the odds in your favor when it comes to attracting women.  I’m not suggesting you become a pretty boy who checks himself out in mirrors all the time.  But brushing your teeth when they feel “furry” after a day or two or breaking out the razor when your beard starts looking sloppy isn’t gonna cut it either.  Making damn sure your hygiene game is rock solid all the time is the key.  Girls are much more likely to converse with a man who has carefully manicured facial hair, fresh breath, and a clean, masculine scent emanating from his person than an average baby faced schlub with greasy cookie cutter hair, bad breath, and no discernible scent because he’s too lazy to implement good habits.

Be genuinely unique

A lot of people tend to do the same things to stand out or be different (hipsters and “emo” people come to mind) so avoiding what everybody else does to attract attention will automatically set yourself apart from a lot of those people.  Unapologetically doing the things you like to do will separate you from most.  Finding unique ways to express yourself during everyday tasks without the appearance of trying too hard is what will capture the imagination of women.


For example, I’m a smoker.  So are a lot of other people.  To stand out from the typical cancer stick inhaling crowd, I roll my own cigarettes with black cigarette papers. I also invested in a carbon fiber butane lighter and bought a cool cigarette case with a black matte finish with my initials engraved on it.  When girls see me light my black cigarette with a blue flame coming from a slick looking lighter it piques their interest.

Somehow they always manage to find themselves near me asking what kind of cigarettes they are, telling me they’re cool looking, or asking for one which gives me an excuse to flash my cigarette case (they sometimes ask me what the initials stand for—I make ‘em guess and never tell them).  This gives me the crack in the door I need to run game as striking up conversation at that point is child’s play.  I’ve gotten more than my fair share of lays from conversations started in the smoking area and all I did was spend a little coin on a few things to help separate myself from the herd.

Girls are drawn to a man who marches to the beat of a different drummer, not some chuckleheaded drone who goes with the flow.  It’s important not to come off as a “peacock” as some PUA sites would advise you to do. Women see right through this ruse and will flat out ignore you and have a good laugh about it with their friends later.  By the same token don’t be afraid to push the boundaries either.  Put your balls on the line and see what happens.

Taking some time to explore your interests and devising different ways to carry out monotonous daily activities in an uncommon manner is a sure fire way to get the female hamster wheel spinning in overdrive wondering just what the hell it is about you that has her panties moistening.

Get a forearm tattoo

While tattoos on chicks are generally trashy and a pretty good sign she’s a slut, they have a great effect on the way a woman perceives a man in a sexual context.   Tattoos are edgy and masculine because they convey excitement and rebellion—chick crack.  More 9s and 10s are banging guys rocking skin art than ones that aren’t.  And the ones that aren’t definitely want to.  I’m not suggesting you run out get sleeves just yet but a well placed tattoo instantaneously puts you into another class of male as far as sexual hierarchy goes.


Getting a forearm tattoo allows you to show your new found edginess without much effort.  Just wear a short sleeved shirt or a collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up and you’ll immediately project that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that girls eat up.  Being able to easily cover it up when necessary is what makes the forearm the best place for your new tat as you can conveniently go from rebel to businessman in a few short seconds.

Whatever you choose to ink into your skin, stay away from mainstream tattoos like tribal armbands that every meat head out there has.  Be original but remember, this tattoo is for you so make sure it means and projects something significant to you.  Female attention is merely a side effect of this decision so the air of subtle rebellion is the key here.  Stoking the flames of her curiosity enough to ask you about it is what you’re going for and as soon as she does, Game on.

Take away

As stated before, a couple of these are pretty obvious and putting them into practice will up your SMV in the blink of an eye.  Yes, you’ll have to learn game to supplement it but you have to crawl before you can walk and making these changes will help ease you into getting used to getting attention from attractive females on a regular basis.  Nobody goes from beta to Cassanova in a day but this will help you take a gigantic first step in the right direction.

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271 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Sexual Prospects Before Even Using Game”

  1. I’m sorry, but the forearm tattoo recommendation is horrible. It won’t make you edgy or unique. Matter fact, you’re following the crowd just to look cool and that’s horrible advice for self-improvement when it does nothing to improve you.

    1. Was gonna say the same thing. Tattoos have become so common that pretty soon a clean slate will be the new ‘I don’t give a fuck’ statement.

        1. As a joke? Sure. Why not?
          Otherwise, a temporary tattoo strikes me as maxing out on the Tryhard Poser Scale.

        2. Get a bunch of gamers together, and A/B it. Seems like there’s disagreement on this site about whether forearm tattoos work or not. There’s really only one way to gain more certainty than he-said/she-said.
          Theoretically, tattoos shouldn’t work anymore in the US. Women have evolved to be pretty good at detecting male attempts to signal higher value than they actually have. So getting one past them, ought to be harder than doing what any old omega could duplicate for $10 bucks pretty much everywhere.

        3. Kinda like push up bras, or makeup, but for men. I’ll one-up ya: How about stuffing a sock in it, then?

        4. I like the idea of getting a temp tattoo of whatever real tattoo you’re considering, as a trial run.

        1. … and seeing a tattooed chick pushing a stroller is so repugnant, I have trouble even saying it.

        2. Dude! Now I can’t get the image out of my head.
          Even worse is a gold tooth and blonde braided extensions!

        3. Yep, I’m with everyone else here. Tattoos were rebellious at one time, but they’re only rebellious when they’re, well, actually rebellious. Lots of people have them now. They’re mainstream.

        4. This is all pretty good advice. There is one caveat to this. It’s about looking like you don’t give a fuck by getting a tatoo. I would like to add to that. If you don’t give a fuck you don’t period.
          There is nothing to it. If you want to pretend like you don’t give a fuck or act like you don’t give a fuck by getting a tatoo or wearing a tuxedo to the corner store then in a subtle way you are conveying that you actually do give a fuck. You actually do care and do want to seek validation from some entitled sorority sister buying a six pack at that same store.
          In fact a stronger position to come in from would be to just admit it. Admit that you need the validation you need the attention and you’ll do what it takes to get it. Don’t be apologetic about it at all. You get what you want you do what you want. Rest is all bullshit

        5. Half the “young” women in my town are covered in tattoos of stupid shit they delude themselves into believing are meaningful. They are truly retched looking sorts.

      1. The point is girls like guys with ink; it marks a man as a good “short-term” mating prospect. Clean guys are the overwhelming majority despite the increase in people getting tats and having ink basically signals “I don’t take shit seriously and I’m not overly intelligent” which everyone knows is the type of guy young women want to screw. I have considered getting tats to compensate for not being enough of a loud mouth social butterfly.

      2. Yep. I have the better part of 2 dozen cousins, and nearly all of their safe-suburban asses have tattoos.

        1. Tattoos are for the proles. No upper class woman would ever get a tattoo.In fact, no middle class female with any brains would get one. I’d never even seen a tattoo on a female until the late 90’s and it was out in the boondocks.

        2. I remember when it started circa 1970. Girls got cute little tattoos of butterflies and flowers on their ankles and the like. I detested it then but of course didn’t let on. It was never my style but at least now I’m too old to worry so much about it.

    2. You guys are missing the point, nowadays too many guys are overly tattoed, with full or half chest inked and all over the arms. This is practically the new clean slate. If you only take one or 2 tattoes its actually standing out. How many guys do you see with only 1 tatto and its placed on his upper forearm? Then its always good to choose something unique, not your doughters bday, a koi fish or some other crap. Me for example, Im from Norway, Im highly interested in viking culture and everything the goes with it, so i have a viking art tatto on my upper forearm and im really happy with it. It shows who i am, and thats my only tatto. Im planning however to get some runes on my back. Clean sleeves are better then fully tattoed full of mainstream crap, it will just but you in the “herd”, but a simple or few edgy, personality defining and genuinly interesting tattoes will do wonders on your appearance. So funny the authors description of that guy at the gym, thats exactly how 90% of the guys are like here, overly tattoed, clean shaven and samurai hairstyle, horrifingly scared to do anything that will make them stand out.

      1. Well yes .. just one or two small, tasteful tats is on a different level than the excessive stuff so many people are doing nowadays.

      2. You’re from Norway so YOU can get a viking tatt. If I , Mr American-from-the-burbs gets a Viking tatt I look silly. The Tatt has to match the fella.

        1. Fair point, but i believe everyone has at least 1 thing about their background ethnicity that they are proud about and should therefore play.

    3. I am in two minds about forearm tattoos. But I think the important thing is that you get a very good and unique tattoo that has a deep meaning for you. So my guy at the store where I get my threads (sound advice on good clothes) has a fantastic tattoo on his forearm. I have to say I admire it every time I see it. Tattoos are generally not for me but if I was to get one, it would be a Thai symbol (not writing, illustration) because Muay Thai means so much to me.
      A good tattoo will spark conversation and it helps if you have a story to go along with it rather than just picking one at random out of a book.
      Face tattoos are the best ones to get though.

      1. Good idea, so when a girl asks you what’s the tattoo about, you can talk about muay thai, combat sports always seem to spark some attraction.

    4. You are right but girls get wet over tattoos.
      If getting laid is all you care about, and not looking like a worthless degenerate piece of shit, I highly recommend one.
      It does work, the author is correct.

      1. In high school, for sure. When most males in their social circle lives at home with mom, a tattoo is still carries some rebellion cred. For a 50yo guy, the general association between tattoos and working class schlubs, decidedly tips the scale the other way. but since most gamers fall somewhere in between, who knows. It’s probably largely situational.

      2. I get that, but going to such extremes that you permenantly modify your skin just to appease women is really counter-intuitive to what the manosphere is about.
        Women like dumb shit, that’s a known fact. Some like men in tight jeans and wearing eyeliner, but are you going to do that too?

        1. Of course not, you do it for yourself. Women approaching you asking for what it means are just a bonus.

        2. Frankly the man who wear eyeliner, tight jeans and talks in a phony high pitched voice is smarter because he is putting on an act and can go home and take it off. The idiot with the tattoo is stuck with a big mark on his skin, that god forbid his sleeve ever go up during an interview or he is stopped by police he will be treated like a scum bag.

    5. Agree totally. I was ready to cosign the entire article but then saw “Get inked.”

    6. This. I think the episode of House where the title character said the job applicant was a cool and edgy, just like all the other guys his age with a tattoo, while turning him down for the job.
      My recommendations to the guys I meet having girl trouble:
      1) Get to the gym fatass (if they’re pudgy) You like a hot woman. Don’t think for a second that women won’t take 2 equal guys (wit, et al.) and pick the more attractive of the two.
      2) Improve thyself idiot. Don’t be like everyone else: limited, ignorant, and self-absorbed. Learn real-world skills, philosophy, and at least 3 languages (total) including your native tongue. A man who speaks 3 languages is exotic by itself, add in the other two and you become panty moistening.
      3) Do something you find interesting, fuck everyone else. I don’t care if it’s mountain climbing, traveling to other countries, sailing, et al., just do something you like.

    7. When I was a kid, only 4 kinds of people had tats: ex military, ex convicts, druggies, and bikers. Now every fag has one… They just aren’t cool anymore.

      1. True. As a man you really have 4 reasons to get a tattoo
        1.) Navy, Airforce, Army, Marines (eagle, globe & anchor, call-sign, accomplishment “I survived Iraq Spring break ’07!” etc.)
        2.) Biker/outlaw (no brainer)
        3.) Rockstar (part of the wardrobe)
        4.) Pirate (ala sea-faring outlaw)
        Other than that, you’re a pussy poser. Don’t do it. Chicks do that shit –>bullshit inspirational quote on the rib cage (Good God….insert .45 in mouth…)
        *small exception if you’re a thug professional athlete from the hood. It’s a garbage lifestyle so why preserve your skin right?

        1. Re: that asterisk, I’m inclined to add UFC fighter/boxer to the list. If you only get seen in public shirtless, your tattoos kind of become your clothes. (Not to mention that no one is going to call you out as a tryhard.)

    8. yeah i’ll second that…. great article, but forearm tattoo … please… even deadmau5 looks fucking stupid with all his tats…. the secret to a tattoo is to put it in a place like your upper arm, leg or back where you don’t have to look at the thing all the time, because one day you will suddenly get a rush of blood to the head and think … that’s fucking aweful….
      whereas if you have a tat in a more subtle place where you can’t see it easily, other people will see it and give you compliments (provided it’s half decent), so even if you are not so keen on it anymore, you will still get compliments and won’t have to keep staring at the dumb thing….
      but i also side with some comments here that tattoos are so common now that not having one is more original…. how about a branding… they are bad ass…

    9. A tattoo is the mark of a slave. Slaves were given tattoos. Brandings so that their rank was known- the Jews were given tattoos in the death camps. Unless you have some tribal connection then a white guy with tattoo is just beta stop acting like shit wanna be tough guy i.e limp bizkit or Joel Madden. It’s no different than the ponytail that you deride.

      1. Except a ponytail can be cut into a new style in like 10 minutes, whereas a tattoo is pretty much permanent. Plus your hair is yours, not someone else’s sketches on your skin forever.
        By the way, now that I’m back in the Midwest having long hair definitely sets me apart, and that’s a good thing. You’d never believe how much time I spend with girls clowning all the “Caesar” haircut having dudes. It’s just an easy way to build rapport, laughing at all the clean-shaven Caesar-wearing drones. I can literally go to a bar with 200 dudes, and 195 of them have almost the same haircut. And as for long hair making one look feminine…I don’t look feminine while rocking a full beard. What I get is a lot of free attention.
        Amongst Natives it’s taken for granted that long hair gives you extrasensory perception (this was proven by the US Army in the during the Vietnam Era). Having had long hair 3 times and short hair in between, I can attest that when the hair is cropped short I have a dull ache, like a headache. I suppose that’s what a cat would feel if you cut off its whiskers. My vision has a haze cast over it, like a light fog that’s always there. And when it’s long, I just “know” when people are getting near my house. Just like in the Army study, I’ll wake up preemptively if someone’s approaching, even from miles away while they’re driving. Don’t knock the hair, Nature gave it to us for a reason.

        1. That purported US Vietnam study is to me no different from the studies that say water can feel pain methodology,nothing remotely emiprical some anecdotes mixed with quasi -voodoo theories. Some cultures had long hair mosr cultures cut their hair so parasites would be less inclined to live in them. Secondly it’s funny that an area of the US that holds generally holds antithetical views from the liberal rag agenda that is deep throated to the public you don’t want to adopt a sense of communal identity to those who hold strong family values. Instead opting to look yuppie woman with long hair. For Shame!

        2. Uh huh. Ok, well apparently studies conducted by the US Army are considered “quasi-voodoo theories’. Tell me, from what sources will you accept a study’s results? Please do, my enlightened friend. How about the studies that plants feel pain, or are scientifically proven to react to words, thoughts and the like? “Quasi-voodoo” as well? If you would like a real debate, I will hand you your ass in one. Set it up. You cannot compete with me on an intellectual level, I promise you that. Hell, not even on a physical one. And on what logical/scientific basis do you make your claims? Have you any competing evidence to offer? Or is everything you don’t already know a “conspracy theory” too?
          Why don’t I conform to the Caesar-haircut-wearing drones around here? Because they’re retarded, is why. G.W. Bush voting rednecks, dancing to the tune of the right hand of the social manipulators.
          But by all means, shave your face bald like a baby and cut off your hair, hide your hair genetics if you like. They must be weak/ugly, so you’d be improving yourself by being, well, less of yourself. If, as you mention, you’re living in such squalor that lice are an issue for yourself and your family, which you pointed to as the only real “reason” people cut their hair, then yes, cut it off. I wouldn’t call you anything except “conformist” at the worst, and not to your face because I don’t care what you do with your life.
          You, sir are acting like a woman. If you are not, in fact, a woman. “For shame”? Did you really try to shame me for upholding my own cultural beliefs, here on RoK?

        3. Post the study for peer review.I doubt the US even did it! While you’re at it get a “Steinach” surgery to boost your virility.there are lots of fads and the placebo effect is huge in gullible clowns. If the study was true then the US wouldn’t cut the hair of the troops unless they are trying to have losses. That fake study that uses pseudo scientific claims has no peer review and makes baseless claims.” When everything that has been rebelled against has been rebelled I am left to only rebel against rebellion”- gK Chesterton. Have fun rebelling against the man you quack

        4. *Warning: this post is long and contains very minor research*
          Awesome. You’re dumb enough to reply. I haven’t pissed on an idiot online in months. And that’s not a personal attack, per se, I’m merely asserting that your IQ is subpar–something that can be scientifically proven. No offense to your kind of course, you’re just unequipped for things like this. I call you an idiot like I call a woman a female. In fact, I pity you. And that, too, is not an insult, it’s a fact. Being stupid must make life very confusing. So let’s dissect your argument. Ahem.
          Post the study? Perhaps I will. Or perhaps you’ve heard of a thing called “Google”. Sure, I can do your research for you, no problem. Need help wiping your ass too? Little thing about doing people’s research for them: even after I do your homework, you’ll refuse to look at it. You’re trying to waste my time, since that’s the only victory you’ll ever have over me. I’ve been doing this for well over a decade. You’re not the first mouthy idiot I’ve dealt with, and I know in advance everything you’re capable of. You telegraph your ability to me like I’m the fucking NSA.
          Next. Let’s see here…let’s observe your argumentative style. We’ve got a “you’re impotent” smear (straight from the feminist handbook), you used the phrase “gullible clown” (I’m not a professional entertainer, a clown, and you haven’t proven or even shown a single piece of evidence that I’ve been deceived. You just asserted it with no evidence at all) in the same sentence. Such womanly name-calling. Oh, and ending with “you quack”…one more ad-hominem attack in a single poorly constructed paragraph. One which, since I derided your intelligence for being unable to write properly, I’d have thought you’d put more effort into. Apparently, that IS your best effort. You’re another failure of Western society. Or, rather, another success, since Western society has tried so hard to engineer a fucking retarded population. Congratulations, you succeeded at something.
          And then, while demanding that I do your research, you manage to not answer a single one of my straightforward questions, of which there were eight. Wanna take a crack at one of those? Do I need to talk slower? Use smaller words? Do you even have the slightest comprehension of quantum theory? Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle? Quantum entanglement? No? Hmm. How surprising.
          Here’s a good question for you, relating to your reply. It’s something I promise you can’t answer, and it’s relating to the placebo effect–I assume you understand those words, since you bandy them about like you’re intelligentsia. Now riddle me this: by what method is the placebo effect achieved? How is it that the human mind/body, having been convinced of the effect of something that has no intrinsic effect, is able to react so remarkably? You don’t know. I won’t even bother to tell you why I know for certain you don’t know. I know more about your ability in this regard than you do.
          As for why the Army, assuming long hair enhances perception, didn’t enact long hair standards for all the meat-grinder grunts…I don’t find that problematic. Extreme perception is for trackers and scouts. Fire a fucking machine gun with no ear protection and you tend to damage that normal sensory perception, hearing. If the army doesn’t give a shit about basic hearing, why would I be compelled to believe that the Army feels the need to enhance the higher perceptions of grunts and pawns?
          Oh, while I was writing I searched a bit about hair and perception. It took about 3 minutes. That’s all I’m giving you. Within the top 20 results for “military, hair, perception” was a very recent study showing how much more effective men with beards were in Afghanistan. Any chance you can connect dots? More hair, increased perception. Less hair, reduced perception. It’s pretty complicated.
          You a history buff? That’s a rhetorical question and, in fact, that one actually was an underhanded insult. I know I’ve already broken you. I’m now doing this for my own edification. Your broken will serves to enlighten me. Any European blood in you? Let’s look into the past and discover the traditional meanings of long hair, as provided by Wikipedia:
          — “Subservient cultures may view male long hair negatively, and are sometimes detected by their rulers through hair length, as was the case with the Gaelic Irish under English rule and the Moors under Spanish rule in Medieval Spain.” Read: short hair is in vogue in subservient cultures.
          — “Cultural history: Hair is one of the most important ways humans have of presenting themselves, being one of the parts of their body which is easiest to
          manipulate. Also, males having short, cut hair is often viewed as being under society’s control, such as while in the military or prison or as punishment for a crime, while males having long hair signifies being outside of the mainstream.” Under society’s control. And who is directing society? You peacock your slave status. And you are a slave, whether or not you have the intelligence to realize it. Pretty impressive. Show that off.
          — “In ancient Greece, long male hair was a symbol of wealth and power, while a shaven head was appropriate for a slave (you). The ancient Greeks had several gods and heroes who wore their hair long, including Zeus, Achilles, Apollo, and Poseidon. Greek soldiers are said to have worn their hair long in battle. Such warriors considered it a sign of aristocracy” Long hair, a symbol of aristocracy since ancient Greece.
          — “In the European middle ages, shorter hair often signified servitude and peasantry (you), while long hair was often attributed to freemen, as was the case with the Germanic Goths and Merovingians…The Merovingian ruling family were sometimes referred to as the “long-haired kings” (Latin reges criniti) by contemporaries, as their long hair distinguished them among the Franks In the Middle Ages…the term Frank was used in the East as a synonym for western European, as the Franks were then rulers of most of western Europe.” The kings of all Europe eh? Cool.
          — “The Gaelic Irish (both men and women) took great pride in their long hair—for example, a person could be heavily fined for cutting a man’s hair short against his will.” That’s one side of my ancestry. At least I respect my forefathers, if nothing else.
          — “…during the English Civil Wars of 1642 to 1651…long hair in England also came to be associated with adventurers who
          traveled to America and were familiar with the native culture there,
          short hair with less adventurous types.” Read, short hair was for ruled pussies, long hair for hardened adventurers.

        5. Are you into homeopathy too? All I asked for was a peer reviewed paper and you started a diatribe about how I should do the research. You made the assertion that hair follicles are gathering information to you at speeds faster than light. Have you ever heard of Bertrand Russel’s teacup! Furthermore my offhanded comment is true people in WW1 shaved their head due to lice. Yes, many cultures have embraced long hair. I make no assertion otherwise other than in a modern context long hair symbolises being part of the leftist -cultural Marxist groups this site takes issues with. Moreover at certain times tattoos were the marks of the elite especially in Maori and Polynesian culture. While those who could afford to travel I.e the aristocracy or sailors would get tattoos as symbols of their travels. The contextual meaning of which changes. Otherwise your diatribe is in essence one continual as hominem attack after another. Good luck with your long hair and super natural senses that it gives you may it serve you well.

        6. Exactly. YOU asked ME to find a paper for you. Why you think I should do that continues to be beyond my understanding. You challenged me, not the other way around. Therefore you have the burden of providing counter-evidence. And yet you persist in your belief that I owe you a free education. You must feel very entitled. That’s a womanly behavioral trait.
          Furthermore, you started this whole thing off by insulting me several times. I initially agreed with your saying that in most European cultures slaves were tattooed, I just pointed out that long hair is easily removable unlike a tattoo. I didn’t bother to remind you that in Western cultures, for thousands of years, short hair is also equated with servitude.
          You didn’t intelligently make a case or even ask a fair question when I stated that Natives have long held the belief that long hair increased perception. You just started calling me names like a woman, and therefore I’m fucking you up. I have no need to be polite, none at all. I don’t care if you believe what I say or not. You don’t exist to me other than as an internet troll who says “you’re impotent” and “for shame” when I say that having long hair is good game for me, and that my ancestors held a belief surrounding it, with later evidence supporting that belief. You sound like every feminist.
          I did NOT assert that hair gathers information faster than light, I don’t know that. It could be that it senses vibrations at the speed of sound. I DID assert that quantum physics has proven that particles exchange information faster than the speed of light, and the point of my saying so was to provide scientific evidence that information can, in FACT, be exchanged in this way. Whether hair serves this function or not can be debated. But it is not impossible or even particularly implausible. If we collect evidence to support the claim, it becomes increasingly likely.
          “…at certain times tattoos were the marks of the elite especially in Maori and Polynesian culture.” Cool story bro. But I’m not Polynesian nor am I a sailor. I am part Native and part European, and as such I’m basing my cultural history off that. Were I Polynesian, I’d probably have some tattoos. And if some moron came at me saying, “Tattoos are for poseurs and gang members,” I’d be giving him the same sound routing as you’re getting right now, based on what would then be my cultural history. Except in this case, we share a common (Western) history, so I’d expect you to know a little more.
          Bertrand Russel’s teacup, huh? Nonsensical, but irrefutable. That’s like remedial epistemology 101 from community college. Did you miss the post where I said I spent two years attending post-doctorate philosophy seminars at UC Davis? Essentially you’re saying that my assertion doesn’t make sense TO YOU, yet you can provide no counter-evidence. Therefore you are not compelled to believe my assertion–yet I simply do not care. I feel no need to convince you of anything. If we’re doing the remedial philosophy thing, let’s throw in “Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack.” Let’s explore that further, since you’re tying your own noose by even bringing up the Russel thing.
          What you’re doing, when you roundly dismiss the idea that human hair serves a sensory function (so silly right? Because a cat’s whiskers similarly serve no sensory function, correct?), is making an “Argument from Ignorance”. That’s probably your preferred argumentative method…might as well use what you’ve got, right?
          Argument from Ignorance:
          “This fallacy can be very convincing and is considered by some to be a special case of a false dilemma or false dichotomy in that they both fail to consider alternatives. A false dilemma may take the form:
          -If a proposition has not been disproved, then it cannot be considered false and must therefore be considered true.
          [I never made this claim. I simply stated that Natives believe in the sensory ability of hair, and that there is some evidence to support it in the form of scientific study and my personal experience. At no point did I imply, “This hasn’t been disproved so it must be true”.]
          -If a proposition has not been proven, then it cannot be considered true and must therefore be considered false.
          [In so many words, this is what you insinuate. You call people who believe such things “gullible clowns” (Gullible: to be easily deceived. Deceived: to believe that which is not true), which literally means that you are straightforwardly saying is that my assertion is NOT TRUE and therefore demonstrably FALSE, based on the fact that you do not have any compelling evidence of it.]
          (continued) Such arguments attempt to exploit the facts that (a) true things can never be disproved and (b) false things can never be proven. In other words, appeals to ignorance claim that the converse of these facts are also true. Therein lies the fallacy.
          To reiterate, these arguments ignore the fact, and difficulty, that some true things may never be proven, and some false things may never be disproved with absolute certainty. The phrase “the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence” can be used as a shorthand rebuttal to the second form of the ignorance fallacy (i.e. P has never been absolutely proven and is therefore certainly false).”
          That’s the last fucking lesson you get from me.
          In conclusion: yeah, I attacked you personally. What goes around comes around. You start it, I finish it. Trust me, this is me being really fucking polite, because I can tell you’re trying to reason way, way out of your mental pay-grade on this one. I will say this, having this little “debate” has helped me brush up on some skills that are so remedial I hardly get to use them in intelligent debate–but which are handy rebuttals to the ignorant layperson. Not that I expect you to grasp them anyway, it’s more for my own edification. I mean, this debate is like masturbating onto your brain, because I’m doing all the work myself, and you’re nothing but a passive target.
          I’m finished with you. You can’t put up any resistance, and you’ve made a grand total of 0 logical points thus far. If you want a better debate, why not tell me what you’re BEST at, and I’ll beat you at that instead. Because you’ve blindly wandered into my territory, and beating you is now too easy to be interesting.

        7. What an intelligent response. Five whole words? Stop typing? You do realize that I wrote this last night–I already stopped typing it.
          I’m clearly dealing with yet another mental giant. Once again, I’ve found a would-be opponent who manages to telegraph his hidden feelings almost instinctively. I’ll translate what you mean back to you, because I truly believe that even you don’t comprehend what you’re actually trying to say.
          What you MEAN to say is “You’re embarrassing ME, stop typing.” You’re embarrassed because you couldn’t, if you spent the rest of the month trying, come up with a single comment with the level of cogency I shit out in 30 minutes. You’re embarrassed because you couldn’t even read to the end of what I wrote in as much time as it took me to write it. You’re embarrassed because when you watch me degrade this person and crush his will, you relate to the times that happened to you, and therefore you feel sympathy. You try to jump in and help your low-IQ brother, not really understanding that you are at LEAST as ill-equipped as he is. What did you think was coming next? DID you think about the consequences of your action at all?
          I feel like Cartman: “Yes, your tears, yes! They taste so good!” I mean, I can actually FEEL your embarrassment, your self-loathing…it must be my hair again. You even used the WORD ’embarrassing’ in your reply, utilizing a mental self-defense method called “projection”. I don’t become embarrassed, so I’d never start out assuming that another person would be. You become embarrassed, therefore you assume that other people share that trait. When you accuse me, you’re really indicting yourself. Take that to heart. Once you do that, I’ll just reflect and amplify, because you’ve offered me the key to your inner fears.
          Why you would think you can order me to do ANYTHING is proof of how ignorant, how fragile you are. Is it because you get ordered around all the time, like a child? Is that because, at your core, you ARE a child? Let me guess, you even have a “boss”. You servant. That’s if you’re even employable. Maybe its just your mom, or your girlfriend that has to order you around.
          You really don’t understand what’s happening, do you? I feel like I’m beating a chained dog, but that’s what happens when you bare your teeth at me. I shit on retards all day–I see right through people like you. You couldn’t beat me at anything, ever…except maybe a video game, “gonzogaming”. Stick to that.

        8. For the next person who feels sympathy for my victims, just let it go. I’m not starting new comment threads for these guys, they stepped up to me, they wanted to lock horns. They chose this. If you feel sympathy for these guys, chances are it’s because you feel as insecure as them. Therefore by the very ACT of insulting me to defend my victims you are tacitly admitting that you, also, feel inferior. Never go into a battle with an inferior mindset.
          Now if, on the other hand, we’ve got someone who wants to try a more “debate-style” interchange (as opposed to insults and childish demands, i.e. “stop typing” or “post a paper for me”), you’ll find me in quite a different disposition. I relish my every defeat. If you can do it, I’ll respect you. Being defeated is the only way I can grow stronger, the only way I can adapt to new attacks. But don’t do it just for arguments’ sake, unless you start out by stating that you’re taking the opposing view to enhance understanding and draw out nuance. It never had to become this brutal, but some people don’t know when to cut losses.

        9. Sometimes, it takes a poet who’s as much of a blatant asshole as I am to make the point more succinct. I want you to really hear me, so check this out:
          (And now, shall we dispense with the indiscretions towards
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          Corey does not want the Stick Man, Corey wants a self-made Rib Cage Man.
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          HEY, I said it. I really, really meant it. It really don’t matter
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          Well when you look me upside down, now don’t forget to fuck yourself.
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          You’re tired of this shit
          You’re tired of this shit, the end.
          AIGHT, MAN. Don’t forget to fuck yourself.

        10. I don’t have time for every nut I cross paths with. Grow your hair as long as it can grow. Surely by your premis the longer it gets the more sensory information. Your hair should touch your toes! Btw does your pubes give you info on how small your dick is all day bc at some point that’s gotta get annoying!

        11. Hohoho, you fucking mook! You straight up fucking defeated retard. I’ve laid you low. Lower than low. You are broken, and yet you persist in advertising your weakness.
          You literally wrote, “Btw does your pubes give you info on how small your dick is…?” (“DO your pubes give…” would be grammatically correct, asshole. “Premise” is the correct spelling. You forgot 2 commas. Ever read a book?)
          A small dick insult? Really now. I’ve turned you into a woman. You’re using the last-ditch effort of the feminist. I quoted you because if you had any sense at all you’d delete your comment immediately, and I’m not giving you that option. I just made you my bitch in a public place. How’s that feel, Sparky?
          By the way, more Wikipedia (I’m getting used to doing your homework):
          “The maximum hair length that is possible to reach is…generally 100 cm (40 in) for adults.”
          “The maximum terminal hair length depends on the length of the anagen (period of hair growth) for the individual. Waist-length hair or longer is only possible to reach for people with long anagen. The anagen lasts between 2 and 7 years, for some individuals even longer, and follows by shorter catagen (transition) and telogen (resting) periods. Between 85% and 90% of the hair strands are in anagen at any given time.”
          Info. Shinobi. You’ll never beat me at my own game.

        12. Any fans of that shit? I’m done raping noobs, so now it’s party time! Cause yo, motherfucker, I’m whistling Dixie!
          My niggas don’t play guitar
          They just like the way that it sounds
          Y’all have to lick my balls
          ’cause that’s the only game in town
          I’m ball like captain Picard
          This look is good for me
          You will see how it be,
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          My niggas don’t play guitar
          They just like the way that it sounds
          They like the hard tones
          It makes them feel like a man
          I give off pheromones
          So I can find a date
          You will see how it be,
          ‘Cause yo motherfucker I’m whistling dixie!

        13. Dat next sentence. Did you read my novel? I posted it here. Let’s get out of this level, I’ve already beatne it.

        14. I find it hilarious that anyone would actually read your delusional drawn-out paragraphs. InfoShinobi with the 5+ tabs of Google to debate retards online. You’re a huge clown, it’s pure comedy.

        15. 5+ tabs? What are you, a retard? Is that a lot to you? If I was doing research I could have more than 30 tabs rocking, just for ease of information collecting…while I’m having a beer. Thanks for telegraphing how strong your brain is. You literally just admitted in public that having 5 open tabs worth of information is more than you can usually handle. And that a few paragraphs are a lot for you to read. I read those in around 30 seconds. Holy fuck, how can you even bear to exist?

        16. Whew, I’m drawing out all the geniuses of the internet. This one, “Beavis” (how old are you to even use that handle?) is so intelligent that he can’t even type one single word. But oh boy, can he link to a youtube clip. Worried that I’ll get elbow deep in your ass too? Comon bro, use your big-boy words. Get talkative, Beavis.

        17. You’re a failed actor, what possibly could you be researching. You’ve become so delusional that you think debating people in comments is actually research.
          Stop embarrassing yourself, I stopped reading your fraud paragraphs halfway in. They’re complete garbage.

        18. I know. You can’t even read halfway through what I write in mere seconds. You’re peacocking your stupidity again. Baby gonzocumrag, my biggest fan.

        19. You know what? You’re boring. You are nothing, you say nothing, and forever you will be nothing. You make me wish for the time when FisherKing actually tried to say something, at least. I thought I disrespected him, but baby gonzocumrag has straight up taken the piss out of internet trolling. Your stupidity has broken the internet. Say your last word, cumrag. I’m done with you.

        20. How’s your acting career going, InfoShinobi? Exxon’s hitting your boy up with contracts, easy work. You’re the failed reject that couldn’t handle STEM/Medical school and actually thought you had any talent in acting. Absolutely hilarious

        21. You think that I thought acting was a career? You’re as stupid as I imagined. That was the hobby of a 10 year old, and yet you cling to it like a life raft. You truly love me. You remember things about me. You brought that bullshit back over here? Stop thinking about me, my lovely stalker. You’re making me blush.
          Wow, Exxon, huh? You pimping that asshole to the first comer? Any chance you could do something more plebeian? Pumping oil. Sweet. You’re truly a laborer. If only you could find a coal mine you’d have it made.
          They’re “hitting you up with contracts” huh? Implying that, currently, you’re unemployed. Surprising. I’d think that with your observable intellectual talent you’d have changed the world by now. Go back to the rig.

        22. The hilarious part is when you’re an Engineer with MBA, the work is very easy. I’m milking these clowns, how’s that McDonald’s application?

        23. You’re stuck on that word, “fraud”. You keep using it. Oh shit, I’m getting a vision…what you’re implying is that you’re a liar. I’d never start a conversation by considering someone as a fraud, because I’m straightforward in what I say. You’re doing the projection thing again. How blase’. You’ve just given me every reason to consider everything you’ve said thus far as a lie.

        24. Application? I don’t apply. I make decisions. I pay people to work for me, it’s not the other way around. It’s something that takes gonads, you’d never understand. Go apply somewhere.
          And you are a liar. A “fraud”. You make up some fake degree and claim you make 6 figures, when I can already tell you’re straight-up desperate for some big-daddy company to hire you. You’re far from 30, unemployed, and you’re dreaming about the best-chance possibility of making $101,000 and having 70% of that taken right back by pimp daddy government. Your dreams will be dashed on the rocks of reality. You will continue to be unemployed as you move back into mommy’s house with 100,00 in debt. There is no future for you.

        25. Holy shit my nig. You haven’t improved your trolling in a year. You are banished. Proof:
          gonzogaming • 7 months ago
          Stop typing, you’re embarrassing yourself.
          gonzogaming • 8 months ago
          You have a low IQ, stop typing
          gonzogaming • 8 months ago
          So many frauds sipping Texas Oil and sampling screw
          nowadays, bunch of clowns.
          gonzogaming • 10 months ago
          Bunch of soft ass creamy faggots listen to this fraud,
          • 10 months ago
          You’re a fraud that lives in poverty, stop typing.
          • a year ago
          These frauds don’t know about the Getoboys
          Your brain is useless. You haven’t said anything but “stop typing” and “fraud” in an entire year. Off to the rig, in your dreams. Dismissed.

        26. Are you an Injun? On;y Injuns and girls have long hair. Long hair has been the mark of the shitkicker since 1970. I knew that it was passe when there was a confrontation between protestors and some construction goons got into the fight.One of their hardhats fell off and they had long hair, that’s when I knew that short hair would be back. Once the lower classes grew long hair and mullets it bacame the style of the trailer park kids and crackas.

        27. Nice emotocon, faggot. Beavis, really? Why’d you even bother to repost your little youtube clip? I’d respect you more if you just called me a dick-sucker. At least you’d have to come up with that yourself. And it doesn’t contain any emotocons.

        28. Yes, I’m Native, you stupid shit. Can you not read? I posted a fucking novel to that effect. Scroll up and read it. Therein I posted an entire history, from ancient Greece to the modern era, on what long hair meant to all European cultures. But hey, you’ve reached all the way back to the 1970’s. You’re truly a historical wizard.

        29. Butthurt much, dummy? I am casual reader who just happened to come across this and it is quite funny how upset you are over people disagreeing with you. Much like a woman. When you say something dumb– like long hair having a relation to ESP and there being studies to prove it– you shouldn’t be surprised that other people don’t believe it and want to see the actual research that you’ve uncovered. I guess that “dumbfounds” you. But being a chug, damn near anything dumbfounds you, other than collecting welfare and sniffing solvents. It’s also quite amusing to see you call other people stupid when you are clearly a half-wit yourself. Oh, yes, it is up to you to provide sources to assertions you make, by the way. Also, your own subjective experiences are not valid as a scientific source, moron. I know you’ll be coming up with some butthurt, childish insult back my way, but I won’t be reading it, I’m out. You are a joke, would-be internet wiseman/toughguy. Keep shitting your panties in rage– it shows everyone else how weak your ego is, and that is quite funny.

        30. Nah, I’m done with this troll feed. It’s over. Some random fool feels the need to start calling me names, that’s why I bothered to get annoyed. It’s not because he doesn’t think I’m right, it’s the offhand insults. But I’m done caring and this will be the last time I respond on this thread.
          I already said, the type of people who would even bother responding to my little flame-war are the kind who feel a sting when they see me abusing morons. Because they, themselves, feel insulted by proxy. That’s you. “Dummy”. Sweet burn, bro. Tell me, what’s your degree in? Ever attend post-doc seminars on anything? No? What a surprise. And you have the gall to call me “dummy”.
          “Getting welfare”, that’s your insult? What kind of losers are you around that getting welfare is a part of your life? I’d never even think of using that as an insult, because I can’t even comprehend it. But again, your choice of insult tells me a lot more about you than you’d think.
          Nah, I’m not required to provide sources to random shit I say on a forum feed. Read every comment on RoK for the past month and tell me how many scientific sources are cited. What…approximately none? Funny how when I DO post sources to certain things, those sources are ignored and it goes straight back to “ur a chug”, whatever that means. You turds are horrible at insults.

        31. Yeah, a summa cum laude Electrical and Computer Engineer being unemployed from a top 10 Engineering school. You’ve got very good jokes, clown. The hilarious part is that I didn’t even have to pay for my education, it was free. Damn, the failed actor thinks he’s a business man. You should become a comedian.

        32. Give it up, you sit on the computer everyday typing in comments sections. You’ll be mediocre clown your entire lifetime, absolutely hilarious.

        33. I find it hilarious that you’re still typing. You’re the definition of a blue pill reject, nobody should ever take you seriously.

        34. Liar. You’re an unemployed ghetto fraud. If you got anything free it was on the backs of people who had to pay for your whore mom’s bastard spawn. You’re more likely a wannabe thug who’ll die in the same gutter you were spawned in.

        35. Stop typing, fraud. Look, I’ve taken your only insult. Fraud. FRAUD! You’re not educated at anything. You’re obviously borderline retarded. Fraud.

        36. It’s embarrassing to read your responses, stop typing. I’ve put in the hard work, that’s why I’ll always be more successful than you. You’ve already failed, I hope you don’t consider yourself a half decent actor or businessman. Your entrepreneurial ventures are a complete joke.

        37. Spellcheck is your friend, buddy:
          “Or is everything you don’t already know a “conspracy theory” too?”
          That should read as “conspiracy theory”.
          And you call others illiterate drones…the irony.

        38. You are nothing more than a elitistic prick.
          if only you’d realise how pathetic and sad you sound with your pseudoscientific crap.
          Do you think you are one of the elite because you have long hair? Let me laugh at your face. The elite sure are laughing at you.

    10. I agree…Tatts will be out of fashion soon for men and women. It’s a phase. It’s a trend so in typical ROK/Red Pill form I say go against the crowd and NOT get a tatt. I say get no ink and the gals will think you’re a “man who goes his own way and a rebel”…..

    11. Agreed. I get more attention for not having a tattoo and talking about how much I hate them. I enjoy shaming tatted try-hards. IMO, the only acceptable tat is of something that represents a considerable personal achievement, either solo or via a “team” — like becoming a 10th level black belt, winning the Stanley Cup, or being part of some successful military operation — but even then, the tat should be place somewhere discreet, not on the forearm.

    12. No tatts. People who get them in my country are called bogans. The don’t make you stand out, just show how easily you are influenced by mainstream advertising. Invest that horrible ink money in good italian shoes.

    1. I am rolling with you on that comment. I go to the gym and South Beach and I am often amazed how many people have tattoos. Men and women get far to many tattoos, it is more original and edgy not to have a tattoo but still be in good shape. Instead of the tattoo focus on personal hygiene, working out, and attitude.

      1. Women still see tattoos as an edgier look and it gives them an easy topic to start a conversation, doesn’t really matter if more people have them than before.

        1. The women with tatts are as if not more damaged than with short hair. Rarely mutually exclusive. Any lass that is a get the rash and dash who talks about tatts I indulge her with the same rehearsed line of how I want a tatt but its got to have meaning and be special and what she would suggest. The lights in her head turn on with that one.

  2. Nah, I don’t agree with some of this. Basically, look like you have a decent job even if you don’t. No tats, wild hair, piercings, facial hair? If you insist, keep it in check, lol

    1. If the “no tats, no wild hair, no facial hair” look worked, the average corporate drone would have no problem with women, which is far from reality.

        1. They do as the average man does, they date once in a while and marry at 30 with an average wife.

        2. Exactly how much do used Frisbees and a couple of home made malt coolers cost in your neck of the woods?

        3. If today’s “average man” is still marrying an “average wife” at age 30, we’ve got some dumb mother fuckers around these days.

      1. it’s the fact that they are corporate drones that is the problem, not that they are average looking, but that their personality is average.

        1. Never said otherwise. I explained why average corporate looks never helped anyone getting laid.

      2. It depends what you mean by drone. If you’re talking about some cubicle worker making $50k compared to some meathead with tattoos then the drone probably has a slight advantage but at the higher levels of income the corporate drone will get the better females. The tabooed meathead wouldn’t even be socialising with the top females or get anywhere near them. The best he could do is the fat girls at the gym or older worn out females well past their prime who just want a younger dumb guy.

  3. Everyone has a beard now- being shaven and acting like a man will make you stand out more- than a pussy growing a beard to feel like a man. I already entered the star off machine- in a couple years when everybody else is rushing to shave their beards I may grow one again.

    1. Its funny how “clean shaven” is now standard. We can thank Gillette for the democratization of shaving (which used to be only something you got at a barber once a week).

  4. Not to sound like an expert but in my experience a huge factor is simply to put yourself in situations where the ratio of females to males exceeds 50%. At that point the women become very receptive and competitive with each other whereas if there are more men than women their pussies clam shut and they become rather haughty about who and when they will consider sexual laisons.
    This does not apply to your workplace however. If you are in a female dominated workzone you might as well shove your head into a meat-grinder.

    1. This is the most intelligent point on this whole page, bar none. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well in North America, EU, Australia, etc because every woman is a swipe on their smartphone away from digital validation. You have to go to some place where the structure ensures the actual day to day odds are heavily in your favour. Can I get a whoaaa Asia everyone! No? How about a whoaaa Latin America!

    2. For simply getting laid, watching the ratio is absolutely beneficial, even in the workplace. Waiters, hairdressers (or, hairdresser, the one who’s not gay), yoga teachers, perfume counter sales-“men”, or even just tech guys keeping female heavy call centers running, have a much, much easier time getting laid than guys working in more manly fields. Simply due to accessibility.
      It’s funny, but I am under the impression that in the days of yore, women who needed to work outside the home, would seek out workplaces that wold maximize their exposure to high quality men (nurse, air hostess). And while that still happen on some level, more and more of even the hottest women, now flock to all the same places that all their fellow Cosmo reading sister drones are aiming for. Leaving the sole male in the salon, top dog alpha by walkover.

    3. “clam shut” was that a pun sir?? Did you mean to say “slam shut”? Clam and pussy in the same sentence?? Brilliant….

  5. Better idea: get a temporary forearm tattoo. The next morning when it washes off in the shower, see how she reacts when she learns the bad boy she bedded was only temporarily bad.

  6. Quote: “Tattoos are edgy and masculine because they convey excitement and rebellion—chick crack. ”
    Good article but I have to admit that I’m on the fence regarding tattoos. Seems like every tough guy wannabee is getting tats. Decades ago tats were the rebellious thing to do, now that almost everyone is getting them, seems to me that the rebellious thing to do today is not get tattoos.

        1. Anytime. We’ll meet for a beer sometime Jeremy and compare scars like the guys in Jaws…

        2. I have no tats. The notable scars I have are not very visible.
          But, I do think we’ll need a bigger boat.

      1. I just picture that sargent from the movie Avatar with that scar across the right side of his face.

      2. Would you believe there is a plastic-surgery market in making fake battle scars? So maybe a bullet hole in your forearm and a nice gash on your back like “Jack Reacher”.
        Back in the day my brother used to tell chicks his appendectomy scar was a wound from a knife fight.

        1. Dude I’ve got scars from a shark bite, a stingray sting, and dog bites(these become barracuda bites for game purposes) they are total chick crack.
          Scars are manly and tough.
          Tattoos? Used to be. Now, not so much.

    1. That’s what you hear all the time “soon not having a tattoo will be the edgy choice”, but as it’s the default choice it will never happen.

      1. The default choice in facial hair, is a beard. Just felt like saying that 🙂

    2. Just think that even Justin Bieber has a forearm tattoo. He doesn’t appeal to me as being edgy. Just a complete buffoon.

      1. Kiddo gets laid, though. Truth be told, he probably would have without the tattoo as well.

  7. So…..if I dress well, work out, groom well and then get a tattoo I’ll get better results with my “game” which consists of running up on girls randomly(without even checking their body language to see if they’re open to me approaching htem first), asking them an obviously bullshit question(because that increases their comfort rather than coming off as creepy) before reciting an obviously canned story(which also isn’t creepy at all)?

    1. Don’t do that then. Just say “hi” and have a real story. Helps to have an interesting life though, so that your real story doesn’t put her off. I wouldn’t worry about her “body language”. She might just not have noticed you.
      But the idea here is to get your foot in the door. That’s a start.

  8. The tattoo subplot halfway ruins this article. It otherwise has a lot of good points but that leaves me with a bitter aftertaste so to speak.
    Tattoos are a travesty to the Anglosphere and that is why I have so much more respect and attraction to Japanese and Latin women who don’t need any added ink to their bodies to make them feel ‘edgy’ or ‘cool’.

  9. Nice article, however I do have a couple of points to make…

    Be genuinely unique
    A lot of people tend to do the same things to stand out or be different (hipsters and “emo” people come to mind) so avoiding what everybody else does to attract attention will automatically set yourself apart from a lot of those people. Unapologetically doing the things you like to do will separate you from most…

    Absolutely. However, the most important take-away from this should be, “Get the fuck off the internet and go do something you like so you have something interesting to say.”

    Get a forearm tattoo
    While tattoos on chicks are generally trashy and a pretty good sign she’s a slut…

    1000 times NO. Do NOT get a forearm tatoo. Doing so will make you unemployable in anything but shit jobs. In fact I would recommend against any tatoo for men, as a male you shouldn’t want people to look at your skin, that’s what women want. You want to accentuate all the things that signal status/power/success, and tattoos DO NOT DO THIS.

    1. “Doing so will make you unemployable in anything but shit jobs. ”
      Or… you can wear a shirt.

        1. Most good jobs require to wear shirts all year round, fortunately most office buildings have AC.

  10. ‘Be generally unique’ is direct a contradiction to ‘get a forearm Tattoo’.
    If you have a Tattoo it means you are merely the Canvas for someone else’s artwork.You might as well be their toilet paper.Indeed there is no difference considering what passes off as ‘art’ nowadays.
    Part 1.Make a list of all your famous, accomplished men in history:Scientists,Thinkers,Kings,Entertainers,Athletes,Authors,Businessmen etc
    Part 2:List the Tattoos they had from memory( WITHOUT having to research it).
    If Part2 is equal to or greater than Part 1,you win.And you prove that Tattoos make the Man.

  11. tatts are trash on men nowadays coz every body has them, being unique now is having 0 tatts with 7% body fat, now that looks better than any tatt, nature at its best

    1. I don’t think tatts are trash, you just have to do them right. I have 4 tatts. None are visible unless I take off my shirt. I don’t just show them off to show them and I have sub <15% body fat. It’s a nice look. Just need to know how to pull it off right

    2. “tatts are trash on men nowadays coz every body has them”
      Makes no sense.

      1. I didn’t know penguins were able to use the internet considering they don’t have fingers and thumbs? And the brain capacity…….Damn you magical penguin!

  12. Dress in KKK robes and offer to renounce racism in exchange for an inter-racial double-blowjob.

    1. I’ve found the opposite is true. Young ladies these days enjoy slight hints that you are territorial racist.
      Chauvinistic nationalism is in vogue.

      1. yes indeed. i recently boned a right wing Dane by talking shit about national sovereignty and the EU was full of faggots.

        1. The white Scandies are quite open to it. They all have racist dads and brothers. They even try to convert you to equality if they can. Being a subtly racist type can in fact trigger their family formation instincts.
          “this debonair unpleasant motherfucker will defend the nest wont he!”
          I’m not kidding. If you can chuck a few quotes from Shakespeare or Merchant of Venice or Tempest (insert your favorite canonical author) it’s legitimized by your command of literature or art. This phenomenon is actually borne out by recent election results in Europe. Most white girls will have been groped by sex starved interlopers and will have heard their brother and father get angry at it. The worm turned in France and the UK judging by the electoral returns i’ve seen.

  13. SPEECH is the #1 way to set yourself apart from other people. In my opinion 1000X more effective than any tattoo or any amount of game.
    Any idea how much of a difference it is to say “good morning” instead of “hey”? Try it. “Good morning”, “good afternoon” and “good evening” elevate you – without trying – above the vast majority. I can’t even hear it when I walk into a good restaurant and the hostess says “hey guys”. When you’re serving $50 steaks, it’s “good evening”.
    “Whaddup”, “what’s up”, “how’s it going” etc shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary. It’s not “you’re welcome” it’s “my pleasure”…. which silently communicates no thanks was even required. When someone asks you how you are, you’re “excellent thanks”. Not ‘”fine”. Not “ok I guess”. A nod and “I’m excellent, thanks” will instantly make you more intriguing.
    I was at a casual business dinner in a nice place and most people at the table were strangers. Was introduced to a attractive chick that joined us and all the guys around me said “hi”, “hey”, “hows it going”……. but I shook her hand and said “how do you do”. She didn’t stop staring for the rest of the evening. It made a LASTING impact, with such minimal effort. “Certainly” instead of “sure”.. and the list goes on.
    Speech. It’s “lipstick for men”. And it makes ALL the difference.

      1. Classic literature, the diction isn’t dumbed down. Really, just reading in general will help.

      2. Tone of voice is frequently taught in game circles. I’ve seen it in print, but I have not seen actual books or nearly enough emphasis on this topic. You know those people who UPTALK? They finish a statement with a question mark? If you find yourself doing that….. stop it now.
        It’s …. “common”.
        A SIMPLE twist of common words and phrases is right up there with posture and stance.
        Just had an after thought and frequently shake my head (internally) when I say “thank you” and the response is “uh huh”. It actually pisses me off, and I think “you lazy fuck, can’t you even say you’re welcome?”.
        Nobody’s got no class any mo.

    1. You’re from England right, Tom? ‘How do you do’ is the traditional polite English greeting. Hardly used in other English dialects.

      1. Canadian at birth. European by design. But “how do you do” is something I got from old movies I think. I just liked the sound of it.

    2. Also, introduce yourself with both your FIRST and LAST NAME. Sets you apart.

      1. Hello my name is Ben Dover, let me introduce you to my closest dear friend, Mike Rotchtickles.

        1. Why, hello Ben Dover, my name is Mike Hawk and this is my wife Allotta Fagina. This is my son Andy Phucter and my daughter Anita Dick. How do you do this evening, sir? Where is your lovely wife Annie Reckshun? Is she in the bathroom with Anita Pottie?

    3. SPOT ON! Also, refrain from using profanity — it sets you apart from the common herd.

      1. Oh, i don’t know. Swearing can make a good point, a GREAT fucking point. Say it in french and it’s practically poetry.

    4. Also, never never never never never use valley girl slang.
      NEVER use “like” as a catch-all in conversation.

    5. Instead of saying:
      maybe, say perhaps.
      yes, say absolutely.
      hello, say greetings.

    6. A (very slight) bow of the head during the “How do you do?” also impresses.

    7. Looks like I’m going to have to give this blue collar boob some lessons here.
      ‘It’s not “you’re welcome” it’s “my pleasure”…. ‘
      It’s “not at all”
      “but I shook her hand and said “how do you do”
      It’s “how do you do, Miss”
      If she’s older or has a wedding band then substitute, Madam
      And if she looks like a lezzie or bust busting feminist then substitute -Mizzzzzz with emphasis on the zzzzzzzzzz

      1. Appreciate the lesson! But my recommendations come as extension of officially published and carefully constructed 6-star training. (Yes there is such a thing as 6-star). “My pleasure” is the 1st & best response to “thank you” because it shows you received pleasure from helping others. “Not at all” is actually somewhat dismissive. Like the Australian response “no worries”…. or the American “No problem”. ( When was it a “problem”? )…… but rather than saying “my pleasure” men should think very carefully and just start saying “NO” more often.
        For American women, “Ma’am” is effective for women over 23.
        And yes, MIzzzzzz is great for femtards.
        It should be emphasized that my suggestions were not at all about HER ( or at all based on what women like )… but strictly more about elevating YOURSELF to a level above what’s common. “My pleasure” isn’t about THEM, it says everything about YOU.

    1. Its just one potential tool in your box but not necessarily the only tool. That said, it would be a mistake to get a tattoo just to attract chicks. That smacks of desperation. There is only one good reason to get a tattoo – because you want one.

  14. Would James Bond get a tattoo? lol let NOT men become copy cats like girls and get stupid permament paint on their fat bodies

    1. James Bond mastered the art of indifference and being witty, along with mainly associating with high-class and feminine women who would either be repulsed or indifferent to tattoos themselves.

      1. He also appears to have mastered the duckface, referring to the latest movies in the James Bond franchise.

        1. Bond, the REAL Bond whom is of course Sean Connery, was the very epitome of Alpha.
          You’re right about the duckface on the new guy.

    2. I read a post by someone on the Pajamas Media site awhile back who said that James Bond fans in his experience display a stronger reality-orientation than fans of comics, fantasy and science fiction.
      Why? Because Bond the fictional character does things that you could do in the real world. He speaks foreign languages, travels to real places, displays a feasible level of fitness and knowledge of combatives, knows how to kill people in practical ways, dresses impeccably, and he can bluff his way through social situations involving higher class bad guys. Oh, and he has mastered his version of game. Apparently the interests of guys on James Bond forums overlap somewhat with the interests of men in the PUA/game subculture.
      By contrast, you simply can’t acquire superpowers, join orders of mystic warriors or attend a starship academy.
      So the perception that losers drift into the latter sort of make-believe world has a basis in reality.

      1. he’s a romanticized composite of a handful of real men. However you can steal his act and it ‘ll work reasonably well.

        1. Actually, he was based on a real spy during the war named Reilly. Read “Reilly, Ace of Spies”. He was fucking unbelievable. Fleming said he had to tone him way down to be James Bond or it wouldn’t have been believable.
          Reilly was the type to parachute behind enemy lines, fuck the General’s wife to get the secret plans, kill twenty six enemy soldiers with a rolled up umbrella to make his way back to swim the English Channel home with the plans. He made something like twenty missions like that, and was never caught.

      2. Yes, he’s sort of like the writer who invented him, Ian Fleming. Most of the Bond books which I read as a boy were written during the cold war. Fleming died in the early 60’s and his last book was The Man With the Golden Gun. All of the books may be a bit fantastic but they are believable. Hollywood began making the films more and more fantastic and gadget driven to appeal to the kids and some of the Bond films were just written for the screen and had no relation to Fleming’s character or book. A lot of the early films were low budget and some of the scenes were silly and of course there was censorship back then so that even the rather censored books were censored for the screen more. Many of the gadgets though were way ahead of their time and it was years later that they came into common use. Goldfinger’s laser was new at the time.As was being able to use radar to follow a car and indeed a car phone too in the 60’s. The average person has only had a cell in the past 15 years.Same with computer and Net even though they had been around longer. All of these things became popular quickly when they became dirt cheap which is why every moron is now on the Net. I had a cell in ’91 and no one had them back then except for a few other wealthy people. That flip phone was $1k and minutes were expensive.

    3. Do what you want instead of trying to emulate a fictional character.

  15. If you are thinking about going out and getting a tattoo, permanently marking your body, for the sole purpose of impressing girls in a weak attempt to get laid ….. please go to the back of the class and re-read chapter one…….this is pedestalizing to the max……just….no. I am amazed advice like this still makes it onto this site.

  16. “Nobody should have to tell you to brush, floss twice a day, and tongue scrape at this point in your life but”
    Amen to this. Tongue scraping is something that a lot of people have not heard of. I only heard about it around age 21 when I met a guy who had spent time overseas and told me that it is something that everyone does.

    1. Just out of curiosity, what is tongue scraping? And why do you do it? Bad breath avoidance, or to taste better when kissing?

  17. Easy alternative to tats.
    Wear a watch. Have a customized wallet or lighter. Phone casing could have a custom design.
    If you are an artist have a few sketches on the iPhone on the camera roll.

  18. Apparently it hasn’t registered on the people who have noticed Roosh’s website in the last week that Roosh and his colleagues have a broader view of the potentials of man’s life than getting hot chicks out of their clothes. I’ve pointed out on other forums that game bloggers emphasize genuine self-development in a very American way, literally in the tradition of the self-made man exemplified by Benjamin Franklin.
    I especially like how the writers on this site connect a view of man’s potential to the wisdom traditions found, for example, in the works of Renaissance humanists.
    You just don’t see anything equivalent on the distaff side, especially coming from feminists with their disimprovement philosophy of fat acceptance, despite what Michelle Obama says about the urgency to keep girls from porking out.
    Keep up the good work, guys. I approve of your project.

  19. Get a forearm tattoo….and while you’re at it: take roids, pick up smoking, and put a baseball cap backwards on your head. All for some mediocre pussy of course. *shakes head*

  20. Why are you saying ‘no peacocking’ when your whole article is about standing out from the crowd to attract women.
    Are you a PUAhater?

    1. He said “no peacocking” in the mystery sense. No fur hats, no aviator goggles, etc.
      He advises standing out in more subtle ways.

  21. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work and brush after lunch. Mid-afternoon is when that shit festers. It’s also handy if you have after-work drinks.

  22. The whole tattoo debate depends on the individual and their style. Yeah, your average meat-head at the gym usually has a couple (neglected) and faded tattoos that make him blend in with all of the other cookie cutter dudes with imaginary lat syndrome.
    Like someone else mentioned, don’t get a tattoo just to get laid. First and foremost, choose something unique that has meaning to you. You then earn your tattoo by sitting through the pain.
    I’ve got a couple tattoos and they look great on tan skin and muscular arms. When I go out, I’ll usually wear a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Just like a nice watch, the tattoos peek out of the shirt and give you a nice edgy look.
    My 2 cents…. tattoos can look good depending on your overall style.

    1. In high school we start to learn about our sexual market value in its raw state. If you don’t readily attract the girls at that age, you need to improve and rebrand the product and keep coming back to the market to find customers.
      As Voltaire said, the man who sells himself does so because he thinks he’s worth something.

    2. Yes. It is high school. Stop bothering your neighbor and do your work.

  23. I can’t grow facial so I’m more or less clean shaven, it looks better than a stubbly unkempt look. If you’re black, I’d suggest a spicy scented cologne. Yes we can where what white people wear but I’ve notice it never smells as good or lasts as long. Ecko or Tommy Bahama, d&g the one are good that works well for dark skinned guys

    1. Female perfume is very strong and sweet because females have more acidic skin that sort of neutralises it. The Negro being more effeminate and hairless is more like a female. perhaps you should try Chanel #5 haha

  24. Dude you hit it on the head. I dunno if I’d say dress “nice”, whenever I dress nice I look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. But you definitely need to be aware of what you’re putting on.
    As for ink and facial hair, if I knew at 19 what I know now, I’d have shaved my head, sleeved up, and grown a beard IMMEDIATELY. That might not work for everyone, some dudes might do well with a button-down to go to the corner store, but yeah “genuinely unique” is a good description.

  25. You know what’s more important… doing all of this for yourself. Stay in shape because you want to be healthy, dress well because you possess a sense of style. Only get a tattoo if you’ve earned it, the military, yakuza, Russian mafia etc. Grow a beard because you want to. The rest of this shit is basic, clean up, brush your teeth and don’t overpower your body with cheap gmo laden colognes. However, it must be said, we men of the manosphere have to stop, and I mean stop propagating these articles that serves the interest of western women. Does your dick control you so much where we really have to spend money we probably wouldn’t spend, or pose where we normally wouldn’t try to be posers? And all this for a dirty sperm repository of the average woman? Is it me or is anyone else sick of all this shit we supposedly “need” to do to fuck a western cumdumpster? A man should never ever built any part of existence with the sole or even partial impetus to please women. Women will fuck a man in well dressed Savile Row bespoke suit one day in a dirty grunge rocker who hasn’t showered in a week the next day. Be your fucking self.

    1. Indeed. What’s the difference between, say, an Elliot Rodger who hoped to ‘bait’ a girl into liking him with his BMW and a PUA who gets tats and starts smoking all with the expectation to appear on some girls radar?

      1. going beyond “Hi!”…perhaps.
        Also congenital mental health problems. That’s a big caveat. This kid was very ill. He probably had no sincere interest in a relationship.
        The douchebag who sat at the counter in the gym was attempting to bait. He made misstep after misstep.

      2. That Elliot Rodger had: $$money, car ( bimmer) , famous daddy and was not that bad looking. The mixed race thing chicks today ( esp in Cali) love that shit. What he didn’t have was the mojo. The Baraka. The attitude. He didn’t have game…

    2. Bam. Never do shit for a woman’s approval. Even if you try (making you appear pathetic for bowing down to your inferior), it will have the opposite effect.
      “Is it me or is anyone else sick of all this shit we supposedly “need” to do to fuck a western cum-dumpster?” -LC
      Nope, I agree. Anyway, the ruder I am to these bitches the more play I get. I think deep down most chicks they know how inherently weak, stupid and petty they are. If you tell them otherwise, their bullshit detectors will go off the charts–they know you’re either lying or stupid because they, themselves, know they are pathetic. Take it from a reformed blue-pill (largely), I’ve experienced it all. Just call a bitch a bitch and never apologize.

    3. I enjoy your insight Lance but “be yourself yourself” is part of the new age hippie psychological agenda that reinforces indulging people is the best method of making them happy. What is someone’s personality type is beta or omega then surely them being themselves is what caused their issue. People like Eliot were being themselves. I know people with asbergers who put in a lot of time and effort into reading social interactions and queues so they don’t need to excommunicated for being themselves. Watch what natural alphas do, watch what successful sports and business people do and always remember -good artists copy and great artists steal. Create a personal pastiche of the person you desire to be. Cut, copy and always adapt.

      1. Good insight John and worthy of a detailed response. When I say, “be yourself,” I’m not implying that men, especially young men should be without direction. However, this direction should and must ONLY come from the guidance and supreme hand of other men under the auspices of a patriarchy. This excludes man existing for woman, because according to nature man exists for the tribe, for his brothers. In the ethereal realm, man exists for God which in its highest form excludes the company of women. In man’s highest form whether in nature, patriarchy or religion, woman serves her only and primary function, procreation.

      2. “Be. Your. Fucking. Self.” does NOT mean “stay the way you are now without improvement”. Learn some discernment, experiment with being charitable in your interpretations. What LC is obviously saying is “do what you feel is best for yourself, not what garners approval from society in general or a woman in specific”. I didn’t find it that hard to interpret what is, I believe, closer to the writer’s true intent.
        Furthermore, betas/omegas are almost never “being themselves”. They are acting out a role that has been dictated to them by society, and therefore they are miserable. In fact, what is a self? That’s a straightforward question from me to you: what is the self? Ever even pondered that?

        1. Self is a point of actualisation of reality between the consciousness that one experiences and the externalities of our existence. Descartes – I think therefore I am. Until man took the periditious path of following a solopsistic reference of existence self was our consciousness intertwined to metaphysical but also the spiritual world.

    4. As you say, you don’t need to do anything. Dressing well and being well-groomed has benefits far beyond impressing women. It impresses men too and will effect the way you are perceived by others. A smart blazer, well accessorized (and this is very important) on an athletic man looks amazing and everyone will notice. Not only that, you will feel amazing. You will catch a reflection of yourself in a window and think “wow, look at me!”. It will effect the service you receive in stores, where you are seated in restaurants and the contacts you make at events. Furthermore, when you are dressed for the role you will assume the role.
      When we see a well-dressed woman generally we view her as high value, because she clearly considers herself as high value. If we dress as though we are “high value”, others will assume the same about us.
      For a cumdumpster, you probably don’t need any of this. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll be interested. But the “high value” women will come running. As with all things, its how you distinguish yourself from the average man.

    5. Lance,
      Why the FUCK haven’t you submitted and/or written for ROK or in RVF yet ? Seriously you’re insight is on par with whats going on in the world today !
      A fan.

    6. Couldn’t of said it better myself. To recommend permanently inking your skin, just to be a wannabe ‘bad-ass’ poser, all just to cater to some cum-dumpsters needs is nothing but weak beta advice. WTF is up with these ROK articles lately?

    7. So this is the logic: women who have sex as they please are “Western cum-dumpsters” whereas men who have sex as they please are somehow better and have this “game” shit you people peddle to people with low self-esteem? Men are “made in the image of God” and women are “bitches” (read sub-human). No wonder you lads need to spend your time on websites looking for tips on how to “game”.
      Get real fool, real men don’t need advice from misogynist dipshits with self-esteem issues like you.

      1. Go fuck yourself, little mangina bitch. Women ARE subhuman, whether you realise it or not. men are gods and women are cum dumpsters, that’s all there is to it.
        You are a sad, pathetic example of a brainwashed drone. Do all of us a favor and just kill yourself, you little fuck.

        1. Bahahahahahahahahaha.
          ‘Too scared to use his real name’ presents his flawless and rational counter argument. Ever considered that you might be gay, seeing as you think ‘men are gods’ perhaps you have a penchant for the cock?

      2. There is no such thing as the double standard. The lock and key analogy I believe will always hold true whether you like it or not.
        The importance of a woman to a man is invaluable. They are not all bitches. Their role as a mother, nurturer and supporter of a man and his family is vital. But over decades this has gone out the window and it takes time to find that rare gem who has class and will make a loyal wife and mother.
        Being a muslim I know so many of my boys that go back to their home countries and have arranged marriages with uncorrupted chaste educated decent women that have all the right qualities that keep the family unit strong. These sisters (not bitches) will ride it out with their man through thick and thin, look after your parents when they’re old and frail and ensure your children are raised in the best environment.
        You really think we’d wife up any hoes we hooked up with at a club?
        You can call me a prick IDGAF but I’ma pump as many bad bitches I want then fall back and get me the good girl. Treat em right whilst remaining alpha and dominant and she won’t ever think of straying.

    8. I haven’t been myself in years. I really don’t know how to anymore, most everything I did was for the sake of a woman.

    9. Man you’re post was spot on.
      Yes it’s nice to be able to fuck a different vag every other weekend but there’s more to it than that.
      Just be your own man and run your own race. Alot of this shit is commonsense. Dress well, accessorise, smell fresh.
      My country Australia is like the sister nation to the US. Bitches are total whores here and I’ve seen more than half my friends’ marriages end in divorce in under 5 years.
      Finding a chaste and self respecting woman is like a diamond in the rough.

  26. blonde moustaches look like shit lol. as always, look at the advice on a personal level. good article otherwise. blonde facial hair plus tattoo makes people think American History X around here haha.

  27. A goatee? Hell no. I’ve always said women are more turned off by glasses than men are, and the worst thing any guy can do is be overweight, wear glasses, and grow a goatee. All huge turn-offs that can be easily remedied (unlike being short & bald, for example). Stubble or clean shaven or a neatly trimmed beard, depending on the face.

    1. Goatees are great. Women love them. I used to wear glasses. Had no problems getting girls. Overweight will be a problem regardless of beard choice or glasses. Clean shaven is not necessarily bad but it doesn’t demonstrate masculinity.

  28. Girl: “Why don’t you have any tattoos?”
    Alpha: “Because you don’t you slap a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.”

  29. the drummer at my church has a forearm tattoo of a small knife (he was in a gang when he was a kid) in my opinion it fits him well.

  30. Real men speak of courage of wisdom of truth. They speak of power of ambition of greed of vision.
    This article is horse shit . For the most part it reeks of validation seeking thirsty losers

  31. Chronic bad breath is almost always the result of something wrong in the colon, and seldom due to poor oral hygiene. A good pro-biotic usually straightens it out pretty fast.

  32. Love the article. However, there is one other thing men can do. Move to where the attractive and open girls are. When I moved to DC after 5 years in Ontario, the attention that I got from women shot up immediately. And DC sucks.

    1. DC is the worst city in America for game and bachelors. The women in the city are all post-college slut careerist status whores, who care only about the bottom line… a man’s wallet. They are also some of the most vapid and shallow brained whores on the planet as well. From their accents, I’m guessing these girls are mostly New England transplants of the worst variety.

      1. True, DC women are utterly terrible. And yes privileged exactly how you explain.

  33. Any tattoo hardly makes one original today. Just saying, when the fad wears off they will be much harder to get rid of than it was for your grandpa to burn his flared
    bell bottoms.

  34. There’s nothing more pathetic than a tatoo on a weak, short and/or out of shape dude

  35. “Tattoos are edgy and masculine because they convey excitement and rebellion . . .”
    . . . because they traditionally have meaning relating to a masculine accomplishment or activity.
    “Be original but remember, this tattoo is for you so make sure it means and projects something significant to you.”
    The tattoo is for the recognition of others, to project something significant about you to a culture, like an anchor on the arm of a sailor or marine.
    ” . . .stay away from mainstream tattoos like tribal armbands . . .”
    Because tattoos, signifying an activity or accomplishment (tribal membership isn’t a simple matter of birth, it requires a Rite of Passage), aren’t really properly chosen, they are awarded, and in the mainstream a tribal tattoo is proclaiming a stolen identity for deeds you have not accomplished, like falsely claiming to be a war veteran, or, at the extreme, a Medal of Honor recipient. Don’t be that douche.
    Or I suppose you could just make up some dumb, random shit like some dumb, random girl.

  36. Tattoos were cool when I was a kid, it an an earing or nose ring and a big spikey hair or a motorcycle meant you were a real bad ass or belonged to some tough subculture like bikers or punk or something. Now a tattoo just means your some other fucking loser trying to be cool. Unless you are in a gang or look like a tough guy, you just look like a pussy tryhard wearing one.

  37. How can I grow a better beard? My stubble looks gay so I always shave it and I can’t grow much around my cheeks so I shave that too. I already lift weights. If beard growing is a matter of testosterone, how can I boost it further to get more furry?

        1. Good news is that it gets better as you age (both shaving and chasing chicks). Two important bits of advice about growing facial hair. First find a good barber who can give you good advice on a beard that will suit you given your hair growth. Find a barber who does the proper hot towel shave. Second, get a straight razor and badger brush for your shaving. Copy what your barber does. A straight razor is a must for good beard maintenance and you’ll feel like a badass!

  38. Ok,….enough about the freaking tattoos already. Have any of you found this to be true about facial hair? That is….did you guys notice a difference in female interest after you grew some stubble or a beard? Would like feedback on this. Thank.

    1. Women love my facial hair. Honestly, I not quite sure you’re a man if you have no facial hair.

      1. I have a pretty heavy beard…but always shave….usually after a day or two of stubble. My thinking has always been since I’m 44 and hit on young women in their 20s….it made me look younger and more “their age” if I was clean shaven.
        I may do a month or so long “10 day stubble” experiment.

        1. Yeah I am 40 myself and when I grow my stubble out I think I look older, especially with the lines at the corner of the mouth that run down toward the chin. When I don’t shave, it appears to me that those lines are more visible. Maybe the advice should be beard at 20, no-beard at 40?

        2. I think you should. Just use a straight razor and clippers to keep it trim. Btw I’m 40 with gray in my beard and still get chased by chicks in their 20s. They actually love that. Check in and let me know how it works out.

  39. I agree with you on the facial hair and the tattoos. Well groomed facial hair to be specific…..short but long enough its not sand paper.
    The tattoo needs to be specific. Spend the proper money and dont be a schmuck about it.
    And stay in shape. All good advice.

  40. I must say, you’re article is full of beta red flags. Always dress up, even to grab a pack of cigs? There’s gane time and there’s time to not give a flying shit. Roll your owns unique cigs? More like “I have shitty self confidence” let me come up with some dumb trick to make up for it.
    And the the forearm comment… Fuck you. Get the beta out of this page.

    1. Appearance is very important. It communicates to others how you value yourself.

  41. Thanks for the linkage, Sharpshooter!
    I am not getting the tattoo hate here… Fucking “James Bond wouldn’t get one” get outta here man. Yeah you don’t get it for chicks but if you want one, get one- get a design you like and then sit on it for a month to make sure you still want it.
    That chicks love them is a nice side benefit

  42. Put a potato in your jeans(the front side) and the Mike Tyson facial tat drives em’ wild.

  43. To be entirely fair to the greasy halitosis kid (which he doesn’t deserve by the sounds of it) running game with a female customer is a dead loss – the dynamic is all wrong, you are there to serve them as a lackey, which kills the alpha attraction. Even beta game is useless because it’s obvious you have a crap job in a shop, so it doesn’t even work with the 4-5s. And you run the constant risk of a complaint – that snotty salesman actually hit on me how dare he? All you can do is be aloof and professional and respond to any signals you get. This of course works best in her home – where she feels comfortable – we all know about milkmen!

  44. What God awful advice. It’s either hit or miss on this site. Go tattoo your partner’s balls, faggot! Oh, and shove your black rolling paper up your ass, you pretentious douche!

  45. This article is utter nonsense. Keep your basic hygiene in check, like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You will still have succes with women. Don’t waste your time trying to appear more pretty, so you might attract 1% more women. Use that time to improve yourself (getting a tattoo or a haircut is not one of those things, getting smarter or stronger is), or use it to do things you enjoy, like getting laid.
    Also smoking, lol.

  46. Unless I am surfing in Polynesia and I wipe out into some coral and get an infection that requires the local witch doctor’s attention, via a healing tattoo, I don’t think I’ll be getting a tattoo one anytime soon. Plus, I’ve seen too many hipsters on the streets with tattoos. Don’t want to be lost in the hipster crowd.

  47. Another point. Do you really want the kind of woman who likes ink? I think of tattoos as a bit of social self selection. Those women who have ink have selected themselves out of my breading pool. Those women who like ink also select themselves out of my breeding pool. Tattoos seem to be markers of bad judgement, at least in Western societies.

  48. definitely a clean, expensive looking suit is the best way to go. (way better than the gangster look) from what i’ve heard, scruff is better than a full on beard, and no tattoos definitely enhances the suit look. (the best look)

  49. I’ve got to say the tattoo thing is passe. My gym is loaded with out of shape guys who look like walking cartoons covered in ugly ink trying to be edgy and looking like wannabe chumps.

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