3 Tips For Men Over 40 To Increase Testosterone

The following article was sponsored by Mark Mcilyar

My name is Mark Mcilyar, I’m the senior trainer at the number one most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube.

And as the senior trainer, I know a thing or two about getting older…

One of the biggest challenges for us older guys is to stop our fat burning metabolism from plummeting.

And if you didn’t know, one of the main reasons for this metabolic drop is because your body is producing more of the female hormone – Estrogen.

Your estrogen can get so high that according to USA TODAY, by midlife, a man may have far more estrogen than his postmenopausal wife… That’s part of the reason why heavy-set men sometimes develop swollen breast tissue.’

And because your hormone levels change so slowly, sometimes taking years and even decades, you probably won’t even notice the changes until it’s too late.

This is what happened to me and I didn’t notice until I was 48.

After seeing a picture a friend took of me, I realized I had an extra 20 pounds of belly fat on my waist.

Now most men don’t realize this but belly fat can actually cause your body to produce more estrogen. And the more estrogen you have, the more you’ll struggle to be yourself.

Estrogen is responsible for things you don’t want…

  • Saggy Chest
  • Belly Fat
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Brittle Bones
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Hair Loss

And it doesn’t stop there… because as your belly fat and estrogen go up, your test levels get shut down!

That’s why it’s important to stop estrogen from rising, and to focus on keeping your testosterone at peak levels. Testosterone will keep your metabolism high which burns fat.

It will also…

  • Help you building muscle
  • Prevent fat storage on your body
  • Control your estrogen
  • Increase your focus
  • Give you more energy
  • Keep your bones strong
  • And pump up your sex drive

And here are some ways that you can keep your estrogen low and your T high:

Reduce your drinking as much as possible

Many guys either don’t drink or they go all out when they do… and this can cause low test and an estrogen boost. The ingredients used to make liquor, wine and beer come from plants and grains that contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). Phytoestrogens make your brain think you have high estrogen…and add fat.

Tips to reduce drinking – Set yourself a budget at the beginning of the night, and don’t spend more than the cash in your wallet.This will save you a ton of money and save your testosterone.

Balance Your Intake

Too much of any type of food (protein, carbs, fats, etc) don’t leave room for the necessary nutrients needed for testosterone synthesis. It’s important to get a good balance of meats, veggies, fruits and hydration for optimal T production. My meals look pretty close to this each day:

  • Meal option 1 – Breakfast: 5 scrambled egg whites, ½ cup oatmeal, and 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
  • Meal option 2 – Lunch: 6-8 oz chicken breast, 3/4 cup brown rice, 1 handful of broccoli.
  • Meal option 3 – Dinner: 6-8 oz white fish, medium spinach salad with cucumber, cherry tomato and balsamic vinegar

Here’s another ‘handy’ shortcut – use your ‘hand portion’ reference chart as you put these meals together yourself.

You don’t need to bother with getting a scale, measuring and weighing each and every portion – Just remember that two closed fists is approximately 6-8 oz of protein, the palm of your hand is approximately 3-5 oz of carbohydrates and your thumb will equal 1 serving of fat. When it comes to veggies, feel free to grab a handful or two. This hand portion reference will save you a lot of time as you begin to implement more of these meals.


But the fastest and most effective way to build testosterone naturally is…

Working out with compound movements

Compound movements are training exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time.

The most common compound movements are the squat, deadlift and bench press.

These compound movements are effective but they can also be hard on your joints… so if you’ve had a back or knee injury, you’ll want to start out with very light weight until you build strength and reduce pain. And most importantly make sure you are doing them with proper from.

Now if you don’t know how to do them, or just not 100% sure if you are doing them right… go ahead and check out this free video I just posted showing you exactly how to perform the most effective testosterone boosting exercises.

In addition to that, you’ll also learn how older guys like us can perform compound exercises to increase testosterone production naturally without getting injured.

And here are some examples of pre-workout Dynamic Stretching — Hold each posture 15-30 seconds on both sides (Repeat at least 3x):

Hip circles

Hip circles

Leg swings (forward and backwards)

Leg swings (forward and backwards)

Leg swings (side to side)

Leg swings (side to side)

Side bends

Side bends

Arm circles

Arm circles

These warm ups will help prevent injuries while you perform the unique compound movements that will naturally boost your testosterone today.

Train smart,


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66 thoughts on “3 Tips For Men Over 40 To Increase Testosterone”

  1. Nothing says off the chart test levels like this guy.
    Kratom Enema. It is why anuses crave.

    1. Hes doing the hokey-pokey- ya put yer right foot in, ya put ya right foot out

        1. Admitting you’ve actually seen Rocky Horror might get you banned from this site

    2. To his credit, for his age (what is he, mid to late 50’s?) he’s in pretty decent shape. Looking at the general population of middle aged men and then at him is quite a contrast.
      Doing the hokey pokey, well hey, he was paid money to model. Ten bucks is ten bucks after all.

      1. “it don’t make any difference to me what a man does for a living, especially since his interests don’t conflict with mine”
        That said, it still looks pretty silly.

      2. He’s 53, apparently. But looks pretty good given what most guys half his age look like.

      1. do a search for phthalates and dr mercola, informative article- avoid, although its hard (its in body wash, shampoo, shaving cream).

  2. Tip #1 – Kratom
    Tip #2 – Penis pumps
    Tip #3 – Electrolytes
    LOL, to be fair this was one of the better sponsored posts, but we all knew the kratom jokes were inevitable.

    1. Agreed, this was one of the better sponsored posts. I feel kind of bad about making kratom jokes. I’m going to do it anyway!
      What we see demonstrated in picture #1 is the hip circle. You’ll want to do this excercise after you ingest your recommended dosage of kratom and electrolytes. It helps to mix the two together for maximum efficiency.*
      In picture #2, we see the leg kicks. What this helps to achieve is that the mixture of kratom and electrolytes makes it all the way down to your legs and feet. Kratom is essential for healthy toe nail growth.
      Picture #3- After completing the first two excerises, you’ll probably be feeling pretty good. Go ahead and take a little dance break. You’ve earned it, bud!
      Picture #4- After your workout and dance break, it’s possible you may feel a little gassy from the kratom and electrolytes. Do a few bends and try to work some of that gas out.
      Picture #5- Once you’ve exhausted all your electrokratom ass gas, you’ll want to move your arms in a circular motion to fan away all he stank you’ve just produced.
      *= This is also a recommended excerise for those who have purchased the flame polished/diamond cut penis pump. The idea behind this is to let your penis flail around after pumping to promote further growth.

    2. “to be fair this was one of the better sponsored posts”
      I agree. And I was hoping I could throw in a Kratom joke, but instead I’m printing this page out and will incorporate it as part of my workout schedule.

  3. I’ve heard the opposite that male baldness can be caused by excess testosterone. That would explain many top performing bald athletes like barry bonds who used PEDs.

    1. Male baldness is caused by a different form of testosterone (dihydrotestosterone), hair follicles are sensitive to it and shrink.

    2. It can be, or it can be hereditary, generally from your mother’s side of the family. If the men on her side of the family are generally bald or thin of hair, get ready for the inevitable shedding of half your mane in the shower by the time you hit 25 to 29 or so.

    3. This is true. Test in the body is converted to DHT and DHT is bad for hair. If you’re genetically predisposed to hair loss (most men are) excess test is going to speed up that process. Drugs like Propecia are blockers of this reaction (prevent the breakdown of test into DHT) and can prevent most of/all of the loss associated with steroids/high test levels. However, those drugs have side effects for some people, so, first thing, if you start losing your hair, get on Rogaine and Nizoral shampoo. If you need more (keep losing) then consider DHT blocking drugs.

    1. I’m a HIT man myself, it’s a great program and as a side benefit it scares the living shit out of the younger dudes with their “barely any weight on the bar” workouts, heh. My bench is almost 400 lbs now, this last Wednesday I hit 390 lbs. for two sets of 5 (I only do two sets).

      1. Holy shit man, that’s really impressive! And, I think from our other conversations that you’re doing that without any gear (steroids)? If so, you’re way up on the curve, perhaps even top 1% for a real natural (no gear, no shirt) bench.

      2. Interval Training is where it’s at. Strength gains go through the roof.
        That is why I like this guy, Kane Sumabat aka Timbawolf.
        He does a lot of HIT, or in his case SHIT (Super Human Interval Training)
        He’s about 46 now, but I believe he was 42 when he filmed this.

  4. Yes it does sneak up on you. You think you are still the raging stud then … what the hell happened!. It is easier to keep it, than get it back. But you can get a lot of it back never give up. I like the food advice, its practical

  5. Let’s not forget about bodyweight exercises for those of us whose bodies have been through the wringer. You don’t need to lift weights to burn fat and build muscle.

      1. During the old manual washing days of the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s, before the introduction and widespread acceptance of automatic washing machines, the wringer was a device consisting of a hand crank attached to two very narrowly spaced wooden rollers that a woman would place clothes into, and crank, in order to wring the clothes as dry as possible before hanging them up to dry.

        1. If you’re body has been through the wringer it implies that you’ve sorely and poorly used your body, or that you’ve done so many physically taxing things that you’re in bad shape as a result. A battle veteran with a missing leg and a missing eye from war, has been through the wringer.

        1. Its an idiom. Just means you’ve been though a particularly tough time. My body has been beaten up and battered so many times I barely recognise it sometimes…

      2. Warehouse work, moving furniture, road crews, etc. Jobs that should allow for early retirement due to the damage done on your body thanks to lifetime of hard but honest work.

    1. is that why you do bodyweight exercises only, because of damage from previous heavy lifting? i’m curious because i’ve had trouble with heavy dead lifts and squats before, and i’ve heard some people opine online that heavy weight training will grind your body down eventually.

      1. I think it will. You don’t really see a lot of old power lifters and all the lifters I know complain about their backs, knees and shoulders.
        Yes that’s why I exclusively do bodyweight exercises to great effect.

        1. cool. is it possible to break down what you do, at least an overview? i’m always looking for new fitness ideas. i think you and i have discussed beachbody’s insanity programs. that’s most of what i’ve done as far as HIT bodyweight exercises. i’m doing beach body’s body beast program now, which is weight training, but without heavy barbell squats and dead lifts. it’s getting me pretty good results without the injuries i used to get before.

        2. You can get great ideas from “The Naked Warrior” by Pavel, “Convict Conditioning” 1,2,3 by Paul Wade and “Dinosaur Bodyweight Training” by Brooks Kubik.
          The key to all of this is nutrition. I favour a high fat, high protein diet (like a predator). This will get you close to that Men’s Health physique women desire…

  6. Think we could go a long way towars being fit if we would just do some sort of little exercise during the day’s dead time. For example I just knocked out 30 push-ups while my coffee was in the microwave. I think I will try that approach as I do not want to drive to a gym or pay membership.

    1. I’m hoping here that you weren’t in the office when you were heating up the coffee? heh.

  7. Go see an endocrinologist and get your levels checked. Get the shots or medication that you need, no shame in that. My lifts, overall health, and quality of life has improved. Men really need to see their docs more frequently in general, but I digress.

  8. and don’t spend more than the cash in your wallet.
    Well fuck, I’m doomed, on any given day I have between $250 and $1200 cash in my wallet. And in Ohio, that’s not chum change, especially where decent Scotch is only $4.00 on the rocks and beers run around $1.25 (domestic swill) to $3.00 (Guiness). Guess I better liquor up!
    Actually a pretty good article, all things considered. A much higher quality Sponsored Post than I expected.

  9. I do not agree with that, with the notion that the preoccupation should be to burn fat maximum and have a defined stomach.
    The preoccupation should be to get muscle strength, traction force. But, it is important to have booked extra body fat. A beer belly can be the difference between life and death.
    Mostly, it is very important to walk a lot .
    I already have more than 40 years , and do bodybuilding , GYM , I think is what you call in USA . And also the way. I consider myself in shape. But I watch the preoccupation with a defined body as a consequence of modern society, whose main preoccupation control excess calories , since the food is always available. This is unreal.
    Historically, the goal has always been strength and body resistance , which usually has as a result a good physical size, but not necessarily.
    The world’s strongest men are fat.
    My preoccupation with this is because I am prepper . For me , a certain stock body fat is a safe . Without this, how you had been when there is no easier food?
    How to do when I’m sick, injured, with dysentery and no food ? All together at once.
    Wild hunters enjoy and value each gram of fat you get. The very maintenance of muscles requires fat, they consume too much fat .
    It is not possible to have as reference a person living in the modern world, where it can take “WAY” every five minutes . And if to miss anything he goes to the wall mart.
    In my view the perfect physical for prepper and survivalists is that of farmers, dock workers , civil construction workers. Preferably to return the bike to home.
    Many of these men are a little fatty, not have won a bodybuilding contest, but they are strong , and are the ideal to survive the collapse .
    The physical ideal for SHTF is up for debate, but it is guaranteed that whatever the model, it can not declare war against body fat.
    Sorry for my English , I do not speak English. An vídeo:

    1. I agree with you. I would prefer to have a stocky beefy build going into old age. When people get old most seem to either go the way of thin & frail or slobby saggy overweight. If i get sick or take time off from the gym, I will tend to lose weight. In my family its frail in old age which is why I am not so worried if I don’t have the ripped look anymore. A thumb size of (good) fats…I’m on double-triple that (cholesterol is on the low side).
      A beefy dock worker will be inclined to get fat post retirement though if he does not reduce his food consumption or stay active to some degree.

  10. How is the bench press a Compound Movement, somebody ‘splain me?
    Did the author mean Cleans, perhaps?

    1. Bench press is of course a compound movement. It involves shoulders and your elbows which is multiple joints. Example of non compound is curls or leg curls which only involve elbow or knee joints respectively….ie, one joint.

  11. There has been a 17% decrease in testosterone in men since the 1950s. (Google it). This has a particularly effect on the amygdala of the brain which is responsible for threat evaluation and motivation. Low T turns you into an effete liberal.
    1 Apart from lack of physical activity other possible causes are:
    2 Endocrine disrupters from chemicals in the environment. (also effect females but with earlier breast development etc)
    3 PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) present in some fried foods.
    I also suspect psychological oppression by the politically correct and feminist environment. I expect this can be dealt with by attitudinal changes.

  12. What a terrible article. And wrong. If your not making any testosterone you def wont by eating and excercising. Either take chlomid or go on test.

  13. My husband has been using the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Booster to give him that edge and stamina. More energy No side effects.

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