5 Misconceptions About White Guys With Asian Girls

It is no secret that there is a good amount of fornication between white guys and Asian women these days, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. It’s hard to go out in a large American city nowadays and not see a white guy holding hands with an Asian girl. It’s even getting to the point where people aren’t surprised anymore if you tell them your girl is Asian, as if it’s almost slightly expected. But that doesn’t stop them from taking a second to look at you as if you’ve been infected with an incurable disease, otherwise known as yellow fever.

I am one those white guys whose immune system has been overrun by yellow fever. Yes, it is somewhat incurable. I also like to observe, listen, and attempt to understand the thought process of the mainstream. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is a lot of misinformation and myths associated with the white guy Asian woman saga. Here are 5 common misconceptions

1. Asian girls only hook up with white guys

If you are a white western feminist threatened by all the Asian girls taking your men, then you can relax. Most Asian girls are not interested in western men, and the ones that are also like non-white western men as well. If you are an angry white guy that thinks Asian women will love you because you are white, sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe in Korea or Japan during the 1990’s, but it’s 2014 dude. Get over yourself.

Global society has changed drastically. Everyone has high-speed internet, YouTube, and Facebook, and the world has been exposed ten times over. The truth is, guys of every color love Asian women and Asian chicks who adore western men are open to all backgrounds. Asian women often like western men because of the equal lifestyle it affords. Sure, it used to be only white guys and Asian women back in the day, but that was because they had only been exposed to white guys.

2. Asian girls hook up with creepy old white guys

Are there old guys in Thailand who have young girlfriends or old dudes in America married to some young, mail-order bride? Sure, of course there are. I’ve also seen young western women shacking up with old guys. The creepy old white guy and young Asian bride image has to stop. The reality is that there are tons of American guys in their twenties and thirties hooked up with a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese girl. Just take a stroll on a university campus and you will see a fair number of young, hot Asian women walking with their western boyfriends. The creepy old guy image is a stereotype mostly propagated by feminists.

 3. Western men think Asian women are submissive and weak

This is another absurd misconception campaigned for by young, western feminists who have become bitter from a lack of attention. Personally, I don’t think most western men think Asian girls are weak. Western women, on the other hand, just assume that all Asian women are submissive and weak and that is the only logical explanation as to why they are sought after by western men.

Let’s just set the record straight. Sure, there are some submissive Asian girls in Asia, but these aren’t usually the ones that go with western men. The Asian women I’ve met and ones that go with western men are rather polite and less dramatic, though “submissive” is the wrong word to describe them. It is this drama-free demeanor that gets them pegged by their western counterparts as being “submissive.”

 4. Asian women are just after a green card and money

Are there Asian women living in America with the hopes of securing a green card or financial security? Absolutely. Are there white, Black and Latina women shacked up with a guy right now because he has money or can help her get a job? Of course there are. So what is the difference if an Asian woman does it? At the end of the day, we live in a capitalistic system and a woman is a woman. In reality, most Asian girls are not after an American guy’s money or papers. Women from Korea, Japan, and China are some of the most sincere, selfless, non-materialistic and educated people on the planet.

5. Western men date Asian girls because they can’t get a REAL WOMAN

This one always makes me laugh. If by a “real women,” you mean having a girl put you down in front of your friends at the drop of a hat, then I don’t need a “real woman.” If you mean a chick that will stop caring about her body and looks after you settle down, then it’s not so appealing. If you mean a girl whose idea of cooking involves canned food, microwaves, and constant complaining, then I can live without a “real woman.”

Actually, western men for the most part love Asian women because they are actually women. Maybe western women should starting Asian men, since both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much.

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567 thoughts on “5 Misconceptions About White Guys With Asian Girls”

    1. Yeah not sure what that was about
      I’ve tend to believe there’s some truth to stereotypes, but those ones I haven’t even heard. I hope he meant that traditional Asians expect competence, discipline, and results, but so do most traditional cultures

        1. All the articles on ROK are now space fillers. I love the manosphere and I’ve learned a lot from it, but it truly is a whiny circle-jerk echo chamber for disenchanted men who get it, myself included.
          Roosh: Please, no more “top 5” articles, It’s intellectually lazy and quite redundant and stupid. This is your site. Manage it better. It’s becoming juvenile and it’s losing it’s edge rapidly.
          I know you need daily content, but quality over quantity wins every time, especially with the sparse audience that reads ROK. Just some unsolicited advice…

        2. Ha! Agreed about how the manosphere has somewhat run out of gas. Used to be good and worthwhile, now it’s space fillers, poor articles, and essentially junk food for the brain. And junk food is the worst thing you can fill up on.
          Plus RoK is kind of the bottom of the barrel for this kind of content anyway. Other sites have happier, better men. This site tends to attract the bitter, bottom-of-the-barrel constituency.

        3. More to the point: Why the fuck would anyone want an American girl? Male servitude blows. Are there still suckers who sign up for that shit?

        4. Hello, I am not entirely sure what you mean by bitter. Voicing one’s opinion based on observations of society is by no means bitter.

      1. I got the impression that he was referring to white women’s stereotypes of the Asian relationship dynamic.
        Still what he wrote was worded very poorly, as if Asian men are some kind of enemy of other men. Way to throw your brothers under the bus ( driven by women of all backgrounds).

        1. There is an epidemic of poorly written and apparently completely unedited articles on ROK. Sometimes I read a sentence three times and still can’t understand the meaning.

        2. Pretty sure this whole article was written by a woman anyway. I now call bs on this “James Soller” guy.
          Because he uses Jezebel’s favorite word for delegitimizing male sexuality: “creepy”.
          Why is an older guy with a younger girlfriend “creepy”?
          And what are you a 12 year old girl? Wtf is “creepy” anyway? Are you scared, James?
          I’m in my 50’s. I look great. I make bank. My girlfriend is 21 and I enjoy pounding the shit out of her sweet ass on a regular basis. Is that “creepy”?
          Here, take a teddy bear and call me when you grow a set of man parts, “James”.

        3. Well duh, Yellow Peril is a de facto 19th Century Western European tradition (England propagandized it and the rest followed suit, under the same Imperialistic notion of the time).

        4. Yeah, what’s with the use of the word “creepy” here. I suddenly felt like I was reading something written by a young girl or a sexless male.
          “Creepy old white guys”? Huh? What site is this?
          This was definitely not written by a man with a ballsack. Fuck off James Soller. You’re a little faggot. You have no business writing for men.
          And you also dissed Asian guys at the end. What was up with that? I know a few Asian dudes who could pound your little frightened ass into a pulp. Oh sorry, was that “creepy”? Didn’t mean to scare you.
          ROK needs to kick your scared little emasculated ass out.
          No… wait… you can stick around and get coffee for the men.

        5. Michael you are the motherfuckin’ man! A total inspiration! Yes, it’s true, all these pseudo-intellectual internet jockey feminist cuntrags use and abuse their Unholy Trinity of “douchebag”, “awkward” and “creepy” WAYYYYYYY too
          goddamn much to emblazon each and every guy who doesn’t meet their warped, twisted and shallow “standards” (whatever The Hell those even are)! It’s sad, pathetic, and downright laughable all at the same time!

        6. I’ve heard younger men use that to refer to older man younger woman relationships before. It’s just a senseless put down to make themselves feel better. Although, I think there is such thing as the “creepy” relationship the author is referring to. i think ive earned the right to use the word creepy because i have dated (and even fallen in love with) a much older man, but Ive also found myself completely repulsed by much older men who approached me with “arrangements” as if I didn’t have any standards. And most 50s definitely do not have the build (and stamina) I would need that a 20 and 30 something would better have just Tbh. I think the last time I was attracted to a 50s guy was mainly because I liked his body type and looks and wanted to cause a scandal because I’m kind of scandalous like that js.

        7. I dunno. I guess the stereotype is a fat, old, sweaty guy with no grooming skills or fashion sense who wants a teenage fuck doll to have kinky sex with and then treat like crap the rest of the time. Depending on the dictionary, the definition can range from unpleasant and annoying, to like the feeling of something crawling on your skin, to unpleasant in a way that makes you feel nervous or frightened.
          The one thing I notice is that an older white guy who hooks up with a younger Asian girl will all but be accused of being a crypto-pedophile. You don’t have to be an expert on the Tanner Scale to know that Asian girls age slower than western girls as well as being slimmer and shorter. Plus, women must watch a lot of Asian porn and get the idea that all Asian girls are clean-shaven because guys really dream about fucking 12 year olds.
          What WOULD be creepy is if I, a 48 year old ESL teacher, started trying to bang all my 16 year old students, but that’s not going to happen.

      2. traditional Asians expect competence, discipline, and results

        I find it impossible to find fault with this. Its what I expect as well.

      3. They don’t expect independent thinking, which is the crux of the problem. The author is merely noting one of its manifestations (not wanting to rock the boat, which isn’t sexy in a female’s eyes.).
        Do we need an Asian Guy Hamster meme?

      4. I think Asian men have higher stndards was all he meant. Asian men won’t date white women in general, because white women are too combative.

        1. It might just be a height thing. I haven’t asked around a lot but some percentage of Asian guys must dream about bagging a tall blonde.

      5. All the Chinese guys I know are cool and if anything a bit hen-pecked. The only complaint I can recall a Chinese woman (actually Australian Chinese) was that they all wanted a 23 year old wife, even when they themselves were well into their 30s.

      1. Are we going to have topic quotas around here, now? How about YOU write those articles if you want to see them exist?

      2. Go ahead and write one and submit it. Thanks for volunteering I’ll look forward to these articles.

    2. Different sides of the same coin. Asian people tend to be docile, which means feminine women and effeminate men. Of course, All Asain Men Aren’t Like That.

      1. Yeah docile. That explains Korea and Vietnam two wars USA won r oh wait a minute..oh yeah we broke even with Korea and we flat out lost against Vietnam.

        1. The USA doesn’t fight wars to win, genius. It fights was for profiteering and societal control. The “don’t rock the boat” mentality is a very real thing, however, and it is what the author is referring to, albeit clumsily, at the end of his article. Women perfer men who “rock the boat”.

        2. Sarcasm in the post indicates he didn’t say America “won” those wars. You can take off your leftist political hat now.

        3. Hey Himler I never responded to that post.
          I responded to the “docile” remark and I stand by my statement.

        4. USA was defeated by vietnam, and lost its face and has been a big mouth. Thais were in fact USA’s ally during the cold war, but USA has claimed it could send its army to Thailand arbitarily. In fact, US soldiers were not allowed to be in the capital city of Thailand but were allowed to be in the remote jungle northeast part (larger than england) of Isan people conquerred by the thai army from loas 300 years ago, and the thai king and the thai people do not live there. that part of thailand is nothing but the colonized part of the thailand. why burmese solders never go to pattaya? because prostitutes there are not the thai race but thaitified dark skinned women who speak a different accent from the thai language of the thai king. thailand is not the land of one same race, but a land of variuos races (black and white).

        5. sorry but thats not true, vietnam was badly defeated by the US so much so that the viet cong was sending 14 year olds to fight since there were no men from 18-30 left alive. if we stayed 3 more months the viet cong was going to utterly implode and collapse, we just pulled out a bit early because of the liberal nagging

    3. Any Asian woman who hates Asian men will have Asian sons. You will give birth to a future me, 28, doesn’t work, mentally ill, my brother, schizophrenic, or another Elliot Rodger. Eurasian males are some of the most at risk men on earth and have the highest rate of suicide and mental illness out of almost all ethnic groups. Want to see the result of these pairings between white males and racist Asian females? I really don’t know what the point of life is if my mother was so fucking racist that only a white guy was good enough for her. It’s like I was born red pilled… pretty goddamn aware of the evolutionary nature of life. It’s like your sons have to deal with anti-male racism first hand and your mother and father both reaffirm Asian male inferiority just by looking at you… and neither one of them even cared to think about what they were doing. What would you think of a white woman who ONLY fucked blacks? Yet it’s okay that Asian women only fuck whites? And the kids are supposed to be mentally stable?
      Please, please, don’t have kids if you want to fuck Asian womb.

      1. I upvoted you, as a show of support rather than of agreement.
        I could point out all the high quality Asian and part-Asian men who are masculine exemplars, but doing so will not ease your pain I’m guessing.
        It sounds like your parents were narcissists. One of my parents was but fortunately the other was able to compensate. There are resources available though. You don’t have to wallow in self-hate:
        At the same time I don’t want to belittle your experiences. Just know there’s hope and that your mother’s issues were in existence well before your birth I’m sure. Also there are people pulling for you.
        Take heart.

      2. Uh… except for in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places where pretty much all of their A-list movie stars are halfsies.
        I’m pretty sure they’re not complaining.

        1. the most popular thai female superstars are all full thai blood, while half blood cannot be the most popular and short-lived ones. the most popular TV channel is Channel 7 which airs thai superstars of full blood, but the Channel 3 which tend to air half blood are much less popular.

        2. That just isn’t true, they Gen think half bloods with Whites are the best looking. My first wife was Thai, and I have visited there.

        3. Wrong. I’m from malaysia and most of our A-list celebrity’s were full blood Malay or mixed with thais or east Asian. Celebrity that mixed with white/western were countable

    4. Yea, that was a bit odd. I would have alienated them at the beginning, since they are the reason why white guys have a chance to begin with.

    5. Inferiors races always want mix with superior races, that’s why whites are obsessed with Asians.
      In fact, “white supremacism” always was a lie to manipulate masses.
      Educated racist like scientists, world leaders and historians have
      always known that Asiatics is the true master race.

  1. “Maybe western women should start dating Asian men, since both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much.” [Fixed typo]
    You might want to add that both Western women and Asian men usually have extremely small penises, too.

  2. In much the same way Westerners fetishize Eastern women, Eastern women fetishize Western (white) men. It’s not rocket science that these pairings are so common. A lot of it simply comes down to the fact that each respective party finds the looks of the other respective party to be attractive. Obviously, this fetishizing doesn’t apply to every Asian woman and every white man. It may not even apply to most on either side.
    But only Western white men are shamed for their fetishizing within the feminist reality we live in. (When white women lust after some “chocolate,” that’s often applauded as something that is totally understandable. It certainly doesn’t have the pervert connotations to it that the white male sex drive has.) But the fact of the matter is that this fetishizing (as all interracial fetishizing) is a two-way street. It’s not just that white men have “yellow fever.” And to imply that another racial group is fetishizing whites is “racist.” It’s another one of those double standards out there that only applies to whites (mostly white men), by and large.

    1. It’s because most Asian men look like kids.
      Mind you, I enjoy hanging out occasionally with some Asian guys I know, but this is the truth. Also, like a Chinese girl (exchange student from China) told me, the guys at her top university in Shanghai love playing MMOs in their free time. Over and over again. They are in serious need of game instructions.

      1. In very broad terms, I do think that the Asian race has a beta/provider tendency much like black race has a alpha swagger/assertive tendency. Whites/Caucasians seem to almost be in the middle.
        That being said, I’ve seen some pretty nerdy/dorky white fucks with some pretty hot Asian chicks. But you are right about Asian men doing anything but helping their cause with the MMO obsession. Asian men also have this very reactive tendency (again, they’re generally more betaish) which can easily be seen as unattractive from a female perspective. Their American counterparts are often much better at not acting this way. But Asian men in Asia (where their group influences the culture more than any other group) demonstrate very reactive behavior to passive aggressive slights in ways that black men or white men would just snicker at in some cocky, amused manner.

        1. To borrow a term from a game series I used to play, whites are red mages. Decent at everything but not the best.
          There was some article I read where E. Asians evolved ina very glacial environment where things were so scarce that conflict was heavily discouraged because nobody would win. That could explain it.

        2. I definitely think that there is a genetic/evolutionary component to Asian hive thinking even if “social factors” can influence their behavior to be more “individualized.” I also think there is a genetic component to white creativity and white individuality even if “social factors” can influence their behavior to be more collective and hive-like. I’m not a reductionist; unlike most modern thinkers.

        3. That alpha and beta bullshit were only exist in westerns. That’d why you can see hot Asian girl digging nerdy white men(they dig nerd asian men too),those girls brought up to choose a good money provider and family oriented men. We dont give any shit to any of your alpha or beta understanding and most Asian girls that only date white men were too gulible to think that white is superior or think that white man is the most romantic man other than any races because they often saw it in movies (yeah,this happens too)

      2. Male Kpop singers don’t need game since they are admired in all Asia -.- they influence people and is to take care of your appearance like tham since Korean men don’t have a taboo for cosmetics and the like

    2. Regarding what makes Asian women attractive, it is simple: paedomorphic (child-like) facial traits such as small noses and ears – noses and ears grow throughout our lives, which is why small noses and ears are more attractive. Wide cheekbones make the face look less elongated – faces grow longer over time. The wide cheekbones also create the impression of the eyes being lower in the face, just like they are in children.
      They are also petite, have narrow shoulders, slim figures, light voices, long and lush hair. And usually they have a more delicate way of moving. All traits that signal youth and health.
      Cute more than beautiful, though. They can be beautiful too, but the more pronounced traits of White women, while still being feminine, make them more fitting for profound, artistic paintings. Which is a sign of a big difference.

      1. I completely agree. I was struck by how much “cuteness” was around me in Asia. (I was mostly in South Korea where the women are pretty attractive. The girl in the above pick was not too far from being almost typical for a Korean girl in Seoul.) But I never felt like I was in the presence of a type of beauty that I would want to devote myself to that a virtuous white women–or even Caucasian-featured woman– could inspire. With Caucasian features, the looks are more spread out. A similar analogy would be IQ. More women cluster to the average level while men are all over the place.
        Unfortunately for the Asian men, that “cuteness” has some residual effect on them, as well, which can make Western men very attractive and masculine. That being said, they have their strengths. But the video games are distracting them from those strengths.

      2. I have danced with 10,000 attractive white women. Their fall from physical attractiveness is abrupt and precipitous. Fine artistic paintings can be made of them while they are under the age of 25.

    3. Really?
      I think white men who go for Asians are mostly losers.
      Races are beautiful when they are separate. Love your own.

      1. There’s definitely a group of loser white men that go for East Asian women. But it’s not so cut ‘n’ dry that all men who go for Asian women are losers. Not by a long shot, sadly.

        1. I’d agree to some degree, especially the guys wifing up whores, tough call what is worse post wall, post CC feminist or former bar girl. That said you be hard pressed to find a woman on a Canadian or American campus that equals an average Japanese or Korean woman.

      2. I know what you mean. When I am sitting in economy class and I see a G550 private jet I think to myself “What loser is in that thing.”

      3. so are losers trying to be winners still losers? I don’t think so. frankly I think ex-pat types are more of the winner pioneer profile no matter what dregs they seem to be getting involved with. settling with your own race seems loser-ish and dead-ender to me. losers just look at the horizon.

        1. There is a lot of truth to the “ex-pats are losers” stereotype. Some of them are just out of college. But making a career out of being an “Englishee teeacha” (especially just to snag Asian women) isn’t exactly “winner” material.

        2. Yeh but if you have a Master of Teaching and are prepared to travel you can make good money as an English teacher.
          The interest in educators is cultural. In Vietnam, for examples, teachers are highly respected and if you are white you will get laid like mad.

        3. I’ve been to Vietnam. It’s easy to get laid there, sure.
          But I think that a man should define his life’s mission in greater terms than simply calculating lays per region. That’s just my two cents. Otherwise, one’s life is fundamentally gynocentric.

        4. I don’t care…. they’re not in Indiana or thinking they’ve reached nirvana in California, or are bright things in New York… They picked up and moved. Even seen in the weakest terms, it is more than most slugs will do complaining about lousy american women.

    4. Shrug. Fetishize whatever you want, just don’t intrude on another race’s interests.
      And tbh there are no shortage of guys in China who’ve never met a western woman, but fantasize about them under the belief that they’re dainty blonde fairies like anime characters
      Cracks me up every time

      1. “Shrug. Fetishize whatever you want, just don’t intrude on another race’s interests.”
        From a certain vantage point, this is rather like having your cake and eating it too. Rather hard to not “intrude” on a race’s “interests” when you’re doing your part to water down its genetics.

        1. It is, that’s why I’m not a fan of multiculturalism or immigration into East Asia
          But if you guys are doing the melting pot thing in America, well…

        2. Not a fan of it, either (anywhere!). But the culture is too big for me to change. Most Americans (America was about 90% white until the 1970s) never voted on this; a parasitic elite decreed that demographic change was just simply going to happen.
          I certainly object to it more strenuously in Europe and my ancestors’ homelands. Plenty of Asians living there as well so my heart doesn’t exactly bleed for East Asians in East Asia whose immigration problems are pretty minor by comparison. But I can sympathize with your anti-immigration sentiments.

        3. I wouldn’t mind if Europeans kicked out any non-natives, including Asians if they want to reforge their ethnostates
          As long as the rest of the world gets to do the same without any moaning about multiculti from the white liberal class
          When did your elites start applying white guilt to non-white peoples, christ

        4. They didn’t. Your elites are just corrupt as well. Maybe not corrupt enough to sell their entire countries with MASS immigration but enough that they’ll do the things they’re doing that piss you off. Non-whites don’t have any guilt like whites do.
          The Japanese don’t have WWII guilt like the Germans do despite being every bit as barbaric if not more so than the Germans.

        5. I dunno, I’ve heard more than a few white leftists shilling for “diversity”, “tolerance”, and other bullshit in East Asian countries
          We got our corruptions, but it’s the old kind we’re all familiar with – money, power, etc

        6. Oh, right. We whites control everything. EVERYTHING. Asians have no power to over their own sovereign countries. The buck always stops at whitey.
          I certainly acknowledge the truth that there are white leftists shilling to change East Asia. That’s not in dispute. What I find vexing is how you’re deflecting. As though East Asians didn’t come into my country and vote for liberal politicians that push for mass immigration HERE, themselves. At the same time, you don’t see me trying to blame Asians for the West’s problems. Your emphasis on white influence over East Asian politics is a bit disingenuous.

        7. Why not? Minorities vote left because it serves our interests, that always takes away from the majority – you should be blaming us if you act in your own self interest
          The problem is that white leftists not only screw their own, they want to screw everybody else too. There has never been a demographic so entitled to its own ideology

        8. “Why not? Minorities vote left because it serves our interests, that always takes away from the majority – you should be blaming us if you act in your own self interest”
          I do to a degree; but it’s hierarchy. With power comes responsibility. I respect people at the top more than I do “average Joes” when they do good. But I start with the people at the top when things go bad. It makes no sense to emphasize the average herd animals because they’re doing what average herd animals do. You have to start making sense of things somewhere. You starting with white leftists in East Asia or me starting with “Hong” down at the “Buy Dive” corner store is about the same as putting the cart before the horse.
          “The problem is that white leftists not only screw their own, they want to screw everybody else too. There has never been a demographic so entitled to its own ideology”
          That may be true. But again, you want to pretend that whites wield all the power in the world. Which is disingenuous. You want to ignore that there are people in your race profiting off of a world order that upsets you. Simply deflecting everything back at white liberals is not exactly objective.

        9. I don’t remember doing that
          East Asia isn’t going to turn into a multiculti shithole without resistance just because white liberals whined about it, but it sure doesn’t help
          And the source of all this does in fact, come from the white left. Even people with similar ideologies in Asia get it from western academia, complete with the same neologisms and concepts. The immigrants living in your neighborhood calling you racists got there because the white left encouraged it. If they don’t have power they sure have a lot of influence in your schools, government, and media
          You gotta trash those people, and I’m here to help you do it
          If one day there arises a similar demographic of social justice faggots in China, I hope we get the same support from nationalists worldwide

        10. Newsflash : Chinese culture viewed itself as a civilizing mission to the region, similar to Western Europeans defining themselves as Christendom.
          There has always been like 15% minorities there, who are protected by affirmative action laws.
          China was never defined as an ethnostate. That was more individual regions, which were the equivalent to Roman provinces.
          Like I could learn to speak, say, Hokkien or Teochew but I wouldn’t become a local person from that area even if I moved there.

        11. I agree, but so what? 99% Han would be better than 92% Han, and affirmative action should be abolished in China as well.
          Intra-Han diversity doesn’t cause nearly as much conflict as inter-ethnic or interracial societies
          You don’t need to apologize for homogeneity because diversity isn’t a desirable thing in the first place. The fact that a country the size of China can be so predominantly one ethnic group is quite the achievement of assimilation

        12. Have you been around Chinese minorities before? They act just like everyone else. I don’t feel threatened by some guy being Muslim or his ancestors having colonized my ancestors.
          The real problem with diversity imo, is that of language. I think the main problem in the US and Europe is that a lot of immigrants aren’t learning the language fast enough.

      2. I was poolside at the “Royale” in Phnom Penh. A group of Khmer men were walking past a beached white whale and ogling her as if she were some profound beauty. Yet Khmer women are abundant and among the world’s loveliest.

        1. Perhaps they were preparing for a long, hard, hungry winter ahead, and considering the landwhale as “prep”?

    5. Gosh I dislike that on the skin color, Asian skin is light Brown and they ,for example singers and actresses, cake it with White make up which don’t look like White people at all, more like a ghostly and artificial White, other tan that no problem

    6. In all non Western cultures, not just Asia, skin lightening, hair straightening, and getting a narrower nose and rounder eyes, for women is considered like tanning and hair bleaching in the West.
      This actually came before Western influence and is related to these features being viewed as feminine. There is a biological reason for this i.e. women have less coarse hair than men, big eyes remind one of young children, etc.
      As for fetishizing white features such as blonde hair, blue eyes, it’s more about associating that look with power / money in postcolonial cultures.

    7. Blue eyes, man. All women love them, especially Asian/Hispanic women. I’ve had so many women start up conversation/flirting with me over my eyes, and they let you know it. It always leads to a phone number and more.

      1. Yeah; I have green eyes and also have naturally long eyelashes. Maybe the longest natural eyelashes I’ve ever seen, really. More than I a few times I’ve had women say something like, “it’s not fair that a young boy has those eyelashes.” My eyes are probably my best feature. It definitely got me some positive attention from women in Asia. But I think women of all races go nuts for good eyes, as you mentioned.

        1. Yeah, in fact, the last time I was hit on it was by some fag at a bar. I was meeting up with a girl I know and there was this loud flamboyant homo at the bar that she knew from her job. This guy was hammered and kept hitting on me and talking about my eyes while giving me the 1000 yard stare. After about 90 seconds I was extremely pissed off, I asked her why the fuck do fags think its ok to hit on a guy that is clearly not gay? Do you not respect my heterosexuality? We are always being told to respect women and how we shouldn’t yell out cat calls and blah blah blah but who in the hell told faggots they can go around hitting on/disrespecting anyone they please?

        2. At least he didn’t try to grab you. Some of them even do that. And most people are apt to side with the grabby fags if you “overreact” because “hetero-normative white men” just don’t get it or something…
          That being said, I’m not a “homophobe.” But gays successfully positioning themselves as a victim class (let alone a class) is a real problem.

        3. You’re 100% correct that people will side with a grabby fag over pretty much anybody else. I guess if they want to treat you like a bitch, maybe retaliate like a bitch? Toss a drink on them? Probably just a waste of money. I guess just ignore them like the flaming loud nothing they are.

    8. when dutch traders first went to nagaski,the Japanese considered them demons known as oni and Tengu(bird looking demons).european looks were not always fetishized in asia.the Chinese emperor wiped out the Tocharians because their redhair scared the chinese people.

      1. Sure. But that was then; obviously, the conditions are different, now. Most white women in the past would have shrieked at nearly every negro that came onto them. Now, plenty of them coal burn.

  3. 1 True Conception About White Guys With Asian Girls: White Guys date Asian girls because they are not fat like Anglo and Non-Latin NW European Women.

    1. Why “non-Latin”? Hard to see Mexico for all the fat women getting in the way. And outside of some island tribes in the Pacific, Black women in the U.S. are probably the fattest group in the world. They are certainly the fattest group in the U.S. As numbers show, which I suggest reading up on instead of making things up.

      1. latin NW European country = France (& yes 1/2 of Belgium). One of the few countries to buck the obesity epidemic because they force their women to learn how to cook. Because they force EVERYONE to learn how to cook. You’re not French (or Italian – another country that has bucked the obesity epidemic) if you can’t cook great food. (Common, how seriously could you take a Frenchman or Italian who couldn’t make at least one good dish?)
        So Madeleine can’t scream “VOUS ETES SEXISTE!” when her parents force her to learn how to cook, because they are forcing her brother Pierre to learn how to cook. That Madeleine will cook for her future slender children while Pierre will use his skills to bang Madeleine’s BFF Jennifer from Chicago is not relevant.

        1. Have you really been to France? I know no parents forcing their daughter to cook and French women will call you racist if you suggest they should learn.
          We live in a world which is more and more globalized (aka americanized).

      2. I will take a chubby Mexican, who can most likely whip up some mean tacos and chimichangas, over a chubby white girl any day.

  4. As I thought, the submissive doll thing was pure bullshit. Good article although that barb at the end struck me as unjustified towards asian men.

    1. It’s not pure bullshit. The stereotype should be qualified a bit. But I’m here to tell you it’s not pure bullshit.

      1. very well. If that is the case then I retract that sentiment. I doubt any asian users here would be offended if that is the case. Just as I am not offended by pointing that most white guys are whipped, spineless, and masochistic xenophiliacs (the bad kind, the “muh culture is so violent and wicked” kind)

        1. Asian men have told me outright that they like their women more than Western women because of how demure they are (probably among other things). So their claim that their women are “demure” (exact word used by more than one Asian guy) matches my observations.

        2. oh, I misunderstood your first statement. You were talking about the asian doll thing. My mistake.
          I was wrong to say pure bullshit, I should have been clearer that the stereotype that they were all like that was pure bullshit. Not that the existence of them was pure bullshit.

        3. You understand that when asian men say they prefer asian women because they are “demure”, that’s polite indirect communication for saying white women are loud fat pigs, right?

        4. Maybe they are. The two notions (white women being pigs) and Asian women looking demure relative to them are hardly in contradiction.
          I also understand that Asians hide their “racism” around whites to avoid being judged. Many of them in their less guarded moments can get pretty “racist”; especially with respect to SE Asians and browner people.

      2. They know how to turn it on when appropriate. American women have lost that simple trait because feminism brainwashed them that it was demeaning. It is one reason western men are putty in an Asian woman’s hands.

  5. Most Asian girls are not interested in western men, and the ones that
    are also like non-white western men as well. If you are an angry white
    guy that thinks Asian women will love you because you are white, sorry
    to burst your bubble. Maybe in Korea or Japan during the 1990’s, but
    it’s 2014 dude. Get over yourself.

    Stopped reading right there. 45 percent of U.S.-born Asian women marry White men. Of Asian women marrying non-Asians, 87.4 percent marry White men. (6.4% marry Black men, 6.1% marry Other.) Don’t just make things up.

    1. In Asia proper, due to the numbers game and niches, there are more opportunities for non-Whites, particularly those from English-speaking countries. Truth is that still, most of them will go for Whites, but it’s not impossible for a Black guy, Hispanic, Indian, etc. to succeed with women there.

      1. I’m Indo-American, decent shape, decent face. My anecdotal experiences:
        Over the past 20 years, I’ve traveled to the Philippines, China, Japan and Thailand. Never had an issue hooking up with hot, nubile Asian hotties. In fact, I barely had to try. I think it was due to the fact that (a) Bollywood is very popular all over Asia, and even in the US some have said I look like this or that Bollywood actor (b) My demeanor and dress style is American, as opposed to Indian-from-India and Asians still love American pop culture. (c) I smell like expensive after shave instead of curry and exhibit an upbeat, fun personality.
        I will say that the only place I experienced some mild racism from *some* girls was in Thailand, especially in the last 10 years. More tourists from India apparently can afford to go to Thailand now. But once they get there, they are extremely cheap – giving the rest of us a bad rep unfortunately. Still, never had a problem in Thailand, even with the girls who initially displayed some racist attitudes.
        Asian girls from Asia, rock. Most feminine on the planet, especially from the smaller towns and provinces. In all fairness, I do find western woman (when they are young and in shape) to be better looking than most Asians. But their feminist ideals and masculinized behavior reduces 40% of their charm in my eyes, putting Asians in a solid #1 position.
        Just my cents.

        1. “Still, never had a problem in Thailand, even with the girls who initially displayed some racist attitudes.”
          Their preferences are “racist” (i.e. bad, bad, BAD) but yours aren’t?

        2. Never said their preferences were racist but that their *attitude* was racist.
          For e.g., “All Indians smell” is racist vs “I prefer only dating white men” merely expresses a preference and I’m fine with that.
          It’s like if I was to say “All white men are killers at heart” That would be racist – a blanket (negative) generalization aimed at an entire race.

        3. You can’t be “racist” against white men. That’s just silly. Everyone knows that. We’re the world’s cancer.
          “‘All Indians smell’ is racist”
          I get that that statement is not technically true. I get that it understandably hurts your pride/ego. But in fairness to the “racists,” that statement didn’t come out of no where. Most Indians I’ve encountered DO stink.

        4. Now white people are into self-victimization?
          I think you are making things up.
          The US and Europe are still the Puppet masters of Africa and Latin America but we have to pity you.
          You don’t want Black people in your countries but you don’t want them to sell their resources to China Either. You insult Latin American but you don’t want them to capialize on the Russian ban on EU food.
          So much hypocrisy.

        5. Uh, no. What my government and global corporations do (the fruits of which I’m sure your hypocritical ass enjoys if you live in a first world or Western country, yourself) hardly represents the long term racial/cultural interests of white people (the group I identify with). Simply because a CEO has white skin hardly means that he stands for what I stand for. So don’t conflate us altogether. Does Oprah speak for all black people? Does every common brown ignorant nigger on the streets speak for you? Didn’t think so. So show me the courtesy, asshole.

        6. You don’t call me nigger. I don’t care about the etymology of this world. In today’s world, it’s insulting and I refuse to be called that way. Thanks

        7. I didn’t call you a “nigger.” I used the word “nigger.” Big difference. That you think I did speaks to how reactionary you are. And it also speaks to your inability to read carefully.
          But I’ll call you whatever I like, for the record. Despite your insistence, black people aren’t special. They don’t get own certain words while every word for them is on the table.

        8. I am not interested in your friendship or sympathy. Our goals overlap on one thing: Black and White have to separate. That’s why I am here talking to you guys.
          If Roosh wants to make a French version of RoK, I’m in as translator. I want this Website to make it to the Alexa top 1,000 so Black guys all over the world will at last understand that White don’t see them as equals… and will never do!

        9. I wasn’t extending you any friendship nor was I giving you any sympathy. Good luck translating if you can’t even grasp the points of my posts. I was merely trying to be to clarify and be fair to you.

        10. I am a professional translator and I have translated written by high-level officials. I don’t need “luck”.
          Good communicators know how to make their point clear and rephrase instead of blaming others for not understating them. Sorry but you are not a good communicator.
          I agree with you: Black abd White are not brothers and I hope my people will realize it someday.

        11. Where did I indicate to you that I wanted friendship or that I sympathized with you, then?

  6. tl;dr Asian women can be a better choice because of family values, work ethic and belief that gender roles exist; not all Asian women think this way and if you assume they do you I can’t wait to see your face when you meet the “westernized” ones
    “Women from Korea, Japan, and China are some of the most sincere, selfless, non-materialistic and educated people on the planet.”
    Hold the phone. Sincere? The good ones, yes.
    Selfless? If it is a “virtue,” selflessness is typically found among Western liberals, who care more for people unlike them than like them. If you want to argue that East Asians are more communal than Westerners, that doesn’t mean they’re selfless but less individualistic. Which a good thing I think, since no man is an island (emphasis on man). Consumerism rules in Japan, South Korea, and much of urban China, and these cultures are no less selfish than any other consumer culture.
    Non-materialistic? I suppose if you pick up a girl in Vietnamese ricefield or Japanese fishing village, sure. Oh and pardon my orientalism. But the world’s largest cities are in Asia. You know, the ones with the canyons of skyscrapers where everyone has a smartphone? Lots of Asian women love phones and accessories. And again, consumerism/capitalism.
    Educated? Absolutely—they’re even overrepresented in American universities among the native-born Asians and international students. The highest IQs are found in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc.
    What draws white men to Asian women is femininity. Compared to Western woman, GENERALLY speaking, you will find that Asian women dress nicer, behave less manly, have interests beyond BuzzFeed, are less likely to come from single-parent households or broken homes, have stronger work ethics and less a sense of entitlement, and like the idea of children (this is really important because American society is markedly anti-children: no legal guarantees of parental leave, bad education system, etc). And they usually go to college to pick up skills, not to learn about how oppressed they are—although I have met Asian feminists and it is an incredible wake-up call.
    Do not stereotype these women; get to know them first because it really is a myth that Asian women are automatically better. There’s a good chance they are (relative to their peers) but the exceptions exist and they are multiplying.

      1. I don’t really know how to argue one way or the other here. I’m a pretty cynical person so for me sincerity is the exception and not the norm, so I think it’s ridiculous to assume Asian women are sincere. They’re still people with their own interests. Other people might feel otherwise and think most people are sincere at heart but that says nothing about the sincerity of a subset of women

        1. on I dont disagree. People are venal and always will be. But I am a little confused by what it means in this context.
          And I don’t have yellow fever so I’m not an asian chick uber alles guy. BUT I am open to the idea.

      1. God forbid they realize that what they’re doing is a form of “cultural appropriation.” They’d have mental breakdowns

    1. This is an excellent balanced analysis. Correlates with my extensive personal experience and observation. You nailed it.

  7. As a skinny-ass white dude, I like Asian women because they’re the only race whose body types are (generally) smaller than mine.

    1. yea dude, Im 5’11 165, in America that is stick thin. Anymore I see girls who are flat out bigger than me, its bizarre. It’s like fatness is an arms race. Its disgusting.

    2. Get to the gym. Life’s too short to go through it skinny-assed and weak.
      But keep the preference for thin women.

      1. Working on it. I’ve already gained 20 lbs in 2 years, from 120 to 140. At 5-10, I’m still a spindly stick.

        1. I’m guessing you’re young? I envy your experience of bulking up- I stayed a stick until my late 20s then got pretty big. It will come. And hey- you’re gonna get all that muscle without much fat gain at all!

  8. White women don’t like the idea of Asian women stealing their men. Instead of openly attacking Asian women, they try to manipulate Asian women by telling them that white men think they’re weak and submissive. They say shit like, “He has yellow fever, he only likes you because you’re an Asian.” Quietly, white women will tell white men that Asian women only want them for their money, and don’t actually care about them. It’s all manipulation tactics in the mating game. Women want to expand their own options, while limiting their potential mate’s options.
    Well, it turns out that “yellow fever” is probably more-like “white fever” among Asian women. According to OKCupid’s statistics, Asian women prefer white men even more exclusively than white women do. In fact, Asian women were more likely to reply to a white man than any other race of men, including her own. White men replied to Asian women about average as much as they did other women. The men with the highest reply rates to Asian women were, in fact, black men.
    Further, according to OKCupid, when Asian women were asked if they strongly preferred dating Asian men only 18% answered yes. Compare that to the 40% of white men who preferred sticking with white women. According to the same data, 2% of Asian women were against interracial marriage, which was the lowest percentage. White men answered the same question with 7%, which was the highest percentage of all races asked.
    But perhaps this is just online dating? According to Pew, more than 1 in 3 Asian women married outside their race in 2010, by far the highest demographic to do so. According to a Slate article on speed dating:

    We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women’s neutrality, not the men’s pronounced preference.

    1. A lot of truth being spoken, here. I saw lots of white females shaming white males when I was in Asia. Mostly from the backpacker/college traveling crowd. Of course, had they gone to Jamaica instead, the any *hint* of shaming coming from a white man with respect to the women going “native” would be “omg racist!”
      For the record, it’s not so much the jealousy and shaming that bother me. It’s natural. We all certainly understand the feelings of black women when their “good black men” are “taken” by white women, no? So it’s not the shaming of white women that upsets me; it’s their duplicity when it then shifts to their own behavior and how it’s evaluated.

      1. Yes, remember that throughout nearly all of human history women spent most of their adult lives pregnant. Due to the highly damaging cost of violence on a woman’s reproductivity, women could not rely on violence to get what they wanted, like men can. Instead, women evolved into master manipulators. The nature of women is to avoid confrontation and manipulate to get the resources that they want. It’s no coincidence that 3 out of 4 psychology majors are women. They are following their natural interests. The so-called “misconceptions” are nothing more than manipulation tactics. It shows the power white women have in Western society.

        1. The more I learn about women, white women especially, the more repulsive they become to me when it comes to having a relationship with one.
          Being a sex object really is about all they’re good for to me.

        2. I have to disagree. Women don’t want to be men, they just want male power. However, please note that most men do not wield power. Only a small and elite group of men do.
          Women don’t want to be men because they have no desire to do the grunt work that keeps society running. The dirty jobs, the thankless jobs, the self-sacrificing jobs, etc. You can’t keep society running by sitting in an air-conditioned office and constantly checking facebook and twitter.
          Occasionally, you’ll find a female whose brain was wired up like a man’s by pure biological chance, but most women are wired up like women. They simply want to taste the fruits of male labor, but they don’t actually want to shovel manure and do the farm work to get that fruit.
          The reason (some) men have money and power is because they’re trying to impress women. A woman doesn’t need money or power because she has men, in fact a whole army ready and willing to do her bidding.
          Note how vehement women become when men start making decisions purely for themselves instead of what benefits women. Look at the unbridled hate directed at the men on this website. They see it as a slave revolt.
          How do you keep a slave in servitude? You convince them they’re free, or that they’re the enslavers. It’s pure manipulation. If a man goes missing few people care, but if a pretty young woman goes missing the whole town goes out searching. If a woman hits a man people laugh, but if a man hits a woman the town is ready to lynch him. We don’t put women on the front lines to die in wars, do we? It’s quite easy to see which sex society sees as valuable, and which sex they see as disposable. Don’t ever fall for the manipulation. It’s main purpose is to keep you ignorant and slaving in their best interest.

        3. What an outlandish and foolish reply. Your anger and prejudice have made you negative against an entire cohort for no reason. You can find good and bad women of every race, but you choose what you want to see. I hope that you can deal with your anger and hate in a more constructive way. Good luck.

      2. Funny. The only Black women that would comment when I was walking down the street with an Asian woman would be the fat ugly ones who I wouldn’t date even if I was single. So it was no loss to them.

      3. LOL, its so true, white women come by the plane full to Jamaica to sleep with Jamaican men by the boatload and then go back to europe and america and say you are just dating asian/young/thin/attractive women for sex.

    2. “Note there are no “misconceptions” when it comes to white women and interracial dating.”
      Of course not…that would be stepping on their “freedom”. You have to remember that women in this country will do and say anything to make sure that their “freedom” is in tact. More bullshit.
      Women, here, want to be able to do anything with no accountability or responsibility.
      I call these people “children”.

      1. Women, here, want to be able to do anything with no accountability or responsibility.
        Change “here” to “everywhere” and I think it would be more accurate, heh.

        1. Have to disagree with you, sweetie : ) I’m totally besotted with my man, who’s also Singaporean chinese.
          There’re still people brought up with traditional asian values. We know how to take care of our men and make them happy : )

        2. I think we’ve already talked about the difference being the different parts of the world (especially in the west: U.S., U.K., Australia, etc…) versus others. You can only hope it stays that way in your part of the world…don’t follow our example (it’s heading down hill, fast).
          You’ll always have exceptions to the rule and here is hoping that men (especially American men) can find those traditional values in women (here or abroad), again.

        3. Not sure if this helps but if both genders can stop boasting about tactics to get laid and their conquests and actually want to build loving families, there could still be a chance to re-introduce traditional values into society?
          Encourage your married friends to have rules and discipline in the household, having dinner together, etc. I wait to eat with my man and vice versa everyday. But this is because we grew up in families that practise this.
          You can take action now and maybe, just maybe, future generations could have better values…

        4. Having a structure in the family environment makes all the difference in the world. My wife & I emphasize sit-down dinners as often as schedules allow, what with her work/school & my work/ volunteering, as well as other family stuff [Little League baseball & soccer] with our boys. Sometimes it’s not always the most healthy, as in the case of hot dogs in the bleachers while watching one of the sons play ball, but it’s a fun time we’re all having together. It’s a bit of a juggle, but we pull it off a majority of the time & we believe it’s much better for our sons upbringing in the long run.
          By the way, got your flourless egg flapjack recipe printed out & we’re going to have Brinner [breakfast for dinner] either tomorrow night or Tuesday. I’ll let you know later on how it went!
          = ]

        5. Hehehe great! Yes, I love feedback. Hope your wife likes it! Will share more next week : )
          Family time together is crucial during formative years. It’s all I remember about childhood. Great you’re doing that because your children will grow up wanting nothing else. Discipline, routine, etc are so very important. Your boys will be young men you’ll be very proud of! : )

    3. “White women don’t like the idea of Asian women stealing their men.” Not true! Even if all Asian women decided to date only western men, it means that there will be a lot of single Asian men and we can date Asian men as well. Beside that, there’s no such thing as “stealing” men. People choose who they want to date and they’re not thinks that are stolen from other people.

      1. “Even if all Asian women decided to date only western men, it means that
        there will be a lot of single Asian men and we can date Asian men as
        LOL, you should go into comedy…racism is real…never forget.

        1. Exactly! Which is why my wife likes the fact that I’m just shy of 6′ 4″ & she’s nearly a whole foot shorter than me. But I think part of that is because she’s always liked when I throw her over my shoulder & carry her around from time to time!

      2. Ah yes, and finally the feminationalsocialists wyminz may have a larger penis than their manslave.

    4. White fever is probably more like prestige fever, but I don’t begrudge another Asian for their ambition.
      About the response from black guys – I always thought black guys like back. Cus in my experience the unfortunate truth is that East Asian girls got no ass

        1. Personally, I am not into pure Asian girls in general. As mentioned most of them have no curves. Japanese women have nice faces and are feminine though.
          In that category, I prefer Malay, Filipinas and Russian Asian (Tatar, Kazakh, etc.).

        2. No it doesn’t. But “willing to fuck women other men wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole” does mean “less picky.”
          A black man once told me, “da pussy ain’t got no face.”
          Leave to a black guy to coin something like that.

        3. No shit. But that hardly means that all men are the same. As much as you want to ignore racial trends.

        4. Yeah, except it’s commonplace to see black men dating the women white men won’t date. White men aren’t picking up fat slobs (especially outside of their race) at nearly the same rate.
          Just because you can turn a line doesn’t mean that you point has as much truth to it as mine does.
          It’s clear from my observations (and the observations of others) that more black men take that sentiment to heart.

        5. I’m not arguing the logic of your fine points. Fat chicks may be more genetically desirable to famine-evolved types, for obvious reasons – more food for the male in hard times (some of those landwhales have a cankle that would last a starving man the whole winter).

        6. Maybe; but I wasn’t making a logical argument. I was simply reporting on what I see with my own eyes.

        7. But that hardly means that all men are the same

          That was not claimed.
          What trends? Do you mean your opinion?

        8. Nonsense. I see more white men with fat white women than black men, period.
          Don’t pretend like the average white man has his pick of the litter, that’s why sites like this exist.

        9. I didn’t say that the “average white man has his pick of the litter,” you idiot. I said that my observations lead me to believe that black men are ON AVERAGE less picky. Given that the country is MAJORITY white and that there is an obesity epidemic among all races of women, it hardly shocks me that you notice more fat white women if you’re going by raw numbers. But that still doesn’t contradict my assertion.

        10. These comments are ironic, given the things (animals, machines) white men have been documented putting their dicks in… hem hem manatee

        11. 65% of American white women are overweight or Obese. Even if every fat white woman was dating a black man, the majority of fat white women would still be statistically forced to date white men. You are only deluding yourself with your lies, white men pick up just as nasty women as any other race.

        1. They do seem to troll for other women more than any other men I’ve seen.

        2. I don’t want to turn this isn’t a big racial discussion on blacks, which will almost certainly turn toxic, but what isn’t widely known outside of the black community is that lighter-skinned blacks are generally seen as higher status and more attractive than dark-skinned blacks. See the documentary Dark Girls. If you’re a black man and want to have lighter-skinned children, the way to make that happen is obvious…

        3. I know some people that went to majority black schools. They can corroborate what you’re saying, here. The prom queens were all the “high yellow” types that were mixed; they didn’t have “back” despite the “white girls got no ass” dig. Their facial features (like the nose) tended toward Caucasoid.
          But I’ll try to get off the soapbox as well. My intent isn’t to demean and it may come across as such instead of as being an attempt to simply be honest.

        4. I empathize with American black men who are under that specific statistic, especially when what they have in their minds is “I prefer someone who does NOT remind me of my own mother.”
          Within this site alone, it’s been mentioned ad nauseum the psychological damage single motherhood has done on young males, as the effects carry onto adulthood.
          Yes, I’m pretty sure you guys remember when I previously have brought up “Psycho” and its main character, Norman Bates.

        5. I have found lighter skin to be desired and associated with the higher classes in Asia as well as Latin America. On a separate note, I applaud your effort of including the data to support your arguments and look forward to seeing more posts from you.

        6. Hey, ıt’s why I learned TWO foriegn languages ın my twentıes. And I am SO happy I dıd, because ıts lıke beıng released from prıson! To be able to communıcate wıth women OUTSIDE of your racıal, ethnıc and socıal cırcle ıs healthy and lıfe-changıng. I’m a black guy who speaks French, 2 Arabıc Dialects, Turkısh and Spanısh. I am NEVER goıng back to those black bıtches!

        7. Those 75% of black mothers… impregnated by white men?
          Don’t pay too much attention to statistics. They are data without interpretation.

        8. I am NEVER goıng back to those black bıtches!

          Good. That’s more black bitches for the rest of us.

        9. I don’t want to turn this isn’t a big racial discussion on blacks…

          Brother, you already have. Don’t let your self-hate unman you.

        10. And, incidentally, white man/black woman marriage is just about divorce-proof (according to statistics).

        11. Meanwhile, the post sandwiched between these two is a just a red herring, especially when “Portnoy’s Complaint” is an admission of Freud’s Oedipus Complex of the main character, while the men in that specific statistic consciously avoid enacting on their Oedipus Complexes.
          Meanwhile, a certain someone has an Electra Complex.

        12. I feel sorrier for black women than black men. I have read- again, evidence from online dating which may or may not extrapolate to the rest of life- that women have a stronger same-racial preference than men do and that black women have the strongest preference of white, black and asian women. Most women who do want a stable, loving longterm relationahip don’t want to do so with a criminal and philanderer with little work ethic. The biggest male-female education difference in the US is among black people and that difference isn’t “deceptive”, that is, comparing apples to oranges without noting so, technology vs. psychology degrees, etc., like the male-female difference as a whole is; black women really are more successful. A high fraction of young black men are in jail. Even Oprah had an episode posing the question- without leaning to a recommendation, really- the ratio is not 1:1 fertile women to men their age because of incarceration, so what are you going to do?
          So, black women may be the least willing to date outside-race men, are the least attractive women to outside-race men, and have the worst men to date if you are looking for more than a month-long party. I feel sorry for them. If it were me, I’d be weeping. THEY should leave. There are way better men in parts of Africa and the Carribean. The locals wouldn’t appreciate the competition, though.
          On another note, it hurts to watch your group die. Even if you support freedom of people to choose their mate(s). It hurts. Why are people so insensitive to that? It’s not just jealousy or butthurt; it’s grief.

        13. Dad, plenty of white men LOVE Black women. Don’t be an idiot, speak for yourself and let other dudes put their dicks wherever they like.

        14. My mistake. I erroneously inferred from your focus on black people and your name “BlackPill”.

        15. Think about the logic in what you said. You can get statistics to “appear” to show anything. But if you had studied statistics you would not that there is very little predictive value in a survey such as the one you mentioned.

        16. Sounds deluded, because the most attractive black males are usually considered to be the darker skin ones, denzel washington, idris elba, eddie murphy, michael jordan, kobe bryant, dwayne wade. It is true that whites have preferences for light skin back in the odl days who were mixed with whites.

      1. black guys would be happy to bang asian women. AW however largely find them repulsive.

    5. It’s the pale blue/green eyes. I am serious. At a primal level they feel an immense attraction to white men’s complimentary gene pool as seen in the hair and eye pigments.

      1. Beauty is something that’s universal. In order to understand why black men desire non-black women all you have to do is look at the average black woman. There are some attractive ones, but they do tend to be lighter skinned or mixed. Halley Berry’s mother was white. Beyonce’s mother is a light-skinned, straight-haired creole with green eyes, plus old pictures suggests Beyonce had her nose narrowed.

        1. The eye colors mentioned are attractive partially because they aren’t common.
          Brown eyes and dark hair are the most ubiquitous.

    6. Three reasons I date white Over Asian.
      1. Western media makes out white men to be more desirable than all other races (and so they are)
      2. They’re generally more aesthetically pleasing to me.
      3. But the key determining factor is that I’m simply more likely to find a quality white guy who isn’t so full of himself ; most quality american Asians I’ve encountered are too cocky and overconfident. I wouldn’t be surprised if they feel the same way as the submissive american Asian female has been on the decline for awhile now replaced with the more sophisticated and individualistic female powerhouse.
      HOWEVER, I prefer a strong, loyal, intelligent, and handsome Asian male first over all other races just as I’m sure white men prefer their white women but go elsewhere for reasons I only suspect have something to do with the american white woman attitude, too (and maybe the fact that white american women are just generally more fat and bigger than female Asians who retain the feminine traits that come with being a female to include keeping up with her physical appearance). Its no wonder increasing numbers of Asian females and white men have found their way into each others arms. Oh well. I can’t say that any race of women is more beautiful than another because I have seen truly beautiful women in ALL races that have completely blown me away(miss universe and beauty pageants don’t even come close to the really dropdead gorgeous women I have seen out there; I think the most physically beautiful I’ve seen was a black woman even if they are not the majority I realize), but I think that Asian women definitely have not just white women but all other races of women beat when it comes to family values. __Generally, I think east Asian and a couple of other non east Asian races really are more well rounded than all other races__ It’s in their blood to please in every way possible not just in the bedroom, but in family, career, life, and as women of formidable inner character qualities overall while retaining their femininity. Asian women are beautiful where it truly counts imho.

  9. Since college I have had a lot of interest from Asian girls. I only find white women attractive though.
    Race mixing is unhealthy and I absolutely oppose it.

    1. Care to elaborate? I know hybrid vigor and all other miscegenist propaganda is bs but that was exposed by W. Nationalists pointing out the mendacity of promoting race mixing between blacks and whites so there is some potential for misuse.

      1. I’m not into any racial movement, but I think we preform best when surrounded by our own kind. The simple facts are that the only way races will ever mix is if they all don’t have a culture of their own. Races do not mix when they are strong and healthy … they conflict.
        All of my heroes are white men. Warriors, poets, philosphers, and writers. It’s normal and healthy to support your own group and the highest expressions of your group (heroes and gods). If you want to live in a cosmopolitan world withour roots, well then race mixing is great.
        Masculinity is about particularism and definition, not egalitarian sameness. That said, I’m not a supremacist, just a separatist.

        1. I’m not even a total separatist, myself. But whites are not allowed any space that is explicitly theirs. Even in Europe, now. Other races obviously have lands that are obviously theirs without any controversy.
          And I do think there is something special about my race. As other races think there is something special about their race. But only white people’s feelings about their own are subject to such “controversy.”

        2. Nationalism is rising in Europe, and conservative whites in the US actually have above replacement kids. And will become more nationalistic as they become a minority.
          The decline of the west is probably inevitable, but if we get rid of the marxist nonsense and red pill ourselves on subjects: namely feminism and the poor breeding habits it encourages, and hereditarianism and human biodiversity we can use the time to improve ourselves for the next time around.

        3. No shit there’s something special about whites.
          We have created everything, including the systems which allow for maximum human development and happiness.
          Those are the facts.
          Look at what other groups have accomplished … societies dominated by poverty, fear, tyranny, and ignorance.
          I’m white and proud … I don’t want other races DNA near me or corrupting the gene pool.

        4. “Nationalism is rising in Europe, and conservative whites in the US actually have above replacement kids. And will become more nationalistic as they become a minority.”
          I can only hope! But I’m not an optimist.

        5. I’m not quite as damning of other people as you are. I think a lot of it is a numbers game in the sense that other races do produce good individuals but their race as a whole smothers their potential. But I think there is a lot of overlap between our thinking.
          Whites do produce the highest genius. I absolutely agree. But in addition to that, we have a mean IQ and disposition that allows the best minds of our group to prosper rather than be suffocated.

        6. Yea, you say that now. Go live in Mexico for a year.
          In abstraction it’s nice to praise others.

        7. I think you missed my point. I live in Houston which is majority non-white; I’ve been to Mexico; I’ve had extensive stays in places like Cambodia. To the extent that I do bestow praise, it’s hardly abstract. I’m not up in an ivory tower and I sort of resent the implication by you that I am.
          I’m not unaware of how backward other people are. The Ebola thing is the result of black incompetence and backward thinking and stagnation. Every honest thinker knows this.

        8. Mexico and most Latin countries have many white people and were founded as states by white men, from Spain. Sometimes you’ll meet Hispanics who are totally white.
          I think African countries, which are not mixed with whites, actually have a faster economic growth rate than the Latin countries and even some European countries.
          As for European achievements, those are Northwest European specifically. AFAIK, I think the word in the HBD-sphere is that it’s due to late marriage and other mating patterns in the Northwest Europe area, relating to the Hajnal line. This started in the Middle Ages.
          These findings do not apply to South and East Europe. AFAIK, economic growth and achievements between Northern Europe and Asia / FSU / Middle East began to diverge around 1200, not during Greco-Roman times.

        9. “These findings do not apply to South and East Europe. AFAIK, economic growth and achievements between Northern Europe and Asia / FSU / Middle East began to diverge around 1200, not during Greco-Roman times.”
          The gene pool of the Middle East looked very different some time ago.

        10. A world without rock and roll – which evolved from African rhythms, isn’t a world I’d like to live in. No matter how stable it is.

        11. Like whites wouldn’t developed good pop music on their own, anyways. Not that I want to completely discredit black music accomplishments (which are substantial), but c’mon…

        12. The point I was trying to make was that Southern and Eastern Europeans, who are as white as Anglos, did not have the same success – and this was likely caused by a behavioral change in the middle ages rather than something happening during Greco-Roman times.
          Africa and other countries of color don’t have to stagnate, but it’s going to take some time before they get to the same living standard and achievement as the West.
          I hear what you’re saying mostly – and rapid immigration during a poor economy is definitely not the best move. But I honestly think it’s cultural rather than racial, but culture can take many decades to change.

        13. Whether it’s European folk music, various Asian and Middle Eastern folk musics, the most popular examples have a rock / pop beat. Take, for example, those Viking rock bands, or Indian bhangra which is influenced by R&B.

        14. But most people like syncopation. Which is a white innovation, largely. Black R&B “beats” produced with white instrumentation/technology alone do not set the world on fire. Sans whites, you get whatever sub-Saharan Africa produces; not much. Whites certainly don’t need blacks to produce awe-inspiring music.
          Motown (blacks being their whitest) produced vastly superior music than Death Row Records or Bad Boy Records.

        15. Economic growth in Africa is driven by an exploding population and foreign investors. Almost all of its infrastructure has been built by western aid and design.
          You can’t just state facts out of context like that.
          Mexico is 5 percent white, have you been? Mexicans are the biggest racists on the planet … they hate american whites, and even more they hate blacks.
          As to south vs. North europe, you have to quantify your argument better.

        16. If the West can survive without plundering third world natural resources, I’m with you. But I seriously doubt it can.

        17. I can agree with you and Dr Orange to some extent. However, you forget that Black immigrate to Europe because Africa has been westernized through colonization.
          White people destroyed the environment where Black could feel black.
          When will you stop “civilizing” the world? You are not gods and your actions also damage your own civilization.

        18. The vast majority of the world disagrees with you including qualified musicians. Are you one yourself?

        19. Rock and Roll, Rock, Metal is “Toxic” style to the blacks. And i prefer it this way.
          Enjoy your rap. I just love putting blacks into one box. Even when it comes to a music style.

        20. Fuck the USA mate. There is not a single european nationalist organization which seeks any ties with the American white nationalists. American white men have two options: return in the motherland (Europe), remain in USA get fucked over. Because USA is doomed state. There is no any place for white identity in USA.

        21. If white people are ready to get completely out of Africa, I’m for cutting aid. No Western company and aboslutely no westerner in Africa.

        22. Well, there is the white separatist commune in South Africa, Orania – i support them. But aside from them, no western influence in Africa. No more aid for you. This is of course a futurist vision. Because for now, only Ukraine is under National Socialist (Nazi/Nationalist) Regime. After Ukraine, the neo-nazis will attemp taking over Belarus, the Baltic region and Russia (after all, the highest population of neo-nazis is in Russia).

        23. Third worlders walk idly over those resources, bare foot and with no idea of their existence. They shudder in huts at night hoping not to be eaten nor to die of some totally curable disease, while underneath their straw beds lay a myriad of invaluable resources.
          The West coming in and modernizing them, even a little, is a great payoff in exchange for their resources. Cities with hospitals and clean water exist now in nations which did not, and still do not, have the capacity to build them on their own, thanks to the West and our capitalistic ways. So we take some oil, or diamonds, it’s not like they were being used, or were ever going to be used, and third worlders get a better chance to live than they would ever have had we not arrived on the scene. Seems like a good trade to me.

        24. Nationalism is rising in Europe, and conservative whites in the US
          actually have above replacement kids. And will become more nationalistic
          as they become a minority.

          Agreed on all counts. I’ve seen the YouTubes put out by Swedes, of all people, as well as filmed demonstrations that are NOT publicized by the media (for obvious reasons). Folks that I’d thought were a lost cause, the ultimate bastion of effeminate weak men and iron jawed women. Dig just a bit under the surface and it’s shocking how much resentment is turning to protest, and action, over there.
          As to replacement, yes, quite so. My neighbors are all hard conservative (it’s built into our region by default, with just a seasoning of libertarianism to make it ever more the sweet). I can’t think of one family, not one, with less than three children, except mine (2). It’s rather interesting to observe, and goes against all the talk of whites/conservatives breeding ourselves out of existence. Maybe it’s just a red state thing though, perhaps places like NYC are rife with 0/1 children families.

        25. Say what you say an think what you think but get your companies out of our continent.
          I don’t care if you think we’re retarded, lazy, brutal, savages or whatever. Just GET OUT. Black men MUST cut ties with white men.

        26. It is such a shame that the most complex, poetic, beautiful and mathematically perfect music, Baroque Classical, is held in such contempt by the average American. I love the blues and r&r, but there is an entire higher level of appreciation to be had for baroque classical in my estimation.

        27. Gaelic music is not noise, sir. The world without a hearty jig or soft Irish Aire played on a well warmed Feadog is a world that I do not want to live in.

        28. Such a lack of perspective. Reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian where the committee was wondering “But what has Rome ever done for us!?!” and then some nob goes on with a list of accomplishments that improved their lives. Heh. Oh well.

        29. I have no issue with anybody as long as he stay out of Africa. Black people must get back to the point they were before European colonization.
          We are not like you and we can’t live in yourmodel of society.
          Living with you has denatured us in every possible way and now it’s becoming irrititating. You just want us to believe you do. I am TIRED of this shit.
          Other races are welcome ONLY as tourists. Go somewhere else for your resources and leave us alone.
          I hope other Black will understand how important it is to separate from you

        30. Heh, feel free then, nobody is stopping you from organizing movements in sub-saharan Africa to make your dream come true.
          You just want us to believe you do.
          This lacked a context, did you edit out a preceding sentence, what do you mean? (serious question)

        31. “Black people must get back to the point they were before European colonization.”
          No written language. Subsistence living barely scraping by. Ravaged by disease and tribal warfare. Practicioners of a form of slavery that would make any southern plantation owner look like a charitable host. Technology that was just slightly above bronze age.
          Right. Have at it black man…

        32. The South vs North Europe thing is about where the Industrial Revolution and the most advanced economies started (Northwest Europe).
          It is known that South and East Europe were historically not as economically advanced. Also, maybe 5% of Mexicans are pure white, but the percentage with European ancestry is much higher.

        33. B.S. Many African cultures had written languages, international trade and sciences similar to those of premodern Asia (stuff like ayurveda etc.) Especially the areas around Ethiopia, and West Africa.
          A lot of interethnic warfare in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia was actually caused by the global North’s meddling with national borders, though Western colonizers did some good in the world.

        34. I don’t think GhostOfJefferson is powerful enough to get multi-nationals out of Africa. Whites are not even allowed by the state to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods and schools.

        35. I agree with this sentiment. But what you don’t seem to understand is that most average white people have little political power. Yet you speak to us as though it’s simply a matter of pushing a button. Most white people don’t want to live anywhere near large numbers of blacks. It’s not US that are following you, on the whole. Quite the opposite, really.

        36. I agree that whites butchered africa and had no business being there, but just realize that Africa was an absolute hell hole prior to Europeans arriving.
          Disease, slavery, constant war, and poverty for 95 percent of the population have been endemic to Africa without the white man’s hand.

        37. I have three African friends and on Jamaican buddy …. thses guys are so much healthier and vibrant than American blacks.
          Although that could be said about all subgroups in America relative to the or homeland.

        38. I’m a genetic elite of the white race (I dont share any affinity for common culture) and appreciate my own kind’s highest artistic and spiritual accomplishments (yes, I am a musican). I don’t recognize the modern epoch, most of the 20th century as containing much of any artistic value.
          With respect to the music that other races have produced, I respect it, but have no deep knowledge of the subject.

        39. You are a genetic elite?
          You lost me here.
          Are you a Nobel price winner? a high level athlete? a CEO of a Major company? A recognized musician?

        40. I lived in an African territory before it was civilized and I disagree.
          1. Black people have an immune system adapted to their environment. You can even see some 80-90 year old people working in fields
          2. Slavery in Africa or Arabia has nothing to do with what happened in the Americas. I don’t condone it but they are just two different things.
          3. War is part of human nature. The problem is when you use bompbs instaed of bows and arrows.
          The White didn’t help Africans. He just destroyed their environment just as he destryed his own. There is no reasoning with him. All we can do is cut ties.

        41. Tell your companies to leave Africa, put strict visa-restriction to Africans and stop giving social benefits to non citizens.
          In most Asian countries, a non western Black man would have a very hard time entering.

        42. RoK is just a forum. None of us is gonna change the world. But if some white folks here can understand that their progress is “one step forward and five steps backwards” when they bring it to traditional countries, they will have made my day.

        43. I completely understand your point, yes. I think you’d be surprised how many white nationalists (the “racists”) DO understand your point.

        44. I think what you’re saying here is basically true. But at the same time, I can understand Mike’s feelings. He’d rather have his people go on their own way on their own terms, the results be damned. That’s a noble sentiment.

        45. Malcolm X had good relationships with George Rockwell. The problem is that the system supported Martin Luther King.

        46. The way that you’re saying like only white people done and give something for the world. You might consider to check the history. Your white supremacy only exist till now just because the media keep highlighting about you.

        47. “So we take some oil, or diamonds,” you know you didn’t give that great of a change of your modernizing and taking something that more valuable than what you give. The 3rd world country just need a leader that can hold their shit together since they already have profitable sources whitout taking it from another country

        48. No they don’t I’m from SE Asian and most of them were non westerns blacks. It seems like they didnt have much of a hassle to come here.Been to Hong Kong this year and I can see the same situation.

      2. Hybrid vigor is not necessarily increased by pursuing interracial reproduction as opposed to intraracial reproduction. Just don’t knock up your sister.

        1. yea, the whole “you need foreigners to not be inbred” argument is ridiculous. If one were serious they would have to think the Japanese who were isolated for 5k years are the most inbred people ever.

        2. Japanese from Kyushuu and Hokkaido would have enough genetic distance to avoid inbreeding.
          Now the Muslim world is a different story. They have high rates of first-cousin marriage (around 50%) and it has had some genetic consequences.

        3. “The Muslim [has] high rates of first-cousin marriage”
          Indonesians, Pakistans, Muslim Indians and Malaysians have high rates of first-cousin marriage?

        4. Don’t quote me, but I believe it is throughout the whole Islamic world, Morocco to Malaysia. There is a sura in the Koran that permits first-cousin marriage.

        5. You believe? I thing you are missing something about the Muslim world. Just as Christianity, it is composed of dozens of cultures with different cultures and different vision of the world.
          From what I aoberved there are x main groups:
          – Arabs: theoretically endogamous is the norm but exogamy is common in most liberal countries. diasporas living in Europe are largely exogamous.
          – Persians: endogamous (Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon). Tadjiks could be the exception because of the Soviet era.
          – Turkic peoples: In FSU, they mixed with Russians. Turks are supposed to be descendants of Mongols but don’t look Asians, so…
          – Malays and Indenosians: mixed with south Asians.
          – Chinese Muslims: mix of Chinese Han and Persians
          – East Africans: mixed with Arabs

        6. “You believe? I thing you are missing something about the Muslim world.”
          No I am not. Not all marriages among Muslims are first cousins and, yes, Mr. Obvious, there is a lot of variation within the Islamic world. Did you know fast food is bad for you?
          Recent data:
          Saudi Arabia approx. 70% marriages are to cousins (this includes second cousins)
          Iraq: 33%
          Afghanistan: 30-40%
          Pakistan:legal and common

        7. Did not find solid data on SE Asia but several sites make reference to it as being legal and common in Indonesia and Malaysia.

        8. Yea. There’s a thing going around called “why Arab Armies Fail” and it cites lack of social cohesion as the biggest reason, due to the culture being very tribal. That is the root cause.

        9. Egyptians are fairly inbred but some of those women are on top of the hierarchy to me. Granted, it’s middle class, educated women I’ve known. Some of them did have a British father or mother. A lot of upper class Egyptian models like Randa El Beheiry are stunning-whether full Egyptian, part British or Nubian. Of course political change might end wll that.

        10. We live in a globalized world. People have other choices than marrying their neighbour (who is often related to them).

        11. Which ‘surrah’ and what verse? Don’t go around the web spread something that you don’t have any idea or experience

        12. I’m from SE Asian and a Muslim. It’s illegal to marry cousins from your fathers side but indeed we can marry cousins from our mother side even though it is not PREFERRED. It is also considered taboo around the society

    2. @Dr. Orange
      Race Mixing is unhealthy and I absolutely oppose it?
      You sir are a retard. You only find white women attractive because you are a Racist. That White Nationalist BS is rotting your brain. While you are focused on White Power, white women are sucking Black and Asian dicks LOSER. No way I would limit my self to one race’s pussy…..because that is for virgin losers like yourself.

      1. I’m not a white nationalist. I oppose cultural destruction… most of my close friends are actually non white.
        I also think white societies have provided the world with most freedom, technology, and social capital by far.
        But no, I’m not into killing race mixers or the 3rd Reich.

        1. I don’t hate other races, I respect all noble people of culture, but I do not believe the west would be a good place to live if it were to become full of non whites as is now happening. If you want to know the truth about the possibility and conditions for a stable society, you have to use race a measuring stick. Demographics are destiny … each race has its own cultural expression … to favor one expression over another is normal. Genes create culture … all races have procilvities. I don’t want to live in an Asiatic or African culture.
          I’m being honest about what people of all races feel.

        2. He only called you racist because you’re White.
          Nobody calls Asian men ‘racist’ for liking Asian women.
          Nobody calls Black men ‘racist’ for liking Black women.
          ONLY in White countries are we told such stupid stuff.
          The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is clearly just a codeword for Anti-White.

        3. Exactly.
          Wow, I believe Japan should be all Japanese!
          What does that make me? A white with Japanese supremacy on my mind?
          Being a separatist is healthy, omega males are the most prone to race mixing and white knighting for the cause.

        4. Most american white nationalists are with asian girlfriends and wives. So, your comment is out of place.

        5. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        6. Here are the alternatives for (open) white nationalists in America:
          1. Die as virgins and/or don’t leave a genetic legacy (kids). Because here is the brutal truth, american white women are one of the enemies of National Socialism/White Nationalism. There is no exception.
          2. Get yourself an asian or latino wife and have children.
          3. If you are so worried about your race, breed with racially aware eastern european women.

        7. Lol so everything were revolving around white people?we want to destroy your race? It takes much more to destroy one race than a multiracial couples and marriage you know?

        1. “No way I would limit myself to one race’s pussy”
          Code for I’m a non white or I’m a white loser.

      2. “You only find white women attractive because you are a Racist”
        Now Anti-Whites are claiming the only way for White men to not be ‘racist’ is to actively participate in White Genocide.
        ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

      3. Why are you insulting this guy? He has a right to prefer his own race.
        I still wonder what he means by unhealthy. Does he mean biologically? Does he mean that race-mixing can destroy a culture?

        1. Race mixing destabilize communities by producing progeny with incompatible instincts.
          A half Chinese half black guy isn’t going to have a proud identity, unless he allign exclusively with one side.

      1. Racial unity and pride is the basis of identity, and thus dignity.
        To say that you are a citizen of the world is a gross abstraction with no meaning.

    3. I am a white nationalist, but i tolerate white men with asian women in the states. Because the alternative is, dying like virgin without leaving a genetic legacy (aka children).
      “Race mixing is bad, mkay”. Yes i agree.
      “I oppose cultural destruction”
      Okay, this is all fine and dandy. But what about the Reality? White american women if realize that YOU are white nationalist, will avoid you like the devil. This is not exaggeration, just an observation.

      1. You assume you have to go around with a swastika on your forehead?
        Most girls I have dated I never mention my views on specific issues until the relationship develops, and I slowly insinuate, if at all. If you are too stupid to be strategic in how you speak to your girlfriend and have to go Asian (same problem of telling her) as a result, well you are genetic garbage.

        1. Many eastern europeam girls are in relationship with men, with swastikas all over their bodies:
          Compare this to the full blown chimpout of an american white woman after telling her “I just think that multiculturalism have flaws.” Not to mention what will happen after telling to such whore after the 7nd date if you are white nationalist. You american white nationalists are doomed.

      2. >I am a white nationalist, but i tolerate white men with asian women in the states.
        You’re either a white nationalist or you’re not. Race mixing is not okay, PERIOD. Even if that means dying like a virgin. The genetic legacy that you’re talking about is a dead end and will come back to haunt the parents.

  10. The writer makes the mistake of most westerners and thinks submissive and weak are interchangeable. Submissive just means she expects the man to take the lead, and isn’t always challenging him or forcing him to justify himself, she doesn’t accelerate from 0 to bitch in 2 seconds flat.

  11. Western woman 5.7 weighs 165 pounds, says she’s “average”. Asian woman 5.7 weighs 125 pounds and openly says she’s worried about getting fat.

    1. Women in the U.S. are getting larger by the hour so 165 is average or small here (lol). I’ve seen a lot of T-shirt on a lot of women…big women.

      1. People in the US are now so fat they have lost perspective on what is normal and what isn’t. A 36 inch waist or greater on a male of normal height is fat. Wearing size large shirts (unless you are well muscled) and above is fat.
        Funny thing is, people in America think I am skinny even though my BMI indicates I am “over-weight”.

    2. a 5’7” woman who weighs 165 is only slightly overweight. How many asian women are 5’7”? Not many.

        1. Sure it does, the sea is where life emerged from as we all learned in evolutionary biology.
          And you may know how similar the human embryo is to a sea-mammal.
          Furthermore, the human embryo and fetus grow in a fluid-filled sac, which is quite similar to seawater.
          N. America is showing signs of some evolutionary regression, in this resurgence of large “landwhales”.

        2. You’re an idiot, and clearly know nothing about body weight distribution. 5’7” 165lbs equates to a BMI of 25.8, just barely out of the “normal” weight zone. 5’7” 125lbs equates to a BMI of 19.6, in the “normal” weight zone but close to the underweight zone. I’m 5’8” 155 pounds and nowhere near fat. Men are notorious for being awful at guessing weights or assuming which weight equates to which level of health.

        3. You don’t call me an idiot, thanks. I don’t think you would dare do it in real life.
          It’s overweight. Live with it. No need to put quotes on the world normal. Western woman don’t want to mae efforts on their physique. That’s their problem.
          Your men will keep going for Asian women who are keep in shape.

        4. You don’t call me an idiot, thanks.
          A BMI of more than 25 is overweight. Live with it.
          If western women refuse to make extra efforts they will lose their men to third world women.
          So instead, of whining start a diet and get a gym membership.

        5. I’ll call you whatever the hell I want. I run twenty miles a week, thanks. I have no worry in the world of “losing my man” to a third world woman. Also, insinuating that all third world women are somehow more fit and healthy than Western women is incredibly ignorant. There are obese and malnourished women in ALL countries throughout the world. Don’t make generalizations, it never works. I’ve never been told by a man that I’m overweight and realize, unlike you, that there are a WIDE PLETHORA of body types. I have a 27 inch waist and an hourglass shaped body, and I wear a 6/8 dress size. That’s not fat, at ALL.

        1. Don’t you see the large amounts of american females wearing 6-inch tranny-heels?

        1. Obese. right. Do you know ANYTHING about health, BMI, body types, etc.? Certainly not. A BMI of 25.9 is not obese by any stretch of the imagination.

        2. You’re the one that doesn’t know ANYTHING. Are you telling me that a man and a woman of the same height should weigh the same? BMI makes no distinction whether or not it’s male or female nor muscle mass.
          I’m 5’9″ 195 lbs. 42″ chest and 34″ waist. According to that stupid BMI chart, I should be maximum at 165 lbs. for normal

        3. I am 5’8″ and 160 pounds. I have a 27 inch waist and wear a size 8. If that’s obese then it’s gonna be a bleak future for most of us. I am muscular and run 20 miles a week. By no means am I obese. I agree that BMI is not perfect and doesn’t take muscle mass or biological sex into account. You, however, are way off track labeling a 5’7″ 165lb woman obese.

  12. Western woman is so uncomfortable with silence that she gets uncomfortable any time there’s the slightest lull in conversation and fills up the empty space with mindless prattling about herself. Asian woman is still and calm, and by the end of the date is able to finish the man’s sentences, if not actually read his mind and just correctly responds to his feelings without him having to ask.

  13. I’ll be honest, I’ve had prejudces about white guys with Asian chicks. I went to college in Seattle and almost always pegged them as guys that couldn’t get laid with non-Asian chicks, hence the attraction to girls that seemed to be a “sure thing.”
    Regarding the “creepy older guys” part of the article, I have heard horror stories of guys that go to Asia and sleep with underage girls which in my eyes, deserves a swift death.
    I’m personally not that into Asian chicks but I support a guy choosing whomever he wants and I don’t have the same judgement as I used to.

    1. As a good looking white guy, I’ve never had to approach an Asian woman to get her attention. Last month I was at a wedding a cute Asian was throwing herself me.
      White men, do not take Asian women away from Asian men.I think it’s a crime. Respect your Asian brothers.

      1. Your Asian Fathers could have not have brought their daughters to this country and avoided that.

    2. “I’m personally not that into Asian chicks but I support a guy choosing whomever he wants and I don’t have the same judgement as I used to.”
      Nothing wrong with judging others for what they do. Many of those guys are exactly as you described them. Your instincts weren’t lying to you. No need to give PC the finger and then stop short.

      1. The fact is, you are american white nationalist who preach about “PC, only losers settle with asian women”… but you ignore your own reality. White men like you who share your views, CAN’T GET LAID with white women in USA.
        They just can’t. So, your rant is… nothing. The funny thing is, most american white nationalists who are in relationship are with asian women, or latino. And their children are european looking enough.
        Sure, it’s not the best deal, but the european phenotype this way is continuing in the states.
        I just feel sorry for you american white comrades. Some time i just smile and drop some tears reading shit like “France, Sweden, Belgium are the worst states wounded by Multiculturalism”. No my little blind american brothers… USA is the most wounded, divided and ruined by multiculturalism and feminism state on this planet.

        1. “The fact is, you are american white nationalist who preach about “PC, only losers settle with asian women”…”
          I never wrote that statement, much less preached it.
          “but you ignore your own reality. White men like you who share your views, CAN’T GET LAID with white women in USA.”
          You don’t even know me. You know nothing about me other than that I’m a “racist” “sexist.”
          “They just can’t. So, your rant is… nothing.”
          You must have no idea what a non-sequitur is. And I’m guessing you’re not white, either.
          “The funny thing is, most american white nationalists who are in relationship are with asian women, or latino. And their children are european looking enough.”
          Uh huh.
          “Sure, it’s not the best deal, but the european phenotype this way is continuing in the states.”
          I just feel sorry for you american white comrades. Some time i just smile and drop some tears reading shit like “France, Sweden, Belgium are the worst states wounded by Multiculturalism”. No my little blind american brothers… USA is the most wounded, divided and ruined by multiculturalism and feminism state on this planet.”

  14. “Western me date Asian women because they can’t get a real woman”. Hahaha, wow, if by a real woman you mean a woman whose entire world view is that she is the centre of the universe, that people care about her latest instagram quote by the great thinkers like Marilyn Munroe or Carrie Bradshaw, whose twenties were spent bouncing on a variety of alpha cock, only to feel after all this she is entitled to someone with an executive salary to settle down with. Someone who will take half your wealth, your children, your dignity and essentially leave you alone, afraid and angry. Yeah then be my guest, choose a white woman. I’m off to Malaysia next week.

    1. Western men might only have 2 mental images of asian females, nerd girl with glasses at the college library, and whorehouse. If they don’t speak any asian language they are locked out of the other 95% of asian society.

        1. No I was commenting on how western men, out of their inability to get beyond the surface of asian cultures, stereotype asian women.

        2. Who are those boring western men without imagination you speak off? Imagination is hard task for black men, not white men.
          Asian women have sexier and naughtier archetypes in our minds than “nerd girl” (i feel sorry if there are men, who think that dorky girls are… “sexy”) or “whores”. Gtfo with this shit son.
          Asian women = the best looking women who deserves a better archetypical images (stereotypes).

  15. Uh, anyone who has actually BEEN to SE Asia instead of just spouting bullshit online can tell you that there is some truth to #2.
    And way to stereotype Asian men at the end just like some people stereotype white men with Asian women, you racist fuck.

    1. Yeah so since you’ve BEEN to SE Asian you must realized too why those old white lads spend their trip to whore house for life partners?Blame it to the girls? Noooo its their job, white man give more cash since your money were more higher value than thai baht or rupiahs

  16. 6. Asian women are idealized Western women.
    They’re not. Their behaviour is formed within the context of their culture, not yours. Understand the culture, or you might well find out that what comes along with all those things that grab your attention is a whole lot of “gotchas.”
    As Asian women are, ya know, women, they will tend to hide the gotchas until they’ve gotcha.

  17. To be honest there are more than a few Asian girls who hook up with crusty old white guys for green cards, the phenomenon is just a lot more common in Asia.
    Truth is, materialism and Asianess cannot be separated. Goes for Asian men and women. is it is not uncommon for young girls in China these days to be “open goldiggers”, expecting a car in exchange for marriage and demanding to see your pay statements first. Asians value money, a lot. Not every one, but y’know.
    You are right that Asian girls don’t fall head over heels for western guys though. A lot of Asian guys lament this, but I think they could easily pull girls if they were just more confident.
    The submissive thing has always been a distorted view from the outside. Asians in general avoid needless conflict because most conflicts are pointless, unprofitable, and driven by poor emotional discipline from one or both parties, making resolution a pointless entanglement. Asians do not avoid conflict when our interests are at stake.

    1. And the cultural avoidance of direct conflict gives rise to a culture of passive aggressive behaviours that Westerners are ignorant of and totally unprepared to deal with.

    2. “The submissive thing has always been a distorted view from the outside. Asians in general avoid needless conflict because most conflicts are pointless, unprofitable, and driven by poor emotional discipline from one or both parties, making resolution a pointless entanglement. Asians do not avoid conflict when our interests are at stake”
      good to know!

    1. I know of few that go for Asian men in particular (and they are mainly the anime nerds, K-pop fanatics, and so on), but I know of a sizable number in my personal life that have hooked up with or married Asian men, as well as a few Asian [American] fellows that have been successful in gaming White girls.

    2. They exist everywhere. You just have to keep at it.
      With that said , you are MUCH better off in Europe than N.America. Eastern Europe is better than Western, but Asian men can still stay it in the west.
      Asian men can get white women anywhere, but since white American women. are the most image obsessed, their fear of what their girlfriends will think will affect their brains.
      Keep your head up and don’t give up!

  18. “Maybe western women should starting Asian men, since both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much.” Not sure to get what you mean… You mean Asian men and western women are that way?

    1. Despite the occasional yellow hipster, Asian guys and western women are really quite different. The realism alone…

      1. Ok, if you say so, but it doesn’t answer my question… Which “groups” he was talking about?

  19. Not sure what caused it, but I’ve come down with a serious “every color but white” fever.

    1. If I were still in the market I’d be game for any woman, assuming that she was attractive, svelte, highly sexual (with me alone, not slutty with a football team), had a sweet and flirty demeanor, wasn’t a feminist, could cook and was highly feminine in the traditional sense.
      All that being said, if I found a woman of every color/race that fit that bill, I’d likely go for the “nearly-white blonde hair”/cold crystal blue eyed “Aryan Ideal”, just because that’s the top of my list in physical preferences. The only exception to this ideal in my mind is if I somehow had a 19 year old Jennifer Aniston given to me during a trip in my Way Back machine.
      But, hey, any race can spawn a real beauty, so it’s all good.

  20. White nationalists often attack me because I have an Asian girlfriend, as if I can very easily find a marriageable White woman but I don’t because I hate my race. But the simple reality is that the majority of White women in this country are either slutty and/or fat. I’m not saying there are NO marriageable White women, just that the demand FAR exceeds the supply. After years of dealing with the inane attitudes of White women I simply gave up. I still tell people this today, I didn’t betray the White race, the White race betrayed me.

    1. Is she East Asian? I don’t have problem with them, because their intelligence could improve our race (yes I am White, but since I speak Spanish and was born in Mexico am White Hispanic in the census) a Japanese, Korean or Chinese cutie like them

    2. Its not just attitude, its physical. What positive qualities do white women possess physically? Its like they’re half men. Are they on steroids? They’ve lost what made the feminine.

      1. east asian women simpely are more feminine racially.they have no brow ridges,their brow ridges are high set,they have more rounded features wich are feminine,more childlike proportions..golden skin etc white women look like big birds to me.even the short ones have these gangly limbs,like long arms and legs,torsos etc the only real feminine white women are alpinid racial type like brooke shields or isabelle adjani.but even alpinid women lack the perfect beauty of asian women.

    3. Torren, I wrote this article. I completely agree with you. I have nothing against white women, but I feel that I have also been betrayed. Its terrible.

      1. Breaking a monopoly strongly tends to improve the product and lower the price. So, the influx of east Asian women might get more white women to better themselves. Probably not, though, if only because (or so I read) the number of fat cells you have is set in childhood and they “cry out” for food even if you lose weight. Children don’t have the executive function or will to fight their own chubbiness or obesity. Also, I read a British study that infants of fat mothers have more fat on their stomachs in proportion to their total fat. That is both more dangerous and less attractive fat, stomach fat. Educated women in the west tend to have fewer children and I have read separately that they also tend to be thinner. So, obesity will probably only increase in the US, even if women DID try more because the Asian invasion burst their men-love-“curvy”-strong women bubble. It would have to be a huge effin’ try. The personalities- or, rather, internal attractiveness- could still be improved, though. Maybe that will happen. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Some of the “competitiveness” might be because it isn’t economical feasible for women to work less. Needing to work- not just wanting to- might itself cultivate masculinity (if lower entitlement).

    4. I just hope you don’t have a half Asian son. Life will be rough for him. If you have a daughter, then you probably will have lucked out. Don’t you want maybe at least one son? And don’t you want that son to not have any reason to have an inferiority complex from the start? It’s not exactly a boost to a mutt’s confidence to know that mommy wasn’t as attracted to men that looked like him as she was attracted to men that looked like daddy. Think about it. I wish more white men would.

  21. The degeneration of White woman that makes Asian woman look attractive is just one more aspect of White Genocide.

    1. …cant argue with that. The legislated entitlement that White women enjoy helps guarantee they’ll keep right on good-timing themselves into their 40’s before they figure out they’re alone and childless.

  22. As a man in korea i can say that this is the most accurate article on the issue yet. Korean girls are low drama and talented. Its a cooperative relationship and theres never a king of the hill game going on which is perpetual in the west. Their bodies are cash money too. Once you get yellow fever, it doesnt really go away.
    The myth that asian girls like white guys may have been true in the 90s but its totally false now. There are some girls who only like white guys (would you really want her?) But there are definately girls who prefer “brothers” too. Asian girl doesnt see white guy and spread her legs. Status good health money and game is the universal key to open up poosy.
    yes he kinda threw Asian men under the bus at the end.

    1. I’d say that it’s still true, but Black men and other non-White men have a chance. I’d also say that being White isn’t necessarily a ticket to hot chicks in those countries based on what I have seen and heard, but I’m not White and can’t really comment from a first-person perspective on the matter. Finally, most Asian women in Asia end up with Asian men, though the right foreigner can indeed have themselves a buffet of püh.
      Once again, I cannot answer about the girls that chase White guys only, but as for the girls that chase Black guys, yes, I would indeed bang them (the ones that are at least decent-looking), but I wouldn’t consider them LTR material for the most part (talking mainly about the hip-hop chicks in Japan; girls that are intrigued by me being Black/foreign/whatever but can see me and treat me as a person beyond that are alright).

  23. In Australia, Anglo women are absolutely terrified/hateful towards white women when it comes to intra-sexual competition. I see it repeatedly. I’ve had Asian girlfriends and without fail they would stare absolute daggers at the girlfriend and look at me bewildered/confused/upset. Then you can see the wheels turning in their head, the rationalisations being formed and the justifications made. One of exes spoke five languages and was a CPA, the other ran her own ceramics business, but it was clear what others thought.

    1. Wait, Anglo women are hateful to white women (i.e. themselves)? What the fuck? Plooflead prease!

    2. Exactly. I went out on a date with a cute Vietnamese girl 12 years my junior a few nights ago–I tutored her in English 5 months ago–and the looks I got from women were unbelievable in their negativity. I even had a woman tell me last year that the woman I was dating from Taiwan briefly just wanted a Visa. Yeh right! Her family is wealthy and she can do whatever she pleases! That’s ultimately why we didn’t go the distance but it had nothing to do with getting a Visa!
      Not sure how long it’s going to last with this Vietnamese girl but she has a cute face and incredible legs and is far more pleasant to be around than any Aussie woman I’ve met.

  24. I’m a Caucasian man who has been attracted to Asian women- so hopefully this doesn’t sting so much:
    There are white and black men with Asian women who are alphas, but there is also a subset who meet all of the above stereotypes.
    There’s a minority of white gammas who are proud to be gamma who see Asian nations as refuges. If you are a foreign natural ( of any race), these men will despise you. Hell, if you are a lesser beta they will despise you.
    These men hate Caucasian men with a fury. Abject racists, they see themselves as superior to Asian men and are threatened by your presence. Be warned- they will cockblock you and betray you without remorse.
    Im so glad i married within my race. Not because it would be bad to have an Asian wife, but because I don’t have to be a part of a shitty expat community in an Asian country. Nothing worse than seeing some of these freaks go native. I find Japanese traditions fascinating, but it’s just silly to think I can exierience them as a native. And the disrespect they dish out at Asian men.
    Seriously- Asian men are the most unjustly shit on of all races. They have invented 1/2 of the great inventions in history, work hard and enrich the countries they immigrate to, only to be negatively stereotyped CONSTANTLY. What’s really shitty is that even though the most honestly and healthfully masculine men I’ve met we’re in the JDF, you’d never hear about it in Western media. Too many white women and gamma nerds need the stereotypes to feel superior.

    1. Overall it’s a good article though. One that should be noted. If the end was edited a little it would be perfect. I’m fairly sure the author didnt want it to sound the way it did.
      White guys who berate Asian men for granting women too little supplication and using that to undercut the market, are bitch made. I don’t think the author meant it that way.

  25. Pound yellow pussy to your hearts content but please do not breed any halflings.
    Those fuckers are always weird. I.E. Eliot Rogers.

  26. Does anyone know why Asians get their panties in a bunch if you refer to them as “Oriental”? The Orient is a place. I don’t hear Europeans, South Americans, Africans etc getting pissed if you refer to them by their ancestral homeland.
    Me thinks its an invented ‘problem’ by same PC pussy who majored in some type of Ethno-Studies.

    1. Actually, it’s a direction. East.
      If you’re out in the field without a compass, how do you orient yourself in the morning?
      You face the rising Sun.

      1. Still. What’s the bid fucking deal? I don’t have a problem if you call me a ‘Southerner’.

        1. For the same reason African-Americans started getting their panties in a bunch if you called them negro and insisted on being called black, even though negro means, wait for it, wait for it . . . black.
          People are funny critters.
          In other words, your surmise isn’t too far off the mark.

    2. Its PC bullshit invented by asian american academics, and adopted by SJW types who are trying to form a coalition out of non-whites in america who have nothing in common with each other. The orient is the east, the occident is the west. A person from the east is an oriental, a person from the west is an occidental. There is absolutely nothing racist about it, no more so than terms like latin or hispanic.

    3. The rationale is that orient means east, and it makes you think “east of where” and of course the answer is Europe.
      People usually say Europe instead of the occident. So (some but not all) Asians feel that one should say Asia instead of the orient. that’s it… I personally don’t care..

      1. And the problem with that is what? Europeans are centered in their world, as we are in ours, as Asians are in theirs.
        It is all much ado about nothing, brought about by thin skinned ninnies with far too much leisure time on their hands.

  27. The overall topic of the article doesn’t really concern me, but what I’ll have to point out is your your use of the term “creepy old men”. By essentially replying “no, they’re young guys who dated asian chicks in the usual way, not at all mail-order-bride-buying old creeps”, you are implicitly agreeing with the feminist frame that the old men who *do* that kind of thing are to be regarded as perverts to be held in contempt.
    Shows the power of getting to frame the public discussion.

  28. Two women I work with illustrate this article…
    Woman A is white and stunning. Some men would give her a 10. Maybe a lot of men. Woman B is Filipina and I give her a 5.
    Both have been professional and nice in my dealings with them, however, the Filipina is just so much more charming. Woman A looks feminine, but woman B is feminine.

  29. As a black man I’ve dated more Asian women than white women. Generally I find that either (American) white women are not interested and (British) white women act too much like men or frequently lack the female graces to attract me.
    Asian women, even Westernised Asian women, are more ladylike and considerate as a rule. They are more submissive but being submissive seems to be generally considered to be a negative. This is not true. Every woman submits to a man in one form or another, even if only to open her legs. To me, being submissive simply means following my directions without comment or pulling faces, or requiring that I raise my voice. Asian women seem to indistinctly do as they are told (assuming reasonable direction) by a dominant male. This is the same whether they are Westernized or FOB.
    Speaking of which, I did once raise my voice to a wealthy FOB Chinese lady at work after she acted up. She never acted up again and quickly assumed her correct position. That said, we did not have a relationship so this may partly explain her unruliness.

    1. In my trips to England I’ve noticed the masculine edge in women, particularly in conversations, increase quite a lot since the, say, mid 1990’s. It’s rather startling and revolting to me, as my grandmother was pleasant and rarely if ever cursed. Now granted it’s not like I’ve spoken to every Englishwoman alive over there, but I’ve heard enough of the brash, hard edge to understand that it’s not just the exception to the rule any longer.
      I dated a Japanese exchange student during my high school years. While not a lot of experience to fall back on, given as H.S. relationships aren’t quite “real” as we think of them, I did notice even then that she was so soft and pleasant, quiet and very appreciative of gestures I’d make for her, and she naturally expected me to lead/make the plans. Even at the time (mid 80’s) she stood out as more feminine than her Saxon counterparts, and that’s saying something as women in the 80’s were far more feminine than they are today.

      1. Your average white Englishwoman drinks like a man and swears like a sailor. I don’t even consider talking them. I was just thinking about it today. I feel like they are beneath me. It’s not a racial thing they are just not ladies to me. Now show me a woman from Italy or France and I am all over them.
        I have dated a couple and as you experienced, their graceless ways disgust me.

        1. Your average white Englishwoman drinks like a man and swears like a sailor.
          Why is that I wonder? I don’t live in England and my experience with English culture is all 2 generations out of date (grandparents). I’d fit in just peachy with Englishmen from the 1940’s but today, eh, not so much (and this is apparent when I hit pubs over there, the men are nearly alien to what I was brought up to think of as a proper Englishman). Is it just the results of feminism, a few degrees advanced from what we have in the states? Is it the far heavier prevalence of Leftism in the culture than we find in these united States? Combination? Dunno.
          As to French women, oh my yes, now you’ve found one of my soft spots. Those and classical German women (not the modern punk haircut butchdykes).

        2. Not sure. I suspect there has always been a slutty edge to Englishwomen going back centuries (based on what I have read). I love German women. Not the best looking but if they like you they will make sure you know it. They don’t mess around. I am in Spain right now. My god the women here…
          Yeah if you want to find real men in England you are really looking at 50 plus or the guys that work with their hands. Otherwise you are dealing with Mitches (Male Bitches). This is where you find feminism taking root. One guy I know (early 40s), told me with a straight face that he thinks that we should find a way for men to carry babies so we can share the burden with women. I had nothing to say to him.

    2. If you’re black and you can’t fuck white mudshark whores in 2014 in America it’s either because you live in Texas/the middle of no where in the Mid West or because you have no game/aren’t physically fit. It’s not because they “aren’t interested” there’s a large chunk of slutty white bitches who are obsessed with the idea of big black dick. They aren’t the type of women you probably want but hey it’s still pussy

      1. Let me clarify. The ones I would consider do not appear to be interested in me. This may not be the case but I get no vibe from American White women generally. To be fair though, I never approach them and if there is an Asian girl standing next to a AWW then I will talk to the Asian girl. So maybe my preference creeps in here.

  30. “2. Asian girls hook up with creepy old white guys
    Are there old guys in Thailand who have young girlfriends…”
    And as if you wont be one of them before you know it.
    I realize that this site is aimed at young men, and that’s a good thing in terms of the demographic we need to fight feminism with, but maybe you should try to avoid participating in the feminist shaming of older men, even if it’s a shortcut way of avoiding feminist shaming of younger men iike yourself It wont do any man any favors in the long run, including yourself.

  31. I have taught englısh ın Turkey, Azerbajıan, Kazakstan and the Balkan regıon (Bosnıa, Serbıa, Slovenıa). In these countrıes you wıll fınd MANY women wıth typıcal “asıan” features- many could definitely pass for Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Because they tend to be “culturally” Muslım but secular, they are VERY open to datıng any race, especıally Arab and Black men. So ıf your a Black guy, and you want a “Korean” lookıng gırl, wıthout the Korean cultural (maybe racıst) baggage, come to the Balkans!

        1. He is mixing Azerbajıan, Kazakstan with the Balkans. Yes in those two countries there are many asian looking people, it is mainly because those countries are in Asia. In the Balkans I doubt though.

        2. Every single russian nationalist is on the side of Ukraine. Right now, every active National-Socialist (NaziSozi) from EU is joining the Azov Battalion (the Azov includes: WotanJugend, Misantrophic Divsion, Trident etc etc). And this is a message to the american neo-nazis. Come… Come and join us, you will craft New Ukraine. Become Legends, come.
          About EU. No one wants in EU, the Ukrainians started this whole war and nationalist rising after the fact that the majority from the Ukrainians wanted to CO-OPERATE with EU, not enter EU. There is no place for Ukraine in EU. The case of Ukraine is similar like the case of Turkey. EU simply can’t afford such states within their borders. EU will not accept Ukraine as a member. But EU wants to work with Ukraine and financially aid them.
          “The pro-russians seem to win”. Actually, they are winning places in graveyards and morgues which are overcrowded now. The reason why they SEEM to win is simple. You are a “red pill” western man who likes Alternative media, because the mainstream is garbage. But for some reason, the american/english-speaking altermedia is pro-Putin. How many positive things about Ukraine you read/saw on western alternative media sites/channels? Zero. The western alternative medias describe Putin as traditionalist, nationalist, a man who cares about the future of whites, an anti-gay etc etc
          As a slav, i know that this is simply BS… but you american brothers are not allowed to know this. You swallow the lies about Putin. It’s not your fault, you simply don’t have access to unbiased information.
          Noone is winning in Ukraine actually. The pro-russian occupiers are simply not allowed to grow as the tumor they are. Such ethnic separatist conflicts tend to continue over the course of centuries. Look the conflicts with Palestine/Israel, Corsicans/Italians, Basques/Spaniards, Ires/Anglos/, Scots/Anglos, Serbs/Albanians and now Ukrainians/Pro-Russians.
          Thanks to the conflict of the latest, we have a fully functional national socialists in power. And this national-socialist spirit is moving to Belarus, The Baltic region (which have incredible love for Hitler) and Russia (and they are with the highest neo-nazi population on the planet).

        3. How many of you are there? Wikipedia states Azov is only couple hundred strong and it seems that the majority of nationalists are Ukrainian, there are couple of Russians etc. but that is a tiny minority, btw. are you already in the Ukraine? How large of a % of the army are white nationalists?
          You do not have nazis in power, in order to say that you have to down Poroshenko, Avakov, Kolomoyisky etc. first. They are worth billions while the average Ukrainian makes 3000 usd a year. Nazis only make up frontlines in a war.

        4. Azov, Right Sector, Misantrophic Division, WotanJugend, autonomous nationalists together are more than 2500-3000 fighters. I am talking about young activists who are actually fighting for the NS ideas, not posting comments, not the propaganda side of war. “Nazis in power”…
          The “Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform” is controlling the country. And they are openly supporting the Neo-Nazi paramilitaries like Azov. And according Wikipedia they are center-right pro-european liberalists. Not that this even matters.
          Economically speaking, Russia is in worse state than Ukraine. Russia is just awaiting NS revolution like in Ukraine. It’s inevitable, but Belarus and the Baltics are more important matter. Russia will wait.
          As for this discussion. Do you support Azov/White Nationalism or oppose it. Just remember, this discussion will end/continue based on your answer.

        5. 3000 out of 50k that make up the army? It is a tiny minority.
          UDAR is controlling the country? Poroshenko and his oligarch gang with the IMF is. The reason they are supporting nazis fighting is so they can take over the eastern provinces where the natural resources are and hand them over to their bankster Cronies. Avakov and Kolomoyski have their assets in Eastern Ukraine so they are going to support anyone fighting the ‘rebels’ there.
          I dont support white nationalism. I support cultural nationalism. Russia for example is made out of many ethnicities, why would they be considered to be ‘the enemies’ if they are native to their land? Or when we talk about Ukraine you have tatars in Crimea. Why should I be for kicking out blacks from the USA when they have been in the US for centuries.

        6. Let me explain it to you the situation. In this year, Putinist Russia had appetite for Ukraine. They radicalized the ethnic russian minority in eastern Ukraine. They managed to separate from Ukraine.
          This is exactly like the jews who stoled the lands from Palestine.
          This is exactly like Albanians stealing Kosovo, the historical province of Serbia.
          The hatred versus the thieves will not stop. It would be unnatural if it stops actually.
          The white nationalists openly support the Tatars. Tatars are historical enemies of Russia, so it’s easier to understand why they prefer to be with Ukraine.
          I was right, you as a western male watch alternative western media, and you only see a pro-Putin propaganda, you don’t hear the Ukrainian side. It’s not your fault.
          You even invented new therm “cultural nationalism”. Well, white nationalists don’t want to attack other nations. Just to preserve you know… white nations.
          But this discussion is over. You can’t convert me and neither i can convince you into my position. I have a better idea, for the next few weeks i will promote the ideas of WotanJugend… then i am back to fight in Ukraine. Some people instead talking prefer to work for the establishment of National Socialism, not only Ukraine anymore. Belarus is next.

        7. Have you been to east Ukraine? What baffles me is why anyone would want to fight and die for such a shithole. It’s a flat boring country with no character, the architecture is a masterpiece of blandness. Even Crimea, which is supposed to be ‘beautiful’ didn’t impress me. You’d fight for Bavaria, Switzerland, Sweden or France but Ukraine?
          PS: there are Koreans in Russia who came in the time of Stalin. They don’t even speak Korean. I doubt they’d be interested in Black men.

    1. I don’t know if you realize, but Ukraine is now dominated by neo-nazis. I mean, they have a openly nazi paramilitary patrolling the streets:

      As for the Balkans… just come here in Bulgaria. I will “greet” you my fellow… “man”. I can tolerate american white men coming from desperation to breed here. But, zero tolerance to black men.

      1. I have zero ınterest ın teachıng englısh ın the Ukraıne. You have to go where there ıs a strong market and large mıddle class wıshıng to learn and spend money to learn englısh. The countrıes I mentıoned- Turkey, Azerbajıan, Bosnıa, Serbıa, Slovenıa, and the Caspıan regıon countrıes- all have a mıddle class wıth money to spend on enlısh courses. These countrıes also have a large mınorıty of “Asıan” lookıng women because they are a crossroads of ethnıc groups (tatars, chechens, turks, arabs, kurds, muslım chınese). Another plus (for men of color, anyway) ıs that these countrıes are “culturally” muslim, so they are hıstorıcally used to dark men- Arabs, Persıans, Blacks, dark-skınned asians. Hey, I only speak from experıence, and ıf you fınd all thıs “new” or “strange” ıt speaks to how lıttle you’ve traveled. My most recent ex-gırlfrıend was a blond-green eyed Bulgarıan/Turk (Bulgarıan muslıms fled Bulgarıa ın the 1980s to Turkey. Now they are wealthıer than the Bulgarıan chrıstıans they left behınd.) I guess THEY had the last laugh!)

        1. Scott Im thinking about trolling the balkans for pussy sometime next year. Which balkans country do you think has the hottest tail? Which is the worst?

        2. An earlıer ex-gırlfrıend ıs Bosnıan. Asıde from some mental-depressıon ıssues a few may be harborıng due to the ethnıc cıvıl war ın the ’90s, I fınd chıcks from all over the Balkans to be open mınded and wholesome. I prefer darker/mediterreanean complexıons (Croatıa, Slovenia, Albanıa, Kosovo) but if you prefer blonds, Serbia mıght be where you want to go. The regıon ıs full of beautiful women, bro. Just go everywhere and have an adventure. I am now ın the Caspıan regıon, however.

  32. “Maybe western women should starting Asian men, since both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much.”
    Well, fuck you very much.

    1. This anti-asian men message was BS. Completely destroyed the good message of the article.

    2. Yeah, I didn’t get that either. It was incongruent with the article, made no sense, and made virtuous qualities of Asian men (assuming those qualities are true) into something bad.
      What’s wrong with being demanding? What’s wrong with expecting high quality and competence from others? And why must we walk around handing out Participation Trophies to every because “at least you tried, lil’ fella”?
      The author would do well to strike that last line.

    3. Yeah keep trusting all of the stereotype. Asian men are not demanding they were brought up to honor their mom which is a woman. Society makes them to work their ass hard so they can provide finance for they future family that’s why u will never see an Asian man getting fat,watch tv and do nothing.they were thaught to be family oriented,that why you will never see any Asian girl who would clap hands and think he’s an alpha (douche bags) just because he tell you how many girls he just fucked before you or after. Go compare how asian+asian couples to white+white couples you can see who’s much better

      1. Necroposting aside, I agree with most of what you said, except for this bit:
        “Asian men are not demanding they were brought up to honor their mom which is a woman”
        I’m not sure about your particular culture, but in Confucian culture i.e. most of East Asia and Chinese-influenced parts of SEA, we are taught to honour both parents, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on our fathers than our mothers.

  33. Asian Girls have never been my cup of tea. Except for maybe Filipina’s (because of some Spanish mixed in there), I find that for the most part Asians are not attractive, unless they have plastic surgery to look more like white girls. Non the less they still do not float my boat. Their bodies are like that of a young girl going through puberty. No tits, hips, and definitely NO ass, basically no shape to them at all.
    Never understood this whole “yellow fever” thing. Its not like Asian women are offering anything better than white women.

    1. I find that for the most part Asians are not attractive, unless they have plastic surgery to look more like white girls.

      Mate, that is gross!!!

      1. Ok that might have been written wrong. Asians are doing plastic surgery to get more western white features. Such as a more prominent nose, higher check bones, a chin etc

        1. That’s actually kind of the asian beauty standard (big eyes etc) and has historically existed before a european influence.

      2. So gross that it is untrue. Your average white girl can afford lip injection to breast and buttock enlargement while my SeAsian sister can only have cheaper plastic surgery in thais but also can’t afford them since our salary were low paid compared to your 1st world country.and butt enlargement in Asia is so fucking rare that maybe you can count them with your hands. So your statement were really VALID

    2. Did you know that most Philippine were Malays? Yeah so most of SE ASIAN girls is curvier. And no the only ‘white girl’ features that they want were only their skin color. Double eyelids? Most seasian and South asian have round to cat eye. Get over yourself pls

  34. Asian women are weak and submissive. Oh what a laff. Had a nice meltdown with my viet bride yesterday. It is times like these when I understand why the US had such difficulty fighting the vietnamese. Just wanted to go for a walk but last time she saw a coyote and now refuses to hike in that area with me. She’s terrified of dogs. Where she is from they eat dogs. At her family’s factory they have a Dobermann on a 6-ft chain that barks all the time. It pains me to see a dog treated like that. She thinks Americans are insane about dogs. When we walk she sees people treating their dogs better than people. Dogs wearing coats in the winter. Men sleeping under bridges but dogs with palatial houses.
    So there is a down side to everything. On the upside you can read about her in “A Man Wants a Wife, Not a Co-Worker”. She also boned me pleasantly last night after we discussed her irrational fears.

      1. She’s not Sarah Silverman though I have dated Jewish gals in previous incarnations.

  35. Let’s be realistic here, there is some truth to the stereotypes regarding white men and asian women, or any who dates interracial in general. What was it like, 2% of people that interracially date do it out of genuine love. I’m not sure about the validity of that number, but when people talk about interracial dating it’s usually from the perspective of being a fetish and the conception that the grass is greener on the other side.
    I’d go as far to say 1, 2 and 4 are both true to an extent. As far as 3 and 5 go, I’ve only heard black women talk like that in regards to black men who date women of other races or even light skin black women. I’m sure feminist hate western men for the reasons tho.

    1. …all I know is that speaking generally, the average asian chick fucks like its a cure for cancer, the average white chick fucks like she’s doing long division in her head.

    2. Let’s be honest, there’s an element of truth to each of the “5 misconceptions”, whether we want to admit it out loud or not. Stereotypes exist for a reason. There are tons of stereotypes on ROK that writers and readers accept, but we are supposed to believe that in this very specific instance, the stereotypes aren’t true? You can’t pick and choose for the sake of convenience like that (all stereotypes of white women are true, but the stereotypes about asian chicks are not!!!). Lol.

  36. Its definitely mote complicated than most westerners appreciate. Asian women who actually live in Asia pretty much live a shit life; their options are usually marriage, hooking, or service industry. The dollar is falling but still pretty strong, and a rough looking dude can still be a rock star in these places.
    Asian women are definitely not weak or submissive, but they DO adhere to what they see as their role, so long as the dude does the same. That seems to be where they really have the edge on western women who do absolutely whatever they feel like doing whenever they feel like it.
    Players do gotta be careful though, you can game western women and roll out with her friend the next night, that almost improves your value with any western woman who sees it. Asian chicks don’t play that shit though, They take jealous to a whole ‘nother level.

  37. Ah man, I only really prefer latina and the same still applies. As a black man, I do notice how white people guys think they can go to any non white country and just rack up. i do think it’s easier for them to some degree because they are exotic but that’s about it.
    The stuff with the feminism is true. I had a co-worker tell me I only go to the places because it’s easy to get all those ‘poor’ women and they only want green cards. I’m sure there are some but not all are like that. Some wouldn’t even think about moving to the States

    1. Your comments about feminism (and the shaming of men who like foreign women) are quite true.
      I’ve heard a number over the years, more often than not from ignorant people who haven’t even traveled abroad.
      It’s very insulting, condescending, and much more. Basically attempting to imply western men want a foreign “slave” and a woman to abuse.
      It is ridiculous and incredible the insecurity and hate American women (and some men) have towards men who actually aren’t afraid to travel & broaden their horizons.
      Example of actual hate mail to an agency:

    2. They are seen as exotic and they are often looked up to given the racial hierarchy in this world. Non-Whites are also seen as exotic, but they are not on top, and in the case of Blacks, we are exotic but often stigmatized.
      I’ve submitted an article about how foreign men that do overseas are seen as losers, but in reality, they are winners. Hopefully RoK will publish it.

    1. …they are they are. Pack too much meat and you may bottom out at half-mast…not an ideal scenario.

  38. As an American living in Asia i can say this article is akin to propaganda in it’s pointed inaccuracy.

  39. Here we go again…
    1. We get it…your white man asian hoe duo is not a bad idea…anyone who detests this kind of combo is just narrow minded…no need to explain yourself anymore.
    2. Women of all color respond to game. I get how there are people in this world that will outright refuse to date a specific race…I guess we all have our own preferences and racists beliefs and whatnot but personally I like to apply the smell test…if I can’t handle the pussy stank of the bitch then I won’t fuck her…simple as that.
    3. To the white boys that have not perfected game yet (not that I am the bastion of all game…I’m just lil owe meeee here typing away on this keyboard) but you know who you are…asian bitches are not the go to just cause the white bitches are on some fuck shit…all men today need game cause it is the nature of women of ALL color to be responsive to game.
    4. Racism is not only real but deeply ingrained within our genetics…that’s just what it is my friends…
    5. Everything between man and woman of any race or color combination comes down to a simple transaction…if needs are met on both sides then a deal will be made…aka…dick will enter vagina….which is all what any mother fucker wants in life anyways…

  40. I never understood the appeal of asian women. they all look the same. i can’t tell them apart. they have thin hair, no butts, no boobs…they’re fucking boring, and all they care about is status and money. they’re VERY materialistic. and they’re definitely racist against asian men, and pretty much anyone who isn’t white. i hear asians making jokes about blacks and latinos all the time.

    1. moral of the story…don’t pedestalize anything with a vagina…no matter what color trim it comes in…it’s still inherently a usefuless fucking hooker.

    2. Jokes about blacks? Maybe
      Latin? Some of them didn’t even know that it is a race,how can they make fun of them if they think that Latin is white?or Mexico only? And do you learn or speak their languages?

  41. I’ve had relationships with Asian girls and white girls. At one point I stopped dating Asians and looked for a white girl to marry out of a sense of racial loyalty.
    The main two differences I’ve found are that:
    – Asians girls are easier to get along with, they have higher IQ and are not irrational. There doesn’t seem to be much of an IQ gap between intelligent white men and Asian women.
    – They are more innocent. Two of my Asian girlfriends were virgins! despite being attractive and going to university.
    I feel that offering marriage to a white women (I don’t say western woman as this includes Russians) is like feeding jam to pigs. Not only they don’t deserve it, they don’t appreciate it either.
    Of course when they start getting older they do appreciate it! But why choose a white ex-slut approaching the wall over an innocent still-really-hot east Asian.
    I am a little bitter towards white women. In my social circle there are quite a few attractive Asians who aren’t riding the carousel. Their mothers are still married to the fathers and encourage their daughters to live life in a respectable way. There are exactly 0 white girls who fit into this category.

    1. Kudos for your loyalty. I get what you’re saying, here. I certainly understand the temptation of just saying “ah fuck it” and marrying an appreciative East Asian or an attractive Hispanic woman especially one who is basically white. It’s hard for me to begrudge men who actually find feminine women of any race, these days. In Houston (which is mostly non-white now), it’s tough for me to restrain myself as I’ve had all sorts of opportunities to “hook up” and date demure non-white women. I had a nice hb 7.5/8 Hispanic basically spell it out for me that she was interested. But she wasn’t white (even though her mother I think is) and her mannerisms are basically white. It sucks that white women on the whole are becoming so increasingly degenerate. But then look at their pathetic fathers. There ya go.

      1. You’re not hateful, you just want your kids to look something like you. Perfectly rational. Besides, among brown people there’s always a genetic demand for white genes. Go anywhere in the world and it’s this way. Giving your offspring white skin is a gift. Political correctness be damned! Mixing is risky. Besides, interracial children have much higher rates of mental illness, and lack identity. Not exactly the utopia liberals thought it would be.

  42. After spending some time with an Asian woman, a man with any sense of self-respect will never want to put up with the nonsense of an American woman. On the point about a “real woman,” I have gotten to the point that I no longer view American’s with vaginas as women.

  43. I would love to have a young beautiful Asian woman.
    I don’t think my Mexican wife would put up with it though.

  44. Yes! Great article. Fortunately, I can only date Asian women; intelligent, funny, feminine, caring, classy, beautiful. My best experiences have been with Asian women. Western girls don’t come close and have no clue. If you have not dated an Asian chick, you don’t know what you are missing.

  45. Any Asian woman who hates Asian men will have Asian sons. You will give birth to a future me, 28, doesn’t work, mentally ill, my brother, schizophrenic, or another Elliot Rodger. Eurasian males are some of the most at risk men on earth and have the highest rate of suicide and mental illness out of almost all ethnic groups. Want to see the result of these pairings between white males and racist Asian females? I really don’t know what the point of life is if my mother was so fucking racist that only a white guy was good enough for her. It’s like I was born red pilled… pretty goddamn aware of the evolutionary nature of life. It’s like your sons have to deal with anti-male racism first hand and your mother and father both reaffirm Asian male inferiority just by looking at you… and neither one of them even cared to think about what they were doing. What would you think of a white woman who ONLY fucked blacks? Yet it’s okay that Asian women only fuck whites? And the kids are supposed to be mentally stable? I literally think about shooting myself in the head every ten minutes and I have for the last twenty years. In all honesty I probably AM going to do it eventually just as a way to punish my mother and father. (My mother is dead, but if I could punish her I’d be ecstatic.). I, and several other eurasian guys I know, all make it a point to just be complete utter failures to spite our parents. There is absolutely no way I can really ever come to terms with my own mother.
    Please, please, don’t have kids if you want to fuck Asian women.

    1. Sorta similar in my case, except I’m half african/european. Been ashamed of who I am my whole life until my discovery of the redpill this yr. Just keep ya head up dude and march on.

    2. Goodlookingloser is eurasian (white father/asian mother). He slays pussy.
      You are just a victim.

    3. In SE Asia, half white rocks! You should embrace your inner whiteness, then go have a kick ass life. Or don’t, be a miserable loser if that’s what you are, woe is me, woe is me.

    4. Yes. People are going to do what benefits them and what makes their lives easier, regardless of whether it is fair or even follows the protocols that they supposedly uphold.

  46. After being in Asia for a month, I realised that the guys getting laid back home were getting laid in Asia. The guys who didn’t get shit back home were standing up against the wall talking into their drinks, getting nothing. I then ignored all the “can’t get laid back home” garbage and started to understand the people who made comments like this. Haters pure and simple. And female. No dude with half a brain and both balls spews this rubbish.

  47. Either way the racism has gotta stop… men are men, women are women. Undermining other men for access to their women has been going on since the beginning of time, and usually it wasn’t with words, but with swords and beheadings. I don’t really see the point in dogging Asian guys out… a lot of them could use a haircut and some new style and some swag and they could easily get girls, especially the tall young guys here in Beijing. I know what it’s like to be lonely.. most guys do, and I don’t see the point in relishing in pushing other guys to suicide.
    And stop with the small dick thing. That’s the worst thing you can say to a man. How the fuck would guys know it’s true unless you’re eyeing guys’ dicks?
    For anyone interesting in disproving racist ideas about Asian men,
    But I’m guessing guys here won’t do that because it’s better to just keep heaping on stereotypes about people that you want to remove as competition.

    1. Either way the racism has gotta stop… ”
      It’s not going to ever stop. It’s a part of human nature discriminate between any recognized differences. People aren’t just all going to draw the line where you think they should for your convenience.
      “men are men, women are women.”
      Uh, okay. And blacks are blacks and whites are whites.

  48. Garbage post. All Asian women have a white guy fetish because of the perceived status. I thought ROK was about stating the obvious, not being PC and coming up with bullshit rationalizations.

  49. Some of you fucks sound confused. I see beautiful asian women who have the dork asian boyfriends. I have no idea why. I’d say the asian women could do better. But many obviously prefer their own kind, maybe its a language thing. Most asian women still go for asian men, even when they have options.
    Honestly many white women look like cows standing next to asian women. White women should study asian women, and try to learn how not to be so masculine looking.

    1. you couldn’t make it in your own country, hey. 3/10 asian whorientals are pretty easy for you i agree. why don’t you stop being a jealous beta faggot and go get one LOL

    2. >I see beautiful asian women who have the dork asian boyfriends.
      I see beautiful white women who have dork white boyfriends.
      >I have no idea why.
      I do, because they are the same race, dumbfuck.
      >I’d say the asian women could do better.
      A yellow feverist, racist, sexist d-bag like you is a better option?!?

  50. LOL at the white woman bashing from revenge-hungry weirdos
    Joke’s on you whitey…have fun eliminating your genes from the white race.An entire bloodline …terminated.

  51. Number 3 and 4 are important points.
    My wife is Filipina and she’s FAR from submissive. She does cook, clean and show me respect as king of the house, but she’ll take a frying pan to me if i cross the line. I kinda like that.
    As for the green card and money, so much BS and it’s only because the mail order bride ones are after that. There are so many people in Asia who could buy and sell their western counterparts it’s funny to see the “poor person seeking a better life” stereotype so often.

    1. “but she’ll take a frying pan to me if i cross the line. I kinda like that.”
      I bet you do. What a Beta.

      1. I’m guessing you’re an american and thereofre the ideas of irony and sarcasm are lost on you.
        Secondly, even if she rly did this I would just laugh it off. why? When you’re actually a man, you don’t have to constantly prove it all the time by dominating weaker creatures such as women. Something guys like you could learn a lot from dude.
        Look between your legs – see those balls? You don’t have to constantly reaffirm they’re there.

  52. Painfully true, to a point. It just goes to show, women are so much nastier to other women than men are to other men, or at least, that is common. Some people are just nasty and conniving, period.
    For my part, I get the attraction to Asian women. If I was looking for a relationship with a woman, and basing it on looks, I would definitely be interested in Asian women. For the most part, they have beautiful hair and eyes, great complexions, and they age better than white women. Older Asian women always seem to look so regal and elegant. I admire that trait.
    Sorry, off topic me, thanks for the article, Mr. Soller

  53. I lived in Guam back in the early 80’s……….it’s THE melting pot of the Pacific. The “Asian” delicacies were amazing. My favorite however……Filipina & Thai women.The best girlfriends I ever had. Years later, back in the States……married an American, lasted 6 years…….until a much larger wallet came on to the scene. I’m totally into Colombian women now. They are so freaking sexy!

  54. “Most Asian girls are not interested
    in western men, and the ones that are also like non-white western men
    as well.”
    Haha, no they are not.

  55. This article was pretty pointless the only 1 poiny he had that could be seen as true was the fact that Asian women are seen as submissive even though the Asian girls I’ve met aren’t all the Asian girls I watch in porn do seem that way. Overall this article was a waste of a read.

  56. Sometimes people dont see there are cases where the word submissive can be considered like a virtue rather than a defect. No matter anyway; I think the virtues many men mean are kindness, lotality, devotion and respect.

  57. I think that all is as simple as asian girls come from a traditional society, and in a traditional the most important duty of women is the family.

  58. dude i think there is something wrong about these….
    why only japanese? korean? chinese???? I have to disagree, too… 🙂

  59. Maybe western women should starting Asian men – got a typo in there * start dating *
    I just dumped a Western bitch yesterday – from the get go she was complaining about the food I was buying HER from the supermarket, nothing was what she wanted yet she wouldn’t suggest anything (or pay for it obviously) – she also wouldn’t drink the cocktail I was treating her too later so had to have her own bottle of red wine. Oh and some cheap-ass shitty desert she wanted too. Then the bitch has the audacity at the checkout to say, “cost a lot, we should have done something cheaper that I wanted to do” (fucking bitch all this shit was for you, I didn’t need it!) – then when we got to the house she left and drove home as she “felt uncomfortable” being in someone elses place that I was house-sitting for.
    Needless to say, I dumped the cunt the following morning. Very few Asian girls would behave like that; I champion the Asian girl over Western women both black and white.

  60. well, asian girls are hot to many men, white included, and why not? Contrary to the submissive stereotype being pushed around, I find that asian girls may be kind and courteous at first blush, but soon learn to have the man submit to their ways in a tactical way. Who’s submitting now!?#

  61. “both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much”
    This is a statement is stupid and ignorant. You are talking about bilions of Asian men and Western women. Get out of your little world man, return of kings readers aren’t only white men. For saying that it shows us how your thinking is. You are disqualified. Now get off ROK. Please.

  62. “both groups love to be demanding, unappreciative, and expect too much”
    This is a statement is stupid and ignorant. You are talking about bilions of Asian men and Western women. Get out of your little world man, return of kings readers aren’t only white men. For saying that it shows us how your thinking is. You are disqualified. Now get off ROK. Please.

  63. God bless. Yellow fever … So much better than nasty white girls. Gross ! Some “good looking white girl,” showed me her picture expecting me to be impressed. I was like, I feel very little to no attraction. I’d rather date an older Asian women than a younger white girl.

  64. Creepy is used often, but who cares. I would rather be a creep with a hot younger Asian women than with a white woman of any age.

  65. The facts is: Korean and Japanese girls like white guys! 😒😒😒 #respect #cutecouple #ownchoice

  66. Most of the Asian women I’ve met said they wouldn’t date white guys anymore after seeing how arrogant they are.

  67. come to thailand and open up your eyes in the northeast Isan. women there married to western men are dark skinned and fat women aged about 40 years up who are very ugly in thais’ eyes.

  68. 1) Something like 80% of Chinese girls will marry before the age of 25 and the vaaaasst majority of those will be with their Chinese high school or college sweetheart. The older (25+), educated, urban women are more open about foreigners, plus some of them actually speak English. In North America, the Chinese are one of the ethnicities that are least likely to intermarry, while Japanese are much more so.
    2) Again, citing the marriage stat above, the young ones hook up with Chinese guys about the same age. There are some middle-aged guys who will try to scoop up a teenage farm girl, and online you will find a few girls who don’t seem to mind a 10 or 15 year age difference, but those are exceptions and not particularly common. I’m 48 and the Chinese women I have been dating over the last few years tend to be a dozen to 15 years younger so that is 30 to 35 year old: women, not girls. I dated a 26 year old for a few months. I had one date with an 18 year old but nothing came of it.
    3) ” Submissive” certainly isn’t the right word. If you were to say “compromising” or “accommodating” you might have a better argument. Most are more comfortable letting the man take the lead in various aspects of the relationship. While they generally won’t pick a fight with you, if you treat them like shit they won’t meekly put up with it.
    4) Chinese women (and their parents) do put a lot of emphasis on a man being a good provider. There is a huge cultural pressure for the guy to own a condo (buying a detached house in China is virtually impossible) before he is considered wed-worthy. Hypergamy (in the classic, not RPT sense) is the norm and in many cases the parents won’t be satisfied unless you have more earnings/wealth than her father, or for a younger guy, the potential to. In a way, they are no worse than Western females, just more honest and upfront about it. Some want to move to a western country, some don’t care, and many would prefer to stay put in China and be close to their family. It is a mixed bag.
    5) WTF is “real”? Real loud? Real obnoxious? Real pushy? Real slutty? Real fat? Real entitled? Real unappreciative?

  69. I often date Asian women and I’m dating one now. It has nothing to do with not being able to get an American one. I just like thin girls and most of the ones in my area are Asian. They tend to dance really well and are just fun. I found a Chinese one a bit dull, but the SE Asian ones are just great. It really depends what skin color you favor as some of them can be very dark especially after a lot of sun. This one is not super smart, and she talks a bit like Manny Pacquiao sometimes, but she’s ultra sexy, rail thin, very long black hair, quick with a laugh and exudes gratitude and happiness all the time.

  70. Sauron666 often posts on threads that have had long periods of inactivity. This way he can build up a posting history without having to really have a real conversation. He is a troll. Watch and see.

  71. I am a thai woman from thailand, and once posted my comment “since when thai women wanted western men? in fact light skinned thai women prefer chinese, korean and japanese while ugly, dark skinned thai women are with western men”, and my comment was then deleted by internet users from USA.

  72. Now that you read this are you ready for truth? yes asain girls prefer white guys, especially tall with blue eyes. i know this to be true, My husband has worked for many years in the mideast along w/ hundreds of american men, Asian girls will take any job they can get if it means they might hook a euro or american man, They leave their kids behind with grandma and head for any non asian country, calling each other to ask are you pregnant yet? oh yes if a white man flies to their country he is guaranteed regardless of old or decrepid and nasty he looks–to get a young asain girl, even f he is 70 and she is 19.

  73. This post is laughable at best. You take on the easiest stereotypes and then dispel them with quasi logic. Also, this article comes of as, at the very least, sexist af and a bit racist at the end.
    Note to the author, you read as insecure with this whole justification angle you took on the article. To make things worse, you try to describe Asian women as this very specific archetype, which I can’t decide is more racist or depressing for your alleged girlfriend. Honestly, man, wtf do you mean when you say Asian women are “actually women?” Please elaborate.

  74. Do you think Japanese, korean, Chinese are all same?
    I felt especially japanese is very different with Chinese and Korean.
    But western people think all same.
    Different culture, life style, philosophy, Elegant n sophisticated, refined
    Background culture, education, contry atmosphere
    ……. it’s huge gap , very different

  75. Which sack of sexpat shit wrote this? “James is a recruiter for those interested in teaching English abroad. He also places individuals in TEFL/TESOL certificate programs. He has lived and traveled extensively throughout Asia” Oh wait here we go another butthurt white loser who tries to deny the truth. Cmon man, we all know whats going on, stop trying. Why are you so butthurt, you’re not top dog where the Asian guys are but you can still bag easy whores right?

  76. Asian women? Ah? Thank God for them. And all women except the feminazi Western one’s, Jeez who shoved a bee up you know where.
    True be told There is way too many “western” women who are selfish, insecure and just plain mean… Ever approach a “western” woman who ALWAYS travels with her posse and ask her for a dance or to chat and they just plain show no class by nuking you in front of her friends bellowing LOSER, etc. ? I have approached “Asian” women and the ones I met were not interested they showed CLASS in turning me down. I have in return also thanked them and wished them a good day or night; times in the past some have reconsidered after watching me and they themselves approached me.
    Asian women from different “Asian” cultures have allot in common; FAMILY VALUES and being FEMININE… They do not in anyway feel that their “femininity” is threatened by being a WOMAN. They do actually have high standards when it comes to men; one factor besides how they are treated by them is HYGIENE. You want to date or have a relationship with an Asian woman especially from either Japan or Korea; YOU HAD BETTER BE CLEAN GUY..
    I can go on, but the guys here know what I am talking about.
    Finally yes they are not pure angels; I have encountered lying, scheming one’s working to rip me off. I found out because my Big head was doing the thinking.

  77. A lot of White women, esp over 30 are overweight. loud, crude, manish, entitled, have had numerous sex partners, see marriage as a way to get a big payout in case of divorce, are hairy, disloyal to their male partners, etc., etc. Asian women and others are a better alternative. I understand the anxiety, Asian women have been kicking yr but at university, ming money, now they are taking yr most educated, highest earning men away from you, right in yr face.

  78. Asians may worship obtaining white skin, but that’s because of the influence of the west. On the old days, Americans didn’t go out in the sun unless they had to because having darker skin denoted that you were a low-wage outdoorsy working in the field type. Same in Asia, but they also fear long term damage from the sun and aging. Also….Some Asian women(as do most women) have an image of what is attractive. Its not simply white or black or in between. They are looking for Denzel Washington or maybe Brad pit. If you don’t look like their fantasy guy they won’t be in to you. I say some think this way, since I have experienced it in Japan and other Asian countries. Some like older guys, but they have an age range. They fear you will croak too early and leave them in a foreign country with a child to raise. If there is a sterotype, its for the most part they are conservative in their view of marriage. They want to keep house, raise kids, and work on the side too! But be prepared to be the primary financial support always! They want a man….so act like one….They don’t like metrosexuals, they have plenty of those in their families…..

  79. We weren’t created to live up to people’s expectations. The two genders don’t owe each other anything. We are past the survival phase where we used to rely on each other. Modern technology has made life more comfortable than ever before. The next step in our evolution is the end of marriage. People will realize it’s out lived its usefulness unless civilization falls and we go back to square one. it would be crappy for females , children and weak males which make up most of human populations. so all u guys who think ur kings..size ur self up to every guy u encounter. If u can get ur ass kicked 50 percent of the time this site isn’t even meant for u.

  80. If you are an angry white guy that thinks Asian women will love you because you are white, sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe in Korea or Japan during the 1990’s, but it’s 2014 dude. Get over yourself. … The truth is, guys of every color love Asian women and Asian chicks who adore western men are open to all backgrounds. Asian women often like western men because of the equal lifestyle it affords.
    How about doing some actual research, James Soller? As early as 1998, 45% of U.S.-born Asian women from the Pacific nations married White men. Read here:
    Blacks? Hah, no. They go for Whites. And the more northern and successful the Asian country they come from, the less interested are they in the brown-skinned. In fact, as Cupid research shows, Black men receive the least replies from all races except from Black women, who have few other choices. And even then the Black women have an unusually high reply rate to other races. (Black women receive the least responses from all races, including their own.)
    Fun fact: Whites have the least interest in interracial marriage as statistics show, and White women have even less such interest than men, despite what Hollywood’s propaganda will tell you. But when Whites do go for other races the Asians are the favorite, and the East Asians more so than the darker and lower-IQ Southeast Asians.

  81. “Asians” are not monolithic. I have been living in China for a few years now so I can speak from experience, but that experience is a lot different from the tales I hear other guys tell about, for instance, the Philippines. Most Chinese girls do not want a western boyfriend and fewer still will date a guy significantly older. However, given that there are about 130 million girls between the ages of 18 and 29 in the country, you can still find what you are looking for.
    If anything, the bigger problem can be dealing with her family. Chinese parents in their 50’s are not so open-minded about having a white guy porking their little princess. My ex’s mother was prepared to all-but disown her if we got married and my present girlfriend has not told her parents about our relationship because she figures her father would kill her or me or both of us.
    It’s completely different from the Chinese girls I dated in Canada. Their parents were all cool about it.

  82. Things have changed and I notice here were I live the white guy fever has ended! White males have becomed very arrogant and annoying I pity a minority woman when next to them because they look so pissed off and trumped they hate all minorities….

  83. >>> Just take a stroll on a university campus and you will see a fair number of young, hot Asian women walking with their western boyfriends. <<<
    Dude you are racist! “Asian women walking with their western boyfriends”?? Most of the Asian women on college campuses are American born and bred! We are not FOREIGNERS. We are Americans and some of our families have been here since the 1880s building the California railroads. Some of us have a far bigger claim to being Americans than many white people in the United States! Learn to use the right vocabulary: “you will see a fair number of hot, Asian American women walking with their white boyfriends.” We didn’t all just get off the dang plane from Beijing!!

  84. Asian women do seem to me to be heavily fetishsized… I wonder what makes the author think that asian women are NOT perceived as weak. Though I think his advice to treat each person as an individual is sound.

  85. Inferiors races always want mix with superior races, that’s why whites are obsessed with Asians.
    In fact, “white supremacism” always was a lie to manipulate masses. Educated racist like scientists, world leaders and historians have always known that Asiatics is the true master race.

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