Donald Trump Is The Candidate For Americans, Not Special Interests

Next Tuesday is the American election, and, for better or for worse, we’ll pick the next President at that time (assuming we don’t get mired in voter fraud and recounts), and we’ll either brace for government mandated SJW enemas or bask in a temporary setback of those evil people. But, today, I want to talk on Trump once to match an article from last week, and I intend to focus on how he is the American candidate, as opposed to the special interest groups’ one.

I had a conversation last week with some people who acted as SJWs, but were later presented by a mutual friend as libertarian. The discussion immediately went nasty, with my opposition painting Trump (and anyone who supported him) as a racist and a bigot. Upon trying to determine why two of the left’s ubiquitous labels were applied to me this time, I learned that their perspective was, unless you were universally for all special interest groups, you were a bigot or a racist.

False Dichotomy And The American Nightmare

The problem, I found out, was that these people have distilled the political spectrum down into a black or white situation. Either you want all refugees here from the Middle East, all the Hispanics from any country south of the border to come here freely and citizenship for those already here, and that any black people shot by police are just misunderstood and were turning their lives around, or you’re a racist. There’s simply no middle ground.

They don’t understand that Trump is not a special interest candidate, by which I mean that he is not going to put any minority group ahead of the rest of us at our expense, but he is not racist towards minorities, or sexist towards women.

It is possible to be against illegal immigration, but treat Americans of Hispanic ancestry as valued citizens whom you will represent. It is possible to be against feminism, Affirmative Action, and the persecution of men for the profit of women, yet still value American women as Americans themselves. It is possible to note that some black people cause a disproportionate amount of crime, yet note that some police are racist, and see that there are bad and good cops AND bad and good black people.

The American Dream is that all men are created equal, and that’s men as in humanity, not just males. It is not that all men are equal, and there’s a big difference to note here. You have the same opportunities as everyone else when you are born with the exception of disability, and I do not know anyone, myself included, that is against governmental aid for the disabled.

What we have, instead, is the American Nightmare, where the left uses government and taxes for the most inane of causes, trying to fix any disadvantaged group’s lot, real or imagined, so that things will be better. They take from the producers, and give to the non-producers so that, according to their idealistic vision, they will suddenly become productive members of society (or become addicted to the welfare tit and vote Democrat for the rest of their lives.)

The Good Of The Country Over That Of The Individual

Long gone are responsible Democrats like Kennedy who told us to ask what you can do for your country. Every recent Democratic President, from Carter to Obama, and most of the Democrat Congressmen, view the working middle class of the country as simply a group to exploit for their pet special interest groups. Trump is the first candidate in a long time who isn’t for the blacks, or the gays, or the Muslims, or the feminists, or whatever, and that matters a lot.

The reason why not being for a special interest group (which is ALL that Hillary is for, with her youth vote, black vote, women’s vote, gay vote, etc.) is so important is that these groups, even put together, do not matter when it comes down to the good of the country. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of good, hardworking black people, just like there’s the same for women, and for gays, and for young people, but these hardworking folks from all these groups aren’t going to be part of the BLM, or La Raza, or Lamda, because they’re too busy being productive Americans. Activism is for unemployed people.

What’s going to happen if we don’t placate BLM and just ignore them? They riot a bit more and some get arrested? What if we told them that people that commit crimes to protest being treated like they commit a lot of crimes is ass-backwards thinking and counter-productive to their goals? They’d quit rioting.

What would happen if we shut the Mexican border down to illegal immigration, but made a straightforward, but strict, path to citizenship for Hispanics that wanted to be citizens? What if we said, this is America, we appreciate your culture and encourage to preserve it and your language in your children, but the national language IS English, and all business and schooling will be done in it, and in it only, and it’s your choice to not learn it, but the difficulties that will arise from that choice are all on you? They’d be Americans, proud of their heritage and their legal immigration and citizenship as well.

What would happen if we told gay people that it’s cool if they have civil unions under the law, and have the same rights as everyone else, but it’s not cool trying to pick a fight with a Christian bakery to make the government hall monitor come drive them out of business just because their belief in their God and that you’re sinning makes you uneasy and worried that they might actually be right?

What if we told them it’s ok to do whatever you want with another consenting adult, but you don’t have to try to make five-year-olds decide if they’re gay or straight when they shouldn’t be wondering about that till puberty hits? They’d be normal Americans who just happen to like sex with the same gender, and they’d quit pushing their agenda and being obnoxious and in the rest of our faces.

What would happen if we talked to Muslims and said that there is a huge, deafening, silence when it comes to the subject of Islamic Terrorism from them that makes it hard to trust any of them? What if we told them that we needed their help to bring the religion out of its tacit acceptance and support of terrorism, and part of that help means supporting us vetting Muslims coming here more strictly until they are no longer statistically more likely to be terrorists than people of other religions and ethnicities? They’d go along with that and maybe realize we’re fixing  a problem, not hating a people.

What would happen if we told women that feminism has all but killed modern marriage due to universal punishment of divorced men and that no punishment for false-rape accusers both makes men not trust women and insults any real rape survivor? What would happen if we told them that giving them jobs for their genitalia over their skills is destroying industries by lowering the only standard that matters, that of merit; that of excellence?

What if we told them that gender ratios and quotas may fix the macro view of sexism, but make the man passed over for the position solely because you were female pissed as all hell towards women and, when you do that to the majority of men, you’ll be just as successful, and just as hated by men as men were and were hated by you in years past? They’d realize that it’s not a competition, it’s a cooperation, and maybe skill should be valued over sex.

What would happen if we stopped all these divisive issues that really don’t do anything other than tear us apart and work on a better economy, on rights for all, on border security? What would happen if we simply looked at each other as Americans, and put us, all of us, first? What would happen if we ripped out the crap in the Federal government that overtaxes people, or deploys armed forces against our own countrymen? What would happen if we made the Supreme Court Constitutional again, and made term limits a reality for Congress? Maybe we could get a government for, by, and of the people again. Maybe America can indeed by great again like the man says.


I’m not in a special interest group. No President, outside of George W. Bush right after the September 11th attacks, that I can recall since my childhood, has been for me as an American. I’ve always been someone to be taxed, to be disarmed, to be hated, to be blamed. It’s not racism or bigotry to want us all to be treated as equals and not be penalized for real and imagined wrongs that occurred in the past before I was born, or more recently yet with which I had nothing to do.

I’m not part of the problem. I’m an American; the people who say I am part of the problem are the problem. Their candidate, mired in scandal, corruption, and treason, is Hillary Clinton. Mine, with a message of hope for the country, not just some groups in it, is Donald Trump.

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348 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is The Candidate For Americans, Not Special Interests”

  1. I hate to frame every election as “this could be the end of America!!!!!!!” but I do think this one is going to be a watershed moment for our country.
    Obuma has done a lot of damage to individual liberty in the last eight years, but history is going to look back at him as one of the most ineffectual Presidents in history. Other than locking down the grip on the administrative state and getting Obamacare (an abject failure) passed he has done little. He is going to fade into obscurity and probably retire somewhere outside of this country.
    Klinton on the other hand it going to act like a brutal dictator. She will actually order kill jobs (just search Clinton Body Count if you don’t believe me). It will be subtle at first. Slowly alt-righers are going to simply disappear. “Hey why did Heartiste just go dark for no reason at all….?” is a sample of what people will ask. After that preachers are going to start be pulled from the pulpit for railing against abortion because that will be “political” and a violation of hate speech statutes which will be rubber stamped by her new Supreme Court. The oppression is just going to get more and more brutal as the lockdown comes. Most Americans will not notice or care until the gun confiscation squads hit the streets.
    The future is going to be very dark no matter who wins, but if Klinton does win look for your a good place to hide.

    1. I still don’t get the “damage to individual liberty”
      everyone’s moaning about. What cant you do now that you could do 8 years ago?

      1. I can’t:
        Refuse to buy a product that government mandates that I buy.
        Not have my every electronic communication stored in a squat building in Utah.
        Not be put on a “secret list” where I have no way to remove my name.
        Start a tax exempt right wing organization due to the IRS denying them that ability (but not left wing groups, they’re free to do as they wish)
        Congress going to the GOP in 2010 put the kebosh on the rest of his plans, fortunately. Had it remained in Dem hands we’d have gun bans back in place and likely have moved to “single payer” health care by now.

        1. Hm. good points. Not that it matters, but wasn’t the Squat Building in Utah a result of the Patriot Act madness?

        2. It was enabled by it, yes. Obama took the totally horrible Patriot act and put it on steroids.

      2. I make about $4,000 less dollars due to Obamacare for one. Also thanks to Obuma brining back PC I have to simply shut my trap in the office or even social life less I offend a woman or minority and have my livelihood taken from me simply because of a complaint. And no I am not talking racist jokes. I am talking about simple off the cuff remarks.

        1. Health Insurance always goes up – it cant ALL be attributed to the ACA. I could be wrong.
          And the PC censorship crap sounds like a more local problem, though I can see that his reign might have emboldened SJWs of late.

      3. If you’re unfortunate to have been divorce raped or reamed in the ass by a family court in the past 8 yrs, then there’s alot you can no longer do. Agreed the bitchcourt apparatus is an outcropping of local governments under the auspices of federal and institutional guidelines drafted by the elites. But we can soon begin to pick apart the corrupt old guard that sold out our land, that perverted our culture and attacked our pride and livelihood. The gathering citizen and countrymen’s rallying cry has a conduit – – TRUMP. The toarch carrying crowds in the town squares have a nationwide voice.

    2. “Obuma has done a lot of damage to individual liberty in the last eight years”
      I see. You mean this kind of damage to individuals that
      1. Allows them to buy health care at decent prices
      2. Ends two wars
      3. Passes some Wall Street reform, though not as strong as we would like
      4. Kills Osama bin Laden
      5. Turns around the U.S. auto industry
      6. Reverses Bush torture policies
      7. Topples Mubarak and Qaddafi
      8. Improves America’s image abroad by 26% according to Pew intl sruvey
      9. Boosts fuel efficiency standards
      10. Increases govt support for veterans
      That kind of damage? Is that what you meant?

      1. 1. Allows them to buy health care at decent prices
        Forces people who don’t need health insurance to purchase it, which is a net negative. Also rates are going through the roof and even the dems are now stating it is a disaster.
        Strike one.
        2. Ends two wars
        One war ended on a schedule that was already set by Bush. His hasty withdrawl of all troops allows ISIS to get power. He then gets us into five conflicts, topping Dubya’s count by 3.
        Strike two.
        3. Passes some Wall Street reform, though not as strong as we would like
        Be specific here please.
        4. Kills Osama bin Laden
        No, a Seal team killed them. He had to be pressed from the golf course and literally strong armed into giving the kill order, he refused three times prior. Series of events was not his initiative, it was set in motion before he ever assumed office.
        Strike three.
        5. Turns around the U.S. auto industry
        Funds two companies illegally with government money, one company of which uses a lot of it to start a failed “green” car that nobody buys. Yay.
        6. Reverses Bush torture policies
        Possibly. Gitmo is still populated with detainees so I’m going to need more than “his word” on this.
        7. Topples Mubarak and Qaddafi
        Which he had no business doing, and which resulted in a complete destabilization of the region, which Egypt is still trying to recover from. Qaddafi also was basically minding his own business and hasn’t been on the scene in any real way since the 1980’s.
        So basically you’re cheering toppling other governments that haven’t actually attacked you. Warmonger, much?
        8. Improves America’s image abroad by 26% according to Pew intl sruvey
        LOL! You seriously think that?!? Even if he did, the rest of the world are basically snarking left wing socialists, tyrants and strongmen, I don’t find their approval particularly comforting.
        9. Boosts fuel efficiency standards
        Well woopdy fucking do.
        10. Increases govt support for veterans
        It was under HIS watch that it revealed that Vets were being treated like shit, and he tried to sweep it under the rug. It is STILL a campaign issue even today. Good God, man.

        1. “Improves America’s image abroad by 26% according to Pew intl sruvey”
          Actually, it’s kinda accurate. At least Germans seem to fucking love Obama. Me, I always hated this guy, but they all love his … charisma and shit.

        2. I’m sure they do. My point was that the rest of the world slavers over socialism and tyrants. When the rest of the world starts approving of me, I get worried.

        3. You’re being particularly dickish today.
          I’m not a Republican, but I can look with a cool eye at what they are offering, and say yes, no, yes, no, depending. For example, I liked Kasich and a few of his ideas, certainly compared with the others in the field, and probably would’ve voted for him.
          I get the sense that, for you, anything with (D) after it deserves to be torched. Get a hold of yourself, man. Drop the a priori agenda. Stop trying to find fault with everything that our current Democratic president and every Democrat ever has done. Acknowledge that Obama’s an upstanding guy who’s acted in our best interest — and admit that he knows a fuckload more about how the world really works than both you or I do.
          And yes, he’s repaired our image abroad. I didn’t make up that Pew survey. Ever live outside of the country?

        4. I get the sense that, for you, anything with (D) after it deserves to be torched.
          Wrong. I’m a libertarian, not Republican. I’ve voted D in some local elections, as I would rather have them in some positions than GOP types.
          Acknowledge that Obama’s an upstanding guy who’s acted in our best interest — and admit that he knows a fuckload more about how the world really works than both you or I do.
          Obama, who tried to saddle me with socialized medicine? Who worked like a dog to get my guns banned? Who continually demonizes white people? Fuck him. And his alleged intelligence is nothing more nor less than reading a teleprompter.
          And again, our “image abroad” means jack shit to me. The rest of the world worships at the altar of collectivism.

        5. You gave no response to any of the refutations of your points by GoJ or John Galt aside from the totally irrelevant Pew survey. That O. is praised by the globalist-controlled media is the only reason for his popularity among the foreign masses (other than not being GWB).
          Among world leaders, Obama is despised for wrecking what peace there had been in the Mideast, overthrowing the Ukrainian government and starting a war there, completely flubbing Pacific Rim / China policy, turning Russia into an enemy, driving the crucial Philippines out of our sphere of influence, setting the stage for the fall of the dollar as the reserve currency, and on top of his foreign policy disasters, not achieving anything much domestically, either.
          The D.s are not a separate party. They are just half of the two-headed party. O’s policies were hardly different from GWB, just different rhetoric and emphasis. That two-headed party, cucks and progs alike has to be destroyed, its constituencies in the bureaucracies, media, academia and corporations have to be purged and never allowed any power or permitted to spread their treason again.

        6. TBH, I couldn’t tell if jammy was being serious or just trolling.
          Edit: nevermind…I see conversation continued below. Carry on!

        1. Actually outside of political discussions he’s a good egg. We disagree almost 100% on politics, and our conversations can get heated, but when the topic isn’t politics then he’s got his head screwed on straight.

      2. Missed those veterans dying while waiting for care, right? Great success. And Gaddafi and Mubarak were colossal misfires. Mubarak was our ally, and Gaddafi being killed created a power vaccum. Lost in all the self-masturbating of Mosul and Raqqa is that Lybia (and possibly Southern Asia) will have to be cleansed as well.

      3. Bullshit on stilts shitbird. A lillte sunlight on that dung heap:
        1. Premiums have gone up and people have lost their insurance. Part of the plan to nationalize health care to single payer which will continue with steep taxes and less actual health care.
        2. Claimed that for re-election. He sent troops right
        back to Iraq and Afghanistan, so it never really ended. Actually in fact, the U.S. military is now actively engaged in more countries than when Obama took office.
        3. No. He helped Goldman Sachs and selectively helped out corporations (GM) that backed him.
        4. NavySEALS did that. From archived pic it looks like Obama was going to piss himself. According to his male escort, Reggi Love, he and Obama did KILL a lot of time playing cards that day.
        5. By turn around, you mean illegally buying GM shares with taxpayer’s money? When the feds finally sold the last of the GM
        shares, the US taxpayers lost $9 billion. Or Ford moving their auto lines from Detroit to Mexico?
        6. Has terrorism increased since reversing those policies? Yes. Yes it has.
        7. Toppling Mubarak to install the Muslim Brotherhood.
        How did that work out? Qaddafi is dead, so how is Libya these days? Blood and horror from what I hear. Notice you don’t hear much from Libyans.
        8. Image abroad? What does that provide in tangible
        terms? He is a laughing stock. Keep in mind many of the people in those polls want America to fail.
        9. What did that produce in real terms? Besides laying
        ground work to sue car manufactures and pushing up prices on the people?
        10. What support? Be specific. Like the VA? Chasing down veterans to make the return their enlistment bonuses?
        What leftists twats believe (falsehoods) and what IS are so far apart you would need the Hubble telescope to get a glimpse.

        1. Right on, but there isn’t a shed of evidence that bin Laden was killed then. He had probably been dead for some time.
          Killing Qaddafi directly led to the Arab and African invasion of Europe and made it clear that the US is not a trustworthy partner in diplomacy.
          The Syrian and Ukraine wars are his and Hillary’s, and much more damaging to US interests than Afghanistan or possibly even Iraq.
          Obama didn’t release the innocent prisoners from Guantanamo – and many of them were innocents turned in for rewards by enemy tribes, most of the rest had no hard evidence against them. The ridiculous narrative that they were responsible for 9/11 continues, despite the much better evidence against the neocons, Israelis, Saudis and Pakistan. Treatment that would have been considered torture before the Bush administration still goes on.
          Obama also destroyed over 690,000 cheap old cars, making transportation unavailable for the same or greater number of poor people.
          His illegal executive orders, such as “Afirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” have also done untold harm to the social fabric and property values as well as much else.

        2. “Cash for Clunkers” was an absolute debacle and a cynical attempt to revitalize the shitting-the-bed US auto industry. Many, if not most of the destroyed cars ranged from needing regular maintenance to near-perfect condition; they weren’t rust buckets nor smoke belching hoop-ties!

        3. We could write several volumes on what destruction, either through malice or stupidity, the Obama administration has unleashed. There are no consequences for those in the administration or the people that vote for them is what ensures it keeps happening.

      4. I dont want to make this a “gang up on jammy” thread, but why do you think 7 is a positive? Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa prior to deposing Qadaffy. He also boasted(warned?) that Libya served as a safety valve against unchecked mass immigration from Africa into Europe. Mubarek’s regime collapsed right around the time Egypt became a net importer of oil- has nothing to do with O…

  2. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain would agree with your discussion of the value of individual merit.

  3. The label “racist” is fast loosing any impact it once had. I do dwell on this one a little. What is a racist? From my point of view it is looking down on other “races” (but “race” is social construct, there is no such thing as “race”, ipso facto one cannot be “racist”.) as inferior. I do not look down on other “races” as inferior. I do however realise that all races are not equal in their achievements.
    White Europeans built and created the vast majority of western civilisation. Yes the same western civilisation that all the other “races” want to imitate and live in. Why so? For the most part their civilisations are dangerous and backward. Is this the white Europeans fault? They went and colonised much of the world, gave those countries their governmental systems, infrastructure, etc. when the colonists left the locals to their own devices it all turned to crap.
    I don’t feel superior to these people. I just feel lucky I live in a society that is somewhat stable for now. I do not want these invaders, for that is what they are, shitting on my country. If that is being a racist then call me a racist.
    With the influx of the third world into the first I just don’t want to imagine what’s down the road.

    1. The word “rapist” is also losing its impact as more false rape accusations surface. I like the idea that Trump is going to sue all those women who falsely accused him of groping them. Maybe we will see accountability for those making false claims and end this rape hysteria.

      1. Am I the only one who notices that’s the Left’s nuclear option and he had a counter attack already planned?

        1. I’m pretty surprised at how fast folks have already gotten over it. I also find it curious that the 13-year-old rape accusation has barely gotten coverage as well. I can only wonder if Epstein is holding Billy hostage for his own transgressions.

        2. It was a fantastic plan on Trump’s part to bring in Bill Clinton’s rape victims to the 2nd debate when the tape of him about grabbing pussy came out. He was already prepared for it.

        3. Hillary defending real rapists in the past and Trump bringing this fact to the surface ended the Hillary campaign’s tactic. She saying women should be believed is pure nonsense when judging by her actions.
          Also, the Clinton Foundation’s own pay gap on women there shows her hypocrisy.

        4. Victim? If she is a victim then why was Clinton never subject to any criminal charges? Where’s the conviction? GTFOH with victim.

        5. You fail to understand that if a crooked prosecutor does not indict Clinton even if the evidence is screaming at you, there would be no criminal charges. Just like how Hillary hasn’t had any criminal charges on her email scandal. Now we know she committed perjury to the FBI and Congress. Also obstruction of justice.

      2. We should combine the two words to try and bring some relevance back to them.

      3. I hope he sues them and they are shown to be the liars they surely are. The way the msm keeps using these liars as victims to beat the Don is nothing short of disgusting. To see them shamed in open court will be so sweet. I’m sure the Dems told them there would be no danger to themselves. Tables are turning….

        1. They were probably told there wouldn’t be an consequences for their lies…under the current administration. These stupid bitches didn’t look further and realize that if Trump wins, that money the Dems gave them is peanuts compare to the legal fees she could endure.

        2. Funny, that you all can’t imagine a man whom we’ve all known as outspoken and pompous, married three times and cheated on his wife as incapable but are the same who believed Clinton from DAY one was a blatant womanizer but TRUMP who has accusers and expresses very misogynistic views is INNOCENT?

      4. “I like the idea that Trump is going to sue all those women who falsely accused him of groping them. ”
        I get a boner just thinking about that. No doubt they will try to play the victim even then.
        In my opinion, the punishment for false rape accusations should be imprisonment… in a prison for males.
        Make their false claims become true. That would be the ultimate justice!

        1. I think it would help them understand the gravity of their actions, and teach them to respect the innocent men with whom they interact on a daily basis in normal life.

      1. Man, that’s some vibrant enrichment that France is enduring. Good for them. Diversity is strength!

        1. The situation will soon be so dire for native French, they’re going to wish to still be living under German occupation.

        2. We are planning a big trip for next year. Given the shit going on in Europe, we’re skipping western Europe entirely. I would love to go visit St. Petersburg or Prague though.

        3. There are some really amazing places in western Europe though. The question is, is this going to get better, or worse, long term? If worse, I’d rather go see what I can now, before my heritage and history is all pillaged and destroyed.
          I tend to be far more of a realist than optimist, but I think there has to be some backlash against this insanity, and that Marie Le Pen or someone will take control soon and go Trump on all the rapeugees.

        4. I hope you’re right. We’ve been to Europe before, so it’s not that big a loss.

        5. Why Prague, that shit, if you refer to refugees, passes through there too. Go see Russia before they disappear since their population is shrinking fast.

    2. East Asians also have great accomplishment as well as some oil rich Arabs and of course the real master race of accomplishment; the Jews. The Bible is basically the family chronicles of the Jews. And now they run the media in the anglosphere, Europe, and who knows what else they’re up to. After the holocaust they got as much protection from criticism as prophet Muhammad and that makes them untouchable.
      It’s not all about Europeans, we are great yes, but we’ve been getting fucked by the Jews for a long time now.

    3. “I don’t feel superior to these people. I just feel lucky I live in a society that is somewhat stable for now.”
      Racially superior, perhaps not. But culturally superior, definitely. I’m very proud of my heritage and of all the achievements of my ancestors.
      Let’s not forget that our ancestors built this society from the ground-up for us, their descendants. They did not do it for the sake of the savages at the ass-end of the 3rd world. Long ago, our ancestors were in that same spot, yet look at all they’ve achieved over time. Just because we’re in a good spot now, doesn’t mean that it’s our responsibility to rescue those who are stuck in all the sh*tholes of the world. It’s up to them to create decent societies on their own and for the sake of their own descendants, just like our ancestors did for us.
      Many of them don’t seem to be at the level where they’re able to do that. Bringing them over here will not change that, it will only polute our country with undesirable backwardness.

      1. Which ancestors, Germans, English, Nords, Greeks, Egyptians, French, Romans, Spaniards, Turks? Really, in terms of western/democratic society, a number of those European groups were massacred and enslaved into become one with another culture. I see the Greeks and especially the Romans as those who brought civility to all the tribal factions of Europe. The Germanic tribes sacked Rome forcing what was left into modern-day Turkey. Let’s not forget the Dark ages of several hundred years.

    4. racist is not just looking down on another group. Prejudice or Bias more defines a preference for something. Racism is more institutionalized where unjust biases influence wrongly, in a secular society, those not in the majority.

  4. No President, outside of George W. Bush right after the September 11th
    attacks, that I can recall since my childhood, has been for me as an
    American. I’ve always been someone to be taxed, to be disarmed, to be
    hated, to be blamed.

    How old are you Luke? The Reagan years were a golden age, when literally everything you notice about the current environment was in reverse and being actively fought. Taxes went down by unprecedented levels for everybody, guns became something to be proud about again, and the Left was driven back to their stinking little shadows and mocked.
    The “Nobody Cares About Your Protest” graphic is funny as hell. I really want to get a shirt or bumper sticker with that on it. Heh.

    1. Ronald Reagan did some good stuff but his accomplishments are overrated, he granted amnesty to illegals, something that is struggling America nowadays.

      1. His amnesty was absolutely wrong.
        The reduction in the tax rates was humongous. Turned the economy around almost overnight. I remember the stagflation 1970’s, things were really grim, interest rates were insane and you couldn’t get a mortgage for less than 10%. Reagan shows up, reduces taxes from nearly confiscatory levels to almost nothing and boom, everything else got better.
        There’s also his inspiring a nation that was morally devastated by Vietnam. That was a big thing as well. Made Americans wake up from the constant Leftist drum beat of “we’re bad, we’re bad, we’re bad” and flip them the bird.

        1. I was a teen during Reagan’s second term, working in a summer and after school job. Myself and coworkers had people from other businesses come in and try to hire us away. There was an actual employment shortage for entry level work.
          My boss gave me two raises… not out of kindness, but to keep me from leaving.
          My dad during that boom time was able to save up enough money to have a comfortable retirement. His career took off with the economy. It was pretty gloomy before that (I remember the dinner conversations as a kid back in the Carter days).

        2. “There’s also his inspiring a nation that was morally devastated by Vietnam”
          Exactly. Some good stuff and some bad stuff in policy. No one is perfect. However, the reintroduced optimism to the united states. That alone is worth a big pat on the back

        3. What about signing no fault divorce in California in 1969? I find that absolutely abhorrent and terrible judgement.
          Within about a decade later, basically every state had adopted no fault divorce which in large part is to blame for the breakdown of the nuclear family unit and American society in general.

        4. Right. I was talking about his terms as President, not his entire political career.

        5. Everybody knows he had faults. I do not however join in the normal cult of either tearing him down all the time or glorifying him as some sort of deity. In my lifetime he’s the best president to have sat in office. There have been better, but they predate me.

        6. At least are you honest with yourself, I respect that. Probably Reagan is the better one we have had during our lifetime, although if I were to choose out of all 43 presidents that would be Andrew Jackson no doubt.

        7. I’m a fan of Silent Cal. Gotta love a President who proudly does nothing and stays quiet. My kind of politician.
          Of the FF, I’d go with Adams or Jefferson.

        8. Yeah.
          Revolting isn’t it?
          And the minute it happens, that bill will be worth only $12.

        9. What actually did it was Volker’s enormous interest rate hikes starting under Carter – which cost Carter the election, by the way, and he knew it probably would, but he endorsed them anyway (not that he could have stopped them). The interest rate hikes killed inflation, spurred investment, and reduced borrowing. Oh, and caused a nasty recession, which had to happen before the economy could improve. Reagan blamed the recession on Carter and claimed the recovery for himself, but it was all of a piece.
          It wasn’t until Reagan’s first term was nearly over that the economy was solid. The tax cut helped a lot, of course, but the way it helped was straight-up Keynesianism, the government running huge deficits, raiding Social Security, borrowing huge amounts of money that would never be paid back, certainly not by anybody of voting age. The huge increases in the so-called defense budget were another Keynesian policy, similar to Roosevelt’s WPA in effect, throwing around trillions in borrowed money, but without getting anything of lasting value.
          The cult of Reagan is wrong on every level. He wasn’t a conservative in any way, nor a rightist, nor principled, nor even particularly competent. That the Dems would have been worse is about the best one can say about him. Well, he was lucky, too – which is worth a lot in any leader.

    2. 37 later this month, so, while I remember Reagan, I wasn’t yet smart enough to understand that it was good. Public elementary school mid-80s in Central Florida was pretty pimp, though.

  5. I’ve thought for a long time that special interests would be what brings down the Democratic Party because that’s what the whole thing is made up of. They have to keep all those different voting blocs happy and all those different blocs don’t necessarily have the same interests. LGBT or whatever they are at the moment, women, blacks, Hispanics, environmentalists, commies, hippies,stoners and most of the people on the government dole including many government employees. How they get them all to stick together like glue is beyond me.
    I honestly can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with real conservative views-lower taxes, smaller government, less foreign intervention, what’s so wrong with that?

    1. There are no gibmedats in a land of liberty. You have to take responsibility for your life, both your successes and your failures. Accountability scares the living shit out of a whole mess of people, man. I’m not just talking the slackers either, but also the “big business” types that exist only because they are granted special favors by government that protect them from the hungry competition.
      That’s why.

      1. When one starts reading about the big business and government types it’s amazing how al those people seem to be connected and it’s almost like a ih club set up to screw everyone who isn’t a member. Corruption and graft runs a lot deeper than I ever really thought possible. Larger corporations lobby to have laws and regulations passed on their favor then they can afford to hire teams of lawyers to make it for them where a small business can’t afford the cost of compliance. Dirty deeds ain’t done cheap.

        1. They also basically write their own regulations. I used to work for a huge fractional share airline. They used to almost gloat at monthly meetings about how they were crafting all of the regulation for that industry single handedly. And how did they craft it? Why sir, to benefit themselves and to prevent competition from challenging them.
          It took me a long while to figure out why big companies never supported little “L” libertarianism. Seemed to me that they should, I mean hell, no taxes and no regulations! And then it dawned on me…

      2. “Accountability scares the living shit out of a whole mess of people, man”
        100x yes.
        People are just deathly afraid of accountability.

        1. They sure are. And they’re scared of it even in regards to success.
          Some average Joe who can only make a life as a mechanic sits steaming in envy of some self-made millionaire and instead of saying “I can do that, I can turn my life around” he instead blames the other guy as somehow being lucky or taking advantage of “the weak”. His own limited success in life stares him in the face every morning when he’s shaving. And he hates it.

        2. and the other way around. I see billionaires complaining about how they wish they had some average joe life because of stress. Whether it is complaining about the patriarchy or complaining about the white man or complaining about how everyone else was born lucky or complaining that Trump’s dad gave him a 1m dollar loan to start a business and for you it was just ” a banner fucking year at the old Bender family. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said, “Hey, smoke up Johnny.”
          Everyone wants to feel special. No one wants to put the work in on the front end that makes them special.

        3. Real mechanics get paid pretty well these days. The shade tree guys are going extinct.

        4. A mechanic who gets his ASE certification and is willing to put in hard work can make himself quite a nice living

        5. Probably very well unless they get sent back and eaten by a saber tooth tiger or run over by a giant sloth.

        6. My wave isn’t functioning well, and my Hermitian has stopped operating entirely, so I probably need to go see him soon.

        7. Advanced Ignition Performance Specialist certification with the OBD II diagnostics and admission certs can find a mechanic, even one who isn’t self employed, making very, very good bank. I know grease monkeys who have the Advanced ASE certs who work at shops where they are getting paid 150k/year with none of the headaches of being a business owner.

        8. Nothing wrong with that. It benefits the both of them, they both enter it voluntarily, I’m happy for the both of them.

        9. The thing about billionaires though is they have “fuck it” money. Don’t want to work and be stressed anymore? Fuck it! Take ten year vacation.

        10. I hate you
          no I dont…that was a relapse.
          But I tell you, getting over the jealously and resentment of the more successful around me took years! If only I could go back in time, shake that fat fool by the shoulders and tell him to GROW A SET AND GET SOME!!!!

        11. IN general that is true but not always. The billionaires I work for are so fucked in their head with guilt and misery that their father instilled in them by constantly reminding them that they were worthless pieces of shit who were lucky to have been squirted out of his dick that they walk on fucking egg shells through life.

        12. It is both the hardest and easiest thing in the world to do to step up and say “it isn’t some fault of the universe that things suck for me…it is my fault and every single morning I wake up with a choice to make…the choice of who I want to be…and if I decide to be a fat fucking loser then I have no one to blame but myself” Early poverty, good mentors and a few good kicks in the ass (and punches in the nose) helped teach that to me very, very early. I look back now and realize I was lucky. But I certainly didn’t feel lucky eating generic cereal with water instead of milk and living in an all black and Puerto rican neighborhood where I got my ass kicked on the regular.

        13. This guy I know has a great life. He has a wife and two kids who he complains about constantly, he watches a lot of soccer, drinks a lot of coffee, smokes a lot of pot and gets paid a shit fuck ton of money to fix cars without the hassle of having to deal with the people who have broken cars (the hardest part about being a mechanic is that everyone you are dealing with is in a pissy mood because they need a mechanic).

        14. true, my only suggestion is that OWNING has become far more lucrative than DOING. Hell, look at the Forbes lists – the vast majority inherited their fortunes and created/built/ innovated nothing.

        15. That’s not a problem either though. It can go one of two ways.
          1. They fuck up because they don’t know shit and are trust fund babies. Their wealth is thrown away as they lives irresponsible lives and make bad decisions.
          2. They sustain and grow the companies that they inherited.
          Both are advantageous. If they fuck everything up and spend their money like they were princes, instead of being stewards of it, they give a lot of jobs to people who sell them the stupid shit that they’re buying. If they sustain and grow the companies, well, that’s pretty obvious, they keep people employed and even hire more people, and their product benefits the public (presumably).

        16. I maintain that it is important to get straightened out on these things early. I admit I failed to do that. Childhood low-self-esteem is a wretched prison…Unchecked it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of failure.
          In a twisted way I was always a little envious of a more disadvantaged childhood, for exactly the points you make here.
          It’s funny, but what I wrote was my exact stream of consciousness, only I now understand that envy, resentment, regret etc are loser thoughts that need to be constantly (not once and for all, mind you) stamped down.

        17. It is the truth man, total truth. But like my favorite saying goes: the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today. That goes with everything from general confidence to lifting weights to getting a new job to travel to whatever.

        18. So if I want to get a new job, I have to plant a tree? Seriously?
          Fucking EPA. I hate those bastards.

        19. lol! Call him bacon egg and cheese folks because he’s on a roll

        20. Sure. My concern is that the concentration of wealth (and its accompanying political power) tend to snuff out competition prematurely.
          There’s one flaw in your reasoning however, a vestige of the ‘job creators’ myth: Growth no longer equals job creation. Its often the opposite. Who can argue with the bottom line gains of shipping your manufacturing to China?

        21. I think I’d check out after a certain point as a billionaire. How many more billions than one do you really need?

        22. I would check out today. Fuck that. 7.5 mil in cash and I would walk out the door of my job and go directly to the airport and no one would fucking see me again.

        23. Knee, love the subtlety (or lack thereof) in that “Breakfast Club” reference. Took me a good 30 seconds to recall where the last two sentences were about, LOL.

        24. That was great: you go from Trump’s dad giving Donald a mil to quotes from a fictional burn-out from the campiest 80s flick ever! I thought I was a master of the rhetorical off-turn!

  6. Totally unrelated to the topic but, on the news this morning I heard where a 24 year old mother had been arrested for shooting up her small children with heroin. One of the children said” mommy said it was feel good medicine to help us sleep”…..what the hell is the world coming to? She should be skinned alive.

    1. In reality that actually is strongly related to the topic.

    2. Well, my mom used to dip my pacifier in homemade grappa. That’s kind of the same right? Come to think of it, do they still call them “pacifiers”? I feel like that name would have been called out on shitlordism

      1. You need to adopt a Somali teenager who is actually 25- show him the ropes on how to get laid in the big town

        1. I actually had a greek protégé once. He was an 18 year old kid we called Handsome Peter. Handsome Peter was, as his name suggested, a 6’3 young handsome kid who, for whatever reason, was really awkward around women. He was from greek country side. A good kid and smart but shy. I had never seen such a good looking young man get rejected so often do solely to awkwardness. Eventually, a mutual friend, another greek who worked at a cafe near me, suggested that I take him out. Sure enough, a few nights of going out and he was doing just fine for himself.

        2. If he gets a good city job he could probably make enough money to send home so his kids can have new AK-47s.

        3. Instead of My Fair Lady, you could have My Fair Somali. Screenplay would get snapped up by hwood, they love that crap

        4. When I give my kids rifles on Christmas, I set them out on top of the mound of presents that we stack on the love seat next to the tree (overflow basically).

        5. BB guns are so “for 4 year olds” in this house. Heh.

        6. My old man hid my Ruger behind the cabinet a-la Christmas Story
          (my second reference to that Great Film!)

        7. The last gun givaway here were Mosin Nagant 91/30’s, with bayonets, cleaning kits and 100 rounds of 7.62x54R for each. Looked real purty crossed over each other, on top of the other presents.

        8. To keep the rifles shooting properly. They were designed to be shot with the bayonets in place, and removing them actually affects the accuracy of the rifle in a bad way. The More You Know! ™

        9. Oh! interesting. I didn’t realize these were military rifles. Are they vintage jobs or contemporary weapons?
          (I’ll spare you the GI Joe image again….)

        10. Vintage Russian. The 91 stands for “1891”, the year they were invented (they were used well into WW2 as the mainstay Russian battle rifle) and the 30 stands for “30 caliber” as in “7.62” in the “7.62x54R”.
          I traced both of their serial numbers. My son’s was made in the 1930’s, and my daughter’s was made at a plant that was a mere 2 miles from the front line when the rifle was chunked out. Germans literally within eyesight, heh.

        11. Fantastic. Great find, with equally great history! I have a German helmet I bought at a flea market in Russia, near St. Petersburg. I can only imagine the horrors it’s last occupant saw and/or performed.

        12. Oh Man, Mosin Nagant, Ultimate Prepper rifle, the Spam cans are cheap too, considering the Caliber.

        13. The m38 or m44 is a great addition, and also highly accurate even with the shorter barrel. Further they break down in five basic parts and are though as nails. Great rifle to introduce higher calibers and they give you that classic kick.

      2. Grappa?
        I hear tell of mothers giving kids bynadril (sic probably) to make them sleep “so she can rest”, if true that’s just about as bad.

        1. grappa is basically peasant booze made of the fermented leftover mash after making wine. My family still dips the kids pacifiers in in when they are cranky and gives it to them. Works like a charm.

        2. It is basically moonshine that is made with grape mash instead of corn

        3. realy eye-talian guinnie shit there. To be drank after you have a belly full of tripe

        4. That would take a big club to kill, I suppose though with Kratom anything is possible.

        5. Man I tried them one time, I could taste that stuff for hours. I’ve never been hungry enough to try it again.

        6. I am a big fan of offal. There is an Egyptian place near me that does a head to toe feast including brains and lungs and glands, stomach, intestines, balls….the whole thing

        7. oh man, don’t even get me started with greek food. I could eat magiritsa and kokoretsi all day. And the eyetalians pajata is suckling lamb or veal intestines and is very yummy. Testarelle is the heard of a lamb roasted up and everyones favorite coratella which is heard lung and oesophagus of lamb which is fried up with some artichoke.

        8. Dammit man! Some stuff just ain’t made to be eaten. Kind of like possums and armadillos.

        9. ha….I am surprised that you country boys don’t eat that stuff. My grandmother (who is still alive at the age of, approx. 6 billion) used to say that any fool can throw a rip eye on a grill and make it taste good but it took thousands of years of food preparation to make hearts delicious.

        10. I can handle hearts and livers but that’s about as far as I’m going unless I’m starving. I’m not eating that stuff that’s full of peckers and lips(potted meat)
          I had to Google some of those dishes you mentioned, the buzzards wouldn’t eat some of that stuff.

        11. ha. If you ever find yourself in NYC I will cook you up a snout to tail feast. You will be surprised.

        12. Just give me some porkchops or ribs from and I will be good to go. Some of that stuff in there just ain’t fit to eat 🙂

        13. Alcohol is really bad for the developing brain, far worse than heroin. (Assuming no OD) Don’t give kids adult Ny-Quil for that reason. Benadryl probably isn’t too bad, either.

        1. no one. It is basically what wine makers made and then drank for themselves. My family, when they came here, were wine makers and so they settled in the Hudson valley of New York where grapes were growing very nicely. Prohibition eventually changed their business, but even after 5 generations my family still makes their own homemade wine and makes grappa as the off shoot of it which we drink at all large family gatherings.

        2. I got my first taste as a kid. Brought a neat-o looking bottle back from Italy to try. One sip was enough for everyone. I think we poured it out and left the bottle on the shelf.
          I did have some recently in Europe, and it was much better. Of course, we were eating at the best restaurant in one of the greatest culinary cities in the world.

        3. lol it is an acquired taste. When I get the good stuff like Banfi which is smooth and tasty I send it back. I want it to taste like a mix between grapes, kerosene and poverty. Those fancy crystal bottles are just a marketing gimmick. “better” is relative of course. I have been drinking homemade grappa since I was a baby so the smooth stuff strikes me wrong.

    3. As a kid my mom showered me a couple of times with her own urine because first, she is a superstitious nutcase, and second supposedly she heard urine haas healing components…some mothers can really be weird

    4. As a kid my mom showered me a couple of times with her own urine because first, she is a superstitious nutcase, and second supposedly she heard urine has healing components…some mothers can really be weird

      1. Yeah I recall hearing of laudanum but times have changed a little since patent medicine days lol

    5. Oh, yeah…Happened in Washington State, pretty close to me. Not surprising anymore, since heroin use is still prevalent in the Pacific North-wet. WA is not the state I’ve known for 20+ years and lived in for 10 anymore; it’s devolving. Drug use and crime are up and I blame it partially on recreational MJ. Ever since it was legalized, every fucking cockroach smokes it in public and in their cars, in violation of the law, but no enforcement.

    1. Yeah, I remember when Carter was ahead in the polls, right up to the day of voting.
      Poor Jimmy.

      1. I grew up not far from Plains Ga, I remember the local enthusiasm for Carter until
        about the end of his second year, then they couldn’t get shed of him fast enough.
        Then it was a similar deal with WJC because he was a southerner too( I didn’t vote for that shyster) boy look how that turned out.

        1. Yeah, by the second half of his term he had the whole malaise thing going on. Up to that point in my life, I’d assumed that malaise was what you put on hamburgers along with mustard and ketchup.

        2. Carter had a second term? Did you ever see Carter fight the killer rabbit vid? I thought it was joke.
          Pat Caddell, a democrat pollster, was the one of the first guys to say Carter is going to lose a few days before the 80′ election was saying a few nights ago this election looks the same. Clinton is going to lose.

        3. I think he’s talking about Bills second term.
          You have to be careful around those Georgia rabbits they are some treacherous mofos.

        4. I meant second half but my fingers typed without my consent. Finger rape!

  7. Good article.
    Self loathing white cucks won’t be tolerated under a Trump presidency.

    1. Yeah, double dare had some big moments too. It is fun that we have finally got to a point where nearly half of americans are willing to concede that national politics is such a fucking joke that reality tv show people can do it.

        1. If trump wants to get a woman or two in the cabinet he might think about the you are the weakest link good woman or maybe Judge Judy for SCOTUS

        2. I don’t know if Trump would ever have a woman in the cabinet, as there isn’t much room in there, he would probably just grab her by the pussy and fuck her on a couch, or a futon.

        3. Yeah, but first he would buy them that couch on a furniture shopping trip with a mouth full of tic tacs. He really is a chump. He isn’t a murderer or a criminal as far as I can tell, but he is def a chump.

        4. I think the entire cabinet should all be TV people with a catch phrase. Jeff Probst can say “the tribe has spoken” bring in the where’s the beef lady. Fuck, if it is going to be this meaningless it might as well be fun. Maybe we can animate bart simpson to say “eat my shorts” as Sec Def

        5. Xi Jinping: Your aggression in the Senkaku Islands is unacceptable.
          SecDef: Eat my shorts.

        6. Yes, Trump would def need to create the role Sec of Laugh Tracks.

        7. Really? It was on during the 70’s and into the early 80’s wasn’t it?

  8. You had me right up to when you suggested GW Bush gave even half a fuk about you, me or any American……

    1. I should have clarified to “right after, and only after Sept. 11.” I think he was patriotic enough for us to matter at that time.

      1. I’ll buy that. I remember being confused by fleeting feelings of respect for him at that time. He stepped up as a leader.

      2. How hard is it to be patriotic though, really? I think the nations of the world are full of blowhard patriotic power hungry felons who love the idea that they can wave a flag and get people cheering and emotional.
        What did Napoleon say? “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon”
        While we were distracted by all this emotion, they pushed through the Patriot Act, TSA, and warrantless wiretaps.

  9. I was watching the Cubbies thump Cleveland last night, and this hispanic guy and I started talking about the election. He said he didn’t particularly like Trump, but he thought Trump was a good start for the cause of man. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then he ranted and raved about political correctness, and how he was sick of it, and if he wanted to say something, he was a man, and by god he was gonna say it. A few beers later we were buddies, although we had been strangers initially. It was fucking great. These three white SJW females were within earshot. Not a PEEP out of any of them. I had a feeling that Hillary’s latest screw-ups were going to shut most of these cunts up, and they would suddenly go silent about Hillary because they would no longer want to be associated with her. That seemed to be the case last night. It was like I stepped into another dimension, where men were men and women were pretty much silent. A really sweet night…made sweeter by the Cubbies giving me +$200 on a $290 wager (imagine my total shock when they won, OMG!)…

      1. It was awesome. I am sensing a major change in the behavior of women, in my neck of the desert. Maybe we will eventually return to the days where a guy just said, “Shut up and let the men talk.”

        1. When you say “neck of the desert” do you mean literal desert? I’m back and forth between Arizona and Nevada.

        2. That’s my home base as well. Let’s grab a beer sometime (work out the details somewhere other than the comments section, of course).

    1. Chicago gave us Obummer and is a liberal black crime shithole.
      Cleveland shoots criminals, disposes of the carcass and has sponsored training for CCW.
      Chief Wahoo forever, goat fuckers never.
      The Don 2016

  10. Trump is beholden to one VERY special interest.
    If he has to choose between the interests of Trump, Inc and the interest of the working class white man, he chooses himself. EVERY time.
    Ever wonder why he won’t say anything bad about Russia? Because Trump Inc is neck deep in relationships with Russian banks.
    But go ahead and vote for this clown. In the end, we get the government that we deserve.

    1. Do you think Hillary, or Bernie, or Bush or Romney truly thought about anyone more than themselves? To have the desire to run for President is to already be fatally flawed and unfit to serve as president.

      1. I think Bernie and Romney and McCain and Gore and H.W. Bush and Obama and both Clintons have all been able to look outside of themselves. In other words, they have EMPATHY for other humans. They all shared that common goal.
        Trump, on the other hand, has zero empathy for humans. He’s a sociopath. His university was a scam. His charity is a scam. His taxes are a scam. He’s a con artist — and this is the biggest scam yet.
        Go vote, ye marks.

        1. You cannot possibly be serious about Hillary having empathy for others. She’s been well documented by many sources as being a shrill, foul mouthed, hateful bitch to everybody around her. Look, I get that you’re a Leftist, that’s fine, but to tow this line for Hillary despite all evidence to the contrary is just dumbfounding. Y’all had way better candidates to offer, and you selected the most awful living human being on the planet who was not currently in jail to run for POTUS.

        2. Her record of public service (which you know is real because Trump loves to attack it) shows that, for most of her life, she thought about more than just getting wealthy.
          My take: She’s power hungry, and then she wants to use that power for good (as she sees it). Not my first or second or third choice for president, but at least she won’t burn the house down. Trump would torch the fucking place while boasting about how incredible this is for his business because he could buy the land at a fraction of cost.

        3. WHAT? Ok. I think Trump is a total Assclown but if you think that the Clintons displayed even an ounce of empathy you have gone way past where I can think you are sensible. Bernie was an idealist who thought he was helping. I think he was totally fucking misdirected but right up until his payout I think he at least THOUGHT he was doing some good. HW Bush was about as fucking cold and calculating as a man gets. FFS, well crafted public persona aside, he is the perfect blend of a vicious businessman and an assassin . And you know what…good for him. What in the world makes people think that fucking empathy is in any way valuable for politicians is beyond me

        4. “Her record of public service (which you know is real because Trump loves to attack it) shows that, for most of her life, she thought about more than just getting wealthy.”
          Her record of public service has shown that her whole life has been about getting power and, surprise surprise, that power has made her exceedingly wealthy.

        5. Public service? She was fired from the Nixon investigation because of her lack of ethics. She married a dude who became President. Had that not happened, nothing else in her life would have. She got the vote in NY because she has a “D” after her name, and she received the SoS appointment as a political payback, where she then went and fucked up shit to extremes that they haven’t been fucked up in a century. The woman’s only “service” has been to herself. Her “charity” efforts have consisted of taking money in a pay to play scheme, where the charity then doled out a whopping 10% to actual “good works” and the rest went to her and her husband. She is literally power mad.
          She doesn’t want to use the power for good, she just wants to have her name go in history books before she croaks, which odds are saying will be well within her first term. Jesus Christ, dude.

        6. great line from simpsons movie with the EPA Direction
          Underling: SIR! YOU’VE GONE MAD WITH POWER

        7. Delusional.
          What was her accomplishments with all those years of public service? This is a woman who has been living in mansions with servants, at taxpayers expense, since 1982 (wife of AK governor) for most of those years and she has amassed wealth over a 100 million. She is vindictive, lying, corrupt, feable old hag with obvious health issues. Considering the amount of her and her husbands associates involved in illegal activity (lets ignore those corpses left in her wake), bribe taking, neglecting national security protcols, rank incompetence (Bengasi), it is clear she has ethical and moral issues that make her unelectable.
          Scamper back to the People’s Temple and lap up that kool aid.

        8. “..he is the perfect blend of a vicious businessman and an assassin”
          GHWB was the CIA director from 76-77′.

        9. You all think the sky is falling. It’s not. I’m going to have great fun over the next four years pointing out to people like all of you the many ways that President HRC is helping the working and middle classes. You won’t listen, of course. But I’ll still point them out. She’ll continue the status quo.
          Keep in mind, I’m still not voting for her, because I’d like to change the status quo in other ways. She’s warlike. And her arrogance and lust for power is pretty obvious. She doesn’t have the classic Reagan/Bill Clinton/Obama story of a talented young man coming up from disadvantaged background. Dems should’ve found somebody else to nominate. But the world is not ending, and in fact, your investments are a shitload safer with her than with the alternative.

        10. Correct…he was also the Chief of US Liaison to China under ford (and if you think that was a cushy diplomatic job your nuts) before that he was the chairman of the RNC. Before that he was the US Ambassador to the UN. Before that he served in Congress while Eisenhower was president. Before that he was president of an offshore oil drilling company. Before that he went to Yale where he was the president of his fraternity and captain of the Yale Baseball team, graduated phi beta kappa and became a member of skull and bones. Before that he was a NAVY Pilot during WW II who won a distinguished flying cross for saving someone’s life during combat. People talk about Hilary being qualified. How someone could call Hilary Qualified while HW bush is still alive is beyond me.

        11. Thanks for laying all that out there. He also got shot down in 44′ and he and his co-pilot bailed into the Pacific. His co-pilot’s chute didn’t open.
          The guy was no pussy.

        12. That is right. There is a ton of stuff I didn’t mention. He had an old codger personality and Dana Carvey actually humanized him by making fun of him, but I have always thought that HW Bush was one of the most impressive men in my lifetime.

        13. pointing out to people like all of you the many ways that President HRC is helping the working and middle classes.
          She keeps threatening to raise the minimum wage.
          There is nothing that can follow from this that will help the working and middle classes.

    2. He at least is smart enough to know that he doesn’t know everything, and routinely appoints experts in his field to run specific operations in his companies. Hillary, on the other hand, hears no voice but her own when it comes to dogmatic ideology and is beholden to her contributors to the Clinton Foundation, many of whom are Islamic states that basically enslave women and toss faggots from roof tops.
      So yeah.

      1. He doesn’t hire experts. He hires people who are loyal to him. Classic strongman banana republic dictator move.

        1. Oh please. First, any businessman would be wise to hire loyal people. Second, he hires very intelligent people to do jobs because he wants to succeed. Any sane business man does that.

        2. There is a difference between loyal people and suckups. Trump has had a lot of suckups around him as well as a lot of smart people. It is hard when you work for a wealthy and powerful person and they come in the room with some dumb fucking idea like lets make trump cologne or trump watches or trump university to sit them down and say “no….that is stupid” That is quite literally the hardest part of my job. Looking my boss in the eye knowing full well he pays my salary and can toss me out whenever he wants and say “no, this is a bad idea” to something he might be excited about. Speaking truth to power is a difficult task. Trump has a history of liking people who bolster his ego. This isn’t the worst crime in the world, but it is a bad trait to have.

        3. Understood. I’m just not of the mind to sit and listen to Hillary lauded as being somehow empathetic and decent. What tripe.

        4. Almost all people are like that. I told my old boss countless times that his ideas were moronic. I sometimes got into verbal fights with him. But he would just end up doing what he wanted anyway. The only opinion which he gave any fuck about was that of women. He called it the ‘housewife test’.

        5. Oh I agree 1005. Making difficult decisions and sometimes getting them wrong is a far cry from what HRC has been up to. That said, I feel that Trump gets his decisions wrong based on hubris and generally being a stuffed shirt and a wuss. I further don’t think empathy is important in this discussion at all. As I said about HW Bush…..he has the empathy of Hannibal Lecter combined with a history of big business, professional espionage, assassinations…this guy was a cold and calculated sociopath….and there is nothing wrong with that…in fact it is a tendency found in most incredibly successful people. Believe me, they removed his empathy at his Skull and Bones initiation. HRC is a power starved criminal and Donald is a ridiculous chump. Between the two, I guess go with the one who isn’t a murderer. One thing though, I will not have tripe maligned in this was. Tripe is goooooooodddd

        6. Many people are. I must say that I am lucky in having a boss that will give me the chance to show him why his ideas are dumb and if I can (in plain dollars and cents) he will listen to my advice. It doesn’t make it less stressful to come into work and do it everyday.

        7. Oh I agree 1005.
          Snorri Thorfinnsson admires your agreement.

        8. You just aren’t going to give The Donald a break because he went furniture shopping are you?

    3. I suppose you haven’t heard of Hilary and John Podestas relationship with Uranium One? If anybody is is in bed with them it’s them.

  11. Germans and Scots both have a long tradition of valuing the United States as a second home and a refuge from the Old World. Trump incorporates both traditions literally in his own person – his mother was born on the Isle of Lewis. Their descendants in the U.S. view our country as an asset that needs careful management to maintain its value. Old Stock Americans from the British diaspora (“Albion’s Seed”) see America in the same way, and they recognize a kindred spirit in Trump, who offers a Presidency based on good stewardship of our home.
    Hillary, by contrast, has sided with other so-called “Americans” who view the United States as a throwaway and a pile of assets to strip for their selfish, short-sighted purposes, ranging from more gibsmedats to using our military as a foreign legion to settle scores with their enemies in the Old World. Her Presidency would just continue another round of liquidating the nation’s wealth produced and saved by generations’ of white Americans’ labor.

  12. The odds on Clinton for president just moved to -275 (win $100 on a $275 wager). The odds on Trump for president just dropped to +180 (win $180 on a $100 wager). On Halloween, the lines were -300 Hillary and +200 Trump. That line is moving in just the right direction for a Trump win…

        1. Can you explain your reasoning? I know little to nothing about the betting world so the entire Vegas odds thing doesn’t really make sense to me.

        2. The house doesn’t (want to) take a position on the winner or loser. Ideally, they want an equal amount of money on both sides. So they take a cut, say somewhere between 5 to 10%, of everything, and they just transfer the rest around between the winners and losers.
          In order to achieve this, they adjust odds. Say everyone is betting on Hillary. They then begin to promise a lower payout on Hillary bets and a higher payout on Trump bets, in order to entice people to start betting on Trump.
          They constantly adjust these odds to keep the amount of money flowing in to each side at 50% of the total money bet.
          If they are now promising to pay out less to Trump bettors, this means more money is flowing in to that side of the pot (and thus, more people believing Trump will win). They have to lessen the appeal to bet on Trump in order to maintain their neutrality.

        3. Phew. That was a brainfuck. Gotta think about this later.
          To follow up: If you took this far enough, would you end up with equal odds on both sides or even a reversal?

        4. Thank god that most people believe this line of reasoning is accurate…thank the freaking lord. Amen.

        5. I’d explain it in person, GOJ. Otherwise I’ll just have to dance around the edges of it…

        6. It’s not what always happens in practice, but I think the question was asking more of the theoretical first-order type.
          I personally do not place bets based on this model of how books are made.

        7. In theory. Like in the theory of Vegas maintaining neutrality. Or the theory of your vote matters. Or the theory of gravity. Heh. Perception versus reality. That’s what matters. What is the perception of the public, and what is the reality behind the curtain. If you know the reality, you’ll prosper.

        8. Your use of the word mathematical suggested that is what you wanted. This model is actually true in purely mathematical situations, say poker games with no shills and lottery games. When it comes to things where big money and human emotion are features, mathematics are much less tangible.

        9. Ah. Well, what I meant was that it didn’t make sense to me ‘mathematically’ that his chances of winning are greater when the odds are reduced. I thought that implied I was interested in how this actually happens.
          So, you have any info on this stuff in the cases you mentioned?

        10. I’m not a professional gambler, but the higher the payoff, the riskier the bet is seen as. The payoff on Trump is going down, the payoff on Hillary is going up, meaning that Trump is being seen as a more sure bet and she is being seen as less of one.

        11. I think maybe something else is going on here? Trump’s odds were increased. The number representing the payout decreased.

        12. I agree, probably because they are only concerned with their own thinking. If you want to whack short redheads, who cares whether they are lesbians or not?

        13. Demonic forces and entities…yes. The Christian ideal of the devil, not so much. What about you.

        14. Yeah, I’d tend into the same way, but I know that there are places in my consciousness I have not yet protruded towards, so who knows what truth I will find.
          I asked because those who make fun of gravity and advocate flat earth typically believe in a form of classical Creationism.

        15. I don’t believe in classical Creationism, per se. I lean towards the notion that whatever exists, has always existed. It just is…

        16. I cant wait until he puts a giant “Trump House” light display on the white house

        17. Not quite. That’s what the plus and minus signs are for. if you’re negative and trending toward zero, your “assuredness” is dropping. if you’re positive trending toward zero, your assuredness is increasing. Clinton is still soundly the odds-on favorite.

        18. The individual bets are overwhelmingly for Trump, 9-1. The average Hillary bets are several times the dollar amount of the Trump bets, though, so the odds aren’t moving much. Same pattern as the Brexit betting.

    1. It’s moving in the right direction for a Trump win, if election night was in a month or so, and not in a week.
      I’ve been watching the betting lines for the better part of the year. The kind of swing Trump would need to sway Vegas odds is damn near unprecedented with a week left until election.

      1. I’m glad you feel this way. Extremely glad. And I hope that you will continue to look at wagering, in the exact same way that you currently look at it…

  13. “It is possible to be against illegal immigration, but treat Americans of Hispanic ancestry as valued citizens whom you will represent.”
    And this is a provable fact that is nonetheless impossible for most leftists to wrap their deficient brains around. Pathetic.

      1. Because the illegals just want a better life for themselves and their kids. It’s another of their dichotomies. You can either come to the US illegally, or suffer in Mexico for the rest of your life, so of course it’s ok to come to the US illegally. Problem is, you CAN come to the US legally, you CAN be prosperous in Mexico.
        Liberal arguments only work if you buy their facts first. Don’t.

        1. A country is nothing more than its population. We must be more selective. You don’t allow anybody off the street into your home.

        2. No Liberal ever argue that the countries the illegals come from should fix their countries’ problems.

  14. I voted Trump, but there are too many putting way too much faith. I’m doubtful he will be able to do much, but has set some stuff into motion that can’t go backwards. We are taking him at face value. There are some things he can do at the executive level but he will face a hostile congress. If he manages to get anything in a right direction, he will certainly be set up for assassination attempts.

    1. The “OMG! He’s going to go crazy” thing is funny, actually. He’ll have to work with Congress, he will get very little of what he wants. BUT…what he will get, is to nominate the next SCOTUS candidate and maybe even a couple after that. The list he’s submitted as his potential nominees are all staunch right wing Constitutionalists, bordering on libertarian. THAT is the reason he’s going to be important. Hillary will be equally as impotent, realistically speaking, assuming Congress continues with the same makeup, but she becomes first class dangerous due to SCOTUS. One Leftist added to that august body (/sarc) and it’s over for a whole lot of our rights.

      1. If he just builds the wall and nullifies all of the gay Mulatto’s executive orders, that will be enough.
        If I were him at his first state of the Union, I would boldly declare that he doesn’t care one iota for re-election. He is here to clean house. That alone should cause the limp-wristed cucks of the GOP to crap their pants and the Dems would instantly soil themselves…

    2. Congressional gridlock is good, that way they can’t pass a bunch more un-necessary laws.

  15. Trump is better candidate but he can’t go against enormous military industrial complex that rules US. They will coerce him to adopt same stance against Russia and China that Hillary openly has. This will have same result as Hillary in the office, meaning world war 3.

  16. Should be interesting election. you have lefist illogical crazies- and a lot of them voting. We find out if this nation is permanently screwed or not. If there is any sanity left; it s/b trump in a landslide.

  17. I love ROK but why do its writers worship Trump so much? He is still a Zionist controlled puppet. He puts Israeli interest before US interest.

      1. He said that he will defend Israel no matter what, which I don’t see the point of. To me, Israel is like Syria or Iraq, I don’t see why we favor them over Syria or Iraq. On top of that, they’re not even Christian like us in the West.

        1. The West is Christian? I think you meant culturally Christian, since the actual religion itself has largely been banished from the public sphere in most of Western Europe. We have always had allies in the ME and none of them are Christian. I don’t care if one group of wogs wants to eradicate another group of wogs. The current set up allows those same wogs to come HERE and begin eradicating US along with the other wogs. Trump is the only man willing to put the breaks on. But I get it…Clinton is the answer, right?

        2. Never said that. They are both puppets. But this site treats Trump like he’s some kind of hero who will save us all– which he is not.
          At least he is against wars in the Middle East (like the Iraq war), so I’ll give him that. But he won’t be a savior in my book.

        3. Trump is our last chance to curtail the DNC/Globalist directed invasion of poor, desperate, needy and unskilled future democrat voters into the US. First Europe, then America. Europe as it existed prior to 2000 no longer exists, and it will be even more of demographic nightmare in about 25 years. Trump will at least buy us some time. It’s up to us to take it from there.
          The only solace we can take is that most of our invaders come from a similar cultural background and are not members of the religion of peace. Trump will also stop the wholesale importation of rapefugees unlike the Dems, who see terrorist attacks, deceased living standards, and increased violent crime rates as just a bearable cost for their Diversitopian Paradise.
          Few people harbor any illusions that Trump is going to be the magic bullet that slays the multi-headed Medusa of corps,. media, academia, the deep state, etc. He is just a giant act of defiance before we are gaslighted by our own elites.

    1. if you are in the business you have to deal with jew, it do no want to say you favor them or anything.

  18. >>> “”What we have, instead, is the American Nightmare, where the left uses government and taxes for the most inane of causes, trying to fix any disadvantaged group’s lot, real or imagined, so that things will be better. They take from the producers, and give to the non-producers so that, according to their idealistic vision, they will suddenly become productive members of society (or become addicted to the welfare tit and vote Democrat for the rest of their lives.)”” >>>
    Everyone is a producer. It’s just that some are better producers than others. And not everone can produce the same product. The key is to be ‘productive’ in producing what you were meant to produce. “Do what you do best” whether it be a trade or a unique skill. The measuring stick discriminates how you use or misuse your abilities for the good or for the detriment of your tribe, Whites, Blacks and Asians alike.
    Your tribe looks at YOU. And it sees:
    “PRODUCTIVE (and loyal) BLACK WOMAN”
    Need I say more? Like many of her white feminist predecessor lemings, she be defying the natural order yaw? She wasn’t listening when God said “You do the JUGS” . . not “JUDGE” . . for real. It’s “JUGGIN” not “JUDGIN”
    Be more like this “PRODUCTIVE VERY BLACK WOMAN” – – mami be juggin it
    Whooa, I take that back. All the minerals are being sucked out of the Earth at that rate. Let’s even things out a bit.
    Aah, balance. The trees are growing back and these “PRODUCTIVE EXTRA EXTRA BLACK WOMEN” are back in their happy niche.
    I preach this line to White women until I’m blue in the face. SUAT “Shut up and titfeed”. A white woman that ain’t titfeeding ain’t white and ain’t shit. Same for black.
    Tit feeding makes a black woman extra black. If you’re already extremely black like this woman, titfeeding absolutely puts you through the roof in blackness.
    And now . . . (drumroll) . . . “THE BLACK BLACK VERY BLACKEST PRODUCTIVE BLACK WOMAN”. It don’t get any blacker.
    I . . I . . I just don’t have words to describe . . such primal hard core blackness in an Earthly creature. Does there exist a white woman with a comparable degree of whiteness anywhere on Earth? Seeing that woman titfeed just blows the lid off the blackness scale. My eyes are burning. But I must preach on.
    American MEN shall produce again. We must tap our bitches and the engines of productivity are fired up once again.
    TRUMP 2016

  19. “…vetting Muslims coming here more strictly until they are no longer statistically more likely to be terrorists than people of other religions and ethnicities”
    Well if you actually want to speak statistics, a statistician actually proved that more Americans die from the result of their own people than actual Muslim terrorists.

    1. Completely irrelevant to the topic. It’s like saying that because more people die from traffic accidents than crime, we should not care about or prosecute crime.
      Logic – get some!

  20. What if you spoke logic and reason to the BLM crowd? They’d jabber at the same time, then work you over in a swarm and celebrate it in a way that can only be described as euphoric.

    1. You just have to hold a big enough gun while doing the speaking – and use it if needed. Problem solved.

  21. The FBI has been investigating The Clinton Foundation for over a year. MSM mostly is ignoring it evidently she is the subject of TWO different FBI investigations.
    One can only hope.

  22. Well written article, but I do have one comment on it.
    I for one AM against government aid for the disabled. Why? Not because I hate them, but because nothing good or better has ever come out of government aid, particularly in the long term, and I for one would prefer better conditions for disabled people, not worse – which is the only possible and historical outcome of government aid.
    Government Aid is Literally Hitler! All of it!

  23. You have the same opportunities as everyone else when you are born with the exception of disability, and I do not know anyone, myself included, that is against governmental aid for the disabled.
    THERE IS NO more STUPID statement that can EVER be said that what this writer states above. People born into poverty do NOT have the same access/resources to succeed as those LIKE DONALD TRUMP! The man was blessed with wealth and access to the best in education. Same than for the offspring of Joseph Kennedy and Honey Fitzgerald or the Rockefellers.
    Some are lucky just because of geography and timing as well. Be in Texas at the start of upswing in energy cycles. Be in California during the 1920s when the film industry began and Post WWII when cinematography and worldwide distribution made many there wealthy. Sign on as a lowly employee at Yahoo and Dell when they first started and get fat stock options and profit sharing. GTFOH with that stupid comment!

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