6 Reasons To Create Fat Control Laws And Obesity-Free Zones

Lately, gun-free zones and gun control laws are all the rage among the globalists and liberals of all shapes (usually circular) and sizes .

Those measures, solely aimed at disarming the people and depriving them of the sacred right to defend themselves, has shown its vast ineffiency, with gun victims and terrorist attacks on the rise in those zones since no honest citizen can shoot back to stop the massacre.

Here is why I propose, once a conservative government reaches the White House, to create Fat Control Laws (“F.C.L”) and Obesity-Free Zones (“O.F.Z”) as obesity is indeed a more serious threat to the lives of Americans than honest citizens carrying legally purchased guns. Here are six potential benefits:

1. Simple philanthropy


Obese people are delusional thinking that it is great to be a useless sack of shit. Nowadays, they get fed a distorted reality saying that “big and round is beautiful” when the natural reaction, deeply branded in our DNA, is disgust, mockery and suspicion.

Fat and sedentary lifestyles kill much more than guns. The war against obesity is as important as the war on crime or drugs. Bovine people not only harm themselves but others too. By creating measures to prevent them from becoming fat or exhorting them lose weight, we are helping our common man to preserve his dignity as a human being.

In their case, sugar and salt create a dopamine rush and an addiction loop very similar to an addiction to opiates. We must show our potbellied (or barrelbellied) junkies the way as they can’t take the steps themselves.

Just like with restrictions on cigarettes, if they are stupid enough to gorge themselves on calories, we must conclude that there is a severe lack of judgement on their part and prevent them from purchasing the source of their misery.

2. Preserving aesthetics and other senses


No more eyesore of seeing fatties rolling around everywhere you go. Imagine a beach with a plethora of more feminine, attractive and thin women by banning whales in bikinis.

Our nostrils would also be free of the olfactory offence that they throw in our faces. Say goodbye to the pungent smell of fat rolls sweat at your local grocery store.

No more 280-lb SJW land whales with laboured breath sounds in waiting rooms or uncontrolled farting in the public transport like you are in a cattle train. It could be tomorrow.

3. Positive impact on children


I do not want these people to roam free and that my future progeny can witness it and think that this is normal. Worse, if the PC politburo tells them it is beautiful to be a beached whale. Let’s send them far until they get better. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Legal elements should be implemented against pernicious publicity aired on television and directly aimed at children, whether by the time chosen to air it or the promotion it makes of unhealthy eating.

Of course, with Fat Control Policies, kids will get bullied at school. Some will cut themselves for being called fattie. So what? Adapt and overcome or crawl in a ball and cry. The weakest has to be left behind if he does not want to save himself.

4. A healthier population

You are under arrest for being an immovable, gargantuan arsehole

Fat is not a silent killer. Hundreds of thousands of people die (with a loud thud) every year of obesity-related diseases, a largely preventable cause of death worldwide. Today, 1 in 5 Americans and 1 in 11 Britons dies from being a fat arse with no self-control.

It is a fact that obesity causes death by cardiac arrest, diabetes, coronary and liver diseases, cancer, and hypertension among others. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity will create a longer life expectancy.

Physically healthier people are mentally healthier too (boost of self-esteem and confidence). Fat Control Laws will reduce mental health issues such as depression, inferiority complex or suicidal tendencies caused by obesity. That is also less money spent by the taxpayer

5. A boost for the economy


According to a 2009 report, ham planets cost the economy $117 billion a year. And that is for the American economy alone! The number of human cattle is still growing exponentially. It inflicted more than a $325.8 billion loss to the economy in 2010.

In 2016, we can reasonably assume that the number of obese people has grown and has impacted the wallet of your average American even harder.

A fitter population, with its nutritional choices, would result in a more natural, higher-quality food industry. Smaller amounts of food produced and needed, resulting in reduced resources and materials wasted during and after its production.

We could see the end of excessive fossil fuel used to transport land walruses and their fat arse across long distances and hogging the space that could be use by three normal individuals.

Healthier, more active people are happier, more productive and successful since the cogs of the machinery are not coated in fat. An age of stronger, self-governed, high-energy men bringing a healthier society. It’s YUGE!

6. A new sexual and romantic market


It will bring a more balanced sexual arena to limit the accumulation of fat. A radical answer to the phenomenon of plummeting testosterone levels caused by high fat percentage, trimming the numbers of plump omegas and sexual market voluntary rejects.

Let’s impose a healthier diet for higher numbers of attractive, thin and pretty women. Greater numbers of quality girls to choose from reduces aggressive competition, which decreases the bitch shields of thin, entitled girls.

Endless supplies of betas queuing to capture crumbs of their attention would be a thing of the past. As I said it before, “male thirst is the root of all evil” when it comes to romantic competition.

Sexier citizens means more relationships, a peak in libido and reproduction of physically and mentally balanced individual, helping nations suffering from low birth rate.

One more element for the protection of Western society (being the most affected one) and its people, cementing the bases of a strong future, fighting globalism and the myth they try to sell us about global overpopulation.

By logical natural process, bronies, corpulent man-children and manga conventions should also disappear soon.

The Fat Control Laws

1. Segregated Obesity-Free Zones


Our diabetic mammoths must be isolated from further propaganda and tasty treats.

This is why we should create large (VERY large) fenced areas to protect the healthy subjects, as fat is more dangerous than guns.

Let’s pen the big-boned rejects in separated zones where access to junk food and other harmful products would be forbidden. Fresh water, open spaces, salad and treadmills as far as the eye could see.



We shall call it the “David Fatrelle Center for Porcine Rehabilitation”

2. Permits


A permit would have to be issued (similar to a gun-carrying permit) for the purchase of junk food, high-carb snacks, soda drinks etc. After a doctor’s physical exam of the patient, slim citizens would be delivered a permit with a stamp of approval, granting them access to supermarkets or venues where processed or junk food is served.

3. Mandatory workouts


Compulsory exercise would be imposed to obese people to reach a standard BMI. We could bring it up a notch where a fine could be issued after a determined period of time if the weight loss target has not been reached.

A Steps Counter Activity tracker would have to be worn or installed on their smartphone and a quota of physical activity would have to be reached on a day to day basis.

Just like the programs for convicted criminals or drug abusers with reports to the local police station on a regular basis, the stubbornly chunky would be followed during a rehabilitation stage and their progress monitored.

4. Fat shaming


Fat shaming works great, as we have seen before. Remember the shitstorm of the “beach body” campaign, immediately declared thought criminals by the Body Positive Lobby or Islamic Thought Tribunal of Londonistan?

Or the cold-blooded leaflets given by anonymous though criminals to particularly adipose London Tube passengers? YUGE success.

Pourquoi ça n’existe pas?


Fat people are a dead weight to society in all senses of the term and to compensate this burden, they must chip in one way or another and repair the harm they cause.

Fitter people means a self-aware, powerful mass that strives for greatness.

But the liberals in charge don’t want that. This is why they produce massive amounts of harmful, processed food and encourage the pleb, by manipulating publicity and promoting make-believe, to remain fat, weak and above all, docile.

It’s all part of a plan. Fat Control Laws are the answer to that great evil.

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462 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Create Fat Control Laws And Obesity-Free Zones”

  1. I support almost all of this. I’ve frequently dueled with SJW’s over why fat people are terrible and should be punished/forced to live a healthy lifestyle. There is one, single argument, that shuts up the SJW on “Fat health”:
    The fact that it costs the American Healthcare system $100 billion per year.
    Mention that this is $100 billion that could be spent on:
    -Aids research
    -Breast cancer research
    -Campus Rape Prevention
    -Green Energy
    -Gun Control Lobbying
    -The National Science Foundation
    -Space Exploration
    -As them how many “poor black children” could be fed on $100 billion per year
    Every time I’ve brought up to an SJW that we are literally wasting $100 billion per year, and that’s $100 billion that could (theoretically) go to causes they support (and only a few of which, such as Space Exploration/disease research, do I support), they have always folded or conceded/apologized.
    If Americans could put down the cheeseburger and get on the treadmill, we could be $100 billion per year farther in numerous scientific, academic and intellectual areas.

    1. aids research? I am not going on safari.
      kidding (kind of) yes this is all true what you say. These people are disgusting animals.

    2. To play devil’s advocate:
      I suspect that “We could save $100 Billion a year” is a false economy like “We could save $X Billions if everyone quit smoking.” In the short term, yes, those figures are true. But in the long term, a smoker who dies of lung cancer (or a landwhale who dies of a heart attack) in their 50s won’t be needing a pension and round-the-clock care to look after their sorry Alzie-riddled arses in their 80s. Six weeks’ palliative care for lung cancer (or a few hours’ vain attempts to resuscitate after a heart attack) is a damn sight cheaper in the long run than looking after a coffin-dodger who doesn’t know what day of the week it is for a decade.

      1. It probably wouldn’t be a 1 to 1 ($100 billion saved = $100 billion to other stuff), but obesity prevention drastically reduces the chances of later-in-life health problems (although not Alzheimers).

    3. The loss of that $100 billion could have unintended consequences as odds are that the government is banking on getting its cut of that.
      A ways back in my neck of the woods, the government funded a massive “stop smoking” push. This made little sense as the government made bank off of the cigarette “sin tax” and used that money heavily in its budgeting. The gov’t insisted that their plan was solid as they’d accounted for X% of smokers quitting in their budgeting.
      Quelle surprise, ~2X stopped paying the sin tax and the government went into panic mode.

    1. That and charge extra for medical insurance like the companies do for tobacco users. Can’t argue when it’s the doctor who’s pointing out how much of a fatass they are.

      1. Not sure if I recall correctly, but I think in Canada a human rights star chamber ruled it’s a no-no and discriminatory to do so.

        1. I think this scene perfectly sums up the banking collapse. Everything was going just fine until dickless turned off the power. In this case “dickless” is played by the ridiculous and greedy American middle class and “the power” is the money that was going in on the front end. Once the money stopped feeding into the front end of Lehman the whole system went down. When Lehman and Bear and AIG collapse that pulled the plug on Madoff. The whole fucking thing was brought down by dickless.

        2. My country had around 100 tons of gold for monetary purposes. However during the 90’s that dickless asshole who was in charge of National bank thought it would be a good idea to sell gold during peace. Thanks to his fuckup we now have around 34 tons of gold and we lost billions because of increase of price of gold after World trade center fell.

    2. I think taxes can be very effective in that way. Tax breaks for being healthy. Tax breaks for NOT being a single parent. Tax breaks for IQ. Passing drug tests. Community service. Basically being a model citizen.

      1. No, I’d leave IQ alone. Plenty of men with middling to low intelligence, who work honest jobs doing manual labor and don’t ask anything from anybody. They are not a burden.

  2. Excellent article. A few things I’ll add. IMHO, the entire reason for game, PUA, MGTOW, etc comes down to “fat”. If there’s a normal balance of men/women in society, it should be relatively easy to find a partner, either for a LTR or just or sex. But there’s not a normal balance. Over 1/2 of women are obese. Those women might as well be dead; they have 0 SMV, and, because of that, the remaining, non-obese women have 2-3 men chasing after them, dramatically increasing their level of bullshit/flake/3 cocks in one night..
    Yes, being fat increases estrogen/decreases test. But I think that cycle starts before the fat hits men. It starts because our society is so fucking pussified that my eyes bleed when I see most “men” walking around (even of normal weight). So metrosexual they could put on a wig and be the hottest girl in the room. Lifting their voice after words (Valley Girl talk). One follows the other, start acting like a girl, your test level goes to hell, you get fat and next thing you know, you’re sucking dick.
    The real problem between men/women today comes down to 2 things. Fat. And crazy fucking feminists telling woman that they are “literally raped” when a man approaches them to start a conversation. Fucking bizzaro world.

    1. I had never thought about a lack of available women in society resulting from obesity, but you are right. Also when men speak like valley girls I want to punch them.

        1. First point is dead on. 100% of the men in the room are checking out the only 2 skinny girls.

  3. What we really want is to outlaw the nanny state. You outlaw the fat slob women who are married to pimp daddy government and it’s like busting his harem. Sumbitch pimp daddy government has got it coming and he (it) knows it.

    1. once that is done you focus on making sure that men, at the personal level, stop fucking these land whales. Any man who fucks an overweight woman should be shamed. That, along with the nanny state, are the two biggest contributors to this nonsense.

        1. I had a buddy in high school who would go whalin’ I never fucking understood it.

        2. Same reaction I had when a guy in my platoon told me he used to go “hogging.” I had to ask what was that.

        3. You know…I can’t say I have never been in a bad mood or had an off day and I certainly have punched some walls in drunken anger, but I think I can honestly say I have never been depressed in my life.

        4. that reminds me of an old joke my grandfather told me when I was young. He said that a couple of buddies of his in the marines were sitting in a camp (he told jokes in the first person….this wasn’t a true story) and they got a new guy in. The new guy said “what do you do for sex around here” and the captain said “we use the horse” So the next day the new guy says “no really guys, what do you do for sex around here” and he gets the same answer “we use the horse” Day after day he asks and day after day he got the same answer. Well after a month the guy was so horny he went into the stable and starts fucking the horse. The captain sees him and starts screaming “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING” and he says “you said you use the horse for sex” and the captain said “yeah, we ride it down the road to the whorehouse you sick fuck”

        5. You know I said desperation, right?
          But since you brought it up, depression can be a bitch. Man, if it rolls in it’s like a warm blanket you can sink into forever, it saps away every possible motivation north of breathing…
          I now believe however that it can be almost completely mitigated with a healthy lifestyle – clean body, clean mind, clean sole.
          You’ve proved this point: from what I’ve gleaned you’ve been a fitness enthusiast your whole life, therefore no depression. No depression, no internal limits. Therefore: SUCCESS!

        6. no I read it as depression. LOL! I can’t even read that word right. You are right about the healthy lifestyle. The odd thing is, getting into that kind of lifestyle seems tough at first, like getting into anything, but once you are there every aspect of your life seems better. Not just the amount and quality of women, but just waking up in the morning and taking a shower or going to work or interacting with people or eating….it just makes everything better.

        7. I know it…I’ve grasped it through the cracks! Much work to do….
          And yeah, actually I can see depression and whaling making fine (massive) bed-fellows…

        8. Nah, I never have. I’ve even been actively invited to head out with a group of guys in my battalion to do some Hog Hunting and I laughed at them and told them “No thanks man, I have self respect”.

      1. Failing western states seem to be meeting similar criteria. A pattern. Ergo they go through the same stages of deterioration on the descent into implosion.
        *a cherry picked foreign national assigned as puppet leader of state or a woman leader precedes the bankster (debtors) recievership of an insolvent state (Assad, Saddam, Obama, Merkel)
        *obese pencil pushers promoted to administrative posts with gravy salaries in the taxation departments
        And the numerous obese women in the county clerk’s offices, courtrooms and adjunct branches of other assorted useless eaters that cannibalize upon others’ workhorse productivity returns to them as a karma of their own unearned gain, a fast track to obesity. Piles and piles of freebie pounds knock at their door and they blow up like fucking water balloons.
        I once went to pay some parking fines and when I entered the the sherriffs brusars (fine payment) office, the place smelled like piss. It was cold, concrete and echoed like a jail. Free citizens in suits carrying briefcases and laptops had to interrupt their workday. They had to physically come in and line up to pay fucking Caesar in this intimidating environment since the office only kept lazy paper records and they didn’t accept debit card payment online. How inconvenient. The shocking part was the FAT WHALE BITCH behind the plexiglas window processing the parking tickets. She couldn’t make change and “Exact cash payment only” was posted in menstruation ruby red magic marker on a piss yellow sign above the window. If only I had a pic of her to post. Another sign said “turn off all electronic devices”. What’ll that do, throw their pacemakers? Like it’s a friggin hospital shit. People need to begin recording all interior government stations in protest. What are the county clerks/courtrooms worried about? The truth?
        Basically the sick fat fucks employed by the government strikes me as their own ‘divide’ and conquer shit going flipside and backfiring. It’s not ‘D&C’ but instead it’s fatten up like a water balloon and toss and it all comes home to roost.

  4. I run, lift weights and watch what I eat, I have been for years now because I started gaining too much weight. It is hard and pain full at times but I would rather en dour a bit of pain than en dour a set of man boobs, case closed.

  5. “Imagine a beach with a plethora of more feminine, attractive and thin women by banning whales in bikinis”
    I have seen this beach. It’s in Europe.

  6. HA! This was a great article. Really fantastic. Also, I miss #fatshamingweek I really wish we could do that again. It isn’t just fun. I honestly believe that shaming people is the best weapon we have against their degeneracy. Well, not the best but part of the best. Being the best selves we can be and shaming others who refuse to do so are the one two punch that is needed not just for fat but for a slew of other social ills.

    1. I think we should go for #fatshamingyear. Or, with enough thai bali leaves, maybe even #fatshamingdecade. Shit’s fucked, we need more than a week to try to unfuck it.

      1. we should all, individually, have fat shaming lives….but as an organized event, like Christmas or our birthdays, we should collectively celebrate once a year for sure.

      2. I understand your point & agree in principle. But I think of it the same way as I do the effect of the best horror films. The monster must not be seen too often for the best impact.

    2. This is by far my favorite video against fatties. If I was the director, I’d consider it my masterpiece:

      1. excellent! Sometimes I watch My 600 Pound Life. I love the doctor there.

        1. Dr. Noz, what a hero. He sticks to the facts: overeating and enablers. He doesn’t give them an inch.

        2. Yeah, he is the man. I remember this one land cow who came in to be weighed 3 months after her gastric bypass and she had gained fucking weight. He said she needs to follow the diet. She said she was but it wasn’t working and he straight up looked at her and called her a liar.

        3. When they have to eat the hospital 1,000 calorie diet it is priceless. The kids having to wash mom’s lard ass is just criminal. Imagine your son having to wash your fat, smelly folds and clam.

        4. Speaking of genetics vs what you do to yourself. My ex wife’s younger sister. Who if anything a little prettier than her older sister. She has only been the correct weight once in her life. And damn she was hot that one year. She got gastric bypass surgery and lost 100lbs and gained back 20 and has stayed at 5’3″ 180lbs with 20lbs swings in weight. If you want to know the truth of that. I can show you where you can always find the best sugar loaded trail mix. Her sisters do not eat that type of thing and they are all fairly lean. Gastric bypass surgery is a scam. It just makes eating hurt until get used to it

        5. I was sitting on the stair in her house. She always liked me. And it was her one good year. She stood two steps over me talking to me with a Loose top on. Yep she knew that at that one time in her life. I would have loved to have done her all night long. I am happy for her. She seemed to like that thought. She had always been fat and my girl was the hot sister. Her love life has always been a bad one. The boyfriend she picked up at that time. He was shot and killed that same year. Who knows she might have kept it off for him. She was never the same after she found his body under her bed. He sold coke but was a nice guy.

        6. And she lived in Simi Valley, a place were murder almost never happens. They had not had one in years at that time. Fate was not on her side

    3. Its not even shaming so much as just plain old criticism!!!
      Criticism has gotten such a bad rap lately – but it’s the ONLY way to get an objective read on something!
      And fuk – if one is irritated into becoming more fit, then its even to their benefit!!!!

      1. yup. Though you missed “fat shaming day” that was just a thing of beauty

    4. I always thought about how the world as we know it would differ if we forced everyone to be able to kill and eat an animal before they were allowed to purchase meat from a store or restaurant.
      Without the existence of factory farms and a complex supply chain sustaining all of this, obesity couldn’t exist.
      This measure would hopefully accomplish two things. Fatties might learn to consider the significance of what they’re shoveling down their throats, and anyone who wasn’t limber enough to catch a chicken wouldn’t be allowed to eat one.

      1. HA!
        And you know what they say. If you can catch a chicken you can catch greased lightning.

        1. I dunno man. I did it as a 10 year old. Human brain + normal weight = superior predator.
          Remove either of those factors and you’re left with an inferior specimen that unabated natural selection would relegate to the trash bin…

  7. Fat shaming works…Look at countries where it’s unacceptable to be fat, and look at their obesity rates.
    It fucking appalls me how little people care about the obese public. I once asked my gf what she thought about obese people, and got the typical responses of “they are not healthy but it’s their body and their choice” and “it doesn’t really affect us so why do anything about it”. Motherfucker it does affect us, as we are the ones paying for socialised healthcare, and have to look at their disgusting bodies in public.

    1. Seriously, the Russian girl I was seeing looked totally disgusted when she saw fat girls and rewind a year or so ago, the girl who stayed with me from Brazil for 2 weeks was fucking appalled at Americans wrt the way they dressed (I can’t believe people are wearing sneakers to go out and dressing in pajamas) and generally about food. The whole concept of appetizers made her laugh, especially with regard to portion size, “so you eat one dinner and then eat another dinner” and she would look at main courses and say that that is something her father would order for the family. ANd this wasn’t a poor Brazilian girl. This was a girl who went to college in Paris from a very wealthy Brazilian family. She simply couldn’t understand the portion size at all.

      1. My parents told me they went on holiday to the US before I was born. Your portion sizes are so damn huge that they would order ONE meal from the Kids’ or Starters menu, share it between them and still have leftovers. Got them a lot of dirty looks from staff at restaurants who saw them as table-hogging cheapskates.

        1. It is so true. It really is obscene. I took the Brazilian girl to a Brazilian restaurant. I had been going there a while and they wanted to meet the girl coming in. We ordered Feijoada. One main course for the table and we couldn’t even finish it. I ate twice what she did and we still only cleared half of it away. Meanwhile, a few tables down, someone was ordering an app and the Feijoada. She was laughing. I swear, I had never even really noticed.
          This played out restaurant after restaurant. The most surprising one for me was the sushi place. She ordered a “Sushi Regular” looked at it and said “this is for two people right?” The idea of eating 8 pieces of sushi and a tuna roll and having it be the “regular size….she looked at me and said “well this explains a lot.
          I am at the point now where I rarely will order two main courses. But I will order an app a main course and a desert for 2 people and split it. I tip well and drink top shelf booze so I don’t get a lot of looks that way.
          And Steve, what is most crazy, not only are your parents correct but depending on where they were they don’t know the half of it. I live in Manhattan which, by world standards is absurd wrt portion size, but by US standards is minimal. There simply are fewer fat people in cities like NY, LA or MIA than in the other parts of the country. When I went to Jacksonville I thought that the amount and types of food being eaten there was deplorable much in the same way my Brazilian girl felt about the amounts of food in NYC

        2. Me and The Girl often split an entree (not JUST cause I’m cheap)….portions here are obscene.

        3. Good tip re: the Sauce. If you go light on the food and don’t order drinks, you may as well be in Siberia, service-wise….

        4. Yup. I had this restaurant on the block I used to live that was a high end Italian place. I would go in after work and order an espresso every day. Just an espresso. They would never charge me. (When I am on program I only drink one day a week and don’t eat out at all). One day someone asked why they never charge me. Ritchie the bartender said “oh it all works out”
          By that Ritchie meant “I know that lolknee is going to walk in here on Saturday, order 2 $30 dollar scotches and leave a 100 dollar bill and say keep the change. The one espresso a week is our way of making sure he doesn’t do that at one of the 6 other places on this block”

        5. It isn’t lost. I find that if you go to the right places and treat the people right you can lock into a more old fashioned version of customer service. Look for places with a high retention rate of staff. The bartender at the Italian place I go to on Friday night’s has worked there since the late 80’s. I walk in and I have my drink by the time I work my way to the bar. I bs with him like an old friend. I go in there with a different girl every Friday and I know there is an understanding that this guy has a confidentiality agreement. I have seen customers get too drunk and watch him politely hail a guy a cab and make sure that he didn’t embarrass himself. The downside is, this is a guy you tip VERY much

        6. That might explain the dirty looks; my parents aren’t big drinkers. My mum quit drinking when she was pregnant with me and lost the taste for it. My dad only drinks the occasional pint of beer and he has discriminating tastes so couldn’t face drinking American beer. I never asked them if they tipped well but in the UK waiters can live off their basic wages so tipping is seen as completely optional; unless your waiter donates their kidney to you or something they won’t get more than 10%

        7. I recall that from the UK. Here I would tip 20% no matter what and for my local guys who I know and who treat me really well I usually tip a lot more. When I got to England for the first time and went to a bar and told the guy to keep the change (probably like 6 quid and I left 10) the next time I went back he nearly stepped on his regulars to serve me. They eventually explained.

        8. Since then, kids’ menu options and appetizers/starters have really decreased in size.

      2. The secondary problem is that we have a culture that teaches parents to ingrain in their kids the idea of finishing their plate. Very damaging.

        1. You know, I thought about this once. However, my family always encouraged me to clean my plate. I can still hear them saying that I am not moving until my plate is clean as I looked down at green objects that I didn’t understand as being actual food items. But my generation didn’t take that to mean we need to clean the plate 7 times per meal for 18 meals a day. It was more about getting a balanced died, not avoiding your vegetables in favor of starches and not being picky eaters (i.e., being grateful you were going to bed without a hungry belly).

    1. Well done bob. But admit it, at the top of the 10th you were thinking about my extra innings alien invasion weren’t you!

        1. Very much on point bob. Good chops here. I still feel it is wholly unnatural to have the Cubs be the World Champions. That said, it was pretty hilarious to see the Steamers lose and watch people go nuts when they realized they are the new cubs.

        2. It was funny as fuck – the Indians are the new Cubs, yes. I was sitting with a buddy of mine who is a die-hard Cubs fan last night. He was decked out in a Cubs jersey and hat, and was feeling pretty confident when the Cubs were up 6-3, late in the game. I told him that Cleveland would make it close, and the lead wasn’t safe. He started freaking out when Cleveland tied it. I told him to calm down, it was a done deal, the Cubs were going to rally and win it by one run. He said, “Dude, you’ll be a legend if it happens that way.” (I stood up and proclaimed that this would happen, in front of about 100 people on the patio at this outdoor bar, when Cleveland tied it, 6-6.) After he said this, I told him I already was a legend and it would happen just as I said. (Heh.) He felt a lot better then. Several young dudes had told me, “Shut up, old man”, when I stood up and proclaimed exactly what would happen (their words), along with, “You don’t know jack shit”. Sure enough…the “miracle rally” came down, and the Cubs went up by two runs, which was cut to one measly run, in the end. So after the game ended, I stood up, and I turned to the dudes who had scoffed at me, and I said in a loud voice, brandishing a swizzle stick (seriously), “Is there no one else?”…

        3. Well done Bob, well done. Today you shall bask in glory. Enjoy your quaff from the keg of glory my friend.

        4. I am feeling fine today, my friend – and thank you, I will bask in the glory of victory, while knowing victory is fleeting. The kicker was this – I went to this other bar afterwards, and our girl was there – the Olivia Wilde look-alike. Hadn’t seen her in months. She got done with her shift, and I went and sat right next to her, and asked her out, point-blank, no chit-chat, nothing. She said yes. So this Saturday, at 8:00 p.m., it is going to come down…

        5. success breeds success my friend. Everything’s coming up Bob Smith

        6. She is so freaking hot. If I get hit by a car after my date this Saturday, I’ll die happy…

        7. I’ll maintain frame…last night she asked me what she should wear for our date. I told her to bring her hot cheerleader’s outfit, but that was for later; she should wear a skirt and heels. She and her girlfriend laughed so hard I thought they were going to pee themselves. Maintain frame. Yes, always, my friend.

        8. Gotta keep it light and work towards that happy ending (when they’re ass-up and face down)…

        9. I heard the news this morning on this side of the pond and thought, “Damn. Bob was dead on with that one.”
          Kudos to you.

        10. My hometown is Cleveland. That was a great game and you guys deserve it. Chicago is a great city too.

        11. Get bent! Us real fans will thoroughly enjoy this “unnatural” state of bliss thank you very much

    2. They make the Rockin World go Round!
      and nice work on the bettin’!!! I never gave a fuk about baseball but I just love when a perceived loser WINS!

  8. I am a kind of positive guy so I want to put a positive spin on these things. For instance, if guys stay out of shape and fat that just means that a larger percentage of the hot women will be available for me.
    I should take one of those pictures with the sign that says I need feminism
    “I need feminism because once you cunts teach all the men to be faggots I will get to fuck all the hot bitches”

    1. Hmmm… Agreed with reservations. Feminism, if too successful, would also turn all “hot bitches” into heavily tattooed, phosphorescent haired land whales…
      So, as long as young females of the hot persuasion
      are preserved… feminism is fine (especially for SJW catamites).

      1. agreed and amazing picture. I am hedging on the fact that women don’t to look like the above picture and that feminism may reduce the total amount of hotties like this but will, commensurately, make enough men into faggots that the percentages work out.

        1. This. Even in san diego, there are a lot of chubs. When I visit LA however, I feel like every girl is ready for the runway. Girls really take care of thmselves in that city

        2. I have never been to SD but have heard good things. One place I want to check out based on reports from people who I know have similar tastes as me is Santa Barbara

        3. The girls hanging out by the beaches are as hot as anywhere. Inland not so much. The rich coastal suburbs just north of SD. The woman are as hot as a cat on a hot tin roof

        4. Yes, that is what I heard. My thinking would be to rent a surf board and hang out on the beach which is 70% of why I want to go there in the first place. I have never been an excellent surfer, but I can get up on a long board and ride it in and I have a lot of fun doing in. The guy I learned to surf from told me “the best surfer in the water is the one who is having the most fun”
          I figure a nice beach side hotel, a day surfing and hanging out on the beach and dinner and drinks and my chances of getting laid are as good as anyone’s in SD. In LA not so much because of my lack of club life enjoyment, industry connections or drug hookups

        5. From Del Mar North is where you want to be. It all is good
          OCEANSIDE gets rough. Past Camp Pendleton,
          San Onofre is a wee bit of secluded paradise, if it is breaking it is lovely. Just north of that basically the same area is Trestles. Less secluded and hard to get to. Famous for good reasons. But when breaking you will be surfing with the best.

        6. Golden rule: Avoid Military bases and the surrounding areas period. “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

        7. Oceanside has the honor of having a large population of Samoans. Huge, strong, and they can be mean. As as ugly. If you see a pretty Samoan girl. She is 14 years old at most, they grow fast but do not stop growing in the wrong ways. No she does not look her age. But one of her two her 6’4″ brothers are likely to remind you. Add to that mix Marines fresh out of boot camp. Yes I used to hang out down there. Mexico was safer

        8. That’s good info. I always get along with the really good surfers. Once they realize I am an amateur and just really and having a great time they all kind of warm up to me. The normal level of competitiveness they have with one another doesn’t apply because they know I am just a city clown enjoying the water. One guy out in Montauk said to me “I have never seen someone laugh so much while falling off a surfboard”

        9. I will do California one day again and probably do just that. For now I just really enjoy the Caribbean. It is such a short flight, the water is crystal blue, the people at the hotel and the local restaurants remember me….just my favorite.

        10. Samoans are generally angry assholes. There’s no good blood between them and the Marines on Hawaii.

        11. Attitude is everything and never cut them off. Any place that does not have a parking problem, you can fit in more than well enough

      2. There we go, she’ll do. Have her washed up and sent to my chambers.

        1. So, let’s get this straight: she’s a masterpiece of nature, hot as the sun surface. And you say “looks kinda mean; I can’t say I like those bitchy model photos”
          I (and lolknee), on the other hand, appreciate both “hot bitches” (emphasize BITCHES) and the proliferation of those who don’t like them…

        2. No, “au contraire”: I’m saying it’s quite convenient. I would like you to be my wingman tomorrow night.

        3. Haha. Well, here’s the thing. If she likes me, she won’t be that much of a bitch, or at least not after she ‘tested’ me.
          But when we’re talking photos, I just don’t like this kind of facial expression full of contempt.
          Then yeah, those who are really bitches all the time – I’d gladly let you have them. Maybe. Heh.

        4. Tom, sex is just sex. A trophy is easy to buy, too, if you need a docile pet to show in social events. Game, as I understand it, at least, is a thrill. The bitchy attitude, the feel of superiority of a female, the ownership of her high castle… all of them broken, wrinkled and discarded all over the floor of my bedroom (sometimes kitchen, others right in the lobby)… that’s what I like the most. And don’t get me wrong, but knowing that I (and not anybody) was the one who could overcome her, be her chosen (but also master), only adds more value to it.
          But I’ll be frank, and confess: I too, prefered “delicate”, snugglish princesses… some 20 years ago, at least.

        5. Hm. You may have a point there. It’s not all black and white. But then, would you take such a girl for a wife or a relationship? Or would that be just for the thrill? Cuase I think that subconsciously my senses are attuned to seek for signs that I can be intimate with that person at least to a certain degree, and this is kinda the opposite: The kind of person I would want to be with if I did not want it to be emotional at all.

        6. “would you take such a girl for a wife or a relationship?” I’m the worst person on Earth (except perhaps 40 yo virgins, for the opposite reason) you could ask how to MAINTAIN a relationship. Books could be written (my parents would be the editors), about my extreme ability to be bored with girls I date, after some time.
          Your senses might be right, at least in an evolutionary logic, I’m sure you are up to find THAT girl and have a beautiful family. As I said, I too had those views, but they sort of wore off. The funny thing is, I’d like to have a family (great genes, good financial situation, etc.), but I’m not ready (yet) to change my lifestyle… and that includes hot bitches.

        7. Nah, I don’t want THAT girl. I don’t want anything in particular, not consciously. Frankly, right now I am glad to live in solitude. That said, it’s simply how I feel. Maybe that’s just how my biology works, maybe it’s indoctrination, maybe a bit of both.

        8. I think that it’s merely your interpretation. She doesn’t look mean to me at all. Just a fairly neutral expression. But anyway even mean girls drop their pants and spread their legs for the god!

        9. Yes, well, you may be right. As long as I don’t genuinely regret it and I keep having full control over my way of life, fine by me.

        10. That’s not mean, that’s her daring you to grab her hair and bend her over. When you get to the point of a “relationship” (pickup) where you get that look, you have the green light for total debauchery. Being quite serious.

        11. that bitchy model face is right in my wheelhouse. It is hard to pin a type but looking like a total cunt is at least part of the package I enjoy

      1. Yes…the bar is set fairly low.
        A girl I know from florida texted me last night and said to google image “new York men” and then google image “florida men” and see if she can understand why she wants to fuck me so badly. lol

        1. Florida is America’s drain. Easiest place to live when living is all you’ve got going for you.

        2. I had pleasant memories of Florida as a kid. Went back a few years ago, and decided that was the last time I’d come back, short of flying into Miami.

        3. There seems to be something…off…about Florida to me. I don’t know what it is, maybe like the general population IQ is a good 10 points less than the rest of the nation or something (and this is saying something in a nation that contains the state of Arkansas)?

        4. Yup. My last trip to florida to be the best man at an old buddies wedding in Jacksonville was pretty rough. I decided, when I got back, that I would never travel to America again. I will go to LA, SD, LV, MIA or Caribbean Islands which were civilized by the French. I really can’t see leaving Manhattan for anything else.

        5. Some friends sent their daughter to Florida. Jacksonville as a matter of fact. A pretty little red head. She strayed single for two years down there. She and now has a geeky looking boy at her side. You just explained that to me

        6. Everybody talks about it like some kind of paradise…”goin to florida”, “retiring in Florida”…all I saw down there was check cashing places, dildo shops, crime, obesity, heat, and filth….
          (and I liked Arkansas better!)

        7. I need to write an article about Florida and being there for the first half of my life. Short version, friend Jeff, is that it’s the heat, the collision of the cultures, and the collision of inhospitable swamp with bulldozed, drained, and wholly artificial imposed modern suburbia. The Seminoles were there first, along with others, and are now mostly relegated to the panhandle. The 1800s white man came and drove cattle, and are named after the cracks of their whips as Florida Crackers, and grew oranges. Cuba in the 50s and later dumped tons of Cubans in Tampa, which is mostly ok, and Puerto Rico, since the 80s, dumped more than tons of Ricans in Miami and encroachingly higher up the peninsula, which is not OK, as Puerto Ricans, on the whole, suck.
          Central air made 1 out of 5 Yankees move down there as well, so you end up with some Rican gangbanger seducing some Pennsylvania housewife for some sex and drugs, then she’s surprised when they gut her and then throw her to the nearest alligator while old poor redneck Bob watches with resigned bemusement from across the swamp; then a hurricane comes by and destroys the evidence along with half the town. That’s Florida.

        8. Every crook, criminal, retired Jew from New York City, immigrants from Haiti and South America are in Florida. Wanna hide? Go to Florida. I think it is the weather and the beaches. I use to live in Galveston, Tx and every weirdo gravitates to the water. The ER I worked in was full of attempted suicides and off their meds lunatics who just had to go to the beach.

    2. That’s how I’ve generally felt all my life about fags, fat people, etc. The problem is when they become the mainstream culture. I can’t find thin, heterosexual, feminine women with any regularity.

      1. Come to a big city and hang out in areas where young, wealthy and affluent people spend time.

    3. I take your reasoning lolknee and expand it : it is good for us that guys out of shape, manginas, male feminists and so on stay as they are and never change : more pussy to grab for remaining real men !

    4. but feminism is the ONLY way fat, fugly chicks can get attention!! don’t take that away too no just noooooooooo!

      1. I hear suicide garners a lot of attention….so they can still kill themselves.

  9. This Australian species of land whale has created a GoFundMe page to raise money. Money that she will then presumably use to buy more fat causing food so that she can then stuff her face and then brag about how fantastic is to be disgustingly fat in all sorts of new and inventive ways.
    She has set a target of $1000 and has raised a total of (….drum roll….) $44 in just four short months. Just imagine how many pizzas, double cheeseburgers and buckets of fried chicken she could buy with that money?
    And ‘she’ actually looks like a man. Here ‘she’ is hard at work doing research for her fat activism.

    1. Hahahahahahaha, shows how much others care about her “cause” – two donations, I’d think probably by herself to make it look legit.

      1. I was never a Rollins fan. Not my scene. Still, I wonder why you saw that about him.

        1. Just some of the asinine shit he says bothers me being emotional and illogical and SJW talking points. That and the ‘music’ isn’t brutal enough for my tastes.

        2. I was never a fan really of his music. Total other direction….much too brutal for my tastes. That said, I have never really paid attention to what the help believes….my maid, the minstrels that entertain me, the chefs that cook for me can all believe what they want….concerning yourself with the opinions of your lessers is never a good idea. I believe that he is probably all about that bs SJW life….but that doesn’t bother me quite so much as me subjectively disliking his music.

        3. see my comment to BH above. I am not a fan of his music but paying attention to the beliefs of the help is never going to end well.

        4. Indeed. More I get annoyed if somehow I hear such unadulterated idiocy but it is to be expected coming from the average peon and intellectual midget.

        5. Right. I have a little Ecuadorian woman who cleans my apartment on Fridays and Mondays. Can you imagine me sitting with her trying to ask her what she thinks about, well, anything other than cleaning supplies.
          I like Brad Pitt movies, I like Michael Jackson music, I think Huey Lewis is cool, I like Brian the bartender at my Friday regular spot and Sharif the bartender at my Saturday spot, I like the guy I turn to for weightlifting and nutrition advice but make no mistake — they are the help.

        6. agreed. There have been bits and bobs of decent stuff to come along here and there but 1989 is a good demark point for when decent music stopped being made.

        7. American Psycho is a book (and later a movie) which was based on my generation….specifically in NYC….specifically with regard to people who were affluent or attempting to be affluent…..specifically with regard to yuppies. It is an accurate portrayal of the sub culture and city and time I lived in.

        8. I know. Just breakin’ balls.
          As a product of the ’80s, I recognize it as more of a Period Piece than a ‘slasher-killer-horror’ movie.
          It’s a fun exercise to identify the movies that seem to sum up your own culture and experience.
          After due consideration I have to confess that “Clerks” sadly best sums up my immediate post-HS years…I’ve yet to find the film that captures the years since.

        9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off did a good job with the kind of people I grew up with. Heh.

        10. The movie (and more so the book) are actually interesting because they point to the moral system of the age being surpassed by more superficial things. In some interview somewhere when asked if Bateman really killed those people or if he was hallucinating the whole thing Easton basically said “it doesn’t matter and that is the point”
          That is a sensibility that I took very much to heart long before this book was penned. The end part with the real estate broker in the apartment where Bateman was expecting to find all the dead bodies was really one of the great moments…..again…you can’t tell if the real estate broker cleaned up multiple dead and mutilated bodies and got a condo ready to be viewed because selling the condo was more important than the death of a dozen useless shits or if Bateman was a total lunatic and none of it ever happened…..and you can argue one way or the other but in the end it simply doesn’t matter….

        11. Agreed except for bartenders. I’ve always had great luck with chick bartenders, for whatever reason.

        12. Well GOJ I really don’t care what women think at all….bartender or not…..the thoughts of pretty girls and butterflies do not interest me….only their beauty.

        13. I mean strictly in the pick-up sense, not the “I really find you interesting” sense.

        14. oh, haha…naturally. Yes, I have always preferred male bartenders as bartenders but female bartenders as eye candy. In the end, as I alluded to before, I really try to avoid personal interactions with “the help” so male bartenders are usually my preference.

        15. yeah, that kind of resonated here too. The “cool” kids with all the answers. But we raised our share of hell too.

        16. I recall that interview. He’s right. That’s what makes it a deeper piece of work. And pretty much Christian Bale can do no wrong in my book. He wouldn’t have been in anything cheap or silly.

      2. A cuck? You mean he watches his wife get plowed by negroes? Gotta love these alt.right terms (sarcasm).

      3. That might be harsh, but I generally dislike musicians/artists/performers who suddenly re brand themselves as philosophers, trading on their existing popularity.

    1. Whoa, I hardly recognized him. Especially the voice.
      I take it this was before he went full leftard on us, and before he got the bright idea to tattoo a histogram/equalizer onto the nape of his neck?

  10. Well done. Good stuff, all. I, as a person who could stand to drop 20lbs, am fully on board with these measures. Just to show I’m not a hypocrite.

  11. I’m a nurse. Take a good look at #4. These BBW’s can get away with the lard when young, but once 40 hits it is like a freight train on a down slope. Ever had to roll over one of those orcas and wash that smelly, yeasty ass and rotten mackerel? Don’t ask.

    1. Oh sweet holy mother of god……that is the worst image I can imagine.

        1. My hat is off to you friend. I don’t know how you do it. Shit, I have a hard time being nice to 7’s

    2. “Best” thing to happen is when you put a gastric band in them and they actually gain weight afterwards, on account of “smoothies”… Fats will be fat.

    3. It is the same in the USA. The girls and their mothers look a lot better in the rich parts of town

      1. Exactly what I’ve seen in Philly. As it’s become more expensive and desirable (god knows why…..do they think they’re getting NY jr.?), the local talent is far more visually pleasant. Wealthy people simply look better.

    4. Put their yeast into a jar and trick them. Tell them it’s a mayonnaise or something. LOL

    5. It’s a FACT fat bitches can not wash themselves very good because of all that blubberness! One heavy chunka sat next to me in church and it was the worst smell imaginable.

  12. Luckily(or intentionally) I live in fat free zones now. Miami Beach, Hampton’s, NYC…
    The Bronx Zoo has plenty of hippos, but mostly women are fairly hot where I go…
    Or maybe I just don’t see them…
    Otherwise I would be very depressed. My type is very petite…
    I just spoke to a skinny 6′ dutch chick. Across the road form a photography studio, thought model, but student…Awesome here
    Perhaps there already are subtle separation zones based on finance?
    Is fly over country/UK/Australia worse?

    1. In the UK, if you stick around high-class neighborhoods, like Chelsea, you’ll see beautiful, fit girls (and their MILF mothers). In poor areas, you’ll find the whales. Whales of all sorts, I must say: hindu whales, polish whales, brit whales (of course), hairy whales…

    2. Rich girls mostly stay thin. And if a middle class girl lives close the rich girls, she will also stay thin.

      1. perhaps also IQ, and “family values”.
        My kid is at a private school, which competes with other NYC private schools…no fatties…fit, healthy kids.
        Many of the mom’s are also trophy wives and fairly fit looking, although aging poorly (but different issue)

        1. One must remember the hotter girls gravitate to the richer boys. Genetics being what they are, they have hot daughters

        2. for better or worse, rich people:
          -are more vain
          -eat better
          -have the resources/encouragement to participate in physical sport
          -have nicer clothes

        3. Rich men will (generally) not tolerate fat women. They are used to having the best of everything. And the “best” of women sure as shit isn’t someone who weighs as much as a small planet. Rich guys with fat women; generally a temporary situation; divorce coming soon.

        4. also lower cortisol levels, more free time, are less likely to have a brood of little shits to take care of and are more prone to live their lives for themselves rather than for others.

        5. Genetics are very important. It is why I have never been either a tit man or an ass man. I feel that booty is for the savages. And tits are like a corvette….a luxury sports car for blue collar workers. Give me legs and facial bone structure (jaw bone, pronounced clavicle, etc)

        6. I’m always pretty much appreciated it all. but if a girl only has one feature. it needs to be her face. I have never much understood guys who get excited over a girl who has only one good feature

        7. Politicians damage that theory, as will the eventual progeny of folks like Zuckerberg.

        8. when you go to the high-tech little Villages up here in the Northwest. You find that the girls are better looking as are the wives even though Daddy is not hot. Now I live in a little town up here full of farmers and Tradesmen who mostly make pretty good money. Mom and Dad both tend to be pretty good-looking and yes the kids are really good looking. The difference mostly is with the boys they are bigger and just a little better looking. While not billionaires these people are pretty well-off so it doesn’t really change the theory

    3. This is my experience too with NYC Hampton’s and Miami. Only caveat….NYC=Manhattan under 96th street Hamptons means hamptons…do not get lost in eastern long island and Miami I have yet to unlock. Aside from my best man duties down there I have been unlucky in Miami. I think it is because I am not a club guy. I don’t know. Women have been extraordinary, I have just never done very well with them there. I assume that, like all cities, there is a code to be unlocked in Miami. Since I have only been there 3 times and never for more than 2 days per time I just haven’t figured out the algorithm.

      1. That’s interesting. Since I don’t frequent cities if I can help it (I even stay away from Columbus except for rare visits to go to an OSU game or visit my son), I only know “not city” game. Strangely enough, it seems to apply wherever you go, if it isn’t too clannish (for example, middle of nowhere Wyoming, you’re not going to even get an IOI unless you’ve been introduced through a local social network). The girls in suburbia/urban Ohio are the same level of “easy to read” as girls in Pennsylvania or girls in Missouri.

        1. putting aside college towns (which are pretty much everything goes in my experience) my small town experience has been different. Remember, when I come in I am already different. I am “that guy from out of town” and then “the guy from new York city”
          This immediately casts me in a particular light. For one, the women already know that I am not looking to be their boyfriend, that I am leaving town soon and that I probably have a wider range of sexual experience based solely on living an urban life. For some of them this will make them curious and set them to going after me. For others it will put me on an immediate “do not fuck” list. However, the largest group is somewhere in the middle…girls who will be curious and leave it up to you on just what will happen. The one huge difference with this middle group and with cities in general is that there are consequences. If some girl in a small town or even suburban town lets me dick her down all night and then I am gone the next day she will have to deal with the fallout of that most likely. At the very least her friends will mention it and she might get a label as being a whore which will lower her SMV.
          Now, I am not saying that women wouldn’t very willingly do this but they want to do it without being called out on it. They want to BE slutty…but not to FEEL slutty….so if I am, say, upstate NY in the small town where my family lives and I am at the one bar that is in safe driving range and I meet a girl there and she fucks me…she is going to be the girl who fucked so and so’s cousin lolknee from the city…and that is going to stick with her for a bit.
          This same situation can play out in a city with near total anonymity which is a big reason why it is so much easier to have ONS here.
          All this said, different cities have different rules I found. I had a hard time getting laid in Los Angeles partly because there are loads of guys for every girl but also because I don’t do the whole club thing which is important if you want the hot women. I believe this is similar in Miami. In New York and in Chicago I found that I can sit at any steak house bar in a suit and tie and work my way into the well tailored skirt of whomever comes by based on charm rather than flash (flash being MIA and LA).

        2. Based on how you dress, you’d stick out immediately as “foreign”, no question. I don’t, I generally ping the “big dangerous looking cowboy” bell and that’s a huge thing for lots of women outside of cities. If I walk into a bar in, I dunno, Smallville Kansas I might seem like “the new guy” but I don’t come across as “the traveling through town Big City Hotshot guy”.

        3. To be fair, all the small town places I have gone into have been with either family or friends who were locals so my announcement as “cousin or friend from the big city” has proceeded my arrival usually by at least a few days. There have been times when this worked in my favor in a big way and other times when I have met really nice girls who just didn’t want to be so and so’s cousin from the cities country girl conquest. So there is that bit of difference.
          As for dress, I tend to always dress the same though I obviously tone it down in certain places not to seem like a total fucking asshole. Still, when I go up to the farm for Christmas this December and we head out to the local bar I will wear jeans and a button up and a jacket because that is how I dress.

        4. “For one, the women already know that I am not looking to be their boyfriend, that I am leaving town soon..”
          I have had past success in that regard. Usually visiting family. Being in town only a few days and a bit aloof, tends to give the small town girl the cover she needs. Also being able to keep your mouth shut (no dents to her reputation) usually ensures another hook up at your leisure if you roll through town again.

        5. agreed. I have had success with it and failure due to it. It is a mixed bag and has a lot to do, in my experience, with how many people know you. So, like I mention below, when I take the train to the small town my family lives in my 9 cousins will take me out to a bar. Everyone knows them in the small town as they have lived their all their lives as have their parents as have their (and my) gandparents AND great-grandparents. So I go into the bar or a restaurant and it is already “oh you must be so and so’s cousin — from down in the city” That sometimes makes it hard. It is not like a girl like that can disappear without everyone knowing exactly what is going on. However, if we got one town over and my cousins know people through other people and it is less right in your face and then introduce me, then I can be the out of town aloof guy who rings some bells

        6. LA has a few games. During the day, you have to be rich, or connected (or lie about it). People love talking about who they know in the industry.
          At the club, caveman courage is a valuable skillset. When the bar lights turn on, shes actually probably cuter than you thought.
          Finding the after parties however is the biggest social proof. Everybody whos anybody knows somebody whos having an after party. At the end of the night, every girl wants to find one. Its crazy how many girls will willingly come back to your (buddy’s) place if its close to the bar. They will want drugs tho.

        7. This all seems right to me. I had 0 connections to anyone in the city. I was there for the weather. I don’t like clubs so I stuck to restaurants and the hotel bars and I didn’t know anyone so parties were a no go. I didn’t even have any drug connections. It was tough for me.

        8. True. In a lot of cases, there was both mutual attraction, but I simply didn’t have the time and her the oppotunity.
          I once went home for my mothers birthday (Saturday night) and my sibs, dad and I took her out to her favorate restaurant and for a few drinks. Mom’s siblings and their kids (my cousins) all met us at the bar and we had a good time buying rounds. My older (over 21) cousins asked me out for some after hours drinks and we agreed on a place (across the street). We went around 11 PM and about midnight a cute blonde appeared on my elbow. I recognized her– she was the bar maid from the other place. She overheard where we were going and– she and I were back at her place before 1. Sunday morning I stumble in and my mother said, “your cousins must of shown you a hell of a good time.” Me, “yes they did. Forgive me if I don’t go to mass with you.” LOL!
          I flew out Monday.

        9. well done…..and yes.My guess is that if you tried to stick around to closing time and bring her somewhere where he coworkers and friends saw you would have got a wall of ice. and interesting animal these women are.

  13. There is no damn excuse for being fat. And I would sooner masturbate than fuck an obese woman. This world of ugly girls will never change until we all stop giving the land whales any love at all.
    My ex wife is called skinny these day. And she is 15 lbs over her prime of life weight. The young bucks at work tell me I have a thing for spinners. Dudes I like the same things I always have liked. And what you call spinners, that was dead average in Southern California in the 1970’s into 2000. And damn it, you are not curvey if you do not have your biggest curve at your waist.
    And it disgusts me that I get complemented on my build. I need to lose 20lbs it is not all muscle. But outside of a few gym rats most guys are almost as fat as the girls

    1. I like the same type, we shouldn’t go hunting together…
      Love the word spinners.
      I mostly prefer women half my age, and half my weight…(need to be over 36yo, and 180lbs for that)

      1. I take half my age and half my weight is good. Unless she she is under 5’4″. I like short girls but always end up with tall ones

      2. ha…my 36th birthday I was dating a wild 18 year old girl who surprised me with one of her friends as a birthday present. It was the only time I ever banged someone my age……..the two of them and me…..I still remember the whole night in its entirety. The best line was me on my sofa having a drink and getting ready to go out when they turned around and pulled up their skirts and asked me which of them had a nicer ass. That evening creeps into my head from time to time

        1. Somehow I wouldn’t think it would creep. I think it would be something that brings a smile. Back in my youth I rejected threesome was only because I was too naïve to think that was not just freakish. Now at my age now I just don’t think I’m going to find two women who both want to do me, at the same time who are attractive to me. Which means some of us never had a threesome

        2. oh it always brings a smile. The “creep” part just means it comes to my mind when I am trying to concentrate on other things.

        3. that it was. But remember, I was a philosophy professor at the time. This was a thrill for the girls as much as it was for me.

      1. Yes I had to ask that myself. Apparently a spinner is an extremely small skinny girl. I’m only going to guess where that came from. You probably can pick them up and spin them around. For some weird reason they think my appreciation of girls that are 5 foot 4 and 115 pounds means I like spinners. I tell them, in my my youth I dated girls that were 5 foot 1 and 105 pounds they absolutely freak. Nor do they believe that girls who are five foot ten and only weigh 120 are normal. I’m sure you appreciate that’s just the Heights and weights girls were back then. The D cup breast size and big butt with its big waist was just not appreciated. Even the black girls were mostly thin back then. These young guys would go ape shit over girls I rejected for having too big of an ass

        1. Agreed except on the D cup thing. I don’t recall any guys being put off by a skinny girl with large hooters, growing up.
          The fat ass thing is absolutely revolting. It wasn’t 15 years ago that having a fat ass was considered the worst thing in the world for women (and rightly so).

        2. No my point was that the D cups were rare. Only so many girls are genetically designed to have breasts that big and be thin. Now a huge percentage of girls have D cups along with a fat ass
          Those few girls with big breasts and small waists were highly sought-after

        3. I love large hips, and we are biologically programmed to search for them, in women…
          The “fat ass cult”, I believe, was started by the black community that insisted in calling large, wide hips a “big ass”. It’s not the same thing, one is lateral bone structure, the other, posterior cellulite deposits. But then it went popular…

        4. I’m not so sure that blacks were calling wide hips a “big ass”, since black women have a genetic predisposition towards having actually yuge rears, aka Steatopygia (NSFW wiki link).
          Wide hips might come “standard” with the stereotypical “steatopygian” black backside but I can’t see the two traits being conflated.

        5. Well, I see your point… However, steatopygia is readily identifiable in specific khoisan tribes, most blacks won’t exhibit that trait (it’s more than simply “big buttocks”, it includes a different osteoarticular configuration and sexual anatomy, with prolapsing uterus, hyperelastic vagina, etc.).
          But I won’t get into that. One thing we can have for sure is that even considering steatopygia a “natural” feature, it was selected by cultural preference (and emanating from that, sexual selection). Accepting that, this cultural preference would only become standard (outside the african community) if it was linked with a much sought after (and useful) anatomophysiological trait, “wide hips”.

        6. Oh please asshole!! Then why is it now mostly WHITE WOMEN doing all the damn squawking about “fat shaming” and BBW FOH you racist prick!!!

    2. “…I would sooner masturbate than fuck an obese woman.”
      Years ago I tried that (just for the experience), and masturbation is REALLY better! Think of:
      1. Sweat, sweat, and more sweat, even in Rostock’s cold winter nights.
      2. Sounds (schlop, schlop and so on, EVERYWHERE)
      3. Feels like you’re drowning
      4. You can’t stay in, it’s like trying an arrow shot from afar
      5. Lack of experience (fatties don’t do it that often, you know?)
      6. Bad reputation as an outcome
      Even if big boobs are a turn on for you, people reading this: IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.

      1. I did a fat girl once. Now she would be called curvy. I still do remember the sound of me slapping against her ass. I didn’t like it. But I’m being serious when I say today should be called curvy. because her waist was much smaller than everything else on her. But I call her fat because it was a big waist.

        1. The sound thing is disgusting, a man can’t switch off the “what a f*ck am I just doing” alarm.
          My experience was in the same “grade” of yours, I wouldn’t call her obese, simply overweight, and she was really tall, but still… she was fat. My point being: lesson learned.

        2. I’m not being critical. Today a girl needs to be fatter to be called fat. I find myself doing it. With so many being fat your standards drop. Any jiggle in the butt used to be yuck. Now not so much

    3. Oh, so you’re saying that I’m not beautiful and I don’t have curves? FUCK YOU!

  14. Mr. Potluck’s article is pretty good, although he should tone down the manosphere-speak in 6. “Thirst” should only be used in the context of someone or something needing a drink, not to indicate loneliness. Words mean things!

    1. Ok, we’ll go ahead and alter a long used Manosphere term to satisfy you.
      No, seriously, we’ll get right on that.

        1. “Thirst” conjures a mental image of a guy crawling in the Sahara Desert dying for a drink, even a drop of water. Some men behave this way, as if there were no women around, and thus will take anything they can get.
          This is desperation. A lack of confidence. A man without standards. Even feminist women find such men repugnant.

  15. When did they start calling fat women curvy? Rolls aren’t curvy.
    Curvy= good

    1. The curves are on the wrong places
      Obese women don’t have curves they have U-turns you see them and you U-turn

  16. The only error is demanding workouts. Search http://dietdoctor.com for exercise and you find ,any losing weight without it.
    Banning sugar and simple starches or treating them like we do cigarettes is a better answer. Sugar is addictive, causes type 2 diabetes, and isn’t needed for nutrition. You are never satisfied because it tells your body to store, not burn fat, so you become lethargic.
    Eat fat, and you get satisfied and stop eating and start burning your body fat.
    Exercise is good for other reasons, but not obesity.
    Cure the carb addiction, you cure obesity.

    1. tl;dr Sugar is like cigarettes or heroin, so saying to an addict to just use less and exercise doesn’t work. You need to shame the sugar/starch addiction, not the visible effects.

      1. agreed about this 100%. I mean, a lot of the stuff we look at today and say is bad (red meat, milk, eggs, blah blah blah) is bullshit politics. But that someone would have a pack-a-day cigarette habit knowing what we know now is basically suicide and I think health insurances should be able to refuse coverage or charge insanely high premiums (that should be passed to the smoker and not employer). The same with sugar and starch addiction. I know people who can smoke one cigarette a day. Whatever. Not a big deal. That is like having a little desert after dinner on Saturday night. But if you are eating a bowl of pasta and following it up with cake 7 nights a week you should seriously be put on a list somewhere.

        1. Personally I don’t think it’s anyone’s business what another does, provided the system is set up correctly.
          Health insurance should be deregulated and made optional, and then I’d bet that a smokers insurance would only be marginally higher if at all compared to a non smokers, but fat people would pay a shit ton more.
          Reason being that smokers who die of it do so relatively quickly and thus do not cost the system as much. They might even get a discount VS non smokers.
          The whole thing has to be factored in, everyone dies of something, and everyone is more of a burden on the system the older they get, fat people in particular.

        2. I agree with this in principle….however, the insurance industry is only slightly above politicians and child molesters in terms of ethics. They do, in some ways, need to be regulated…..fat people, smokers, drug addicts….sure…absolutely. Safe drivers should get lower rates than not safe drivers as well….but there does need to be oversight because the insurance companies have a very scary business model….they basically have both the patient and the doctor by the nuts.

    2. Depends on what you mean by exercise. Avoiding a sedentary life (what some people might consider exercise but I do not) is very important for all people. I don’t care how healthy your diet is. It can be 100% perfect. If you are living a totally sedentary life you will be skinny fat which is only marginally better than actually fat. I believe that every single person should get a minimum of 1 hour of strenuous exercise three times a week and that is base line substance and on top of a mandatory active lifestyle.

      1. Exactly! Moreover, exercise facilitates a better quality sleep, a better daily mood and more discipline regarding your meals’ schedule (along with a more reasonable, natural appetite).

      2. I would agree with this, but I live in a small town where everything is within walking distance, so I do a lot of walking. I can sometimes stretch that into a jog or sprint or run, but I usually reserve that for the gym. Most people in urban areas have to drive everywhere including to the gym

        1. Depends on the urban area. I live 4 blocks from one gym and 5 from another. However, what do you do on weekends? I see people on a nice day playing video games and am shocked….kids and adults. I am in as urban an area as it gets but best believe when whether permits I will go take a bike ride, a run in the park, maybe take the train to the beach or even something dumb like play catch in the park with friends. The day you catch me in 80 degree weather sitting home at 2 in the afternoon watching tv on a sunday I give you full permission to just murder me.

      1. You can’t if you consume anything that causes an insulin spike. The insulin tells your body to store fat (and sugar converts to fat) so there won’t even be the energy available to build muscle. Those who have gone low-carb into ketosis find they have more than enough energy to do triathalons. Those on the carb treadmill get exhausted quickly.

        1. This was my problem. Turns out it is also genetics. Per a genetic test, I have the genes to trend towards being fat. When I first started to lose weight, my body would ‘shut down’ after losing just a few pounds. Exercise became painful at that point.
          My doc explained that I had a classic famine response. Problem went away once I cut back the carbs and increased saturated fats (supplements also helped). Took about three weeks to get adapted to the new diet.

        2. Exactly. I’m built wide so I’d be emaciated at my “correct weight”, Everyone’s genetics are different, some want a bit extra fat to survive the famines in their ancient homelands (and other things – I’ve been described as having a “Liver of the Gods” since alcohol, caffeine, and most medicines have little effect – but try having dental work done when you can’t be numbed).
          Once you get into your grove, you can own the world.

    1. I learned that you can use a fence in a field to comical effect. That photo is actually pretty funny.

      1. That was the one image I snagged for my library!
        (and I know I’m going to do this myself eventually…)

  17. I hope all you fatties on here take this advice. You know who you are. Don’t pretend you aren’t fat. Excuses are no longer acceptable.

  18. Not sure if this is a modest proposal, but I would disagree with it if it is serious. Fat shaming is the province of the private sector, not governments. Governments are for locking up rapists and murderers, and keeping foreign invaders out. Most of the time they do other shit, they fail miserably.

    1. Fair enough. No government. Between the insurance companies and the citizenry I think we can get er done.

  19. Do our country a service…befriend a fatty, get them blind drunk & put them on a one way flight to Bangladesh with no money. If they ever return, they will be thin.

    1. Sounds like she picked up on him finding her a disgusting masculine fat pig. Which I assume he would, being an actual, you know, straight man.

      1. Yes….but it is even more nefarious than that. I mean she specifically said “he wasn’t mean” and then invents a dialogue. Her problem is that he was sitting down at a show. She sat down next to him. He looked up acknowledging that someone was taking the seat next to him and then went to his phone and flipped through social media totally not paying attention to her” which is quite literally “the civilized way to behave in an audience while waiting for a show to start”

        1. She’s a fucking looney toon of the first order. She invents a whole reality in her head and then expects everybody to just accept it.
          How such an ugly, fat, entitled, untalented hack has been able to make enough money to rub two nickles together is anybody’s guess.

        2. I get how she has the money. There are a lot of fat, entitled, untalented pigs out there. She was propped up to make them get some good feelz about their life and they tossed money at it.

    2. By now you people know me to be a very tolerant and understanding man,
      but she is a goddamn fukkin retard basket-case….

      1. well she did rape her own sister so yeah, she is pretty fucked up

        1. And her poor sister is now a lesbian. Like 70% of all lesbians she is product of sexual child abuse. That correlation is simply too big, to not be a cause

        2. quite likely, but don’t forget feminism, although that’s just a slightly indirect form of child / young adult abuse.

        3. Based on what she wrote it seems highly likely that Dunham may have helped orient her sister’s sexuality. I tend to take women’s sexuality with a pinch of salt these days, as it’s generally contaminated by feminism. Whatever it’s other determinants – childhood abuse, emotionally remote mothers or whatever, lesbianism as we know it is an overwhelmingly manufactured identity, and moreover an ideologically manufactured identity. Most of the time it’s as fake as plastic nails

        4. I had young slut, as in a girl who fucks more than one new a guy a week, sitting on my desktop looking at lesbian porn. I don’t understand and never will

        5. Doesn’t mean much. Female sexuality has been the target of feminist sexologists and queer theorists who’ve sought to introduce young women to alternative sexual ‘choices’ (i.e. what they say). By viewing porn in front of you and / or others she may also have been making a statement about her sexuality /sexual politics particularly if her promiscuity might otherwise seem to suggest she was ‘gagging for it’. Sexual freedom for feminism is defined against heterosexuality (seen as oppressive) therefore signalling her interest / preference for other women demonstrates that she is sexually liberated and also as such sexually active in her own right, as opposed to merely a slut gagging for cock. As a cultural phenomenon bisexuality / lesbianism is entirely political

    3. “‘That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog.’”
      Sounds like she has a pretty keen sense of self-image actually

      1. yes. when all he did was notice someone in his periphery and go back to what he was doing.

        1. He didn’t do anything. As always its all about Lena Dunham’s hang-ups. Interestingly I’d say the above fantasy dialogue suggests Paglia’s ‘Lena Dunham is a tub of lard fat’ has actually got to her. But of course she was wearing a tux, so technically she’s trans-fat

        2. trans-fat! lol
          Man, I can only wish she said something nasty to me so I could just say “go rape your sister”

    4. And then handed in a sorry/not sorry, woe is me apology essentially blaming the world for her insecurities and resulting bad behavior. “I owe Odell Beckham Jr an apology. Despite my moments of bravado, I struggle at industry events (and in life) with the sense that I don’t rep a certain standard of beauty and so when I show up to the Met Ball surrounded by models and swan-like actresses it’s hard not to feel like a sack of flaming garbage. This felt especially intense with a handsome athlete as my dinner companion and a bunch of women I was sure he’d rather be seated with.”

  20. I say encourage them to hurry up and off themselves. The majority of health care spending in my country is spent keeping 90 year old dementia patients alive for one more day, despite their pain, or knowing their loved ones. I intend to be one of those crazy of fuckers, so I want that health care money for me and me alone. I want all these fat fucks dead by 50.

    1. above a 9, maybe as high as 9.4, But you are right she does have manly jawbones and small tits

        1. That is a good looking woman. Maybe a bit more testosterone than needed but still very attractive. A a high 7 but in this world of fat girls call her an 8.
          You do know what high testosterone girls have going for them? If they understand fidelity and you are getting it all. They will leave a strong man worn out and happy

    2. “she looks a little too much like post op Michael Jackson for my liking”
      You’re just ignorant

    3. I always wanted to see a mathematical study on the 0-10 scale for womens looks. I think the numbers people report are way too often skewed to the right. Your average girl should be a 5, most say their dates fall into the 7-8 range. Doubt it.
      What I would do is take pictures of all women in a college campus and have a group of 10 guys and have each order them from prettiest to ugliest. The scores represented should follow a normal curve, with the majority falling in the 4-6 range. Adjust the sigma so the best score gets a 10, the uglist gets a zero. I would bet you most would have a 1 or 2 point drop at least.

      1. That’s true, but a college aged 5 is still at least an 8 if you consider women into their 30s, 40s or beyond. There is a scale within each age group, but also a scale across age categories.

        1. true, I suppose you would have to define what your survey sample is. Back in my dating days, it was only the college girls. 18-25. I suppose that I am middle aged now, I would do a different study

        2. Letting my nerd side show…..
          If you lined up 10,000 girls in a row from prettiest to ugliest, following the normal curve this is what it should look like
          best looking girl – 10
          9th – 9
          99th – 8
          606th – 7
          2206th – 6
          5000th – 5
          7794th – 4
          9394th – 3
          9901th – 2
          9991th -1
          10000th – 0

        3. so there’s 600 hotties in 10,000
          has the “bulge” of the curve moved to the right in recent decades?

        4. I would say at least two points to the right. If you are talking with your buddies around a campfire about a girl and you mention that she is a 7, that means to them she was about average. If you say 8, that means above average, if you say she was average looking, it means ugly. If you say 9 or 10, it means you are just making up crap.

    4. Agree on the face… I’m concerned on hip and shoulder dimensions.
      My eyes could be playing tricks on me, but those shoulders look too broad and the hips look not that hourglass-ish.

  21. There is a desperate need to impose something like this on food stamp recipients in the area I live in.

  22. As a formally way too fat guy:
    I want to thank whomever (I can’t recall the name) who recommended the Keto diet here on ROK. I got fat after a really bad accident (complete with nerve damage) greatly reduced my physical activity.
    Been lifting and doing cardio since regaining the use of my right arm. Got good muscle tone, but was still too fat. Since cutting waaaay back on carbs I have been able to drop 25+ lbs of fat, without starving, or feeling like crap.

  23. In the case of fat chicks, also do the following:
    1. No clothes greater than “large” or whatever the equivalent female size is.
    2. Make smartphones so that when they take selfies, they provide ACTUAL female metrics (waist size, etc)
    3. Jail for a term of 10 years, ANY fat chick that wears yoga pants anywhere

    1. 1. No clothes greater than “large” or whatever the equivalent female size is.

      Landwhale Amy Schumer has already started heading this one off, by wearing “size 6” clothing…

  24. I remember the good ole days of Camel and Marlboro commercials. Activists worked hard to shut those down while stuffing their fat fucking faces with McDonald’s. Now we have laws banning smoking in bars of all places.
    I’d never advocate habitual smoking, but there are times where lighting up a cigar or cigarette after a hard day’s work is just what the doctor ordered. What do these three ads below have in common? I’m sure you guys will notice. No wonder they don’t allow them on TV anymore.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b9dd22ce168ae0e60645a79ebed9e47c7d04cecc9de0d444c991f253093a16d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a05e6cb2c781e9751d4a67d8d62bc981fa91afc2b7f76f522cd92832a332934.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9bd17bddc0d4a285a9ca740e95eb33ddcaac4e1fdb25a540dd76e4687ffc7c92.jpg

    1. You a social outcast for smoking, but everyone is supposed to call you beautiful if you are 50lbs over weight. Which kills faster? No doubt being 50lbs overweight is the bigger killer

      1. Definitely. Rob Reiner, that fat sack of shit, was a huge anti-smoking advocate. The anti-smokers are the most hypocritical as they’re the ones leading the least healthy lifestyles.

        1. Often true. Back in the day we used to say if she smoked she poked. It was true most of the time. Now the girls who want to look like they put out easy get fat, are making a mess of their hair, tatting it all up and putting far to many holes where they do not belong. In other words back they the whores were otherwise hot. Now they tend to ugly themselves up

        2. that is what got me started back in the day, bumming a smoke off a girl or vice versa…..much more attractive than sharing a Hagen Daas.

    2. Smokers are often time thinner than non smokers as smoking suppresses hunger. When smokers quit they gain weight. This used to be one of the excuses women would use to continue smoking.

        1. peer pressure. Hang with smokers, let one pack of cigarettes in the house, say you admire the elegance of smoking women…
          But, unless she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or has a family history of Alzheimer’s, I wouldn’t recommend it.

        2. Just kidding, she is still skinnier and better looking than most her age. 14 years and 6 kids has taken it’s toll though.

  25. Here is why I propose, once a conservative government reaches the White House, to create Fat Control Laws (“F.C.L”)…

    The trick there is that no conservative government would create such laws.
    It’d take a nanny state leftist like Michael Bloomberg to see that happen.

  26. No thanks, I don’t want to live in a fascist world where the government tells me what to do. I’m my own man, not a kid who needs to be disciplined for his own good.
    Shaming, I guess that’s fine. If people wanna tell me I’m a disgusting pig, so be it. Their free speech and shit. But mandatory workouts? Seriously?

        1. I sure hope so, if this were a serious piece, I would look for a new website to waste my time.

        2. My way of thinking is to teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves. For those who don’t govern themselves, there can be laws, but very lenient.
          Limit food stamps to people under 400 lbs could be a good one.

        3. Curious about your sources regarding Japan, can you link something?
          I’ve been to Japan a few times, and you very rarely see Japanese fat people. During about two weeks touring Osaka and Kyoto etc I counted something like 3-4 fat people in total, all girls.
          I suspect that there is a lot more obesity in the hikikomori shut in population, but that’s just a hunch.

  27. Wow, I’m so pissed right now. Trying to order food and there’s like a 100 ‘restaurants’. I live in Munich. Out of those 100, 5 deliver ‘German’ food. But look closer: They actually don’t. They probably have one Schnitzel on their card, so they’re in the category ‘German’ as well.
    It’s all just full of fucking Italians, Turks, Greeks, etc. Try to get some decent meal that is NOT a pizza and you’re fucked.

    1. Best place I ever ate at was this authentic German restaurant in Portland OR. 15 years later on a vacation, I take my wife back there, they turned it into this hippie pub. So disappointed.

      1. Yeah, it’s sad.
        I’m actually a Czech. It amazes me. Italian restaurants are EVERYWHERE. But find a Czech one. Czech food is really really good. And not just good in a ‘weird exotic’ sense. It’s really fine. A bit similar to German food, but I like it even more.
        There’s maybe 2 restaurants in the 100km radius of Munich that are Czech. And Czech is our neigbor country!
        I wonder what’s up with that. As if someone was pulling the strings, you know. Encouraging immigration only from certain countries or whatever. I don’t get it. Most of this food they deliver is really crappy.

        1. Not even sure what Czech food would be, Reinland foord is weiners, sauerkraut, sour cream, type stuff. I would imagine similar, but a little more Mediterranean or influence.

        2. Looks good. I know this girl what will promise to polish your knob if you take her out to eat at a fancy place like that, but then she will say she has to leave from the date early and not return your calls.

        3. This isn’t fancy. In Czech, these two are standard foods. Heh. And in Czech, these two are also cheaper than your average pizza in Germany.

        4. i went to germany for 2 weeks a couple of years ago….best fucking food ever.
          or maybe its average compared to europe and american food is just that awful…..well except this one local restaurant by me…..this guy is a master of masters chef. dude cooks the best food in the world hands down

    2. Yup, that’s Germany 2016. Hamburg and Berlin (and small places in the countryside) still have anything of German. Residual amounts, surely, but they’re there.
      But hey… you could cook your own meal, or try something mediterranean (true italian is much, much more than only pizzas and pastas), that’s what I do ‘when in Germany’. In London, indian food is quite good, if you’re able to pay for top quality. In Paris (thank God!) and Lisbon (expectably), one can eat everywhere, and be well served. Typical food is abundant.

  28. Fat people are tremendously selfish and a burden on society. They are incredibly self-destructive and they always want to place the blame on something or someone else. Now, I’m not talking about the person that was in a car accident, etc. and was bedridden for months, I’m talking about the average asshole that clearly know’s better, but chooses to live a life of gluttony and abhorrence. The fact is, it takes tremendous effort to become that big. Make no mistake about it – these folks are in complete ecstasy while shoveling that shit down their throat – they fucking love it! They have conditioned themselves to be resistant to any positive change in their lives and they have no motivation to become healthy.
    Nothing compares to having a sound mind and body!… Nourishing your body with clean, fresh food… Having the ability to run up a flight of stairs, ride a bike, detail your car, workout at the gym – whatever you want to do! People who “choose” to be fat are truly missing out on life – it’s an absolute waste!

  29. I’m willing to bet the manatee in picture #1 smelled really bad, at that particular point in time. I picture rotting peas.

  30. Check out the restaurant at your local hospital sometime. Wards full of people dying of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes – a restaurants serving copious amounts of sugar and grease right under the same roof.

  31. I think a good start would be to put restrictions on what food stamps can buy. I want to claw my eyes out every time I see a pod of land whales buying candy, soda, and cupcakes with food stamps. Fast food as well.

    1. i cannot agree with this.
      i am generally against government welfare….BUT if we’re going to have it….restrict the fuck out of it.
      limit the abuse of WiC where baby mammas who are basically spitting out kids for government money can constantly get endless supplies of milk and cereal(our store kept the powered baby formula behind the counter because crackheads would steal it to make and dilute their crack cocaine….this was official store policy by the manager)….you’ll notice almost no WiC users want or get the liquid baby formula.
      and food stamps…..no soda or junk food.
      and welfare checks? I propose we cancel welfare checks and instead set up automatic payments to their bills and issue gas cards instead of hard cash.
      and some states allow EBT cash back….eliminate that too.
      this way for the bleeding hearts no one dies and for the other folks, welfare isnt a free ride to luxury.

  32. Let’s stop using the opposition’s words to describe ideal women. We do not want “thin” women. We want attractive women of a normal healthy weight and physique. You know, like the non – skinny girls of the Beach Body Ready promotion.
    I wouldn’t issue fines, I would issue laps. And if that doesn’t work, stitches.

  33. I’m starting to think that some men have a fetish for fat woman. Why else would I see bunch of men online (not here of course) drool over fat women and call her beautiful. I swear I see it so common these days. Where are the standards?

  34. Why the sexual preference to obese women are not called a paraphilia? I think it should be, or at least it was until people started to accept land whales as human females.
    PS. maybe is still called a paraphilia but my google skills sucks (and I dont want to have that shit in my browser history).

  35. I can’t think of any condition more horrible than being encased in hundreds of pounds of fat, wallowing in a bed that you’re unable to get out of and being unable to wipe your own ass other than being paralyzed from the neck down. However, the one condition is preventable, the other usually not.

  36. I found this site today and I’ve read most of the articles/agree with almost all of the content. However, I am a female and I don’t see any other females on here. Reasonably so, of course, it is returnofkings.com and not returnofkingsandqueensshouldbe…. I’m wondering if anyone here knows where I could find a female equivalent of this site or at least a small female following, if one exists. I would like to speak to other women with similar viewpoints but any Internet searches that I’ve done have been extremely disappointing.

      1. I keep hearing that. I just may try it. I worry about not being far-right enough but I guess as long as it’s discussion, not argument, it would be constructive.

        1. You don’t need to be good for everyone. Be good for you and open minded to contributors who might be at different sides of the scale but still in line with your basic beliefs. Look at this site. A ton of writers coming from different perspectives with similar core values. I am, at heart, a huge gulf away from the beliefs of the people on this site but the similar core values and mutual respect has made it a pleasure to be around.

  37. It’s okay to Christian shame, Muslim shame, shame men for man spreading, but not okay to fat shame and slut shame when the latter two traits historically have lead to the fall of civilization

  38. Beware!
    This article definitely needs a HUGE warning label!
    There are more than enough con troll nuts out there who won’t be able to recognize the (not so) subtle traces of irony and sarcasm. They will consider this a splendid idea and add it to their future plans. If it isn’t up there already.
    Some so-called “scientists” have already published some bovine excrement about “Second Hand Fat” (They claim that eating together with fatties will incite you to overeat.)

    2008 Regular Session
    To: Public Health and Human Services; Judiciary B
    By: Representative Mayhall, Read, Shows
    House Bill 282
    SECTION 1. (1) The provisions of this section shall apply to any food establishment that is required to obtain a permit from the State Department of Health under Section 41-3-15(4)(f), that operates primarily in an enclosed facility and that has five (5) or more seats for customers.
    (2) Any food establishment to which this section applies shall not be allowed to serve food to any person who is obese, based on criteria prescribed by the State Department of Health after consultation with the Mississippi Council on Obesity Prevention and Management established under Section 41-101-1 or its successor. The State Department of Health shall prepare written materials that describe and explain the criteria for determining whether a person is obese, and shall provide those materials to all food establishments to which this section applies. A food establishment shall be entitled to rely on the criteria for obesity in those written materials when determining whether or not it is allowed to serve food to any person.
    (3) The State Department of Health shall monitor the food establishments to which this section applies for compliance with the provisions of this section, and may revoke the permit of any food establishment that repeatedly violates the provisions of this section.
    SECTION 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after July 1, 2008

  40. Well a little history lesson is now needed I can see:
    Look who first invented the Passive smoking Fraud
    Hitler’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign
    One particularly vile individual, Karl Astel — upstanding president of Jena University, poisonous anti-Semite, euthanasia fanatic, SS officer, war criminal and tobacco-free Germany enthusiast — liked to walk up to smokers and tear cigarettes from their unsuspecting mouths. (He committed suicide when the war ended, more through disappointment than fear of hanging.) It comes as little surprise to discover that the phrase “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined not by contemporary American admen, but by Fritz Lickint, the author of the magisterial 1100-page Tabak und Organismus (“Tobacco and the Organism”), which was produced in collaboration with the German AntiTobacco League.
    That’s fine company are so called public health depts. keep with ehh!
    Hitler Youth had anti-smoking patrols all over Germany, outside movie houses and in entertainment areas, sports fields etc., and smoking was strictly forbidden to these millions of German youth growing up under Hitler.”
    Hitler Youth had anti-smoking patrols all over Germany, outside movie houses and in entertainment areas, sports fields etc., and smoking was strictly forbidden to these millions of German youth growing up under Hitler.”

  41. Judge doesnt accept statistical studies as proof of LC causation!
    It was McTear V Imperial Tobacco. Here is the URL for both my summary and the Judge’s ‘opinion’ (aka ‘decision’):
    (2.14) Prof Sir Richard Doll, Mr Gareth Davies (CEO of ITL). Prof James Friend and
    Prof Gerad Hastings gave oral evidence at a meeting of the Health Committee in
    2000. This event was brought up during the present action as putative evidence that
    ITL had admitted that smoking caused various diseases. Although this section is quite
    long and detailed, I think that we can miss it out. Essentially, for various reasons, Doll
    said that ITL admitted it, but Davies said that ITL had only agreed that smoking might
    cause diseases, but ITL did not know. ITL did not contest the public health messages.
    (2.62) ITL then had the chance to tell the Judge about what it did when the suspicion
    arose of a connection between lung cancer and smoking. Researchers had attempted
    to cause lung cancer in animals from tobacco smoke, without success. It was right,
    therefore, for ITL to ‘withhold judgement’ as to whether or not tobacco smoke caused
    lung cancer.
    [9.10] In any event, the pursuer has failed to prove individual causation.
    Epidemiology cannot be used to establish causation in any individual case, and the
    use of statistics applicable to the general population to determine the likelihood of
    causation in an individual is fallacious. Given that there are possible causes of lung
    cancer other than cigarette smoking, and given that lung cancer can occur in a nonsmoker,
    it is not possible to determine in any individual case whether but for an
    individual’s cigarette smoking he probably would not have contracted lung cancer
    (paras.[6.172] to [6.185]).
    [9.11] In any event there was no lack of reasonable care on the part of ITL at any
    point at which Mr McTear consumed their products, and the pursuer’s negligence
    case fails. There is no breach of a duty of care on the part of a manufacturer, if a
    consumer of the manufacturer’s product is harmed by the product, but the consumer
    knew of the product’s potential for causing harm prior to consumption of it. The
    individual is well enough served if he is given such information as a normally
    intelligent person would include in his assessment of how he wishes to conduct his
    life, thus putting him in the position of making an informed choice (paras.[7.167] to

  42. I got banned from r/fatlogic for saying fat people were disgusting. I seriously thought it was a sub that made fun of fat people. It sure seemed that way, but i guess it’s not, lol!

  43. “Here is why I propose, once a conservative government reaches the White
    House, to create Fat Control Laws (“F.C.L”) and Obesity-Free Zones
    Donnie wouldn’t even be able to live in the White House then, eh? Rough.

  44. David Hockney: I wasn’t keen on Hillary when she banned smoking in the White House
    In an exclusive interview the artist treads carefully – for most of the time – around US politics but is firm in his favour for painting. ‘If those were photographs in there, it…
    theguardian.com|By Gay Alcorn…

  45. Is it bad that I actually WANT to look good and get positive attention, instead of being a fat land whale?

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