A Year In Review For Sweden’s Failed Immigration Policies

2015 will be remembered by Swedes as the year that the migrant crisis hit them with full force. The left-wing government has arguably had the toughest first year that a Swedish government has ever had. Although it’s still in power, it has taken a lot of damage.

The last months especially have been a test on the migration system, and also on the policies of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his ministers. We can now conclude that their leftist message of solidarity and openness might get you elected, but doesn’t work in practice.

No room for open discussion


It’s hard to believe that only months ago, it was taboo to say anything remotely negative about immigration or multiculturalism. You couldn’t have a reasonable discussion about it without being called names and subjected to ad hominem attacks. When a number of women this summer tried to spread awareness of the situation in Swedish suburbs, where Muslim men are trying to control women’s behavior, they were met not with sympathy but rather accusations of racism.

The irony is that these accusations came from the socialists who also claim to be for the empowerment of women. But when one “oppressed” group (women) criticized another “oppressed” group (Muslims), the leftists took the side of the latter. These are of course the same leftists who said that the terrorists killing the Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris weren’t “real” Muslims.

The amount of immigrants we let in has not been up for discussion either. Dissent of this kind could only find an outlet on the Internet, where you can commit your thoughtcrimes anonymously. But the discontent has also been picked up by the Sweden Democrats, a socially conservative and nationalistic party which first made it into the parliament in 2010. Since then, the seven other major parties, both left and right, have done everything they can to prove how much they oppose them.

Immigration without limits


The main objective the Sweden Democrats is to limit immigration to a minimum, thereby making Sweden more homogeneous. For this they have often been called racist and xenophobic by politicians and commentators. The Prime Minister himself a year ago called them a “neo-fascist” party. His Minister of Finance followed up by saying that they “don’t stand for basic values about all people having an equal worth.”

To want to limit immigration has been synonymous with hatred for “the other.” The Deputy Prime Minister and her party, the Green Party, said that they “will never make it more difficult for people to come to Sweden.” When asked in an interview how many refugees Sweden could accept, the Prime Minister said that “there is no limit.”

Then the migrant crisis came into full swing. Scores of migrants started flooding the shores of Greece and Italy. At least a million people came to Europe this year, and most of them came on boats over the Mediterranean. Many wanted to go to Germany and Sweden, where they were greeted with open arms.

In the beginning of September, just when the immigration curve started turning sharply upward, 15,000 Swedes gathered at a square in Stockholm to welcome the “refugees.” The Prime Minister made a fiery speech in front of the cheering masses. “Sweden will continue to take responsibility for this,” he said, claiming that it was a matter of human rights. “My Europe welcomes people who flee from war.”

Collapse followed


But being “responsible” was easier said than done. Thousands upon thousands of immigrants arrived in a constant flow, and their numbers grew for every week that passed. At one point, ten thousand of them applied for asylum every week (but only about half of the immigrants actually seek asylum, while the other half stays under the radar). It all led to what can be described as a system collapse.

Local governments all over the country reported that the situation was quickly reaching critical levels. Health care and social services were under enormous pressure. Schools couldn’t find enough teachers to match the great number of new immigrant students.

The police were under pressure too. They had to spend a lot of their resources on keeping the immigrants under control and breaking up fights at asylum facilities. Common crimes like theft and assault were given a lower priority.

End to illusions

But perhaps the biggest issue was the shortage of accommodation. Without any room left at the usual facilities, asylum seekers slept in gym halls, churches, warehouses and other places. Putting up tent camps was an option, but organizing everything and getting the right permits took a long time. Some, mostly unaccompanied men, were forced to sleep outside in the cold.

Finally, the government had to cave in to the pressure. Border controls were erected. At a press conference at the end of November, The Prime Minister and his deputy announced new policies to make fewer immigrants come to Sweden. Swedish migration laws were adapted to the “minimum level” of the EU. The Deputy Prime Minister was close to tears as she explained that it was the right thing to do.

In December, the two government parties with support from the Sweden Democrats passed a law stating that everyone traveling into the country had to show a valid ID. This law was also meant to reduce the number of asylum seekers. During the weeks after these decisions, their numbers did drop considerably, to about 3,000 per week.


The Deputy Prime Minister could barely hold back the tears.

Honesty will be rewarded

It’s amazing what a few months of crisis can do to politicians. Those beautiful words about responsibility and solidarity didn’t seem to mean much when things got tough. The government said there were no limit to how many immigrants could come. That turned out to be untrue, and in the end, the leftist government passed laws with the approval of the “neo-fascist” Sweden Democrats. The open arms that first greeted the migrants were replaced with laws basically telling them to go someplace else.

The moral of the story is, don’t make promises you can’t keep. But the very reason that these kinds of politicians get elected is that they promise a lot and say nice things, with no connection to reality. In the real world, you constantly have to make hard decisions, but people are stupid enough to vote for those who make things sound easy.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this year, it’s that honesty and realism ultimately pays off. Polls show that the Sweden Democrats’ support has increased dramatically over the year. The party got 19.9 percent in one poll, 7 percentage points more than it got in last year’s election. The two government parties, the Social Democrats and the Green Party, dropped 3.4 and 1 percentage points respectively. 58 percent of Swedes have little confidence in the current administration.

Today, the Sweden Democrats are the third biggest party. But at this rate, when it’s time to sum up 2016, they will easily have become the biggest of them all.

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77 thoughts on “A Year In Review For Sweden’s Failed Immigration Policies”

  1. I still think the European ruling class are hell bent on repopulating Europe with immigrants from the middle east. Their plans were temporally derailed by the Paris attacks, but, I notice once more in my own country, the usual media voices advocating an open door policy have been brought back out. Mostly, it must be said, squeaking female voices suffering from their usual verbal and emotional incontinence.

    1. Always the females. It’s truly a misplaced manifestation of their mother instinct, now they want to be the mother to the entire world.

      1. It’s the typical female behavior. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions. Only think about the good, heart felt feelings they get. Once the shit hits the fan, they’re the damsel in distress and expect the men to bail them out of the situation they place themselves into.

      2. It’s good to see this instinct in the right place, but, when misplaced as you say, and mixed up with a degree of incoherent, if well meaning, emotional and verbal incontinence well then it doesn’t help anyone to resolve such issues. It’s peculiar to hear the men on the same shows babbling away with the same kind pseudo emotional gibberish. We can’t always just wave a magic wand in 1st world countries and make it all sweet and light for all of the problems that are created in the entire world. Sure we can help, but they have to, especially middle eastern countries, figure out what type of States and Societies they need to build, and, stop blaming the west when self-created problems befall them.

      3. I find the origin story in Genesis the most illustrative.
        Eve, tempted by a snake/devil, with her man Adam just standing there doing nothing while she threw the ruler-ship of her progeny under the bus with her man’s approval to a lowly creature.
        It must have a ring of truth to it because it so aptly defines what all we see around us everywhere. Blacks are routinely thrown down to an early grave due to their females impulses. White men owned by a female litigation state. Chinese the same as whites. South-Asian men are run into the ground trying to win the approval of their women. Only to have them sell their bodies instead. Middle-Eastern men, contrary to the Western elite’s narrative, are owned by their women. Their family courts in Iran from what I understand are far, far, far worse for men than ours!
        Contrary to that same narrative, like Beyoncé loves to dance around saying, women do in fact run the world. However, in-spite of her ignorance, women always have run it!
        With the modern advances made by men, the literal surfs of women’s avarice, we can throw off their shackles.

        1. Basically. If men are to stuck on getting laid. If men are more intuned with setting achievement first, ladies at best third…..it would be better. But we have seen the effects of the last five decades of feminist rule over our schools. Perhaps that is what we needed? To see first hand the failures of women in charge?
          Hard to say. I have dated, and married, a successful woman. In her twenties, we are now in our thirties. I honestly think she could run anything. BUt many other women I see, not so much.

    2. It seems a good chunk of the Euro-population is hell bent on same thing since they keep on voting for the same Leftist parties. Otherwise, “Swedish Democrats” would’ve polled %90, not %19.

      1. Yes, the majority of the electorate don’t think about the next generation when it comes to immigration, the environment, and cultural issues. “Oh well, that’s the next generation’s problem, I’m alright Jack” and the politicians just mirror mostly this intransigence and indifference.

    3. I believe that this is happening, at least to some extent. I wonder why though? Surely the powers that be must realise that their countries will end up as third well cess pits if they continue with this…. what is the motive?

      1. With the prevalent rape occurring, the motive appears to be ‘little hatting’. What is ‘little hatting’? It is ocupying a country in stages by first forcibly inter breeding with the populace. Then the next generation of citizens with the foreign admixture are groomed to infiltrate every key position while keeping loyalty to their ‘groomers’ or trainers.
        This article explains well how Dutch (Jewish) ‘little hats’ conquered African nations economically by a very crafty forcible mixing with native Africans.
        The raping (forcible breeding) was then followed by ‘grooming’ of the mulatto offspring and training them to run the financial houses of those nations. In Nigeria, the ‘elite’ bank heads in the skyscrapers of Lagos are the descendants of those ‘hatted’ mulattos who now pass as Nigerian but operate as an elite financial clan.
        With Sweden, the ‘little hatting’ unless the insurgent forces are repelled and the traitorous Swede government purged, will ultimately result in the territory falling into the hands of the House of Saud. Not Jewish in the least but linked with Saud financially and intimately so.

        1. Swedes love rape, that’s why they keep importing immigrants and evil muslims because the woman enjoy being raped properly, and funny thing is they label it not as rape if its done by an immigrant its considered “Cultural misunderstanding” totally hilarious.

      2. The problem with politicians, and, I know this from personal experience, is that they don’t think in a long-term ways. They think in terms of the election cycle or what’s faddish and likely to get votes. Politicians will turn 180 degrees on dime if they think they’ll get an extra vote on something. Also, they’re cynical, in that they know damm well that the cesspool will be another politician’s problem in 20 years time, while they’ll be well retired and living in a condo on Malta.

      3. it doesnt really have to be a ulterior motive – a lot of first worlders believe compassion is an infallible virtue and serves as justification for anything

    4. I agree, the ruling class is hell bent on repopulating Europe with immigrants from the middle east. But why are they doing this? Will they still enjoy their international watering holes when the process is complete?

      1. I think it’s to do with the falling birth rates in countries like Germany and France and an aging population how’ll need a young work force to support their “sunset years” through taxation and of course staff in nursing homes, hospitals, people to drive buses etc.

        1. Personally I don’t think that’s a too big problem. Why?
          To pay their salaries, all countries would need to do is increase their debt like they do EVERY YEAR. Also, increasing birth rates is a much better solution than immigration.
          People should be able to provide for themselves in their elder years – either through accumulated savings/investments (which the government, business, and inflation makes hard to do) or the support of their offspring.
          No social programs that are basically Ponzi schemes -> most people are forced to pay all that money for their retirement and then it apparently disappears.

        2. The operative word is “should”. In European countries everyone gets a guaranteed State pension, regardless of what taxes they ever paid, or if they even ever worked. The problem is that these State pension funds along with private pensions have lost a much of their value over the last few years. So, each State has to have a supply of new workers to pay for the debts incurred on the existing funds that are paying out pensions to older people now.
          I agree, that the extended family model of Mediterranean countries would help a lot, but, this flies in the face of progressive left wing ideas.

      2. Why are they doing this? Has something to do with a white guilt for the last few hundred years of colonialism and WW2 guilt of Germany. Has anyone ever looked at the kinds of things that were written about the natives of these colonised countries in the 1800s? Somehow think could do some good if those writings were reinterpreted in a modern way. Just a small injection of a different way of thinking which might take root and grow in the population to counter the SJWs and political correctness. I believe there is also a body of literature that lead to the ideologies in Germany which could possibly be dusted off and considered in a balanced way rather than totally suppressed.

        1. I think many ordinary Europeans might be motivated by white guilt to accept the immigrants, naively. But they aren’t the ones who engineered the whole situation. What I don’t get is why their rulers are orchestrating the immigration.

        2. Was away for a few days and I was able to be offline and forget about world problems, but see now a new article here about this, look forward to having a read.. Have learned by observing politicians and from certain business colleagues that some people are just interested in power not in the difference between right or wrong or what is good for an organization or a country. The islamic world owns a lot of the worlds oil, I doubt our leaders would give them a second glance if this weren’t the case. I think it’s a mixture of corrupt financial flows and who owns shares of what companies and donates to which political parties and then there’s the traitorous self-hating left and guilted white people who are driven by guilt and a perverse wish for equality more than the politicians who are mainly driven by a wish for power. It’s all SICK!

  2. I still have more confidence in the French to wake up than the Swedish. If they are letting in 3000 immigrants per week, that is still genocidal. PC is much more ingrained in the Swedish mentality. As dire as the situation in France is, it would be more difficult to find a French girl who things it is racist to report her attacker. Both Sweden and France are atheistic now. But the Swedish atheism is overlaid above a neurotic form of protestantism.

    1. I think you have to shake your head at all of this nonsense. This open borders policy by the EU has been a disaster. I think we’ll see a few countries leave the EU because this centralized power (by a few) is not good or in the best interest of some countries (see Hungary for an example).
      Now, in Sweden and Germany we’re seeing just how stupid it was to let in these illegals (many not even coming from Syria). I’m was glad to see some European countries still have common sense and they told the EU to fuck off in response – locked down their borders.

    1. yeah but that result is from a Vice article, and they’re not exactly known for being a source of unbiased journalism; more of an entertainment circle-jerk site for libtards.
      Sweden shows the dystopian future in store for Western countries that let in wave after wave of refugees who hate the West and who have no intention of assimilating.
      Instead of sitting around tweeting, commenting, or writing about it, what else can we really do to help the situation over there. Not much.
      For anyone who really cares and who has the $ to do so: go to Sweden and ignite further nationalist revolts. Aside from that we’re just on the sidelines, observing in semi-horror from a safe distance.
      For those of us who want to be “shitlords” behind our computers: it looks like the best option is to keep mocking/shaming Sweden for being cucks.
      In the spirit of Option 2, here is a NEW flag I found for Sweden:

    2. Oh well I have read so much about Sweden this year that right now I have complete apathy towards their manufactured sufferings. The Swedes are wholly responsible for whatever vibrant troubles turd world immigrants brought into their country. It is coming back to bite their proverbial ass so to speak.We can pontificate about the suicidal insanity of Lefturds till Armageddon but realistically there’s nothing else we could do.Change comes from the patriotic Swedes.Unless they launch a fierce counter attack to the onslaught of Jew Marxist Scums, Sweden as we know it will cease to exist.

      1. How many jews are there in sweden, let alone in the swedish government? Those Malmo jews must be true masochistic after being attacked daily lol

    3. You are being sarcastic in your comment, but there is more than one way to look at this situation. I Googled what you suggested and I found an article about top 11 most racist countries, with Sweden being 3rd. Here is the first sentence: “In Sweden you are 50% more likely to get an interview call if you have a Spanish sounding name.”
      Sweden is racist indeed. Racist towards their own people.

      1. Spanish sounding name eh? I would buy my ticket to Stockholm right now, except I’m not a fan of cold. I can’t even tolerate 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

        1. Their women are tired of all the pussified men, so they are looking elsewhere. The stereotypes about Spanish and Italian men are well known, as it seems like.

  3. Europeans deserve everything they get. Once they’re bred out if existence by their own will and action, at least there will be no one left screaming “racist, xenophobe, sexist, anti-Semite or misogynist”.

    1. There will be civil war in the relatively near future. As soon as the welfare states start collapsing things will get interesting.

      1. But is that possible? Governments could and probably would just increase debt to compensate for the constant increasing government spending. If the US is at 16 trillion why not 32 trillion?

        1. There are only three possible outcomes to the fact that america can not even pay the interest on their loans.
          Hyperinflation, default, or a war that makes little things like numbers meaningless.
          Same pattern in the entire western world.

        2. If America hasn’t defaulted yet what makes you think it will? If you don’t have enough for interest payments just borrow more…
          Ahh I think I’m seeing it now.

  4. These kids holding up the “Refugees Welcome-Stop Racism” sign. I don’t think they have the faintest clue what some of these migrants/immigrants/etc. are about or capable of. Just like the white suburban SJWs have no idea just how violent the inner city criminals who get shot by the cops actually are. How could they? An Iranian man who fled recently said to me “These white hipsters have no idea what they’re up against”. They may just have to learn the hard way.

    1. At this point, the politico-media complex has so effectively programmed and conditioned the indigenous population to accept their own cultural suicide and replacement, that it will have to be the hard way, if any way at all.
      But to be honest, I have no hope for Sweden.
      My only hope is that it will serve as a sobering and grim example of the threat that multiculturalism is to Western civilization.

      1. “My only hope is that it will serve as a sobering and grim example of the
        threat that multiculturalism is to Western civilization.”- Thought the same thing. Mine too.

      2. It can be fought. For now, we are all talking to each other though “approved” mechanisms. What we must do, is develop our own “mechanisms” if we will stand against the destruction of our culture.

        1. Take a hint from David Henry Thoreau.
          Fuck “approved channels”, resist in any way you can. Civil Disobedience is the height of patriotism when your own country works against you and your people’s interests.

    2. People are so disengaged and oblivious from the threats and dangers that surround them. This is what happens when men surrender their role as protector to the state.

    3. The immigration policy is a huge success. That is, for those wanting to destroy the existing society. The trojan horse phase has been carried out to almost complete ‘satisfaction’.
      Even if all the borders would be shut tomorrow, the success is total, as the traitors already have moved into phase two: The integration of the existing ‘refugees’. And the more the merrier.
      Then phase three: The overtaking of the social institutions by forcing themselves in using the ‘racist’ card.
      And then the rest of the society.
      And all the way we’re happy, as long as our guts are full, and the TV programs are great.
      I think it was Cesar who hated the skinny senators, They could not be bribed.

  5. An “unlimited number” of migrants. Let’s do some elementary math. Sweden has a population of 9.5 mil. Syria, a nation in the middle of a brutal civil war has over 22.5 mil. The person who posts the most logical response gets the most upvotes.

  6. Sweden declared neutrality in World War 2. Since then, it has decided it will regress even further away from “acts of aggression”.
    At this time, Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.
    In the 19th century, Sweden contributed many famous scientists and pioneers.
    Sweden should now be rightly regarded as the weak underbelly of Europe.
    By this I mean the Swedish elite/administration, who have enabled a situation of takeover through communist “humanitarianism”

  7. Sweden needs a coup to unseat their traitorous state. A haircut. A complete statehouse wash. Fighting a bloody fucking civil war to clean out the traitors in Stockholm would be ten times easier than unrooting and expelling tens of thousands of immigrants after they settle and branch out. Even at the point of initial naturalization, it would take an occupying force to stop the state’s gears from genociding their own country since the traitors remain in power. It is guaranteed death of the nation. Sweden will resemble Surinam. That was the plan all along. The traitors should have all been slung over the chopping block like YESTERDAY. Swedes should have stormed their capitol decades ago. They should now for that matter but it will be a war on multi fronts with the UN jumping in. Sweden will still burn with or without revolution regardless. The stage is already set. There is no choice but for Swedes to storm the capitol and begin jamming everyone’s goddamn heads onto poles like a good oltyme mayfair midsummer jamboree. EVERYONE. Well not the janitors and the cooks of course.

  8. I’m not sure if immigrants if can vote for elections in Sweden (not a Swedish). But if they do or the policy has changed, it’s gonna be a bit challenging for the Sweden Democrat to get elected considering the numbers of immigrants in Sweden.
    Best of luck to Sweden (if there’s still any hope)

  9. Fear not, oh my people! For the strong, masculine and brave Swedish policemen will take care of any criminals that may threat the well being of the Swedish people and their lifestyle:

  10. Sometimes I think the politicians/Leaders of European Nations are being paid off by Saudi Oil Princes under the Table to accept the Immigrants, it reminds me of the corrupt politician in the Movie 300, who dropped the Coins of Xerxes after the Queen of Sparta stabbed him, I wonder how Many European Leaders have Middle Eastern Oil Coins(Xerxes Coins) funding their Decisions for the Citizens of their Country.

  11. Everyone here tends to think that Swedes and Germans are cucks, weak and friendly but I can assure you that they are not nice to anyone but Americans, Brits and the French. Other nations of Europe are seen as untermensch, and are only nice to peeps from other continents because the government tells them to.
    I met a Turkish shop owner in Berlin and he was nice and his sons were good people too. His wife did not get German citizenship for 9 years after the birth of their first child.
    You think these two countries are nice and soft to people? Think again muchachos. The stereotipe of the Northern and Central European is well and truly false.

    1. You are correct about Germany, hell one only needs to look at the protests and even the assassination attempt on a german traitor…err politician a few months ago. In Sweden besides one arson here or there, you cannot find the same level of commitment.

      1. Why race bait you feminist!?!?
        BTW, Take a trip to East Germany and live there and see how nice people are! Also there were race riots in the 90s

        1. You let millions of shit colored Muslims into your country. You are weak cucks. About half of Americans are the same when it comes to the spics. Americans are still stronger than you since we’ve kept our guns and many are willing to stand up and demand the shit skin be barred from our country. 31 out of 50 state governors stated that they do not support Syrian refugees.
          You may call me a feminist but no feminist has ever called me that.

    2. Yes, but there is the concept of “gedultet” the tolerated illegal immigrants, maybe they don’t get passports in Germany but there is very little forced removal of those who ignore a formal request to leave the country. No, no any forced removing is too close to what happened in the war, so no the charge remains: Cucks.

  12. I’m back in Sweden for Christmas and after having a lot of discussions about this I’m a bit more optimistic about a return of sanity than I was before. But it has to come from men, the women I’ve talked to about this have all gotten very upset, some close to tears, when I’ve mentioned some hatefacts about the immigrants. And then denial.
    The men have reacted differently. Still too PC and self critical but it’s a start, the real opponent here is the women I’d say. If only the men had some game this problem would be solved in a few months.

  13. what I noticed by looking at those protest pictures have something in common.
    The white guys who support “Refugees welcome” and err on the side of liberals tend to be frail, physically weak, pushovers, passive-aggressive and low testosterone white guys…
    When I noticed the right wingers or nationalist white guys (I tend to notice this…) they are pro-gun, big, look built and strong, and probably high testosterone guys.
    I wonder what would happen if you put the low testosterone white guys into juice and increase their T levels, do you think they would shift their thoughts into supporting more of their own?
    Just a thought.

  14. Swedes love rape, that’s why they keep importing immigrants and evil Muslims because the woman enjoy being raped properly thats why the woman keep voting for the left wing losers, and funny thing is they label it not as rape if its done by an immigrant its considered “Cultural misunderstanding” totally hilarious, and the media says nothing about any of these rapes because as soon as the cat is out of the hat the whole feminist narrative goes down the toilet.

  15. There is only ONE reason the Deputy Prime Minister was close to tears; she had to admit “I was wrong.” That is the look of a damaged ego, not of truly caring about anyone but herself and the ideologies she vehemently protected.

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