7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Model

Men are wrong in thinking that models would make an ideal life partner. Not only are models human beings like the rest of us, but they possess serious flaws that make dating them a potentially negative experience. Here are seven reason why you shouldn’t date one…

1. They never had to develop their intellect or personality

Models are incredibly dull-witted. You would be too if everyone responded favorably to you since childhood just because you were genetically beautiful. It has never happened in the history of the world that a model said something interesting or impressive. They simply never developed the normal mental faculties to do so, because merely existing and coasting by on their beauty was enough. A model is great to look at, but after you have sex with her a couple times, you won’t uncover a secret treasure that makes you like her even more. It only gets worse over time.

2. They are so insecure that they need constant validation

You’d think that having all that beauty would make models self-confident, but in fact the opposite occurs. She knows that her beauty is like a Silicon Valley IPO that will inevitably crash, so she needs constant reassurance that you value her as a human being, when in actuality you like her just for her incredibly pretty face. They will be constantly late to dates because of the extra time they must spend in the mirror making sure they look perfect. That’s not entirely bad unless you have theater or dinner reservations.

3. Rich men will constantly try to steal her from you

You’ll never be able to rest when dating a model because there are more men who want to date models than there are models. In other words, supply is low while demand is high. Therefore you will have to accept that she’ll be approached non-stop by other men who are much richer than you, taller than you, and much better looking than you. It will be impossible for you not to feel relationship anxiety in the face of this constant onslaught. If you do eventually get a model to settle down with you, your best bet is to move her to a farm where other men can’t tempt her with their overly generous offers of seduction.

4. She’s always on the road

New York this week. Milan the next. Runway show tomorrow. Magazine shoot the day after. She’s going to be so busy that you won’t be able to establish a regular sex schedule. What’s the point of having a girlfriend if she’s busy traveling the world while you have to jerk off? The point of dating a girl is so you don’t have to masturbate, but if you enter a relationship with a beautiful model, you may find yourself masturbating more than ever.

5. She’s horrible in bed

Why should a model take time to study the Kama Sutra like normal girls when so many men feel blessed merely to see her naked? The result is that a model has the absolute worst sex ability out of all other female socio-economic and professional classes. It’s pretty close to having sex with a Japanese sex doll, and don’t ask me how I know that. Even worse, if you want your dick sucked, you’ll get more pleasure sticking it through a glory hole of a gay bathhouse than requesting a model give you oral fornicative pleasure. A dick of respectable girth is like kryptonite to a model’s mouth.

6. She doesn’t possess even the most basic homemaking skills

Girls don’t dream to become models because they want to cook hearty meals at home or repair your shirt buttons. You’ll know more about knitting a scarf and raising kittens than she ever will. In fact, besides modeling, she’s nearly useless as a human being. I really hope beauty is the only quality you want in a woman, because there’s not much else a model can offer you. Don’t expect her to do anything except look pretty and vacantly stare at you with her ravishing eyes.

7. She doesn’t know how to handle money

Models know their careers will be short, sort of like American football players, but they don’t have the common sense to save money during their prime years to make it through the remainder of their lives. You can’t blame them entirely—if you were getting a $10,000 check to purse your lips for an hour, you probably wouldn’t know the value of money either. Nevertheless, don’t think you get any financial benefits from dating what you incorrectly think is a “rich” girl. They spend all their money and then have no choice at 30 but to find a rich man to take care of them. Therefore if you’re not a rich dude (I’m not), the best time to date a model is when she’s working, because she’ll more easily ignore the fact that you are dirt broke.

If you decide to ignore my advice and date a model, the best thing I can tell you is to have very low expectations about the longevity of the relationship. Do it for fun, do it for kicks, but don’t take her seriously. Just making it to the three-month mark will be quite commendable on your part. In the meantime, have no shame for dating non-models. Maybe the beauty of a normal girl won’t be as high, but she’ll be able to do a better job satisfying you sexually, emotionally, and intellectually.

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169 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Model”

    1. nothing wrong with paying, we already established that you pay for sex one way or another, at least cash up front is honest and hassle free

      1. Agreed 100%
        In fact to make hypergamy more fair would be to allow prostitution like Amsterdam where you can buy a BJ for $10-$20. When this becomes accepted behavior most single women will panic and will start asking men out on dates and pay for it!!

        1. The greatest trick women ever pulled was convincing men that we absolutey HAVE to have a woman on our arm at all times and that the price of sex is commitment, and that guys who don’t commit are ‘cheaters’.
          But the fact of reality and of human nature is that sex is not a very valuable commodity. It’s reproduction that is the valuable commodity, not sex itself, and this distinction is very important in a world where birth control exists. $10 for a BJ and $30 for vaginal intercourse sound about right.
          So why is the price 10x this in many areas? Because of men. It’s because men are idiots and pay $300 a pop to have five minutes of sex with a crack addict. If guys calm the fuck down and judge things by what they’re really worth, everyone could live much happier.

    1. Poor Andy Roddick. Maybe Roger Federer had the right idea. Not the first time Fed has proved himself superior.

    1. I highly doubt there will be any models readily able to defend themselves against this article. Aka your popcorn might get cold.

  1. So… Masturbating to the Victorias Secret catalogue is better than the real thing? Check.

    1. one of the worst lays I had was with a model girl aged 19…
      she was a tall, skinny brunette who pissed in front of me in the alley on the way home from the bar. In bed she laid down flat waiting for me, no BJ.

      1. you dont fuck a super hot girl for the sex, you fuck her for that feeling of ‘lack of disgust’ when getting off of her post coital comedown.

  2. Ha great piece.
    I had a date with this former runway model. Most beautiful girl I had ever had a date with, and I wanted to bail within five minutes of meeting her. She wasn’t dumb so much as was she spiritually dead. She felt absolutely no duty to keep me engaged with her, to be interesting – and this was all readily apparent from the moment I met her. She showed a slight bit of charm when I made a motion to leave so soon, so I thought things might improve and stayed. Actually, had I had some weed, we might’ve banged. I didn’t, so we didn’t.
    Not sure of how common this is among models, but definitely more common in that set.

    1. “Actually, had I had some weed, we might’ve banged. I didn’t, so we didn’t.”
      I would think that nose candy would be a better choice for that particular type of lady.

      1. In general, you’re probably right – this one specifically called out weed, and was no longer working as a model. She was working a pretty shitty job actually.

  3. This is a very beta piece.
    perhaps you should rename it:
    “Why betas shouldn’t date models.”

    1. I think you need to read a little bit between the lines on this one buddy. Think metagame.

    2. If you’re talking about ‘beta’ girls can smell that from a 100 miles away and you don’t deserve to date one of us.

  4. god forbid if you do snag her long term… all you are going to hear about is what a fantastic time she used to have on all her world trips and glamorous adventures…. and how miserable she is now she’s settled down….

  5. I am a little over six four and banged a few models in NY in the 90′ s and here is a little thing I learned about fucking these skinny, insecure, amphetamine lovers. Models are broke! The ones you see in magazines and on the runway do well but they are the 1 percent , the rest are young broke bitches sleeping 2-3 to a room praying they get noticed in NY fashion circles. The ones I fucked with were hungry , literally hungry, and would go on dates for food. Not satire, true story- knew a model who did partied with me three days straight and was dead fucking broke , she went and stole $500 from her roommate to keep the party going. She did not give a fuck either, just felt entitled like that.

    1. Sounds like it’s the loser models that you know(in your fantasy). That doesn’t surprise me lol

      1. actually he is right, people think because you are a model you have money which is not the case. Very few become super models and make alot of money like the ones we constantly see everywhere.model and super model are two different things.

      2. A fantasy would be I hade sex on a private jet with a millionaire model while drinking chapagane on the way to her private island. Reality is I fucked a broke tall bitch with an amphetamine habit in a shitty NY apartment , and she had sticky fingers and a shit attitude. I don’t know about you ,but if I have a fantasy poverty is not part of it.

  6. I fail to see the confusion about Roosh’s article here.. Models are clearly self serving, self centered, most likely vapid, uncaring, possibly highly manipulative and definitely unavailable if successful. Sounds like pretty compelling reasons to not try to make her your wife.
    But hey if you have the opportunity go ahead and date the model, let me know where that gets ya. If anything I’m sure you can find a 6 or 7 on OKCupid who thinks she’s a fucking model and go from there.

    1. OKStupid is for poor boys and nignogs where they compete for the less obese females.

  7. Just to add on..from my experiences
    8. Usually drug addicted- how else can she purge her insecurities?
    9. possessive- prepare to have allegations of infidelity, one word…projection
    10. Has a history of selling herself to managers/agents/promoters/photographers etc to get ahead.
    11.Will be dating multiple beta providers just to fuel her lifestyle.
    12. Has an ego the size of Mount Everest… time your negs cautiously or you’ll witness an emotional tantrum that’ll make any BPD girl proud.

    1. You have no experience, the only thing you know about life is what you see on the boobtube which is why you’re on a pua blog.

      1. Um, dude, unless my eyes deceive me, you’re on the same blog too, so you’re telling us all that you have no experience of life outside what you watch on television? Thanks for tipping us off.

      2. And you have written a half dozen comments on said pua blog shitting all over people like you da man. Who is the loser now?
        Get a life pipsqueak.

  8. What he doesn’t realize is that 99% of models are nobodies. Only supermodels have access to the elite.
    There are about 20 supermodels in the entire world (whose tweets he posted). Probably tens of thousands of models. Most rich men do not marry models (google any rich man to see who he married), most non-rich men do not approach models.

    1. If he posted tweets from “supermodels,” it was presumably so that nobody could dispute that the girls were, in fact, actual models, as opposed to that common species of American female who “does some modeling,” meaning that she is one of the five girls in her entire suburb who resembles a human female more than a hippopotamus, and therefore feels obliged to satisfy her vanity by participating in a photoshoot once or twice.
      Unfortunately, the vapidity of the pretty girl who does some modeling, or the aspiring model, is not likely to be much less than that of the bona fide supermodel, because in all cases, the girls will most likely have been slathered with attention from society from their infancy, and it takes a certain amount of ingrained vanity and an inclination to attention whoring to decide that the best way to make money is to let strangers photograph your body, instead of, say, learning how to cook and sew to hook a good man, or even deciding to pursue some education or line of work.
      Few modern girls are going to make great girlfriends or wives, but models definitely won’t be the best of the lot.

  9. Many models are selected by homosexual men. Meaning they look like adolescent boys with silicon breasts. Growing up they were not consider attractive by their peers and they instinctively know that its just a smoke and mirrors con job. That is why they are insecure.

    1. and there’s plenty beautiful women around who are not models, in fact most 9 and 10 are not models, obviously. It’s only the dull and stupid who choose to use their beauty in modeling.

    2. Exactly; I don’t find most of this over grown freaks of nature attractive at all.
      These girls are emotionally unstable, almost definitely have an eating disorder of some sort, and are willing to do anything to get jobs or keep their size -0 figure.

      1. yes, and modelling is not about how pretty you are but look for more plain looking girls. Kind of like a canvas with great cheek bones etc. the only pretty models i see are those from victoria secret

    3. “Many models are selected by homosexual men.”
      – True. The selection process involves anal sex too.
      Which means she has to give the selector her anus sometime or the other, later.

  10. 6 and 7’s are far better human beings than 9 and 10’s.
    Nevertheless, in my time, I tried to fuck anything that moved.

  11. Models are incredibly dull-witted.
    Like in Zoolander. Only thing is, it’s not PC to make fun of women like that, so they only picked on male models in that movie.

    1. C´mon, am I supposed not to like Zoolander now? THAT was the joke of the movie, MALE STUPID models, instead of female. It was a JOKE.

  12. Love the new bio:
    “Roosh is an ugly misogynist with massive mommy issues. He created ROK in October 2012 because he has no friends. Currently he is traveling the world to have bad sex with poor girls who want to use him for an American greencard. His little penis is so ineffective at satisfying women that he has had to master the art of cunnilingus. It is absolutely certain that he will die alone in a basement alongside his massive porn collection. Sadly, his right hand is irreversibly deforming into a claw shape from excessive masturbation, causing him sharp pains when he types up one of his offensive rants…”
    …bad sex with poor girls.. Sounds like a new book title? No?
    It’s a shame you gurus give such conflicting advice. Your colleague made a good case for dating anorexics. But what to do with an anorexic model? It could happen…

    1. At least Roosh is honest. He even said that he was a loser and failure with females. And that’s actually the problem with these pua blogs because all of the bloggers were also losers with females.
      If you want real advice you get it from the successful not the misfits. But I guess that the successful don’t waste their time blogging or giving advice to losers.

      1. Dude, somebody with “Boomers” and “Greatest Gen” in their username is, at least, misguided, and at worst, absolutely oblivious to society and history. The Greatest Generation would kick you very hard on the head.

        1. Buzz off stupid. The men of my father’s generation were not even as good as the Boomers (in general) They were the ones who bought into the whole marriage nonsense while it was the Boomers who gave you the freedom you have today.

        2. After reading your enormously stupid comments, it is readily apparent you are a complete idiot. Stop commenting, you are just embarrassing yourself.

        3. haha baby boomers must be getting old now. Tick tock tick tock. The whole hippie movement was never about freedom it was about self-entitlement and fear. Fear of going to war against the Soviets. No one preaches peace when there is no fear of war. Entitlement that you have the gifts that your parents never had access to because they were the defending the freedoms that baby boomers did not care for and were actively throwing away. Exhibited in the drug use culture of the 60’s. This is not freedom it is the absolute essence of slavery. You are controlled by your fear of unhappiness to such a point that you will die for a fix,whether sexual or medicated. This is the Boomer generation that destroyed the fabric of civilisation in their blind quest for hedonistic pleasure. Now we pay the price. but not before we rob you of services in your old age when you are most vulnerable.Most in need of protection. Enjoy

        4. How old r u little man? U sound like boy. So it wasn’t the nazis and communists of the “great great greatest generation” who destroyed the world? Ah I see it was the hippies!
          What a stupid boy u r stop watching the idiot box and playing baby video games you durak. Listen to the Boomers and learn.

        5. would someone please ban this russian femtroll? insults are not exactly bringing value to this discussion..

  13. Roosh is obviously jealous of the babes that Tuthmosis was getting, but I don’t think this effort is going to be good enough.

  14. Isnt 2 more of an ‘entire western hemisphere’ problem?
    Also 5 seems to be common to your assessment on the merits and drawbacks of ukranian versus polish girls

  15. Since feminists hate feminine beauty, and this plays into their every stereotype about beautiful women, I expect no twitter outrage or online feminist snarksite discussion about this article whatsoever.

  16. I’ve got some experience here. Most models will go from hot to not in the space of one year. If you’re not careful you will end up with a fattie who has major attitude.

  17. Models a are still a rite of passage. Bend a few of them over the sink just to hage the satisfaction that you fucked them. Then off to a better ltr type of non model girl.

  18. You can apply most of these points to all beautiful women. It’s a nice ego boost to have a girl on your arm that all the other guys are checking out, but you quickly realize that you’re surrounded by sharks. I can’t imagine dating a very beautiful girl in a culture that encourages female hypergamy.

      1. lol. awesome response! i never complained about rich and the powerful, i said, let ME be ONE of them.

  19. Here’z a rundown on the basics of what fäshn mudls are all about:
    I’ve met some and seen shows backstage. Can confirm the article, plus:
    a) most are stewpid as dogshit soulless fuck objects of jewish mobsters
    b) while mostly jewish fags run the show, jewish mobsters in drugs and prostitution biz own the biz in the background
    c) model biz is the less seedy (socially acceptable) public face of high-priced prostitution
    d) model biz has the function of a recruitment center for high-priced prostitution rings

  20. I wouldn’t worry about dating a model. You boys would salivate at the chance of shagging a fat pig with lipstick on.

    1. I’m sure most of these boys would kill for a fat pig that bothered to put on lipstick, these days those boys aren’t capable of getting more than just a fat pig.

  21. Questions Questions:
    – Why do feminists never disrupt model shows?
    – Why do feminists never protest the bordellos in their city?
    Any guesses?

  22. Models are generally selected for how androgynous they look(no boobs or ass)- coke once did a role call for women of specific dimensions to model for them. It turns out only men could have fitted those dimensions. Look at the back up dancers for beyonce (men). Modelling is designed to undermine to the male psyche. To play to the wants of subconscious.

    1. Is this the first ROK article you read? Well, if the answer is yes, please allow me to explain you that faggots, lesbians and feminists like you are not welcome here.
      If you like to stick a dildo up your ass while you watch Beyonce’s homosexual dancers or Beyonce herself, then keep it to yourself. We do not need another mentally ill person trying to justify his/her disease publicly. What you need is fuckin’ Jesus.
      Now get the fuck out of here and go hang out with your unhealthy and std-ridden homosexual men who meet the descriptions of a Coke model or a coke addict.

    2. Is this the first ROK article you read? Well, if the answer is yes, please allow me to explain you that faggots, lesbians and feminists like you are not welcome here.
      If you like to stick a dildo up your ass while you watch Beyonce’s homosexual dancers or Beyonce herself, then keep it to yourself. We do not need another mentally ill person trying to justify his/her disease publicly. What you need is fuckin’ Jesus.
      Now get the fuck out of here and go hang out with your unhealthy and std-ridden homosexual men who meet the descriptions of a Coke model or a coke addict.

  23. Haha! The best bit about that article was reading your new bio. Currently dating a model, they get hit on ALL the time. No doubt she sees other guys. Unless you’re comfortable with that, you shouldn’t date one. The validation point is very true: SNAP, TWEET, POST. It’s constant.

  24. Did you hear about the politically active model? She was constantly writing bulemics about womens’ issues..

  25. Models bang gnarly photogs like Terry Richardson. Good for him but never follow that dude anywhere.

  26. Jimmy Soul, “If you Want to be Happy”
    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
    Never make a pretty woman your wife
    So from my personal point of view
    Get an ugly girl to marry you
    A pretty woman makes her husband look small
    And very often causes his downfall
    As soon as he marries her then she starts
    To do the things that will break his heart
    But if you make an ugly woman your wife
    you’ll be happy for the rest of your life
    An ugly woman cooks meals on time
    And she’ll always give you peace of mind
    Don’t let your friends say you have no taste
    Go ahead and marry anyway
    Though her face is ugly, her eyes don’t match
    Take it from me, she’s a better catch

  27. The best I hope for these days is to find a thin girl with great POTENTIAL to look like a cover girl with the right hair and makeup.
    She’s young, thin, cute, but naturally plain. She enters Starbucks in her sweats and flip flops with her hair pulled back and no makeup on her way to or from yoga or Zumba. They’re cute, but not beautiful. She’s a 5’s or 6’s that gain two points with a little hair, makeup and the right outfit. She’s a girl with model potential, but not model pretense. My ideal girl probably looks better than these emaciated models do when you strip away their glam facades.
    When I’m in the mood for model looks, I just give her the “gift of beauty” — a day of primping and pampering — before we go out. She loves it and thinks I’m so sweet for thinking of her. It’s only a little less selfish on my part than if I give her lingerie.
    Oh, and she better cook as well as me, but eat much less than me.

    1. Trust me,the author does not have this problem neither.
      The guys who date models
      a)don’t have time to maintain a blog for nerds (too busy having fun and spending quality time with other masculine men) ;
      b)have money and/or careers;
      c)don’t run away to a country where getting laid is easier,no point.
      d) don’t spearhead butt hurt campaigns against “bad modern women”,they don’t know that women are bad,women don;t behave “bad”around them;

      1. The guys who date models often pay to fuck those models.
        Modelling is essentially prostitution.
        With models, it’s usually P4P.

  28. It’s simple gentlemen, models are to be fucked and paraded around on your arm for all to see and envy. You don’t invest time or emotion in them. They are damaged by-products of a society in decline. Enjoy what they have to offer you. You don’t marry models or take them seriously. You bang them and then continue to invest time in self improvement and your friends.

    1. You are a damaged product of society for making comments like that, maybe if you stopped to realize the lifestyle these girls are exposed to from ages a young as 14 you would understand and if you can’t understand, because you don’t seem very smart by your ignorant comment at least stay the fuck away from them. As much as I hate to agree, the author has valid points in how scewed things have become for these women but that doesn’t mean you have any right to fuck them and give them no emotion and still feel good about yourself. I would love to see how you turned out if your life was only about your beauty since age 14 and on top being thrown into a confusing and corrupt industry and trying to make proper decisions. Soyou are clearly the downfall on society here as a grown man who likes to fuck women probably young, insecure, broke and downright confused as to how they should be treated as a man. So anyway good job being a useless man to our society, suprise suprise in the ‘man’ department!

      1. Why are you enraged? Women have it much easier than men despite everything you claim. If you don’t believe me, just look at the 4 to 1 ratio of suicide in this country. For every 5 people who died by suicide, 80% are men and only 20% are women. That’s 4 times and to me, men suffered far more than 4 to 1 ratio.
        Did you also know the American jail system is private and for profit? Yes they get paid to put people in jail, make laws that people can easily break and slam them in. CHA CHING! 95% of the inmates are men, you can’t tell me the heart of men is 20 times more evil than women. You can’t tell me that, no one can say that. So what’s wrong with this picture? If you’re born with a penis, you are IN FOR A RIDE. The criminal justice system is heavily biased against men in ALL AREAS OF LAW. And in the movies, ever wonder why it’s more ok to see men get tortured and killed but it’s OMG wrong to put women in those positions? Hey, we’re talking about spirit inside those bodies are the SAME – just because they’re born with a penis, they’re so much more vulnerable to succumb to pain and torture. YES – you’re asking the right questions now. DIG DEEPER. Find out who is the real puppet master of our social programming.
        Anyways, women have it much easier than men across the board worldwide. The whole “perception” of women have it much tougher is false and is propaganda. Just think, even biologically, not only women enjoy more orgasms but more intense orgasms which men can NEVER know or understand. The saying, you don’t miss what you don’t know. Exactly that. -author and creator of syntribate.com

  29. We have best model in Russia. But you little boys too poor and stupid with low IQ to get one.

  30. “It’s pretty close to having sex with a Japanese sex doll, and don’t ask me how I know that.”

  31. Dated three models over the course of 2 years. More than enough game to keep them around. Simply got bored. Regardless, those who are true alphas date models and understand how to frame the issue and ensure they stick around. Roosh is wrong on this one, boys.

  32. Ok roosh I completely disagree here.
    I’ve modelled between age 19-22 and honestly if it WERENT for model chicks I would have gone MGTOW celibate 100% years ago.
    Because girls grow earlier and faster than guysŽŽ­, many models go through their formative/developing years very tall, gangly, and awkward looking. A 5’10 beautiful VS angel might have been 5’8″ in middle school and towered over the boys who were first discovering their boners.
    Many of them HAVE to develop personalities during these formative years, so not only do they become HOTTER than your average chick, but they’re also cooler.
    Here’s the real and only problem with dating models: THEM BEING DISCOVERED. If you date a model and she all of a sudden is doing 3-9 page spreads for a magazine she is INSTANTLY put into a new circle of people who will insist upon her being single. Before building the status myself, I lost plenty of girlfriends to older guys.

  33. Let me live the moment for now. I don’t know whats gonna come next but if she agrees I am ready to marry her. Only condition – Kick the career and I will take care of the rest.
    For guys and chimps looking for a fu*k or a chance to get laid with them doesn’t make you smarter than them. The current society is in a stage where every opportunity is meant to be abused and every call for distress be looked upon as opportunity to exercise. I don’t know if the word LOVE exists anymore in this pathetic antisocial time.
    What I wrote above was all bullshit… So …. hell ya bitches I am having the time of my life and I am loving it. Losers can bark down here!!! XD

  34. I know a model who graduated from my highschool and one of the top ranked students, went to university to study medicine, is in a 3 year, and counting, relationship with the loveliest guy (lovely couple too)… so I’m thinking you’re just being too close minded or had your own model issues. Not everyone is like that.

  35. Unhappy lowlifes attract unhappy lowlifes, and I don’t doubt that the models who inspired this article were insecure, because they debased themselves to dating someone like this author. However, stereotyping a woman based on her career is impossible. And saying “a less attractive woman is more likely to satisfy you (…)” is patronizing to less attractive women. So in this article, no one wins. Especially the pathetic author.

  36. This is horrible. I, along with every other model in my agency, as well as the majority of ones of worked with, prove every single one of these wrong. Whoever wrote this has no insight into the world of modeling, and #1 shows it right off the bat — because it definitely requires intellect if you’re to do it well. These things can be true for a model who isn’t very good/experienced, but certainly not for professional, experienced models. Our success depends on being able to express confidence, and in reality, people are not there boosting our confidence telling us we look great all the time. Chances are, they’re actually telling us to be skinnier. You want to know what it’s ACTUALLY like to date a professional model? Then you can ask me.

    1. Models all take it up the ass.They’re just glorified dimwitted ravishing prostitutes.
      Anal sex is a staple in every model’s portfolio. She won’t be staying in front of the lights for long unless she’s been sodomised by the talent agents, or all the names. I’ve been in the modelling industry as a talent agent myself so I know.

  37. This post pissed me off a bit.. mostly because I am the complete opposite of this. Although after working 6 years as an international model I have met a lot of girls who are like this, especially in Asia I would say its the worst.
    The girls are all poor and usually come from Russia, Poland, Hungary and so on, none of them are actually good looking, however here in Asia(in the fashion industry) they are influenced by being like the rest of the world. So they all hire the gay guys and as a result the gay guys hire tall, very skinny looking girls..
    These girls are willing to sign any contract whatsoever just to get away from their sad lives and experience something new.
    In the end they are too stupid to see that they are being used and have signed a slave contract. I have refused countless agencies in Asia because of their incredible awful contracts where they take away all your rights;
    You can’t leave the city during your contract, even if your mother has died and you want to go to her funeral. So they keep your passport while they give you a paper copy of yours.
    You do not actually get paid directly after a job, the agency takes your salary and will give it to you at the end of your contract, so instead you receive pocket money from the money you have earned which is 100-200 dollars per month for food, transport to jobs and castings, apartment and so on. However if you have gained weight(which they check a few times per week), you get less pocket money(less money to eat for basically).
    So when your contract is finished they take their percentage, as well as taking any cost they had to pay for you.. plane tickets, visa, pocket money, mother agency fee, accommodation, and if they think you are really stupid they will just tell you that you had so many expenses they had to advance for you that you didnt make any money at all even though you worked everyday for 6 months, in fact they might even tell you that you had so much expenses that you even owe them money. This has never happened to me as I am not a stupid barbie, but I have met a lot of girls that has experienced this. Even experienced being locked up in the model apartment by the agency because they wanted to go home. In the end she had to get money wired from her family, buy her own ticket and run away in the middle of the night.
    So yes you make fun of models, but unless you are a super model the reality is not as glamorous. In the end many models result to things such as going on dates just for food or even prostituting themselves in clubs and so on to actually have some money. The problem is not always the models, but the agencies that are taking advantage of young, naive girls.
    I am not saying all agencies are like this, for sure there are some good ones that actually take care of their models. But most of them are.
    Most of the agencies here in Asia are made by rich kids who know nothing about modeling or the fashion industry, who don’t even care about making money. Only reason they have the agency is to get to hang out and party with models and thats it.
    But then again I have also met a lot of models who are just complete idiots, who can’t cook, settle to marry rich guys who treat them like shit because they have no desire to work or make their own money and who don’t have any thing else going for them. No hobbies, no nothing. One didnt even like music or moves, wtf?

  38. Wow now this is bullshit at it’s highest, I am a full time model I also have a Uni degree.
    I have a long term boyfriend and see him all the time I don’t let my job ruin my time with friends family and him, I take time off to have a social life.
    I make slightly over the average crappy job wage obviously working way less days but far from loaded.
    Last point I don’t blow my cash, I am not stupid and know that I won’t stay looking the way I do for ever and have plans to use my degree to design games (which involves coding and scripting) I also designed my own website doing all the HTML I don’t think stupid is the word!

  39. Lol this was written by a bitter man. I know and have dated plenty of models and this is not even remotely true.
    Of course there will be alot of bitter men that agree with this. Stick with your insecure women, and leave real women to real men.

  40. Maybe you should actually go talk to a model… Once your balls drop. Insecure ramblings of a prepubescent jackass are nice for all of the douchebags and eunnuchs out there, but if you are comfortable with the size of your penis, this is less than useless.

  41. Spoken like a man that can’t get laid by any woman, let alone a model…. Love the comments from all the other sexless women haters. It is so much easier to blame women than to look inward at yourselves isn’t it, “gentlemen”.

  42. all i can say is that you are either seeking to get attention by pissing people off, or you wanted to publicly libel a woman, but didn’t have the balls to call her by name. NONE of this is true of me….

  43. Hahaha 99% of the guys in here have never dated a model or even talked to one. All half you idiots are doing is regurgitating the same stupid point that isn’t true over and over again. And the to jackass that wrote this article, you really have no idea what your talking about, and even if you somehow made even half a point you literally described most “hot” women in general. The fact that you put model in front only serves to distract from the point. Haha and maybe if any of you actually knew how to please a woman she wouldn’t lie there like a board. Get your dicks out of your hands and go talk to women.

  44. Wow, this is the most chauvinistic article I’ve ever read in my life. I’m sure that in some cases this is true, but allow me to thwart these disgusting stereotypes, even if only for my own amusement. I’ve modeled professionally for over 8 years now. I love what I do. I don’t like a lot of the negativity and d-bag men pretending to be photographers thinking it will get them laid (and yes, I’ve had many try), so I model only for reputable pros that I know will respect me.
    As far as the intellect comment, speaking for myself.. I am a book nerd, gamer nerd, computer nerd, weather nerd (meteorology), etc. Yep. A model who storm-chases for research purposes and adventure thrills, has extensively studied atmospheric thermodynamics and radar and satellite technology, and basically dominates every type of math in existence. IQ 130. Do I come across as bragging yet? No? Allow me to continue.
    I’m an entrepreneur. I knew from a young age I wanted to own my own business, and I’m doing it. Because I have a fucking brain, I’m driven and motivated, and I soak up every bit of knowledge I come across that will allow me to be successful.
    I’m a classically trained musician. I play violin, piano, guitar, and have extensive vocal training (which I paid for, no mommy and daddy spending all their money making my dreams come true, I make that shit happen my damn self).
    I’m an artist. Freehand drawing is my bread and butter. I’ve won numerous awards and art scholarships and have appeared in multiple exhibitions. Self-taught.
    Sure, I definitely have insecurity issues at times. But that is largely the result of the way MEN have treated me, and certainly NOT from having shit handed to me my whole life and never having any type of genuine struggle. I think we are all insecure in some way. Even the pig who wrote this article solely intending to offend women. Sidenote: how the fuck do you get laid?
    The rich men comment, ok, now this I can say will probably work on a lot of women. In fact my gender is most certainly disgusting sometimes in how it views dating men with lots of money vs. not so much money. Is it nice to have financial security? Of course it is. That’s why you (women, I’m talking to YOU) create it your DAMN self. Rely on no man to fund your shopping sprees or whatever the fuck. But the amount in the bank account never has mattered to me as much as how he treats me.. does he respect me? Does he view me as his “property” or as a free spirit who choses to share in his company? Does he parade me around to his friends like a trophy or does he spend more time talking about WHO I am, and the qualities of my character that he values? Any guy can say “oh look how hot my girlfriend is, her t&a are perfect, blah blah blah”, but how the fuck does that separate YOU from every other jackass dude with a hard on? Show me YOU actually have a brain and morals and are capable of viewing me through a lens that doesn’t revolve around sex. I’ll make doing so worthwhile to you, but I’ll get to that.
    Always on the road, hmm, not necessarily. I’m on the road frequently BUT it is all within CO, unless I am stormchasing. However, I ALWAYS make time to be social and live my life, especially on the weekends. I do love to go out and dance and have a kick ass time because I’m not boring. Work hard play hard.
    Horrible in bed. This comment was adorable to me. If you can find me ONE single man who is a decent size, knows how to use it, and is capable of keeping it up for more than 30 seconds because he’s just too much of a fucking child to contain his eagerness, I would fall over dead of shock and pure joy. Seriously. I get that some men are just outright selfish lovers, but I can please myself better than 95% of men I’ve had the misfortune of wasting my fucking time with. And on that note.. I’m good. I’m damn good. But don’t take my word for it….
    I’m a fucking rockstar homemaker. I did happen to clean professionally for a while. I have cleaned up after the most nasty motherfuckers on the planet and left their former filth-covered residences sparkling. They should kiss the ground I walk on for what I’ve had to clean. But I do it, and I do it well. Because I believe that manual labor builds strength (duh) and character. And as far as cooking.. I’ll cook you the best steak you’ve ever had. The best breakfast you’ve ever had. I LOVE cooking, so much. I’m pretty sure that is what causes men to fall in love with me. Or maybe they just say that so I’ll keep feeding them.
    Handling money, yeah. Modeling careers are definitely short. I’m actually nearing the end of mine and I’m totally cool with it. It’s been fun while it lasted. But I’ve also been working and going to school, totally planning ahead for my future. Got that covered. Plan B: continue my wedding photography business, and Plan C: finish Meteorology degree and land some kick-ass job in the field. Continue on to get my Masters and hopefully PhD, if I can earn the funding.
    Just to recap: model. Smart. Educated. Trained musician. Recognized artist. Stormchaser. Scientist. Good in bed. Provide my OWN financial security, I give a fuck less how much money you make as long as you are pursuing something you enjoy and are passionate about. Homemaker, and enjoy it. Stable career and long-term career goals well in pursuit.
    Oh, one more thing. I love metal. I go to concerts as often as possible. I mosh hard. I go all out. I’m one of the toughest chicks you’ll come across, largely resulting from the building up of anger toward all the piece of shit scumbag assholes like you that I’ve had to deal with over the years. I’m not a chick you wanna fuck with. Ever. Certainly ain’t your typical stuck up model.
    Yeah, I have a sailor mouth. I act like a lady most of the time, unless you give me a reason to break out the crazy bitch. And when the bitch gets loose I don’t hold her back, because it’s just too much fucking fun to destroy pussies like you. And she’s pretty fucking good at it.

  45. As a model this is the most ridiculously insulting article. I have a degree in civil engineering, and most my model friends hold similar levels of study. I also manage my own business, do my accounts without an accountant, make up my own shooting contracts, manage my own busy schedule…….and not insecure and also care for a child and cook a home made dinner from scratch every day. No man has ever tried to steal me with money. I have my own money, I don’t need a man for cash, I prefer a relationship built on love. So do the other models I know! Who ever wrote this, go and politely screw yourself. You are a sexist, ill informed twat not fit to be published on the internet.

    1. Would it have been a more acceptable title if the writer went with ‘7 Reasons why you shouldn’t Date a Supermodel’ since every other comment on here states that less that 1% of models actually make it BIG in the modelling world, and that 1% are the fucking retards. Yes I understand where you’re coming from as I too have friends who are models and are lovely, interesting, educated individuals, but they aren’t supermodels they are just models.

      1. Perhaps. Although I have met a few supermodels, some have been lovely, wholesome intelligent people and some have been C*nts, just like you would find in any other profession. What I find is its often the glamour girl wannabes, so are not actual models and perhaps do a free photos hoot bent over their boyfriends car with their pinky in their mouth at the weekend and then call themselves a model (and there are a lot of those) that can often (although again not always) have an attitude problem. Actually, as a model, if you are such a difficult person, nobody would want to hire you or work with you. We have to be able to get on with others.

    2. I honestly don’t care about these. What bothers me is that it seems extremely easy to exchange other forms of payment for shoots; especially early on in a models career. Another thing that bothers me is that photographers are simply gawking at the girl behind a camera lens, and I’m 100% sure they snap photos for personal use later. I see photographers as absolute trash.
      So although I agree that this ‘article’ is pretty insulting, I don’t really want to date a model for my reasons. It has absolutely nothing to do with the women, but knowing men is what distances me.

  46. Some points are true, we are a very insecure bunch, probably more so than the average woman and nearly all of us suffer from some kind of disordered eating. We do get rich guys hitting on us, offering to take us out and on all expenses paid holidays as well, most of us are quite broke as well and most of us live a nomadic existence which can make having a relationship, except with a fellow nomadic model nearly impossible. However, not all models are dumb basic bitches. Although I’d say about 70% are, especially if they started young and didn’t take the opportunity to travel outside of the homogenised model scene that is identical in every major modelling market around the world. Those that have taken the time to study, or merely just educate themselves by reading books and taking time out to travel around the many countries we have the opportunity to work in will be more cultured and socially aware than your average girl who does a run of the mill, rat-race 9-5 job. I can’t speak for all models, but I know it’s just not true that we are bad in bed, I know myself to be highly experimental, sometimes dominant and fully reciprocal and from what I’ve discussed with my fellow model friends, so are they. Perhaps we are not average models, though, as I do tend to be very selective about the kinds of models I hang out, tuning to tune out most of the boring, homogenous, nothing to say for themselves teenagers doing the international circuit. Lastly, the reason why it may seem like we can’t handle money is because we are constantly having to do business with unscrupulous, I regulated and exploitative agencies who charge us for every little expense, then sit on our money for months and months making huge amounts of interest on it, meanwhile we scrabble for pennies, get rinsed by international ATM fees and fork out all charges for international transfers ourselves, even if it’s because our agencies couldn’t pay us on time or had to send what was due us in separate transactions, we are made to foot the bill. Most people don’t realise how much models get exploited, and this is the reason why the industry favours younger models, it isn’t necessarily because they look better but more cos they don’t make a fuss when they’re getting rinsed. My advice to anyone who wants to date a model is firstly, pick a commercial model (not the super tall, anorexic quirky ones, but the slightly shorter, curvier and more beautiful ones) as they generally have a more sustainable income, greater career longevity, less tendency towards eating disorders and sometimes a little bit older so have had time to develop other interests. Also choose a girl who has a plan, modelling should never be seen as a career choice in and of itself, it’s a great launching pad for other things and opens a lot of doors as it gives you access to investors and international markets. If she knows what she’s using modelling for and has a good retirement plan, and you can handle the constant travel (or pick a girl who is working well in your city, and who plans to stay put) you get to date a beautiful girl who is also cultured, smart and well-travelled too.

  47. I just read this with my mouth open. I cannot comprehend what makes you feel entitled to make such subjective accusations towards any profession. I admire the time you have on your hands to write such depreciating, ill-informed rubbish.
    P.s. I’m getting the feeling someone was once ‘dumped’ by a model. Move on mate.

  48. This is utter bollocks. I am a model, I am currently studying for my masters degree in biology. I have learned how to handle my own money, myself and my life. I can cook, I have to clean or my house would be disgusting. I am a confident, independent individual who is a fucking beast in the bedroom. This article is clearly written by some douche who’s been heartbroken by a gorgeous girl and couldn’t handle it.

      1. No need for such harsh words despite I feel your pain. 🙂 Just stay neutral probably best maneuvering this subject.

    1. If you truly have read every comments posted here, I just have one thing to say as many others will say the same to you – YOU ARE NOT A SUPERMODEL. This article is talking about the handful of 15-20 supermodels on this planet.

  49. What a load of stereotyped bollocks and shit, lazy journalism. I suspect there’s a good chance that whoever wrote this drivel is in fact an 18yr old virgin with an inferiority complex and small penis.

  50. This is highly offensive. I’m a model, have been for 8 years. First off, kids who are tall and skinny are never considered attractive growing up. Let’s get that out of the way first. Models generally have an A to a B cup breasts and the definition of beauty in regular america is curvy women. I grew up hearing only “Are you anorexic? Do you have an eating disorder?” never that I was beautiful. Even though I would eat just as much, if not more than women around me and simply have a quite fast metabolism. I had no idea I was anywhere near attractive until I got signed by an agency in NYC, and even now, I don’t consider myself “attractive”, I just consider that my face happens to be symmetrical and I eat well and happen to have good genes. Cool, but it doesn’t make me “better” or “worse” than anyone? “Better” and “worse” are human concepts that define personal taste. There are plenty of people that prefer women of different bodily dimensions than myself and plenty that do prefer my bodily type, and that diversity helps make life beautiful.
    Now, here’s the answer to the ones that are obviously not true: ANY PERSON (male or female) CAN BE THESE WAYS! I know plenty of men in manhattan that seamless or go to restaurants every night because they possess no culinary skills and have their laundry picked up at their door and delivered the next day. Why are we not calling these men out on their “homemaking skills”? “Confidence” and “self-confidence” are opinions. These opinions are personal and unique to each person. I could meet two people at an event, and one can say “her outfit is great, she must be trying really hard, I bet she has low self-confidence” and the other person could say “she seemed like a really chill chick”. You never know, and to be honest, it is not relative to you in any way.
    Moving forward to the two that might be true:
    1) “Rich men will constantly try to steal her from you”. Yes. Men, regardless of their finances, probably will. But, we possess a frontal lobe as well and can decide if said person is right for us. We’re women, not property that can be lifted off you like your wallet. Secondly, since we’re hit on by these “rich men” “constantly” wouldn’t one think that we are used to it? And are used to turning them down like any other man? We’re models, not prostitutes ;).
    2) “She’s always on the road”. There are lots of careers on this planet that require women to travel internationally. Modeling is one, yes, but so is being an archaeologist, a flight attendant, an event coordinator, a wedding planner even.
    And finally, to the men down below bragging about how you know models because you’ve slept with one, you obviously don’t know those people. You obviously didn’t form long lasting friendships or relationships in order to get to know those people because you don’t respect them. It’s obvious. And I’d almost go as far to say that those men don’t respect any of the women they’ve slept with, model or not. And that’s why quality women aren’t attracted to you and thus why you have such negative stories to share about other human beings on the internet in the first place. You chose to sleep with those people, and if you were a self-cognitive and self-respecting human being, you wouldn’t be bragging about your bad decisions.
    Also, sure, there are drugged out models, but there are drugged out CEOs of companies, college students, etc. because choosing drugs is a personal choice that we all as humans are faced with, regardless of our careers, regardless of our body types and regardless of our bank accounts (as many addicts will find money to pay for their addiction in any way that they can).
    Finally, models are not broke. If a model is with a small, new, or “lower class” agency then it is likely for them to be paid less. Though, those girls still get paid $500-$1000/day minimum and work probably about three times a week on average. If the model is with one of the top ten agencies in NYC, they will usually get paid $5000/day minimum and up to $1.5 million per job.

    1. Clara, did you ever even wonder why female models look like teenage boys? Like you… Because the people who hire them are faggots who like to fuck teenage boys in the ass…

  51. When these girls qualify themselves, they write a book. A boring, vapid, tl;dr book.

  52. I agree & disagree with this. My wife is from Europe and drop dead gorgeous, but she is not a model.
    My wife is educated and can engage in any conversation with anyone. Gold, cigars, soccer, travel, bitcoin, sex, whatever.
    Being from Europe she is NOT insecure at all. Girls over the pond (especially eastern europe) are sometimes out of the house and dating by age 14. They create their own lives, with their own friends.
    Yes, guys are always pining for her.
    Her job requires so travel and long hours, so yes, sex is not as often as I would like.
    I dont know why, but shes not that hot in bed. Not like previous girls Ive dated. That said, sex is like pizza…. its all good.
    My wife isnt a top chef so Ive taken over most of the cooking, but she is awesome as keeping the house clean and in order.
    My wife is a CPA so she kicks A$$ with finances. I thank her every day 🙂

  53. This is totally an utterly the most judgemental thing I have ever read, and fucking offensive. I model and I would say 90% of the models i know are extremely intelligent and have been to collage and or university. It is just a job, it doesn’t totally define who we are. I have studied History and fine art, i have hobbies like rock climbing and skating, i sell paintings and drawings, i also volunteer keeping elderly company.
    Most models pay there own taxes, we organise our own shoots and travel and have to be very organised.
    We also know it wont last forever so we have fun, granted some have to much fun and sometimes makes us look like think bimbos but to tar every model with the same brush is WRONG.
    And to call us all emotionally unstable? No…..Most modes are very switched on. Think about it, they make money from the stupid offensive men commenting on this article because i guarantee you are the ones who buy to perve over them in the magazines
    Totally ridiculous article.

    1. Jenny, every book you read will give you on IQ point, I promise) go read one! Good girl…

  54. This is so full of shit lol. You dated the wrong girl, who happened to be a model, or you were just rejected by one. Asshole. Thanks for the generalization, but I and other awesome models I know are used to having to combat generalizations to be successful anway. So thanks!

  55. Another example of the internet giving a broadcasting platform to inadequate, brainless morons. The writer blatantly knows nothing about the modelling industry, and his outpouring of rejection anger, doesn’t reflect models at all. Successful models are the ones who are self- motivated, intelligent and engaging people, without personality, models get nowhere.
    As for your comment about the purpose of dating a girl being so you can stop masturbating, I suggest you continue masturbating as to not endanger the future of the human race by risking reproduction of more pathetic individuals like yourself.

  56. I’m just sitting here laughing over how painfully inept this article is. Like singular random tweets from models he is stalking somehow prove his points too? LOL Sounds like the poor guy got shut down by a pretty girl and he just couldn’t handle that. Bless his wittle heart. XD

  57. 1-Yes, I had to drop school,
    This is something that I really regret, but it was something that I had
    to do. I red more than 10 books this year, and I did my best trying to
    learn 3 other languages by myself, because it does makes me really sad
    that I didn’t have the opportunity to graduate or take the school more
    serious.I was a baby when all this started and didn’t know what was
    happening,I was only 14 and tough i knew it all like a good teenager..
    2-I am insecure because planet earth is SEXIST(hehe).
    and i DON’T WEAR MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sometimes I do hehe, but only
    because it’s like making a cool drawing on your face,it shines etc,not
    because I feel ugly.)
    3-EXCUSE ME,but I’m the rich one
    here,because i’ve been working for 7 fucking years like a motherfucking
    horse.I stoped asking for my father’s help when I was 16 years old and I
    was BROKE for several years untill I could afford a clean house.I lived
    in shit holes and God only knows what it feels like to be calling your
    parents on skype and telling them that everything is ok when you’re
    living with mices a cucarachas in your room.(not the count the only 9
    random models that you’re sharing the house) I personally killed 4 mices
    when I was living in nyc, so fuck you, fuck you very very much I
    already have a rich man in my life, he’s called MY DAD, and the only
    thing that I’ve been trying to do with him that’s related with money is
    4-Ok that’s true. I’m in Stockholm, going back to
    london tomorrow, then I’m catching a flight to Iceland to get back on
    wednesday. In the past few months I’ve been to
    greece,germany,thailand,brazil….I don’t even remember where i’ve been,
    and all I can say about that is: IM SO NOT SORRY. This is the best
    fucking part of this bloody job.That’s what makes me think im blessed.
    5-I watch porn,that’s better than kama sutra(I have a pdf.) and I also
    recommend to every girl to watch and read tutorials on how to squirt.
    6-I’m italian and my family is sexist. I was born and raised at the
    kitchen, I can probably cook better than your mom, plus i’ve been living
    by myself for ages, I need to clean my own shit!!
    7-Yes yes, I
    EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUUUUUUUU
    (jk, i’m saving it)

  58. Roosh, I think you tapped into something here..the responses show how self-absorbed and insecure they really are. A secure person wouldn’t need to write a book on how awesome they are.

  59. True but this is probably for a fraction of the models out there. See, it is rare for a guy to date a model without issues since a quality girl/model will not be easily available due to her choice or is already in a relationship with another guy.
    This is the reason why most guys end up dating the problematic ones. Its just they don’t have a stable relationship with a guy or they try to be available to as many guys they can for whatever purpose such as money, personal, and etc.
    I just realize now that this goes to every other girl too. A girl doesn’t need to be a model for the above statements to be true… she only has to have attitude problems.

  60. This article is very insulting and debasing to models out there. Makes me think that the author of this article has his own personal demons inside to begin with. It doesn’t automatically entail that if you’re a model then you’re stupid or do not possess home making skills. Do not be so quick to judge because people have their own reasons for doing such things and most of them are actually very financially independent. Thank you very much.

  61. It depends not all models, maybe the writter describes a prostitute not models :))) or maybe they are just a insecure bitch

  62. This is really sexist and stupid. All these points can be made of anyone. If a girl doesn’t want to give you head it’s because of either 2 reasons: 1) You don’t give her head 2) Your dick is ugly. Have you ever gave any thought to the fact that you yourself might be a horrible lay? Usually, if a chick just lays there chances are you are. Please refrain from talking about any woman in such a degrading manor. If one of your points are, rich men are constantly trying to steal her from you, sounds like she isn’t the matter. You are. You have a problem with women traveling to work? Is that because you won’t have anyone around to make you a sandwich? You are a superficial asshole. I hope, one day you realize that your a sexist bigot. I have low expectations with the longevity of any of your relationships. It’s articles like this that contribute to slut shaming culture.

  63. My take here is that probably, the author was rejected by a model. He tried so hard to woo a model but his effort was alas, in vain! He’s so disgruntled that he has resorted into female model bashing. His ego is badly damaged! Dude, whoever you are, hiding behind your screen, I feel sorry that you probably have a small dick and that you never, ever get a nice beautiful woman, let alone a model. Good luck and I hope you kill yourself!

    1. Didn’t I see you write something similar on Matt Forney’s article on Indian girls a while back, except the word “model” was replaced with “Indian girl”?

  64. As a model this is entirely incorrect and rather insulting. I graduated summa cum laude from my school with a degree in psychology and my cousin who is also a model gorgeous girl with big bright green eyes and dark hair graduated from her school with a degree in biology and psychology. I know VERY WELL how to manage my finances most successful models do in fact. I consider myself an intellectual, creative, and incredibly hard working woman– as I do my model cousin who in fact is also a philanthropist who works in third world countries to help fight female foeticide. Whoever wrote this article is clearly insecure about herself or himself. Have you heard of Joan Smalls or Cameron Russell BOTH college graduates one even from an Ivy league school.

  65. I dated a model for a year and a half, she was perfect, beautiful, funny, smart… until I started noticing hoe much of an insecure narcissistic sociopath she was. She wasn’t a horrible person, she just could not see hoe her actions affected others. Flakey as hell, pathological liar, no amount of love or attention was enough, addicted to IG attention, had emotional walls so thick no light got through. When she faced financial hardship between gigs, instead of asking for help or getting a real job, she became a topless waitress and was ashamed of it… Basically she was a sweetheart who was damaged and did some bad stuff despite never needing too. They are self destructive and will drain your of everything you have and give nothing back. She made me so depressed I ended up in hospital. Then one day I had enough and she left as if she never loved me. They may be amazing people, but they are toxic in relationships.

  66. Not only rich guys will snatch her from you. Handsome male models will snatch her from you as well. Those guys are known for being homewreckers and they also become gigolos and male strippers who serve to female clients with husbands or boyfriends. Modeling is a career in which divorce rates are high and models are usually not marriage material. They also experience domestic violence because they cannot be committed to their partner or spouse. Guess whose fault is it for the models cheating on their spouse or their partner? Their agency’s. They encourage it and tell them their spouse or partner is too ugly for them. Infidelity is common in the modeling industry because models also work with the opposite gender during photoshoots. Don’t expect commitment from female models. I used to model myself (and now I’m questioning whether to go back or not) but as I got married, I was told to quit after my husband discovered that I was exchanging texts with a male model and a client.
    But anyway, this article is a total insult to people who do modeling and are very attractive in public. Some models have college degrees that give them a backup job like I do.
    Also, how about female photographers who photograph male models? Are they slutty d-bags who want to get laid? Perhaps you guys wouldn’t want to date or marry a female photographer who photographs male models. They also prey on male models who then rape them in return for their actions

  67. For the most part, I would agree w/this. There may be models who are actually wife material but they’re unfortunately outnumbered by those you’ve described. BTW, this article also applies to actresses and some singers in the mainstream media.

  68. I saw a comment here that refered to non supermodels as “just models” which reeks of disapproval for some strange reason. Because one doesn’t know of a particular professional model who’s not on the same scale, media wise, as Cara Delavigne, (especially if one is not in the industry) it does not mean that said model doesn’t get jobs or that they don’t look the same as supermodels or work as hard.
    This actual article sounds like it’s written by a misogynist who obviously feels the need to “out” models, although the outing has no substance or proof. Most models by the way have to be intelligent and on top of things to be professional, which, by the way, does not mean supermodel.
    Also, the idea that “the average woman” feels the need to work harder sexually because they aren’t confident because they are not models is ludicrous.
    Glorifying supermodels over so called “just models” proves that the industry still has hold over many people.
    (This was written fairly quick so apologies if there are mistakes).

  69. i, too, find a few inaccuracies with this article. a lot of it does seem to fit the bill. i am not an expert by any stretch, especially as far as models go beyond the 90s, but as a teenager in the 80s, many of the iconic models of that time, such as Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland, Cheryl Tiegs, & Carol Alt, all had thriving businesses once they graced magazine covers a time or 2. maybe there is a new definition of “model” that I am not aware of, which i’m sure is the case since i have self-admittedly fallen way off of the current trends, as i stopped giving a shit by about my late 20s & from what i could see as far as entertainment, fashion, music, film, and trends & culture in general, america seemed to be rapidly spiraling the drain. i know every older generation is guilty of saying “when i was your age…”, but damn, now that i am old, it really does seem to be true! by the early 2000s i became certain i was seriously born too late in my birth year of 1970. the more i learn of the truths & see of the past, so much of the good stuff has been gone for a long time now. i am not naive & of course reailze the same evil powers that be were working things behind the scenes even before WWII & likely even WWI, but at least they had some civility then & found creative ways to hide it. by the mid to late 60s, the process went into overdrive & now as we can see they are not only attempting to hide their agenda, they are rubbing our noses in it & even going so far as to marginalize & in many cases outright bully the normal people still left trying to get by in this f***ed up time we are living in.

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