Why You Should Stop Using Pot

If you want to achieve anything in life, it’s time to stop smoking pot. This advice runs quite contrary to the current popular culture. Recreational marijuana use has gone mainstream in the past few years as various states have legalized its use.

Celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus have admitted to using it, and openly promote legalization at the federal level. Marijuana, which was once regarded as a gateway drug, is now lauded for its medicinal properties and it has been rebranded as a safe, herbal alternative to achieving relaxation.

Drugs are bad


Not too long ago, smoking pot was considered to be a bad thing. Everyone knew that it wasn’t as bad as the so-called “hard drugs” like heroin and cocaine, but no one regarded it as a good thing. People who smoked lots of pot were called “burnouts” or “stoners” because the excessive marijuana consumption killed their ambition and made them stupid.

Pot was also believed to be a gateway drug that leads to the adoption of the harder drugs. If you grew up in the 80’s you probably remember the “This is your brain on drugs” commercial featuring an egg sizzling in the frying pan or the D.A.R.E. program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) that was taught in virtually every school.

The trend carried over into the nineties with a similar PSA featuring one time “it” girl Rachael Leigh Cook, slamming pots and pans to demonstrate the effects of drug use on all aspects of life. At the time, there had been a rash of Hollywood and music industry deaths related to drug abuse such as actor River Phoenix and Sublime lead singer and guitarist, Bradley Nowell. The message back then was clear—all drug use is destructive and should be avoided at all costs.

A makeover for pot

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.52.30 PM

Miley Cyrus via Instagram. Hey kids, if you dress like a prostitute and smoke pot, you can be cool just like me!

At some point, attitudes towards marijuana changed. It was probably a combination of the libertarian movement to legalize drug usage and the medical marijuana movement that gave pot smoking a rehabilitation. Whatever the cause, smoking pot is no longer viewed as something reserved for life’s losers. Now, smoking pot is cool.

The other night, I watched the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. As I am not a 12-year-old girl, I wasn’t terribly interested in the performances. Who wants to watch Miley Cyrus prancing around in ridiculous outfits with her disgusting tongue hanging out?

But the VMAs are a good bellwether for where our society is headed. This year’s show provided an interesting glimpse into MTV’s progressive and ultimately degrading message: Smoke pot, because Miley and virtually every other talentless bonehead on stage does too. Miley’s entire shtick for the evening could be summed up as “the wild child who loves weed.” Cyrus even closed the show with the line, “Yeah, I smoke pot.”

But this passion for the Mary Jane extended to other honorees as well. Kanye West who received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, gave a rambling speech where he used the word “bro” a lot and let slip that he got high before going onstage. West then concluded with an announcement that he would be running for president in 2020. I suppose his pot use won’t hurt him, as our current President was the leader of the Choom Gang when he was in high school.

If all these great “successes” are smoking weed, why shouldn’t you? It turns out there are some good reasons to throw away your pipe, bong, and rolling papers.

Pot and schizophrenia


Jared Loughner

The use of marijuana has been correlated to schizophrenia. For those who are unfamiliar with the disease, schizophrenia is a horrible, disabling brain disorder that causes its sufferers to experience psychosis. Typically, people who suffer from schizophrenia hear voices and feel that some group is monitoring them. I knew a schizophrenic man who told me that the Vatican was following him. It would have been pointless to try to reason with him.

Schizophrenia frequently crops up in notorious murder cases. Almost invariably, if the perpetrators turn out to be schizophrenic, they are also heavy marijuana users. For example, Colorado theatre shooter James Holmes and Tucson shooter Jared Loughner were both pot smokers.

I once attended a lecture by Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia. Torrey mentioned that if he could do one thing to reduce the incidence of schizophrenia among young people, he would post a huge sign at every rock concert warning users that smoking pot increases your chance of becoming schizophrenic by ten times.

The most recent studies seem to indicate that marijuana can trigger the onset of schizophrenia in people who have a predisposition toward the disease. That is, most people will be able to smoke pot with no risk of ever developing the disease. But is it worth the risk? Are you feeling lucky?

Smoking pot can take away your motivation


All drugs have side effects, but the popular media would have us believe that pot is an exception. The worst side effect that I have noticed in heavy pot users is loss of motivation. These folks seem to be content with frittering their lives away, achieving nothing, and doing as little as possible except smoking weed. But my evidence is anecdotal.

However, there is some solid research that backs up the observation that using pot takes away your ambition. A 2013 study conducted by scientists at Imperial College London determined that long-term cannabis users produce less dopamine, a chemical linked to motivation. This study led researchers to conclude that: “Long-term cannabis use may blunt the brain’s motivation system.”

The bottom line is that if you are a man who is trying to improve his life, smoking pot is going to take you in the opposite direction.

Other side effects of cannabis usage


There is currently a debate in scientific circles of the effect of marijuana on sex. The research is contradictory. In animal studies, cannabis has been found to lower testosterone levels, but the human studies have not been conclusive.

While we are waiting for a future study to definitively settle the question, the prudent course is to avoid using anything that would negatively impact your testosterone levels. The testosterone levels of American men have already been dropping since the 1980s—you already probably have lower T levels than your father or your grandfather. It doesn’t make sense to do things that might lower them even further.

To be a success don’t numb yourself


Even if marijuana didn’t carry of risk of triggering schizophrenia, taking away your motivation, or decreasing your testosterone levels, it would still be a bad idea. To become successful takes a lot of work. Numbing yourself, whether that comes from drinking too much alcohol or smoking pot, will take you away from your goal, and it also carries the risk that it can become an addiction that will lead to your downfall.

Truly successful people give their complete focus to achieving their goal. Real estate titan Donald Trump has a strict no drugs/no alcohol ethic that he has passed on to his children. Gene Simmons, leader of the rock band Kiss, also avoided drugs and alcohol even when the band was at its peak of popularity. Even Benjamin Franklin was a teetotaler in his younger days. It was only after he had accomplished great things in business, science, and politics that he started to enjoy the occasional bottle of wine.


A self-absorbed populace is easy to rule. That’s why rulers have always provided diversions to keep the masses distracted. In ancient Rome, it was the games in the Colosseum. Today, the media, our celebrities, and the other members of our new “aristocracy” encourage us to enjoy life and light up our medical marijuana cigarette.

If you needed any further reason to avoid using pot, look at the voices that are pushing its use. That alone should be enough evidence to convince you to do the opposite.

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358 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Using Pot”

  1. “The use of marijuana has been correlated to schizophrenia.”
    Correlation does not imply causation.
    “The most recent studies seem to indicate that marijuana can trigger the onset of schizophrenia in people who have a predisposition toward the disease.”
    Where are the studies?

    1. I smoked for a good 5 years between the ages of 26 and 31. It was right after I got back from Iraq. I finally stopped when I met a girl who I liked enough that I chose her over it. It took me about two years to feel right again. Now that I look back, it caused major changes in my life that I just didn’t care about at the time. I was probably self-treating things with it granted ,but it most certainly caused me to lose ambition,sex drive to some degree, and as I look back I was always paranoid. Personally experience though, so I’m not advocating for it to be made illegal everywhere again, but there really should be some kind of tobacco type regulations and public awareness of the risks commercials. Celebrates routinely hide that they smoke tobacco and flaunt that they smoke weed. It shouldn’t be that way. Yes, we should think about the children in our society somewhat and how their minds are crafted. When they are adults they can choose, but star power does influence them.

    2. “The use of marijuana has been correlated to schizophrenia.”
      This is true, even as weakly as it is stated, and the effect is well known. Whether the relationship is correlative or causative, the question to ask is: “How often does it happen?”
      The answer is, not very damned often. Maybe 0.001% of the time. It’s actually much more dangerous to cross the street.

  2. Personally, I would love it if more people smoked marijuana. That just means more losers and that much easier for me to do the things I want to do. If you still believe in “survival of the fittest,” by all means, go ahead let the losers sabotage themselves.

      1. who are those “losers” exactly are you referring to? those who use pot? are you considering
        -those who use it for medication?
        -who use it for sleeping aid?
        -who use it for relaxation?
        -who use it to enhance sex?
        -does it includes sports personalities?
        with that fat face…(if it is the real you) …i really wonder whose the real looser here who is sitting at home.

        1. You are correct…I have a fat face. In fact I am morbidly obese…but I have no illusions about myself, and if my drug of choice is food, that is my personal choice…I can always lose a few pounds…you however will never be able to stop being a stoned slacker…but I fully support your right to sit around in your lotus haze as you kill sperm cells….so light up my good man.

        2. What makes you think that “lighting up” is the only way to consume pot?
          What makes you assume that i am a stoned slacker ?
          and what are you talking about illusion about yourself? Should i thank you for your supporting me for …killing my sperm? i apologize for being stupidly literal…but peace man…i mean no offense, But you really need to start loosing weights,…you know how…
          by doing it.
          And i fully support you with that.

        3. “What makes you assume that i am a stoned slacker ?”
          Well, the marijuana leaf just sorta jumed out at me.
          I’ll make you a deal…you smoke, I’ll eat.

        4. Only if our bmi-challenged special unfortunate was drunk and it was a straight white guy doing the ‘smoking’.

    1. I agree but the problem with that is that it is currently legal to claim drug use as a “disability” and thus an excuse to suck off the taxpayer teat.

        1. Drug use as a disability
          It is happening, but these people also usually add in or get ‘diagnosed’ with some mental illness also to be approved for disability.
          An estate, that I was doing work for, had problems with a tenant. When they tried to evict a tenant for not paying rent and causing disturbances all night, they put this in a filing with the housing court; i.e. asking for a delay on the eviction because they had filed for disability and the disability was a drug addition plus mental health issues.

        2. Now you’re saying something different. In your original post, you stated “the problem with that is that it is currently legal to claim drug use as a “disability”… Now you’re saying that drug use won’t stop you from getting disability benefits. It’s a huge difference between the two. Drug use, including alcoholism, is NOT recognized as a disability under federal law.

        3. Drug addiction as a disability? What’s next I was born lazy and inclined towards indulgences so I get a pass? It’s already happening after gay righta and tranny rights

        4. To clarify:
          In part both of you are correct.
          You can’t get disability (SSDI) because you use drugs BUT if using drugs caused a condition then you can get disability. One of the conditions that is allowed for SSDI is “Personality disorders”.
          So if you smoke enough weed that you ‘suffer’ a personality disorder, then you can get SSDI.

        5. I didn’t even see what country you guys are talking about lol, I don’t know about US but for many european countries that would be true in many ways.

        6. I don’t think that you understand. SS Disability is almost impossible to get because you have to be completely and permanently disabled and not able to do ANY work. If I was a surgeon and damaged my hands so that I couldn’t operate anymore I would not get SSD because I could work in another area of medicine or even another field.
          Complete disability due to mental disease would be something like severe schizophrenia or some sort of brain damage where you can’t do anything.If you were also taking drugs it would really be irrelevant if the underlying disease would still be there so you’d qualify.
          Some people qualify for SSI which is easier to get and is supposed to be temporary disability (but sometimes ends up being permanent) There may be places where you can get SSI for alcoholism or heroin addiction but I’m pretty sure that you also have to be getting treatment to qualify and as someone else said you may also have some mental disorder. I’m sure that any money SS sends you will probably have to go to a guardian so you don’t spend it on booze or drugs and they pay your bills.
          There are no crooked doctors who are going to lie for you :o) besides, you would still have to see the SS doctor.
          So don’t try to fake anything.Many of these people who qualify for SSI or even SSD (for some severe permanent schizophrenia) have been in hospitals and doctors have already diagnosed and treated them so it’s easier for them to apply.

        7. Not for SSD but perhaps for the temporary SSI especially if it’s combined with some mental disorder.

        8. You can only get SSD if you are completely and permanently disabled and unable to perform in any type of job.As long as you can do some work you’re not getting it.
          SSI is a little different.

      1. Not really.In some states it may be possible but it would have to be for something like heroin or other opiate that caused a real physical dependence, not for cannabis.And you’d probably have to take methadone or something like that and it may only be temporary disability since you can work on drugs.
        There are some places where if you became a real addict as the result of medical treatment then you may be able to get disability. Pot? don’t think so

    2. They want to legalize Pot because it makes people stupid and useless, and therefore easy to control.

      1. wrong. the reason they HAVEN’T wanted to legalize pot until now is because it opens up your mind and makes you aware of their brainwashing.

        1. Yeah, ok. Every dude I know who does pot a lot (not occasional users, but ones who do the whole “opens up your mind, maaaann…” thing, generally are lazy, unmotivated and have this weird dopey attitude that is preoccupied first, last and foremost with weed.
          I don’t mind that of course, I’m all about letting people make their own choices. The more people that want to get doped up and sit around on their couch 24/7 watching Tom And Jerry, the less competition I have in the real world. And I endorse that. heh

        2. Good comment. Let me add: you don’t just endorse it. You pay for it in taxes and the hidden costs (crime, etc.) that come with a society that advertises its lower standards for behavior.

        3. You could use some open-mindedness, Ghost. Maybe you’d finally realize the world is being actively subverted by the elites.

        4. Yeah, that’s how it’s always been. Just different names , powers , and positions. Obviously the peasants are not ruling the world.

        5. The more people that want to get doped up and sit around on
          their couch 24/7 watching Tom And Jerry, the less competition I have in
          the real world. And I endorse that. heh”
          <<< very similar to the first comment (…puzzled, but then i come to conclusion immediately, for pot really enhance my thingking.)

      2. On the other hand, so do drinking beer (hops are estrogenic, and we all know the problems with alcohol), or watching TV and porn.

      1. If everyone stays home, less traffic on the highways….nothing but you, me, and tons of Domino’s delivery guys.

    3. That’s why all drugs should be decriminalized. Let losers be losers. Don’t waste money trying to stop them.

    4. I would agree if men were the only ones who smoke it. Then , we would have a country like Russia with half guys being total losers.
      Unfortunately, it also affects girls.

    5. That’s the worst argument for pot I’ve ever seen. You’re a faggot. Yes, you with the patriotic American flag avatar encouraging others to fuck themselves up so you can “do the things you want to do.” Absolutely no concern for your country, your society, or those living next to you.
      Selfish narcissism is exactly the problem with America. Not feminism, not academia; self-defeating faggotry. Leave the U.S. and sponge elsewhere.
      Former pot smoker who realized how awful it is

      1. No actually he had an interesting take on this. I too appreciate the Darwinian aspect of drug legalization. Things sort themselves out in short order. I only endorse it however as long as we eliminate the Welfare state, so that the true burn outs get to live their remaining days under bridges in cardboard boxes. It serves a lesson that is teachable to others, and that’s a good thing.

        1. That’s dorm-room libertarianism and does nothing to improve the country. Good luck passing it through Congress. If you want to teach others (and improve society) go to a rehab clinic, do the leg work, and show them what’s worth living for.
          You’ll outgrow that philosophy in a few years, trust me.

        2. It’s basic logic. Currently the system covers up the consequences of poor choices, not just with drugs, but also bad economic and interpersonal decisions as well. It also forces decent people to subsidize poor choices.
          Maybe that kind of thing is fine with you (it appears to be), but I’m not particularly fond of being forced to finance stoners, losers and social deviants. Without a fall back that gives people the ability to shrug off consequences, then behavior across a society tends to improve in general.
          Save the smarm for somebody who hasn’t seen a large number of people become zealots like you the moment they give up dope.

        3. Then you help the people who are making bad choices and convince them to NOT make bad choices. A far more reasonable (and practical) solution than letting them die off?
          What year in college are you? Lay off the libertarian nonsense, it’s an idealistic fairytale.

        4. P.S. Sign up on the forums so your arguments can be completely and utterly destroyed by 50 people. I’m a zealot because the millennial generation is pussified, selfish, and has little regard for future generations. You’re peddling mindless hedonism. It’s trash. The exact same as the “red pill player lifestyle” guys who couldn’t get their dongs wet in high school. It’s no wonder whites are being fuckin overrun from Latvia to California.

        5. I’m in my 40’s, chief. I can’t help but notice that you’ve come in here and basically said “my way or the highway and if you don’t agree that means you’re a bad person/faggot/college idiot!”
          Which is a logical fallacy.
          You are posessed of the Born Again zealotry that many people who used to “sin” take once they are “born again”, which is to say that they become the most critical of others who have sinned.
          Why should I be forced to subsidize people making bad choices, precisely? That’s not even a normal Conservative position, let alone “college dorm room libertarianism, OMG!”
          You also fail to see the actual point. There is no massive “die off” when people have to be fully responsible for their own actions. It tends to clean up thoughts of hedonism when one realizes that the gutter is the ultimate dead end of that kind of lifestyle.
          Folks in the 1790’s weren’t living under bridges, and society in general was far more restricted through strong notions of personal responsibility and the lack of a government enforced subsidy for bad choices.

        6. Bzzt, reading comprehension failure on your part. Try again.

        7. I have no idea who this dude is actually, was he/she outted somewhere else?

        8. “Which is a logical fallacy.”
          Or a special snowflake millennial whose parents praised it even when caught playing in shit.

        9. Problem is, Jeff, that due to the anonymous nature of the internet people can pretend to be nearly anything or anyone if they are clever enough.
          It is a question of whether people should have free will, even if it has potential to end in destruction.

        10. Actually, I had this idea for something involving pot called “The Renunciation” — where at 18 (and after) if you don’t aspire to be a working, productive member of society, you sign away your right to vote and are taken to a government run reservation where you will be given food (some kind of EBT usable at government run dispensaries) shelter in the form of some 1 bedroom apartment crammed into a highrise with similar slackers) free entertainment (probably Xbox) and even marijuana. Add in some Norplant style birth control to prevent breeding. You just kick back for the rest of your days in useless sloth paid for by the government. You just can’t vote and you can’t leave. Now at this point I can imagine you are horrified, but think about it….all these useless lazy unmotivated members of society are in one spot…easy to keep them pacified. They can waste their lives playing video games and living in a weed fueled haze. The cost for this might seem expensive at first, but how many of us are ‘taxed’ already to provide something similar to the poor and unmotivated NOW, with the sad realization that many of them trudge off to the polls to elect liberal democrats every two years?
          In addition, think of the other ways we are ‘taxed’ by this element of society — the gas and time we spend driving into our crumbling cities to drive past the neighborhoods they have destroyed or infest with crime ridden section 8 housing, the costs we pay in increased insurance because of their reckless lives, the costs we pay for additional policing, social services, and not to mention the fact their children bring even worse habits into our public school system (which, rather than try and train critical thinkers for the future find themselves having to act as babysitters for future generations of thugs and criminals, as well as deal with teen girls that think pregnancy at a young age is a valid life path),as well as hospitals filled with all the fruits of theur lifestyle, not to mention the effect on quality of life and the local neighborhood. We can just ship the slackers away and let them dream away their lives in a lotus filled haze while the rest of us build the future.

        11. Self hatred is common with them, as a vehicle for “irony”, which they use as a shield from expectation.

        12. Not really horrified.
          Personally I prefer something a bit more nefarious. I call it the “Don’t Drink Poison Test”.
          Here’s how it would work:
          1. At the age of 18 you are taken to a place where you fast for 24 hours. You are then placed in a room which is empty except for a table, a chair and a big bowl of poison on the table. You are given no way to communicate with the outside world.
          2. You are to remain in the room for an additional 24 hours (meaning that this is a 2 day affair all told). Nobody is in the room with you.
          3. There will be a massive public education from day one of Kindergarten through the 12th grade which states “Do not, under any circumstance, drink the poison from the bowl, it will kill you”.
          4. You, or your parents, or anybody else, will be allowed to send in notes with you saying “Don’t drink it, it will kill you”. You can even have it written in ink on your arm if you like.
          5. If after 24 hours you walk out alive, you’re good.
          I suspect this would immediately cull out the stupid from society if implemented impartially and correctly. We’d literally see a good 30% die off of the stupid and those without the ability to make good decisions.
          Exempt will be the mentally deficient (diagnosed with a debilitating chemical imbalance) and the retarded of course, but they generally aren’t the ones causing the problems.

        13. I would answer that question: Yes. As long as by destruction you mean “self destruction”. Given as I’m an ardent firearms carry proponent, the question of them getting violent is rather self solving, in my system.

        14. The people pushing drug laws are mostly the relatives of the humans that Darwin selected against. They’re angry their progeny was culled from the gene pool and need someone or something to blame.

        15. so true. but give them credit for getting a majority to vote with them. The pro-legalization movement has hit their maximum voter numbers, and where they are short the votes, must now wait for another young generation to boost their numbers. Legalization is probably inevitable, but one side is better at selling their point. Parents with dead kids carries a lot of weight.

        16. Big time on no welfare state for addicts. I am for a tax regime on all the legal drugs to fund the rehab for the addicts. Right now, we are paying for it, and they are not. Plus we’re paying for MRAPs and surveillance gear to bust the druggies, too. I’d like to stop paying for both, so that’s eliminating the “gibsmedat” mentality all around.

        17. Sounds good, only one problem though, there are a lot of Guilty white liberals who are very very successful, and you guessed it, they’re gonna vote Liberal, and I don’t think the real scumbags who this law would affect are voting anyways, let alone know when election day is, but it sounds in the right direction, maybe it should be simplified to, “If you hate the American Dream” then you get shipped to the Reservation :).

        18. I’m actually more concerned with females getting knocked up and producing more little useless bastards which is what we’re doing with welfare.
          Drugs should all be legal as they were before these laws were made.Of course, towns had little in the way of welfare at the time and it was mostly charities.

        19. Only gentlemen had duels and even duels were made illegal a very long time ago. When Burr killed Hamilton there was a warrant out for his arrest and he was vice president (he managed to get it quashed)
          Proles like yourself just had fistfights. Very few could even use a gun or sword.

        20. I’m against taxes and ‘rehabs’. Rehabs are another money making racket that have never shown efficacy.In fact they tend to make people worse.

        21. Less hipsters with lip can only be a good thing.
          I never said weapons need be involved.

        22. Dueling, as it was, had a respectable component to it, when it was about honor among men. But being fearsome itself doesn’t command genuine respect, ma’am.

        23. Millenial rule number one: criticize millenials. Those other millenials aren’t nearly as special as me…my grandma told me so….

      2. I beg to differ. It’s just natural selection back on tracks.
        In the old days, most men suffered from wars, alcoholism, accidents, etc.
        Modern society has considerably decreased male mortality. As a result, women have power over us because of the surplus of men.
        If men (and only men) were encouraged to smoke pot, healthy guys would have less competition.

        1. I swear half the posters here must still be in freshman year of college.
          You’re saying that because there are too many men, women have power over men? It’s an issue of quality, not quantity. Men today are selfish, pushover faggots who would rather get drunk, high, and chase tail than build families, reproduce, and contribute towards the greater good.
          America isn’t a 50 acre plot of Darwinist jungle, its a populous nation that (guess what) requires tax revenue to operate. Stop being a defeatist wimp and improve YOURSELF, rather than worrying about male competition at the bar. Success in all aspects of life will follow.

    6. Frankly I agree with the need to weed out the corrupt, the lazy and al the other losers who burden society but unfortunately your idea is a failure, many of these louts turn to crime and that is a problem. Even if thy don’t turn to Mugging, Burglary or whatever they are a problem. Here in Maryland last year we had one walk into the Timonium Shopping and murdered two people for no apparent reason, shot them dead.

      1. Wait, in Maryland, with its myriad drug laws on top of Federal drug laws, not to mention strict gun control laws?
        How does that impugn what Lance said precisely? In fact it sounds like exactly the opposite of what he was suggesting.

        1. Yes, Towson Town Center, I used to shop around there, more proof to show why Gun Control does not work, guess the only reason it really didn’t get that much publicity is because he is a pot user (certainly sets back the decriminalization crowd) and how does it impugn what Lance said well I don’t know if it does, I just know TWO INNOCENT HARD WORKING PEOPLE ARE DEAD because of this pot head, weeding out losers I have no problem with, collateral damage on the other hand I do have a problem with.

        2. So your refutation of Lance’s argument is to use an example of something happening in the current broken system which is basically the opposite of what Lance is advocating?
          I don’t get it?

        3. My refutation of Lance’s statement is not that I am apposed to idiots offing themselves it is that these slurred voice losers usually harm others in the process of their self destruction. Truth is idiots will always find interesting and exotic ways to do themselves in but unfortunately innocent people get hurt.
          As for weeding out these idiots well I favor the old ways, the so called ‘bigotry’ and ‘hate’ and all those other things liberals have done away with.

        4. I agree with that, just note that no matter the system, the violent types can and will exist. The issue then becomes how the general public can protect itself, and so far the best method of defense against violent loons is to be armed yourself while out in public.
          I’d wager we have far more drug users today than we did in, say, 1810 when there were no laws against it.

        5. “As for weeding out these idiots well I favor the old ways, the so called ‘bigotry’ and ‘hate’ and all those other things liberals have done away with.”
          Couldn’t agree with you more, this cuddling with criminals, rapists etc we see today is disturbing to say the least

        6. Agree with you with that, Liberals naively believe all people are good at heart and if they are bad it is what is around them that makes them so, availability of guns or presence of money for a few with many not having as much are what they feel is to blame just as they blamed ‘Demon Rum’ in the past, so they want everybody disarmed and on the losing end. I firmly am against Gun Control and believe we should be allowed to openly carry guns to defend ourselves with strong Stand Your Grand Laws on the books. I think there would be far less crime if criminals knew that not just Police will be shooting at them so will ordinary Joes taking their guns and standing with the police shooting at them. Our Society would be much safer.
          As for narcotics well even though back then people were naïve about those poisons so they were legal and freely available to all I think more people abuse them because society tolerates too much these days.

        7. Allow me to add further, I believe those who deal in illegal narcotic as selling Guns and other weapons to criminals should be executed, that is what they do in Asia for which they are condemned by idiot liberals. Asian countries are steeped in the Teachings of Confucius and believe that Government should be Virtuous therefor promote the Moral and weed out the Immoral which is why they are so ‘Homophobic’, ‘sexist’, ‘bigoted’ and all that smart stuff liberals condemn as apposed to the degenerate west which is falling apart. Many like Vietnam and China have suffered the Drug Plague that ruined much of their societies for generations.
          Ironically where the west should be copying them with this our degenerate liberal establishment openly condemns them, hey stupidity loves company I guess. Their societies are flouring now while ours continually Liberals pushing us down the toilet.

    7. Pretty much that. Every heavy pot smoker I know is a loser.
      There’s a reason why the USA is seeking to legalize pot and illegalize guns. Makes for a nice docile population that you can overtax and race-cuck and there will be no outrage. “It’s all cool man”.
      Your post is going to be the basis of “why I don’t smoke pot”. I’m going to tell people the same thing: because I don’t want to go down to the level of people who do, that I enjoy having superior faculty.

      1. Ask yourself this, how many people at the peak of their profession / craft admit to regularly smoking weed daily? Sure the weekend warriors will come out of the woodwork in the comments, but the creme de la croix are very rarely regular pot smokers. Weed isn’t a debilitating drug unless you allow it to be. It simply isn’t as addictive as coke, heroin, or meth. Those who allow it to become a constant habit all day, every day, suffer from immaturity more than a mental/physical drug addiction.

        1. Since they made being a man all but illegal, I don’t expect that to happen.
          If you want estrogen so you can grow tits and demand to swing your junk in a womens’ locker room, that’ll be OK under the law AND they’ll get taxpayers to pay for it. How’s that for cuntocracy.

      2. The key word here is “heavy”. Every heavy drinker I’ve known is worse off than the average heavy pot smoker by a long way, though. They tend to get into fights, accidents and lose their jobs.
        “The USA” isn’t seeking to legalize pot. On the contrary. The legalization of pot has been a grass (oops) roots resistance against a prohibition as damaging and productive of crime as alcohol prohibition.
        I shake my head when I hear such blatant social signalling as people smugly congratulating themselves on their taste in single malt whiskey and sneering at potheads while enjoying the superior cognitive state of drunkenness. Pot has very little effect on IQ, unlike alcohol.

        1. In actual sense you are the Beta.Doctor Jeep is heavily respected here, lifting more and making more money doesn’t make you alpha.Alpha is a mindset son.

      3. They also want to do that so that the general US population can be like that loser stoner from the movie “The Big Lebowsky.”

    8. The best part of articles like this are being able to spot the addicts from a mile off.

    9. I’ve been a stoner my entire adult life. I am currently not smoking, last week or two, because I can take it or leave it. It does wonders to help me sleep.
      In my life, I made a million dollars in real estate, have written 3 novels and working on my fourth, raised 2 excellent sons, and I am in excellent health. All whilst smoking the herbals.
      While it might be reasonable to suggest that someone should not spend every waking moment stoned, that’s common sense and no article is needed. Like alcohol, moderation is in order. It is not as bad for you as alcohol, which most of you drink as you chime in that pot is bad. Hypocritical.
      I notice you did not point out any of its medicinal benefits, which makes this article dishonest and unbalanced. Your pontificating here is unfortunate.
      Further, it does not seem apparent that the OP has much experience with weed (no reference was made otherwise) so it is also unfortunate to see someone speaking about things which they are unqualified to address.
      You could make the case that a person is more effective in general when they are not high, but again, that is common sense.
      In short, this article misses the mark, and is quite disappointing..
      Next time, Michael, stick to what you know or do your research. Thanks

      1. I ignore most comments but I am going to reply to yours because I genuinely am impressed by what you wrote. Also, I’m not sure you meant to reply to my original comment or if you were commenting on the article.
        The problem with your argument is it is anecdotal, i.e., you are using your personal experience as opposed to understanding complete data and variation across a continuum. Just as you would agree with me if someone were to say “cigarettes are safe because my uncle smoked 30 cigs/day and he lived to be 97,” I think you would also agree with me that your experience with weed is not the normal. Hell, I would smoke weed too if I had your results.
        Admittedly, my argument is also anecdotal, i.e., the people I see who use marijuana, (unless they are creative types, and therefore not my competition because I am not creative), almost always end up at a disadvantage to me when it comes to work and relationships. I really did not expect, (what really is an off-the-cuff remark) to garner so much attention.

        1. Ok going with your argument statistically speaking, why don´t they make an article about not drinking at all and smoking. Im sure either of these statistically speaking have a mucho more higher ratio in deaths related to the use of both of them. Your talking about statistics and alcohol has one of the highest death related for use in ANY country in the world. Our argument is against this type of article who as you say are very anecdotal and lack any source of reasonable statistics or numbers.

        2. There is research coming on line that shows that cannabinoids (CBD) do help cancer cells go into apoptosis, aka their own death. There are abstracts at the National Institutes of Health that are bearing this out. This research needs to continue apace. The anti-emetic and appetite-inducing properties of marijuana are well known and have helped cancer patients stay alive longer by being able to eat.
          I am no stoner and don’t care for the whole dope culture, but marijuana laws are the absolute apex of politicians dabbling in medicine and that needs to cease immediately. Every drug has side effects. Anti-emetics and antihistamines can make you high or buzzed, so can nasal decongestants. I am glad that the politicians only got a partial ban put in place on pseudoephedrine, so that non-methheads that use it for allergy relief can still do so. Banning medicines because they make some people “feel funny” while helping them is absurd.
          The drug war and police state that have been put in place to prevent people from ingesting things they want must be dismantled. There is no constitutional justification for it. If we’re going to try and eradicate plants from the earth for the harm they cause in population size, health, and dollars, then we need to spray our wheat and sugar cane fields with Agent Orange and start SWATTING farmers, food manufacturers, grocery chains, and consumers for ingesting foods that are causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and death in numbers all the illegal drugs combined are not.
          Again, I don’t use weed and have no desire to. I am 100% for any company or government drug testing employees and discriminating against people who use, if they don’t want to employ drug users. Choices people. Everyone should be able to make them, and also live the adult consequences.

        3. Pain relief Ok. without question.
          But all this marijuana kills cancer BS ?
          the evidence is always right around the corner.
          Coming soon.
          Almost there.
          just a little longer.
          just a few more studies.
          Ive been hearing that shit since the 80’s
          Once in a while use to relax or at a concert Ok.
          But most people use it to “get fucked up”.
          “get fucked up”
          think about those words.
          What does that mean? Contemplate that for a moment.
          Ok there are some creative types, whatever that means,that actually use it to some benefit. But the vast majority who smoke are just brown untermenschen.

        4. Reduces cancerous growths does it. That is so typical of the stoner obsession with supposed health benefits of weed. A lot of very toxic chemicals do the same thing. Arsenic has a far greater effect in that regard. http://www.ebiomedicine.com/article/S2352-3964%2814%2900007-3/abstract?cc=y= . Do you want to drink water with Arsenic in it, just because it will lower your risk of breast cancer? Arsenic has far more of that effect than weed. Oh but yes Arsenic can kill you. And Weed makes you less inteligent http://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbradberry/2015/02/10/new-study-shows-smoking-pot-permanently-lowers-iq/

        5. The fact that stoners are so obsessive about trying to show that it is good for them. And all of us who do not smoke it can see that it leaves them less than they were before. Can we say “psychological addiction”

        6. They always need somekind of fire in their veins. A little courage to face their meaningless lives. Its prevalence and acceptance indicates that it is an approved social stupifyuing agent. Potheads dont overthrow governments.

        7. So they smoke up mice? Or do they inject them?
          All these studies are “may” do this or “suggests ” that.
          If you really want to do cancer cell apoptosis and inhibit angiogenesis try water fasting. 1 20-30 days one. And then 1 week every month. plant based diet other wise. Doing bong hits doesnt do anything.
          Im arguing for a clear head and clear senses in an inebriated, addiction addled escapist world.
          What are you arguing here for exactly?
          Youre all a bunch of fucken slaves.

        8. For a guy arguing for clear heads and clear senses, your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking.

        9. You know, you’re right. All of the clinicians doing research on CBD are obviously just a bunch of dumb stoners. I’m sure they’re just making stuff up so they can get access to bricks of dope to smoke in the lab. Consider me converted.

        10. You guys are so stupid it hurts. Do some research see all the studies coming from Israel, but I guess they dont count do they?

        11. I have read the research and I posted 2 links that showed 2 different things. Killing off tumors means something is poison and best not consumed unless you have cancer. And the other shows that pot users lose 9 points on IQ tests. That loss is forever if the user is under 18

        12. Weed is not good for you. Anyone who thinks that anything that gets you high is healthy is a fool. A fool who is likely a wee bit addicted or he wold not be saying something so stupid. Now enjoy your weed, but if you think its good for you. You have been doing far too much weed

        13. NO you stupid stoned fool. Reducing cancerous growths (humans cells which are growing out of control) is a sign that something is toxic. It kills cells, get it? Arsenic works ever better at that than weed. But it is killing you. It just kills cancer cells faster than it kills you. Which is pretty much what all chemo therapy (anti cancer) drugs do

        14. You guys are fucking morons like seriously you are so stupid, the actual properties of cannabis cure and heal cancer look up rick simpson if you dont believe good i hope you get cancer and die cuz you are stupid enough to do chemo. Have fun with the darwin award morons. I can outlift all of you fucks and smoke weed and eat it every day oh no!

        15. You talking about booze too? Recommending a new Prohibition? ’cause if you’re not, you’re a stinking hypocrite. Booze is far worse than pot – I know, I lost 15 years of my life to booze – on every level: physical, psychological, social, and communal. No one gets high and goes out and picks a fight, but booze does that all time, and frequently escalates into serious assault. Don’t believe me – go to your nearest emergency room at midnight on Saturday night and see for yourself.
          So why don’t you fuck off, and let adults do what they want, and let them pay the consequences? I smoke every week with my GF, we have the best sex ever, and we’re both employed (she’s a lawyer, I’m a programmer), so I don’t think we’re losers or ‘de-motivated’. We just spend a lot less time in front of the TV now.

      2. couldnt had said it better my friend. Im from a younger generation than yourself as i can see, i havent had much exprience yet with pot. But i can clearly tell that this guy has no idea about it. I usually do it on weekends and keeps me relaxed, mostly i use it as a recreational habit. And it makes me feel very relaxed on weekends and rest, so mondays i can come to work very sharp. This guy focused on the negative aspects of complete addicts, control is the key here just like with any drug.

      3. Dude just because you did well and smoked pot doesn’t mean that the average person isn’t gonna have their motivation and intelligence altered in a bad way by pot. Some people are smart enough and functional enough to smoke. Most people should stay away.

      4. Exceptions prove the rule, moderation is difficult in practice, medical marijuana is mostly a crock, dope is particularly harmful to teenagers in ways that alcohol is not, and- for those who care about such things – it is still illegal in many jurisdictions.

      5. If you think that cannabis made you more creative, do I have a bridge over the Grand Canyon I’d like to sell you! If anything, the drug actually lowered your creativity, not enhanced it. That should be common sense. Achieving any goals such as writing a novel requires an amount of concentration. Now, if you’re stoned, you must not only be able to overcome your dream state, but also be able to produce something worthwhile. Talk of running a marathon with a brick tied around each of your ankles. When you are half tired, and all you could do was to push through another chapter in your novel. When sober, you might be able to do it; while stoned, it is darn impossible. Weed makes you so euphoric you feel better than your reality would indicate.
        Without the weeds, you probably would have written 10 novels, and be working on the 11th.
        And, what are the medicinal benefits of weed that you don’t get from straight up normal food again? Zilch. Nada. Zero. There is none.
        Please stop buying the cool-aid. Weed is harmful to you in more ways than one.

      6. It was complet hit piece. The writer is a total beta fag who spends too much time watching the eMpTy V … He knows more about Mily Ciris than he does about cannabis

    10. Drugs provide a means of escape. I’d rather just harden myself to the world and push forward.

      1. Exactly. This is one of the few areas were i like black or white thinkin, either try to be a champion in your own life or be an escapist, hard to do both at the same time.

    11. True, but it kinda sucks living in a culture where the average person is a giant dummy. Look at the difference a few points in the average IQ makes for a country (see: Mexico).

        1. DMT, LSD, Psiloicibin I can understand.
          Non stop sucking on a cannabis leaves?
          Its added an enormous amount of degeneracy into the world.

    12. Moderation, moderation, moderation. It is nowhere near as bad for you as alcohol is. Alcohol is literally a toxin that has to be processed by your liver in order to convert it into a less toxic form, but you won’t see anyone on here write an article on Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol Completely. In my opinion, there is way too much emphasis in modern Western culture on “getting fucked up” whether by weed or booze. As long as us men aren’t letting it interfere with our functioning personal and professional lives, I would say have at it.

      1. ‘It is nowhere near as bad for you as alcohol is’
        Maybe not for you but it is for society as a whole because of its delayed effects.
        You can smoke today, be sober tomorrow and be high again from the same batch 2 weeks later while, for instance, driving.

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  3. All drug use should be legal, with passing a drug test being a condition for getting any type of means-based welfare. In a way, it is like taking the warning labels off dangerous things and letting the chips fall where they may.
    The most important reason to stay away from drugs, even if they are legal, is that most jobs drug test, especially skilled trade jobs.

    1. Agreed. Take away the “social safety net” and if somebody wants to get strung out, then he does it on his own dime. I’m fine with that.

      1. Yeah the “war on drugs” is a good way to force the taxpayers to throw their money in a bottomles pit that never gets filled and never amounts to anything constructive.
        Btw i started smoking weed at seventeen and i quitted at twentyfive wich was one of the best decisions of my life, one and a half year later i have improved my life more than the past eight years.

        1. It also is the major facilitator to the destruction of the 4th and 5th, 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution, and it was working on the 2nd before we wised up as a society.

        2. How surprising, it seems like everything that erodes the foundation of the western world do so in the guise of “the greater good” or even as morality and ethics itself.

      1. I do subscribe to the idea that I shouldn’t forcibly pay for someone else’s fun.
        But what if it was hard drugs, the kind that killed really quickly. Hmmm.

  4. In my work experience, schizophrenics and others who suffer from debilitating mental disorders frequently have substance abuse problems. The ingesting of drugs and alcohol helps to quell the psychosis. Patients who present as drug addicts/alcoholics can be found to be mentally ill once the substances are removed.

  5. really the only point listed in the article that translates directly to being a better red-pill man is ‘smoking pot can take away your motivation.’

  6. Nothing pisses me off more than someone preaching how bad pot is while holding a glass of beer. Just like alcohol, if used in moderation, it won’t ruin your life.

    1. I’ve seen far more lives ruined by alcohol than by marijuana. I’ve actually never seen a life fully “ruined” by marijuana, where I have family members who are so mentally damaged by alcohol, even if it disappeared tomorrow they would remain mentally and emotionally stunted. Alcohol is far more addictive, as well. If this article was titled “don’t do drugs” I could agree in principle, but the picking and choosing gives one a false sense of security.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far. I know far too many dudes who did lots of pot who ended up basically the stereotype of the washed up loser laying on a couch in the bad part of town watching Looney Tunes 20 hours a day.
        In moderation is fine, like with anything else.

    2. And holding a cigarette. Nicotine is far more addictive. Quit over 20 years ago and every now and then you get the itch.

      1. I am so grateful for ecigs. They helped me quit 3 years ago. I started with a high nicotine level and slowly reduced it to 0%. Now I use it only when I am “dying” for one.

  7. Agreed; if one wants to argue for abstinence, I could consider this article, but overall the damage done by marijuana pales in comparison to that of alcohol. I don’t use either one more than once a month, more like 4x a year really. If we look at both drugs from a distant point, the damages of alcohol far outweigh the benefits. If it were introduced tomorrow, there is no way it would be approved. But of course it is backed by a multi billion dollar industry, so the government is fine with it.
    I agree, don’t be dependent on any drug, or anything in your life. If you want to have fun and do something a little dangerous, be it rock climbing, banging sluts, having some tequila, puffing, go for it, but the key to all things is moderation.

  8. I think booze is more of a gateway drug than pot (and Im sure a lot of you guys will back me up on that). Booze can make you reckless, pot, ambivalent.

    1. I agree, but how many poisonous substances should we allow in circulatione. Alcohol has been part of our culture for thousands of years. I think alcohol is too cheap and easily as available. People just drink in their homes now. It is killing the pub and club (I hate night clubs, so this is a positive effect, I guess) trade in the UK and Ireland.

      1. And weed hasnt? What do you think the hobbits were smoking in the shire?
        At this point, the genie is out of the bottle- there is a burgeoning synthetic pot problem in the US, horrific side effects. What should we do>?
        And if youre Irish, you should go on a camping and fishing trip with your friends, bring a lil with you, and listen to Van Morrison’s entire catalog.
        That was a great weekend 🙂

        1. I’ll stick with rum and my wines. But I’ll take the camping and van Morrison suggestion into consideration.

  9. I don’t agree with telling others not to use it. It’s not a bad thing if you know how to use it. Just like some of the other comments say – it’s similar to alcohol. If used in moderation you should be fine. If does have a slightly different effect on everyone. Some people can function on it fine and the fly through the day with a ease – others smoke one bowl/joint and they can’t do shit but eat and laugh. It’s all about how it affects YOU. If you notice you don’t get much done when you smoke, then stay away from it during the week when you’re trying to get things done. If you can function on it just fine, then do you.
    I personally am fine smoking it and getting things done. I’ve never smoked first thing in the morning, even on vacation, and I’ve never done it before coming to work. I don’t need it – BUT it is a nice thing to indulge in once in a while. I get a nice relaxed buzz from it and I’m cool. I don’t need to walk around with a joint hanging out my mouth to function.

    1. Drink alcohol, ok.
      Smoke a joint, ok.
      Drink alcohol and then smoke a joint, you’re fucked. There goes your evening. Or, you can drop a hit of acid and continue to drink and smoke for hours and talk philosophy and realm of the universe and atoms.

    2. You don’t agree that somebody has the right to tell others something you don’t agree with?

      1. He absolutely does have the right to tell others that. I also have the right to not agree with something that was said or how it was said. I’ll phrase what I said better: I think there is a better way of warning people of the possible side effects/outcomes of smoking weed than saying “it’s bad, don’t do it. You’re going to turn into a worthless sack of shit.” That’s what I was trying to get at. Just phrased it wrong.

        1. ‘I think there is a better way of warning people of the possible side
          effects/outcomes of smoking weed than saying “it’s bad, don’t do it.
          You’re going to turn into a worthless sack of shit.”‘
          Why do you want it another way? This article goes straight to the point.

        2. It’s just my opinion. Yours is that the article goes straight to the point. Mine is that it could be better as a warning/heads up about moderation (like about 10 other people have said in the comments) instead of flat out saying “it’s bad and not to touch it because you’re going to apparently melt into a mindless sack of crap.”
          Everybody is different. Different reaction to alcohol and marijuana. Different opinion. Different levels of tolerance. Etc. Etc. What is so hard to understand about what I am saying?

        3. Personally I don’t think the state should ‘say’ anytrhing.
          The state should totally forbid it, heavily tax smokers when they get caught and send dealers to the can for at least 10 years.

  10. Maybe we should treat it like Kratom.
    “Not for human combustion, capsules are only sold as a unit of measurement. Only for personal scientific experimentation.”

    1. seriously? man that kratom is a joke. ‘your honor, we weren’t misleading the customer at alllllllll! it says right here that it’s only a convenient means of distributing units of measurement! it’s like a tape-measure for tiny volumes of stuff that fit into capsules!!! and it’s only for scientists! i rest my case!’

  11. Not sure I agree with some of the points in this article, but…
    All I know is, pot makes you boring. I’ve never been to a party that didn’t start sucking the minute someone brought out a joint. I’ve never been in a band where the music didn’t turn absolutely terrible as soon as they got high. And every person I’ve ever known always gets less fun when they get high.
    I always thought those DARE commercials were lame, but the one where it’s just the kids sitting in the dark living room watching TV and talking about how awesome they are hit the nail right on the head.

  12. Lame article, no substance. I smoked heavily for ten years, no negative side effects. I haven’t smoked in the past 2 years, mostly due to lack of a good dealer. I’m filing paperwork to get my medical license. I love vaping and hitting the gym. Doing long cardio sessions high is great, I get “lost” in the workout and reach new heights without even realizing it. With strength training, it acts as a mild pain killer and helps me get those last few reps in. I also use it for studying. I do a lot of rote learning (languages, mathematics) and it helps take the tedium out of studying. Weed doesn’t affect procedural memory, so it doesn’t affect rote learning, although it will hinder you in other types of studying. Probably the best benefit of weed is that it helps you sleep. Every doctor, trainer, therapist, anyone concerned with health and well-being will tell you it’s important to get a good night’s sleep.
    It’s a shame that it’s promoted by degenerates, but if Miley and Kanye said they love apples, should we stop eating apples? Other people might use it to kill their motivation, but all the lazy stoners I’ve met were lazy with or without the pot. Weed, like all drugs, is a tool. It’s up to the user to use it for good or evil.

    1. Agreed brother. I smoke pot every day, and work 60+ hours a week. I work harder than anyone I know (they all admit it too), smoker or not. 6’0″ tall, 200 lbs. muscular, ripped. 6 pack, 17+ inch arms. Wake with with morning wood 3+ times a week.
      “Other people might use it to kill their motivation, but all the lazy stoners I’ve met were lazy with or without the pot”. 100% correct. My experience as well.

    2. This guy is a square. Sure, I don’t think anyone should be high all the time but jesus he’s talking about DARE. Might as well join the jehovas.

    3. Couldn’t agree more.
      About the only thing on the planet that helps me from bouts of anxiety is Cannabis!
      I use it when I have anxiety (anxiety caused by fickle things like not having enough money to pay the train robber while on my life journey!), I certainly am not addicted, as the times of use are months sometimes years in between.
      I grow it myself, for myself, call it a choice to respectfully use what was given to me to use for free.
      I could go see a Doctor, get a pre-scription for some anti-depressant or the like but you know what, I figured I have my free will and God given brain to weigh the situation up, preferring to opt for using a tiny seed to help me produce enough medicine for my needs, the plants have yet to ask for a single Shekel!

    4. I agree. If smoking pots makes you a loser, you were likely going to be a loser beforehand. I think, like alcohol, it reveals your true nature.

    5. All things in moderation I say. I’m not a heavy smoker, but enjoy a toke every now and again with friends, and I think I’m still on track to be successful in life…. At least as I see it. Who the hell knows?

  13. I agree (mostly) with this article but I’ve got to question how or why RoK would be willing to run it, as just a couple months back they ran a sponsored post from an online kratom dealer?
    Let’s just have a post entitled “All things in moderation, and drugs in STRICT moderation” mkay?
    For the record, I stopped smoking pot some time back, for exactly the reasons noted here, and I agree with the piece. However I do imagine there will come a day when my work is done and id like to chill the fuck out with a video game and a taco bell value meal, and should that fine day ever come, I’ll probably want to smoke a bowl too…and then a few hours later, get the FUCK back to work.

  14. Everybody is going to die, and when you do, what you made, how much is in your bank account, or how many shiny new toys you had at death will mean diddly squat. If chasing coin makes you happy, by all means do it. But it did not make me happy. I stopped trying to work myself to death, and now I am much happier. I don’t judge those who want to work all the time, but I do speak up when somebody comes along and criticizes those who don’t want to work themselves to death (pot heads). p.s. Dirty little secret: sex on pot >>>>> way better than while straight. Erm, so they tell me…

    1. Good post. I was thinking “ambition”? What is this
      ‘ambition’ and who benefits from it?
      By ambition do they mean a drive to earn and thus consume both maximally and conspicuously?
      That’s what I think they mean.
      more you earn, the more you give to those that would oppress you. Or
      more correctly the more they can take by force from you.
      So my new mantra is” Make as little as possible and fuck the tax parasites and their badged robbers/collectors”.
      The worst thing about weed is it kills ambition?
      most people all ambition really is is a desire for MOAR. That being the
      case I would say that the earth would be a lot better off without so
      much of this ambition.
      I tried the ‘don’t do drugs, study hard, work hard blah blah’ for a long time.
      quit that routine a while back. I realize now that following that
      senseless paradigm made changes to me and my life that I cannot now
      undo. That 20 years went by the wayside and shit was accomplished,
      although I no doubt made shit tons of money for other people — that
      much I know for sure.
      IN the end, sure it felt good getting a fat
      paycheck. But when the dopamine surge wore off, I realized my coworkers
      were assholes, my company was exploiting slave labor and abusing its
      American employees, and most of all, didn’t give two shits about
      anything but maximizing profit at any cost.
      Its leaders were full
      on ambition-heads and could not be salvaged. Their lives, while full of
      material posessions, are shit. Their health is shit. They are some
      miserable people.
      Ambition in moderation can be alright, but when you go full ambition you get fucked in 99% of cases.

  15. The only way for people to learn is for them to take responsibility for their actions. And when does that ever happen in modern society?

  16. Leaving aside the legalization question, it seems beyond dispute that intoxicants of any sort can be overused. This is certainly true with alcohol. The question is where the limit of safe usage lies.
    There is a strong possibility that with THC-based intoxicants (marijuana, hashish, et al.), the limit of safe usage is zero.
    The THC-based intoxicants do depress both volition and desire. They’re not addictive as far as we can tell, but they’re more habit-forming than caffeine. And there is a strong correlation between THC usage and other undesirable conditions.
    But beyond all that, who would want to be known as one of those useless idiots? The social stigma should be strengthened, not weakened. it was effective in the 1800s against excessive drink, and it would be effective against indulgence in intoxication today.
    Can it be done? Yes. Will it be done? We shall see.

    1. I was with you until you said the limit of safe usage is zero. You simply have not defined what safe is well enough. I’ve actually never smoked anything, but most people I know have at least tried it, and don’t seem to have suffered any long lasting ill effect.
      But the alcohol comparison is good. Some people can’t drink in moderation, and for them, any alcohol is too much. But for those who can, studies actually find them to be healthier than people who abstain.
      But whether or not there is a healthy amount of THC to take or not, I still have to balk at the whole zero usage thing. If your talking about small quantities like 1ppb in drinking water, cobra venom is completely safe. THC is not worse than that.

        1. Although even then, I’d be skeptical. There are not a lot of sources of scientific data on the subject coming from unbiased parties, so I’d take it all with a grain of salt, and tend to trust common sense and anecdotal evidence more in this case. Which seems to suggest that some people just don’t care for it, some people will likely be destroyed by it, and some people can use it without any noticeable ill effect.

  17. Grasp at those straws, c-mon. Pot lowers your T and triggers schizophrenia? You’re a fuckin joker…
    What did you do? Rent a copy of reefer madness from your local library then write this article.
    You suck dude, ROK has really lost it…thiss site used to be good, now it’s a bunch of faggots talking about god knows what.

    1. Yeah, what’s what’s with these guys who don’t want their testosterone lowered? What a bunch of faggots.

      1. “Government experts also concede that pot has no permanent effect on the male or female reproductive systems[36] A few studies have suggested that heavy marijuana use may have a reversible, suppressive effect on male testicular function[37] A recent study by Dr. Robert Block has refuted earlier research suggesting that pot lowers testosterone or other sex hormones in men or women[38] In contrast, heavy alcohol drinking is known to lower testosterone levels and cause impotence. A couple of lab studies indicated that very heavy marijuana smoking might lower sperm counts. However, surveys of chronic smokers have turned up no indication of infertility or other abnormalities.”

    2. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    3. The research does show that it leads to schizophrenia, particularly if a heavy user in teen years.

    1. This article is 100% true! Marijuanas are bad and need to be gotten rid of. No one in history who ever did anything worth mentioning has ever done marijuanas. It makes you addicted and stupid and can give you AIDS from sharing pot needles like you druggies routinely do! Pots make you violent too! 90% of the violent crime in this country is committed by marijuana drug addicts. Still think its harmless?

    1. Albert Einstein also considered Quantum Physics as a dead end. Not everything smart people do is … smart.

      1. lol ok guy. You know better than world renown scientists, nobel peace prize winners and nasa inventors? riiiiiiight!

        1. Physicist are not physicians. Drugs are just not their area of expertise
          Besides, just because a physician smokes pot or drink booze doesn’t mean he condones drug and alcohol consumption

        2. So we both agree that your list is bogusl because, just like me, these guys are/were no expert on the subject.
          Thank you for your clarification.

        3. You clearly didn’t read the article at all. It says not to smoke weed or else you will never do anything with your life. I gave a short list of a few brilliant people who smoke(d) weed and who went on to do amazing things with their life. Don’t blame me for your lack of comprehension. Maybe you should smoke weed yourself or just go back to school or just give up on life. Either way I don’t care.

        4. I read the article and I think it talks about the side effects of smoking weed. Mainstream media and people like you want the public to think that it is a harmless drug while it is very dangerous for society AS A WHOLE.

        5. I bet you drink and/or smoke cigarettes. God gave it to us. Why not use it. It scientifically has medicinal value. I’d rather smoke a joint than eat some GMO food. And for the record I don’t smoke weed.

        6. “I bet you drink and/or smoke cigarettes.”
          Wrong bet. Anyway, these products are way preferable to pot because they have no delayed effect.

        7. I have a master degree and I speak 5 languages including yours. If expressing opinions coroborated by scientists and healthccare professionals makes me a moron, what are you?

        8. You are still not answering. What are your credentials? What gives you the right to go against the scientific community?

        9. What’s your masters degree in? Costume Design? Hillbilly, valley girl, inner city slang, and various grunts are not languages.

    2. Tesla refused to engage in sex. Ergo…
      See the logical fallacy yet?

        1. I’ll let you ponder it a bit on the tree of woe. You’ll see it in time.

        2. Tesla was doing coke – so was Einstein – had Tesla smoked some weed he woulda slowed down for a night and had more interest in sex – ergo…

        3. Actually he was openly against his having sex, mentioned it many times. Also I’ve found no evidence that he did cocaine. He smoked cigars now and then and liked whiskey, but eventually gave those up, and in fact turned into a vegetarian who consumed very few food types.
          Your post is actually irrelevant to the point I was trying to make to Lewis.

        4. ya – i know… it’s irrelevant Friday humor… or my attempt at it ~ but Tesla was a sort of twisted personally with the childhood death of his brother and always trying to compensate for that loss with his parents. Through hard work and achievement Tesla tried to make up for the loss of his brother… An obsessive/compulsive was created. Tesla’s efforts were never enough to sooth the loss but the OCD was firmly in place from an early age with or without coke or weed… .02¢

        5. Heh, hard to communicate tone sometimes on the internet, I misinterpreted.

        6. No thanks. Tesla not having sex has nothing to do with a short list of people who smoked weed who were brilliant and accomplished negating the point of the article.

    1. What you wrote here is the only way people can clean themselves up, when they realize what they are doing is wrecking their life. All of the “quit now” campaigns are a complete waste.

  18. pot wipes out brain inflammation
    smoke pot everday for a couple of years, with tobacco if you like, in your 40s
    and you’ll never get dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, or brain cancer

    1. smoke pot everday for a couple of years, with tobacco if you like, in your 40s and you’ll never get dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, or brain cancer
      Nor a job.

      1. who benefits from me working 40 years of my life to end up with nothing (call that self determination or ambition?), or having allowed my time on earth and all my efforts to be stolen from me, my local community, from everyone accept the few at the top of this giant pyramid scheme, for the false belief in the Babylonian market system, which is comprised of belief in the value of papery wood pulp/coins/binary digits instead of me! Why would anyone swap time and effort for worthless units set up for the most unfair exchange of tangible assets, a sytem of employment that needs my complicity in usury, war, the threat of force from people who demand what is mine as theirs…….why? because I was taught in school to listen the sounds of empty trinkets and to blindly follow……..sounds perfect (?) where do I sign up!?

        1. As it turns out, I’m against all of that as well. So I’m not entirely certain what your point is.
          Just noting that most places drug test. Whether you, or I, or Barney Rubble agree with it or not, it’s a simple fact. So if you spend all your years smoking pot, you’re not going to be employed in pretty much any job that pays more than minimum wage. If you’re good with that, that’s fine, but let’s not pretend that weed is a panacea that solves the world’s problems. At least not in the world today as it currently exists.
          You want to smoke, then smoke, I really don’t give a flying rat’s arse. See my posts below, I’m totally against the War On Drugs and want all drug laws (and welfare laws) repealed for purely social Darwin related reasons.

        2. yes it’s funny, some people who claim to be anti-Marxist, still buy HARD into its sister ideology the idea that money should rule and be the reason for things.
          And if you’re going to buy into that idea, then at least be your own boss, or be good enough at something that you are indispensable regardless, otherwise you really are no better than the dude who earns minimum wage.

        3. What’s shocking to me, is the amount of people I know with “good” paying careers, who know the ropes of their company’s drug testing policies, and skate getting caught, but are willing to risk obvious dismissal if caught, which intern puts their entire well being at risk, just to “get high.” As I stated in another comment, it’s not a chemical or mental addiction in that case, as much as it is immaturity.

      2. I think it becomes a not a matter of whether people can perform well at a job while using drugs in their free time, and many regular users have learned to function just fine, performing duties, even under the influence and high if need be.
        But rather, sublimation to society’s mores. Granted, some professions, a heavy equipment operator, a pilot, train engineer, etc, require absolute sobriety to have a “safe” environment, especially when other lives are immediately at risk. It becomes in most other cases, an issue of presentability and what is accepted.

  19. I’m not so sure about it causing schizophrenia. Mental illness is really not that well understood so it’s hard to make that claim.
    It does heighten your senses where music sound clearer, your mind becomes more creative. My experience has been as the article states it decreased my motivation and made me hungry. Lightened my mood. It is also a good way to join into a group who are into it as well like sharing a drink.

  20. This is a good presentation for young people not to indulge in drugs or alcohol. Rather than moralizing, it emphasizes the fact that drug and alcohol consumption is likely to impede success and that this is why successful people avoid these substances. An inherent component of masculinity is the relentless pursuit of self-improvement. Drugs and alcohol impede such self-improvement.

    1. Anything not taken in moderation is destructive to the individual. This was a central component of Aristotle’s scale of virtue and vice.

    2. The problem we have now is that the successful people the young idolizes indulge in these substances. It gives mixed messages. Parents and school oppose it, while the celebrities promote it and are very successful and live better lives than the ones who oppose it.

      1. Well, until the point that they go crash and burn and die.

      2. What the idols don’t tell their audiences is that most of them – barring the rappers and rock stars who’ve tattooed their necks branding themselves out of normal job markets – either didn’t use drugs a lot (if at all), or quit to get their act together to get their “big break” in the first place.
        However the same drugs they indulge in now – Molly, weed, X, coke, etc – will take your ass right back out of “the game” as fast as the image they portrait as users, gained them their notoriety in the first place.

  21. Smoking pot very heavily in my high school years clouded my reasoning, made me extremely apathetic, lazy, and illogical. Pot harmed my life immensely going into college. I still smoke regularly, but Ive made improvements and I never let it get in the way of my life.

  22. Schizophrenia and marijuana being linked is nonsense, google it…. That being said, mj does cause a fusion of the human body with many forms of relaxing furniture and sedation through delicious, processed foods, thus in turn, lowering testosterone levels in males for a minority of users.
    We also know, that as a man, it is very dangerous to develop any sort of dependency on anything, whether that be women, alcohol, the internet, or marijuana, among countless other crutches that are available in this world. With this information, it would behoove men to live a life free from dependency as much as possible.
    Still, it is my belief, that people should be free to live their lives as they see fit, and no one should ever attempt to strip them of this right.

  23. Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy
    Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy
    Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy

  24. the good thing about legalization is that the medical community can now conduct clinical studies to assess long term impact more accurately. i for one want more research in CBD impact on cancer and other chronic or life-threatening diseases. i also like the mix THC-CBD vehicle as a prescribed ingestible medicine.
    but lets not kid ourselves, anyone who has used weed and has been around others who use weed heavily knows there is a cognitive effect such as diminish memory, alertness, motivation, and related lethargy issues. it’s like going to happy hour every day after work… you know you aren’t doing to do anything productive after that. so if you want to be at your peak game in any area of your life (especially in work, career development and business), use wisely.

  25. as you can see from my username, I do not agree with the author on this issue. this article reads like an anti-drug brochure produced by some police department or drug-rehab program. I trouble falling asleep at night, which means sometimes I don’t get to sleep as many hours as I would like, and I need to smoke a joint in the morning or I ain’t getting up. pot also helps me with being more socially in-tune, picking up on body language, and being more self-conscious (which is not a bad thing for some people). Pot also, believe it or not, makes me better at sports. I need to smoke before I play basketball with my friends, or I won’t be as good. It makes me feel like I’m “in the zone” or have “tunnel vision” when playing sports. The only thing pot doesn’t help me with, is if I need to do mental work that requires concentration for a long period of time, like taking a math test or something.
    If you feel like pot has a negative effect on your life, then by all means stop smoking, but I we´re all different, and pot can be very helpful to a lot of people. not EVERYTHING the mainstream media pushes is bullshit.

    1. Pot turns you into a woman though and the jackboot goons want to want to turn you into a woman in the correctional system. Queen bitch liz is known for laundering vast sums of dope money, so here again women use dope and potions to control their men and turn them into their bitches.

    2. ‘this article reads like an anti-drug brochure produced by some police department or drug-rehab program’
      Police department and drug-rehab have experience and knowledge on the topic.

      1. yeah and I bet the information they (police and drug rehabs) publish is totally objective and unbiased, because it’s not like they have anything to gain financially from strict drug laws and lots of arrests.

        1. THey are professionals and they work closely with physicians and scientists. No offence but they have more credibility than you

  26. That is why the last girl I tried to get with turned me down. Mainly because I don’t smoke weed.

    1. Some people “have” to be stoned to do certain activities. I think much like booze, some girls use it as a social-sexual lubricant… Sad to say, if they’re not high, or high “with” someone, they feel the other person isn’t “on their level,” thus they can’t “connect” with someone, which is bullshit. I’ve dealt with a similar girl this year.

  27. I used to smoke. A lot when I was younger. I remember hours of wasted procrastinated time, not fulfilling my potential. Then I gave it up, and revisited it in my mid-20s briefly. Mostly for relaxation and mental freedom.
    My personal final conclusion, is it has profound relaxation effects. However, it numbs me down so much, as the article states, it ruins my motivation, and puts me to sleep. Except literally 3 separate tokes, I haven’t touched it since I was 30, I’m in my early 40s now. The last time, when I was 38, I took 1 huge hit of DeathStar, the potency was really high when I used to smoke, but now it’s astronomical, it felt more like a speedball.
    I know people my age who still smoke. When I run into them, they almost always comment on my physique & appearance. I traded off drugs and partying for a life of career development, weight lifting, hobbies, and pussy. Those are changes I personally couldn’t have made while still getting stoned.
    I do however have a close friend my age who has used his whole life, he’s a Director at a Major Uni, runs half marathons with respectable times, and runs a somewhat successful small punk indy label as his music hobby. I do think he’d be more successful without the weed, but he definitely isn’t morbidly sidetracked from it.
    I’m for legalization. I think it won’t change much of anything regarding usage. Pretty much those who want to regularly get high will anyways, the medical benefits are too great.

  28. It needs to be pointed out that not everyone is going to respond to drugs in the same way.
    Both pot and alcohol will have different kinds of effects on different people. For some it makes them quiet and relaxed and for others wired and excited. Just depends on your development but also how you’re wired up.
    If it makes you lazy and depressed then you should quit… whether it be alcohol, pot, kratom, or whatever. If it turns you into Mike Chang, then your path is clear.

    1. It all depends on your real mental state.All drugs reveal your real subconscious .Drugs amplify you brainwaves.

  29. I always suspected marijuana hindered motivation. It still baffles me that people, usually teens, would rather smoke weed than do something productive with their lives.
    Thanks, Miley Cyrus and all you other schmucks who prance around nearly naked. Thanks for trying to teach that’s OK to be a half-naked, drug-addicted degenerate.

    1. here’s three reasons:
      1. they don’t call it recreational use for no reason, it does create an enhanced aspect to your sensory observations, along with a buzz;
      2. living for the moment. it’s immediate gain versus long-term gain that usually also requires time and effort. delaying gratification is an acquired skill;
      3. it’s the same reason adults regularly use alcohol: to reduce stress, avoid thinking about the challenges and problems in life.
      and as others have said, but many many productive adults use weed.

  30. Marijuana needs to be illegal nationwide right now! Its dangerous and addictive and kills people. 3 years ago I watched my friend OD after injecting 9 whole marijuanas. We better stick to tobacco and alcohol and big pharma drugs!

  31. I have read other articles from this author and have mostly agree, but with this one i felt as if it was written by a 15 year old christian. Most of the arguments are quite stupid and senseless. For starters as every drug in this world one has to have control on the usage. You cant just go around saying something is completely bad, based on evidence you have from heavy users. You also failed to mention the benefits it has. I felt like everything you pointed out was about problemas associated with a heavy and excessive use. Sure it can be a gateway, but you can pretty much say that for any drug, it mostly depends on the user. And the makeover for pot argument really?! i can name you a thousand more stupidly, retarded and completely useless role models that either drink alcohol or smoke cigarretes. That argumente was complete shit, tbh. The schizo part i seriously doubt it, what makes you think everyone would end up like that?! and in any case i believe it would apply only to the very heavy users. And the motivation part then again, you only have a very minimum spectrum. I know at least 5 people, including me that smoke occasionally some weekends. And yeah we have motivation, we have achieved goals, we have steady and reliable jobs, and we earn quite well. Not every user is a dumb fat guy, depressed wasting his life in their moms basement. Lastly the testosterone is not proven at all so dont make false accusations. I dont know about that one, but for me being high gets me quite horny and sex while high is amazing! from experience is definitely something people have to try.
    To others out there reading this, i say that mariguana isnt that bad as this guy says it. I know a lot of perfectly succefull people or on the road to and they have been smoking for years. As with everything one has to have control and not fall into excess. Lastly, use it for recreation and works perfectly to lower stress levels, myself as lawyer i can say that a joint every now and then clears my mind, lowers my anxiety and helps me get back on track.

  32. I never fully understood the attraction people have to pot. It makes you dumb. It makes you fat since you feel compelled to eat. And long term is can even make you impotent. Everyone I know who used pot in college was a loser. Everyone I have ever worked with who smoked pot was a loser and usually ended up getting fired for performance or attendance issues. Every friend I have had that smoked pot more then once or twice a year ended up becoming a loser.
    From a public policy prospective I don’t care about pot and think it should be legal. But, if you care about your life, friends, and profession don’t use it.

  33. The key is moderation and avoid mental dependency. If you wake and bake, smoke on your lunch break, smoke all night when you get home, you’re going to encounter negative side effects, most you might not even realize until you cut back big time or quit. Lack of motivation and sex drive are huge side effects, but you might be so into your routine you just think that’s how you are now. Paranoia is also a side effect, although it never did that to me. I like to have a hit or two and a small (2oz) vodka on ice at the end of my night to unwind, no more. I see no harm in that. Once your life revolves around it, then you have a problem, but that goes for almost anything.

  34. amen, recently had to cut off a good amount of my friends because of their drug use and attitude, over time they became passive aggressive fuckwits with boring personalities to match. honestly not sure if the personality thing comes down to the casual drug use and alcoholism which i suspect a good amount of the Seattle population partakes in.
    cliffs- avoid seattle, avoid tacoma, avoid portland

  35. I would not use pot anyway, I’m a boozer, not a pothead. However, I wonder if a light or moderate use of pot can be compares to a light or moderate use of alcohol.

    1. about the same when used recreationally but i ETOH has more immediate toxic impact and THC has lingering post buzz physiological impact, e.g., lack of motivation and lethargy.
      yet for heavy alcohol users and addicts, (and from anecdotal experience) i do think weed can be effectively used to reduce consumption like methadone is used for heroin addicts. if you do some google research, you will discover that heavy alcohol use does some horrible damage to your organs and functionality. it’s fairy persuasive data that makes one look for other less toxic buzz.

  36. Potheads are also welfare abusers. I hate seeing my tax-dollars getting used to feed potheads and other equally lazy-asses. Ironically, I can’t afford to be lazy because so much of my money gets stolen to pay for laziness.

  37. An excellent article!
    You didn’t, however, mention the decreased testosterone which can lead to man boobs. That was reason enough for me. That, and the fact I never met a pot-user who impressed me.

  38. The author forgot one very important side note that no one in this silly argument ever dares to voice, and that is the effect this smelly plant has on your heart. Marijuana is a relaxant, it’s very sedating, and overuse of too much sedatives can weaken your heart muscles. The valve that pumps the blood through loses strength, and over time it stresses the heart greater and greater to push more blood through the more one uses marijuana. I know this because a kid in my neighborhood died of a heart attack at 17. He already had a weaker heart, and was supposedly smoking the shit every day since he was 13-14. There is nothing good that comes of this plant, despite the stoner historians who like to bias many great discoveries due to the alleged use of marijuana. It’s pathetic and defies the greatness that humans can achieve with raw force and the will to conquer.

    1. O yeah, that and all the diseases you can get from sharing used pot needles. Its the devils lettuce!!

    2. My experience has been that it raised heartrate. I read a theory that THC dilates the arteries (hence getting red-eye ripped) and your blood pressure drops. The heart beats faster to keep up the blood pressure so you don’t pass out.

  39. Drugs in most Romance languages are called “estupefacientes” or “stupéfiants”, etc- coming from the Latin root “stup-” – STUPID.

  40. All the above points apply for heavy users who don’t do anything other than smoking pot.
    same argument can be applied to alcohol or any other non-productive activity.

  41. I do wonder why steroids is illegal but weed is slowly becoming legalized.
    Transexuals are encouraged to take HRT and then steroids are given to FTM trannies
    Then there’s alcohol and nicotine that’s legal but once again not for steroids. Nicotine and alcohol offers no beneficial effects to one’s health yet those are legal and steroids that does have technically some benefit to one’s health does

  42. If you’re undertaking a creative endeavor, a little pot can help by activating your imagination. If you’re not, then it will only hurt.
    Of course, everything in moderation.

      1. Lolz! Well at least he didn’t marry Yoko Ono like that boozer Lennon did. Stay away from drink mmkay?

  43. If you are a man who succumbs to vices easily, stay away.
    That being said, weed is like a kitchen knife; it can be used for good or bad, but it itself is inherently neutral. You can use the knife to make a meal for your family just as you can use that same knife to kill your family.
    I’ve met as many successful, talented people (all creative, though) who smoke to inspire themselves as I’ve met degenerate losers who smoke as a form of escapism. If an individual is responsible, use in moderation is fine. I think a real problem is the amount of irresponsible folk who use it.

    1. Marijuana is to stoners like food is to fatties.
      Using any kind of substance for inspiration is ridiculous. Why do you need to ingest something to become inspired? A cup of tea is one thing… but if marijuana doesn’t affect you so much, why do you get so defensive?

      1. You say I’m getting defensive but I’m keeping things objective in an otherwise biased post; being a devil’s advocate more than anything.
        Creatives don’t “need” to take drugs, but it can help them. Drugs can create opportunities to see things differently. To an artist, surely you can understand that alternate perspective be incredibly helpful. If you’re not an artist who has experimented with drugs, it’s probably going to be hard for you to understand.

  44. This is hilarious. This guy sounds like Ronald Reagan. He bring up a bunch of “scientific studies” against cannabis, yet there is no mention of any personal experience with the plant itself, nor did he even mention people close to him who’ve used it.
    Every single point brought up sounds exactly like government propaganda. Schizophrenia, Low Testosterone, Lack of motivation? All of these things are very subjective to the individual, not the drug.
    Think about how many people smoke weed and also drink a lot of alcohol, take prescription medication, eat unhealthy, and don’t exercise. That’s what leads to psychological issues and health problems
    I smoke every single night. But I take my health seriously. I don’t drink, eat anything processed or ever take prescription drugs under any circumstance.
    I workout 4 days a week and will be competing in powerlifting and physique soon. Have a job as personal trainer as well.
    Can smoking lead to making poor health decisions. Perhaps. But if you can teach yourself to be disciplined and conscience then good decisions come naturally.

  45. Last toke I had was 1996 and that was after about three years of serious pot and hash smoking. I didn’t like how I’d grown psychologically dependent on the feeling of being stoned. I didn’t like what I saw it doing to my friends and our activities: everything we did needed to be ‘enhanced’ by being high. Humans are adaptive, we grow accustomed to habits and require expansion of that habit or we get a letdown.
    Since then I’ve been meditating (transcendental meditation) for 18 years now. I’ve also decided to put nothing before my Creator; I don’t need to stick something in my mouth, that is something external, to achieve peace.. it’s in me.

    1. Thats weird.
      Wouldnt make you want to stare at endless youtube videos or walk around aimlessly?

      1. Na it’s great for mind expansion so it makes you spontaneous which is great for picking up girls because you just start becoming so open to talking to others and sharing idea’s without inhibitions, unlike pot it makes you shy and hard to interact with, actually there is very few negative effects of LSD at all really, all the greatest minds like Steve Blowjobs took LSD and look at how they changed the world.

        1. Haha.
          Maybe at a festival.
          Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is tripping balls when youre not?
          Also, you seem to have never witnessed someones mind utterly break down in the face of the cid. I have, its really not pretty.
          Paranoia, schizo tendencies, overall disconnection with reality, social retardation. Those are the things to expect from your friends who wont stop dosing every other day for long periods of time. Yeah, they we’re really successful at… anything at all.
          And though the OG dead heads have their own breed of wisdom unlike any other, ask any single one of them how much larger the sample group was at the start of the trials.
          I would not be who I am today had I not seen what I have on the other side of the rabbit hole.
          But your suggestion must assuredly assume that everyone else you met was also on drugs, and since theyre not it doesn’t work that way.

        2. Biologically there may not be any negative side effects from LSD, but it alters your mind where you’ll do some stupid shit and hurt yourself like thoughts of suicide or that mole on your hand is cancer and you perform self surgery. Normally you wouldn’t do that sober. Then the knife starts talking to you.

  46. I actually fall into the first camp. I have a relative that was schizophrenic and thus am predisposed to it. I smoked weed every day for awhile. I thought it was great, it made me happy and relaxed. I thought everything in the world was awe inspiring. But one day I had a bad trip and I got a very real taste of psychosis. Everything I knew and thought before that moment no longer mattered. I couldn’t be reasoned with and I eventually swung at a cop. It took 5 of them and pepper spray to take me down and even then they only succeeded because a basketball hoop I pulled down tripped my legs.
    I tried it again a few times after and every time it would come back. I would have a strong urge to get irrationally violent. So much so that all I would do is sit and not talk or do anything. My entire time was spent talking myself out of attacking everything in sight.
    It might not happen the first time, it might not happen ever but if it happens, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Such unrelenting and fierce thoughts and feelings you’ve never felt before. You’ll do something you regret and will be ashamed or you might not come back at all.
    It’s not worth it at all for me, being a man and enjoying the benefits of working hard are far more satisfying. If you’re predisposed, don’t do it.

    1. I would then also recommend that you do not take any hallucinogenics like LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin (mushrooms). If you think a joint was rough…

  47. Never really did anything for me…. less of a hangover after booze….. but then it was usually difficult to get good gear….
    Also the author forgot to mention the munchies….. turn you into a fat shit….

  48. 90 percent of schizophrenics are tobacco users. we live in probably the most hostile age for cigarette smokers and yet nobody is seriously suggesting that smoking causes schizophrenia.

  49. Mostly agree with this article. I’ve never smoked weed in my life and never plan to, mostly due to these reasons. However, I don’t think less of those who do, unless they overdo it to the point it significantly dumbs down their social lives.

  50. Smoking ANYTHING, even cabbage or brocooli is BAD! Marijuana is better INGESTED rather than inhaled!

  51. Weed is harmless, I don’t know why it was banned in the first place? If I recall correctly it was banned due to 1. profit motive and greed of drug/pharma companies and 2. “Religion”. Not sure if that’s correct, but that’s what I’ve gathered just reading a little history.
    I find it ironic that weed is villified but alcohol use is openly promoted and celebrated throughout the manosphere. Alcohol kills so many people it’s insane, both from withdrawal related symptoms and also alcoholic behavior such as physical fights and drunk-driving. And yet I’ve never heard of anyone “over-dosing” on weed. Alcohol is also a carcinogenic and makes you fat, in addition to lowering testosterone.
    I don’t get what the big deal is? The oil even helps with killing cancer cells. It should just be legalized across the board in my opinion.

    1. Pot was banned originally based on racism and the desire to deport Mexican laborers during the depression. Most of the drug laws were originally created on racist arguments. Pot was made illegal in Texas during the depression to eliminate Mexican labor taking jobs from now destitute and unemployed white men. The government noticed that the white laborers drank alcohol while the Mexican laborers smoked pot. So they made smoking pot illegal so they had a basis to deport the Mexicans. Opium was first made illegal in the US in California, but the law was specifically assigned only to the various China towns. Cocaine was made illegal first in, I believe, New York, where up until that time it had been given to the black dock workers by their employers so they would work harder. The PTB sold the fear of black men high on cocaine rampaging through New York raping white women to get the drug made illegal.
      Most people are amazed to find out that there were no national coherent drug laws until the late 1960s. Earlier attempts by the national government had been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The first national drug law was the ban on the opium trade, and was backdoored into existence by Teddy Roosevelt through a treaty with China. No actual law was passed by congress.
      There never was and never has been any rationale made as to why and how we should regulate or ban drugs. The war on drugs instituted by Nixon has failed miserably and has empowered drug cartels to ruin their own countries and ours.

  52. Interesting point made in this article. I believe the issue with pot is too complicated to simply say it’s bad or good.
    However drugs always attract the crowd that want to escape reality, I believe drugs bring forth a person’s true personality in a sense. For example I have known many lazy stoners who have done nothing with their lives and actually seem dumber than ever. However that could be the fact that their self improvement stopped after high school and they appear lower someone else who has continued their path to being greater.
    We know it messes up the developing brain as does alcohol. I think the risks between pot and alcohol depend solely on the user.
    I smoked pot while I got my degree and worked two jobs living out of home. In the same respect I smoked very little pot compared to the average stoner I have met.
    In reality the dangers are minimal in moderation. One of the best things in life is going to a Island with a beautiful beach, having a toke and enjoying the bliss of the moment.
    But nothing will take me away from 5am workouts, my projects and my self improvement.
    Anyone who blames any drug for their lack of motivation is lazy and weak.
    Take responsibility for your own actions.

  53. Pot is shit. Sure, the pot’s lobby act like it’s the greatest thing in the world, yet literally every pot smoker I know is a complete loser. All of their homes are a complete mess, with shit laying everywhere.
    And I know how bad it is because I smoked it when I was a teenager. It nearly ruined my life.

    1. It’s the same logic as mattress girl’s selfie porn video she made. If you view it as art, you have her consent to view it. If you view it as porn, you do not have the right to view it and she consider it as YOU raping her.
      If you use MJ for medical reasons, then you’re legal. If you use it for recreational purpose, then you violated the law.

      1. That’s not my logic, my logic is that mattressghoul ought to blow more gauge and chillaxe on the bu-fu obsession. Either that or a huge shot of thorazine, right in the keister… but I digress.
        The herbal remedy should be as easily, legally and non-judgementally consumed as tea, coffee, prozac, ambien, anal sex between consenting pubescents, or any other popular relaxing American pass-time.

  54. “The use of marijuana has been correlated to schizophrenia.”
    What do we know about correlation and its distinctness form causation?
    “Schizophrenia frequently crops up in notorious murder cases. Almost invariably, if the perpetrators turn out to be schizophrenic, they are also heavy marijuana users.”
    Almost invariably? I guess you have that regression handy for me to have a look at then.
    “The most recent studies seem to indicate that marijuana can trigger the onset of schizophrenia in people who have a predisposition toward the disease. ”
    “The worst side effect that I have noticed in heavy pot users is loss of motivation. ”
    Nothing can take away your motivation. You must consent. That’s the nature of volition.
    “But my evidence is anecdotal.”
    Why’d you put it in then mate?
    “But is it worth the risk?”
    Music, food, sex, creativity, philosophy, exercise, math… everything is an enriched experience when you’re high. I am capable of profound, and otherwise impossible, introspection, enhanced musical ability and transcendent sexual experience… all within the space of a couple of hours. Yes that is totally worth the risk.
    For reference I am a habitual user because my clarity of thought and capacity for self criticism is astronomical on THC. People use drugs to perform a job in their life. Habitual use does not mean addiction. There is nothing wrong with using a drug habitually to access its effect frequently. You are responsible for your own motivation. I put it to you that people who fail at their lives on weed would probably find some other way to fail without it.
    Absent from my argument is any description of the successes I have achieved in my life since anecdotes don’t mean jack.

  55. “Smoking pot can take away your motivation”
    I would wager that the main thing taking away motivation in men is the male-hate society we live in. As was stated already here at ROK, there is no reason for an honest man to get out of bed today. This naturally leads to a lull that lends itself to pot smoking.
    But your point is well taken. I think the elites are finally catching on to refining the “bread and circus” methods. Smartphones, social media, and pot will make a powerful combination.
    I have a friend who is suicidal and refuses to take antidepressants or see a psychiatrist. So his doctor recommended smoking pot to ease his pain. I’m not certain if I believe his doctor or not as to whether or not there are medicinal benefits, but I will say that this is a competent east european doctor, but given my friend’s depressive thoughts perhapa this an extreme case where smoking might be beneficial for him, for the short term.

      1. The problem with that is the countries not affected by feminism have zero opportunities economically. Even countries like Brasil which is quite the third world shit hole are getting feminized.

  56. I just don’t see a plant as anything that should lead to court, confinement or billable hours for an attorney. Never seemed right to me.

    1. It’s the same with bringing in Cuban cigars into the US. Cigars from any other country is ok even though its still tobacco.

  57. I hate pot. Dumbs the mind and numbs the senses. It just makes stupid people more stupid. Alcohol in a social setting can be very pleasing and jolly and led to good conversation and love making. Life would be very dull without it.
    I find it odd how the trendy are so in love with pot and yet at the same time have such a hatred for tobacco? Totally illogical when you consider that tobacco is the one drug that doesn’t actually alter a person’s mental state.

  58. Every guy I know who smokes weed talks big game about what they’re going to achieve but never do ANYTHING. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bowl once every few months like a sunday afternoon but if you smoke every week/day you are burning out dopamine.

  59. I used to smoke a lot with breaks. In the beginning weed is good, I had a lot of fun and good memories. After many times each smoking session was more and more boring. I didnt want anything stronger, it just became boring. Once in a while I had panic and anxiety attacks, especially in public places like restaurant, bus. Trip kinda “holy shit everybody lookin at me, im so high” its weird why i feel shame when others looking at me being high. It just looks stupid I guess. I stopped smoking and I feel great, more powerful, more willing to do something, not foggy anymore, more clarity, better decision making. I recommend everyone to stop smoking 😉

  60. When I was volunteering at a Christian camp, my co-conselor was recovering drug addict who smoked pot and consumed ‘designer’ drugs actively. He was a real cool guy and I talked to him a lot about his drug addiction and he told me his experiences about such drugs to both me and our campers. It was rather enlightening.
    The main point is though is that when everyone asked him about pot he just went up and told everyone this: “Pot only does three things to you: It makes you lazy, fat, and stupid.”
    Remember that.

  61. U shouldnt smoke weed cuz it makes u into a gay. Instead of smoking weed try talking to a girl and getting some pussy. Dont be a gay.

  62. Good article.
    I still wonder though, should it really be illegal? I don’t agree with smoking pot, but it seems excessive that it’s illegal. Is it really any worse than beer or pornography?

  63. I didnt realize how many morons read ROK shit, all of you who talk shit about consuming cannabis for either medicine or recreationally….. do you realize how stupid you sound? Do you even science bro?

  64. Every dope smoker I have ever met has been a loser. Just because something is a ‘natural’ herb doesn’t make it good for you.

    1. yep like Beatles, Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan… just for starters. total losers! btw i hate weed and you couldn’t pay me to do it. it all depends on your personal brain chemistry.

      1. As I said, every dope smoker I have ever met. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the Beatles, Steve Jobs or Bob Dylan, a tiny handful of unrepresentative examples. Logic and reason are apparently not your strong suit.
        And your list is not exactly persuasive, two of them are pop musicians while the other apparently smoked dope in the 1970’s and then stopped. Nothing there to disprove the fact that dope smokers are generally losers.

    2. Everyone ? either you live in a shell or you are a hostage, the most interesting people i have met are weed smokers.

        1. Conflagrating medicinal use with recreational use is the ultimate in dishonest disingenuous failure in trying to defend your IQ destroying habit.
          Enjoy being a loser for the rest of your life.

        2. Strange obsessions you have there. Perhaps you should cut down the dope smoking before you really mess up your mind.

        3. You’re a pot smoker who is frying his mind. I’m a straight man who happens to have a rainbow in his avatar. Whoops, you just made yourself look even more stupid.

  65. I still smoke but to be honest its never helped with motivation and I am at the point with it that when I smoke a joint it just feels like wading through quicksand in regards to living life. I’m usually at home relaxed but even then its often an overpowering vegetative state. As with all drugs including alcohol moderation is best, but as with all drugs moderation isn’t as easy or commonplace as certain users make out.
    I work with fellow stoners and we I have a female colleague whom swears weed has no negative effects on her. She’s bitchy, gossips, has a constant irritable bent to her personality,(Unless shes loaded…which she often is at work) is not to be trusted and constantly fails to come through. Sounds like the general personality type of any western woman you say. True, she is also massively obese and blames this on poor genes rather than low self esteem and a lack of self control. But I believe these aspects are magnified times a hundred by the pot .
    I’m all for the legalization of drugs as I think prohibition has currently made it an unsolvable legal problem, rather than a treatable social one. But aside from other even more problematic drugs such as heroin and meth cannabis is often defended by stoners as a spiritual herb or harmless plant with beneficial healing properties. There are indeed beneficial properties in regards to strains with higher amounts of CBD which can help with all kinds of physical and mental ailments, rather than THC which most modern strains are bred towards developing which is the main component for getting stoned.
    Younger and more hardcore smokers tend to gravitate towards these THC loaded strains because they just want to get completely obliviated and deal with the side effects in the morning or later down the line. As I get older other smokers including myself seem to gravitate towards hashish instead of bud which contains a much higher CBD content and hence the side effects are reduced. Side effects and hangovers are something I care much more about these days as they seem to take longer to get over with age!
    Many medical marijuana users claimed dubious medical reasons for smoking amongst of course really genuine cases. This probably didn’t help the legalisation movement very much as it was blatantly obvious to anyone who wasn’t stoned out of their mind that the medical angle was a massive smokescreen for a plain and simple desire to get high. It suggested that pot smokers were backtracking on their belief in a right to get high, just like drinkers can get drunk.
    The main point being is that a great many drug users are a self-delusional self-deceiving bunch whom will convince themselves of anything if it removes the discomfort of the obvious negative life and self changing consequences of their use. Most pot heads I know started smoking moderately and now smoke almost every day. It must be something like 90%. Almost all of them apart from myself and a few rare others I know blabber on about how great it is, how it helps with this ailment and that problem…blah blah blah. The reality is they do it because they like getting stoned and are addicted and would find it hard to stop. Hence the bias of focus towards the positives and a selective ignorance of any negatives.
    Ironically and somewhat hypocritically I am starting to get completely intolerant of trying to communicate with other stoners while not loaded myself. It is so fuckin’ annoying to try and have a conversation with a snarky, smarmy, smirking red eyed Garfield whom dribbles random absurdities and finds stuff funny that just fuckin’ isn’t. (My apologies to you if you’ve ever tried to have an intelligent conversation with me while I was stoned.)
    I don’t believe prohibiting any mood altering substance helps with the social problems that sometimes come with it but romanticising a drug like cannabis without acknowledging its dangers is foolish and blinkered. Cannabis is a drug and comes with certain risks like any hedonistic pleasure, especially chemically induced ones. This wasn’t too preachy a piece but rather an informative and interesting article that cuts to an uncomfortable truth.

  66. Seriously isn’t there any other exemple of successful people who does not smoke pot other than Donald Trump? Is this site becoming just another propaganda tool for this or that politician? What the point of this article anyway, blowing out doors already wide opened and saying how cool Donald Trump is??? Jizz

  67. Great clickbait article, Michael, but next time you can’t think of a topic, just wait for the inspiration to hit you instead of churning out garbage. Those of us who work in high-tech research and related scientific fields know that milage from cannabis usage varies by an individual’s mindset, as we see our stoner peers doing much better than your article would have us believe.

  68. Sounds like the usual nonsense. Mike must have been one of the few who believed reefer madness. It does lower motivation, but in comparison to anti psychotics and barbiturates, the ssri, alcohol and yes even aspirin cause far more appalling circumstances.
    Moderation. The real reason weed is “bad” is because it would have ruined the cotton trade because hemp is so much stronger.
    Dropping Jared in the whole thing was straight fear mongering and in bad taste.

  69. It’s boring. Even a beer buzz is boring. Doesn’t matter if it actually is harmless it’s boring.

  70. Im not a regular smoker. I only smoke when I’m with a girl that likes to smoke and that I’m trying to fuck. But damn if sex while high isn’t fun as shit !

  71. Wow. I have been coming to ROK now and then to avoid a world increasingly full of hypocritical scolds. Just men, taking full responsibility for their own lives, asserting their autonomy and rejecting the increasing power of the nanny state.
    This article was disturbing.

  72. Just because cannabis makes YOU lazy doesn’t mean it effects everyone else the same way… Some people are allergic to peanut butter

  73. Grown men who have any self control can enjoy marijuana in moderation, and should be legally allowed to do so. As for all the lazy stoners, as long as they’re not collecting a government cheque let them sit on their ass and play Nintendo. If you think weed cramps your style then don’t smoke it, but I don’t need big brother or anybody else to tell me it’s right or wrong. Where’s all the anti kratom articles, even the people who sell it say it’s not for human consumption.

  74. What a fantastic article! Seriously, kudos. This is something that someone really needed to say.
    I have always thought that Pot was the worst of all the drugs. Ask any heroin addict if you should try heroin….or a coke head or pretty much any drug addict and they will tell you not to. Despite using drugs all day every day they will let you know that they wish they never started and suggest you never start either.
    People who don’t smoke pot will attempt to shame the non pot smoker. Telling someone you have never smoked pot is like saying you have never heard a Beatles song. People who smoke pot will demand it be legalized (even heroin addicts don’t think heroin should be legal). People will tell you pot is healthy! This is how addled a persons mind is on pot. It screws your brain up so badly that you think it is a good thing….much worse than junkies.
    I think the author wrote an excellent article here and this is the kind of article that ought to remind people that ROK isn’t just about nailing thots or however idiots in media outlets try to make it out. It isn’t all about social commentary either. It is also about creating a serious space for discussing real and important issues. way to go.

    1. There are numerous medical benefits that can be derived from CBD. This isn’t the component in cannabis that gets you high, mind you, it’s another part of the plant entirely. (THC accounts for the psychoactive effects.)
      One cannot just agree 100% with everything ROK has to say. A lot of this site is satire, after all. And satire is just the truth exaggerated for comedic effect, so I’m not saying it is that far off the mark most of the time. In fact it’s only borderline satire in a lot of cases, as shit really is THAT BAD. But one must conduct their own research and learn through their own personal experiences.

      1. Jon, I am sorry but I have to disagree with you. Pot, whether smoked, vaped, or whatever other way a person uses it is simply bad for you. It stunts the mind and makes men into vegetables. I think that people connecting their own “research” on this are just drug addicts trying to justify their dope.

        1. Well then you’re quite literally too ignorant to separate yourself from
          the opinions of a largely satirical website, and there’s little else to
          My job is helping people get their medicinal marijuana
          cards, and these aren’t stoners coming in looking to get high….these
          are mostly elderly folks with a variety of medical ailments and
          conditions looking to use a holistic based alternative to extremely
          dangerous and habit forming pharmaceuticals, particularly opiates.
          I don’t see mentally stunted people coming into the offices, I see people looking for help that we then provide. Of course smoking weed all day every day is bad, but when used in moderation it offers a surplus of benefits, both medical and mental.

        2. Like I said, we will have to just disagree on this. My opinion on this is long held and has nothing to do with the website. However, if you are dishing out dope and don’t see your clients as mentally stunted, I’d suggest trying to sober up a bit.

        3. Oh shut the fuck up with that condescending attitude. You haven’t made a single counter point to the legitimate arguments I’ve expressed. Make all the suggestions you want, based on your “opinions,” I’ll be busy ignoring them because I’m well aware of the FACTS.
          Also, helping facilitate people receiving their medical marijuana cards isn’t “dishing out dope.” But I’m sure all the cancer patients and people forced to take dangerous pharmaceuticals would be better off without the relatively safe relief marijuana provides. Give me a fucking break, sheep. And maybe try and formulate a response with more than just your opinions, because if you “just wanted to disagree” you wouldn’t get to the petty level of basically comparing me to a drug dealer despite the fact I help people every day I go into work.

        4. oh, and by the way, not a single one of your “arguments” was legitimate. However, I am in a giving mood so I will give you the “counter point” you want.
          quad erat demonstrandum.
          Every time you justify drug use and call it medical you prove just how much that shit rots your brain.
          I don’t care how many people who became doctors while getting high and dodging Vietnam figure out ways to convince stoned idiots that drugs are totally good for you….dude……
          We can go back to just agreeing to disagree if you like or you can, once again, use those amazing powers of reaction formation to angrily suggest that your choices to be a drug addict and supplier are totally valid.
          go on.
          sorry if i totally killed your buzz maaaaaaann

        5. If you honestly think people are better off taking opiates (which cause deadly withdrawals) than medicating with cannabis there’s absolutely no reason to talk to you. Go back to fantasizing about blowing the writers of this site and fingering your loose butthole while wearing those faggy aviators.

  75. Such BS – The liquour industry (maybe they have influence in sites such as this) is probably losing millions as more people turn to pot as their recreational high. This is much better. If you drink enough alcohol you can die, or become comatose or kill someone in your car etc. For you father’s of daughters out there, what would you prefer (other than your daughter took no ´drugs´)? That she goes to a party and maxes out on alcohol and she is not even able to lift her head and look around her, or she maxes out on pot and just hits a plateau? Oh, and how many barfly losers and wasters occupy the bar stools of the world?
    And then to put Trump on here as some kind of model for success. – Ese pe***jo me la p**a. That’s the only model – Success = money – money = success? Smoking weed does not make you dumb…..being dumb makes you dumb!

    1. Trump is a model for success, because he’s a rich billionaire, and in our capitalistic society a rich billionaire is precisely the model for success.

  76. The article still doesn’t answer the question of the detrimental effects of using weed, as well as alcohol only in moderation. Once or twice a week and mostly not even every week.

  77. If you find yourself persuaded by any of the arguments in this article , definitely do not use marijuana it’s not for you. Drink beer , smoke cigarettes , have a red bull , pop some Modafinil and Ritalin , a little Ambien and Lunesta to sleep but absolutely stay away from marijuana.

  78. may i suggest the next topic for ROK:
    “Why You Should Join DEA And Only Consume Substances Approved By Federal Government”


  80. Become a Mormon because :celebrities , you may have a pre-existing mental condition and you might have an average level of ambition.

  81. I don’t need scientific studies when I have seen it and experienced it FIRST HAND. Marijuana lowers your dopamine (reward system) meaning you will have less motivation from pretty much any life achievement except smoking more dope. The lowering of sex hormones is also true since many potheads get man-boobs, get emotional and defensive over a FUCKING INANIMATE PLANT like it is a real human being capable of thought. I have experienced this as an ex-user. The best decision I have made in my life was to stop smoking marijuana. My life has gotten exponentially better in these past two years. I am a man and I can now face reality.

  82. All drugs will fuck your life. Alcohol is one that bothers me the most. Ive smoked (cigarettes, was never a huge weed smoker althought i have a fair bit too) and drank now for more years than I was straight. Ive recently stopped and its been damn hard to stop that behaviors. Your body and mind truly is all you have control over, don’t fuck with it.

  83. I smoked weed, a handfull of times, during my High School years. I was a social smoker, and usually only smoked if I was out with a smoker, or ran into a weed whore. I would keep a stash just in case for these girls. So I might go weeks or months or longer without smoking. As a matter of fact, once I joined the Navy, I never smoked again. Not a problem. And today, I can’t smoke because I have a security clearance. I do not miss weed, at all.
    I have of course known “pot heads”, but now I wonder if they were just weak idiots (mentally) who were psychologically addicted. In other words, they may have been slackers first, which led them to smoke all the time, rather than being a normal person whose mind was taken over by weed. Which came first?, the chicken or the egg? correlation does not imply causation, or something like that. Anyways, I have while in the Navy, seen a lot more burnouts, due to Alcohol, which somehow despite all the harm it fosters, is Legal.
    I have never heard of a family being taken out by a driver high on weed. In the end, all this is anecdotal, and I do not care about weed use one way of the other. But all things in moderation, if you do partake.

  84. I’m sure the US government’s patent on cannibinoids is completely unwarranted. It isn’t due to their neuroprotective and antioxidant properties or anything crazy like that.
    A more thoroughly researched article would point out both the positive medicinal benefits of marijuana juxtaposed with the dangers of over-indulging or using it as a crutch.

    1. “The anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of the
      non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) are well established
      and are summarised below. Preliminary data reviewed in this paper
      suggest that CBD in combination with a CB1 receptor neutral antagonist
      could not only augment the effects of standard APs but also target the
      metabolic, inflammatory and stress-related components of the
      schizophrenia phenotype.”
      Cannabidiol actually helps lessen symptoms of schizophrenia. Keep in mind CBD isn’t the component of cannabis that gets people “high.” There’s a whole lot more to marijuana than just the THC content.
      Cannabis is invaluable medicine for a variety of medical ailments and can be grown with relative ease in your backyard. Which is one of the big reasons it has been stigmatized for decades – pharmaceutical companies fear their (potential) customer / patients being able to grow their own medicine.

  85. I generally agree with the writer, that you will have lower motivation while you are stoned, and that too much may make you less masculine. However most of this applies to alcohol as well. Some people have great successes in life and still either drink alcohol or smoke marijuana, mainly because they know there is a time and a place for recreation and spend most of their life focusing on accomplishing things and just occasionally indulge in substances to relax. Beer has this reputation as being what ‘manly men’ drink, yet hops are estrogenic. I believe marijuana should be legal just for consistency’s sake, since alcohol is legal and has far more potential risks. Anyone who allows any substance to control their life is a loser, I tend to blame the individual more than the substance.

  86. Pot has no medicinal benefit that a balanced diet cannot give you.
    And if you need pot to relax, then maybe you need to rethink how you spend your days so you are not so stressed out. Pot fries your brains, albeit so slowly that you don’t realize it before it is too late.
    Stop believing the push to get you perpetually stoned so that you don’t pose a threat to the ruling elites. A sober citizenry is a threat to manipulative rulers.

  87. Reading throught the comments second….wow…I always knew stoners were lazy morons, but I never knew how aggressive they were.

  88. Obama was the president of the pot club in Hawaii,
    Where he was born in Kenya he did not partake though.

  89. Marijuana is not the worst drug not by a long shot as long as it’s not an addiction. Even too much coffee(because coffee is a drug by definition) has adverse effects.Plus it’s absurd for people to go to prison for weed it should be decriminalized I don’t know of I should be fully legal . Decriminalization and legalization are different concepts

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