Academic Finds 84 Serious Threats Of Violence Directed At Roosh And Return Of Kings Readers

An Australian academic has found that at least 84 serious threats of violence and “fantasies of violence” were directed against Roosh and Return Of Kings readers in early 2016. Shockingly, these 84 instances come from posts, comments, and replies in only three Australian-based Facebook event groups, two in Sydney and one in Melbourne. These SJW events, like others around the world, were planned in response to Roosh’s announcement of ROK meet-ups. The meet-ups were later called off after a massive escalation in very credible violent threats against both Roosh and his fans.

In his analysis, Dr. Stuart Bender of Western Australia’s Curtin University paid special attention to my article about Phoebe Moloney’s biased reporting on our planned meet-ups and the knife attack group that this bias spawned. I was pleasantly surprised with Dr. Bender’s rather even-handed approach to both my writing and Roosh’s, even if I did not agree with all his conclusions. The 84 serious threats of violence and fantasies of violence catalogued by Dr. Bender do not include the oftentimes more outrageous threats of violence on Laura-Rose Freeman‘s “The mutilation of ‘legal rape’ supporters genitalia” Facebook event (archive). The “legal rape” accusation against Return Of Kings has been conclusively debunked, as Roosh’s satire drew very heavily from the Jonathan Swift classic A Modest Proposal.

It is a pity that Dr. Bender chose to refer to Laura-Rose Freeman as “L.R.” to partially preserve her anonymity. Nonetheless, his quoting of her various violent threats is on point:

This teams goal is to (in a humane a way as possible) dismember or mutilate the genitals of the men who support this atrocious movement (L.R. (female) in the Mutilation of “Legal Rape” Supporters Genitalia, 2016). [6]

Anyone wanting to join me in the dismemberment of any male attending this radically misogynistic meeting? Happy to provide the knives […] If your gonna go to jail it may as well be for this (cited in Brown, 2016). [7]

Might I add that this is a deeply disturbed young lady.

Before SJW knife group:

After SJW knife group:

I take no pleasure in saying that this girl needs psychiatric help, particularly when you take into account her seeming obsession with knives, blood, and genital mutilation.

So how many more threats of violence were out there and are still out there?

Roosh at his press conference in February 2016. He had to hire private security after threats against both himself and his family.

Once again, Dr. Bender’s approach was much more balanced than I expected. In addition to the public threats on the four Facebook groups (the original 84 plus the ones from Laura-Rose Freeman’s group), he gave credence to the very serious private message threats that Roosh received. But remember, this is just four locations on one social media platform.

As one of the people included in the organizational structure for the meet-ups, I distinctly remember serious threats of violence erupting in the Facebook comments for major Australian media outlets, such as Fairfax Media and Channel Seven News. There were also particularly nasty responses from cities across the other side of the world, Glasgow and Toronto chief among them.

It is fair to say that Bender’s analysis, as important as it is, touches on less than 1% of all the very violent threats and related commentary one could still find on Facebook against Roosh and Return Of Kings. In my article on Phoebe Moloney’s bias, I mentioned a few of these, including from a former New Zealander contestant on The Amazing Race.

Our claims of bias against Fairfax Media and other media outlets have been thoroughly vindicated

Say no more.

Because Fairfax media and its two mastheads, The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age, were the first participants in trying to inflame potential violence against Roosh and the rest of us, I contacted the organization for clarification. In response, Phoebe Moloney cried, as I have previously recounted, and Managing Editor Stuart Washington steadfastly refused to admit the coverage had been one-sided.

The only time Fairfax really conceded the prospect of violence against us was when they reported on Roosh’s announcement that the meet-ups were being called off. Even so, this amounted to a simple regurgitation of Roosh’s words, rather than a proper journalistic attempt to confirm that the violent threats were real, which indeed they were.

Media outlets, if they intend to do their job, have a responsibility for fair reporting on peaceful matters, let alone on those occasions when people are receiving violent threats.

Thanks go to the Curtin University student, “John,” for bringing Dr. Bender’s paper to my attention.

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  1. “In response, Phoebe Moloney cried”
    Crocodile tears. Cried that she is being called out.

  2. Dr. Stuart Bender’s article is a very interesting read. It is also pretty unbiassed, especially from one of the most progressive institutions in Australia.
    I drive past Curtin University every day, they have a big sign espousing that they are the #1 LGBT university in Australia.
    Well done David G. Brown for bringing this to our attention.
    (Note to PERTH readers: If there are any Perth ROK readers please reply to this msg)

    1. So does that mean that every other university isn’t diverse enough to be the #1 LGBT institution?
      In Perth as well.

      1. Great, we have a small group of ROK members here in Perth formed from the outrage last year. We are looking to grow.
        Do you have a burner email we can communicate with?

        1. They even have other crap around the outside of the campus saying “Brilliance has no sexuality” and other equally cancerous signs.

        2. Does this mean that the Bruces no longer comprise the Philosophy Department? ‘Cuz we all know about their Rules #1, 3, 5 and 7!
          “This here’s the wattle, the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle, you can hold it in your hand. AMEN!!”

  3. You know, it’s funny. Occasionally I get someone online threatening how they would beat my ass or something for expressing views that I express openly in real life all the time without ever getting my ass beat. It’s almost like all these internet threats are a bunch of bullshit coming from pussified keyboard warriors who have never thrown or taken a punch in real life. I don’t alter my behavior over this stuff. If someone wants to roll, come fuck with me and find out what happens. I’d venture that most men feel the same. Don’t censor yourself over what some anonymous faggot hiding behind a screen says he’s (probably she’s) going to do if he gets off his ass and stops jerking it to anime long enough to leave the house and find you.

    1. agreed. I am also very open in public. The fine line, of course, is to know when to turn it off. Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean every fucking minute is an opportunity to tell people. That is the tendency when people have strongly held subversive beliefs and finally decide to be out in the open with them. Yes, be honest about your opinion when it is called for but constantly prattling on about any opinion will just make a person an annoying bore.

      1. Oh yeah, I’m not spouting my views 24/7. I just mean that if I get together with some of my buddies and we want to talk about shit, I don’t care who overhears it. And if you say something stupid to me, I will tell you what I think of it – of course, I usually do so tactfully, but I speak my mind when I feel like it’s appropriate, and I have never in my life thought “what if I get sucker punched” when doing so. Nor will I.

        1. If someone has a problem with what I’m saying, I expect them to tell me. If I’m being an asshole (I know, hard to imagine) I’ll tone it down if asked.

        2. one of the many tid bits of wisdom that came from Grandpa Knee, a man of much interest, was “always keep promises you make while drunk” I find that if you do this you automatically reduce your level of being an insufferable asshole by about 75%

        3. “C’mon baby, you know I’ll still respect you in the morning…”
          Guess I’m a tried and true asshole. Heh.

        4. You know, when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

        5. That’s crazy!! I heard this song on the car radio on the weekend and I had to listen to it on Youtube. Better than one bourbon. one scotch and one beer.

        6. “Always keep promises you make while drunk” could be one of the chapter titles in my autobiography.

        7. Grandpa Knee was filled with wisdom. My favorite of his many tidbits was, and he had a voice that sounded like gravel and like he had a cigar in his mouth even when he didn’t, “listen lolknee, ya don’t have to be a gentleman, but for gods sake try and look like one”
          Short of a hand full of times when I was sick I have shaved my face and dressed sharp every single day since he told me that.

        8. It’s hard to beat One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer in my book. It’s fun to break out “But I’m tiiired!” in casual conversation and see who gets it and who doesn’t.

        9. Yeah, but what about Johnny Walker…and his brothers ‘Black’ and ‘Red’??
          …well, I guess they’ll be quiet. It’s that dear “Old Granddad” you have to worry about, he can be a mean cuss!.

      2. I hold back as I am afraid of losing my job…my boss is a leftist Bhuddist, but a cool guy. Still, I NEVER try to “correct him” regarding my views on abortion, for example.

      3. Yes, don’t shoot all the time. Save your bullets, wait, take aim, squeeze……..

        1. lol. you back from blowing Dominican convicts? lol. I love you internet tough guys. I’d love to see how fast you would shit your drawers if I looked at you sideways.

        2. You sawed off little kike, no one believes your tough guy bluster.
          The fact that you are playing internet tough guy around people who have no respect for that childish behaviour tells me that Ive put you on tilt and that you are too dumb to know it.

        3. I think youve spent far too much time admiring other men’s physiques-when you arent shilling for the tribe or spending 3 hours a day at the gym….LOL!!!!!
          Come on, Lou Ferigno, post some pics of what a guy who spends 3 hours a day(LOL) in the gym looks like😂😂😂😂😂

        4. What?
          No financial advice or pompous grandstanding about _______?
          How does a Fortune 500 bad ass like you find the time to shill the comments to death while making quadrillions before you goto the gym for 99 hours a day?
          How do you find the time, Goldberg?

        5. You want to see what I look like, come on bruh—I’m hard to find. You can bring all your books that said how strong you used to be and all your Dominican boyfriends

        6. You got a sister homie? I’ll show her what a man is like. If you managed to get yourself a woman send her along too.
          You weak little shits give me a good giggle.
          In all seriousness, you should really try to make something more of yourself instead of pinning your self worth on being a closet homosexual internet troll.
          If you need help in self improvement and are willing to drop this chip on the shoulder, feminist, weakling attitude I could probably help help you.

        7. Try not to get too triggered shlomoflake. Also, your schitzophrenia is acting up, I am only one person so drop the plurals, retard.
          I guess only one hour in the gym today, huh Hulkster?

      4. I’m vegan. I do Crossfit. I’m reducing my carbon footprint. I hug trees. 😀 Wait! I can prattle on some more.

    2. Report the threat to the authorities none the less. Then if something should ever materialize you have a police report to back up your self defense.
      I always carry where I am allowed, that combined with situational awareness makes me less concerned that any threat will take me unawares.
      Speaking of reports though, were any of these threats in the story reported and investigated by the authorities? What about Facebook. Do they tolerate threats of violence? What are the laws like in Austrailia and Canada for threats?

      1. Yeah, I don’t know. Part of this is that I just don’t pay attention to shit on social media. For all I know, maybe there’s a FB page devoted entirely to making threats to me for all the “horrible, literally Hitler” shit I do. I just don’t know and don’t care. I’d certainly report a threat if I knew of one though. Why should I risk going to jail for beating some ass when instead I can just have the cops send the other guy to jail and all it takes me is a phone call?

    3. Yes. And it is important to know that when you decide to deliver that fine ass beating they were begging for, they will immediately run to the cops and press charges. Happened to me twice and both times, I was lucky. They do not understand irony and they certainly will not honor a fight they agreed to. It was funny, the police officer called me and said, “yeah this guy wants to press charges. Sounds like he was asking for it then decided to run to us for help and we don’t like that.” Never heard from them again. Dodged a bullet there.

      1. This is the thing that I can’t stand the most. I respect a keyboard warrior who understands he is a pussy and keeps his mouth shut in person far more than someone like this. If you’re going to step up, when you get your ass kicked, you are the most worthless type of bitch if you run and tattle. You are a woman. The saying I always heard was “don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.” If you did, you were expected to man up and take the beating.

    4. You have a point, but honestly, an online response can actually be a lot more devastating. If you say something IRL to someone that really angers them, and if they have the guts to stand up to you, then maybe you get into a yelling match, maybe even a few punches get thrown. If you are being a jerk and spouting off, maybe you deserve to get your ass handed to you. If some punk is just trying to be a badass and picking a fight, maybe you put him in his place. That used to kind of be the way men settled shit. Everybody gets jacked up, words are exchanged, maybe some hands fly, but then that shit is over.
      But you make one online comment that goes against the SJW dogma and some anonymous 300lb freak with a made up gender who couldn’t stand up to you without a forklift can nevertheless make your life hell. It can dox you, SWAT you, get you fired, do all kinds of other shit to screw up your life.
      Although, even now that I’m thinking about it, the old days of actually settling things man-to-man IRL is gone now, too. In some places, they don’t settle that shit with fists, they immediately go to the guns. And even if you do settle it with fists, some fool will run home crying to his lawyer.

    5. yeah, those who insult in the net have no life, are losers and they can’t tell you face to face what they think of you.

    6. People will generally not carry out their violence in person. They’ll empower the government to do it for them.

      1. I agree. It always amazes me that the left views itself as more compassionate when it forces its compassion at the point of a gun and outsources violence on those who don’t get with the program.

    7. Completely second this. It’s incredibly rare, to the point of virtually never, that some fucking keyboard warrior is actually going to get off his or her ass and go spill some blood. And if they actually do, a real man should be prepared to defend his words and opinions. To the death if attacked with deadly force and intent.

  4. Bender’s paper is something I never thought I would see– a critical, academic analysis of SJWs’ rhetoric of violence and their irrational communication patterns. This is a great thing. The fact that a peer-reviewed academic journal would publish it is evidence of a cultural change in attitude toward blind acceptance of gynocentrism.
    Bet Bender is a closet red-piller, himself.

  5. Good Job getting this article to our attention David! At the time, living in a city, I noticed so much animosity towards ROK simply because we wanted to meet up. What was surprising was how much of it was coming from women. When you look at how many women broke into ‘I can’t even…’ testimonies, and how so many are fighting for the right to be dykes, none of this should be too surprised that the WGTOW, would get the law involved in something that any rational man could figure out was not an act of crime but an attempt at liberation. It did prove once and for all Women going their own way are worried about one thing, Men dragging them back into society.

    1. If they try to do that he’ll tell them to kiss his shiny metal ass.

    2. He will face professional backlash from the older generation (who evaluate his performance), guaranteed. He had to know that, so he gets respect from me.

      1. older?
        or younger demented liberals?
        perhaps screamed at, etc… I imagine Australia is same as USA/Europe.
        Anyway he used “sexist” so he is liberal too

  6. The women who made threats and went crazy, did so because they wanted to “MEAT UP”. They were secretly hoping ROK readers really were a bunch of rapists. They love MEAT. And they want it UP in there…

  7. Well I see in Phoebe’s facebook page the 2nd public photo of herself is her working the stripping pole. Went from “reporter” to hoe in less than a year.

  8. Really?!
    Well I live in Arizona, small town, about 40 miles west of Phoenix. I post using my [REAL NAME] and I don’t leave the house until I have my Glock 19, with a 15 9mm magazine installed.
    So if you want to ‘get me’. here I am baby! Wittmann Arizona, easy to find, come and get me!

      1. If the man is able and willing to blow an SJW off the face of the earth, he can call it anything he wants, I say.

  9. We must understand that in the eyes of the Liberal Bolsheviks, SJWs and Feminists, we are literally the Fascists.
    In their eyes, punching a so-called “Nazi” in the face is perfectly O.K.
    In their eyes, killing us is for the greater good of humanity, it is a preventive action, kind of a signature strike, because in their eyes we are wannabe rapists, wannabe organisers of the Holocaust 2.0.
    In their eyes, violence against us equals killing Adolf Hitler in 1933.
    There is no reasoning with these people. We must never allow them to have power over us! We must not let them to have the power of the state behind them!
    Their individual violence does not really matter, because of the legal punishment the state gives to those who break the law. But if they had the power of the state behind them, they would be like Joseph Stalin was in the Sovietunion, it would mean the Gulags for all of us!

  10. What’s funny is, is that the only violence that occurred on our side was when those reporters were locked in the conference room with Roosh and he verbally slaughtered them.

  11. as an aside regarding leftists –
    Democrats wish to drop the voting age to 17.
    Anne Coulter:
    “How about we raise the voting age to when you can buy your own health insurance”
    I like her.

    1. The human brain isnt fully developed until 23 or 24, let’s hold off on voting til then

      1. except if indoctrinated at western university till 21, or 28 if getting masters in self study

      2. I tell this to women I date under 25. “Honey, you don’t even have a fully formed brain yet”

    2. Instead of age the requirement should be owning property or a business. There’s absolutely no reason for children with no adult responsibilities to be given a vote.

      1. It would be good to establish an objective measure of adulthood. Not sure property ownership is the best.

        1. The problem with that is that I’ve met some mature 19 year olds and some batshit retarded 40 year olds. Typically people who have to pay their own way are at least receptive to common sense even if they haven’t yet arrived at it on their own.

        2. as the wealth consolidates at the top, you d have only a few million voters….

        3. “Typically people who have to pay their own way are at least receptive to common sense”
          that’s IT.

        4. I prefer “no representation without taxation,” as in, you had best be paying taxes (property, income, or capital gains) in order to vote.

        5. I dunno…high school diploma (at 18, no GED unless 25+) with a cumulative HS GPA of 2.5 or better?
          and…any 18 y.o. should have at least a part-time job, so they have fundamental understandings of Fed income taxes, FICA and SS withholdings.

      2. I usually don’t agree with constraints – as those with property would vote for the rest to remain tenants…
        Don’t know the answer but war is often useful…

      3. Not every responsible person owns property for whatever reason. But at the very least, require that the person works and pays taxes. Tired of people who sit on their ass and live off the dime of the taxpayer getting to sit at the table with the grown-ups.

        1. How about we re-establish a Swiss style militia and require membership in it to vote. We could do away with the standing army our illustrious leaders use to piss off our neighbours all over the globe. It would put the vote solely in the hands of those who must put their ass on the line to defend the nation. I doubt many of our fellow countrymen would vote to go play imperial war games abroad if they were on the menu. As the saying goes with respect to standing armies and the draft: Old men lie and young men die.

    3. Ideally, in a Constitutionally constrained Republic, voting should matter a hill of beans to begin with. Congress should have really not a lot of laws to write and should be locked down tight, such that it would be more important to floss daily than it would be to vote in an election.
      But alas…

        1. They do little but gossip monger right now, I don’t see how that would change anything.
          As I recall from the Way Back Years, the media actually used to focus on *more* than politics. Why, at one time, the big news in the newspaper would be that Ford was coming out with a new model car, or that a new Dentist opened shop in town. The “only politics all the time” shit started in earnest only after Watergate I think.

      1. GOJ – If voting or writing to your congress critter would really make any difference it would be illegal methinks.

        1. Oh, absolutely agree. I was using the word “ideally”.

    4. 17! I can imagine the turnout and the peer pressure. High schools will have to install splash guards on the lunchroom voting machine screens.×850/2013%2F09%2F10%2F9e%2Ffight.4ac3d.gif
      The dems wheeled voting machines into mental hospitals. It was proven. Why didn’t they ever think about the 17 yo’s? They’re a bigger voting block than the insane population.

    5. Voting age should be at least 25-30. People should get a taste of real life before deciding on whats good for society.

    6. Ever wonder why? Look at millenial voting statistics. Probably enough to swing elections.

    1. Yeah, why not? He can team up with Dr. Chucknorris and Dr. Terminator and they can form a perfect medical trifecta of awesomeness!

  12. The MSM’s cheerleading mantra, for its human meat puppets:
    “Lean to the left! Lean to the right! Blame each other! Fight-fight-fight!”

      1. Ukranian men, heads up. You let those beauties at the top get “rights” and 9 out of 10 end up like the fat pig in the bottom, leaving you 1 decent looking girl that will rule everybody’s life through the courts.

      2. Ok real question boys: Would you throw a bone to the fat SJW on the bottom if you could have a weekend with ALL of the Ukrainians together?

        1. Yes…I would. I’d fuck her face with the lights off after drinking a quart of tequila…but that’s all.

        2. Define “throw a bone.” Let her suck me off in a pitch black room? Let her peg me in the ass in front of an audience?
          Some propositions are probably doable. Others, I’d rather see the Ukranian chicks napalmed.

        3. I would go out protesting with her for a weekend with the ukrainians

        4. Given as Fat Ape broad causes instant ED on sight, I’d say that the danger of having to actually follow through with her is pretty minimal, so….maybe?

        5. Nah, you have to fuck her. You don’t have to be sober or nice about it, but you have to fuck her. In return you get a weekend with the ukranians.

        6. actually just go to Flash-dancers strip club. full of Ukrainians like that. Haven’t been for over 5 years… so hot.
          And that photo has fucked up my work day. Walking over to Union square to find one like that…

        7. Reminds me of an incident from back in the day. My buddy was pimping this slightly retarded woman off to people he knew one summer. She was okay-looking, but she was, well, a retard. He brought her over to his apartment one afternoon, and there were about eight of us guys there, waiting. He said that she was going to fuck us all, one at a time.
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          With the fat pig in the bottom photo, it would be like that, but I’d have to be drunk as fuck or deliriously ill…

        8. no way….you got it all backwards there Luke. You are gonna want to tap the pig first and then palate cleanse with a 7 and then the 6 Ukrainian hotties.

        9. Define “throw a bone.”
          On the other hand, if this were literally throw a literal bone at, we might be able to work out some sort of deal.

        10. I worked at Flash (and its sister clubs, NY Dolls and Shenanigans) for 3 years when I was younger.

        11. oh and yes about union square. The Union Square Coffee Shop has been employing Russian (soviet block) and Brazilian 9’s or better exclusively for the last 30 years.

        12. wow.
          One of your employees stalked me in 1994.
          A friend of mine is a manager at one of those places…
          I reckon is good idea for meetup in future. Security would not tolerate SJWness

        13. Yeah I was a cold-hearted, womanizing prick back then. Sigh. I sure have gotten kind-hearted in my old age…

        14. not my employee…I was just the bathroom guy. I am not much of a strip club guy. Do you remember the name of the girl who stalked you (real or stage?)

        15. I see your thinking….but consider this. After a heavenly weekend fucking those Ukrainians you are left with the chore of the hog as opposed to working through the hog in order to earn the pay day which will probably be good enough to wash the memory from your head.

        16. Yes, but, my thinking is an extension of the ‘No White Knighting’ philosophy here. You work on a girl’s car AFTER you fuck her, not before, because you will do it to get to bang her, but it will never materialize. Thus, doing the work (the fat chick) before the Ukrainians could very well result in you doing the job, but not getting paid. Money talks, etc.

        17. Your reasoning is fair. So let us say that in the case that the hypothetical is conditional and breaking the deal is possible that you are 100% right, but if we add to the hypothetical that by banging this fat chick you will unequivocally get to enjoy all off these Ukrainians for an entire weekend of your choosing I’d still have to hold onto the Ukrainians coming afterwards

        18. not one I recall. It was a long time ago. I “dated” quite a number of those young ladies back when I was a young knee.

        19. Yeah, OK, but again – pitch black room? Like dark-out, sensory deprivation black? Also, I don’t have to let any part of my body but my cock touch her? And she is gagged and prevented from talking?

        20. Oddly enough, I was never wide eyed and excited about life. People who have known me long enough to make this claim say that I have been an old man since I was a child lol.

        21. yeah, you don’t have to make her feel special or anything. But no gag, you have to hear her grunts. And if you can manage to get it in with no other bodiuly contact ok, but speaking as someone who has had a lot of sex, that is generally a difficult proposition even under good terms.

        22. Ok, if it were a Sure Thing like the sun rising tomorrow, then veggies first before dessert, I agree.

        23. I couldn’t do it. As hot as those other chicks are, I just couldn’t do it. First, I don’t think I would ever be able to get hard. Also, I know that is only a picture of her, so you are only seeing her disgustingness from one dimension: visual.
          In real life, she would also sound disgusting – her voice, her grunting, her big fat ass huffing and puffing for breath, She would smell disgusting, because you can’t be that big and awful not smell like rotting ass. Her breath, the sweat under her rolls of fat, her nasty pussy… that would all reek like vomit. Then, you know she would feel disgusting to the touch. Her fat, rippled, flabby skin would feel repulsive against your body.
          Could. Not. Do. It..

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        26. “Nah, you have to fuck her. You don’t have to be sober or nice about it,
          but you have to fuck her. In return you get a weekend with the
          Not a chance. The fat bitch is *that* bad. Look at that fucking belly/abdomen. Seriously, how does one even get their tallywhacker into a cow like that?

        27. If possible I’d upvote a second time for use of “tallywhacker”

        28. I suspect more than a few here haven’t even heard the term. Maybe our age is showing, brah.

        29. Paperbag (double bagged just to be sure) over the head and enough alcohol to drown the momentary disgust and yeah, sure..

        30. I used Persnickety on this thread I think. This one or another one.
          Bring back fun language, I say.

        31. Who’s going to give me the right drugs so I can get near the dough monster without getting nauseas?

        32. Almost dated two Ukrainian girls from FD’s. One of the most ended up marrying some banker She met at Starbucks. Lol

        1. yep — she is same as from woody Allen skit at museum…
          I’d fight you over her.

        2. We’re actually in agreement on this one. Far right with the yellow flowers may be too, but I can’t make out her face.

      3. Imagine you are alone on a deserted island with the creature in the last pic and a cow. Who will you bang?

      4. Damn… those Ukrainian *feminists* look more feminine than our non-feminist, “normal” American women.
        BTW, I’ll take the brunette on the left.

        1. In that case, I’m jumping up to the front. If I get my ass beat, it will be worth it as long as I get the girl.

        2. Good point – how backwards is it that their degenerates are far better than our average bitchy SJWs?
          Food for thought.

      5. Went out with a Ukrainian woman on Friday night. If the rest are anything at all like her, id rather a regular Aussie girl any day.

        1. You must have had a bad one. The ones I’ve know were really nice, good to be around.

        2. Yea she was “nice” enough. But just a dickhead. i dont think it maters too much where people are from really, there’s good and bad. It depends on circumstances.

  13. if there were an event in Toronto or London Ontario I would attend, whether or not threats of violence were issued (probably ESPECIALLY if threats of violence were issued). Why some may ask? well, its not because I’m looking for a fight, its definitely not because I want to be a martyr. hell, its not even solely due to fighting for free speech. I believe these SJWs are nothing but cowards and wont do a damn thing to anyone except shout their lame insults, particularly if there are enough attendees present. these children of the left are nothing more than spoiled little bitches who wont throw a punch unless 1) its 100:1 or 2) you have your back turned. fuck em all, plan an event.

    1. Individually they are base cowards, no doubt, but in large groups they can and do get violent.

      1. agreed which is why I stated at the end the only way theyd attempt anything is if they have above stated ratio to make them feel Alpha, if only for a few minutes. I highly doubt that there would be that many of these basement dwellers present to make any sort of impact. just my two cents.

    2. There are many actual bullies within the ranks and they become emboldened in large groups. In areas where the government will have their back they have and will get violent. They just won’t do it personally in a one-on-one situation. But 100 on 1 and the cops not stepping in? They’ll do it.

    3. Great comment. I do want to throw some bodies around, but you do have to be smart/careful about it. Remember that these types are cowards and when faced with confrontation are likely to try to use the police and/or authorities against you.
      Would be fun to cause some havoc and get the hell out of there, though. I’m just itching to see how many I can take down at once

  14. All you need to is go around and read. Wanna see something scary? Check those “black man” channels in youtube. They are open threatening and even kinda “admitting” to crimes there. Countless times I’ve seen things like “I’m going out there to have some white blood today” and it seems nobody cares. There is a war happening, and it’s only growing. Unfortunately, the whole diversity thing failed. There is no diversity with people who hold grudges so they can keep getting free cheese. There is no pacific existence with people hell bent on an agenda aimed to destroy everything we hold dear and sacred. This is basically a return to tribalism, to savagery. Asians (the good ones), Italians, Germans and many others moved to the US and mingled, the melting occurred. Blacks, not so much. And now, we have muslims “polishing” the black hate. This is all becoming too obvious. The “trifecal” left / black / muslim is showing clear to be the menace that will have to be dealt soon.

    1. Hey, some of them have some common sense.

      I’m not sure I know what ammonition is, but I do know that you ain’t got time to be wasting it.

        1. That’s fine, but I call dibs on the girl with the minigun.

      1. “..shoot the whole clip and don’t shoot nobody that the muthafucker not aiming at…”
        what a strange concept — aiming and shit.

        1. I actually showed that to some people back when BLM was out destroying neighborhoods. The amount of head nodding in agreement is something that people up for a race war better be damned scared of. Lots of folks out here just waiting for that shit to bleed out of the cities and into the suburbs and rural areas.

      2. I think “ammonition” is a combination of ammunition and admonition.
        As in, you get scolded if you have too much (or too little) ammunition.

        1. Dang, that would make him one clever brother.

    2. way to generalize all blacks. Not all blacks are for the whole race war nonsense. Hell the blacks that are against it such as Ben Carson get demonized and called coons by their own people. You should realize that blacks like pretty much all groups have their bad and their good.

      1. lattacku, I should have used the N-word then, using that famous, genius stand-up piece Chris Rock did a long time ago instead of saying blacks. You don’t need to lecture me. I specifically said the youtube black channels, didn’t I? Way to interpret ate text. Not. And btw, I hope you understand that there’s enough of them to start something serious out there and unfortunately, as with the muslims, you can’t expect the rest of the group to side with you if things go south.

        1. Yes at first you stated specifically youtube blacks but later on in the paragraph the language you used seems to imply all blacks. And i highly doubt anything serious is going to pop off. Most of those people tend to riot in their own neighborhood.

        2. Why is that people care so much about generalization? I’ll go on a limb and say I expected the posters here to be beyond that notion. Everyone who’s not some whiny democrat should automatically consider that. How many blacks are attacking the black agenda itself? Many. Same as muslims, you can probably find many who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about infidels or jihad, but how strong is their influence on the general media? Same goes for the blacks who denounce the blatantly hypocrisy behind BLM and others. Do you see their influence outdoing that of the mass media? So stop saying I’m talking about 100% of any percentage for that matter. What I know is that an very dangerous percentage of said groups seem to be up to start serious shit and what’s left beyond that, like “how many will adhere to such thing as a racial war” is just guesswork. Don’t take me wrong, but I think we should be beyond the very basics, I don’t expect to be having this kind of convo except with stupid libs.

        3. “Why is that people care so much about generalization? ”
          It’s not that we care about generalization, because we have to generalize when speaking about these topics, but you do have to be clear about your intent and meaning when posting.
          It’s easy to overlook that when writing.

  15. Just started reading Dr Bender’s paper: “Much of his [Roosh’s] material is politically incorrect, and much can be easily regarded as sexist.”
    Can we sue?

    1. No overt condemnation in an academic paper? This guy is secretly one of us, for sure. Bet he is even active on the comments section…

      1. I was actually thinking the same. Not sure how many Australians we’ve got here though

  16. You expect honesty from the media?
    They are there to “change the world” and by that they mean cram their opinions down your throat.

  17. Free speech means nothing until these people are jailed for their violent personal threats. The meetups should go on now that we know to defend ourselves in every way.

    1. You really think people should be put in jail if they make verbal threats of violence?

  18. If they could notice hypocrisy they wouldn’t be where they are.
    If one is willing to live by the sword, they should be willing to die by it.

  19. It’s an interesting article. It’s difficult to tell where Dr Bender’s sympathies lie (he is for instance careful to point out that he isn’t defending ROK.) but the fact that he highlights the extreme and violent speech of the likes of Ms Freeman’s suggests that he is aware that such speech requires explanation. The explanation he provides isn’t entirely satisfying perhaps: he uses the Foucauldian notions of governmentality / bio-politics to suggest that people can by and large manage such examples of extreme “marginal” speech through use of “technologies of the self” in interaction with others which in this case work to create a protective degree of restraint, i.e. insane completely identifiable SJW threatens to cut off the dicks of any man she disagrees with, and along comes a second individual to say ‘calm down, no need to cut all their dicks off” or whatever counts for moral restraint within the wider SJW community.
    The takeaway here is that although Bender acknowledges that violent threats of this sort may have real-life consequences the fact is he demonstrates that speech that is vastly more extreme than most of the stuff that gets labelled as such i.e. as “extreme” by the thought police (be they governmental, antifa, SPLC whatever) can nonetheless be managed without shutting speech down, as unfortunately is usually the case whenever the perpetrators are not SJWs or communist leaning in some or other kind. Despite the fact that Bender’s article does not take the SJW psychopaths to task (as an academic that is not exactly his job) the piece does provide a potentially important piece of ammunition against the speech police when next they come knocking at the door of those who may have said something nasty from a more right wing point of view.
    I am in two minds about his approach though. As far as I can tell his position is that we don’t need the police to act (to protect us), because we can ourselves act to police ourselves. This obviates the need for government as an oppressive force for regulating conduct and behaviour, but while self-governance is clearly superior, it still leaves us open to our regulation through ideological control. Bender appears to dismiss this idea – it is certainly isn’t necessary to Foucault – but it is worth noting that Foucault’s idea of governmentality was first really explored by Nikolas Rose with respect to the Tavistock School: these technologies of the self whereby we are to govern ourselves and each other are not generated from the ground upwards. There is still a top down element. Likewise Bender’s enthusiasm for supplanting the notion of the panoptikon with a ‘synopticon’ reflecting the above kind of self-awareness and self-regulation could be seen as tending towards evolving into a self-regulating prison i.e. without external guards, rather than anything genuinely free. It always worries me a bit that Foucault tends to be used as a complement rather than an alternative to Marx: one way leftists have been able to dominate the culture has been by deploying both ‘discourses’ simultaneously.
    In that regard though while I have never encountered Foucault wielded by anyone who wasn’t far to the left (the last time I encountered bio-politics was on a feminist marxist course) I do continue to believe that Foucauldian techniques and analysis could be incredibly useful tools in tackling modern progressivism. Progressive politics works by closing down discussion of how we got to where we are. Foucauldian genealogies are analyses that could be used to investigate that

  20. Why is anyone surprised? Women dyke themselves of for attention the same way Bruce TransJenner femmed himself up for attention. Yes, it is mental illness driven by the need to feel “special”.
    You will never see this study anywhere but RoK.

  21. I think I’ve threatened SJW types, faggots, ghetto blacks, immigrants, muslims, gays, and women a grand total of zero times. Yeah I can’t remember the last time I said I would hurt anyone. Never recalled the need to unless someone came on my property looking for trouble or tried to hurt someone I know. Having seen a lot of action, the aforementioned list of deviants and delinquents usually don’t have the gusto to start fights with someone unless they are weaker than them.
    It’s all keyboard warrior slack. Plan the meetups this year Roosh, no more hiding from these eunuchs. I’ll hold one myself if need be.

  22. If these cunts keep threatening your meetings, you should actively SET THEM UP.
    They arent smart enough to avoid being led by the nose.

  23. Threats of violence without violence are just threats. Just keep spanking those babies when they threaten you!

  24. I hate to be crude and over simplify this, but those women just need a good shagging.

    1. I’ve always thought a large number need to have their hair pulled, ass spanked hard, and to be hate fucked.
      Just my $.02.

  25. Laura-Rose Freeman apparently shaved her head to raise money for leukemia research. Her goal was $560…..She only made it to $388. Her hair and beauty is worth less than $400.
    As a man with long hair (Which doesn’t really do anything for my overall SMV), I would never dare shaving it or even cutting it for that amount of money. But ugly on the inside will become ugly on the outside, as well.

  26. Like the little yapping dog behind the fence. You open the gate, and they run into their doghouse to yap some more.

  27. Good lord the internet tough guys in here…whew lad!
    The whole article fails bc it fails to address the fact that due to interweb era lack of communication and millenial short attention spans all these SJW tards actually believed Roosh was advocating rape so no wonder they got so mad. Weak.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with a little coercion.
      Almost every other transaction allows a bit, so why not with sex?
      Every aspect of sales and advertising involves coercion.
      Your government uses it all the time, pay your taxes or else …… Obey our laws or else …….
      Ever tried changing your mind about a home loan after signing the documents?
      How about that car you leased, don’t want it any more?
      And the worst is marriage, she can stop having sex with you, but you have to keep paying for her …….. total madness.
      At some point a deal has to be considered done, and I consider the ‘consent deal’ done the moment she has gone somewhere alone with me.
      Luckily for me, Asian law, Asian police and Asian women agree.
      I don’t see why western women should get different rules to everyone else.

      1. You and I are in agreement. You didn’t get my point. I was simply saying SJWs think Roosh was actively advocating rape, which he never was.
        Also don’t be stupid, there is a huge difference between a little manly forcefulness, and violently raping a woman and taking away her human dignity.

  28. I love these SJWs obsession and outrage over Rooshs obvious satire about legal rape while at the same time supporting the invading Muslim hordes who actually believe in and commit “legal rape”. Cognitive dissonance, or Orwellian double think, is a beautiful thing isn’t it.

    1. They only care about rape if the victim is a woman and the perpetrator is a white male.

  29. I was banned from Roosh forum for not using proper punctutation so I told the moderator to go fuck himself. Does this count as a threat? Haha

  30. If Roosh or any our ROK brothers were to visit my part of town ( Oklahoma, US) These SJW’s will have to face my 1911 first.

  31. Interesting. A Modest Proposal satire scenario was brought up on an discussion on an article on RawStory that was anti-Roosh a few months ago. As usual the liberals were foaming at the bit and calling for blood with their usual use of foul language for anyone defending Roosh, RawStory decided to delete that portion of the comments and ban that person defending Roosh from its comments.

  32. Here in Australia, one of our most accomplished & acclaimed cartoonists for the national newspaper “The Australian” has died, due to the stress of death threats against himself & his family. His name was Bill Leak. These cancerous murderous bastards must be resisted at every opportunity. In the States, you still have freedom to say what you want. Not in Australia. My mother escaped communism & Mr Hitler & company to get away from the thought police. Now, they’re everywhere. What a shocking state of affairs. It’s ok to say whatever the hell you want ! It’s not ok to actually harm others, but it’s absolutely necessary to say what you need to say. It’s like with a dog…let them growl & bark…then they don’t need to bite. The truth is worth fighting for. In fact, it’s the only thing worth fighting for. Let them threaten. We will reply with equal or greater threats, like the very brave current President. Freedom to say anything is a basic right in a democratic society.

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