Are Our Fears About Anonymous Rape Accusations Coming True?

Hysterical trends within the feminist movement are not new to us. But once in a while, one of these trends stands out and can be interpreted as a sign that we have reached a new step towards the dystopia the cultural Marxists are bringing us to.

Presently, in the part of Canada where I reside, there reigns a surreal atmosphere brought on by the French version of the #beenrapedneverreported frenzy and it is all the newspapers have been talking about, with a number of public personalities coming out as victims. What follows makes me wish I could go back to the good old fashioned normal rape hysteria we used to have.

Among this turmoil, a Facebook page called Alerta Feminista sprung up, where women can anonymously accuse their rapists. If you have been reading ROK for a while, you know where this is going. Under the cover of anonymity, women write long sob stories in which they publicly accuse a man. The fact that they post the personal information of their purported rapist removes all pretense of a therapeutic confession and shows it for what it is—a witch hunt. Another interesting thing is that many of the accused are part of extreme-left organizations, which does not have an ounce of credibility and instead gives us insight into typical female power struggle tactics.

I often joke with my brother about the 1-in-5 statistic, and how as people become used to it, feminists will need to come up with an even more shocking number to remain relevant. Well, this moment has arrived! The figure of 1-in-3 has recently become the norm here, originating from official government statistics about sex related crimes.

Of course when you read women’s posts it is always interpreted to be rape, and anyone that tries to explain that a slap on the butt cannot be put in the same category as penetrative rape is accused of taking the side of patriarchy. The logic, according to what I read, is that the gravity of the event is in the mind of the victim, and that deciding the degree of traumatism for a victim is patronizing and perpetuating rape culture.

Here is what I gathered about the kind of stories posted on Alerta Feminista. The most recent poster starts her story with this gold: “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.” No mention is made anywhere of forcible rape, but she then proceeds to describe how she basically dated a “control freak” who made false promises, and she finishes by saying equality was just the beginning, and that stopping at equality is an insult to all our mothers and grandmothers who suffered under the patriarchy.

Another invites men to offer reparations to their “victims” if they ever pressured or insisted for sex, or omitted to verify that consent was still valid in the middle of the act. It also took her 15 years to “realize” that what her lesbian partner did to her was rape. Although I’m inclined to believe that one, since lesbian couples are much more likely to be abusive than other couple configurations.

And yes, she does blame the patriarchy for her rape by a lesbian woman.

No matter what nonsense women throw at us, it does not have to impact our lives. It has not for most of history after all. But things start getting ugly when people start giving it importance.

Enter the leftist politician.

Two House of Commons representatives belonging to the Liberal Party of Canada have been anonymously accused of harassment. Justin Trudeau, pretty boy, son of ex-Prime Minister superstar Pierre Trudeau, and lastly, leader of the Liberal Party, chose to immediately suspend them for the duration of the investigation.

To make this clear, those two men were suspended and their names appeared in newspapers across the country, while the identity of the accusers remains unknown, although they are said to be members of parliament. No report has been made to the police. We know from the example of countless male teachers cleared of any wrongdoing after a child got an overactive imagination that reputations never recover from these events. Justin Trudeau has justified his decision by saying:

I am aware of how difficult it is for people to come forward. I believe strongly that those of us in positions of authority have a duty to act upon allegations of this nature. It’s 2014—we have a duty to protect and encourage individuals in these situations to come forward. The action must be fair but decisive. It must be sensitive to all affected parties but, recognizing how difficult it is to do so, it must give the benefit of the doubt to those who come forward.

You see that this justification fits right in with the zeitgeist. He mentions giving the benefit of the doubt to the victim, while giving none to the accused. In total disregard of the presumption of innocence. According to a cop I talked to who works in criminal intelligence (and various studies), roughly half the rape reports are fake.

So how is the difficulty in coming forward any indication of truthfulness? But hey, as he said, it’s 2014, being progressive is good, no matter what direction you take. How long do we have until a woman’s word is all it takes to put a man behind bars without due process, spectral evidence-style? Considering these women did not even need to name themselves, this case shows that we are already well on our way there.

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    1. Remember the saying “Women are the gatekeepers of sex”? Don’t find it hard to believe if they were also “the instigators of their own extinction”, which is rather evident within the Anglo community.

  1. “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.” No mention is made anywhere of forcible rape…

    This illustrates one of the primary advantages of the feminist drive to migrate the definition of “rape” toward a continuum. When rape is a fluid concept, all women can claim to have been raped in some way, and every situation and condition is supercharged with the threat of rape.

    1. I was raped..once I was at a bar by myself, it was 7 aclock in the morning, I was drunk as hell.
      There where no other girls around than a fatso who was, without fat, a 6/10.
      She came on to me and because I was so drunk I was stupid enough to come with her to her home. I just wanted to sleep but she kept on pushing me and put pressure on me. I was too far away from my home and I didnt want to go out that early, it was cold and I might have died from that. She was taking advantage of that.. She tried to talk me into banging her, and she wouldnt let me sleep until I did. Finally, I gave in…it was horrible and I will never forget it..#rapedbutneverreported

        1. Thanks..might never get over it though…it’s the matriarchy doing it to me, making excuses for rape ! These fatsos roam every bar 7 a clock in morning, looking for easy victims !

      1. In my early 20s I wound up at this 5’s apartment hours from home, way too drunk to drive, she knew part of my social group. She was trying to force me to buttfuck her, and I didn’t want anything but a place to sleep off the alcohol. In fear and disgust I left drunk, drove down the road, pulled over and passed out… fortunately no dui. Isn’t that at least attempted rape? Or attempted murder? I think so.

        1. Yup. It’s all about how you feel. That’s all that matters. Facts be damned.
          It’s an interesting time to be alive, I must say. Any student of history is both fascinated and terrified by what they are witnessing. These kinds of witch hunts and power turnovers have been common throughout history, but the modern era makes it so much more entertaining.

      2. I think you should carry around a mattress about town. We ROKers should arrange a “men take back the nite ” rally.

      3. Well this is my new definition of rape…and according to that, all men have at least been raped 2-3 times in their life.

        1. As far as I’m concerned my mom raped me by giving birth when I came out the canal.. +1.. that just dawned on me.

    2. “No mention is made anywhere of forcible rape.”
      Definition of rape:
      : to force (someone) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence

      1. Question: if neither one of the aspects of violence or threat of violence happen, is it safe to say that it isn’t rape?

        1. It’s interesting that you choose to divert focus from my point.
          The directive here wasn’t violence or the threat of violence; the directive is that rape is a forcible action by definition.

        2. I asked you a question in regard to your point. It did seem like you just wanted to clarify his ignorance. While you are using the clarified definition of rape, I still pose the question: if no forcible entry or threat of violence for entry occurs, is it still rape?

        3. I guess so! You should see the joke of a thread down below. Hilarious comments.
          As an aside, the biggest sub culture in pornography is rape. Japanese have a huge animated circuit for it. Often these are created by women. Supermarkets used to dedicate the checkout aisle with romance novels with clear depictions of rape. It is a part of human culture and feminists are clearly obsessed with rape. And namely with themselves, forget pedophiles and male rape.
          Quite deplorable this ability to circumvent the judicial system because of emotional volatility. More and more, I am finding some behavior by women to be truly questionable. I almost wish they were busy with children instead of their feelings. Or the courts started treated these callous manipulators more ruthlessly.
          This is what I say should be the tag for fake rape accusations.

        4. That’s a leading question, one you could have answered with the information already provided, so please spare us the time and say what you want to say.

        5. There is no us. So by not answering my question I assume a few things. 1) Rape allegations beyond forcible entry and threat of entry are to be considered null and void. 2) Rape allegations without any evidence defined by the dictionary are to be considered acts of defamation of character. 3) Rape allegations that neither showcase evidence biological or criminally by a police charge filed at or near the time of the incident should be held as dismissable by default (and that is being kind considering this is defamation of character).
          Any one can respond, sure. But unless you are suffering some I’ll begotten mental disorders this is a conversation between you and me. Unless of course, there is an ‘us’ that I’m not privy to.

        6. us
          pronoun ˈəs
          —used to refer to the speaker and another person or group of people as the indirect object or direct object of a verb
          Moving on…
          You would have assumed what you wanted to assume regardless of how I answered, as proven above.
          I’m also certain there is nothing I could say to dissuade you, so consider this discussion, which wasn’t initially directed toward you, over.

        7. Not at all. I opened the floor for a discussion to which you dutifully avoided answering any question straight on. So not only did you just re-list a dictionary definition of a word. Two of them. You curiously avoided ever listing you own opinion on the matter.

        8. As I stated, “You would have assumed what you wanted to assume regardless of how I answered.”

        9. And that is where a discussion begins. Not where they end. Funny thing with good discussions, people learn some things that both can benefit from.

        10. We are the ‘us’. You are on OUR site.
          Unless you speak of yourself in third person. If that is the case, you are just crazy.
          And,no, calling you out as crazy does not qualify as rape.
          Just in case.

        11. Not sure if you’re new here, but the proprietor of this site, Roosh, has a rule than men not engage with women here. The comment that started this conversation is a good example why.

        12. I’m not new and thus far she is the only female commentator post Tats Gate, who seems to be close minded to any point but her own. I’ve had fun spats and a few intellectual discourses with women on this site and still don’t think anyone person needs to be banned unless if, they show no value and distract from the page over all. So far, if this were baseball, Delores has two strikes in my book. She distracts without adding anything. Insults aside, what good is a mind if it adds nothing to the world or itself?

        13. Unfortunately, the majority of women are such a privileged class that they often have an inability to see beyond their own sphere. However, this is not only the fault of women but perhaps in some respects even more so the fault of the “white knight” and “mangina” beta-protectors. Too many men are often all-too willing to throw their fellow man under the bus for a woman. This is obviously quite cowardly and selfish but also pervasive.

        14. It is quite telling though, once you remove what your eyes see, influences of beauty and sexuality aside, what you often get is a dunce. And yes beta-protectors do shelter these women well. They play a game of vultures posing as eagles, scavenging over carrion. Except rarely do they get the prize. Metaphors aside some women clearly get carried away with spouting nonsense to the point where they willfully choose to avoid anything that isn’t of self-interest. If that was the genetic programming for all women, we were doomed as a society the minute we welcomed them into the work place. Thankfully it isn’t but to progress forward, we need people who think of the benefit of all and further into the future than just having children.

        15. “…and still don’t think anyone person needs to be banned”
          Then create YOUR own website…if you don’t like the rules then go elsewhere!

        16. Fair enough. Nice extrapolation of a line. I added my thoughts already in relation to banning so if you don’t agree that is fine. I freely admit, this site does go beyond some of my wildest expectations of anything I could see in the free market.
          Would you then ban women on site per the first post?

      2. Unless I am mistaken, the poster you responded to appears to be lamenting the endless expansion of the definition of rape.

        1. You are not mistaken.
          But I am defending the women who are disrespected/discredited for justifiably using the term.
          I haven’t seen this “expansion of the definition of rape” enter our dictionaries yet. Until then, rape is rape.

        2. “But I am defending the women who are disrespected/discredited for justifiably using the term.”
          Unfortunately for actual rape victims, other women are doing quite a thorough job of discrediting the word rape via false accusation and expanding the definition to mean virtually anything.
          “I haven’t seen this “expansion of the definition of rape” enter our dictionaries yet. Until then, rape is rape.”
          It is quite irrelevant whether or not it appears in the dictionary since it is already occurring among an increasing number of individuals. The word itself is gradually losing its potency and even meaning as foolish women continue to denigrate its meaning. Tragically, politics has infected the discourse. And as some are aware, politics corrupts everything it manages to encounter.

        3. “Unfortunately for actual rape victims, other women are doing quite a thorough job of discrediting the word rape…”
          I agree, and I’ve struggled to articulate this, but I don’t see how that expands the definition to “mean virtually anything.” To me, it merely weakens it.
          Can you elaborate?

        4. Cunt,
          Popular usage counts way way more than a library book entry. Now shut the fuck up.

        5. After sex regret has now become rape. In France, I believe that now “eye-rape” has become or may be coming a crime soon. Or just a simple, “because I said so” (i.e., false accusation) has become rape. This has, as you stated, weakened it but in some respects has also expanded its definition. They feed on one another.
          Perhaps it would be more accurate for to state that the word “rape” is becoming increasing politicized in certain respects. This is dangerous for the accused and in the long term for the accuser (assuming an extreme backlash occurs in the wider population against the devastating effects of said false accusations).

        6. I agree. After sex regret can turn into a rape accusations, and that’s unfortunate for men and victims of rape, but I disagree that someone’s word is always a false accusation.
          Unfortunately for women, evidence is sometimes unavailable, their cases are dismissed, and their rapists are free to continue raping. And even when there is evidence, women are often shamed/blamed for being the victim.
          And all the while It seems that men are go unscathed by false accusations, and I mainly say this because it seems that men aren’t even held accountable for true accusations.
          It is difficult for me to see a man’s perspective on this, but I want to understand. What are the current effects of these false accusations?

        7. “…but I disagree that someone’s word is always a false accusation.”
          I do not recall insisting that it was.
          “And all the while It seems that men are go unscathed by false accusations, and I mainly say this because it seems that men aren’t even held accountable for true accusations.”
          That above obviously quite false. I even recall an incident even in Mexico where a mob chased down a man simply on the word of a female. He was beat then hung by the neck until death ensued. In Western society not only do men rarely “get away” with such actions unless the woman simply does not file charges but often times a woman’s word has been enough to convict. Brain Banks (who spent an entire decade in prison based on false charges) is merely one of a plethora of examples.
          “It is difficult for me to see a man’s perspective on this, but I want to understand. What are the current effects of these false accusations?”
          Loss of job, significant difficulty finding employment, loss of their entire families (including children), financial ruin, often incarceration (where they are repeatedly raped in prison), even being murdered by a “white knight” regardless of the validity of the accusation. The effects are so complete that I would prefer to be raped than be accused of it. Keep in mind that this is not being stated lightly either given the crime. When a woman is raped the entire legal system is more than willing to help while she often receives sympathy. A man falsely accused is condemned, typically before evidence is even presented. Tragically, this is not merely an opinion.
          Additionally, a number of mothers, wives, and sisters have seen their respective male relatives completely destroyed or murdered because of said accusations. On a personal level, this is the reason yours truly is a MGTOW. The cultural mindset and legal system has become such a minefield in many respects that even attempting a relationship with a women simply is not worth it.

        8. Thanks for your perspective.
          That’s shocking because it differs so greatly from my personal experience and also because I have rarely read/seen anything in the media concerning these issues.
          Are you saying this happens in the majority of cases? Because I can’t see how that could be true and would love to see the facts to back those claims.

        9. Awwww! I do believe you popped her cherry! Sounds like…no couldn’t be….she might care what happens to the other sex! Hopefully, I’m not speaking out of turn as you and I both know, feminism is for men and women and something as grave as wrongful arrests, death threats, loss of livelihood, repeated rapings, couldn’t have possibly have escaped the purview of the equality seeking feminist. Nope. Never that.

        10. Here in lies the problem with feminism and the whole rape debate:
          What does perspective have to do with justice?
          If we’re all equal under the law, and that is what we wish to establish, then we all have to be under the same law, regardless of our skin color, race, class, societal prejudices etc.
          However, if justice is a matter of perspective then we shouldn’t have a legal system, but rather we should have perspective courts i.e. for instance if a man is accused of rape of a woman, since only a woman understands what it’s liked to be raped, the only people who should judge that man and or represent him in court should be women, preferably those who have been raped. That way their perspective will be fully adopted.

        11. Your points are valid, but you seem to have mistook the entirety of my comment. I never said perspective had anything to do with justice.

        12. I know you didn’t, but that’s my point, it’s a question.
          You want justice for women who get raped don’t you? So what does perspective have to do with making that a greater possibility?

        13. There is no justice. So long as women have the privilege or dare say the luxury of circumventing the burden of proof to substantiate a claim of forced sexual assault, therefore men shall see no justice in a court of law. I fear this bullshit will only continue and become more exaggerated and ridiculous until men put their foot down and end this nonsense now.

        14. Exactly, without a burden of proof, there is no possibility of justice. Everything pretty much is a matter of bias protected by law.

        15. Of course I want justice for those women but it seems I disagree on how that would or even could be achieved.
          I would prefer a juror side with facts/evidence over personal experience/perspective.
          If you have a jury full of women who have been raped and you put them on a rape case, you’ll likely get an unfair/biased verdict.

        16. “I would prefer a juror side with facts/evidence over personal experience/perspective.”
          Of course. This is precisely what is being advocated. My complaint is not only men being sentenced to prison terms based on word alone but also having a man’s name destroyed in the media even before a trial starts.

        17. I agree with what you’re saying, but the simple fact is that it counters what you said previously.
          See, you were talking about before that most women get shamed when they get raped and thus can’t tell anyone, and that makes evidence difficult etc, and then you asked about male perspective on false rape accusations.
          Perspective is arbitrary when dealing with discussions of dealing with rape. If my sister comes to me and says she got raped my perspective is going to lead me to the conclusion that she got raped. If my brother gets accused of rape my perspective is going to lead me to the conclusion that he didn’t and is getting falsely accused. I have loyalty to my family, and by default I’m gonna take their side as one.
          Feminism treats being a woman as being a member of the same family or preferably sisterhood, so you’re always going to side with women and take their side based on varying factors like identification, experience, bonds etc. However, just like I’d take the side of my family, regardless, I have to accept that I have no concern for justice or a solution to the matter. The purpose of the justice system, and justice as a whole, is to treat no one like that. And this is why evidence has to be the rule, and also why the burden of proof has to fall on the accuser regardless of their circumstance, since it’s logically impossible to prove a negative; i.e. that someone “didn’t” rape someone else.

        18. I hear your complaints and I agree, but how often does this occur to the majority of men accused of rape?

        19. The majority? Thankfully no. Not yet anyway. But unfortunately all too many do. A day does not pass that yet another story is posted on the internet regarding a woman getting caught lying about rape. Sometimes multiple instances per day. Keep in mind that this only refers to those who have gotten caught. How many do not is likely unknown.
          Question for purposes of input: Why would a woman feel ashamed after being legitimately raped? Why feel ashamed over a crime committed against one’s person? The individual who should be experiencing shame is the perpetrator of said crime (although this is likely rare) since such an individual is the causal factor in the violent encounter.

        20. “You were talking about before that most women get shamed when they get raped and thus can’t tell anyone..”
          That’s not what I said.
          “Then you asked about male perspective on false rape accusations.”
          I did ask for male perspective to gain some portion of personal understanding.
          “The purpose of the justice system, and justice as a whole, is to treat no one like that. And this is why evidence has to be the rule, and also why the burden of proof has to fall on the accuser regardless of their circumstance, since it’s logically impossible to prove a negative; i.e. that someone “didn’t” rape someone else.”
          I agree to an extent and never said otherwise.
          How am I countering what I previously stated?

        21. “Unfortunately for women, evidence is sometimes unavailable, their cases are dismissed, and their rapists are free to continue raping. And even when there is evidence, women are often shamed/blamed for being the victim.
          And all the while It seems that men are go unscathed by
          false accusations, and I mainly say this because it seems that men aren’t even held accountable for true accusations.
          It is difficult for me to see a man’s perspective on this, but I want to understand. What are the current effects of these false accusations?”
          Lol, I didn’t think it would be necessary to use direct quotes, but so be it.
          If evidence is unavailable, on what grounds could the government have to label a person a criminal and thus take away their rights and freedom?
          Whether women are shamed, blamed for being a victim, ultimately what matters is whether there is evidence for a crime, isn’t it. If there is evidence for a crime, that a rape did occur, and it was by force, then on what other grounds can a rapist get off?
          How does understanding the male perspective have anything to do with the two previous questions or anything at all? What purpose does it ultimately serve, outside of the due process of law?

        22. “The individual who should be experiencing shame is the perpetrator of said crime (although this is likely rare) since such an individual is the causal factor in the violent encounter.”
          I agree, and I honestly can’t explain why a victim feels shame. I only know it’s common in rape, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, etc.

        23. Delores, if you are interested on the male perspective in a legal and cultural aspects regarding these subjects and other than this website you might want see this website.

        24. Criminals tend to be desperate sociopaths. They usually do not feel remorse, shame, or guilt after hurting other people.
          Women feel shame after rape because their genitals were violated against their will. It’s a reasonable emotional response to that particular crime.
          If you got butt-raped by another man, would you feel shame? I wouldn’t fault you if you did. Your asshole just got thundered, against your will, and you were too weak to stop it.

        25. “I agree, and I honestly can’t explain why a victim feels shame. I only
          know it’s common in rape, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse,
          The tragic thing is that the women you refer to are the ones with a heart. The ones who appear to have no problems falsely accusing others are obviously narcissistic and perhaps even sociopathic. We are becoming a very damaged people as the family continues to become fragmented. As this grows worse, so too will violence.

        26. The question was directed specifically at Delores in an attempt to understand her reaction and/or perspective on the subject. However, your statements were already in line with my reasoning.

        27. I knew what you were referencing, and you are still mistaking my comment.
          I never said the judicial system should operate from perspective instead of facts. I actually told you otherwise. And just because I shared my perspective doesn’t mean I believe the law should be founded on it. I was simply discussing and sharing personal experience/perspective, which sometimes happens in discussions.
          If that bothers you, please stop reading.

        28. The old school feminists in the 60’s were upfront when they said they wanted to basically treat all acts of heterosexuality as rape, unless of course a woman had a 100% control over the situation. They were at least intellectually honest. The third wave feminist approach to feminism is simply an iron fist in a velvet glove. It’s why I have far less tolerance for those women who are “moderately” feminist, they pass legislation like “Yes means Yes, and then stare at you right in the face and say it’s equality. They’re almost too dumb to see their own hypocrisy.

        29. Isn’t he charming? The “young executive” who’s commenting on this site at all hours every day.

        30. Indeed. Third wave feminism engages in a consistent stream of deception and even self-delusion.

        31. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?
          Nothing… you’ve already told her twice.
          It’s not deja vu, cunt. It’s that you never learn.

        32. Another fat cunt who thinks she deserves “charming”. This ain’t Disney, bitch. All your gonna end up with is more cats.

        33. You can’t lead a cunt to water, but you can not make her douche. Delores will internalize NOTHING. Her mind is already made up.

        34. I believe it is déjà vu.
          You usually say a couple of sentences, blurt some slurs, and expect me to respect your opinion. And usually the only opinion you give is that of me being a cunt, as you say.
          If my genitalia is so distracting, kindly remove yourself from my discussions. Other members can express their opinions respectfully and intelligently and I’d rather speak with them.

        35. the kachelmann trial in germany is another such example. what made this case special was that he was a famous tv weatherman, was known for living polygamous, and had the leading german feminist alice schwartzer writung utterly dehumanizing coloumns against him in her magazine, the “emma”, which is well known in germany as well. he proved to be innocent. he lost his career, friends, has to carry a stigma which he doenst deserve. after it was certain that the rape accusation was false he sued his ex lover. he acually LOST that process, even as it was proven in the first trial that his ex was LYING. there is also a german study that more then 50% of rape reports here prove out to be false, cant find the link, if you care and can read german ill send later =)
          the problem is, that while in trial, the guys who are falsely accused lose nearly everything, no matter the later outcome. because even considering that someone who COULD be faulty of such a crime, is enough to destroy ones life

        36. Naw. It’s just that you never learn.
          You spew something blatantly stupid like “this dictionary says rape is x.”
          and then I make fun of what a dumb cunt you are for saying that.

        37. You are such a fucking asshole. I’d be surprised if ANY female would get closer than 10 ft away from you. You just emanate hatred. Bet you have a 2″ dick and need Viagra to get it up.

        38. Yet another faultless and articulate rebuttal. Please do continue so we can witness your supreme intellect.

      3. Which is why many states now call rape “sexual battery.” Even if that is the technical definition of rape, it’s become so flexible that it is best to qualify it.

        1. Perhaps Duracell or Energizer should market a new line of batteries exclusively for sale at Adam & Eve and similar mercantiles. However, selling sexual batteries so openly might get the shopkeeper in some trouble…

      4. the original definition of rape was ‘to force one to do an act, against their will, under threat of violence or punishment’.
        Since then, it has been revised to be gender specific and pertinent to sexual transaction.
        Given the lopsided preference to women in the arena of family and divorce courts in regard to frequency/severity of alimony and child support, men would be suing the government for rape.

      5. But that was the point he was trying to make. The woman wasn’t actually “raped” as per the dictionary meaning of the word because she specifically did not mention forcible sex. The accusing woman said she was “raped”, but her interpretation of this word is not the definition found in the dictionary. The accuser was dialectically manipulating the meaning of the word “rape” to fit her victim narrative, which is paradoxical because she wasn’t actually raped, as per the dictionary, but “raped” in the nebulous sense of receiving unwanted sexual attention (if that?). In this way, she has weakened the meaning of the word “rape” because the word no longer means its precise dictionary definition, and becomes extremely subjective in meaning. Any word that means different things to different people is not very useful now, no? This results in miscommunication. Hence words are strong when they are defined and understood by all.

        1. Ah, thank you for clarifying.
          What is the specific instance/person being referenced, if you don’t mind me asking? And what has proved/shown that she wasn’t raped?

        2. I know it is different by law, as it very well should be, but just because a woman cannot prove she was raped doesn’t necessarily mean it did not happen. That’s all I am saying.

        3. Here is what the author wrote:
          “Here is what I gathered about the kind of stories posted on Alerta Feminista. The most recent poster starts her story with this gold: “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.” No mention is made anywhere of forcible rape, but she then proceeds to describe how she basically dated a “control freak” who made false promises, and she finishes by saying equality was just the beginning, and that stopping at equality is an insult to all our mothers and grandmothers who suffered under the
          Before I answer your question, I actually want to revisit your original post about the redundancy of mentioning penetration, as I believe you may have had a good point:
          It would be beneficial if the author of this article had included more information as to why the woman’s use of the word rape did not meet the definition found in the dictionary. He simply says that the woman claimed to be a rape victim, yet she did not mention forced penetration. See, the problem is that if the woman had said she was raped, but did not not mention forced penetration, one would have to conclude that there was forced penetration because that is what rape ~means~. Therefore you are correct, and it would be redundant to mention forced penetration.
          However, I assumed that since the author held the position that the woman made no mention of forced penetration, the woman was merely using the word “rape”, although what actually happened was something different. This ties back into my first post about dialectical manipulation. It would be great if author provided a link to the specific instance referenced in the article, and maybe explained why her use of the word rape did not meet the dictionary definition, which includes forced penetration. Then the entire situation would be much clearer. At the end of the day, this entire debate is the PERFECT example of how dialectical manipulation works, as you can see how much confusion over the meaning of words, and the resulting debates has resulted amongst all parties involved ^.^.

        1. Are you saying a man can be sent to prison for catcalling a woman? Or groping a woman? And as a matter of fact, how often are men even sent to prison for violent and forcible sex with a woman?
          Please don’t get carried away here; rape is not “anything that makes a woman unhappy.”

        2. What he appears to be stating is that a woman may become unhappy at something a man did and utilize what one might refer to as the “rape card” in order to destroy said man’s life for purposes of personal revenge.

        3. Thank you for trying to clarify, but my point is that I’ve known women who were raped, and they didn’t get beyond filing police reports.
          From personal experience, it’s hard to believe a man is held accountable for crimes he didn’t commit when he rarely gets held accountable for crimes he did commit.
          There may always be false accusations, but how far do the majority of these accusations actually go?

        4. But for some reason the vast majority that people who are put in prison and later have been proven innocent have been jailed for rape. They dont even charge women for making false accusations in Canada. Christ women will file false rape accusations because they dont want to pay cab fare.

        5. “Are you saying a man can be sent to prison for catcalling a woman? Or groping a woman?”
          In some jurisdictions, yes to the second. It’s called indecent assault, and carries prison terms.

        6. “There may always be false accusations, but how far do the majority of these accusations actually go?”
          So are you seriously arguing that it’s okay for women to make false rape accusations because the clearance rate for real rape accusations is low and because in your mind false rape accusations for the most part do no harm?

        7. By some jurisdictions do you mean the US?
          It’d be interesting to see the number of inmates incarcerated yearly for indecent assault, locally and abroad.

        8. Too bad your Freudian slips keep demonstrating the real person you’re keeping hidden under the intellectual persona you affect.
          Your last comment, which I quoted, explicitly juxtaposes the number of false rape accusations against how close they get to putting a man behind bars. The clear implication from that is that you don’t have a problem with false rape accusations so long as the collateral damage – i.e. the men falsely accused – is low. Very Marilyn French of you. Also not very useful for the justice system since it then has to sort through all the false rape accusations to get to a real rape.
          And then there’s this one:
          “From personal experience, it’s hard to believe a man is held accountable
          for crimes he didn’t commit when he rarely gets held accountable for
          crimes he did commit.”
          The insinuation here is that a guy with a criminal record is not entitled to the presumption of innocence, is that what we’re saying here? Google the name Kevin Ibbs about that subject. Are you saying the majority of crimes committed by men are not punished?

        9. I mean most Western jurisdictions. I congratulate your retreat to asking how frequent incarceration occurs for these crimes rather than asserting that it doesn’t happen. As for incarceration rates, there’s this wonderful thing called Google.

        10. The internet?Google? Oh, my, please do fill me in.
          Sometimes one makes statements for the sake of discussion, but I suppose you wanted to be sarcastic and rude, so I understand.

        11. Call it a “Freudian slip” if you wish. I empathize with women who do not receive justice after being raped, but I also believe the justice system must operate as it does, as I stated. I don’t believe this to be contradictory; it’s a balanced perspective, not leaning to one extreme or the other.
          “The insinuation here is that a guy with a criminal record is not entitled to the presumption of innocence…”
          That was not my insinuation. I even clarified this by stating the opposite in another comment.
          “Are you saying the majority of crimes committed by men are not punished?”
          No. I’m saying I believe some rapists often go unpunished.

      1. Earlier today I wondered to myself what it would be like to live in Russia. I know it has a whole host of it’s own problems, but I still wondered.
        Think I’d rather live in a sub-par country with good women than a technical utopia with a bunch of emotional cripples and social retards.

        1. FSU women are already getting westernized.
          I think Colombia is more what you’re looking for: things are unlikely to really change there in the near future. Ethiopia could also be interesting in a few years.
          Honestly, White women are not the deal on the long term.
          If you’re not attracted to pure Black and Muslim women, focus on Latin America, Ethiopia and Christian Arabs.

        2. Ethiopia? I’ve never heard that as an option.
          I keep saying this to myself, but I may really have to start looking around. I’m all about a nice life somewhere quiet with a good woman.
          While that’s still possible in the US, it doesn’t seem nearly as certain as it used to, so it might be smart for me to look around.
          Thanks for the info.

        3. Everybody is focused on Eastern Europe and Asia. The problem that women there are seriously on the path for westernization.
          Better to focus on country in transition from “shithole” to “acceptable”.

        4. Ethiopian women are beautiful, caramel-skinned, curvy as hell. Forget the “Just one dollar a day” commercials from your childhood.

        5. If you have an online income or rental properties of $1000 a month, you are making as much as many excutives in south america, and the girls will be hotter and friendlier.

        6. Maybe we will. Maybe ALL the white guys just up and leave. The place falls apart in 3, 2, 1…Talk about a rape culture…Hoooo boy. Any other full demographic leaves and it’s an improvement. For some demographics, the improvement is immediate, others might take a few weeks to clear up some confusion at the schools and daycare. The donuts leftover in the HR department break room pretty much makes it an immediate improvement now that I think of it though. The two weeks or so of confusion would easily be worth it once the sub-140 pound replacements start rolling in with their heels and long hair anyway.

        7. Good luck getting ALL the white guys to up and leave. But the whiners (like most if the commenters on here) probably would be happier in Ethiopia, Thailand, the Ukraine. So whats keeping you?

        8. Nothing’s keeping me. I’ve been overseas for 15 years and it’s been a never ending buzz–Thanks to the cattle back home. Just escaping that is like a bong hit that never ends and has no side effects, really. And who are the whiners in our society anyway? I think it’s a certain gender that is hands-down the luckiest demographic in world history that insists there is a war against them and is on pace to quickly get up to around 80% anti-depressant usage. Thanks for the ‘good luck’ on the incredibly facetious scenario I came up with to make a point.

        9. I think East Africa is the pussy paradise of the future: Ethiopia, Erithrea, Djibouti, the Comorros and Madagascar have some serious potential.
          If Somalia gets stabilized, it will be interesting too.
          EE and SEA are still good for now but not on the long term.

        10. I don’t even understand how white still put up with their women: with the temporary exception of EE, they are unfeminine, unnurturing and not very good in the sack.

        11. It depends on the country and the lifestyle you’re ready to accept.
          – You can’t live confortably in Rio de Janeiro with that money. Unfortunately, outside of Rio, Brazil is either boring or a shithole.
          – Argentine, Uruguay, Panama and Costa Rica are on the pathway to modernisation.
          – Girls are uninteresting in Chili, Peru and Ecuador.
          – Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras and Guatemala are shitholes but it could become interesting in the future.
          – Cuba, DR and Colombia are in transition.
          My advice: take a one month vacation and visit some of these countries.

        12. Already westernized. But don’t take my word for it: take a one month vacation and visit some of these countries.
          Cuba, DR and Colombia are my best bet.
          Learn to speak proper Spanish so you won’t be limited to westernized girls

        13. Seeing how mainstream USA is English by roots and virtues, that’s the reason I do not find it hard to believe that’s still ongoing.

        14. Ive seen footage of some Yazidi and Kurdish women who looked sexy as fuck……dark skin and green eyes. Of course it’s rare to meet these women since they are running from genocide, but still Id like to date an Iraqi

        15. Sao Paulo is even more expensive. What about Belo Horizonte? You been there Mike? I was there for a few days a long time ago.

        16. I think the point was very clear. There is only one demographic in the USA that operates in the black, white males. Every other demographic is a drain. We leave, it collapses fast. So be thankful or at least shut up. A lot of us are thinking about leaving or have already left. I graduated university with honors and never considered making a life there. A certain demographic is too FAT. Yeah, yeah, I’m ‘lying’, blah, blah. Or maybe I’m not.

        17. No. I was in the south, Rio, Brazilia and the Amazon region. Brazilian say that the north east is becoming interesting so it may worth the trip there.
          My general impression of Brazil is that it’s expensive, unorganized and that most girls don’t care about your foreign status.
          In Colombia, despite looking like the local guy I had good interaction with women and even got a bang.

        18. I live in belo horizonte. Lots of beatiful women, of all colours, but culturally the city is dead. And here is a lot cheaper than rio, sao paulo or brasilia.

        19. Yeah my quick impression back then was that it was a kind of identity-less city. Not on the beach, not a financial capital. Some second cities in the world get a type of pugnacious inferiority complex. Belo Horizonte is maybe doubled there. Inferior to both SP and Rio which are totally different anyway. BH can’t get any kind of cultural footing. I really don’t know but it seems possible.

        20. Yeah, if the main concern is girls then maybe Cuba is the best bet. I’ve never been but I knew a guy in Brazil who said Cuba blows Brazil away. Some old Brazilian facebook friends are giving me a bit more feminist vibe than when I lived there too but I might be making too much of that. Having good cash in Rio will always be fun but if the main goal is women then Cuba, even China could be better bets.

        21. How easy is it in terms of casual hookups? Are the women open-minded or is it kind of heavy drama?

        22. Women, cost of life, fun, penetration of liberal ideology are all important factors.
          Cuba may be the best bet. Even if Communism fall today, it will take 3 or 4 decades before it catches up with the West.

        23. Yes there are Iraqi Christians. Its called Assyrians and they are the natives of Iraq (currently fleeing Iraq; diaspora etc). They are beautiful, but thanks to the western ideology they now follow the footsteps of the white women..if you are wondering where they are located..look Chicago, California and Michigan..

        24. Actually, I’m trying to send a message to the new generation. The more evolved a society is economically and technologically, the more unfair the sexual market will be to the averadge guy. There is no realistic solution to that. Blaming feminist or cultural marxism won’t change anything.
          Here what I would if i was still in my early 20s with the knowledge I have now:
          1°) Don’t spend in the west
          – Stay at your parents
          – Don’t go partying and avoid girlfriends. Use your free time to go to gym, learn a martial arts or any useful skill (major foreign language, business, etc.)
          – Go to a hooker once a month instead of fapping to porn.
          – Invest part of your money in a safe sector (real estate, etc.)
          – Spend your vacation in stable third world countries with women you find attractive.
          Hopefully, when your hit your mid-thirties, you can afford to expatriate to a reasonably poor country and marry a 25 year old woman.
          This is not a perfect life but that’s the only decent choice left to the averadge western man.

        25. Not all “western” is worth emulating. Ugh.
          Since Asia is my Old Continent, I am already cringing at the potential of former British colonies not named Singapore and Hong Kong to go Victorian. Brr.

        26. I live in an area of the US with a huge Somali community. The women are gorgeous. They follow the letter of the koranic law, but wrapping yourself in a skin tight, mil thick, piece of silk from neck to ankle covers everything but conceals nothing.

        27. I dont think cuba is that great a friend visited and ive talked to reams of cuban girls in miami..they have none of the charm of say a colombian or venezuelan.

        28. Yes (brazil might be excluded). And the longer you live there the hotter the women get( i see so many travelers that don’t even know how to hit on the local women).

        29. I applied for a job with ‘Horn Petroleum’, a Canadian company drilling in Puntland. Unfortunately all their test wells came up dry so they aren’t hiring, but it would’ve been cool as fuck to go to Somalia.
          They are drilling more scout wells this year, if any of them show oil they will be hiring.

        30. So Somalia is really stabilizing. Glad to hear that. It may be a good destination sooner than expected.

        31. It’s not hard to hook-up if you have game. I got two first date lays out of my first 80 approaches and i am by all means still a newbie/former omega. My friend who was a near omega also after only two years of game is now able to juggle multiple women, so if you have tight game it should be easy.

        32. “The 21st Century could see a massive exodus of Western males to the third [world].”
          I hope it’s exclusively the red pillers, especially when Victorian Englishmen taught Indian men sexual thirst. *facepalm

        33. I agree in regards to most of Eastern Europe slowly starting to become westernized. However, I am not sure what is going to happen with Russia. Over the last decade Russia has become more conservative with a strong focus on re-fostering Orthodox Christianity and Nationalism. Now with the renewed rift with the West and Putin’s ratings in the 80’s, it can only help them go further into that direction. Also, Russia has a pretty good block on Western liberal media.

        34. That’s true for 25+ girls who are usully already married if they are wife material. Younger girls are affected by American movies, smartphones, MTV.
          Religion can’t do much against technology.

        35. Before I’d condemn them I’d recognize the horrible position they are now in. They are literally fighting to avoid extinction. Women in military fatigues revolts me as much as anything in the world today, but the Kurds are fighting just to survive. Fighting against enemies whose viciousness knows no earthly bounds. At this point ISIS is far more likely to get them before gender equality does.

        36. That’s true. But does that justify getting women to go on the offensive along with the men because of a belief in Gender Equality? Ancient Rome when faced with extinction by Hannibal with men and only men tenaciously fought and finally defeated him.

        37. ”At this point ISIS is far more likely to get them before gender equality does.’
          They are currently winning. What makes you think they will eventually lose?

      1. The slags still got the attention they craved, though. As the 80s quite clearly demonstrated, The Afghans > The Russians 🙂

      2. Isn’t attacking a world leader still a death offense?
        Putin will be merciful, of course, but I would LOVE it if he hanged the lot of them on television.

      3. I believe that modern feminism, the crazy anti-male kind, was helped along by Communists in preceding decades as a means to help destabilize the West. It would be ironic if it came back to bite the Russians in the ass. That’s the problem with engineering memes, once you set them loose in the wild you no longer have control.

        1. “42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are
          legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.”
          Item 42 of the 45 goals of communism from “The Naked communist”

        2. I bought a copy of that book from the estate of a former Oklahoma Governor.
          My personal favorite part was the complete discrediting of the Communist myth taught in our schools about a Soviet missile bringing down Gary Power’s U2.
          I also love the story about Stalin demanding supplies of US Copper after the end of WWII, after the end of the Lend-Lease Agreement.

    1. there is a very simple solution… let’s all go to Alerta Feminsta and anonymously post rape accusations against every major Canadian politician, police chief, mayor etc…. the patriarchy may support feminism, but only when it suits them.

        1. You’re assuming Baby T has a brain. The only thing Justin has is a golden spoon up his ass.

      1. Yes, but try to make the claims plausible to do maximum damage to the liberal shitbastards.

        1. The only requirement I see is that the accusor must be a woman. That is easy to fake as it is all anonymous.

    2. In the West, we are slowly moving from a system of rule of law to a system of rule by law. The latter is a system of oppression whereby those in power decide the law and apply it mercilessly to the rest of us. In this system, you have retroactive law (punishment of activities that were not illegal at the time of commission), arbitrary law (law that depends on the whims of the rulers rather than logic) and political law (law to deal with troublesome citizens). Another part of this are secret testimonies, secret courts and secret police. You will not be able to know the crime against you or confront your accuser and their witnesses. Part and parcel of this is punishment prior to conviction (asset forfeiture) and indefinite detention.
      There is a reason why a right to a speedy trial is a crucial right that is disappearing. Guantanamo Bay for all of us.

  2. “Mass hysteria is used to describe the spontaneous manifestation of the same or similar hysterical physical symptoms by more than one person.
    A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment, sometimes referred to as mass psychogenic illness or epidemic hysteria.”

    1. Hey Roosh, a production of Arthur Miller’s allegorical drama about the Salem witch trials, “The Crucible,” was filmed and made it to YouTube. It seems more timely now than ever — and I’d recommend forum member and readers of this site check it out:

    1. So what happens when it reaches 1 in 1? Do they just increase the number of times it happened?
      1 in 1 women has been raped….TWICE!

        1. Lol. My favorite yet. Castration must include balls and eyeballs I suppose. Dildo Vs. the State of CA

        2. Thats some Kafkaesque shit right there. Man witnesses birth of his child, he is overjoyed, then the jackboots enter the delivery room and whisk him away to jail.

        3. actually I believe a form of this now exists in France. The max penalty is 2 yrs. Truly frightening.

        4. “OMG!!!! It was horrible! There I was minding my business and this horde, mob, of white men came out and attacked me. I couldn’t even count them all. Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?? I couldn’t even….this is…..every time I think about it I get choked up. I…I…can’t! And when I thought I had stopped them all, one of them entered me from behind. Oh the pain!! I was asleep before but once he got in me, I couldn’t push him out. And he kept thrusting. And thrusting! And Thrusting!! And as I lay there, torn in two, then four, then eight, I felt I was going through MPD. You know? Part of wanted to think, another wanted to pump blood, another couldn’t stop growing.I survived though. I grew a backbone. I gained a skeletal. I was whole again. It took so long and I’ve been through so much. Must have been at least 270 days of horror. And through it all, all I ever wanted….all I ever needed to do, was breathe. I kept thinking, if I could just find air, every thing would be alright. And then it came. The day air hit. It was so cold. So damp. So refreshing. To be free. All I could do was cry……”
          Think they’ll publish that rape story in Rolling Stone?

        5. Naw, you’re too ugly and your tits are too small. Try providing it on a ghostwritten basis if you really want to see it published. Shop it to Jennifer Lawrence maybe.

        6. Awwww….curse my misshapen A cup and masculine features!
          Jennifer Lawrence has been too far removed from the public since that body of hers appeared on the Cloud. Maybe it is time to release some non-Hunger Games related scandal.

      1. ‘ 3 out of every one woman…er…I’m jussst a widdle girl. Math & logic are sooo not my thing’ :p
        A state of entropy has to arrive at some sort of equilibrium at some point. Have we hit peak ridiculousness in this current Feminist central climate? Or are there more stations in this Cross bearing march to our Golgotha?

    2. I heard 3 in 4 this past weekend, too. What’s the source? Why not just say every woman?

  3. It is disturbing how quickly the legal principles which underlie a nation can be degraded without any recourse from its citizens. Due process in the form of innocence until guilt is proven lie at the foundation of any democracy.
    When I first discovered the source of the rot which currently plagues western civilization, I sincerely did not believe it could decay this quickly.
    Due process is being violated on multiple fronts in Canada. Recently, a mentally ill homeless man was shot after not immediately obeying police orders in BC. Though just one anecdote, the fact that these violations of due process have not caused outrage foreshadow a very grim future.
    Gentlemen, I always err on the side of optimism, but rationality implores me to take a pessimistic view on our legal freedoms in the coming decades. The time is nigh for us to take concrete steps to battle this madness before it is too late.
    I recommend involvement with the Canadian Association For Equality as a starting point, and a further political platform to be constructed to restore our foregone legal freedoms.

    1. When the system no longer requires the accuser to prove guilt, the only solution is for the potentially accused to constantly prove innocence. This is ridiculous but it is the world we have come to. Look up the laws for your area, in the U.S. they vary by state. Most states have “one-party consent” laws regarding audio recording, meaning you can record any conversation you are a party to. Any time you are interacting with strangers and it is legal you should be recording audio. Modern smartphones will record all day with very little drain on the battery.
      This is especially important if in your workplace you interact with customers or alone with co-workers, many of whom today won’t hesitate to bring up false harassment suits in exchange for job security, monetary gain or for revenge purposes. Also important when you’re around a lot of drunk people who may act erratically. The thing is, you never know when a BS accusation will surface, and when it does, its too late to start recording. You have to do it in advance, label and transfer the files to a hard drive. The higher up the economic ladder you are and the more “privilege” you have the more you should be concerned with doing this.

      1. I would think video recording would be more useful, but what’s to stop a slut from claiming that the recording of the incident in question isn’t the “rape” that supposedly occurred?

        1. Wait until she makes the false allegation and attests, in a sworn deposition, to the exact date/time the supposed incident occurred.
          *Then* present the video to impeach her testimony.
          Then sue the shit out of her AND her attorney.

        2. Heh. Guess I should emphasize that I am NOT a lawyer and am NOT giving out legal advice. I’m only making suggestions as a layman based on my experiences.
          I’ve been to court a number of times for a small business I used to run, so have some experience with legal proceedings, including impeaching of witnesses on the stand.
          But again, I am no attorney so please defer to licensed attorneys on these matters.

      2. In other words, when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose. This will not end well when more young men see the bleak future they are being presented.

    2. “It is disturbing how quickly the legal principles which underlie a nation can be degraded without any recourse from its citizens.”
      I’m starting to understand how German citizens felt in the 1930s.

    3. If it continues, then the police may find themselves being shot at as well.
      I know in the state of Virginia (U.S.) that shit wouldn’t happen but one time. Here, with our law to open carry or conceal carry handguns, police need to be on their toes all of the time.

  4. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The bitch scream to put all men on lockdown has been heard by the gods. Should we now begin the serial compulsory castration boards? IT’S CRAZY!
    YOU FEMINIST BITCHES MAKE A PAIR OF JEANS STINK! OFF WITH THE PANTS AND BACK TO YOUR GENETIC PROGRAMMING. Cough it all out. Someone fed you something bad sweetie. Back to the kitchen and you’ll be fine in the crib. So what’ll it be? In the snatch or down the hatch? In your crack or all over your back? Trust in the patriarchy and everything will be fine.

  5. “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.”
    More like: “Like the majority of women, I have felt guilty about having consensual sex.”
    Guilty until proven innocent. Even then people still believe the lie.

    1. I don’t think she realizes she just unwittingly normalized rape. If “the majority” of women are raped, then she has given use reason to consider whether that’s a normal biological occurrence that Western culture has mistakenly made a crime. This is what happens when you go for overkill — you run the risk of making the tragic seem commonplace.

  6. There’s only one positive that can be drawn from this, which is that all witch hunts eventually end, and society is forced to pull it’s collective head out of it’s arse and apologize to those who were unfairly imprisoned (I don’t think we have to worry about being burnt at the stake so I guess that’s a plus)

  7. I’ve been looking in the archives, and there are a lot of femazis claiming rape. Does rok have any articles from lawyers? Thanks I’m considering taking the LSAT

  8. Feminists want women to get raped, it helps them gain power:
    It’s trivial, but feminists know that an emotional woman who has been “raped”, doesn’t have to provide any argument or provide any evidence to prove a point. The lady in the video named Biurny Peguero, lied that she got raped in order to stop a fight between her and her friend, and then stuck with the story all the way to the point that the guy she accused was sent to jail for 20 years! And the only reason she confessed was because her guilt actually made her become legitimately traumatized.
    It’s the same thing going on with Bill Cosby, as long as women keep saying it, over and over again, and they cry and act upset and traumatized, logic, evidence, proof gets thrown out of the window, all in the name of protecting victims. It’s just like the 1 out 4 stats, it’s so dumb and stupid, but as long as the feminists keep proclaiming it, it doesn’t matter.

    1. she pled guilty to perjury charges and could face seven years in jail.
      That needs to be changed. She accused him, he got 20 years on her word. She admits to lying she gets seven years.
      This whole system is jacked.

      1. That’s a pretty mild punishment for her, especially when my own granduncle became a LYNCHING statistic at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, but in addition, his false accuser BURNED his LYNCHED remains, all in 1938.
        I can tell even my own estranged biological father NEVER met my granduncle, but that is one tragic fate I, let alone my own granduncle, do NOT want to befall upon to anyone.

        1. It is quite revealing that Jim Crow never actually ended but was simply shifted to all men (whether black, white, or Asian), minus black women.

        2. Even today’s black women don’t realize they’re espousing a lot of Victorian ideals (read: women, driving their own men out, thus thinning out the African bloodline, in parallel to how Anglo women have been doing likewise) and never mind the fact even WF feminism is teaching their non-European counterparts to “Let It Go” (read: let go of accountability and responsibility) and “BLAME ALL THE MEN”, which is now the 3rd Millennium’s counterpart of “Blame the Jews” of the previous millennium.
          And guess who started both? Yup, Anglo WF.

        3. Indeed. The dangers of placing women upon a pedestal is becoming all-too obvious. And yet, many still remain blind to this reality. In this age of information one is without excuse in my opinion.

        4. Max, on a personal level, on my way to this website, I learned on my own “I rather know too much than be mocked for ignorance” to the point that is my personal mantra for the rest of my life.

        5. Knowledge is power. It must be distributed to others. This website is merely an example of that, albeit a valuable one.
          My personal education began in 2001, when the internet was not nearly as pervasive or expansive as it is now. Information related to the topics available at this website are thankfully now significantly more numerous than when I first began researching these subjects.

        6. “Knowledge is power. It must be distributed to others.”
          Correct; otherwise, when concentrated, the power gained from knowledge only corrupts the person, in many to all aspects.

      2. It won’t change until enough judges (or juries) make examples of these women. It takes a few convictions to set in for this type of mentality to change. Then, we may see more women giving it a second thought before making a claim (especially a false claim).
        Women who think they may have been raped will then seek council before claiming it (because it could mean jail time for her if she’s wrong).

    2. ”feminists want women to get raped”
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      It also seems they want women to lose their virginity as young as possible (enter sex-ed, 5th graders learning to correctly install a condom on a classroom banana). The hard core feminists would personally rape all the children if they could, creating a complete landscape of damaged goods for no patriarch to build his nuclear family. The carouseller / beta orbiter model of defacto polyandry under a collectivist state is their goal.
      ONLY BRAND NEW WILL DO. Whether she’s been around the block once or a million times USED IS USED. The pool of wife-able women is reduced to levels that literally serve as a kill shot to the patriarchy. Family thread is destroyed within two generations. Sex seasoned youngsters have reduced ability to attach to any subsequent partner. They will marry up for the bounty.

      1. Why the bible recommends that the 1st guy gets to be the husband of the woman whose cherry he popped unless her Father absolutely refuses to give her to him(Exodus 22:16-17.)
        The principle of you break it you keep it applies.(What cad want’s to be saddled with wife and kids anyway?)
        This along with the repeal of all the misandric laws is the way for the new society that is to be built should go.

        1. Yes, yes . . ”You break it – YOU KEEP IT”. I’ve seen that sign many times not in Wal Mart of course but in the finer stores with select brands. The leftover stores like Goodwill on the other hand always smell like a boatlift or lingering bus station odor and the excess items overflowing the dumpster out back are as good as if not better smelling than what’s inside on the racks.
          A cherry is irreplaceable. Anyone busting a cherry with a condom has ill intent. Annihilate her clean cherry with purpose WITH RAW DOG. Then keep her. She’s yours. Simple.
          Deposit your wad and you are blessed in return with family proper. Best of all SHE’S YOURS. ‘Nailed’ in the truest sense. Plus you have a big jump on most cuckolded betas of the wasteland etching out a name with your progeny and becoming a patriarch.

        2. ”Deposit your wad and you are blessed in return with family proper. Best
          of all SHE’S YOURS. ‘Nailed’ in the truest sense. Plus you have a big
          jump on most cuckolded betas of the wasteland etching out a name with
          your progeny and becoming a patriarch.”
          Not with the misandric laws currently in place. VAWA no-fault divorce etc. Deal with them 1st as well as the culture that give rise to them in the 1st place.

  9. Pierre Trudeau…
    “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation!”
    Justin Trudeau…
    “The state just arrived, and it has a strap-on, a pair of hand-cuffs, a leather whip, and it forgot to bring lube…”

  10. Can the group, since the individuals claim anonymity, be counter-sued for defamation of character?

  11. Hey ladies here’s what you do when you get raped;
    1. go immediately to your local ER and get seen
    2. In the ER an exam will be done by the doctor. Evidence will be collected. The police will be called. Pictures will be taken of injuries e.g bruises and scrapes etc
    3. The doctor will asses if you have any injuries . The doctor will give you preventative antibiotics against STD ( e.g chlamydia) and test you for HIV, hep B, hep C . A “rape kit”will be collected and submitted for evidence and forensics. You will also be given the “morning after pill” for pregnancy prevention
    4. The police will arrive and get your story. Pictures will be taken .Often a rape counselor will be called in also.
    5. Do not not report rape. If you are truly raped REPORT it immediately. Rape is a crime and has been for hundreds of years ( at least in western countries). None of this waiting 5 years and then reporting it. None of this carrying around a bed mattress about campus or other silliness.
    6. Ladies, be the STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN you claim to be and report these rapes EVERY time. It is easier than ever to report these crimes The whole power structure will fall all over themselves to help you.

    1. But…But…. How would they ever get away with their lies and bullshit if they did all of THAT?

    2. The lot of the faggots and queer white Knights will be tripping over eachother just to help the poor white bitch who got ass fucked against her will. If the bitch is black nobody will give a fuck lol

    3. Never had a psych consult (let alone admission) for possible rape. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but the amount of rape accusations you see going around, you would think most of these females would rush to the hospital in fear of their life…hmm guess fb/instagram is a much better remedy.
      completely srs. It’s like you said, they wait 2-3 years and then report it.

      1. Right. The UVA ( Univ of Virginia ) rape scandal claims a women was gang raped by 7 men and sodomized with a bottle ??!! I don’t doubt that could happen but jesus what women who has been gangbanged doesn’t go to the ER or report it??

  12. At dinner with a group of liberal friends last night, the topic of Bill Cosby came up. I declared my lack of position because I did not know the facts. The original ‘victim’ who was paid off was probably paid off by Cosby’s insurance company, with or without his say-so. Someone asked why all the others related the same tale of alcohol and drugs, etc – why not? I replied. Each makes her story look like the last one, and there is a possibility of a huge payoff.
    To end the discussion, another man, over 60, who had declared himself a child rape victim on Facebook a few months back, stated “I think it should be automatic that if a woman accuses a man of rape he automatically gets 5 years on her say-so. BUT… if the woman is lying she gets three times that.”
    I was so stunned I didn’t immediately react, but all of the women at the table chimed in “I agree with that”.
    So any woman on the street that you encounter (or maybe don’t even interact with directly) can send you off for 5 years with a word. Nice. An if she’s lying, well, who’s going to listen to the word of a ‘rapist’, convicted on her word? It is interesting to hear what these liberal friends think, but if things continue to go their way, I’ll have to leave the country soon. I was already falsely accused in a divorce and know the actual consequences to a woman for doing so – none.

    1. When I was 15, during the summer, I sat in on a criminal trial where my uncle was accused of rape. He was acquitted, of course. The accuser was such a poor lier. This is what I learned from that experience:
      1. Choose your sexual partners carefully. Only have sex with clearly sane women. Any hint of mental instability is a Red Flag.
      2. Always record the event in question, even if just audio.
      3. Avoid dating women who display feminist sympathies or who work in the Social Justice industry. (These women are easier to bed, but there is a price, possibly your freedom.)
      4. Date women who have more siblings than close friends.
      5. Avoid rough sex.
      6. Always have access to a very good lawyer.
      7. Cultivate male friendships that will be supportive in dicey circumstances (legal, etc.)
      8. Avoid the company of white knights like the plague.

      1. Excellent advice.
        I once made mistake #1. Never again! Luckily she never went the false accusation route but from stuff she said during our break-up, it was clear that she had the potential.

      2. My oldest cousin was accused of sexual misconduct or attempted rape or something like that last year. He literally just went down the road, 5 houses down from his house where his wife and kids were, and was drinking a few beers when his buddy left him there alone with a 22 yr old bitch, while he got beer. My cousin’s like 50 or something. She tried hopping on his lap, he refused, his buddy arrived back with beer and the girl started tripping out like he touched her. She called the cops, he did a few months in jail regardless, JUST based on her accusation and NOTHING even happened. Be concerned not only of who you fuck, but who you’re even around. Yes, it’s THAT bad already. Sad times.

  13. Translation: These girls have hardcore rape fantasies, wish they were raped for real, and haven’t gotten it hard by anyone yet. Reverse sexual psychology, usually spot on.

    1. The recent book: 50 Shades……pretty much says it all.
      Women love this book…because it tells the tale of how the man went to trial and jail for what he did to that poor woman.
      Fuck, sorry, that was another book.

  14. How have so many people been raped? AFAIK, rape is pretty rare and probably affects 1 / 100 people. Somebody stole my friend’s necklace once on my block, but that’s it in terms of crime (outside of schooldays ass kickings).

    1. Ah, the question of the millennium. Salem Witch Hunt anyone? Several centuries later, same damn dumb. Why don’t we make it a criminal offense for a woman to lie about her sexual activity? We’ll all be safer, correct paternity tests, know whether she is a slut or not, and correct trials for rape victims. Because this blind leading the blind mess wastes my tax dollars so some woman can sleep better mess isn’t cool.

      1. It is always interesting to hear individuals insist that religion causes witch hunts. However, as one can easily verify, the problem is related to granting too much power to one set of individuals over another. In no way is modern secular society immune to this problem.

        1. Completely agree. In this case it isn’t even the feminist per se that have too much power but the groups backing them instill their strength. It is no laughing matter that this borderline tugs on emotional chords. Emotional volatility is what lead humanity down the road to many of it’s greatest atrocities. Wrongful imprisonment has already plagued the black community in a grave way. Just another move to remove the male from the state as women too blind to look past today, damned our tomorrow’s. The jury is still out whether they are just flippant or knowingly wish to fuck the world in some mock attempt to be the ruling class.

      1. Item 1: Annie Hobby is yet another of those women who adore this site site so much they created an entire identity specifically for trolling here, fellas. Her 44-comment history makes that quite clear.
        Item 2: “more like 1/6 will be raped” is redolent of the Inappropriate Generalisation fallacy, namely: it is logically fallacious to project anything about the number of likely rapes from those that have been reported. The latter number says nothing about the former.
        Item 3: Per the FBI’s own data, saying the FBI estimates it at 1 in 6 is ludicrously wrong. From the FBI’s own website–
        – An estimated at 84,767 forcible rapes reported to law
        enforcement in 2010. This estimate was 5.0 percent lower than the 2009 estimate and 10.3 percent and 6.7 percent lower than the 2006 and 2001 estimates, respectively. (See Tables 1 and 1A.)
        – The rate of forcible rapes in 2010 was estimated at 54.2 per 100,000 female inhabitants. That’s roughly 1 in 2,000, not 1 in 6. And the number is dropping, since those estimates were down on 2009 and 2008 rates.

        1. Oh, those damn numbers…..tripping up women, yet again.
          Fuck, it’s why they hate math (or why they are so bad at math).

  15. I thought the Rolling Stone account of the young lady getting a bottle smashed on her face in public to be totally credible. You see it happen on TV all the time.

  16. Predicted the decrease in rape-statistic hysteria a while back. Soon it will be 1 in 2, then “all men are rapists”.
    Look at a girl: “He looked at me. Now I feel violated. Eye-raaaaype!”
    Spank your girl’s ass, all her frenemies will scream: “Raaaaype!”
    Give her the best sex she’s had in her life, leave her walking funny, huge smile on her face and gushing submissiveness, break up with her six months later: “Raaaaype!”
    This hysteria bullshit has long-past overridden the “innocent until proven guilty” maxim to “always fucking guilty if you’re a man”. It is long past time that it was reversed: “You cry rape? Proof or it didn’t happen. Until you have that proof, shut your mouth.” Then enforce that with serious penalties for perjury and false accusation, plus charge them for wasting the time of the courts.
    To deal with this and similar problems, I have a modest proposal for all men to follow. It uses the old adage of: “The best defense is a good offense.”
    When she cries “rape”. He then cries “child abuse” and “child neglect” and “child molestation”. Allow it to be anonymous also. Show them that the street of anonymous accusations goes both ways. Up the ante, turn the dial to eleven, accuse them ALL.
    All these whores of single mommies are suddenly hit in their most vulnerable spots: their reputations and wallets. Suddenly their only “pwecious bubsy-wubsy” child is being taken away from them as a protective measure “for the sake of the child” – and much of their social-circle reputation is stripped away from them into the bargain. Just imagine the glee of their frenemies to that!
    All the welfare mommies and crackwhores suddenly lose their daddy-state-sponsored child-support cheque. For extra fun the government departments responsible for handling and processing said children will have a glut of work, be overwhelmed.
    A further thought. A man might want to add “child sex trafficking” for an extra twist of the knife – and insta-speed on the part of the police. Make them do some extra work as well, chasing something more significant than somebody in possession of 1/10th of an ounce of marijuana.

  17. I’m so utterly sick of this rape accusation nonsense, and how these feminists are constantly trying to manipulate people’s good nature with fictitious rape stories and stats. Their end goal is to create more policies and more legislation via rape hysteria that will throw more innocent men in prison by robbing them of due process.
    I’m sick to the point that I truly do not care about rape victims any longer. I don’t hold women on a pedestal, and I don’t care if you as a female have been raped. I don’t care, and you can thank your feminist sisters for this.

    1. “I’m sick to the point that I truly do not care about rape victims any
      longer. I don’t hold women on a pedestal, and I don’t care if you as a
      female have been raped. I don’t care, and you can thank your feminist
      sisters for this.”
      The above statement is precisely the sentiment I was attempting to warn another poster (Delores) about. The meaning of the word “rape” has essentially become whatever an accuser wishes it to be. As an increasing number of men, and by extension their families, are injured in some fashion by false accusations and the ever-increasing definition of rape such sentiments are likely to increase.

      1. In other words, if every woman is a victim, then none are really victims. The more this hysteria grows, the more skeptical I become.

        1. Correct.
          “The more this hysteria grows, the more skeptical I become.”
          Likewise. On a personal level, it is becoming increasingly difficult to view virtually any accusation of rape with anything other than initial extreme skepticism. This does not suggest that all accusations are false. However, the creation of victim politics has severely clouded reality, making it difficult to distinguish between an actual rape and merely the rantings of a cowardly individual bent upon the destruction of another human being for obvious selfish purposes.

        2. That’s the way all criminal accusations should be examined. Have it be incumbent upon the person making the accusation to prove his or her claim and evaluate it on the merits.

      2. Delores is just a third wave feminist, she’s in the same boat with Emma Watson: useful idiots who persuade non-thinking Beta males into, white knight manginas prepared for war.
        It doesn’t matter if it’s the majority or the minority of men who are getting injured by false accusations, people are always going to make false accusations, as anyone who has acquired a significant amount of wealth can testify to. What’s wrong is that the government is honoring this and overthrowing due process in favor of it, based on the bias and false assumption, that women are unlikely to lie about rape.
        Apparently rape uplifts women to a higher level of morality, no wonder they fight so hard for it, who doesn’t want credibility?

        1. Plus, it’s another form or fashion of “attention seeking” behavior. Don’t look at her, look at me because I was raped, too.
          It’s all about the attention.

    2. I think you should turn you indifference to ” I was raped” into something more red pill like say… ridicule.

    3. Agree 100%. I don’t give a fuck anymore about rape. I truly don’t. If everything is rape than rape means nothing.

      1. If this shit keeps going on this way, that will be the sentiment o the average male. Women will cry rape…crickets will be all that is heard.

    4. Sympathy for females is truly at an all time low, I would say. Too much crying wolf. Suddenly everyone is a rape victim? 1 in 4 on college campuses? Give me a fucking break. Women are losing credibility by the day in this system.

      1. What’s really sad is that as women lose credibility, the real rape victims would not be taken seriously.

        1. Indeed. This is the result of politics entering the picture. It is the dirtiest business on the planet.

        2. If anything such feelings should encourage women to take their own self-defense needs more seriously. If no one is going to take a victim seriously then perhaps it is best to do one’s best to not become a victim.

        3. This is what should be pissing real women off the most.
          As the system is flooded with “My bf bugged me for a blowjob, so I gave him one, and the next day I felt raped” type of accusations, women who were victims of violent, forced rape are going to be lost in the shuffle.

        4. Agree…but that “rationale” goes against what they’ve been spoon fed all these years. That the man is “bad” and women are good.
          No, the truth is women will gladly throw each other under the bus any time of the day or week. Plus, women would have to actually start taking a little accountability for their actions (they’d no longer have that “get out of jail” bitch card that they always use against men).

      2. Agree. How can so many of these women claim “rape” while at the same time they buy into the feminist narrative of “sexual freedom”?
        You can’t have both (at the same time). Plus, remember….we’re all equal.
        It’s bullshit.

    1. Good question.
      The problem is that the intellectual and media elite here in Canada are all extremely liberal and feminist. So that’s the only narrative most people are getting in the media. The culture is also heavily liberal and feminist and that’s all most men really know.

  18. The only reason that lesbian couples are more likely to be violent with each other is that their are 2 people in the relationship that have Ben told their entire lives that they can do whatever the fuck they want without any legal problems. Also now 2 women to get on Facebook and bitch about each other and say I was abused

    1. It’s because the Duluth model falls apart. The cops show up to a domestic violence call and when there’s no man to arrest they don’t know what to do. So they leave.

  19. This is definitely coming our way.
    It starts with kicked college men out of school based on unfounded allegations of rape. Then it moves on to men getting knocked out their jobs for unfounded allegations of rape. Finally, it moves to imprisonment then a mock trial in which an accused man must prove his innocence; which is, of course, trying to prove a negative, and therefor impossible.
    You only have three choices. One is to abstain from sex all together, preferably through self castration. That will make it impossible for any woman to accuse you of rape. Another is to have a lawyer present during the act of fucking. The third is to just move the hell out to a foreign country where this cultural Marxism is malnourished.

    1. In the scenario you described even not having sex would not save you, as you’d have to still prove you didn’t have sex.

  20. What this system is turning into is women having the unmitigated ability to make a man go to jail off any undisclosed sexual relations. What women say they want and what the justice system says are off kilter. Women want to be dominated, controlled, they don’t want to be asked but to be taken and all of that shit can and will be turnt into ‘rape accusations’. Then the plethora of beta males with their golf country clubs and beer bellies who are our judges, lawyers and other types will make men who are alpha by nature pay. They these legal professionals who but dogs on a leash inside their own homes with their wives aka masters have years of pent up envy and jealousy will make you pay. So what you’ll have are ridiculous accusations about worthless whores visiting a $600 million athletes room at 3am and then accusing him of rape (aka Mike Tyson), or Ben Roethelisberger or Kobe Bryant. And then they get heckled by dumb ass fans and beta males as ‘rapists’ without a shred of evidence. So even if you are innocent, in America to do anything against a woman is to go against the new sacred text of feminism. Welcome to our Brave New World.

    1. That’s the motivation behind the NFL and wearing pink in October and the pressure for them to “lead the way” on the current domestic violence issue.
      Great statement you made.

  21. There was a case here in Aus of a chick and her friend went home with a couple of footballers. She had consensual sex with one of them while her friend did the other, in the same room, all consensual, but then objected when the guys wanted to swap girls. One girl was fine with this, the other apparently wasn’t, and this is when she was ‘raped.’
    However, the facts came out in trial that she (admitted to) ‘willingly giving the accused oral sex’ before this ‘rape’ happened. I mean, come on. These girls were 19, but the footballers themselves were 21 and 22. Young people, drunk, in a room together at 3am, having sex in front of each other, willingly giving blowjobs, and then suddenly this one young man, while his mate is screwing the chick he had just sex with, is supposed to be the ONLY rational and cool-headed person in the room to stop and think ‘Hey, I know this other girl just blew me, but she hasn’t literally said the words ‘You may now proceed to have sexual intercourse with me,’ even though she just had sex with my friend and didn’t specifically say those words either’ ??
    This ruined the guy’s footballing career, btw.

        1. I still remember how biased the media were when reporting that incident. Made it look like the girl was the victim although she was asking for it. Great footy player, but reputation forever tarnished now.

  22. The first rule in a witch hunt is to be the one who accuses. Male feminist supporters become prime targets (I knew it, he seemed TOO nice).

    1. I have to admit seeing white knights and manginas be accused brings to me a chuckle. They’re worse than feminists IMO, as they’re the do-ers, enablers and sometimes the brains behind that movement.

      1. I share the exact same sentiments, nothing more satisfying than seeing the jian ghomeshi’s of the western world get their come-uppances.
        Traitors, the lot of em’.

      2. There is a good saying about bubbles..what the wise do in the beginning fools do in the end. And so it is with feminism.

  23. “Like the majority of women, I have been raped.”
    Last time I checked, basic math says that neither 1 in 5, nor 1 in 3 is a majority. Hell, even 1 in 2 isn’t a “majority.”
    That’s how retarded all of this is.

  24. With ‘Yes Means Yes,’ if you even set foot behind closed doors with a woman, your whole future is in her hands. This is such a pure movement for having a first class gender and a second class gender. I remember getting grilled by the state (a male park ranger) for merely being on the same hiking trail as a first class citizen . She apparently wanted that public mountain all to herself. All I did was smile and ask her how much farther I had to the top. Ranger comes up ten minutes later with a bogus question about ‘a group of people making noise’ way out in the freaking woods on a Tuesday morning. What if she went ahead and claimed I grabbed her ass way out there in the woods? How many heroes pumped on completely false anger buttons (1 in 3, war on women etc) would come rushing in to save the day? Their online clicktivist hero fantasy gets to manifest itself. If this isn’t enough to infuriate you then just remember that all the legislation, enforcement, imprisonment, lawyers etc are being paid for by you. Whether you’re involved or not, you’re paying for this extraordinary indulgence of leftist psychological fantasy.

  25. As long as we change the definition of crimes to suit mass hysteria, there will always be perceived increases in any crime. I for one think any theft of anything holding value owned by myself or my friends or family to be murder. Why? Because time=money. And since time=life, and it takes time to make money, anyone who steals anything of value from me is murdering me bit by bit one small piece at a time. Makes sense right?

  26. I wish that whenever the gaming industry uses female NPC’s for enemy combatants, that they be as ugly and undesirable as these real-life feminist hags.
    Instead, they always use chicks, and I hate killing chicks, even when they are shooting at me.

    1. “I hate killing chicks, even when they are shooting at me.”
      That statement pretty much proves sexism is the opposite of misogyny

  27. Hey JJJ.. t’as pas un compte twitter à suivre? J’ai moi-même tenter de montrer sur le hashtag #agressionnondenoncee que la stat de 1/3 est tout simplement introuvable dans les études.
    Bref, je cherche des gars comme toi sur l’internet, questino de faire bloc au Féminisme et l’émasculation au QUébec.
    De plus je m’amuse a traduire des articles de la Manosphere en français.. as-tu une tribune (site web) sur lequel tu écris en français? J’aimerais bien partager.

    1. So, what they’re saying is in 10 years or maybe 12, all of the women of Quebec will have been raped? Assuming the populace is around 8million and still 24 percent of the Canadian population.

    1. Had he sat on the accusations the NDP would have used that against him. It was a trap laid for him, damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

  28. There is a new one to be concerned about and it’s called ‘post-penetration rape’
    It’s when she consents to sex but then halfway through, withdraws her consent.
    So my advice is you either a) don’t have sex with drunk girls or b) listen up if she says ‘stop’ during sex.

  29. They have a point about how difficult it is to file charges and penetrate the defenses of entrenched power. Think back to how hard it was for Juanita Broaddrick to even get heard. Only it was not patriarchy that kept her down it was liberal and feminist ambition. It is about the power!

  30. The threat is real. The genesis of this idea are when “rape shield” laws where the accuser can remain anonymous until the accused is exonerated via a not guilty verdict, the dropping of charges, or not being charged at all. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if due process were to disappear in matters like these.

    1. …’where the accuser can remain anonymous until the accused is exonerated via a not guilty verdict’
      And that is the real danger, today. We don’t have any other laws on the books of this nature. It’s similar to letting the NSA spy on U.S. citizens “just in case” or “to defend us” against the terrorists.
      Fuck that…we don’t need those types of laws.
      Women who want to come out and accuse a man should have to face it (because past evidence has shown many of these allegations to be false). It’s a slippery slope.

  31. Oh Canada… land of the feminists and pussy-whipped males…
    It really is no exaggeration to say the cultural environment here in Canada is awful for most men. it’s heavily and stiflingly feminist. Women have all the power and control here.
    Apparently, the fashionable thing now is for fat, post-menopausal women to suddenly and “bravely” come out and admit they were raped when they were young (and presumably, far more hotter and actually sexually desirable):

    Check out this one that features the ugly, fat, post-menopausal bitch who came up with the #beenrapedneverreported bullshit. Antonia Zerbisias only wishes someone would rape her now .

    1. WTF, she wasn’t even raped. She said he pushed her against the wall and she kicked him away. And that was it! Is this bitch mentally challenged to hold onto this for 30 years and claim this was a rape??

      1. No, there’s 2 different incidents she’s talking about.. first about that alleged “sexual assault” where she got pushed against the wall and another incident, which was the rape .. which she doesn’t really delve into or talk about.
        The “sexual assault” incident was basically some ugly, dorky beta schmuck trying to be bold and make a move on her by pushing her against the wall and trying to kiss her. If the guy was “hawt” and sexy, and she was sexually interested in him, she and most women would be saying how sexy it was for a guy to take charge and make a move on her and show sexual interest.

    2. It’s all about being the victim. Feminists felt as though they were losing their grip (power and control) so now it’s time for a new round of “victims”. Yes, for so many years nothing was reported but now everyone (30 years later) was raped.
      It’s a real insult to the real rape victims. They’ve created “the boy who cried wolf” scenario and now many will probably just tune them out.
      I know I have because, again, I get so fucking tired of hearing women complain.

  32. Had to stop reading the comments because some hor named Delores has been allowed to ruin everything….go figure.

  33. To any female reading this, all I can say is that all these new laws and demonization of men have completely made me not give a single fuck about any of you. I will not believe a single rape accusation unless there is real evidence, nor will I give a shit about any of your other so-called problems in the developed world. I will turn away from any women’s cause like White Ribbon, breast cancer awareness etc etc because you have successfully made me and thousands of other men utterly indifferent to your plight. So to sum it up, I’ll say this: Go fuck yourselves, I’ll be laughing at the side.

    1. So retribution’s the reason she’s been raping the collective eyes and ears of the West for the past few years.

    2. Pam Anderson from Bay Watch wants to talk about her past sexual abuse also. I had a feeling that women who’s career depended on their willful use of sexuality, will start to come out with stories about some kind of sexual abuse.
      And that many of them will be on the fading away side of usable sexiness, or will need something to counter a fast growing feeling of boredom from the public with whatever gimmick they’ve rung dry, as a way of justifying the extreme attention grabbing efforts.
      Expect a “reality tv” star that more people are voicing that they are past tired of hearhing about to be the next one to have a story she wants to get out about some past abuse. And the abuse to be the reason why all the effort to use drama and her sexuality for her career. So don’t say go away we’re tired of hearing about you, say awww and keep watching my show or buy my book.

  34. How could someone DO THAT to another person? Don’t they understand they’re ruining lives? I’m done now…that’s enough Internet for today. Gratitude for the article.

  35. The answer is simple..embrace Islam, put them in burkhas and get them off the roads and out of the workplace.

    1. It is a horrible thing to recognize that I have more in common with this barely reconstructed Communist thug than I do with my own President.

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