3 Ways To Survive (And Exploit) The Slutification of America

Whilst those of us supporting the manopshere and Neomasculinity are trying to forge positive changes in society, we cannot expect that success will materialize overnight. As we strive for a return to normality in our culture, we must simultaneously navigate our way through and make sense of a progressively sluttier, fickle and degraded world. This does not require us to betray our beliefs; it does demand dexterity and opportunism.

Here are three easily applied ways to maximize your chances and move ahead amidst the rapidly crumbling morals of your community, especially amongst women. Tailor them to your own propensities and desires. And never forget that the standard you walk past in life is the standard you accept.

1. Go for the (ex-)religious girls

Too many men pass over the religious or otherwise moral ex-religious girl, except in the context of the purity or virgin fantasy.

I want to avoid any confusion: this doesn’t mean that she has to go to church or believe in Jesus Christ. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a girl who is a Christian per se. What matters here is finding a girl who was exposed to a moral background which required her to follow a particular creed or dogma. Maybe religion isn’t behind it. Perhaps her parents instilled a strong work ethic in her, forced her to practice give-and-take or something else.

This one is largely a judgment call. Repeated exposure to a potentially fruitful woman, at a minimum 5-10 lengthy (>1 hour) meetings, will help you adequately gauge what sort of girl she is. Do not ever expect perfection in your assessments. Number one, girls can lie (including to themselves) about who they are and, secondly, girls can change. Yet just as you (hopefully) wouldn’t date or sleep with a girl who didn’t wash her body once a day, dating or sleeping with a girl who has no moral backbone, even implicitly, is simply not worth your time.

In my own life, I know that going to church in my early childhood (and having my parents force me to attend) made me a better person. Before my grandparents died, I was able to provide them with some semblance of joy during their physically excruciating final moments.

Despite not then sharing their religion, past years of going to church had taught me the importance of family, familial loyalty and gratitude to my elders, whatever disagreements I had had with them over the years. These are the types of experiences you want your prospective girl to have.

A girl having some sort of moral, probably religious history is not just functional, showing that she is more likely to have a good disposition (and loyalty). It is also instrumental. It means she is amenable to you directing her as to how to treat you and how to behave overall.

Many people misconstrue that a religious or ex-religious girl still affected by her experiences equates to a bland sex life. Far from it. Rather than take-it-or-leave-it, this can be about upgrading individual parts as you keep the chassis.

2. Show the bling (just don’t spend it on her)

You don’t need to be paying for girls to jet set around the world with you like Dan Bilzerian.

Women are naturally programmed to seek out mates with the resources to sustain them and any subsequent children. And she can easily expect that the man she shacks up with will provide her (his?) progeny with these resources. In modern times, with male and female partners both typically working, these resources need not just be economic and can include time, attention, affection or just plain old social status.

What I have found repeatedly over time is that a woman responds predominantly to the resources themselves. For short-term and medium-term, sometimes even long-term relationships, giving her some of these resources, aside from trinkets, is not required. The allure of them is enough in many cases. Naturally, part of the appeal women still find in men who don’t immediately share their resources is that they’re hard to get. But that doesn’t explain everything.

Just as a man can ejaculate through masturbation, without direct contact with a girl or physically seeing one, many or most women can experience a significant lag time between seeing a man with resources and needing him to share them with her. Social status is a huge factor, but so, too, is your ability to avoid what most men fail at it: holding your resources back beyond just the hard to get phase.

There are some important caveats, however. Many Western countries nowadays have draconian cohabitation and other laws, which require men to part with ample property upon the ending of a relationship. It’s perfectly conceivable that she might argue that a purely sexual relationship was actually a romantic one. In Australia, I believe this timeframe is about two years but courts themselves can bend the rules to adapt to “modern life.” So always cover your bases on this one.

3. Show different aspects of your personality at carefully staged times

The more emotions you have and display, the more options you have.

For many of you, you won’t need to change much in this regard. Just make your demonstrations of your personality more salient. For me, much of this comes naturally, having evolved from good habits I picked up in my teens. If I was with a girl at 7pm and had forgotten to call my early-to-bed grandparents that particularly day, I told (and didn’t ask) her to wait five minutes and I went to call them.

She finds it sweet but dominant at the same because I’ve framed it as a non-negotiable. At other times, when a driver doesn’t give way to me, I show him that he’s a twat and make a sarcastic gesture. She will find that assertive and sticking up for myself.

Randomly, haphazardly picking times to display different aspects is not the best solution. Training them into yourself is, which means doing it when she’s not around. Sometimes the only thing you need to reorient is when you do it, or subtle ways in which you do it. And remember, variety is the spice of life. You don’t want to be unemotional brick wall, nor do you want to be soppier than The Notebook. Ditch mono- or dual-themed personality demonstrations and make yourself three-dimensional and expansive.

Value for both a girl and yourself means creating a quality, emotionally-laden experience. Human beings thrive and respond positively when they are exposed to a rich tapestry of life, encompassing happiness, passion, ecstasy, nostalgia, sadness, tragedy, enthusiasm, relaxation and the whole gamut of other prisms we can indulge in. You must create that tapestry for her. Make it compelling. The more you do so, the more pliable she will become.

A disclaimer: exercise caution with some emotions. Practicing total despair, for example, is not the sort of emotion you want her to see you in. Neither is bloodlust, most of the time. Be sensible with how far you go.

Are you up to the challenge?

You might feel despair that society is going the way it is. Don’t. You are one person in an ocean of a world, and the best means for you to contribute to its betterment is bettering yourself. Lead by example. Challenge the present, destructive orthodoxy by improving each day and adapting yourself to the circumstances you face.

You should never lose sight of who you should be. Nevertheless, you can’t take your eyes off the world you’re already in.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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134 thoughts on “3 Ways To Survive (And Exploit) The Slutification of America”

  1. …the best means for you to contribute to [the world’s] betterment is bettering yourself. — David Garrett

    There’s only one way to improve society. Present it with a single improved unit: yourself. — Albert Jay Nock.


  2. Good article. I am happy to see healthy foundations for long term being laid. I do not trust American women. Told my 19 year old son to marry overseas. Like Japan. (Although my wife tells me Japan has changed since our generation, and that the generation gap with kids these days in Japan in insurmountable).
    Nevertheless, even though I lived there in the 90’s and last visited in 2004, I still have more faith in Japanese girl-dom than the feminazi USA.
    When I got married in the early 1990’s, Japan was a lot like the USA of the 1950’s. I was more feminist than my wife at the time. But I became less so over time. As I saw the expectation of my wife and my wife’s family that I “man up” and support financially.
    That was good discipline for me. I will never forget how in 1996-8 before I came home, seeing the little man-lettes arriving who had no concept of responsibility coming over from the USA to teach English. The looked like “little fun boys” who made me want to barf.
    I never felt the compulsion to kick some sissy ass as I did in the late 90’s interacting with these kids. They were “snarky” but not even rebels and not even a cause. Faggot wise-crackers is how I saw them.
    It was only later that I understood that they were the mangina product of feminism.

    1. Back in the mid-80’s when I was a freshman at business school, Japan was the place to go. Now it is a nation/civilization in decline and China is the next, big thing. I have never been to Japan and my only exposure to it’s modern aspects is through some of its popular culture – including porn – and all the news items and socio-economic reports that comes out of there: my conclusion is that it is rather messed up.
      I’m the oldest of the Gen-Xers and living in China. My closest peers back in Canada are all with foreign women: Brazilian, Mexican and Chinese. Here in China all of my friends are 10 or 20 years younger or more. One pair of Millennials is a Chinese girl and a Scottish guy who just got married. She is westernized without acting western and he is no fun boy faggot. However, it is hard to “man-up” on an income of $15k a year (even with the Chinese cost of living) and iffy economic prospects back in the UK.
      As for me, the hell with it. My short-lived engagement fell through but I am back with a girl who is half my age and seems serious about settling down. I am specifically not fucking her until we know for sure where the relationship is going, and we are both cool with that. While I have no guarantee that she is a virgin, I am virtually positive you could count her pervious partners on one hand of an amputee cartoon character.
      With respect to the article, the first point is certainly applicable to foreign women as it is to western girls with a religious background. Chinese girls (raised outside of Shanghai, Hong Kong or Beijing) tend to have traditional sensibilities and even if they break away to some extent, many of those sensibilities remain. While I don’t have any direct experience, my understanding is that Filipinas and South American women have that Catholic streak while the Orthodox Church still holds a certain amount of sway in Eastern Europe.
      For #2, when you at the top of your game (so to speak) it seems to be enough to simply bring a girl along for the ride, either literally or figuratively. Examples are legion but if you own an awesome car, take her for a drive; if you have a sideline as a rock musician, bring her to a gig; if you have a business trip to Las Vegas, bring her along. The costs are minimal but the impact is significant.
      Number 3 is yet another positive variation on the typically counter-productive advice to “just be yourself”. You are not a robot, nor a politician at a teleprompter, nor an actor reading from a carefully written script. Be unselfconscious but self-aware and aware of your surroundings, and with a bit of emotional intelligence you are allowed to – and will be rewarded for – emoting in an appropriate manner. I think it was Aristotle who said something to the effect that there will be circumstances where the ONLY appropriate response to a situation will be to get angry or whatever; it is the proper and human thing to do sometimes.

    2. It sounds like you are the mangina. The ‘little fun boys’ with ‘no concept of responsibility’ were likely just living their life in male imperative mode, banging 20 something Asian girls and having fun. Meanwhile, you had ‘manned up,’ found ‘good discipline’ (supporting your wife) and became ‘responsible’ (in accordance with the feminine imperative). Are you sure you weren’t just duped? Here are words you use to describe young men who were enjoying their youth and seeing the world through the lens of the male imperative;
      ‘little fun boys’
      ‘made me want to barf’
      ‘kick some sissy ass’
      ‘no concept of responsibility’
      The feminine imperative runs DEEP in your post.

        1. Diffferent people like this site for different reasons. Some women are worth nothing but a screw. YOur business if you want to deal with them.
          I read the site and the manosphere because of my worry about “financial rape culture”. Not for me but for my son. WOuld like to think he could have the happy family life I had as a child and as a parent.
          And I am sad that feminism has declared war on the family. I actually have some sympathy for people who deal with it just by screwing around. But I come from a family that has had a history and continuity.
          Like a small farm that has been in the family since before the American Revolution. I would like to think that people can continue on with dignity and that NWO/feminism/etc does not mean 300 years of beautiful tradition does not have to come to an end because of Sodom and Gamorrah.
          I actually like women with conservative and Christian (and even Buddhist) values. Hope he can find one to make a future with.
          (Rather than a slut that will chew him up, spit him out and take our family farm, sell it, go shopping andgo fuck alpha gorillas).

        2. Fair enough. We all have our own life. Differing concerns, yes, and from what I’ve seen, your concerns are pegged flush to the feminine imperative, point by point. Your shaming of twenty somethings having fun in Japan pretty much gives you away. Look into why they made you angry, though it may be too late. Best of luck.

        3. If my son came home taking advantage of slut-dom, I would think the following
          1)At least he is not gay
          2)Hope he does not get a disease or screwed over
          3)Hope he grows out of it.
          I am sad to think this generation of women may be so worthless as to have a family unrealistic. It is probably just much much harder to find the exceptions.
          But Eve pulled Adam down in the BIBLE.If all you do is take advantage, the FALL will also come to you.Men will also be worthless.
          Society will be 3rd world. No productive people, a herd of Sodom and Gamorah animals controlled by an elite.
          I know from my own experience. I was interested in language culture (and yes girls) until late 20’s. No interest in money or being productive. Was in love with language, coffee shops (and women were great for helping me with my foreign languages and with fringe benefits).
          So at least I got to reconcile chasing women with intellectual growth. However, never really got tied down and forced into sacrifice until my son was born.
          Yes, it has been 20 years of not putting me first, and I have several years of college to pay for.
          But I have a camping, hunting fishing buddy. And a reason to want to save money and pass something on after I am dead and gone. 300 years of ancesters have passed on a small farm and I do not want to be the clod that drops the ball.
          When couples function properly, there is a spiritual or DNA balance that can best be acheived if you marry ethics to a relationship.
          Self-sacrifice is required. You should never EXPECT anything in return, but I think if you DO NOT expect anything, you may be given it.
          (And yes, if you have poor judgement, even with noble motives, you will probably get chewed up and spit out by a gold-digging slut. )
          There are no simple answers.

        4. “No shame intended.” Bullshit. Look at the language in your first post. Straight vitriol for guys who simply chose differently than you. Leave us alone to our misery if your life is so great….right?

        5. That’s all great and most single guys would simply be happy for you. That’s the difference and it’s telling. Devoted singles are usually very happy for their married friends. And there are moments of envy too, but the decision remains the same. I think it would be fascinating to watch my own son get that first base hit. I think it would be cool but only if the circumstances are right. I’m not risking my own life to make those great moments happen though and that’s what feminism has established. A guy has to take huge risks with very high probability of a ruined life, just to experience the normal rites of passage. That’s how tragic feminism is.
          The ANGER that many married men have for singles is where the bullshit begins.

        6. Concern for your son and civilization has nothing to do with blasting the crap out of guys who sniffed out the feminine imperative and have decided to avoid it. You’re trying to backpedal and play this neutral card but that doesn’t cover for your anger in that first post. Doesn’t explain it.

        7. You are over-reacting (and there is far more nuance).
          I read crap about my own choices on this site all the time. (Our man RooshV himself says many apparently contradictory things).
          Extols the slut screwing, warns about committing. BUt also speaks about the futility of it all. Includes value of choices of all men from the celibate mystic, the family man to the bar-hopper.Implicit criticisms of all choices are harsh. But advantages of each are also presented.
          Attacks all, empathiszes with most. And on a deeper level, the contradictions actually compliment each other.
          I was particulary pleased with a statement of his on MGTOW’s a while back. The dudes who just quit engaging because it is too hard. And just rot away but with no higher esthetic purpose.
          Perhaps a dude could even make that choice seem reasonable. But it is, in my opinion, the worst path.
          One of my own favorite observations concerned Tolkein and the Elves.
          Never go to the elves for advice. Because they will tell you one thing and the opposite. Elves are immortal. See all things many times over.

        8. You still haven’t explained your hostility towards those who chose differently than you. Maybe because you can’t. You’re just hostile.

        9. I would say that taking general perceptions and personalizing them is womanly. I did not mean you. And I did not even mean screwing around. THe little “fun boys” just appeared to be effiminate. With cover snarkiness replacing substance. That was just how I saw it.
          Taking personal offense about things I say reminds me of formal girlfired shit tests.
          “Don’t be that gal”

        10. Are we in court here, shithead ? Am I on trial for a damn post on a website.
          Kiss my ass.
          You sound like a damn gender studies professor spouting feminist theory with your “feminine imperative”. Just substitute “patriarchy” with feminine imperative and you and Gloria Steinem will be on the same wavelength !
          Last thing I want to see is mangina’s fighting feminism with their own victimhood lingo and jargon.

        11. Ha ha. You made the post here. You didn’t want a response? On a message thread?
          You’re completely lost btw. You are misunderstanding everything.
          Here are some hints to help you on your way;
          — you are the mangina.
          —you are the one upholding the feminine imperative.

      1. I am pretty sure it is common throughout history for the older generation of men to see the younger generation as weak-minded faggots. I happen to see a lot of these youths as faggots compared even to my Gen-X/Gen-Y borderline age group. Whether I am old and detached or on to the philosopher’s stone…?? Someone will judge someday.

        1. Seeing faggots as faggots is one thing. I have worked with millenials and I say this;
          –They are faggots.
          (And arrogant on top of that. To be fair, let’s 90% are faggots.)
          But this guy was talking about Gen-Xers in the nineties who had the utter gall to stay single and have fun with Japanese girls instead of ‘manning up’ early in life for their 60 years of servitude in exchange for a year or two of good sex (which they were getting anyway). The O.P. (skillet) attacked that behavior with all kinds of hatred. It’s because he chose the yoke early in life and negated any other options in order to safeguard his own decision. Thus he dodges what must be a monstrous amount of cognitive threat. That’s a bitch move, imo.

        2. I’d say 60 percent of millenials have experienced a major fag mutation.
          As for sexing, do we need more than a few years of good sex? Life proves that sex is really about reproduction and that’s a taxing reality. It’s a lot to put into an orgasm…a whole life of being responsible for another life.
          After you sew your oats I think sex is supposed to be a glorified form of going to the bathroom most of the time. I honestly believe we’ve been sold sex. Having sex is healthy, but having a preoccupation with sex probably is not.

        3. Sex is an urge though. It should stay healthy. If your urge dies off then hormonal issues will ensue. That’s why long term pair bonding is a social construct and not a physiological one, imo. I think it’s the sexual boredom of marriage that makes sex seem boring. Not ‘sew your oats’ style sex which should last as long as possible.

        4. Humans are subject to laws beyond animalistic physicality I believe so it’s always complicated. Social constructs are not just illegitimate. Humans are social and intellectual creatures as well as divine creatures.

    3. Good luck dude. I do not travel any more. I have settled down in suburbs with garden and chickens.
      I am not high income either. But there is a way to keep your woman respecting you. Especially if your are a foodie. Grow and raise shit. She is a gourmet cook and appreciates quality ingredients I provide. And the fact that I can clean the shit in the chicken coop, do heavy lifting, work that she does not.
      Something about agriculture keeps couples engaged. Just like a Romanian couple I had dinner with tonight. Every time I go over, he is outside barefoot gardening. She knows all the culinary and herbal remedy arts of a Romanian peasant artist.
      Even learned how to make pro-biotic yogurt tonight from milk. Easy, really. But need her to run it by me again before I am sure I have it.
      I think a possible exception to my distrust of American girls is the foodie, gardener type with a contact with nature.
      Even if my wife is Japanese. Have spoken to some cool girls on farm tours.

        1. I’ve seen all sorts. My son is one handsome dude. Tough as nails. Does pull-ups with one had. Coaches me at shooting range. Decent musician.

      1. Eastern Europeans have the right cultural values about food. Although Americans are moving in the right direction, its a top-down rather than a bottom-up phenomenon – what little of European food culture existed was exterminated by corporate industrial food production in the last century.
        My little brother just left for a year study-abroad in Japan – I told him to take full advantage of the situation 🙂

        1. I caught a glimpse of the pre-industrial food culture thanks to my grandparents in the 70’s. My grandfather was born in 1897 and my grandmother 1903.
          It was amazing. Every somewhat uncommon vegetable, be it asparagus, parsnips,beets,turnips,rudabagah, okara etc. I ate regularly. Spent summers running through the woods with my cousins in blackerry picking contests, the reward of which was a blackerry pie with dough made from scratch my my grandma.
          A refined homemaker of the time had a home full of French cookbooks and old family recipes which were her pride and joy. Top quality indredients were provided by my dairy farmer/gardener grandfather who was also an agriculture teacher.
          There was nothing oppressive about this culture. Both my grandparents were often tired from hard work, but it was driven by pride of skill level which they associated with grace and refinement.
          My parents had never heard of hamburgers prior to the 1950’s, I believe. It was the 1940’s that my grandfather ate spaghetti for the 1st time. (He criticized his daughter for preparing some weird food then proceeded to eat three big plate fulls he thought it was so good.)
          My happiest time of experiencing a new food culture was in Japan in the 90’s. . All the classic dishes that are Japanese home favorites I got to experience in a Japanese family. My mother in-law is the daughter of a chef for a WW2 bed-and-breakfast for Japanese officers. She learned all her mothers cooking skill.
          I got to know the best of Japanese cuisine while while discussing geo-politics over beer and Japanese sake with my Japanese father-in-law.
          (We are the world’s greatest armchair generals).

    4. Modern Japan has plenty of its own manginas.
      They’re called Otaku, people who spend all their time watching Japanese cartoons (anime) and comic books (manga). If you ever see one, do not make eye contact and get away from them as quickly as possible. They’re socially and mentally retarded people. I’m referring to Japanese men.

      1. I recently spent a month in Japan with the Air Force and honestly I never seen so many feminist young dudes and what’s even sicker these manginas are actually driving the business of the real life fuck dolls!! A foreign alpha male with some knowledge of jap lingo could knock it out of the park over there with some jap ass!!!

    5. Your wife is correct. Japan is changed a lot over the last few decades socially, for the worse. Feminism (shallow, bitchy and career-focused women) and MGTOW (“herbivore males”) are extremely common now, as noted by the declining population and birth rates. Many of the causes of these phenomena in the west are the same in Japan, including crushing debt to the international corporate-banking system, mass migration to cities at the neglect of rural areas, and an anemic economic outlook exacerbated by globalism and a work-hard-but-not-smart culture. International SJWs are also pushing HARD to culturally enrich Japan and tarnish their homogeneous society and culture (e.g. Miss Universe Japan, attempted demoralization through manufactured WWII guilt, etc).
      Is it a worse situation than with American women today? Hard to say. But “just marry a Japanese girl” isn’t as solid of advice as it might have used to be.

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      1. You are a little more conservative than I am considering race mixing. (Even if I consider myself conservative). But I do not know about today in Japan.
        That being said, I am against mass uncontrolled immigration.

      1. I dont have facebook so i dont really know about it, but im really interested to know what wanting open borders for israel has to do with being a mangina?

        1. A real man safeguards his home and only permits a select few to enter within it’s walls. A mangina raises no complaint when a stranger get’s in uninvited, makes himself at home in his living-room and bedroom since all his sense of identity has been erased.
          Lefties are trying to destroy a any sense of identity in men, their honor, traditions, attachement their nations and families, in order to manipulate them freely. That’s why lefties hate Israel, a modern proud Jewish State, it runs contrary to everything they stand for.
          Forcing Israel to accept untold numbers of african and arab muslims would erase Israel’s identity and drive it in the dust, maybe the last stand of man against leftism.

        2. You are right in principle but dead wrong in the larger context, israel loves multicuturalism for europe but not for themselves.
          Israels identity is irrelevant because that rotten cancer cyst
          should be straight ripped of the map.
          Israel together with their american lapdogs are the ones that destabilized middle east in the first place with their funding of ISIS and pushing for wars with arab nations, at the same time as they and their leftist agents in europe and america are encouraging multiculturalism (invasion) and destruction of europe and america (white nations), so excuse me but fuck israel and their borders and identity.

        3. I don’t know if it’s worth debating with you but you are dead wrong.
          Israel and the Jews is not a monolithic block, there is left and right, even more so. All those jews that you hate for trying do destroy the west, they double try to destroy Israel.

        4. What about the identity of countries which Israelies control(ed) by proxy/lobbying/sub terfuge? Why are they not afforded the same self determination and power over their own affairs?

        5. Israel barely controls itself, there is a new government every two years. The US and EU control where Israel can cannot build even in Jerusalem, the capital city. They pump billions in every anti-Israeli NGO operating here. The thought of Israel controlling another country is ridiculous.

        6. I love Israel. They will put survival before being PC, and self destruction. If it wasn’t for them, Iraq would, or would probably already have the bomb. And if anyone remembers, when Israel did what they did, the pussified US castigated them.

        7. Me and Mat2580 were discussing without resorting to namecalling even though we disagree with eachother, and i am very aware that i express myself in a harsh manner.
          You are the only Idiot here.

        8. Israel does not control shit, correct. The Jewish parasite in the Jewish diaspora is what controls other nations.

    1. Why should any first world country open it’s borders to the masses of the third world?
      Israel, unlike most Western countries, doesn’t take this foolish action, and that is a good thing. Enough third worlders, and a first world country goes to shit.

      1. It’s bad enough that North America and Western Europe has allowed excessive immigration and refugee settlement from the third world to the point where there is a critical mass non-western residents and citizens that can mess with the politics and culture of the civilizations that have been successful and largely dominant for the last many centuries, but for Israel to allow for the “right of return” would cause it to be overrun and cease to exist.


  3. If more women want to act like sluts, it’s our duty as men to treat them as such. Let the betas get played. Win win win.

  4. lot of the women and teen girls are whores already or at least net whores. rarely see asians whore it out unless theyre liberal leaning.

    1. You don’t see it, but they do it. Why do you think that so many Western men want to flock to the Orient? I will say that the way that they go about it comes off as more refined, and they are much better looking too.

  5. Beauty.
    Good article to re enforce ideas of self worth and self development.
    I’m all about fixing the self rather than merely bemoaning a situation.
    The change is coming

    1. Great point. So important to cultivate a strong positive attitude irrespective of what shit is happening at home, workplace, society. This is part of what marks a man.

  6. Also – go after recently divorced women. They’re in full makeover mode – facials at the salon and also in the bedroom.

    1. It’s not enough to just take advantage or simply accept and avoid what we know is broken. Not good enough to turn off the tv and the filth on it..how do we stop it from airing in the first place. Not good enough we avoid marriage and kids because we arebeing raped in court….how do we get laws changed. Not good enough our young men are dropping out…how do we change that. Etc etc etc. Are we opportunists or men. Vultures are opportunists.

      1. That question delves into the bailiwick of the MRA crowd: changing the laws. Men have to change themselves until women give up on feminism out of the realization that it is a dead end, and then are willing to work for positive change together. Laws will never get changed while blue pills capitulate and white knights continue to enable, there isn’t the political will until enough men have decided they won’t play the game and enough women have decided that the rules have to change to something more sensible.
        In the meantime. . .

        1. No it’s not. Have you spent any time with Millenials? They’re hopelessly duped.
          Fat acceptance will put attractive women at such a premium that simping is going to explode.
          It will SEEM like it’s swinging back as the Manosphere grows into the 100k or 200k ranks but that is still a trifling amount overall. Don’t let an echo chamber mislead you.
          But “Be the change you want to see in the world” is a great line. Do that and then just enjoy yourself. This crappiness isn’t going anywhere. Just learn how to avoid it.

        2. It’s really hard to change young men’s thinking when all they think about is getting laid. It’s like a lifetime achievement for them.
          You have to sell the concept of self improvement to have some kind of incentive. Selling them they can improve their chances of getting laid is what gets their attention. BTW, this is what feminists hate because it makes the guys get hotter bitches. After the guys get a taste of success is when you teach them the real benefits of perpetual self improvement. Getting laid is then just a small perk that comes with it, but really not all that important.

        3. If I improve myself by progressing in career, health, wealth, socially…what does that accomplish for anybody outside of me? Not much. Our youth continues to be poisoned via tv, movies, music, social media, kindergarten through university. Just today I saw a video on Facebook of a YOUNG white girl doing this slutty version of a dance nae and or whatever is the latest dindu copied insult to civilization. One or two of her peers attempted to shame her but were quickly outnumbered by the fems of same age.
          This current gen is screwed as most these girls have super high notch counts. But I could only hope to think if people, men, want our civilization back we could systematically plan a campaign to fight all those fronts for the future. Ykw did it.

        4. It either swings back or all of society goes down. “Organizational nihilism” to use a term coined by Howard Schwartz http://www.sba.oakland.edu/faculty/schwartz/Political%20correctness%20and%20organizational%20-%20Final.htm
          will be the outcome of all of these policies. That has always been the goal anyway, none of this PC crap has ever been about equality, inclusion, etc. it has always been about the overthrow of the current order to bring about the NEW order.

    2. They’re also insecure because they just lost a man and also may not have got laid in a while :o) They probably also have a lot of the old sucker’s money and you can help her spend it. On stuff for yourself lol

      1. Since it’s mostly women that file for divorce, she didn’t lose a man, she got rid of him. Most likely she already had a FB already on the side.

    3. A fresh divorcee? Shit I’d rather be cellmates with a serial killer. See, a fresh divorcee is JUST LIKE a newbie serial killer in the sense that she has just gotten her first taste of blood from divorce raping some guy. They really are THE SAME – when you compare divorcee to killer. She’s no different than a serial killer after his first kill when he puts on the nice guy ‘Mr Rogers’ face and struts around scot free and confident that he’s gotten away with something.
      The divorcee rapist skank walks around THE SAME WAY, fresh and empowered and ‘high’ off of her first real monetary kill and FOR YOU she may drain your balls like a demon but REALISE MAN that she’s only practicing on you to keep her edge. You’re just a Mr Muffin stuffin she needs to use to wipe her twat and keep her poontango loose so as to whip the next dummy with a wallet. You’re just warm exercise equipment for her to beef up her honey trap for her next big victim.

      1. Let’s not go so far as to call it a honey trap, more like an HPV riddled rancid petri dish. The slime excreted by various pathogenic organisms is what gives her the illusion of still producing lubrication.

  7. i don’t think Bilzerian pays for gals to be with him. Maybe not direct cash payments anyways. He probably pays for dinner and everything else though. Maybe it’s the same thing…

    1. What’s your point with that vid? Shaming males? Perpetuating the idea that men are ALWAYS total losers? Supplication to females? What’s your point?
      Buzzfeed? Really?

      1. Well, there is a point that the guy should improve himself, but not to appease her. The ending should be he makes the improvements and them pumo and dump her ass for greener pastures. And never stop improving. Women should not be his objective.

    2. Immediately pass over anything that tells me what a man should be or what a real woman is. I’ll decide those things on my own, with my own set of criteria. Fuck you very much.

  8. I love the suggestion to show bling but not spend it. Women display their assets to many men without sharing them so why shouldn’t men do the same? Men spending money on a woman he hopes will sleep with him is like a woman sleeping around with random, hot men in the hopes one will agree to financially support her for life.
    Oh, wait a minute…
    So indeed, both sides are sometimes playing the same game and both winning and losing. It depends whether a man wants to be the “last” guy who slept with a slut and financially support her for life or the guy who sleeps with a relatively clean woman who is turned on by his fancy car even if he just buys her a hot dog at the park.
    That’s something I always disliked about dinner dates: The woman couldn’t get turned on by the guy’s fancy car if they meet at a restaurant. Instead, wouldn’t driving her in said car to a park, making her walk for an hour, and then when she’s starved (literally) wolfing down a cheap meal work at a cavewoman level? Here’s a good rule of thumb: The food a man buys a woman should provide less calories than the activities she had to engage in to get it. 🙂

    1. You were making your point about the fancy car at the same time I was posting the same thing, below.
      There is a certain balance: if you actually enjoy spending (non-fucking) time with a woman, then it shouldn’t bother you to drop some coin on a good meal that you both like. Conversely, if she actually enjoys spending time with you (fucking or otherwise) then it shouldn’t bother her to scarf down a hot dog or post-coital pizza (or in my case, cheap noodles or dumplings) when you are together.

      1. What you describe isn’t a balance. It illustrates that women consider sex to be a burden that they need some type of compensation for (even if it’s just cheap noodles) while men shouldn’t be “bothered” by “dropping coin” on a woman he’s not even sleeping with.
        This got me to thinking about a primary rule of seduction: A man gets a woman to fall in love with him, or to have lust for him, but this requires him to have the emotional strength and tenacity to not be in love or total lust with the woman. Dawson Stone refers to this as “outcome independence”. Sure, enjoy paying coin to have a good time with a woman you find pretty and even intellectually interesting, but you’ll have no power with her and even worse, this will encourage her to be dismissive of you in the future.
        Since women are naturally made to take advantage of men, then a man needs to be emotionally prepared to defend himself. So yeah, it should bother a man if he’s spending “coin” to be with a woman. It should always bother us because most of us are responsible for supporting ourselves.

        1. Perhaps you misread me. The balance is in both men and women going against their more base, self interests (men getting laid while not spending money / women getting money spent on them while not putting out) and enjoying each others’ company for its own sake. Contrast this with the full blown opposite where the guys spends lots of money and the girl puts out but neither really care for the others’ company (ie. prostitution).
          I agree with the outcome independence theory. I refer to it as Zen Sex. I’ve lost count of the number of times when I simply enjoyed the moment without worrying about getting laid and the chick then threw herself at me.
          And it’s not about spending money “to be with” a woman. The woman is already with you. Have fun without being a tightwad. Maybe some guys have particularly bad gold digger radar. For most women, being unselfconscious about spending money is a form of peacocking that displays the abundance mentality.
          The point about balance, or rather reciprocity, comes up in that spending money on a woman who cares only about the money you spend on them is not a good way to go.
          I am not saying to be stupid about it or go out of your way to spend money to impress a date, or to live beyond your means. For big ticket items, then display without spending is still good advice.

        2. Actually, I would say that prostitution is probably the most balanced transaction of all. There’s no reason the prostitute and client cannot enjoy each other’s company. On the contrary, I have personally found conversations with prostitutes to be among the most stimulating I’ve had while some treated me with the same warmth as a clerk at 7-11 punching out a lottery ticket but even a clerk selling me a lottery ticket tells me to have a nice day.
          I don’t want to be insulting, but from what you’ve described to me and the language you’ve used, such as shaming language to avoid being a “tightwad” and “impressing” women by spending money on them, that doesn’t sound like outcome independence but rather what I refer to as beta male behavior.
          Certainly, most women want a man whose unselfconscious about spending money (who doesn’t?) because that implies almost god-like powers of the man to acquire wealth but for a man to live within his means requires the opposite: Frugality which is commonly synonymous with “tightwad” requiring the man to put on an act.
          Let’s try this exercise: If you’re having fun with your male friends and being generous (which most of us guys are), it’s cool. But if the guys are continually splitting for the restroom when the check arrives, how does that make you feel? Do you think these guys are appreciative of your generosity, or view you as a fool? Heck, my father gave me a lecture as a kid about working class bar etiquette for picking up a round of drinks and a guy ignoring them could be viewed as either a tightwad, or a total sap for getting the wrong round (or not.)
          Consequently, trying to be outcome-independent when etiquette in this situation is as important as a job interview is typical PUA advice “Just be confident but don’t go emotionally numb!” that so many men find it hard to follow. I refer to it as sociopath dating.
          Claiming that it’s “not about spending money “to be with” a woman” because the woman is already with him is misleading, to say the least, since most women will leave if he doesn’t.
          Call me a tightwad, but I don’t go out for lunch everyday for myself because I know how bagging my own lunch easily adds up to luxury vacation. Not only that, but “medium” spending on women via the dinner date or buying drinks at clubs is a suckers game. If it worked so well, men wouldn’t be spending thousands for PUA advice or talking here, would they? Yes?

        3. There is nothing saying that you can’t be friendly within what is otherwise a business transaction, but that is a far cry from them being your friends in any real sense.
          And I specifically said that you are not out to “impress” a woman or spending money “to be with” her. That’s the whole zen thing that you are missing. It is the mentality that impresses the women, not the act of spending the money; it isn’t a quid pro quo. There is nothing misleading about that if there is a balance and you are in fact a good enough judge of character to know if you are being played.
          Spending money when appropriate does not require any more god-like abilities than adopting an abundance mentality when dating woman generally. Guys are terrified of losing a hot chick because the don’t think they are replaceable. Other guys are afraid to have a bit of fun and spend some money as if they will never make more. I have never heard someone called beta and god-like in the same post.
          Again, you aren’t spending money to buy the woman’s affection: that is the suckers’ game and you might as well pay a prostitute (for the sex, anyways). Betas earn and spend money for the sake of women; alphas earn and spend money for themselves, and the women follow. It’s a different mentality.

        4. 66Scorpio, perhaps I’m reading your wrongly (and I invite you to elaborate to show me otherwise), but what you describe doesn’t sound like Zen outcome-independence at all but rather rationalization and even worse, the ultimate of beta behavior: Buying into the woman’s paradigm that spending money on her is something you do because you “want to” so it makes her feel like she’s with a “gentleman” rather than a beta male and you don’t feel as bad about yourself because you’re a sexual beggar. This is not alpha male thinking. Repeat: The alpha males I know don’t spend money when appropriate because…
          They don’t have to.
          It’s that simple. I know alpha males and they could care less about Zen. They walk to the bathroom and a dozen girls hit on them on the way there. Waitresses tell them their dinner is “on the house” (they probably are stealing from their employer in making that offer), stewardesses tell them to move to the business class portion of the cabin. They get Bruce Springsteen concert tickets given to them because the girl’s “friend” didn’t show up. I am not making this stuff up.
          If you’re spending money on a woman because you she wouldn’t sleep with you otherwise, you can’t “Zen” that away. You are not “friends” with them in any real sense either.
          But perhaps you’re onto some other point which I missed. Please try to reexplain.

        5. If you have to put “want to” in scare quotes but not around “sexual beggar”, I mean, come on. You don’t spend money because you have to, you don’t spend money to get her to sleep with you. It’s not about being a “gentleman”. You are just unselfconscious about spending money if you are having a good time in the moment. Overthinking why or how much money you spend because you think it will come off as being beta is not being alpha.
          Alpha guys will get comp’ed a lot but the ones I know aren’t afraid to spend money because they think it will look weak.
          There is a certain logical error in some of the PUA thinking. As you say, an alpha doesn’t spend money because he can. Rich people buy big houses because they can. Buying a big house won’t make you rich. Specifically not spending money doesn’t make you more alpha.

        6. Much of this is a philosophical quibble. True alphas who possess wealth and spend the money, on their friends, family, girls or even service workers (tipping) are simply affluent. In some ways, I’m an alpha male in that when I’m overseas in a country where the dollar goes far, I can afford to be generous without “overthinking” why or how much money I spend.
          That being said, however, there are few alpha males in the states (or even overseas) who have affluence to the point where they can not “overthink” money (Have you ever seen the “stupid rich” commercials by sprint?) Funny enough, my wife and I were recently talking about her woman friends who have an “alpha” view of money as well. There’s a gray distinction between “not overthinking” spending money and living outside of one’s means. My wife has women friends who buy the latest iphones, designer bags, get a new car, etc. and then when they run low on money, they panic. For most of us, being continually conscious about money is a basic survival skill. Sure, if we’re having a good time and spending money it may appear we don’t care but at a subconscious level, a sensible person (man or woman both) is tracking it. My wife and I marvel at how few people seem to possess what should be basic economic survival instincts.
          Using the term “Alpha guys […] aren’t afraid to spend money” sounds like a shaming ploy often used by women. “What? You aren’t a real man able to spend money without being a crybaby?” On the contrary, alpha males I know are not afraid to appear to be a cheapskate. One of them I know with women throwing themselves at him is unapologetic about going to an annual event and getting a boom box from walmart, using it for the event, and then putting it back into the box and returning it (I think at this point it’s a tradition for him. 🙂
          Finally, you claiming that [you/I] don’t spend money to get a woman to sleep with us if we are just spending it anyway is, pardon me for saying it this way, laughable to me. If you could get laid for free, absolutely for free, by just taking her back to your place, would you spend the money anyway? If she was turned off by displays of wealth, would you dump her and spend the money on your friends? If the answer is yes then I’ll stop laughing.

        7. “If you could get laid for free, absolutely for free, by just taking her back to your place, would you spend the money anyway?” Actually, yes. But then again I don’t tend to hang out with women whose sole value and purpose is to be my sperm receptacle (apparently, something of a unicorn hunt these days).
          “If she was turned off by displays of wealth, would you dump her and spend the money on your friends?” Now that IS laughable because I doubt such a woman exists. Some don’t like ostentatious displays. Oddly enough, men and women from old money find that gaudy. I have had women who encouraged me to not spend money. . .so I could save it and buy (her/us) a house. That didn’t fly well.

        8. You answered the questions honestly so fair enough. Note that I’m not a total cheap bastard. I do like to take my wife out for (reasonably priced) but good quality excursions. My alpha male friend took his wife out for their 20th anniversary on a 1st class flight which I thought was wasteful. My wife, surprisingly, agrees with me. Granted, it took a LOT of training on my part to make her get turned off by displays of wealth. One exception. She really likes Ruth Chris steak house.
          Regarding the women who encouraged you to save and buy a house. I don’t think admirable on their part to encourage you to save for the future provided they also were making an effort to do so. However, buying a house in this market is INSANE.
          Take care!

    2. Females are always in broadcast mode trying to attract every man and then choosing who she wants. Like a fisherman throwing out a net, pulling it in and throwing the crap or small fish back.
      Females only get to see or hold my stuff, they never own it.Or do I ever take any to dinner, that’s a waste of my time and besides I have anything you could want at my house.
      Another thing, females should be ranked. No, not on just some silly 1-10 looks scale but on their true value to a man.
      Aside from some rank based on looks and fuckability what are females really worth. Most females are a liability.

      1. Not necessarily so. I found that women in more healthy cultures, while they dress more provocatively than women in the states, were more flirtatious with the men they were interested in and took a greater role in initiating relationships.
        A woman who sends out the same signal to all the men around her and then “throws the crap back” has a disdain for men in general and considers men to be disposable. It’s like a man telling every woman he wants to sleep with that he loves her and wants to marry her and then after he gets what he wants, dumps her without a second thought.
        Speaking of fishing analogies: My father was a big fisherman and would have considered it unethical to fish in a spot filled with mostly out-of-code fish and damage the ecosystem.
        About the 1-10 looks scale: I agree there is more to it than that but looks are more important for women in our culture because so many offer men little else. Career women are not going to support a household (most will even compete with their husbands by considering him a loser if he doesn’t out-earn her.) I agree that character is a significant factor. Another is style. I have seen women who technically don’t have the top looks beat out more naturally attractive women by smiling, having the ability to handle men they aren’t interested in with respect, and being an interesting, likable person. If a woman has a zero personality and is miserable to be around, I’d rather not F her.

      2. That’s why fathers in the past offered up a dowry to prospective males to take a daughter off his hands. Now they offer up their daughters to members of the Dindo tribe to score a touchdown. You go Shitavious!

        1. The dowrey days pretty much ended with the first wave feminism in the 1870’s when the 1st wavers began lobbying to raise the age of consent from the standard ‘old enough to bleed/breed’ 13 or 14 yo up to their goal of 18yo. My own great grandparents wed when she was 14 and he was 23! They had four girls and three boys, one being my grandfather. She was Estonian and his family recieved a small parcel of land for the dowrey. Now days even an establishment church would crucify anyone who dared marry a girl that young which shows you how far up the judeo fem culture of ‘strong empowered females’ schnook hole the modern churches have crawled.
          The 13-14 virgin standard existed all the way back before the renaissance. In 1275 the first law was passed against ‘ravaging a maiden’ or pre pubescent woman in England. She was officially a woman at menstruation. This was common sense no doubt and any true deviant who didn’t have family as their objective but wasted or deflowered a pre pubescent virgin was put to death. Again common sense. Now women are wasted away and incapable of being trained as spouses or serving as mothers in their 20’s after a decade of garbage culture being dumped on them.
          Look it up. Family tree tracing from the entire millennia previous to the 20th century shows the big producer females (5+ offspring) began very young by today’s standards and most seem to have began producing when married which was right at puberty. Otherwise, seven years of periods and the accompanying hysteria and she’d hit the wall at 20 and her folks would spend the whole time worrying that she was a dud.

        2. I don’t doubt you. I know in the past women became mothers as soon as they were biologically able to. Having children at a young age is nature’s intention. Now we have barren old spinsters desperately trying to have a child for the 1st time at 40….and not for good reasons either.

  9. The emotions section rung a bell with me. Crafting the right times often isn’t a possibility as life occurs during a stream of consciousness that’s often unpredictable.
    However, practicing emotional balance, and being consistent with your emotions when logic dictates, poises you as that rock she can’t break. If you lose her due to it, and she casts herself into the sea of hypergamy, following the path of least resistance like water, then you won your own battle with yourself, not her.
    More than any, this year I’ve dropped more neo-sluts after showing them who I was with actions, for which they could not register due to their feminized brain washing. So be it. Just means I have to run higher #s, to get more preferred results. And the older I grow, the more valuable my time becomes.

  10. Children who find that they LIKE the taste of their doo doo will likely reveal that they either have a mother who is cold and has no soul, or a mother who is domineering and serves NO MAN, the mother who raises boys who are not genetically predisposed to be gay but who TURN F AG from the constant b itch brow beating. I always thought f ags had the worst case of S HIT TASTE PALATE, but these Arab desperados . . . WHOOEEE!

  11. There is no surviving the slutted up Western whore. Once they have more than one cock shoved in them and have been accepting buckets of cum into their system they are useless as wives and mothers. The White man is so pussified he let the Jews destroy his breeding rights with his own women. Sixty IQ beasts are dumping their genetics into the western whore forever destroying them as a mother.

    1. Interesting. Real Arabs only use your pasty sisters as toilets. Cannibal moslems from Africa rape them in the anus. Good luck.

      1. Once the Jews are melted down and safely stored underground we can turn our eye to their dumb urine smelling cousins – you. No more Jews, no more Hodgies, no more Dindos, no more feminism no more fucking diversity.

        1. Most Jews are white. I get that Jews stick out and tend to push things to the left (not all of them do that) but the fact that the Ashkenazi are mostly caucasian and many are blue eyed and even blond haired…you know, where’s that fit in with your racial theory?
          The non-white Jews are far less influential in the world….so are you suggesting a combination of white with a hint of Middle Eastern Hebrew genes is an inherently evil mixture? The more pure-blooded Hebrew Jews are not so influential or cunning.

        2. No they are not White, not as in European. The Ashkenazie Jew may have fair skin, even light colored eyes, but their Asiatic racial origins are still present both outwardly and more importantly in their character. Moreover, they most definitely consider themselves to be racially separate from their European hosts, hence they have anti- miscegenation laws codified in their religion.
          The European racial characteristics some of them have are the result of marrying off their daughters strategically to Europeans of position and wealth. In this way they ingrained themselves into European society and they were able capture a countinence more like that of their host. This is why their racial breeding laws allow for the women to marry outside of their race and Jewish racial inheritance is passed through the mother, not the father.

        3. The Jews are divided into two groups, the Sephardic and Ashkenazie. In Israel the Ashkenazie Jews consider the Arabic Jews to be inferior.

        4. There have been maps done of the entire human genome. I know that Ashkenazis have some asian blood but don’t they have more European blood?

      1. “If was mostly Jews” Really? Who? On Twitter Roosh said he was receiving friendly warnings not to offend the Schnozzum Ones. Then the attacks on his servers began. Roosh did not bring any Jews with him to Cucknada. Who would bring a Jew to watch your back. They are inveterate cowards.

        1. Look dum-dum, the first article you linked was not from a someone named Cathy Young but someone named Milo Yiannopoulos, and in case you don’t know Cathy Young is an IRISH name. In any event the first 2 articles were in no way supportive of Roosh, but begrudgingly recognized his right to free speech – a far cry from what most sentient beings would describe as support. The YouTube interviewer was also not supporting his views in any way, and in his into introduction stated he disagreed with Roosh’s viewpoints, but wanted to give him a chance to speak. So you find three instances of possibly 3 Jews that believe he has the right to free speech and your tiny brain construed that as support. Can you even read?

        2. ok professor – thanks for confirming how ignorant you are.
          just re-read the breitbart article again. even at breitbart people were reluctant to support Roosh – and it was Cathy Young – who’s Jewish – who wanted to do this (and is quoted extensively in the article):
          she also shares Roosh views on campus anti-rape activism.
          oh btw Milo Yiannopoulos is GAY. lol. the only people who support Roosh in the media are GAYS and JEWS.
          and yes, that’s what important: to support Roosh’s right to speak. nobody has to agree with everything he says. and who on earth would: he doesn’t even believe it’s important to give woman an orgasm. btw, i bought several of his books.
          and once again, Cathy Young, Marni Soupcoff and Ezra Levant are not “possibly Jews” – they ARE Jews. if you didn’t know that, why do you even get into the Jewish question? you’re just obviously not qualified for this.

        3. Ohhhh….yeah, she is a Jew. Any broad that butt ugly has got to be a Jew. It’s uncanny how you Schnozzum Ones change your names to hide your identity. So Jung from Russia becomes Young. I care not that you found some of your ugly degenerate tribesmen who support the right to free speech. It in no way constitutes some majority of support. It means absolutely nothing. One thing Jews are good at is presenting an appearance of having a diversity of opinions amongst themselves. They appear to come down on different sides of an issue, when in reality they almost always are working for the same goal. Sure there are Jews like Henry Makow and Bobby Fisher who are very explicit in pointing out the malevolence of the Jewish beast, but they are rare.
          I’m sure your lovely Ms. Jung and the other Jewish twinks in reality are 100% in support of feminism, despite the lip service she pays to anti-feminism.
          And even if she is legitimately an anti-feminist I still don’t give a shit. I can trot out another 1000 prominent Jewish feminists working to destroy White civilization.
          Tikkun Olam Jewboy!

        4. a typical answer of someone who has nothing to say. i see it as a confirmation that you appreciate the information i brought to your attention. you can now think it over – which will help you base your opinions on facts rather than emotions.

        5. Portnoy, what exactly is your point? You found 2 Jews who support Rossh’s right to free speech even though they disagree with him, and Ms Jung made some comments that radical feminists are a problem. That hardy proves your original claim that Roosh has majority Jewish support.

    2. Nope.
      Corporate American discovered McKinnon and her crows all on its own, and decided it was the very thing to crush the American labor force. There was a time, now very far away, when even the loyal company man did not put his company first – that position was occupied by family, community, and religion. So powerful was this nexus that it both limited and sustained economic growth.
      With the destruction of traditional sexual mores, attacks on religion, and easy divorce, the corporation was able to instill a new discipline in a new work force.
      Divorced women can be paid less, as they are getting a subsidy from their former supports. In turn, these females become model corporate citizens. Laws against ‘sexual harassment’ keep the male slaves focused on their work, undistracted by the presence of women. Similarly, the legitimation of homesecualism added a small but reliable element which, like single women , could be relied upon to be loyal lcorporate citizens.
      Despite the public puffery of women, the fact is that they are scarce in the imporant portions of the important industries. They are confined, generally, to the pin color ghettos of HR and PR, where there behavior – and antics – do not impact the core business activity .
      By the end of the 1960s, Jews had become honorary Aryans. As cuh, their superior intelligence allowed them to enter high status schools and join the new elites in Finance, Technology, Media, and of course Law. But, they did not create these elites – they merely entered them.
      Politics is not, as Marx would have you believe, a class struggle masked by the political struggel. Rather, Pareto more correctly identified social motion as the ‘cirtulation of elites’, and that political struggle is between members of different factions within the elites. Bush II was a member of the old manufacturing elites – oil. Allied to this were members of the independently wealth, people who builts and owned their own work. The current administration is supported by the new elites in Finance, Media, and Technology.
      The elites who rule today are not those who ruled three generations back. Elites circulate, the rise, the fall, then die, and are replaced by others. The issue is not about liking or disliking Jews. This issue is the rise of unaccountable elites, who take opinions of greatest use to themselves, and hide behind them as is useful.
      I write this much to show you a pint of view that explains everything yours does, and many things that yours does not. It’s not a War Against the Jews that is required – it’s a war to reclaim functional political institutions that allow those who are not members .of the elite to make sure they have a piece of the action.

  12. “The best means for you to contribute to its betterment is bettering yourself”.
    Couldnt agree more. Easy to complain about the state of things. Much more productive to do something.

  13. Regarding point 1. Most “religious” girls are religious to the point where it means not letting you get down their pants. The religion goes out the window when it comes to Louis Vuitton purses and shoes she’ll never wear but needs ( you to buy)
    Point 2: The moment you show you have bling, the race is on to separate you from it.
    Point 3. I can’t exactly pick the time that some jerk off will cut me off in traffic, so it it happens the day I’m showing the calm, cool collected me I just let myself be the doormat? But if someone gives me cheese on my burger on the day I didn’t want it which also happens to be showing her the ” don’t take no crap” me I go completely ballistic? Wow! Her and everyone else (including myself) will think I’m bipolar.

  14. i found out about this site because of a petition on change.org. i couldn’t believe a site like this could have so many supporters, i had to see it with my own eyes.
    you misogynistic creeps..
    what’s wrong with women having sex with whoever they want, whenever they want? whts’ the matter with women choosing how to live their own sexuality? you don’t have a say about their sex life. compared to women, men live their seuality much more freely, though they don’t ever get criticized fot their conduct. in fact, if a man has had sex with plenty of women, he’s deemed cool, if a women acts the same way, she’s a whore.
    i’m just glad i’ve never encoutered men like you.

    1. Keep reading, and all your questions will be answered.
      For the record, most of us don’t in any way try to coerce women to not slut around. We are simply deeming them unsuitable for any kind of commitment. Sluts are free to slut around, we are free to withhold our commitment from them. Everyone is free. The price of freedom is that nobody is forced to associate with you.

    2. Nothing wrong with women being sluts. Nothing wrong with men judging slut women to not be marriage material or worthy of much effort. No “creep” here will stop a woman from enjoy lots of sex.

  15. i see you deleted my comment.. that just proves how right i am about you guys. i’m just gonna repost it all:)
    i found out about this site because of a petition on change.org. i couldn’t believe a site like this could have so many supporters, i had to see it with my own eyes.
    you misogynistic creeps..
    what’s wrong with women having sex with whoever they want, whenever they want? whts’ the matter with women choosing how to live their own sexuality? you don’t have a say about their sex life. compared to women, men live their seuality much more freely, though they don’t ever get criticized fot their conduct. in fact, if a man has had sex with plenty of women, he’s deemed cool, if a women acts the same way, she’s a whore.
    i’m just glad i’ve never encoutered men like you.

  16. No real man would want to be with a woman who has licked another man’s b alls and a sshole. This is the American woman – A f ilthy pig, a dirty w hore. American women are good for s ex only and only if you are desperate and wear 5 c ondoms.

  17. another clear example why you dont wife up a whore. after banging tiger woods she got her hooks into a beta football player, had a kid and less than 3 years later got divorced. Who needs to pay for the lifestyle of a train wreck like this, but as they say karma is a bitch maybe they can lift her entire brain out of her skull, it could only be an improvement.

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