Swedish Government Spends Billions On Gender Equality With Little Effect

The former right-wing government of Sweden spent 2.6 billion crowns on “gender equality” initiatives—roughly 315 million dollars. The results? According to a study done by the Swedish National Audit Office, it might not make any long-term difference.

Although the government’s expensive efforts to promote equality between the sexes had a temporary effect, the new study shows that they risk not causing any long lasting change. An author of the study, Margareta Åberg, says that parts of what has been accomplished risks “disappearing when the money does.”

A brief history of gender mainstreaming


Feminist leader Gudrun Schyman burns money for attention in 2010.

Since 1994 the Swedish government has striven to implement a gender equality perspective on everything it does, from making decisions to putting them into practice. This strategy is known as “gender mainstreaming.” Every government agency, from local to national level, now has a responsibility to achieve the ultimate goal of equality between men and women.

In the 2006 election the people of Sweden replaced the old socialist government with a coalition of right-wing parties, called the Alliance. Thus they assumed the mantle of turning the country into a society with no difference in outcome between the sexes. One example of their goals was to make men and women do the same amount of unpaid household work.

Quickly the new administration went to work, and obviously did not hold back on expenses. From 2007 to 2014 the government spent 2.6 billion crowns on a variety of projects to promote gender equality. The huge expenditure of taxpayer money is unique for this kind of investment in Sweden.

The government’s primary objective was to end men’s violence against women, prostitution, and trafficking. Around half of the money, 1.2 billion crowns, was spent to this end. Of that amount, a great portion went to combating honor-related violence, which is typically overwhelmingly isolated to immigrant populations. Policemen, attorneys, and judges were expensively educated on the subject.

One funded project which got much attention in Swedish media this winter was gender-equal snow clearing. This has been implemented in several cities. Statistics show that women walk and ride bicycles more often than men, while men drive cars more often than women. Clearing snow in a gender equal way means that sidewalks and bicycle paths are the first to be cleared, and then roads. That way, women will have an easier time of getting around than men. This apparently counts as a step toward equality.

Same bad ideas, different government


Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson explains the evils of men.

The Swedish National Audit Office has studied whether the billions of crowns of government funding will have a long term effect or not. Its conclusion is pessimistic. Many of the projects were temporary and will not be continued. Furthermore, a substantial amount of the money was never used for its intended purpose, partly due to government agencies being unprepared and having no plan for how to use their added resources.

Helene Odenljung of the Liberal People’s Party, which was a part of the right-wing coalition, agrees with the critique but maintains that the money produced good results. “I think that it is a hint to the next government, to do something similar actually, to continue the efforts that have been made,” she says to Sveriges Radio.

Last year the current left-wing government was elected, consisting of the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party. If they are more apt to use taxpayer money in an effective way remains to be seen. Without a doubt, though, they will continue enforcing feminist policies on the Swedish people. In a speech last summer, Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson went on a misandric tirade, blaming men in general for global warming.

It is rich men who cause the emissions and it is the poorest women who become the greatest victims, she professed to a cheering crowd

The Prime Minister himself, Stefan Löfven, said this in a speech after winning the election:

Sweden’s new government is a feminist government. Repressive gender roles and structures will be fought.

He continued by threatening companies on the stock exchange with imposing affirmative action. If women don’t make up at least 40 percent of boards by 2016, he will use legislation to enforce it. The Prime Minister also said that government agencies will be given a clearer task of applying gender mainstreaming to all of their activities.

Taking freedom away to reach Utopia

The man in charge, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Despite their many differences, Stefan Löfven’s administration is carrying on the political aspirations of its right-wing predecessor. Both want to get women to work, and men to stay in the household cleaning and raising children. If this does not happen naturally, well, they surely have no other option than to pass laws that demand it.

A commonality between most Swedish politicians of today is their affection for social engineering. If they don’t have a plan for creating a completely gender-equal society, the people will not see any reason to vote for them. Freedom, in the sense of absence of coercion, is a term never used in political debates. Everyone agrees, as no Swede could ever question without being virulently chastised and alienated, that equality is the ultimate good.

Whatever the color of the government in place, Sweden will continue on the social engineering trail. It cannot be said for certain if the politicians and social justice warriors will ever reach their utopian goal. What is obvious, however, is that they won’t spare any expenses using other people’s money to get there.

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181 thoughts on “Swedish Government Spends Billions On Gender Equality With Little Effect”

  1. Sweden is King Cuckold and a glimpse into the future of all societies that accept feminist doctrine.

      1. I recently heard the Putin/Russian has been threatening Sweden. I was rather surprise because I remember from my youth (in the 1980’s) that although Sweden was not part of NATO (and was a neutral country), they actually had a very competent and effective military. I wrongly assumed that they still had that military. I was mistaken. They have let their military fall apart as they have embraced the lunacy of feminism.

        1. Really, why not let Putin take things over? Could it really be any worse to be led by Putin than by Feminists? I do think Putin is a mixed bag–some things I admire, other times I think he is a despot, but how could it be worse than the current arrangement?

        2. If he doesn’t they’ll compromise the Islamists into ruling, who will proceed to slaughter feminists and liberals. The result won’t be Sweden but it will be functional.

        3. I think the best Swedish soldiers are now fighting on the front lines in Ukraine.

    1. Also implied by the article is that no matter if swedes vote “left” or “right”, they get the same policies (at least as far as gender is concerned). Some choice.

      1. It’s the same everywhere, rare exceptions aside ( Switzerland comes to mind ). You can vote all you like, eventually the policies from higher up will be enforced no matter what “the people” want. Remember, my home country voted against joining the EU by a large majority. Not too long after we joined anyway because fuck the democratic process unless it tells us what we want to hear.

        1. It’s all the same to all politicians at the end of the day (money and power). To get there, they need your vote (so it at least appears democratic).
          We have two major political parties in the U.S. but they are both the same (from Bush to Obama). Same policies in place, some enforcement (so much for transparency) – nothing changed.
          It’s not really a democracy…it’s just looks that way.

      2. We get the same thing here in the United States. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are the parties of “big government” and “big business”. They only differ in degree, and the way they go about it. Both parties are full of crap, and people are starting to realize it.

    2. Sure, if you compare degrees of shittiness, Sweden might be the shittiest. But I’d say the main issue is things are turning to shit for men in the West and even globally, and that win or lose, we’re all in this shit together.

    3. All of us in the rest of the World need to thank the Swedes for undertaking this experiment to prove that feminism cannot work.

  2. The only right-wing party in Sweden is the Swedish Democrats, a party that get totally ostracized by the establishment. The jokes of “conservatives” or “right-wing” parties over there are just leftists a little closer to the center than the rest of the far-left parties.

    1. I agree, the article describes the feminist party as “right wing” but the way I think of the political spectrum, feminists are lefties.

      1. If Feminists over there are considered right wing then Sweeden must be completely leftist. Feminists are always on The Left and usually extreme Left in The West.

  3. The Liberal People’s Party vs. The Social Democratic Party.
    So really then, Sweden never actually got away from that welfare state socialism, it just split in two and re-branded after some internal power struggle or something?
    Because you’re saying left and right, but it all sounds leftist without any counter-balance to me.

    1. Hell, that’s the GOP and Democratic parties, here (all becoming the same) with people splintering off to new ones because they see through the bullshit.
      If you’ve been around for a few decades, then you know the GOP of today isn’t the same GOP of yesterday. Bush to Obama…see any changes? Nope.

      1. Agree with you exactly. Doesn’t matter what they call themselves, they both are about spending our money on more government and other wasteful crap or as political parties using our own money against us to push their brand of candidate.
        Only been around about three decades, but have seen changes that are so intellectually dishonest they leave me perpetually exhausted. I actually dread the next presidential election because either way I think our fellow countrymen will elect an establishment candidate who will go right on screwing us all and the D.C. beast will continue to rampage.

        1. The best part – go back to the last few decades and you’ll see a pattern. Usually, any U.S. President has to “pay back” those big money donors. They’ll all usually do it during their back four years (of 8 years in office). They’ll throw a bone to the people the first four years but they’ll truly fuck the people (most) and the country on the back four years.
          The one exception that I saw was Clinton doing NAFTA (but that was a former Bush Sr. deal being completed). Clinton still fucked us by removing the Bank Act of 1933 in 2000 before he left so he still fits the mold.
          Bush Jr. fucked us with bailouts (it continues) and Obama will fuck us with TPP.
          They all are loyal to big money donors, first and fuck the people if they’re mad. Congress is no different (it’s why their approval rating is so low).

  4. Yes, it’s hugely racist,anti-semitic and even anti-swedish,but O’so funny that I can’t help ,but post it.I’am such a bad man, I know. It’s just too funny not to post it here. https://youtu.be/nZ4zhEfjXqA

  5. Sweden is the feminist equivalent of Mordor. You need the combined armies of Gondor & Rohan to attack its feminists held black gate.

      1. That would be Poland, caught between the mountains of uncertainty and the plains conviction.

    1. But who are Gondor and Rohan? Russia and Japan? America is practically the Men of Rhun, Australia is the Shire, and (old) South Africa the Lonely Mountain.

      1. Gondor and Rohan = rok and heartiste
        Forth brothers! To victory or death!

    1. Excellent video (since we’ve been discussing Sweden’s policies for a while, now). I recommend people take a few minutes to watch it.

      1. And the funny part is that the guy is an immigrant himself. He just loves his new homecountry and by now has integrated completely into it. That is how immigrants were too once in the US – accept the rules of your new country, feel and become American. Now it’s the reverse – the majority has to tip-toe around the few, while they publicly state that they hate the majority and the country itself. They rather expect their new place to change.

        1. But, he is a white man so he’s lumped in with Swedish men, regardless. That’s the rub.
          I find it pretty damn funny when the same rules (laws) aren’t applied to all. That’s when you know it has nothing to do with equality at all.

  6. let’s stop calling this bullshit equality and let’s start calling it what it is: mafia. let’s call them the vagina nostra. all you have to do to join this dick-envy group is to be born in deficiency of a penis.
    like socialists invented the underclass, feminists invent the group of women. both ignore the individuality of each person.
    what is the goal? equality? like what, between each man and woman? but then each man has to be the same, too. and each woman. what if one woman is better than another? my gosh. so we need equality on average? and for what exactly? so that a woman on average is the same as a man on average? but that doesn’t even mean anything. in the end, the weak men will become even weaker and the strong will be even more selective to choose a classical weak woman, thus the country is gracefully divided, but all that is masked by the averaged number.
    it is only a power instrument for women. obviously, they like it. all it means is: be born dickless and with those stupid fat deposits on your breast and you get super privileges to annoy and command all those cool people called men. just like that.
    and the leaders profit from the actually socially constructed gender wars.
    i mean, pleasing poor people is cool. but then, you have the hassle of keeping them poor. hey, but, women, they will never grow a dick. they will always like their extra privileges and they will always screech like the sexually excited hyenas they are when some leader speaks something charming about “free stuff for VAGINAAAS” – pardon, i mean equality and women’s rights and “forward”.

      1. Do it yakuza style, just drop ten tonnes of rooster cocks in the front yard — they’ll get the point when they have to clean them up.

      2. “If you’re in the Vagina Nostra, do you leave a rooster in a noose in the bed as a warning?”
        No, you leave a bloody tampon on the bed.

    1. Extralegal equality is useless, it’s only purpose is to make people feel better
      This is what happens when society doesn’t engage in an active ideology of anti-equality
      Vote for whatever nationalist party sweden has today

    2. “…let’s call them the vagina nostra.”
      Why the hell aren’t you writing for ROK?

        1. “I’m sure they have women that are ‘made cunts.’ ”
          They don’t actually need ‘Made Cunts’, they have more than enough that were Born Cunts in the first place.

    3. Agree. You only need to point of the facts of how often women are supported (especially by government agencies) and how often men are ignored. Everything being equal (laughable) then why is it that more men are homeless versus women?
      This isn’t about equality…it’s about giving women a leg up.
      The facts and stats don’t lie. They just need to be repeated to remind everyone of the nonsense of this current “feminism” and equality.

      1. you don’t even need to go that far. just look at people. are guys afraid of girls or girls afraid of guys, on average?
        but yes, what you say is true.

        1. I think the key is to stay on point with the discussion…don’t let them distract or deflect (they always try during a debate). They can’t answer it or they answer it with “i’ll have to look it up”. I laugh….you do that, honey.

      2. “This isn’t about equality…it’s about giving women a leg up.”
        Forget the leg, it’s about giving women the house, the car, the bank accounts, the kids, the whole enchilada.

  7. The sooner the money runs out, the sooner the scholars can sum up the past 45 years by saying “What the fuck were these wacky asses thinking?”

    1. Sweden and the mainstreaming of feminism… and enforcing “gender equality” in defiance of reality… and the humiliation and emasculation of men (wasn’t the whole attack on “manspreading” thing started by Swedish feminists?) is what is in store for every Western country that allows women to vote, to work and to have any power. This is inevitable end-result of feminism.

      1. and the worst part. These women feel sorry for the same type of people that are ruining their society. Immigrants in their country are the violent ones (not actual citizens) but they are getting a pass because they are immigrants while blaming white Swedish men for just being men (or white, both).
        This is the end result when you let women guard the castle.

  8. I worked for a while with honor violence. Highlights were:
    A. Having to hide the fact that we helped boys and men.
    B. Loosing state funding since too many men were registered as members.
    C. Seeing people killed by family members when asked for help and social service people then gave their whereabouts to their family.
    D. Been spat in the face by Swedish feminists calling me racist while helping Arab girl that was targeted for execution by her mother.
    My hatred for the Swedish society was forged in cold hatred by these events.

    1. I noticed this too about the male victims. Theres only a feminist narrative or definition of it. And still even then male victims make nearly 4/10 victims in pakistan(regular homicicde is 2-3x over but no one cares). Its like they played a rigged game in the definition to make it into a female “issue” otherwise itll be once again males.
      This is similar to the acid throwing as well, its considered a “violence against women” deal but most victims are males with bangladesh and taiwan being the exception. I think because this is considered a non western concept its easy for feminists to high jack and make it theres.
      I tired putting the link in wiki for it and surprise surpise it gets removed since it goes against that narrative.
      Surprised at D though normally they are all over jumping on heloing women.
      But all say this though,we in the west had a similar honor code as well and we had consequences when men and women deviated from that,now after feminism its now well degenercy. You can look up documentry called brainwashed even sweden had such a culture until it was stamped out of them 150 yrs later.

  9. Sweden and France appear to be in a race to see which highly developed, overly-sensitive, ethnically masochistic country can commit demographically induced national suicide first.
    My guess is that Sweden will implode first. They are huge pussies, even by European standards. The French at least appear to have some fight left in them, as far as French fighting goes.
    It’s truly time to bust out the popcorn and watch the shitshow unfold.

    1. The French got mauled by Germany in WW2 and because of that have this label of “surrender monkeys” that they live with today. France had a huge colonial empire for over 400 years, the French Republic ruled over more of Europe than anyone before or since, Napoleon made huge achievements in both politics, economy, and of course warfare, and France has a huge history of scientific, religious, and artistic achievement.
      They have a modern industrial society today, have been operating on nuclear energy for decades, while developing new renewable sources, and have a respect for their own culture and history and resist change. As mentioned in the modern art article, the French defaced the giant buttplug that was placed publicly by an American artist and labeled “art.” The French know a thing or two about art.
      As far as French fighting goes, the tiny nation of France lost over a million dead in the Napoleonic Wars, and it took 7 combined coalitions of the rest of Europe to finally end the expansion of the French army. During the worst battles of WW1, France, a nation of 30-something million, lost up to 30,000 men a day for *MONTHS* at a time. Total casualties were over 4 million injured and 1.7 million dead. America is still licking its wounds after losing like 65,000 soldiers in years of fighting in Vietnam, and America is a far, far bigger country. Would America be as brave and determined if it lost that many men proportionally? I have no idea, but it’s never been tested.
      I have no French ancestry (AFAIK). I think some of the stuff the French can do is effeminate, and I don’t know any of the French feminism advancements, though they may exist. But I have read an awful lot about the horrible direction Sweden is going. I just had to rant about the “surrender monkey” mantra the French are unfairly stuck with.

      1. It’s the Left and the communists that forced the French to an armistice, probably because the Nazi-Soviet pact.

  10. I salute this author. I know too well the real danger lurking for heretics within media.
    Käre landsman. Vill du ha hjälp, råd eller bara knyta kontakt så hör av dig. Jag kan kanske hjälpa dig med jobb utomlands.

  11. it’s not sweden, but germany.
    little story.
    i had a discussion yesterday on facebook where i argued a fairly darwinistic standpoint on the greece debate. i said that they are weak and germany owes them nothing.
    not a single person agreed with me, from probably 20 commenters. i got some arguments about how they suffer and poor kids at hospitals and how i am a bad person and brutalistic and darwinistic (i liked that comment).
    the commenters seemed to be relatively well off people from the entertainment industry, among them many musicians, one of them actually an ex-participant of a talent show.
    later, one of these musicians sent me a private message telling me that i would “pay bitterly” for my stance. scared me for 5 seconds there.
    these people are automatons.

    1. They have already paid, they just do not know (or want to admit it yet) it yet
      Don’t worry, at some point, the only way to resolve the situation is for Greece to leave the euro and reintroduce the Dracma at some point. When that happens, everyone that owns Greek bonds, or has money in electronic form in a Greek bank, will now find that instead of being Euros, they will be the new currency of Dracmas. Once that happens, the new currency will start to lose value and everyone that loaned money to Greece will pay for their stupidity.
      There is NO WAY that Greece can ever make their debt whole. Raising taxes, cutting the budget, economic reforms, none of that will fix the situation. The general numbers are that Greece has about 345 billion Euros of debt being serviced by a 200 billion Euro economy. At best, expected taxes would be 20% of GDP or 20% x 200 = 40 billion Euros. If Greece is lucky, the interest rate on the debt would be 5% so 5% x 345 or 17 billion (or more) in interest payments on the debt. That means that 40 billion Euros in taxes minus 17.5 billion for interest payments only leaves 22.5 billion Euros to pay for everything else, including pensions. I can’t find a number to say how much the pension payments are, but it appears to be somewhere over 15 billion Euros, leaving at most 2.5 billion Euros to run the country.
      When that happens, you will be able to point out the stupidity of their position and how thinking like theirs helped create it; since if no one had loaned them the money,Greece couldn’t have gotten into so much trouble plus drag other people’s money in with them.

      1. Interesting summary. A Greek guy I used to work with told me Greece was totally to blame for their own problems. They all have an attitude of spend more than you can afford in order to have the latest of everything.

        1. America is going to economically collapse aswell. All countries spend money they don’t have but Greece took it or a ridiculous level.

      2. And the rest of the world, and especially the US, is right behind them on this. It is going to be a massive crash that will make the great depression look like a vacation in Tahiti. There is just too much debt to ever be paid back, both private and public. Most of the politicians and bankers know this. They are just whistling in the dark and trying to put off as long as possible the time when this becomes obvious to the public.
        For example the politicians are starting to realize and deal with the impossible student debt load issues. Without bankruptcy to resort to in extremis what is the alternative; debtor’s prisons, indentured servitude,and slave labor for life?

      3. Greece is fucked. I lived there 10 years ago when the economy was supposedly doing well, but even then I could see that there were going to be big problems in the future.
        I’m from Greek background myself, so it’s hard for me to be totally objective I suppose, but it’s true that Greeks generally spend far more than they earn, and have no interest in working as productively as other Europeans.
        There really is no option for them at this point. If they exit the EU nobody will trade with them and they will end up like Argentina; and the drachma will become the European peso.
        Theoretically they could restructure their economy, but Greece doesn’t really have anything the world wants in great quantities, and it would take at least a decade or so for them to build sufficient financial and tech industries.

        1. Olive oil?
          I’ve had some really awesome cheese from Cyprus before Houlemani or something.
          And I thought they had a good shipbuilding industry?
          What does America have that the world wants in great quantities? (Hint: Sluts and selfie sticks don’t count)

        2. You can’t build a strong economy on feta, olive oil and tourism. that is a peasant economy

        3. Well, the entire workforce of Greece is smaller than the population of NYC. Yeah, they can’t all be tour guides, but there is substantial industry there, and I place most of the blame at mismanagement of the government of Greece.
          Although I must say I have not read much objective analysis of the situation, and have never been there, so take this with a grain of salt.

    2. “i had a discussion yesterday on facebook where i argued a fairly
      darwinistic standpoint on the greece debate. i said that they are weak
      and germany owes them nothing.”
      Prophetically, Greece must leave the EU and NATO so as not to be dragged into World War III in which Mystery Babylon (USA) and Russia destroy each other, but first Russia reaches the Persian Gulf and the borders of Israel.

      And then comes the Antichrist.

      1. we wouldn’t need an anti-Christ at that point. brown people and blacks would take over the world if the white countries destroyed eachother.
        beside Russia wants Ukraine why would they go into turkey at the same time

        1. “we wouldn’t need an anti-Christ at that point. brown people and blacks would take over the world if the white countries destroyed eachother”
          The non Christians would take over the (what remains of the) world after a EU/NATO war vs. Russia. You’re losing the plot if you’re thinking primarily in racial terms.

        2. no, he said Istanbul would become Christian again.
          and all these Hispanic and African countries are completely dependent on white countries and technology, so it is a relevant point.
          and since the greeks are lazy socialists, how would they survive in turkey without EU countries to bail them out?

        1. I know it’s not what you mean, but Istanbul is where almost all of Turkey’s Jews & Christians live, there are several beautiful churches there. Sadly things are changing for the worse, but Turkey is still (just about) a secular, democratic country, so it’s not precisely in Muslim hands, unless ISIS get their way (fat fucking chance).

    3. The argument I’ve heard is that Greece and other European countries bailed out Germany after WW2. Even after they started two world wars.
      The argument I’m hearing is that the Germans and EU are being greedy and not helping when it would be just to do so.
      I don’t have an informed opinion on this… And I can’t exactly argue with people on Facebook lest someone might use my questioning against me.

      1. Germany have been holding The European economy together for years now, they don’t owe Greece anything in my view.

      2. Greece has had their debt restructured or forgiven ninety-something times out of the past 150 yrs, so I doubt they had a hand in bailing out anyone…

        1. Greeces only historical importance=being a nice place to spent your holiday. Can’t imagine they ever bailed someone out.

      3. they say germany is greedy and doesnt help when they should? mate, germany is the reason why greece is still in the eu. our government burns so much money there in such short amounts of time its ridiculous, when you read user comments in the german media, you find 80% of the people are tired of “helping” greece anymore, because the german people are well aware that they will not see their money ever again, yet we cant stop merkel/schäuble to throw out more of our taxes.
        you would think greece is thankful for this. but now the joke: it is not. merkel and schäuble, and often germany as a whole are depicted as nazis, they have been shown as hitler caricatures, they are denounced and ridiculed in ways that you could describe as propaganda. greece media promotes the picture that germany and the EU are responsible for their desolate state.
        in germany, it is known what a mojarity of greece people think and what their media say about us. yet still, we throw money at them. yeah. it really sounds like germany is the super whiteknight and cpt. save-a-hoe (hoe=greece). we all know how such relations work out 😀
        but to be fair, the usual citizen (me included) doesnt know the coherences of what would happen if greece really goes out of the EU. if greece goes out, are other states going to retreat as well? would the eu collapse? what would happen to germany in that matter? do we simply dont have another choice then to support greece, well knowing that they cant pay their debt back in the next 200 years? but then, how long are we supposed to burn our money there? since we dont have infinite money and cant aid such big amounts of money for another state for an extended period of time, when will this stop? will it stop at all?
        and most important: why are we responsible for greece AT ALL? just because we are in the EU together? there are other weak states as well. is it our duty to support them? NOPE. but say this openly, and youre fascist and get threats, just like tom arrow witnessed

        1. Sounds exactly like the situation that we have in the U.S. (many tired of paying for many others). I don’t have a problem helping someone out but when it’s expected of me that bullshit needs to end. Greece shouldn’t get any help at all until everything is in writing that things have to change (not everything but something has to change). They’ve had this problem too many times and I wouldn’t expect more taxpayer money for it.
          This shit is going to happen in the U.S. soon enough. I’m tired of paying for other people who don’t help themselves. I’ve heard too many people bitching and complaining about a low pay job versus shutting the fuck up (and getting to work).
          Americans have had it too good for too long…the result is a weaker society.

        2. There’s an irony about how things were done in the USA though: Rather than making the USA into a copy of Sweden or even Greece, instead, it became more like:
          The left increased their voter base with the welfare state and that’s where the big money went so while career women in the states have money, they don’t have the social welfare benefits like they would in Europe. Except for perhaps the top white collar career women, most women in the states face high medical insurance costs (made WORSE by Obamacare!), higher costs for housing, expensive cars (due to regulations), increased risks of being attacked (not by traditional men, but rather the products of the leftist society), etc.
          Sure, in the states, an American woman can get lots of men to jump on her for sex but other than that, it does suck in a lot of ways. The women here gripe about how hard it is to keep up with other women to get the latest Iphone or Louis Vuitton bag and pay for house and car repairs. They need beta men to pay those bills and offer the betas over 40 little incentive to do so. Betas now even commonly demand that women pay their way on dates.
          Getting a low pay job in the states is for suckers. Leftists and crony capitalists alike deflated wages in order to make big profits and swell up the welfare state rolls. Do you want to be a serf for a state that is out to destroy you?

        3. But you know after seeing the hand off from Bush to Obama it really didn’t matter. Bush spent money like crazy as well increasing the size of government, two wars (not increasing taxes to pay for it), etc…. The GOP usually does it on credit while the Dems just flat out spend like crazy.
          The bailout went from Bush to Obama with both gladly handing out taxpayer money like candy. It’s one big party and you (and I) aren’t invited. The rest is nonsense to keep people busy pointing fingers.

        4. “Do you want to be a serf for a state that is out to destroy you?”
          No. Worse, being a straight-white-christian-male you are approved class enemy. That’s why I will never go back.

      4. yes, something along the lines i heard, too.
        i just don’t buy into any form of guilt or debt in that sense. every logical form of altruism is based on self-interest.
        since i was not very well informed, i argued that if it paid for germany to support greece in the long term, it may be a sound strategy politically. i just don’t see it.
        and i fail to acknowledge people i don’t know somewhere hundreds of miles away who demand something from me as friends whom i would like to help for the sake of seeing them thrive.

      5. I’ve spent my free time for two weeks trying to wrap my head around this, reading everything from every side, and all I can say is that without a degree in economics and years of experience working in a relevant field, it’s all Greek to me.

        1. Hah!
          It’s hard for me to wrap my head around as well, which is why my opinions are always so open-ended… It’s difficult to wade through the reports where people actually know what they’re talking about and where people are bringing their biases into it.
          A good book I’ve been reading is Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and the opening chapter of the book discusses the fact that economics is one art where human bias always always always plays a role.
          Economics is corrupted by the pleading and ideologies of special interests groups. Other than the raw numbers, which like you say would require focused study to comprehend, economics is not objective.

      6. Hmm no. The Marshall Plan bailed out Germany and our European allies after WWII. Germany paid war reprarations in 1960 to Greece and since 1990 after reunification it was accepted all reprarations were completed.
        However the punk Greek PM Tsipras has decided in April that the 115 million paid in 1960 was “just a down payment” and the Germans need to cough up another 300 billion. Being a Greek Prime Minister means you never have to live in reality or pay a nations debt after borrowing billions.
        Nice gig if you can get it.

    4. People who end arguments like that shouldn’t be taken to have a logical capabilities.

    5. really? i live in germany too, and when i talk about greece, many people are fed up with the topic and dont want to burn their tax money there anymore. but if you discuss online, i guess theres a higher risk for sjw nonsense. can you name the one who threatened you?

    6. It’s similar to people for shaming you for the way you live or the car you drive. I tell people to mind their fucking business or I ask them if they want to pay my bills…..dead silence (or no is the answer).
      It’s easy to say these things but putting them into action is a little different. Those people on Facebook will gladly support them because “it’s the right thing to do or say” but how many of them would hop on a plane to put those words into action? None of them.
      I stopped listening to people a while back because much of it is bullshit. They want to appear a certain why (to others), they want to be on the right side of justice but many of them won’t put their money where their mouth is at any moment.
      They’re full of shit and you should treat them accordingly.

      1. exactly right.
        i think it comes down to them being envious of you not buckling to the same standards they do, even if this is not conscious to them. they secretly hate the approval-seeking, too, but know not how to escape it.
        one girl commented on me being asocial. and in a sense, i am, it is a part of my personality. but then again, what do i care for such status symbols. told her that she can be proud of being labeled social while i choose to live my life my own way.

        1. Of course…she had to label you right away because that’s all she has to go on (no real debate, no facts, etc…). I tell people all of the time (when they call me an asshole) that “yes, I am…it’s part of my charm”. Funny, no one disagrees or comments.
          I think women secretly love it. I just did it the other night when I met a girlfriend’s friend for the first time. That god damn white female entitled attitude came out and I told her to go wait in the corner while the grown ups finish talking. I don’t think she could believe that I dismissed her so quickly.
          I only gave back what she gave me….but so many men are too weak today and they cave to these women. I simply treat them like little kids.
          Btw…when she left for the evening she stopped by, punched me in the arm and said “goodnight Mr. Grumpy”. Yes, I think they love it.

        2. haha, grumpy. i think i was called that, too, a few times.
          in january, was on a train, back from peru, my stuff all over the place. elderly woman came and asked if “one” could put one of the bags away so that she could sit down. i brusquely told her “go ahead.” she took one bag and threw it at me, sat down and said “how impolite”. the girl who sat beside me was shocked, too, don’t remember what she said. i didn’t apologize. the elderly woman eventually smirked into her newspaper.
          another story from a friend, reminds me of yours: he was visiting a friend of his and his friend’s girlfriend at their flat. his girlfriend felt like she has a say on how her boyfriend should spend his earned money, since they lived together. she actually argued with him. as my friend saw it, he told her “how dare you talk to him like that, bitch?” ever since then, she strongly disliked him, though. there is another man with balls.

        3. Taking up multiple seats with your bags when others wish to sit actually IS impolite. Don’t be the entitled bitch on the train, that’s a woman’s job.

        4. But yet you should be (polite). Especially with the elderly. When it is not
          reciprocated, feel free to indulge.

        5. It has nothing to do with that. As a former SJW I can tell you they say those things for a number of reasons and being envious was not one of those things
          They can act and talk as violently as they want to a person that isn’t politically correct with no recoil and hide in the PC masses. And these SJWs despite their masked ideas of justice are the most bloodthirsty folks you will ever come across. When they can silently follow their PC standards they spout out to you out of gleeful cowardly sadistic tendencies
          It’s also a way to make themselves like they accomplished something and feel like a hero for absolutley no effort and knowing their PC crowd will back them up
          Why do they use strawman arguments? Changing subject to one they think they can win because they can’t win the former. I hated these people even as SJW and they go right to insults.

        6. Decorum and class is apart of being a man. It is inseperable. You do not have to like it.
          “what’s in it for me?” is in the first thing in the mind of every parasite, grifter, mooch, etc.. I have ever met. It is female in nature. Rise above it. It is a pathetic thing to see in a man.

        7. i see no point engaging in petty mannerisms just for the sake of doing it. there is beauty and concept in being brazen, too.

    7. Greeks have done this to themselves and they are having a hard time coming to terms with it. As they cooked the books in order to enter the EU 20 years ago, this comes to no surprise as it unwinds. They have borrowed billions and have no intention of paying it back. Their new PM is being a smug little prick toying with the creditors about “new austerity” plans, but is simply seeing if he can get more coin and time. The Germans are correct here. Stop pouring money down a hole.
      As regards to the commenters… they are leftists, hence no understanding of anything of substance. Your comments upset them and they could not reply with facts, so they tried to shame you. It is their SOP.

  12. My question is, when is Russia going to see this weak ass shit and decide Sweeden is ripe for conquest? Once that happens, I suspect some measure of normalcy will be restored.

    1. pity finland is in the way
      the finns should join in and set their neighbor right

    2. Sweeden will self implode anyway, Muslims are due for a takeover in the next 40 years. Parts of Sweeden are already under Sharia law.

  13. If the Swedish men can all be house husbands by law that would be awesome. Imagine going all the way with it and having women kicked out of homes they paid for because her husband had fallen out of love. Shit that would behold.

  14. Sweeden is going to have cultural collapse in a bad way. When I hear about governments spending billions on bullshit social justice programs it always annoys me. Think what positive use they could have put that money too instead of enforcing some gender neutral (anti male) agenda.

  15. There are a lot of decent detective novels from Scandinavian countries, but they all contain themes of rape and racism and the bad guys are invariably white supremacists. Unfortunately people are more acquainted with the fictional Sweden depicted in crime novels written by bitter leftist homo’s than the real Sweden.

    1. That’s something I’ve noticed as well: the clear link there is with having an almost sexual obsession with rape, murder and violence and crime detective fiction. Arguably crime fiction is how this type of ideology is being reproduced in the swedish people’s imagination. There is a new detective series coming – called fire something which appears to involve two female protagonists – a detective and a psychologist – have a lesbian relationship with each other while investigating incredibly violent crimes committed by men. Obviously its written by two men, who appear on the dust jacket in grungy leather jackets trying to look like rock musicians. In the absence of hard evidence to back up their belief system (swedish men being the most laid-back and least violent men on the planet pretty much) they have to produce the evidence in narrative

        1. he’s good. I read one about an old nazi. Norwegian’s are better than swedes that way, but their villains are rarely left-wing

  16. How does one go from being the scourge of France and England to this shit? I don’t even get it. This is why people who believe in linear progress are naive fucks

    1. The US was once a truly great nation and look at it today. All in the span of two or three generations. It seems any great culture has its peak and then rapid decline and dissolution.

      1. Except the US’s reign was particularly short-lived. We were only the #1 country in the world really from around 1960-2000. Not even a lifetime.

  17. Can somebody explain this to me?…. If, in the eyes of the Swedish government, men and women are one and the same, then why do women get custody over the children in more than 80% of divorce cases, just by courtesy of their vaginas?

    1. It’s selective equality….same as in the U.S.. They (SJWs, feminist) only use the word “equality” when they are disenfranchised. They want the good but none of the bad.

    2. Ive heard custody is 50/50 and men don’t get divorce raped in Sweden like they do in the U.S and U.K.
      I have no idea whether it true though

  18. I knew the Swedes were lunatics 10 years ago when I met a Swedish policial science student. She told me with pride that in Sweden all immigrants are entitled to an education in their native language. In other words, if you come from Nigeria the government must make the investments to provide you an education in Yoruba. They love spending money on non Swedes.

    1. If i told you the amount of freebees the unemployed sub saharan africans and arabs get here from the blood and sweat of the hard working natives who are burning out more and more, you would not believe me.

  19. Feminist leader Gudrun Schyman burns money for attention in 2010.
    Isn’t this a crime ?? Should she been charged ??

    1. They greatest injustice there could be is to take two things that are inherently unequal and make them equal.

    2. Well you can certainly try… and if reality doesn’t conform to your ideology, you can certainly “force” equality.. but only through totalitarianism. This is why communism in practice was such a murderous, dehumanizing enterprise.
      How soon before feminism’s attempt to force equality between sexes in a world where there is no such thing starts slipping into truly totalitarian and violent territory, if it hasn’t already?

  20. There was a story about how Poland is the best country at turning it’s economic success into quality of life or something.
    Probably because it doesn’t waste its time with egalitarian nonsense like equal pay or multiculturalism.

  21. Its all about words, control of the information.
    How far, how low society has fallen, just with lies.
    So much effort to deny all evidence, then Why these things happen ?
    Even with science as evidence, people don’t want to believe because they only hear emotions, process emotions, and excrete emotions.

  22. Swedes.
    Why not borrow 100 Trillion from the world bankers to promote a universe without black holes. Same difference when you try to change the laws of nature when it comes to men and women. Now that’s a black hole we can see, hear, and feel here on planet earth.

  23. “Of that amount, a great portion went to combating honor-related violence, which is typically overwhelmingly isolated to immigrant populations.”
    I love it when the Left goes to war with itself. Yea the 3rd World Theists and Faggot Feminists are hand in hand, right?

  24. Sweden truly sounds like a feminist hellhole and nightmare for men.
    And yet I have heard Swedish people, including men I assume, report some of the highest levels of happiness. So are men happy in that feminist society? Do any Swedes here have any recent statistics about this?
    Is there an anti-feminist movement of men against the draconian, batshit-crazy and extreme feminist policies of their culture and government? What are women like in Sweden? According to the manosphere, and according to what we have observed in our own feminist countries, in a true and very feminist society of the type that is Sweden, you should see female hypergamy and the alpha fucks/beta bucks female mating strategy fully realized.. with the feminist, socialist state helping to enforce cuckoldry against beta men. Is that the case in Sweden? Are the women huge sluts?

    1. “And yet I have heard Swedish people, including men I assume, report some of the highest levels of happiness.”
      The reason is the leftist, feminist social scientists who conduct those studies largely measure feminist variables, and then call scoring high on those variables happiness.

    2. I believe that study like I believe any study…depends who is doing it. We’ve seen that all too often where a study is done and it’s done in a way to produce favorable results.
      I think drug companies are the worst. They claim an 85 percent success rate on a new drug (given to 10 people).

  25. “An author of the study, Margareta Åberg, says that parts of what has been accomplished risks “disappearing when the money does.”
    All she is saying is she wants the government to give her more money to spend on “equality” diamond studded cats or whatever
    “Freedom, in the sense of absence of coercion, is a
    term never used in political debates.”…. For a people so apparently committed to “radical ideas” (which are nothing of the sort) there is a strange passivity to swedes with regard to socialist ideas. Socialism seems to have sunk deeper into their veins than in other countries
    “Everyone agrees, as no Swede could
    ever question without being virulently chastised and alienated, that
    equality is the ultimate good”
    Obviously this presents the task immediately at hand: get those stokholm syndromed Swedes to start to question why “equality of outcome”
    The other immediate task is to ridicule swedish men on social media for supporting and enabling this. Did this just this week. Laugh at them. They are small country that thinks they are at the cutting edge. Showing them that the world is laughing at them, will get them mad but it might also get them to think about this

  26. Hey I looked through the honor thing and 2 of em under the “feminists narrative” of honor killing 2 of those last arent. The last one example is more of a crime of passion(though similar) and the other of the boy being beaten is more like a gang feud. but guess that site has a different view on it. And the other one wear the girl stripped down in public the family brought dishonor on themselves there for exposing her.

  27. The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, UK: all spend billions on immigrants. Taxmoney those “racist” white natives have to pay to “fix the inequality”. Is there a conspiracy? There might be. But initially Marxists really believe that every ethnicity is equal to it’s own, and that no culture is superior
    Marxists believe the sub saharan bushman with an IQ of 80 has a right on a life of prosper. That he will come to Europe and then one way will wake up and starts studying to become a doctor, and so will his children. Idiocy.
    Sometimes people make references to the Vikings when talking about Scandinavia. “How can those vikings turn in to the wimps they are now?” Well, the Norseman always had a female friendly society. They were well known for that around the world. Then Christianity came and the plundering and violence was subdued. Then socialism came and tamed the men even further. Now immigration of Muslims will annihilate the Scandinavian men. The final nail in the coffin.

  28. In Sweden, 2/3 of men of work in the private sector, 2/3 of women “work” in the public sector. This is why they waste public money using the state to impose gender feminism without caring of this discrimination against men

    1. Looks like women have jobs in the public sector but we all know that they don’t really “work”…and that’s the problem.
      More tax money wasted on hiring women because they are women…sitting on their asses.

  29. Will not work for very good reasons. Men know it would be their doom. Men are hard wired to WANT to look after their woman. Look at the black widow spider and the honey bee. I know of no species where the male kills off a useless female, but there are many, such as the preying mantis, where the dominant female kills off the male. It is a yin yang thing..
    Women are programmed to love their offspring 1st. That is the way it should be. The dude will be more willing to pay for a housewife than vice versa. So it is better for all if the dude is in charge.
    I think about my colleague with her sstay at home artist husband. Ususally, such situations continue for a few years. But my guess is around 40, his ass gets kicked out on the pavement. Often hear her say, “I am the one who makes the big bucks”.
    Would not want to be in his shoes. She will not see the arrangement as trendy forever.

    1. He might be able to cash in. Better to be in his shoes then divorce-raped by his stay-at-home-wife. Hell he might even get majority custody of the kids if he was at home with them.

  30. What bitch tyranny you live under Mr Hyde. I pray for your safety. We appreciate the reports. Keep your burner smartphone ready to burn and chuck for a new one. If you have to flee, go north, jump fence or pay toll into Finnmark (Norway) and from there the road directly into Russia. We should try to get Vlad to put a word in for you just in case.
    A commenter receintly referred to the Scandinavian blonde empowered monster bitches as ‘Brunhildes’. Lololol!! He called them Brunhildes. I know what he was talking about but I never had a name for them.
    TRUE the blonde blue eyed petite submissive virgin women of ages past were the blessing to the Nordic man just as the respective women of every other race were to their men before the current wave of bitch rule began taking root 140 years ago with the feminists first lobbying for raising the age of consent by increments to 18 back in 1875. Oh how the young blonde maidens were as sweet and managable to wife up then and to look NOW at how WASTED they are. Old fat blonde wrinkled feminazi COWS have taken over the land of Sweden. It’s as if a thousand Hillarys have hatched there and they do the preying mantis on the males of their own tribe as they import droves of African pets to domesticate. GOD DAMN YOU FUCKING BRUNHILDES. You are the fucking scourge of the Earth.
    Well, actually ALL women of ALL races are equally bad for their own culture whenever they become empowered. Regardless of race, empowered women follow the same M.O. The black widow bitches kill off the males and steal or appropriate male pet servants from the ‘market’ or they rubber stamp nearby or available refugees with no strings attached. Stupid americunt bitches bitched for ‘man pets’ in the deep south during the windfall peak of slave importation around 1818. It became chique for every cunt bitch entitled ‘southern belle’ plantation queen to have her own slave boy helper to show off like the bitches today show off their new Cadillac Escalade that their punk ass beta provider buys for them. (or like the swede bitches show off their Somali boy toy). ‘Every 84 years we see this same recurring cycle of peak bitch entitlement.’ 1986, 1902, 1818 (see a pattern?)
    It’s no accident that this ‘trend’ is being headed off in Sweden. Look around and see how many middle aged piece of shit ’empowered’ Swedish women are driving around in their Saabs with a coloured male ‘helper’ in the passenger seat. ‘Trend’ is it? Or is it the Brunhilde BITCH WAY? The trend is coming to a close and boy will it ever close this time. The patriarchy is rising like never before.
    For any colored guy out there, man don’t seek asylum in Sweden just to eat some fugly old blonde hag. The bloody Viking is turning in his grave now and the bitches there will soon be in for a real SPANKING. But don’t eat their smelly shit, man. They eat dairy up there like the babylonians comitted bestiality and their ‘p’ smells like old cheese and blood pancake. So find you a ‘jungleicious’ young tropical animal with tits like mangoes and smash the shit, but please leave the Brunhildes alone. The jury is in on them as far as the patriarchy is concerned and some naughty northern bitches have gone way over the line. The pig squealing will be heard all the way across the Baltic as the Swedish bitches are put back in their place.

  31. Last month I happened to meet two beautiful Swedish girls at a club in NYC (I live in NJ). They seemed like the types who sleep with men for money but at some point during the conversation I asked how was Sweden and one of them flat out told me that “she’s glad to be here and would never go back again.” I have no reason to suspect that virulent feminism in that society has something to do with this woman hating the country of her birth.The fat cunts screaming for feminism in any country don’t just oppress men they oppress attractive women too!

  32. So try to profit from these trends.
    Use your red-pill knowledge to dip your cup into that stream….

  33. Feminism claimed that men would do more housework while women would do more actual work, but as another article on RoK shows, that’s not how it works out.
    Breadwinner women usually treat men like shit. It’s funny that feminists who go on and on about how women do ‘unpaid” work and how men don’t respect women, ignore the fact that it’s mostly women that don’t respect that work when men do it or when they hire illegals with no papers to look after their children (but they worry about stranger-danger from the kids walking to school. Yet it’s ok to have someone whose an illegal immigrant look after you kid?)
    Anyhoo, what really happens is that as career women earn more, they either blow the money at the mall or wind up as unwed mothers and then wind up complaining how it’s hard for them to get by. The unsuccessful men that such women don’t want to marry…
    Wind up on the streets.
    Feminism has put more minority men into jail than Jim Crow. A feminist recently shrieked about “men” catcalling her in NYC. A look at the video shows that most of these men are poor and minority and have few other ways to express themselves. “Why won’t those men just shut up and die?” the entitled feminist probably thinks to herself.
    As I go on in my red-pill development (for 30 years now), I find myself becoming more and more arrogant towards women’s complaints about men and it’s hard because sometimes I can go too far, but in this era that’s increasingly difficult. Equality for women is the second biggest mistake next to communism.

  34. Just as you cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, so too can you not legislate the unequal into equality. All that is effectively accomplished with this idiocy is the reduction of the bar to the lowest common denominator and foisting the resulting bill for it off onto generations of future taxpayers. All Sweden is doing is throwing more and more good money after bad down a never ending pit of concessions. That’s all this insane drive for “equality” will ever amount to. Concessions.

  35. i see many hate towards GREECE. we ve already paid the germans nearly 300 bilion, now the interest had reached another 300 billion. meanwhile their programs made our unemployment 30% , when in 2009 it was not even 15%. well taxes reached almost 40$(when in 2009 we had not even 20% and STILL many greeks did not pay (imagine now!!)) . while our minister asked a referendum just to show gemrnay that this cant go on, our channels bombarded us with threats of how well die of starvation and lack of drugs. it is clearly that europe tries to be United states of europe :with unified Economic Policy , unified Social issues etc etc, and if we dont become germans , ALL OF US, we better die with fire. thats the style you love here, capitalistic fascism that does not care about anything(just like feminism destroys culture). well may i remind you that greeks are to the core ANTIcapitalist country and programs made for them should be more adjucent to that fact. laso i would like you to see the institusions that draw the Economic policies of europe like IMF , EMS etc etc that are actually powerful predators the destroy Countries at will with their “jew” policies. and two more examples for you : 1) europe boycoted russia, GREECE refused the boycot, they made us pay as punishment 2) they asked all Countries here to vote for gay marriage : GREECE and italy (and some more) refused to vote it , so they punished us with a fee again. thankyou for your understanding, dont eat german porpaganda , they are right in the base, but their ways are inhumane as always

    1. Nikks you are an idiot. But at least you try to understand, even though your conclusions are dead wrong.
      A) It is 95% the greeks fault to be broke.
      The number of public servants did DOUBLE after joining the EU/Euro. All friends and family members of the ruling parties. Dont forget that it was pasok and neodemo who plundered your country.
      The latin american countries works the same. Here in Paraguay for example 93% of all tax revenue goes into paychecks for public servants. Many of them do not even show up for work, they just get paid. Teachers here retire after 25 years..thats often with 43-45 years old. Isnt it similar in greece, when hairstyle pros retire with 50?
      Is that not a total waste of money?
      Now Paraguay is a 3rd world country and one of the most corrupt in the world. Greece is not. Well corruption does exist of course but greece does enjoy first world standards of living. Why? Because of debt.
      Greece did borrow and waste money in the last 20 years to kingdom come. Yes in the last 5 years, it wasted less. But the not-so-nice truth is, that greece is STILL living above its means.
      Yes you had to suffer austerity. Yes you had to suffer higher taxes and all kinds of shit…but it is still too good for you in your country. Your economy is even weaker than your current standard of living. Not for you young guys – you suffer 300%. You could have it much better. But if you are looking for guilt – do not look at others, like germany. Look at your own people. The old generation. The guys who ruined everything, took everything they could grab and STILL hold all the money and power. They are living the good live, still. If you are a young greek be honest with your own people – your elders did lie to you for decades, the EU may be a dictatorship but without their money greece would be in a similar postion as many south american countries.

  36. The feminist state that is Sweden will inevitably implode or be invaded. It’s a great case study of what happens when a large percentage of the decision making process is based on emotions rather than logic..
    Affirmative action is a joke and thankfully the markets will ensure that the last laugh is at Sweden’s expense. Sweden already has a failing private sector, most of which packed up and left in the 90’s. How does the feminist state plan to fund itself as those tax revenues continue to dry up or simply move elsewhere?

  37. Blame the businesses for putting up with this. Within environments that enforce this nonsense business should just pull up stakes and go elsewhere. That includes the banks, the stock exchanges and industry. All any of this is is men stealing from other men to hand over to women. When all is said and done they probably don’t even get any pussy for their troubles. If you own the business pull up stakes and leave. All that need be done is to starve the matriarchy.

  38. I remember a time when the term “Swedish women” was synonymous with a gold standard – the most beautiful caucasian women on the planet.
    Now it’s like an episode of the Three Stooges, with everybody pretending they are watching Macbeth.

  39. Sweden will soon experience the rise of “aggressive” male assertion very soon. Whether it’s at the hands of their own men (and NATO’s) or Putin’s remains to be seen.

    1. NATO is an organization that will fight to the last American.
      (Old cold war joke amongst the GIs stationed in Europe.)

  40. Wow-that’s what you call a ‘right-wing’ government? That sounds pretty leftie to me.

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