How Feminists Use The Religion Of Diversity To Destroy True Diversity

One of the oldest tricks in politics is to accuse your opposition of your own crimes.

Modern leftists regularly accuse conservatives of being opposed to diversity. We all know the “rayciss” moniker gets tossed around way too often as a way for leftists to silence debate with cheap but effective ad hominems. But, it can be argued many of us in the manosphere and the alt-right are supporters of true diversity while leftists are attempting to destroy diversity by pushing a gynocentric monoculture that will span the globe.

We still believe traditionalism has a role in the world, and have been the poster men for tolerance even while women performed their little science experiment called feminism. We only started speaking out when it started to debase and destroy the society we men built up. They believe the entire planet must be assimilated into the It Takes A Village mentality and spit fury at dissenters, while we have been exemplary in our patience until recent years.

Evidence is beginning to mount the ultimate goal of the Establishment is to take the gynocentrism of the United States and Western Europe global. Boilerplate feminist rhetoric is now appearing regularly in foreign newspapers, as we will see with one recent example in a moment. Of course, the many traditional cultures left in the world will be destroyed if this happens. Which means “diversity” as practiced by leftists will destroy true diversity.

They push their myopic belief in female supremacy via Hollyweird and American media which are both increasingly force-fed to the masses of the world. It is their way, they think, of bringing “progress” to the rest of the world. But what if what we’re progressing towards is a matriarchal hell in which men are reduced to the human equivalent of worker bees orbiting a queen bee rather than men who have a role in society beyond laborer and sperm donor?

Women are angels, men are devils in the religion of feminism

Women are angels, men are devils in the religion of feminism

Saving The Heathens

In many ways, the high priestesses of feminism follow the same principles as those pushing religious conversions. They believe must “save” the heathens who still believe in masculinity from themselves. Never mind the fact women are more unhappy post-feminism than ever before. As reported by Return Of Kings last year, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found:

By many objective measures the lives of women in the US have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.  The paradox of women’s declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries.

There’s actually no paradox at all. As red pill men know, women are happier doing the exact opposite of what feminists tell them to do. The University of Pennsylvania study is bolstered by another one from England that found women who are housewives and who have children are happier than ball-busting, testosterone laden Anglo women of today. The top 5 happiest professions for women are as follows:

  • Housewives – 87.2% happy
  • Hospitality and events management – 86.3% happy
  • Creative arts and design – 84.4% happy
  • Charity work – 83.9% happy
  • Leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7% happy

Notice, all of the above career paths are traditional female fields. It’s as if biology and evolutionary adaptations for women to do different work than men actually matter, much to the chagrin of those who would only add the the pile of mounting evidence proving Freud’s Penis Envy theory correct by forcing women into male roles and male jobs in society.

Feminists try to be just like men rather than just like women. It’s as if they’re ashamed of anything associated with being female—motherhood, nurturing instincts, and deference to male authority—so they try to figuratively sew on their own penises. This psychological behavior has manifested itself in increasingly bizarre ways – such as the Go Girl, which allows women to pee standing up!

Obviously, us knuckle draggers do not realize how “advanced” women have become now that they have their own plastic penises available at Walmart.

Paging Dr. Freud, your Penis Envy theory is once again verified

Paging Dr. Freud, your Penis Envy theory is once again verified

You Will Be Assimilated

When feminists say they support diversity, what they really mean is they want to assimilate the world’s diverse cultures rather than letting them continue with their “outdated” traditional beliefs. They want to bring in the “unwashed” so they can enlighten them with their Communist Utopia, 1960s era propaganda.

However, this creates a dilemma because feminists can’t support diversity and the destruction of patriarchal cultures at the same time. I stuck this shiv in the feminist narrative just yesterday:

Becoming a true lover of cultural and sexual diversity – rather than haters of true diversity feminists are – underscores this point. Ladies, being a truly multicultural person means you respect masculine cultures as much as you do feminine cultures. You should be able to respect those places on the planet where men are still very much in charge rather than trying to convert the world.

But, feminists in their rabid fervor to completely dominate men don’t respect the diverse beliefs of non-gynocentric cultures at all. It’s not good enough that they’ve destroyed an entire ethnic group’s vitality and its demographics with feminism. Now, they’re preaching the evangel of female superiority in other nations. Just last week, I dissected a propaganda article published in The Bangkok Times attacking traditional Thai men that reads as if Gloria Steinem herself wrote it.

An Establishment media hit piece on Thai men just came out shaming them for everything from having multiple sex partners, to expecting sex from their wives, to drinking, and expecting their wives to look after the family.

Think its harmless? This type of culturally imperialistic propaganda was astronomically successful at destroying the Western male beginning in the 1960s. And now it’s spreading around the world. Look out, gender equality (a Matrix code phrase which really means female superiority) is set to infect the rest of the world’s traditional cultures if the Elite have their way.

What an atrocity! Expecting sex, having a beer, and expecting a woman to take care of her own children.

Suffice it to say, the best way to destroy women and the family (a stated goal of Cultural Marxism) is by first debasing the men. That’s why hit pieces on Thai men are put out on a regular basis. And, this gives us yet another clue that the people who really run the world are adept at what they’re doing when they infiltrate a culture and destroy its traditions.

The end result will be the cancer of American culture metastasizing and spreading to infect other organs in the global body unless feminists are called out on their cultural imperialism at every turn.

Always remember, feminists are out to destroy true diversity in the world by assimilating diverse cultures into the Church of Pussy Pedestalization.

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288 thoughts on “How Feminists Use The Religion Of Diversity To Destroy True Diversity”

  1. Feminism is an outgrowth of anti-Whitism. Now that all White countries have been infected with it, and more and more White men opt out or choose feminine foreign women, it must spread because this host is dying or rejecting the parasite.

  2. Housewives – 87.2% happy
    Hospitality and events management – 86.3% happy
    Creative arts and design – 84.4% happy
    Charity work – 83.9% happy
    Leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7% happy
    Man, I hate being cynical all the time, but…every one of the above has sexual undertones. Especially being a housewife (Tinder), hospitality (welcoming sex partners with open legs), charity work (giving away the pussy), leisure (more sex). Probably just a coincidence, though (smirk)…

  3. Housewives – 87.2% happy
    Hospitality and events management – 86.3% happy
    Creative arts and design – 84.4% happy
    Charity work – 83.9% happy
    Leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7% happy
    Man, I really hate being cynical all the time, but…every one of the above has sexual undertones. Especially being a housewife (Tinder), hospitality (welcoming sex partners with open legs), charity work (giving away the pussy), leisure (more casual sex). Probably just a coincidence, though (smirk)…

    1. You took the words right out of the ole brain box here.
      I have pumped and dumped from all of these characters. Housewives and charity workers are stage 1 clingers. I went through a phase where I was only banging married women thinking it would simplify my life. Leisure and sport tourism is basically eat pray love with a pay check. Creative arts and design? Not one fucking truly happy woman there. Just loads that say they are happy. They are all borderline personality lunatics who will fuck you like a psychopath and then boil your bunny. And hospitality? You talking about catering staff, casino staff, waitresses, bartenders? Jesus, I could sing “to all the girls I’ve loved before here”

      1. Yep, unfortunately it’s just more evidence that backs up what the manosphere has been pointing out all along. Women are happy when they have the opportunity to “take a break” from a relationship and put themselves in a position where they can ride the carousel. If the poll had asked what makes them happiest, and they had summarily been honest, most of them would have responded, “Taking as many strangers’ dicks into my holes as I possibly can, as often as possible.”

        1. Women are happiest when I am putting my dick in them. Everything else is just a waste of time

        2. Good point. I was thinking of suckers who married ’em. I’ve banged women from all groups, on a regular basis, just like you. Except for the married ones, who I try to avoid, but admittedly, they have lied and I found out they were married later on. It truly is a good thing, for guys like us – I just feel a bit sorry for the married simps who think they found a keeper (heh).

        3. Ha. Same here. I’ve been making a home base of this hotel in the Phoenix area for a few years now. Every woman who has worked here (it’s like a revolving door), married or not, has either made a play for me or let me know they were interested. They just are what they are – cock-mongers.

        4. The fun part is of you knock up one of the house wives, it’s on them on explaining it to the hubby heh.

        5. Yep. I know this chick in New York State. She and I have been email/phone acquaintances for about 12 years now. She got married seven years ago. Prior to getting married, she got knocked up. At the time, she was engaged to the guy who is her current husband.
          She wound up getting an abortion, with the simp’s blessing. She then told me that she wasn’t sure who the father was – it was either him, or one of two other guys. Heh.
          Married men are suckers. I don’t care who the woman is, she has to get sexual validation. “Thank you sir, for fucking me like a dog, it’s like thumbs-upping my Facebook page!”

        6. I am trying to be the second coming of Porfirio “Pepper Mill” Rubirosa here

        7. I have a soft spot in my heart for them (men only). Women? Ha. They are disposable pleasures with psychotic tendencies. Kinda like serial killers but less intelligent.

        8. I like the women better. Women taking advantage of suckers is women doing what they were meant to do. Men letting it happen is men failing at what they are meant to do

        9. Oh my lord, Kneeman. Haha. That’s admirable. Better than trying to be Ward Cleaver. I think June was taking it up the ass from Lumpy on Thursdays, and blowing Eddie on Wednesdays.

        10. I don’t see it as being that cut and dried, but your position is as valid as anybody’s. And having a clear mindset about it, will indeed enable you to be like Porfirio “Pepper Mill” Rubirosa. It’s all about getting what you want. Bravo, sir.

        11. Ha. Nothing is ever cut and dry is it bob? But I found long ago that you play the odds. If 80% works out that way I do everyone, especially myself, a valuable service by treating it as if t is 100%
          Kind of the way that I only allow for one Spanish speaking country that isn’t Spain. Sorry, if your native language is Spanish and you are not from Spain you are Puerto Rican. I don’t have time for you’re little soccer teams.

        12. It’s about playing percentages, indeed, my friend. I’m all about that, as you know. If you don’t have a plan going in, you’re at the mercy of chaos. That’s just how it is. A real man always has a plan.

        13. really interesting life. Under the Dominican dictatorship he held the title “Inspector of Embassies” and travelled the world. He is a suspected spy and assassin but had diplomatic immunity. Married 5 times….for money…..had a string of the most a list names as lovers, started and played on his own professional polo team, flew planes and was a professional racecar driver. Died at 58 crashing a Ferrari after a party. Nicknamed the peppermill for his legendary genitals.

        14. ward was def cucked. June was on speed from her doctor who kept it out of her charts for blow jobs AND was taking it from Lumpy and Eddie.

        15. “Thank you sir, for fucking me like a dog, it’s like thumbs-upping my Facebook page!”
          This isn’t triggering a doggie socks meme for you is it?

        16. still better than the 90’s when people thought heterosexual white males could get aids and made us use condoms all the time.

        17. I support the Plan, but not at the expense of nimbleness with chaos, that is, improvisational prowess.

        18. I did too. I clearly remember laying in bed thinking I needed to get tested and wondering what I would do. Fucking absurd. White first world non drug using heterosexual male. I might as well have worried about scarlet fever

        19. But how would the 1% sodomites have had their precious fundings if the majority of the population hadn’t been convinced of this disease’s apocalyptic dangerosity ?

        20. Wait are you saying transmission risk is 0?
          What if a bisexual has sex with gay men, then with a promiscuous girl then you after him?

        21. On the small chance that the girl gets in during consensual sex (do you think this bi guy made her bleed? it is a blood transmitted disease) I still don’t see her giving it to a male. What is it going to do, march out of her cunt like the little gingivitis monsters in the commercial and go through the eye hole of your dick?

        22. What on earth makes you think they will explain anything to any man. They will just let the assumption ride that the husband is the father until the baby is born and is of another race, and even then they will try to perpetrate the fraud.

        23. the only option that increases the odds of female to male transmission is the same as the male to male transmission; anal sex. Not my thing, but many women seem to revel in being degraded and love it.

        24. Good luck with that. He set the bar perilously high. First off you have to seduce, and marry the virgin daughter of a brutal bloodthirsty dictator. Then you have to plow through hundreds of upper class elite women. I wish you well.

        25. right. But for all the jokes I have to say I think anal sex is pretty fucking disgusting. I mean, I am of the opinion that women have three holes. Of those three two of them are self lubricating. That is enough for me.

        26. I didn’t find it disgusting enough to turn it down at one time. After repeated treatments for urinary track infections (quite painful too) I gave it a permanent down check.

        27. I do not believe that any non drug using hetero sexual man who doesn’t engage in anal sex in a first world country has ever contacted aids short of blood transfusion.

        28. This is not supported by the research I have done in proven cases of transmission, nor by the health care professionals I have discussed this with. I will admit that the virus is constantly mutating and there are multiple strains with quite different characteristics in various corners of the world. The Asian I think type E virus is maybe transmittable via vaginal sex. Maybe some African strains may be as well. But the vast majority of the infected people in the west can only infect you through blood contact.

        29. ouchers! I never had a UTI but hear awful things about them. Yeah. I am totally any butthole stuff.

        30. Never found out the fascination with anal coitus… I take it is something that only homosexuals do, I mean it is dirty, degrading (for both), unhealthy (might damage the organ and you get access to some very nasty bacteria), time consuming (the region should be internally cleansed) and it is just plain disqusting.

        31. Agreed on all counts and for all reasons. I can’t imagine why someone would want to put their body in a hole whose sole purpose involves feces. I don’t even brush my teeth in the bathroom.

        32. Right. The one that frightens me the most is herpes. I really don’t care about anything I can kill with antibiotics. I have health insurance. Prostitutes, at least ones that aren’t filthy truck stop 5 dollar whores, are probably the least likely to have diseases because they are the least likely to exchange fluids. Funny huh.

        33. Well said. Pussies ALWAYS had/have choices, options & MEN to enjoy (FREE) SEX, but not the same case with MEN.

        34. What’s even funnier is, lubricated condoms contain ingredients that have been shown to break down the human immune system and/or do tremendous damage to the body. Even non-lubricated condoms contain talc and silicon – both of which are immunosuppressive.
          The two really killer culprits, are sex lubricants and lubricated condoms. Most of them contain nonoxynol 9, lidocaine, propylene glycol, carboxymethylcellulose, hydroxymethylcellulose, polyscorbate 60, and a host of other toxic compounds which cause a wide range of health problems, including destruction of the liver, cancer, and, once again, for emphasis, suppression of the immune system.
          Anybody who’s a condom fanatic, or a sex-lubricant fanatic, might wanna chew on these notions a little bit…they don’t spell that trendy water Evian the way they do for nothing. (It’s “naive” spelled backwards – NWO inside joke there; Evian has a very high fluoride content.)
          And they don’t push the “condoms promote safe sex” notion for nothing, either. Think the elite use condoms? Bwahaha.
          Using condoms breaks down your immune system. A “Trojan” horse there, quite literally (Hitler). Why do you think a major brand of condoms carries that name – Trojan. Clever as fuck ain’t it. I mean, who’d believe it. Virtually nobody.

        35. all the valid reasons you give aside Varonos, anal sex just seems yucky

        36. I also never understand how: guys fuck 5 dollar prostitutes the same for 10 euro , 15 and 20 euro prostitutes, here this money a pakistani immigrant may manage to give… Anyways I fear Herpes too but add to that syphillis (you might miss it). It is not funny it is sad that prostitutes (paid from 50 euros and up) are safer than the average woman! But casual sex does that! Also I had a great question (I might be telling too much hereon) for the experience with an average well-paid working girl and a casual sex finder the average summary for the experience were would be better: the prostitue or the slut (in Greek they can be refered to as non-paid prostitutes, amisthi pornes).

        37. don’t look at me….I have never fucked a prostitute. Paying for it directly ruins the experience for me.

        38. The thing about brushing your teeth has put me in questions…
          The first thing you said had me laughing, you know there was in Greece a politician whose name is Vallianatos, he used to be a male escort, had sex with 900 men, got age at the 90’s and gave it to some of his lovers who died from the disease.
          One day 3 years ago when here the parliament wanted to legalize same-sex partnerships through cohabition agreements he went on tv speaking with a priest in a small channel and the priest at a point said to him what you just wrote, his answer was “the anus is not only for shitting”. For some reason it came out funny as the priest litterally overheard and continued to speak normally, he had the right reaction!
          A similar happening occured the next day but at a different small channel with Plevris (he is the most known nationalist in Greece and of the most well read Greeks) who started analyzing to him the use of the rectum. It had me laughing.
          Anyways, it is a disgusting fascination that makes no sense… except if sluts want to say that they remain virgin (there’s a saying here on that: from the front a virgin, from behind trains enter, this is also how Muslim women “keep” themselves modest), in Greece the fascination is a leftover from times when virginity in girls was highly valued and so many women used it to have a taste of the forbidden… vegetable (cucumber). For the mania world-wide though I blame the degenerating effects of porn.
          Phew this comment went really out of hand!

        39. ok one piece at a time. Yeah the tooth brush thing. This is a pet peeve of mine. I am not sure who the freaking genius was who said “hey, shitting and oral hygiene should happen in the same room” but I am not fucking buying it. My last apartment had two bathrooms so I used one as a shitter and the other for everything else. Now I only have one bathroom so I brush my teeth in the kitchen. THe kitchen isn’t ideal but at least it is a place with no feces where it is natural to put things in your mouth. I like the bathrooms where there is a little closet for the john.
          The story about the male escort turn political is insanity.
          The only times I have fucked women in the ass have been for your last point. Catholic and born again Christians (and once a Pentecostal bird) all wanted it in the pooper. Shit, I knew one born again Christian girl who would get skewered like a σουβλάκι in her mouth and ass at the same time but would freak if you tried to get near the honey pot.
          I too think porn is largely to blame.

        40. The ONLY good thing that Greece retains is that you will see insane and surreal things NOT extreme. Also the founder of surrealism said that Greece has nothing to be taught by us, but we have things to learn from them, sometimes I think I live in a 90’s cartoon and not in the good way.
          For the girls I like the born again, she clearly was not born again…
          I did not have for a clean freak! I am too but not to that extent (I wash my hands every 5 to ten minutes due to some reason or another).

        41. Ha, she may not have been born again but she did have a second (and third) coming. Yeah, I have the clean freak thing and am fairly OCD. Probably goes with our similar personality types from that test.

        42. Did she end up putting a shotgun to your face and then riding you reverse cowgirl while driving down the freeway?

        43. Your comment reminds me of an engineering joke:
          Some engineers were having a debate on what kind of engineering God specialized in. One said that God was an electrical engineer because of the nervous system, and another said He was clearly a mechanical engineer because of the muscular system.
          They finally agreed that God must have been a civil engineer because He put a pleasure area in the same place as waste disposal.

        44. No. She was looking for guys who had no SMV, no future, a small dick, and lots of beta anger about being dealt so few talent cards. So I sent her a link to your Disqus profile. I figured you could use the action.

        45. Fellow germaphobe. I see I’m not alone. When I use a public bathroom, I turn into a ninja. I use my feet for everything, to flush and open doors. Water faucet? Paper towel, as far as I’m concerned, there’s shit everywhere. Fucking gross in there.

        46. Agreed. And germaphobe is like saying homophobe. We aren’t the ones who have a problem

        47. I vaugly remebered a joke in junior high school that ended with this punchline!
          Amazing the shit that lurks buried in the recesses of our minds for decades…

        48. When you say “tainted transfusion” I assume you mean some homo doctor put his taint on the kids mouth while he was under general anesthesia

        49. The black plague, its coming! The more worrying thing now are the antibiotics resistant chlamydia..often has no symptoms if you have it.

        50. Antibiotic resistant everything is thenbig worry thanks to over use of the antibiotics

        51. nah copper and silver. One of the first things the FDA did was stop the use of things like colloidal silver. The greeks actually used to stuff powdered copper into wounds. Then they use scare tactics claiming you’ll turn blue and shit like that. Thank Rockefeller for taking over medicine.

        52. I prefer to pay for sex the old fashioned way…with my time, dinners/drinks, and stupid little trinkets she never wears more than once anyways.

        53. Ya know the irony is that the easiest way to sleep around is to be old fashioned. The easiest way to be married is to become a beta simp

        54. The same goes for tainted produce. It means Mexicans rubbed their taint on it

        55. This is CDC, John Hopkins research. If you are suggesting advising people to have unprotected rectal and vaginal sex and expose themselves to other blood or seminal fluid as well as other blood borne pathogens I imagine you would not tell your son or daughter to have unprotected sex or yourself for that matter. Just considering the Asian Gonorrhea that is mutating & resistant to the new antibiotics, its ridiculous to not continue to use universal precautions against all bodily fluids and enter into a technical argument.

        56. “The only times I have fucked women in the ass have been for your last point. Catholic and born again Christians (and once a Pentecostal bird) all wanted it in the pooper. Shit, I knew one born again Christian girl who would get skewered like a σουβλάκι in her mouth and ass at the same time but would freak if you tried to get near the honey pot.”
          “I too think porn is largely to blame.”
          It’s not exactly/all porn’s fault. Lots of Christian girls do anal so they can say they’re still “virgins”. If it’s everything else except regular sex it ‘doesn’t count’.

        57. What’s with the hostility Bob? I was just fuckin’ wit ya. Pick up your pants and let me buy you a beer.

      2. Heh, I noticed similar findings myself since starting my current line of work. Installing security systems and suddenly women that wouldn’t look twice at me are now giving me the fuck me eyes and all of them fall in one of the five careers listed.

        1. I always said, if you can’t do well , then change your situation.
          bar-tending is by far the best…
          I knew many guys, with real day jobs , wall st etc, that bar-tended, bouncer, and dj on the weekends…
          make some money – get the ladies…
          your smv goes from loser to player by name tag

      3. glad you mentioned borderline..
        Have some experience with impossibly crazy craziness->
        stalkers, etc…
        including one very hot stripper storming into my work screaming:
        “you think you can shave my pussy and then leave me?!”
        (back in the day when even strippers weren’t fully shaved)
        So how do you handle it?
        You must get some stalkers, harassment, weird shit???

        1. Yeah, I get a bunch of it. I mitigate it as best as I can by being honest. I *joke* with women on first dates about how this isn’t a relationship and am always very, very clear on the fact that it is only sex when it comes to the sex. I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation
          “listen hun”
          “Listen! I was honest with you from the first minute. Your expectations were your own. Did I ever lie to you?”
          I also tend to date women who are really attractive and usually have large social circles so they can jump off to orbiters etc. Still, I get a crazy who does crazy things from time to time. My move then is to totally ignore. The insanity dissipates once they move on.

        2. I think they all are.
          They have a countdown timer running as soon as they start dating.
          Normal women count down at a rate and period commensurate with the man’s SMV divided by her SMV..
          However, man-hating feminist bigots have a “dead man switch” that is triggered instantly.

        3. True. There are ways you can chose that help your choices, things you can avoid, things you can do but all this just mitigates things

        4. This is indeed true. I find a couple months seems average. I was with this chick in a neighboring city recently, it was a first night bang, and it continued; I’d come to town, we’d do things, then screw all night. Couple months into it, she starts on how we’re not going to be doing it anymore until it becomes a “real relationship.” She got corrected immediately, but it went downhill from there and stopped a few weeks later.

        5. Yup. This is why I have a steadfast 8 week rule. From bang one that clock is counting down. I have ended it with women I still like because the rule is there for a reason

        6. well luckily it was an Upper East Side Bar. So no damage to reputation!
          And very much the source of jokes for everyone else…

      4. Waitresses, bartenders and cashiers are so called hired guns. Many men hit on them every single day and they are hired for their beauty so I don’t think those are easy for most men.

        1. I have never met a waitress, bartender, department store clerk etc who did not fuck their customers. Never once.

        2. If you find a female bartender who says she has never fucked a customer she is laying.

        3. If you fiind ANY female above 12 who hasn’t fucked she’s lying but that wasn’t my point. I was talking about how easy it is for the average male. Hired guns are another notch of difficulty imo.

        4. Yeah I always thought they were particularly resistant to pick-up efforts because they get it all day.
          Then again, the “average male” doesn’t really get a whole lot of anything good.

        5. I can honestly say I haven’t fucked on of my customers when I worked as a department store clerk.

        6. ok I may have over stated with department store clerk, but the personal shoppers at Saks are always friendly….

        7. define average? Are we talking about a person with zero game, middling looks, who doesn’t have a lot in the personality department and is broke while at the same time acts like the world owes him a favor? Sure. But a person who has some game, takes care of themselves, is fun to be around, is the kind of person who people are happy to see….snagging a bartender really isn’t that hard.

        8. Average = 80% of men, disqualified by the Pareto Principle.
          Ironically, cashiers are the only girls I try my learnt, beginner level game on since I am forced to approach and talk to them anyway (I could never ever approach a girl in the street as you just see how uncomfortable they are with a man approaching them) The drawback is that you never know if they are nice because it works or because they have to for the job. There are some who are more friendly than others though. So far, I never took one home to bang.

        9. That’s interesting to hear.. I think they surely must get a lot of validation kicks for every one they fuck though..

        10. When I was in HS working at a grocery store I watched men hit on the cashiers who were generally a couple to five years older than me. Once they were gone these girls would have laughs at their expense. Never once did I witness a positive reaction. Not to say it can’t or didn’t happen but I never saw it. (I was working just shy of what the union called ‘full time’, 34-35 hours/wk so it’s not like I was there three hours a week either) It was the late 80s so maybe that’s a factor.
          Weird thing is lately though 20ish female cashiers seem to be more friendly to me with no effort made on my part.

        11. Ouch maybe that’s what they do at my expense too. I’m much older than them since they are 18-24ish and I’m 39.

    2. I remember one study finding that it was a function of a womans opportunity that decided how many flings she had. So marrying a real estate agent, yeah…probably best not to.

        1. That follows the rule that you can do what ever you want in a new city..and they are always in a new city!

        2. I’ve seen this shit close up in Narita Japan at a bar. Airline people are degenerates..
          Never marry one unless you like sharing a pussey like a beat up old catchers mit!

      1. I design websites for real estate agents (mostly). Been doing it for 15 years. Married or not, female agents have demonstrated to me that they are as slutty as they come. So I have to give you 1000 points for that assessment of yours. Dead on, from my personal experience.

        1. Imagine, constant access to well to do men with the means to purchase houses..they can ride the carousel into their 40’s if they want. Hey on another note, do you have any use for an EE spanish speaking female programmer?

        2. Sorry, I don’t have any use for that particular entity. Wish I did. I do have use for a guy who wants to make money investing in sportsball contests, however. Even on a part-time basis. Within three years, I suspect every state in the Union will offer sports betting. Trump will push that through, you can bet on it. Heh. Yes, female RE agents have that unfettered access to guys with money – a little bang-bang here, a little fucky-sucky there – and the deal is done. Plus she often gets a facial, which is great for the skin. Where do you reside, Jim, not asking for a pinpoint location or anything.

        3. Gotcha. Who knows what the future may bring…never say never and you might see forever. Wow. That was deep. Like a wading pool.

  4. Feminism is a toy to globalists. It is so from the beguining. They know quite well that feminism is going to destroy cultures and diversity, and it fits their agenda perfectly.
    Who gives subventions to feminists groups from the beguining ? Who is still giving some to them. Make a quick search…

  5. Lefists in general evidently believe that diversity/multiculturalism etc will cause all these different cultures/religions/races to live in close proximity to each other and therefore learn to get along in the short term and interbreed each other out in the long term resulting in this wonderful utopian socialist melting pot where “everyone is the same” and there will be no more wars or violence since everyone is alike and there’s no reason to fight.
    According to them every war is about religion or racism therefore if those are eliminated there’s nothing to stand in the way of world peace.

      1. “Why a four-year-old child could understand this report. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can’t make head or tail out of it.”

        1. ….’till you need a transfusion or transplant!
          Then hook me up to ol’ bell-pepper face there if need be!

  6. That gogirl thingy is kinda arousing in its own way but only in the bedroom.

  7. I’m increasingly convinced that feminism is a mental disorder. The proof?
    When you can’t tell whether it’s serious, or whether it’s a false flag satire site secretly created by Roosh to troll these fucks, you know that we’ve gone off the deep end.
    But fear not, Rogue 1 is actually OK to see because apparently it’s not herpy-derpy enough:

    1. I was greeted with the following pop-up:
      “Healing from toxic whiteness, to better fight for racial justice”
      I puked a little in my mouth.

      1. I apologize for not including a trigger warning that even clicking on that site would lower your IQ by ten points.

    2. Its just so contradictory you cant believe its serious. Masculinity is toxic but they’re trying to be as masculine as possible. There is no difference between the genders but men are evil and to blame for everything. Women are always victims but they’re also more strong and independent than men. Fat men are gross and creepy but fat women are heroes. Men in STEM fields are lame, beta nerds but women in STEM are trailblazing role models. I could go on but you have to be completely irrational to not see these inconsistencies.
      I clicked on the everyday feminism link and it says “Enroll in our Healing from Toxic Whiteness training!” I seriously thought it was satire.

      1. So, you have discovered the same thing as the ret of us; women as a group are completely irrational, and feminism just adds icing on the crazy cake.

  8. I think this is a brilliant article especially in the way it concisely breaks down insidious feminist hypocrisy. I’ve always asserted that women as the physically inferior mammalian birth givers and caretakers, from a primitive, non-technological standpoint, have always survived through their biological imperatives to manipulate men and exploit the hard work and innovation of men through three primary methods: 1) sexuality 2) nagging and whining 3) playing the victim. They therefore naturally see the world as revolving around their wants and needs. As parasitic and opportunistic creatures, they have no regard for those, the men, they exploit. That is the source of intrinsic female hubris and hatefulness. That is why females can neither acknowledge or appreciate the many, many positive contributions to society made by men yet glorify themselves just for existing. That is why females cherry pick and focus on the negative; so they can denigrate men while blaming men and society for their own female gender failings. Now that modern man-made technologies have mitigated female deficiencies and diminished male strengths women are suddenly poised to assert their perceived superiority and free to express their inherent misandry.

    1. In brief, you perfectly described the essence of Jewishness, which should explain why feminism and feminized society is being pushed today. The goal is to make us all like that.

      1. I don’t really understand about “Jewishness”. I can only comment on feminism because I have some familiarity through experience and observation, and see it as a threat to western civilization.

  9. mental disorder, and contagious.
    a younger relative – 30 years old, male, tall 6’1″
    lives in UK.
    chastising me about our new King.
    because he is:
    “misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, climate-change denier”
    very sad – any man who uses “xxx-denier” is gone…and no way back…

  10. Triggered by the plastic penis thing. Post traumatic stress. This wasn’t my war.

    1. In the back of my mind I was always aware of a jealousy girls had towards our ability to write our names in the snow.

        1. and in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Not easy making the guy who is doing that dance thing

        2. Occasionally I’ll get a dash or a dot mixed up. It’s been awhile since I’ve chanced a look at the Rosetta Stone for piss writing.

      1. Reminds me of a Nixon era joke:
        One day Nixon looks out his oval office window and there, written in the snow with urine is, “Nixon sucks”. He immediately calls in the CIA and the FBI and tells them he wants to know who did that. The next day the FBI reports they tested the urine and it is definitely McGovern’s. A few hours later the CIA comes in and tells him it is Pat’s handwriting.
        For the less historically inclined (or as I prefer to put it current events aware) McGovern was his 1972 Democratic opponent and Pat was his wife.

  11. Not fake news: mark zuckerberg’s sister is transgendering and got herself appointed Chief Diversity Officer at facebook.

      1. I don’t think either of them qualify as a person. I truly believe they are our lizard overlords from outer space.

  12. I read a girls’ club article yesterday called “It’s Complicated: Mansplaining”. The smug, snide, and sexist comments seemed to consist of personal anecdotes in which these females described incidents in which they supposedly experienced “mansplaining”. For women, one personal perception apparently makes whatever misandristic myth they want to believe into all encompassing truth. I personally take issue with the female hypocrisy in which women expect absolute deference while reserving the right to spew misandry. Women very often depict men as bumbling, simpleton brutes who superior women must endure. They conveniently ignore that virtually all of the modern infrastructures and technologies we all enjoy were created by men. When women share their misandristic “View” on a public forum, I usually feel compelled to respond which I did. Since I know that females will respond hatefully if their rights to collective victimhood and misandry are challenged, I rarely bother with the niceties anymore. My comment:
    “‘Mansplaining’ is not a real thing. It’s just the typical female cherry picking and convolution in order to rationalize intrinsic female chauvinism, misandry, and a collective victim mentality. You can see this depicted in most modern media, eg sitcoms and commercials, which panders to a female demographic. Women revel in collective victimhood and misandry. That’s your power.
    No, despite your female instincts to respond in a “clever” and hateful manner, including the typical passive-aggressive cross talk and LOLs etc, this comment is not your catch-all “mansplaining”. It’s just adding to the conversation by disputing this sexist nonsense as well as standing up to the girls’ club’s lies and hypocrisy”.
    Since I immediately took the vindictive wind out of their sails, the moderator removed my comment and closed down further commenting. The girls’ club will not debate. They feel that if they think it’s true, it must be true.

    1. Cherry picking. Convolution. Straw manning. Ad hominem. The thing that is really sickening about the rhetorical fallacies is how much you see it in “academia”.
      I think the plus side is these people don’t have much sense of merit past their own victim mentality. They aren’t great leaders. On the minus side if you find yourself under the thumb of a feminist bureaucrat it means you’re basically screwed. Avoid HR and academia. Don’t bother debating with them. Keep these people away from your kids and don’t socialize with them. Vote them out of office.

      1. I understand. I don’t mind debate but I don’t really seek it out. I just really hate the hypocrisy. The point is that feminists won’t debate because they can’t really support their contentions or rationales against facts and logic. Instead they usually respond with hatefulness and personal insults. It’s just their nature. I do not associate with zealous feminists but they do rankle me.

    2. This type will flip once the power grid goes down or the water supply gets cut off. Hope what you wrote triggered the lot of them.

    3. Mansplaining best I can tell is a generic complaint for when men try to explain something important to them as they would to another younger man who doesn’t know it yet. In other words, treating them with the equality they demand.
      I’ve found that women in general just don’t care how things work and they don’t want it explained to them. I don’t know how women are going to run the world when they don’t want to understand how an automobile works or even how to properly care for one. Never mind more complex and vital machinery.
      I think “Star Trek” nailed the future of a female dominated society with the often laughed at and maligned episode “Spock’s Brain”. Women operate all the machinery men created for them but have not one clue how it all works and don’t care to know how it works.
      If men collectively stop playing along, the world will slowly grind to a halt.

      1. Good point and analogy. The issue I have about women complaining about “mansplaining” is that it’s basically a catch-all excuse for denigrating men. Of course there will always be a few jerks in this world if that’s what they want to focus on in order rationalize their inherent misandry, but it’s far from indicative of a male gender trait. Women just thrive on misandry and collective victimhood. I’ve had plenty of women try explain things to me and it’s usually done in a condescending manner. For women, I think it’s cathartic. If you check out the comments sections of most articles, you’ll see that women’s comments often veer into sermonizing and proclaiming their own moral and intellectual superiority. Femsplaining is much more prevalent but I think we are just too used to it.

      2. the only correct response to being accused of mansplaining is: I wouldn’t be mansplaining if you weren’t so cuntfused.

  13. Feminism is just part of the satanic inversion of gender in nature. It’s womankind’s metaphysical rebellion against their own tits. In the wonderful world of feminism a womb is a torture chamber and a child is an event that darkens lives

    1. It’s womankind’s metaphysical rebellion against their own tits.
      True, lena durham wished she had an abortion.

      1. She did, but then again if Lena Dunham was your mother wouldn’t you want to have been aborted?

      2. Funny. In Fight Club the movie there is a scene where Marla turns to tyler and says “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school” This, however, was not the original line. The original line was nixed because abortion was a hot button topic at the time and the producers didn’t want to use it. In the book Marla looks at Tyler and says “I want to have your abortion”

        1. I have come to the conclusion that abortion is an entrance ritual. The same way some gangs and cults require you to kill someone to become a member, the state encourage women to kill their unborn children and thus keep them enslaved to the dominant yolo ideology.
          Women who have commited an abortion generally have crossed a point of no -return and any attempt to criticize abortion will be perceived as a direct attack against their own poor choices.

        2. That is probably why the UN made access to abortion its priority.
          And by the way trying to convince women NOT to abort is now a crime is France.

        3. I think you need to logic backwards on this one Monsieur. 100% of women who get abortions would have made piss poor mothers. This is why abortion is such a good thing.

        4. I’ve scratched it. Movie is good. Not as good as the book. A lot of very interesting stuff explored in that movie far beyond its surface.

        5. Don’t care about the mother, just the child. If you’re afraid of bad parending, just forbid single motherhood and give the newborn child to sterile couples.
          Right now the non-existant progeniture of European piss poor mothers are being replaced by piss poor Africans.

        6. meh, fuck the ball of cells. I am all for the abortion. Scrape that little parasite out before the mother shits it out.

        7. The movie is a poetic reference of the masonic brotherhood. Are you sure you can recognize the signs?

        8. We’re all balls of cells. You talk like a radfeminist. The only parasite is the mother not able to keep its panties on.

        9. the fetus is a parasite too. On this one issue I agree with the fems. Abortion should not only be legal but it should be no questions asked for anyone who is a legal adult.

        10. you’ve been doing so well not being a moron FO3. I am just going to let this one slide.

        11. It is that way where I live. And it’s paid by my taxes. It is even forbidden to try to talk women out of it.
          Dumb mothers and children are still many.
          The result is Volkstod. I know you don’t care since the world will cease to exist when you die, but still, it’s not just Paris ; every city in France now have a neighborhood that looks like Africa :

        12. I’m ok with no govt funding for it. That is just bullshit. If you can’t afford it you should do it the old fashioned way and bait your man until he beats you into miscarriage. But I don’t think doctors should be expressing their opinions either way. If someone wants in and wants their womb emptied out you tell them how much it costs and get rid of it.

        13. I prefer the much better, and morally approvable, means of applying a permanent until reversed BC operation to all women at puberty. Then only perform the reversal on married women with the permission of their husbands. End of abortion, as every pregnancy will be wanted by both parties, and the end of single motherhood (at least at the time of birth, there is always the proper route to single motherhood; marriage, pregnancy, then divorce.) .

        14. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea but I would want to know the side effects. I got a text about 20 minutes ago from a girl who just said “horny af must be ovulating lol” haven’t spoke to her in like 2 months.

        15. Putting in a IUD does not stop ovulation. What does stop ovulation, while screwing up women’s hormones and adding to the large portion of crazy already inherent in the sex, is hormonal female BC pills. Try going to a country were few to no women use hormonal BC and you will immediately note the difference.

        16. one thing I recommend is not banging a girl with a nuva ring. At best it will hurt and it occasionally pops right the fuck out lol

        17. Odds are if the kid is born to a single mother, the kid’s gonna be fucked up one way or another. Nurture doesn’t play as a large a role as we think it does.

        18. Every existence is fucked up in some way and in every fucked up existence there is an opportunity to unfuck it at least a little. No one has the right to take that opportunity from the most vulnerable and innocent form of a human.

        19. Wouldn’t that make them useless to your society if the aim was to survive and thrive through domination by numbers?

        20. Fuck that noise. I really don’t care about domination by numbers. My life is just fine

  14. Housewives – 87.2% happy
    Hospitality and events management – 86.3% happy
    Creative arts and design – 84.4% happy
    Charity work – 83.9% happy
    Leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7% happy

    You have a source for this?

  15. This is a good article with a lot of well-considered points. However, it misses the mark by failing to mention the JQ. Everything discussed in the article has a giant red arrow pointing directly at Jews as the cause.
    Too few people understand where all this is coming from. It only becomes clear once you understand Jews, their culture, and their objectives.
    Jews live in a matriarchal, gynocentric culture, and they want to push that upon everyone else in the world. That’s what it all boils down to. They know that if they put women in charge of law, order, and justice, they will remain safe in their treachery and usury and collusion. For women know nothing of justice, and are too weak to pursue the real threats against their people (see: Germany and Sweden).
    The more you learn about the world we are living in, the more impossible it becomes to deny the damage that Jews have inflicted on our societies, through their control of the mass culture.
    Continuing to avoid this obvious conclusion may buy you a little time, safe from the harassment of the SPLC, but they will still come after you eventually anyway. May as well be truthful.
    Remove the Jew, and 90% of the modern problems in the West vanish almost overnight.

      1. Nah, if that were true I’d have a rat-like face, a strong predilection for homosexuality, a devious and deviant nature, weak spindly arms, and an overwhelming urge to live as a parasite. None of those things are true, so I can confidently say there is not a drop of Jew blood in me.

  16. Feminism does not work in countries with no social welfare, because the woman NEED men to support them…in countries like Thailand woman don’t have the state to pay them for everything, so it will wash over like a wet rag to a bull in places like Thailand.

    1. This is key to why it is pushed in wealthy industrial societies. The other countries are already so weak they offer no resistance at all.
      Mexican, Africans, Asians – they are all brutally pushed around by their despotic and corrupt governments, and they don’t do a damned thing about it.
      Social welfare is a stop on the road to communism. Communism is a stop on the road to global governance.

  17. That was such a fantastic article, if anyone has the inclination it is worthy of translation into a few other languages, to help reach a wider audience and hits through google searches.

  18. I believe this is the source of the survey cited by the OP of this article –
    Being a guy who makes his living via algorithmic math and statistical modeling, as it pertains to making predictions – which, by the way, is something you can’t learn in school, and as some here may have noticed, I have a few chops in this particular department – I’m going to have to say that this survey is far more accurate than a HuffPo puff-piece on the subject, or anything that the MSM might conjure up, in order to bolster the mindfuck that “feminism is the key to happiness”.
    Direct quote from above-linked piece –
    “The survey, carried out for UK insurance group LV=, asked more than 3,000 to say whether or not they were satisfied with their lives. The ratings recorded are the percentage who indicated they were not unhappy with their lot.
    “The UK’s two million stay-at-home parents – the great majority of them mothers – were recorded in the report as “homemakers”. They scored 87.2 per cent in the happiness ratings. The others in the top five were those working in: hospitality and events management – 86.3 per cent; creative arts and design – 84.4 per cent; the charity sector – 83.9 per cent; leisure, sport and tourism – 83.7 per cent.
    “The least satisfied were working in marketing, advertising and public relations, with a happiness rating of 53.8 per cent. The others in the bottom five were: police and security officers – 59.4; salesmen and women – 67.4 per cent; civil servants – 70 per cent; shop workers – 70.8 per cent.”

  19. Good article. Hope to see many more like it that keep hammering away at leftism because despite all the historical evidence of its failure over thousands of years, plenty of idiots still think it works.

  20. So who conceived and controls feminism. Or are we to believe Women just up and decided one day they were going to take over the world.

    1. Most of these guys just want to cautiously circle around the edges of the truth, while never actually going for it and taking the complete red pill. Hopefully they will get there one day. If you follow the trail using the scientific method, employing nothing but reason and logic as if you were a police detective, it all leads back to one (((place))). It’s absolutely undeniable.
      If you fail to do that, you are just blindly grasping around and wasting time. If you’re a writer, you’re also wasting your readers’ time. And time is running out.
      We need to start thinking all of these ideas through to their logical conclusions. Half-finished thoughts are for the weak and ineffective. Purposely avoiding controversy is for victims and losers.

    2. Don’t make me laugh now. So you propose that if we got rid of the Jews everything would just be fine forever?
      Completely delusional. Civilizations have fallen before this one and the Jews were not responsible.
      Without a natural environment of constant threat both men and women loose their qualities.
      Men don’t have to be masculine anymore to survive and thus don’t put women in their place anymore.
      Women don’t see the naturality in submitting to a man anymore because they already have security. Due to this they become bitter and think they just need more succes and to be more like men to be happy.
      The Jews latching on to decline are just another symptom.
      Google J.D. Unwin and his works on civilization and Joseph Watson’s book “Of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations” as your horizon seems very limited.

      1. He didn’t say anything about Jews. But now that you mention it, if all this cultural shitshow is the inevitable result of prosperity, why did it require SO MUCH Jewish propaganda to push it along and make it happen?
        Ever since the 1950s women have been continually bombarded by JEWISH propaganda that tells them to be rebellious against their men, to act more masculine, etc etc.
        When you make a list of the top 100 most influential feminists who were responsible for spreading the ideology across the West, it tells you all you need to know. Better than 90% of them are disgusting, ugly Jewesses.

        1. Don’t give me this.
          I never argued that Jews are very likely amoral, leftist, manipulative, hold too much power and so on but frankly it is ignorant to think they are more than a symptom of an underlining problem.
          That is that we men have lost our grip.
          It is also childish to think that if we just got rid of the Jews everything would be fine forever.

        2. Well, he was asking for the guys behind it and he constantly talks about Jews anyhow. So I figured it could only be jews.

      2. Don’t make me laugh now. So you propose that if we got rid of the Jews everything would just be fine forever?

        Freudian slip. Lol

        1. Get it together. You literally asked for it with your post. As you are the one to constantly talk about Jews it could only be jews. As such the point you made was also indirectly about Jews.
          Also, do you just bitch and moan without ever thinking of a solution?
          Never did I mean killing them anyway.

        2. You cannot fix a problem until it is diagnosed correctly. Otherwise your efforts are futile.
          It is in the great interest of some, to keep people looking for answers in the dark or chasing shadows.

        3. Well, the primary problem are weak men. As showcased throughout history.
          The jews are just a acclerating factor. To call them the cause of it would be bizarre.
          First, you need to look at what made something great.
          Then you will see what is the cause.
          Only after we have lost our greatness have we fallen.

        4. You’re wasting your time with your sales pitch. I’m no longer buying the snake oil.
          If you methodically investigate the numerous great forces of power and societal change all seemingly synchronized to achieve certain goals favorable to a certain unchallengeable group you begin to find the (((source))) of our ills in overwhelming display.

        5. The “snake oil” of reality. I never argued that the Jews hold too much powe or tt they are tendencially amoral and detrimental to our western civilizations.
          However, you’re gonna have to prove that about everything is because of their schemes.
          Also, answer my question.
          Do you think that everything would be just fine forever without the Jews?
          Fact is that the Jews aren’t the cause of the fall of civilizations in history.
          We for one have risen despite them being among us. We do not fall because of them.
          They only accelerate it.

        6. I believe all different peoples have a right to sovereignty and self determination, including Jews.
          Foreign groups have no right to rule, manipulate, subjugate or destroy others as Jews/gentile elites do over numerous people around the world.
          Yes not all but a lot of fallen civilizations have had their Jewish problems. An inconvenient untold history.
          I disagree with your argument but lets say you are correct and they are only accelerating it then wouldn’t it be prudent to do something about it.

        7. I believe in ideology above everything. You cannot deny that there are white degenerates that work against our civilization.
          As such they shouldn’t be allowed to be part of it naturally. Hard but perfectly fair.
          Whilst you would propose to include them in our system.
          History has already shown how that would work out.
          Fact is nothing lasts forever. If we wouldn’t have degenerated the words of the Jews wouldn’t reach our ears. On the basis of ideology above everything they too wouldn’t be part of this civilization if they are bound on destroying it.

        8. You cannot deny that there are white degenerates that work against our civilization.

          If you read my last post you would see that I don’t. I hold as much scorn for them as pervasive Jews.

          As such they shouldn’t be allowed to be part of it naturally

          No, they shouldn’t.

          Whilst you would propose to include them in our system.

          No, I haven’t.

          If we wouldn’t have degenerated the words of the Jews wouldn’t reach our ears.

          That’s a bit like concluding your daughter deserved to be raped because she revealed too much flesh.
          Secondly it implies gentiles degenerated first before Jews got to them when evidence suggests it was sustained Jewish assault that was a major factor in degenerating them in the first place.

          On the basis of ideology above everything they too wouldn’t be part of this civilization if they are bound on destroying it.

          To us the goyim, it is destruction. To the Jew, I’m sure its considered building Utopia for their benefit as the ‘chosen’.
          Now as I asked before. You said the Jews are only accelerating the decline but don’t seem to have any desire to stop it. Your only concern is ‘to not blame Jews’.

        9. Spare me your oversimplifcations. My primary concern is both the most practical and realistic it could be.
          We are the deciding factor as we inherit or not inherit the values of our forefathers that have built civilization.
          Something great does not get destroyed from the outside but by letting go of what made it great in the inside.
          And this decision is left for us alone. We were never forced to listen. Your rape allegory falls flat.
          We are not helpless.
          “Secondly it implies gentiles degenerated first before Jews got to them when evidence suggests it was sustained Jewish assault that was a major factor in degenerating them in the first place.”
          You seem to hold on to the thought that we would be just fine forever if it weren’t for the jews.
          That is a fantasy. We rose to greatness in spite of any outward influences. Civilizations all around the world have fallen in the same manner as we do.
          Tell me your clear opinion on this.
          Your focus on anything else than yourself and us will get us nowhere.
          “No, I haven’t.”
          So, you too put spirit above body? I doubt it.
          For clarification:
          Most naturally a corrupted body produces a corrupted mind.
          However unlike the sexes there are no absolutes as a jew can be moral even as it goes against his genetic tendencies.

        10. So you see no fault with Jewish subversion and perversion and place the full onus and fault on their victims.
          Let me guess, your solution to this failing civilization is more Kosher ideology.

        11. Do I have to repeat myself again?
          Whatever attempts to subvert our civilization, our values and what we have inherited should be destroyed. It cannot be part of our civilization.
          It is our fault for not doing this and letting the subversion happen.
          The subversive powers only have as much power as we grant them.
          Do not do this again. Victimization is for women and the weak.

        12. “Do not do this again” Haha good one, your internet bravado fools no one.
          Victimization and ingroup siege mentality has been an enormously effective and powerful tool for the Jew has it not.
          You can accuse us for being ‘weak’ for falling for the Jew’s con, showing compassion and accepting them and their poisons into our societies but unless you awaken the people to who is corrupting them it will only continue.
          So why do you so heartily object to this awakening or ‘naming the Jew’

        13. Don’t twist it.
          You make yourself and the white man out to be a victim without any actual responsibilities.
          “Haha good one, your internet bravado fools no one.”
          Making it personal does nothing but showcase how right I am. That your attempt at countering it?
          Those words weigh absolutely nothing.
          Let me repeat myself.
          You seem to hold on to the thought that we would be just fine forever if it weren’t for the jews.
          That is a fantasy. We rose to greatness in spite of any outward influences. Civilizations all around the world have fallen in the same manner as we do.
          Tell me your clear opinion on this.
          “So why do you so heartily object to this awakening or ‘naming the Jew’”
          Yet more of your baseless blunder. Never did I say so nor are my words to destroy what subverts our values and our inheritance in any way unclear.
          Face it you have nothing to say.

        14. “Don’t twist it”
          No, just unravelling your bullshit.
          I’m not dealing in the past, I’m dealing in the now. We would most certainly be better off without Jewish subversion and your mental gymnastics does not convince me otherwise. We either acknowledge and address the Jewish problem somehow or continue to be subjugated. You can skirt and deflect all you want but that’s the nuts and bolts of it.
          I’m done with you.

        15. Shut it and listen. Spare me your delusion for once.
          I said that any influence, and I made it perfectly clear that this especially includes Jews, should be destroyed. I said this repeatedly.
          What do you do with your brain? I don’t want to convince you “otherwise”.
          How completely inane can you be?
          My one and only point is that we are not victims. We are responsible for what happens to us.
          How utterly deluded. How borderline.
          What is it? Can’t you be concise? Can you not read?
          I am mind blown by this. What lack of sense of reality.
          You are “done with me”?

  21. How long will we talk about the fucking effects without even daring to gaze into the root-causes ?
    Feminism, LGBT, beta-ism, weakening of men, slutification of women,
    these are all efects….

    1. Absolutely agree. These are not only mere symptoms we are talking about, they have been covered repeatedly throughout the manosphere for years now. The next phase needs to be exposing the root cause, and then formulating a sensible plan to defeat it. We can’t do that if we can’t even say the words – like Obama and “radical Islamic terrorism”.
      The only sites like this that will survive 2017 are the ones that let their nuts hang and call out the true perps by name. All else has become tiresome.

  22. Destroy Thai men but praise Thai women for scamming other men or for being you go girl whores. When it doesn’t go their way, it’s the evil patriarchy enslaving them.

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