Rape Jokes About Men Are Okay

One of the incontrovertible pieces of evidence that feminists present for the existence of so-called rape culture—that is, a social environment that excuses or even encourages sexual violence toward women—is the supposed prevalence of “rape jokes.” The argument goes that by joking about rape you trivialize it, and therefore downplay its very real consequences on women and girls, encouraging behaviors (by men) that feed the cycle in the process. Add to that a society that engages in “slut shaming” and “blaming the victim” as a matter of course, and you live in a world in which women are beset on all sides by a specter of sexuality.

It’s no wonder that the term rape culture is the go-to, catch-all label for rape alarmists everywhere. Like Bush’s (and now Obama’s) War on Terror, rape culture is a never-ending struggle against an invisible enemy that could be anywhere. It thrives on ambiguity and interminability. The goal isn’t to win it, but to keep whipping up the hysteria.


You could devote an entire Tumblr to the fallacies, doublespeak, and incoherence around feminists’ views around rape alone—never mind other aspect of their ideology. Trivializing rape is bad, but they trivialize it the most by abusing the word with impunity, applying it to everything from actual, brutal rape to leering or catcalls.

“One in four women is raped in their lifetimes,” yet the methodology behind that go-to scare statistic has been repeatedly debunked and the figure revised enough times to eliminate any credibility. Women should be able dress how they please, act how they feel like, be as drunk as they want, go where they want (at whatever time they want), yet bear zero responsibility for their own safety. The list goes on, but the biggest hypocrisy is reserved for comedy.


One of the cardinal rules of rape culture is that rape is such a sacrosanct subject that it shouldn’t be joked about. In fact, Daniel Tosh famously got into trouble with armchair feminists everywhere for violating that commandment last year. This reignited the hysteria over rape jokes, despite the fact that most of us can count on one hand how many rape jokes—about women—we’ve actually ever heard.

A few comedians made the astute observation that feminism and comedians are natural enemies. What they omitted is that it isn’t that feminists don’t have a sense of humor, it’s that they don’t have a sense of humor about anything that affects women, especially those in their demographic—relatively privileged (and white) women. Jokes about men, especially ones that underscore their supposed oafishness and ineptitude, or in which they’re subjected to violence (even sexual violence), continue to be okay.


I needn’t point out the irony that probably the most common cultural meme about incarceration is about prison rape—which, of course, disproportionately affects men. Whenever a guy who’s judged to be due for his comeuppance (especially if he’s famous) gets sent to prison, the sodomy jokes are painfully repetitive. “Now he’s going to become someone’s girlfriend in jail!” “Hope he doesn’t drop the soap!” “He’s going to make someone very happy in prison!”

The recent arrest of Aaron Hernandez for alleged murder has dragged out all of the familiar gags, along with some new, situation-specific variations.


But where’s the feminist outcry over these rape jokes? It should come as no surprise that there isn’t any, and there never has been. This, despite the fact that prison rape actually affects one in five inmates, victimizes juveniles, and is disproportionately violent. This says nothing about the increased transmission rate of HIV and other diseases.

In the end, this is another data point to confirm that feminism—with its outcry rape culture and rape jokes—isn’t about rape at all. And, it certainly isn’t about men suffering rape. It’s about hypocritically promoting a world where already privileged women are shielded from any potential offense, and largely pardoned from responsibility for their own actions, while continuing to enjoy an a-la-carte platter of benefits from the “patriarchal” past.

In the end, it’s rape culture itself that’s the joke.


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71 thoughts on “Rape Jokes About Men Are Okay”

  1. Women are programmed to have sex for reproduction. You don’t see men getting baby rabies. If anything they rape us for our precious seed that they don’t have. They just regret they weren’t a good enough judge of character that some common dumpster sperm got in there.
    So yes hun…your flirting, your outfit, you are a creature with lower inhibitions to begin with drinking something that lowers those inhibitions causes rape.

    1. Females are not rational and believe that anything that they don’t like must be illegal and the guy must suffer. If it were up to females we’d be locking up guys who insulted them or made a comment they didn’t like.

  2. “Trivializing rape is bad, but they trivialize it the most by abusing the word with impunity”
    Game. Set. Match.

  3. Prison rape is almost exclusively a black on white affair. Were black inmates being turned into sex slaves for white men you would hear no end of it in the feminist controlled media.
    As it is, white feminists are happy to have low-income white men (aka “white boys”) atoning for the legacy of slavery so that they, the hip, wise, and all-knowing feminists scribes, can provide insight and instruction from the pellucid heights of their media and acedemic conclaves.
    A recent study cited >30% rate of sexual assault in Ohio juvenile facilities. You can bet the recipients were those meth-addled hillbillies who are far, far below feminist socio-economic strata, in fact, are racist white southerners (“crackers”), so deserve the abuse.

    1. Sadly you speak the truth. I have never been in prison. But I have looked for institutions I could go to for help. I can’t find anything that is not feminist approved. They control the info that goes out, and if not, how it is released.
      I know by seconhand that what you say is the truth. Sadly, the punk who told me was a male prison guard who felt they all deserved it. His brainwashing by the elites was complete. He was a white knight conservative, and therefore perfectly naive to both ideologies blind spots. As far as he is concerned, there are no blind spots, the don’t exist.
      I can’t help, if I am not authorized to get in.

      1. Well obviously some guy who puts himself in a prison for 30 years just to get a pension isn’t too bright.

    2. “Prison rape is almost exclusively a black on white affair.”
      Dude. Come on. Stats. Now.
      Thanks in advance.

    3. And those are always young white boys. Old guys are put together and no one bothers these geezers.

  4. Men really need get in touch with their ancestral power of ignoring silly bitches. “Rape culture” has to do with farming, that is all.

    1. Fight fire with fire, ending is near, fight fire with fire, bursting with fear.
      We all shall die.

  5. I think one of the main reasons jokes about prison rape is more apt to being tolerated is because the men who are in prison and those who are headed there are typically guilty of horrendous crimes like child molestation and murder…to some degree, society deems it justifiable that these criminals get raped for harming others because going to prison will not suffice in exacting justice…more cruelty is needed for these criminals.

    1. So, in other words, they deserve to be raped.
      Short-haired feminists should hold up a sign like this:
      Things That Cause Prison RAPE:
      [ ] A Criminal Record
      [ ] Dropping the Soap
      [ ] Acting Like a Punk-Bitch
      [X] Prison Rapists

      1. No. I did not say they deserved to be raped; I did say that society is more willing to tolerate them being raped because they are criminals and have committed heinous acts to others. It’s a mindset of ‘why worry about those men…they ended up there because of their illegal actions…let them suffer the consequences…afterall, prison is shaped by the laws of the jungle’.
        Men, on the other hand, who are raped outside of prison by other men will get greater sympathy from the public than men in prison.
        Rape of any kind to anyone by anyone is wrong. And I find that a moral contradiction is permitted by feminists to ignore rape committed against men by men; women can’t have their cakes and it them too….if rapes is wrong against you (women), then by definition of the act itself, it is equally wrong against men.

        1. Men and women are different. That’s what feminists want to ignore, since it helps their distorted worldview. “Well men aren’t raped with the same frequency (outside of prison, of course, which is different because they’re criminals) so that must mean women are victimized more than men.” Men aren’t victimized in the same way as women, but there’s a long list of ways that we get fucked over–from divorce rape to living 2-4 years less, on average. We just don’t have a whole movement designed to systematically, and publicly, complain about it.
          MRAs do a little, but the manosphere and red-pillers spend more time on self-development and navigating realities than on holding up signs.

    2. This is only the case if the criminal being raped is a man. No matter what heinous crime a woman may commit, there’d be outrage to no end if people openly stated that they hoped she gets raped (at least if it’s heterosexual rape) or if they joked about her being forced to suck the cock of some overweight middle age prison guard. The woman could be in prison for child molestation or feeding babies to her dogs. It doesn’t matter. If anyone even implied that they hope she get’s raped, there’d be cries of “No matter what she did, no woman deserves to be raped”.
      It is ok, however, to wish or make jokes about prison rape when it’s a man being subjected to homosexual rape, preferably if the man in question is heterosexual. Smaller and weaker men in prison are generally subjected to homosexual gang rape, which can last for hours at a time. Sometimes even so vicious as to require rectal surgery. In order to avoid another gang rape, a heterosexual man is forced to find a stronger man to protect him in exchange for playing the role of a passive homosexual “wife”. Imagine being a straight guy having to, for years on end, have to submit to passive oral and anal sex, being constantly referred to as a girl, maybe being forced to wear drag and dress like a girl. Could you imagine a place where lesbian women are raped and forced into heterosexual marriages? There’d be outcries to no end.
      As a result, this often can cause sexual confusion in a straight guy as his masculine identity is destroyed and he is in a constant position of being looked at as a girl. I know they say no one can be turned gay, but lots of times, it happens. I was reading this article written in the 1970’s where they interviewed prison rapists and prison rape victims.
      The rape victims, although they identified as straight when they went inside, now identified as gay, saying they came out in prison. Even though, they were forced into homosexual sex, usually by a beating or the threat thereof, they stated that in order to survive, they learned to enjoy being the passive partners in homosexual sex. One of the victims, even though out of prison was selling himself as a male prostitute to other men in order to make money.
      But to most people, this is funny. They had a big thing in the news where I live where several male juveniles were suing the state, saying that the state turned a blind eye to their sexual abuse at the hands of older inmates. Sometimes the inmate was significantly older, other times not. One 17 year old male said he was raped by a 37 year old man and another 17 year old said he was raped by his 22 year old cellmate. The state judges dismissed the lawsuit.
      A few years ago a group of female inmates made the same claims against male guards. Do I have to even tell you how that lawsuit went?
      So it’s not “criminals”, only male criminals who deserved to be raped. Even a baby killer, if the killer is a woman, still doesn’t deserve to be raped. Thats the attitude.

  6. Definite feminist hypocrisy but what else is new? I would rather people joke about it than suffer a clamp down on free speech.

  7. Rape culture is nonsense. It’s basically a Feminist doctrine which claims that the crime of rape is somehow accepted or ignored in our society to the detriment of women. Of course, a cursory look at our society will tell you that this isn’t the case. Rape is reported all the time, both to the police by victims, and within the media to the general public. It’s also worth noting that female victims are generally the ones given media exposure, with male victims often being ignored. Men get raped in prison all the time and no one cares.
    Essentially, Feminists use the fact that rape is predominantly a male on female crime to bolster their narrative of “men oppressing women.” To them, the crime has to be linked to “male power” in order for their propaganda to hit the right emotional buttons, and society is generally very sensitive about rape as an issue to begin with. of course, it needs to be said that rape is a very serious crime, and the fact that it’s almost universally shunned in our society won’t be of much condolence to victims, however to say it’s accepted in some way, is just absurd.

    1. The vast majority of rapes aren’t reported and the ones that are, the rapist generally receives little to no punishment. While it is true that male rape victims are forgotten about sometimes, it is also true that rape is a gendered crime which is fully an expression of power. Almost all rapes are committed by men to women, and most rapists of men and nonbinary individuals are men too. “To say that rape is accepted in some way, it’s just absurd” have you even read any of the comments on this horrific article?

  8. Women are impervious to sexually-related wrongdoings of any kind. They can go to a club/bar and grab grope a guy or hookup with a blackout drunk guy without repercussions. And it isn’t taken much more seriously in the workplace either.

  9. Women’s source of power is her body and her sexuality, this is why they want to dress as slutty as they can, sleep around with whomever they want but they do not want to deal with the consequences that come with such careless behavior. This is why they create all kinds of laws that protect them from the consequences of their behavior, including slut shaming, sexual assault, objectification, “buyers remorse”…etc; this gives women an incredible amount of power over men while men’s source of power, the use of force, is limited by law. I left morality out of my explanation because to understand what is going on, morality has to be thrown out the window (also, a lot of cowards hide behind morality)
    In my ideal world, both, men’s and women’s, source of power is limited by either the law, culture, or religion (i prefer culture or religion over law)

    1. I agree that many people hide behind morality…and it is to protect their own interests. They know how to throw stones at people but they sure as hell don’t know how to slay their own inner demons. Women are especially great at this…they know every sin committed against them by men but are clueless to know what sins they did to bring that about.
      Morality is actually a good tool to use on women.
      When one of them calls you a liar…”takes one to know one”.
      When a woman calls you a whore…”you bet toots…let me ask you, how did you know I was a whore?”

      1. I’ve always had a problem with morality and ethics because these seem so fragile and malleable to me. Also, a lot of cowards who do not want to face their fears and reality will hide behind it while at the same time claiming to be some self righteous, enlighten, individual who has “risen” above the “masses.” Once shit hit’s the fan, these same cowards will hide behind those he/she used to condemn.
        I love hunting, not only is it part of the southern culture, it is something that just seems so manly to me. One time in my speech class my professor (who was a woman from New York) asked the class who liked hunting and i was the only one who rose his hand. This women immediately condemned my affection for hunting by saying that i liked to kill animals. This woman has never been outside of a city; never been outside of civilization. She has no idea that some people need to hunt to live and that keeping these instincts alive could save you in case of a disaster and that if it wasn’t for hunting, she wouldn’t be living in this comfy civilization away from the dangers of nature. She is a coward. she doesn’t have the guts to take life from an animal thus she excuses this cowardice behind morality; this is just a way for her to not feel bad about being a coward.

        1. All women are cowards. That’s why they are attracted to men who aren’t cowards.
          And I take cowards as this…somebody who hides behind something. Guess what self-righteous Christian…you are just as much a sinner as a PUA so don’t say you aren’t. I’ll find your sins too.
          Why…because it takes one to know one.

        2. We are all cowards in many ways, some fear heights others fear spiders, but one should not hide behind morality, or other scapegoats, to excuse one’s cowardice.

        3. quote:”This women immediately condemned my affection for hunting by saying that i liked to kill animals.”
          I’ll bet anything that same day the shit-for-brains female went to have dinner at some posh restaurant and ate a steak. It amazes me how stupid people are who criticize hunters yet these same critics will eat meat. I think it was Ted Nugent that said “You gotta kill it before you can grill it.”

        4. You don’t need to kill it or grill it at all you sick fuck. Humans do not need to eat meat to survive. It actually causes health problems. Also fuck you for your misogynistic attitude.

  10. What is interesting about all this latest “cause celebre” for feminism is that, apparently, just as many men (if not more) are victims of rape than are women. I remember hearing or reading a study on the supposed “culture” of rape in the military which stated that more men are victims of it than women.
    Another favorite persecution of feminism, the witchcraft hysteria of the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, tells a similar story. Historians are uncertain about the precise numbers, but there is adequate testimonial and documentary evidence to support the assertion that just as many men–if not more–perished in witchcraft persecutions as did women.
    So, feminist attempts to wrap themselves in the mantle of victimhood simply are not supported by history.

  11. Good article.
    I believe most acquaintance rape allegations are false. Feminists have dominated the rape conversation for way too long, which is why they are able to proclaim that there is a rape culture despite all evidence to the contrary.
    It is difficult for men to speak against false rape accusations because feminists will simply accuse them of either batting for the patriarchy or trying to cover up their own guilty consciences. That is why I encourage other women to join me in proclaiming the truth:
    There is no rape culture, and there is no rape epidemic in the Western world.

  12. This got me thinking… whilst I’ve heard 100’s of prison rape jokes by now, I can literally only think of *one* joke I’ve heard in my life that involves a woman being raped, and that was in 1979, on an episode of the radio show ‘Captain Kremmen’:
    Carla: “Oh, Captain! I was graped!”
    Kremmen: “Don’t you mean raped?”
    Carla: “No… there as a bunch of them”.
    This was written and performed by Kenny Everett, a flamboyant homosexual.
    Off-hand I can think multiple Nun Jokes, Baby Jokes, Little Willie Jokes, Princess Di Jokes, 9/11 jokes… and no other obvious ‘rape’ joke. Are they really A Thing?

  13. Prison is about the only place a real rape culture actually exists. I’ve served in the military where supposedly men require women to “prove themselves” and supposedly have some conspiracy to use sex to keep military women down, a la The General’s Daughter, but I have yet to actually see any scenario anywhere that even remotely approaches this.

  14. Truth of the matter is, is that feminists want women to be raped, because it helps substantiate their
    claims that rape culture is alive and well. Do you really think a feminists cares if some random woman across the country gets
    raped? They could care less. In fact, she probably pumps her fist in celebration every time
    that happens. She needs more victim-martyrs for the cause. It feeds her
    ego that she’s right and everybody else is wrong. That’s why whenever a
    news article crops up about the rape of some poor
    girl somewhere, feminists are always the first to come out of the
    woodwork with the their boasts of “I told you so!” and “Rape culture!
    It’s here!”
    Without that, they’ve got nothing. And right now, with how non-prevalent rape actually is, they know they’ve got nothing, which is why so many of them are ready to lump
    behavior like consensual sex, flirting,
    catcalls, and eye contact into the category of rape. Whatever helps bolster their claims, they’ll take it. They’ll pervert and twist normal human behavior into different meanings if that’s what it takes to show how prevalent rape culture is.
    Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if a feminist’s biggest fantasy is to be raped herself, so she could transform her plight into some sort of national symbol against rape culture. The thought makes me shudder. Nothing more scary than a zealot.


  15. I’m 100% against tasteless jokes…
    …unless they’re funny.
    Laugh on.

  16. The absolutely most disgusting thing is that women really do say ‘no’ and mean don’t mean it. Why? Because sex is a f**king game to them.
    The hardest thing for me, growing up to be a man, was learning to establish the difference between a real no and a ‘take me’ no. Took me years to work up the guts to ask a girl why she said no when she meant yes.
    Her answer was classic female: ‘I wanted you to take me because its exciting to have a man want you that bad!’
    I’ve talked to other women about this, and the answer can vary a bit. They all admitted, however, that a man ‘should be able to tell the difference between ‘no’ and ‘no’ at the time.
    And women wonder why date rape happens.

    1. NO MEANS NO ALL THE TIME NO EXCEPTIONS. Did you just imply that female victims of date rape are raped because they didn’t say ‘no’ convincingly enough or something? DATE RAPE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF RAPISTS. Like you, you creepy piece of shit. Fuck you.

  17. I’d rather spend 20 minutes getting raped by a disgusting, stinking, syphilitic, crazy, homeless “Friend of San Francisco” than suffer for years of interrogation, trial and imprisonment for a false accusation.
    That ladies and gentlemen is the real victim.
    At least lady rape victims get all kinds of support for their “heroic” suffering.
    Men who’ve been assaulted are mocked as somehow less than men…
    Of course there is no excuse for rape or assault of anyone.
    We only need one rule and one value to deal with any imaginary rape or violence culture.
    Here it is: Respect. Period.
    Respect for your brothers. Respect for your sisters.
    Easy isn’t it?
    But of course without the climate of fear and hostility, there would be no jobs and contracts for the gender sensitivity task force industry complex…

    1. False accusations account for a tiny percentage of reported rapes, which themselves are in a small minority. And you know who shames male rape victims? Men! A man wrote this article about how it is okay to make rape jokes about men, and it is all men in the comments saying horrible rapey things. Women are hugely shamed for rape too. The real victims are the people who are actually raped!!!! Please stop with this awful ‘support accused rapists’ argument, it’s really shitty to survivors.

  18. In an ironic way, we do indeed live in a rape culture as the feminists maintain, though it certainly isn’t the one they envision.
    The rape culture we actually live in is one wherein feminists continue to amplify what may be a natural predilection among women to project sexual victimization to get what they want.
    The real rape culture is one wherein feminists cry rape to promote an agenda. It’s one wherein feminists cry rape when you disagree with them. It’s one wherein feminists cry rape when someone promotes an MRA agenda.
    Oh, they won’t actually claim you raped them (although it has happened), they’ll claim you’re a rape apologist, or that you somehow support rape. It may seem like a big difference, but apart from the legal implications it really isn’t; in both cases women are exploiting a profound male aversion to rape to get what they want.
    Feminists continue to demonstrate an astonishing female proclivity to project sexual victimization and cry rape to get what they want for almost any reason. Given this reality it’s amazing anyone could doubt an epidemic of false rape allegations in the general population.
    And they successfully wield this notion of female sexual victimization despite the greater prevalence of male sexual victimization in society (counting prisons).
    It’s obscene, but there will come a day when it stops working. You can only prey on male sociobiological naivete for so long before they start swallowing the red pill en masse.

  19. Machete in a documentary about prison rape that’s gold! Femnazis all but ignore the women who rape and sexually abuse children to. They made it out to be a man thing, but its not they do it also just never makes the headlines.

  20. This “rape epidemic” is a lot like the “drunk driving epidemic”. Both of them mislead with stats to make it seem as though rape and drunk driving deaths are happening left and right and both want and need these things to keep happening so those groups can justify their existence. That’s why they redefine the words to create more victims.

  21. The “Rape culture” is really more like “Rape hysteria culture”.
    I’ve yet to meet a single feminist that can tell why rape constitutes a culture. Is there a rapist club or organization? Rape hobby magazines? Yes, there are rapists. People sometimes talk about rape. If that constitutes a “culture”, then so is anything people do.
    This reminds me of an incident a few years back with the webcomic Penny Arcade. They made a comic about being raped by “dickwolves”, and it somehow turned into a huge feminist bitchfest. It wasn’t condoning rape, it was just a joke.
    Yes, just a joke.
    Sometimes when people tell you you’re oversensitive, you might actually be oversensitive. Trying to deny this without any self-examination is the true derailment.

  22. I have never heard 1 rape joke in my life unless you consider the Bubba prison rape “jokes”. There’s no such thing in Nature as rape anyway when it has to do with male/female relations. At most it wouldn’t rise above battery. Have you ever wondered why the human male is always much larger and stronger than the female? It has nothing to do with stuff like hunting (even little pigmies or Bushmen hunt). It’s main purpose has to do with reproduction and keeping the female under control (by force if necessary). People like to delude themselves and believe they’re civilised but Nature has another idea.Reproduction is the most important thing in Nature, even more important than life. What we call “rape” is just a way for losers who can’t get a female to reproduce. Rape is not about violence at all and it’s just sex(reproduction) You can easily see that it’s young fertile females who are “raped” not some old hag who only some omega- psycho would screw.Here’s another guy who thinks along my lines.

    1. What? Old women and handicapped women are raped all the time. Your theory also does not explain why wealthy/respected/handsome/successful (pick 1 or any combination) men are regularly busted for rape. As with kidnappings, the media usually focuses on victims who are white and good-looking, which probably has something to do with your skewed perceptions.
      Those who say that rape is just for losers who can’t get laid are usually trying to understand the act from the perspective of a sane, well-adjusted person who likes sex and is not prone to assaulting people. Rapists are predatory sociopaths. They are not healthy, well-adjusted people (they don’t think like you!), but they are usually very good at blending in with us.

  23. Some feminist tried to tell me, on my own blog, that I couldn’t tell her what is and isn’t rape – whilst simultaneously trying to tell me that being cat called is an act of rape. It was pretty funny, to say the least. Perpetuating the “rape culture” is literally the most offensive thing anyone can do to any actual rape victims. They don’t even understand the irony in claiming “rape is being trivialised”

  24. During my time at college, on a wall designated for political graffiti, someone posited, “Every year two million men are raped.” I read that and added underneath it, “by other men.” What I did was not a popular thing with anyone on any side of any political or religious fence.
    I am not sure why, but apparently reporting men being raped is okay as long you keep the statement in some sort of neutral zone, where the factual realities surrounding those rapes are not brought up.
    I am also unsure what the writer of the original graffiti was trying to signify. That every year women rape two million men? Every year, two million men get their just deserts? Every year, men are raped, but do not let that number paint homosexual aggression in a negative light so that we can have support for gay marriage? Why even make such a statement if no discussion is allowed?!

  25. During my time at college, on a wall designated for political graffiti, someone posited, “Every year two million men are raped.” I read that and added underneath it, “by other men.” What I did was not a popular thing with anyone on any side of any political or religious fence.
    I am not sure why, but apparently reporting men being raped is okay as long you keep the statement in some sort of neutral zone, where the factual realities surrounding those rapes are not brought up.
    I am also unsure what the writer of the original graffiti was trying to signify. That every year women rape two million men? Every year, two million men get their just deserts? Every year, men are raped, but do not let that number paint homosexual aggression in a negative light so that we can have support for gay marriage? Why even make such a statement if no discussion is allowed?!

  26. Real men don’t take “NO” for an answer, they’re given “yes….yess…..harder….harder…..IM CUMMING” as an answer.

    1. If “real men” are all rapists then i want to stay as far away from you and your toxic masculinity as possible. Go fuck yourself

  27. So you’ve been accused of being a rape apologist because of something you’ve said or done. Of course the accusation is ridiculous but how to you refute such a charge? Well the answer is to answer it in the form of a return accusation that will make her look bad. I throw out the following responses as suggestions for dealing with such fire.
    Q: You are a rape apologist!
    A1: Is the the way you choose to express your subconscious rape fantasies?
    A2: You’re obviously a woman who enjoys responsibility free sex and have finally figured that the only way to get it is through rape.
    A3: You also delude yourself to be so desirable to a man that he will lose control of himself in your presence.
    A4: Women who express themselves the way you have done and delude themselves in the manner you obviously do are not worthy of my cock.

  28. Just got an email from “change.org” asking that I sign a petition to punish Alexandra Brodsky’s attempted rapist. They sited the 1 out of 4 girls will be raped stat, but with a caveot: “1 out of 4 COLLEGE girls.” Really??? Please, do a post breaking down the false methodology of these rape studies. There is No. Fucking. Way

  29. As a college student, I love your article. All throughout men’s floors, dorms, frats, sexual assault posters everywhere. Our town is relatively small, and you could probably streak at 3 in the morning and be safe. So I don’t understand why they keep telling me I’m a rapist.
    I have found that this article applies throughout liberalism. Another example is the race issue. According to the liberals we are all created equal, however, they feel the need to make clubs for people of various shades of color.
    As a white male, I’ve also been told by a teacher that if you are born white, you are a white supremacist. If being a white supremacist means I’m not a hypocritical liberal, then I’m all for it.

  30. As far as I can see, jokes about male rape victims come from the mainstream media. He dropped the soap in the prison shower? Bwahahahahaha, right? I happen to be a feminist woman and I can’t stand that stupid shit. I know we feminists are known for lacking a sense of humor and all but I see nothing funny about men being raped. As far as memes on the internet go, I’l also not around people who make such jokes. Why don’t you rant against Hollywood? They seem to love this shit. Even in kid’s movies I see sick twisted rape jokes for the adults in the audience.

  31. This entire site is a purely anti feminist campaign. Feminism does infact support male rape victims, single fathers, and male domestic abuse among many other transgender areas.
    The issue is that the frequency of the suffering male is just not as high as the amount of female incidents, so there just isn’t as much attention afforded to men.
    Instead of disrupting the cause for equality, how about you stop fucking shit up as the rest of the world moves towards equality.
    There are plenty of self righteous fucks out there. It just happens to be that some of them are women. That isn’t reason enough to get in the way of a genuine movement so that you ‘creative writers’ can unload your women hate.
    Write an article where you portray shit fairly. Stop bringing your personal experiences into it, where you probably got fucked over because you were a twat.
    Peace – Josh, from the UK

    1. I’ve been scrolling through this site for too long (did you see that one about street harrassment? it’s horrendous!) and your comment is the first nice one. Thank you for being a decent person and a good feminist ally. Peace to you too 🙂

  32. I know a lot of dirty jokes. I know jokes about black people, Italians, Pollacks, rednecks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, and the list goes on. I even know a couple about domestic violence (“what do you do when your dishwasher stops working…”). Many people tell me these jokes are mean-spirited, and that by repeating them I’m encouraging a negative view of minorities or whoever.
    So I know all these dirty, “mean” jokes, they make me laugh, and I’m always on the lookout for good new ones. I’ve seen the numerous pop-culture references to prison rape, and I honestly don’t like them because they strike me as too real.
    I don’t know any jokes about raping women. Not one.

    1. Just curious, why do you refer to the Poles as Pollacks? Why not call the Asians gooks and the Italians wops?

      1. A) I’m part Polish and am used to it, B) “Pollack Jokes” are a known thing, where as “gook jokes” and “wop jokes”, referred to in those words, aren’t.

  33. Also, this:
    “It’s about hypocritically promoting a world where already privileged women are shielded from any potential offense, and largely pardoned from responsibility for their own actions”
    Well, yeah, that’s the end state feminists are looking for. But the specific function of the rape culture meme and related propaganda is twofold: 1) to convince beta men that they have a secret rapey monster inside which requires constant vigilance to contain, thereby making them more susceptible to pussification; and 2) to frighten women (and pussified white knights) into donating to liberal causes and supporting statist creep in order to counter the supposed “epidemic”.
    Feminism, aside from being an emotional tool of the left, is really nothing more than a large-scale shit-test for betahood.

  34. OK, I would like to throw a bit of sound logic into this sess pot of blame and illogical hating
    Rape is wrong if it happens to a man
    Rape is wrong if it happens to a woman
    Rape is wrong if it happens to a Transgender person
    It doesn’t matter if the rapist is Female, Male, Transgender
    Rape is rape and is wrong
    All types and variations of rape should be publicly denounced and should not be joked about
    However, just because some types of rape are more publicised than others, doesn’t mean that those types should be denounced, it just means that the other types of rape should be equally well publicised
    Peace out

  35. Rape jokes are never cool. Mentioning rape openly in a serious conversation or argument/activist setting is one thing, but joking about it is totally different. Talking about it seriously doesn’t trivialize it because it gives you a chance to sympathize with the victims and further the cause, but nobody sympathizes with anybody and nobody fights to end rape culture when it becomes the butt of a joke.

  36. Everyone who seriously justifies rape in any way and think it’s hilarious needs to get raped soon.

  37. Smart article, but sadly inaccurate. First off you seem to spoil a well thought out and intelligent post by throwing a racial jab at the “mostly white” women. Black women , especially affluent ones are every bit if not more active in the fem persuit. Also rape is not disproportionately a threat to men in jail as opposed to women. Females who suffer sexual assault crimes in jail are a number that rivals men on an almost even field. Other than that its well said. Try taking out personal bias and sticking with facts because your point of view is refreshing.

  38. I came to this page because I searched on “why do people joke about rape in prison”. I did so because my husband spent 11.5 years of a 15 year sentence in the Texas prison system before we met. I have never asked any question of him about the topic and never would. But those jokes have ALWAYS bothered me, even long before I met him. Rather than the type of conversation I hoped to find here, I instead find that everyone here seems to think that being a woman is the greatest evil. When I was younger this might have raised my ire. Now it just makes me even sadder than I was when I came here.

  39. I joke about men being raped because men can’t be raped unless they’re weak 🙂 it’s very funny like circumcision.

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