8 Signs You Should Break Up With A Girl

Whether he wants to admit it or not, even the most inveterate bachelor (a.k.a. “player”) parks his game from time to time to concentrate on one girl. Even if he is creeping a little on the side, he’s no longer actively pursuing new prospects in volume, no longer maintains an active rotation, and he’s seeing the same chick in regular intervals. In other words: he’s in a long-term relationship.

Perhaps more than any other subject, there’s some serious silence in the “game” world about how to think about and deal with relationships. It’s our Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And, like two muscular dudes jerking each other off in the army latrine, we know guys are doing it, but the last thing we want to do is think about or discuss it.

If you associate with men with game, you already know how it goes down: periodically, a guy you know will disappear for a more-than-normal period of time, only to re-emerge a few months later, coming clean that he’s been holding hands with a girl the whole time. You shrug your shoulders and all is well again.


I’m from the camp that thinks that—despite the ever-diminishing returns of a relationship and the ever-shrinking pool of eligible girls—it’s good to get into one here and there. For one, constantly chasing new girls can get bone-tiring, as well as massively drain your time and resources. And that’s just from the going-out part. The administrative elements of being a full-time bachelor—managing phone numbers, keeping track of contact intervals, turning on a dime to work each girl according to what stage you have her in, even the timing of your ejaculation schedule—is never-ending behind-the-scenes work that can wear you down and take the fun out of being single.

Periodically resting from all of this for a few weeks or months at a time is not only desirable, but necessary, to recharge your batteries for new adventures. Not only that, there are actually some rewards that you reap from a relationship girl that you rarely get from a standard rotation member. To paraphrase Chris Rock, “new pussy can’t cook.”

The major problem with relationships is that 95 percent of guys stay in them long after the law of diminishing returns has tipped against their favor. They fail to manage their relationships properly and to spot signs along the way that things have irretrievably soured. That said, here are eight signs you should break up with your girl…

1. Gains an appreciable amount of weight.

Minor, temporary fluctuations in weight are understandable, even excusable, but anything beyond 8 or 10 pounds—especially without increasing anxiety and action about it—is a sign that she cares little about her appearance and, more importantly, cares little about what you think.


2. Talks about her (sexual) past.

In my world, I consider anything beyond a passing mention of her sexual past (especially without some clear pertinence to the conversation and an obvious attempt to courtesy-veil or massage it in a tactful way) a red flag going in, so chances are, if she’s talking about it now, it marks some sort of a change. A girl cavalierly talking about her past is a sign of crass indifference toward sex (sluttiness), at best, or intentional disrespect, at worst. In either case, it’s a deal-breaker for any kind of serious relationship.


3. Insists on having contact with her ex-boyfriends.

This is related to talking about her past, but is actually much worse. In the era of Facebook and 24/7 Internet connectivity, it’s become nearly impossible for these guys to fully disappear into the past, but active contact—especially face-to-face—should prompt an ultimatum conversation. If you know anything about women, you can predict her stubborn reaction. In my case, that conversation ends with me severing ties.


4. Cuts her hair short.

Like gaining weight, cutting her hair signals bigger problems. I’m a firm believer that the short haircut in women is a political statement. By willfully removing one of the clearest cues of femininity, she’s shoving a huge middle finger at men, in general, and—if you happen to be in a relationship with her—at you, in particular.


5. Develops a bitchy, snappy attitude. Disrespects you publicly.

A girl who routinely gives you attitude—especially publicly—has lost all respect for you. If you’ve let her intransigence slide more than, say, once, she’s further lost respect for you. Nine times out of ten, this is symptom she will either dump you—or, frankly, cheat on you—soon.


6. Hangs out or communicates with way too many dudes.

I consider the “all-my-friends-are-guys” declaration to be a deal-preventer. That is, I will have likely learned about her dozens of male orbiters—and eliminated from consideration as a result—well before I’ve upgraded her status in my life. That said, discovering this anywhere along the way is an automatic two-and-and-half strikes. Short of some verifiable signs that she doesn’t revel in stringing a bunch of men along, doesn’t keep a bench of ready replacements, or hasn’t banged several of them already, it’s a bootable offense.


7. Frequency or quality of sex declines markedly. Dangles sex as a reward.

Look, you’re probably not going to still be banging five times a night months into a relationship, but a sharp drop in frequency or quality means a vital element—physical chemistry—has evaporated. It’s especially problematic if she begins to wield sex as some sort of carrot that you “earn” by doing things “right.” She’s wrested power from you, and it’s a rare case where a man recovers from this.


8. Gets sloppy in her dress, habits, speech, or hygiene.

Like gaining weight, losing her gracefulness portends bigger problems. The moment a girl stops trying to impress you, she’s checked out of your relationship. Depending on how attractive she is, the next guy who hits that switch in her brain will be granted an interview for your job.


If this list makes it sound like every relationship is doomed from the start, you’re absolutely right. Being that in today’s (Western) world, one or several of these are eventualities, the best a top-rate man can hope for is extended periods of bachelorhood punctuated by rewarding, time-limited relationships that end right as the returns diminish to an unacceptable level. That length of time, needless to say, varies dramatically from girl to girl.

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284 thoughts on “8 Signs You Should Break Up With A Girl”

  1. I respectfully disagree.
    Well, not with your list of signs your relationship is doomed – spot on. But as far as the idea that there is no possible way a man can find happiness in a long term relationship or (whisper it) marriage, that is incorrect. I’m not denying that it is a rare and special thing, and that it is hard as hell to do, and that it requires a significant effort to do so and not slide into the SWPL Betaized version, but . . . it can and does happen.
    Indeed, for you youngsters, there is a whole Red Pill world of Married Game. It was started by Athol Kay, of Married Man Sex Life, and it is likely the most comprehensive look at the realities of male/female mating I’ve ever seen. And I’m a sex nerd. Even if you do not plan on getting married, you should read it – it will help your Game.
    Think of Married Game as Advanced Game. Learning how to bed a girl — just about any girl — takes skill and knowledge of Game. The crimson art of seduction is essential to a good masculine values. But as nuanced in approach as our distinguished vaginologists are, the skill-set necessary to successfully enjoy a bountiful long-term relationship with the same woman is more complex and requires deeper study.
    It also requires a woman worthy of the attempt. First rule of Married Game: find the right woman. Then vet the hell out of her. That’s hard, I’ll be the first to admit – a lot of dudes will have better luck with foreign brides. But if you’re a Wolf Alpha, a man who’s “own way” includes the stability of a family and a wife instead of a harem, then finding the right woman is essential. And it can be done. It has been done. Like Game, Married Game is a learnable skill, and is a logical extension of Single Game.
    The good news, gentlemen, is our sperm is viable until we’re 70. So go notch-it-up for your first decade without training wheels — go ahead. All those notches? Those are warning signs to the Wolfs among you that the woman is a risk. We appreciate that. When you get around 30 and start reconsidering a family, then you can add a Wife Selection routine to your Game and begin the process. Take your time. Do it right.
    And be willing — nay, eager — to walk the fuck away when any three of the warning signs in this post happen. And “disrespectful” counts for two — we don’t need to put up with that shit, Gentlemen. Ever.
    Good hunting. We old married guys are rooting for you.

    1. Ah, Ian. I’ve read your work, and you have my full respect, but marriage seems like playing Vegas. If you win, you win big. If you lose, you lose hard. And the house usually wins.
      Better to play it safe and stave off marriage altogether than end up destitute.

      1. If you don’t play, you can’t win. Simple as that. Just know the game before you sit down at the table. After that, it’s up to your skill and willingness to take a manly risk.
        Because “playing it safe” was never my strong suit . . . but winning is.

        1. Then you didn’t take it right. Let me know if I can help you with the big words.

        2. That’s the sort of attitude that settled the west and makes captains of industry and ground breaking explorers.

        3. I dig your point, but did you really just throw the “manly” card in reference to marriage? I’ve been to war, been shot at in more countries than most people have visited, and I a-fucking-sure you, “manly” risk-taking has nothing to do with putting your balls and your livelihood on a chopping block and handing an ax to some big-titted retard.

        4. Then you did not choose wisely. If there is one worthy woman in a thousand, then yes, a “manly” Wolf Alpha will not settle for less to become his wife and the mother to his children. A self-mastered man and a worthy, intelligent, and self-aware woman, when put together in common purpose and with total commitment, is nearly unstoppable.
          The thing is, you can’t get lazy and stop looking after #765, or you never get to that 1000. And yes, it is a risk. But it is a calculated one. And there are many, many things a man can do to mitigate his risk.
          For example, finding a woman who understands that “wife” is a life-long job description, not the necessary suffix to “ex”. That part is key.

        5. I don’t think it needs to be a religious war. One way isn’t better than another. It’s just a personal choice.
          I do think a successful marriage does depend, among other things, using your emotions and heart to navigate rather than pure intellect and a rules based system. I found this part to be very difficult. It’s definitely uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory for a guy. But once I enabled heart felt decision making everything got easier and the results got better.
          You also have to redefine your idea of ‘fair’, which really it’s not even about fair. If I’m getting the shaft on something and it doesn’t matter, I don’t even resist (maybe I make a quip, but that’s it). If it matters to me, that’s different, but I still try to present my view in a ‘soft’ way. Not ‘manly’ per se, but quite effective. Less fights more results.
          To be honest, I’ve been quite exhilarated to operate in the ’emotional’ territory mostly relegated to women. I feel closer to my family, friends, kids and I find it helps me resolve conflicts of any kind, whether I know the people involved or not. Again, not ‘manly’, but the whole thing has me wondering if ‘manly’ is not overrated…

        6. You and your bald bastard buddy are retards for giving this stupid relationship game advice. I don’t know what you look like but your pal Athol looks worse than a used toilet plunger. That’s why no amount of day, night, up, down, or sideways game can help him and he needs to be in a relationship. You two dorks rationalize your relationships and act like you’re steering the ship. You’re both living in dream land but even IF, and I do mean IF, it’s working for you it’s still shit advice to give other men.

        7. I think the odds of ending up in a happy marriage is 1 in a 100 or less. Even if you don’t get divorced, you’d be stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage (“stay together for the kids”). To advice 100 young men to go try their luck, knowing 99 of them will end up miserable for the rest of their lives, or at least half their lives, I think the costs outweighs the benefits by a lot. There are so many other things a man can do with his life. Keep on looking for love, sure, but don’t be too eager to jump into marriage. I think there should be a new rule, if she doesn’t want to sign a prenup, don’t marry her.
          And of course, the irony is, when a man focuses on improving his life, the bitches start swarming. Like mosquitoes.

        8. I don’t either.
          Indeed, I encourage those men out there who are not marriage-and-family minded Wolf Alphas or strong high Betas to learn Game, get a temporary vasectomy, and merrily pump and dump as long as you can get it up. I’m not being facetious — marriage is an art, in this age, and it you aren’t enthusiastic about it, don’t do it. And getting laid is one of the best things about being a dude. If enough Betas learn Game, and keep the dating arena as fluid and chaotic as possible by being Cads, it makes it far, far easier for us future Dads to (through observation and report) discover who the quality women are, i.e. some of the ones who don’t fall for the whole “Yeah, I’m a wine importer” line over and over again.
          There is no religious war. I concede and acknowledge that marriage is, in aggregate, a bad deal for men in this age — that’s part of what makes it an art. But the more of you who walk away from it, the higher the Wolf Alpha stock goes, and the better our selection and the easier our vetting process. Most men shouldn’t get married . . . at least not under conditions like these. If I could, I’d sponsor the “fully-informed groom act” which would lay out to a dude all of the consequences of his nuptials. But consider the advantages that we successful Family Men give you dudes: we’re proof that Happily Ever After exists, just out of reach. Use that. It’s tantalizing bait few women can resist. If you can make them believe that we are who you want to be when you grow up, the panties start dropping like snowflakes. Game helps.
          In return, us Family Men, the Red Pill dudes who managed to win the woman lottery, should do our best to protect and nurture the men who decide to remain bachelors, – and yes, I said nurture, fuck you. It is to us that the responsibility for helping out our unmarried brethren as often as possible, teach them what they need to know, and guide them through the decision-making process that allows them to make the informed decision that is right for them.
          It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship that acknowledges the common nature of masculinity and respects the right of every man to Go His Own Way . . . even if that Way includes a wife and kids. Or other dudes. Your sexuality doesn’t define your masculinity, and your mating strategy isn’t a moral judgement (to me — the Conservative Christians will wave a finger and tsk). What matters is if you are trustworthy, honorable, competent, dutiful, and true to your own sense of masculinity. After that, it doesn’t really matter who we fuck or if we fuck at all (most masculine natural Bull Alpha I ever met was a RC monk. Joked he did it to save some pussy for the rest of us).
          It’s not a war . . . between men. We should know who the real opponent is by now. It’s just a matter of whether or not we can recognize our common interests and issues.

        9. Gentlemen, attend:
          This is what happens when we don’t exercise proper control over ourselves. We turn into insult-spewing characatures of masculinity, who substitute invective for intelligence and rhetoric for reason. When we have no control, then we present ourselves as immature, unwise, and uneducated. Often a mistake of testosterone-poisoned youth, when you encounter this sort of thing the best measure to take is a calm, measured response. It demonstrates Alpha control. And it makes him look like an idiot in comparison. Never give up the opportunity to lay down a DHV, and looking under-control, amused, and intelligent when the dude next to you is talking shit and making fart jokes is an ideal one..
          A mature man — that is, one who has cultivated a mature masculinity — isn’t bothered by these name-calling boys. It happens in a society where fatherhood is denigrated and single-mothers are the norm. The failure to recognize that some women are, yes, worthy of consideration for a well-thought-out long term partnership for the purpose of mutual benefit, sex, and the development of high-quality progeny — who, if you do it right, will know better than to spout off like this.
          I’ll stand by my results. Twenty years in a happy relationship, three beautiful, hyper-intelligent kids, and I get laid far, far more than . . . well, probably most of you. It’s not for everyone, but when you’re 80 and you need someone to drive you to chemo four times a week, Red Pill can sit on his ass and wait for a cab.

        10. If there is no risk of losing, then there is no real risk at all.
          Seriously, look back at history and tell what the norm is. Then i will tell you about 1968s cultural-revolution whose outmost goal was to break every traditional norm societies in Europe, NA and Australia had.

        11. Meh, whatever grandpa. I will side with Tom Leykis and Mark Minter on this issue any day of the week.

        12. With all due respect, “Choose Wisely” is sucker bait Ian. Quite simply Marriage is an institution born out of mutual need. Sex was inextricably linked to procreation. Women desired protection and resources, men for procreation and support. Those needs no longer exists or are exceedingly diminished in the western word, thus one chord of the rope severed.
          Society exerted all kinds of social pressure against divorce and sexual promiscuity. Friends, Family, church and State all meted out sanctions and shame toward both men and women who ignored these society norms. You were quite literally and outcast. Not so today, thus chord two of marriage severed.
          Lastly there are numerous counter-incentives toward traditional marital roles. Women’s natural predilection toward mate dissatisfaction, nagging and mood swings become a power play in marriage. Both know her happiness is paramount and must be sustained of the man gets ass raped in divorce while she keeps the cash and prizes. The effect of this “sword of Damocles” combined with glamorization of divorce erode a healthy dynamic. Combine this with a diminished capacity to bound due to prior promiscuity and you have what amounts to a fuse on marriage. Another chord severely eroded.
          And lets not forget, even if you manage to avoid the 40-50% divorce rate you should not assume its due to a “happy” marriage. Dissatisfaction rates among the married are exceedingly high. One reason that few ever acknowledge is Biology. It is well understood that humans are not inclined toward lifelong monogamy. Our brain chemistry begins to work against us in as little a 3 years. So what was once the object of your passion and lust is now your roommate with whom you must keep happy and coordinate all your plans with (best case). Worst case is the relationship disintegrates into a tit for tat dysfunctional, mutual disgust held together for the kids.
          Caveat emptor

        13. You and Tom Ryan can take a walk. You two are essentially saying that most in this man-o-sphere crowd wouldn’t be in the predicaments they’re in if they’d have only been as “Alpha Wolf” or chosen as “wisely” as you and made “heart-felt” decisions like Tom there.
          You two clown-punchers need to get it through your head that getting reemed in a relationship in this country has exactly fuck-all to do with how you as a man proceed or what rules you play by. If the court wants your kids, your money, your house, and your pension to go to a socially retarded addict whose only ambition is to “find herself” in a pottery class, that’s how it will be.
          There is absolutely ZERO sense in playing any game that involves putting yourself completely at the mercy of someone with every incentive to crush you. there is no “magic” in sleeping on a park bench, I did it, and I promise you, it sucks.
          I mean fuck, by your logic, we should all try smoking crack and quitting our jobs. I mean, we MIGHT get addicted and ruin our lives, but think of the good times if that doesn’t happen! Hey, maybe if we’re Alpha enough, we can stay in control! Lets score some crack right now!
          You two should be wearing sandwich boards.

        14. …then why the fuck are you on here talking to us amateur-hour alphas? Shouldn’t you be inventing a flying car or penning the great American novel?
          I’m gonna break your heart here sweet-tits, if you’re under the impression that your Missus hasn’t taken at least a peep and maybe a dip on the far side of the picket fence and all the bad-man that might be over there, you’re lying to yourself.
          The whoriest, nastiest, boot-licking, shameless tramps that ever showed up at my place beating the door down were the ones who had their old men convinced that he was just the duck’s nuts. Women, all of them, have got to be controlled like wild fucking horses.
          So don’t lie to yourself. This is the United States of Fem-topia, and you’re in charge of two things, Jack and shit, and trying to con-din-send to Red Pill won’t change it.

        15. Look, I’m not trying to offend, K.D.. And I don’t believe that the anti-/no marriage guys are any less of men than ones who are married. It’s just personal choices to me. It just seems to me that the perceptions here don’t fit reality 100%. Sure some of these bad outcomes occur. And sure as hell marriage ain’t easy. But it can be good. And I see a lot of guys doing alright. IT’s a different life than single guy life, so you can’t really interpret it through that lense. The vibes I’m getting here seem quite bitter and the views could be seen as mysogenistic. I just wonder why. I wasn’t seeing things to be that bad before I got married and married life doesn’t seem as bad as all that.
          But if you do choose to get married, the mentality of single guy would need to change for the marriage to be strong. Your nuts don’t go in a jar, but things will change. And to insist on full control and defining how it’s going to go down, I just think that could easily lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of divorce.
          But above all, I’m not here to judge. You have the right to live the way you want and that’s just fine. Just trying to present a different perspective. Thx.

        16. Aurini has a good post on the cycles of civilization and which stage we are in right now. Tldr version; Total war in 10-15 years.

        17. if you want to sound more like ‘a dude’, use the word YOU instead of the (come on girls!) ‘We’.
          And this comical OTT usage of ‘alpha control’ and ‘alpha wolf’ should probably be reduced.
          Happy internetting!

        18. God, I grew up an army brat and reading your shit reminds me of all the advice I got growing up.
          That being said I agree with you. That dude talking about brining ‘alpha’ into a relationship has lost already and doesn’t know it.
          Your alpha status only pulls weight amongst other men. In today’s world women have vaginas and courts on their side.

        19. You have no clue what’s going on in someone else’s marriage. And you also have no clue what’s going on between the ears of the female you mortgaged your future for. Got it?
          Bottom line is this: Marriage as a man (and only as a man) in this country, in this culture means nothing but risk. Nobody who reads this board created that situation. We were all born into it and it’s just a fact. We can’t change it and it will never change. All any man can do is make the choice to protect himself, his assets, his liberty and personal bodily freedom, and his future. So eff off with co-signing all the man up shit.
          Staying unattached, working quietly, continuing to learn and self-educate, living with some dignity–these things are assured to be there for the man who wants them, just as living like some dumb-ass, drunkard brain-eating zombie is also a choice.
          Marriage is the most emasculating thing a man can do to himself. In the 1920’s things were different. But it isn’t the 1920’s. And just hoping it to be so because you’ve been married for 15 minutes and you’ve never been really tested doesn’t change the reality of the surrounding poisonous cultural milieu and the women it produces.

        20. Wow, I know my comment is out of line but when the army and battlefields come up with Death breathing in the face, relationships look like a cockroach dung scale wise…I just wish I could have a death of a soldier somewhere in the battle field (like a good noble brave man) other than writhe for the rest of my life in the insectual leftovers…Sorry, guys, I’m a woman and the Windtalkers is my most favorite movie… Do you think it’s right? Cheers!

        21. You’re all a bunch of dumbass cowards who lack the capability to think externally, and are afraid to let someone be close to them. I pity you and your selfish lifestyle.

        22. The key to not getting in a bad marriage? Stop trying to wife young white females. The modern young white female is the most undatable woman in the entire world. Get a Hispanic girl ingrained in her culture or get a non-Americanized Asian girl, or even a European girl (not a “modern” European girl though). Problems solved. The problems with marriages these days come from a fucked up Western culture (mostly American) culture these days where women don’t know what they want, and even if they say they want a husband, don’t really want to be tied down. They want Sex in the City lives. Get rid of those type of females.

        23. Seriously stop calling women bitches and comparing them to mosquitos. Marriage is meant for people with mutual respect for each other- and you men clearly respect nobody but other Alphas and Betas or whatever the fuck weird ass wolf references you’re making. It’s weird and unattractive.
          Pointer from a woman: how about you just live life for yourself and try to be a good person to everyone? Women and men alike. Other good, intelligent people will find you. My parents have been together for nearly thirty five years and they’re inseparable. The key isn’t finding a “good woman”, it’s finding your best friend. It’s finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, whether that person is male or female. You can’t love someone if you lack basic human respect, and marriage isn’t foundation built on love. Get it together, guys. Seriously. You’re adults.

        24. Women aren’t animals, you ignorant asshole. Seriously. I thought I’d read this for laughs but I just can’t anymore. As a man who was raised with wonderful female influences and is in a long-term relationship with the most beautiful girl (who also happens to be my best friend), you guys just sound like sad, pathetic losers. No wonder you’re afraid of marriage. It’ll chew you up and spit you out. But not because of the institution itself. Because of you. Have some basic human decency. You guys have the audacity to call yourselves men? Yeesh.

        25. Kayla, you are an idiot.
          You contradict yourself. First you say focus on your life and people will find you. Then you say go find your best friend.
          Secondly, my point was not much different from yours. If you think I was being crude, say it, but that’s how I am.
          Thirdly, who cares if you are a man or a woman? The fact that you have to point it out probably means you are an unattractive woman.
          This is the second last reply you’ll get from me. I don’t like idiots like you wasting my time.

        26. Kay, Kayla, Kyle, you’re not fooling anyone, troll. Typical shaming tactics, we’ve seen it all before. Last reply.

        27. For those with no intention to procreate, there is obviously no argument here. But the real risk is not marriage — it’s having kids with someone. Getting a woman pregnant ties you to that person for life whether you are married or not. Would you rather have a baby mama, or a wife who respects you and made a legal commitment to you and your children?

        28. It’s not about love, it’s about creating a stable environment for having kids. THAT’S why men get married.

    2. This whole post is predicated on the idea that long-term relationships can be–and often are–rewarding. But the reason why you’re trying to sell us on marriage is a mystery to me.

    3. What’s with the “Wife & Family” OR a harem? If you must get married, why not go polygamous? Best of both worlds – the benefits of a long-term relationship, but the fact that your wives will be competing with each other for the ‘#1 Wife’ spot will ameliorate many of the drawbacks.

  2. I think this all leads to one simpler sign to look out for and it’s this:
    Is your woman considerate of you?
    If she is then she’ll never pull any of this kind of BS on you.
    Simply look at if she is considering what is good for you. If she is then she’s a keeper. If not, fuck her and forget her.

    1. Lasting relationships are symbiotic. Agreed, consider one another and it works.

  3. Great list, but Don Ladykiller was right in that these are all different manifestations of one essential shift. Either the girl is primarily concerned with you–in which case she does none of the things on the list–or she’s primarily concerned with herself, in which case she may start doing one or more of the things on the list plus other disagreeable things not featured on the list.

    1. Now that I think about it, I’ve rated girls as relationship material mainly by their level of consideration. If they care about what I want, need, think and feel and have a history of doing so for others around them, then they’re worth looking at.
      This attitude from a woman is ‘man crack’ and the leading cause of players falling into LTRs.

  4. Here’s a principle the be adopted by the ‘sphere. Everything external has its origins internally. It goes both ways, that’s what shit tests are: to see if the way you are externally representing yourself matches your true internal quality. So if she is letting her external features go, it reflects what it going on internally; she no longer respects you enough to put in the effort, she no longer sees you as valuable enough to get her best. It’s a slap in the face, she is telling you what she thinks of you.

    1. Maybe she’s just comfortable enough with you to not feel like she needs to restrict her diet and respects you enough to be herself. Why would you want to be with someone fake? You’re with a person, not a body. You guys are assholes and you’ll never find anyone who loves you for you. Ever. Enjoy loneliness.

  5. Cool thing about this list with Western women is you will see #1,5, and 6 upon meeting them. Almost all of the “all my friends are male” are usually hoes and are shamed by their female peers. Every well adjusted woman has a female best friend or at least a small circle of them. So it’s a non-starter from the very beginning. And if they are single, # 3 is a 98% possibility as these women never completely detach previous men from their lives. Especially is he had perceived Alpha characteristics that she enjoyed/benefited from socially. If she lost a guy that SHE wanted to keep, it’s a sure bet he could step in the picture at any time. If a guy SHE wanted but never got suddenly declared feelings for her, you can forget it. As far as the rest, if they are happening in an LTR then you are not one of the guys previously mentioned.

  6. This article is perfect save for one glaring game error in Item 3, in which you mention the need for an “ultimatum conversation.” If you’re “prompted” into an ultimatum conversation it’s already over. Flatlined. Only a weak, needy fool attempts to resuscitate. Cease all contact right then and there. No warnings. Don’t call, don’t text. Should she bother to try and corner you somewhere (and she might not; remember she’s already entertaining others), smile brightly and say you’ve been busy before excusing yourself for A Really Important Phone Call and disappearing into the night. Ultimatum conversations feed the drama hamster when all that hamster deserves is to be left alone to wonder what on earth her fabulous and entitled snowflake self did to be treated so dismissively by that (ugh!) creep.
    Of course, if you’re already living together, that’s another problem. You will have to have a conversation. Again, though, no ultimatums. Simply tell her she has to leave. If you co-signed on a lease with her, find a way out (without telling her your intent) and GET OUT. Let her come home to find you and your stuff gone. And take it as a lesson learned; you’re apparently new to the Red Pill if you’ve signed anything with a woman. Bottom line (because “How to Properly Dispose of Trash” is another article altogether), the proper answer to any given Ultimate Shit Test is a simple, non-dramatic “No.” Do everything you can to starve the whore of her drama. Play it close to the chest and keep smiling, even if you’re smarting hard on the inside. And for God’s sake, move on! In showing her rottenness, the girl did you a huge favor. She’s blessed your mission to find fresher meat in greener pastures.

    1. There’s a weak way and a strong way to have an “ultimatum conversation.” If you have an otherwise great girl who’s dancing on a line, there’s nothing wrong with saying “this is unacceptable, and unless you’re willing to ‘compromise on this’ [read: quit it instantly] it’s a deal-breaker for me.” If you’re mentally ready to break it off right there–and expect that this final warning, even if she does cave, may not stick–you’re safely doing your due diligence. That may not sound “alpha” enough on the Internet, but say it to the next girl you’ve dated for a while and see what happens.
      It’s nice to talk about throwing a girl out half naked from your apartment with her stuff clutched in her arms, but it’s unrealistic if you’ve supposedly been in a relationship with her.

  7. Since RoK don’t have a forum, re: no. 2.
    I’d be welcome of opinions, or counter opinions on this: I’d always considered this as a negative sum game. If one asks a dame about her N there are two possible outcomes; one learns something he didn’t wish to know (N = N*3), or he comes across as an insecure beta. Is there a third possibility I am missing?

  8. Been a lurker for a while and very much enjoy this site. (Brief background: I’m 2 years out from divorce, later 30’s, and been starting my life again.) I re-entered the dating scene recently and have noticed that these warning signs for dating also apply to a failing marriage. I saw the signs in my marriage but really didn’t know their meaning until I started dating again and saw them all over again (and thankfully got the heck out with more then I did in the marriage). In my marriage I chalked it up to the whole ‘being married’ thing and getting comfortable, but in dating, totally different
    One additional sign I would add, and this comes more from the dating experiences, is when she treats you less like a partner and more like a piggybank. I like to consider myself a gentleman and such I do offer to pay for a night out because that is the civil and (IMHO) right thing to do – that is being decent. When the line is crossed to gold digging is when she EXPECTS you to pay all the time, regardless of venue. I had a experience where I was spending more money on the relationship with a girlfriend (meals, gifts, errands) then on the latter end of my marriage, all in a vain attempt to keep her smiling. Lesson learned obviously now – but one I would have only wished I’d known when I came back into the dating jungle.
    I look forward to seeing more great articles like this one and thanks for the consistent and quality insight and writing on this world.

  9. “That length of time, needless to say, varies dramatically from girl to girl.”
    The length of time of a relationship doesn’t vary from girl to girl, it varies from man to man. The man decides how much emotional investment the girl has in him by having great personal expression and authority. A girl who breaks up with a male bitch after 2 weeks will stay in love with a dominant, authoritative and expressive man for 2 years. As men, you mold your girl to be whatever you want her to be. Those men without any balls will never “find” the perfect girl for long-term relationships because girls aren’t “found” they’re “molded” they’re “trained” by you, mister boyfriend.
    I keep saying this, but you people keep ignoring me “keep your bitches in check”

      1. Saying “still an idiot” doesn’t make it so. The point is right on.
        Women drastically change and are molded to the life, interests, and world of the male. Many even do it intentionally and/or subconsciously. It’s extremely common (if not predictable) for woman to date , say, a jazz musician or artist….. and she will adopt his interests, PRETEND to care about his gallery openings, attend events with him, and even pretend to like jazz etc…. but these are not actually HER interests.
        Then she meets a motorcyclist, and suddenly she pretends to be into bikes, riding, racing, hard rock and leather.
        Then she might date a doctor …….and now the same woman pretends to care about being on the board at the hospital, go to fund raiser events, pretends to take an interest in medicine……. but neither of these “worlds” are her own, nor does she immerse herself into these interests on her own accord. And her previous “interests” in jazz music or motorcycles is already long forgotten – because they were never really HER interests to begin with.
        She is “molded” and / or molds herself around HIM. This is why a man can be in a relationship with woman he THINKS he knows inside and out… and then bump into her 10 years later and she is a COMPLETELY different person – to the point of being totally unrecognizable. A chameleon in every way. It’s almost spooky how drastic the change can be.
        Look at Madonna, Gaga, Cher, CONSTANTLY reinventing their image from grunge whore , to fag hag, to Marilyn Monroe blonde, to Dominatrix …. but Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, and Bruce Springstien maintained the same style , image, and interests for decades.
        Women ARE “molded” and if they are NOT… they “mold” themselves into whatever clay-mation suits their fancy – on a whim – as if they have no CLEAR identity on their own.
        So “”keep your bitches in check” is exactly right, because just ask any dog trainer , and they will tell you —— a bitch will get really uncomfortable if she doesn’t feel the end of her leash. She WILL wander.

        1. This is obviously a site for some seriously, seriously deluded men. What happened to loving someone and wanting to give that person the room and the time to express themselves and be happy? All of this talk of keeping your “bitch” on a leash and “molding” them defies belief and only serves to tell people reading that you are a misogynistic psychopath with zero understanding of human nature or anything beautiful or worthwhile having. Your biggest mistake is in your clear misconception that you are intelligent. You view the world in the same way a teenager does, soulless, shallow and depressing. If I saw the world like that I think I would kill myself. I genuinely feel sorry for you, but also feel that you probably need to be removed from the public for the good of everyone. “Ask any dog trainer”? What kind of madness is that?! Please don;t be stupid enough to convince yourselves you are “top dogs” or of course “alphas”. You are sad, myopic blind people living on the bottom rung of the universe. No wonder you can only get girls with such a small amount of charisma they need to copy your interests. What interests do you even have? “protein bars” the ‘fast and the furious’ film franchise and websites for people challenging for the 100 spot on an IQ test? No girl with a crumb of intelligence or charisma would ever go for a meathead like you. You can pump iron all you like and work on your “game”, but no matter how hard you try (obviously pretty hard from reading this appalling site) you can’t polish a turd! Go and read a proper book you nimwits and stop polluting the world with your bs.

        2. Hahaha. You view reality like an 8 year old girl. Reality isn’t a disney movie. My IQ is 140+ and I agree with natures natural order. Natures order is very dark, I suspect you are an entitled twit with very little life experience.

        3. You are an idiot. That is one of the most ridiculous things Ive ever heard. You just compared a woman to a dog.

        4. “Women rule the world’ is 1283761576542 times more ridiculous than anything I’ve said here.

        5. For someone with an IQ of 140+, you sure made a lot of grammatical errors in that comment.

        6. If you consider that comment a good representation of how men think, you are not only an idiot, you’re also anything but human. You can’t say women don’t “do stuff.” What if we said that about all men?
          As for this list, if all of these things are criteria, you are going to lead a very lonely life. I promise you, no woman will agree with all of these. One or two, maybe. Girls are sassy; we grow up that way. And when we stop trying to impress you, it means we’re comfortable with you, not that we’ve tuned out of the relationship.
          There’s more I could say, but I have to run – I have an appointment to cut off all my hair because my boyfriend likes it short.

        7. Your boyfriend only tells you that because he will say anything to get you to spread your legs.
          But …. “boy”-friend? That’s so cute.
          Come back when you’re ready for a man.

        8. Well, I won’t call him “my dog,” or any other repulsive thing you and your buddies here seem to think is okay to call your nonexistent girlfriends.
          But he IS a man, actually, because he loves me for me. NOT because I follow ludicrous rules from an asshole on the internet who thinks his opinion is fact — which it’s not.
          However, even if I WAS looking for a (different) man, I wouldn’t search here. You are how you treat people, and you seem to think treating people, especially women, with kindness is beneath you.

        9. That’s so adorable.
          Yeah OK. sweetie… go read a book:
          – by Esther Vilar
          (a woman)
          If I am as wrong as you pretend I am, how do you account for a FEMALE author saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING IN THAT BOOK? Why don’t YOU read a fucking book. Moron.
          How did you so eloquently put it?
          Oh yes…..
          “Your biggest mistake is in your clear misconception that you are intelligent. ” Now get the fuck out of here before you humiliate yourself further. You know the author of that book enraged cunts like you who threatened to KILL her. You know why? Because YOU CAN’T AFFORD men to know this about you. And the days of you pretending you know a gooddam thing about anything are now…. OVER.

        10. She was born in 1935. A women’s role in a relationship was entirely different than it is today. Times have changed a little bit.

        11. That’s a pathetic deflection. Women are fundamentally the same as they were in 1935 and 1865 when Schopenhauer wrote his essay entitled “on women”.
          There is also Briffault’s Law from the late 1800s.
          ….. and that coincides with even the story of Adam and Eve – which (fiction or not) STILL PLAYS OUT IN FAMILY AND DIVORCE COURTS EVERY SINGLE DAY.
          So I’m afraid your attempt to shame ME personally failed miserably. You’re busted. I (personally) have nothing to do with any of it. So where the fuck do you get off pretending there is something “wrong” with ME????
          Clearly you have walked into the wrong debate and have no idea who you are dealing with – or what you are talking about. Perhaps you will think twice in the future before behaving as though you have everything figure out. You’re only embarrassing yourself.

        12. You seem to like supporting your view of women with lot of crap reading. Id says your real problem is you’re afraid of
          women and what would happen if you actually had a genuine and respectful relationship with her! I feel sorry for you in your sad sad world, devoid of real love.

        13. That’s adorable, sweetie. But I provided links documentation, facts, and testimony which ELEVATE my points to more than just a “personal opinion”.
          It’s not just MY opinion. It’s REAL.
          So your stupid cunting shaming tactic won’t work here. I provided great philosopher’s opinions. If you have a problem with what THEY have to say about women — go take it up with THEM.
          I feel sorry for you in your sad sad world, devoid of real love.

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        15. I loved a woman. Gave all I had for her. Screwed up once and instantly she plays the friend card which, in essence, means game over for me. She dangled the hope of us rekindling our relationship the entire time as I was plan b in case her plan a failed.
          Trailed me along a couple months down the road when I tried to get some items that belonged to me that she has and has not relinquished. I told her she had a chance. I said nothing more. She had a chance. She tried the friendship card again. Game over.
          Once you cross the boundary from friendship to girlfriend/boyfriend or, in my case, fiances. You can never cross that threshold again. A relationship moves in forward, not reverse and not without fixing the things that damaged it in the past. She was unwilling to deal with that and she saw other men all the while beating me over the head with my “all or nothing” approach to relationships.
          Bad guys come in both sexes.

        16. You don’t seem to realise that an instant is not a rule. Bad arguments always got his way. “This says this, so it must be true.” The saddest part is, not all men are the same, and neither are all women. Until you understand this, you’re missing out on half of the population in essence.

        17. In essence I agree, and it’s good to learn from experience, but not let it taint your view of a whole gender.

        18. You’re an effective troll tom. I imagine you look the way you come across…

        19. Why are you pretending to know what you’re talking about?
          Until you understand this….. you will always be an idiot.
          “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT” is not an argument. It’s just an infantile deflection. Just because “not all” women are like that…. doesn’t mean THE GREAT MAJORITY of them are not. You don’t even make an attempt to disprove anything. You just walk in with all your stupid ignorance and say “not all _______ are like that”. As if you said something intelligent.
          Think about it. Especially if you’re going to pretending like OTHER people don’t understand something.
          Fucking moron.

        20. That’s all you can do sweetie.
          Your “imaginings” have nothing to do with REALITY.
          ACCEPT it.

        21. I’m sure you’re a pompous douchebag who’s never even been with a girl willing to stand your ass. Women are people too. With personalities and interests. You just happen to be a pig. You’re right, nature is dark. That’s why natural selection will not be picking you. Women don’t need a tight leash, people who think like you need one

        22. @youareabunchofmeatheads:: At first I thought your comment might bring up legitimate, intelligent counterpoints, but then it just degenerated into name calling. Way to fail.

        23. You are so right, real men don’t need to make women feel inferior to make themselves feel superior. This guy clearly has bad self-esteem and uses the amount of lays he can get to determine his self-worth. It’s sad.

        24. Your greatest error was to believe you were smart. Your second error was to call yourself feminist.

        25. Having a high IQ doesn’t make you smart. And aside from the fact I deeply suspect your lying, having a dark soul negates any positivity you might have brought to the world with your intelligence.

        26. Yes asshole, and is the black man gundi mentally the same as he was seen in the 1930’s? No.
          Times are changing.

        27. Do you see how pathetic you guys here can be? Look at the adds on the sidebar. The internet is trying up sell you dates because it knows (from your internet activity) that you can’t jut get one.

        28. Like playing chess with a pigeon. Even if you win he’ll shit on the board and strut around pretending he won.

        29. I wasn’t sure, but your capitalization completely converted me to the church of Tom: May the frontal
          Cortex be with him.

        30. That video demonstrates that high N women will ‘get horny’ indiscriminately with other men, and attempts to control or mold are near futile. No hymen no diamond, once she’s been stuck, you’re SOL.

        31. As soon as YOU stop taking selfies to attention whore and Like-collect, prancing around town in spandex to drawn attention to your asshole, lying about being “raped” or saying certain guys you fucked “don’t count” because you regretted it the next morning and stop juggling multiple men at once and commit all your effort to the one good one you’d better hold onto for dear life before The Big 4-0 menopause wall hits, the we might HALF-ASSED consider what you said!

        32. Maybe. But, when your experience of “a whole gender” is betrayal, contempt and treachery time-after-time for over two decades on end: whether it’s domestic (roommate), professional, or in romantic situations; and, in which YOU PERSONALLY empowered (professionally) the women involved – maybe, just maybe, it’s because they weren’t making umbrellas for men when the 90’s/00’s shitstorm of feminism-justified ‘shit-on-men-anyway-you-can’ broke out.
          NAWALT – but, are ANY of ‘them’, NOT? Because, like it or not, there is a large cohort of the male population for which that is precisely, the content of our real world experiences. But it’s telling that when women bitch about men and boys, the negative and ad hominem is supporting and encouraged; whereas that equivalent of men and boys, is excoriated and suppressed.

        33. Funny the exact same seems to be true for men…or at least as you say ‘bitches’ which come in both genders….as we know.
          It is sad though that empathetic and naturally curious partners are getting confused with manipulative bullshit artiartists that fake interests to get money/sex but I guess thems the breaks

      2. Typical beta response to an alpha analysis.
        You don’t like what he’s saying because you’re most likely the beta male bitch he’s referring to, who can’t hold a woman down longer than two weeks, so as a result, you’re in male purgatory with women; the eternal friend zone.
        Here’s a tip: Buy an actual female dog, because that’s the only time you won’t be the bitch in a relationship.

    1. You are 100% right on this one…
      You need to mold your girl like a dog.
      First lesson to my bitch: Don’t move after I drop my load on your ass, wait for the cleanup to arrive. It should be there soon.
      After repeating her this lesson many times, my tart now waits patiently like a trained dog and she loves it…

  10. Some of these aren’t so bad – for 2, 3, 4, and 6, it would bar me from dating her. But I’d have no problem calling her up once a week for a nice bang. Those things also never come out of nowhere – I’d probably never get into a serious relationship in the first place with a girl who’d pull those.

    1. That’s exactly the point. The would-bang metric is much lower than the “relationship” one. I could care less if she has several of those (the ones that don’t make her look less attractive) if her role in my life is just a regular bang. But anything beyond that level of commitment is going to require on-going adherence to a certain set of reasonable standards. I don’t think my standards are high, it’s just that most (American) guys nowadays have standards that are abysmally low or non-existent.

  11. Currently experiencing 7 and 8 in a big way. Is that enough for me to walk? It’s tempting…

  12. Some of these sound familiar.
    One of my exes used to dress and look so sexy. Then she let herself go and got frumpy. I mentioned it once and she flipped out. From then on it was a never ending stream of “Do I look fat in this? If you say yes I won’t eat for a week!” and she’d glare at me in challenge. Thank God I broke up with her.
    Another long distance ex went on a scuba diving weekend with a male “friend.” They shared a hotel room for Pete’s sake. And I believed it was just friends. I want to go back in time and bitch slap the beta I was to check into reality. The correct answer if your girl *ever* does anything like that is to drop her like kryptonite.

    1. The problem is a lot of guys wait to bring up the stay-skinny-and-attractive requirement until it’s too late. I start bringing it up–often unintentionally–right after the first bang. I make the requirements of this on-going transaction clear throughout. I know a quality chick doesn’t want me looking like shit or slipping up either.

  13. I had a college girlfriend pull the “contentment weight gain” routine on me. That didn’t last too much longer. Right after thanksgiving 2011, my wife started putting on weight, by the time we got to the following August, she was about 25 lbs heavier and I told her I’d had enough. Fortunately the baby came a few days later.

  14. @Muktar’s Words of Life Wisdom your words are wise and true.
    It is easy to mimic an alpha for a night or two – if your task is to live like an alpha for years, you better BE one or your true self will leak out.
    Potemkin village style; thats the core problem of many PUA when it comes to LTR.

  15. Ian Ironwood is a sockpuppet of a chick. Did thorough analysis of patterns – pure butch imitating male.
    Caught a few word usages in there too, like ‘a dude’ (derogatory term used in vag-o-sphere) and ‘(whisper it)’.
    1) hackerfactor.com
    “Genre: Formal
    Female = 710
    Male = 806
    Difference = 96; 53.16%
    Verdict: Weak MALE
    Weak emphasis could indicate European.”
    2.) Gender Genie
    “Words: 451
    (NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)
    Female Score: 737
    Male Score: 858”
    The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

  16. “periodically, a guy you know will disappear for a more-than-normal period of time, only to re-emerge a few months later” … just so we agree on terms here: a long term relationship is a relationship that lasts a year or longer – a few months is just dating. If you haven’t been in a relationship that lasted at least a year you don’t know squat about long term relationships.

  17. Audrey Hepburn had short hair at the peak of her career…. Very, very short hair. (See Sabrina, or her oscar-winning film Roman Holiday, for example).
    Yet she is considered one of the most feminine, beautiful women in Hollywood history and classic wife-material.
    If it suits the person and her facial features, why would it be a deal-breaker?

    1. That’s the problem right there: every short-haired girl nowadays thinks they’re Audrey Hepburn. Being glamorous in old Hollywood movies doesn’t make a girl “wife material.” Besides, even she looked better when she had long hair. It’s like every fat girl thinks they’re Marilyn Monroe because she supposedly had “curves”–even though, in reality, she was quite thin and fit. She exercised regularly and didn’t drink Starbucks milkshakes everyday.

      1. I can understand how some looks work for some women and others don’t, but you didn’t directly answer her question, and let me explain how: you didn’t directly reveal the supposed science behind being a ‘dealbrealking’ girl if she cuts her hair. Oh yeah- you said that she was making a political statement or something like that, but that’s just it– you left absolutely no room whatsoever for anything else….Say, if she stays in a relationship longer than a year, and her boyfriend has allopecia, and she decides to cut her hair with him for sentimental reasons, OR, if she simply wants to express herself in a new way through cutting her hair, and so on….It’s as though you enjoy undermining a woman and her personal style choices simply because they do not fit your ideal of femininity..You label a woman wanting to go through an Audrey Hepburn Phase as a dealbraker, which is backwards because femininity can be expressed in more than one physical way

        1. I mean no disrespect to your expertise, and agree with you that cutting hair may signify some inner issues. However, regarding the act of removing something that could easily grow back as a relationship hazard is about as unusual as a woman reacting the same way to her partner’s sudden growth of a Duck Dynasty beard (which I hear is quite a trend, as cutting hair is among women). My point being- you may never know if it’s just a trend-follower or a political-statement woman to drop unless you ask around first.

  18. This is so hilariously offensive that I’m left with the suspicion that it is secretly written by a misandrist that is out to destroy your chances at having a happy and healthy relationship with a real woman.

    1. So the XOJane commenter who implies that men are a gang of rapists is going to tell us that we are a bunch of misandrists….
      B+ level troll detected.

    2. Old Return of Kings comments sections are an archive of cunts.
      Look at this cunt.
      She has no fucking argument.
      Calling something offensive is not an argument, you braindead, infantile cunts.
      Nor is being bitchy and passive aggressive.
      And she wants to smear and pretend to ridicule the article, when she can’t refute a single fucking point, and is herself fucking ridiculous.
      The article is completely right, completely reasonable.
      And all anyone needs to recognise that is basic reasoning abilities.
      And again, she can’t refute anything.
      She can’t even ridicule anything.
      Because she’s a retarded cunt.
      And actually scratch everything else.
      That’s all that matters.
      She and 95% of women are simply retarded cunts.
      Nasty, cretinous, childish, cowardly, bullying, ridiculous, humourless, comical, crazy, immoral, pathetic.
      And predatory and destructive.
      And sluts.
      You just know she and other cunts in the comments section are sluts who match every point.
      Imagine being a cunt and a slut.
      Imagine being brainless.
      Better not.

  19. Do you think women should also dump men who exhibit some of these behaviors? Especially the ones about having “orbiters”, being in contact with exes and talking about sexual past. I’ve always made a point not to do those things myself, but I generally don’t complain about it when a guy I’m dating does. (And I think guys who consider themselves “alphas” tend to do those kinds of things more..) Does this only go one way, or do you think a guy should be dumped for those behaviors too?

    1. I come from Europe. I dated quite a few girls in here, I used to be all happy and kind human being. After going out with these American girls, I am starting to question humanity and I cannot believe how shallow these women are. These guys in this page are not mad because of the signs women throw that makes them undateable, these guys are mad because these women have deeply violated their beliefs. I am a christian and I swear Jesus, I would never marry a American women. You are all players and lazy women who have lost every signs of being feminine. I enjoy company of my friends more than I enjoy going out with this women who lack affection. American women are only good to fuck because they are freak in sheets and they are really easy to sleep with. I cant even dream of marrying American white women. I will never have respect for these women, at the end of the day I’ll marry a cultural European girl. I am lucky. These American guys life have been deserted by these American women who were never a good mother or a wife to them. This is where all the hate comes from.

      1. I guess this wasn’t intended to be a reply to my post? I don’t see the connection! I’m not talking about Americans, just men and women in general. I don’t live in the States..

  20. How old is this writer? If it’s “game”, it’s not “relationship”, and your number one reason to break up with your girlfriend is that by default, you’ve already reduced her in your mind to just that, a game. It might be true that a woman who typically keeps her hair long, but suddenly cuts it all off is showing outward signs of depression, or grief (and you may be the cause of such grief; who knows, have you bothered to ask?) Grown women cut their hair because they want to. So who’s insecure, you or them? Long hair is beautiful, but I doubt Darrell Abbott would have appreciated being called “feminine”, according to your definition of long hair. Speaking of insecurities, “creepers” freaking out over their girlfriends have other men, as friends: it’s called guilt. Not hers, yours.
    Only when you’ve grown up enough to place an accurate label on your own emotions, will you be ready for the real thing. As of right now, every single one of your reasons for dumping her mentioned nothing about the number one thing you should be concerned about: Character.

  21. My God, what a shallow, hypocritical, warped, entitled, insecure little man you are. No wonder girls lose interest in you so quickly and start breaking wind publicly to try and get rid of you. Lol. Title of article should read “Signs that SHE is thinking of dumping your pathetic arse, and how it’s time to beat her to it.” Grow the fuck up, dude! lol

    1. My mother is a fine woman who doesn’t disprect my father in public, can still fit into her wedding dress, and probably will do so at her 50th wedding anniversary, and keeps her hair nice and long (despite the fact our ancestry makes her hair VERY kinky and curly).
      I learned how to respect women from watching my father. Who says I disrespect women for wanting to dump a girl who disrespects me in public?

  22. Had a girl cut her hair on me, just as we started going out. I did say something about it, but the general thought from everyone I talked to about it was “It’s her life and she doesn’t have to check on you with anything.” This coming from my own friends as well. She was hot so I stayed in it, plus she was my first actual girlfriend. She just walked away from me one day, no explanation. She was pregnant within a year after. I thank her everyday for walking out on me, though I could have used an explanation.

  23. Finally! Somebody who’s not afraid to say what a good woman needs to do for her man. In my many failed relationships, I’ve gathered a few tips myself. Allow me to add to this list.
    You should break up with your girl if:
    9. She has an active social life
    If you’re getting serious with a girl, there’s no room for her friends too. Sure, she’s likable and social. That’s great and all, but she belongs to you, and there’s no reason for you to be together if she acts otherwise.
    10. She is better at something than you are.
    This is a deal breaker. While this is highly unlikely, if it occurs that she is better at something than you, kick her to the curb. This is a sign of disrespect to you as her man, and quite frankly, unattractive. There are exceptions to this of course, as she can definitely have exceptional talents at things like cooking, sex, or something cute like knitting.
    11. She takes an interest in intellectual pursuits (science, philosophy, literature, etc).
    This, like cutting hair, is an indication that there are bigger problems. Your woman might be believing that her mind is of value, which is bound to cause problems for a fine man such as yourself. Depending on how hot she is, you can put up with this. Just be sure to get out as soon as she begins to make you feel like less of a man.
    12. She is mature.
    I’m not talking physically here… of course if she’s physically mature, you should be going for a test drive, if you know what I mean…
    It’s the emotionally, mentally, psychologically mature ones that may cause some trouble for you. And I’m talking deep trouble. As soon as you realize that you might have something to learn from this woman, it’s time for her to go. You don’t need to put up with that.
    13. She expects kindness and respect from you.
    Neediness, man. Be very weary if she can think for herself and isn’t afraid to call you out on your bullshit; nobody wants a girl some self respect. This goes hand in hand #5.
    14. She expects you to make her orgasm during sex.
    I’m just going to be explicit here for a moment. If she’s starting to get selfish, let her go… we don’t have time for that. Be forgiving of the times when she mistakenly believes that you should be providing her with some pleasure, but don’t let her make it a habit.
    Follow all the above and you’ll never be lead astray. In addition to all that, I have a simple guideline I like to follow; if she’s done stroking my ego, then I’m done with her. Simple as that.

      1. If she puts a smiley face at the end of a sentence you know she’s a bitch.
        Silly little slut.

  24. This is so incredibly bigoted I don’t know whether to laugh. Being a woman does not make someone subhuman. Having a penis does not make you king of the World and no person in their right mind will ever cater to your every sexist demand. I am utterly horrified there are people out there that believe in this bigotry.

  25. This is seriously a load of bull shit. Not one single example listed here is a legitimate reason to end a relationship. This entire list is centered around masculine insecurity (disguised as female bitchy-ness of talking to ex boyfriends, etc) and around men expecting women to look and behave a certain way. If over ten pounds of weight gain is unacceptable, or if cutting your hair short is a means for break-up, I’d say that you should find a better man.

  26. Hi, popping in to give a girl perspective
    If you see #s 1-3 or 8, it means the relationship’s gotten boring, for whatever reason, with note on #8: she doesn’t have enough time to tend to herself (you’re spending too much time together, yes that’s a thing)
    #s 4, 5, 7, she’s worried you’re seriously trying to control her life, make her disappear as an individual, mold her into the person you want her to be, she’s pushing back. Boredom is not necessarily a prerequisite for these, though it’s usually there.
    *being molded is not fun, and neither are any of the things that come after
    #6 I hope you would have noticed this pre-relationship. Seriously
    Note that these warning signs can also exist in a man, likely for similar reasons though I wouldn’t necessarily know, and that when they crop up in either party it is indeed a sign of time2dump
    I was at around 4/8 at the end of my last, he was around 3/8. It stopped being fun at around 2/8 each.

    1. 4/5/7 are “being molded”? No, turning sex into a reward is not “being controlled”; it’s turning into a prostitute who trades sex for resources.

  27. It figures the first thing on the list is weight gain. I notice this doesn’t seem to ever apply to the guy.

  28. So, wait just a minute here… You’re allowed to “creep on the side” all you want, but if the girl has a lot of male friends or happens to bring up her sexual history it’s a deal-breaker? Does the term “double standard” mean anything to you? Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

    1. “Double standard” means a lot. We embrace it around here, actually.
      Men and women aren’t the same–sorry you hate being a woman, apparently.

      1. My mistake.
        See, when I made this post awhile back, it was under the assumption that you guys might be willing to join the 21st century, you just needed someone to explain to you how it works. I know better now. Honestly I was expecting this comment to be deleted since, you know, I’m not part of your elite group of troglodytes.
        So here’s the thing: I don’t hate being a woman. Why would I? I have a fantastic set of tits that I get to touch whenever I want, whereas boys like you typically have to rely on water balloons and an active imagination.
        What you might not realize is that since this is the 21st century AD, not the 21st century BC, most people are willing to acknowledge that despite their differences, both men and women are actually part of the same species. We have the same sexual drives and the same desire for autonomy. As such, we should be, and usually are, entitled to the same opportunities when it comes to relationships. I’m sorry that you haven’t figured that out yet, and I hope your relationship with your right hand proves to be as satisfying as my relationship with my husband.

        1. Your relationship with your husband will eventually die, you’ll wonder where the “romance” went, and you’ll divorce him and leave him in financial ruins. After your life doesn’t turn out like Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll relieve a nearby animal shelter of a cat-overcrowding problem, and write articles about “Where have all the good men gone?”
          I have a fantastic dick I get to touch whenever I want, but I don’t really need to, since there’s no shortage of women willing to touch it for me. You sure aren’t kidding about the sex drive part: you’re just utterly wrong that my attitude will result in me not getting laid. My current problem is I don’t have enough time to maintain the amount of sex the women in my life want/need.

        2. You might just be the saddest troll I’ve ever encountered. Sorry I hit a sore spot there. Would you like a hug?

      2. My mistake.
        See, when I made this post awhile back, it was under the assumption that you guys might be willing to join the 21st century, you just needed someone to explain to you how it works. I know better now. Honestly I was expecting this comment to be deleted since, you know, I’m not part of your elite group of troglodytes.
        So here’s the thing: I don’t hate being a woman. Why would I? I have a fantastic set of tits that I get to touch whenever I want, whereas boys like you typically have to rely on water balloons and an active imagination.
        What you might not realize is that since this is the 21st century AD, not the 21st century BC, most people are willing to acknowledge that despite their differences, both men and women are actually part of the same species. We have the same sexual drives and the same desire for autonomy. As such, we should be, and usually are, entitled to the same opportunities when it comes to relationships. I’m sorry that you haven’t figured that out yet, and I hope your relationship with your right hand proves to be as satisfying as my relationship with my husband.

  29. Is this supposed to be a joke?
    I have no words for this. It’s just like a guy who has never actually had feelings for another human being beyond the superficial just wrote this.
    Or who has never actually gotten to know the member of the opposite sex beyond the superficial.
    You don’t need this list. You know when you’re not, or your partner is not, into the relationship anymore. And it is certainly not because she cut her hair short.

  30. I wish you men would take your own advice and LOSE WEIGHT!! you’re right: nobody wants someone that’s fat & sloppy, including women! Why can’t “males” get that through their fat heads? And as far as some women cutting their hair short, I wish males would actually DO their hair & stop walking around with bird’s nests on top of their heads thinking that they look good & complaining about somebody else’s looks. Jeez. Get a clue.

  31. God, this post reeks with sexism. Grow a pair and be a real man instead of this sexist bastard.

  32. More reasons like “8 reasons why every girl i date refuses to put up with my shit for any extended period of time”. My boyfriend would NEVER expect me to wear make up (he actually discourages it even when we are going out because he says I’m too pretty to paint my face up). He doesn’t expect me to be dressed up to see him, because he loves me and wants me to be comfortable, especially if we are just bumming around the house. We encourage each other to eat healthy because we are both healthy people, but he’d NEVER tell me to be hungry instead of eat and if he feels like I’m being too self-conscious about my body (no, I’m not fat, my BMI is 22.3, I’m 6 feet tall, and mostly muscle), he will try to push me to eat because he doesn’t want me to get sickly (I tend to go a tad overboard when i diet) and would love me no matter what size I was. Most of my friends are dudes because most of my friends are HIS friends and he loves that I fit in with them. And as far as shaving goes; he likes when i’m shaved, just like I prefer his body hair to be groomed, but its not an issue to either of us of the other isnt. THAT IS AN ALPHA! THAT IS A MAN WHO DESERVES TO HAVE A WOMAN! You sound like a frustrated little zeta boy who is terrified of and threatened by the very idea of women, and needs to control and degrade her in order to compensate for your own insecurities. And also, not only does short hair look WAY better than long on some girls, but have you ever considered that long hair is a pain in the ass to care for? Because it is. And it gets stuck on things. And it takes an extra ten minutes in the shower, ten to blow dry, and 15 to style. Short hair you can just let dry.
    Also, it’s no surprise that you deal with girls disrespecting you in public. You don’t respect them, why should they respect you?

    1. You sound like a real joy to date. You also sound like you are on the cusp of an eating disorder, and will probably be sleeping with one of your boyfriend’s friends soon.
      Hopefully your boyfriend “mans up” and dumps you and goes after women he’s actually attracted to, instead of having to pretend he likes your hairy armpits, bulldyke warrior haircut, and suspiciously expanding fat rolls.

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  34. About Women to be honest… Everyone is wrong is different ways. Even I am and I admit it when I am wrong. Because not everyone or everything conforms to some plan or schedule and that’s why chaos exist’s.. The act of free will and unpredictability like gambling and slot machines and races and stuff. Sure you can assume or guess. But the truth is with some things and some people you cant be sure until they have made a choice or everything is done and said for.. I have been through everything you could even picture with women…. Due to the fact I use to be a local celebrity for a few years. I gave it up because I grew up.. But the point is this… Women come and go just like Men do… But!….. With any Women that really is a Women and not a girl (A girl can be 24 years old even they are the type that refuse to grow up and want to party and play and shit for ever and never want responsibility)
    So like I was saying.. With any Women..There is a fine line between gender roles and being a total power hungry ass hole. Because the world has changed A LOT!.. So does the Men’s role of dating a Women. And when I say Man I mean MAN! Not a Boy (Same with the girls. Players cheaters liars all play no commitment) So as Men we have had to adapt to the new gender roles Women have now because they have more freedom and they have more needs and with that they deserve more respect. Any Women you don’t respect and try and control will lead you to two possible out comes..
    1. She will go along with it and she will become tame and she will let you take control. And she will be your slave and never a partner..
    2. She will laugh at you and ask if your her mother or father? And then respond she does not take “Orders” and assures you she isn’t some 4 legged dog to be trained. And that she is a Women and is independent and will make 2 more sub choices… A choice based on your response after shes done talking and you listen. She will leave and never talk to you again. Or she will understand and will work things out with you. But unless your response is something along the lines of “I am sorry please forgive me.. I was in a past relationship where she wanted me to have the paints 24/7 and never wanted to share them”
    But your best bet is to avoid trying to take control. Women these days want a Man who will be there for them always and who will put her first and who will take care of her and spoil her and go the extra mile to make her happy. And will ask for her input and will ask her if you want to go out to dinner and if so where would she like to go? Or what movie should we see? And even… What do you want to do today baby?
    And things will click as long as you share your feelings and your mind and listen to her and talk back to her and be interested in what she says. If you give a Women no reason to bitch 24/7 she will not do it. Trust me! My Women never ever bitchs except on rare occasions “PMS” lol it happens some times and some times it don’t. The mood swings that is. But also its true what they say… Happy Wife Happy Life!.
    And unless your willing to walk side by side with your Woman hand in hand and show her the respect she deserves and show her that you are her prince charming your Women will never EVER!! Disrespect you nor will she label you a push over nor her bitch. Because its those types of things Women bitch about everywhere today about the shit that drives them crazy about Men. And its true.. Men are stubborn and hard headed and don’t like change and have big ego’s and think they know everything and or want to be the boss.
    So if sharing the paints and respecting my Women and making her happy and spoiling her is wrong… Then why have we been in Heaven for over 4 years? =) And its not to say we have not had out rough times but the thing is that every relationship goes through rough times. Those rough times are normally just normal life like a family member does something bad or something happens that sucks or you where angry and said some nasty stuff to her you shouldn’t have said and wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t have a bad day… Or maybe she had a big day and took the stress out on you. Sure it happens. But the point is you need to forgive and forget..
    Because shit happens and as long as you love each other and you communicate with each other and talk calmly with out screaming and going crazy as hell it will be ok. Sure there will even be a time or two one of you will call the other one a bitch or an ass hole or some times the man will be an ass hole or the Women will be a total bitch. But when all is said and done its just life doing what it does. Shit happens!!! But just remember that you love each other. Don’t be the last to say your sorry. And even if your right. Just admit that its not worth fighting over and your sorry and you don’t care who’s right.. What matters is that you love her or love him and that’s all that matters. And things will patch up right to where they where and things go back to normal. That quick.
    Some times will be harder some will be quicker but it all comes down to respecting each other.. If you love and respect and spoil your Women. She will respond to you in kind. Because there is no Women (Other then girls).. No Women out there who would be dumb and stupid enough to get rid of a Man or screw up what she has with a Man like she has because she knows that your what Woman have always wanted and still want. That she can look past her Man’s rough edges because he can look past her’s!
    And with sex… So you both had sex 10 times a day or 5 times a day… Then 6 months later it was once or twice a day.. And then a year later once a day maybe.. And then 2 years later it was once every other day. And 3 or 4 year’s later its 2 or 3 times a week… BIG DEAL!!! The world is not over. And if all you can do is think with your willy…. Then you need to put that WILLY IN CHECK! Because he is not in control… YOU ARE! Why are you going to let an organ tell you what to do and don’t let it screw things up with your soul mate all because your lives together are so busy and your both tired and you don’t have so much free time together anymore and the fact that today and it’s tax’s and crazy new laws and stupid crap going on and everything cost’s a zillion dollars more then it use to..
    Women get pinned down by money issues… They do. And along with other things.. Women think a lot about everything. Being a Woman is not easy at all… With the way the Media and these “Super Models” act on tv and pictures and stuff and how idiot guys say… OMG SHES SOOOOOOO HOT!!!! when I am like.. Yea right! (Throws up i my mouth) and the next words that come out of my mouth is.. SOMEONE GIVE THAT GIRL A BIG MAC!) And not to mention Boys and a lot of Men even they have forgotten about the body style of Women… Women are not suppose to be skinny sticks who look like a pile of bones… Women are made and where built be have curves and lines and are perfect that way.. Every doctor will tell you that Skinny girls like that who are all bones have soooooo many health issues. They just don’t tell there boy or Man about it….
    They suffer from more health issues then a Women who has curves. That’s because Women are suppose to have curves and have meat on there bones.. If that’s how women where suppose to be then baby girls would come out a pile of bones and stay that way. There would not be curvy Women out there. Look at the old days where knights would fight army’s of people and slay so many enemies to come home and have the hand of the woman they love. Who has curves and is plus size and has meat on her bones. They even knew back then that being curvy was a good thing. But like always when the Media gets involved in crap and they brain wash boys and Women that its how Women are suppose to look.. UNHEALTHY STICK FIGURES!!!! IS THE NEW SEXY..
    Sorry got sick there for a second.. Anyways. I always have and always will love my Women with Curves. Back before I met my Rachel I loved curves then and still do now because that’s what Women where are and always should be And back to Women and how they worry about there nest and they cant help but worry about them there kid’s and family and you and want to make sure they all have a place to sleep and food to eat. So Women get stressed about that stuff and it effects them… Unless your a Man who don’t let your Woman touch the money *Cough*..Chauvinist pig.. *Cough* Then give your Woman some slack. And if your really really worried then go out of your way to change things… Help her with whats on her mind..
    Here are a few idea’s to get her mind off that stuff by taking her out or doing something nice at home like cook a romantic dinner and or serve her 3 meals in bed and give her a nice foot rub and back rub and snuggle and tell her that its ok no matter what everything is going to be fine because its in god’s hands. And even do a load of laundry or all the laundry and or do the dish’s and clean the house for her or clean and do stuff that people think only Women should do more often. Men should vacuum and wash clothes and clean up and do dish’s and cook also. Not to just leave it to the Women.. My Woman cant cook so I do it all! And I enjoy it and so does she! And remember.. no matter what.. There are billions of others who are worse off then we are. And sure just like anything those times of stress and depression or being upset because of the times today. How can you not get upset and think about that stuff..
    Sometimes your kid’s will not give you an hour of relaxation or even leave you alone for 5 seconds… So find something for them to do or wait until they are bed and spend extra time up after they go to sleep and make it happen or just be impulsive out of no where if you have half an hour or an hour to kill just surprise her and magic will happen. Just remember that the excitement phase of love lasts awhile but after that slows down you move into the husband and wife phase where you settle in together to spend the rest of your lives together and you know that there is time for everything. Just slow down and enjoy your lives together and like I said…
    Men… Don’t cheat or don’t leave and don’t rub it in your Women’s face and make her feel like total CRAP! Because shes not in the mood.. Or because shes busy with work or something with her family or even girls night. Because there is always time just make some extra and plan it in advance and surprise her and let her know everything is taken care of and you planed everything and the kids are at someones house and don’t need to be picked up and nothing needs to be done for hours because you did it all. Right there you will have cleared your Woman’s mind and set her free of her schedule and she will be 100% focused on you! So you go get her bro! =P
    And another thing..Weight is nothing but a number and if you love someone then you love them… Just because they put on 15 or 20 pounds or something who are you to say or think that they have changed? Having kid’s put’s weight on a Woman and 75% or more of the time it’s weight the Women will not be able to get rid of because having a baby is ROUGH!!!! It’s rough on a women’s body… Not only did she have to make space inside her for 9 months to carry something the size of a watermelon that kick boxes her organ’s inside her every second of the day and wakes her up all the time and the mood swings and the cravings and the fact that her body is sharing everything she gets with another life and the fact that her body is working twice as hard as it should be! She still had it in her to love you and go to work and do things around the house unless there’s a medical reason not to… But still…
    Men lets see how you would do that… Seeing as a Women can do something a Man cant should be rubbed in our faces but Women don’t rub it in our faces… They could have rubbed it in our faces since the start of time.. BUT THEY DON’T!!! Because they are being the bigger person. So Men does that make you feel less then what a Women is?? She can do things you cant… Well damn… But she still chooses to walk by your side as partner’s and as an equal. So you should except it and be a smart Man and do the right thing!
    And again about the weight… How can you tell me what after your women put’s on a good 30 or 40 pounds of baby weight or gets depressed because shes going through a rough time or times… And her body responds by putting on weight… Or shes depressed and eats extra and puts on some weight. SHE IS STILL THE SAME PERSON!!! And unless shes putting on enough weight to where she cant walk and is about to die then you have nothing to say. Because if you have a good women and you would stay with her if she gained weight she would do the same for you.. Like I said.. A Women is not going to give up a good or great and wonderful man… You would have to do something like cheat or beat on her or some crazy stuff that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. So Men that demand there Women loose weight or look better because your not attracted to them any more…
    Just remember to look in the mirror and see how your putting on weight or going bald or growing hair everywhere and your skin is starting to wrinkle and soon your going to be all old and withered and broken down… Looks don’t last for ever and nor do our bodies.. But our love and soul do. So if she can still love her man after his hair falls out or he gains weight or looses a foot or an arm or something… How the hell does putting on weight make any difference what so ever? And BTW… Most Women AND Men put on weight after they are in a great relationship because they are comfy with each other and they know they found there soul mate…
    So don’t hate and just LOVE! Keep on loving each other and grow old together and start a family and have kids and grow older and become a grand parent and grow older and become a great grand parent and grow older and grey until your body fails and you both meet again in heaven where you will spend eternity together in Heaven with each other and all the family who went there before you. And live happy for ever and watch over your family and friends from heaven and wait until they join you in heaven. Just be happy and love people.. Life really is short… So short people don’t really relies how short!
    Sorry this was so long but it all needed to be said for many reason’s… One was the fact that I see soooo many of my friends and hear them talk about bad relationships and ask how they got into that or why did that happen.. And then I ran across some fun (NOT) info about when to dump a Women.. Its wrong as hell. I mean like 2 things on the page where partly right… About a Women who totally disrespects you in public and anywhere all the time like your worthless.. Its true that someone who does that to you either has issues or they have no respect for you. And the being friends or best friends with there ex and or ex boy friends and hang out with them face to face.. I had to deal with that for over 5 YEARS!!!… Unless you or her have an ex that they had kids with. Then she should not be hanging out all the time and spending all day and night on the phone with each other. Because they end up spending more time with there Ex then you…Unless its one of those things where you where together and you both ended it and moved on and your ex is married and stuff and you talk to other now and then or see each other in a blue moon. And like Me with Rachel how I deal with Bryana. The ONLY!!!! Reason I EVER EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE! is because I have 2 kid’s and I love with with all my heart. And I have no choice. So once they are both 18 I never have to deal with that hag again. THANK YOU LORD! =) So with that said.. I hope this helps someone and I hope you enjoyed reading.
    P.S. I am almost 100% sure Toobz will have something to say about this LMAO. Go for it man. Shoot my novel down!!! LOL

  35. Cutting your hair shorter doesn’t make you less of a woman. And it definitely isn’t a fuck you to men. What is this the 1920s?

    1. This is real life. Short hair is less attractive than long hair.
      Men who never bathe aren’t less of a man, but they’re certainly less attractive and are a “fuck you” to women. Cutting your hair short is no different.

        1. They’re both things most of the opposite sex finds unattractive. Also, what you call “unclean” is the norm in most of the world and has been the norm for most of human history. Western civilisation is extremely sterile.
          (Disclaimer: I shower every day and smell great.)

        2. its not what the ‘opposite sex finds unattractive’. i have yet to find someone who wants to be around someone that doesnt bathe – not romantically, sexually, or platonically.
          a woman’s hair cut is not just to attract men. and ive met very few people who would refuse to be around a woman with short hair

        3. You have never spent any time in Ghana or Mozambique, then, where sterilising one’s self on a daily basis is simply not the norm.
          Fun fact: different ethnic groups and families tend to have a unique odor. Westerners allegedly smell like stinky cheese.

        4. except you didnt mean it as refering to a place where not bathing is the norm, otherwise you wouldnt have refered to it as being a ‘fuck you to women’ of ‘less attractive’

        5. Men find women with short hair less attractive.
          If you want to be less attractive, be my guest.

        6. 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio; long hair; facial symmetry: most males find these things attractive.

  36. I agree with Fem, the short hair thing is ridiculous. Short hair doesn’t make a girl less of a woman than long hair makes a guy less of a man.

  37. I agree with Fem, the short hair thing is ridiculous. Short hair doesn’t make a girl less of a woman than long hair makes a guy less of a man.

  38. I agree with Fem, the short hair thing is ridiculous. Short hair doesn’t make a girl less of a woman than long hair makes a guy less of a man.

  39. I agree with Fem, the short hair thing is ridiculous. Short hair doesn’t make a girl less of a woman than long hair makes a guy less of a man.

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  41. This author is a giant piece of shit and anyone who takes him seriously and reads his fucking garbage is the scum of the earth. Shame on you all. I want to fucking puke on your faces. NO joke.

    1. Women’s words say one thing, but their actions say another. Generally speaking, men who think like this author get laid.
      Men who tell women “I find you beautiful no matter what you look like” don’t.

      1. or they get slapped for being such an asshole.
        and im sure youve entered the minds of every man ever to know that

        1. For a self-described “master’s girl”, you sure have a mouth on you. Did your master forget to administer your lashing today?

        2. i love when people like you attempt to be witty but make yourself look like an idiot.
          and youre not my master, so i can say whatever i damn well please to you

        3. The fact you keep responding to me speaks volumes.
          Hope your master maintains a “firm hand”, he’ll need it to keep you tamed, although you probably like that shit.

        4. how exactly does it speak volumes
          and again, you are not my master, i dont need to be tamed for you

        5. Repeated reminders someone isn’t your master is generally considered a sign you’re asking them to overpower you.
          Stop it. I’m too busy to take on anymore.

        6. pointing out that im not required to respect you and you have no rights to me is me asking you to overpower me…do. do you understand concepts like ‘consent’ or is that just lost on you

        7. I’m just pointing out you’re uppity and unsubmissive and basically screaming for someone to put you in your proper place.
          Since you’re into “consent” yet into BDSM as well (basically a cop-out to act out nonconsensual fantasies), are you fat?

        8. i dont have a ‘proper place’ and you dont have rights to me just because i have a master or you think im ‘unsubmissive’.
          i dont think you understand what bdsm actually is, so go do a little google search and come back. but no, im not ‘fat’.

        9. Let’s go back to the original assertion.
          I asserted that men who are into equal rights, women are morally superior to men, blah blah don’t get laid very much.
          I asserted that men with the viewpoint of the author of this article do get laid a lot.
          You asserted they get “slapped for being an asshole”.
          I’ve never been slapped by a woman for being an asshole, but I do get laid a lot. My friends who are hopeless betas barely get any action or even any dates.
          Please provide facts to support your position.

        10. ‘hopeless betas’ jesus christ i feel like im in high school all over again
          you literally just contradicted yourself in all of 10 words. how are men into equal rights but also think women are superior
          and i dunno where youre picking up women -maybe a corner where they cant refuse- but i have never known a woman who turns a man down just because he believes in equality , but many who have turned men down because theyre misogynistic pigs.
          ive also known many women who have slapped men fo making rude remarks about their weight, hair, or other habits, and who have slapped men for thinking theyre entitled to sex. hell, ive even had to.

        11. None of us are in favour of equal rights; men and women are different and need different rights.
          What’s this “men who think they’re entitled to sex” garbage? Men want to have sex. Do you have a problem with that?

        12. ‘none of us are in favor of equal rights’ dont project your misogynistic mindset to other people. any decent human being is in favor of equal rights.
          and it says right up there, in this list you say you whole heartedly agree with that ‘gets you laid’ that a woman not having sex whenever youd like is wrong and a reason to break up with her.

        13. Yeah, dumping women who won’t have sex does mean I have a lot more time for women who do want to have sex. Is dumping women who don’t want to have sex some sort of crime?
          (The usual result of dumping a woman who suddenly shifts from twice a day to once a week is post breakup sex.)

        14. i didnt say its wrong to break up with someone. whats wrong is feeling entitled to sex, so entitled that articles are written demonizing women who dont want constant sex and saying that as soon as a woman doesnt want sex for a day they should be broken up with.

        15. Yeah, you did. I dump girls who:
          #1/#4/#5/#8: Become fat, get a bitchy, entitled attitude, cut their hair short which I find unattractive, and become sloppy.
          #3/#6: Cheat (only reason to keep exboyfriends or male friends around)
          #7: Turn sex into a transaction or cut it down to once a week. If I wanted to have sex with a whore, I’d negotiate the price up front.

        16. actually no i didnt.
          i said body shaming over things like weight and hair is bullshit.
          thats actually not the only reason people have male friends. im sorry youre so insecure that you think that though.
          again, women are not required to have sex and you are not entitled to it.

        17. Actually no. I never said anything about breaking up with people.
          I said body shaming is wrong, which is what the ones involving hair and weight are doing.
          That’s actually bullshit. It sucks that you’re so insecure you think the only way a person could have friends of the opposite gender is for sex. Hopefully you become more secure in yourself and stop feeling that way.
          A person not wanting sex doesn’t make them a whore, and you are not entitled to it.

        18. Newsflash: unless you’re horrendously unattractive, your male “friends” actually wish they were having sex with you.
          What’s wrong with body “shaming”? I find short hair unattractive, so I’m going to make sure any girls I date know not to buzzcut it all off, and that if they decide to go and gain 25 lbs, we’re going to be “taking a break” for a while.

        19. Nobody ever said I’m entitled to sex or that women are required to have sex.
          Women are, however, required to have sex with me if they want the title of “Aaron the Just’s girlfriend”. I have yet to have a girlfriend who has a problem with this policy.

        20. Not really, you should really work on those insecurities. That amount of paranoia will really fuck with your relationships.
          Body shaming is disgusting. Saying you find something unattractive is not whats going on here, though. Its saying things like “removing one of the clearest cues of femininity”. Thats shaming women for how they look.

        21. I don’t see the problem with shaming a woman who doesn’t look the way I want her to.
          I mean, nobody’s afraid to shame my beer gut, hairy shoulders, or neckbeard, right?

        22. I’m actually dealing right now with avoiding one who wants badly to see me, despite me choosing to spend the holidays by myself. It’s kind of a burden.

        23. If she’s my girlfriend? Because I want to be with someone I’m attracted to. And ultimately it’s not fair to her to let her change into something I find unattractive. She will be unhappy.
          Women who don’t want to date me are welcome to be as ugly as they want.

        24. Okay but its still not necessary to shame a person because you don’t find something attractive why is that such a hard concept

        25. Very few men find obese women attractive. Attractive women are happier than ugly women.
          Thus, shaming obesity is a good thing.

        26. I can’t imagine any self respecting woman choosing to date you. You will lead a loveless life, die alone or divorced and blame it all on other people. And it will be your fault.

        27. Dear Kayla,
          (1) I haven’t been single for more than a few weeks since I was 22.
          (2) I spent most of my 20s married. Our marriage didn’t survive losing a child, but we remain friends. (No blame on that one on other people – sometimes stuff just happens. We grieved separately.)
          (3) I will die alone, because we will all die alone.
          (4) I often consider being alone for a while, but I keep getting horny. The problem I face is that the numerous women in my life keep accommodating my sexual needs, even whilst I eschew fulfilling their emotional needs for attention and marriage.
          If women would stop banging aloof alphas, we wouldn’t have all these problems.

    2. You’re the scum, you stupid disgusting slut. Your true nature comes spewing forth.

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  43. I don’t really think a girl should have to stay completely in shape and not cut her hair for a guy who probably hasn’t trimmed his pubes in 5 years tbh

  44. Yes. Hair cut and weight are EXACTLY the reason to stay with a girl. All that they matter for is their looks after all. And If they don’t automatically lay down naked the moment you want sex? Why, shes flat out abusive!
    My boyfriend has longer hair than me and weighs less than me. He has since the day we started dating.

  45. Compare:
    “I’m from the camp that thinks that—despite the ever-diminishing returns
    of a relationship and the ever-shrinking pool of eligible girls—it’s
    good to get into one here and there. For one, constantly chasing new
    girls can get bone-tiring, as well as massively drain your time and
    “A girl cavalierly talking about her past is a sign of crass indifference
    toward sex (sluttiness), at best, or intentional disrespect, at worst.”
    I agree that a person cavalierly talking about sexual past can be a sign of crass indifference toward sex or intentional disrespect, but I agree in a gender-neutral manner. For example, the way you talk about sex would convince me to break up with you before we ever slept together.
    Mathematically, assuming you prefer your sexual acts to include one or more women, but don’t prefer that this consistently be the same woman, you must be either be endorsing at least some level of “sluttiness,” or advocating the position that women should have sex, but mostly only with you (or perhaps with you and a few of your closest friends and blog readers?).
    Would you advise women to adopt a similar policy toward men who “let themselves go”?
    Silly post. Silly man.

  46. I don’t usually comment on these, but 99% of these so-called ‘reasons’ are complete bullshit and just stupid excuses for a ‘player’ to get rid of his long-term chick. And for your information, a man who is still ‘creeping on the side’ is not in a long-term relationship: he’s a cheating asshole that wants more than one woman at a time.
    The ONLY reason I agree with is if she stays in active contact with an ex or more than one ex. That is a dealbreaker for women too, if the man stays in contact with exes. Exceptions occur, however.

    1. Do you mean that it’s wrong to take care of self?
      I mean it’s not like only fat people are prone to have long life, zero risks of heart diseases, diabetes and god knows how many more… smart, high self esteem, fit and athletic kids. Right?

  47. I have two questions: 1) does this list also apply vice versa? Should a woman also break up with her man if he gains a considerable amount of weight, talks about his past sexual exploits or refuses to stop talking to his exes? 2) what are the signs that you should keep your woman? What makes a woman desirable to you?

    1. Nothing applies vice versa. Men and women are different.
      The sign that one should keep a woman is that she follows and obeys her man even when he is wrong (one should aspire always to be right, but it is not possible). Such a woman is more precious than diamonds.

  48. This is all disgusting. You are all acting like women aren’t even human beings but dogs or prizes. And you guys wonder why you can’t stay with a girl for a long time…

  49. Youre a fucking prick dude, i read your other article about short hair! Go fuck yourself dude. Not all girls eho gain weight, cute their hair short, stop havimg sex whenever the guy wants are checking out of the realationship. You are. So kiss my ass you bigot

  50. The idea that your job as a man is to “keep your bitch in line” is completely offensive to men and women. Men who can’t tolerate a woman who is comfortable and secure in her own identity are weak by default because they need to oppress their partner in order to feel like real men. If you want to be a real man, start looking at the women in your life as people just the same as you who happen to have different anatomy. A man who can respect a woman he cares about is much sexier (and more masculine to me because he is sure of himself and comfortable enough in his skin to let a woman be who she wants to be) than a misogynist who feels the need to emotionally abuse someone he supposedly cares about in order to reinforce his own insecurity in his masculinity and sexual identity.

    1. A good woman does not need to be kept in line. She readily aligns herself, and takes pleasure in obedience.

  51. I don’t necessarily agree with all of these but if the girl doesn’t want to have sex with you I think there’s a serious, underlying problem and the whole situation doesn’t usually end well. (and this is coming from a chick) I know a guy whose girlfriend doesn’t want to bang him but wants kids soon. How is that supposed to work exactly?

    1. The guy is a chump and should hit the eject button immediately.
      One word of advice for the young American men: do not marry. The legal institution of marriage is corrupt and immoral. Ceremonies are great, but shun contracts.
      If you must marry, do not marry in a community property state.

  52. Women are people not objects for your enjoyment that you get to specify. Anyone who follows this will die alone and fuck up their daughters. Utterly disgusting
    and fuck her and forget her? Wtf man! Do you look good, are you considering her, are you pulling bullshit. They have feelings that are not less valuable or relevant. You happened to be born with a dick, you don’t get to use women like sex objects. You sound like a rapist!

  53. Breaking up with a girl because she gained weight? Seriously? What happened to appreciating women for their intellectual capabilities? If one’s girlfriend were to become pregnant and had trouble losing the weight she gained from the pregnancy does that mean it’s time to break up with her? Is this standard the same if the man were the one gaining the weight? It disgusts me that men still think this way. If, as you claim, weight gain or “letting oneself go,” is indicative of another underlying problem, your advice is to leave the girl rather than work towards helping her through a rough time in her life? Fundamentally the objective of a relationship is to support each other and love has been described as “unconditional acceptance.” Clearly, if a little weight gain of “8 to 10 pounds” is proper grounds for a full out break up, “unconditional acceptance is definitely lacking from the relationship. I really hope you’re enjoying the single life because you’re going to be single for a while… or at least until you figure out the proper way to treat women: as human beings; as equals.

    1. Any weight gain over 5 pounds is grounds for dismissal. At 5 pounds over, the girl has proper warning to get her shit together and stop being a pig. If she keeps gaining weight after that, she is clearly self-destructive. Women like this don’t make good wives and/or mothers. So why bother investing time with them for a relationship?
      A fat women is like a broke man. Absolutely useless.

    2. The object of a romantic relationship is to enjoy life more than one otherwise would in its absence. The object of a marriage is to rear children.
      You are not entitled to male companionship. No woman is entitled to a man. No amount of shaming, guilt, threats or questionable prognostications will change that.
      Men in general really enjoy solitude. If you want a man in your life, you have to offer something that can compete with our love of solitude.

  54. If you truly believe these things, you’re going to die a very lonely old man. No woman in her right mind would ever tolerate being treated like an animal. Obviously you fear a strong, powerful woman that can think for herself. And if you dump a woman for gaining 10 pounds, then you don’t deserve her, anyway. Actually, I don’t think you deserve anyone. If the only reason you’re in a relationship is so that you can stare at her then your life is going no where. There’s magazines with that. I know you don’t believe it, but women actually have functional brains. Which is more than what anyone can say about you.

      1. Right, because nothing’s more important than her looks, right? Grow the fuck up. All these men dictating what women should and should not do or look like or wear and yet you’re all sitting on your own lazy fat asses with this “worship me” mentality. If you want to keep high standards when it comes to finding a female partner, you better be prepared for when she has high standards for you. Either step up to the plate or accept that women are as human as you are.

        1. A woman who does not stay thin is a weak woman. She will likely lack discipline in other areas of life and be a poor partner. If a man keeps himself in shape through diet and exercise, the woman should do the same.

  55. what if you decide that all girls are bitches and want to hang out with guys? i hate girls, they are manipulative and mean, so my boyfriend should dump me because i like to hang out with guys, who aren’t manipulative? sounds legit, honey

    1. I come from Europe. I dated quite a few girls in here, I used to be all happy and kind human being. After going out with these American girls, I am starting to question humanity and I cannot believe how shallow these women are. These guys in this page are not mad because of the signs women throw that makes them undateable, these guys are mad because these women have deeply violated their beliefs. I am a christian and I swear Jesus, I would never marry a American women. You are all players and lazy women who have lost every signs of being feminine. I enjoy company of my friends more than I enjoy going out with this women who lack affection. American women are only good to fuck because they are freak in sheets and they are really easy to sleep with. I cant even dream of marrying American white women. I will never have respect for these women, at the end of the day I’ll marry a cultural European girl. I am lucky. These American guys life have been deserted by these American women who were never a good mother or a wife to them. This is where all the hate comes from.

  56. This is honestly one of the most shallow, misogynistic things I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.
    I think whomever wrote this would be good friends with Tucker Max.
    Either way, you are likely to be forever alone.
    I pity any women who had the misfortune of coming across your path.

  57. Stopping training isn’t quite gaining more weight but still, hasn’t the looks anymore.
    And sooooo lazy, never shaving anymore I mean WTF???? And definitive too many people hanging around urgh, it is just a matter of time and I’m loosing soooooo much control jesus and all this talking about ex’s.
    You’re right I should break up with my boyfriend immediately and look for someone else to screw.
    Thank you for open my eyes honey

  58. Well if this isn’t the most sexist, racist, mysoginistic, and just pure irrelevant post I’ve ever come across then goddamn. And I’m looking to nicely break up with a very good woman except for one thing that I can’t stand for totally different reasons that was unmentioned here. And seriously, the Bitchy woman with the attitude has got to be the fat black BMV stereotypical “Oh no you didn’t” character? Very original. No wonder most of your reasons for breaking up are purely cosmetic. But then again you’re probably the douche bag type that pops their polo collars at clubs while “making moves”. Yeah…not the kind of advice I was looking for.

    1. Just exactly what advice were you looking for?
      Not every relationship will last forever, but it can often be difficult to know when to terminate a doomed relationship.
      The indicators provided are actually in general good guide posts for young men to know when to pull the plug.

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  60. As I read this list I couldn’t help but think….
    This person sounds like he’s not interested in anything beyond casual sex, and at the first signs of confrontation, is more comfortable to go fishing for another liaison.
    Each relationship is an investment of two people in an enterprise that is sure to end in tears no matter the amount of years, we should all be so lucky to make it to the end, with one of us dead, that we could say we know what real loss is. And in the end if you still fret over sex, looks, & various defects; you ought not to have pondered, for you’d likely have wandered. Another day, another bed, and still you’ll likely end up dead, but who will cry for you?

    1. I come from Europe. I dated quite a few girls in here, I used to be all happy and kind human being. After going out with these American girls, I am starting to question humanity and I cannot believe how shallow these women are. These guys in this page are not mad because of the signs women throw that makes them undateable, these guys are mad because these women have deeply violated their beliefs. I am a christian and I swear Jesus, I would never marry a American women. You are all players and lazy women who have lost every signs of being feminine. I enjoy company of my friends more than I enjoy going out with this women who lack affection. American women are only good to fuck because they are freak in sheets and they are really easy to sleep with. I cant even dream of marrying American white women. I will never have respect for these women, at the end of the day I’ll marry a cultural European girl. I am lucky. These American guys life have been deserted by these American women who were never a good mother or a wife to them. This is where all the hate comes from.
      I know all this because I wanted to be a player so I started dating women in US. I have been with more than 200 women, all piece of trashes. 144 of these women slept with me the first day I met them. There are many guys in here who wont go out there with women dating, so they still believe that these women are all genuine. Guys like me and others in here who have taken time to date women and spend time with them know for sure American women is a trash. Sometimes feel so lonely while having a American women on side, she has no soul nothing to offer. I even cry sometimes because I miss women from back home and I am so proud of those women overseas, huge respect for those women I can do anything for those women. American women are like objects that only know how to act nice and always wear a fake smile. Just being nice does not make you nice. Also I have seen crackheads, fresh off the prison and overall tatoos are huge sexual turn on to these women. They get pregnant with these animals and walk around with their bastards. So sorry for American men.

  61. Another thing to look out for, especially for those guys that are considering dating a woman has one or more kids: Her kids are her life and her priority. Accept this because there is nothing wrong with it. They were there before you and they’ll probably be there after you. There is nothing wrong with this! She will care for them, feed them, spoil them until they day they no longer want to depend on her. The problem comes in the spoiling, not the priority. If her kids need something like food, support, etc. – that’s completely okay. But in my case… my gf spoils her 21 year old son and her 16 year old son just the same, if not more. She won’t force either of them to get a job. They don’t lift a finger to help or do anything around the house. She spent over $1000 on them for Christmas, and because of that, we were set behind on our bills and couldn’t afford to go on a romantic getaway weekend together. I’m not saying women with kids are to be avoided at all costs.. there are plenty of great ones out there, but be weary of any woman with kids. Notice the signs in the beginning so you don’t drag anything on and break the kids hearts too. Unless you want to grow your heart, tolerate her children, and give up most of your dreams too, than don’t date women who have kids. And her kids will kill your sex life. It’ll be great for a few months and you might be able to get great sex out of her for a year, but after that.. or when you move in.. sex life is over.
    — Soon to be single and happy

  62. Talking to ex or frequently mentioning an ex is a walk away moment not to be ignored. Women do that to control your emotions and establish disrespect. I disagree with the author that it’s worth an ultimate conversation…multiple references and contacts is enough for me. Move along and be done with it.

  63. One of my friends is a relationship with a girl who go pregnant at 15 and has many male friends. She spoils her 3 year old even though she can’t keep a job. My friend still thinks she’s the world to him because she pity fucks him every week or so. I’d rather be single.

  64. Dude, thou maketh me sick. I guess it’s cool to see that the Internet is still a place for people to play out their fantasies, in your case to imagine that if you had a girl you could single-handedly control the outcome of the relationship with someone you perceive to be a veritable non-player-character, part of the scenery (unless she should god-forbid get a haircut – did your mommy have long hair? Is that why you’re so attached to it? It baffles me because I’ve known many graceful, feminine women who like keeping their hair short). There’s no love in the sort of relationship you seek, when your significant other is just kept around for the scenery, but I serpose you’ll discover this when you actually do find a female silly enough to look past your foibles and give it a go.

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  69. Speaking of a player…
    And a woman who cuts her hair short could just be really sick of brushing out tangles every night especially if it’s been windy lately. Also, heads up, women tend to change their hair drastically around their period because of the fluctuation of hormones that produces bad body image and therefore A) need for change or B) self-destruction.
    Gaining weight, snip, dangling sex, etc. could be a sign she’s dating you and you’re not treating her right.
    Here’s a tip: Instead of taking advantage of women and showing them how men shouldn’t do it, try showing them how great men can be by becoming a man yourself.

    1. Do you pretend to lecture men on how to be men?
      A devoted woman in love is a beautifully selfless, obedient, nurturing and submissive creature, who will suffer any hardship or toil in support of her man. She is the only person a man can trust. With such a worthy companion, a man can move mountains.
      To be a genuine woman, man’s greatest complement, is an extraordinary thing, but I have the impression that American women today lack the knowledge maturity and courage to undertake this role. In fact, they seem not even to know what they are missing.

  70. What is with you and this “short hair”. Short hair isn’t some “stunt” we pull. For one, I prefer short hair, when I was younger I had long hair and figured skate, it would get all sweaty and in the way. Also did allot of close ground tricks causing even more dirt into it.
    Two, I had younger cousins, and a younger sibling, so I was getting it pulled every minute, once they even came and sung on it when I was on a top bunk bed.
    Three, gets hot in the summer, and trying to be active it’s kind of a pain, hair in the face, crusty after words, etc.
    I am growing my hair out now, but I will most likely after a year or so, go back to my short hair, I just prefer it so much more, and my guy prefers sort hair to, but he wants to see me grow it out, so why not, haven’t had it in years.
    Oh and you never hear guys with this problem, because most keep there hair short.

  71. This article rings true. I’ve been with many girlfriends who have espoused one, several, or all of these qualities and it never ended well- I should have checked out and terminated the relationship rather than wasting months, or in some cases years, trying to keep it going; hoping for things to change or the girl to come around. I wasted probably an aggregate 7 years over the past 18 years. If I knew then what I knew now I would have dumped the broad and jumped from girl to girl until I found the next one worth locking down.
    The commenter who says the way to avoid a bad marriage is to avoid westernized females is actually bang on.
    When a woman loves you, she will adore you for everything you are. No complaining, no griping about this or that, she will want to look hot for you, she will sex you up on a moment’s notice. Once they slip outside of that they are looking for control, whether they know it or not.

  72. I actually think you’re right about the short haircut thing… Even though every person has their reasons for why they feel they do, and I’m not one to judge, men have to remember that it’s not their responsibility to play psychologist in addition to being in a relationship.

    1. The short haircut is an open declaration of mutiny. Long hair on a woman is Biblical, and, as with the 10 commandments, it wouldn’t be written down in the Bible, if it hadn’t already come up as an issue.

  73. If you dump a girl because she gained weight,cut her hair short,or develops “sloppy” habits,you are complete shit and are in no way respectable. Please,if you consider dumping a girl for these reasons,let her know it is because you don’t deserve her,and you have no respect for women.Then, leave and don’t come back. She is better off without you. These things she does are usually because she is comfortable with you and her own body. A woman gave birth to you,and you do things like this? really? Maybe your mother was an awful mother,but still,learn to respect women.

    1. Re-read the article. A butch haircut, weight gain and slovenliness are not given as reasons to leave a woman; they are, rather, indicators that it is time to leave.

  74. Most modern (and especially western) women are crap. But so are most men, too. You’ve all turned to and embraced your animal side, obsessing about sex and whatever other pleasures and individualism. Congrats, you’ve all participated in destroying relations between sexes. I never really understood the idea or role of a modern “relationship”, that is, being with someone for some weeks or months, knowing from the beginning that it won’t last forever. Why would you waste your time, money, etc., (and for women: why would you let someone into your privacy and, well, vagina), if you’re not planning to stay with that person forever? That’s how a relationship should start, if it ends at some point that’s another subject, but it should at least start as something that is meant to end in marriage and all that jazz. I find it to be stupid, disgusting (for the women; imagine a woman just going from a “relationship” to another, all the guys she ends up banging), and plainly pointless. Better stay single and focus on whatever other stuff interests you other than your whore-mones.
    Ok, long story short: Sluts and assholes suck. Death to the modern world.

    1. The sexes are innately tied. When one is degraded, the other naturally is too. You’ll find that ROK is not much kinder to the modern man as it is to the modern woman.

    2. Romantic relationships are central to human happiness. A woman can enjoy the great excitement and joy of being in love without depriving a man of his lifelong freedom. Even the most committed man will eventually leave anyway (feet first), so, better to love and to lose than never to love.

  75. Also, yes, the article has some good points. What I find disgusting is the overall superficial attitude towards human relationships.

  76. My sister knows that the woman from the sassy black woman meme and apparently she’s not sassy at all she was just paid to do that and didn’t realize until later that it had become a thing.

  77. I will not rant or abuse anyone because this disgusts me more than I can put into words.
    Women are people not cattle. And it is best that everyone remembers that and tries to act like decent human beings because life is too damn short.

  78. A lot of this is true for men, too, and I found that some of how a woman lets herself degrade is due to how a man lets himself degrade.
    My gf and I have been together for about 5 years. I came home one day, and I realized we were both just fat and unhappy. Because I didn’t like how I looked, I didn’t feel as confident in myself … I lost respect for myself. As such I didn’t want to fuck her as much. She was gaining weight and not keeping up her appearance along with me.
    As the man, I have to set the standard by which I judge myself and her. And I can’t have double-standards. It’s not fair. I can’t say “you need to look like a super-model getting ready to meet the President while I get to lay around in my stained underwear licking cheeto dust off my gut.”
    A man has to lead by example. The woman has to follow that example… or she’s out the door.
    My fatal flaw is that I easily take on the bad habits of the person I’m with. She likes to make good food that’s bad for us. I like to eat it. We both got fat. You get fat you start to wear more comfortable clothes while you lay around the house, and don’t go out and do much.
    So, I started taking a more active interest in what I eat and what she prepares. Like any process management, you have to do it clinically…
    where are you at?
    where do you want to go?
    how do you get there?
    break it all out into milestones and make goals visible/measurable
    It’s very simple.
    So, I bought a scale, started working out again, tracking how much I was lifting, took an active role in what I was eating instead of stuffing my face with whatever my gf made.
    I started losing weight and looking better.
    I audited my wardrobe, and vowed to get rid of all of the “comfortable/slob” clothes. No more holey underwear, stained anythings, “basketball shorts” (the go-to comfort wear for fat guys), etc, etc. Get rid of that crap, and replace it with clothes that make me look good and respectable.
    As I changed, she had two choices… 1) change with me, 2) get the fuck out of my life.
    She took notice of the change. A good woman not only takes notice, but she starts to want to change herself, too, because a) you’re setting an example, b) you’re showing that there is a certain standard you want and she’s realizing she’s not meeting it, c) she still wants you, so she’s going to do what it takes to keep you.
    If a woman sees you changing for the better, but doesn’t change herself to keep up … dump her. She’s not interested in putting forth the effort. Plus, she doesn’t respect you as the example you’re setting. Both are bad things and irrecoverable… dump her.
    If she notices, and makes changes naturally to keep up … she’s a keeper.
    If she doesn’t notice … dump her… she’s an idiot too stupid to realize what’s happening.
    Once I made changes, and she started taking notice and was wanting to support those changes, we got more concrete in ground rules. I made it so we could only go out to eat once a week as a “splurge/treat” meal. For food she cooked I started setting out punishments if she was making junky food…. We had a natural “I spank you if you do something wrong” relationship, so I would spank her if I saw her writing down things “bad” on the grocery list or trying to fix food in junky ways. I had to set the example of what I found was acceptable to eat.
    Our sex life went through the roof from all of this without us even having to do anything about it.
    Because I was starting to be more dominant. Well, more then usual. I was leading the way, taking charge, and putting my foot down more instead of being “comfort man” she could make junky food for and who would gladly stuff his face with while bitching about being fat and stuff. (A beta guy bitches… an alpha guy solves).
    We also both lost weight, so we were more attractive … so, yeah, we found each other more desireable, and had sex more. Go fig. That’s not rocket science.
    She was turned on by the discipline. I would catch he doing something like eating a piece of candy she brought home from work, or writing garbage on the grocery list or whatever … I’d spank her. Disciplining her is a big turn-on for both of us. So, we’d end up having sex after I spanked her ass raw and made sure she’d never do whatever she did wrong again. We went from having sex about once a week to having sex every day, because every day I found her fucking something up and had to punish her… and this got me hard and I fucked her after it as a final way to show her who’s boss. (may sound dumb, but, “spare the rod spoil the child” …well, in this case your dick is your rod, and you use it as a disciplinarian tool against your girlfriend… fucking her lets her know who’s in charge.)
    When we started going out and meeting friends and family, they noticed a change. My gf and I were skinnier, dressed better, but she was also all over me. She was snuggling with me more, she was on my arm holding it with both of her arms like I was her world.
    I realized over time that *I* caused the downfall. She got fat, dumpy, etc, because I got fat, dumpy, etc… and I showed that I was ok with *US* doing that. I dug this hole. She followed me down in it, because she’s a woman following her man. To get HER out of the hole, I had to first get MYSELF out of the hole then help her out of it.
    I’m her man. She’s my woman. I have to set the example, because she is a reflection of what I’ve let the relationship come to.

  79. I wonder if you anyone can help me decide if I should stay friends with a man actively pursuing me whilst he is dealing with a potential break from a 3 year rela. from what I hear from him, she gave him an “ultimatum kids or i’m gone” he told me, he feels she is too old for children 47. I said it sounds like you just don’t want kids. he said no just not now and not with her. I said work it out he kept saying no its done. its been a couple weeks and he and I have hung out and are definitely emotionally cheating. he seems to think we are meant to be> I stopped with the sexting because he still hasn’t actually left her. I get it takes time because she needs to move out, but why haven’t they broken up yet. He has said neither one of them will change their minds, when I told him to compromise on a time frame. and he said she only moved I because of an emergency 1 month ago and its just not working fighting for the last 6 months. he know I don’t want to cheat and that I am concerned about some of his advances and that it makes me question his integrity. he always says ok np I understand, but I know if I didn’t he would have been all over me. last time I asked him why haven’t they ended it? he said best to talk about it in person soon. but never give a time frame. he keeps asking me out to the gym with him. and he asked to meet for breakfast tomorrow but because of his advances I keep turning him down. I told him I am not interested in being the other women. what is he doing? wouldn’t he just end it ? I wont continue things with him until he does. I mean at least he isn’t saying its over when its not. he has told me the truth I feel for the most part about many things. He said he thinks he is just used to her not that he wants to be with her emotionally and sexually.

  80. Why is it a red flag if the woman shows through action, that she’s inferior? At the very least this would mean she couldn’t legally destroy your life.

  81. This article is pretty sexist… seriously? cuts her hair short?? you’ve got to be kidding me.

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