How The Ruling Establishment De-legitimizes Dissenting Views

US State Department spokesman John Kirby recently got himself embroiled in a revealing exchange with a news correspondent from RT (Russia Today).  As Kirby was performing his usual crocodile-tears act in front of the cameras about civilian casualties that his government is ultimately responsible for due to its military support of a brutal insurgency, he was challenged by the RT correspondent.  The correspondent asked him to provide specific details to back up his allegations.  Kirby, growing more irritated by the second, finally exploded.

Here is the exchange:

Words in this case speak volumes.  We should begin with the basics, without which any discussion about the Syrian war is incomplete.  For the past five years, the United States and its regional allies have been arming, backing, and promoting a vicious, bloody military insurgency in Syria with the express purpose of replacing the secular government there with one that is allows itself to be a tool for US policy in the region.  Independent players cannot be permitted to survive, in the thinking of US planners.

The slogans of “human rights” and “democracy” are now, as they have always been, nothing more than fig-leaves to conceal the true goal of regime change.  For a while, it seemed like the project was going well.  But when Syria called in its own allies for assistance, the tide turned.  This did not sit well with Washington, to say the least.

Because its crimes and lies have been exposed for all the world to see, the US can do little more than throw temper tantrums and double-down on its deceit.  Part of this game is the attempt to characterize dissenting voices as “Kremlin-controlled” or “Russian propaganda.”  It is an old game, and one that has gained the US some mileage in the past.  In the view of Washington and its acolytes, RT is not a “legitimate” news organ, in the same way that the BBC, CNN, or any number of other US networks are.


The US media: self-satisfied, spoiled, and lazy

RT’s detractors like to make a big deal out of the fact that the network is “funded” by the Russian government.  Of course, such voices leave out the fact that almost all mainstream Western networks are also funded—directly or more covertly—by the governments of their respective countries.  The truth is that every major network in every major nation is linked to its government with varying degrees of intimacy.


In the US this game is done with more subterfuge and dishonesty than in many other countries, but the links are still there.  Who can doubt now, after having seen the media charades over the 2016 presidential election, that the mainstream media works arm-in-arm with the government?  Influence-peddling, nepotism, covert funding, even direct investment all demonstrate that the US has no moral high ground it can claim in this respect.  RT has never hid the fact that it covers world news from a Russian perspective.

And more to the point:  what difference does it make?  Are we going to evaluate truth or falsity based on who is doing the speaking, or are we going to look at the statements themselves?  Rather than focus on the facts, Kirby’s response instead focuses on the messenger, in this case a RT correspondent.


The US media expects its correspondents to toe the party line

Parroting the official party line is a recent piece by one Matt Armstrong, who himself works for a US governmental agency.  According to Armstrong, RT is part of a Kremlin-directed “misinformation” campaign that cannot be legitimately compared with Western news outlets.  By taking this position, Armstrong arrogates to himself the right to decide who is, and who is not, a “legitimate” journalist.  Revealing is the fact that nowhere in Armstrong’s article is any space given to how the Syrian war started and why bombing of rebel areas is needed to bring the conflict to an end.  This, of course, would lead the discussion into unacceptable realities.

Armstrong goes even further, calling into question the reporter’s qualifications as a journalist for having the audacity to challenge the pre-scripted game of the self-appointed world hegemon:

The disappointing part of the episode was not Kirby rightly calling out RT to ask similar questions of the Russian government, but the response that drew from the Associated Press reporter in the room. He chided Kirby and said “she’s a journalist just like the rest of us.” Yet she is not a journalist, her agency is not like the AP, in that it does not seek to empower its audience with accurate news. Let’s not forget that RT’s slogan is “Question More,” which in practice clearly means “Sow Confusion and Distrust.” RT does not share AP’s values and principle and those of other professional journalists.

In Armstrong’s universe, one professional is not even permitted to come to the aid of another professional who has been subjected to vilification by a US government spokesman.  The campaign against RT and its correspondents brings into focus a dangerous tactic of US elite circles, one that is also copied freely by the US politically-correct left.  The tactic is de-legitimization:  any voices of opposition that threaten the prevailing orthodoxy cannot be acknowledged as legitimate or sincere.  Instead, they must be demonized or de-legitimized, using the well-tested tactics of association, smearing, and invention.  We can expect to see increasing reliance on this tactic in the future.

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202 thoughts on “How The Ruling Establishment De-legitimizes Dissenting Views”

  1. Reporter: Which hospitals are you accusing the Russians of attacking?
    Shill: I don’t know who they are but I trust unnamed “relief agencies” who I don’t have the names of and I don’t know the details of their claims such as which hospitals they are claiming were attacked, but nonetheless I trust them blindly and they are more credible than the official claims of the Russian government.
    (proceeds to attack the journalist personally)
    I’m sorry, but first of all, the US government, which has waged war for over 15 years in surrounding countries in the mideast, and has done things like preventing air flyovers, stopping aid, not just indirectly as he is accusing the Russians of doing, but directly by detaining Red Cross (a relief agency that can actually be named), and even bombing hospitals and killing civilians, has zero credibility and is in no place to play these games! How does such a hypocritical weak man sleep at night?
    Also, a beginners note to the shill: Don’t engage in petty childish “I didn’t say that” arguing that makes you come off as a middle school novice debater. If your position is called into question, clarify it, but don’t whine that “I didn’t say that.” Say what you mean. Also, don’t attack journalists personally in an unprofessional manner–you said the equivalent of the reporter retorting: “Why don’t you go back to your Kenyan Muslim president Obama and ask him why he’s funding violent rebels in Syria?” As an American I’m embarrassed at your pettiness and childishness.
    I do expect more of this: Note that no names of hospitals were released, and the claims are still completely unfounded. Which leads me to the conclusion that they were lies. If they were true, it’s a simple thing to release the names of some hospitals, which can then be inspected and verified as to whether they were indeed attacked.

    1. Then there is setting up a number of the brutal dictators in south america like pinochet.

      1. I heard an interesting interview with former Asst. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts where he discusses how every reforming leader in Latin America was overthrown (I’d say Cuba was the one exception, but dear Lord they tried). Really, really wish this guy was being considered in some form for the Trump administration.

        1. Roberts is a liar and a globalist. Check his background.
          I live in Latin America, and everything he says is a lie. His mission is to make Americans hate their own country. Don’t be naive.

      2. “While a controversial figure, Augusto Pinochet’s unequivocal support for the helicopter industry did much to create jobs” #TrudeauEulogies

    2. Must be all that pizza fed kiddy blood they drink with the adrenaline load from all the sex abuse and trauma.
      Baby blood: It has what satanic elites need.

  2. On a lower, civilian level the most efficient way dissent is punished is via the job market.
    Openly support Trump – career limiting
    Vocally oppose mass immigration – good luck getting hired, buddy
    Openly ridicule feminism/liberalism/PC culture – fuck you, you’re fired
    These are the battlefields between now and 2020

    1. I hate to play the leftoid game, but since we are forced to play it, perhaps what should be done is to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of political affiliation or belief. Some jurisdictions – like Washington DC (believe it or not) – already have this. It may even be easy to convince snowflakes to support this with Trump ascendant and their entire worldview in the cross hairs. Once you can go back at your employer for this type of shit, it would be neutralized.

      1. Yeah sure, but as you say, that’s their game. I’d rather just steamroller their entire shit with our game …
        …fitting with the pic at the top, if you wrestle a pig you both get covered in shit. But the pig enjoys it

        1. The current alternative game has yet to really show fruit. Alternatives to social media (Minds, Gab, InfoGalactic, etc), media (Cernovich, InfoWars, etc.) and Internet navigation (Brave browser, DuckDuckGo, etc.) are getting better and gaining ground, but it’ll be a while yet to see how well the free-market reaction works.
          You know the saying – the fastest way to create a second-amendment activist is to hold them up at gunpoint. If we turn their own totalitarian systems on them, use their own community-organizing tactics (minus destroying our own cities – that’s dumb), and play their media game better than they do, they’ll have only the options of escalation to the point of absurdity or embracing liberty.
          A two-pronged attack.

        2. Well, Obama handed the Internet to the UN – and probably things like Gab or DuckDuckGo won’t exist anymore when they seem to be a true existential threat to the global (((elite))).

    2. Hopefully some day…
      Openly support Trump – you are hired
      Vocally oppose mass immigration – you have a raise
      Openly ridicule feminism/liberalism/PC culture -office jokes

    1. The Obama administration came so close to all out war in Syria. Whether this was stopped by financial reasons, military being tied up in other wars, which are the longest running in our military history, Russia’s entrance in the Syrian theater, or US servicemen openly stating they would refuse to go (lots of images taken with their faces covered pledging they would NOT go to Syria and fight modern Christians so that invading terrorists could overthrow the government) I do not know, but it saved one of the last remaining anti-globalist states from utter destruction. Indeed, many believe “IS IS” was created precisely for this reason–to take out the remaining anti-globalist states.
      There are a very small number left who oppose the globalists: It’s down to Iran, Syria, Cuba, and possibly Russia and China. Concerning the latter two, it’s unclear if they are truly independent or just opposing the US brand of globalism; I’ve heard bright people argue both sides.

        1. General Clark’s an interesting study in command. When in command of NATO he was quickly dismissed after Kosovo and was one of the few former officers who openly opposed the invasion of Iraq. Perhaps by going public with this he was hoping to put an end to senseless invasions.

        2. Are you sure you want to trust Wesley Clark? He was the one who supplied the Bradleys that were used in the torching of the Branch Davidian compound back in 93. In Yugoslavia, he ordered a british unit to resist the Russians who moved in to an airfield under UN jurisdiction. The British officer said that would have provoked a war. That and he is a beltway insider.

        3. He definitely is, family name is Kohen. He once said around the time they were bombing the hell out of Yugoslavia ““In the modern Europe there is no room for homogeneous national states. It was an idea from 1800s, and we are going to carry it (multi-culturalism) through…and we are going to create multi-ethnic states.”(CNN Interview)

        4. After 5 yrs I resigned from my office work and I never felt this good… I started doing a job on-line, for a company I stumbled upon on-line, several hours /a day, and my income now is much bigger then it was on my last job… Pay-check i got for last month was for Nine thousand bucks… The best thing about this work is that now i have more free time with my kids…

        5. Hey hey hey! You’re trolling me! That’s my job! Now I’m gonna have to let you have it. Prepare to watch an unlimited barrage of “The View.”

        6. Not just that here are quotes that speak volumes.
          • American general, Wesley Clark, who was in charge of the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. As he explained:
          “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”
          “I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son – at least five generations, and they were all rabbis.”
          Gen. Wesley Clark revels in his Jewish roots speaking to students at a Brooklyn yeshiva 1999. (Ron Kampeas, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

        7. “I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son – at least five generations, and they were all rabbis.”
          Gen. Wesley Clark revels in his Jewish roots speaking to students at a Brooklyn yeshiva 1999. (Ron Kampeas, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the decision not to attack Syria came down to all three where even people who supported the Iraq War said enough was enough. The few army buddies who are still in quietly admitted that they would refuse orders to go, regardless of who gave the order. Keep in mind these were career enlisted who spent time in the Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia over the past twenty years.

      2. china? Yea they have no problem trading and taking our money and buying up infrastructure. fuck them Slanty eyed little fucks.

      3. The people have been saying no and hell no to war in Syria since the start. That’s why at every turn in the years since fedgov has done it’s best to scare people into it.
        North Korea is also on the list of those not in the fold with Iran.
        China is the model for the new world state and they are on the program.
        Russia was part of the program as the USSR and probably still is deep down. Syria is debatable but obviously the powers that be want to change the sheets there.

      4. ,,There are a very small number left who oppose the globalists: It’s down to Iran, Syria, Cuba, and possibly Russia.”
        To someone who studies history on a regular basis…saying that Russia opposes globalism is worthy of ridicule.
        The Frankfurt schools that spawned feminism, dissident terms like ,,racism/ xenofobe” were all funded by orders from…Russia.
        George Soros has been serving russian interests always.
        Saying that Russia is anti-globalist proves just how deep the brainwashing is in the US.
        The Cultural Marxism that represents the largest EVIL this world has ever seen – spiritually and intellectually – still gets it’s funds from….
        I say this with respect.
        Russia is not a free country. It’s an open gulag.

        1. Bolshevik, satanic, kgb, kikes.
          Not all the russians.
          Most russians live inside the Gulag brainwashed by the state.
          But hey, you got Vodka, right ?

        2. While you can count me in the camp that leans towards Russia being with the globalists, I think it’s going to far to act shocked and claim it “ridiculous” if someone sees Russia as anti-globalist. I mean they are about the only ones openly opposing American globalism. One has to dig pretty deep to see that below the surface, they are working to the same goal. And I think it’s safe to say there are quite a number of anti-globalist nationalists in Russia.

        3. I have nothing to add to my commentary. Either you understand and research it for yourself, or you keep feeding the narrative.
          Q: Are you an american ?

        4. Hard to draw that direct conclusion because it assumes that the “Russians” are all one monolithic faction. They may not be as Putin appears to represent very different Russian interests than Gorbachev did.

        5. It’s hard for you to draw it because you have not studied it deep enough.
          From my point, if you americans don’t step up your history game, you won’t even see who’s fucking you.

        6. You shouldn’t make assumptions.
          It so happens that I am homeschooled, and a significant part of my history reading involved Russian intel ops. I also happen to have done reading on my own, and to have some friends whose families were involved with CI efforts against them.
          That said you’ve got it backwards and quite possibly deliberately (since you’re pushing the establishment narrative here). The Bolsheviks were funded by Western and jewish interests. Not the other way around.

        7. He’s not all wrong. Stalin was from Georgia, Trotsky was from Ukraine, and not all of the other Bolshevik leaders were Russian. Lenin was one of the exceptions.

        8. ,,The Bolsheviks were funded by Western interests”
          Ok, Serghey.
          Give me some proof or I will call you out for bullshit.

        9. I dunno. Do you make a habit of jacking off while looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating “I know so much more history than Americans! I know so much more history than Americans! I know so much…….”?

        10. Nice try, Rakovski.
          Soros works on the exact same external principles the marixsts worked in the past.
          Tell me this – Where did the gay propaganda start from ?
          Who initiated the end of the family ?
          Who supported it ?
          Who were they ?
          You want back-up for what I am saying, google it.

        11. I initially thought you would ask pertinent questions, but you react by trying to push a narrative & bring an insult.
          go eat some shit Boris !

        12. Brilliant. By your logic if I were to use the Socratic method that means I work for Socrates.
          And put up or shut up. A google search for any one of your questions will yield numerous, contradictory theories each supported by different evidence.
          You also know this. Stop trying to misdirect. If you were anything other than a paid shill you would have done what any reputable RoK and Roosh Forum posters does and given us sources to read on our own.
          I’m open minded to good information IF you have it. I’m willing to bet money that you don’t and that you’re just going to come back with more insults and attempts to use in/out group psychology to misdirect.

        13. You know what’s kind of funny? An article that trips a number of keywords….and you show up completely out of the blue, using all the same tactics this article describes trying to discredit the posters here.

        14. And looks like I’m correct.
          You still have provided 0% support for your claims, as I predicted you would fail to do.
          Put up or shut up. You should have done some research on how things work here. If you make a claim you’re expected to SUPPORT that claim, which you refuse to do.

        15. And in your case they wasted their money on you.
          You really think you’re going to show up and do exactly what this paragraph describes, while it’s fresh on the minds of people reading this page, and nobody will notice? FFS at least wait until a few articles later after most people have forgotten.
          “Because its crimes and lies have been exposed for all the world to see,
          the US can do little more than throw temper tantrums and double-down on
          its deceit. Part of this game is the attempt to characterize dissenting
          voices as “Kremlin-controlled” or “Russian propaganda.” “

        16. Support that claim ?!
          That Russia is responsible for the Frankfurt schools and that George Soros is acting like an external influence but on behalf of the same marxist principles ?
          I take it back.
          You probably work for Soros.
          You are funny, comrad.

        17. If it is so obviously true then you should be eager to prove how correct you are.
          Go on. At this point you know what will happen if you cite good sources?
          I’ll look dumb and you’ll look like you wiped the floor with me. Since you aren’t that stupid, you know that as well and if you had evidence you would have provided it.
          For everyone else here: That’s a classic tell. Someone who tries to use identity tactics without being willing to provide a shred of evidence for their argument is a great way to spot people who are too stupid, trolling, or have an agenda…..and none of them have anything to add to the community.

        18. Anyway I’m tired. It’s not you I’m trying to convince anyway. It’s for the benefit of everyone else reading this so they know what to look for when trying to figure out who is coming in just to disrupt and mislead.
          Your last four posts or so have consisted only of trying to associate me with Russia and zero value added….it’s completely obvious that you’re following a script now so I’d say my job is done.

        19. ,,I’ll look dumb and you’ll look like you wiped the floor with me. Since you aren’t that stupid, you know that as well and if you had evidence you would have provided it.”
          Well…Thank you, comrad.
          ,,For everyone else here: That’s a classic tell. Someone who tries to use identity tactics without being willing to provide a shred of evidence for their argument is a great way to spot people who are too stupid, trolling, or have an agenda…..and none of them have anything to add to the community.”
          Spoken like a true internet russian troll.
          Next you’re gonna tell me I’m spouting propaganda against Russia.
          You are funny.

        20. If you want that to be the case, then show us all where to read about the Russian-Soros connection. Until then you’re a troll who is too chickenshit to put his money where his mouth is, unlike the great RoK posters who do add knowledge to the website.
          Also do us all a favor and explain why you’re so obsessed with Russia and are calling everyone on here a Russian.
          Which…for the record, you have the connection wrong. Soros and the Russians are both AGEants. They are connected to the same controllers more than to each other directly.

        21. I was sure there were some of you guys around here…
          I only say one theory about russia and BOOM…here you are, calling me an agent and telling me to put ,,my money where my mouth is”.
          Sheesh !
          Here you go, ‘Merica.

        22. Obsessed ?
          I only stated a theory.
          Why are you so keen on proving me wrong, son ?

        23. I’m not trying to prove you wrong. I want to read your sources for myself.
          Since you are amazingly unwilling to provide any sources. I concluded that you’re just here to disrupt. Whether it’s for your own amusement, some sort of autistic superiority complex, or you’re a paid shill doesn’t really matter.

      5. Israel officially supporting ISIS in Syria

        In a speech at the Herzliya Conference, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, took Israel’s long-standing position that it “prefers ISIS” over the Syrian government to a whole ‘nother level, declaring openly that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war.
        Israeli officials have regularly expressed comfort with the idea of ISIS conquering the whole of Syria, saying they find it preferable to the Iran-allied government surviving the war. At the same time, they were never so overtly supportive of ISIS and its survival.
        Halevy went on to express concern that the defeat of ISIS might mean the “superpowers” leaving Syria, saying this would put Israel “in a hard position” after being so opposed to the survival of the Syrian government.
        He then said Israel will do “all we can so as to not find ourselves in such a situation,” suggesting that the Israeli military is looking at direct support for ISIS as a matter of policy, and not just rhetoric.

    2. The entire “Bad Russia” theme that’s been running in the media for the past 5-10 years is patent BS. It’s just that you have a large voting segment of the population 40+ years old that remember the cold war and are preprogrammed to respond to “evil russia”. It’s a sign of the times that the “terrorist threat” is no longer working as a control mechanism, so a new orwellian ‘evil’ had to be found to foster the “us against them’ paradigm that keeps the protection racket that is government empowered. what do we need governments for if there’ s no international hostilities ? Do you really think that road’s hospitals and schools won’t get built if the government vanished over night.

    3. I trust Russia Today more than CNN. RT doesn’t hide and pretend to be objective and then sneer when they get caught. I know exactly what perspective they are coming from. CNN is a leftist super PAC.
      As to the argument, a truthful and talented spokesman of the State Department should be able to handle a little challenging questioning. That’s their damn job. And they should be able to do it without devolving into ad hominenm attacks and puerile false classifications on who is and who is not a journalist.
      The government would really really love to be able to define who is and who is not a journalist, and even go farther in licensing them like they do broadcast stations.

      1. Those Russians are so sneaky they have placed a Russian under the bed of every NY Times reporter. They even have an agency to place them called AirUnderB&B

    4. “This enduring meme is wrong on more than one account. The group pictured is not the Taliban, the photograph was not taken in 1985, and Reagan did not compare the pictured group to the Founding Fathers. (In this particular meme, even the name “Reagan” is misspelled.) According to the Ronald Reagan Library, the above-displayed photo was taken in 1983, and shows the former president meeting with Afghan rebel leaders to discuss the Soviet presence in Afghanistan.”
      While the Reagan administration did help fund and equip the Mujahideen in Afghanistan (and rebel groups elsewhere) so that they could fight against the Soviet occupation, it is inaccurate to say that the former president met with the Taliban, as at that point they did not exist
      “This photograph is from 1983, when Reagan and the CIA were dancing around the idea of arming Mujahadin fighters in order to fight back against Soviet incursion in Afghanistan. …
      “Once the Soviets retreated, the U.S. lost interest and pulled the funding. Osama bin Laden took interest, and filled the vacuum, later fathering the Taliban.” …
      …”He made the comment about contra rebels in Nicaragua during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 1985″
      “They are our brothers, these freedom fighters, and we owe them our help. I’ve spoken recently of the freedom fighters of Nicaragua. You know the truth about them. You know who they’re fighting and why. They are the moral equal of our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women of the French Resistance. We cannot turn away from them, for the struggle here is not right versus left; it is right versus wrong.”

  3. Julian Assange says there are about six companies that control the news. Dave Chapelle says there are only about 6 studios and agents for entertainment. I remember how in film and TV the president was portrayed as a black man repeatedly…then it happened in real life. What a fine little social programing game they have.

      1. …and who knows what large chunks of shares of European news companies might be foreign owned through chains of companies in weird locations making it impossible to work out who is really pulling the strings

    1. We don’t “cover” topics because we’re not a news organization. You are free to submit an article on the topic you want via the submit form.

  4. Barack Obama created ISIS
    I knew that already pretty much, but what I find so extra-ordinary is that something I was reading about a few months ago on alternative news and reportage sites is now backed and corroborated by the US president elect.
    Still processing that.

    1. Just another permutation of the invincible “literally Hitler” tactic of scorched-earth debate….

        1. He means dumbing the debate down to the stupidest level conceivable makes retrieval of any common sense out of it impossible.
          Outside of genuine WWII debate, Hitler is the Strike it Rich of online stupidity.
          And Godwin sighed …

        2. I kind of want to go onto a website dedicated to actual WWII debate just so I can literally see people literally use literally hitler in context for once, literally (hitler)

        3. I heard Stalin is furious that he’s so poorly recognised by comparison.
          (Literally) Stalin

        4. What he said.
          Saying someone created, is in league with, started, supports, got head from, etc. ISIS is as much of a ‘tag-you’re-it’ debate killer as comparing someone to Hitler (literally or otherwise)

        5. I’m not sure commonsense it’s going to make sense of this. Trump wasn’t playing the fool. I think he was doing two things at the same time. Firstly he was saying what any of his might have said, namely that Obama might as well have created ISIS. Secondly and more significantly he was referencing in a playful way an actual and not unevidenced conspiracy theory that the US has actually and knowingly been funding ISIS, at least indirectly, in order to covertly pursue its geopolitical interests in Syria and elsewhere. That’s the substantive allegation behind the Hillary Benghazi claims, not merely that she let those men die but that it had something to do with arming militants covertly (I’m not making a judgement with regard to that).
          In that second veiled sense Trump the ‘conspiracy theorist’ is making it clear that if they don’t play nice he could take things to a while different level

        6. I filled a bong with beer once. As you might expect, I don’t remember the outcome, taste or otherwise….

        7. I’m sure they’re not happy about it, but with weed legal in 7 states, including California (not to mention the majority of the states have medical marijuana), a significant portion of the population already has legal weed. I’d say the horse is out of the barn, or whatever the appropriate pot analogy is. I agree I am shocked, but then again didn’t expect we’d get gay marriage in the deep south, either (especially before weed!)

        8. Coincidence that Israeli geopolitical interests just happen to turn into American geopolitical interests.

        9. It’s not a secret that Trump, Bannon / Breitbart etc are pro-Israel, and it follows that they would have looked for pro-israeli support during the campaign as a way to counter the ‘progressive’ establishment. Remember there have long been tensions between the Clintons / Obama administration and Israel.

        10. Is there such a website? I know of some older people in one of the German occupied countries from back in the day who invariably get onto the topic of the war at family gatherings..

  5. the sweater cows on that reporter were very impressive. I am going 8.5/10

      1. those would be what Frank Zappa referred to as Mammalian Protuberances

        1. “I did not know that.” (Johnny Carson voice.) Seriously. You learn something new every day…

        1. we certainly are. It has happened before. It is Deja Moo all over again. You may not remember it but you have a short memory. Things go in one ear and out the utter

        2. Admittedly, sometimes I cannot pay close attention, as I am always chasing my girlfriend around. She cannot keep her calves together…

  6. “Are we going to evaluate truth or falsity based on who is doing the speaking”
    Don’t we have to?
    I’m not defending Kirby here, but when for example an outlet like HuffPo says something, I automatically assume it is false until proven otherwise.

    1. Assuming is not the same as evaluating.
      You START by assuming HuffPo is bunk, but you evaluate the information on its own merit.
      Besides, when I assume something is bullshit right off the bat, I’m not closing the door to being proven wrong later.

      1. I assume everything is bullshit. It is rare that I care enough to probe into whether that is right or wrong.

        1. now that I am back on a lifting program and eating 5 fairly large meals a day plus two protein shakes filled with double helpings of protein powder and almond butter I can say, without exaggeration, that you are literally (hitler) correct.

        2. Just fukkin…..
          I actually assume people are telling the truth, because if I’m asking thier opinion, the answer cant be that critical anyway.
          Yeah, you know by now that I know approximately dik about weightlifting, but from what you describe you’re certainly full of something.
          But almond butter! I love that stuff.

        3. haha good stuff. My diet now
          upon waking 1/2 grape fruit 32 oz of water
          intra workout 2 scoops BCAA 2 scoops Creatine in 32 ounces of water
          breakfast: 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs, two slices deli turkey, 1 baby bel cheese on whole wheat flat bread
          snack one: 2 scoops protein powder and 2 tbsp. almond butter
          lunch 1: 8 oz protein one cup white rice
          Lunch 2: 8 oz protein 1 cup green veg
          Snack 2: 2 scoops protein powder 2 tbsp. almond butter
          Pre workout: refined carbohydrate shake
          Post Workout Refined Carbohydrate shake
          Dinner: 8 oz protein 1/2 cup white rice 1 cup green veg
          Desert: whey protein bar.
          I am so freaking full I am force feeding myself

        4. you got it. Remember though…that is not for the faint of heart. The work outs that go along with that diet are pretty extreme.
          In the morning I do 1 hr of fasted cardio with HR over 160 (after grapefruit) In the evening I do a lifting sessions which is one major compound lift followed by 6 supersets isolating chest and back on Monday and Thursdays,Arms and SHoulders on Tuesday and Fridays and LEgs on Wed and Saturdays. Before bed I do a dumbbell circuit workout that lasts 15 min and if I have the energy I go through it twice. On Sunday I have a day off but have to spend at least one hour with elevated heart rate….I like bicycle but the weather is getting nippy.

        5. So six days on, one off…ever try three on, one off, three on, one off…and why six straight versus three on one off. Better results?

        6. I have tried pretty much every permeation known to man. Different ones are good for different things. I have lowered my weights from powerlifting numbers because of my injuries and am following a bodybuilding routine now. 3 on 1 off over and over is good for powerlifting but I just can’t pick up the big weights any more. I had to get past my ego. It is hard.
          So, for instance, I will superset, today, bench press and t bar row….5×20. That is a lot of fucking reps. Plus I leave my feet up in hanging position. This means that 135 is the max I will bench. I am getting to exhaustion with 20 presses for sure, especially superset with 20 t bar rows but sometimes I will look over at some mook benching 305 or more and feel down. I need to remind myself that ego lifting is a quick trip to the hospital for me. There will never be a feeling like the first time I pulled a dead over 400 pounds and then subsequently broke my PR twice. But unless I want to get myself in a position where displacement surgery is necessary I need to change and I get let, like Marcellus Wallace might say, “pride fuck with me”

        7. Sound wisdom. Fuck pride. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. My weapon of choice (being older than you), is resistance bands. Now I know it sounds weird, but I am much more cut using bands than I ever was with weights. Fish and fruit diet (high protein) – bam! Guys sneer at me, women drool (usually only the octogennarians). I am a big, big advocate of bands. You aren’t likely to blow out a knee, or tear an ACL, or rip a rotator cuff, or whatever. Plus, you get way more range of motion, which means you build muscles that surround the major muscles you target. That’s my two cents…

        8. bands are great, especially for toning. I have a blown out ACL, MCL, LCL in my left knee all surgically reconstructed from hamstring. I am fucking bionic. (Not a weightlifting accident). While it is far less impact and the results are very good, bands just don’t give me the high I crave. I genuinely enjoy weightlifting.

        9. I gotcha. Nothing beats the barbell rush if you are into it. I walk about eight miles a week and work abs along with bands six times a week (three on, three off). Do about 200 incline pushups a day. That’s all. I don’t play bingo yet, but it will probably happen.

        10. ha. No it means my first personal record was 405 and lifting it was the greatest high I had ever felt. After that I hit a deadlift at 435 before finally maxing out at 445. A week after my 445 hit (I was on my way to 500) I was injured. I have come back from injury and reinjured myself on and off for nearly 2 years now before finally swallowing my pride and moving away from powerlifting (heavy weights, low reps) to body building (lighter weights, high reps) in the hops that I will not have to give up what I love…but the hit to the ego is tough sometimes.

        11. There is part of me looking forward to my bingo / bridge playing days.

        12. Impressive. I can’t see this kind of achievement ever being a hit to the ego. Weightlifting/bodybuilding is really your thang, then. Is this a life-long passion or an off-shoot of something else?
          I guess this explains the back injuries you mentioned a while back. (back, get it?)

    2. I do take the word of anyone I’m listening to; if I can’t trust them to not lie to my face, why am I speaking to them? Of course, that doesn’t mean blind trust, but if I’ve invited you to the table to discuss something with me, I’m operating under the assumption you’re not lying to my face. If you can’t trust people around you to operate on a semi-professional basis, don’t engage them. I’m not going to invite a HuffPo 22 year old who graduated college last month to have a serious discussion with me about anything.
      I mean on some level, I would assume everything coming out of the mouth of a white house spokesman is a lie, but you have to at least evaluate each statement on its own merits, and not because of the person speaking the words.

  7. Medea/Media –
    1) Medea was an ENCHANTRESS from Greek Mythology.
    2) She married Jason (of Argonaut fame; an argonaut is an OCTOPUS); Jason was the son of Aeson, who was the rightful KING of Iolcos.
    3) She was a priestess of Hecate, who herself was a SORCERESS of DARK PLACES.
    4) She had the divine gift of PROPHECY.
    5) When Jason betrayed Medea and married the daughter of King Creon, she got REVENGE via the MURDER of King Creon, his daughter and her two sons by Jason.
    6 She fled and settled in an area of Asia called MEDIA.
    The MEDIA is an ENCHANTRESS who MARRIES KINGS and gets REVENGE on them if betrayed…like an OCTOPUS she spreads herself far and wide in the DARK PLACES, engaged in SORCERY, PROPHECY and MURDER…
    Man, this acid I am high on is really good shit…

        1. my new favorite is a Game of Thrones reference: She has more longshoreman dicks in her than the iron islands

    1. I also need to add that she managed to hopefully fail in killing Jason’s son, who later became king of Iolcos, Jason though had a bad end: he died alone when asleep under the brim of his ship, now abandoned and rotten, the brim broke and fell hitting him on the head and killing him in an instant…
      Ancient Greek tragedies and myths can be quite depressing. It is very sad for me that we have only the probable non-canonical version of the play by Euripedes, who could have been understood as an ancient era leftist preacher through plays, as he used to propagandize his beliefs by incorporating them in the dialogue of his characters, earning him the name of “from stage philosopher”.

        1. Read the tragedy then searched the net for the rest of the myth, Euripedes I should add defended her in the tragedy. Jason was at fault, as he broke his oath of eternal love (note to self: never give such an oath), but killing her own offspring and killing a whole noble family which allowed her one extra day to stay out of compassion was a bit too much. I think that originally the story was to teach AGAINST marrying foreign women, but we will probably never now about it.

  8. “You Hit the Wall Slut”
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “Hit the Road Jack”, by Percy Mayfield.)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more, no more, no more, no more
    (What you say?)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more…
    Whoa woman oh woman you used to be lean
    Now you’re the fattest old hag that I’ve ever seen
    I guess that you don’t know
    I’ll gladly pack my things and go
    (That’s right!)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more, no more, no more, no more
    (What you say?)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more…
    Now baby listen baby I’ll be on my way
    Cause I’d rather fuck a pig than fuck you today
    (Don’t care if you do cause it’s understood –
    You ain’t got no money, you just ain’t no good!)
    I guess you just don’t know
    I’ll gladly pack my things and go
    (That’s right!)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more, no more, no more, no more
    (What you say?)
    You hit the wall slut
    And I don’t want your butt
    No more…

        1. ha, originally posted that this should be sung to Motown before seeing what the song was a parody was.

    1. Bob we’re ready for the big time! You’re already in Vegas, I’ll fly in tomorrow.
      First thing I’ll book you in for duet with Celine Dion for this little ditty..

      1. Yeah! I would love to sing this with Celine…she could blow me while waiting for her scant few snippets of lyrics. Can’t wait!

        1. Alright it’s arranged. I arrive on the Red Eye Friday morning.
          Have my usual bottle of whiskey and asian hookers waiting!

  9. “In Armstrong’s universe, one professional is not even permitted to come
    to the aid of another professional who has been subjected to
    vilification by a US government spokesman”
    In the opinion of Armstrong and rest of his colleagues, RT reporter is not a colleague. She doesn’t follow the narrative that the US under Obama’s direction is great for the world or share their ‘liberal’ views of the world. She basicly the “Other” in his eyes. Anything she say is propaganda for Russia.
    In the real world, we know the RT is good news source since we know where they stand in their reporting. They do not hide under the false objectivity of MSM promotes. We understand the bias and know what story their would manipulate in the favor of Russian. The more you assume people are the idiots, the more denial that you are a complete fool.

  10. My initial reaction to that whole video was wanting to push that idiot’s nose in.
    But that’s beta thinking really. That RT reporter can handle herself I’m sure. Certainly that Kirby fellow is barely a threat to a fly, let alone another human.

    1. not only is a beta, he responded with what was effectively an ad hominem, questioning her integrity on the basis of the news organisation she worked for. We no longer have a clear separation between the government and the press – at least that has been made clear with respect to the relationship of the democrat party and the MSM, yet since that relationship is de facto rather than official he is able to impugn her integrity on the basis of an assumption that an official state sponsorship amounts to editorial or other influence. The guy who spoke out could be seen as white-knighting but its more likely he was genuinely embarrassed at the kirby the cuck’s inability or unwillingness to answer a single specific.

      1. Definitely Kirby was the one that ended up looking ridiculous. It does show how stupid they really are though. Losing your temper over something that simple? And he still has a job!? No wonder the country is going down the toilet with abject morons like this in charge.

        1. guys a whitehouse spokesman and can barely string a sentence together, doesn’t know any of the facts – not a single specific as though he’d just been given a press release to read and had no further knowledge, and goes completely defensive when politely asked a perfect reasonable question; and when one of his own ‘in-house’ reporters merely says ‘that was not an inappropriate question’ (how could it possibly be inappropriate to ask which organisation were providing the information, which hospitals were being affected etc?) he has a little girl hissy fit and attacks the american reporter? I’ve never seen a whitehouse spokesman behave so aggressively / defensively

        2. It was bad. He should be fired immediately for his stupidity, let alone lack of professionalism.
          But: Obama.

  11. WRONG! RT is a propaganda tool and it lies and cheats it’s readers. As a Brazilian, I know they consistently lie about facts in Brazil in order to help and defend their corrupt Marxist allies.
    The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. CNN may be fake news, but RT and Sputnik are not far behind, aided by $6 BI in money that Moscow spends yearly in political propaganda.
    Don’t be naive, Americans. Their objective is to make you hate your own country.

    1. as some commenters have pointed out nobody is deceived about that, for the simple reason they don’t claim to be objective, or anything other than what they are. The whitehouse spokesman on the other hand, together with the gathered press (from the US) are posing as completely independent bodies – while that may be true in theory – institutionally – what we’ve seen demonstrated, particularly over the last year – is that this independence is largely a cover for slipping elite, corporate or even government opinions past a generally (but increasingly less so) general public. It is precisely the pretence of neutrality / independence here that is so deadly to the truth, because it is not adhered to meaningfully. Kudos nonetheless to the american reporter who at least tried to be fair – there are still a few good ones who do their best, but they’re working against a rotten prostituted system.
      If you want russian propaganda to be ineffective western governments (not just the west) need root and branch reform and watchdogs with teeth capable of supporting journalistic independence and integrity

  12. That Russian reporter is kind of hot. I don’t recall ever reading RT but they can’t be any more full of bullshit than the US news sources are. The only source I believe anymore is….me, at least I already know I’m full of it, turkey and dressing in particular.

  13. “RT has never hid the fact that it covers world news from a Russian perspective.”
    Nyet. It is a state owned propaganda organ. They are up front about having a russian (government) narrative, “perspective” is a bit erroneous, and I do watch RT as they mention tidbits of info not mentioned elsewhere, but I would keep RT at arms length and be prepared to sift through the BS to find said tidbits.

  14. Sorry ma’am, the Obama Administration doesn’t believe in the “old way,” letting journalists dig up facts on news tidbits to verify their validity.
    We have the “new way” in which we give you the news, or our very credible sources give us the news to give to you, and you shut up and print/televise/list on your website what you are told.

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