How Gay Activists Trashed The Competitive Spirit Of The Sochi Olympic Games

Every four years, the World’s greatest athletes in Nordic sports gather to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.  The games are an opportunity for all nations to put aside their differences for a few weeks and enjoy watching world class athletes compete for the gold.  The  2014 Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi, Russia commenced two weeks ago.

This year, however, instead of the focus being on the masculine virtues of excellence and competition, an unsuspecting American television audience endured a full bore ad nauseam promotion of homosexuals and their so called values.  Instead of being lifted up by the aspirational ideals of competition and athletic greatness, American families tuning in were pushed down into the cultural Marxist muck of ceaseless homosexual whining and debasement.  This was by intent.

The background to this ongoing homosexual whine fest is that Russia is led by a man named Vladimir Putin.  By all accounts, he is a devout Orthodox Christian.  Among his accomplishments during his tenure as leader of Russia, has been the reinstitution of the Russian Orthodox Church as the moral center of the Russian nation.  He has been the de facto leader of Russia since 1999.  He is the alpha male of Russia.


In the Summer of 2013, the lower house of the Russian Federation (State Duma) voted 436-0 (with one abstention) and the upper house (Federation Council) voted 137-0 to pass a law which banned the promotion of homosexuality to minors.  The Russian Orthodox Church enthusiastically endorsed the law and President Putin signed it making it the law of the land.  To repeat, the combined vote in both houses of the Russian legislature was 573 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.  Apparently, Russians like their kids.

The new Russian law:

1. Proscribes fines for propaganda promoting homosexual sex to minors;
2. Bans homosexual rallies; and
3. Bans the distribution of homosexual propaganda to minors.

Federation Council Speaker, Valentina Matvienko, explained to Russia Today (RT) the reasoning behind the law by saying that homosexuals “…are ordinary members of society.  As adults, they are entitled to decide how they want to live. But when it comes to minors (the ban on propaganda) is not someone’s whim, but a demand from society.”

The ensuing uproar over the new Russian law in the cultural marxist outlets of the Western media was immediate and predictably overwrought and hysterical.  According to them, the Russian’s are not qualified to determine what laws are best for Russia.  Instead, only homosexual activists and their cultural Marxist cheerleaders in the West are qualified to determine Russia’s laws.   And the homosexual activists, unsurprisingly, were against leaving the Russian kiddies alone.

Of course, the open contempt that the cultural Marxists exhibit towards the will of the Russian people is not surprising.  It is, in fact, their standard operating procedure.  They exhibit the exact same contempt towards the American people whenever their will conflicts with whatever socially destructive and morally abhorrent policies of the moment the cultural Marxists wish to inflict upon the United States.

So what does this controversy about homosexuals and Russian children have to do with the Winter Olympic games at Sochi?  In reality, nothing; but the homosexual activists in the West and their supporters decided to trash the 2014 Winter Games by linking the games to their opposition to the new law.

How have they tried to do this?  They lobbied the White House and got the President to appoint no less than three homosexuals to the American Olympic delegation.  The official putative task of these three was to represent the United States at the Sochi Winter Games, but the real agenda was to promote the cultural Marxist “value” of homosexuality, distort the purpose of the new law, and smear the Russians.

The three homosexuals chosen to carry out this task are Brian Boitano, Caitlin Cahow, and Billy Jean King.

Previously discrete regarding his sexual preferences, American Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano stunned the nation two days after he was selected to the delegation when he revealed that he was a homosexual. Americans in all fifty states were glued to their television screens to catch the latest on this shocking and important news.


Prior to Boitano’s earth shattering admission, no one in America suspected that it was even possible that a male figure skater might be a bit light on his blades.

However, being a great people, Americans soon recovered from this paradigm changing revelation.  No doubt the nation was reassured when Boitano explained to NPR how he saw his job in Sochi: “Let the athletes focus on what they’re doing and the job at hand.  And let athletes like me, Billie Jean and Caitlin stand up for them and represent the gay community.”

The second homosexual chosen to be on the Sorchi delegation was former Olympic women’s hockey player, Caitlin Cahow.  As with Boitano, most Americans were  flabbergasted when Cahow told a mesmerized nation that she was a lesbian.  How could this be, Americans wondered, hockey is such a feminine sport? After digesting this puzzling conundrum, Americans listened as Cahow disingenuously told USA Today regarding the selections to the Sorchi delegation that, “It’s obviously a statement that’s being made, but I think it’s an incredibly respectful one”.


Left unexplained was the specific type of hallucinogen and proper dosage one would have to ingest to consider the statement being made as “incredibly respectful”.

The most prominent homosexual selected for the American delegation was former woman’s tennis player, Billy Jean King.  Tennis, as anyone with an IQ north of eighty is aware, is not played on ice or snow. Perhaps this is why it is a sport at the Summer Olympics.  It is not known if the White House was aware of this at the time of King’s selection.

Moreover, Mrs. King, at age seventy, is well past her athletic sell-by date.  But of course, King’s former athletic skills have nothing to do with her being chosen to be on the Sochi delegation.  Rather, that is due to the fact that she has been a high profile lesbian activist for decades.

King’s appointment to the Sorchi delegation was hailed as a “stroke of genius” by USA Today’s Christine Brennan.  She crowed to her readers, “What better way to show the nation’s disgust for President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law?”

Helene Elliott of the LA Times was more graphic in her laudatory comments regarding appointment of Billie Jean King and the other homosexuals to the delegation.  Elliott compared their selection to the hockey tactic of “… that quaint, queasy custom of rubbing stink gloves in another player’s face as an irritating tactic.”  Why giving the Sochi Olympic host a “wonderfully timed, stinky glove” was intelligent diplomacy, good manners or even minimally sane was largely left unaddressed by Elliott.

But the homosexual activists and their cultural Marxist puppet masters perhaps should have thought twice before picking a globally televised fight with Mr. Putin.  He is a tough resourceful man who does not fight to lose.  He has proven time and again to have an unerring instinct for the weak spot of his opponents.  This may reflect his years of judo training or his time in the KGB—perhaps both.  Regardless, he also has an annoying habit to his enemies—winning.

After weeks of silence during which there were relentless media attacks on Putin, Russia, and the Sochi Games in the Western media, the Russian President when asked about homosexuals at the Sochi Games slyly commented that homosexuals “can feel safe and free here.  But please leave our children in peace.”

If this ongoing political battle was a tennis match, any fair referee would have ended it right then calling out:  “Game. Set. Match. Putin.” Even Billy Jean King might have respected that.

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331 thoughts on “How Gay Activists Trashed The Competitive Spirit Of The Sochi Olympic Games”

  1. Well, I don’t live there. But I believe two things: 1. The less government intrusion, the better for the individual, and 2. It’s easier to break intrusive government laws quietly than to protest them loudly. Not advocating – just pointing it out.

    1. Well the government bars private discrimination as a means of enforcing a community social/moral standards. So having stripped the communities bare it is now trying to politically solve social/moral problems it created.
      Russia is just further down the fascist track than the US, but we will get there.

  2. If this artcle was half as long and twice as biting it would have gone viral for sure with a title like that!

      1. Not relevant. They do not possess the intellect to effect change anyway. All they do is react. When men decide to take their MSM tampons out and take action, the women will follow.

        1. “They do not possess the intellect to effect change any. ”
          Wott ? Did you notice something called FEMINISM ???
          that is sort of a chance. Maybe their intellect didnt cause it but something did.

  3. Man, I fucking love Russia and the Russian people. We need them to counter the pussified west. They are badasses !
    I love how they just do whatever they want to do, because they cant be touched.

    1. What you said is just bullshit. Russia is in political and social turmoil. Fertility rates have been well below replacement for the past 25 years and are currently below 1.6. Putin’s putting up a huge facade. The only thing Russia has going for it is that it’s a heavy commodity exporter, but we’re in a world of excess capacity. The Ruble is a one way bet on the short side.

      1. What you said is just bullshit. America is in political and social turmoil. Fertility rates have been well below replacement for the past 25 years and are currently below 1.6. Obama’s putting up a huge facade. The only thing America has going for it is that it’s a heavy cultural exporter, but we’re in a world of excess capacity. The Dollar is a one way bet on the short side.

        1. If the issue is fertility / population control doesn’t that support the position he is taking over gay rights?

        2. So the way to fix a problem is to resort to persecution? Persecution and intolerance are very expensive. The issues, at least when it comes to fertility, are economic moreso than anything else. These policies are just gonna cause human capital to leave. It’s just more stupid policies by dumb central planners.

        3. as I’ve said elsewhere on this page I am critical of persecution in any form but your point was about fertility not about morality.

        4. You’ve gotta remember that in today’s world, children are social goods. What that means is that children are very expensive to raise and provide no real immediate benefit to the people trying to raise them. You’ve got to fix the incentive structure. Targeting gays won’t fix a damn thing and will only make the underlying problems worse.

        5. LGBT people make up about 3% of the total population, I don’t think that amount of people not choosing to breed is going to be that big a deal in regards to fertility/pop control.

        6. I don’t actually believe that Putin’s policy re. gay propaganda has anything to
          do with fertility control, but as you’re probably aware there any number of
          (conspiracy) theories out there that argue that state support for homosexuality
          may be one of many means whereby the powers that be are seeking to keep down
          populations. As I’ve said clearly I am
          strongly against any kind of persecution, although I would note that there is
          no direct evidence that Putin is behind the attacks on gay people that have
          been documented. However I would imagine
          that whatever his disposition Putin would share your analysis that
          “targeting gays won’t fix a damn thing”. It’s the US, still angry with Putin over
          Snowden, Syria etc. that has sought to equate Putin’s anti-propaganda laws with
          actual persecution. Even if there is
          persecution in Russia, and ordinary gay people are suffering – which is quite
          possible – legislation that limits ‘propaganda’ – however loaded that word may be – is not in itself persecution, at
          least not in the way that some reports in the western media suggested. For instance I remember reading in the
          guardian or independent how it was left to commentators to correct journalism
          that said it was illegal to be gay.
          That’s not a subtle difference. Putin’s law is not that different from UK’s Section 28 which wasn’t on the books that long ago. In another post you make a point about human capital being affected adversely. I’m not sure whether you’re referring to the gay people who might feel less secure in being themselves or potential
          investors etc, but if you remove any kind of active promotion of persecution of
          homosexuality, then that shouldn’t really be an issue – certainly nobody ever
          failed to invest in UK because of Section 28 did they? Well may be they did, but the point is there is a distinction to be made between the US (or should I say CIA?) line and what may be the more prosaic reality on the ground.
          That’s because we are mainly talking about geopolitics and grandstanding.

        7. So banning cultural marxists from spreading gay propaganda to children is persecuting the propagandists?

        8. My point about Putin isn’t about gays as much as it is about all of the other things that Putin is trying to do. Everything he’s doing is gonna increase political and social turmoil in Russia. So how can you expect people to raise a family in social and political turmoil? Putin is just very reactionary in his nature and his ideas are nothing new. In reality, his ideas are closer to old, recycled, tried, and failed garbage.
          The people that really make a great society are the guys that start from nowhere to become somebody. Did you see the front link Google’s page when the Sochi Olympics started? Are entrepreneurs and risk-takers like the guys who created Google gonna really consider changing the course of their lives to take risks in a decaying country like Russia with some seemingly crazy dictator who can do anything he wants and has unchecked power? Do you really think that Russia can develop its own version of Silicon Valley with the kind of thinking and ideas that the country has in place? There’s not a chance in hell.
          If there’s any example of a sensible guy leading a country that’s not the US, that guy shouldn’t be Putin. A much better example is a guy like Xi Jingping in China

        9. The biggest deal about fertility is that after 35 women’s drops off sharply. Feminism and lesbo’s try to push women from having kids. Career women are basically working to pay for Latrina’s 16 illegitimate kids, while not having any of their own.

        10. Telling people they cant bugger little kids is hardly persecution. I used to work a job that had me travel a lot, and when I heard a queer in San Fran talking bad about anti-gay cops I had to ask what they did to earn his ire, because if anywhere in the world accommodated them it would be SF. I had to ask him if he really thought that cops wouldn’t harass/arrest straight people having sex in an alleyway.

        11. Putin will start to persecute people given time. This is how it starts. The game Putin is playing is a very old one.

      2. Despite their problems, at least the have chosen side. They are against fags, feminists, maginas, white knights, fatties and everything else that makes life intolerable in the west.
        That sounds like my fucking kind of country !

        1. If you take that side, human capital is gonna fly out of the country. All of the intelligent and the elite will leave if you keep going down that road. That’s the road to take if you want your country to collapse from the inside out. All of the talent will simply go to the enemy (ex. Albert Einstein during WWII).

        2. Just because they aren’t ninnies and don’t tolerate some forms of nonsense doesn’t mean they aren’t a criminal state. Putin’s a thug with no compunctions about murdering political opponents and reporters. Ask a Ukrainian or Georgian if they admire Russia.

        3. I’d honestly prefer living in a country of “uneducated” blue collar workers who produce things for a living, than ivory-tower intellectuals who want to important millions of Mexicans because of the diversity, and because they’re too lazy to mow their own lawns.

        4. I assume by “nothing” you mean one of the greatest thinkers of all time who revolutionized science twice, and is the reigning ‘man of the century’.

        5. I never said anything about education; I said something about human capital. Human capital is very important to building an empire and empires are actually more multicultural than nation-states. Did you see Google’s page when the Sochi Olympics started? Do you think the entrepreneurs and risk takers of the world are gonna move to Russia? Are they really gonna take that risk for a country that doesn’t offer them one goddamn thing? It’s not the educated elite that really matter; it’s the guys that take calculated risks (like the guys that created Google). Does Russia have a place like Silicon Valley? If you take a 20 year old Russian male today, there’s a less than 50% chance for them to make it to the age of 65. What kind of sensible person would wanna raise a family in that atmosphere. Diseases like AIDS are major problems in Russia and 30% of Russian children are illegitimate. Marriage in Russia is dropping and Russian women aren’t having very much kids. Social and political turmoil doesn’t help any of those things. Who’s gonna raise kids in a place with political chaos? That’s absolutely batshit insane.

        6. Albert Einstein was mostly a fraud that stole other peoples work. He couldn’t even make it to a high IQ demanding position when he worked in the patent office. If the US didn’t get to steal Germany’s scientists before the Russians the US wouldn’t have had the Abom

        7. Silicon Valley is pushing to split CA up 6 ways, all the previous succession requests have been for the northern white part to split off. Silicon Valley is hoping to drop the illegal alien costs on other areas by doing this. Silicon Valley is whites and Asians producing things just like throughout history, and its interesting to note that whites and east Asians evolved under the same conditions.

        8. Then he would have qualified as a higher level technician at the US patent office if he was that smart with his own ideas.

        9. Who gives a shit what their skin color is or what conditions they work under? Silicon Valley is mostly white, Chinese, and Indian, but who cares?

        10. Dude, every great thinker “steals” people’s work. It’s not just Einstein either. Do you know anything about the General Theory of Relativity (not the Special Theory)? If Einstein didn’t come up with that, we still wouldn’t have that today. Einstein’s main problem was his understanding of math, which was his weakest part. If his understanding of math was a little better, he’d have done some really revolutionary work. He published over 300 scientific works. Do you know how much that is? Do you have any idea how hard that is?
          Just look today at where all of the greatest mathematical and scientific thinkers reside. The best mathematical thinkers today? Nassim Taleb and Nate Silver are the first two that come to my mind. These are guys that would never be able to live in Russia, especially considering that one of them is gay.

        11. INCORRECT. Brain drain occurs when quality of life and the ability to put food on the table are threatened. Nothing degrades quality of life like cultural marxism.
          Those who leave in protest of these types of laws are those who benefit from marxist handouts. In other words, nothing of value is lost.

        12. There is a substantial body of evidence that shows that most of his theories were stolen from an italian physicist from when Einstein worked at a patent office. He was intelligent enough to see the value of what he was stealing and maybe understand it as well, but he very likely never originated any of it.

        13. The more money people get, the less children they will have. I will never understand why people pretends to be surprised over this fact.
          Some of these guys working in the Manilla Slum, with no real roof other their heads, have 10 kids.
          What is your point linking to that article ?

      3. Russian birth rates are higher than American birth rates. Time to rethink your perspective.

        1. No they’re not. The US has very high fertility rates for a developed country. The US had the lowest fertility rate this century in 2012 at 1.88, which is higher than the Russian fertility rate was since the late 80s. The Russian fertility rate in 2011 was 1.54 according to the World Bank.

          Recognize that when we talk about fertility rates, falling fertility rates initially decrease the dependency ratio and actually propel a boom forward. However, the drag comes later when you’ve got a smaller working age population. Russia along with Europe, most of the developing world, China, and (to a lesser extent) the US are starting to feel the very beginnings of the drag. US population is actually expected to increase to over 400 million in 2050 while the Russian population will fall through the rest of the century.

    2. No, you are making the same mistake that led to this mess. Expecting someone else to do your work for you. WE have to clean this shit up, not some fucking Russians who were probably responsible for this crap infiltrating us in the first place

      1. that’s interesting. Cultural marxism seems mainly western in its origin. What overt / covert links did they have to USSR – were the conspiracy theorists right? How come the marxist left came into its own at the same moment the berlin wall fell, while russia suddenly did a political body swap with the USA.

        1. I look at it this way: what was the USSR was doing during the cold war? Trying to kill James Bond?
          No, they were trying to instill collectivist/leftist/equalist ideas among the opinion-makers in the west.
          It used to be that academic types tended to be politically conservative. Then the cold war started, and all of a sudden academics are leftists.
          I’m really playing devil’s advocate here, I don’t have any hard evidence either way.

        2. You confuse the Russians with Blofeld. Russians never tried to kill James Bond..not officially at least.

        3. I had a similar thought. My take: be careful associating ‘cultural marxism’ with actual marxism. They have the same methods and goals – subverting society and trying to reshape humanity into their twisted ideal, but the two don’t have much in common beyond that. I tend to think that weak ass liberals in the 50’s and 60s readily flocked to the Communist ideal and that the KGB and their agents didn’t have to work that hard to infiltrate and direct them.

        4. That’s what I used to think. I imagine there has always been some cross-fertilisation but that would be difficult to evidence. But I’m uncomfortable with the notion that cultural marxism isn’t actual marxism. Perhaps by actual marxism you mean the varieties of state marxism that persist in various forms
          even today.
          Allowing for the fact marxist-leninist north korea is in a league of its own, and the US / UK etc are probably not going to come to resemble it any time soon, I actually think it’s dangerous to be too complacent about this. Since Gramsci & the Frankfurt School
          cultural marxism has given up on using violent revolution to take over the state. Cultural marxism is NOT soft marxism, it is marxism which targets the culture of a society first, and it is effective precisely because it works from within. Gramsci etc wanted the quick form of revolution but realised that that wasn’t possible in most western countries as even if you toppled the government and the ruling class the underlying culture of an advanced civilization would sustain social stability thus preventing the
          revolution that marxism had always predicted should occur in the event of a such a crisis. Instead cultural marxism works to bloodlessly take control of the state apparatus by taking over the culture & politics from within: positioning its personnel in key institutions,
          saturating the media with its ideas, and propagating those ideas through indoctrination (typically crude repetition of memes) to ensure our minds follow suit. I doubt the result will be a marxist state in any way outwardly similar to the USSR or China – but in many ways the state has always been irrelevant to marxism which is about society before it is about government. The state is a means to an end, a scaffolding that can and should fall away when its purpose is achieved. With cultural marxism that doesn’t even have to happen, because it can simply transform what is already there, adding diversity managers in every institution, ministers for equality, etc, all of which sound innocent enough, until you realise they are
          replicating that shit everywhere – what exactly is the difference between an equalities & diversity officer and a party official within the CPSU. Marxism isn’t always evil but it is very rarely democratic, and always seeks to bypass or subvert democratic institutions & democratic debate. Cultural marxism may never morph into Stalin’s Russia (don’t be too sure) but there is something very totalitarian and very anti-democratic about the way it does things.

        5. There definitely was a lot of recruitment going on, although there’s a big difference between sympathisers / fellow travellers and those like the Rosenbergs in the US & the Blunts etc in the UK. When I was at college it seemed like a joke – I was attracted to marxism myself – now I think it was a huge mistake to underestimate the determination of the academic left. Some of them at least always meant business. Whether the KGB etc were involved. That’s another matter.

        6. Sorry to quibble, but there is a huge difference between substance and labels. Take your North Korean example, for instance. That country has not referred to itself as “communist” since 1971. And even before then, if it called itself communist that doesn’t mean it was so in actual practice. Don’t let the uniforms (clothing) fool you. North Korea is in fact an absolute monarchy with traditional sex-roles. It has no tolerance for cultural marxism regardless of what it may be called.

        7. OK, but it as far as I’m aware it hasn’t updated its status on facebook or whatever. Little pig boy took over when his father died – its not unknown for communist leaders to hand power over to family members – look at Cuba. Communist / marxist states are all different – basically after a while they just seem to do what they like, adapting the party / state socialism in one form or other to their liking

        8. I have evidence to back you up on that.

          Listen to this guy talk about how Soviet Marxist ideology infiltrated the West and subverted our culture, even to this day.

        9. The sickness of Cultural Marxism that plagues all white nations today has its origins in the (Jewish) Frankfurt School.

        10. Cultural marxism has had poisonous effects but many in the frankfurt school were looking in particular for a solution to authoritarian violence and war. As jews their motivations were as such understandable. Their legacy though has been unfortunate for civilization

        11. I agree. Plus, in USSR, homosexuality was considered as a “bourgeois” concept. As for me, I’d rather focus on Ukraine. If pro-Russian President Yanukovich lose, gay agenda will be promoted there as other Ex-communist countries which have close ties with the European Union.

        12. That’s because the KhazarKosherKlan aka KKK a criminal gang posing as a religion and sometimes as a political ideology like communism, left the USSR and set up business in the West. Their Klan connections in the US in politics passed laws to allow them in and also gave them benefits (tax money) on arrival.They’re chameleons and will change ideology or cult depending on their environment but their sole purpose is power and money. They will use any cut throat method to achieve their goals and all swear an oath of omerta and loyalty to Yahweh their god.

        13. They are affiliated to their cousins in the East where their Kagan, or chief rabbi, resides in a mountain fortress control centre and directly dictates orders to SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) and the KKK.

        14. too conspiratorial. If referring to cultural marxism comes to just index conspiracy (jews, illuminati etc) then it will become a useless term. the cultural marxists were mainly the frankfurt school, a very interesting and influential set of largely jewish intellectuals and marxists who came up with some interesting solutions to what they saw as the perennial problems of war, violence and persecution. The solution they came up with is now a major problem in the western world. Looking deeper into money and motivations behind this is likely to muddy the issue.

        15. well except for that one crazy woman that was a SPECTER Double Agent in From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Or General Orloff in Goldeneye.

        16. Any country that calls itself “The People’s Republic of X” is basically using the code words for “communist”.

      2. Incorrect. Marxism/communism was not a russian initiative. It was a zionist conspiracy from day zero. Read some real history, not cultural marxist propaganda.
        Bolshevik revolution was funded 100% by western zionist bankers. KGB and politburo especially in the early days was staffed nearly entirely by jews.
        Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba because the zionist brigade in America co-opted some national security initiatives at the time and convinced government staffers that Battista was a jizzbag and Castro was an “agrarian reformer” and the US media propaganda repeated those lies 24/7.
        There are literally dozens of examples of this kind of bullshit in history.
        If you’re here, it’s because you’ve taken the red pill re: feminism. How about now you take a red pill re: history and politics.

        1. Thank you for your opinion.
          Now I’m going to set the record straight for anyone who cares.
          Marxists have absolutely no love whatsoever for Israel or Zionists. If anything we hate each other with a passion bordering on the pathological. There has been a quiet shooting war going on in Israel since the founding of the State, involving marxists on one side, and everyone else on the other.
          “The First Tithe”, Israel Eldad, one of the main revolutionaries that led to the state and he describes what they were dealing with.
          “Perfidy”, Ben Hecht – an insight into the nature of socialism and it’s vicious stranglehold that opposes the majority will of the people in Israel which exists only because of their collusion with the major western powers.
          Yes Dorothy, Washington actually does control what Jerusalem says and does and it isn’t the other way around.

          For a more serious look into the nature of the corruption of the values of the West, to get an idea of how we got to this extremely shitty turn of events, you’ll have to look at books by Edwin Black. Note, that these books are very thorough, and very well written. But they are VERY thorough, and nothing is extra. So be prepared for a long hard read.
          IBM and the Holocaust
          The Farhud
          I can’t list any of his other books, because I haven’t gone through them yet. But they are probably damn good.
          Finally, I suggest reading “A Legacy of Ashes: A History of the CIA” by Tim Wiener. Now Tim is not going to detail anything he can’t source, which means that stuff we all suspect those clowns are doing is not going to be found in that book. i.e., heroin smuggling using dead soldiers, the “shelved” MK Ultra experimentation, etc. But it’s an important book because it tells you one thing you need to know:
          These guys are totally irresponsible sociopathic fuckers who could care less who they hurt or damage and have zero sense of patriotism.
          For that it’s worth reading.
          Good luck to everyone out there, I suspect we are all going to need it soon.

      1. You realize you’re lauding a groups who did an “art” project where one of them shoplifted a chicken by shoving it up her vagina? Who broke into a church during Mass and engaged in vulgarity?
        Pussy Riot are a group of feminist slime, and you’re defending their “Freedom of Speech”? What is it? Do you enjoy sleeping with girls with Skrillex cuts whose cooters smell like expensive cheese?
        Bully for Russia locking that trash in prison, and then whipping them when they got out. All that Feminist empowerment seems to evaporate when a man who’s not afraid to hit a woman shows up.

        1. I’ve fucked a few hot girls with Skrillex haircuts. So what? I’ve fucked girls with flip flops too. Hot ones. Pussy riot are heroes. They are Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and every other brave soul who stood up for basic human rights. And when your government is imprisoning, beating and raping your mother and sister and grandmother, you might have a different stance on these girls and their little art project, you hateful chode.

        2. Ghandi and MLK (Jr, I’m presuming)? I couldn’t agree more.
          Ghandi: Marxist, who was more concerned with destroying the British Empire than doing what was good for India. Wound up fighting to get Islam into India, and they’re still suffering violent terrorism from that group.
          MLK Jr: Dyed in the wool communist, apprenticed under communists, worked with communists: the current Black Ghetto can very much be laid at his feet (and the streets named after him? They’re not ironic – they’re apt).
          You sound like a Feminist, Tony D; I think you’d get more support over at HuffingtonPo and Manboobz.

        3. You sound like a woman high on feeeels.
          A couple of cossacks got fed up with a bunch of J-wish backed radical feminists destroying their country and whipped them. And you’re on here having a mangina freakout over it lulz.

        4. I guess you don’t know the actual history of the people you listed. There is a reason MLKs FBI file keeps getting pushed back for declassifying. They where desecrating a church, even if you are not religious how would you react if someone put a piece of bacon on one of your pet muslim’s mosques?

        5. When you think about it, plastering the word “Pussy” all over the world media, is exactly what a cultural Marxist would want. They picked the perfect name.

      2. I love it man. Beat em up, throw then in jail and throw away the key !
        Fuckem ! They have no respect for anything or anyone. I love it when dumb feminists cross the line and reality suddenly dawn on them. Fuck, I’m going to jail ?!?! I was hoping for a White Knight to save my ass ! No way sister. Any man who would do similar stuff would have a backup plan. But not these dumb cunts. They just do the dumbest thing ever then act surprised and helpless and VICTIMIZED when there are consequences.
        Thats why I love Russia. They dont tolerate that shit.

      3. Their crime was indecency and the desecration of the holiest site in all of Russia. They are lucky they are still alive. Had I been president, they would have been dragged off church grounds, given one chance to repent and offer a confession, and then promptly shot and thrown to wild dogs.
        Why bother citing a mainstream American news source? We all know that these are the people that have pushed the Blue Pill lifestyle and all its lies. Of course they are going to have an idiotic spin on the story.
        Have fun wasting your life with your pecker corroding inside a bevy of lesbian Canucks. That sounds real alpha, dude.

    3. Don’t give the Russians too much credit. They are not as good as you think. Russia is a brutal, winner-takes-all society. Keyboard jockeys like us wouldn’t last a week there. DO you have any idea how bad living in Russia is for the average male? It’s hell on earth.

      1. “Keyboard jockeys like us wouldn’t last a week there.”
        Exactly – so many “grass is greener-done fuck-all with their lives” enthusiasts braying their nonsense on topics they know nothing about beginning to propagate their drivel on sites such as this one. The large-scale devotion to right-wing political agendas, fascist ideals and their representatives is worrying to say the least.
        Pretty soon I’m sure we’ll see comments/articles applauding the Top 7 Methods for Cutting off Ho’s Heads, Acid in her Face and Your Guide to Genital Mutilation – How Dare She Enjoy Sex.
        I wish we could focus more on the positive and tone down the hate.

    4. I wish that Snowden had carried the final Olympic torch, that would have pissed the leftists off. Maybe we can petition for the games to be held in Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait. This past Ramadan in Kuwait a male healthcare traveler nurse got put in jail for drinking bottled water during the day. How do you like those well spent tax dollars putting Kuwait back on the map after a secular power had taken it over.

  4. The Sochi Olympics were a piece of shit anyways. Russia spent $50 billion on the Sochi Olympics and they didn’t even have the fifth fucking ring up. The US spent less than $3 billion in both Atlanta and Salt Lake City.
    Russia is on the verge of political collapse. Putin’s just holding up a massive facade. Fertility rates in Russia have been very low for the past 25 years as it is. For anyone out there that cares, I basically view the Ruble as a one way bet over the next 3-5 years (I’m short). Putin’s an idiot; it’s all just a huge facade. Russia is a shithole

      1. I’ve been short the Ruble and I’ve made money so far. My view on Russia isn’t based on any sort of propaganda. If the trade really starts to go against me, I’ll exit, but that hasn’t happened so far and I doubt it will. All I care about is the bottom line and the Ruble basically has to collapse (and it will). The Ruble won’t be the only currency either. I’m pretty sure that the Ukraine and Turkey will both go into civil war and they won’t be the only places. We’ve basically reached the point where debt levels across the world have reached a tipping point, which means collapses, wars, and hyperinflations.
        Russia is a heavy commodity exporter and demand for commodity prices is being driven by the Chinese real estate boom, which will end in the next 2-3 years because China will hit debt constraints. As that changes and commodity demand falls through the floor, the Ruble is going to come under pressure. I think there’s a good chance that the CBR could be lying about the amount of FX reserves they hold.

        1. Look at what’s happened though? The worse things get, the cheaper Treasury yields go and the higher the dollar goes. The dollar strength has been rather remarkable, but no surprise. I’ve actually been long the dollar and the US. The US is just the best looking horse in the glue factory.

        2. Well that is the long bet, isn’t it.
          That everybody else collapses first so we can easily take their shit and use it to put some backing behind the dollar.

    1. the same can be said for the USSA….. aside from a massive military that will crumble like sand when it runs out of funding…. America is basically a shiner version of Latin America…. Socialism has taken full grip now… it won’t be long before 90% of the country has their hand out to government.
      when you peel away the rich class, and some nice installations, everyone else is living hand to mouth, and there are some pretty awful areas, crumbling infrastructure, massive cronyism and corruption in government at all levels…
      the only good thing about america is the number of smart, motivated people and the ethos that being rich and successful is a worthy goal…. but that is waning lately….. once the socialism begins it’s politically correct parasitic nature only stops at bankruptcy….

      1. It can easily be described in one phrase: the US is the best looking horse in the glue factory. It’s not that the US is great, but moreso that everyone else sucks much more than the US.

    2. There have been malfunctions in pretty much all Olympic opening ceremonies, was it in salt lake or Vancouver where the poor fucker standing with a torch couldn’t be a part of lighting the fire as his part of the arm didn’t emerge? Shit breaks down it’s common, who gives a shit. It’s about the athletes’ performances and not how many rings worked.

      1. Take a look at #sochiproblems. Russia spent more than 15 times what the US spent for Salt Lake City by the way and they couldn’t even house the Olympians well. There were lots of problems in Sochi. I think there’s a good chance Sochi could end up looking a lot like Sarajevo 20-30 years down the line.

        1. Lots of problems is an over the top reaction. If you continue checking it seems to be isolated to quite a significantly unimportant amount of people. Taking that in the broader context of how many people actually was there from so many different countries. It was quite interesting seeing mostly british and american journalists trending the #sochiproblems. The overwhelming majority were not reporting anything wrong.
          So a part from the few instances of production not being finished in time that comically affected the journalists from countries that are most critical of Putin. I’d say it was fine.
          Rest were spoiled brats who didn’t know how the world looks outside of their 5 star hotels they’re so used to.

        2. There was an athlete who was locked inside his own room and had to break his door down. Athletes weren’t even getting clean water (although this is a problem in a lot of the third world, I have lived in third world countries and I haven’t seen stuff as bad as that). Just because #sochiproblems was mostly US and UK journalists doesn’t mean that their points aren’t valid. There may be a bias to what they’re saying, but there’s always a bias to what everyone says.
          As for Putin, I think he’s an idiot. He’s trying to fix structural problems that are economic in nature by using social policy. It won’t work because he’s not addressing any of the underlying problems. He’s just painting the tape. All the Sochi Olympics showed is how much of shithole Russia has become.

  5. I agree, they (liberal bastards) can’t just leave stuff like this alone, everything needs to be political like the Summer Olympics which they made into a multi-culti-party in the media.
    Swedish media have had a lesbian commentator at the opening ceremony, which all she did was commenting on the clothes and talking shit to Russia. The commercials has been very suspectful with one involving two girls getting married, one indian boy wanting to be a girl and a hockey-player whose team-mates find out that he’s gay, in the locker-room which leads to acceptance somehow (reality-check and this is a phone-commercial…).
    Democracy for them is that you have to accept their views, you believe in the same things as they tell you to do, if you don’t you are a bad man. You are hateful, you’re practically a demon, satan or even worse Hitler…

    1. “Democracy for them is . . .”
      . . . the tyranny of the majority. Same as it ever was.
      Do you know what a “tyrant” is? Well, I’ll tell you. It is a strongman democratically given dictatorial powers to clean up the mess that democracy had made of Athens.
      Being aware of this is why The United States of America rejected democracy as a viable form of government.

      1. 10,000% correct and on spot on. In the WW2 era and prior, a democracy was viewed by the pentagon / military as a very suspect form of government likely to quickly degenerate to fascism. Of course, at that time, everyone understood that the country was founded as a Republic. The entire concept of democracy has slowly eclipsed and replaced the Republic, and not coincidentally, we find ourselves in a quickly evolving fascist police state lead by completely psychopathic fuck-sticks.

  6. I wonder if an article like this touching upon US / Russian geopolitics will activate any NSA sock-puppeteering, as the tone is directly critical. I did wonder if some of the comments below might qualify. As for gay rights its a shame the marxists got their hands on the PR for a still vulnerable community. I used to be very supportive, until I came to realise how marxist and feminist groups were intent on using that vulnerable community against the social and political institutions they oppose. It doesn’t help that there really have been very successful propaganda attempts by some gay lobby groups – enormously successful psyops campaigns that go far beyond simply better rights for gay people e.g. Kirk & Madsen’s, After the Ball (here’s a summary in the author’s own words – )
    I remain in two minds about gay rights. Historically they’ve been scapegoated and marginalised, but its a shame that historical injustices can’t be redressed without so much outright deception and lying, and without the left making it part of the wider push to erase the sexual differences between men and women that unfortunately seems to be the other side of pushing for greater gay rights. I would be most comfortable with a standpoint that could secure people’s rights to determine their own sexuality while making it possible to call out any attempts at insidious subversion of family / sexuality etc which might be packaged within the same context. Opposing cultural marxism, at home and internationally, is a worthy cause, but Russia does need to make sure it protects all its people, including by making sure gay-bashing gangs get punished (I don’t know whether that’s US propaganda, but it does seem to be going on)

    1. there’s a cashier at my local supermarket that looks identical to putin. people shut the fuck and pay respect to him when they’re at his till. even the image of him is enough to make weaker men back the fuck, off

  7. How Russia can win the war without firing a shot:
    1. Kindly and gently let it be known among the Russian homosexuals that there is a land where not only is their sexuality accepted as a normal part of adult society, but where it is actually celebrated.
    2. Help them pack.

    1. lucky gays aren’t religious or pretty soon they’d be demanding their own promised land homo state….
      do you think they’d print the passports with pink or rainbow covers ?

      1. Yes.
        Pink background with a rainbow across the top. The pages would be mauve.
        My distaste for these colours has nothing to do with their association with the feminine, and thus feminine men.
        It’s that they lack saturation, i.e. strength. They are not inherently feminine. They are weak, and thus not masculine.
        Pink, for instance could have been a perfectly good red if someone hadn’t gone to extra trouble to frickin’ ruin it.

        1. Dude, there’s nothing wrong with guys wearing pink. Chicks dig guys that wear pink. Of course, you’ve gotta wear it properly, but if you can pull it off, girls will notice.

      2. They don’t want a separate, promised land. They are narcissists who love the attention and want to irritate the s*@t out of everybody around them.

    2. Raises the question of why Obama puts any pressure on these countries when he could just give all the gays asylum, and increase America’s wonderful diversity

  8. “What better way to show the nation’s disgust for President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law?”
    You don’t speak for me, faggot.

  9. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation that people are born with right?
    1. What about bestiality? should we let people that fuck animals lobby their orientation?
    2. What about pedophiles? should we let people that fuck kids lobby their orientation ?
    I mean they were “born” this way right?
    The same way we demonize pedophiles today, was the same way gays were demonized 60+ years ago. Let me guess, in 60 years there will be pedophilia rallies, activists etc. Political correctness has no limits

    1. Thank you!!! That’s exactly what I’m thinking. It is the logical conclusion to this insanity. If you cross a line or break a standard, what’s to stop you from going further. Man and man want to be married, what’s next, I should be allowed to marry my dog. It’s my right! Or that mom over there should be allowed to marry her son. It’s her right. Do you see the evil unnatural insanity.

    2. There are already various “lobbyists” for bestiality and pedophilia around the world, which the “criminal elite” love, because they practice both and use both to traumatize children and turn them into mind-fucked sociopaths — perfect agents to advance their agendas when they grow up.

    3. Difference is the perverts are doing it with each other. Which brings up the point of why it’s relevant to the rest of us? For example if people like to shit on each other, we don’t need to hear about it. Don’t need to see marches of shit-smeared “activists”, or put them on Olympic committees for “recognition”

    4. Exactly, if homosexuality is allowed then other sexual perverts must be given the same rights.

      1. You are talking like giving people rights is a bad thing.
        People have the right to live their lives however they want as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult.

        1. People having right is NOT a bad thing. However, I’m simply stating that if you allow some people with sexual perversions the same rights as heterosexuals then you must allow people who are into pedophilia and bestiality the same right, after all, you don’t want to be a bigot do you?

        2. Actually, the tradition of the best philosophers is that there is no such thing as a right to an evil thing. A “right” is a just claim; there is no just claim to live your life “however you want” as long as everyone is a consenting adult.
          What there is, is a legitimate expectation that the government should not be trusted with policing people’s private lives, and therefore, that people should generally remain unmolested by the state so long as their consenting behaviour is private and consensual.
          But when society tolerates depraved behaviours, especially in a public way, the whole society is damaged. It should be obvious that tolerating obscene and immoral attitudes has led to the modern crisis – a crisis where people’s hormones, greed, envy, pettiness, etc. – all of which was consensual and private, at first – has now bubbled over into a situation where the state couldn’t put things right if it tried.
          If each individual person’s moral compass gets out of whack, it is only a matter of time before people become so vicious and degraded that their behaviour has massive public consequences. The idea that private immorality “doesn’t harm anyone” is patently false. It is in society’s interest to fight obscene and immoral behaviour, especially when there is any public whiff of it, without caring whether it is “consensual” or not.

      1. Consent is not the sole, nor even an important, criterion of the good. People consent to all kinds of destructive behaviours. People consent to use drugs, to be raped by bankers, to be wage slaves, to fornicate with horrendous slatterns (or outrageous creeps), etc. You can degrade a population to the point where they’ll consent to almost anything. That doesn’t mean that the thing to which they consent shouldn’t be outlawed and punishable by death.
        And, incidentally, kids and animals don’t have the ability (nor, therefore, the right) to consent. The only reason the fags aren’t pushing for bestiality right this second, is because they know it would mar their accomplishments thus far in Sodomitical “progress.” If a cow doesn’t need to consent to being made an hamburger, why should it need to consent to being romanced before the slaughter? Which brings us back to the first point: consent is irrelevant, because things can be heinous and criminal even when consent is given, or when consent is completely irrelevant. I personally don’t care if two men “consent” to completely degrade themselves and each other; the second this goes outside of their bedroom and becomes an issue of public obscenity and/or coercion, jail, exile and death should all be on the table.

        1. Consent is not the sole, nor even an important, criterion of the good.

          It is however a rather good criterion of what is legally permissible. And as you note “kids and animals don’t have the ability (nor, therefore, the right) to consent”, and since they lack the ability, the right to consent can not be granted to them and thus both paedophilia and bestiality will remain firmly illegal. I doubt any movement calling for the abolishment of the age of consent will get very far either, I also strongly doubt a group proposing to lower, not abolish, the age of consent to within when teenagers begin engaging in underage sex would make much headway either, despite the fact that the AoC varies from between 13-18(if not 21) in various western nations.

          The only reason the fags aren’t pushing for bestiality right this second

          Is perhaps because they have no interest or intention of fucking animals? From what I can gather they seem to want to get married and form family units, a rather conservative ideal really, or at least that’s where they’ve been pushing what with the drive for same-sex marriage and adoption and/or fertility options.
          Plus this somewhat assumes that the main offenders of animal fucking is homosexuals, here in the UK we’re more likely to assume that campaign groups for bestiality would arise from the Welsh, given that derogatory slang for the Welsh by the English is ‘sheep-shagger’.

        2. Sorry, my terms were a bit loose. I’ll tighten them up. By “fag” I don’t mean any homosexual at random. I mean the gender-issue agit-prop types, the ones for whom “gay” is a fundamental element of identity and an all-encompassing political campaign.
          Those people are engaged in a culture war which is designed, in the long run, to completely obliterate gender distinctions and family units for the purpose of fundamentally dis-establishing the establishment. It is a war on all human tradition, on the facts of nature, on sanity, etc. These people would push bestiality not because they personally wanted it, necessarily (though it wouldn’t surprise me), but because, when the time is right, it helps to establish their principles as normative. Indeed, already bestiality should be legal by the principles our society accepts. You completely misunderstood the point about bestiality. The fact that an animal is unable to give consent, does not mean that sex with an animal is inappropriate. I mean, we eat animals without their consent, right? Bestiality is wrong because it is against natural law – the same reason that promiscuity, homosexuality, contraception and socialism are wrong. But in a society that rejects natural law, where sex is about doing what “feels good,” and where animals don’t need to consent even to being eaten, what moral principle could possibly prevent us from having sex with our animals? By our society’s standards, your hard line against animal sex is really rather bigoted and right-wing. That is why the fags, by my definition of the term, would push bestiality – it confirms their moral revolution.
          If you asked people in 1900 whether feminism was likely to make any progress and turn everybody in the nation into promiscuous deviants, they would have said no. If you asked people in 1930 whether a movement to make divorce easier than breaking a lease would make much progress, they would have said no. If you asked people in 1940 whether any progress would be made by a movement to make free porn so widely available that even church-going men would struggle to go a day without masturbating to it, they would have laughed at you. If you asked people in 1950 whether any movement to gain gay acceptance would have made progress, they would have said no. If you asked people in 1970 whether a movement to sexualize even young children through media and “sex-ed” would make much progress, people would have said no. If you asked people in 1980 whether a movement to normalize the idea of gay “marriage” would make much progress, they would have said no.
          You are very short-sighted, if you can’t see that the same people who have pushed all these movements have – at every step of the way – also been people in favour of the sexualization of children. In part, this is because it is necessary for political reasons; in part, it is because they are damaged sociopaths who seek to damage other children and pathologize them; in part, it is because the demonic has been given a long leash in this age. The people running hollywood, where much of this has happened, have a long history of child abuse. Many of the important pioneers of the gay movement are convicted child molesters. One of them was just arrested in San Fran a couple months ago (I’m forgetting his name right now). The political ideologues pushing socialism even a century ago, were already speaking of childrens’ right to a “fulfilling sexual life,” especially in Europe. The very people who accuse the Catholic Church of child molestation now, will be the people accusing the Catholic Church for “surpressing child sexuality” 20 or 30 years from now. If we survive that long (and I pray that God wipes us from the face of the Earth before then), you will see that I was right. Hopefully then, you’ll change your mind and see the error of the whole movement, from beginning to end.
          “Sexual liberation” has made our society an hell upon earth. The revolutionaries have always relied on “useful idiots” – i.e., people who are philosophically lazy enough to buy their snake oil, and advance each of their issues with genuine, personal conviction (rather than in the cynical realization that each issue is just one part of a long process of breaking down all the truths of the Patriarchy for an ultimately nihilistic goal). The whole system – feminism, gay “rights,” moral relativism, income redistribution – is simply the application of sociopathic envy and greed to the public at large, while simultaenously deconstructing the truth of the Patriarchy, which at least was based on nature and reason, rather than on feelings and envy, as the new morality is. For the short-sighted, such as yourself, our society is on a campaign to find new “rights” and enshrine them. To anybody paying attention, these new “rights” do not actually produce more freedom; they merely become a new set of weapons with which to demand that your selfish whims be celebrated and even bankrolled by your dispossessed neighbours.

  10. the problem with any minority movements to gain or establish rights, is that they always over shoot.
    firstly the people (even more so in the case of homos) have their own psychological issues and insecurities… some admittedly being caused by past persecution or social pressure against them…. thus as their movement gains traction… they tend to be reactive to any kind of checks or balances made against them speaking out…
    secondly once any movement has achieved it’s liberation and clearly the gays and lesbians of the world have pretty much an equal standard as anyone could wish… their machinery carriers on working away like a run away bulldozer….
    finally you end up with something along the lines of Castro’s Cuba, where an nobel goal of liberation turns into it’s own persecution machinery and swings at anything and everything that opposes it, in any way at all.
    IS this really what the LGTB movement wants ?
    At what point does a minority movement just shut the fuck up and get on peacefully with their lives, without trying to ram their perverted standards down everyone else’s throats like some branch of the faggot KGB ?
    are 10 year olds going to be taught in biology classes that if a man doesn’t feel like sticking his dick in to make a kid… that he can have some fun poking his buddy in the ass ? or a woman who doesn’t feel like cock can always get her BFF to give her a good cunt licking ?
    Where does it stop ?

  11. Homosexuality is a mental illness. Russia has enacted its laws. It is not America. The countries leaders voted on it. It made logical sense. I repeat, it made LOGICAL sense. None of the athletes from the American delegation are Russian citizens or live in Russian. It’s not a problem. The law did not say you couldn’t be gay. It did not say all homosexuals will be locked up on sight. It sated
    1. Proscribes fines for propaganda promoting homosexual sex to minors;
    2. Bans homosexual rallies; and
    3. Bans the distribution of homosexual propaganda to minors.
    Who, logically would have a problem with this? If you’re a guy and you want to fuck a guy in the ass or get fucked in the ass, do it in the privacy of your dwelling, like all straight people do. No one cares if you are gay, no one asked. No one wants to know. Stop the annoyances to other people of announcing it to the world. No one asked asshole! And……no one gives a shit. Duck whoever you fuck in private like everyone else.
    What is straight people decided to start announcing their straightness to the world?
    “Hi, I’m James, I just want to tell everyone here in the office or on TV that I am straight. I have know this for a long time now but it feels good to get it off my chest so the world can know and accept me for who I am.”
    Do you see how ridiculous that sounds ….how insane that sounds? No one asked and no one cares.
    Live your lives like everyone else. Bang who you are gonna bang and keep it to yourself. Why do I or anyone else need to know?

      1. Lol, that’s the mentally ill leading the mentally ill. That is how you get more people into being gay. If a boy likes lipstick it’s because he hasn’t been shown that’s not something for boys to like or play with. It’s not masculine. It’s feminine and it’s not okay for boys. Today’s society would have you believe that it doesn’t matter, but it does. You train and raise boys to be men not women. You keep away from effeminate things and raise boys rough and tough. You prepare them to be men in the world, not weak effeminate men but strong masculine men.

  12. Sorry, but this article is simply ignorant. I agree that using Olympics for the cause of gay propaganda is disgusting, but you should not glorify Putin. He is a mass murderer (check out Chechnya). You want to see alpha males? Read about Chechen freedom fighters from 1994 and 2000, especially New Year’s Eve assault on Grozny ( ), kicking russian asses.
    Putin is simply a murderer, former member of a coward, but brutal and ruthless secret service (KGB), that would only pick on weaker ones. This is not a confident alpha behavior, this guy is leading his country to ruin.
    Olympics itself is organized on a stolen soil, taken from native people of the region (Cirassians), that were fighting for 50 years against imperial Russia, and the ski resort used in Sochi (Krasnaya Polana) is a place where they signed their capitulation, which resulted in exile and near complete destruction of a 1mln nation. It’s like Americans organized games in Little Bighorn.
    Read more before you write on something.

    1. “You want to see alpha males? Read about Chechen freedom fighters from 1994 and 2000”
      I saw them – the video of the Dagestan Massacre. Or as many minutes as my cold hardened heart could even stand.
      Fuck you and your “freedom fighters”. Slicing open captured mens throats is no alpha male behavior to me.

    2. Chechen freedom fighters? Are they anything like the two Chechen brothers who blew up the Boston Marathon last year?

  13. This reads as suspiciously like the trolling black propaganda strategy proposed another article on this site, IMHO. Homosexual men often see women as they are, and are not the metrosexual betas of stereotype. Roman legionnaires (etc.) fucking their fellows were not pansies. What IS commendable about all of this is not being browbeaten by PC, and most of the world shrugging their shoulders. PC drips in the west are shocked by discovering the world is not always how they hope. Don’t forget Russia is just Bulgaria with nuclear weapons, and peasants are not socially liberal. Putin gets this.

    1. “PC” and “Truth” are also great terms to toss around when one is a bigot, racist, and misogynist. Dogmatism always starts with “truth.”

      1. More leftist buzzwords to stifle any dissent. Words like these don’t phase people like me in public or private. It’s a way of shutting people up instead of having to make what you’re proposing stand on its own factual merits.

      2. “”PC” and “Truth” are also great terms to toss around . . .”
        As are “bigot,” “racist” and “misogynist.”
        If you wish the discourse on truth to be free of trigger words, well, go for it Sparky.

  14. The author wrote:
    > the Russian’s are not qualified to determine what laws are best for Russia.
    and thus slaughtered grammar rules. You don’t use the apostrophe to form the plural. The correct statement should have been:
    > the Russians are not qualified to determine what laws are best for Russia.
    Please learn how to use the apostrophe correctly. Then do so.

  15. How would you like to live in a country that beats the shit out of for speaking your mind? What if you said you like to pickup girls, and this was outlawed by the state because it was considered predatory? This is Russia, where you get your ass kicked for disagreeing with the state. Where you are imprisoned for singing a song about your leader.

    1. promoting perverted sexual practices is not the same thing as putting upon regular heterosexual and natural interactions….. what people do behind closed doors is their own business, but biology classes in schools should not teach about sodomy between men and tell girls how to fit strapons…..
      it’s not OK to be a homo… it’s tolerated, because its a free world….
      it’s a shame that in the past people were persecuted for it….. but the whole gay rights thing has gone far enough now….
      everyone suffers some prejudice…. a white guy traveling in asia or even latin america is looked at like a walking wallet…..he chose to go there…… a pansy man who likes taking it in the ass… just has to live with his life choices and keep them to himself….it was his free will to lube up his asshole for a cock…..

        1. What would you think if people were assaulting child molesters and running them out of town?
          It is perfectly acceptable for people to want sodomites out of their communities, especially if they are being obtrusive and obscene in public, as they always are. If the current political climate makes it difficult to outlaw sodomy, at the very least the people should be allowed to send the clear message: if you can’t keep the obscenity out of public view, there will be consequences. You may not want to live in our town, if you insist on behaving that way.
          You write as if “speaking your mind” and doing what you like were somehow morally good ends for a society. This is exactly what has produced the precipitous collapse of Western civilization and the rise of entitled narcissists in every different field of professional grievance politics. Natural law, the good and the right, are what are acceptable. The state should never try to tell people that they have to believe a particular set of religious dogmata; but the state certainly should be founded on natural law – which is simply reasonable and transcends particular religious dogmata – and should view it as normative in all legislation and public life.

        2. “It is perfectly acceptable for people to want sodomites out of their communities”
          No, it isn’t. It should be possible to focus on negative impact of cultural marxism on the family etc without targeting gay people. Running anyone out of town is going down a dangerous path

        3. Homosexuality is not child abuse. It as an agreement between consenting adults.
          I don’t know what collapse you’re referring to. I’m a professional pickup coach living in Vancouver, Canada. I make good money running my own business and date hot girls.
          Do you think guys that actually bang hot girls give a shit about what gay men do with their time? I’m too busy making money and hooking up. I don’t see my society collapsing any time soon. I’m doing just fine.

        4. Exactly. First it’s the gays, then it’s anyone you label “gay.” This is how genocides start. Look at how in Indonesia they murdered “communists.” They slayed a million people in a few years. Who’s a communist? Anyone who isn’t completely in agreement with your dogma. Scary.

        5. Putin needs to do more to ensure gays are not being persecuted (russia has a history of jewish pogroms) but I think a lot of the criticism he’s getting is western propaganda and has little to do homosexuality per se. The manosphere needs to be more focussed upon what it wants to achieve, particularly where it is vulnerable to playing into the hands of its critics. There’s no need to be gay friendly as long as there’s no hate involved. It should be a matter of conscience for the individual, which surely is the whole point of the criticism that the gay lobby ‘is in your face’. Personally I think what matters is rescuing masculinity from an out of control feminism that has managed to co-opt gay rights into its gender neutralising camp. Its a difficult issue to get right

        6. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I have no problem with folk like Jack Donovan, who despite identifying as an homosexual, admits that homosexual behaviour should not be encouraged and that the effeminate “gay lifestyle” is inherently sick and dangerous. Sodomites like him, people can deal with.
          I meant the “in-your-face” types of sodomites, who, unrepentant, flaunt themselves and demand communal acceptance on those terms. Drag queens walking down the streets, fags sucking each other in alleys and side streets, even penetrating each other in the restroom at your neighbourhood playground, in broad daylight, while your 6 year old kid is trying to use the bathroom (as happened to me when I brought my kids to our park a few years back)… those types of sodomites should be run out of town before they bring the hellfire down on everybody… or, at the very least, before they have a chance to scar your kid. I have no sympathy if those people get a bloody lip or a minor concussion while the fathers of the neighbourhood kick their asses down the road.

        7. homosexuality is the great stumbling block of christianity. I am sorry but while I understand where you are coming from I think you are stumbling on this issue. A bloody lip or minor concussion may be where it starts but once you give the green light to such stuff it can and probably would get much worse.
          If you believe sex is about procreation then believe it is about procreation. Argue that case or argue nothing.

        8. And here she is again this time attempting to compare the Russian majority with the NAZEEEES!!!
          The feeeeelz are running high. Your as predictable as my bowel movements sweetheart.

        9. The actual videos where of gay guys that responded to an internet posting of a supposed 14yo boy, home alone, willing to sell his body for 500 rubles ,less than $100USD, only to become a Russian version of catch a predator. Don’t listen to translations by leftists for leftists. Do you support gay child prostitution?

        10. gay bashing isn’t the solution to not dressing boys in pink dresses. Not dressing boys in pink dresses is the solution

        11. Who is gay bashing I used to have a gay co worker that would call me up when women’s bachelorette parties invaded his gay bar, to help take some of the women away. Stupid drunk women pawing at men that wont give them the time of day, even Pajama boy could score on them.

        12. sure. It was more to do with what the previous poster had said which was to do with that

    2. Well, many if can relate, many of us are posting from the USSA where the government itself will treat you different because of your beliefs like the IRS. Or where speaking your mind can get you branded a homophobe or racist and get your fired. So what’s the difference?

      1. The difference is you can become an entrepreneur and create your own job. And if you’re beaten to near death you can go to the authorities and have them investigate the assault. Also you won’t be thrown in prison for speaking your mind. That’s a big difference.

        1. And the govt can force you to make gay pride cakes, and if you have more than 50 employees, hire people not based on merit.

      2. What’s the difference? It’s the difference between being investigated (and cleared) by the IRS and being murdered.
        You know how cultural relativists are very annoying? I find governmental relativists to be even worse.

        1. Please provide proof that as policy the Russian government is murdering butt pirates. You can’t because it doesn’t exist. However, the fact that the IRS targeted political opponents of this regime and denied them benefits that otherwise as American citizens they were entitled to is a fact which cannot be denied.

        2. The actual videos where of gay guys that responded to an internet posting of a supposed 14yo boy willing to sell his body for 500 rubles ,less than $100USD, only to become a Russian version of catch a predator. Don’t listen to translations by leftists for leftists.

    3. Is this bitch still here?
      “”This is Russia, where you get your ass kicked for disagreeing with the state.””
      LMFAO as opposed to the U.S where you lose your livelyhood and any future prospects for telling a joke if you’re white, male and heterosexual. Take it away anal dash.

  16. At least 80% of homosexuals were abused as young children (sexually, physically, emotionally). The vast majority of abused people grow up to be abusers of some kind — and very often they are consciously unaware of it because of how their minds “shattered” when they were young. As such, homosexuals present a very real DANGER to children, and this was well recognized in previous generations. Now it’s denied and covered up by PC-ism in most Western countries. I say, “Thank you, Putin, for taking tangible steps to protect your children.” Hopefully, the same passion is put into protecting them from drugs, cigarettes, booze, and single-mother families.

      1. Take off your blinders Tony, and stop spouting ridiculous blither-blather. Neither of us know Putin, but by many of his actions, he is the 1 G-8 leader who may be doing more good than harm.

  17. The problem is that the response of LGBT groups isn’t simply because of the “propaganda laws”, refusing to allow people to pass on gay literature to kids. It’s the fact that gay people are in the same position black people were in the mid 20th century. Crimes against gays in Russia are without consequence unless it’s too severe to be ignored. That’s what the “Liberals” have got their panties in a twist about. Street violence, denial of service in businesses etc. is a common problem for the gays of Russia.
    Now the reason Russia is getting hammered for its anti-gay legislation are numerous, partly because of the Olympic event itself. The idea of the world coming together and putting aside it’s differences for sport is an integral part of the Olympics ethos to some and for a country that has laws actively promoting anti-gay discrimination goes against that. That, and every country to host any international sports competition has its inadequacies highlighted by a media that thrives and sells print on bad news. It’s the same shit that happened when Beijing hosted. Every hack journalist with a pen and a notepad was talking about how awful their human rights records are, blissfully silent about things like Guantanamo and Droning and phone hacking in western countries like our shit doesn’t stink.
    Before the World Cup, South Africa had its issues with race and crime dragged through the printers. England had hooliganism and London’s awful infrastructure published to scare everyone. Russia is getting the gay rights bashing and you can bet your sweet ass that Brazil’s drug and cartel problem is going to be fleshed out theatrically when we go there for the summer games next time around.

      1. they were born with a lip ring and a strap on… it’s not their fault….
        growing up as a gay man was hard for me, i didn’t freely bend over and lube up my ass, it was born with a butt plug and an controllable craving for cock.
        it’s perfectly natural and i should be able to shout my natural state to all the world, including young children….

        1. Homosexuality is as biological as skin or hair color and any other establishing mindset our parents can bless us with. Why would anyone choose to go through physical and verbal abuse and the threat of death if they weren’t absolutely 100% sure they wanted the man ass? An entire culture and lifestyle can’t just grow out of one person deciding to be an attention seeker.
          No. It’s one of two things. It’s either a biological thing that you’re given from the start (hence the phenomena of the gay lisp and “gay face”) or a mental illness and if you’re in charge of dealing the mentally ill, would you let them get along with it and medicate themselves or would you intervene and try to do something about it?
          Not all gay people are gross sexual deviants with bad haircuts, fake tan and lisps either. Same way not every Chinese person is a piano prodigy or every black person has eight hundred kids per household and a lifelong struggle with the English language.

        2. sexuality like everything else is a consequence of biological & environmental / cultural factors. Biology, environment / culture are variables, manipulate one or other of those variables and you will influence sexuality. The ‘I was born gay’ stance is something gay people may say because they genuinely believe it, but it is also an argument designed to disarm evangelical christians etc who accuse gay people of ‘choosing’ to live a sinful life – that argument was consciously developed by people like Kirk & Madsen and it has been very effective, but it is only a half truth. Anything can be influenced, otherwise queer theorists, gender performance theorists, and all of lesbian feminism wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Personally I believe homosexuals have nothing to feel ashamed of, but because the ‘accusation’ that they have made a sinful choice is still out there, they tend to resort to what is at best a half-truth.

        3. There is a vast middle ground between “born that way” and “freely chosen behaviour by an adult who could go either way equally well.” It is a scientifically proven fact that homosexuality is not genetically determined – you are not “born that way.” In 80% of cases, an “homosexual” with an identical twin, has a *straight* twin. Identical twins share identical genetic codes, so the inference is obvious.
          The “born that way” myth is a myth designed to equate the issue with racial discrimination and silence dissenters. “Poor dears, I would be just like a racist if I discriminated against them simply on the basis of their genes!” In reality, every controllable behaviour involves at least an element of choice, and homosexuals are not “born that way.” Go to and learn the actual facts, unfiltered by the Blue-pill establishment. NARTH is an organization that operates with the endorsement of more than one past president of the APA, and with many licensed, practicing psychiatrists and many tenured professors, with peer-reviewed articles. This is not “Pastor Bob’s Pray the Gay Away Worship Shack,” here.

        4. Alexander the Great was not gay. He banged a eunuch, which was a somewhat tolerated behaviour for heterosexual men at the time. Men could top their slaves, eunuchs and youths. For two grown men to reciprocate homosexual acts, however, would have outraged and disgusted any civilized culture, as it did the ancients.
          Eunuchs, if you didn’t know, were castrated men (usually they were castrated in/before adolescence). In the ancient world, people wanted slaves that had the mental capacity of men (just imagine putting a woman in charge of managing all your property and household affairs!), but they didn’t like the fact that their slatternly wives had a tendency to bang the slaves and pretend that their husbands were the fathers of the slave’s brats. So, they castrated the eunuchs so that they could put a man’s mind in charge of their affairs, but keep another man’s seed out of their wives.
          The process tended to also render the eunuchs very feminine, in appearance, voice and mannerisms. “Effeminate” is the default behaviour for both genders; manliness tends to require testosterone and determination. So, part of the reason why eunuchs were considered acceptable sex toys for wealthy men, was because they looked and acted like women but were both more useful, and less likely to get pregnant when you had sex with them!
          In other words: it would be unwise to take modern ideas about what “gay” means, and think that this had anything to do with Alexander the Great’s situation.

        5. Hmmm….if I were to go sticking my schlong in a Eunuch I think I’d still be classed a homosexual. This reasoning sounds a little too like “I’m not gay, but the bloke I fucked last night sure was”
          Like it or not a small percentage of people will always be gay, why obsess over this? Worrying about where another man puts his dick is about the third most gay thing you can do.
          I don’t like them flaunting their lifestyles either, to me it is boring and smacks of insecurity. But I like the idea of them being beat up by skinheads while the authorities turn a blind eye even less. The gays can do what they want and the Russians can run their country the way they want…it doesn’t mean I have to like either of it.

        6. The jury is still out on the true cause of homosexuality. The most popular theory is a combination of biological and social/environmental causes, yes, but for every study that supports it there are thousands more to contradict it.
          In the end, can we not all agree that sexual literature of all varieties (straight, gay, quadrosexual etc.) should be kept out of the hands of children until they reach an age of maturity where they are mentally capable to form their own opinions, or if not are at a body age where they HAVE to give some consideration to the butterflies in their stomach when they look at Christy Fimple, the hottest girl in skeeeewl?
          And can we not agree that so long as people aren’t trying to force others to partake in their lifestyle, they should be able to get along with it?

        7. I don’t so much obsess over the idea that there are gay men, nor over what they do with their schlongs, as you say.
          I am quite interested, however, whenever any group attempts to advance an abnormal pathology as though it were entirely normal, entirely healthy and entirely deserving of our obligatory praise and celebration.
          And, to make it entirely fair: I’m a Christian. If I saw a group of Christians demanding that Christians always be written into every sitcom, that Christianity be celebrated by everybody as the best thing ever, that Christians be entitled to force the public to change their celebration of Thanksgiving to more closely coincide with our community’s sense of the term “Eucharist” (Greek for Thanksgiving), etc., I would also find this unhealthy and suspect.
          If a small minority of the population wants to give in to their damaged and pathological urges, but generally don’t feel the need to impose themselves upon the healthy part of society, fine. But as soon as they start coercing a complete redefinition of all our culture’s norms and history, well, that’s when I lose sympathy for them if they get chased out of town with a bloody lip. What did they expect?

        8. So how come being gay is genetic but leftists screamed at the top of their lungs when Dr James Watson who won the Nobel Prize for discovering DNA said IQ was mostly genetic?

  18. “Bans the distribution of homosexual propaganda to minors”- I’m assuming here that ‘propaganda’ means ‘anything that doesn’t show homosexuality in a negative light’. What that effectively means is that any kid growing up gay will only ever see media content that tells him he is immoral and weird- no positive gay role models, no examples of gay people just living normal lives- only the implication that his sexuality will lead to him being miserable and discriminated against. The law also means that any gay person that tries to make him feel better about his situation goes to prison Is that praiseworthy? You also seem to forget that ex-KGB agent Putin is perfectly capable of terrifying the ever-loving shit out of anyone that opposes him.

    1. well it is immoral and it should be discouraged…. just as educating a kid about BDSM or golden showers would be wrong…. if you want to lube up your ass, i don’t have a problem with that… but do it behind closed doors and don’t broadcast it to the world afterwards…

        1. But we’re discussing homosexuality, not child abuse. Or are you one of those people who thinks it’s the same thing?

        2. RW: “educating a kid about BDSM or golden showers would be wrong.”
          Chive: “Immoral? How so? Based on what?”
          Is poor reading comprehension linked to homosexuality?

    2. Homosexuality is known not to be genetically determined (as was confirmed by the mappers of the human genome, and is also made perfectly clear by obvious facts of life, such as the fact that 80% of gay men/women with an identical twin, have a *straight* twin – something that proves beyond any doubt that homosexuality is not genetically determined: you aren’t “born that way” – read an unbiased book and put down the Lady Gaga CD). Rather, homosexual pathologies are known to be determined by childhood trauma – most often (especially for women) by “helpful” gay people who sexually abuse and scar the child… though perhaps they comfort them later and tell them that their new psychological issues are normal and healthy. However, it can also be triggered by other developmental issues, especially for males (being as effeminacy is the default state for men and women, and masculine identity needs to be carefully cultivated). Interestingly, studies show that the absence of the father (or the father’s subjugation to the mother), emotionally or physically, is the most important factor (whereas a father who is present but is simply a jerk, produces a son that may be screwed up in other ways, but at least is straight). This is all the more true when the boy has a sensitive temperament, is coddled, is indulged in his natural tendency to shy away from challenges (especially challenges involving courage and physical engagement), has an overbearing mother, lacks male friends (or at least male friends who have healthy identities and would socialize him as a male), etc…
      Numerous competent therapists have recognized these things in many years of clinical work with those suffering from homosexual pathologies of one sort or another. The current political climate has made it difficult (or impossible) to have such work recognized or accepted, but past presidents of the APA have all recognized the value of this work and the intolerance of the modern APA in general. Those suffering from homosexual urges, especially if they are young and if they have not acted on these urges with great frequency, often find that they can develop an healthier sexuality with relative ease. Those who have imprinted homosexual behaviour on the mind and body, find it far more difficult; but even then, if they are willing to be chaste (including abstaining from masturbation), significant progress, at least into the realm some would call “bisexuality,” is possible.
      All of which is to say: since homosexual urges are not genetically determined, inborn traits, and since they are rooted in childhood trauma, and since they are always correlated with other serious issues (such as narcissism, sociopathy and a chronic failure to mature normally), it is not only immoral to indulge and celebrate such activities personally, it would be highly immoral to give others the idea that homosexual urges are positive in any way. Absolutely there should be no attempt to take children, who are often struggling with such issues in adolescence, and to affirm them in unhealthy patterns of thought and behaviour. Homosexual urges truly arise from pathological conditions; it is neither moral nor charitable to tolerate the public expression or celebration of this gravely immoral and objectively unhealthy lifestyle.

        1. A question. Homosexual behaviour is found in animals. If being gay is a result of childhood trauma or narcissism or any other of the things you mentioned and not genetic, why do we have gay animals? They act instinctively and don’t have the depth of thought to develop a gay identity in response to sexual abuse.

        2. Ah yes, that’ll be why. Don’t worry scientists, put your books away, some smartarse off the internet has solved it.

      1. Transgender is not the same as gay, and the vast majority of transvestites are straight men. So what was your question?

  19. I respect fudgepackers but I am sick and tired of everything being about them. They are a tiny minority and they get way more attention than they deserve. I am also sick of faggots, not gay people but whiny faggots who politicize the Olympics every time it is held in a non-Western democracy. Why can’t these drama queens shut the fuck up and stop politicizing everything? Not everything is an excuse to grab the headlines and spew endless propaganda at an indifferent public. Good to see that Putin doesn’t give a shit either way. I suppose he is too busy nailing his hot new wife to care about all those faggots and manginas.

  20. Russia is portrayed here in the west with the lenses of the Cold War. I believe that this is done because the last thing cultural Marxists want is for specifically white America to have an example for their people which goes against the constant leftist propaganda. Putin has done many things right, the article has touched on two of them, the rebuilding of the Orthodox Church and the pro nature promotion of normalcy of heterosexual relationships. In addition he has made strides to encourage procreation of his people inside of importing 5th worlders for the cultural enrichment of Russia. So, you can imagine how leftists really hate him for not going along with the diversity racket as well.
    In closing, with Putins time in the KGB he must know that the promotion of homosexuality as a cultural norm and equal to heterosexual relationships was one of communisms plans to undermine the west, he knows how destructive it is. So that you Mr. Putin for standing for your beliefs and for what is ultimately right for your country. If only we had someone with half the balls you have as a leader here in the US.

    1. That policy is gonna export human capital. It’s not a smart idea at all. All of the intelligent will flee.

      1. We keep hearing this leftist dribble on this topic. Quite frankly, there’s not one leftist policy which doesn’t drive down a country’s value. Just take the immigration act of 1965, the United has been constantly moving down various lists such as the Economic freedom index and others that come out every year like where they rate the best place that year to be born a baby. I was born at a time when the year I was born it was best to be born in the US, this past year I think we were 18th.
        So, when I hear morons spout off about “diversity is our strength” including homosexuals etc I cant help but laugh in their face because nothing is farther from the truth.

        1. Well, look at the world’s most ingenious risk-takers. Where do they reside? What I’m saying is not “leftist” and I’m not anywhere close to leftist (I’m classically liberal, if you care). Take a look at the history of the world’s most powerful powerhouses historically. Do you wanna know what the most tolerant empire was before the US? It became the largest land empire ever: the Mongol empire. They were very explicit about being strategically tolerant and importing the world’s human capital. Ditto with Rome during the upside (the Christians really fucked up Rome btw). If you don’t believe me about Rome, go and read what Claudius or Marcus Aurelius or any of those guys actually said and what they believed. Rome got fucked because the Christians took over and Christianity became big. Just look at it if you don’t believe me.
          The most important part to building an economic hyperpower is to have the most powerful technology and economic power. With its current policy, Russia can’t come close to achieving that.

        2. Ok, so that long post and basically your argument is that what amounts to ~6% of the population will bring down a nation because their degenerate behavior is not tolerated?

        3. No, that’s not my argument. My argument is that building a great society starts with economics. Remember that empires, by their very nature, are multicultural. Russia currently doesn’t have the tools to be a massive empire yet. If they try to become one, I suspect they’ll spread themselves too thin and it’ll break down from within.

  21. The post and most of the comments are woefully misinformed.
    Putin is a tinpot dictator who runs an incredibly corrupt regime. Tens of millions of Russians live in shocking poverty while a few cronies dominate the entire economy through a complex system of bribes. Without natural resources they wouldn’t even have an economy. Male life expectancy in certain parts of Russia is in the 40s. What a wonderful country for men it must be! If being a complete inept dick who mismanages a major country makes someone “alpha” then the term loses all meaning.
    If alpha is to have any meaning, at least it should be associated with competence, intelligence, and not being a slave to ancient superstitions.

    1. “Without natural resources they wouldn’t even have an economy.”
      So, pretty much like everywhere else then, eh?
      You aren’t one of those people who thinks manipulating computer files is an economy, are you?

      1. >> pretty much like everywhere else
        Umm, some of the most economically productive places in the world do not have natural resources and are not based on resource extraction. These include Singapore, Israel, Germany, Silicon Valley, the Massachusetts corridor, I could go on.
        Manipulating computer files is not the sum total of an economy, but the road to sustainable prosperity and high standards of living certainly runs through technology, education, and open markets, rather than corrupt resource extraction.

        1. ” . . .some of the most economically productive places in the world do not have
          natural resources and are not based on resource extraction.”
          The answer is . . . yes, you are, and thus didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. “Money” is not an economy, except where money is a resource of real value.
          Where “money” is a computer file it is not a basis for economy.
          Singapore: Does some manufacturing, which is the manipulation of, wait for it, wait for it . . . natural resources.
          Most of its business, however, is as an international banking hub. This “makes money,” but does not constitute an economy. It’s an air bubble with only air for a skin. The tiniest prick will burst it and without natural resources Singapore will become one the great hell holes of history.
          Israel: They have wrested the monopoly on the diamond trade away from the Dutch. Something even the British Empire at the height of its power couldn’t do.
          Diamonds are a natural resource soaked in African blood.
          Germany: Really? The Ruhr and the Rhine mean nothing to you? The Danube “Mother of Life”? You are unaware that the greatest threat to the German economy right now is the trade in manipulated computer files?
          Silicon Valley: How big a clue stick do you need to be whacked with if this one doesn’t do it?
          What do you think silicon is for fuck’s sake?
          Of course human labour is also a natural resource, However, it a resource of value only when it sits on top of another resource:
          USA: Corn
          Ukraine: Wheat
          Sub Sahara: Starving people.
          Which one of these is not like the other?
          Augmenting your computer file by “10” is not an economic gain. Augmenting your storehouse with a koku of rice; is.
          I have a bicycle made in China. It represents a net gain of wealth to the USA at a similar loss to China, even though China got all the “money.”
          Why? Because American gained steel and China lost it, and all China got out of the deal is a number in a computer file augmented.
          The flow of “money” is to China, but the flow of wealth is to the USA.
          Because, whether the idea fits with your socio-political philosophy or not, all economies are all about “stuff.”
          No stuff, nuttin’ but starving people everywhere.

        2. You seem to be confusing resource extraction and intense value-added manufacturing. Also the diamond trade is a tiny fraction of Israel’s GDP – most of it is due to medical and IT innovation. Other than that, tl;dr.
          Anyway, it is all a distraction from the main point, which is that Putin is a corrupt kleptocrat running Russia into the ground, and yet he seems to have assembled a stable of admiring useful idiots in the west and on this blog.

        3. “You seem to be confusing resource extraction and intense value-added manufacturing . . .”
          What is the value added to and what does the adding?

        4. Russia is a heavy commodity exporter when the world is about to enter the next phase of a depression and the world is riddled with excess capacity. When commodity prices come down, Russia will be the first country to get hit and the Ruble will go down with it. It’s gotta happen.

        5. Good reason not to buy Rubles, but:
          The problem with production has been solved. We have diamonds, gold, silver, copper, iron and bauxite with wood and water coming out of our metaphorical ears.
          We need Rubles for . . . what exactly?
          Fiat currency trading may well bring you considerable personal advantage, but it is not an economy.

        6. Remember what a sharp depreciation in the currency does: it increases the cost of imports and works as a tax on primarily the middle class. A depreciating currency is basically the worst possible kind of tax. It’ll also reduce the Russian current account balance and reduce tax revenue if exports do go down. Russia’s headed for some version of stagflation and it’s really the Fed’s decisions that, I think, are gonna determine it. Personally, I think the Federal Reserve has got Russia, and a bunch of other countries, hostage. Russia will have a very difficult time in dealing with a sudden drop in commodity prices. At worst, it could create soaring inflation and exacerbate political unrest.

    2. I’m no fan of Putin, but he would appear to be at least moderately competent and intelligent. And as for “ancient superstitions,” one man’s “ancient superstitions” are another man’s “timeless record of the sum of human wisdom.” Being as the rejection of “ancient superstitions” in the past century has also coincided with everything going to [email protected]&ing hell in a handbasket, perhaps the “ancient superstitions” were a little wiser than you realize. Ancient superstitions are in any case better than new-fangled idiocies.

    3. The only places that have good economies without recourses are Iceland and the Falkland islands. Check out their demographics, they have no multiculturalism or crime.

  22. I actually laughed when Pussy Riot got whipped. In the extended clip one of the girls points complains to a cop that a certain cossack whipped her…and said cossack hits her again. The main issue that gets on my nerves is the fact that I can dislike Pussy Whipped and still dislike Putin’s regime. These libtards make it black and white, while it’s a spectrum.

  23. You do realize that almost a hundred of the legislators in the Russian State Duma belong to the Communist Party there right? These communists voted for the bill the same as everyone else. Cultural “Marxism” seems to be a non-issue for them…

    1. ‘Cultural marxism’ is a non-issue because ‘cultural Marxism’ was never needed as overt Marxism was enabled by military victory in the revolution.
      In the West we have been subverted by ‘cultural marxism’ because we were too strong to be defeated militarily.
      There’s more then one way to skin a cat.

    2. Cultural Marxism was designed as a way to undermine the West from within, to fight it during the Cold War without firing a shot. The Marxists already ran Russia; why would they turn a tactic designed to collapse a society, upon themselves? They already had their Soviet state; they wanted to keep it strong and unified.

      1. Exactly. Cultural marxism is a method for destroying the established order. It is a technique of subversion.

        1. I don’t understand this obsession with order. Most systems don’t tend towards order and if you do try to stabilize them, it usually makes them more likely to blow up. What you need isn’t order, what most social, political, and economic systems need is organized chaos. This obsession with order and with forcing these systems to work a certain way will blow them up and simply exacerbate the underlying problems.
          “Established order” is bullshit. Anyone or anything that tries to “establish order” on most natural systems will usually end up destroying itself. This is why feminism and socialism are dumb as fuck. It’s because they try to establish order rather than feeding of chaos and disorder.

  24. I am sick and tired of hearing about homos.
    I do not fucking care what are you doing in the bedroom, and I find you disgusting. So please stop rubbing your gay filth to my face and leave me the fuck alone.
    Do you see me running around screaming that I love vagina? Of course not, so do the same and do your thing in private.
    The only thing this going to achive is that everyone going to hate gays.

        1. that does sound like it might be frowned upon in russia if the intention were misunderstood

  25. I say any country that had 25 million dead in WWII can enact any fucking law they want.
    Putin knows the self-esteem of his country is low, he’s trying to lead by example by being a MAN and doing something about it! Some piddly little faggots ain’t gonna be able to anything about it.

  26. Perhaps when Western powers address countries with real intolerant beliefs such as our good old trading partners in the Middle East I will begin to take this ridiculous farce seriously.

  27. I think manosphere websites are phenomenal places to learn about the psychology behind what makes women the way they are, and how men can use this psychology to their advantage.
    But I will never understand the rampant homophobia. Listen here: gay people do not take away from your sexuality and they are not trying to undermine America. If they threaten/offend/disgust/repulse/outrage you, maybe you have some more serious issues that need exploring…

    1. ” . . .rampant homophobia.”
      I have just been watching a lecture given by a man who is one of the vertebrae of the backbone of the Manosphere at the moment.
      He is openly homosexual.
      Bear in mind however, that he made his bones by writing a book that could be viewed as bashing fairies and faggots, but that’s only because he does.
      He likes masculine men, not chicks with kickstands.

      1. hehe, perfect term for a homosexual male that is a flamboyant liberal woman’s ‘trophy friend’… which involves every single Gay activist.

    2. @PDB: Amen brother.
      Why so many of the otherwise free thinking men of the manosphere, who are so adept at seeing through society’s hypocrisies, are still mentally chained by old-fashioned homophobia I simply don’t understand

      1. It’s because “gay rights” is just one more of society’s hypocrisies, and you haven’t seen through it yet. It’s one and the same with the feminist movement: “do what you want, because no standard exists outside of yourself. You are the new normal.”

    3. its not much of a mystery really, as traditional masculinity (in recent times) has been defined against effeminate homosexual males – the gender camp would described that in terms of a gender binary etc. The issue should be more to do with the (ef)feminisation of men, which is the problem which we face in society. The consensus here seems to be that effeminacy is linked to male homosexuality, but that may just be playing into the hands of the feminists. Feminism is in alliance with homosexuality at present because breaking through gender norms etc seems to be understood as a shared ‘liberation’. Personally, I don’t see why the more masculine behaving homosexuals should ally with feminists, or go down the gender queer theory route towards merging the sexes. If you’re not homosexual (I’m not) surely the best policy is cultivated indifference. Starve yourself of anything that could be called hate, and then there will be no grounds for alleging homophobia. If there is no grounds for alleging homophobia, the homophobia / anti-hate industry of cultural marxism, will be starved of the oxygen it needs to survive and will simply die. The problem we are facing is women are being masculinised and men are being feminised. We should have no problems with anything else (unless for religious reasons)

    4. If homophobes threaten/offend/disgust/repulse/outrage you, maybe you have some more serious issues that need exploring… homophobe! Don’t you know? Anything you object to, is really the secret desire of your heart. That’s what the left-wing revolutionaries tell me, and they are so very clever and smart… So don’t object to our objecting to things – it just proves that you are secretly one of us! You’ve outed yourself, bigot!
      Homosexual acts have been regarded as unnatural and morally outrageous by all great civilizations. Certain limited expressions of these desires have been (barely) tolerated only by civilizations in decline. Most people don’t know, for example, that ancient Greece and Rome (the cultures always held up as being accepting of homosexual behaviours) had some limited tolerance for men who buggered slaves, eunuchs and adolescents, but would have been stunned by the idea that two grown men would pair off and lead a “gay lifestyle” together. And when Greece and Rome were ascendant, healthy cultures, they didn’t even tolerate that much. Indeed, they valued marriage far more highly than we value it today.
      Those of us who have retained the moral ideals of all healthy cultures, see the acceptance of homosexual acts for what it is: namely, the symptom of the philosophical degradation that has occurred in all civilizational collases before ours. Thus, you can hardly expect us to be impressed by the all the cries for tolerance towards gays, from the very people who most clearly telegraph our decline. Look, if the Pope and Russel Kirk and CS Lewis and George Patton were telling me to celebrate da gays, maybe I’d have some self-examination to do. But when Barbara Streisand and Cher and Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush and Barak Obama are leading the charge, I think I’m justified in viewing their moral philosophy as being hardly superior to that of a chimp.

        1. Of course – the “if you oppose homosexuality you are secretly an homosexual” argument. Brilliant.
          A few points: first, with each passing day it becomes more clear how falsified and ideologically-driven most “scientific” studies are. Second, if you actually read the study, you would see that the researchers admit that it is not uncommon for many men to experience erections whenever increased blood circulation results, especially when related to nervousness or aggression… and therefore, they admitted that the results could show not that the “homophobic” men were aroused, but simply that they were upset and dismayed by what they were seeing.
          Finally, I am vehemently opposed to the gay agenda because it has personally impacted my life in a few, key ways. Two of my closest friends from childhood came out of the closet in high school, and immediately reversed their personalities. They had been relatively well-adjusted kids who went to church with me. Suddenly, they were bitter people and I, who had not changed, became a representative of “the enemy,” because I remained true to my convictions about morality and faith. I saw their narcissism and sociopathy blossom, and it went a long way to convincing me that there’s a mountain of pathology hiding behind the gay identity.
          Then, I did struggle with worries that I was bisexual or gay in my teens and early twenties. My dad, a brain-dead liberal, told me that I should talk to two men that worked at his law firm. My father had shared my insecurities with complete strangers at his office! Yay! Then, when I figured I would talk to them, they both tried to fuck me. I was 14. They were in their 40s and 50s, and had urged my father to put me in touch with them on a pretense of trying to “help” me… when really, like most gay men, they were also degenerate ephebophiles looking to score with a confused kid. Again, obvious sociopathy.
          By my mid-twenties, I was out of that phase and entirely heterosexual. Also by that point, the interior logic of many of our society’s moral delusions was becoming more clear to me. The fact that I had been left-wing and sexually ambiguous at one point, led me to have an even deeper interior understanding of the deviant mindset behind that worldview. “The heresies we leave behind are the most hated.” Because I had been there, to some extent, I had a special sense of revulsion for it.
          Anyway, there you have it. Believe what you want.

      1. “And Santa says it’s OK!”
        Santa is not a parent or legal guardian and has no right putting that trash in a child’s mind.

    5. “But I will never understand the rampant homophobia.”
      Could you indicate to me where I can find the *scientific* evidence proving the existence of this “homophobia” you speak of.
      Thank you.

  28. If the moral end game for society is a strong monogamous bond between a man and a woman and to produce a family of well looked after K selected children, homosexuality is in direct conflict with this.
    Most male homosexuals have over a 100 sexual partners and often have little to no fidelity to their partners. As males are programmed to seek as much sex and as little commitment as possible, even gay males, this makes sense.
    This sets an example to society that promiscuity is okay. As homosexuals are determined to be granted equal relationship rights, such as gay marriage, this further reinforces the false idea of moral equivalence. As homosexuality/bisexuality is a spectrum, this also means that heterosexuals to a certain extent pay the price for homosexual promiscuity.

  29. Great article.
    I keep a folder of “proof” links in my browser, to provide during argumentation (either on my blog or teh interwebs), and this one is so well written and informative that I’ve added it to that folder. This will be my go-to ammunition whenever anyone wants to whine about the “Homosexual Genocide” that Russia’s engaged in.
    Liberals: they run on emotion, not facts.

  30. I was at the club last night (I now realize I’m just not a club person) and there was this gay dude in front of me dancing like a bitch. By that I mean to say he was dancing like the loose bitches in the club looking for some D. I was disgusted and had to move. See, my problem isn’t with homosexuality per se. If you want to sodomize a consenting adult or be sodomized by a consenting adult, sodomize away. My issue is with flamboyant bitch homosexuality — flaming, rainbow-colored, fierce and fabulous homosexuality. Despite your love for penis you are still a man. Fucking act like one. Being gay doesn’t mean you have to be a fag.

    1. I think this is an important distinction to make. In the ancient world, though they never exactly “celebrated” gay stuff (as we do today), they would sometimes tolerate men that were the active partners with a eunuch, slave or youth. But their word for an adult male that danced around like a slut looking for action, was full of contempt. “Cinaedus” was the Latin, from κιναέδος in Greek, meaning “shameful ass-wiggler.”
      Apart from being deeply religious, I’m also a lover of sound philosophy and a student of natural law; on all these grounds, I think that all sexual acts which are not open to procreation, are inherently immoral. But, I also realize that we are all imperfect and fail; therefore, I can have some patience for those who lead less than perfect lives, as I myself do. But when some want to make an “issue” of it, and to promote a “gay lifestyle” amongst grown men, this is beyond the pale. It’s not simply a discreet and private moral failing; it is a public flaunting of a deep sickness – and attempting to make society “celebrate” a deep sickness, is to make society deeply sick.

  31. 1. it’s your jewish media propaganda bloating this issue up to enormous scale
    2. most of the media outlets in europe ignore gay issues
    3. US-paid media try to blow the bubble around the issue
    4. independent media curb the your jewish overlord screams
    To comments down below disputing wherever cultural marxism of west was solely created by western hemisphere/elites :
    god, americunts once again you are ignorant/dumb

  32. On another note, well two other notes actually, a) I feel like 2014 is the year of homosexuality (first gay couple on Disney channel [getting the kiddies indoctrinated early], the gay Chevy and Superbowl ads, this whole Russia situation, etc.), and b), I hate that anyone who speaks out against homosexuality is automatically equated with being some evil person full of hate or backwards religious nut. We all know homosexuality is abnormal, that’s a biological reality, yet even when you take it to that level they chastise you. I don’t argue against it from a religious perspective or even a moral one, just in terms of normality. But no matter how you try to explain yourself they start spouting their “gay rights” bullshit they learned in some indoctrination facility, some liberal arts college with gender neutral housing or some shit. That may all sound good on paper but life ain’t a fucking classroom.

  33. I particularly like the writing style you use in this piece. I also tend to agree with your analysis. Nice work.

  34. Russia comes from a long tradition of religious conservatism (except during Soviet times of course). To try and push this bullshit on to them is futile and it’s done in isolation of trying to understand their culture at all.
    Most of these gay rights activists need to fucking get over it with regards to Russia. Nobody is being hurt by the Russian government physically and this feminist nonsense that women of the west will try to promote will be scorned at by Russian women. They value family, tradition, culture and men above all this fucked up ideology.

  35. If you find homosexuality repulsive, it’s because you really want it. Just like zoophilia, pedophilia, necrophilia etc…
    You secretly desire that of which you oppose! Stop fighting, start accepting.

    1. Oh my god, I must really like the idea of being burned alive, or swimming in acid, or falling out of a plane! I must love the idea of eating raw sewage! I must want to cut people up and bathe in their entrails! I must love eating rotten garbage!
      I must be a closet suicidal homicidal masochist!
      Seriously, dude, what you just said was fucking stupid. Even most women would agree it’s ridiculous, and they are idiots.
      Well, except that ‘how far can you go in an hour if you are going 60 miles and hour’ chick. She’d probably get you.

  36. I have allot of respect for Russia, they stand by their guns and they didn’t take shit from the feminists protesters. We need to do the same in the west!

    1. 0:27 – HILARIOUS!
      She’s dancing blind folded and SMACK! She whimpers like a bitch !
      Thumbs up to the Cossack militia!
      On side notes: The militia taught us something about “game” in Russia.
      This is how you keep your Russian “traditional” women (broads) in line and control, get yourself a whip….

  37. A few months ago, Roosh wrote a blog post titled “Are You An Enemy Of Liberty?”
    In it he listed some questions enemies of liberty would answer “Yes” to. It was a trenchant set of questions. Among them were the questions “Does your ideology want to rid society of offensive speech?” and “Does your ideology require the censorship of other ideas for it to prosper?” By banning homosexual rallies, the Russian government has clearly answered “yes” to both of these questions.
    A legitimate argument can be made for the state to assist in the protection of children in certain dire cases, but if you believe that telling a child that it is OK to be gay will make him gay, or that this law against propagation is anything more than a cover for the enforcement of certain arbitrary cultural values by the state, then you’re either admitting that there really are no inherent biological drives in men and women or you’re a starry-eyed Putin sycophant. (Let’s also not forget that Roosh had sex with a 17 year old minor, which in Russia at least is punishable by four years in prison. It was obviously consensual. Do you think the girl deserved the protection of the state?)
    Open homosexuality is offensive to a lot of people. The idea that women ought to avoid a career and stay at home is also offensive to a lot of people. Many of those in the latter camp want to prevent those of us who have swallowed the red pill from speaking what we believe to be the truth because it offends them. We should not stoop to their level. It is incredibly hypocritical to support free speech for ourselves while supporting those who deny it to others, no matter how disgusting we may find their views. Such hypocrisy is more disgusting to me than witnessing sexual deviance.
    I believe that traditional gender roles have such staying power that attempts to alter them in the long term will fail on their own. The manosphere should get over its feelings instead of dithering over pointless things and in the process revealing itself to be made up of a bunch of hysterical bigots. We should all let our views stand on their own without state support or suppression. We should not, under any circumstance, become enemies of liberty.

    1. I will proudly admit that I am, in fact, an enemy of liberty. Fuck liberty, most people are too stupid to even define it.
      Liberty, and Freedom are both meaningless words that have one of only two definitions, both of which are ridiculous as a philosophical goal.
      The first is a basic denial of reality, the idea that you can do anything you want without fear of reprisal, consequences, or responsibility. This ignorant concept does not exist, cannot exist, and never has existed. The only way to simulate it is to force someone ELSE to pay the consequences for your actions.
      The second meaning is simply stating the reality… the right to attempt. The right to attempt is as basic as the right to try and keep breathing. trying to assign ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or politics to it is as stupid as trying to assign meaning to the sun rising every morning.
      So call me an ‘enemy of liberty’ if you like. Might as well call me an ‘enemy of outer space’, or an ‘enemy of photosynthesis’. They are as meaningless.

  38. Well the US is basically sponsoring a coup in the Ukraine, using the Olyimpics to prevent Putin from responding.
    I think the gays headed to Russia and all of the gay protests against Russia are meant to rally US domestic support in favor of action against Russia if it comes to that.
    Im not sure I want to go to war with Russia with gay rights as the pretext, but I’m not a neocon either.

  39. Wow, were you paid 11 rubles a paragraph to write this post? Are you from Olgino. Putin doesn’t go to church and is no more a devout othrodox than Miley Cyrus. He just went to Iran and saw how much power Khomeni has. They had a summit, and Putin thought that getting the Othrodox church on his side would make people forget he is stealing half of Russia. He isn’t as popular as he used to be so he made some unorthodox alliances in exchange for votes. The church is popular for rural areas.
    The games were ruined because no one in their right mind should award them to Putin. See #sochiproblems. So much money was stolen, they couldn’t even give athletes proper accomodations. Since Olgino trolls and the propoganda machine was focused on the Olypmics, Ukraine decided to escalate their revolution. Or they would have had Syria… where opposition are crushed by Russia, and Putin sends provocateurs like freeing Alqaeyda. Since the dictator Putin had games designed to support his glory, Ukrainians took advantage of that and escalated their revolution before the Putin propaganda machine could do anything. The Olympics aren’t news. What is news is the Ukranian revolution ousted their kleptocrat.
    You are just viewing this through biased eyes since you hate gays as you are trolls. The reality is Putin isn’t Othrodox, and the Olympics from the begining were much like the Nazis Olympics, for the glory of the dictator. When the Olympics were held in the Soviet Union the glory of the dictator part was made less obvious.

  40. You just support dictators, and the cossacks and fighting men, first in Ukraine take down the kleptocrats, then in Russia the people will take down the athiest Putin and his kleptocrats. You have the see the sports cars those priests drive. Corruption. I think the Olympic committee should be reprimanded having games in a corrupt or unstable country, so the games become more about politics than sportsmanship.

  41. For all the rightfully anti-feminst criticisms put on here, the lack of self reflection and removal from its BS bubble is the most apt. Now the red-pill websites, primarily about game and self improvement have added odd anti-gay oh if an “alpha did it” it’s cool and opposing it is being a pussy.
    Drop the anti-gay shit, it makes us red pillers look like ass backwards hill billy idiots, and keep to the advice about pussy.

    1. Drop the anti-gay shit, it makes us red pillers look like ass backwards hill billy idiots, and keep to the advice about pussy.

    2. Why cause you say so, the emasculation of western men has everything to do with feminism and red pillers.

  42. i will never understand why you fellas are so wrapped up in the anti-homo crusade. me, i’m pragmatic – the more homos there are, the less competition there is for me as a straight guy. so, hell, i wish there were more gays in the world!

    1. the more homos there are, the less competition there is for me as a straight guy.
      You forgot about lesbians.

      1. well, no. they just don’t figure in my rationale because 1. i like girl-on-girl action and 2.noone on the manosphere is bashing lesbos, which incidentally was my original point on homos – i don’t get the hate. as long as the gays don’t go out and rape men on the street willy-nilly, who gives a shit what they do behind closed doors?

        1. lesbian feminism is rather more about you watching that joining in, and there’s very little in it that isn’t toxic to males, and designed to weaken men. Having said that anti-homo crusades are definitely not good. Not good for business, not good for anything other than playing right into PC anti-hate industry. Exposing the misuse of gay rights & associated propaganda is not or at least should not be anti-gay in any way. Unfortunately that’s not how everybody sees it

  43. Americans will continue to have cultural marxism in all its forms such as feminism, gay activism, affirmative action rammed down their throats, will continue to have their economy in shambles, will have their foreign policy raped and their military abused in the interest of Americas worst enemies, will continue having their industry relocated elsewhere, will continue having excessive immigration, a brutal police force, etc. until they start hunting down and dragging the jews out of their houses, places of worship, places of work etc. and hang them on the nearest lampposts.

    1. you’re an agent provocateur, trying to ramp up the hate. You’re probably female, and you’re probably wearing their line of evil sexy lingerie too. No doubt with your cooperation the Southern Poverty Action Centre will be able flag this site up as hosting evil extremist opinions. So fuck off until your next creative writing assignment

      1. Uh, nopes. Not an agent provocateur, not trying to ramp up “the hate”, not a female, not wearing lingerie, not cooperating with the “Southern Poverty Action Centre” (you probably mean the Southern Poverty _LAW_ Center or SPLC).
        I’m just saying the things as I see them and pissing off the usual freaks who label that as “hate” – you id yourself by your words.
        The SPLC lives to a great degree off of it’s name as a bully towards anybody who falls outside of what they consider as “appropriate” discourse, and the first rule when dealing with bullies is to neither fear them nor show them fear nor to acquiesce to their demands. So, where does that leave us, you pussy?
        And BTW they’ve already “flagged” Roosh for what he says about women and game.

        1. Oh but you are a provocateur. You cleverly managed to
          link the desire to oppose the onslaught of ‘cultural marxism’ to … let me quote you “hunting down and dragging the jews out of their houses, places of worship, places of work etc. and hang them on the nearest lampposts.” That’s exactly what cultural marxism
          does: it tries to link any opposition to its political programme to the fascism; to the will to exterminate jews or gays etc.
          So when you correct me on the name of the Southern Poverty Law Centre and advise that Roosh has already been ‘flagged’ then it suggests to me you knew exactly what you were talking about, precisely because you really are a provocateur. Incidentally you might be interested to know that the SPLC is worth about 250 million dollars. Opposing “hate” is a very lucrative business these days, which is why provocateurs such as yourself have every interest in stirring things up.
          To be honest I think you’re pretty rubbish at impersonating a nazi. How many nazi’s would use the term “appropriate” discourse”? Nazi’s own their hate. They defend the fact they hate. You on the other hand are doling out avuncular advice on how to deal with bullies and consider calling someone a ‘pussy’ an nasty insult. Major fraud alert.

  44. Russia is russia. It never has and never will be a western style democracy with a fully free market. Its people understand and respond to autocracy, whether it’s in the form of a tsar or general secretary of the communist party. Putin has been a bit of both. He’s a shrewd political player, and he understands his country well, including the wider geopolitical situation. The Russian economy may well be vulnerable, but russia’s never been the kind of place where entrepreneurs create huge tech countries, or where manufacturers export huge quantities of goods, that’s why the capitalism it does is state capitalism. In the immediate term though it will be interesting to see how well Putin can respond to the Ukraine coup d’etat. I would note that this occurs in a context where the West is supporting revolution after revolution in country after country. Human Rights issues in particular seem to be code for western values, which this time round have a strong socialist, even marxist elements. What used to be about spreading democracy seems to me suspiciously like Trotskyist permanent revolution, designed to ensure that gains made in the west can’t be rolled back. Putin for all his sins is one of the few leaders who stands in the way of that, and perhaps that is why the West has sponsored Yanukovich’s fall; because he’s Putin stooge and was frustrating EU expansionism rather than because he’s bad for the Ukraine.

    1. Very true. I admire Russia for being Russia, for remaining Russia, and being absolutely unapologetic about doing so while resisting Western liberal bullshit such as multiculturalism.
      Putin has baldly stated that becoming an immigrant nation is against Russia’s best interests.

  45. the amount of propaganda that defends the LGBT is unbelievable,
    i’ve had friends go to an LGBT parade that i boycotted, and even for the g

    1. Gay couples were (gasp) kissing at a (gasp) gay themed event!!??! Oh, the vapors!
      Are you equally opposed to the ‘kiss cam’ at sporting events where they show heterosexual couples swapping spit, in front of children and families?

      1. lgbts as well as their supporters supporters are disgusting hormone imbalanced disease ridden freaks of nature.
        if you are a man, you just lost all your man cards, and people with this rhetoric are just parroting the pc shit they hear on tv (as i’m sure they are retarded enough to own one),
        lgbt supporters are just justifying constantly the fact that the “homophobes”(word repeated, by those with the IQ of a parrot), claim that they justify the perversion of little kids. gays have no respect for anyone, and have their low lives that consist of promoting their superiority complex.
        you all purposefully twist others points to justify why little kids should be exposed to, and be convinced if not forced to commit deviant harmful sexual behaviors.

  46. “let gays be gays, they don’t harm anyone”, rhetoric couldn’t be further from the truth.
    however much i try to avoid them, here are 6 examples (for the sake of time i won’t post more) i have had to deal with personally, from what is a minority;
    example1; recently, in a club (straight club), for my own amusement i tried flirting with a girl (she was a lil chubby) who was bumping, rubbing into me on the dancefloor (at the same time as she was touching a girl),
    since she was kind of obnoxious about it, i started to dance with her, after less than a minute, she was rubbing into the girl again, and out of nowhere the dyke(i didn’t realise she was one at first), pushed me away, in an agressive way i would never expect from a girl, with all her might, and signaled to me “i’m with her” and started making out with ther girl, i looked at her with my arms out as if “you’re crazy, what is your problem”, and to my next surprise, even though i was more than an arms length away from her on a tight dancefloor, because i wouldn’t just leave her sight within seconds, just pounced on me with all her weight to push me back, surprised by it, i bumped into a shit load of people on the dance floor (don’t expect those egocentric deviants to have any consideration about that).
    after that the girls’ friends/fuckbuddies, and a whole LGBT group, ready and planning to cause trouble, as if coming out of nowhere, ganged up on me within seconds, grabbed me and pushed me back (again into some other people), and threatened me to not go near her again, with gestures as if saying “don’t mess with us, she’s with that girl, got it!”
    in the club i didn’t want to be involved in a fight in the middle of the busy dancefloor, and was outnumbered anyways, so i backed away,
    for the rest of the night, the group went out of their way to bump into me a few times on purpose, and eyeballed me, as if to try and cause trouble.
    example 2; i once complained to a students union in a uni with a friend on how they should not be using taxpayers’ money to put LGBT flags all over campus, and try to brainwash the young and influential freshmen into becoming gay.
    they refused to take the flags down obviously, and disagreed with our not “open minded” arguments obviously… however they had just enough respect to let us stay and argue, and NOT ask us to leave. while we were conversing, the only shyer person (LGBT gay guy), who hadn’t talked to us at all in the room, took the initiative to leave discreetly(we hadn’t noticed but some1 in the hallway told us) to call security to physically throw us out (we left before they arrived).
    (don’t expect those deviants to respect others’ free speech)
    example 3; more than once i’ve seen a gay couple on a night out fight obnoxiously in the middle of the street, one example, one women trying to beat the women dressed like the man, yelling as if being assaulted
    example4; a guy flashed me and tried to molest me on a holiday camp, i told him NOT to (and he backed off alright, but i was grossed out seeing him within eyesight for the next few days)
    example5; a friend of mine had a gay guy in a bar try to dance with him, my friend refused, he was grossed out, and handed him an empty beer glass as we left a few mins later, that guy, frustrated to being handed any empty glass, sent a few of his tougher looking friends to try to pick a fight with ME (i was maybe 30 seconds behind my friend leaving)
    example6; 2 girls making out obnoxiously, agressively in a club on the dancefloor, purposefully bumping into every guy next to them,
    and hitting the few guys who found it funny, and tried to approach them for a dance
    (at least the a bouncer went to interfere with this and pulled them apart, and i think bounced them out of the club.
    a warning to you all; keep those mentally sick deviants away from minors, your kids. and don’t think it’s impossible that you might get ganged up on and attacked if ever you tried to disagree with one of their gay parades ( yes, THEY might try to attack YOU, when you are outnumbered, to the contrary of the western media ghandi martyr appearance they are portrayed as, they have no shame/boundaries).
    LGBT people are never to be trusted under any circumstances

    1. Per your Second Example… No gay flags or propaganda will influence or “turn” anyone gay, lesbian, or whatever. Seriously, did you suddenly feel attracted to men after seeing them?
      Notwithstanding the overall paranoia sewn throughout your post, that one comment was just plain dumb!

  47. I completely agree that politics should not interfere with the Olympic Games, however, some of the more adolescent comments below reminded me of an interesting result to a 1996 University of Georgia psychology study :

    1. the problem is human rights has become the language of our new western imperialism so even if the reportage is accurate you always have to ask why you’re hearing about something; how they’re angling it. In the case of Russia & Syria it is unfortunately increasingly difficult to distinguish real abuses (some of which will be real) and propaganda designed to compromise the enemy of the day. More than that human rights is increasingly the ethical rationale given for promoting regime change when we all know that’s very rarely the real reason behind a campaign

    2. vice has a purely liberal sided agenda, that will automatically peg russia as the big bad wolf, any returnofkings reader (not all the pro lgbt trolls who need feeding), should not watch this crap unless they are masochists who need to puke. kudos to russia for not wanting sodomites further spreading stds and that get off from teaching the young to adopt lgbt behavior and want to sacrifice lil kids into committing suicide, to appear as victils in the media, in the name of their cause

  48. I’ll never quite understand the odd homophobia that seems attached to these kinds of websites. I mean, theoretically, you would think that these principles could easily apply to someone in the LGBT with just a few changes in nouns.

      1. All of them actually. The “Alpha Beta” stuff; everything. Like I said, all you’d really have to do is just switch the genders around. The mindsets would still apply.

      1. Then an odd avoidance, or discomfort around homosexuals perhaps? Whatever you might call it, you have to admit, most “manosphere” type sites tend to have an unfair bias towards homosexual men or women.
        I mean, honestly, why? Would it perhaps be because that by admitting that gay men can be “Alpha”, it would clash with what “Traditional” relationships are?

  49. “So what does this controversy about homosexuals and Russian children have to do with the Winter Olympic games at Sochi? In reality, nothing; but the homosexual activists in the West and their supporters decided to trash the 2014 Winter Games by linking the games to their opposition to the new law.”
    Exactly. Being gay is one thing but why do they have to push their agenda on the world? Obviously there are nations and people that do not agree with homosexuality and want to preserve their traditional cultural and familial values. Stop telling other countries how to run their affairs.

  50. I don’t think anybody was offended by the American delegation. They probably just assumed that all Americans are queer little fairies. This must be so humiliating for any red blooded American man.

  51. A male figure skater comes out as gay? Shocker! Film at 11.
    now I have that “What would Brian Boitano do” song from South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut going through my head.

  52. I don’t understand how Putin’s comment means he “wins”? Is it just that you automatically win an argument if you say something awful?

  53. Uganda has just pushed through a law which will make homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. In addition citizens will be sent to prison if they do not report suspected homosexuals. I highly doubt any kind of delegation will be sent over. This whole situation is thinly veiled posturing in the Second Cold War. Its akin to saying Russia respects personal liberty because it offered asylum to Edward Snowden.

    1. Russia & Uganda have little to do with each other. Uganda is beyond the pale, Russia on the other hand has passed a law not unlike Britain’s Section 28 of not so long ago and is holding out against pressure to conform to the Western juggernaut of imperial expansion masquerading as human rights. Recently I watched Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit: the villains were evil Russians (trying to destroy the western economy through terrorism & economic sabotage) and guess what, the other bad guy was a Ugandan. I wouldn’t go to Uganda for anything in the world and I pity gay people who live there, but the axis of evil is in your mind, or rather it is being invented to do political damage by association

      1. I take your point but I’m not so concerned about Russia’s record on civil
        rights as I am with politicians using anything to do with homosexuality as a political smokescreen. In England every time someone raises a question to do with the economy or immigration they’re ignored and given some bullshit about gay marriage. Now it’s being used to score cheap points on the international stage. If gays want to be married let them be as miserable as everyone else but politicians both left and right don’t want this resolved because it’s not a very significant issue but it grabs headlines. Reality TV may distract retards from the real world but there are still enough people who read papers and
        want to look like they take an interest in politics and homosexuality (gay marriage in particular) will always be an easy issue.

        1. “it’s not a very significant issue but it grabs headlines”
          Yes it does grab headlines. Yes it is an issue that can and is being cynically manipulated by some politicians, but, no, I don’t believe it is ‘not a very significant issue’. Feminism and homosexual rights should have been completely separate things, but the left have cross-bred them into a programme of gender erasure in which all erstwhile sex roles are to be rolled into one. That’s what gender neutrality, under the banner of diversity actually is. It is promoting men doing the things women do, and women doing the things men do. When challenging traditional sex roles is nothing more than women leaving the home to go to work, develop a career and be able to make independent choices for themselves then that could be described as emancipatory, but now the roles men and women are being emancipated from are biological roles, the roles that somehow used to connect sex with gender, and both – however indirectly – with reproduction. So do Barack Obama or David Cameron care deeply about human rights issues relating to homosexuality. Probably not. But those issues are fundamental to the
          economic & ideological steam-roller they are held captive to. That is why politicians of such apparently different political colours find themselves speaking the same words, working towards the same things. The gender agenda, is being set by the liberal left. It is anything but a sideshow. The true casualties are ordinary people, including those gay people who never wanted to set the world on fire but only wanted to live their lives. But now they’re sandwiched in-between two brawling superpowers and that’s why they’re getting bruised.

      2. Actually, Uganda is a beautiful country with friendly people . Idi Amin and Milton Obote pretty much killed all the assholes back in the 70s and 80s.
        The worlds most perfect climate, too. Downsides: malaria and aids are endemic and the women aren’t all that hot.

        1. I am sure it is, but watching the Last King of Scotland didn’t impel me to go out and buy a plane ticket there. For a while I had a ugandan staff member. One time I googled his name out of curiosity and the only result that came up anywhere was of a guy who was wanted internationally for murdering civilians in Uganda a few years previously. He wasn’t around for long but I could never quite get the idea out of my head that he might really be this stone cold killer. He probably was nothing of the kind, but it was an unusual name, and the idea probably reinforced my picture of uganda as a dangerous country.

  54. Bob Costas’ incessant tirade against Russia and Putin was disgusting. Would love to beat him upside the head. Hail Vlad the Great!

  55. “homosexuals and their so called values.” so called values like….equality, marriage? Is that ‘cultural Marxism’? If two men want to marry each other, should we not, as men, say they should have the freedom to do so? If it was another civil rights issue that effects men, wouldn’t we all be supporting them? Father’s rights for example?
    “ceaseless homosexual whining and debasement.” There are men who are getting the living shit kicked out of them and being treated less equally than everyone else. What definition of masculinity is it that values personal t.v viewing over the rights of other men? Masculinity that rejects the shout for marriage and equality? But this isn’t about masculinity is it, it is about a dislike for gay men dressed up as masculinity. This all seems to stem from a position of being uncomfortable around gay men, which is beta 101. Forsaking your brothers at their time of need.

    1. “”homosexuals and their so called values.” so called values like….equality, marriage? Is that ‘cultural Marxism’? If two men want to marry each other, should we not, as men, say they should have the freedom to do so?””
      Demands for equal rights made by the people who benefit from those rights are not in themselves ‘cultural marxism’. But the media has tended to present such pleas uncritically as being only about a grassroots desire to enjoy equality while ignoring the wider context of a marxist gender feminism and a wider cultural marxist left which has sponsored the gay rights movement for its own purposes. Indeed if gay rights weren’t useful why would the left even care?
      Both feminists and the marxist left has agitated for and promoted transgressive, feminist, gay, and transgender sexualities etc
      with a view to furthering the purpose of seeking to collapse and re-engineeri the ‘patriarchal’ heterosexual family.
      It might sound conspiratorial but its all documented and verifiable. Engels, Reich, Frohmm, Marcuse etc all seem to have believed that the solution to patriarchal ‘repression’ was matriarchal emancipation and promoting alternative sexualities and the left has worked tirelessly since the sixties to promote those causes.
      As such the gay rights movement is being exploited even if it is about equality. How something comes about matters.

      1. I think you are conflating two unrelated subjects. Gay marriage does nothing to harm traditional marriage or the nuclear family, if anything: it helps it. Marriage and the nuclear family are diying out in the west, a long with our birth rates. For my generation, marriage isn’t even a concept. There is no cultural pressure to get married, it is absolutely socially-acceptable to be a single mother.
        While I understand your point as in why would the left do it unless it is beneficial to them, I have a different answer. For me, the weakness of conservatism is its fear/failure to engage and kickstart new, semi non-traditional, conservative values (bear with me). Marriage is a conservative value, same-sex marriage is non-traditional.
        The left hate the family and the concept of marriage, if anything, it should be the right that extended the negative liberty of equality and the conservative value of marriage to gays. But it failed to do this, and as ever, the left took up the cause, and no matter whether a right or left government implement the policy, the left will get credit and it is ‘liberal’. Marriage isn’t liberal. The left simply our manoeuvred the right, which happens a lot.
        I can’t accept that gay marriage is cultural Marxism when it not only doesn’t harm the family, it promotes it in a similar form. Besides all that, if two of my mates wanted to marry each other, I’ve got their back.

        1. Well that’s the question isn’t it, I mean whether or not they’re unrelated. You say gay marriage does nothing to harm the traditional marriage or the nuclear family. Yet as pointed out in my last post some very serious thinkers on the
          left were interested in gay rights, women’s rights, alternative families (if not necessarily gay marriage per se) as a means to attack just those things. I agree it doesn’t necessarily follow that introducing gay marriage will have that particular effect, but if an important constituency thinks it will have that effect, and is interested in promoting such things largely because it
          thinks it will have that effect (allowing also for reasons of solidarity ) then
          doesn’t it make sense to consider the possibility that such machinations were
          actually an important factor in bringing the reality of gay rights / gay marriage to fruition.
          I agree with you that conservatives should have taken gay rights seriously. Some gays like Andrew Sullivan were arguing that case for a long time. As you say the left stepped up and took the opportunity to do what the conservatives weren’t prepared to do (in reality I couldn’t see it happen except within the context of a competition to prove who was more gay friendly ….which is why
          Cameron in UK seems to have brought in gay marriage).
          Maybe ordinary gay people will just care that they have rights they didn’t have previously, but just as you can understate it you can also overstate the grass roots issue with gay rights. When Sullivan was first writing. Gay marriage wasn’t even on the agenda.
          What’s more I think you’re wrong in thinking that gay issues don’t affect the straight world. Gay parenthood for instance has only become viable because fatherhood has effectively been removed as a discrete and necessary form of parenthood. Gay parenthood, the precursor to gay marriage, only because possible (as a legitimate family form in its own right) because feminists were squeezing out fathers as necessary or even habitual features of the family.
          All of this is the same process. The people who are proselytising for female equality are the people who are proselytising for the
          erasure of sexual difference across the board. None of the gains of the LGBTQ community etc would have been possible
          without the gender feminist & queer campaigning and theoretical preparatory
          work, or without the left / cultural marxist to engender & promote cultural diversity through the promotion of gender neutralising & pro-gay ideas, literature, media and above all discourse while at the same time using very carefully crafted rhetorical campaigns to shame ‘haters’ while rewarding those who (like you arguably) are encouraged to see themselves as protectors.
          Don’t misunderstand me, I know gay people too, and if more rights and gay marriage gives them a better life, then at that personal level, I give them my blessing. But what is being achieved is being achieved in the worst possible way, as a result of rhetorical and emotional manipulation, within the context of the most sustained and vicious attack on the traditional family
          there has ever been. There are no single
          factors at work, but the left/liberals are sticking their heads in the sand about what is happening. Everything is about the economics of sex roles. Men and women doing the same work does not stop at the office door, it proceeds into the kindergarten (parenting) and the bedroom (choice of orientation). ‘They’ want one sex. And they’re calling it diversity

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