3 Things I Learned At This Year’s American Renaissance Conference

As my friend Blair Naso reported on Tuesday, we attended this year’s American Renaissance conference, held last weekend at Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville. I wanted to go because I’ve never been to one and figured it would be a hell of an adventure; the fact that I’m close friends with William Rome, a long-time AmRen attendee and insider, was also a factor.

While Blair gave a fair and balanced account of what went on that weekend, I’ve decided to offer my own take on AmRen and what I learned from it.

1. White nationalists are no different than other folks in this part of the Internet


It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging an ideological clique based on their worst elements. I know I have a sketchy reputation among the more traditional elements of the alt-right based on my love of Filipino girls and derisive comments I’ve written about white nationalism in the past. In fact, I deliberately kept the fact that I was going to AmRen under wraps because I was unsure of the reaction I would get. The fact that Taylor himself has criticized ROK and publisher Roosh didn’t help either.

As it turns out, judging white nationalists based on the retards commenting on their blogs is like judging Return of Kings based on the human spambot commenters who can’t go three syllables without blurting out “hypergamy” or “DON’T GET MARRIED!” like an autistic kindergartner on Red Bull.

Not only was everyone at AmRen civil and polite to me, I met quite a few folks who were fans of my writing. One of the biggest surprises was meeting Henry Wolff, Jared Taylor’s assistant, and him telling me that he’d met Roosh at his DC meetup three years ago. In fact, the only people I disliked were a pair of geldings who were polite to my face—one of whom straight-up told me he had put the feud I’d had with them years ago in the past—but trashed me on their blog as soon as they got home.

As Rome pointed out to me over the weekend, the very structure of the conference deters Internet cranks. Beyond the cost-prohibitive registration and hotel reservation ($100 to register, $35 for the banquet, and $176 for the hotel room), the remote location—about 45 minutes from Nashville in the middle of nowhere—also throws a wrench in the works. The logistics of getting a room, getting a plane ride and/or car on top of the conference itself are too much for the average basement dweller to handle.

The reality is that aside from the differences in politics, white nationalists really aren’t that different than the guys in the manosphere. At the end of the day, we all like to get drunk, party our asses off and don’t take ourselves too seriously. For example, one of the highlights of the weekend was watching Scott Terry and Matt Parrott do a karaoke rendition of Depeche Mode’s anti-racist anthem “People Are People” at a honky-tonk bar.

2. There’s more diversity at an AmRen conference than among its leftist opponents


Despite being a white nationalist event, AmRen drew several minority attendees, including a cute black girl and a pair of Puerto Rican nationalists. They were welcomed in and treated no differently than the others. Conversely, the sad anti-racist demonstration on Saturday night was almost all white, save for Daryle Jenkins, the pudgy black race-baiter who organized both the protest and an “Anti-Racism Unconference” earlier in the day.


Not only were the anti-racist protesters more deficient in melanin than the attendees, they were visibly demoralized. While I didn’t attend last year’s AmRen, William Rome produced a mini-documentary about it (currently not online), part of which featured a fired-up gang of freaks admonishing the “Nazis” to “remember Stalingrad” and other inflammatory slogans.

This year, the best they could manage was “No Hate in Our State” and “Racists Are Buttheads,” and a couple of the protesters were so lazy they actually laid down in the grass while holding up their signs.

Between the flaccid protest and the record attendance at AmRen (according to Parrott and Taylor, the conference is on the verge of outgrowing the venue), it’s clear that the culture is swinging towards the alt-right and manosphere’s direction. I mean, “Racists Are Buttheads?” What are you, twelve?

3. The speakers are the least important part of the conference


While AmRen attracts attendees by billing its lineup of speakers, the reality is that the speakers are only really there in order to provide an excuse for people to mingle. The only speakers I saw were Peter Brimelow, RAMZPAUL, and part of Richard Spencer’s speech. I also watched “The Great Debate,” in which Brimelow and John Derbyshire bantered with Spencer and Sam Dickson on the usefulness of the U.S. government in preserving white America.

The real reason to go to AmRen—or any conference period—is to shake hands and make friends. The antics you can get up to in one weekend in the woods are incredible. For example, I blew off one of the speakers to smoke Cuban cigars outside with William Rome and Scott Terry. I also spent a couple of nights hanging with Blair, Rome, Parrott, Matthew Heimbach and others at a honky-tonk bar, which produced its own memorable moments (which Blair and I have already discussed).

Overall, while there some things I’d rather not have done (or had happen) over the weekend (some of which I’ll talk about later), I had a blast at AmRen. In fact, I was so wasted from partying when the conference ended on Sunday that not only did I have the mother of all hangovers, I had a mysterious four-inch gash on the top of my head. The coup de grace was when I threw up in the toilet at a German restaurant where Rome and I were having lunch.

Verdict: AmRen is a ten out of ten, would vomit again.

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81 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned At This Year’s American Renaissance Conference”

  1. I consider myself as a Burkean Conservative with a rebel streak, but I pride myself in my ability to talk and engage and befriend anyone from any background.
    Liberal, Marxist, gay whatever – I know and have known them all. I’ve never assaulted or killed anyone because of their beliefs. Have never and will never ruin anyone’s career either.
    And yet in this world I’m considered a bigot for my baseline position.
    Fucking crazy. Who are the bigots again??

        1. I would add that they fear authority that isn’t theres.
          You see this whenever Pinochet comes up: it’s bad when right wingers do it

        2. They don’t just fear authority. They fear their own inability to consolidate authority.
          They hate freedom.
          Simple as that

    1. How is being a Burkean conservative even comparable to being a white nationalist. I don’t agree with white (or black) nationalism but anyone who’s cheered for a sport team could understand fences and little platoons.

      1. Considering that the progs basically accuse any white person that didn’t vote for Obama of racism. To the left there really isn’t that much difference between any non-progressive ideology. All non-progressives are evil bigots to them.

  2. I often describe myself as a Black nationalist and I want to go to AMREN. Based on what I’ve heard about that conference from RamZPaul and read by both Naso and Forney, I want to go. That shit sounds like a blast. I wouldn’t mind sitting at a bar with the attendees and shoot the shit with them.
    One of the things I like about the term “White Nationalist” is watching the batshit KRAY-ZAY leftists go ballistic whenever the term is mentioned. Of course, not every Black nationalist thinks as I do. There are the folks in the New Black Panther Party and those mofos are insane.
    By the way, my ideas on Black nationalism result from being influenced by Elijah Muhammad (I don’t subscribe to the “white man is the devil” concept).

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    1. Matthew Heimbach often deals with black nationalists. From what I understand, they’re fairly amenable.
      I can see why. What annoys blacks I find is being supplicating and not honest with them.

      1. I’m still trying to grasp my own experiences in this line of thought. It’s kind of muddled. I went to a college where I was immersed in differing variants of what was described as Black nationalism. The strand that appealed to me were the ideas of the Nation of Islam. It was a belief that Black people should control the politics and economics of their own community. For a moment I was in the Nation of Islam. It’s appeal to me lay in its emphasis on men being men. They were staunchly capitalist too although they may not phrase it as I have (there was a belief that Black people need to start their own businesses).
        At any rate, your comment about Black folks being supplicating seemed to me to be viewed as an abhorrent state insofar as the brothers I encountered in NOI.
        It’s hard for me to typify a “Black Nationalist” for I only know my own experiences and the concepts of such I’ve embraced. Oddly, I went to a school that was centered in the civil rights experience and many of us, in that campus environ, developed a hostility to civil rights, it’s reliance on government, and integration.

        1. I agree betterment of the black race should be the goal of the black nationalists and all nationalists should better their own races.
          Now if only the black community would start taking out the trash of their own race so that it can become a strong civilized race in its own right and start matching the other races in prowess in civility,science and technology and give the white racists less reason to be so in regards to the black people.

      2. Heimbach has balls. He faced down the Marxists on campus and he was heavily outnumbered.

      3. Blacks have a lot of respect for open racists. Its the pussy liberals they rag on, rightfully so.

    2. I like those types of black nationalists. I get a good laugh watching their videos.

        1. Yes. I’m not saying black nationalists are crazy. Their views are just as rational as any other sort of racial/nationalist group. Every people should govern their own affairs. I’ve also seen a couple of great speeches by black nationalists but I prefer the ranting nut jobs and the whole white devil thing.

        2. The rantings of the “nutjobs” are entertaining. In my mind, I was selective about what I chose to adopt and what I chose to discard. There is a mixture. I am a big fan of Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan but, at the same time, I chose to discard the “white man is the devil” stuff and Farrakhan’s tendency to suggest an evil as the foundation of the founding of the United States. I might be more along the lines of a “Bookerite”.
          I tend focus on economic empowerment and intentionally discard the conspiratorial concepts. Although I describe my ideas as Black nationalist, I find great value in Locke…. Please forgive my ramblings, I’ve had a few beers and am having trouble structuring my ideas into a better clarity.

        3. Though not a black man, I think it’s great for black folks to engage in a positive, productive nationalism to improve their lives and communities. I’ve seen its evil twin, a negative, defeatist sort of black nationalism wherein black folks blame whites for all their problems, and they don’t do anything to improve their lives or their communities. It’s good there are people working to change that.

        4. Its the equivalent of blaming jews, or in some quarters muslims, in white nationalism.
          It easily becomes a victimology thats wholly unproductive.

        5. I prefer Hobbes, although It’s beyond argument which of the two have had more influence on the west. When I’m drinking I know not to go near the comment section. I’ve woke up some mornings and spent the rest of the day explaining myself.

        6. “I might be more along the lines of a “Bookerite”.”
          Would you be speaking of Mr. Booker T. Washington, Al?

        7. If they spent even half the time that they spend on bashing us on improving their own lives & communities, can you imagine how much farther along they would be right now?

        8. If you and your race realism brethren spent less time focused on the dysfunctional in the black community and more time on the success stories in the black community, your perception of blacks would be more positive and you could spend your time more productively, rather than stuck in race realism echo chambers listening to the repetitive chatter of hyperbole driven propaganda.

        9. Now Booker was a GREAT man. I have several of his books. 🙂 Frederick Douglass as well.

        10. If more blacks spent more time doing what you posted for themselves, then none of us would be having these discussions. You have no idea about how I spend my time off of discussion boards, not to mention that it’s really none of your business.

    3. A great irony is that if every black person were a black nationalist like you then no whites would feel the need to be white nationalists.

    4. I have more respect for you than blacks who blame everything on racism and oppression with their hands out (but not up lol).
      I think that blacks and whites living together is a really bad marriage, and it’s time for us to get a divorce.

    5. I am a Jewish nationalist and support white and black nationalists. I am hoping to attend the next conference. Just because we prefer to live with our own kind does not mean we cant have a drink with each other or buy a sandwich from another.

        1. ? there are plenty of Jewish nationalists, or do you live under a rock? not that I have any issues with them.

        2. What is the Fabian Society’s motto?
          “Let your mouth deny what your hands are doing”.

        3. Yeah, they are called Zionists and their plan is to form a one world government which they will control 100%.

        4. sighs, there are plenty of vocal Jewish nationalists. and then there’s the world wide web to search for them. ehehe

      1. And that is a big part of it for me, culture. My preference is Black culture. I love certain features of Black culture to a point where I am willing to tolerate the politics of such (you can easily conclude that my politics are radically different from most folks in the Black community). There are a few other reasons but, as I said earlier, those reasons are rooted in my disdain for integration as a strategy for empowerment.

        1. Ya know. I can’t say that having pride in your race is a bad thing, but not at the expense of others. One would like that would be fine to the left but it isn’t. I’m white. If I say or do anything I’m instantly going to be branded a white nationalist regardless.
          Guess who said this:
          “Pride in one’s own race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong.”

        2. Well said, nobody can force anyone to like each other. But we can all respect each other.

    6. Agreed, Nationalists are simply people concerned about their own race’s future and most of us have no hated towards other races. We may have our own corners but we can still meet in the middle and shake hands as men.

  3. This is likely the best article on white nationalism: http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2007/11/why-i-am-not-white-nationalist.html?m=1
    While he doesn’t think it is politically viable, Charles Murray thinks HBD will break through in the 2020s. And that the money and political interest will dwarf the politically correct forces.
    Especially with the beatings they keep taking, which the manosphere takes part in.
    So we will see since the absence of HBD is why Moldbug doesn’t see it as viable.
    I wonder if linking Moldbug is guaranteed replies territory

    1. HBD seems like it’s about to ‘break through’ on the internet (the equivalent of Parisian coffee shops two centuries back); the Libs have pushed so hard with their egalitarianism while embracing elitism, that it’s beyond straining credulity, and those who advocate it are increasingly looking ridiculous.

      1. Ah great. Now I need to find something new to feel like I have special privileged information. :^)
        What makes you think it’s erupting already?

        1. “it’s a world of difference between treating people equally, and attempting to make them equal.” Hayek

        2. Egalitarianism=Everyone is equal. Sex polarity does not exist. Different Character Traits does not exist among different races.

  4. I can’t understand why sex realists and race realists don’t just naturally become one and the same. They’re both evidently different sides of the same coin, which is higher truth. Race realism almost seems the easier truth to swallow. Sex realism really makes a man rethink how he’s been living his life and demands that he change. Race realism these days just compels a man to read and talk

    1. I know, it’s not like we both aren’t sick of micromanaging government interference, affirmative action, egalitarianism, Government handouts, and Social Justice warriors.
      I have a sneaking suspicion that the HBD folks judge us by that faggot leftist Paul Elam just like we Judge them by their leftists.

  5. SO EDGY ERMAGHERD YOU FAT RACIST PIECE OF SHIT!!! HURR DURR let me have an aneurism and divulge like a 12 year old.
    But seriously that sound interesting, I would enjoy meeting some of these people a lot.

  6. These people are moderates when you compare them to the black racists that are respected by the leftist establishment.

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  8. Yo heshe! No one on this site thinks cum is a natural remedy. Now go gargle elsewhere.

    1. Shhh, some of the guys here have been telling their girlfriends it is – don’t rock the boat.

        1. I’m sure that will be a great comfort to the both of you, especially if she’s been dealing with a nasty case of oral gonorrhea. But caring is sharing….

    1. A better example would be ‘felching’ a donkey. ‘Felching’ is sucking the butt mustard mix (yellow brown swill of semen and shit) back OUT of the ass that said fag has just fudge packed. In the gay infested college town where I grew up, I hung out with like thinking ‘red pillers’ though the term didn’t exist back then. A big insult was to call someone a ‘felcher’. We used the term quite liberally in the hood. Oh them days. We pulled some crazy shit.

  9. The thing I like about truth seekers and/or activists on both sides isn’t so much their head banging followers but their high priests or propogandists. I can chat all day with them from either side and learn interesting new words, but still I know where my sentiments lie. What I agree with on either side is when they are anti cathedral or matrix. Their opposition to the powers that be I couldn’t agree with more but it is the particular pet peeves of the lefty/fem side that drive me up the wall. So much so that though they may make for intelligent convo, I’d be weary of having them for neighbors, and I couldn’t bear to see their face at a family reunion.
    I had this one lefty fem bitch relative, intelligent as hell, but her fem bitch pet peeves and her penchant to call out the white knight law on the ‘patriarch’ boogeyman, man if this were the 17th century I would help gather the firewood and prepare the kabobs for the villagers to enjoy as the witch got roasted! Ha:)
    The activists I can’t stand are the ones that use the establishment white knight police force just to push their sjw line. So if their activism needs the system ‘PIG BUTTER’ just to slide, then the activism and its principle are worthless.
    If someone disagrees with me and can’t beat me in civil debate and then retorts by calling system wogs on me, that’s when I declare eternal FATWA on them. And that’s funny because I’m not even Islamic and I look like Opie. If they want a challenge, that’s what the parking lot is for. Have some honor. Take matters into your own hands. As they say, ”anyone can piss on the floor – – Be a hero, SHIT ON THE CEILING!!”
    Activists I respect are ones that can blow away the matrix just with their presence, who have an aura of clarity and enlightenment.

  10. “There’s more diversity at an AmRen conference than among its leftist opponents” ~ So we should all jump, shout and knock ourselves out because the “Alternative Right” embraces liberal socialism more than the Traditional Left in Today’s America? We should all be like a bunch of hippies and pat ourselves on the back for being more progressive than the Progressives? What fucking ever. MY GOD! How I wish I was in the Land of Cotton…

    1. I think he was pointing it out not in the “we’re morally good because we haz diversity” way but to highlight the hypocrisies and ironies of the progressives. ‘Anti-Racism’ is mostly a movement for moral preening white liberals.

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  12. This annual conference is important. The issue is important—White Genocide.
    Everything revolves around that- the political social and moral attack on identity and freedom.
    Its great they do this every year. I hope some of the speakers post their talks.

    1. They probably enjoyed being in a place where no one gets SJW-offended by anything they say. Like /pol but better dressed.

  13. The only funny line in the whole piece is when the doughboy Forney called someone “pudgy.”

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