The Major Flaw In Today’s Perception Of Domestic Violence

A long time ago, there were men roaming the Earth in the same era as the Saber-toothed Tiger. Basically a tiger on steroids, man would want to avoid this beast at all costs. The tiger was larger, stronger, and better equipped at killing than man. Because of this power dynamic, man had a natural respect for the tiger. They coexisted in the same environment, often sharing similar food sources. Man would scavenge meat from leftover tiger kills. The tiger always had the right of way, and should a confrontation ensue, man was most often killed by the tiger. Man’s most basic instinct is that of self-preservation, and he would avoid confrontation with the tiger in order to preserve his life.

This same power dynamic exists between other animals. Lion > Hyena > Gazelle. Animals will always concede ground to their more powerful and dangerous counterparts in an effort to stay alive. They co-exist in the same areas, but an animal doesn’t dare provoke one higher than itself in the hierarchy. It’s one of the basic laws of nature.

The Human Dynamic

While the power dynamic is still very much present in humans, the relationship dynamic also carries equal weight. Humans can willingly repress their violent nature because they desire relationships with other humans. If you killed your best friend when you had a disagreement, you wouldn’t have any friends left. If you killed your sexual partner when they displeased you, you would have to go hunting for a new one. Your gut natural instinct may tell you to jump to violence, but our brains are incredibly powerful, and give us willpower—the ability to restrain our natural instincts in order to produce a more positive outcome. This is the driving characteristic that separates us from most of the animal kingdom.

Man vs. Man

Just like in the animal world, there is a natural power dynamic between men when it comes to physical violence and the ability to kill. In addition to our natural abilities, the evolution of weaponry has helped skew the natural order. Guy With Gun > NFL Linebacker > Gym Rat > Average Guy > Hipster > 8 Year Old Boy. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to provoke anyone higher than yourself in this hierarchy, as the potential for it to turn violent could conflict with your need for self-preservation. There are laws in place that try to minimize the confrontation between different levels, but we all know that humans don’t always obey those laws.

This internal battle to abstain from violence is constantly in flux and, especially in men, the end result can come out anywhere on the spectrum. There are men in jail for murdering other men. There are men who are completely passive, and have never been in a fight in their lives. The more common scenario lies somewhere in the middle ground, where small amounts of violence are still used when men need to be reminded of the natural power dynamic.

Walk into any bar in the South, go up to a big redneck, and tell him his girl is an ugly cunt. I guarantee you’ll be hit right in the face. A good old-fashioned fist fight is one of the ways men communicate. Up until recently it was perfectly acceptable to drag somebody outside and whip their ass because they “needed to be taught a lesson.”

That “lesson” is simply a reminder of the natural power dynamic. The more powerful man is constantly suppressing his natural tendency for violence as a benefit to those around him. This requires a great deal of effort and patience. The moment the lesser man forgets this, he needs a reminder, and receives it in the form of a knuckle sandwich. Most of the time, the point is taken and the confrontation ends.

Man vs. Woman

Although I understand that Ronda Rousey could kick my ass, the natural power dynamic between men and women is hard to contest. The average man is more powerful and prone to violence than the average woman. It goes back to our early roles in human history—men fight the battles and kill for food; women give birth and nurture babies. For most of human history this was fully understood by both sexes. Since men appreciated women (for their sexual pleasure, for raising children, etc.), they desired a continuous relationship with women. Understanding that women were the weaker sex, men took extra care not to be violent with women, as it was beneficial to their mutual relationship.

This is where the old saying “real men don’t hit women” originated. The key to this being true at the time was that in turn, women were respectful to men. They did not provoke men, as they knew they would be on the losing end of a physical confrontation. They appreciated men’s ability to repress their violent nature in the name of a beneficial relationship between the two parties. They also understood the need for man’s violent nature. It is this nature that provides safety and security. It’s why “women and children first” was always the motto. It’s why men fought the bad guys. Women understood the balance between having a man violent enough to provide security and not too violent as to cause her harm.

Enter Feminism

One of feminism’s main goals has been to take the violent nature out of men. Even in young children, boys in school are reprimanded for even the smallest acts of violence—holding a toy like a gun, drawing a violent picture, or pushing other kids down on the playground. In grown men, acts like grabbing a woman’s wrist in the heat of an argument became full-on physical assault. When we stopped touching them completely, they came up with “emotional abuse.” They have tried to label any negative reaction a man has to a woman’s behavior as abuse.

Simultaneously, they have lost all respect for men. Today’s women feel that they can say and do anything to a man, yet he should not be able to respond. She can yell and scream all she wants, but if he raises his voice above hers, it is emotional abuse. If she slaps, punches, or bites him and he hits back, it is physical abuse. The problem with this concept is that the definition of abuse is dependent on the hierarchy of the power dynamic. It is only abuse because He is physically stronger than She. It’s not abuse because She isn’t really capable of physically hurting Him. Abuse can only go from higher to lower in the power dynamic.

Here lies the hypocritical flaw in today’s perception of domestic violence: Women want the benefit of the natural power dynamic without any of the consequences. They want the men to protect them. They want to be able to cry abuse when they are subjected to violence. Yet they do not want to acknowledge the power dynamic and respect someone with greater physical strength. They want to be able to provoke a man to his breaking point, yet have the man restrain all natural physical reactions.

And you know what? They’ve got it. That is how the western world works today, for the most part. Most men don’t hit women. Most men will deal with a woman screaming at them and simply do not react— they work to suppress the anger. It isn’t because we respect women, or don’t have the violent urges anymore. It’s because we don’t want to go to jail. But every now and then, Ray Rice hits back, and the world loses its mind.

Janay Rice wasn’t sitting on the couch minding her own business when Ray walked up and punched her in the face. Rihanna wasn’t making pancakes when Chris Brown walked in the kitchen and slapped the shit out of her. Violence is rarely unprovoked. It’s a natural reaction to being pushed to your breaking point. I’m not condoning domestic violence or hitting women. In fact, in both the cases above, the man’s violence was awful and incredibly disproportionate to the level of force or arguing that the women were using. However, if you slap a tiger in the face, don’t be surprised when it eats you. That’s just common sense. Maybe you should learn to respect the Tiger a little more.

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184 thoughts on “The Major Flaw In Today’s Perception Of Domestic Violence”

  1. But man and the sabre-tooth tiger got along great! Didn’t you see that movie 10000 BC? He was like “do not eat me, and I will set you free”. And you know what, that tiger listened. They then had a mutual respect for each other. Oh, good article too. Fuck feminism!

    1. Actually, this is more true than you might think since there has never been a sabre-tooth tiger. It has existed only in the imagination.

        1. Various species of “sabre-tooth” cats did exist, evidenced by numerous fossils, but they weren’t technically tigers. Not sure what your point is Bob…

  2. What to do when a woman is being verbally abusive or physically aggressive?
    Can’t hit her back, can’t grab her, hold her by the arms, can’t raise your voice. You can’t protect yourself at all. At most you can pull up a phone and try to video it as a way to gather evidence for your case, but chances are she’ll storm towards you trying to grab the phone and then pretend that you hit her.
    As much as I try to keep frame and don’t pay attention to feminists, this is the one thing that still bugs me, because it’s a lose-lose situation that I can’t get out of. We can try to avoid it, but even if we do our best, it’s a trap that eventually catches some of us.

    1. What you do is Leave. Permanently. Because when a woman takes it to that point, she’s lost respect for you, and is now trying to dominate the relationship and/or take you down.
      Just go. You might want to come back and reform the relationship, up to you.

      1. Or just leave forever. Unless such a woman has one of your kids and you have to have a “business relationship,” she is not worth the hassle. There’s billions of other women out there.

      2. Yup, correct response. Just leave; and this is why you can never get married. Because if you are ever put in this situation and you are married the woman has total control. You’ve lost your trump card which is “exit, stage left”.

      3. Sometimes they won’t let you leave. I had a girl stand in front of the door throwing shit at me when I was trying to leave. It was an apartment and I wasn’t jumping 5 stories to the ground. What I did was throw a chair right at the wall right next to her. Then I said move now. It worked she moved. When you can’t leave I think you have to find a way to display your power without hitting them.

    2. You can restrain a girl that is physically aggressive. Obviously, you only restrain women you know, and the restraint doesn’t need to be severe. If the aggressive women is a some random slut at a bar, then just get her in sight of the staff. I’d personally just walk up to order another drink from the bar and hope she follows

      1. Very bad advice.
        All she has to do is say to the cops “he touched me” and you are spending at least one night in jail.

        1. if you use nonviolent techniques you should be fine.
          my ex was yelling at me and banging her fists against me, and I told her if she doesn’t stop I will need to restrain her, and she isn’t going to like it.
          she did stop. and later on after she cooled down she asked me what I was going to do, and I just smirked and ignored her.
          no blood. no beating. nothing.
          and i won.

        2. I think if you had restrained her and the police were called you would have exited the house in handcuffs and spent time both in jail and in anger management classes or DV classes. You would always have been the perpetrator. 75% of men who call the police on a DV charge against their wives get arrested. I hope you never put your plan into action because my experience has been any touching of the woman even in self defence to ward off blows will get you the man arrested.

        3. That needs wide dissemination. My buddy calls the cops on a girl that is breaking things and throwing stuff at him. He plays it cool and keeps calm. The cops show up and warn them that if they have to come back, one or both of them are getting arrested.
          What kind of shit is that? How about arrest the one breaking things and acting nuts. Nope. She’s smaller and pretty, so it MUST be his fault.

    3. Even though it currently does the law obviously should not differentiate between men and women being physical….(the real definition of equality) however, my personal rule is that the bitch can make it up in the bedroom later…. all of it filmed. Trust me it works.

    4. Set boundaries.
      This means that you make it a point to say “no.” early on. She will immediately test your boundaries: she does this to know if you are strong.
      When she does, punish her — leave and don’t call her back for a while. You can’t win an argument, arguing itself is weakness, so just leave.
      Establish your strength early and she never ramps up the shit testing to where she gets violent.
      But if it gets to that point, dump her.

    5. Yes you can react, leave her and the most important is denounce her. Denounce women violence is not totally in vain, even if she doesnt go to jail, because show the statistics of reality about how agressive women are. So more men will unite against DV, then laws can change and, of course, women can change, because it become a win-win situation for men. Here in my country things are changing because now more and more men are “breaking the silence”.

    6. Actually you can beat the ever loving shit out of her and instill horrific fear and supplicating obedience. Women are wired to respond to this and it is a fact that those who suffer genuine abuse don’t call the police as often if at all. If you are going to jail you might as well do the crime. And if you do the crime you are (by the numbers) less likely to do the time.

      1. yeah, that works. is that how you conduct your relationships? i’m surprised you’re still around to post. or breathe.

        1. If you are already being accused of the crime and you know the fix is in why not? Do you think women are more likely to continue or to stop false accusations if they know that any false accusation will be followed up by a genuinely vicious beating?

        2. that was sarcasm. i know anyone who gave me a “vicious beating” for any reason would regret it for the rest of their life.

        3. oh so you’re that guy from django unchained aka the fastest gunslinger in the south? *respect*

        4. I’m sure they would supergirl, I’m sure they would. He will be disciplined by the all knowing courts and you’ll spend the rest of your life drinking your food through a straw. Sounds like a fair trade.
          By calling the cops on an innocent man the female *is* initiating potentially lethal violence and she should be dealt with accordingly. There can be no middle ground here the way the law is set up. I’d love it to be another way but I’m a realist and anyone who threatens you with death because its that time of the month deserves the savage beating she lies about getting.

        5. I see it here all the time.
          Disgruntled women using the state (cops with guns) as a bludgeon against men.
          Men are put in jail, have their firearms seized, and get all sorts of other ‘attention’ just on the accusation of a woman. No evidence required.
          Our local ‘magistrates’ have incredible power, and are neither lawyers nor LEOs.
          And interestingly, they are women who ALWAYS side with the woman.
          Allegation of rape? in jail, no evidence.
          Allegation of physical violence? At a minimum kicked out of the house and all firearms stolen by robbers, err I mean confiscated by peace officers.

        6. This is the truth and there is no easy answer for it. I certainly see no peaceful solution to it in the current legal environment. Any woman who is willing to call the cops on you because she isn’t haaaaaapy (and their numbers are legion) will not be desuetude by more supplication. There has to be real world penalties just as there are for men if we do… well anything. No police officer will give you less a beating if we get out of line. So for women who do this?
          I don’t like the thought of blackening their eyes and unleashing violence against them but since society does not restrict their outrageous behavior (and in fact encourages it) I see no other solution. Personally speaking I left the U.S. but for 170 million men forced to deal with this other than full scale revolution and overthrow of the current legal regime (which means enormous amounts of violence) what is the solution?

        7. i’ve managed to stay away from men like you my whole life. you know, giant douchebags?

        8. You’re getting turned on huh? Broads love 50 shades of gray men who aren’t afraid to show them the ropes (and whips and chains)

        9. You KNOW this guy is nothing like this in real life. To use their terminology (barf) he’s a slight, sad little beta who lives his life online. He’s meaningless and nothing in real life and he’s totally ignored by men and women alike. But he’s frustrated enough to eventually go on a shooting spree, so watch. He’s adding all of the women who reject him to his kill list as we speak. His ego is so so fragile. His parents wish he was better at life. But his online identity is all he has for now so he plays up this alternate persona and lives via fantasy. It’s a sad existence for these ones.

    7. A good rechargeable voice recorder in your pocket, always on, is an invaluable tool in today’s age of legal rape. I carry one because I am almost always carrying a gun and the recorder is a much more reliable witness on the stand than I am, plus a judge can and will take the recorder’s word over the officer’s word any day of the week. So, I have one always running, and it keeps a good couple of days to wear down the battery.
      That disarms her irrational screaming and inciting violence in a legal sense, properly applied. The physical violence I guess would depend on circumstances. If in public, walk away or to someplace entirely filled with people, or if possible, go to your car and leave her standing on the corner.

      1. Nice initiative. Is there a model (voice recorder) you would specifically recommend, or will anything you find on Amazon more or less do the trick?

        1. Just hit your local Staples and find one that:
          – Has a long battery life
          – Can hold at least 24 hours of recording (usually they go much higher due to high memory)
          – Can download the recording to your PC via some method (usb, etc).
          You can get rather pricey with them, but a basic model doing all of the above can be had rather reasonably.

      2. It is a pitiful statement on modern marriage and law enforcement, but the advice now given to men is never to argue with a woman in a room with only one exit. If she blocks the only exit you are out of luck. If youso much as touch her to get out you have physically abused her and will be arrested. If you block her exit you will be arrested for kidnapping or illegal restrant. See how equal our society is?

      3. It sounds exhausting to be you. Constant vigilance and you don’t trust anyone. Victim blaming happens to both sexes I guess.

    8. Lock yourself in the bathroom and call the cops. Either that or just get as far away from that bitch as possible.

  3. While all ladies are women, not all women are ladies. There is a big difference. A lady would never put herself into a Ray Rice-esque situation. A man should have the basic right to defend himself against any and all threats.

  4. The thing that men can do that drives women crazy, is the power of indifference. Your nonchalantm free of care attitude is what messes them up the most. The fact that you won’t give them an emotional source to feed upon is what you use when they give you all kinds of attitude. Blank stares, withdrawn responses, unassuming points.
    Provoking someone to physically strike you is one of the most childish and disrespectful things you can do to a person. What you’re admitting is you’re better than me, and I want you to do for me what I won’t do for myself which is curb my emotions.
    Your manhood is always under attack. Either you end up like Jay-Z or Ray Rice

      1. I usually say “No, if I am going to go to jail, it’s not going to be for assault, it’s going to be for murder. You haven’t pushed me to murder you yet.”
        Ironically, In many states the law supports this. sexual assault can net you 20 years and death in prison (jailbirds are the worst white knights) while murder will often net you 5 years or less.

        1. I’ll smack you if you open your mouth again. Now get back in the kitchen and fix me that sandwich.

    1. Agreed-that emotional detachment makes them loose their shit. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. They will start thinking you don’t love them as much and it drives them crazy. Physical violence with women just gets you arrested, no questions asked.

    2. perfectly put…. and what’s more is that where a man is still shamed for domestic violence and today can have mandated court orders and all sorts thrown at him…… a woman is no longer shamed for being a bitchy slut. That was the original social contract….. men curb their aggression, women keep their legs closed.

      1. Yup and the new feminist social contract is women get to use their vagina, but men don’t get to use their fists….
        And we have so many men that agree. SMH.

      2. What world do you live in that women aren’t judged for being bitchy sluts? Not college. Not grad school. Not the suburbs. Not NYC. Not the real world. It’s just that punching a woman in the face comes with jail time as it should. Sleeping around doesn’t, or most the guys I know would be in prison as would the sluts.

  5. I agree that the level of violence may seem to be disproportionate, but as a man who once had to slap a women publicly, I must say that sometimes, the way women carry their abuse can be sneaky and over a fairly long period of time, say over two weeks, she’s withholding sex, her comments are means, but little by little she erode your confidence and one day you just have to let her know she has been too far.

    1. A slap is usually enough. Its when guys start breaking noses and jaws that things are being carried too far.

    2. In the past in England, the punishment for a woman ‘scolding’ (nagging) a man was for her to be dunked in a pond repeatedly.
      Nagging and psychological abuse can be worse than physical violence. I’ve been on the losing end of kickboxing bouts and I would take that any day over the anxiety and sleepless nights caused by female mind games.

  6. I was walking down a small sidewalk(area) one day. This girl was literally blocking the whole area, and did not even budge to let me by. My theory was that she wanted to test how ‘alpha’ I was, as if I was going to body slam her out the way. Nowadays you just have to walk the other way.

      1. She was looking dead at me, while I also had strong eye contact. Sad to say that this was a bw in her ‘hood’. You are right though, but I never thought to say anything because I was just flabbergasted at the time.

        1. Ha, I know. Hood rats are on another level though…She was lookin for a thug, and I was just lookin for green tobacco. I couldn’t even imagine gaming that bitch when that is her first shit test.

    1. I had a very similiar altercation. I was jogging around my neighbourhood for morning training and after having moved off the footpaths, walkways etc over a stretch of about 2.5 kms, I came up to these two americunt looking girls. Both were glued to their damn phones and loud as hell. They werent moving and neither was I, so I just clapped my hands real loud as I approached and scared the ever-living shit out of the chick closest to me. She regained her senses after shuddering and called me an idiot. I called her a dumbass loud enough in return for everyone to hear. Bitches.

      1. What are they trying to prove nowadays? It’s just common curtiousy mixed with a little sense.

        1. The common slut has neither of those traits, man. They conduct themselves with the manners of a bar wench. If I may advise you, don’t be exceedingly patient with women you don’t know. Just be rough and brisk. “One strike and theyre out” rules are excellent. No respect. Fuck em’.

  7. This is where the old saying “real men don’t hit women” originated.

    I think this is a fairly new phrase.

    1. I’m sure I’m one of the older guys here and that phrase was around when I was a young whippersnapper.

      1. No. I talked to my grandmother about this. The phrase was “men don’t hit ladies”. Which required women to be ladies. Feminist has changed it to “real men don’t hit women… ie. vaginas are sacred, and I will appeal to chivalry… even though I pretend to be against sexism.

        1. When I was a boy it was hammered into our heads boys don’t hit girls and men don’t hit women. It was assumed that most women were ladies.

        2. Are we playing tit for tat shit here? It gets tiresome. I’m merely relating here what I was taught in the Leave it to Beaver days. I don’t know what your fucking point is.

        3. Tit for tat? What are you talking about?
          My comment was real simple…. the rule for human males not to strike human females obligated those human females to behave in a certain and respectable way… the term “lady” “fairer sex” etc indicated that.
          Today we have the terms “womyn” and “domestic violence” and even using the phrase “fairer sex” will get you crucified. What does this language change indicate? That the obligation on females to behave with class has completely disappeared thanks to feminism.

      2. However old you are you’re not that old. By fairly new I don’t mean last week! More like last century or so. Just like how you never hit a man with glasses.

    2. My grandfather said something like that to me when I was a small kid. He punished me for hitting my sister. Its easy to say when you aren’t dealing with the crazy our generation have to put up with.

    3. Probably around the time the paddle was taken out of the nightstand drawer, not long ago really.

  8. “In fact, in both the cases above, the man’s violence was awful and
    incredibly disproportionate to the level of force or arguing that the
    Fully agreed up to this statement. The violence appears disproportionate/awful in the same way that me punching a tiger as hard as I can and it tearing me up seems disproportionate. Both are operating at their violence threshold, and disproportionate doesn’t really apply in the typical sense. Particularly, in the Rice video, his reaction appears quite restrained, after she charges him and he slaps her, and she falls over, the assault stops.

    1. In the heat of the action, instinct kicks in. Even highly trained martial artists occasionally poke each other in the eye. Its a natural reaction to having something coming at you, you lash out.

  9. The power dynamic has become unbalanced because it is no longer one on one. It is one man against the power of the state. And that is why they have become obnoxious, disrespectful harpies.

    1. That state is on the way out and I’m not planning on wasting my ammo protecting women from the rape gangs.

  10. This is proof that feminism mess up western culture and its followers are mentality flawed. Like a cool guy said years ago “feminism is sexism”

  11. My father practically choked my sister out once. He got married quickly after my mom divorced him and was quick to start a new family with him as the patriarch. My sisters didn’t like this, they were still reeling from the separation, but unfortunately they had no say in the man’s life, and his rationale was that this was what he needed. My mom had a serious boyfriend at the time and he seemed jealous. My sisters and him do not talk because they called the cops on him for this and his resentment for my mother for the divorce quickly spread to them when he felt mistreated by them on top of feeling rejected. He still barely admits to what he did, and only until you really talk him into it. I’m the only one that has a relationship with him, despite having been dealt my own share of physical punishment that was a little over the top, shall I say, and never knowing who to believe. One of my sisters, the one choked, regrets calling the police. On top of that, the emotional trauma of feeling abandoned by their father for years has in some ways led to the projection of much of these emotions on to me. If they had respected his decisions, perhaps things would be different, and I wouldn’t have felt in the middle of a long, cold war. But at the same time, he needs to come clean and take responsibility for this. That’s what a man does. I think neither of them are correct. It’s fucked up, but I love them anyway.
    So if this article has you feeling justified in hitting a woman, at least have the balls to admit it and to take the consequences as they come. If you have enough wit to understand modern context, at least act with the propriety to accept what happens, even if that means death. That’s a man. For if you shirk the ability to admit to your action, the onus is most certainly placed on someone else. And it’s that very selfishness a man does not make.

  12. You can restrain a girl that is physically aggressive. Obviously, you only restrain women you know, and the restraint doesn’t need to be severe. If the aggressive women is a some random slut at a bar, then just get her in sight of the staff. I’d personally just walk up to order another drink from the bar and hope she follows.

      1. That’s why you SHOULD be in the gym. A woman who weights 50 lbs more than me, in almost no instance, is stronger than me.
        Stronglift 5×5 FTMFW

  13. When a woman goes on the offensive its because she’s asserting herself… when a man goes on the offensive he’s abusive. Feminism is such a fraud.

  14. A woman only ever has as much power as a man gives her. This is why all a woman ever truly cares about is getting a man so she can start to work on him – manipulating testing and analyzing; always trying some shit; its why there can never be peace between us and them.
    In and of themselves they’re powerless and feeble. Put them out in the wilderness and they cant think or fend for themselves – they’re basically fucked.
    Next time a woman trips on you and tries to get a rise outta you just tell her she’s a fool and walk away, forget her – there isn’t a shit she can do.

  15. Is it an implausible idea to employ a female task force, not unlike the police, to police women? Say a woman wants to start something, because she thinks she can. You phone for a member of said task force and they can issue a warning. For the second offense they can whoop her ass. And everyone loves a cat fight.

  16. Mean Girls are bullies.
    If you ever date a mean girl, she will pressure you up to your limits and then pressure you above your limits. It’s part of her shit testing: she wants to know if you are strong enough for her.
    If you aren’t, you should dump the crazy mean girl.
    But like the NBA/NFL, the bully who starts the fight by trash talking, illegal hitting and throwing elbows… Is not the guy who draws the penalty. The refs throw a penalty on the guy who responds… Referees actually tolerate bullying with no escalation.

    1. What are you talking about?
      In the NBA/NFL anyone can start the bullying. In Western Culture they only allow the woman to do it. They don’t tolerate it from men. If she retaliates they call it “battered woman syndrome”

    2. This. Fuck me, Sheryl Crow fessed up to the whole concept of the shit test — the violent shit test no less — when she wrote a bloody song about it:
      God, I feel like hell tonight
      Tears of rage I cannot fight
      I’d be the last to help you understand
      Are you strong enough to be my man, my man?
      Nothing’s true and nothing’s right
      So let me be alone tonight
      Cause you can’t change the way I am
      Are you strong enough to be my man?
      Lie to me
      I promise I’ll believe
      Lie to me
      But please don’t leave, don’t leave
      I have a face I cannot show
      I make the rules up as I go
      Just try and love me if you can
      Are you strong enough to be my man, my man?
      Are you strong enough to be my man?
      Are you strong enough to be my man?
      Are you strong? My man.
      When I’ve shown you that I just don’t care
      When I’m throwing punches in the air
      When I’m broken down and I can’t stand
      Would you be man enough to be my man?
      Lie to me
      I promise I’ll believe
      Lie to me
      But please don’t leave
      This fucking thing hit No. 1 in Canada and 5 in the US, in 1995. That’s bloody twenty years ago. Beyonce covered it in her last world tour. If this doesn’t give you adequate warning that women are completely fucked in the head and try to excuse their violence and bullshit with tears and twisted dependency, then you’re on your own.

      1. Good post. Someone needs to write an RoK article on the differences btw men and women’s lyrics in music.

  17. Who gives a fuck if the “result” or “intent” was disproportionate? Seriously… if an intruder comes in your house… do you need to put down the gun/knife and fight “fair”
    Take more red pills or something.
    Ray rice hit her once, if he continued pounding her after she dropped, then you would be correct.
    No pussy passes on this site.

  18. A tiger will eat you if it feels like it. It’s a tiger. The same with lions and bears. Lesson: learn to both spot and avoid lions and tigers and bears (oh my).
    Joking aside, this issue has less to do with feminism than gov’t playing/replacing the masculine for women. When men were allowed and expected to be the primary protector in a relationship our species flourished for a very, very long time. How well is it going now?
    The more any (more powerful) external masculine role plays in a woman’s life the lesser the value of those resources she is able to tap locally. Couple that with inadequate men creating fem’ friendly laws and it’s no wonder so many women are openly disrespectful, distainful and downright derisive of men. They get to ignore the paradigm because they don’t have to follow the natural order. The don’t need men as they have been replaced by law enforcement, courts and the rest.
    Again, the problem isn’t feminism. The problem is bitch-made beta male that allow gyno friendly laws as their surrogate to protect women because deep down the beta knows he cannot.
    The question now is (said a bit tongue in): what are you going to do about it?

    1. the beta male manbitch, also imposes those laws and sets up police forces etc. because he can control that with all manner of complex rules and regulations – (think sniveling bureaucrat), whereas if he had to confront the alpha males himself, they’d simply thrash the shit out of him and send him on his way.
      problem is that good alphas have the smarts for all society, whereas many betas are momma’s boys psychopaths.

    2. No. This has everything to do with feminism as they are explicitly against male heads of families (patriarchy). Replacing the individual man with the state is their idea. The males that support gyno centric laws don’t do so because they feel inadequate, but for the votes/money/power.

      1. The feminist and/or feminism is a symptom. It’s feedback from the world we create. It exists because we allow it.
        There is a difference between feeling inadequate and the state of inadequacy. I placed erosion of patriarchy at the door of the latter. Weak men gave space for gyno-centric laws for their own purposes (see Ray Wolf’s response). It was/is a man’s war to lose.
        The enemy isn’t the feminist. The enemy is the weaker man that allows it. Blaming anybody but ourselves for the massive shit test of feminism (and our failing) is wasteful. Strengthening ourselves is not. Strengthening other men even less so. Building better men is the recommend solution here. Men, as a whole, passing the shit test as a result is my desired outcome.
        Blame only grants power to the victim at the cost of ownership. By taking ownership for the problem we also have full say in its resolution. Men can spend energy pinning the tail on the asshole feminists, or men can acknowledge that “mistakes were made” and own the outcome.
        Hence the question posed at the end of my response.

        1. You keep talking about weak men…. I’m talking about influential crooks and powerful sell outs! Have you not been watching the do anything for a dollar NFL and advertising execs dance like monkeys over the Ray Rice incident?
          And victim is your word not mine…. If another team beats you… you are losing, not being victimized. Yes, no doubt you could have played better, but lets not pretend that the other team is not putting forth effort and strategy to win. A man doesn’t own an outcome of a game. He can only have ownership of his individual efforts. And he does not control, nor own the efforts of the other team.
          The enemy is indeed feminism and the powerful corrupt men that enable it. It is not “weak” men.

        2. I am addressing weak men because thosebthat sell their morality for gain are, in my opinion, weak. There isn’t much more to it than that.
          I point out hollering “feminism is to blame” for everything as that is the exact battle cry of the feminist victim of the patriarchy.
          Other than that we are on the same page.
          The difference I am making is we can blame/target/whatever an external factor (which as you said we cannot control) and build our own internals as better men (which we certainly can). Men that don’t tolerate powerful corrupt men. Men that make the rules the same way feminists are in cases such as Rice. Men that don’t sell out for the approval of women. Men that are their own with nobody to attribute their success or failures to outside themselves.

        3. I gotcha…. but a couple things.
          1. Feminism is real… they even have buttons.
          The Patriarchy is an invention of feminism.
          2. Men typically only blame feminism for shit that is feminism’s fault. Feminism blame every goddamn thing on “The Patriarchy”

  19. “…if you slap a tiger in the face, don’t be surprised when it eats you.”
    I’ll let those ingrates learn the hard way.

  20. I’ve learned that women love to hit and abuse men but refuse to allow a man to defend himself. They think you can do anything to men since they are bigger and it’s justified. A man can be shot , stabbed, fired, forced to work a crap job, slapped, have his penis chopped off, kids stolen, frivorced and every injustice imaginable. . In their minds it’s fine because he is a man aka a big tiger. How else can they level the playing field they say. . As a man I’ve had police called on me for simply speaking up and not allowing women to shout me down and curse me. I’ve had police called on me for calling a woman fat. I’ve been scratched, hit and cursed by women and then when I attempt to stop it they accuse me of abuse when all I did was calmly grab their wrist to stop them from hitting me. If they see us as Tigers fine but don’t expect us to have any balls and masculinity after decades of abuse and emasculation at the hands of feminism. .most men have become eunuchs and women refuse to accept the part they played. We’re just big Tigers and they have to be able to abuse us to make things even.

    1. The problem being: though you think you tame the tiger — even if you think you’ve tamed a whole generation of tigers so much that they roll over and let you scratch their balls on cue — the process of “domestication” doesn’t always take. Any animal trainer will tell you no matter how much the animal seems to love you, you never turn your back on it because you cannot change the beast’s fundamental nature.
      And now and then one of the tigers goes a bit fucking stir crazy from being locked up in a cage and having his balls scratched and giggled at.
      And sometimes one of those stir crazy tigers writes a long manifesto on the Internet, gets hold of a gun, and goes out on a rampage to get even with all the ballscratchers and gigglers who wronged him. The tragedy being that he winds up killing more of his fellow tigers than ballscratchers. Partially because he’s nutty as a fruitcake, but also because he’s been locked up for this long.

    2. Actually, many would not put up with everything you have described. Real domestic violence from either gender on a constant basis is in fact NOT common. Women are more verbally abusive, but very few men take physical assault on that level on a constant basis… Please don’t blame women here entirely, I understand that my gender is in equal blame. But men teach boys how to be men, that is their traditional role. Women absolutely adore their sons and want the best for them, but they have so little understanding of how to do so when faced with doing it alone. When there was war, women tried to do their part but nurturing doesn’t teach men how to be men. Nurturing only teaches men how to love women, not appreciate their own nature. Women shouldn’t hurt you, but the men in your life failed you as well. My father failed me when he raped me when I was a toddler, my mother failed me because she made the decision to marry him. I dislike and love both genders, equally.

        1. True. You know, Psychopaths disguise themselves as Alpha’s, extremely charming. In my case, I married my first boyfriend and had so little exposure that I didn’t comprehend how I was supposed to be treated. But for the most part, women bounce blindly from man to man entirely ignorant they are destroying their children and have lost touch with what makes them happy. I have little respect for women with children by different men, especially since I see most never really tried to change themselves or work on their marriage. I have busted my ass for 7 years working on myself and marriage, and yet I still haven’t given up although it is humiliating and painful.

    3. I have been reading these comments and I do agree with all of you on some points. 1. The law is not equal when it comes to DV.
      2. If a female hits you, you do have the right to defend yourself.
      3. There are some crazy ass women out there who make shit up and make all women look bad.
      However, just because you have the right to defend yourself doesn’t mean you have the right to beat on someone til they are seriously injured. Also, you do not have the right to hit a female because you are arguing with her. Respect goes both ways gentlemen. If you are with a female who does not respect you and puts her hands on you then LEAVE HER. My husband respects me and I respect him right back. We don’t always agree and yes, sometimes we argue and get loud. BUT he doesn’t put his hands on me and I don’t put my hands on him.

  21. ‘I would never ever hit a woman…but I would shake the shit out of one. You crazy woman! I’m gonna kill you girl!-Chris Rock.

  22. Reminds me of an old joke… what do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, you’ve told her twice already….. not that I condone that sort of thing….

  23. Ever have a woman tell you that she’ll call the cops and make up a story if you left her?
    I did.
    Ever been beaten up by one with cell phone at the ready to call the cops knowing this is a “man must be arrested” state?
    I have.
    Ever nearly had your life ruined because a nosy neighbor heard your GF cry over something (which they do a lot) and they nearly called the cops?
    I have.
    And I see videos of men getting beaten up but if he did not have a camera phone it would be him rotting in jail.

    1. Ever have your cheating ex-girlfriend spread rumours around your workplace that you are an abusive psycho… slashing your professional reputation?
      I have.
      Ever had a girlfriend literally tell you that she wished you would have hit her?
      I have.
      Ever had a girlfriend tell you that her previous boyfriend was abusive, only to find out later that she cheated on and took advantage of that poor sucker?
      I have.
      Ever had a girlfriend cheat on you with multiple guys without using protection, running you the risk of getting some fucked up STD… and there is no way of punishing her for that behaviour?
      I have.
      In case you’re wondering I’m not referring to one woman here.

  24. The white house intruder who made it to an inner room with a knife actually overpowered a female secret service agent inside the white house. Yes, the president had a woman bodyguard who could not do her job. Luckily for Obama, him and his family were not there or his politically correct hiring would’ve cost him his life.
    The head of secret service is also a woman who cannot be fired for this incident despite her incompetence.

    1. Didnt they fire all the men for soliciting sex from Colombian prostitutes haha like a year Back!

    2. Political Correctness in the SS…
      Who’d a thunk it?
      Heinrich Himmler is rolling over in his grave.

  25. Think about how much pent up rage and hatred this causes. Think about what happens when the all powerful government loses control due to lack of being able to pay the guards. How many ex-husbands will be docile when they know there is no SWAT team to show up whenever ex-wifey is having her period? Will they not simply show up and beat the shit out of the bitch and leave her bleeding when she says “No you can’t have your daughter this weekend for… reasons”. And how many might consider moving back into their own houses when the faux reality of civilized behavior (currently held up only via the gun of the state) is weakened or eliminated?

  26. Great post, though I’ve never subscribed to the doctrine of “proportional force.” When one party engages (and at the chosen intensity that suits him best) another party without his consent, why should the attacked party limit his response? In gambling, there are checks, and check raises.
    When answering for engaging physically with a woman, it may be best to redefine her not as a “woman” but as a 130-pound wild/insane animal with muscle (possibly even retard strength), teeth, and claws. Why should a man restrain himself and risk even getting scratched by such a beast? If a 130-pound dog came at me in a hostile way, be assured that I’d try hard to kick it in the face. I don’t need strained muscles, scratches, wounds, bruises… and I won’t gladly accept them simply to appease the expectations of a corrupt and feminized world.

  27. The only thing wrong with your male power dynamic hierarchy is this: 8 year old boy > Hipster.

  28. The biggest thing to takeaway from this article is the need for emotional detachment. You must always be the one that cares less in the relationship, always be willing to walk away.
    We need to move away from seeing women as lifetime companions and sources of emotional fulfillment. We need to stop seeing “love” as being some ultimate feeling of everlasting completeness.
    Music does not help, the media does not help, movies do not help, primetime TV definitely does not help. Love and lifelong happiness has been pounded down our throats for too long. The only answer society has ever given us for how to be happy has been to Submit to the woman.
    Submit to the woman. That is the perpetual message of the 21st century.

    1. Excellent post and perfectly on point. Emotional detachment from women, even our female family members to a certain extent, is the paradoxical first and foremost step for a man to attain some level of emotional stability and baseline happiness / contentment. It’s taken me 45 years to finally understand this and embark on it.

    2. You clearly have some very deep narcissistic wounds. You need therapy. If you get help soon it might not be too late for you. Although it sounds pretty severe. What happened? Who hurt you? I hope you can get better. Like the author said, relationships are the basis of life. We are social animals. You can try to shield yourself from hurt and loss, but it’ll continue to take all of your energy. You’re terrified of being vulnerable.

      1. Healthy love should NEVER require such a vulnerable state. We all can have life-long relationships with siblings, parents, children, other family and friends that don’t have this element of toxic enmeshment.
        That other relations can exist without disrespect should be proof that something very wrong has happened, obligation today means something can be taken advantage of easily without being unable to give consequences.
        Simply allow men to give consequences, over-the-knee, and these issues will vanish.

    3. I have to make a clarification, look, emotions are THERE< love is gonna be what it is, bonds are going to be formed, you can’t just detach, you’re with a girl because you NEED a relationship, if you are indifferent there’s no point to a relaitonship, and that is that. What needs to be done is, to govern your woman DESPITE your feelings for her, the punishment given is always harder to bear for a man than a woman, you don’t want to do it, but at the end, the best way to maintain a woman is to be willing to give her up if she crosses the limits of your authority, willingness to dump them is ironically, what keeps them there until death, the way it should be.

  29. This is a poorly written article. We have a lot more willpower than a tiger. To assume we are as dumb as an animal is disgraceful. In addition you mention this hierarchy in animals but that’s all you use are animals. You do not go into the nuances of each animal and the role of each corresponding sex. You stupidly make the call that men and women are different animals. Are they? Sure their nature differs but are they different animals? Would the male tiger eat a female tiger? Power dynamic relationships in the wild between sexes is what you should write about.

    1. please lock yourself into a cage with a tiger and you’ll see what your superior willpower and intellect can do for you.

    1. Yeah ignoring them brings them back to reality. I very scary place for them. A place where they are powerless. That feeling when you can’t find the remote for the TV and don’t know what to do with yourself. You just unplugged them.

  30. I am nearly 80 and men I have known during my life all say that men want women to stay the way they were when they first met but women want to change men to the
    way they first visualised them

    1. women are greedy beings, if they had their way then their ideal of prince charming will at least be the combination of henry cavill’s sight & sound with bill gates’ wealth plus caring loyal sensitive side also thrown in there for good measure. the concept of wanting to change men is precisely because women are greedy and expect that the best chump they CAN snare get maximum “enhancement” in order to transform him as close as possible into the ideal of man whom women REALLY WANT.
      “oh poor oppressed me, my husband bismarck is 6′ tall, 6 pack, 6 figure income, 6″ long schlong but god damn it does he really into that creepy dead old loser richard wagner so much or what! i’ve gotta get him to dish wagner and listen to justine bieber or K-pop instead so help me god”.

  31. With so many women weighing in north of 200 lbs these days, the standard for domestic abuse (man hitting woman) is a joke. Probably 40% of all women in a relationship outweigh their boyfriend or husband. After the Ray Rice thing, I was wondering how the world would view it if one of these rhinos charged me (a mere 190 lbs) in an elevator and I punched back.

  32. Back in the eighties, before all this insanity reached full throttle, I saw a guy beating his girlfriend in the parking lot. I mean he was slapping the shit out of her. This was in an area with lots of bars, and therefore lots of cops.
    In my beta white knightness, I went over and bodyslammed the dude. Cops showed up immediately, and the cunt instantly told the cops that I just attacked her boyfriend for no reason!
    I told the cops, hey, he was beating her up, she is lying. The cop told me not to ever get involved, he has seen it turn out exactly this way almost every time. Nowadays I would have been in jail, back then the cop believed me because he had seen it before and told me to just get the fuck out of there.

  33. Wow – this is an AMAZING commentary that ought to be picked up by the mainstream media, alas, in these “enlightened” times it never will be. Thank you “The Maniac” for the column.

  34. Bill Burr put it best,”When your woman is going crazy, lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police.” Although hitting a woman can be extremely tempting when they are in your face and saying the most vile things about you, you will get destroyed by the judicial system. Thus, hitting women should only be reserved for self-defense in life-or-death situations.

  35. Well thought out and argued though your point in this article is, you will never get any traction with it amongst women (though of course you already know this).
    The idea of respecting men for anything is simply anathema to the modern woman.

  36. In addition to whatever advice given in the replies above, please also stop giving any kind of support, to anyone who claim domestic matters are of any concern at all, to any legitimate government of any kind whatsoever.
    Blaming women for this or that, is a rather pointless exercise in futility. Every single bad trait ascribable to modern women, are only there because there is a government with the ability to back them up when they do whatever bad they supposedly do. Just get rid of that government, and women will be fine. Simple as that.

  37. re: ”hit back and you go to jail”.
    There has to be a strategy for dealing with the forces of government controlled by the man bashers. Like :
    *Drawing fire and then ducking – like ducking when the woman is about to punch you and she instead hits the mangina cop standing behind you.
    *the bullfighter – jump to the side when being charged and hide your provocative red rag
    *not overtly looking like you are fighting in public – smiling and not enunciating when returning verbal retorts
    *appearing not to fight – look like you are giving a friendly handshake when in reality you smile while delivering a vice like finger breaking ‘superman’ handshake
    *also an elbow can gouge like a rod with your hands clasped innocently over your belly so as to look like you are full from eating perhaps.
    There is actually a form of fighting which originated in the Caribbean which combines DANCE with KILLING BLOWS ! Fights in parks would ensue and then turn to dance moves when the popo’s (police) cruised by. The dancing would camouflage the violent blows so the gladiators could continue fighting and not be noticed by the law and arrested. The crowd was of course hip to the game. So there it is THE CROWD AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT.
    We have to separate the pro government women from the pro life pro man pro natural order remnant of women. That’s how you tell the keepers from the scrap. Save the ones who resonate with we the people – the crowd. PITCH the ones that bitch squeal to the government. Treat them as traitors.

  38. The way I see it women have two choices:
    1) You can be a lady, you sit quietly, behave yourself, and get pretty much anything you want in life by asking nicely. As a side-benefit, you’ll almost never be assaulted and men will go out of their way to look out for your safety.
    2) You can be “equal”. You can apply for the jobs, make jokes about shitting your pants, and lose your mind and break shit when you get ripped off. it also means when you fuck with the wrong bull, you get a fist-full right in the mouth.
    I got into it with someone over this Ray Rice thing, and the deciding factor was that if it was a 135lb MAN who ran his mouth, spit on and back-handed a juiced-up pro jock, not a talk show on the planet would give a fuck if he landed in the ER.
    …bitches got ta learn, and there’s nothing like five across the nose to make things clear.

  39. A man I know caught his wife cheating on him with a junkie. He told later that night he intended to leave her, and as he is the sole earner in the home, she naturally went apeshit and came at him, swinging a large metal lamp stand. As she advanced, he grabbed her by the only available spot, her neck. He did not choke or hurt her at all, just put a hand on her neck and used her forward momentum to guide her attack past him long enough for him to grab his car keys and bolt (her own mother witnessed this, I’m not just repeating his sob story). Next day he came home and within 15 minutes the police were there. He spent 3 days in jail before his wife begged for his release, admitting he’d done nothing wrong and that she had been the aggressor. She received no punishment, not even a reprimanding word from the officers.
    This man did not leave his wife because in the end, he decided he loves his children too much and wants his son to have a positive male role model in his daily life. His wife has cheated on him with at least 3 other men since then, including the same junkie as before, against whom she had a restraining order at the time of the second affair.
    Women are awesome!

  40. The most used cliche on regular television, as apposed to cable or satellite since I don’t have those, of two people talking about a secret that no one most know of in a room with the door partly open, in a volume loud enough to heard outside from the hallway, at the very moment the resident blabber mouth happens to be said hallway, has been replaced with the cliche of the tough women knocking out or being able to go toe to toe with one or more men who at least have 50 lbs on her.

  41. So if someone pushes you past a certain point emotionally, physical violence is completely justified? I don’t care if you are a man or a woman, beating someone so badly that they need to be hospitalized is NOT okay, and it’s pretty sick that you are essentially making excuses (bad ones) for people who commit these acts just so you can diss feminism. So if you make me, a woman, angry enough, am I justified in trying to hurt you physically? HELL NO!
    Are male victims of domestic abuse not taken seriously enough? Tragically, yes, and that should be changed immediately.
    Do I think it is okay for a woman to hit a man who is not attacking her? No, even stripping aside violence, it is a childish response that helps no one. Men and women both deserve to feel safe in their own homes.
    However, your undermining of the plight of female domestic abuse victims does not help promote wellness for male victims either. You are just spewing anger.
    Your vision is myopic and one-sided, and your rhetoric is flawed. You have become a parallel of what you are mocking. Then again, what else should I expect from Return of Kings?

    1. “Do I think it is okay for a woman to hit a man who is not attacking her?”
      You reveal your double standards in this section, in that you implicitly think it’s okay for a woman to hit a man who’s attacking her. If you were really so righteous you would simply be saying that it’s never okay for a woman to hit a man, full stop, any more than it’s okay for a man to hit a woman.

  42. You guys are pathetic. If you’re so fed up with women, why don’t you just start slippin’ in one another. Or… seek therapy? Deal wit your momma issues. Seriously, your shit makes wanna vomit.

  43. but really, what does violence really solve? why do you need to be dominant in this society right now? there is no power dynamic in which one person is dominant anymore because that’s abusive. pardon us women for not wanting to live in fear that our male partners will one day reach their “breaking point” and beat or possibly kill us. your hierarchy is bullshit. we are all people, and if you are an adult you should be able to control yourself and, i dunno, not hurt other people regardless of how big or small they are. you do realise you’re basically saying it’s okay to shoot an 8-year-old child if he “provokes” and you are “man with gun” at the top of the chain? i mean, don’t you think CHILDREN at least should be able to trust say, their dad who is much bigger and may own a gun? this article is full of fallacy like that and a complete lack of effort to understand anything about humanity. you should respect people because they are people, and you should respect your partner because you love them, not because of where they are on some ridiculous made-up hierarchy.

  44. There’s a better way for a man to express his natural urges. It’s called the gym or a men’s rec. basketball league. Domestic violence is a leading cause of death for women, jackass. Stop trying to take every ‘hot topic’ and make it into something that suits your weak male hen party drama.

    1. Actually women are statistically the more aggressive, more violent partners in relationships, Sue.
      Would you like the citation for the study?

      1. Aggression and death are two very different things. More women die as a result of domestic violence than men. That was the point made. Furthermore, your viewpoints continue to be as biased as they are bogus. Not quite the ‘source’ I would go to for citation.
        I understand ignorance is bliss in your world. To the rest of us, it’s like a mosquito waiting to be swat. I’m sure you have an insult quota to fill somewhere else.

        1. Newsflash, peoples: Sue doesn’t care that women beat the snot out of men, so long as they don’t kill anybody.
          How about the men who’ve killed women in self-defence, Sue? Due to the aggression they get from their partners? Are you saying they were unjustified? Would you like to prove your intellectual lightweight status one more time?

        2. Sigh. Again, this issue is too complicated for you. Self-defense is not the reason women are being killed in their own homes, Marcus. Of course aggression in not okay on either side, but it is does not justify killing. Here are some facts for you. By the way, please know that I don’t look to others for approval. Save your ‘pull Sue down’ crusade. It only makes you look weaker.
          “According to the U.S. Justice Department study, two-thirds of violent attacks against women are committed by someone the woman knows. In the United States, one of the most dangerous places for a woman is her own home. Approximately 1,500 women are killed each year by husbands or boyfriends. About 2 million men per year beat their partners, according to the F.B.I.
          According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 95 percent of the victims of domestic violence are women. The National Crime Victimization Survey consistently finds that no matter who initiates the violence, women are 7 to 10 times more likely to be injured than are men. It’s important to realize the climate of intimidation and control that occurs in abusive families. Most men will say they are not afraid of the woman with whom they live, even if they had also been hit, scratched, or punched by her. However, you’ll often hear that women are terrorized and live in constant fear of being battered by the man with whom they live. The difference in strength and physical size puts a woman at more risk than a man.”
          Now go carry on with more ineffective insults. You wear the badge of dishonor so well…

        3. Sigh. Another complicated issue for you. Please stretch and be objective despite your ill feelings toward women. Men are not killing women out of self-defense, Marcus.
          “According to the U.S. Justice Department study, two-thirds of violent attacks against women are committed by someone the woman knows. In the United States, one of
          the most dangerous places for a woman is her own home. Approximately 1,500 women are killed each year by husbands or boyfriends. About 2 million men per
          year beat their partners, according to the F.B.I.
          According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 95 percent of the victims of domestic violence are women. The National Crime Victimization Survey consistently finds that no matter who initiates the violence, women are 7 to 10 times more
          likely to be injured than are men. It’s important to realize the climate of intimidation and control that occurs in abusive families. Most men will say they are not afraid of the woman with whom they live, even if they had also been hit, scratched, or punched by her. However, you’ll often hear that women are terrorized and live in constant fear of being battered by the man with whom they live. The difference in strength and physical size puts a woman at
          more risk than a man.”
          Please carry on with your insults now.

        4. Again, it’s simple: you don’t care that men get beaten physically by women so long as the man doesn’t die. Also, if you want to be taken with even a minor bit of credibility, try citing your sources.

        5. I don’t need to insult you. Your own posting convicts you out of your own mouth: you only care about domestic violence against women, and couldn’t care less what happens to men.

  45. It’s an argument I’ve had with a lot of women: abusers suck and domestic abuse victims deserve support. Male or female. Men are browbeaten, humiliated or emotionally castrated by women who use and abuse them, and then are dismissed by other men for their ‘weakness.’ Many women refuse to acknowledge the reality of female on male domestic violence, or think that recognizing it somehow invalidates the reality of male on female violence.
    Fact is both exist, and if a woman strikes a man, in my books that’s assault. Period. Can’t have it both ways, but a lot of women I know want to!

  46. I lived through that and still the wound hurt. Thanks for the article man we really don’t talk about this enough.

  47. I have noticed how men are being feminized in America and elsewhere for years now, it’s sickening.

  48. This is so stupid, first off a real woman doesn’t antagonize a person larger than her male or female. And if said person is of a violent nature and she has no other choice but to confront this person she packs. What equals the playing field with a 300lb man and a 100lb woman a gun. Period. Everyone should have one. Secondly there are a lot of good women out there that “stick by their men and respect them”, and there are a lot of insecure violent controlling men out there that abuse their women just to control them. They use their physical power in an evil way (im not saying that women don’t do evil things too, but what I am saying about men is true). A stupid fat bloke abused his wife because she was beautiful and even though she was a loving supportive wife to him, his fear of seeing her go off and fuck around with other men (even though she had no intention to) caused him to abuse her, she was beautiful so he made her feel ugly, he loved having sex with her so he told her she’s not sexy. He not only emotionally abused her he physically abused her when ever he was scared that she was gaining her own independence and power. Where does this stem from a coward’s insecurities. Now let me tell you this story could be told with reverse gender roles too. Violence is not necessary unless you need to defend your life, there is no hierarchy of men or women and it’s really fucking stupid to assume there is. You never underestimate anyone and you’re an idiot if you do, 8 year old kid is the lowest on your hierarchy of men, well for all you know that 8 year old kid is a lot more intelligent than you, and can kill you in a blink of an eye. Who are you anyways a Hyena you don’t sound human or that intelligent at least. And you say women are nonviolent nuturerers, how do you explain women like Joanna Dennehy a psychopath that sexually seduced men abused them and murdered them? Assumption is the mother of all sorrow and that’s all this essay is.

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