Why Are Icelanders So Blasé About Sex?

Here’s an excerpt from Bang Iceland:

I once had a lady come up to me and say, “I’m here alone and I’m leaving soon.” [Getting laid doesn’t get] easier than that, but unfortunately she was atrocious, so I passed. Still it’s worth mentioning that such propositions have never happened to me anywhere else in the world, ugly or not. Just as how Brazilian girls view a kiss as meaningless, akin to a handshake, both young and old Icelanders view sex the same way. In fact, I barely even had to kiss girls before sex. So little foreplay is needed that you must prepare yourself for encountering dry vaginas (I always pack Astroglide so that problem didn’t affect me).

Iceland is the first place where I had sex with a girl whose name I didn’t know (and who didn’t ask for mine). Not until after sex did she start asking me personal questions that in most countries are typically asked before penis goes inside vagina.

There are two reasons why sex has little meaning in Iceland:

1. Icelandic feminism encourages women to have sex with anyone and everyone. In Iceland, sex for women is a path to self-discovery where she can “learn” about herself and discover her place in the world. Icelanders think a lot of sex is actually the path to wisdom, even if it happens to be under absurd amounts of alcohol.

2. There’s nothing else to do. Can you imagine how boring it is to live on a cold island in the middle of the ocean? Besides fishing and fucking, there really isn’t much more to fill your days with. Of course Icelanders enjoy creating music and surfing the internet, but having sex is one of the main ways they keep themselves busy.

The surprising thing about Iceland is that it’s not that cold—the European mainland has much more frigid temperatures. But when it comes to the Icelander approach to sex, nowhere is colder.

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29 thoughts on “Why Are Icelanders So Blasé About Sex?”

  1. Agree with all of the above. I spent several months in Iceland myself.
    While Iceland definately has stunning, untouched natural areas, you will get used to the pretty vistas really quickly. And once this novelty wears off – bam, all that’s left is the ugly concrete block Reykjavík and its mediocre nightlife: Live-gigs have the same billing every month, the bars and clubs are filled with the same faces every night, the liquor is ridiculously expensive…
    Many young icelanders live only for the weekend. They spend the working-days on facebook until they get drunk and fuck each other on fridays and saturdays.

  2. sounds like the perfect place for flagging..pussy paradise it seems
    plus being a exotic foreigner must really help

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  4. Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir aka miss world 2005
    for anyone wandering whose that women in that pic
    impressive 300 000 people on the island an 3 miss world winners
    defiatly worth hittin up

  5. Greeting from Morocco, North Africa…
    I am interested much discovering this island in the middle of teh ocean, beyond that I like calm and isolated places, I also have an interested to meet the people living there and especially girls and get used with their culture.
    Morocco is mainly a hot country with much heat in the summer, so then cold places still on my top list to visit.
    I hope I may find a nive girl from Iceland and get to know so we may coordinate.

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  7. This article inversely highlights the problem of living in an outdoor-oriented place such as San Diego (where I live).
    With so many fun things do to that don’t involve fucking (hiking, sailing, surfing, paddle ooarding, going to the beach, park, museum, etc), fucking itself is unfortunately too far down the priority list compared to a place like Iceland.

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    1. WOW Air–L.A. to Iceland for $99. I’d go myself…if Icelandic chicks are as easy as this article says they are.

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