Fight Against The Exclusive Portrayal Of Men As Drunk Drivers

You’ve seen the public service announcement before. An inebriated man stumbles out of a cocktail bar with a group of coworkers after having one too many. He fumbles for his keys and gets behind the wheel. He doesn’t notice the police officers blended seamlessly into the surrounding buildings.

After swerving a couple times, the driver pulls into a DUI roadblock. Busted. The narrator proclaims “They’ll see you, before you see them.” The PSA ends with the crestfallen man in the back of a police cruiser, and the final stated admonition of “Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over.”

There are many others like this, including men getting pulled over with a comical amount of alcohol spilling out from the car when the driver rolls down the window. Others show men crying like a baby after getting arrested for DUI, with accompanying mugshots.

These ads certainly get our attention, and it seems as though they benefit society by discouraging drunk driving and improving road safety. Although, if you have paid any attention at all, you would notice that in every single one of these PSAs, the drunk driver is portrayed as a man. Half the population is being ignored entirely.

Now, if this were just one brief series of ads, it could be a pure coincidence that all the drunk drivers were men. But this has been a long running public awareness campaign produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Dozens of ads have been produced over many years. Not once has the NHTSA shown a woman driving drunk, despite the most recent FBI Statistics which show that 1 in 4 of those arrested for driving under the influence are women (and that doesn’t count the ones that are pulled over but let go). They have no problem profiling and stereotyping men, while ignoring the danger that female drunk drivers pose behind the wheel.

A woman driver who didn’t pay attention to drunk driving PSAs

What We Can Do

The NHTSA has a contact form. We can let them know how we feel about this lack of equality in the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” public awareness campaign. Send a polite message to NHTSA administrator Mark R. Rosekind. Go to, and click the email link.

To fight back against the negative portrayal of men as drunk drivers, we should take a page out of the Social Justice Warrior playbook. Make it all about protecting women and considering them equal to men.

Babe, I got this, nobody thinks women drive drunk

Ask the NHTSA to stand with us in a true act of equality and diversity. Let them know that we are rising up against this potentially lethal ad series which doesn’t deliver the same safety message to women as it does to men.

If women do not get this particularly effective form of messaging, we could be looking forward to a tidal wave of female vehicular homicide. Turning a blind eye to 25 percent of drunk drivers endangers not only the perpetrators of the crime but also our society as a whole. Equality means to treat women the same as men. It does not mean to ignore their potentially lethal actions.

But officer, I swear I only had like two appletinis

How We Should Reach Out To The NHTSA

Some recommendations for your letter to have the biggest impact:

1. Write that you are concerned that it is unfair to women that they aren’t depicted as drunk drivers.
2. Thank the government for taking the effort to make our roadways safer.
3. Explain that exclusively showing men as drunk drivers could bias the public and discourage them from reporting female impaired drivers.
4. Document a high profile case of a woman drunk driver killing innocent bystanders, such as Margo Bronstein who ran over four people outside a California church in December 2014. Suggest that it could have been prevented had she seen an NHTSA ad showing a women getting arrested for drunk driving.
5. Ask if the NHTSA will embrace equality and make our roads safer by depicting women as drunk drivers as they do men.

If several thousand of us all take a little time out of our day to send a friendly email to the NHTSA, we can lodge a big strike against widespread demonization of men, and turn the tide on the plague of female drunk drivers. This is a government agency that is truly in an indefensible position. They just haven’t been challenged yet. That’s where we come into play.

If our letters resonate and we see a single woman depicted as a drunk driver in a future ad, we will have been victorious. Until then, let’s crank out these emails. I recommend the polite approach I outlined above, but ultimately it’s up to you.

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88 thoughts on “Fight Against The Exclusive Portrayal Of Men As Drunk Drivers”

  1. Ya know, now that I think about it, all the people I know who regularly drive drunk are female. My ex, plenty of old friends and the girl I’m talking to now. They all believe that because their girls they can push their tits up and the cops will let them go. What these cunts don’t realize is, women are already shit drivers as it is. Throw some alcohol and a cell phone (which they can’t help but sit on while they drive) and its other people’s lives that are endangered. I know one girl who hit a guy on a motorcycle while drunk, lost her license for 18 months and what’d she do when she got it back? You guessed it, back to booze cruising.
    Alcohol is such a shit drug anyway, the people who regularly drink are often blue pill fools.

    1. I’d like to redefine ‘regularly drink’ to ‘regularly get drunk’.
      The former is absolutely normal. The latter though are often blue pill fools.
      Lot of people like having a beer with dinner, or a glass of wine, an occasional Irish coffee or screwdriver after a rough day of work.. but most red pillers I know are the kind of guys who can buy a 12 pack, put it in the fridge, and still have half of it left a week later.

      1. Brig,
        Just having fun. You are correct. Significant alcohol consumption on a regular basis will slow you down mentally and physically. It also is a drag on testosterone production.
        For guys my age, the effect is magnified.
        Good luck bro

      1. Just like the dumb bitch who nearly drove me off the road yesterday as she’s barreling down the road at 60 while pecking away , like a chicken, on her cell phone. Yea she sure as hell fit the bill of a careful driver.

        1. They won’t mention that women are bad drivers because our society puts them on a pedister.

        2. LOL! I fuckin called this yesterday! We got a donny, where is maude? Dont forget smokey or jackie treehorn.

        3. Even without a smartphone, women do the most outlandish things while driving. Slowly pulling out right in front of a car on a fast road, merging without looking, etc.
          Some men drive like assholes, but women have the particularity of being completely unaware of what they’re doing.

      2. The only reason women are involved in fewer collisions is because they drive less than men. Per kilometer driven, women are involved in more accidents than men. You always hear the reverse reported because all insurance companies care about is accidents per time

        1. Good point. But careful does not necessarily mean safe and also they drive slow like old people.

      3. they have fewer accidents because they don’t drive long distances. but more as an average per mile as a result.
        i might have 2 accidents in a year where i drive 80k (lorry driver) but madam has an accident every 7k…. ergo, i have had more accidents but per mile she’s more likely.
        ps. i haven’t had an accident in 12 years of lorry driving or 22 years in a car.

        1. Basically, they drive less than men and if they have a boyfriend, they make him do everything. Ironically, the girl who screams, “I’m a strong, independent woman” is usually the one who makes her husband do all the work while she sits there waiting to be spoiled like a princess.

        2. you’ve got it. as a basic example i’ll use my parents back in the day. the car didn’t go very far each year as we got free travel care of my dads job on the railway, but every time there was long distance, bad weather, motorway, darkness, somewhere new….guess who was driving?
          another example…. big long trip with the girlfriend…. she can drive (sort of) but after being subjected to a couple of hours of not knowing when she was going to finally hit the brakes…. i called time and drove the rest. i prefer to drive, as i know i’m smooth…. and i know what i’m looking at…and as a pro lorry driver, i’m a bloody awful passenger.

        3. Are u sure about that ? I just got out of drivers ed and they said men get in more accidents per mile than women!

      1. In the past, when women were universally smaller than men, a woman who had 4 drinks would be more intoxicated than a man who had 4 drinks. However, with these land whales these days, I’m not sure that’s true anymore.

        1. They’d have to be bigger than men since like Native Americans they are less able to break down alcohol. Of course to maximize heir victim potential girls are taught they are the same as boys, yet that only boys can control drinking

        2. But women have a much lower responsibility tolerance than men. A woman half drunk will be as out of control as a man fully drunk, since females always look for an excuse not to pay attention or make an effort with anything.
          tl;dr – a woman half drunk will act more drunkenly than a man who is fully drunk.

    1. Maybe it has something to do with their brains learning capacity. We males excel at everything!

  2. “This is a government agency that is truly in an indefensible position.
    They just haven’t been challenged yet. That’s where we come into play.”
    Agree. If nothing is said, then it will continue on like it’s the “norm” in society (like everything else). I’ve sent an email to them requesting a change in there commercials (as a tax payer) to include women in these commercials. We all know or we’ve all seen plenty of drunk driving women behind the wheel.
    It’s up to us to call out this bullshit at every corner (to make a change).

  3. The fact that women account for 1/4 of DUIs is amazing when you consider how much less likely women are to be driving alone when they go out, plus how much less likely they are to be cited for it in general. I have heard countless stories from women where they miraculously dont get given a DUI when they swear they deserve one. Those stories are 1 In 100 for men because if there is any suspicion the officer takes it all the way, while most women have a story of barely escaping a DUI. Either they are making them up to be unique snow flakes, or officers really are less suspicious of women and let them slide.

    1. So true about how they tell the story as if they’re proud of it. When they’re done telling the story I usually say something like “you’re a scumbag for drinking and driving.” and then they get mad at me! Like i’m the one that’s wrong in the situation…
      Kills me. Their ignorance fucking kills me.

      1. Ive personally learned from ROK/redpill to never criticize or point out flaws like that in a women. As tempting and fun as it appears to be, the woman instantly realizes she has to filter herself with you. Nothing she does will change, but what you hear about will. I keep them happy and let them keep talking and hang themselves. How else am i supposed to know which ones are obvious pump and dump vs ones that are atleast in the running to allow into my house.

  4. Portrayal of men in a negative light is nothing new on the Idiot Box a.k.a TV. In every part of the globe feminist influenced Retard-tainment strives perpetually to remove any iota of responsibility, shame or guilt from females. The NHTSA campaign is nothing new.

  5. My first thought was the head of MADD getting a DUI herself. She was almost three times over the legal limit that MADD helped lower to .08.

  6. The thing is, women are terrible drivers and do not need alcohol for being bad drivers. I can’t recount how many times I witnessed female stupidity on the road. Ever see these videos of stupid drivers who cannot park or ram into stores and stuff? 99% of the time it is female drivers.

    1. It’s because women can’t park cars, they’re only good at driving slow but even driving slow doesn’t help anyone. It just annoys people and gets them into wrecks.

  7. Speaking of this subject… Ever notice how all forms of discrimination based on gender is supposed to be illegal, yet the insurance companies openly practice discrimination against men? Can you imagine if any sort of company charged more for women? Imagine the outrages. Yet it is perfectly acceptable to do it against men and nobody is complaining. Because of our gender we pay more.

    1. I pay a shit ton of insurance because I fall into that age group of guys. Girls on the other hand, get it cheaper and ironically, they annoy everyone by driving slow or if they are drunk, fast but in a reckless way.

    2. umm… most car insurance companies DO charge more for women over 26
      Of course, in general, it’s usually their husbands doing the paying, so it’s not a huge hot button for feminists.

  8. I ride my bike in traffic a lot. I watch drivers carefully because if I see someone not paying attention, I increase the buffer zone between them and myself.
    90% of the inattentive, shitty, smartphone-distracted drivers I see happen to be female. I’m far more careful around female drivers than men.

    1. Other than rich WASPS in luxury cars, women are the ONLY group I see making serious traffic errors. Well, that and teenagers. It’s ridiculous that 16 year olds are given the ability to drive in this country, especially as their levels of responsibility have dropped through the floor in all other areas.

      1. 16 year olds driving always seems insane to old people, but perfectly reasonable to 16 year olds, since at least 2 days after Henry Ford rolled the first Model T off the production line, heh.

    2. you know, doing the math, nearly 15 times as many traffic fatalities are caused by cellphone distraction as by alcohol.
      Considering that more than eight times as many women talk or text on their phone while driving as men, wouldn’t that logically imply that female cells and drunk driving cause almost three times as many fatalities as men?
      why isn’t there a huge ad campaign about cellphones killing people?

      1. U sure about that? see my other post, basically i just got out of drivers ed and they say men get in more accounts mer mile that men.

        1. driver’s ed has yet to catch up to the digital revolution… it’s always at least 15 years out of date.

      2. Totally agree on phones being more dangerous however men are definitely as addicted to their phones, it’s a cultural thing. What scares me is lorry drivers on their phones. seen some horrific crashes through my line of work caused by people on phones.

        1. What’s your source for that? As an avid biker, who has to keep his head on a swivel under even the most ideal conditions, I can tell you for a fact that 90% of the swerving/lane drifting/light running morons on the road are women on their iZombies. This is not just locally, I’ve traveled over the midwest, the South and a lot of the old West and the story remains the same. The other 10% are men, either iZombied, drunk or otherwise distracted. Conditions are generally daytime, so I’m certain that after hours bar-closing would be more skewed towards men, but then the numbers of people on the road at midnight would be a sliver of a percentage of those on the road at noon.
          The 90% is because at different points in the year I’ll keep a count and write it down for a week. At a low ebb iZombie women are only 70% of the issue. At best.

    3. Indeed. And what’s interesting is that iZombie addicted females cause accidents the way very old people do behind the wheel, that is, the accidents occur because people are doing their best to avoid smashing into these brain dead idiots and are thus the ones getting in wrecks through no fault of their own, while iZombie/old fart idiot tools along oblivious. See it all the effin’ time.

  9. While there is a legitimate concern of keeping drunks off the road (and traffic in general is probably the #1 reason statistically that I would die), the purpose of most of the DUI laws these days, especially the super-low no tolerance blood alcohol percentage stuff is to extract money from the workers to the state. The state knows that the men have most of the money; therefore we are the targets.

    1. This. Nine out of every ten first offenders who walk into my office arrested for DUI or DWI receives statutory counseling, maybe some victim-impact classes depending on if and how high their BAC was when they blew, and a fine.
      Unless you severly injure or kill someone, or are on 3+ DUI arrests, your wallet is the state or municipality’s main target. It seems counter-intuitive, but in a DUI case the lawyer’s fee is the cheap part.
      The seasoned lawyers in my firm tell me in the old days guys would have six or seven arrests for DUI and still have a license. My how times have changed…

    2. Agreed. And this charge into our wallets was orchestrated and run by women, specifically the group of evil hags known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Drunk driving isn’t good, clearly, but MADD went the extra mile of making even a drink with dinner at a restaurant a criminal offense in most states (soon to be all) out of sheer Carey Nation insane zealotry, and the State was more than happy to let them blaze that trail. Revenues and such.

  10. Theres a great dashcam cop video on u tube, I wish I knew how to find it, but its an inebriated woman, kinda carefree and oblivious, no idea why she was arrested, cop kinda leads her into a confession, turns out she killed someone, shoulda seen the 180 she pulled, becomes hostile, “if I knew what you were getting at I wouldnt have said anything, it wasnt my fault, it was their fault”, etc…

  11. Quite a lack of diversity. The social justice whiners should find this “problematic.” (But they won’t.)

  12. just dropped an email to those women service announcement copy writers! ridiculous. thanks for bringing this to our attention. my now ex (dumped her the second i called her parents to come collect her -for the last time)

  13. This article reminded me about all those home security commercials, where every burglar is white.

    1. Or Law and Order: SVU, where every sex criminal (ok, 95%, they do throw a curve occasionally) is a white straight male preying on women, raping and beating them at will; said whitey also has a superhuman ability to get others to cover for him.
      I tell ya, it’s an epidemic!

    2. LOL so true. Sometimes the propaganda is so ingrained you need it pointed out in order to see it. I never even thought about this one.
      I did see a billboard today advertising for firefighter jobs with a black dude and a woman. What’s the message here? White men not wanted.

    3. Every burglar is white, every family has zero father present, and we’re somehow supposed to believe that wires and a loudspeaker give you security in lieu of actually owning a firearm.

  14. “Luke Maelstrom is seeking to take down the feminist system by chipping away at it’s foundation, little by little. He envisions a future America overflowing with skinny, beautiful women who respect men.” An amusing mini-bio. Demands respect from women, and in the same breath disrespects them by tacitly sneering at them if they aren’t good-looking. As if their purpose in life is to appeal to men. Such a sentiment, like most of the content on ROK, merely proves the necessity of feminism in the modern era, as opposed to ‘chipping away at its foundation.’ If you want to dissolve feminism, stop acting like you’re superior to women, and encourage other men to do the same.

  15. DUI arrests are 3:1 men? ‘Tis because the men are doing the driving to & from the watering holes.
    Tip-of-the-day: Next time, get the bitch to drive. Maybe she’ll get off. If she doesn’t, at least it won’t be you in the back of the cruiser. Black Knight it like that, and you’re striking a blow for True Equality.

    1. I took drivers ed to keep my insurance from going up due to a rep light infraction, took the ed course not a week age, and they point out that “contrary to stereo types” men are in more accidents than women per miles driven. Could they be lying? These were government stats.

      1. I have heard that it’s a matter of “what kind of accidents”, where women excel at smashing up a car in one way, while guys do it more frequently the other. Not actually having researched it though, I have no idea if that’s true or not.

      2. Probably talking about 16-year-old boys. Don’t see what use this information is to students whatever the correct stat is unless they are going to train one sex more, probably inserted as political propaganda by some urban cat lady who doesn’t have a car

    2. Interesting that the poster describes US statistics, but the in the picture, the driver’s side is clearly on the Right, ie the British way.

  16. This is like the South Park episode where they were obsessed with getting home security systems because of all the commercials with white men breaking into houses.

  17. Been a driver for 25+ years with zero accidents. I never say no to a glass or two of wine/beer prior to driving.

  18. I’m a cop in my home country. The DUI ads here are the same, they mostly portray men. However of all the arrests I have made from drink driving, I would say the proportion of men vs women is very much 50/50.

  19. “Turning a blind eye to 25 percent of drunk drivers endangers not only the perpetrators of the crime but also our society as a whole.”
    25 percent?
    How do we know that 55 percent of drunk drivers aren’t women?

  20. If you ever have the fortunate experience of spending just a few hours in jail waiting for bail, you’ll discover that most males are there for VoP’s, drug charges and pretty crimes, while most of the females are there for DUI and stupid things done while drunk.
    My greater fear is the risk of women driving with their eyes glued to their silly phones. I observe all manners of texting, tweeting, facebooking, surring, and the like while driving by a good 20 percent of females on the road at all hours of the day.

  21. We’re starting to sound like the SJWs whom we so despise. Let’s leave the drive for exact mathematical parity in all areas of public representation to them. The bias against white males in the media is obvious; better to continue the struggle on our terms than capitulate to their frame.

  22. Here’s a story guys.
    One day I was driving a brand new car that I purchased from my uncle (He’s cool and taught me the red pill ways). I had some errands to run so I had to drop off my uncle to the hospital since he was suffering from loss of vision (Diabetes). The minute I made a left turn into the hospital an older women reversed into oncoming traffic (she was on the phone and was probably trying to go forward) and smacked into my car. I chased her down but couldn’t keep up because she blew all the red lights- endangering herself, and innocent bystanders.
    Another incident is when I was driving my sports car in the summer (Mitsubishi Evolution) and lady brake checked me and I ended up slamming my brakes so hard that the brake lines snapped. Luckily nothing happened to her or her vehicle.—–To sum it all up guys I always had a problem with women drivers. They are oblivious as fuck and don’t care about the law or others safety when they are behind the wheel.

  23. This annoys me to no end. If you have time on your hands look at your local municipal court’s calender. See what days state trials and/or arraignments are held. Go sit in the gallery (it is a public building after all) and when they are doing DUI arraignments observe the number of female names called. If you have less time just keep an eye out if your sheriff/police jurisdiction posts DUI arrests. Suprise! Plenty of women there. These commercials are nothing more than anti man hit pieces.

  24. They pull over any guy for drunk driving for any reason. I was arrested for DUI and weeks later when the blood draw results came back, turned out that I had had NO alcohol whatsoever in my system. Whole think was a huge expensive nuisance, for nothing.

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