Allowing Transsexuals To Pick Which Bathroom To Use Is Pure Madness

Transgender people, the latest of the trendy sexualities, have been pushing for accommodation of their ways recently, most noticeably in the use of public bathrooms.  Usually at schools, and other places where young girls will be in a state of nakedness, the obvious downside of this can be seen by any sane man, and this article will outline some talking points you can use to keep the boys out of the girls’ room.

This debate has moved fully out of the physical, real world, where what you are is what you are, and into SJW bizarro-world where how you feel dictates your position in your world. The only way to win these illogical arguments is to use your opponent’s strength against her and spin her arguments around, quickly step out of the way, and watch them collide together in sparks of cognitive dissonance.

With Target‘s recent decision to allow transgenders to use their preferred bathroom, and North Carolina signing a law mandating that they use the one for the sex on their birth certificate, things are heating up.

Probably the most accurate icons out there.

All Men Are Potential Rapists

This is one of the classic SJW arguments, and usually comes along with the “1 in 5 college women have been raped” false claim. While it is insulting to imply that a man could rape a woman simply because he has a penis, and although it smacks of the gun control argument of “If they HAVE guns, they have a greater chance of using them illegally than if they DON’T,” we can ignore the fact that this argument dismisses a man’s ability to discern right from wrong, and simply go straight to the “dick=rapist” core of the matter.

Just like any other argument against them, the chinks in the SJW armors lie in their hypocrisies. If a woman should be allowed her safe space from any man that she feels is “creepy,” then this should go double for when she is in the bathroom being naked.

Although it does happen, female-on-male rape is less common than male-on-female, and the anatomical differences should explain why, since a man has to get it up for rape to happen, and the woman just needs to be there (although I did hear a story about four Navy chicks giving some poor seaman an artificial erection via a pencil insertion. Perhaps a trigger warning would have been useful there.)

Point being, if you have a penis, you are capable of raping women, and should not be in the girl’s room, regardless of your mental state or identity. Bathrooms are used based on your sex and plumbing, not your gender identity or mental illness, which brings us to the next point.

One Mental Illness Over Another

The SJWs like to cite that homosexuality, having been removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973, is not a mental illness.  Assuming the shrinks know what they are talking about, and that the point isn’t a fallacious argument to authority, there is enough conflict over how it went down to lend credence to it being a politically expedient decision, as opposed to scientific.

I mention the above because it is one of the first acts of SJW politics and influence based, rather than science based, medical policy changes in the US. Fast forward forty some years, and we are in the same area with transgendered people. Politics and The Feels are pushing an agenda which, in no way, is backed up by medicine but the APA removed it anyway a few years ago.

When there is no medical consensus, and an objective observer with a critical mind can tell that one person’s “it just feels right” is the rest of us’s “nah, dude, you’re just crazy,” it becomes an issue of trading one mental problem for another. Forcing sexual congress on a woman simply because a man wants to is a crime, and behavior stemming from a mental disorder (psychopathic, sociopathic, etc). Believing you are a woman even though your entire body is male is simply another disorder.

The problem is that you can’t tell what some guy ducking into the girls’ room is thinking. Is he going to rape some 15-year-old or is he going to go sit to pee, hating his-her pre-op dick that is still there? Mental illness is mental illness, and, although the treatments are different, people with them are suspect until proven otherwise.

A Question Of Commitment

Since the presence of a penis is a declaration of being a potential rapist, and since you can’t tell, can’t ask, and even can’t be sure of the truthfulness of the answer you receive regarding the mental state of a man going into a girl’s room, there is only one way to be sure.

Take off and nuke the entire site from orbit by chopping off your dick and growing a pair of tits.


Physically altering your body to resemble a woman not only removes your ability to rape women, it proves you are positive about changing genders. It also makes you look like an (ugly) woman, and you can dress like one so you don’t alarm people going into the girls’ room.

Maybe Obama and his Welfare Kingdom can offer taxpayer funded castration as a starting point for those trannies who are too poor to get the “operation” right now. (Side note, back in my white knight days, I went with a girl to a lecture done by a tranny, and he-she claimed it cost the price of a small car, so figure $15k.)

My Kid’s Safety > You Not Being Offended

Last argument you can pull out to defeat the SJW feels is that children are the priority, and that you will do anything to protect yours even if it offends some people of alternate identity or mental disorder. Remember, the SJW and liberal cause absolutely loves children, except for abortion rallies.

It’s ok, that’s a woman.

SJW causes often have competing victims. If you can cast the young girls as the potential victims (they’re kids, there’s more of them, and they’re not possessed of a mental disorder) over the transsexuals, then it becomes a choice of the Greater Good.


All men are potential rapists, you can’t tell whether a man is a pre-op transsexual or a rapist, anyone who wants to be transgender should be encouraged to go ahead and lop it off, or at least get snipped to show their commitment towards their choice and the safety of others, and that the safety of the kids come first should provide you with enough ammo to shame some SJWs into at least temporary silence.

Offer a temporary solution of a porta-potty if they feel like neither bathroom is appropriate.

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311 thoughts on “Allowing Transsexuals To Pick Which Bathroom To Use Is Pure Madness”

  1. If you look at this through the redpill lense it’s easy to see that this whole argument has been fabricated by the media. They are playing this issue on both sides by appealing to our sense of justice. The make the left feel as though they are defending a small group of people that need help thus making the left feel as though they have helped make the world a better place. Then they play the right by making them feel that traditional values are under attack and that children are in danger of sick perverts, and that stopping them from using the bathroom they will have helped make the world a better place. The only option is to not take the bait. Honestly transgender people have been using the bathroom forever and nobody ever noticed or cared.

    1. Absolutely. They are masters at manipulating the public through unimportant issues like “black lives”, stirring up fear of some brown people tens of thousands of miles away, fomenting anger at some unseen foreign enemy like the Chinese or the Mexicans (who stock all of our Wal Marts and Grocery Stores).
      Remember it was President Clinton who passed the meaningless “defense of marriage act”… nothing more than a sham, as it didn’t defend marriage at all, and just a decade later, the very thing the law was supposed to prohibit started happening. But the media was able to talk about it for months, selling ad space, wasting our time, having “debates” and talking about how it would “change things”.
      Just as every public rape accusation is false, one can say every public policy decision is bullshit. They always distract and manipulate with the bullshit, while meanwhile they are passing stuff like TPP, NDAA, Patriot Act 27, etc. And the 2 parties always agree on this important stuff–it’s only the meaningless fringe wedge issues that they play politics with to make us think it’s important to vote for team red or team blue.

    2. These laws are supposed to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. There is absolutely no record of little girls being assaulted in bathrooms by trannies or dudes. Also, if a dude wanted to assault girls in a bathroom, do you think the current segregated system is stopping them? If gun free zone signs don’t stop shootings, penis free bathroom signs won’t stop rapists.

      1. “no record of little girls being assaulted in bathrooms by…dudes”. Try “raped in public bathroom” in a search engine.
        Is indecent exposure an assault? There’s the case of Colleen Frances at Evergreen College in 2012, who had the right to lounge around in the sauna exposing ‘her’ male genitals to little girls.
        In 2010 Norwood Burnes was arrested at a Walmart for being found in “stages of undress while on the stone floor [of a bathroom, cross-dressed] and would do this in the presence of several young children”. It seems this would not be an issue nowadays.

        1. I googled Colleen Frances. Apparently, he/she was in a private sauna with a door that two teenage girls who were not allowed to be in there, opened the door. Not quite the open and shut case.
          As for Norwood Burnes, he should be reported and arrested. That is not normal bathroom behavior for anybody.
          I also googled raped in a bathroom. Aside from porn, there was one case where a dude coaxed/drug a girl into the bathroom. Had nothing to do with him impersonating a female to do so.
          And again, the ban on dicks in the women’s room was in place and didn’t stop any of these alleged crimes. Do you really believe the pervs are not being pervs because of the law and they will suddenly change their minds and start filming and raping once the law changes?

        2. Hmm, so according to the press and police reports were wrong regarding CF.
          One case of public bathroom rape? Good thing I don’t use Google then. You said ‘trannies or dudes’ so I assumed you were referring to cis-dressed dudes. 🙂
          “Do you really believe the pervs are not being pervs because of the law and they will suddenly change their minds and start filming and raping once the law changes?”
          Yes, totally. They will feel empowered. “I have every right to be here”.

        3. I just said it is not as black and white as it appears. If you have links to press and the police report, I would love to read them.
          Also, links to other bathrooms rape reorts would be appreciated. I could be totally wrong, but the stats that I have seen, says this isn’t a thing.
          Finally, do you believe that gun free zones work?

    3. Bang on. Men that have wanted to dress and act like women aren’t new. Neither are fags. It’s just that these perversions were frowned upon and kept quiet. I recall asking my dad about the number of queers back in his day. He told me that everybody knew the odd fag but they kept quiet and were generally tolerated. He was in the Navy so I’ve no doubt he encountered his share.
      The difference now is that thanks to media and politicians all these sundry identity groups must now be affirmed, celebrated and worshipped. It makes me intolerant when I’m forced to do anything more than tolerate.

      1. Why do YOU have to be the one fucking the earth, you shitlord scum? The earth can fuck you, if and when it chooses, under its own volition, to identify as a gender seeking creature interested in acquiring sexual relations with a penile laden hominid who identifies as an appropriately partnered gender to the earth’s socially constructed gender at that given point in time (that is to say all of them), but keep in mind at any point, including during the act of sexual congress, the earth may choose to reassign its gender at which point it would then be *receiving* the fucking and no longer instigating it. At that point, it is incumbent on the shitlord to modify its gender appropriately so that it may take over the duty of said fucking, up until the earth is satisfied that it has achieved sexual fulfillment, but not for one second later, as this would constitute rape.

    1. I’m dialed into an IT WebEX, called by a female manager who is not IT. There are probably four women I’m listening to on the call who are talking about scrapbooking and crochet and a wedding.
      The meeting has already begun, they just don’t see the need to start it because Girl Talk!(tm)
      Fuck this gay earth indeed. They’re wasting my time to listen to “Strong Empowered Wymynz” chatter on about girl shit.

      1. So true. Every meeting/committee/etc I have ever been on that has had women on it takes twice as long as it should. If it is just some dudes, we get in, get the work done, and are gone.

  2. Easy fix. Fathers with daughters, take your daughters into the girls room. Target CANNOT do anything about it as long as you’re not staring at women or taking pics. If you can’t stop them, outcreep them. Pretty soon, they will be demanding that bathrooms be segregated again.
    Better yet, just don’t shop at Target.

    1. Or just piss all over the floor, claim confusion as to which urinal device to use.

      1. Brilliant, but I don’t think my conscious would allow it unless I was extremely provoked…
        I’ve talked to quite a few janitors and they all say that women’s restrooms are, by far, much nastier than men’s. I won’t go into detail as to the stuff they cleaned up off/in the toilets, off the floors, and even off the walls since we are so close to lunch time.
        I like to hold myself to a higher level than some animal who’ll just piss and shit wherever….unless I’m camping in which case every tree is my toilet.

        1. I read a study years ago, I think in college, about how scientifically they measured bacteria and contamination in mens vs womens restrooms and women’s bathrooms were far filthier than men’s. I’ve never forgotten it.

        2. Just close your eyes, imagine Big Red and Trigglypuff on either side of you screaming… should have no problem at that point.

        3. And yet, paradoxically, women’s restrooms often have better amenities. The men’s room can get away without functioning hand dryers or soap, but it’s hard to find a women’s room that lacks such. Heck, I’ve even seen couches in locker rooms.
          Source: used the ladies’ locker room to prepare for theatrical performances in middle/high school.

        4. If my female relations are anything to go by, they just don’t clean up after themselves. Ever.
          Every time I go to a girl’s house (or my sister’s bathroom at my folks’ place), I find myself cleaning every bathroom surface before I take care of my (usually rather desperate) business. Even assuming they have all the usual cleaning materials, it’s uncommon to find any that have been used.
          But the scented bubble soap on the sink is nice.

        5. I bagged groceries part-time while I was in high school. We had a rotation of washroom cleaning duty and it could be be dreadful. In the men’s washroom, there’s always piss on the floor, mostly from short dicks not stepping up to the plate. The water hose always took care of that. The women’s washroom was another story! Shit-streaked stall dividers, bloody tampons laying on the seats, even the odd well-fucked cucumber.
          The poor janitors of tomorrow will discover new washroom wonders when this tranny toilet culture becomes the norm.

        6. And now, neither will we. RoK- dispelling the notion that women are made of sugar and spice and everything since like 2 yrs ago

        7. Honestly, both of them would make great ringside wrestling “managers”

        8. I can confirm that. I knew a woman who said that she preferred the man’s room over the woman’s room for the very same reason.

      2. While that is a great fuck you to the system, somebody’s got to clean that up. I’d feel bad for the employee who’s stuck having to do that.

      3. I do this all the time…I am not making a point, I just get odd when I drink too much gin.

  3. I have a serious question about this. How is this going to be enforced?
    Considering that barring a package check there is no way to know?
    Adding that they can legally change their gender/sex on IDs pre-op and no one forces the operation anyway.

    1. It’s just a way to normalize mental illness and degenerate behavior. Use of bathrooms is completely a voluntary societal thing.. they are pushing to make people who would normally freak out and react to a tranny sit there in silence while a man in a dress whips out his dick to pee next to them. There is no method of legal enforcement, it is just social conditioning of the masses by altering our behaviors and norms.

  4. Problem is most people who oppose such things tend to be squishy when it comes to boycotts. The left has boycott bullying down to a science. It is high time conservatives do the same.

  5. My Kid’s Safety > You Not Being Offended
    I don’t think this argument will work.
    SJW causes often have competing victims.
    While this is true, there is a clear and rigid hierarchy of victimization. Higher ranking victims always get the benefit.
    In the same way that violence committed by illegals and muslims in the US is an acceptable cost in the goal to destroy a conceived evil European-derived culture, any violence upon children is to be considered merely collateral damage in the quest to normalize trannys.

    1. SJW groups are filled with whores who view children like diseases. I once asked a woman if a child was her’s and she stated it wasn’t. Saying anything about kid safety will just trigger a statistics standoff with all the studies you never heard of and why you are enforcing the stereotype by not being accepting.

      1. You just have to ignore the studies and push them over! that is how the left debates and wins. The secret is that their arguments are not superior, logical or right but that they only win through by attrition. If you think I am wrong, go to your local institution of higher learning and talk to one of the youtes. You will see how the spectacle of higher education really works.

    1. Yes, and while we should refute their ridiculous positions whenever presented, articles like this do very little to change the agenda. You cannot make any rational argument that this crowd will buy. Because the goal is normalizing mental illness, and that is given priority over any other concerns.
      If you actually buy their argument (let’s compare it to racism… say that they are forcing blacks and whites to use the same restroom because black people are fundamentally no different than whites and it’s ridiculous to treat them differently), and replace that with a tranny, they are actually acting out of a feeling of compassion for an oppressed group.
      They honestly feel they are helping trannies the same way civil rights workers fought against oppression by racist institutions in the 1960s. This is why you cannot win. The only argument that can oppose them is the idea that trannies are mentally ill, which must be repeated ad nauseum. Johns Hopkins who created tranny operations, now refuses to perform them because they see it as medically unsound. Notice how no mainstream media outlet will talk about this.

  6. Legend has it, during the siege of Constantinople by the Ottomans, the greeks were arguing about whether angels had a gender.
    History just repeats itself.

      1. I can’t wait for the first inclusive bathroom rape

        1. And when it happens, you know it won’t be done by a tranny/cross dresser/whatever they are, it’ll be done by a man disguised as a female. That way it doesn’t go against their narrative.

        2. yes def. It will happen and it will have to be blames on a straight white male.

      1. I’ll wait for Roosh to write “Toilet Bang” as companion to “Bang” and “Day Bang” which all together will make a nice trilogy.

    1. there’s a great beavis and butthead where they hang out by the girl’s room at a school dance using “so, going to the bathroom?” as an opener. coudn’t find the clip though.

      1. i think the whole transgender bathroom thing is a goldmine of an idea for Beavis and Butthead scenarios.

    2. “I notice the color of your urine is a tad dark, we should hydrate at that bar over there”.

  7. Progressives and libs win immediately as these “issues” enter the news cycle and take up space in the national conversation. As soon as any outlet runs the story and then other outlets and commenters begin validating the argument by responding, progressives claim victory because now we’re forced to discuss it.
    I suspect if we were to ignore these insane issues they would continue to be treated as they were in the past…outright insanity. But when any media outlet runs the story the general population is inclined to think that “it must be a very pressing and important issue”.
    I become very suspicious when these cultural topics come racing to the forefront of our news cycles…it tells me something more important is going on that we’re being distracted from.
    Fuck the media.

    1. “Target allows men into the women’s rooms and women into the men’s rooms. Experts agree that’s stupid. In real news…”

    2. I become very suspicious.. tells me something more important is going on that we’re being distracted from.
      This. While watching ridiculous coverage of the Prince death on the tv at the gym, I asked myself “In the past, we had 24 hour tv networks, and I don’t remember them covering bullshit… it was something I actually chose to watch”. CNN used to be tolerable and informative and actually told you something interesting or useful. Now it has turned into gossip and distraction.

      1. Has to be said – thank you women. Give women “their voice” and no surprise “news” degenerates into gossip.

    3. Good points all around. I would add that the media is rapidly changing and the old media, that is responsible for pushing this bullshit, is suffering. Even online the left is losing. You mentioned how if we could just ignore all this it would be seen as insane and go away. What if I told you we are within a spitting distance of this being TRUE. I get all my news from alternative sources. I am 100% entertained outside of the mainstream. Its is very easy to do this. And, from hulu, netflix to amazon the disruption just continues. In the very near future your entire cultural experience via the media will be 100% under your control. No way to shove propaganda when everyone is splintered.

    4. China passed us up as the world’s largest economy the same week everyone was blabbering about Ferguson back in December 2014.
      What did we see in the news?
      Not a blip. Instead, Fox and CNN were running pieces about black mall Santa Clauses being equal to white mall Santa Clauses.
      I second that emotion. Fuck the media.

    5. That we’re even entertaining a legitimate discussion about them means that they’ve won.

    6. TPP? Starting working on that the first month obama was prez; only mentioned in passing in the msm the past 3 or 4 months…

  8. SJWs don’t love kids. They see em as devolution in their grandeur delusions. At best they will tell you to “educate” your kids to accept their degenerate ways

    1. the “Fags are OK!” curriculum at most public schools is doing that already..

  9. Alright so target took a chance with some bullshit policy, we as consumers can tell them how we feel about their stance by voting against it by taking our business elsewhere that is our power as consumers in a capitalist market and we should exercise it as such.
    That being said the fact that policy makers in Washington are wasting their time with this garbage while our nation collapses is complete and total bull shit.

  10. Am I the only person who doesn’t give a shit about this? I don’t check out the genitalia of people in the bathroom with me. There is no record of assaults on women in bathrooms by guys dressed as girls. I feel sorry for all men, women, kids, trannies, and otherkin who have to use the same bathroom as me after my morning constitutional.

    1. Nor I. Women transitioning into men, for example, do a far better job of actually looking like their desired sex, rather than the other way around. How would these places enforce that when it comes to restroom time?

    2. I don’t think we’ll really see some kind of spike of sexual assaults from all this, I object mostly on principal. Society is going down the drain. Trans need help, they don’t need to be enabled. Vive la Institution!

    3. I agree. I don’t give a shit about the bathrooms. As I stated below, the only issue I could see is in locker rooms where people shower/walk around naked.

      1. Ha, I think people are too free in their nudity in locker rooms too. Underwear should only be off for a few seconds and then a towel should be wrapped around you immediately. I’m talking to you old saggy dudes with no shame just lounging around.
        Also, what do you do about the pre-op who has big ol’ fake titties but still has junk?

        1. Yeah the old dudes in the gym are really, really inconsiderate to the point of being rude morons. Cover that dusty shit up.

    4. Assault or not, I’m not particularly fond of a child girl being exposed to some lewd perv whipping his dick out in front of her. Guess that’s just some of the Old School left in me.
      Also there is no need to cater to 0.04% of the population to whom this applies at the expense of the rest of society. That’s just the “tyranny of the minority” in action, and it’s wrong.

      1. I would agree if women’s room were open urinals or troughs (the worst!) like men’s rooms, but they are usually stalls with doors so I just have trouble seeing the big deal. I don’t know how it actually works so I assume trannies are just going in, closing the door, sitting down to pee, and leaving.

        1. I really don’t see the need to even create that situation where the potential could occur. Something about having your 5 year old daughter alone in a restroom with an adult male really is unnerving. It’s not a “me” thing, it’s an “across all societies in history” thing. We should *not* be catering to this 0.4% of mentally ill deviants at the expense of everything we’ve held decent as human beings for thousands of years.

        2. I don’t have kids so I am probably missing some protective trait, but having known a few non-normal gendered whatevers in my life, its not a concern to me. They have never struck me as violent or malicious, just weird folk who fancy themselves women.
          I think the debate itself is stupid and just a distraction. Society is in a bit of a struggle to figure out the male/female dynamics in modernity. None of it affects me, but it is interesting to watch.

        3. It’s not the “non-normal gendered”, it’s the pervy men who show up in the stalls pretending to be women so that they can webcam your daughter.
          It is a concern, and a real one.

        4. But the statistics say it is not a concern and doesn’t happen. Most trannies try hard to look like a woman. So much in fact that they often fool dudes. A dude with a five o’clock shadow in a dress is going to be spotted and removed.
          As I have asked in other comments, what is stopping them from doing this now? A no-dicks sign is going to stop pervs from entering the women’s room as effectively as a no guns sign stops shooters.

        5. I’ve never seen a convincing tranny. Even the try hard almost passing ones always have some give away if you look closely. And the majority of the people suffering from this disease could never pass no matter what and are just deviant.

        6. That black dude knew and flipped out cause his friends were giving him shit. The Filipina one actually might have been passing. Both are excellent examples as to why this shit shouldn’t be allowed. Remember when sjws decided it was racist to not date outside of your race? Now you’re going to be gay if you won’t date a tranny. All this shit is beyond absurd. When that dolezal chick was trans-nigger, everybody was acting like she was crazy when she was more convincing than 99.9% of trannies but we are embracing and forcing this. They have made it so bad to be a man that the weakest men are trying to be women. This shit is tragic.

  11. I would be curious if there’s any policy about dress code or history of transgender behavior. Otherwise, as a cis-shitlord male can I just go into the girls locker room at the public pool and claim I identify as a girl? Seems like creeps will use this to their advantage.

      1. I’m going like I am, who are they to define what defines a gender definitely.
        And rape that shiaat.

      2. how about I just wear nylons? Perfectly normal and healthy, right?

    1. I’ve googled this before because I was curious too. The history is that there are no (or very few if any) instances of a man dressed as a woman assaulting people in public restrooms. There are quite a few instances of a tranny being assaulted in a guy’s restroom.
      The real question is do you think the current prohibition of dicks in the women’s room is what is keeping creeps at bay? And compare to the SJW gun free school zone argument.

    2. Thailand, India, and Mexico. Have been doing this shit for a long time. It’s been an established part of their cultures and they’re all pretty much fucked.

  12. The obviously female singer of the band Lower Dens identifies as “genderqueer,” (whatever the fuck that means). How do these restroom laws affect her and others’ crazy choices?

  13. I can still remember the movie The Silence of the Lambs, and the bizarre weirdo in the film. It is pathetic that people are trying to push this behavior as normal.
    Dads will have to always go in the restroom with their daughters now.

    1. you just solved the problem: “you can used the ladies bathroom, but you’ve got to be wearing a woman-suit….and none of that fake plastic shit either…”

  14. Whatever I have to identify in order to use the steam room in the women’s locker of my gym when they are finished with their boot camp sculping class I will. That’s right, you heard it here first. I am an enormous faggotqueer. A woman trapped in a man’s body. Just let me use that goddamn steam room please.

      1. Seriously, my gym gives memberships nearly free to the girls who work at Hollister and they all take that booty sculpting class. I will wear a dress to the gym and skip around like a fairy if that’s what it takes.

        1. Don’t suppress my identity! I identify as a woman with a dick who needs to take a steam

        2. Get a pair of big sunglasses and identify as an otherkin mosquito. Your proboscis is just looking for some food.

        3. LOL this is the best reply yet, I’m going to be laughing about this for the rest the day.

        4. lol perfect – brings to mind Cheech and Chong’s “Earache my Eye”.

        5. Call yourself “Jenneris” and explain that you are a transgendered lesbian and what can they say, other than “Welcome?”

        6. Ill be very Jenneris with my jennitals when I share them with all the Hollister employees in the Female sauna.

    1. I’m thinking about trolling feminist web-sites, as soon as I have time to.
      I’m trying to build myself a character and a story. I want the story to be believable and at the same time to push SJW to the boundaries of their ideology. I thought about a teen lesbian living an illegal romance with her much older big sister.

        1. I am a bernie-kin. I identify as an old man who doesnt understand economics

      1. That sounds like a big effort…much more than just going there and shitting on them for lulz. It is possible that there should be an ROK strike force for organized trolling efforts on particularly nasty articles.

        1. something like pretending to be a white power group that enthusiastically supports whatever crazy idea the article pushes. that would be fun.

        2. I am special forces of the Trolling Army. Really though, maybe a telegram room for ROK Strike Force. We pick one absurd article a day, create user names and troll the fuck out of it.

        3. Or just like “you realize you are a bunch of fucking retards right”

        4. Hey, I did my part yesterday by triggering cracked on date rape.

        5. link us to your comments if you can find,, too many fags posting there so they arer burried..cheers..

        6. it is buried pretty deep. Not sure how to link to the comment.

        7. yeah that’s what i thought maybe you can post it next time ,,that shit is funny and maybe I’ll even bother joining to get in on the action..trolling fags is fun!

        8. Hey, count me in! I would love to do that. Just need to coordinate that with my job.

      2. please report back here or on roosh’s forums if you do. maybe be handicapped or have HIV, if you can pull it off.

      3. The more I think of this idea the more I like it.
        We can even give the Trigger Nigger of The Week Award for best triggering.

        1. The teenage lesbian could have had drunken sex with her older sister (a date rape, if you will). Think about the dilemma in a SJW’s head.

        2. didn’t lena dumbham make a fortune writing about this very thing?

        3. perfectly acceptable use of a woman..but a sister…yuk

        4. Include the insertion of a brush handle into her vajaja and you have something there… wait that would be a real story that you stole from that Dunham witch…

      4. I suggest you do extensive research by reading Lena Dunham’s biography.
        edit: seems others got there first

      5. How about teen overweight African American muslim who is a transexual liberal? You cover all the bases of the Oppression Olympics with age, body, race, religion, sexuality and political ideology. It’s a slam dunk.

        1. Thank you. That’s how ridiculous those clowns are so it is most apropos

    2. Homeboy is onto something here! When we were young, how many of us were asked what super power we could choose if we were allowed to have one? And how many of us said the ability to turn invisible so we could check out the women’s locker room? To hell with invisibility now that they’re granting us the power of identity!

        1. Holy shit, that might actually cause a real stir. Like, a tsunami stir.
          @Roosh – Get a load of this idea. What do you think?

        2. I agree. Let’s help with the pride by embracing our inner-little-woman. Let them deny our source of gender definition. Oh and I have a question. Has this madness affected the state and Federal offices? Just asking.

      1. I always wanted to be able to fly like superman. This way I would never have to use a condom. When I pulled out it would be a sure thing that she didn’t get pregnant.

      2. also, why be invisible. If I wanted women not to see my junk I would stay in the men’s room.

  15. What’s the “inclusive” restroom photo above? Aren’t the larger public restrooms that permit use by both sexes enough?

  16. A man standing guard outside a women’s restroom is creepy and will be asked to leave.
    A man in a women’s restroom though?
    Tha’s kewl, dawg.
    SJWs don’t want men at parks.
    SJWs don’t want men sitting next to kids in airplanes.
    SJWs? Fucking nutjobs, the lot of them.

    1. If you ever watch that show “Maron,” there was an episode from this past season where Marc is sitting on bench in an L.A. park enjoying his day, and a young mother approaches him and threatens to call police since he isn’t with any kids.
      Gotta love 21st century thinking.

  17. I thought there are already toilets for Transsexuals:

    1. Surprised they haven’t updated their oppressive acronym. Shitlords.

    2. Did you see the comments? I can’t tell if they are joking or not…
      “If they really want to go for a progressive and edgy twist, they’ll out Chewie as a furry.”

    3. Unfailingly, every time I meet someone from GLAAD, they wind up hyperventilating from something I triggered them on, but helpful Henry that I am, I’m prepared to deal with them:

      1. Same strength, now in black….I don’t like where this is going.

        1. I get to see bewbs AND learn about how gravity works! Oh boy! Thank you mister!

    4. What they do to the Star Wars franchise is the worst among all other recent sjw-resets in movies.
      When you look at it Star Wars and the Jedi order is about men mastering their inner self and channelling their desires towards one goal and what they can achieve with it.
      This is how civilizations were made. By men restricting themselves.
      It is ludicrous to introduce women here as they do not have a drive the way a man does.
      For that the first trilogy didn’t even have a female Jedi.
      Not to mention Han Solo and his game.

  18. I identify as a disabled transgendered lesbian. Which bathroom should I use?

  19. One thing SJWs never address are those who “changed” their gender, lived their new identity for a while, then changed their mind and went back to their previous identity. Getting “transgender” surgery addresses a symptom, not the underlying cause of the identity issue.

  20. I know this is serious and in the spirit of a non PC world I’m just being immature, but including the words seaman, Navy, erection, pencil, and insertion in the same sentence is just hilarious.

  21. What if i go as a woman in a locker room, get naked, and my junk hangs out? I will tell them I have an abnormally long clitoris, like female wrestler Chyna (RIP you poor oversteroided thing.)

  22. Sticking up fancy new signs designating a bathroom as male, female, gender neutral or whatever, is fine, but how do we know what the bathroom identifies as?

    1. Bathroom identifies as a german woman…that’s why you go in and piss and shit in its holes.

      1. Bless those Fraulein’s. I never really thought about what the bathroom gets out of it before

  23. Social conservatives will not stand up and fight for their beliefs, so they get trampled on.
    At this point, the get trampled on for sport. The left likes to abuse social conservatives more than they like leftism.
    Since the social conservatives will not fight, they are useless. It’s past time for us to organize those who will fight into a group that’s strong enough that the left will not trample over us.

    1. There is a substantial boycott of target going on right now. I think what you said was true in the past. People were too sedated to really see all the background policy making as it pertained to changing culture and pushing perverted shit like homosexuality. No one really noticed in the late 1990s, for instance, when out of no where “they” just said “hey homosexuality is born in and it good”. Most people if they didn’t care or were unaware at such a profound and undemocratic decree. Yet, its stood and then it became institutionalized. Well, fast forward to today and this incremental low noise type of a strategy has turned into a very open and noisy monster. I think people are now very aware that their lives are being controlled by others. Trump’s popularity personifies this. cross dressers have very little to stand on as it is. Reality is too strong. I also think that people are wondering what could possibly be next if male and female is denied and even made illegal. I do think many people feel that pedophilia is up next. Either way, there is a storm coming and people I think especially with cross dressing have had enough. This isn’t a right its just some punk who wants to be provocative demanding he or she be taking seriously, and no one ever agreed that’s a legitimate right.

    2. Target’s stock is down 2.5 billion dollars the last few days. The hell conservatives don’t stand up and fight for their beliefs.

        1. Nope, we’re causing *much* more real damage if you think about it.
          Inner city thugs are amateurs.

        2. Inner City Thug: “Let’s get together and burn shit down and jump on cars and loot and riot in our own neighborhoods, destroying all of our neighbor’s homes and property!”
          Conservatives: “Let’s organize a huge event by simultaneously boycotting a major multi-billion dollar corporation and bringing it to its knees”
          One is effective and works, the other just pisses people off and is nothing but self mutilation.

      1. 2.5 billion is slight discomfort for target. They’re just gonna double down. They can’t really reverse their position now, especially for monetary reasons. It would be awesome if this bankrupts them, but it won’t. They’re setting the precedent and other retailers and businesses will soon be following suit.

        1. What would be awesome is if this restroom ruckus forces a Target ivory tower regime change.

        2. Not gonna happen. All the videos it’s spawning are pretty funny though.

  24. Which bathroom is for Apache Attack Helicopters? I need a place to unload my hellfires.

    1. And Tyrannosaurus? I need to unleash Jurassic dumps after some spicy Triceratops.

  25. I get the feeling that the intersex symbol above is meant to suggest (or denote) the alchemical ‘mercury’ symbol, first given to us by Dr John Dee of Faustian repute. Obviously the Mars and Venus symbols already denote male and female, but we don’t tend to think of them as deliberately alchemical – they’re just symbols. The mercury / hermaphrodite symbol is normally a truncated half circle but in this case you have the Mars symbol mirrored on the axis to create an effect similar to such a half circle. I think the symbology is important: the ideology relates to changing back and forth from male to female. This is a step beyond feminism

  26. The mainstream media debate on this topic has formed into two camps:
    1) Psychotic SJWs who continue to push their mental illnesses on society
    2) White knight traditionalists who want to “protect the women.”
    Don’t fall for the trap. I’ve seen some otherwise masculine guys become white knights on social media in light of this media-contrived controversy. Get your heads out of your asses. Women are the ones who are fully behind this lunacy. White knighting to protect women and little girls by passing stupid bathroom laws won’t prevent your daughter from being raped. It’s a man’s job to watch over his children and defend his home, so if you’re that concerned, say you’re feeling a little queer and escort your daughter while she takes a piss in the Target women’s restroom.

    1. Psychotic SJWs who continue to push their mental illnesses on society
      This can and should be opposed on principle, without falling into the #2 camp. Generally, the debate in the media does not cover this aspect, as you correctly point out.

      1. Unfortunately the platform for reasonable debate is not allowed in mainstream outlets. Right now it’s just two extremely divisive sides, that, when put in proper perspective, are working towards the same goals.

  27. What democrat’s want to do is remove the last safe place men and woman have
    that belongs to each other, when did we bow start bowing down to less than 4%
    of the population?
    I am going to be laughing my ass off when the first female sues a store claiming she
    was sexual harassed well claiming she was a male using the men’s restroom.

    1. Right…then the move will be to have video cameras put in the bathrooms adding to the constant surveillance.

        1. by the way, it doesn’t result in this accidently — it is by design. Voyeur is a legitimate sexual orientation.

        2. Now with the widespread of porn, what was before the vice of a depraved elite (watching two people swapping ectoplasma without being seen) is now the norm.

        3. I just don’t get porn at all. I would pay not to watch 2 people having sex. Shit, If I could avoid seeing it I wouldn’t even watch me have sex.

        4. Oooh, now there we’re different. I don’t care to watch porn (except with a real live woman) but seeing an attractive couple go at it live, well, I certainly wouldn’t pretend I wasn’t looking.

        5. We have discussed the porn thing (with a partner to spice things up). I thought about it and just couldn’t do it. I don’t know why. I am not morally opposed to porn, I just think it is icky.

        6. You’re going to do full turn over and end up a capuchin monk in the middle of a polish forest one of these days. It is written.

        7. Different strokes (um…so to speak).

        8. gotta agree- back when it was taboo it was fine- you had to have balls to waltz into a video store to rent a copy of Glad-he-ate-her, especially when the “cool clerk” wasnt there. You went to an Xrated shop, you had to have a spotter outside, in case someone you knew from the neighborhood was waltzing by…maps, walking-talkies, etc…good times…now its too easy, its meaningless lol

        9. Close. I think I will wind up somewhere upstate new York in the Hudson valley as a total shut in.

        10. totally! Also, when I was a kid there was a trick if you clicked back and forth on the naked channel to a different channel fast enough you might be able to catch some errant boob.

        11. Yeah, I remember doing that. It was probably more challenging than a modern video game but really had this strange satisfaction of success when you’d manage to hold a picture for a second or two.

        12. Yup. If you did it for an hour you might break through 3 times and of those three times you were lucky if one time yielded some boobs for like 3 seconds…those three seconds were fucking gold. It was a mix of beating the man, subverting your parents and seeing boobs all at once.

      1. one day CCTV footage will be the only thing on youporn. It’ll be a whole lot filthier too

        1. According to Network TV, every other male is gay, and women can change in and out of Lesbianism like a dress.

        2. Hmm I can’t find the figure for my country, but the LGB were a fair bit higher but the LG was 3% or so.
          I must be damn unlucky then because I work with one bender, and another used to. We are big enough that we have gay etc.
          The kicker is that the person in question used to be a female friend of an ex, and is now a male colleague of mine. Married, with a kid.

  28. that people are even considering getting mad at a north carolina law that basically says: “you can play dress up as a woman all you want to, but you are still just a man dressed in women’s clothing — use the men’s room” let’s me know the inmates are running the asylum.
    can’t wait for ppl to start saying they identify as handicap so they should get all the good parking, even though they are perfectly healthy.

    1. I know I do. I often use disabled parking saying that I identify as ‘handiicapable’ and that my handicap is indiscernible to the untrained eye.

        1. My thanks to you exalted and fearsome furry aquatic mammal.

        2. And I’m even better at being bad 😉 I keed, I keed. Try the chicken-it’s tremendous.

  29. The thing about the transdoodles is, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, but how is this even a fucking thing?
    I mean fine, I get that some mentally ill people get their dicks cut off and have a vagina made and they are fucked to death. I suppose if we are forced to let them out of the house they prob should use a woman’s bathroom. But we are just talking about some guy in a dress here right? Like back when the Ivy League schools were all male (you know, what I like to call the sane and rational days) how they would put on plays and some guy would put on a dress and it would be a hoot and a holler. Monty Python guys dressing up as a woman. Hell, even bugs bunny.
    But the transdoodles? Really? That’s like a sexual orientation? I mean, really, what the fuck world, what the fuck?

    1. I knew a woman who tried having kids, failed, then basically decided to become a man. With a schlong and all. I’m still working with this person.
      I don’t know what to make of it really, but it does appear genuine.
      I’m probably going to get flack for this, but to be honest I don’t care about what people do so long as it doesn’t hurt others.
      Just like I don’t care about gays or whatever else that now grows on trees.
      So long as it doesn’t create issues and I mean real actual physical problems, not hurt feelings, I don’t care.

      1. you probably will catch flack, but not from me. I don’t care what they do so long as they do it far away from me and don’t fuck with my shit. My biggest problem is that the culture they have created has been detrimental to women being pretty.
        The thing I don’t get about the transdoodles is that they are really a fucking inconvenience and for what, because they decided to play dress up. So if I dress like batman does that mean I can bone Anne Hathoway before she chops her hair off like a dyke?

        1. One of my work brake past times is showing this really cute Swedish girl all the outrageous stupid stuff I or someone here dredges up. She reacts like I do hehe.
          She is no shit 9.5/10 if you like short girls with dark hair.
          She is apparently not ruined, I guess that’s why she escaped Sweden like me hehe.
          The transformers are actually not an inconvenience to me sofar, I only really mind gays if they hit on me. Otherwise I don’t care. And the thing I can say about guys as women, you can tell from a far distance. No worry.
          I’m jaded from living in Europe I suppose…
          As for the batman thing, I am afraid what’s stopping you is that you are a guy, if you were to be batsexual however and only be able to mate with cat woman I think it’s only fair, and she’d have to dress up too.

    1. According to the way rape is defined by modern cunts, every time some fat pig sucks the cock of a guy who had too many tequila shots then it is a female on male rape.
      The rules are fucking stupid, but if those are the rules then those are the rules and everyone needs to start playing by them.

      1. “every time some fat pig sucks the cock of a guy who had too many tequila shots then it is a female on male rape.”
        Even then they’ll still blame the guy.

  30. Trump should hire Curt Shilling and his running mate. That would be excellent.

    1. he took public money to prop up his soon to be bankrupt video game company- wouldnt fly. Still, I like his style, and he and his legendary bloody sock were just edited out of an espn documentary. But theres no agenda there, its a sports channel, right?

  31. I smell a rat…
    Something tells me this is about modern bitches, not trannies. In short, it’s about more rights for women, not men (just like every other law). Let’s face it…Women have co-opted their way into every male-only space. There only one male-only space left: the bathroom.
    Modern women cannot stand the idea of two men talking, because the more they talk, the quicker her mischievous machinations will be exposed. This could just be another arm of their paranoid delusions, another attempt to keep men from coming together. Essentially, another attempt to intrude themselves into a male-only space.
    Mark my words…pretty soon women will be demaning access to male bathrooms.
    Women don’t give a shit about trannies anyway. Nobody does. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

        1. Soapland except in bikinis lol. Actually I don’t think it’s done with bikini normally at all.

    1. I think you might be right. The only practical way forward will be unisex bathrooms. These already exist in some places. What feminists hate is the fact that there are queues in their restrooms because women need an actual toilet, but because men just need a urinal they can walk in and out in seconds. I like Starbucks but I remember one branch that got rid of the urinal in the men’s room and suddenly there were just queues and queues. Feminist victory assured

      1. Next time, just borrow a lipstick from a girl, wear it, and use the women’s restroom if some guy is taking a dump in the men’s room and you need to piss badly.

    2. Something tells me it’s just a missile launch into the culture wars and is designed to annoy Conservatives and Traditionalists.

  32. Frankly this whole deranged business leaves me extremely disgusted just proves more that modern Liberalism has degraded to a mental disease.

  33. I am trying to understand how the Federal Govt is forcing states to comply? You want backlash like that during an election year? That is serious derangement. People are starting to push back.

  34. Yep, welcome to Minnesota, target corporate headquarters and ground zero for this bullshit. Saw three trannies on my last trip to target. If you live in Minnesota it’s almost impossible to boycott target.

    1. Didn’t they also removed signs in the store that identified the boys and girls clothing sections?

  35. Just wait…. it will take a little time but as the trannies are still men underneath their mental disorder they will piss and shit all over the ladies toilets. The toilet seats will be wet with piss, the toilet bowls will be spattered with shit. The vast majority of male toilets are cess pits. It won’t be long until there’s a major out cry from da ladies about the trannies stinking up their bathrooms, even though they sit down to take a piss……..

    1. Nah dude. I had to clean women’s restrooms for community service once and women’s restrooms are far nastier than men’s. Toilet papers are thrown all over the place. Piss on the toilet seats and the place stank of undouched twat.

  36. “The SJWs like to cite that homosexuality, having been removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973, is not a mental illness. Assuming the shrinks know what they are talking about”
    Psychology is a junk science.

  37. So essentially now any male perv can throw on a dress and go into the ladies room to watch chicks piss and shit. This, and what the author stated is that REAL rapists will have easier logistics to their victims. The Ted Bundy’s of the USA are quite happy I’m sure. Dumbass libtards brought this on themselves.

    1. Well I’m in Western Europe, the probably most LGBT friendly country in the world and its not an issue. If it were to be surely it would have shown up here.
      I’m of the opinion that what people do that doesn’t result in actual ill effects for others should not and on principle cannot be interfered with.
      Something that IS and issue is mentally seriously ill people not being locked up, that leaves dead bodies. Their rights to maim and kill are being protected and no one says shit.

  38. Public toilets have always been creep magnets as long as I can remember. Whether trans or whatever the hell they’re called, laws don’t mean shit to dick heads, just like gun laws don’t amount to shit.

  39. Item: Billy decides he is actually a she, penis notwithstanding, and starts dressing in drag and calling s/h/itself “Kimmy.” S/h/it walks discreetly into the public women’s room – dress, wig and pumps all neatly arranged – and sits down in the stall. I doubt anyone will notice or care.
    Item: Bruce Jenner decides he is actually a she, penis notwithstanding, and starts dressing in drag and calling s/h/itself “Caitlyn.” S/h/it parades this news across international TV along with photographs of s/h/itself artificially hairless (via electrolysis) and big-breasted (via silicone implantation) claiming “Finally, I am showing myself to the world as I really am!” and requests to be known by the latter name. One day s/h/it decides to walk into a public women’s restroom – dress, wig and pumps all neatly arranged – and sits down in the stall.
    Are people going to notice? Hell yes, they are. Are they going to care? Hell yes, they are, and they are right to care. And that is really what this is all about, as the section on the mental illnesses insinuates. The left can caricature us all they want, but what they are really after is to shut up anyone who does not agree that there is anything normal septic sexual penetration, adult costumes after Hallowe’en or the mutilation of perfectly healthy and well-formed body parts. There isn’t.

      1. Gonna need some mind soap to wash the mental image of the headline. Didn’t have the stomach to read the whole thing.

        1. Hehe I am jaded but I still didn’t read the whole thing. Proper WTF random but it happens in nature too, apparently.

    1. Dude its like the whole being gay thing in the 90’s.
      There were some gay men, who looked normal and went around there normal lives and no one either knew, or if they did know, they didn’t fucking care.
      Now days its like they all want to come out of closet and they expect to have a big party thrown for them and have everyone pat them on the back for being so ‘brave”.
      I liked the 90’s fags alot better.

  40. So the author is essentially arguing his opinion is so irrational and baseless that it can only be justified through the mentality of feminism. In other words, any rational, evidence based argument to support it, is non existent.

    1. Adolescent girls – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 year olds and so on who are virgins, sexually shy, never even been kissed, whatever – don’t want fully grown men watching them when they strip and change. How hard is that to understand and respect? Don’t you have any empathy for the vulnerable in society?
      The potential humiliation and psychological harm a girl can suffer when she turns around after just slipping into her bathing suit and realizes there is a bulky “woman” with a hairy ass and a penis standing behind her watching the entire scene is catastrophic. That’s just damn irresponsible, and adds to the degeneracy of our society beyond all reasonable and sane doubt.
      Girls should have a right to have their sexuality and privacy protected.

    2. How about, oh I don’t know, maybe, like, fucking off? Does that work for you? Fucking off?

  41. “Maybe Obama and his Welfare Kingdom can offer taxpayer funded castration as a starting point for those trannies who are too poor to get the “operation” right now.”
    I went to school with a guy who decided to become a girl. He ended up launching a Kickstarter campaign to gain funding for the surgery (Which had no prizes you’d get if you donated, it was just the glory of helping a tranny). What was hilarious was that the wording of the description made it seem like this was some cure for a deadly disease, like he’d die if he didn’t get his dick chopped off and tits inserted into his chest.
    In the end the tranny got the full funding and ended up going to another country to get the surgery. Not only did she get the surgery, she had extra money left over so she ended up staying there for an extra month using donated money to have a vacation (Which no one brought up because you don’t want to face the ire of a histrionic tranny). Now 5 years later her Facebook feed is all about her deteriorating mental health and how she has thoughts of suicide. Great job!

    1. None of these fauxmale wackadoodles suddenly become less crazy when the parts get lanced off. The crazy still exists long after the sausage becomes a doggy chew toy.

        1. Whacking off your parts. Like tatoos, it seemed like good idea at the time.

        2. Getting the worst tattoo of all time is still a way smarter choice than getting the best gender reassignment surgery.

      1. And the crazy was always there to begin with. A couple years back I watched a documentary about people who purposely want to have limbs removed. So if a guy wants his hand cut off it’s a problem, but if a guy wants his dick cut off and turned inside out then it’s fine? It’s like Gavin McInnes said, you’ll never see old trannies walking around because they either die of drug overdoses, AIDS, or suicide by 40.

        1. Saddest thing about that? SJW actually use the ” trannies commit suicide because they aren’t accepted by society, everything would be all fine and dandy if we made an effort to accept them more!!!” argument. It’s unbelievable sometime I wonder if these people are even capable or rational thinking rather than just repeating what others equally stupid people are saying.

    2. He is not a “she”. Self mutilation does not change the Y chromosome to an X chromosome. We have to watch that we don’t adopt the language of the Left.

    3. Suicide? Tranny? OMG that’s so surprising! It’s not like the suicide rate for them wasn’t around 60 %, one of the highest on Earth? OF COURSE YOUR BODY SEND YOU THE MESSAGE THAT IT FUCKING HATES WHAT YOU DID TO IT AND WANTS YOU TO END YOUR LIFE RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. Man these trannies are a riot.

  42. My buddy says his 5 year old son is transgender, thinks he’s a girl. I just kept my mouth shut although I wanted to say “You know he’s five, right? My nephew thought he was a dinosaur for a few weeks once. I hope you’re not letting idiot SJW teachers put any ideas in his mouth.” Poor kid. He is gonna be so fucked up.
    But I’ve learned not to give advice unless someone asks for it. Unless they ask, you’ll just piss people off without achieving anything. I did send him a link to an American Academy of Pediatrics paper that said treating children with transgender hormones is a form of child abuse, and left it at that.

      1. I think they’re aware of the basics, that a boy needs to stick it inside of a girl and pee so that a baby can grow inside of her stomach until she shits it out.

        1. So they know that a boy can’t become a girl and no baby can grow in a boy’s stomach? A girl can’t pee in a girl to grow a baby in her?

    1. Your idiot buddy gets to brag about his transgender child. Yes, fucked up doesn’t even begin to describe the insanity.

      1. I don’t know if he’s bragging, but he is a leftie. I’m utterly shocked that he’s seemed to accept his five year old son’s “identity.”
        I found out about it because he was posting all this crap about how trannie men should use women’s restrooms and I asked him WTF? I posted the link to the American Academy of Pediatrics statement that hormonal intervention in “transgender” (i.e. mentally ill) minors amounts to child abuse. That’s when he messaged me privately about his son.
        I shut up immediately about it. Nothing I could say would change his batshit insane position.
        That kid is in for a world of pain. Accepting that a five year old child can “feel” that he really is a girl inside, and reinforcing this mistaken belief until it becomes entrenched mental illness, really IS child abuse.

  43. Even if a man lops it off, he doesn’t lose the right to impregnate women or gain the right to be pregnant. He also can still assault and annoy women, and legally rape isn’t limited to intercourse anymore anyway, so a castrated man can still rape women.

    1. There’s a very serious distinction between castration and nullification. Castration is the balls, nullification is the whole package. When you give up your balls and the ability to produce semen, you’ve effectively relenquished your right to impregnate a woman unless you froze some sperm somewhere. A man becoming pregnant is a biological impossibility. You can’t lose rights that you never had and are impossible.

      1. I don’t get how this shit is being allowed when it flies directly in the face of scientific facts. I thought white people loved science.

      2. Heh I wonder if any remove their dick but leave their balls. What do they call that? Gross right?
        And I don’t think people relinquish any reproductive rights when they have an operation they know will make it impossible to reproduce. They still have the right because it is a fundamental inalienable right, and they don’t need to reproduce or be able to reproduce to have the right to reproduce.
        The point is that males like Caitlyn Jenner don’t have a right to be pregnant. It’s not biologically impossible, but even if it was, we should still ba it. Why shouldnt it be banned?

        1. You’re a dumb fuck. You alienate yourself and your rights when you mutilate your reproductive organs. Caitlin jenner getting pregnant is a biological impossibility. It is a biological impossibility for a natural real woman of caitlyns age to get pregnant. I don’t know what planet you are from, but the oxygen must be thin.

        2. You probably won’t be able to exercise your inalienable right to reproduce if you mutilate your reproductive organs, but in the off chance that they still function, you can still use them.
          Caitlyn Jenner gestating a fetus in her body is not biologically impossible, just unlikely to be successful and certainly unethical. And not a right.
          What are kids taught about it? We need to tell them it won’t be possible and isn’t a right.

        3. It is biologically impossible. No one that was born a man has ever carried a child to term. And even if they did, which they haven’t, because it’s not possible. That would be a science experiment perversion. It’s not how biology naturally works. Caitlyn jenner isn’t a sea horse. People like you also shouldn’t breed. Idiots like you are the reason shit like this is happening.

        4. Uterus transplants have being done already, though so far only into women born without wombs. Obviously it’s not impossible to do it to a man, just very unlikely to work, and totally unethical.
          Why shouldn’t we ban uterus transplants into men?

        5. As i stated before. You are a fucking idiot. It is biologically impossible for a man to become pregnant. You show me the men who have gotten pregnant and given birth to a child. I’ll wait.

        6. Wow, English obviously isn’t your first language and you don’t know how to read. Go fuck your mother and stop talking to me.

  44. This world of “social justice for all” is in for a rude awakening.
    I’d like to see a transgender-genderqueer-girl-guy-dinosaur-whatever try to pick up a gun and fight for their “rights” instead of a protest sign made of paper mache and gorilla glue.
    Two hundred years ago, we had a revolutionary war. It wasn’t fair, at first. It was a bunch of uneducated children and farmers using what they had against the world’s greatest navy at that time. BUT AMERICA WON… for TRUE freedom. None of this “freedom of expression” bullshit.
    I’m pretty sure we — NORMAL HUMAN MEN as GOD MADE US — can beat the gaggle of SJW transgender libtards, who don’t even know what they’re fighting for, without breaking a sweat.
    Like I said, I feel a rude awakening coming. Real soon.

  45. An SJW, very feminist acquaintance of mine, believe it or not, accused me of being anti-male over my safety qualms against Target’s decision; her rationale being that I’m overlooking the occurrence of female-on-female sexual assault in bathrooms, and only focusing on the danger of male-on-female assaults, and thus am unfairly treating men as a “danger”. This is one of the few issues in which the left’s hatred for men is eclipsed by a more important cause to them, in this case the spreading of perversion.

  46. Just a matter of time to have a case of some girl, raped by some perv…not to mention the problems of privacy and intimacy that will arise, when we have guys pretending to be women, (but with dicks) in the same space. A men goes insane even by thinking this.

  47. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m still at the state of “if you are born sex xyz, you are sex xyz”. I don’t need to bring in “children” “rapists” or any other argument. My argument is at the most basic level: born with an xx chromosome? Then you are a woman. Born with an xy chromosome? Then you are a man.

    1. Yep, you are spot on… and in fact it’s one of the most basic concepts of embryology.
      The last pair of chromosomes determines sex, it has nothing to do with appearance, desire or ideology (Feminism). “Transgender” are just mentally ill.

  48. Let me go use the women’s changing room at the gym. I was born male, but I identify as female. What? You say I look like a man? Well I also don’t buy into the patriarchal standards of beauty and gender norms, so I can look like a man if I want to – Make-up and high heels are oppressive! And you can’t kick me out because that’s transphobia. So don’t mind my big hairy body and penis and balls in there, I’m a woman just like you.

    1. I think one of the reasons why American women are so awful is due to the puritannical mores that leave the men here sex starved and thirsty.
      I grew up in a household with 3 women and it was not uncommon for me to see nudity. I lived in the country for a time and was used to walking in on people in cramped quarters. I learned to be cool about it just as you don’t look at the other guy’s schlong in the urinal next to you. And the women were largely this way as well and respected men at least until the western cultural mores go to them.
      It sounds strange, but I can look at internet naughty pictures and enjoy them and then if that same woman was in a changing room next to me be professional about it. I went to brothels overseas and could act like an adult.
      Feminism’s allegience with leftism is conflicting with homosexual and Islamic interests. So be it. Don’t get in the way, break out some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

  49. Men, if RoK/red-pill thinking should teach you one thing, it should be to think strategically. Don’t be a white knight following your heart. Take a breath, count to 10, and ask yourself: “What strategy best helps me, men, and society in the long run?”
    Most people don’t understand feminism because they’re fish in water. Feminism isn’t an ideology of equality (we all know that) but it’s not even a rebellion against the patriarchy. It’s an extension of it. It’s the damsel in distress crying for Sir Lancelot to hurry up and rescue her from the evil dragon that she had run off to search for in the name of equality. As he’s rescuing her, she complains about how slow and stupid he is and how she’ll wait for the dragon to cool off before hitting on him again.
    Hopefully you’re in the right mindset for this revelation: stopping the ladies bathroom invasion hurts men and western society. It allows spoiled western women to play their classic Lucy-Charlie-Brown-football game and eat their cake and have it too. They get protected while blaming the men who are protecting them.
    As a father of a daughter, I have a simple solution to protecting my young daughter: Escort her to the ladies’ room. Check for the all clear. Teach her as she grows how to alert adults to threats ANYWHERE she is whether it’s in a stall or walking home from school. We talk about how the nanny state is afraid to let 6 year old boys run off to the woods and play nowadays. The same went for girls. Tragedies happen either human induced or natural. Being a man means accepting risk and also learning how to leverage it. The tragedy is that after a certain point of protecting your daughter and trying to make her happy, she becomes spoiled, miserable, and seeks out risk. That leads me to:
    Quite frankly, I’d feel safer with my daughter in a unisex restroom stall than I would with one of the PUA’s here trying to get into her pants for a quick lay. I wouldn’t want Roosh around my home, quite frankly. The guy has had a decade to meet a nice girl and get married and have kids but he’s just racking up notches. The PUAs treat women, and often rightly so, like lost deer in the forest ready to follow a salt lick back to their place. The fathers who raised (or weren’t present to raise) those daughters to be so empty-headed are to blame. I want my daughter to know how to protect herself, how to call for others to help her when needed, how to be responsible for the choices she makes, and to know what she wants out of life. And heck, that would put her ahead of a lot of the guys here!
    So stop panicking about men in the ladies’ restrooms.

    1. it may hurt men in the short-term to let the feminists see our discomfort. but if we continue to give in and let these people keep pushing the lines then the SJWs will gain more momentum and confidence. it may not be the worst thing to lose a battle as meaningless as this transbathroom one but after a certain point you gotta string together some wins to win the war

      1. First off, I want to say I wouldn’t be taking this stance if I didn’t believe that the threat to children was minimal. SJW’s don’t have a conscience as we know it, but I do. The context of this reply is to the culture war.
        The primary weapon in the SJW toolkit is to use th tolerance, morality, and love of women of western men against us. If you go to a boxing match wearing white gloves and out to make friends, you’re going to lose. Sometimes, the opposition makes mistakes and falls down. You don’t want to help them up.
        This issue is a conflict between two SJW agendas: Feminism which sees the world in terms of extending chivalry to demand the world revolve around women and a powerful leftist special interest group: gays.
        Secretly, most women want this initiative to fail including the leftist feminists. I don’t think for the security issues so much as they like having their own room where men can’t see them pop their zits. In fact, I think the reason why American women suck almost as much as Swedish women is that American men rarely call their bluffs.
        In addition, if that isn’t sufficient reason to deter you from running to the rescue, consider that this is a battle that the right is unlikely to win. As with gay marriage, the left has a lot of institutional power in the courts as well as even corporate America. In the end, even if the right did “win” this battle (and that’s a big if!) in the court of public opinion, the companies would just build a third bathroom and then blame the crazy right wingers for the cost.
        Intead, why not let the feminists secretly go to management and cry they need the third bathroom because THEY are unhappy? Why do their dirty work for them?
        I’m reminded of an episode of “The X show” that was briefly on the Spike network where they conducted an experiment and had a pretty Latina girl ask men on the street to pick up her dog’s poop. Nearly every caucasian American men did. This wasn’t to get nookie but simply to please women. When she asked a Mexican man, he told her to pick up her own dog’s poop.
        If we want to protect daughters, we should be RAISING them. Fight to clean up the corrupt divorce court system, repeal crazy DV laws, end affirmativea action. That’s what the right should be doing to help not only men, but also the daughters who need these men around strong and healthy. Fighting stupid battles they can’t win has been what the right has been doing for the past 50 years.

    2. In before your daughter goes out with a badboy/drug dealer 1000 time more dangerous for her than some random guy like Roosh looking for a lay. Hell you said it yourself, the more you protect her the more she will seek out risk. Guys like roosh are infinitely better for your girl then some gangster/thugs.
      Stop blaming fathers too even if she is well-behaved she will stand alone and get bullied until she falls in line and become one of the girls. Have fun raising your daughter but doing the right thing never worked and never will, this isn’t a Disney movie it’s real life, a place where you are being actively punished for being a good guy and being good to others people too.

    3. Some of what you say is spot on! Women manufacture our own unhappiness by making poor decisions. We don’t appreciate consequences because the nanny state and western society comes to the rescue. Some of us have been raised by 2 or 3 generations of emotional single mothers who have ruined or handicapped male and female kids/grandkids. It gets hard for society to fix those born to be misfits because again, the nanny and western society comes to the rescue.
      I understand a bit about why PUA culture evolved. Women did change: they became cavalier about casual hookups, attention-seekers, less feminine, and increasingly unwilling to date nice guys. The nice guys became PUAs for various reasons: to find a nice girlfriend, get action, to get even against the hot girls who ignored them, to become like the natural players they secretly looked up to, etc. But whatever the reasons, no matter how pure their original intentions, PUAs have become about as poisonous as modern women. What can we do with a nation of Don Juans and Tuesday Night Girls? Where are all the adults?
      I come here because I’m pretty traditional and I’m not PC; the articles are interesting and the commenters are often as insightful as the writers.
      However, Roosh is damaged goods and PUA logic is flawed in the long term. If women can be victims to our emotions, I think men run the risk of being servants to their impulses. Every time a PUA hookups with a marriageable girl (see: he helps to create the Frankenstein carousel rider he claims to detest, conversely if he hookups with promiscuous girl PUAs are just further damaging already damaged women.
      I don’t expect men to be monks but the solution would be to…wait for it….date and marry marriageable girls.

      1. Hello Avalynn. As the father of a newborn girl (6 weeks now), I have a stake in seeing her grow up healthy and happy and having constructive relationships with men. I don’t expect her to be a virgin until marriage but I want her to be responsible and thoughtful about her decisions. I know how crazy that very statement sounds and I’ll clarify how it’s possible.
        Let’s start with your origin theory of PUA and modern culture. America was a puritan religious country a century ago and messed up about sex. In some ways, it still is. The PUA culture came out from lower class families in the 1920’s, the “guetto”, that allowed girls to be picked up and date strange men and later marry them most of the time. It sounds a lot like traditional dating today including elsewhere but back then, it was radical. Back then, girls from nice homes met their suitors at home where the parents evaluated and supervised him, but also showed hospitality.
        When I met my wife in Ukraine, she lived with her parents and I had dinner with them (brought flowers for the mother). It was friendly and nice. I enjoyed my in-laws. I wasn’t out to get into her pants. They were, and remain, close and dear family to me. I enjoyed my time with them. On the other hand…
        In the states, I encountered a different culture. The father might invite me in and look me over like a criminal, but not offer me tea or a drink. It was like I was a criminal. In the meantime, they often encouraged or tolerated their daughter acting like a ho and using sex to demand perks and gifts from me. In other words, they created a problem and then took it out on me. The bad boys and the PUA’s don’t mind this culture. I agree with you that I’m suspicious of Roosh’s complaints when he refuses to settle down with just one of the many hundreds of women he’s banged over the years.
        On the female side, I think many are probably confused because they don’t have any direction. When everyone is saying: “Be a ho!”, why not? Most of their friends are ho’s and nobody is saying NOT to and when guys like me were young, we weren’t ready to settle down right away (thanks to feminism, it takes a decade now to get in a situation where we can imagine having a family unlike in the past when decent paying jobs were more common). So there’s this toxic environment that spoils women as fast as leaving a cup of yogurt out in the sunlight. When I started dating seriously in the my mid-20’s and dating women of that same age range, it was like visiting an insane asylum. Now, I understand how they got that way and maybe could have helped some of them but I had my own fish to fry. I’m not superman, I can’t save the world. So in the end, I just married a woman 10 years my junior who wasn’t yet ruined. I took the easy way out but I don’t think this was my fault.
        I think I help promote a better culture by setting an example and also calling out crazy bad thinking from time to time. It shocks a lot of people sometimes. What makes it crazy is that I think many people agree with me, but the opposition cultural values are strong. This creates what is called “The Abilene paradox” (look it up). People all think that there’s a certain way to act and they act that way even if they personally would prefer not to.
        Anyways, been married for 12 years and happy about it.

        1. Good post, sir. I agree with your outlook wholeheartedly. I’ve never looked at American dating like you’ve described it, making the guy feel like a criminal; it’s true but I’m going to think about why we do this and if it has any positive or negative consequences later. Best of luck to you and your family.

        2. Thanks so much.
          Looking back, I regret the adversarial tone I had with women in the states during dating. The system is designed that way, but I still feel bad. I honestly liked dating my wife starting out with the expectation that she was a person who wanted a husband she could love and respect and would want to be treated with that expectation.
          Still, even in her culture, the “meal whore” paradigm, as I like to call it, kicks in. (American culture like “Frozen” merchandise from Disney, is EVERYWHERE!) So sometimes, I had to tell her off (and it wasn’t pleasant) and, of course, the door opens both ways. This is how adults should communicate. I’m stunned how so many people are still acting like 10 year olds about this stuff.
          I think ladies just really really really liked the attention and perks that came with being a young woman and with everyone else doing it, why not “ho” up? It’s tempting. So they treat men like ATM machines and clowns, even if just in gestures from the start, and this sets a bad tone from the beginning. American women are perhaps the laziest I have ever met in terms of demanding men do all the heavy lifting in the beginning of a relationship and being emotionally distant and apathetic. At the same time, they like men being cavemen and entertaining them so they invite men to be PUA’s even as they find it tiresome most of the time. My wife could express herself as to whether she liked a man, or didn’t, and tell a man politely but firmly to leave her alone and backed up that opinion with actions. This sounds like rocket science to many of the women I remember dating/meeting in the states.
          And of course, men who are out to be PUA’s should be responsible for their impact on the culture.
          Back about 30 years ago when I was dating, it was brutal. Remember: No internet dating and no meetups, etc. It was church, work, and talking to girls at supermarkets. Bars were hilarious. So things are different but also the same, in their own way.

  50. Dick or no dick, I do not want some crazy man sharing the bathroom with my daughter or granddaughter! It is plain not right!

    1. Agreed, but the only way to ensure that is there is no crazy man sharing the bathroom with your daughters is for your daughters to not use public shared bathrooms.
      What should your granddaughters be taught about transgender reproduction rights? Should schools teach them that boys and girls have equal rights to be pregnant?

  51. My kind is just way to freaking flawless but you can get at us when trans raping folks in restrooms are remote at a percentage …But we know where the chester roam and that would be in some church #Boop

    1. Let me clear up your confusion, the Carmen part above is hilarious. A guy dressed as a woman is still an actor, a guy who shaks up with a cross dressing female impersonator is still gay. A heterosexual man is exclusively interested in XX chromosome carrying reproductively able actual females. Nothing else. Not other guys irrespective of their mental illnesses, not donkeys or goats either.
      See it’s quite simple after all. And neither of those freaks should be going into a public space, for men, women or otherwise.

    2. If you are a male and you are FINE with seeing another male with a fake female body in a sexual way I have news for you, you might not be as hetero as you think you are.

  52. I think i found the author of these articles …Get that self hatred out of you cupcake

    1. Look, dear, we realise from your posting history that being molested at age 10 by your brother is going to make you suffer from hatred of heterosexuals if not yourself, but we’d rather suggest you get some counselling over your fucked-up childhood in preference for trolling men’s rooms.

  53. Homosexuality is no longer treated as a mental disorder because it is a physiological disorder. (Sexuality is physiological not mental). Not because it isn’t a disorder period.

  54. Most of the genuinely transgender people I’ve met (people with actual, diagnosable, observable gender dysphoria) have been upset about all this bathroom bullshit. They have told me that if you present as the gender you identify as (ex: a woman genuinely attempting to appear as a man), then you won’t have a problem using the bathroom in the first place. Laws demanding trans bathroom rights actually endanger that ease of use, and open the door for abuse of the system by gender-trenders (like saying “I’m non-binary,” or “3rd gender” or some other gender snowflake bullshit)..

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