White Knights Demand Custody Of Child For Woman Who Plotted To Murder Eight Ex-Boyfriends

Do reasons exist to deprive a child of his right to feel welcomed by she who gave him life. Does a stronger law exist than the law of nature?

– – – La Repubblica‘s editorial, expressing anger at the decision to take away convicted murder plotter Martina Levato’s son

Italian woman Martina Levato, serving serious jail time for plotting the murder of eight ex-boyfriends, gave birth to a son only weeks ago. In an act of mercy for a child who should probably never know his origins, the infant was taken away from Levato. Instead of a response that emphasized the common sense (and best) interests of the baby, large and powerful sections of the Italian media reacted with unrestrained outrage.

These outlets minimized the real impact on one of the ex-boyfriends, who has been horribly disfigured for life by acid, and pushed aside incontrovertible evidence that Levato and her lover, Alexander Boattcher, tried to castrate at least one other ex-boyfriend.

Although most women do not indulge in the depravity of this cretin, the support immediately rushed to her is indicative of how family courts and interest groups around the world will defend the pseudo-right of motherhood ad nauseam and to the death.

As tens of millions of fathers around the world find their visitation rights either non-existent or reduced to sperm donor-style intervals of every two to four weeks, even felons like Levato can count on people defending their purported sacred bond with their progeny. Despite having a thankfully more family-oriented culture than the United States, large numbers of Italian children are deprived of a father, not by his choice but by the family court system.

The downplaying of female responsibility at all costs

In a flipping of switches that favors anti-male domestic violence witch hunts, Levato’s moral culpability has been continually doubted. Boattcher has been blamed for corrupting and controlling her.

Worse still in the Levato debacle have been the constant attempts to shift the sole moral responsibility for the murder plots and acid attack onto Alexander Boattcher. Justifiably serving 14 years in prison like Levato (though I’d argue for 100), the ex-millionaire property broker has been characterized as forcing his lover to undertake the deeds to “purify” her. Supposedly by calling her fat, telling her to lose weight, and keeping her as one of many flames, Boattcher also psychologically knocked out all her personal agency. Bummer.

The circumstances may be different, but the outcome of many child abduction cases is the same: the fleeing woman had to take the child. Defenders of Levato are taking a more indirect route to reflect how her crimes occurred before the child was born, implying that she was an automaton at the time of the acts and that somehow this means she should have regular contact with her son in prison.

The idea is to trivialize serious female crime, especially in a context that feminists and others would describe as domestic violence-oriented and misogynistic if a male ex-partner were the perpetrator. Similarly, references to the trashy sex trilogy 50 Shades of Grey are designed to make wholly macabre, sick, and sadistic behavior appear like a B-grade black comedy on cable after midnight.

What does it take for a mother to be deprived of her child compared to a father?

Alexander Boattcher called Martina Levato fat. Oh no! Now she can’t be responsible for plotting to kill her ex-boyfriends! Please give the poor woman her son back!

The unequivocal answer we can give to this question is that the threshold is invariably much, much higher for mothers than fathers. A man need only have the audacity to leave his wife or anger her during the divorce, to the point where she demands sole or primary custody. Cases of severe addiction may mean the father exercises the main responsibility for his children’s care, in lieu of the drug-abusing or alcoholic mother. Yet this is the default option rarely taken up by the courts.

Levato may indeed become a sacrificial lamb for the system when the adoption proceedings for her son go to court. It is inherently bad publicity to have a mother convicted over a web of crime, involving plans to murder eight ex-boyfriends, to get any sort of access to her child. The defense of her by others has nonetheless occurred and demonstrates the polar opposite of what so many parentally responsible and distinctly law-abiding fathers can expect to garner when they contest custody of their offspring.

Do women actually ever commit crimes or do they just get punished for being forced to behave in a certain way by a man?

An artist’s impression of how SJWs and white knights view female criminal responsibility. Not pictured: the man allegedly controlling her.

After being released from prison for perverting the course of justice, Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of Chris Huhne, a former British politician, claimed that most imprisoned women are there because of the men in their lives. Pryce had consciously and calculatedly taken the fall for Huhne’s driving offenses and both were put behind bars for their lies. Her pretend argument, however pathetic, is of wide applicability across the world. It has a lot more in common with Martina Levato’s story than you might think.

Due to the men they are with, female offenders are viewed with less animosity, held to lower standards of responsibility and regarded with certain high levels of sympathy. Just as Vicky Pryce was purportedly badgered by her then husband to take the fall for his acts behind the wheel, Levato was coaxed into what she did. Boattcher had lowered her self-esteem and directed her like a remote-controlled cockroach (yes, they exist). So, of course, a white knight would think that there’s no reason to break the inviolable bond of motherhood.

A woman who planned to kill eight ex-boyfriends, disfigured one permanently with acid, and attempted to cleave off the genitals of another can be an equally competent mother as anyone else, right?

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52 thoughts on “White Knights Demand Custody Of Child For Woman Who Plotted To Murder Eight Ex-Boyfriends”

  1. Pretty sickening, these simps are willing to throw children under the bus for a shot of female approval. There’s an automatic assumption that there can never be anything wrong with a womans choices. But then again, it’s never a womans fault at any point, is it?
    – Woman murders unborn child. Her body her choice.
    – Woman murders baby. Postnatal depression, another victim of mental illness.
    – Woman murders children. Mental illness again, not her fault.
    – Woman murders husband. He was beating her.
    Just a few examples off the top of my head.

    1. If all else fails: “Hey I was on my period” which shockingly has been successfully used as a defense for murder.

      1. Holy Schnickes! You’ve got to post me a link to that. It’s an article in itself.
        Reminds me a bit of Jessica Valenti and her gang of 4- cretins trying to push their periods into the hands of the state. Maybe they’ll try and make sex during a period rape (for the man of course) next. Talk about being caught red-handed!

    2. Here’s the deal I would over the women:
      You won’t be held responsible for your actions, but you don’t get to vote nor have an inalienable right to property, cars, weapons, inheritance, etc.
      Basically, if they want to be treated like children, they should have the rights and agency of children.

      1. But even children are held responsible sometimes. Not in the same way as adults I’ll admit, but if a child was to kill another child then that’s grounds for some serious punishment.
        Children are a transient state of life (arguably so is adulthood but much less so). You cannot treat women like children. They shouldn’t have the right to vote but should also not be forced into conscription. But they should also be held directly responsible for their own personal choices.

      2. I agree. No responsibilities, no accountability means no rights at all (like children). The bullshit excuse or argument that she was “controlled” by someone else flies in the face of feminism (equality), doesn’t it?
        How can you have both a strong, independent woman and a woman who is controlled? That’s how fucking sad (mental) the whole thing is when you think about it.
        You just have to shake your head at our society.

    3. There is a book from several years back, I think it was Deadly Deeds: Murder in Canada. There was one study cited where they looked at police reports of numerous homicides. I don’t remember the specific numbers but when women were identified as the killer there were a spectacular number of cases where “mental illness” was cited as the cause, as opposed to men when it only cropped up in a small percentage of cases.

        1. Modern women == mental illness.
          Today women are being encouraged to behave in ways that are unnatural for them. It takes it’s toll on them. Look at their outside appearance now in comparison to what it was 100 or so years ago. They’re mental state has also been significantly damaged.

    4. – Woman gets multi-million dollar divorce settlement. He cheated (she never loved him anyway and doesn’t give a shit about him).
      – Woman gets multi-million dollar workplace settlement. He “harassed” her (she was a cock teaser and attention whore).

    5. These simps and white knights are actually Conservatives (not the political but the social and moral kind). Yes, I said it. This has nothing to do with feminism and all to do with traditionalism. The idea that a mother is a sacred, untouchable figure; the idea that a mother always keeps her child, no matter the circumstances; the idea that women are unaccountable so accountability is to be demanded from the closest male involved; these are traditionalist ideas. I should know because I live in a Latin, Catholic society. There’s a saying “she can be the evilest person in the world but she’s the mother and children are the mother’s”. It’s not uncommon here to hear angry moms yelling at their children things like “I gave birth to you so I can even kill you if I feel like it”.

  2. Let’s face it, the reason these cases exist and the double standards are more or less universal in this world and that men are held accountable and made to jump through so many more hoops and are penalized in far greater numbers than women is because human beings (male and female alike) inherently realize in their heart of hearts that women are simply inferior and will never be able to hold themselves accountable for acts ranging from minor transgressions all the way up to murder, including of their own innocent fetuses. On something of a side note, one thing I always thought was funny is that with the feminist claims of the mythical “patriarchy” oppressing girls throughout history, if this were even remotely true, wouldn’t it stand to reason that this is therefore the natural order of things if these comparatively weak creatures (women) are always the victims and have never been able to exert serious power in their own right against the “patriarchial forces” that design to “oppress” them? Their whole argument that a so-called patriarchy exists is effectively an argument for such a system to be in place for the aforementioned reasons, which would be ironic if the feminists actually were able to think rationally… You know, like a man!

  3. “Be careful of charity and kindness, lest you do more harm with open hands than a clenched fist.”

    1. Didn’t Norman Bates (SPOILER ALERT)
      …kill his mother then develop an alternate personality based on his imagination of what she had been like?

  4. Her eyes in the top mugshot… very chilling. The eyes of an aspiring killer.
    As for the points SJW’s, feminists, and white knights try to make about women being “forced’ to act out because of the men in their lives.
    1.) By admitting that this is so, they have essentially destroyed their notion of “strong and independent”.
    2.) If men are influencing negative behavior in women (types of behaviors that call for prison sentences), then why exactly are women hooking up with such men and having children with them? Is it because they are forced to, are they all being “raped”? Rhetorical questions. I’m red pill. I already know the answers…
    Roosh made a good analogy in one of his articles that women are like water, taking the form of their container. Bad boys make women hot. Bad boys make bad decisions. Women follow. Women get in trouble. And yes, women independently make bad decisions also, but those decisions too also likely arise from a degenerate childhood (major daddy issues).
    Until men reinstate the nuclear family unit as the norm, eliminate the many degenerate influences and lies around us (the blue pill matrix), and refuse to knock up women with 3+ notch counts (give or take, virgin preferable), then these types of bizarre cases will continue to occur with increasing frequency.

    1. 1.) By admitting that this is so, they have essentially destroyed their notion of “strong and independent”.
      Women are strong and independent. Except when they’re not.

  5. Italy is the country that produced (grand) mothers like Livia, and wives like messalina and lucretia borgia while at the same time developing a domineering mother complex which the men compensate for with exaggerated braggadocio (see paglia) so of course they’re going to make excuses for a psycho bitch like her. As a fan of Italian giallos I actually suspect Italians expect their parents / lovers / next door neighbors to be twisted psycho-sexual killers. What they have to understand is that feminism isn’t a crime of passion but just plain old cold calculated murder. Best thing for the child would be to hang the witch. Or would that just result in a lifelong white knight Italian mammas boy vendetta

  6. How can feminists argue that it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to be away from her kid 50+ hours a week working (and that anyone who criticizes this is an evil misogynist), but then at the same time believe that it is unforgivable to deprive children of primary custody of their mothers? Makes no sense at all, like most of their thinking,

  7. Ughhh. It should be argued that not only is she incompetent she could possibly turn her child into a future killer.

  8. On another note, Canadian politicians have voted to ban the words “mother” and ” father” from all Gooberment forms to reflect the “diversity” of the family.
    Also, has RoK done a write-up of the young hockey player Patrick Kane who has been publicly hung out dry despite zero DNA evidence and the accusers lawyer quitting the case?

  9. posts like this make me say “Jesus Christ”, but no one can say it like Layne:

  10. Let’s just declare all women “tall children” and call it a day. Everything from the beginning of antiquity will then begin to make sense.

    I have read somewhere that women who commit such crimes, or attempt to commit such crimes, often have borderline personality disorder. It is possible this woman had the condition as well. She displays some of the symptoms.
    -Risk seeking behavior: Trying to murder 8 people is extremely risky, however people rarely jump into these things without have a past full of reckless behavior. Signs were likely displayed in the previous relationships, which is why the guys left. Had they known that this is sometimes linked to BPD, they might have stayed away.
    -Warped view of world: People with BPD often think of themselves as victims, and everyone else as the predators. Did she try to murder these men because she felt they mistreated her? Possibly.
    -Manipulation and lying: I’m willing to bet my left hand that she manipulated the property broker into aiding her. She likely bombarded him with dozens of lies to gain his support and allegiance.
    -Mood swings: She loved those men at a point in time. Then she hated them so much that she wished to murder them in cold blood.
    I’m willing to hazard a guess and say that she had BPD. To all the guys out there that think it’s not a big deal, it is. There was an article on ROK on how to game girls with BPD. The only games you should play with girls that have BPD is tag.
    Shepard out.

    1. Would be interesting to hear the guy’s side of the story. Obviously eight men dated this moon bat. Much like women who continuously seek abusive partners, Some men have to date a dysfunctional lunatic.

      1. Careful it isn’t one guy dating eight crazy chicks it is one crazy chick that dated eight different guys. Your observation would be really something if one of those guys had multiple women out to kill him.

  12. I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this, but I don’t have a problem with holding men responsible for crimes their women commit. I am not saying we should have any sympathy for this woman, she is a monster who probably deserves to be shot. But I don’t have a problem with her current boyfriend being blamed not only for his role in the crimes but also for HER role. We men need to have control over our women. Why do you think feminism has gained so much power? Because men have become either incapable or unwilling to keep their bitches in check. Just like in the bible with Adam and Eve. Eve’s sin was that she ate the apple, and Adam’s sin was that he ALLOWED her to eat it.
    For all the complaining (with good reason) about feminism that goes on around here, a lot of you commenters on ROK are too willing to grant women agency, and to take all responsibility away from men for women’s sins. If a girl is a slut who has lots of premarital sex, it is her fault but also her FATHER’s fault for not raising her right and letting her have boyfriends and go to parties. If this Italian woman in the article tried to murder 8 ex-boyfriends, it is her fault, but also her BOYFRIEND’s fault for encouraging it, and not keeping his bitch in check. It is also his fault for dating a whore with 8 ex-boyfriends in the first place, and then getting so jealous that he wanted them dead.

    1. You are talking to the wrong people here. You need to be speaking to law makers and enforcers. Your comment is cute and all but the ROK men here live in the real world with real guns real bullets and real death. Normal female behavior is fine until it has the backing of law. Then we have the madness we see in the article you are posting under. Women vote so civil war is the end game but it is easier to talk about than to start killing as of right now.

      1. sorry but i don’t understand your comment. I really don’t, I’m not trying to be a wise ass. learn to write coherently.
        I’ve been re-reading the comment for about 5 or 10 minutes now. still don’t understand it.

        1. He’s saying its absurd to speak in terms of sane male-female relations in a world that has been upside down for generations, and the full force of the law is behind the insanity.
          Sure, it all goes back to men allowing this shit, but it’s dumb to pretend like its our generation’s fault, or that treating women like women isn’t suicidal at this point.

    2. Minor correction, buddy, Adam got punished for eating the forbidden fruit. Adam blaming her afterwards was actually true – before eating the fruit, they were naked yet unashamed (in other words, innocent). She had one up on him, after eating the forbidden fruit (of knowledge) first. Let’s not forget, the “Snake” got her to eat it (and as is well known, “eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge” was an Ancient Near East euphemism for getting plungered; so yes, the “Snake” drilled her).
      That’s why women suffer in childbirth instead of men howling in pain every time they get an erection.
      At least that’s how an ex-Reverend Doctor of Theology (magna cum laude), now working as a janitor at a high-end metropolitan night establishment explained it to me while I was waiting in line for the lavatory whilst some skirt was finishing applying mouth-to-genital resuscitation to the eleven guys ahead of me (I was the 12th, of course, so the learned janitor had plenty of time to expound).
      In case you were wondering, based upon the above, what exactly Eve got Adam to eat, I couldn’t say, but the janitor supposes she got Adam to eat the “creampie”.

  13. Great article! In Italy there is also the case of Annamarizal Franzoni, sentenced for having killed one of her children. Now she is at home with the survived children. For comparison, yesterday the italian father Alessandro del Grande was sentenced to NEVER SEE HIS CHILDREN AGAIN. He is guilt of not having respected the short time contact time with his child that italian “justice” gives to fathers. When they disappeared the police put him on headlines of major newspapers: “father abducts child”. They were soon found playing in a park. I read many comments of fathers telling that they are ready to use violence to defend children from the “justice”.

    1. I buy guns and know how to use them now. There are a lot of men out there praying for a Muslim invasion or world war 3. Anything so we can finally put this totalitarian nightmare government into the ground.
      I’m ready.

  14. Cato the Elder is already rolling in his grave in shame.
    Seriously, while I love many aspects of Italian culture, this is one aspect the culture itself is more than capable than living without.

    1. I cant think of a single wop bitch I have ever liked on any level.
      I think they invented resting bitch face.

  15. The most important thing when going to any court is to be a woman,been like that for a thousand years.Of course this applies to white countries.

  16. He thought he could ‘purify’ that old smelly shoe by having her whack her old fucks? Ok I’ll admit that I may have even thought like that way back when I was convinced that my options were limited and I was locked into a contract with an old french ho. But was this guy desperate or what? Surely Italy has younger cleaner virgins if the guy could have only overcome his oneitis for the ho. Virgins are born every day. They’re the only women fit to breed by. Whether she’s had one other dick or a million, USED IS USED. I guess the guy figured she wouldn’t stray if the old fucks were gone and either dead or dickless and unable to re enter her scene and give that awkward neighbor stare. I hate that feeling, being stuck with a piece of shit woman and then suddenly some guy that splurged on her face after tit fucking her years ago runs into you and her and starts even so much as small talk. Just makes you want to pitch that goddamn piece of shit ho bag or start gaming on the nearest hottie that you see and start kinoing the hottie right in your woman’s face. Only virgins make good wives. With used ho’s, all of her past fucks remain etched in her mind forever. Only God can purify a ho or the Devil can smelt her down in the pit. For a wife, only BRAND SPANKING NEW WILL DO! amen

  17. One of my friends got custody of his kid. He had to bring in a recording of her doing heroin just to prove that he was a fit father. She never worked and lived in one of those small ass trailers in the ghetto, and the judge still gave her custody until my friend brought the video.
    Also, am I the only one who wants that Borg Cock roach as a pet?

  18. Michael Crichton wrote in his book The Great Train Robbery, that in Victorian England a married woman was legally viewed as being unable to commit a crime.
    He tells of a woman who ran a clothes robbing ring and when the police raider her flat with all the clothes right there, she would declare, “I am a married woman. You will find my husband at such and such a pub!” The police would then leave her and go arrest her completley confused husband and put him in jail! She would then divorce him for a felon, marry another fool, and take up where she left off!
    In Western society, it appears, women have never had agency. Which is why they had to be taken care of and handled firmly. A man who could not control his woman was an embarrassment.

  19. That piece of shit does not deserve her children she deserves the electric chair

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