A Mainstream Journalist Takes The Red Pill

For the past ten years I’ve drifted around Northern California trying to approximate the life of a freelance magazine writer. Yes I was the proud owner of a journalism degree (from NYU no less) and of course I was gunning for the upper echelons of mainstream media. Outside! Newsweek! Esquire! My blue pill self was convinced I was going to be the next Tom Wolfe. Or, barring that, at least the next Sebastian Junger.

I worked shitty jobs like driving tour busses and pouring wine at various tasting rooms while getting the occasional profile published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Mostly of men I admired or aspired to be like. Celebrity chefs, professional cyclists, war correspondents and such. Red pill guys (before I was even aware of the term) who were focused on their mission and working their asses off to create something larger than themselves. In turn they inspired me to focus on my own mission. I’d spend hours re-typing great pieces of journalism, hoping the talent would seep into me osmotically.

And I never fucked around with ethics, practically freezing to death one fall night in Montana rather than accept a free hotel room when I didn’t have a dollar in my pocket. Work hard. Play by the rules. Eventually the editors in New York would make a place for me at the table. (In retrospect I couldn’t have been more plugged into the matrix.)

I followed my formula assiduously

I worked hard and waited. And after that I waited some more. The years went by and brought with them a disastrous marriage, an ill-fated business venture and a nearly suicidal bout with depression. I all but gave up on journalism. Then, reinvigorated by my divorce and a move to a college town, I decided at 31-years-old to give it one last shot.


While perusing Captain Capitalism’s blog I came across a story about the TV personality Mike Rowe, and his efforts to get kids to sidestep traditional four-year college (and student loan debt hell) in favor of trade school. He had created a slick PR campaign and a work ethic-based scholarship fund to go with it. And he was traveling the country in an attempt to raise awareness and bring it to the next level.

“Holy shit!?” was my immediate reaction. All the ingredients were there. An outspoken, charismatic guy on a quixotic quest to shake up higher education? Who had the audacity to question the time-honored shibboleth that little Johnny just has to go to college in order to be successful? This was huge. A softball lovingly lobbed in my direction by the gods of journalism. It had to be my big break. And sure enough I got the green light from an editor at Men’s Journal, a glossy MSM magazine based in New York City.

Mike was awesome from the start

I tracked him down with the help of my longtime friend and volunteer research assistant Trisha. And we met up at his office in a sound studio in San Francisco, where presumably he was doing voiceovers for a commercial. I only knew him like most other people know him: that crazy guy from the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs who, over the space of a decade, crawled through sewers in some 220 different countries cracking poop jokes. (When not narrating Deadliest Catch or extolling the virtues of the latest Ford F-150.)

I found him genuine and likable in way that most celebrities aren’t. And from the moment he opened his mouth it was clear that 1) this guy was really, really smart, and 2) he knew his shit when it came to how our country is going down the drain one offshored factory at a time. He expressed genuine concern for my fellow millennials and our “debt mixed with dashed hopes.” He lamented in his famously deep voice that no parents encouraged their kids to be plumbers anymore. And that the $1 trillion student loan debt bubble is potentially a national security issue.

He was in a time of transition himself, having left behind Dirty Jobs and actively looking for a new show. And he seemed excited by my interest in his mission. I explained to him that I did journalism a bit differently. That instead of meeting up in a restaurant and running through a list of stale questions, I spend weeks, sometimes months, just hanging around and observing. (It’s the only way to truly gain understanding of a story. My personal battle against the thin, baseless gruel that constitutes 99 percent of mainstream journalism.)

He liked my style and invited me to hang out with him at an upcoming Caterpillar conference in New Orleans. We parted ways with a handshake and I remember my head swimming as I stepped out onto the streets of San Francisco. It was by far the most interesting story I had ever come across in my career. And it was mine for the taking.

Men’s Journal pulls out

As Trisha and I did background research and looked into air fares and other logistics, disaster struck. Despite assurance by an editor that the story was a lock, Men’s Journal was pulling out. They had too many short profiles in the works. They were no longer interested. (“Oh by the way, fuck you” being a not uncommon occurrence in the magazine world.) I stared blankly at the email for a few minutes then slowly walked to the freezer and helped myself to a fifth of Jack Daniels. In the drunken haze that constituted the next 36 hours, I must have emailed Mike, saying that I wanted to keep going with the story anyway with the hope of landing it in another national magazine. He responded with the following:

Couple thoughts.

First, I like that you sent this at 3:01 am. No self-respecting freelance writer would be asleep at that time…Secondly, you’re welcome to come to NOLA and see what’s going on without a publisher on board. But before you start paying for plane tickets and hotel rooms out of your own pocket, I’d suggest we meet in person and have a conversation about a more comprehensive piece. Truth is, I’m no more interested in a “short profile” than Men’s Journal is…

Two weeks later I found myself sitting on the floor in Mike’s suite in the Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, furiously scribbling in my pitman-ruled reporter’s notebook. This after his spending a day meeting with television writers and the president of a billion dollar manufacturing company. He was sitting at a desk, checking emails on his Macbook Pro, while bouncing ideas off his entourage, who had draped themselves over various pieces of furniture around the room. They were trying to hash out the details of a nationwide work ethic-based scholarship to get deserving kids into reputable trade schools. (“Because being poor isn’t enough.”)

Mike periodically lightened the mood by telling stories of the bodily fluids that could be found with a black light on swanky hotel room ceilings. And how it’s a party foul for a man to take a shit in another man’s bathroom. All the while I was working my Droid, emailing my way through a list of magazine editors that Trisha had compiled for me. Vanity Fair? Not interested. GQ? No response. Rolling Stone? Not a chance. Remembering a school connection, I shot Mike an email asking if he’d be comfortable with Playboy. “I won’t pose,” he emailed back from across the room.

Later that month Mike traveled to New York City to make the talk show rounds. Digital voice recorder in hand, I followed him into the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center. By this time I had worked my way through my entire list of editors and generated not a glimmer of interest. I had maxed out my credit cards on plane tickets and hotel rooms without a payday in sight. I was in full-on desperation mode. And I was still following Mike because I was ignoring the reality that was staring me in the face: the story was DOA.

The “professionalism” of mainstream media

After a lengthy wait in the green room, I sat out of view of the camera while he taped a segment for The Ed Show on MSNBC. (Flirting with a cute production assistant to help pass the time.) I remember marveling at what I saw. That this television show supposedly represented the very pinnacle of my profession. And yet the host spent most of the brief segment ignoring Mike’s quest in favor of goading him for appearing with Mitt Romney on the 2012 presidential campaign trail. “Gotcha journalism” at its best. I shook my head in amazement as I lost my last remaining shreds of respect for mainstream media.

Back out on the street Mike was clearly disappointed, though he remained calm and philosophical. “People watch his show because they want to see a fight,” he said. “He said exactly what his audience want to hear.” His colleague Mary Sullivan told him that 30 people unfriended him on Facebook since the segment aired a few minutes earlier, but 150 people had added him. He nodded his head and gamely signed a few autographs for passersby before we crawled into the back of a chauffeured black Chevy Tahoe.

Instead of going back to the hotel Mike said that we were making a brief detour to have a “chat” at a restaurant around the corner. “Oh shit,” I remember thinking to myself. This was where I was going to get my ass chewed out for having wasted his time. As I glumly exited the back of the SUV I noticed several people dressed in character wandering up and down the streets in advance of New York Comic Con. And as we went inside and seated ourselves at a table, I braced myself for the tongue-lashing that was sure to come. But it never did. Instead of reaming me out, Mike basically offered to call it a day and compensate me for the expenses I’d racked up to that point. He felt sorry for me. Though I didn’t take him up on his offer, I was overwhelmed by his generosity.

That night I opened up my email to find a note from one of my old NYU professors. I knew he was connected to The Atlantic among other magazines and I had sought his advice. His response was this:


I have to be honest with you, I don’t think this is a very interesting story. I’d drop it and cut your losses…

It was the last straw

After drunkenly partying away my remaining days in NYC, I went home to the realization that basically everything I had been working for up to that point was based in a lie. My “degree” was an expensive joke. Mainstream journalism was dead. And regardless of the quality of our ideas or our work ethic, guys like me weren’t getting a shot. That place at the table I so coveted was being reserved for the twenty-something nitwits who perpetrated the 20/20 manosphere hack job. And in typical blue pill fashion I let my life fall apart. I lost my part-time job, my friendship and working relationship with Trisha, and did my best to keep the corner liquor store in business.

But over time, and with considerable help from the wise voices of the manosphere, I began to pull myself together. Yes, our current world is pretty much shit. And men (and women) are fed lies from the day we’re born. But waking up to that fact, be it at age 16 or 65, is the first step in extricating oneself from the matrix. We can strive to be like Mike and do our best to stick with our mission and fight the pretty lies and the powers of evil. The student loan pushers. The money printers. The misandrists.

As for me? I’ve said fuck you to mainstream journalism. I’m sure I’ll submit a story here or there for rent money. But that’s as deep as it goes. Now I’m searching for a clever pseudonym and thinking about ways I can contribute to the manosphere. Oh yeah, and I signed up for a welding class at my local craft center. Perhaps I learned something from my experience with Mike after all.

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104 thoughts on “A Mainstream Journalist Takes The Red Pill”

  1. Excellent. There is a huge untapped market for Red Pill journalism.
    Here in the UK things are even worse than in the USA and let’s not even mention Sweden which seems to be one huge open prison for the male population.

    1. I agree. I hardly ever watch TV, and I’m watching movies less and less. Last time I checked, more and more people are following suit. Sure this could be in part due to the success of youtube and other online media. But every flight to something is a flight away from something. There is a knew market growing, one that our PC media doesn’t want to satisfy. Someone is going to fill it; might as well be you. The success of blogs like this is just the start of a new wave. People follow money. Women spend money on enhancing their “appearance/status”. Men spend money on money or “play”. Who ever caters to this playfulness will dominate the new media (people like Vitaly, Bart Baker and other youtubers for example).

      1. True but I won’t go into such a business to make money.
        One of the rules I live by is that wisdom for sale is not wisdom and a person in a position to hand out wisdom should not be in need of anyone’s money.
        If they really are so wise and smart.

        1. Allow me to channel Harlan Ellison for a moment: “Pay the writer.”
          There is a fine line between making an honest buck, and shilling for anyone who comes along. Good-quality writing takes time and effort, not to mention practice and experience. Conforming to editorial standards is not “hypocritical” so long as they’re honest editorial standards. Heck, RoK has them – they’re a sign of legitimacy when done right (“We’re going to publish articles of this general point of view, not just anything that tickles the readers’ fancy.”).
          It’s one thing to pander to the audience, something else entirely to accept a paycheque for something you *do* know about – I don’t write about Game very often, despite its popularity, because picking up chicks isn’t a major focus in my life. I have a fair amount of success, but I haven’t studied it as thoroughly as Roosh; it would be dishonest of me to write about it.
          The “wisdom for free” is fake morality. Nobody respects what they can get for free – and if you’re putting out good-quality material, you deserve compensation. Don’t be ashamed to take it; that’s the ethos of the same corporate elite who mooch off of government.

        2. Yes by all means pay the writer.
          When I said that wisdom with a price tag is not wisdom there were obviously going to be some exceptions such as someone paying a token one off amount for a book.
          That’s fair enough but everything else is BS.

        3. And maintaining that kind of modesty will be a great help in finding you a good husband someday, young lady. Keep it up!

        4. Oh dear.
          You wouldn’t say that to my face but please let me know where you live so I can take your apology in person.

        5. Well I live in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire in the UK.
          I can meet you anywhere in town at your convenience.
          On the other hand you could just stop being a dick before you land yourself in the kind of trouble you can’t talk your way out of.
          I try to be polite to people because I am a seriously nasty fucker when people try to annoy me.

        6. Since you’re not providing any means of confirming that, let me know when you’re next in the usa and we”l go from there.
          Figure out some way to confirm it for everybody reading, though, and I will gladly match you detail for detail.
          But, remember here, princess — you’re the one who wants this meetup so very, very much, just because. . .I’m teasing you a little. You want it to happen; you make it happen yourself. I can’t be bothered because Reagan’s Injunction.

        7. ” a person in a position to hand out wisdom should not be in need of any persons money.”
          Really…so those of us who are the smartest of the lot who decided to risk our lives to defend men just like you even to the tune of 4,000 hours and USD500,000 of our own money should not be in need of any persons money even though I am being persecuted by three different national guvmints for standing up for you men.
          Gee. Thanks for letting me know just exactly what you think of men who are willing to put their lives on the line for you.
          Remind me not to give a shit about you in the future, ok?

        8. “Wisdom for sale is not wisdom.”
          That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen you post. Which is saying a lot.

        9. Well said, Aurini. We value something to the degree of our investment in it. As Free Men, we’re more willing to have a spirit of compensation / barter because we see it’s a win-win to support each other. A welfare mentality dilutes value all around.
          PS Your penetrating series on personality disorders helped me realize a girl I recently dated for several months was a borderline. I also identified as a choleric (new insight for me) so the dysfunctional dynamic was ripe for disaster. Thanks for putting your intense experience out there.

        10. Glad to hear it helped.
          Incidentally – did you notice all the attention-seeking complaints of the BPDs in the comment section? Hilarious.

    2. SHIT. I wish I was rich. We need our own magazine and our own web servers. RICH PEOPLE! HELP US!

      1. We don’t need money we just need the truth.
        It costs very little to spread ideas on the world wide web and despite what some think people are not stupid.
        Even if they are they eventually work out the truth.

    3. “Here in the UK things are even worse than in the USA”
      Just curious. In what way specifically? Same fem-centric society issues as we have, just further along? Or something different?

      1. You would have to visit the UK to believe it. In professional offices women over 50, sometimes even over 60, dress like hookers. You could not tell them from the average hooker.
        Women will go to meetings and undo their shirts down past their belly button and let their tits hang out all over the place to try and get the mens attention and then cry foul if the men react.
        Women squat and pee in the beer gardens because “men pee in the beer garden so why shouldn’t we”?
        One time at my local they were having a wake for some dude. So I ate outside in the beer garden away from everyone out of respect to the family. I was just sitting in a quiet place alone minding my own business. Next thing she she banshee starts screaming “you bastard, I hate you, you left me alone” and other choice things with more expletives than a warfie.
        She started punching, scratching, kicking and even BITING the women who were trying to restrain her. The men took the children out of the beer garden into the bar area to be away for this psychotic woman.
        The owner came out….he is about 189cm and 110/120 kgs. He is very strong man. I was a regular so we chatted often.
        He walked over to her and told her to settle down…SHE ATTACKED HIM!! LOL!! So he merely stepped to the side, put his dishcloth on his shoulder and said “Ladies, take care of your own.”
        So the fight went on for about 10 minutes. The FIVE women who were trying to restrain her were bloodied badly. I think one even had a split lip…it was hard to tell because she had a lot of blood on her face from being punched.
        I just sat there laughing my arse off. The men refused to touch the woman for fear of an “assault” accusation, not even the bar owner would touch her. So the women were beaten to a bloody pulp because they could not restrain one psycho drunk woman.
        Anyway….I went into the bar after my dinner and the owner was there…so I asked him what was going on. Who left her…what was all the fuss about?
        She turned out to be the SISTER of the dead guy. She was at his WAKE and she was SCREAMING ABUSE about him because he had the temerity to DIE ON HER.
        Now…I double dare anyone here to recall a more disgusting scene than a woman hurling abuse at her DEAD BROTHER for ABANDONING HER and LEAVING HER ALL ALONE….and going totally psycho in an alcoholic rage and beating the crap out of 5 other women.
        If you have got a better story than that? Please reply…I would LOVE to read it.

        1. That’s majorly fucked up man. Thank god that shit doesn’t happen in Sydney yet… I hope.

        2. I’m starting to think we in the UK do have it worse.
          I couldn’t be sure, since I haven’t yet visited the US, but this is not uncommon.
          From experience, in nightclubs and daytime, women are more likely to physically threaten, or verbally abuse myself or members of the public without real basis.
          You can just ignore them of course and usually nothing comes of it, but still, it’s a worrying trend.

        3. I have travelled extensively in the UK and the US. It is a pretty fine edge which has the worst women. Younger women in bars in the US can be a real problem. I do not go to colleges of course, just normal bars and eateries as the case may be.
          You are correct that in the UK a woman will physically attack a man for no reason at all. I have seen it happen with my own eyes…and the man will just back of and not smack her in the mouth as she deserves.

        4. Thanks for sharing your experience.
          It won’t put me off going, I’ll just continue to be wary.
          Damn, europe is so much simpler…

    4. There is no problem with having sex in Sweden, i do it all the time.
      But, when you have sex with people connected to the CIA (Anna Ardin) and other radical-political-feminists then you’re fucked.

    1. He should go to Tulsa, welding capital of the US.
      You can get apprenticed there with a paycheck, no need for a class. Guy I know was making over 100k after 2 years welding school buses. You tell anybody anywhere in the US you learned welding in Tulsa you get the job.

  2. Jesus man, instead of looking at what you did wrong (starting too big with no connects) and addressing it, you bash an industry you can only see from the outside. You come off as desperate and self loathing, two ingredients that make “red pill” a disastrous recipe of self delusion. Gotta fix you first

    1. Yes peasant. You approached the lords to early. You need to work five no fifteen years writing for peer reviewed, reputable, unbiased journalist papers before you can start approaching your betters! Such a high profitable industry can’t have unknowns running around. Know your place.

      1. Thank you.
        It’s funny when these types come along. So easy to say something wrong with one man than something wrong with the system. They delude themselves into thinking an independent mindset that doesn’t fall in line with the corporate shills must be a bitter man who needs to fix himself. Sometimes you have to fail to really understand the truth. “Success” as we loosely define it these days merely means you are just a minion in society, plodding along and unable to really think for yourself.

  3. Last night, I had a conversation with a friend (red pill leaning) about building a media outlet, and not a site like “22 Ways To Get [X]” which appeals to the people without an attention span (they wouldn’t make it through your story). I think there’s a huge market for this and it’s a rapidly growing market.
    Point being, I’m game. I’d reach out, but I didn’t see contact info, so add it.

      1. I doubt the NEA would support us very much, but point well-made. The Matrix will gladly fund itself.
        But regarding edds’ point, a media outlet would be great not only for news and red pill info and such, but also entertainment. I’m sure that if we could match up some aspiring writers with directors, producers (many of whom probably have talent but have been freezed out), we could get together a short film or documentary or two. Or even some hard-hitting journalism pieces.
        I bet there’s a great aspiring screenwriter somewhere like Roanoke, and a guy who knows how to direct in Topeka. What if we could facilitate helping them get to know each other?
        Imagine how much good a decent Red Pill movie could do. Yes, there have been some mainstream films that spread a decent message, but instead of waiting for them to stumble onto something decent, I’d like for us to be able to do it ourselves.
        We need to start thinking in terms of creating our own parallel systems for all this stuff and devise ways to no longer depend on having to please some blue pill idiot to get something accomplished.

      2. What, do you have oneitis for State money or something? Who cares what degenerates the Slut of State fucks? I don’t want my mental privates anywhere near Her or Her carrousels ITFP.

        Just roark ’em, kiddo. You worry too much about the tooheys already as it is.

      3. Yep…and they pay dis-honourable young men like Ryan Broderick to go about criticising men far their superior like me.
        The article Ryan Broderick did on me in buzzfeed shows you just how morally bankrupt men have become. In my one hour interview with him I explained his position that he was a 4th class citizen and that a woman like rachel cassidy could ruin his life by a lie.
        Ryan went ahead and did a moderate character assassination of me. For those of you who never saw that article. It is here.
        Note as well that when I commented on the article my comments were removed and I was blocked. Buzzfeed chose to act dishonourably and Ryan Broderick chose to act dishonourably. He should be shunned by honourable men for the remainder of his life.

    1. “I think there’s a huge market for this and it’s a rapidly growing market.”
      Nope…there is almost NO market for presenting to men the information they NEED….sure, they will pay USD100 for a ticket to a playoff game….they will spend USD300 on a hooker.
      But spend USD12 on a book that will teach them how to live in freedom? Not a chance. Look at the fact that men do not want to buy The Truth Be Told…a book that many young men have said is the most stunning and important thing they have ever read in their lives.
      There is no money in books/media unless it is of the mind numbingly stupid variety like 50 shades of grey or total fantasy like harry potter. No one wants to live in the real world any more. If there were any money in media that actually teaches men what they NEED to know? I would not be back at my regular Business Intelligence job. Pretty simple.

    2. To this end, there’s probably already a list of people in the media, who are already mostly red pill.
      Opie and Anthony come to mind, and they’re always hinting that they want to leave even satellite radio and just go podcast. Joe Rogan is another, and he’s already got JRE going.

  4. Mainstream journalism is nothing more than a bunch of well-connected paid-whores who are paid for spreading the message that the elites want them to spread (even the popular ones like Jone Stewart are never deviating from the cultural marxist party line – remember his hit-piece on Warren Farrell?).
    Anything that deviates from their agenda (which is: anti-male, anti-white, anti-christian, pro-big-government) will be rejected. The mainstream media function is not to inform, it is to manufacture consent for the agenda of the owners (who own our politicians as sure as they own big media and hollywood).
    Too bad it took you that long to figure it out 🙁

    1. That’s whats awesome about podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience. A totally different perspective from anything you can get from traditional news outlets and why their growth has been skyrocketing. People are slowly waking up.

    2. Their agenda is profit. TV is a medium for advertising, it has always been so.
      Ask yourself: who watches the most TV? Who spends the most disposable income? Answer these questions and you will understand their anti-male stance. No different than a white knight trying to get pussy-approval, they want female approval and their money.

      1. “Their agenda is profit.”
        Nope…their agenda is mind control. Their agenda is depopulation. Depopulation is the #1 agenda of the Illuminati today.

        1. How does depopulation serve media owners and those staking an interest? The system needs more consumers, not less. Yes,edit is about shaping opinions.
          Also there is no illuminati, because there doesn’t need to be one.

        2. Because the current population is polluting the planet far to quickly and consuming resources far too quickly……less people? Less pollution, less consumption of resources on what they consider THEIR planet.
          And really, anyone denying the existence of the Illuminati today just looks stupid.

      2. Actually, I find the opposite to be true: the elites are often willing to lose money, in order to maintain the ideological purity of their media outlets.
        Many stories that would have generated lots of viewer interest (and therefore: money) have been willingly censored by the corporate media, just a few that come to mind: Duke Lacrosse false accuser going to jail (funny, how they did not miss the story about Zimmerman being acused of DV by his new gf..), Pussy Riot having an extensive criminal history in Russia (in light of which, their sentence is actually pretty lenient), sexual abuse among rabbis (funnny, how they never forget to mention the same stories involving catholic priests), any story related to Ron Paul (except when it is cherry-picked to make him look like a loon), etc…
        Maybe women spend more than men, but I don’t think this would explain the anti-white, anti-christian, or pro-government biases.

        1. Your average news watcher or reader is an idiot, with the attention span of a three year-old. They won’t pay attention unless it’s distilled down to a simple black and white narrative. Watch the ads, the will tell you who the messages are for.
          I don’t think media outlets are anti white or anti christian, but push these stories, because they are trolling their audience for an outraged reaction. It’s draws more eyes.
          I agree they are pro government, they want access then they better play by the big boys’ rules.

        2. Hollywood and the mainstream media follow the same agenda, which leads me to believe that they are owned by the same group of people.
          I am not christian, but one would have to be blind not to notice the constant stream of jokes and attacks against christianity (all the while, obscene practices such as circumcision and well documented stories of massive sexual abuse in the orthodox jewish faith, are not even spoken off in the mainstream).
          As to the anti-white bias, the Zimmerman non-story could not demonstrate it more blatantly. Photoshopping a hispanic to make him look white? doctoring an audio tape to make him look racist? really?

        3. It’s not that the media is anti white christian, it’s that the media will seek to minimize offense, they don’t want to alienate their biggest audience and white Christians are “safe” because they make up the overwhelming majority.
          As to Zimmerman case, all in the name of simplifying the narrative. Well and American race relations are fucking insane.

        4. the media will seek to minimize offense, they don’t want to alienate their biggest audience

          white Christians are “safe” because they make up the overwhelming majority

          You go so far out of your way to ascribe nifty intentions to media behemoths that you completely contradict yourself.
          Red Pill time: the media knows exactly what it’s doing, and to whom.

        5. As to Zimmerman case, all in the name of simplifying the narrative.

          Complete bullshit. The Zimmerman case is the perfect example of the media constructing the narrative. Apart from the examples of media deceit already mentioned up-thread, when did you ever hear the term ‘white-hispanic’ before ol’ George Z. gave Saint Trayvon the good news?
          Instead of simplifying the narrative, the MSM fabricated a meaningless neologism to perpetuate their pre-selected narrative. If simplification was what they were after, the affair would’ve never hit the headlines in the first place (and then gone on to become an international controversy) because the actual narrative was such a clear-cut case of self-defence that it was never anything more than a small town non-story.
          The media are incredibly reluctant to touch black-on-white crime, even though it’s incredibly commonplace (no, scratch that – precisely because it’s so frequent, and frequently horrific) but they were so desperate to latch on to the flimsiest excuse for a white-on-black raayciss hatecrime, that they invented one when no such thing had taken place.
          Frankly, I think it may’ve been a good thing in the end, because with Zimmerman the agenda became completely transparent.

        6. I didn’t explain this well enough, you’re right. First off, there’s no nifty intentions, it’s just business. Money. Sure, they are manipulating your aspirations and insecurities, yes they tell lies and show you only what they want you to see. I’m not arguing that. I am arguing that mainstream media isn’t anti white christian. White and Jewish m’en are still firmly in control.
          Now my contradiction: being the majority, you’re going to find the there is a wide diverse group of white people who are not all the same. Offend some of them a.d just as any are going to shrug their shoulders or say, el they’re not talking about me. Lots will still buy what they are selling. Minorities will stick together as a bloc, offend one and risk offending all. Now factor in American race relations

  5. You’re a shitty journalist and you buried the fucking lede until the end of the story. Ever heard of the inverted pyramid fuckstick? Don’t wine about MSM ignoring you when you can’t even demonstrate basic writing skills. Boo hoo hoo. Someone give him a consolation handy.

      1. oh no he one of those fancy types with the “classic” spelling. he probably sniffs wine and cheeze and farts.

    1. Don’t be a cumstain. The end was his epiphany and epiphanies need background and narrative tension before the reveal. I bet you suck in bed.

  6. I’m fairly convinced that the MSM produces content on the basis of what will get them kudos from fellow Leftists rather than what the audience wants.

  7. Why on earth would anyone think that isn’t a very interesting story? I really think that’s a great question.
    Here’s a guy, who’s basically saying that our education industry is racking up enormous debt at the expense of our youth, and our youth aren’t getting much for it, and oh by the way, here’s a potential solution to the problem.
    Only someone who is truly myopic would find that not interesting.
    The reason the story “isn’t very interesting” is because the majority of people who are plugged into the MSM are an older generation, and that older generation is incapable of seeing their own faults. They refuse to stare their own mistakes in the face and try to correct it. They can’t stand the very idea that the next generation has it harder than they did. It literally doesn’t compute for them.

    1. The problem with the older generation (including my mom) is that their ideas are out of touch with the reality of today’s present situation. Back then, a college degree would bring you up several notches up the economic ladder. Same with studying to be a lawyer. Journalism wouldn’t make you rich, but you could at least make a living, not get the freelance runaround.
      The same goes for the mating market. Back then they only needed social circles, not game. If you took a time machine and dropped your 20-something parents into this dating environment, your mom would be horrified by how women act. Your dad would be horrified by how fat the women are.

      1. If you took a time machine and dropped your 20-something parents into
        this dating environment, your mom would be horrified by how women act.
        Your dad would be horrified by how fat the women are.

        Sounds like an idea for a great book!

  8. Well at least your suffering taught you how to write a genuinely good article. This was more interesting and relevant than 90% of the articles that show up on this site.

  9. “That place at the table I so coveted was being reserved for the
    twenty-something nitwits who perpetrated the 20/20 manosphere hack job.”
    After that disgraceful article was published, I told the two morons who wrote the article how I felt via Twitter. I guess a lot of other people did too as the two idiots protected their twits soon thereafter.

  10. I like your writing kid.. you’ve got talent. I’m trying to sound like one of those old timey news print editors.

  11. Hi Dalton,
    it took you that long to realise that the lame-stream media was a crock? Hhhmmm.
    Look. You and millions of other men like you have had your futures betrayed by your fathers and grand fathers. Men born in the 30s who were too young to fight in the war turned out to be the greediest and most gutless generation ever. There partied it up in the 50s and 60s and forgot that men died so that they could do so.
    I am so disgusted in men like my father and his brother who I used to hold in very high regard. Their exploits on the sporting field were legendary. But when it came to translating the “bravery” they claimed to display on a football field to the real world of opposing criminals in guvmint and opposing criminal women they showed their true colours. Yellow. Too chickenshit to criticise a woman. Too chickenshit to say “Hey, don’t steal from my son/nephew.”
    They betrayed men like you. And you should know that.
    So? What to do? I created the Mens Business Association exactly so as to be able to create new businesses and new associations. We are about to announce a new and exciting project for men doing business globally as well. We should be able to announce that in the next few weeks. It is up and running but we are not ready to announce it yet.
    When men like you finally wake up and say “If I am going to pay for myself for the remainder of my life I had betting start some business that no guvmint agent can steal from me”? THEN you will have taken your first step.
    But until you young men decide you are going to run your own businesses? You are welcome to go work in the corporate world like I did for 25 years. You are welcome to become someone elses employee. You are welcome to be fed scraps off the side of the table. You are welcome to be subject to the endless legislation and Bernard Chapin keeps pointing out.
    And how is that working out for you younger men, eh? Not…very…good.
    You younger men would do very well to stop competing with each other and start collaborating and co-operating under the guidance of an old hand like myself.

  12. You made the mistake of working on something that doesn’t profit the traitorous Banking Cartel. Didn’t they tell you in school not to do that? You must not have been paying attention to the PC brainwashing.

  13. There’s little money in the truth. Plus with the Internet, the business model is broken. On the otherhand, “citizen journalists” can exist. They have day jobs. They can only produce a little unpaid journalism. But there are many of them.

  14. I’m surprised you didn’t move into a PR job or newspaper job earlier. Or do something like be the only reporter available in a specific country. Like the only reporter who speaks ‘X’ language in a disaster zone. Or the only reporter of 10 who speaks english in obscure south east asian country where it’s cheap, sunny, etc.

  15. I never knew who Mike was until I saw him on Bill Maher (who at least seems to give people a chance to be heard un-scripted). Mike Rowe is right on the mark.
    Great story. I spent a short stint in a large American media company. I was hired for a specific project, not as a reporter. But I was surrounded by reporters. How those organisations work and how articles get published made me sick to my stomach. The old days of Katharine Graham and the Washington Post seem like stuff of ancient history.

  16. Certainly while earning your NYU credential you took note that the vaginas and other protected classes in the room made up the majority. With many of those coming from certain zip codes and many others somehow landing the cherry internships on that magical island of manhattan. The deck is stacked.
    Good luck with the welding bit. As for the writing bit, while I know details are important, I’d leave off things like this:
    “and checking emails on his Macbook Pro”
    “All the while I was working my Droid”
    Details are fine, but product placement is for the women’s rags.

    1. Yes, this piece reads like a schmoozy, slick pro-journalist piece of writing, but for me that just lessens the impact of it. I prefer violent, hard, manly writing, like that from Chateau Heartiste, such as this:
      “Lies must be met with truth. Ideally, that truth comes packaged in
      stylistic ordnance that explodes in a shower of entertaining dazzle for
      fence-sitting gawkers and liquidates the central processing egos of the
      blubbery lie machines. Utterly annihilated, their demolecularized fatty
      essence scattered to the wind, the suffering fat chick (and it’s almost
      always a chick claiming fatness is fine, which should tell you
      something) howling in pain and impotent indignation serves as an example
      for the others: If you spread filthy lies that cause, intentionally or
      consequentially, women to be stripped of their beauty and thus men
      deprived of their happiness, CH will be here at the ready, the tip of
      its nimble hate spear plunging deep into your ululating hindbrain,
      probing, excavating, and finally stabbing with the force of a thousand
      unleashed hells the heart of your scarred, coal black id.”
      The realness and impact of that writing is palpable. It hits you hard in the face like a sock to the nose. This Dalton guy’s writing is too womanly and flowery, as if coated in olive oil and pretense.

  17. Now see here, maybe if you had had a liberal arts background that included economics and Classics, you would know: the student debt burden isn’t (which is burst by bankruptcy), its an anchor we’ll use to bring everyone down.
    This includes six figure technical trade, ’cause hey, it doesn’t take much to figure out how to jerry rig your own plumbing if you don’t give a shit about government regulations (which is what drives the high salaries ofthese technical trades as well as the absorbitant price of college.)

  18. This was excellent. Keep it up. And Mike Rowe? I know it’s only TV but he always seemed like a genuinely nice man, with a sharpness to match. I always saw slivers of red pill with the guy and dirty jobs was one of the only shows I could stomach watching.

  19. Any plans to write the article anyway? I’m sure there’s a site somewhere that would be happy to publish it…although compensation might be tougher to get…

  20. Interesting story Dalton, it’s a shame Mike’s idea wasn’t recognised proper.
    Has he made any progress since?

  21. You spent $200k to learn what exactly? You are selling something no one wants to buy, and the problem is the buyer?? How about you start your education over again, read the first 100 books then get back to me. You didn’t become a liberal, beta, entitled d-bag overnight, and you wont become a successful conservative alpha male overnight either.
    Good Luck.

  22. For what it’s worth: The quality of writing in this article is noticeably higher than what I typically expect.
    I second the notion: What on earth isn’t interesting about your topic!?! What parent, lost in an economic stagnation, doesn’t want to hear there might be a better way to a comfortable, professional living they might steer their child towards?
    Bollocks to your trusted mentor.

    1. For what it’s worth: The quality of writing in this article is noticeably higher than what I typically expect.

      Like plucking a gold nugget from a shit-clogged toilet bowl, in fact.

  23. I’ve suspected for months that Mike Rowe is “one of us”. Now I’m 99% sure.

  24. Dalton, your experience illustrates the pitfall of having the mentality of depending on ‘the big powers’ and begging them to say Yes to you.
    ‘The big leagues’ is not the only game in town.
    If becoming a rich & famous writer required you to write material you regard as utter garbage, and you did it, would your fame & money make you happy then?
    If so, then give them what they obviously want!
    What’s really your top priority?
    To be widely recognized (applauded) as a ‘star’ like Tom Wolfe?
    Or to write what honestly pleases you and then present it to the public?
    If it’s the latter, then you need to think independently about how to get your writing read by lots of people, and don’t insist on getting rich from it right away.
    You’re a writer just the same as a novelist is.
    Sometimes it’s helpful to ask yourself “What would I want to write if I took ego & money out of the equation?”

  25. This has probably been posted elsewhere in the comments thread, but a story about Mike, his background, and his philosophies, would be a very insightful and entertaining read. More and more people are seeking alternatives to the matrix and it sounds like this is the type of stuff that they need and want to hear. Hell, I just read a story about a guy who walked across America. So I know I would be interested.

  26. Mike Rowe is one of the few remaining actual men that get any sort of airtime on TV.
    I was watching AC360 (Anderson Pooper’s new knock off of The Five on Fox) last night. I normally would not spend more than 30 seconds watching that, but something about it struck me, so I watched off and on for about 30 minutes.
    Did anyone else watch last night? Well, here are the people that were sitting around the table: 2 gay men, 2 feminist women, and 2 shithead lawyers. Then, it got better. In the latter part of the show, they put another seat at the table. This seat was occupied by a well known lesbian comedian.
    And CNN wonders why they have lousy ratings? This is what the media either thinks is representative of America, or they think we want to watch because it is a freak show, or they just don’t give a fuck.
    Sad state of affairs. Glad you are now writing for ROK Dalton. The quality of writing (and dare I say journalism) to be found here will surely improve.
    As you said – fuck mainstream journalism. It has nothing to do with us. And nothing for us. Certainly, none of it is produced by us. We need people like you to take journalism into your own hands and provide is with quality stuff that reflects our interests. The stuff we want to read, the stuff we don’t want to read but should, and the stuff we NEED to read.

  27. You went chasing a not very interesting story, because you found the guy charismatic, you spent all your money doing it even though nobody wanted to publish it, and you watched an interviewer ask the questions they were interested in, not the ones you wanted to ask? Now you’re complaining that the mainstream media won’t give you a job? Yeah, you need a dose of reality.

  28. I’ve always had huge respect for Mike rowe. It’s never easy standing against the crowd on mainstream opinion. My condolences to your for your struggles. I have huge respect for people willing to make sacrifices for the truth. Just hang in there Dalton. Especially if you’re going for welding, you will probably be making a 6 figure salary

  29. Good stuff man. And don;t be down; you got banged on the financial and career end, but you came out way, way ahead on the what-the-hell-is-going-on-here end. Keep humping it man, hell write a book, everyone here would buy at least one copy.

  30. You realize that if you’d turned around and written a hit piece on Mike Rowe that the same mainstream outlets would have tripped over their shoelaces to scoop it up, right?

  31. Change the subject from “Journalism” to “Law School” and this could have been written by me. I often remember how back in the early 1990s, the time I entered college, the Apex Tech School in NYC that taught Welding, Automotive Repair, Plumbing, was quite cheap, and boy, do I regret not taking a year off before college to learn at least ONE of those trades, a skillset that pays dividends even if you DON’T ever practice in those industries. Imagine fixing your own car for life. But once you enter the “CATHEDRAL”, it takes YEARS to wise up and vomit all the blue pills you swallowed! I am now teaching English overseas (yes, I got the fuck out!) but STILL struggling with “blue pill relapses” believe it or not. Fuck it, I’m taking a welding class this year too! Why the hell not?

  32. Look. The vast majority of those MSM outlets will have shut down in ten years, and the douchebags and feminists in corner offices will be in your position and ten years older. Frankly they did you a favour. You have ten years head start on a real career.

  33. Dalton, these man already have several TV shows under his belt so his story would not have been “cutting edge journalism”.
    Move on to things that are not covered by mainstream TV.

  34. Just a question inspired by this article and others regarding the Matrix metaphor.
    O.K., everyone who’s swallowed the red pill sees the Matrix for what it is. My question, following that metaphor and seeing ourselves as Zion fighting a war against an overwhelming enemy, is, what superpowers do we gain from our insight and exit from the Matrix?
    I know the answer might be none, but still, perhaps there is a way to add to this frame in a way that empowers us, allows us to exercise power greater than our numbers.
    Just thinking about it now, a couple of ideas come to me. The power we gain with the women in our lives could be considered (and I do) a superpower when compared to the completely useless tools manginas use to get women. And that is a LOT.
    But is it enough? I doubt it. Not if we’re talking about eventually taking on/back the culture. Accepting that you as a man have a primary drive to get laid (libido) is the first step to focusing and maximizing this power, but I’m not satisfied with that. To me it seems great, powerful, masculine men have always used this energy to fuel their dreams of social success, conquest, and prestige. I know the difference between having a woman in my life who ties knots around my nuts and one who wants me to TAKE sexual pleasure in her and from her and I can tell you the difference is night and day. After telling my wife to just “get in the bed” and letting myself enjoy all her ministrations I am much more energized and focused when I then leave her to go slay my dragons.
    But are there any other superpowers we gain by seeing the Matrix for what it is? Maybe, maybe not. And the power of a focused libido my really be all we need (think of Genghis Khan).
    Let me think about it a bit more. I’ll get back to you.

  35. “I was gunning for the upper echelons of mainstream media. Outside! Newsweek! Esquire! …”
    You made me snort Cup-a-Soup through my nose with that — excellent job! 🙂

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