Media Reluctant To Question Hillary’s Health After Her Rag Doll Collapse At 9/11 Memorial

On Sunday, just outside a memorial to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Hillary Clinton spectacularly collapsed. Having been resting on a pillar by the road, she began wobbling and bopping like a robot or someone experiencing a seizure. Her aides and others had to literally drag her into a van that had just pulled up along with the rest of her motorcade. In spite of them, the media could barely be bothered to report on it.

Secret Service members and other handlers appeared to be just as concerned with obscuring Hillary’s medical episode as they were about keeping her safe from any external harms. Moments before, a woman believed to be Dr. Lisa Bardack was checking her pulse, trailed by that familiar burly man with medical training and a Diazepam-style injection pen:

A view of Clinton being dragged into the van is shown here:

The preliminary excuse by campaign officials for Clinton’s exit in New York City was that she had felt “overheated” and needed to go to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to recuperate. Nonetheless, temperatures were hovering around just 80 degrees Fahrenheit (the mid-20s Celsius) around the time she left and before that had only been in the 70s. Significant suspicions were also raised because it took her campaign some ninety minutes to even give an explanation as to what had happened. None of the press corps were seemingly allowed to know what had transpired before this, let alone permitted to follow her. If the incident was so minor, why the veil of secrecy? This is all in addition to Clinton’s refusal for nearly a year to hold an open press conference, as Donald Trump has many times.

In damage control, a statement by Clinton’s team revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier. Her ailment had not been previously disclosed. Prior to the pneumonia concession, The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza, a noted, ad hominem attacker of those questioning Hillary’s physical capacity, finally admitted that her health was now a legitimate campaign issue. His mea culpa may not have been up there with someone petitioning Godfather Vito Corleone for assistance, but for a biased liberal reporter it was sensational. It has become increasingly difficult for the mainstream media to hide Clinton’s punished bodily condition.

The media dropped the ball and gave it to Team Clinton, again

Chris Cillizza won back this much credibility for conceding that Hillary’s health is now a reasonable campaign issue.

Wider and sufficiently responsive media coverage was completely lacking after very credible reports of Hillary Clinton’s illness emerged. Despite a Twitter user by the name of Zdenek Gazda quickly making a video of a sick Clinton leaving available and Fox News’ Rick Leventhal breaking the story, other journalists were sluggish.

Along with Fox, few other major media outlets bothered to cover the development at first, notwithstanding the ease with which Gazda’s video was disseminated on Twitter. Those large concerns that did publish were disproportionately British newspapers, such as The Express and The Independent.

Other mostly US networks and publications often accused of bias in favor of the Clinton campaign deliberately tried to play down or ignore the footage. CNN was by far the worst offender. Its below-lukewarm headlines were “Video shows Hillary Clinton leaving 9/11 event early” and “Hillary Clinton not feeling well, leaves 9/11 event early.” The second story in particular was originally much more threadbare and vague, before it was updated as Hillary’s medical episode became almost impossible to obfuscate. In essence the reports became an opportunity to regurgitate the Clinton campaign’s own talking points of her being “overheated” but now “feeling much better,” words which CNN and other major companies like CBS had waited diligently for before they put fingers to keyboards.

Meanwhile, those questioning Hillary’s health have been called “sexists” and even fired

Well-known conservative actor James Woods recently pointed out how Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was admonishing those who questioned Hillary’s health as “sexists”:

A number of prominent leftist commentators, biased “journalists” and even celebrities, among them claimed comedian Sarah Silverman, have also come to the defence of Clinton in recent weeks, generally labeling the scrutiny of her health “conspiracy theories” and “gender-based harassment.” Silverman went so far as to call the doubters “assholes.” CNN’s Brian Stelter did not hold back either in rebuking them as supposed misogynists and on the same network Dr. Drew Pinsky had his show canceled outright after discussing his views on Hillary’s condition.


Simultaneously, a journalist for The Huffington Post, David Seaman, found himself fired last month and his articles deleted after he had the audacity to write about doubts regarding Hillary’s health, which seem to be vindicated after yesterday’s medical episode. In shock and fearing retribution from leftists, Seaman made it clear that he was not, among other things, suicidal. The mentioning of his non-suicidality is a reference to concerns that those who know or question too much about the Clintons, especially in the media, might be silenced or killed.

 Hillary cannot be trusted

Is it a normal politician’s van, a black ambulance or a hearse? Who knows when it comes to Hillary’s health.

The significant delay in explaining her departure, the blanket restriction or exclusion of most journalists from being around her at the memorial, and the way she continues to hide and cover-up illnesses until incidents like this, regardless of whatever ailments she actually has, all indicate Hillary Clinton is unfit ethically, morally, politically, and now physically to hold office.

It speaks volumes about the serious worries centered on Clinton that I have not even spoken about her other scandals. From questions about her role in the deaths at Benghazi in Libya, the fourth anniversary of which was on September 11 as well, to her classified emails debacles and the foreign money, particularly from the Saudis and Gulf States, flowing into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary represents the ultimate toxic candidate.

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317 thoughts on “Media Reluctant To Question Hillary’s Health After Her Rag Doll Collapse At 9/11 Memorial”

  1. I’d say the biggest black eye in this story goes to the mainstream media. Had it not been for videos posted directly to Twitter the “she was exhausted and needed to recuperate” narrative would have become the record.
    As for propagandists like Chris Cillizza, he’ll be back on message as soon as Team Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife pays him a little visit.

  2. Who’s taking bets that they’ll cancel the debates so Trump trigger an aneurysm on stage?

      1. Not necessarily dying, but having some sort of severe medical condition, yes. After this weekend fiasco, I place the odds now at 6-1 that she strokes out during the debates, up from 4-1.

        1. She will be given a cocktail of kratom and supermandro before the debate, she will then give an extemporaneous speech that will approximate the importance of the Gettysburg Address, then drop the mic and walk offstage.

        2. Apparently these seizures are triggered by stress. Expect her to go “doolally” when Trump fires his first broadside…

      2. Anonymous Conservative seems to agree with me.
        “I hope she tries, which I am sure she will, but I think today was a sign she is deteriorating too fast under the pressure. I just do not see her getting stronger. On the bright side, the chances of an amygdala-related event at the debates is now probably 85-90%, if Hillary hangs in that long.”

        1. If Trump triggers Hilary into a stroke it will be shown as proof that toxic masculinity and the second amendment need to go

        2. It is possible that one day she looked down at her snatch and thought “well, it looks like alec Guinness’s face so maybe if I am struck down I will return as a force ghost.

        3. For those that di not get the reference, Fat Bastard was a character in I believe Gold Member, who ate babies and went on about Mini-Me looking like a baby that he wanted to eat.

    1. The debates are not mandatory, I could easily see Hillary refusing to debate Trump because he’s mean.

      1. it will take the form of “I will not debate him because he is a reality tv star and not a serious candidate with serious opinions”
        Basically she will pull the “debate is between two informed and intelligent people with different opinions on a topic and trump doesn’t count”

      2. This would almost be better. Doesn’t look very presidential. Isn’t Putin “mean”?
        Trump is hitting her for being weak. Refusal to debate him would just reinforce it.

        1. Yeah, if Hillary refused to debate Trump, it would spell disaster, especially if Trump went to every news outlet demanding to debate Hillary and she’s running scared. I don’t ever remember an election where the nominates DIDN’T debate.

        2. You honestly think the (((media))) would tell the truth as to why Hillary canceled the debate? You think (((they))) would even admit Hillary called it at all?
          No, goy… the evil rayciss Herr Trump and his army of Nazi Pepes refused to debate the kindhearted grandmother Hillary unless six million Jewish babies were gassed live on CNN!

        3. They will broadcast with 2 hours delay and there will be lots of ‘camera angle switches’. And the debate will be 80% shorter than expected. They will say: Trump was defeated more quickly than we expected!

        4. Trump needs to handle this right actually. If exploits the situation and ends up seeming ‘mean’ – as in heartless – it will backfire of him – people could end up voting for her BECAUSE she’s so ill. She just has to shave her head, say she’s terminally ill, and say that being President is on her bucket list.

      3. Its easy to fake like she wants to debate just trump wont agree to her (insane) particulars.

    2. Damn, it’s so hot here in germany again…seems like even the weather is adapting to the muslim rapefugees.

        1. Really, what’s going on with that country? From genocidal maniacs to spineless cucks in just a little over 70 years. Germans sure seem to be a people of extremes.

        2. 75 years ago germany was redpilled as fuck. Then all redpilled guys got killed. Only the bluepilled pussies who hid in the mothers basement survived. End of story.

        3. i said something similar for all men who got killed in 1st and 2nd ww. I was called literally hitler for that.

    3. What I find truly motivating is that, in spite of all of our differences, the arguments about race, chicks, and other stuff, we are all united by our hatred of Hillary.

  3. My primary concern has shifted from her candidacy (which i now believe is dead) to her replacement (eg Biden).
    Fortunately she’s stubborn and has another week to recover from “pneumonia” which makes it even more difficult for her replacement.

  4. “a journalist for The Huffington Post, David Seaman, found himself fired last month and his articles deleted after he had the audacity to write about doubts regarding Hillary’s health”
    With all due respect for the author I would like to point out that David Seaman most likely got fired from the Huffington post when those harridans figured out that Seaman and Semen are homonyms.

    1. This is bullshit. David Seaman is a former England goalkeeper. Known as “Safe Hands”, he kept the England goal safe for years…

    2. You meant “due respect” and “semen” instead of “do respect” and “seamen” didn’t you? That’s the only way I can make sense out of your post.

  5. The only conspiracy theory is the one that suggests that she’s still alive. The way she “shucks and jives” reminds one of the zombie pimps…

    1. are you saying that Hilary first limps to the side like her legs was broken, shakin’ and twitchin’ kinda like she was smokin’, crazy whack funky, lookin’ like mc hammer on crack [humpty]

      1. Yo fat girl, yeah I called you fat – look at me- Om skinny (I just triggered someone lurking here)

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        1. I’m glad you said this. They keep describing it as a “faint”. Fainting is completely different. I have fainted before (in a boxing ring, heat, lack of fluids, high intensity training, etc.) and its like someone hits your “off-switch”. You turn into rag-doll. In her case, it looked like someone jammed a high voltage cable into her arse. She went stiff and she was shuddering.
          We need to keep in mind that she is an elderly woman who at 68 is well past retirement age and has already suffered one brain injury, after having abused her body with drugs, alcohol and a bad diet for decades. Normally doctors would be telling someone like that to take it easy, not campaign for the most stressful job in the world.
          If she keeps on, she’ll be dead by the end of the year.

        2. Yes, yes and yes. When you faint (which is a temporary loss of consciousness) you just collapse. The high voltage cable up her arse description is right on. Illary almost seem to be dancing.

  6. Anyway, it’s irrelevant whether Trump wins or Hillary does.
    Trump votes come from white people in US. Next generation they’re gonna be a minority. That’s a fact, because white childbirth in US is ALREADY a minority.
    So maybe you have some Trump government for a decade, even a similar one for a couple of them… until that generation grows up and vote.
    And then all is done.
    White flight will start in US.

    1. Eh, I’m not so pessimistic. Birth rates can rise. Immigrants can be deported, or stop coming entirely.

      1. Because of the US constitution, any person who is born in US has the US passport.
        The fathers could have been immigrants. The children are already Americans with the right to vote, as soon as they are 18 years old.

        1. >Because of the US constitution, any person who is born in US has the US passport.
          This is a Jewish lie. Birthright citizenship has never existed. The man who wrote the 14th was very clear on this, yet the (((media))) and our (((public edjewcation system))) continues to deliberately spread this lie.
          The American Indians were not granted citizenship until 1924 by special act of congress, because “shitting out an infant on the right side of the wall” was NOT and has NEVER been all it took to be granted citizenship in this country.

        2. @greboada That’s why we can amend our Constitution and we will if necessary.
          They have to go back and no amount of (((defeatism))) will change our minds.
          It’s too late. They have crossed a line and there is no retreat if we care at all about the country our children will inherit.

  7. The [controlled] media does not hide the fact that Hillary is unfit for office and yet they support her candidature. Looks contradictory on the surface but as aspiring players, ask yourself what could their game possibly be?

  8. But tonight I’m gonna lose it all
    Playing with fire, I was the first to fall
    Heart is sinking like a cannonball
    Baby, kill it, what you waiting for?
    Something in the way you fall
    Something in the way you’re lyin’
    Something in the way you’re crooked
    Something in the way you fall
    Something in the way you lyin’
    Something in the way you’re crooked

  9. With the deplorables comment, this incident, and the fact that the media hasn’t been on trump this week really… I’d say he has the initiative now.
    As long as he does what Bannon tells him to, doesn’t fall for any sjw bear traps, and forces Clinton to debate him… we might have a shot after all.

  10. Hmm. Quite surprised the Dems haven’t used Life Model Decoys of Hillary Clinton to deal with their present conundrum. Duh.

        1. To be fair, I went & caught Blade Runner: Final Cut again. The concept of the Replicant may have triggered my original comment.

  11. Many psychics and fortune tellers predicted actually that Hillary will not become president due to her poor health…

    1. Ironic, but predictable. I’ve been watching Stefan Moleneux’s series on r/K selection theory and it touches on why liberals don’t have moral qualms about pulling stunts like this.

      1. Stefan has many great videos. But he’s so Molyjewish that he thinks George Soros is nothing noteworthy. Just a typical guy who falls for jewish induced islamohysteria.
        Btw I just finished reading ‘Die große Verschwulung’ (The great…there is no word for Verschwulung in english…let’s call it: The great faggotification) and the author Akif Pirincci has the same problem Molyneux has: he is utterly redpilled, talks about the female mating strategy and that german women will start fucking muslim migrants because they are inherently alpha and he talks about feminism, the pussyfication (ah, that’s the perfect translation for Verschwulung) of german men, the white genocide, the hypocrisy when german politicians are talking about the oppressed german woman but never talk about oppressed muslim women…but he never talks about the jewish media, george soros and cultural marxism…
        anyway, everyone who speaks german should read this book. It is banned from amazon (faggots..) and from all the other shopping sites (seems like some liberal read the book and understood that this topic is too dangerous and if every german would read this we would have riots all over the place so they silenced it).
        You can buy it here:
        The book is exceptionally well written and should be translated to many languages just like ‘Der dressierte Mann’, ‘Das polygame Geschlecht’ and ‘Das Ende der Dressur’ by Esther Vilar were translated in the 70s.
        Its funny that there are only two great german redpill authors – the first is a woman born in argentina, the second is a man born in turkey.
        Both have more patriotic spirit than 99% of native germans.
        Just proofs how cucked germans are. Fuck.

        1. I’ll have to look into it if they have an English translation.
          I’m not a huge Stefan Moly follower, but the concept of r/K selection has intrigued me for a while so I figured I’d look into it more.

        2. A facebook-comment from Akif Pirincci:
          “Viele fragen sich in diesen aufregenden Tagen, weshalb ich die schlimmen Vorgänge in Israel/Gaza nicht kommentiere. Ganz einfach, weil ich dann Konsequenzen ziehen und dieses Scheißjudenland boykottieren müßte… Ich müßte praktisch mein ganzes Leben auf dem Kopf stellen, wenn ich diese Scheißjuden boykottieren müßte. Am allermeisten würde es mich schmerzen, daß ich dann keine US-Filme- und Serien mehr schauen könnte, weil mehr als die Hälfte deren Drehbuchautoren Juden sind…”
          “Israel […] fucked up jewish country […] fucked up jews […] because more than half of american screenwriters are jews.”
          Well, I spoke too soon, unlike Molyneux, Pirincci is talking about the jews and even got a fine for it. I’m just wondering why he isn’t talking about them in his book….oh, wait..its germany..if he would talk about them in this country he would be in jail already.

        3. Stefan doest not try to avoid the important question of rich jewish influence when talking about Soros, however, he pit forward the idea that part of his success in influencing public opinion is due to the thr existing chanels which allow him to do so. He’s still a cog in the work, albeit a much bigger one. It’s just an idea he put forward not the absolute truth spoken to him by GOD.
          Also, talking about the Jews at the level that he’s at the moment is the quickest route to channel failure and reduction in credibility. He’s not giving the left much room to attack him.

      2. I liked that article on Dark Triad Man that observed that liberals are basically playing the power game themselves, but are in denial about it.

    2. Any criticism of Hillary is sexism because vagina. Just the same way any criticism of Obama is raycissms because melanin.
      Liberals scream RAYCISS BIGOT SEXSS ISLAMAPHOBIC ANTISEMETIC as a defensive mechanism. Whenever they are cornered, or you manage to get them off the script of one-liners written for them by a Jewish comedian they become completely lost in any debate and must do anything they can to distance themselves from further questions. They lash out at the speaker instead.
      It’s instinctual and automatic at this point, like an invertebrate responding to a predator nibbling on it in the deep ocean by puking out it’s own internal organs in an attempt to distract and flee. It completely bypasses the brain; a liberal does not have to think to trigger this reflex. Which is good, because liberals are not capable of thought.

        1. I question anything and everything which can be countered with fact.
          Liberals ignore fact and argue only with feelings because reality always disagrees with their lies. It only seems like the red pill is infallible in their beliefs because their beliefs can rarely be countered by anything but lies and Jewish propaganda.

        2. Because there is very little that can be known for 100%. For instance, you could say ‘I live’ and it would pretty indisputable. Other stuff depends on interpretation of data. 1. Data can be faulty or biased. 2. Same applies to the interpretation.

        3. >he is a violent felon that attempted to disarm and likely kill a police officer by going after his gun, and was shot during the altercation.
          This is fact.
          >he a gudboi who dindu nuffin wrang! He wuz unarmed wit hiz hands up prayin’ to Jesus when day rayciss po-leece officer shot him six times in da back of da head exemecution-style!
          This is emotion. It is an empirically false, narrative based on observable and demonstrable lies. It is, (((coincidentally,))) also the sole argument of the liberal in regards to “the systematic oppression of blacks by police.”
          Fact vs feels. Liberals do not care about facts. They care about how a lie makes them feel. This is observable reality.

        4. Well, the problem aren’t emotions. The problem is that they are not at peace with all their emotions through their conditioning. They have been shamed and ostracized probably at an early age for thinking freely.
          Their argument is not really based on emotion. Rather, it is a conditioned trigger to repress certain emotions, combined with some verbal utterance like ‘racist!’
          Emotions, if allowed and experienced, can be good guidance. Talk gut feeling.

    1. I am guessing that within a year we have her in full Vader gear. She will have that big recharge unit installed in the oval office.

      1. What about that piece of metal which fell out of her pantsuit leg? Is she more machine than man already?

      2. Much funnier if they only kept the head in a fish tank like the final scene in Crank: High Voltage.

      3. Does hillary have an oxygen tank on the back of her wheelchair with a tube in her nose? Why isn’t isn’t media investigating? In a free society the people have a right to know.

  12. Let us pray that Satan calls Terminal Hillary home soon to spare her from more earthly suffering.

  13. Frankly for most of the leftist media, the hypocritical millionaire celebrities and the millionaire social media moguls they would rather have a dead Clinton in office than a strong healthy Trump. It’s not about Clinton any longer, this election has become a religion for them and their fear of losing their power and influence over an ever increasing dumb public focused on BLM, the Kardashians and Instagram.

  14. Hillary shouldn’t be criticized for her horrible and failing health; that is something over which she has no power. She should be criticized however for her horrible decisions and disdain for rules and other people. For instance, her doctor claims to to have diagnosed her on Friday with pneumonia, a communicable and potentially fatal infection – and yet on Sunday, she arranges for a little girl to come and hug her publicly for political gain. Clearly she hasn’t overcome her “extreme carelessness”. Also, the decision to twice call 10s of millions of Americans “Deplorable” is worse than the fact that she wears diapers and needs frequent long naps.

    1. To be fair, I think that hundreds of millions of americans and billions of people around the world are deplorable

        1. I would say assigning it to any specific group. They are deplorable across the board. This is the problem with racism. The issue isn’t putting down the jig or spicks or chinks. The issue is thinking that whitey is aby better.

    2. I disagree. She is responsible for her bad health. The excessive drug use is clearly catching up to her, just like her husband…

        1. hahaha, I love this line and will use it in the future.
          In return, I will give you my line. When people accuse me of not doing anything for any reason I tell you “do you think it is EASY to waste all this potential?”

      1. It was a good politician response…however, I hate the notion that people just deserve respect based on the fact that they are alive. I makes me say “ewwwww”

        1. We should just bite the bullet and get an actor to play POTUS. Someone to look presidential and have a good voice and be entertaining and stuff.

        2. Sebastian Gorka lol he kind of reminds me of the bad guys in old James Bond movies.

        3. A President isnt a “Servant” to the people. The president is the symbolic Master. Just because you get to pick your master of the plantation, doesn’t mean you’re not a nigger.

  15. Hillary’s fainting was not planned. It was instead a spontaneous reaction to a Rare Pepe video on Youtube.

  16. Like the embattled Germans in 1944, I expect Hillary’s campaign to mount a final, desperate offensive in the coming weeks. Whether it will have any effect will depend on the stupidity and gullibility of the American electorate that’s still on the fence.

  17. So how on earth is she going to be able to take on Trump in the debates? She’ll probably stroke out right there on the stage. And the media will still declare her the winner.
    I was also wondering about her medical history. Those closest to her that have been planning her campaign from day one must have known that her health was not the best given her fall back in 2012 and given her age was not likely to improve. So why then push so hard for her to be president? She must know herself that even if she does make it to the White House she’ll unlikely last a full term given the demands of the job. Or is she herself the one pushing for everyone to keep her going regardless?
    Also what happens if she does stroke out before the election? Does Trump become president by default?

        1. Eww. I’m going to the other extreme. Arnold Schwarzenegger for prez for no other reason than to hear all his speeches in his accent. He would also be required to finish every speech with “Git to da choppuh naow!”

    1. At this point I’m starting to doubt we’ll see a debate, or she will be ‘teleconferencing’ in, like she’s going to be doing in the upcoming Cali fund raisers.

  18. These may be the first images of Hillary attending a public event that do not show Huma hovering around. Was she there or did she not want to attend a 9-11 memorial?

  19. She has pneumonia, so naturally the first thing she does is visit her infant granddaughter so she can spread it to her. Yip. Totally.

    1. Anonymous Conservative discusses the lie of heat stroke on his blog:
      “If that was heat stroke, or especially pneumonia, bad enough to take out her legs, she would have gone to a hospital, because it might have indicated the antibiotics she was being given weren’t working, and she would need a culture and sensitivity, as well as intravenous antibiotics of a different class, most likely. If it was amygdala, and she had seen it before, she would not. I will bet she has had several incidents like that, after epic rages at staff, which we were not told about.”

      1. Maybe she has that antibiotic resistant form of tuberculosis…you know, the type where people stricken with it must be quarantined.

  20. Hahaha, the only thing that could possibly be better than her 911 episode is her having one during the debates. Some pretty delicious karma after a lifetime of evil, plus the MSM puts a few more nails in its own coffin.

    1. I’ll do you one even better. If she does win (God forbid) she has an episode when she lays her hand on the Bible to recite the oath of presidency. The “Hillary Clinton is Literally Satan” memes would explode.

      1. Although great for memes, let’s pray that it does not come to that.
        When that bitch is lying on her death bed, I don’t want her to have the satisfaction of knowing that her lifetime of evil payed off and she got to be the first.

    2. No, let the alien parasite burst forth from her body during the first debate with Trump. It will be glorious! (to quote the Klingons)

  21. It would appear the leftist, government controlled and censored media is trying desperately to hide the fact that Mrs. Clinton is not a well woman.
    Main stream media is biased against reporting anything that may portray Mrs. Clinton in a less than flattering light – even her ill health. Main stream media also hides endless feminist bigotry and atrocities, from the viewing public. Women must always be portrayed as beyond reproach in order to further the leftist, Marxist agenda.
    Had Donald Trump collapsed at a public event would the media so desperately attempt to hide it from the public?

    1. The MSM is state-owned in all but name. The Wikileaks emails have proven conclusively that Left wing media outlets are propaganda arms of the DNC.

      1. The MSM and the DNC are like arms of the same globalist octopus that’s been strangling the living daylights out of the West.

      2. Even the Secret Service who are now a corrupt Praetorian guard . Did you see how they reflexively made a human wall around her to block her stumbling from the cameras and the press??? It is very telling how the SS reacted so routinely likely because these spells have happened before….

        1. It is very telling how the SS reacted so routinely likely because these spells have happened before…

        2. And did you notice how unflustered they were. As if no one was at all suprised by what was happening?
          They know. They’re hiding it.
          Culpable as are the media, her campaign staff, the FBI, and just about all of her so called supporters.

  22. My day started out pretty awful until I fired up the ol’ ROK site this morning. Not only did the headline make me crack a slow smile, but I think I may have figured out what I’m wearing to the Halloween party this year.

  23. All this just seems to point to the fact that a woman shouldn’t be doing a mans job. This was the moral of the musical Evita and really should be known by now.

    1. Sure because James Callaghan was so much better than Maggie Thatcher (sarcasm). But I agree that *this* woman shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office.

      1. I mostly just like making the joke about the moral of Evita being that a woman shouldn’t do a mans job. I know nothing about politics really…

  24. Hillary’s campaign symbol (H with an arrow) looks like the “H” hospital symbol found on road signs.

  25. There is an excellent video circulating that Hillary has late-stage Parkinson’s Disease. Many of her symptoms match, from the coughing to the freezing. The burly figure with the diazepam injector is doctor Okunola, who specializes in neuorolgy and Parkinson’s. The diazepam is used to treat her seizures.

    1. Lolknee suggested to me earlier today that it would be fun to make her H symbol as the letter “H” in Hospice. Heh.

  26. It will be such great sport when she goes psycho-bizarre insane during the debates. I’m hoping for a full frontal face plant collapse on the stage.

    1. I don’t see her making it through a debate if it indeed occurs. If so, she will propped up and just repeat talking points while being fed opening lead questions.

  27. She is a cunt, hands down! But she is terminally ill, and i wouldn’t want that on anyone. Not even her.

        1. She’s chosen to spend her (and now possibly my) last few months on this earth attempting to give the White House to Tim and Huma.
          If she wanted to die with dignity, she could’ve chosen that route instead.
          Aside- I do not feel suicidal, nor have I ever.

        2. Reading between the lines you might have one or two personal issues. Or then again it could be me not really understanding what you mean. It has happened before. Chin up my friend!

        3. I like to say that the death rate is stable; one per person just like always (and always too soon).

        4. I for one am willing to let her die comfortable and in peace if she has the good grace to do it soon.

    1. You know, generally I’m of your mindset. But for her, I will make an exception. The woman is a murdering psychopath. I won’t openly cheer every time she stumbles (Ok, I might sometimes) but I’m not going to get all teary eyed “we are the world” humanist either.

      1. If and all. She is overachieving and not cut out for this. And more worrying is the fact she might become the new president. Calling names and such (Psycopath) is irrelevant. It takes a certain kind to get that far. Father christmas would not take that job

        1. It’s not “calling names”, it’s pretty well documented. The body trail behind her and her husband is published in many places.

  28. Our elites picked white woman Terminal Hillary as their agent to carry on the project of white dispossession and white extinction, then they act surprised that she symbolically obliged them by starting to die herself even before the election. This seems to show a lack of self-awareness in these people who think they have the upper hand on us in terms of intelligence and foresight.

  29. Hop on over to the NYT to see the most delusionally loyal sycophants in the history if American politics, both writers and readers. What a non-news publication.

  30. So people get murdered who know too much about the Clintons, supposedly. Check. And the media does everything to protect Hillary. Check. And now Hillary is allegedly captured by that very same, extremely protective media, as she nearly faints on 9/11, and that damning incident runs hog wild, all around the media. Hmm. I can’t put a check by that one, just yet…it’s fishy as fuck.

    1. When the incident happened, they weren’t even mentioning the stumble, just “Hillary was feeling hot, and left early.” Now it’s ‘Hillary has Pneumonia, and collapsed from it.” The video doesn’t look like something a studio captured, more likely a lucky bystander with a good phone.

      1. I see your point. But the media ran with it. The protective media. Personally, I’ll hold off on trying to do the math on the thing. I think skullduggery is afoot…

        1. The smoke and mirrors used by the media is absolutely blinding…it’s amazing to me how many people ardently believe every single thing they see on the boob tube. In their minds, if it was on TV, it’s a real event, and not to be questioned. Guess it makes it pretty easy for the guys running the show, at the top of the greasy flagpole. Wish I had that kinda clout. I’d make women think it’s smart to clean house, cook and raise well-groomed, thoughtful children…like they did with the media, back in the 50’s and 60’s.

        2. People are so stupid that you can put almost anything in quotes or on a meme, or fake twitter, and post it to Facebook, and they’ll believe it.

        3. So true. Monkey see, monkey believe. On a lighter note, what do you call a passionate verbal altercation between a man, and a woman with pierced nipples? A spear-titted exchange. I just made that up. I know, I know; you can tell (Boo!!!!)…

  31. At work, we have CNBC on to track the NYSE and NASDAQ, and according to them, she’s been diagnosed with pneumonia.
    That’s a bullshit “diagnosis”, I got pneumonia at OCS as a result of being in the field with bronchitis for too long. NONE of her symptoms match up with the ones I had.
    Hers resemble PD, all you have to is “literally” look at Hitler videos circa 1945 to see the similarities.

    1. Mild pneumonia would have flu like symptoms. Severe pneumonia would be on breathing machine gasping for air like fish out of water. Hillary is effed up with multiple issues going on. The “pneumonia” isn’t a lie, but its only selective disclosure of info. Why doesn’t hillary release her medical records? What is she hiding?

      1. I agree on the selectivity. To be honest, they probably disclosed this diagnosis because it was a politically “safer” option.
        Which makes you wonder what she really has, given her head bobbing and hypnosis and imbalance incidents over the summer. Not to mention the fact that your don’t wear cataract-like glasses if you have a lung problem.

    2. I agree, having also had pneumonia due to lack of sleep and overexertion and bronchitis.
      I wonder if another similarity is a ‘medical regimen’ similar to Hitler’s. Like methamphetamine injections.
      She looked pretty ‘refreshed’ when she came out of that Elder care facili.. er Chelsea’s apartment.
      I find it interesting that we never see her not surrounded by SS and medical handlers, but at Chelsea’s she looked 30lbs lighter in the ass and full of pep.

      1. Apparently there are conspiracy theories out there, saying she has a body double.
        Could be a plausible explanation for her “younger” appearance besides methamphetamine injections. But it wouldn’t explain Bill’s need to campaign in her stead.

  32. I don’t want her to win and Trump will be a better president but I feel bad for her. Whatever is going on appears serious.

    1. “..but I feel bad for her.”
      Then you don’t know her that well. She has it coming. Good and hard.

      1. Hope so, but you know old bitches. They stick around forever no matter how many times the hit they ground.

  33. Looking more likely that we have a President Trump. Fine. Anybody but Clinton–we don’t need that trash back in the White House. Just hope that The Donald gets the wall built (not too hopeful about judges because the Dems in the Senate won’t allow conservatives to be appointed to the Supremes), removes the figure-4 lip lock from Putin’s jock (we need to put that third rate power back in its box), adopts a ferocious policy towards Iran (get rid of the mullahs no matter what it takes) and distances himself from the Daily Stormer/Pepe the Frog nutjobs.

  34. We laugh at those science fiction stories where really bad people use machines to keep them alive at all costs, like Darth Vader in Star Wars, Mason Verger in Hannibal or Davros in the Doctor Who series, for some examples. But we could see something like this in real life with Terminal Hillary.
    And this gets into super-creepy territory if she becomes President.

  35. The fact that they chose a “wall street friendly” guy like Tim Kaine (even though he spent time with the sandinistas in the 80s) to be her VP makes it look HIGHLY probable that the campaign and DNC knew about this long in advance, and planned her campaign under that assumption.
    It may also explain the immediate reasons as to why they sunk Bernie Sanders the way they did, and why that DNC staffer was mysteriously killed in a “robbery”.

  36. She’d be cured if ol’ Wild Bill put it to her every now and then.
    But, can you blame him not doing that? I sure as hell don’t.
    The Don 2016

  37. Come on, we all know the weather is misogynist. Its unwillingness to turn cooler is an obvious and blatant attack on women in politics wearing pantsuits.
    But if there’s one thing to take away from this episode.. “Peanut Arbuckle”, the most awesome name ever 😉

    1. Your probably right and I think its America’s last stand quite honestly. She is a disgusting pig and does not represent me even if she is president. I will not stand for any flag while this corrupt woman is in power.

    2. She won’t make it to the election.
      Defeatists and demshills should just head for the exits now.
      Have a red.

    3. Gosh, do we have your word of honor as a liberal that Comrade Hillary won the election?
      Always remember that Jesus said it’s okay to lie if you’re a liberal, comrade.

        1. So now you admit you’re a liberal rather than an American, comrade.
          Is there any lie or action too low for you liberals to do to Americans, comrade?

        2. BTW, I’m saving this exchange. It will help other Americans to understand exactly what you’re really all about, comrade. The bit about us “getting used to” Comrade Hillary as president is just exquisite.

        3. It is pretty much everything goes, actually. Hillarys defeat has been a setback, but we have more in store for you. This is far from over. Did you not see our pawns claiming the fight is more needed than ever now?

  38. “Quick! Hurry! Run up to Chelsea’s apartment to tell the body double to put her sunglasses on and come walking out like everything is A-oooooook”.

  39. Who was the first website to point out Hillary and her health problems when others would not? RoK of course!

  40. Who the fuck was voting for this fraud all this time? Lots of Bernie support going on how did this happen? Is the 50% of the U.S. population (women) stupid enough to just vote for her because she’s woman?

    1. YES. If you have not noticed, america is filled and united by & with apathetic and ignorant voters. Only liberal zombies-people that don’t think for themselves vote for people like her. The US imports 1.7 million people per year. Enough to fill a state.and we wonder why we are getting poorer. Imbeciles and the liberal sheep –climb on board the titanic after it hit the iceberg. 80 IQ liberals running the show.The next generation is screwed and the current generation is too stupid to know it.

    2. According to polling data, a majority of blacks, hispanics, women, and ‘college educated’ men.
      Go to a Trump rally in person and you’ll get a good look at ‘them’.
      Fat cat ladies, single moms, purple haired feminists, chicanos, SJWs, and for themost part, very physically unattractive people.
      Compare what you see and hear outside to what you see and hear inside.
      If you’re relying on the MSM to paint a picture of Trump and his supporters, I assure you you’re not getting the entire picture.

  41. Did the guy at HuffPo that got Shit-canned because he was pointing out Hitlary was in” less-than-perfect health” get his job back? This is too funny.

  42. This is the “Silver” lining of the Obama administration. Hollywood is
    self-destructing and taking itself down. Just look at all the comments
    that are excoriating Hollywood and the Media. Keep talking Sarah, you
    are only hurting yourself. Folks, long ago the studios employed their
    actors/actresses with contracts that included morality clauses.
    Basically they forbade them from committing any act of an improper
    nature or anything that would embarrass the studio and affect it’s
    ability to earn money. Just wait until you see how much money Hollywood
    starts to loose in the next several years. It will be fun and just wait until Hollywood claims that not purchasing it’s services and products is “discriminatory”. I can hardly wait until der Schadenfreude begins!

    1. Now some are saying either Putin or Trump poisoned her.
      If they did, it would have worked. Unlike everything she’s ever done.

  43. She didn’t faint, she had a seizure – note the twitching. Her cough fits are from ACE inhibitors she is taking to keep her blood pressure in check. She had a stroke not a fall. Residual symptoms from a concussion don’t last that long and you certainly don’t need special glasses nor do you need a team following you around with a pen loaded with benzodiazepine medication at the ready.
    I noticed one MSM station was touting how great BILL Clinton was as President. It was very subtle but almost, “if Hill doesn’t work, we got Bill”.
    My prediction is Hillary will be dead soon or in a permanent disabled state. The weekend at Bernie’s stuff isn’t that far fetched.
    All shall be revealed………..

  44. Perhaps this classic scene from “The Way of the Gun” where Sarah Silverman gets punched in the face will lighten the mood.

  45. It wouldn’t bother me if she dies before the election. Just like all of the people involved with her and her husband. I remember when Soldier of Fortune magazine ran an article called the “Clinton Death Watch” they always had new material.

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