A Traditional Sex Role Success Story


Here is a quick short story I’d like to share with you ROK readers. A story of compassion, love and struggle.

Tomas and Maria met when they were just children. Both were raised in Croatian immigrant families, so they saw each other regularly at Croatian parties. Like all immigrant families new to Western society, the encouragement to affiliate with similar people was a natural urge. They were both raised in traditional Croatian households, perhaps extra traditional to enforce the family values that had sustained their people for thousands of years. The parents could feel the Western influence infiltrating their children’s minds, so they became stricter. The common goal of keeping the old country’s culture and values strong was a shared ideal amongst the community.


Croatian girls

At times Tomas and Maria were annoyed with their parent’s indignant “suggestions” to find a nice “Croatian girl” or “Croatian boy”. Of course, the final choice to whom they would marry was his to make, but the parental guidance was fueled by the parents wanting their children to start families with people who shared traditional Croatian values. Luckily, their suggestions were considered and Tomas and Maria ultimately married each other. Tomas taught engineering and Maria was a stay-at-home mom. Everything looked bright for these young Croatians to start a fulfilling life and family together.

Then came the baby carriage(s). Three healthy boys, Martino, Yure and Josip were born and everyone rejoiced. Tomas continued his job as a professor at a local college and Maria stayed home to cook and maintain the house. The kids’ friends were frequent visitors to the house, Maria made sure they were always fed and happy. She enjoyed taking care of them.

Unfortunately, financial troubles struck. Tomas’s job wasn’t yielding enough money to support the financial strain of three boys plus an expensive mortgage. He decided to start a side business in the midst of all of this to fix his money problems and seek a brighter future. As provider, he knew it was up to him to get his family through this strenuous time. He knew his place.

The work load of juggling a job and  working on a start-up created tension throughout the house. Maria felt neglected and really felt Tomas’s lack of presence since he was always busy. Fights would break out daily between the couple and things did not look good. Tomas could not be bothered to think about anything else besides work, he was driven to make things better. Maria was hurt and felt alone frequently, but she knew it was her duty to fix meals daily and tend to the children and did so. She knew her place.

woman on kitchen

While most marriages would crumble and end in divorce from this fiasco, Tomas and Maria stayed true to their traditional values and together they made it work. Each had their role assigned, accepted their position on the team and didn’t ponder taking the escape route. This is a traditional marriage with traditional gender roles. It is the basis of a healthy relationship and also happens to be the driving force behind core family values. There is no alternative.

If you’re wondering what happened to Tom and Maria, it ended quite well. Tom’s company became a multi-million dollar software enterprise and its success let his sons get a private education in the city’s top schools. They also built a new spacious house fit for a king, in it: a majestic kitchen fit for a queen. They are now indefinitely financially stable and their son’s have developed into intelligent, driven people just like their father. I know this because I am one of those sons. I am the result of a traditional sex role household, and I am extremely grateful.

Don’t mess with a good thing

Laws for relationships like polarity and traditional sex roles have been used since the beginning of time. Some argue that the world has changed and you must be a progressive, but a core human nature will always remain. If it hadn’t been for these traditions in my home life I would have surely been worse off than I am today. I am not alone; there are others like me, but without awareness they may become extinct. It’s time for society to compare the new ways of thinking about love and relationships with those of the past, and make a logical choice.


Article copyright to @DonMartco.

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80 thoughts on “A Traditional Sex Role Success Story”

  1. This is not a “traditional sex role success story”, this is a Tomas got lucky doing what every trashy person in the United States typically does. So many “immigrants” *Mexicans* in the US do this, they come here, they are poor, they pop out a bunch of kids even though they cannot afford them and of course the wife doesn’t work. “Tomas” just got lucky

    1. Nothing lucky about it. Tomas’ wife could have blown up the Mairraige at the first sight of financial troubles, probably causing Tomas to sell out or take capital from the company prematurely, killing it in the process.
      By supporting her man, she gave him the motivation and support to succeed.

    2. This argument just doesn’t work. Statistically, kids do better in a 2-parent household regardless of income, and 2 parent households are increasingly rare among WASPS now… And then you gloss over that his father has a doctoral-level education.And the mother doesn’t work, which means that she has time to devote to her husband and kids, which is worth a hell of a lot more than any part-time job could get her… or do you think it would be better to let some marginally educated American raise the kids at day care so she could provide an extra $100 a month after paying for said day care?
      So what the hell is the point of throwing in a comment about poor Mexicans? The author’s parents owned their house, and struggled, but maintained the nuclear family, and succeeded in any way you could measure. Unless your goal was to sound like an ass, in which case, congrats on all your success.
      Sometimes it is better to stay quiet and let people wonder if you’re an idiot, rather than opening mouth and removing all doubt.

    3. Croatians are white, not Latino, so I guess they got that white privilege helping them. Or maybe they’re just more intelligent and driven to succeed than the mestizos and blacks.

    4. Yeah, he was just lucky that a multimillion dollar business materialised, just pure luck. To paraphrase Obama, the authors father didn’t make that business, the government, society and luck made it for him!!!
      Richard, get off this site and go back to bed so your girlfriend can fuck you in the ass some more like Hugo Schwyzer from Jezebel recommends for male feminist liberal pansies like yourself.

    5. this is the atitude i dislike even perhaps hate online. this method should be praised. asian arabs indians and other immigrants do this to be successful. you just hate the fact that the “ethnic” family have more kids since mom stays at home and has time to maintain them. as oppose your white western mom goes to work a crap job for alil money and neglect by not feeding you healthy meals but some crap in a can; more likely to get in triuble and do poor in school and become the “typical” messed up beta guy that the feminst absent parenting has brought us.
      its just underlying xenophobia or jealousy that they are doing what they are suppose to be doing and your culture doesnt since your women nutured you guys and want them down on your level…misery loves company. women are wives not co workers. get rid of the crab in the bucket mindset and emulate them.

      1. Seems to me that you are assuming that women can only have crappy low paid jobs, and if women work they cannot make and provide healthy meals. I call bullcrap on that, good sir.
        Another question, if women shouldn’t work, who should be doing all the nursing and other such “feminine” jobs, taking care of children, the sick and the elderly?
        I work 2 days a week taking care of a handicapped lady, which pays circa $50 000 per year, and lo and behold I still manage to make tasty healthy meals and take care of my home. I like my job as it is actually helping someone and isn’t detrimental to society or the environment in any way as it would be if I had worked for example the Oil Industry, or for Monsanto.

    1. Tell your parents that they did a horrible job raising you as you find joy in nitpicking the works of people actually trying to make an argument instead of giving a rational argument back. I bet you felt satisfied posting this idiotic comment. Humanity is not perfect, and I know you have made thousands of mistakes on documents, yet you feel you have the right to put someone down because they have opposing beliefs. You are the shit stain of modern society

      1. The story was an anecdote sure, but it was a true anecdote. I don’t think the author did anything in the way of asserting a direct linear generalized correlation. All he was saying was that in such a family as theirs, some specific traits, i.e. gender-role awareness, etc., lead to such and such outcomes, i.e. strong, healthy children, and financial independence. It’s up the reader to apply those lessons.

  2. Huge gap in logic here. Tomas and Maria have traditional sex roles, and Tomas achieves financial success. I don’t see where you show that traditional sex roles CAUSED this financial success- maybe the business would have grown bigger/faster if Maria had held down a job, enabling Tomas to quit his and devote all of his time to his side business. Maybe not- the point is, you don’t address a causal relationship at all.

    1. Here we have the desperate effort of a feminist to appear educated and academically inclined. “Causal relationship” … he he.
      Feminists are now concerned about proper use of statistics?
      If this one knew how to apply the term “causal relationship,” she would realize that it requires a sample size greater than 1. It is a term from statistical theory, dear. This man is describing his family, not a sample of families.
      Feminists don’t care about proper use of statistics. They continue with the completely refuted “pay gap” propaganda. I’m sure this one will soon post a comment like, “59 out of 3 families are better off with women working.”

      1. The pay gap is just the income premium men receive for working hard, being smarter, and exacting more competence in the workplace.

      2. The pay gap is just the income premium men receive for working hard, being smarter, and exacting more competence in the workplace. The fact that it has persisted despite the enormous amount of social change and legal reform which has taken place in the last 30 years is testament to the fact that women should simply pursue that for which they were designed, and stay in the kitchen. That’s simple Ricardian comparative advantage for ya. I don’t know why Feminists are so confused about all this.

      3. Your response to her comment is a set of straw man arguments. Separating whether this story represents causation or or correlation is not a purely statistical one. An evidence based evaluation can be used at different sample sizes. Sample sizes impacts the legitimacy and significance of whatever point you are making.
        Then you bring up the pay gap myth. For the record I largely don’t agree with the feminist narrative on this. So my following comments are about its value in a rhetorical context. Essentially you create another straw man argument to support your first one. At what point did she bring this up in her response? Then you don’t even support your straw man attack with scholarly citations or links to reputable secondary sources that themselves cite primary source data. Do you see the issue here…you just attacked this woman over her lack of “statistical” understanding, create another attack based on your projection of the wage gap issue and then you don’t even attack your own straw man with statistics. That’s a really poor effort, you can do better.
        Back to the main point, does this example “prove” the couple’s traditional roles is the main reason for moving past this financial difficulty? Maybe but based on the narrative it sounds like their commitment to the marriage, not folding when things got hard for all involved, was the driving force. We really can’t say because your vignette is second hand and doesn’t give us enough detail to make such an assumption. One could tell a similar story about a wife who leaves the home to so her husband can go back to school. The joint commitment to the relationship and doing their part is mostly likely the cause of success.

    2. That’s not what OP is saying at all. He’s saying that he is most likely better off due to his parents being traditional. And he’s right. Time and time again studies have shown that:
      – Boys and girls who grow up with both parents are more likely to be financially successful and less likely to get into crime.
      – Children with a mother who is present and takes care of them are more likely to grow into well-adjusted adults.
      Try harder.

    3. I do address it. If Maria had retaliated to Tom’s absence by filing divorce or causing a scene, (like most American women are ready to do gladly) Tom would have never been able to focus on his work and the success of his business would have never gotten the time and effort it needed to become successful. Work and time increase the likelihood of a project seeing results.

      1. retaliate at his “absence”? ha. Try more like “retaliate at slightest sign of financial trouble”. I think that would be the retaliation point

    4. I’m pretty sure the point of the article was about happiness, not financial success. In fact it points out at thanks to traditional gender roles they remained happy DESPITE of financial failures.
      Has anyone seen this on feminists ever? answering selectively and with purposeful misinterpretation? No way!

    5. The point is not about financial success. Is that how you measure the well-being and value of a person or a family? Financial gain? He is talking about the happiness of his life and upbringing as well as the rest of his family and how him and his siblings are well off having come from a traditional household. The mention of financial success and upper-tier academic opportunity is not the meat of the article. Focus on the real message.

        1. Regardless, if his parents didn’t teach him Croatian, taking Russian courses would be almost as good, apparently. Similar to how studying German is popular among American Jews because nobody offers Yiddish courses.

        1. Вы узнали, Хорватия от родителей?
          I’ve corrected your lamebrain Russian for you.

        2. I speak 28 languages little boy so stop trying to impress these pyjama boys on here with your google translations lol

  3. You described the model for a successful family. A family that can stand on its own and take care of itself.
    Therefore, this model is under all-out assault.
    Not long ago, I was spent about a week banging a single mother and getting to know her a little. She was naive and impressionable. She was also originally from another country.
    She married a gringo and they moved to one of the more “progressive” cities. The father was from Texas. They had two boys. Father was a teacher and mother had the bull shit job of working as a “translator” at a local hospital.
    This unfortunate, naive woman got caught up in the constant messaging one hears in a “progressive” environment. This boils down to “men are bad” and “the government protects women from bad men.”
    Her husband spanked one of the boys for misbehaving. She called the police. Why? She had been in the US long enough to be brainwashed into thinking that bringing the the police into her family was the right thing to do. He was thrown in jail for a weekend then prosecuted for “domestic violence.” He was unable to see his sons for 3 months. Since men enter these proceedings already deemed guilty (like Napoleonic Law), he had no chance of winning in court. He got a lawyer and tried to defend himself, but it was just a waste of money. He ended up having to report to jail for a series of weekends and then being forced to attend several months “domestic violence” reeducation camp (run by feminist ideologues). I assume he was forced to listen to how he was a propagator of “patriarchal control and oppression,” then dutifully regurgitate it.
    Because he was found guilty of domestic violence for spanking one of his sons, he was put under review by the school where he taught. Not even the teacher’s union offered him much help. He was offered the option of attending another re-education camp designed for teachers (as far as I could tell from the description offered), one year of suspension, and 5 years of probation. He also was told that he could no longer teach students below the high school level but could apply for openings at local high schools after his one year suspension.
    It appears that he lost all trust in his wife. I don’t know how he did it, but he somehow managed to keep his house, probably because he purchased it before marriage. He filed for divorce. It appears that he spent his year of income-less suspension dedicated 100% to getting the best possible terms in his divorce. He did the best he could with a really lousy situation and seemed to have largely succeeded.
    The mother (the woman I banged for about a week) moved into a dumpy rental house with her mother and another family member. She had to move to full time hours. Yet, she had primary custody of the boys. She was available for me to see because she used her ex-husband as a baby-sitter.
    Everyone clearly is much worse off than they were before all this happened. My guess is that the boys in particular are in much, much worse shape than they would have been, could have been. Yet, this is a feminist success story because it was another family ruined.
    I have run into similar stories from other divorced women. They destroyed their own lives and often rationalize it away with the help of playing the victim, as taught in schools and in the media. Of course, like most men, I know other divorced men that have experienced the meat grinder described above, many of whom ended up in much worse shape.
    Here is the point: From a feminist perspective, this is the desired outcome for a middle class family. Ruin. I could go on and on about the myriad of ways this is being accomplished and why they want to destroy the middle class family, but I think most of the readers know the details. Those that don’t simply do not want to know and will not absorb it anyway.
    So, while I am glad the author of this article enjoyed the benefits of a traditional family, it is not something available to most children these days. Even an imperfect traditional family, with two highly imperfect parents, is better than the above circumstances. A man might try to create it, but chances are it will be destroyed by the forces of a corrupted society and government.
    White Knight politicians love to talk about how their objective is to help the middle class. But these politicians are stating the opposite of what they intend to do. You know this when, in the next sentence, they talk about “women’s rights,” “pay equality,” and government provided daycare (e.g., called “pre-school”). Of course, a politician playing the “War on Women” card is a dead give away. Actually we have an entire political party espousing that absurd falsehood, so all we have to do is see the party affiliation to know where they really stand on traditional families.
    When something as powerful as the government – at all levels – is determined to destroy the middle class family, it is unwise to attempt to fight it. Because of its unlimited resources and your relatively meager resources, the government generally wins.

    1. I call your “story” BS. You can’t get prosecuted for spanking your son, in the US as in any other country, unless evidence of repeated physical abuse can be ascertained and documented by medical staff. Either the single mom you mingled with wasn’t telling you everything or, as it is increasingly customary on this site, you made the whole thing up to support your argument.
      Besides this point, don’t you realise many of you sound a little bit hypocritical when extolling the virtues of traditional families, you know, the ones with proper moral values and roles, etc. and brag about your latest bang in the following paragraph? Or it is anti-feminist to pump and dump yet another single mother? If your story is true (which I doubt) and she was able to destroy her husband, the least you should expect is to be sued for rape in the next few days.

      1. Call BS all you want. Those were the details I got.
        I can connect the dots because there is a thing called “mandatory arrest.” Which, amazingly, means that when the police are called for anything that can be described as domestic violence, they MUST make an arrest, no matter what they find when the arrive. In most cities, the rule is to arrest the man no matter what. There have been cases of police entering a house, finding a man with multiple stab wounds and near death, and a woman without a scratch. They call an ambulance. They then charge the man with DV.
        After an arrest is made, that sets off a serious of events, including a the prosecutor. These events occur because they MUST occur, otherwise the arrested man will appear to have not been given due process.
        Since you seem ignorant of this facts, I am calling BS on YOU. You don’t have an fucking idea what you are talking about.
        Put your ear to the ground without a filter and you learn things that would seem unbelievable. Wake up.
        As for your other complaint, you lack the cognitive abilities to make the connection? Really? You must be a woman.

        1. Mandatory arrest is real. It’s unconstitutional as fuck, but it is a reality in many jurisdictions. When a DV call is made, police are required to make an arrest, and we all know it’s not going to be the person who called in the complaint. Even if the police on the scene judge the complaint to be bogus, they still have to arrest. That means mandatory prosecution. That means mandatory ruining someone’s life, and guilt or innocence never enters the equation. This is the kind of society we live in.

        2. Mandatory arrest? Dude, DV charges with not a single bruise on the boy (let alone a cry of “leave Daddy alone, he didn’t do anything”)? Sure all that hacking away in your basement must be altering your perceptions and projecting you into Soviet Russia, or something from Kafka. I could understand the arrest, but the prosecution, on what basis?

        3. What planet are you from? Guys get railroaded like this all the time. Scared and bewildered, often unable to afford good counsel, they plea out to avoid extended jail time, losing their jobs and so on.
          Wham, bam: court fees, better metrics for the prosecutor, next year’s budget secured for whatever feminist org runs the DV diversion program, thank you, ma’am. Everyone wins. “Justice” is served.

        4. No basis. It’s simply the law in many locales. You seem to have a difficult time grasping that.

        5. Not being able to afford good lawyers I concede: that doesn’t help. Nonetheless, one has to be a right moron to incriminate himself during interrogation despite no other evidence being presented than a deranged woman’s statement. Come on now.

      2. I never heard of these things happening to any upper class WASP. They all remain married and would never involve some blue collar dummy like a cop or judge in private matters. It would be like involving the garbage man in your affairs. It simply isn’t done.

      3. I think you can get the child abuse people knocking on your door if you smack a child and someone reports you. Happened to a family friend once, her son pissed her off, she gave him a whack, he reported and soon after the child abuse services knocked on her door.

        1. Yes, Cherry. They would be called and arrive (OK, not in Detroit maybe) and arrest you. WTL is talking about charges, prosecution, a life ruined. That ain’t that normal, unless perhaps the man already had a few precedents for DV, bodily harm and such.

        2. No need to call names, you faux-chauvinist keyboard warrior. Based on your massive knowledge of life, the police would charge you with domestic abuse based on no evidence whatsoever, not a scratch or bruise. I may agree with you that saying too little to the police is better than saying too much, but you guys are just making the rest up for the sake of argument.
          And I already saved my life, sir. I wasn’t born in the US of A.

    2. Why don’t you feel sorry for her? She was brainwashed. She’s victim as much as her husband is.
      Is she any happier or better off than her husband is?

      1. Yes she is. She doesn’t have a DV record and isn’t essentially barred from doing her job. Instead, she’s happily riding the cock carousel, getting a first-class Christian Grey pussy pounding from players like Wi Tu Lo… while ex-hubby takes the kids to McDonalds.
        Oh the poor little damsel! Prithy, I shall shed a tear and rend my garment.

        1. yeah she’ll ride the cockcarousel to failure. hit the wall, get fat. live off the government. have brats that grow up to give her gray hairs and grand-bastards.
          And congrats on fucking an aging bbw, bro.

        2. So let’s see what constitutes “vicimization” in your scenario:
          * She’s getting laid by players. Having lots of exciting, novel new sex parters. Cums harder and more often than she ever did with her beta-provider. By virtue of being a youngish chick, she can get dick on demand… for free.
          * Can extract enough ‘chilimony’ and welfare to not worry about work. Sounds good to me.
          * Can indulge her gluttony and “get fat.” A hundred fifty years ago, she’d be malnourished and consumptive at best.
          * Will successfully reproduce, spawning grandchildren who will not face starvation or any life-threatening privation despite her woefully poor judgement.
          And you call her as much of a victim as the ex-husband? Hillary, is that you? lol
          Seriously, you do a massive disservice to men by white knighting for these bitches.

    3. Another bullshit story from a loser blanket boy who couldn’t get anything besides a fat meztizo with 2 kids lol
      Go hang your head in shame.

    4. So you say the father is from Texas. But when the mans wife turned on him, did it happen in Texas?

  4. There is no room for perseverance in marriage with our entitled instant-gratification society.

  5. What is up guys, after technical difficulties the GAYNIGGERFROMOUTERSPACE is BACK!!! BOOM

  6. Can someone explain to me why men today get married before the age of 30 (even that’s pretty early)? Also, why do men get married before they’ve got their finances in order? I think it’s something like 80% of divorces that end in marriage primarily because the finances aren’t in order, at least according to the statistics. Doesn’t it just make sense for men to marry later and accumulate assets/wealth throughout the entire process and marry someone 7-10 years younger than you? Most people do not choose to do this, which I find quite baffling.

    1. I think that’s a leftover from generations before, when a 25-year old man was already established in a career path and able to survive outside his mom’s basement. The shameful pussies today who won’t develop a spine and work for a living don’t even have pride enough to be ashamed of themselves.

  7. I know Croatian people. They’re some of the most efficient and strong people out there. They’re also incredibly at building and design. This is the type of story that you’ll never hear in a news media outlet. Strong, traditionally feminine women.

    1. Traces of the old Catholic family of yesteryear. You Americans should be thankful for the cultural inertia these communities still hold. It won’t quite be like that in as little as 10 years.

  8. the part about parents being more strict with the kids when they noticed westernization creeping in, i totally agree with it. even when i hear people complain these immigrants arent assimlating and they are backward, i say good the traditional way is better then western culture.
    . even through media its attacking at the home countrys at least some resistance(though its powerful on young generation like the damage done to iranian youth).i hope latinos in usa and muslims in europe change those nations. after all western culture has affected theirs to a degree. they need a manosphere of their own before its too late.
    the reason why im here in the manosphere is because i wanted to follow western culture over my parents culture. it didnt work well, i can see why they were strict the media often attacks traditional immigrant cultre and the immprespnable youth falter as a result. we need some defence for those communities.

  9. Once upon a time there was a girl named Heather. She thought she would never marry because her parents’ divorce when she was ten devastated her and she never wanted to be a part of a divorce like that, especially if she had children. But then she met Bob and one thing led to another. They had such similar ideas about the kind of life they wanted to lead together, she thought they could make it work.
    Bob had a job with an ok salary but fortunately he also had old family money. (A family name everyone would recognize if I told you.) So when Heather got pregnant, she quit teaching and became a stay at home mom. With her doing the cooking and cleaning, when Bob came home at the end of the day, they could just relax and enjoy their evening together with their little girl. Occasionally would do his domestic part by fixing something or unclogging a drain. And they were very comfortable and happy. With their extra money they also could travel whenever they wanted to. They lived in a mountain area, one of the most beautiful places in America. Heather felt like she was luckiest woman in the world.
    Then one night she met me and went totally crazy for me. Even apart, she’d call every day and mail me cookies and things. And when we got together, I would cum in her mouth and call her my slut and she would weep after her orgasms with me.
    I always encouraged her to stick with her marriage and she did. Frankly I was pretty attached to her too but I would not have wanted her to leave her husband for me. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stepdad to her girl. Our affair wound down and we went our separate ways.
    I can appreciate why traditional relationships are best for society and for the couples themselves. But it’s not for me. I could never do it now. I’ve just seen too much to ever be able to have any faith in it again.

  10. Great story. Needs to be told again and again.
    Speaking of Croatians, despite the end of his career in the UFC Mirko Crocop Filopovic is a total bad ass

    1. He faked his own defeat so he could spend his days drizzling his tuna in olive oil and slayin picka on the beaches of Croatia. He’d rather be a loser in the West than suffer through any more of that league’s bullshit.

  11. My mom was abusive to me and my 2 brothers as a housewife. She became worse when she got a job.

  12. It isn’t just the existence of those gender roles that made this a success. What made it work was that both parties in the marriage were 100% committed to their duties. Had they given anything less one of them would have tried to run from those responsibilities….with the result being a broken marriage, damaged children, and a burden placed on their extended families and society.
    How many people nowadays are willing to go that far to follow through on a promise?

  13. One thing I don’t agree with. She didn’t know her place.
    “Maria felt neglected and really felt Tomas’s lack of presence since he was always busy.”
    Yeah…because he was busy taking care of you and your children. Sounds like she was already infected by the western virus.

  14. Beautiful and inspiring story. However, I would like to urge readers not to take it as some sign that Croatian women are generally marriage material or traditional. Croatia has gone down the tubes at blazing speed in this regard.

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