Ever Wonder What Kind Of Man Becomes A Russian Alpha?

You may have heard about the all-powerful oligarchs that formed in the wake of the USSR’s destruction, but have you ever wondered what kind of man makes it to the top in such adverse circumstances?

Please introduce yourself to multi-billionare Roman Abramovich (and his current wife, Dasha Zhukova, 15 years his junior), one of the richest men in the world.

This man started his empire by smuggling contraband during the collapse of the Soviet Union. No one really knows how he got his goods or where he met his contacts (although he did have a brief stint in the Soviet Army), but it is known where he got his start, from his first wife Olga.

Olga’s parents gave Roman a 2,000 rouble wedding gift, which he soon multiplied while smuggling black market goods such as deodorant, perfume, tights, and toothpaste.

But as Roman’s success increased so did his desires. Olga already had children, having been knocked up by some traveling actor, but Roman wanted his own. He unloaded Olga in less than three years after marrying her, and left her with a bit of cash and a shitty apartment she continues to live in to this day.

Olga reported that Roman did not come home until very late towards the end of her marriage, and she never found out where he was or who he was with, but she does know that Roman had already impregnated his next wife, Irina, before he had divorced his first wife.

It was during his second marriage that Roman made his true fortune, when he met Boris Berezovsky, a Russian oil tycoon, who introduced Roman to Boris Yeltsin, then president of Russia.  During this marriage he ended up having five children in total, had an incredible falling out with Berezovsky, and moved to London with all the other Russian oligarchs because foreign earned income is not taxed in Britian. His divorce to Irina cost him $300 million, only a fraction of his multi-billions.

What can we learn from this man?

First, notice the political and social climate Russia had during Roman’s ascent to power. The USSR during the 80’s was in it’s dying breaths, facing bankruptcy, and Roman took advantage of an otherwise terrible economic situation by capitalizing on the weak Russian government’s ability to track his illegal contraband.

By exploiting and profiting from the weak system, Roman continued to take big risks with the law, and was heavily rewarded for doing so. Does this seem applicable to present day America?

This brings us to second observation of Roman’s life, regarding his view on women. He matured during his first marriage, and swallowed the red pill once his wealth started to attract many more women. Realizing that women were expandable objects with little value other than the feelings they bring to the man, he got rid of his first wife before it became cost prohibitive.

Most likely Roman has gone through stages of being faithful and scandalous to his wives, but of course they never left him due to his incredible secrecy with his affairs and his enormous passive value. Once his second wife no longer gave him the satisfaction he wanted as a man, he replaced Irina with his current wife Dasha.

When we judging this man, and asking ourselves “What kind of man rises to the top in Russia,” perhaps one of the most cutthroat countries on the planet, we can see that the kind of man who rises to the top is the one unconcerned with questions of morality, legality, or love, and far more interested in questions of practicality, pleasure, and being useful to others. Balls, cunning, and game took Roman to the top.

But before this transformation occurred, he was once just another young buck chasing tail…


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65 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Kind Of Man Becomes A Russian Alpha?”

    1. Is there a reason we are glorifying the second raping of Russia by the Zionists, as if the Revolution didn’t do enough damage. Funny how he magically makes money, and magically has to leave to London without his stolen loot because Putin kicked out all the Zionists that were making it so you couldn’t walk the streets of Moscow without getting kidnapped. Rape and Pillage Russia. Good times. Too bad an Orthodox Christian had to give the smackdown to the Rape and Pillage party and sent them all fleeing the country. Read http://mat-rodina.blogspot.com/ for a real Russian perspective.

      1. Mikhail Khodorkovsky didn’t flee the country, and thought his billions would see him through. I think you know the rest.

      2. Exactly. The only way the so-called ‘oligarchs’ got rich was by keeping their pupper Jeltzin permanently drunk on vodka, while using money wired to them from jews abroad (particularly Sir Lord Baron Rothschild) to buy Russian state companies at pennies to the dollar.
        They’re nothing more than fronts for the Rothschild family and they’re ALL (except 1 or 2) jewish.
        I don’t have the patience anymore to show the great jew robbery of Russia, but I’ll leave you with this:
        Go check the history of what happened to the shares that Kodorkovsky owned in Yukos just before he was arrested. Those shares were transferred to Sir Lord Baron Rotschild of the UK. Impossible to miss the connection.
        The jews own and control most of the western world. Yeah sure, call me anti-semite, I don’t give a damn. I have nothing against the jew in general, but they’ve been behind some serious bad shit in this world, including feminism and marxism (all jewish names as well).
        So just be aware which minority group is really calling the shots and you should perhaps also think twice about doing business with such a group.
        The jews have a very strong tribal culture. Don’t ever doubt it.

  1. He was orphaned at the early age and was raised by his uncle who was the head of supply department of a logging company (a rather benefitial position in the late soviet times)

  2. //By exploiting and profiting from the weak system, Roman continued to take big risks with the law, and was heavily rewarded for doing so.
    You are so-o-o-o-o off target with this one 🙂
    The biggest risks of “the wild 90-ies” came not from the government – it had enough trouble maintaining territorial control and preventing Russia’s breakdown into a bunch of independent states, each armed with 2-3 dozen undergroud silos each equipped with nuclear tipped ICBMs.
    The biggest risks of the 90-ies came from other “entrepreneurs”. As one person, who lived in that time, correctly put it “For every name of a super-rich oligarch we know, there are 9 names, that we don’t know. Because those people ended up in shallow graves, shot and blown up by their competition.” Surviving 90-ies with big money meant that you were the one squeezing the trigger more often or with more success than the rest.
    Oligarchs of the 90-ies, were the luckiest, the smartest and the most ruthless of the pack.
    They are not alpha wolves, leading the pack to prosperity through dominance and vision.
    They are alpha rats, surviving through cannibalism of the anyone who is a threat, a challenge or just failed to get out of the way fast enough.
    Great role models indeed.

    1. Sean makes some good comments. The successful oligarchs who came out on top you can be assured did some very seriously underhanded shit to get where they are. That, plus having access to government officials and getting government contracts will always turn a man into a millionaire / billionaire. I’m sure the the ruski discussed in this article made some good side cash dealing contraband during his commie days, but no doubt it was the collapse of the Soviet Union which made that country open season and only the worst of assholes were the ones who became the current oligarchs of today.
      And at the risk of me sounding arrogant, the females that we see with the ruski — all of them — I have been with and fucked prettier and I’m no millionaire.

  3. //Realizing that women were EXPANDABLE objects with little value…
    All women are exPENDable…..
    American and westernized women are exPANDable….
    Just wanted to clarify

  4. Hilarious how with all the intrigue and danger following this man’s life, the author of this steaming pile of horseshit article chooses to focus on the pussy he gets. I can guarantee you that this dude probably thinks of pussy as a rather passive part of his life.
    The sex-starved pussy fiend shows his true colors.

      1. I’m sorry, but there’s no such thing as ‘love’. This is putting too much importance on women in a man’s life.

      2. The cutthroat dispensability with which he treats his wives could have been inferred from the fact that he’s chosen a career that’s deeply entrenched in the black market.
        Furthermore I hardly believe that “love” even registers on the radar of a sociopath like this dude, i.e. the one you’re hailing as an object of worship.
        More evidence that not only do you possess an aspergers-level of capability to holistically analyze one’s character, but you’re also sex-starved. Then again, I suppose one defect begets the other.
        Sorry, that was a little mean.

  5. Abramovich… a Jew with ties with London. I wonder if he is not just a Rothschild’s frontman.

    1. Read my comment above. The Rothschild-oligarch connection is well documented if you pursue it. Open Russia Foundiation (now defunct) is a whos-who of scheming international jews: Rothschild, Soros, Kissinger et al. Then the transfer of Yukos shares from Kodorkovsky to Rothschild. For a family which normally never makes a public move, Russia in the 90s sure put the spotlight on that family again.

  6. An aside but a great book worth reading is Reinventing collapse: The soviet experience and american prospects.
    Outlines parallels with current day America and fall of soviet union and oligarchy hustles.

  7. He’s not ‘self made’. He went the ‘bitch’ route – hypergamy – plus he had lots of connections in the first place. All that was required was lots of Chutzpah (know what I mean?) which he was raised with and therefore had. Nothing ‘self made’ about this bloke.

    1. Ofcourse he is not self made.He was always a bottom bitch of powerful guys.
      Now,when conflict arrived at the end of 90s-he chose his side (Putin) and got lucky.
      By the way-all his women kept him firmly under their thumbs.This includes Zhukova.This was a arranged marriage of two jewish clans,her father is also a powerful and rich jewish oligarch.
      She will dump his beta ass in 3 to 5 years.Just remember my words.

  8. It’s a pity that his first ex-wife didn’t see a dime of his current fortune. Maybe new “equality laws” can be inforce in the future so that we do not see future cases like this one and his ex is also entitled to future earnings

    1. Are you simple or insane? Why should “equality” mean “Man Pays More No Matter What”?

  9. “By exploiting and profiting from the weak system, Roman continued to take big risks with the law, and was heavily rewarded for doing so. Does this seem applicable to present day America?”
    No. It doesn’t.

  10. Erm…anti Semitism (Rothschild comment)?! Roosh readers I hope are above such crap.
    This article is crap too…you’re saying it’s good to be a smuggler when your country is breaking apart…that is exactly how NOT to act if you want your nation to succeed.
    99.9% of people who did this when USSR was falling apart are dead or drunk now…this guy was an extreme aberration. USA has far more in the middle class because oligarchy is harder here (this is changing).
    Success is only truly valid when others don’t suffer, unduly…

    1. When enough of the population is reduced(humanely through feminism), the world would be a better place to live in.

    2. How is it anti-semitism to speculate a Rothschild connection? Are you denying that ethnic mafias exist? What’s your point?

    3. If the U.S. collapses someday, a huge amount of now productive assets become obsolete. Those factories, McMansions, shopping malls in defunct suburbs etc. contain valuable metals and equipment. Those could be melted or recycled and put into good use in the new economy, whatever that will be. Hence there will be a need for people who recycle assets. Since there won’t be much government to guard those assets, its finders keepers-game. And since there won’t be much government to guard anything, there will be people fighting for turf, seeking to put out the competition ‘permanently’. The guys who survive that game, will look more or less like Abramovich.
      It is not a Soviet thing, Ukraine thing, or the U.S. thing. It is a collapse thing.

      1. A valid point, and in fact may I argue that it could be a “human” thing. Not that I condone shitty behavior, however one has to evaluate the russian in question based on the zeitgeist of his society. How goes that expression in italian???…. I think something along the lines of “If everyone is guilty then no one is guilty” applies. However despite the relativity of morals in any society, there still comes down to the question of “To what extent am I willing to do “x” in order to get ahead in life?”

      2. Artie @ “To what extent am I willing to do “x” in order to get ahead in life?”
        True. Personally I would not go down that road. Yet, many plan likewise, but still end up doing bad things. It may proceed gradually from less serious stuff, a little bit like Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’.
        A Russian oligarch is not that different from a political leader of almost any country. Mr. Abramovich had hired hands to do the ugly stuff on his behalf. In the same way, e.g. Mr. Obama has guys doing stuff on his behalf. Its just that a businessman shot on front of his door is ‘a murder’, while a random opponent blown into pieces by a drone is ‘collateral damage’. The other one is illegal and bad, the other one legal and acceptable.
        For the most part of human (and other primate) history, the guy on top of the hierarchy killed directly or indirectly. Women flock to violent males.

  11. QUOTE: Samseau: “A man’s love life is the greatest indicator of his character.”
    No it is not.
    A women is a mere peripheral of a man’s life and a superfluous one at that. What determines a man’s character how he is amongst his fellow human beings and how he goes about getting ahead in life. Does he steal what is rightly his country’s assets and sell them simply to his personal gain? This is what a majority of oligarchs did. Did he shoot his mother to become rich? I find it ridiculous and sophomoric to judge a man’s character primarily on what kind of pussy he is getting while giving little consideration to his other attributes.
    As far as I’m concerned the word oligarch is synonymous with the lowest form of life one can imagine regardless of how pretty the roma whore standing next to him is.

      1. I kinda agree with the other responders on what the purpose of the article is other then to chronicle the life of a piece of shit, and in a way that puts the subject somewhat on a pedastal. I’m just saying…

      2. You didn’t say that the russian was a good man, but you did bring up the concept of “character” in one response, and so it did imply somewhat you were finding something redeeming about him.

  12. “Balls, cunning, and game took Roman to the top.”
    Balls, cunning, game and raw intelligence took Roman to the top.
    Like most Russian Jews, he appears to be blessed in the IQ department.

    1. Not really, like most Russian jews he is blessed in the ‘my uncles, mom, and dad are so and so’ department

  13. i think you have a lot to learn about russia and what it really takes to be a successful businessman there…especially in the 90s. all of these oligarchs are criminals and nothing more

  14. What is with all the crying that this guy isn’t a ‘good’ person? Morality has nothing to do with being ‘alpha’.

  15. Bunch of pussies posting here are missing the point. All the author is saying is that this is what it took to become an “alpha” in Russia.

    1. What’s being debated is not what ‘it’ took, but rather if this bloke qualifies as an ‘alpha’. Many are saying that he’s not an alpha. That’s the point of their comments, which you have missed.

  16. His bio is fake. It’s an alagam of two well known bios.
    Meme: Took a small sum of money and turned it into a large sum of money.
    This part is taken from NM Rothschild, to make him appear enterprising and self-made. “Olga’s parents gave Roman a 2,000 rouble wedding gift, which he soon multiplied…”
    Nathan Mayer Rothschild (also a fake bio) “In 1798, third son Nathan Mayer Rothschild was sent to England to further the family interests in textile importing with £20,000 capital — the first foreign branch.”
    Meme: Took connections made from time served in the Army to make a mafia. Film ‘Roaring 20’s’. James Cagney teams up with WWI vet buddies to run an underground distillery which supplies speak-easies.
    Russian TV Show: Brigada http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ww0fbQVe_Q
    Ex Soviet Army buddies team up to run variety of import/export and extortion scams to ‘make it big’.
    Fake bio of Roman Abramobitch: Ex Soviet Army buddies team up to run a variety of import/export and extortion and laundering scams to ‘make it big’.
    Real bio: Always had wealthy Jewish family members. Had his marriages arranged for him by family members to marry other into other wealthy Jewish families. Never made his own major life decisions. Inherited and benefited from several generations of criminality and decadence which ultimately lent to the destruction of the USSR in the 1990’s, leading to the premature deaths of 50 million Russians as life expectancy has dropped from 69 to 64 (has since rebounded under Putin) and infant mortality rates. Possibly homosexual. Backed by Israeli financiers also.

    1. Hahaha… his parents arranged for him to marry Olga, who was poor and still is poor? By the way, the dude made so much $$$ there is no point for to marry for money, that’s something only women do.

  17. As a Brit and a football fan I would have to go with the side of him being a real alpha. Maybe not from the start (judging by his first wife). He knows what he wants and he gets it.
    Looking at the management of Chelsea. He knows what he wants, he wants a winning team that plays fantastic football. He wants to play like Barcelona. Unfortunately their old coach (Pep Guardiola (sp?)) as just committed himself to Bayern Munich. Frank Lampard does not fit the football style Roman wants. He’s too old, and not a slick youngster. Yet Lampard is playing unbelievable football. He’s a power house of a goal scorer from midfield. He’s willing to take a pay cut to get his contract extension. WIth it running out in just months Roman still wont budge.
    Ofcourse you could argue that it is his money, his property. But maybe that’s his logic to EVERYTHING.
    The man is alpha to me.

  18. Mr. Abramovich is definitly an Alpha, altough an extreme example raised on extreme historical conditions…
    Another man like him (considering the different socio economical conditions) might be somebody Italians are very familiar with, Mr. Silvio Berluconi.
    Is Silvio an Alpha? oh yes! is it a good man, i doubt so…
    “Realizing that women were expendable objects with little value other than the feelings they bring to the man…”
    IMHO when you are an Alpha like them people itself (or even countries) become expendables, not only women; as Sean pointed out many “entrepreneurs” end up in a a grave.
    So to rule on such top levels you need to be close to a machine or a sociopath, with few or no empathy for other human beings…
    A bit too extreme for our everyday life.

    1. I agree that Roman’s socipathy might come across as too extreme, that’s why I included a pic of him when he was young. Understand that Roman was just like any other boy growing up, it was circumstances that corrupted him into an alpha.

  19. Way off topic, but I love how some people continue to see communism as a viable system when examples like this exist. Laws only restrict liberty, so the more powerful and zealous the makers of laws are, the fewer things you can do without getting sent to the pokey. All the way to point where de-oderant obtained outside of your government approved allotment is punishable by imprisonment.
    Yet here I am, talking to girls who sing communism’s praises, having to pretend like I don’t know any better. Truly frustrating stuff.

    1. Teach those children well…
      Or, use them for your own purposes. If they’re so communist, they should be willing to share you. Together. After all, you’re willing to share them… with each other…. 😀

  20. Lol.This article says a lot about this site.
    Do some study before posting rubbish about “alpha”- j[e]ws lol.Abramovich is the most omega of all omegas.He is a spineless son of a bitch.
    His biography is simple.From 89 to 91 he was selling plastic dolls on streets.Than he was doing some small scale trading of oil from Omsk to Moscow.In 1994 he was briefly introduced to another J[e]w-Berezovsky.The latter became fond of a young Abramovich and got him a “job” of a BBQ boy at the villa of Valentin Yurmashev (son-in-law of Eltsin).Being by nature a rat,he managed to get some trust from Eltsin family.They have put him as a phony director of couple of firms (he was giving all the money to them).Than unexpecedly Eltsin dies and Putin comes up.Abramovich talks to Putin,they agree that Abramovich and other oligrachs support Putin,while he gives them share in plundering Russia.
    Other guys (namely Khodorkovsky) disagreed (he was muuuch more alpha than this little shait) and ended up in prison.So,till now,Abramovich works in tandem with Putin.

  21. Did…. did this article just tell me I should start selling drugs and/or breaking the law to be more ‘alpha’?

  22. “The USSR during the 80’s was in it’s dying breaths, facing bankruptcy,
    and Roman took advantage of an otherwise terrible economic situation by
    capitalizing on the weak Russian government’s ability to track his
    illegal contraband.”
    As a member of the chosen, it figures he was “taking advantage” and “capitalizing” and moving “illegal contraband.”
    This man is not an Alpha. He is just a typical member of the “chosen ones,” doing whatever it takes to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of others, and not giving a damn about how it effects their host country and culture.

  23. The shittiest article I have read on this site so far.
    You take that fucking J** as a model for a Russian Alpha? You disgust me. Hope you don’t cross an authentic Russian one day, and tell him that that fucking J** is what you present him.

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