5 Examples Of CNN’s “Fake News”

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not the media has our best interests at heart, and with more and more men awakening from the feminist matrix, it seems that the mainstream media is going the way of the dinosaur.

Donald Trump has been urging the public not to trust the mainstream media, but I’m sure that if you’re a reader of Return Of Kings, you don’t need him to tell you that. The modern mainstream media is basically the same thing as the Church was in the 1200’s—they control the flow of information, and they don’t like it when people disagree with them. In fact, if someone who disagrees with them gets popular enough, they often times resort to smear campaigns (see: smearing Roosh as a manipulative pickup artist, and Milo as a pedophile apologist).

Now, I know what you’re thinking—“I know the media doesn’t report on things, Jon, but fake news? That’s, like, intentionally lying and manipulating information, isn’t it?” Yes, sir, it is—and this is what the mainstream media, particularly CNN, has been doing ever since television became popular.

Here’s 5 examples of how CNN is, in fact, “fake news”:

1. Kicking Bernie Sanders Off-Air


Bernie Sanders, the unofficial leader of the socialist movement in America, recently called CNN “fake news,” before being kicked off the air. CNN tried to play this off as a “connection issue,” but anyone with a grain of common sense knows better.

Bernie: “…who is the head of Russia, and now we’re learning that there may have been discussions between Flynn and the Russians, about sanctions, before this administration took power. So this is very, very troubling, and I think the president is going to have to tell us what he’s gonna do about it.”

CNN Anchor: “So far he hasn’t said much…he was asked about Flynn on his flight to Mar-a-Lago late today…here’s how he responded:

[plays clip of Donald Trump denying obvious lie directed towards him]

CNN Anchor: “He says he hasn’t seen any of these reports. Is that a problem?”

Bernie: “Well, I don’t know, maybe he was watching CNN Fake News, what do you think?”

Bernie: [sees her offended look] “It was a joke.”

CNN Anchor: “You don’t buy what he said, obviously?”

Bernie: “Erin?”

Bernie: “Kevin, I’m not—are we on?”

CNN Anchor: “Umm, it looks like we’ve lost connection with Senator Sanders…”

Right, of course. You just happened to “lose connection,” with Senator Sanders conveniently right after he called you fake news.

2. “Racism” Is Why Adele Won Grammy

cnn fake news

After Adele won the song of the year, record of the year, and best solo pop performance awards, it wasn’t long before CNN charged in to proclaim that “racism,” was the cause. CNN “reports”:

…”but with its racial themes and imagery, some are questioning if the project was “just too black” for Grammy voters. Kevin Powell, author of the memoir “The Education of Kevin Powell” and a forthcoming biography on rapper Tupac Shakur, thinks so. He told CNN “Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ made a lot of people uncomfortable, because it is so political, so spiritual, so unapologetically black, and so brutally honest about love, self-love, trust, betrayal.”

Right, because apparently Beyonce, despite being nominated for 62 Grammy awards, and winning a whopping 22 Grammy awards, is being discriminated against. In the Leftist’s delusional reality, any time a white person succeeds, it’s due to “racism,” yet any time a black person succeeds, it’s due to “overcoming insurmountable odds.”

Give me a break. Adele won the Grammy, because the panel thought her songs were better, period. This has nothing to do with racism, but apparently CNN still thinks it’s a good idea to race-bait the hell out of current events in 2017. I don’t see this changing anytime soon, either.

3. Venezuela Bans CNN For Lies

cnn fake news

According to Fox News World, the president of Venezuela actually asked CNN to leave:

“CNN, do not get into the affairs of Venezuelans. I want CNN well away from here—outside of Venezuela. Do not put your nose in Venezuela.” -Nicolas Maduro

…and can you blame him? CNN has repeatedly shown how ridiculously biased they are, and they’ve shown how willing to lie they are, for the past year after running a gigantic smear campaign against Donald Trump.

Didn’t CNN claim that The Donald had a 3% chance of being elected president? What did they do, just poll the gender studies department at UC Berkeley? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, because nobody in their right mind would ever accidentally come to the conclusion that our current president had a 3% chance of winning.

In fact, other independent journalists such as Mike Cernovich actually predicted that Donald would win months before the election day in November—how? Because they saw the trends. They saw that men were tired of being emasculated and having their lives ruined, they saw that we’re tired of being shamed for our whiteness, and they saw that the people of America were starting to wake up from their NWO conditioning.

4. “Our Job Is To Control Exactly What People Think.”

Yeah, yeah—I know this one isn’t CNN, but they’re all the same to me. MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and even Fox News to an extent…they’re all just different heads on the same globalist-controlled hydra. Buckle in though, boys, because this one’s pretty bad…and it just happened days ago.

Mika Brzezinski, whose name should automatically create suspicion in the wary citizen, recently stated on MSNBC that it’s “our job,” to “control exactly what people think.” I honestly couldn’t even make this stuff up, but if you don’t believe me, you can watch it in the video above.

Mika Brzezinski: “Well, I think the dangerous edges here are that he’s trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts, and it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he could control exactly what people think…and that is our job.”

No, Mika, that isn’t your job. Your job is to report the facts and let THE PEOPLE decide what to think, but if you can’t get that through your thick skull I guess we’ll just stop watching your crappy network.

5. Donald Trump Calls CNN “Fake News”

Ah, I saved the best for last—I do love me some Donald burns. After a CNN “news reporter” tried to aggressively ask Donald a question for some odd 20 seconds, repeatedly interrupting him and interjecting his way into the conversation, Donald lost it and called him “fake news.”

And who could blame him? They spent the last 8 months doing absolutely everything within their power to completely ruin Donald Trump’s chances at winning…and yet, by the grace of God, and by the memes of Pepe, lord of Keks, the Trump train smashed its way through the entire god damn establishment…and won.

Trump: [to other reporter] “Go ahead.”


Trump: [to CNN] “No.”

Trump: [to other reporter]: “Go ahead.”


Trump: [to CNN] “No, not you.”

Trump: [to other reporter] “Go ahead.”


Trump: [to CNN] “Not you.”


Trump: [to CNN] “Your organization’s terrible.”


Trump: [to CNN] “Your organization’s terrible.”


Trump: [to CNN] “Quiet.”

This goes on for literally 25 seconds, before Trump finally becomes visibly angry and proclaims:

Trump: [to CNN] “You are fake news.”

cnn fake news

If the President of the United States of America thinks that CNN is fake news, I think they’re probably fake news.


cnn fake news

In conclusion, if you still watch the mainstream media, don’t. Get your news from real news sites, like Return Of Kings, Info Wars, Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report, and Cernovich. The MSM has shown us multiple times in the past that they’re globalist whores, selling out the American public to fatten their own pockets.

I recently bought an Info Wars shirt to start wearing around in public, and the results have restored my faith in America. Everywhere I wear it, I’ve gotten complements—it’s not that often, but you’d be surprised how many men are awake, but just don’t broadcast it.

The MSM would have you believe that 99% of the American public hates Trump, but it’s really only something like 10% who hate him, and maybe 25% more who dislike him.

I usually wear Info Wars, Breitbart, and Trump apparel to the gym, because most guys who have a shredded six pack from lifting heavy ass weights are strong and masculine, and are therefore not subject to stupid social pressures that the media uses to influence you.

Do your part in spreading the good gospel of the manosphere, the alt-news, and the resurgence of America, and we’ll reclaim our country for sure. Let’s all make America great again.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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116 thoughts on “5 Examples Of CNN’s “Fake News””

  1. “In conclusion, if you still watch the mainstream media, don’t. Get your news from real news sites, like Return Of Kings, Info Wars, Gateway Pundit, Drudge Report, and Cernovich.”
    You left out Zerohedge.

      1. Same here…. I usually skip past the articles and go right to the comments. I find myself doing that on ROK as well. I’m about as redpilled as you can get, and instead of reading the same type of writings over and over, I would rather hear people share their personal life experiences. There is a wealth of knowledge across the comments sections of ROK, ZH, and a few others. I tend to steer clear from the tinfoil insanity on Infowars though.

        1. Lol. Because he won’t acknowledge a glaring correlation of the elites. And that he is wned by the Turner? Or time Warner money train

      2. Zerohedge, RT and ROK is all i read nowadays and a big part of that is the comment section…
        in the past, i often visited sites like NPR, business insider and CNN, just to check out/laugh at the comments from the crazy liberals. but around election time their comment sections started increasingly calling out all the fake news/straight bullshit these sites were pushing… and guess what….. all of these sites shut down their comment sections… how shocking!
        If a news website does not have open comment sections on their articles you can bet your ass they are publishing bullshit

  2. Question: exactly when and under what circumstances did the msm start using the term “fake news?” Can anybody track it back to the first use (including news outlet and reporter)?

    1. It has been around a few years but really blew up after CNN staged a hoax gun attack (by a fake ‘conspiracy nut’) on the pizza restaurant related to the pizzagate story, then there was outrage at how the conspiracy community was vilifying an innocent pizza store owner (CNN and NYT leading the propaganda).

  3. What I’d like to see is one, single, solitary example of “real news” anywhere within the MSM. They even lie about the freaking weather, bumping the day’s average high temperatures up by five to 10 degrees, in every city, because, “global warming” (I mean, “climate change”, or whatever they are calling it this month)…

    1. I’ve noticed that too. The weather reports. Rarely ever as warm as they say it’s going to be. Except in the middle of the summer. It’s so hot here you don’t have to exaggerate it.

      1. Its ‘climate change’ now. Blizzards or any abnormal weather event can now fit neatly into the ambiguous narrative.

    1. I took a look at the comments, and the majority seem to be in favor of ‘burn the witch’ (in one flavor or another).
      Not certain what else could be said other than ‘stay frosty, boys’ (to paraphrase Aaron Clarey).

      1. I generally expect RoK to highlight cases of false rape allegations.
        $19 says this lyin’ cunt won’t face jail time. And various campus groups will oppose her facing any ramifications.

    2. Destroying two innocent lives because you want to impress a guy. YOU GO GUUUURRRRRRLLLLLL, GIRL POWER! YES!!!! SOOOOOOO EMPOWERING.

    3. Anymore I just assume they’re all false, even if convicted, unless strong evidence is presented.

    4. This site was almost a week late in covering that special ed guy scalped by those “don’t call me BLM!” BLMers.
      So I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath on this.

  4. A good example occurred last week on my local nbc broadcast: “A Trump rally is starting right now, early estimates are in the hundreds.” Camera had a close shot of the crowd to make it look smaller than it was. So I switched over to Fox, and it was a longer shot, thousands were present. Turned out around 9,000 peeps showed up

    1. A point President Trump makes at just about every rally I’ve watched is “They won’t show you how big the crowd is”. I’ve seen him point that out since the primaries. At one rally, he managed to get the cameras to pull back and pan the crowd. That cameraman probably lost his job.

      1. One of the worst things the media does and doesnt get called on is inject the below quote
        “some are questioning”
        to create a situation where there Isn’t one. They never get asked who are the some and why do their extremely minority viewpoints somehow get elevated above the majority’s.

        1. Um…you need to watch “Outfoxed.” Fox News invented “some people say.”

    2. There’s really no reason that we couldn’t have done this for him. Video cameras are pretty much ubiquitous these days. And those idiotic selfie sticks have a higher calling panning 360 degrees over a crowd above everyone’s head.

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  5. Awesome post.
    I think it was in 2003 or 2004 when Bernard Goldberg released his book “Bias”, talking about how deliberately CBS (Constantly Broadcasting Sh!t) was slanting the news in a liberal direction. I remember (at least for me), the book was just confirmation of what I already knew, but some some it was eye opening.
    Like good liberals, they just keep doubling down, and doubling down, infinitely.

      1. Let’s see….
        Always Broadcasting Crap
        Ball Busting Corporation
        Constantly Broadcasting Shit
        Constant B.S.
        Citation Needed Network
        Clinton News Network
        Cucked News Network
        Faux News (they haven’t always been good to Trump and only started doing so when it became clear to them how much not doing so would hurt them)
        Men Should Not Be Consuming
        Men Should Not Be Cucked enough to watch this.
        Misandric Broadcasting Company
        Now Broadcasting Crap
        New York Slimes
        Folks, let me know what I’ve left out and I’ll add them to this post.

  6. i’m happy for Maduro. after all CNN took all the toilet paper from Venezuelan people – and is slowly starving them to death. now that CNN is out, things will finally get back to normal.

    1. I found that odd as well. Perhaps they weren’t carrying enough of his water for his tastes and decided CNN must be disciplined for their lack of fealty. Bizzare in any case.

  7. The media meets at the Bilderberg every year and are convinced to continue the agenda. This is all coordinated.

  8. Ive been having to educate my parents that MSM is all god damned lies. I think it’s difficult for people who didnt grow up using computers to consume and/or evaluate information at modern speed. At least my parents listen; my grandparents just refuse to believe that theyre being fed distorted lies and mind-numbing propaganda.

    1. There is reason the majority of MSM watchers are over 65.
      “..theyre being fed distorted lies and mind-numbing Propaganda.”
      I had a discussion with a boomer relative a few years ago who was a true believer in the MSM. I asked, “why do you believe a bunch of strangers reading a teleprompter who present no actual objective evidence over your own relatives? Even your kids who are more informed on the topic?” They couldn’t answer that.

      1. If you can avoid these peoples emotional triggers and just press on and maintain a calm dispassionate and logical dialogue without getting frustrated or pissed, it’s a battle worth fighting to help them see the light.
        My same-age and younger peers on the other hand seem to be caught up in far-fetched conspiracy theories and unwilling to tackle the clear and present ugly realities confronting them; it’s like they do realize whats really going on but are scared to address it so they take it too far and do nothing, writing it all off as too far gone to affect and influence.

        1. Fear grips them and people react differently. What they cannot rationalize (badly) away they pile up conspiracy theories to fill the gaps. Know it well. Over the years some have come to see the light, others simply dig their hole deeper.

        2. “What they cannot rationalize (badly) away they pile up conspiracy theories to fill the gaps.”
          Conspiracy theories are the way that lesser minds try and make sense out of problems beyond their comprehension.
          the good: it shows that they are at least aware that things aren’t quite right.
          the bad: their ideas become a convenient straw man for silencing those that ask questions.
          [But do note how leftist conspiracy theorists (feminists, etc.) make those on the right look like mathematicians.]

        3. “the good: it shows that they are at least aware that things aren’t quite right.”
          Unfortunately they also draw the wrong conclusions as they inject their own bias. 9/11 is a great example. There are still loons still walking around believing GWB planted explosives (don’t bother finding out the logistics and equipment needed, nor draw an experience from an EOD expert– it was Boooosh!) and refuse to believe the actions of islamic jihadis even when they directly admit to the actions.

        4. Yes, and as I alluded to that allows the left to silence the people that don’t want to be lumped in with those tinfoilers.
          On more than one occasion I’ve heard the term ‘conspiracy theory’ thrown out whenever somebody postulates something PLAUSIBLE.
          When this happens that person shuts up and doesn’t press their point any further.

  9. Is this America? U guys are dumb as bricks, go and fact check this arivle

  10. Calling CNN fake news is an insult to fake news. At least the latter tries to have one microscopic kernel of truth; CNN is purely fantasy.

    1. Not only CNN. I sometimes read the headlines of BBC, and boy they are even worse than CNN.

        1. By all means good Sir. Any devotee of the Necronomicon is a friend of mine.

  11. Is this America? The greatest country? U guys are being played. Fact check this article, cos its one lie after another

    1. Account created solely to troll this thread. Go back to sucking Satan’s cock, you godforsaken product of incest.

  12. Infowars? Talk about fake news. That site sucks whale shit.
    Drudge, Breitbart and ROK, sure. But, never Alex Jones.

    1. Drudge – jewish. Breitbart – jewish. Alex Jones – has jewish children. Fuck them all.

      1. Check this out.
        Conservative (((Rebel Media))) gets a black kid to say the alt-right and SJWs are basically the same and should both reject identity politics.
        Then in another video they complain that mass-immigration into Sweden is hurting Jews. Read that twice… That mass immigration into Sweden is a problem for Jews.

        1. The only saving grace of Rebel Media is Lauren Southern, not because she is bright or good reporter, but because she is smoking hot.
          IMHO, those alt-light sites are pathetic.

        2. I’ve been reading the manosphere for years now and the hypocrisy and degeneracy is like a bottomless pit… Every time I think I’ve finally reached the bottom, there are more and more layers of shit.

        3. The best sites of the so called Manosphere are RoK and Chateau Heartiste. Both are completely frank with crucial themes like Race and Jewish Question, and like I said to my friend Varonos, they are redpilling more people than the Daily Stormer (which is a joke) or Counter Currents (who basically are hyperintellectual types jerking off to Heidegger books and supporting ‘fashy fags’ [sic]), for just cite a few examples. The Game aspect of the Manosphere is the most questionable one (IMHO) because its component of ‘enjoy the decline’ implies decadence; but certainly its a necessary evil. All the Men of the Right (I’m talking about Right in the real sense, the Real Right) must have the capacity to game and fuck beautiful woman, but that’s not the Mission of our lives.
          Making Game and fucking the only purpose of life is basically nihilism and decadence.

        4. Beware of videos with high production value.
          Good rule of thumb. The slicker it looks the faker it probably is.
          That’s no Windows Movie Maker making those icons ‘float’. And the icons themselves look like they were designed by Raymond Loewy.

        5. The only saving grace of Rebel Media is Lauren Southern, not because she is bright or good reporter, but because she is smoking hot.

          I would fuck Faith Goldy’s beautiful face as well.

        6. Chateau Heartiste is one of the best blogs regarding game, the true nature of women and the cucks/race traitors who are destroying Western society. His Twitter account was suspended and has now been closed.

        7. Brunettes got better vaginas. Has something to do with the hair. Blondes got smaller slighty leathery pussy lips and lesser grip capacities.
          Want to get your dick a firm handshake? Get a brunette. Her pussy might look like a pack of bubble gum exploded, but the ride makes looks of it irrelevant.

      2. Breibart was adopted and his adopted mother converted to Judaism so he’s not much of a Jew!

        1. Only a snake converts to judaism. Breitbart was good friends with Bebe Netanyahu. Enough said.

      3. Alex Jones producer is Jewish. He outed himself when he had to step in to save Alex being ripped apart in a debate with David Duke.

    2. I’ve been checking it out and so far doesn’t look fake to me. THey’ve been doing pretty well from what I’ve seen.
      That doesn’t mean they don’t post/report conspiracy theories, etc., but it’s by no means a complete manipulation of the truth like the MSM.
      Alex Jones has called out the MSM so many times I’ve lost count.

    1. PJW the faggot who cruises the Vienna gay scene as a bottom boy. Another gatekeeper who needs to be eliminated.

  13. some of the stories on the national news right now:
    white guy kills two women (see? white men are evil)
    the oscars, immediately gets a dig in at Trump, its the most diverse nominee list ever, yet a woman says “Its progress, but its still not enough” (we are still oppressed)
    vandals in a jewish cemetery (wait! dont forget about us!)
    And people still watch the nightly news…

  14. Fake news? Are you surprised? I stopped watching that bullshit in the mid-nineties. The main-stream-media is more appropriately referred to by it’s true identity; the Negative Outreach! (Yes! I coined the phrase)!
    I love ROK and it saddens me that ANYONE here needs to be informed about that pack of lies that’s broadcast every second of the day. You should have stopped watching them years ago. Unless you are watching instructional videos, watch your kids grow up, alright! Fuck the Negative Outreach. No man who is a man would have that fuckin’ job.

  15. “most guys who have a shredded six pack from lifting heavy ass weights are strong and masculine, and are therefore not subject to stupid social pressures that the media uses to influence you”
    No, most guys who have a shredded six pack from lifting heavy ass weights are strong and masculine, and therefore DON’T FEEL INTIMIDATED by a president that is strong and masculine.
    Underlying the conflict between globalists and nationalists is a deeper, more primal one.
    That of normal, masculine men vs. the effeminate, runt, mutants kept alive only by technology.
    The left’s hatred of Trump has way less to do with his actual policies (e.g. his policy on immigration is virtually identical to Dems just a few years ago) and much, much more to do with the fact that Trump is a billionaire who is ALSO an alpha through and through (the runts are usually able to console themselves with the knowledge that most manlier men are poorer than them. Not so in this case).

    1. “No, most guys who have a shredded six pack from lifting heavy ass weights are strong and masculine, and therefore DON’T FEEL INTIMIDATED by a president that is strong and masculine.”
      Most guys who are shredded are too stupid to think anything.
      And I don’t call any 70 year old STRONG, especially not one who’s children are all married to Jews.

      1. “Most guys who are shredded are too stupid to think anything”
        Boy, did I just strike a nerve.
        So like, how many times did they stuff you in your locker at school?
        Ha Ha Ha

      2. Most guys who are shredded are too stupid to think anything
        Not true. So far, the men I’ve seen/known who are “ripped” are actually fairly to highly intelligent, and some get into entrepreneurial projects.
        Funny how people project their insecurities on to others.

  16. Most media outlets struggle for add revenue and thus a reason to exist.
    They create more fake news than before to try and click bait viewers and readers and or pursue some leftard agenda to seem relevant.
    Mass media is dying a slow painful death!

    1. Mass media needs to DIE. I’m completely FED UP with over paid, narcissistic “reporters” destroying innocent people with their report now/ verify later “journalism.”

  17. Thankfully when the boomers finish dying off the MSM will be well and truly over. I doubt many people under 60 watch cable or local news.

    1. Thankfully when the boomers finish dying off health care will become affordable again.

      1. You think so? I don’t know man, millennials and whatever they’re calling the younger generation seem to need all sorts of pills, counseling, and doctor visits just to get through a normal day.

    1. I’m wondering if the real reason they’re trying so hard to tie Trump to the Russians is because they fear some kind of cultural ‘alliance’ between rightists in America and the Russian people (who are, after all, white people further to the right than even much of the Alt Right)?
      That they fear rightists here will start to identify with their former enemies unless they stoke those old Cold War coals?
      Putin has done much to piss off the left (among other things annexing Crimea shortly after Soros agitated for, and got, a pro EU government in neighboring Ukraine).

      1. in my opinion they want to rekindle old hostilities on top of two strong world leaders that can actually end ISIS. There is money to made in perpetual warfare.

      2. I thought the same thing a few months ago. Why are (((they))) pushing for war with Russia? I suspect they want two white Christian nations to wage conflict with one another to weaken each other, so the globalist multicultural agenda can move forward with less resistance.
        No more wars with other white Christian nations! The time for tribes is upon us, recognize your brothers and form up.

  18. It’s articles like this that make the ‘sphere look bad. Points 1, 3, and 5 are not examples of fake news. They are repricussions. Point 4 wasn’t CNN (you even pointed that out). So, how about ACTUALLY sticking to the title, and listing 5 examples of fake CNN news?

  19. Watching the Academy Awards (and surfing RoK): White men have disappeared from film. Only blacks and white women now exist.
    Oh wait! Sting just did a nominated song.

    1. Stop playing the white victimhood card, plenty of white men are getting Face time at the Oscars.

      1. Well I was surfing on RoK and barely looking at the tube. Glad I didn’t miss the monumental fuck up at the end. You couldn’t buy entertainment like that mess. Heads are going to roll.

    1. Who said White supremacist? What does that even mean?
      Now, if you said White Separatist then I would nod in agreement.
      When people use the term :white supremacist: I tend to lump them into the same basket of dumbfuckery as people who use the CIA created gaslighting phrase “conspiracy theory” — IE steeped in MSM lies/blue-pilled/pozzed.
      Yeah, WTC 7 came down in its own footprint at free fall speed, severing all core columns simultaneously, because of burning office furniture.
      Yep. Case closed.

      1. “White supremacist” = “anybody who thinks racism allegations are Fake News”

    2. Well with a Disqus name that’s a reference to Phil Hendrie, I would have expected a more sensible comment. I guess not.
      The alt media which you ignorantly claim is “fake news”, which is an incedibly laughable and dumb thing to say, actually have credible sources and fact checking before creating stories.
      I’ve been watching a long time what’s going in “alt” media and it’s the only valid alternative we have now for “real” media. I have yet to see it report false information.
      I’m not even going to touch the “white supremacist” comment, because that’s so ridiculous that no sensible, mature man would whine about such fiction.
      Protip: it helps to know what you’re talking about before making a comment in order to avoid embarassment.

  20. Cheers to the writer.
    Looking for the CNN rating of Pres. Trump w/3% chance of winning, anyone have a link? I believe it’s true, but Google probably already scrubbed the evidence from its servers.

  21. What a STUPID article.
    Naive, gullible ugly Americans think the world revolves around them.
    You idiot, people are starving in Venezuela. People are being thrown in prison, the economy has shrunk more than 23% in 2016 and Maduro and his people only get richer and richer. And this has nothing to do with CNN.
    The Trojan horse Milo, also IS a pedohilia apologist. MSN didn’t put his words in his mouth.
    You fall for the fallacy of the false dilemma…the enemy of my enemy sometimes is also my enemy, dumbasses.
    Sincerely, after Roosh defended the perv Milo, this website lost all credibility. With few exceptions It has become a tool for vain, narcissist sissies in search of fame and “passive income”. Get a job, bum, you are not fit to write.

    1. George Takei actually is a p3dofile apologist. And nobody here is saying that Venezuela isn’t a craphole.
      But, the US would end up like Venezuela if Trump hadn’t won. Hillary Clinton makes your Dilma look like an upstanding citizen.

    2. Oh, you again, the guy who has no credible points to make.
      The article isn’t “stupid”, it’s correct, and backed up by facts.
      We are well aware of what is going on in Venezuela. That’s extremely unfortunate, so I’m not sure why your panties are in a bunch.
      If our site is so terrible, why are you here?
      Oye loco, tranquilo!

  22. “Compliments” You’ve gotten compliments on your Info Wars shirt.

  23. Don’t forget all the crap they pulled against China in the run up to the Beijing Olympics and the Tibet riots.

  24. This website is a joke. “Feminist matrix” is a real thing to you but CNN isn’t? And you are conspiracy theorizing that CNN cut out Bernie’s mic? SAD!

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