3 Disturbing Updates On The Pizzagate Scandal

Just before Donald Trump’s election, I wrote an article about Hillary Clinton and her circle’s alleged involvement in a scandal that could include, but not restricted to, satanic ritual, child abuse, pedophilia, murder and organ trafficking.

It is not because Trump has won that I forgot the unsettling elements of this whole affair. I still believe that this amount of coincidences must be investigated and the authorities and media’s stubbornness not to do so motivate me even more to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

This behaviour reminds us previous media and authority cover-ups such as the Jimmy Saville, Marc Durtroux or Rotherham scandals. Regarding Pizzagate, new elements have surfaced in this sordid case of paper-thin lies, Mafia-like exchange of favours and media omertà.

The video on WorldCorpo.net

John Podesta is the public figure with alleged incriminations to this case. Podesta himself attests that being of Greek and Italian descent, he has problems managing his anger, letting out his “evil twin” character “Skippy,” a violent persona through which he expresses his rage.

The Podesta email database released by Wikileaks confirms it, where staff and people surrounding Podesta that Skippy is “kept at bay” most of the time. Leftists outlets such as the Huffington Post confirm this fact.

One of the Podesta emails of Wikileaks

Mid-February, anons at Voat and 4chan unearthed a sketchy video found on WorldCorpo.net. It depicts a male figure in the dark, beating and abusing a crying child while he tries to escape from a confined space. Voice analysis and comparisons with public recordings lead many to believe that the male figure is John Podesta. We don’t know for sure.

Warning: The following is disturbing. I advise you NOT TO WATCH it if you have a weak stomach. The content will be described below

Podesta’s voice for comparison:

This was uploaded on Worldcorpo.net and left there. The child is being beaten and the adult abusing him forces him to say his name with the answer being “John.” Then he hits him or her again, asking the child to say his other name. The child seems to answer “Skippy.”

The lights on the glass are same colour as the strobe lights used during the concert of the band Heavy Breathing at Comet Ping Pong Pizza (C3P). Heavy Breathing have been involved neck deep in Pizzagate due to their strange art hinting at child abuse, pedophilia and innuendos used by its singer during concerts at C3P.

Was the music of the concert used to muffle the cries of the child?

This is what late Andrew Breitbart wrote about John Podesta. Breitbart died less than a month later

The new elements of the Comet Ping Pong “attack”

Edgar M. Welch, an actor with an IMDB entry, is the gunman that entered C3P on the 4th of December 2016, shot four rounds without aiming at anyone and immediately surrendered to the law. He is currently prosecuted but has surprisingly been offered a plea deal.

Independent researchers suggest that the goal was not to scare the owners and patrons as initially thought but to damage the hard drive of a computer, which allegedly contained incriminating files, while making Comet Ping Pong Pizza (C3P) look like the victim of “fake news” in the process.

Journalist and independent Pizzagate researcher David Seaman confirmed a hacker entered the C3P website which contained protected sections with downloadable files, needing a key to enable access.

He discovered that the files referred to as “cheese pizza” contained child pornography. No matter how incriminating, this element would be rejected in court as it was obtained illegally. It would also be illegal to store those pedo-pornographic images even to show them as evidence to the authorities.

The important is not what you know to be true, but what you can prove.

Jake Tapper, the uber-shill

A few months ago, Jake Tapper was just another biased presenter at CNN. But his peculiar animosity towards anything Pizzagate-related is what made him suspicious in the eyes of independent researchers.

All went head over biscuit when he got in a Twitter row with General Flynn’s son

Why would Tapper get so angry? Maybe because according to an article his wife has given to the Washingtonian, her “favourite date-night restaurant is Buck’s Fishing and Camping” and one of her favourite “family restaurant is Comet Ping Pong,” both owned by James Alefantis, a key character in the PizzaGate affair

Alefantis, a friend of the Podestas and the Clintons, was invited a few times to the White House for no reason and is said to be one the fifty most influential persons in Washington D.C. Even if he is a pizza shop owner (do not use Google to find a link to Comet Ping Pong. They are pushing hard so that the first 20+ results shown are from Salon, Snopes, Vox, Buzzfeed all brand the affair as “fake news”).

Extract of the interview that Jennifer Tapper gave to The Washingtonian

Jack Tapper also has a lot of correspondence with John Podesta, the main protagonist in Pizzagate.

John Podesta and Jack Tapper, fooling around in the mini Oval Office designed for children

Tapper flips his lid and cries conspiracy and thoughtcrime when anyone mentions Pizzagate and the mountain of evidence that should justify a federal investigation. But he suddenly cares for the children when he leads the charge of the MSM on Milo when they used tailored segments of his expressed opinions (words and words only) in order to start a witch hunt and possibly destroy his life.

Milo was one of the most vocal on Pizzagate before pressure from Washington made him cancel his lectures on the subject at the last minute. Funny how double standards always come in handy with liberals.

The silencing of Ben Swann

Ben Swann of CBS is one of the only reporters of the Mainstream Media that had the minerals to tackle and fact check the Pizzagate. Shortly after his famous segment, he was taken off the air by the channel, leaving thousands wondering why he vanished after airing such a viral story.

His employers were compelled to put him back on the air, not to seem too suspicious. It is unclear if he is presently still employed by them. All Swann was guilty of is stating facts available to the public on air. A crime by today’s Mainstream Media standard.

That is not all. Swann had to shut down all of his social media platforms after that show. The only he has left is his Facebook page, still closely following the whole situation. The “Tzuday” mocked by MSM and branded as a spelling mistake might be a subtle allusion to Sun Tzu’s “Art of War“. We may not have seen the last of Ben Swann…

Powerful circles protect them

Do not forget that an animal is most dangerous when cornered. The guys at the top are in full panic mode and are throwing everything they have in the battle.

Heads that have rolled so far: Ben Swann, Milo, Flynns (father and son)

The cogs of this evil machine may squeal but they have very powerful friends to protect them. Remember that the events regarding Pizzagate are almost all concentrated in the Washington area?

This is the D.C Police Chief Peter Newsham (right), publicly supporting turd burglar James Alefantis of C3P, owner of these posts on his Instagram account, which hint at what is going on behind the scene at his pizzeria. Newsham has been accused of “mishandling” the rape case rape of an 11y.o. girl.

Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

On est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même

Voices come from all sides that this must be properly investigated but no one, even at the top, wants to open this can of worms. Trump has got a lot on his plate now. He named Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and we can already witness that all around the country, arrests are being made and things are put in motion. But is the rot in the American political body too deep for it to be saved?

My gut tells me that it is soon about to kick off and time will tell if The Donald will finally release the hounds of war. But in the meantime, it is up to us, citizens, to do the dirty job of seeking truth. Bear in mind that it comes at a price.

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181 thoughts on “3 Disturbing Updates On The Pizzagate Scandal”

  1. In this case, what we are seeing is a little peek behind the curtain. It is clear that there is something very obscure behind pizzagate, and some very powerful people is involved. Podesta is basically an evil individual who has talked about genocide of an entire race, why shouldn’t be also a pedophile and an occultist?
    But we need to keep perspective and rationality. Its possible that a certain segment of the ‘Elites’ are involved in occultism, bizarre practices and secret societies. Also, it’s possible that those bizarre practices could imply ritual pedophilia and even human sacrifices.
    Is that common practice among them? I don’t think so. Are every single one of them imply in this? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, conspiracy nuts discredit what must be the truth by seeing a Illuminati/Reptilian/Satanist behind every tree.

    1. We don’t need to believe in the Occult. But they do.
      By the way, i strongly think that most nutjob conspiracy theories are counter fires to distract and discourage us from digging…

      1. Yeah, the most clear example is David Icke. He describes perfectly some aspects of the NWO and then BANG, reptilian aliens.

        1. David Icke’s use of “reptilian aliens” appears to be cover for what he can’t say. To my eyes, it looks like he is describing the Synagogue of Satan network as well as their supporters. Even the star system where these “reptilian” supposedly come from, Alpha Draconis, was the North Pole star during the time that Satan became “god of this world”.

        2. Yeah, some people use that argument to favor Icke……but what about the underground bases and the Flying Saucers? C’mon, the man is insane (or paid to be insane).

        3. I have yet to look that far into David Icke, but the underground base screams Hell and the underworld and many of the UFOs up there actually are the signs and wonders of the Fallen Angels.
          I understand how my own comment may appear, but so far from my vantage point, I’m seeing David Icke explain god of this world’s network.
          How long do people with big bullhorns last when they’re explicitly naming the Jew? Or bringing up how this world has a little being flying around who says that he is “God of this world”? Unfortunately, use of code and reading between the lines is seen as necessary; even to the point of using far away aliens from the North Star Alpha Dragon (Alpha Draconis) place.
          I’d like to think that this is all the stylings and rantings of an overactive imagination. Unfortunately, I think there’s actually more than a kernel of truth to the whole thing.
          Who needs fiction? Reality is crazier than can be imagined…

    2. Fair point. There is a connection however between progressivism and the will to violate society’s laws, wherever those laws are seen as coming from nature, tradition, religion etc. The “liberal”, progressivism of our society comes from an anti-nomian tradition. If you think about feminism / queer theory and the gay rights movement a lot of that was explicitly sold in the 1990s especially as transgressive sexuality, where transgression (the bourgeois institution of vanilla sex, hetero marriage etc) was seen as moral precisely because it was revolutionary and destructive of the old ‘oppressive’ order of things. That logic is runs deep within the progressive bloodstream.
      Leaving reptilianism aside Illumination and satanism are probably better seen as an underlying political / social vision rather than anything you might find in the Exorcist or Rosemary’s baby etc

      1. More than antinomian and transgression, I would say that what animates them is basically a will to destroy, and a powerful one. They want to destroy everything and everyone who is not them.

        1. there is an equivalent desire to create. This relates to the belief that comes from order out of chaos; indeed that chaos is a necessary precondition for creating. If the world is to be destroyed it is in order for it to be re-made

        2. they want to destroy themselves. that’s what they want, because they are lost souls that have no hope – not in this life or the next one – they are aching to be completely destroyed – and express that by causing others to suffer.
          you can also see this trait in very openly gay / queeny types. they hate being buggered in the ass, and gobbling cum, but they can’t stop it – so they carry on and they psychopathically love to tease others and cause suffering and chaos where they can.

      2. the ritual side of anything is purely psychological.
        there’s no real magical powers to be had from cutting up babies – it’s purely psychological. it’s created power in the mind.
        it’s also a great excuse to do more of it and indulge the kinks and hide from the personal disgust at your own failing as a human being –

        1. magic(k) is mostly psychology and suggestion, but a lot of it is about the effect of changes in mass consciousness as something that is constitutive of social reality (at least). In a sense your description of magic as “created power in the mind” actually accords with the occult notion of reality as ‘all is mind’ or extension of mind

    3. This is why they hate Trump. They said it themselves (I think it was McCain???)
      “He is not a member.”
      Trump in the WH is like you or I walking into the wrong room at an elite party… and finding… well… just go as DARK as your imagination can NOW go… and then try excusing yourself out of the room and acting like you saw nothing.
      And I am pretty sure there is a clip of DJT giving a speech at some fancy dinner or other with HRC there where he spells out right the child abduction shit.
      I think many elites now… and they have decided enough is enough.

    4. a.) turn the volume up to 10 – the entire thing is Illuminati/Reptilian/Satanist – baby eating human sacrifices.
      b.) remove your good side that tries to play advocate and not believe it’s remotely possible, it dials the volume back to 1 – which is inaudible.
      c.) find the middle ground where the truth lies – which is probably way worse than any one realizes, not a full 10 but somewhere around 6.5 to 7.9. WTF !!!
      d.) realize that psychos and pedos, will gang together, operate in their own cabal outside the law, and being psychos have incredibly clever personas that can not only hide the truth, but hide it behind governmental power – AND induct people into it so gradually, by the time they try to back out – they are either junior enough to get hit by a truck and disappear – caput – or senior enough that they have so much to lose they have to carry on. plus – it’s quite easy to hook someone on to sexual kinks. little by little – an easy BJ with 16 year old, is soon one with a 14 year old – a little sodomy and it’s a hop and a skip to sub 10 year olds and boys and etc.
      it’s not hard to imagine. it’s also been going on for 100+ years and thus the cabal is rich, powerful, experienced and has many techniques at it’s disposal. no one gets in until they vetted and it’s ensured they are hooked and it’s too late to back out.
      you want to be prime minister of england and hang out with jimmy saville pedo and do the odd ritual sacrifice – or you want to get exposed for abusing this 14 year old ? (or perhaps we’ll just wack you and make it look like a suicide) what are you going to choose ?

  2. Jesus, this is so disturbing. Someone told me these pervs were being rounded up left and right all over the US a week ago, and I have seen NO mention of any of this in the MSM. You think the media, forever droning about “kids being our future” would be all over this.

  3. Breitbart posts that tweet, and he dies a month later….I dunno man, I dunno…thought he just had a heart attack

  4. I am afraid that the guilty are being given time to destroy evidence, fill in their dungeons and get rid of bodies so that any future investigation turns up empty. they must be investigated now. just check the basement and tunnels!

    1. Yes… but it’s too late. It’s all over the internet. And… they can’t help themselves. They will get caught… again… and now with all eyes of the world on them… it’s over. This is truly history in the making. (I pray.)

  5. If it adds anything to the discussion, I knew a married 45 year-old British post-doc from my lab years who jumped off a bridge the day after police discovered he was working for an underground kiddie-porn ring.
    When I condemned his behaviour, the lab professor came to his defence saying the media shouldn’t have reported the story before his trial. I kind of agree with this, and it very well could have been a hit job, but the dude checked out immediately so it’s impossible to ever know what really happened.
    The prof never really condemned his pedophilia though in our conversations about it, and that always kind of stuck. Are liberal academics and public sector workers living in an alternative post-modern reality where everything can be rationalized away?

    1. yes they are. depressed nihilists too smart for their own good defend degenerates and actively participate in the corruption. many find solace in hedonism and satanism/occult because it gives them purpose

      1. Just a theory… and I have only cursory knowledge of psychopaths… but the KEY distinction between them and us (are they even human) is the complete incapacity to FEEL any emotion… except… rage/anger.
        I think… this satan worship/torture/murder shit… is the ONLY way they are able to FEEL anything… at all.
        It makes sense on some level. As “humans”, they want to feel, but can’t. What makes them feel… is rejected as utterly degenerate and abhorrent by 99% of humanity.
        They gravitate to one another (apparently able to see each other on sight) and because they have no emotions, they have no fear of doing whatever it takes to get whatever they want.
        And what all psychopaths want… is power. Power over others because it is ONLY in the ABUSE of that power over others… murder, rape, etc… that they can FEEL alive.

        1. I think there are two primary factors involved, one of which serves a very pragmatic purpose. The other a metaphysical one.
          The first is that it serves as a form of initiation into elite circles, which gurantees the individuals compliance under threat of blackmail. The other relates to sex magickal practises used in a ritual setting to harness fear/sexual energy and direct towards achieving a specific material objective. I don’t believe it’s an accident these people are some of the most powerful on earth (Crowley, Lavey, Manley P Hall, Chaos Magickians and many others have written about this subject).
          Either way, they are scum and must be arrested, fairly tried, and the guilty must be gassed.

        2. They are powerful because they operate in a cabal which demands absolute loyalty or death / exposure to the normal legal system.
          They are powerful because they gang together, keep each other’s back, follow one agenda and are psychopathic about it – the pre-selection ensures that only the most focused, psychopathic types moves forwards.
          They are not powerful because of some ritual magic crap – that’s invented stuff – psychological mind games at best. Obviously if you chop up a blonde 5 year old and drink his blood and do so with 50 bum buddies at a ceremony and everyone believes it will bring incredible satanic powers over the earth – you will manifest those results to some degree.
          All it’s really doing is excusing the behavior and a finding a reason to feed the madness and perversions – but it works. It is however nothing more than group think and mind games.

        3. Mind games…and the fact that you can’t expose people that probably have videos of you having sex with undergaged kids, even if you become digusted by your own life.

        4. Black magic acts like a beacon to the dark underworld. It’s used because it works.

        1. Heh heh heh heh heh, yep the real head of the Democrat Party! With Elizabeth Warren supplying the innocent kids for them!

      1. Crowley’s Book of the Law. I think if Podesta is close to Spirit Cooking woman there’s a good chance that thelema, doing what thou wilt will take its expression in some form of sex magick (consider also the cannibalistic imagery etc.) Crowley made reference to a male child being the purest kind of sacrifice, although it’s likely he was being scandalous in saying this: he seems to have regarded masturbation as a form of sacrifice in its own form.
        There’s a fairly big difference between spilling ones seed and sacrificing a child but there is no logical reason to think that this line of thinking might not lead towards actual sacrifice. The question is whether it does or doesn’t? There is a line of thought that sees abortion as serving some kind of an intermediate purpose: a (potential?) child is sacrificed but without the social or legal determination that that act is murder.

        1. I actually downloaded a load of PG Wodehouse books a couple of days ago.
          I will probably open a book to find Jeeves explaining the labour theory of value to Bertie

        2. Crowley was British Intel.
          I think that chapter of Magick was trolling for people he could suborn i.e two interpretations.
          And through some of his people he had a connection to Hitler.
          Hitler was big on “Will”.

        3. Crowley certainly claimed to be a spy, and there’s a book about his exploits, secret agent 666. I’ve only read a few pages but seem to remember he claimed to have had a role in the sinking of the lusitania, by manipulating US and German intelligence. That could have been an – after the event – tall tale designed to amplify his notoriety, but that’s the thing isn’t it. He might have been truly evil, or he might just have been a narcissist / baron munchausen , or perhaps both. I certainly think there is an historic connexion between intelligence and the occult
          Re. Hitler, I think there’s real stuff and disinformation wafting around. There seems to have been some genuine occult stuff relating to the Thule society. Crowley was obviously an exponent of (true) will / thelema, but I would’ve thought Hitler & his cronies would have imbibed from the German tradition, at least back to Nietzsche

    2. Pedophilia is incepted into several factions of society. If I remember correctly, it was late last year where several hundred people were busted in a colossal pedophile sting. And yet knowing hundred of cases of child extortion, rape, and selling of children, there is no news of the trial, people arrested, or even how it was all exposed at all. It is as if this whole incident never happened.
      EDIT: Here is the case in question: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2016/11/30/nearly-400-children-rescued-and-348-adults-arrested-in-canadian-child-pornography-bust-video/
      There were at least two other instances in 2013 and 2011 where hundreds were arrested for these child sex rings in Canada, and not a peep are mentioned publicly as well.

        1. Always wondered who the pertinent members of the the Six Families were. Or at least a credible source on where to learn more about them.

        2. Do you have a source for that? I’ve only heard of the Bloodlines theory, which lists 11 or 13 families.

      1. Ah so you heard about that. This dude was busted a couple months before the 2011 sting so I figured it was all connected.
        His job in the organization was video editing apparently… didn’t actually Milo any of those kids himself… apparently…

        1. Interesting. And kind of horrifying that being a handler of children for sex is a big business.

      2. Have you noticed missing kids are no longer on the back of milk cartons(at least, not in my neck of the woods)

      3. if you think into it logically, it’s a very easy way to control and manipulate – and if you walk the corridors of power and are inducted in slowly – it might all seem quite reasonable at first – start with some easy pussy 16 year old BJ – relatively harmless and before you know where you are – there’s videos and you’re a puppet – you come out and get nailed – or you go deeper and keep your position – and now you might as well enjoy it – pretty soon, you’re going up a 8 year old boys ass and completely hooked….. whilst busy trying to forget that you sold your soul to the devil – you thought that was bad until you got invited along to a soiree where a 5 year year old girl was ritually butchered at the alter.
        all these fuckers have the same strange gait in their eye. Bush, Obama, Hiltery, going way back to Kissinger etc. They all have this weird knowing look in their eye.

      4. Its like they are all in on it. And therefore they cover each others back.
        Were it not for the few righteous men. I think God would have overthrown them like Sodom and Gomorrah.

      5. Yes, and this history of mass arrests besides implicating media and elites also calls into question whether the recent spate of arrests is unusually large. It’s hard to tell, since the numbers are scattered across every jurisdiction and may never have been put in a report in most of those places, let alone covered by the media.
        So while people are all “It’s happening!” over the recent arrests, it’s not clear whether there are actually more busts than usual let alone how big the increase is.

    3. I used to think that academia attracting all sorts of moral degenerates was some sort of unfortunate coincidence that was sullying higher education. It didn’t took long, though, for me to realize academia is actually ground zero of moral degeneracy and actively nurtures these kind of people, almost by design.
      Of course, not everyone in academia is a degenerate, but let’s just say there are an awful lot of “coincidences” when you think about it.

      1. Higher education needs either to be reformed or shut down. Those pozzfactories are a major reason why the west is failing in certain regards.

      2. Goes to show that brawn beats brain. And all those intellectuals who neglect their bodies pay for it.
        Corrupted body; corrupted mind.

      3. Look at every college town newsrag (observer, onion). The main articles are all artsy bobo filler and the back pages are full of strap on ads, gay bar shit and the like.

    4. “Are liberal academics and public sector workers living in an alternative
      post-modern reality where everything can be rationalized away?”
      Yes… and yes. It’s called psychopathy and if you (or anyone) have not heard of the book Political Ponerology – A Science On The Nature Of Evil Adjusted For Political Purposes… you will have no clue how to understand all that is going to be coming out in 2017.
      What we norms are seeing is there world… exposed to the light of the internet. And once it has been seen, it can’t be unseen as the meme goes.

    5. I would give the guy the benefit of doubt. Being accused of something like that alone can destroy a person’s mental health and cause intense feelings of guilt regardless of actual guilt. Rape and violence victims can attest to this; when someone accuses you of something like that, they basically single you out as someone they think could commit a heinous act unlike numerous others and it feels rather bad indeed. Add the fact that most people do not understand how the justice system works; the average person thinks that ‘criminals’ always get off ‘light’ and merely being a suspect in the past will tarnish a person’s reputation for life.

      1. Yep… And after seeing what happened to Roosh with my own eyes I barely trust the “news” anymore at all. Character assassination seems incredibly easy to do, and it’s overwhelming to realize that no one cares.
        I never judged the guy absolutely… He was always kind to me personally… But it still is possible that he was involved in a pedo ring.

    6. Yes, absolutely everything can be rationalized. That’s where the, “I’m attracted to little children, but I’ve never acted on it, so I’m the victim because society hates me for committing no crimes,” crap in Salon came from.

  6. Trump needs to stop playing defense and attack. The swamp has kept him on his toes and forced him on a defensive footing with nonstop petty attacks goading his insecure nature.
    However these people have been so entrenched in their positions of power that they have not kept up their due diligence. I firmly believe that because they have never been challenged they have become lazy, arrogant, their criminal dealings will be apparent with the slightest of investigations. This is always the case with avaricious hedonists, they are pigs at the public trough and pigs get slaughtered.
    If I could give Trump one piece of advice it would be this: go for the jugular! Your adversaries who have never had to fight will break and run.

    1. yes, fuck healthcare and taxes and silly border wall, just start up massive investigations into everyone starting with the clintons – tear them all apart. there’s no point in waiting. you don’t leave vampires in the cellar and deal with them later – because they come out at night and drink your blood before you have a chance.

      1. Send the wieners, clintons, shumers, fienstiens, & podestas to jail first, then when you go to repeal Obama care and build a wall who’s going to stop you?

    1. Enticing, but I suspect it’s a red-herring. The photofits are supposed to be of the same person (not an insuperable problem perhaps), an individual who was described by the witnesses who provided the description as German speaking. Uncanny resemblance, but I think it’s a false trail. Interesting if it were true though

      1. I have no idea of this case. I’ve seen the graphic before but never looked in to it. That said I have noticed a trend in government investigations. When witnesses describe two distinctly different people the government will condense them into the one person their theory says did whatever the crime is. This seems to be driven by both coverups and laziness.

        1. that’s certainly possible. I think the photofits were first published back in 2011, possibly in the Daily Mail. Seem to remember the article suggesting they were supposed to be of one person, but that paper is particularly slipshod when it comes to details. The resemblance is very strong, but without solid proof even entertaining the idea could be presented as kooky

        1. well that would work, except that the Podestas are neither jewish or yiddish speaking as far as I can tell. They describe themselves as greek-italian catholic, although John P. was caught plotting against catholics

        2. Jews are always running cover as some other group, espeically Italian/ Greek, as they look so similar. Just look at the many many famous cryptos that have been found out by mileswmathis.com/updates (which includes Trump, who is German jewish, not Scottish).

        3. well you can’t just assume that. A great many people have some jewish extraction. They may not even be aware of it.

        4. I am specifically talking about powerful people assuming false surnames so that their jewish identity is hidden.

        5. there are two traditions here. The first is the marrano tradition of assuming a gentile identity to avoid persecution, something which became a major phenomenon after the expulsion of the jews from spain and during the inquisition etc. That tradition of seeking to blend in – something quite difficult to distinguish from the desire to assimilate – feeds into the second tradition based on Sabbateanism / Frankism in which a cryptic identity becomes a positive commandment. In this tradition conversion to other faiths or creeds does relate to the quest for power. To what extent, if any, it continues is a very sensitive subject. Barry Chamish seemed to suggest John Kerry and Madeleine Albright behaved in this way, but I’m not sure whether there is any suggestion that they were sabbatean / frankist. In the case of John Podesta, there is not the slightest evidence that he is jewish, at least as far as I’m aware. His position on catholicism does appear to be subversive of that creed though, but he’s a progressive though – it’s quite likely that’s all there is

    2. Tony Podesta is paid around 140,000 USD per month by Saudi Arabia to lobby on its behalf in DC. And we know the devout Mohammedans love kids.

    3. WTF !!!! ? Is that for real…
      You can spot a pedophile…. it’s in this slimy facial expression they all have – i always saw that jimmy saville was a pedophile – something creepy about the guy –
      these two are the same – it’s easy to spot – a bit like looking for a gay man. once you know the tells – it’s night and day. pedos are the same. you just have to know the tells. it’s in the eyes – they’ve seen things and basically got away with murder – you cannot hide that 100%. they hide it by having power and popularity – they have to – or it would become glaringly obvious – they become so good at hiding it – they seem uber normal – but it’s there just the same.
      look at podesta’s slime eyes – Bush and Clinton had it also. some big rock stars and actors also have it. it’s also in the mouth – look at Tony’s smile – no matter how genuine it’s totally fake.
      they look odd and fake…. there’s a deep seated self loathing and disgust.

  7. Any reasonable society should recongnize their ‘special’ need, give them a ‘special’ place, then put some ‘special’ dirt back in the giant hole to cover the place and their scream of agony.
    Then, we should beguin a snake farming on the place to remember them dearly.

  8. What a crazy world. Imagine if its all true and Trump can get it exposed. Bill and Hillary go to jail. Barack admits he married a man, his ex gay lovers were killed and the children are adopted.
    I trust a rich asshole over a smooth talking PC puppet any day.

    1. It is truly mind blowing to consider that yes…. this WILL be in history books in the future. History books that will have AGE RESTRICTIONS on them because the history to date… world wars and all… are nothing in comparison to the damage mentally this WILL produce on people who simply cannot, cannot believe “humans” are capable of such things.

  9. We live in a nation where murdering babies is legal…..LEGAL!! Why not pedophilia?
    Just in my state, up the road in a cesspool of a city in the last couple weeks……26yr old woman stabs her mother to death in the heart, she gets 2-3 yrs in prison, out in 10 months from now. A teenager throws her newborn baby out the window, claims she didn’t know she was pregnant…had the kid right there on the floor and tossed it out the window, not high or drunk. She gets sympathy and a slap on the wrist. This in a conservative state that cites the Bible as the reason to not allow casino gambling…the sickness continues

    1. some dumb broad posted a vid of her having sex with her dog on social media…list goes on and on…

      1. A woman has just been jailed for giving her 1 year old son a blowjob on webcam (I’m not fking joking).

    2. Pedophilia is just another form of Child Sacrifice. Diddling prepubsecents is just another form of the destruction of life leaving very often husks even if the body still lives.

  10. pizzagate is 100% real, dig for yourselves gents and you’ll come to the same conclusion just by applying logic. pizzagate is what’s going to make the Elites fall

  11. The real crime is that anything underhanded in the public eye gets the “-gate” moniker.
    Watergate was a hotel (in pretty crappy condition now, too), not a categorical suffix.

    1. it waters it down and makes it into a kind of false flag media hype – you can tell when there’s all fog and manipulation going on where gate gets added.

  12. Just remember that some of this may be true, and some of it may be false. The Skippy video looks suspicious to me – too convenient and looks designed to the choir angry and wound up while doing providing nothing akin to proof. Re., comet pizza, some weird and probably sick shit went on down there, but again it’s as likely to distract from Podesta & his (probably literal) partners in crime as to incriminate them.
    The best way those who don’t want this to come out can defend themselves (and in doing so protect the perps) is by working to dilute the evidence, and the credibility of the claims being made. Less is more folks

    1. “Skippy video looks suspicious to me – too convenient and looks designed to the choir angry and wound up while doing providing nothing akin to proof”
      I would agree that it’s really impossible to determine if that child is yelling ‘skippy’ (some closer analysis is due here).
      That being said the voice of the abuser DOES at least sound like Podesta.

  13. “Field house”
    .buying pillows, as souvenirs…..
    Theres definitely something going on

  14. I think pizzagate is 100% true for one reason, and one reason alone:
    The words “fake news” were NEVER combined by the mainstream media until people online started making connections between high-ranking members of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and pedophilia rings.
    If the MSM had tried to debunk WMDs in Iraq the same way they’ve tried to debunk pizzagate, the Iraq War would never have happened…

    1. …And since “fake news” immediately opened an attack on the mainstream media, they must have kept pushing it, knowing very well that it would hurt them more than anyone else.

      1. Not until Trump fired it right back at CNN, which as soon as he did caused the media to start dropping the slogan.

    2. This has nothing to do with this discussion, but I had an epiphany last night.
      All you poor bastards going divorce court, start identifying as a woman.
      Take advantage of every fucking thing these loophole, law or straight up call out white woman’s privilege when it’s going against you.

      1. Actually, brilliant idea. You walk into a court room looking like a badly done Bruce TransJenner, give the trans clap trap and maybe walk away with your money and your balls. Don’t let the Kleenex fall out of your braaahhhhhhhh.

      2. Even dinky ass backwoods towns nowadays have tunnels leading to the courthouses when family court is in session. Talk about fucking secrecy. You never even see the witch bitch family court judge walk in the front door. They caravan in and out of town in their rat pack in deep state looking suburbans with limo tint. Are they even human? Why the secrecy and the extreme protocol for the operatives who do the hands on dirty work dismantling the family? The child trafficking/protection racketeers are the most secretive. This shit goes on all over the nation. We’ve been under siege for decades.

      3. You idiot, you can’t fool the liberal judge by pretending to be a woman. The judge knows there is a penis in the courtroom, will find that penis, and will punish the owner, severely, everytiem

        1. Then be outraged at the judges oppression, just like your wife has been oppressing you for years to the point of suicide.
          Then tell her you need to take a break and ask directions to the female toilet

    3. Look the issue here is not if it’s true or not – it’s a.) that nothing at all was done to investigate – Look at Jimmy Saville – best friend of the Thatchers – had the keys to a children’s hospital he visited at night time – it’s something to investigate if there’s any smell at all. b.) the public hasn’t even sneezed – they will go on marches with tens of thousands over transgender bathrooms, but children can be buggered and carved up where ever and when ever –

      1. The regular public hasn’t sneased because it’s the silent majority of the people whom voted for Trump that cares about this sort of thing. I fall into that group. I believe there is something here as well, but we live in a country of laws and we can’t go arresting people without very serious proof.
        Me, I’m a sales rep and I own some rental properties and I have a family. I literally don’t have time in my life to get to all of that and working out. I support further investigation of this and the way I support it is by reading article and watching videos that talk about it. The more views they get, the more resources the journalists can get to investigate.
        I, like most good people, don’t have the time to go to a protest every month doing the middle of work weeks. That’s why this country is up an arms over stupid things. Rich people can pay and/or lead poor people with no jobs to go bitch and complain about whatever the rich asshole wants. Even without the rich people coordinating it, it is still likely to be unemployed people going to protest anything.
        So, I will keep reading and watching, I will support those who are investigating, I will hope that as many pedophiles are brought down as possible. And if truly incriminating evidence that proves someone is guilty is every brought to light, and they are let off Scott free, that’s when I will consider protesting.
        But if the charge is that the MSM isn’t investigating something that clearly needs to be investigated, the appropriate thing to do is not protest, but to quit watching MSM, which I have done. Vote with your feet and your wallet.
        If the whole country did just that, the MSM would have no choice but to turn over a few of the pedophiles, just in an attempt to retain viewership and some amount of control.
        And, with that, I think I just made the accidental accusation that anyone whom watches MSM may be inadvertently supporting pedophilia.

    4. Children are a big big deal to the cabal. Follow the pedos and they come up with the term ‘fake news’. But how about ‘follow the kids’ and see what the trail reveals. Fake news is a cover for the perpetrators who must be brought out but stop and consider for a moment the ones who aren’t so much heard, the children themselves. Who’s children are they? Where were they procured and by whom? Would their folks PLEASE STEP FOREWARD so we can get this war cranking?
      Senator Nancy Schaffer (Ga) was ‘murder suicided’ along with her husband much like Breitbart was ‘Breitbarted’. She was opening probes into the state’s CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, the secretive protection racket that is fraught with missing records and where countless kids have ‘disappeared’ into the government black hole. Many kids removed from parents by aggressive jew and cabal prosecutors across the land end up as medical waste less a few organs or if they’re lucky, they live on in Podesta’s basement. Kids simply ‘disappear’ into the system. A token number become the poster children rescued from decrepid crack mothers. They serve as PR cover for the cabal, but many other less fortunate absconded children go ‘to market’. Feminism has opened up a bottomless hole of evil and corruption in the west. From the pits of hell, ‘baby eating’ was its founding principle all along. And the state kiddie protection racket is more than just redistributing kids and assigning them away from politically incorrect homes. It’s far more than just a political weapon. They’re feeding the beast WITH OUR YOUTH! There are ritualistic bung eaters and blood drinkers stumbling out the doors of every legislature and city courthouse. Literally. Some wear skirts and others are beardless circumcised schlubs like Podesta.
      It was 2008 when the Schaeffers were knocked off but now mass communication of populist and anti cathedral voices overrides the MSM’s ability to cover up and drown out dissention and opposition. There must be a thousand fold Schaffers by now. For the anti immigration voice too there must be a thousand fold Sheriff Arpaio’s voices booming. Every voice is magnified now. I sense a sharp apprehension that the people will exhert a push to keep the process of swamp draining on schedule. There was much pre race limbering up and flexing pre election and WE THE PEOPLE are still warmed up to plunge the drain hole for the swamp. It’s a real shit clog and has been stinking up the place for far too long.
      The cabal – it is a misnomer to call them powerful ‘men’. Men don’t drink sacrificial blood. They are non men. They are the sores and the carbunkles infesting the orifaces of the great bitch whore from hell. They are the most diseased green vaginal slime immaginable. No masculinity can be distilled from them. They’re forever gone, unsalvagable and unredeemable. Get plunging men. Drain their shit down the hole.

  15. Just use google maps to find Comet Ping Pong. While you’re there, look 2 doors up and the old pedo logo for Besta Pizza is still there on Google maps

  16. The problem with all these complex conspiracy theories is this: if the left was really making up these elaborate, well orchestrated plans in order to cover their sins over the last eight years, they wouldn’t have had any time to lead, and the country would go straight to hell. Wait a minute…

    1. Jews assimilated the disgusting practices of their neighbours that do this sort of thing even if they were repeated warned not to. Hence the constant destruction of their nation.

        1. The torah doesn’t actually. And the Talmud(if its proven to be not fabricated) claims show how far Jews have strayed from the Historic Judaism.

        2. I read it. His exegesis is utterly wrong. Reading into the text rather than letting scripture speak for itself.
          As for killing the children of the midianites. Its to prevent future revenge and also to kill all the women responsible for seducing Israel into Idolatry.

  17. After I read the whole article I am disappointed. The article isn’t well structured and there are mistakes.
    An example: The twitter post. It says that Breitbart died ‘less than a month after it’ but actually he died 13 months later..

  18. Thanks for keeping up with this disgusting issue Jean-Batave. Here’s hoping the new Justice Department will apprehend all involved & prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Those who would rape children should be executed, if one is so reprobate as to mistreat the innocent & powerless they have forfeited their place in society.

    1. Let’s hope justice will be served. I see more and more voices about it being silenced, david seaman being the last example. If it’s “fake news”, why do they hunt down the independent investigators?

  19. Has there been ANY kind of investigation by authorities on this?
    The truth is that there is more than enough evidence on hand to justify at least an investigation of some limited scope.
    If this hasn’t been done then it proves that this rabbit hole goes very deep
    For if it were an ‘ordinary’ pedophile ring (with a shallow rabbit hole) an investigation would surely have already been launched by now.

    1. Jimmy Saville was bum buddies with Margaret Thatcher and her wierdo cuck husband Dennis – buddies – do the maths…. find a piece of string and start pulling on the end… there’s no telling how deep it goes or how long it is….

  20. It’s time to bring back the breaking wheel. Confess your sins, elite scum, for you will face divine justice as well as the ravenous hunger of crows and pigeons as your devil-worshiping bodies fracture upon the wheels, leaving you out to hang and dry in public view, a punishment befitting you all, and that’s an understatement.

    1. And a spike on the Traitor’s Gate where crows will eat their eyes-that’s where they should be exhibited to the public.

    2. Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. That’s why the death penalty exists as well.

      1. Matthew 18:6
        “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  21. Conspiracy of Silence. 1993. Discovery Channel. That time it was centered on the republicans.

    However this isn’t a D or R thing, it’s a power thing.

  22. I may not be a sound expert but that evidence is incredibly credible. Had to listen to the video for it. What a disgusting bunch of “human” beings. Would love to be the person who kicked the stool out from under these sickos and watch their necks stretch.

  23. I know it sounds so impossible… so much entrenched power, privilidge and protection… but this is the INTERNET age. “They” are still living in the 20th century. “They” are getting old. “They”… are a dying breed lashing out at the coming “summing up” on the debts they have incurred over centuries.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “Not The Best Of Times” For America, “I Read WaPo And NYT Every Day”
    They can’t stop… or even kill… all of us… and they know it.

  24. Unbeknownst to most, President Trump is very proactive in the protection and rescuing of exploited children, more so than any previous President. https://townhall.com/columnists/lizcrokin/2017/02/25/why-the-msm-is-ignoring-trumps-sex-trafficking-busts-n2290379
    My guess is this information about PizzaGate couldn’t have surfaced at a better time. If anyone is willing to wade into that rats’ nest regardless of the scoffing, labels and danger, it’ll be Trump and his administration.

  25. Podesta has been targeted by the Old World Order,he´s done. The awakening it´s starting, the 7 devils are too old to stop them.

  26. Pot bellied pedophiles put in positions of power then blackmailed to do what they are told…

  27. Wonder what Andrew Breitbart knew? And if he did know something why did he not make arrangements for that information to be shared.
    – Where does Weiner fit in all of this?
    – Did you read about the former PM of GB, Edward Heath? Nothing surprises me anymore.

    1. Weiner was right in on all of it, and didn’t toe the line or do as he was told and got outed…. he pbly thought he was safe because of the Huma / Hillary connect – and nothing much has happened with him yet has it now ? hmm…..
      there’s always a way to smear you just enough if you don’t quite behave – smear the shit out of you, but leave the worst of it aside…. and you go phew and sneak away to lick your own ass and thank god you didn’t get fully outed.

  28. Before Graham Spanier was at Penn State aggresively expanding gay rights on campus, he was covering up for pedos in Nebraska. Google Franklin scandal Nebraska. After he got canned from Penn State, he got a high level position in Obama’s Dept of Defense, but no one knows exactly what that position was. It all fits. So yes, academia is infected at a high level, but the tendrils of this demimond extend everywhere.

  29. I am still holding out judgement on the issue of “pizzagate” until there is some significant evidence of the charges, even though what is available is quite compelling. It is quite likely that Trump is aware of some facts and is waiting to expose them. I’m just waiting to see what happens at this point.
    However, this would be the clear hand of God to deliver justice and reshape the future of this country, by using Trump to shakedown the government over this issue. It is clear that God has placed Trump into the presidency for some reason other than gold drapes in the oval office. This might very well be the reason. Old testament judgement in a New testament age…..

  30. I suspect PizzaGate is one of the main reasons the “elite” have on a full court press to normalize pedophilia. But let’s be clear: this is not pedophelia. This is straight on child rape and child abuse.

    1. Pedophilia is child abuse. Subjecting prepubescents to sexual stimulus before they are designed by nature to do so is damaging to the young child’s psyche.

      1. Pedophilia is attraction to prepubescents. They cant put you in jail for it. They will however put you in jail if you act on it.

      2. Calling this simply “pedophelia” is undercutting the severity of it. Lewis Carol’s drawings of young naked girls was “pedophelia”. Are you equating that with child rape?

  31. The Welch incident is very curious to me. The MO of the MSM whenever an armed individual walks into a public place and starts firing, is to induce hysteria about gun control for the next two weeks. This particular incident? Crickets. Almost no nationwide coverage. I didn’t hear about it until a week after it happened. That right there tells me the hacks in the media were ordered by the powers that be to keep a lid on it.

  32. Think back to the end of the election, when wiki leaks stated that they were going to release the smoking gun on thus and the hillary campaign. Also think back to the NYPD comments about their investigation into weiner, and how they had evidence on huma’s computer that was also a smoking gun.
    Then what wikileaks actually released was pretty tame, Def not the smoking gun he promised, and the NYPD story and the huma’s laptop and email story just kinda disappeared. Like they were sternly “told” not to release the full monty.
    Makes me wonder what hacked evidence still us out there that hasn’t yet come out

  33. Been reading the autobiography of that weird “performance artist” Marina Abramovich recently (she of the “spirit cooking” fracas.) Interesting background if not surprising.
    “My parents were war heroes — they fought against the Nazis with the Yugoslav partisans, Communists led by Tito — and so after the war they became important members of the Party, with important jobs. My father was appointed to Marshal Tito’s elite guard; my mother directed an institute that supervised historic monuments and acquired artwork for public buildings. She was also the director of the Museum of Art and Revolution. Because of this, we had many privileges. We lived in a big apartment in the center of Belgrade …. We had a whole floor, eight rooms for four people … which was unheard of in those days.” (Walk Through Walls, pp 2-3)

  34. Why do white men prefer sex with children or other men to females….females with obvious secondary sexual characteristics ?
    White people are just plain weird and have the nerve to talk about other people…….

    1. Jews aren’t white/ European, they are hereditary psychopaths with a 3000 year history of been psychotic. That said, go to South Africa where blacks rape under 2 year old babies to cure them of AIDs or the Muslim world where pedophilia is almost legal, or India and Brazil, where street children are raped en mass, and you’ll see the only reason you have your opinion is because whites are the only people who make pedophilia illegal and the most serious crime. If everyone else isn’t reporting pedophilia, and we are, that doesn’t mean the former doesn’t have more (it does).

    2. Well, if you don’t like white people be an honest person and boycott white men’s inventions. Stop using a computer, a car, a telephone, a plane, a pen, a book and pretty much everything else.

      1. Matthew 12:36
        “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

        1. Cute. How about when your ‘god’ sends bears to slaughter 42 young boys for mocking a bald dude for the hideous childish antic of being….bald?
          4 Kings 2:23-24
          [21] He went out to the spring of the waters, and cast the salt into it, and said: Thus saith the Lord: I have healed these waters, and there shall be no more in them death or barrenness. [22] And the waters were healed unto this day, according to the word of Eliseus, which he spoke. [23] And he went up from thence to Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, little boys came out of the city and mocked him, saying: Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. [24] And looking back, he saw them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord: and there came forth two bears out of the forest, and tore of them two and forty boys. [25] And from thence he went to mount Carmel, and from thence he returned to Samaria.

  35. ‘Skippy’ isn’t the first schizo personna to come out of a cleric or cabal member. Secret society rites are like a psychiatrists couch with suggestions to coax out and develop a nasty manchurian. The grotesquely bizarre practices in secret society rituals are beyond anything the shrink’s couch with faterfall music playing can conjure up. A leveraged ‘leader’ can be better controlled when their inner ‘monster’ is exhumed from the stench of their inner bowels and quantified and fitted with a flip switch. Some leaders, celebs and underlings of the cabal who are grass eaters to the higher ups are fitted with a ‘fag switch’ and thus the rites trigger the lowers into a shit eating, asshole licking orgy. The dominant carnivores of the cabal are the most compromised, to the extreme to engage in murder and sacrifice and BLOOD EATERS is what what we’re dealing with here. A giant cabal of protected shitsters led by blood drinkers. Pieces of shit all of them. I’m sure scripture has hints of the proper protocol to drive the shit eaters into the sea and do like Pinochet and drop the blood drinkers into the nearest volcano.

  36. I am sure that the MSM will come down on the perps in this case, just as hard as they did against the Catholic Church.

  37. This is just sickening. None of this is being investigated? Instead I keep hearing about Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.

  38. As is the case with many of America’s “cultural diseases,” the roots of this scandal can best be explained by America’s latent Puritanism. If healthy expressions of sexuality are repressed, then degenerate expressions tend to become more common. The Victorian Era in England provides a good example of this dynamic at play.
    American culture is very repressive when it comes to male sexuality. Men are constantly derided for their attraction to young women who have just reached sexual maturity (16-22 year old women). That this repression would result in genuine pedophilia (messing around with pre-pubescent kids) is sadly not surprising.

  39. May I re-direct the author and its readers to http://www.themilleniumreport.com to understand it even better what is currently afoot regarding Pizzagate which is no joke. The Deep state and its agents/participants are whipping the remaining politicians and all other power players into compliance. The guys at themilleniumreport.com are taking that to a whole other level. Maybe it can plug some holes we are still having.
    Yes, Flynn’s son was the first to be fired after tweeting that tweet followed by Flynn Sr and now Milo. It all ties together. Rats are cornered while their tools must go along with the program due to blackmail.

      1. My bad – I apologize for leaving one ‘n’ out! I’m glad to checked it out! I do not know who these guys are but they appear to be well informed with insider information like the FBI anon on the deep web who is exposing these pedos and steps to take while taking them down!

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