The Western Man Is Now A Ronin

During the chaotic and tumultuous periods of feudal Japan, the samurai were the established class of warriors dedicated to serving their Lords. The meaning of the word samurai is “to serve.” If a samurai’s lord died he was expected to ritually disembowel himself in the act of seppuku to maintain his honor.

However, in times of constant war and uncertainty the samurai could easily find himself serving another lord.

Around 1598 the Tokugawa shogunate conquered the fractured nation and unified the land. With pacification and a lack of conflict there became less and less need for warriors. Samurai who chose not to commit seppuku instead became the wandering and disgraced class of ronin.

Due to the feudal hierarchy a samurai was not legally permitted to find work in other fields such as artisan, merchant, or farmer. Even so he would likely scoff because money was regarded as something for women and beneath him. This emerging group of “wave men” or rootless wanderers found employment as mercenaries to the wealthy. Still many chose a life of crime and banditry, operating protection rackets for illegal businesses.

For many the negative side effect of living for higher principles infected their psyche with shame. This was enforced culturally as well. No longer owing his duty and allegiance to his lord, the ronin found himself in unfamiliar territory.

He was trained to serve but never to be a Master himself.

The Modern Male

modern male kills himself

Killing himself for the system.

A similar situation does the modern male of the West find himself in. He has been trained his whole life to serve.

To serve women.

To serve his country.

To serve his corporation.

When he is no longer useful or unwilling to be a doormat for everyone else he is easily replaced by another more willing slave.

Males of this age unwilling to live a life of servitude for an increasingly hostile system choose to become a modern ronin. Much like the strange social and economic territory the ronin of feudal Japan found themselves in, so too does the modern male when he unplugs from the matrix. We have been propagandized, programmed, and indoctrinated ruthlessly into denying our most savage and masculine nature.

Every male is a target for the privileged victim classes to socially smear and shame without consequence. For most this has just become an accepted part of life. Many even cuck themselves and join the screeching howls of petulant poodles clamoring for their own extinction.

The mistake many of the ronin made before are the same ones a man makes when he realizes he can no longer be a lapdog for the system. He fears to be outcast. He allows shame and other people’s words to forcefully shove him off solid ground. He doesn’t even realize the great power and freedom he has now been given. So this gift goes to waste.

A Most Dangerous Freedom

time to stand up

The new class of modern ronin are completely masterless. They no longer serve the system or feed it’s hideous tentacles. Instead of shame and despair they should delight in this blessing. Having no master to serve, no ungrateful lord to fight and die for, you now have the greatest opportunity.

To become the Master.

The modern ronin has nothing to lose. The undeniable power of this rule can make him extremely dangerous. Having been pushed to the fringes by our society, and told we are no longer needed, we are free to live as we please and exert our will to power as we see fit. This is true freedom. The inescapable choice the modern male must make.

Find your fulfillment from external sources of ego validation and compete with the rest of the weak to become the loudest crybaby. Or find contentment from within and become self reliant through outcome independence.  This is the Master-Slave dichotomy.

Every male has the savage heart of his ancestors beating furiously inside. Ancestors who hacked their way out of the jungle and forced this bitch Mother Earth to open her fucking legs and give us what we want. We didn’t ask her permission. We took it.

Master Or Slave

I have found that in nature and in human relationships as well there exists no such thing as the wispy phantom called equality. There is only the master and the slave. You have a choice in this life. To be the master requires great effort, training, courage and sacrifice. To be the slave just means you continue dropping trou and take it like a good little boy.

What do you think most people choose?

Indeed greater men in the ages past have noted that the natural state of man is one of slavery. You must expel from your mind any former notions of equitable treatment from the world you live in. You must accept the truth. The strong survive. The weak perish. For the modern ronin we can achieve the shape of formlessness. We can embody the ultimate power of mushin no shin.

Mind Of No Mind

Achieve mastery

This is the mental frame of mind whereby the practitioner has assumed formlessness. Dropping fear, anger, shame, and ego his mind becomes the essence of a fluid motion. This is most readily experienced through combat. Where in battle there is no time to think or even to feel, only to act.

For the modern man who has become a ronin he is in the perfect position to surpass everyone else. He can become his own Master. Leaving the death culture of a post modern world behind and forging ahead to a greater and grander form of living.

One of the greatest examples of a ronin achieving ultimate power is Miyamoto Mushashi, who is considered by many to be the greatest swordsman who ever lived. His Book Of Five Rings is necessary reading on how the modern ronin should think and act. He obeyed none of the rules and therefore became a rule unto himself.

Upon a feud with a rival clan Musashi agreed to a duel with a ranking member. Instead of showing up on time he made them wait. He let them question and wonder. Then at some point seemingly out of nowhere he appeared out of some bushes and immediately started attacking. This is the power of formlessness.

Achieve Mastery

Become a Master

Now there is no better time than ever to be exactly where you are right now. There is much you can do and become. If only you learn to trust your instincts and accept reality for what it is. Not what it should be. You are a man with only YOURSELF to rely on. Never let yourself get comfortable and never forget.

No one is going to help you.

No one is going to save you.

No one gives a fuck about you.

Choose to continue living a life of bitch boy submission for a hateful and poisonous system maliciously aligned against you. Or choose to transcend the modern cesspool of suicidal degeneracy.

That pounding fury in your heart? Listen to it. Trust it. Become the master of your reality. Become a Ronin.

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175 thoughts on “The Western Man Is Now A Ronin”

    1. Not only they don’t give a fuck, they might even mock you for being alone.

      1. Not only they don’t give a fuck, they WILL DEFINITELY mock you for being alone.
        Fixed it for ya.

      2. It’s mostly women that fear loneliness mainly because they have never felt alone until they hit their mid thirties that’s when they feel it. Women love to say you will die alone because thats the worst fo them. Why do women look for validation and pats onthe head more than men

        1. My Mother is always quick to point out that since I don’t have or want kids that I will die alone. My standard retort to anyone who says that is “We all die alone, no one can take the journey with you even if they are there to see you off.”

        2. When women throw that out there it is pure projection.
          They say it because that is their biggest fear for themselves. Whenever a woman tries throw something like that at me I look them right in the eyes and smile.
          I keep staring right into them because I know how palpable that fear is for them. Then I say.
          “Are you afraid to be alone?”
          The whole time I’m smiling/smirking at them.
          The look in their face is hilarious.

        3. I find it highly ironic how women fear being alone (and by projection try to make us men fear being alone, too) — when it is they who reject us and make us men be alone during our teens and twenties (our most formative years as pre-adults and adults). Then, when we men have mostly lived alone up to our thirties, the women want us to marry — after they rejected us and marriage in their teens and twenties.
          Then when we men reject them and marriage for the bad decision that it is, they can be relied upon to trot out their typical question: “Don’t you fear dying alone?”
          If any woman asked me that in the past (I’m in my fifties now), I usually answered “No, I really don’t care. And you’re at least a decade too late to ask me that. Because you women rejected me when I was young, I learned to live alone and not be bothered by it, if not enjoy it.”

        4. This needs more up votes. I dated a single mom recently. She made a red pill appearance, however, I didn’t give in to possible manipulation. How convenient for her to take up red pill once she became a single mom with a traditional upbringing. Too late. I called her out on it. Another well blown man walks away.

  1. Most of the mistakes I have made in life were because I listened to someone else, or some outside influence, instead of what I instinctively knew to be right.

      1. I was going though an old box of stuff the other day, and I came across a journal from 2nd grade. The teacher had us write in journals every week, and then she would write a response, to improve our writing. I noticed that I used complex sentences with commas, which I think is pretty advanced for a 2nd grader. Then I came across an entry where the teacher upbraided me for not writing about what she wanted me to. I responded: “I will write what I want to write.” I gave my 2nd grade self a nod.

        1. I’m reminded of my 2nd grade self. A math problem where the choice was between 110 pennies or a $1 bill. I chose the $1 bill because “I don’t want heavy pants”.
          Bout year later I was read “War of the Worlds”.

        2. It’s funny how conditioning can erase such childlike wisdom. It is interesting that the War of the Worlds influenced you toward wisdom, though. There are good and necessary influences, but we should be careful how they affect our wisdom.

        3. As children we know the very important things in life but the misery that adults want to share with us is passed on down to us in a way they treat as wisdom which is not true and there’s the problem of peer pressure.

        4. Similarly as a high school freshman I was in Advanced Placement English. In class discussions about assigned reading the teacher always seemed to steer the other students thoughts to whatever he believed and they went along with it. Once I was asked about my interpretation of a poem which was very different from the other student reactions which were the same. He flat out said I was wrong to the class. I said “It’s MY interpretation of the writing, not the author’s.” No one had even noticed that was the question he posed.

        5. When I was 12 my class did a presentation on superheroes. My friends did superman and I picked Michael Wittman the SS tank commander for surviving so long hahaha. My teacher was German and let it slide through. I went on to ace all my adult exams and a degree.. but the world of slaving for 8 hours a day doesn’t give a fuck about intelligence I’ve found. Especially if you’re male.

    1. I wish I had more up votes to give you sir. Not listening is one of the greatest attributes of a man. We especially know it is true since women are always complaining about it lol.

    2. “Instinctively knew” is key. Ever since I was in grade school, I knew there was something wrong about being locked up 8 hours a day.

    3. “Most of the mistakes I have made in life were because I listened to someone else, or some outside influence, instead of what I instinctively knew to be right”
      For me too.

    4. Most mistakes I made happened because I thought my grandpa was a racist judgmental mean old coot. Turns out he was right about everything, and every one of his descendants were wrong about him and the world. THEN he turns around after years of being “cheap” leaves us a ton of money behind. Turns out he was also successful and saved his money after working very hard for a long long time.
      I can’t tell you how dysfunctional my extended family is. My entire family, dozens of us, would have been simply better off always doing exactly as he told with respect and love, because he loved us and still took care of us even though we laughed in his face.

        1. I think so. Just when I became red pill enough to know how red pill he was, we had one interesting conversation about Jews in the media, and then he passed.
          He complained that Jews control the media. I agreed but said that was the free market for ya. He wanted to go more into why is bad for Jews to control the media but he liked to take tl arguments in small increments and left it at that.

    5. Yeah, same here. I thought my whole life up until my mid twenties that I was useless and needed to depend on others for anything from validation to approval and guidance. But then by chance, I had my IQ tested by an employer for a work opportunity and it turned out I had a whole standard deviation higher IQ than the norm. I still didn’t get the job because of bad grades but from then on I reevaluated the importance of my own opinions. In retrospect it was the best decision I’ve ever made.
      Life lesson learned:
      Most people are stupid, incompetent or would like you to see you fail. Don’t put their opinions before your own.

    6. The truth is we make mistakes directed both by our own opinions and someone else’s as well. That’s how we learn and gain experience. It is hilarious to assume we move forward only by listening ourselves. It only shows how alienated and atomized the modern society actually is.

    7. Yeah, “Just be a man, and let your reputation fend for itself.” Truer words were never better spoken

  2. Note: savages don’t build civilizations without ceasing to be savages. Before you master anything, you have to master yourself, not be a destructive monkey. The Japanese keep learning this the hard way—the last time, it took a couple nukes to get them back on track.
    Of course, the samurai spirit, though re-applied to industrial pursuits, has evaporated and given way to a generation of wimpy Japanese men and ruined women. I hope that real Japanese men will reject the system that won’t give them the success it gave their fathers and grandfathers. Instead of opting out of normal society for a pathetic life of anime and dating sims, they need to re-assume command of their women and rebuild the Japanese clan life.

    1. Civilization today represents degeneracy, suicide and decay. The entire point of the article is to master oneself.
      In actuality to be a savage today means a man who accepts his nature and the nature of humanity without illusion. To become “civilized” means nothing more than to be a weakling and a cuckold.
      It is impossible to be a man today and also be “civilized”. This is my thoughts on the matter. Take it how you will.

      1. “Master yourself” Wow that sounds so deep.
        The author is obviously childless. Men and women never truly mature until they have children. Without that they are forever stuck incomplete. Lift all the weights and read all the books you want but your psyche will forever be stuck as a post adolescent until you learn selflessness, unconditional love, protector and fatherhood. Any thing less is claptrap, snap out of it. Have children, continue your race, honor your ancestors. Prepare for the struggle that’s coming.
        Ronin, give me a break. Roosh gets it.
        This is just romanticized voidism.

        1. Men and women never truly mature until they have kids? Give me a break. I got 3 kids and I will tell you that they were not what matured me. Reading the works of others, introspection, experience, and focusing on my goals is what matured me.
          Did I mature when I had kids? Depends on how you look at it. My priorities shifted somewhat, but I didn’t all of a sudden become a totally new and improved person.
          There’s more than one way to maturity and each person reaches that point in their own way.

        2. I’m not anti family. Quite the contrary.
          Seeing as how most males do not get the luxury of reproducing what I offer is wisdom on how to make the best of what we have been given.
          No one deserves anything in this life. The strong will do what they can.
          The weak will suffer what they must.
          You offer easy criticism and a band aid slap on solution with no practical means of achieving it.
          You have obviously not endured the hardship that MOST men of the west are now suffering. You sit in your likely gated community and bubble wrapped suburb and have the gall to spout of about romanticized idealism.

        3. The only “men of the west” that face hardship are Whites.
          The rest are living better than they have ever lived.
          White males have been neutered an anesthetized and are the only group that has been intentionally deluded to eschew maturity and family trained instead to seek entertainment.

        4. The article got a rise out of me because it addresses masculine virtue without a word about fatherhood. Which to me smells deliberately kosher

        5. I definitely advocate strong homogeneous societies. That starts with the nuclear family. Something I have spoken of a lot on my own blog, along with throwing your tv’s out. But as you said white males are ridiculously weak. First they must become strong and self reliant. When that happens women, family and communities will naturally grow.
          The genesis is from the SEED. The man. The masculine principle. That’s what women need and that’s what the world needs.
          First the weak male must reject the poison. Then he can grow and bear fruit.

        6. Wait, I didnt realize that youre the author of the article.
          Extra thanks.
          Youre good you 🙂

        7. Fatherhood is actually the greatest cuck trap to fall into. Civilization and bearing and raising children are from feminine matriarchal urges. Not saying this to get under your skin but it’s true that patriarchy is more or less just more men serving women interests
          No doubt you are using the typical feminist leftist shaming tactics calling real men children for not caring about raising children.

        8. Can you give an example? I’ve heard this countless times on this blog but nobody ever explained how

        9. Sounds to me you are a father who tries to find validation from others and tries to force the idea of fatherhood the leading example of masculinity but alas the word father is no different than saying a male mother, caring about one’s young and coddling something they find precious (cute) is from the hormones oxytocin which stimulates nipples for breastfeeding and stretching of the uterus
          Men caring about being a father to children is unnatural and itself is from indoctrination

        10. Any civilization that glamorizes fatherhood is to force men to bear part of a woman’s natural born pain
          It’s like if women suffer PMS every man must feel it too.
          Women can’t get a man pregnant so as a revenge they try and make men help them raise the young or give up resources

        11. Yeah, this whole “not a man till you get some retired slut to shit out a copy of yourself”…
          I love both my parents, but I have more understanding than the both of them put together.
          And my older brother, a father of 5.

        12. There is no unconditional love. Even parents’ “love” for their offspring is conditioned by Evolution.

        13. “The strong will do what they can.
          The weak will suffer what they must.” – from Thucydides’ description of Athens conquest of neutral Melos. But Athens got theirs i n return. Euripides wrote “The Trojan Women” to protest this clear injustice. But Athens ignored him. In turn, eventually Athens loses the Peloponnesian War, and four thousand of its citizen soldiers taken captive are slaughtered at the Goat River. Athens’s polity is destroyed, and is replaced with the tyranny of The Thirty, After a civil war, the Thirty are overthrown and Demokratia is restored. 1st order of business is to kill Socrates.
          No, let’s not follow the example of Melos. It had consequences.

        14. Would you really prefer to be Black? They have sold their birthright and did not even get a mess of pottage. Look at their increasingly sorry state, their women mostly bearing bastards, their lives full of crime and drugs, their culture increasingly debased. Who’d be Black if they could help it?

        15. I say it in a sense that it is the prerogative of the strong to do as they will. That can be for destruction or creation, good or evil, however you wish to interpret it.
          The weak has no choice in the matter because the weak will always be subject to the strong. Whether to his benevolence, his malice or his indifference.
          Just because the strong can does not mean they should. Like you said there are consequences, often drastic for every choice.

        16. I think I posted this once before that whites need to catch up. White man need TWO (2) wives. Then take ye two wives white man and line them up, butt-cheek to butt-cheek, and PULL THE RIPCORD on that two-stroke baby machine!! . . . ”renn-nenn-neh-neh-neh-bzzzz-grrrrrr” . . . ”POP”(backfire) . . heh . . (it’s a chainsaw joke, get it?) . . (see, two-strokes can’t backfire) . . chainsaw joke, eeh

        17. Wow. Launched 3 separate attacks on my same comment.
          Filthy degenerate.
          How was your parade last week?

        18. There is no unconditional love. THAT, sir, is romanticized voidism.

        19. So basically the entire human race to this point is a “cuck”. Seriously?

        20. I have a solution to the physical part. We all begin working at water treatment plants. From here we begin dumping copious amounts of steroids and testosterone into the water supply. We do this till the water is blue and coming out of the faucet tasting like blue raspberry.

        21. That might offset, slightly, all the estrogen, prozac and ritalin in there right now. Also, remind them to toss plenty of Kratom in.

        22. That’ll change the flavor some but I don’t think anyone will be too dismayed by it. If it doesn’t do the trick we will have to get some tiger shark blood and HGH.

        23. Nonsense, kid.
          In every single proper “patriarchal” society, a man being a father especially of boys, is applauded and aspired to.
          A man without sons is better off not having those testicles wasting space in his groin.

        24. Actually, he’s being realistic.
          Regale us with tales of all the Kings and Nobles who willingly avoided reproduction, who gayly passed their wealth and titles on to whoever could steal it, etc.

        25. Maybe an unconsummated fag – if he was able to practice, he’d be busy at the gloryholes instead of at ROK.

        26. Strange. Hammurabi states, in the prologue to his code, that he received from the god Shamash (=Apollo) for the purpose”that the strong shall not oppress the weak, and that there will be justice for the widow and orphan”. Even four thousand year ago, people knew. The Athenians forget – see what happened to them.

        27. Yet, Christianity as expressed in its Greek testaments seemed to be about unconditional love. Was it wrong, all these centuries later? Is their god dead, so that now we worship machtpolitik?

      2. It should be noted that in Huxley’s “Brave New World” it is the outsider who is named John the Savage. He is the person in the story who has a moral center, who has read Shakespeare and leads what we would consider a more traditional life on the reservation. The civilization that he encounters, on the other hand, looks a lot like what we have today.

      3. The “man is now a ronin” axiom is correct in that most of the proper societal structures are being degraded. I will admit that 95% of what made Western society great is gone or being destroyed, but that doesn’t give men a free pass on becoming barbarians. They need to apply the ancient values of self-control, acceptance of circumstances, and righteous action to deal with today’s calamity. It is funny that you discount these cornerstones of civilized life while mentioning Japan, a nation whose men are sometimes known for taking these values to extremes.
        Just because the left is destroying civilization in the name of progress doesn’t mean that civilization no longer exists. It is a silent, suffering minority, but I personally know of several American families who are devoutly religious and raise strong, healthy children in a manner I think people in the 1800s would more or less approve of.

        1. “A similar situation does the modern male of the West find himself in. He has been trained his whole life to serve.”
          Service is one of the most important things a society can have, and is ingrained into all successful cultures and their religion. The idea that nobody cares about anyone else, that all social organization is corrupt, and all this other stuff you see in the typical post-apocalyptic fantasy is patently wrong.
          The defining characteristic of the ronin is not newfound freedom and individualism, but sad loss of servitude and organizational worth. This was the prevailing sentiment among the young Japanese officers starting in the 1920s—that the society they had protected and made great in the wars and conquests of 1894, 1904, and 1910 was hanging them out to dry in favor of globalization, westernization, socialism, and commercialism.
          The Japanese soldiers felt themselves to be unwanted ronin in a degenerated state, so they actively undermined the state in the name of the emperor. This led to the invasion of China and the Pacific War. They were trying to restore an ideal they believed (probably correctly) had been corroded. They wanted an organization worthy of their service, so they torn down the old organizations.
          But we all know how that ended. Japan was defeated and became the docile, emasculated place it is today. Why did the ronin fail? Because they usurped civilized power and tried to bring about positive change through brutal conquest. In the end they totally discredited Japan’s manly virtues.

        2. Change through brutal conquest isn’t one of a number of options to effect your destiny. It is the ONLY option. With the only caveat that you must win or die.
          Anything less is pure fantasy.
          The strong will ALWAYS rule the weak. The only way for the weak to change that is to become stronger than those that oppress them. That is it and that is all.
          Losing ones place as a needed warrior for a Lord or a cause is important to any man. That the ronin lost their purpose was not something I intended to show as a positive. Or an embrace of radical individualism. I never said that once in the article. It was simply looking at the positives. Reframing a bad situation into one that won’t cause despair.
          Service a man brings to his house and his land. When his house and his land are no longer his, he has no obligation to serve any longer but to rip and rend, tear and smash the edifices which assail him.

    2. Indeed, civilization is built on the basis on collaboration. The individual who doesn’t serve anybody can find a way for himself and avoid being a lost ronin, but society won’t flourish on his shoulders.
      Hard times to come.

    3. It is rather interesting how 2 of the more masculine cultures in Japan and the Nordic peoples have devolved so greatly.

        1. For the Japanese, it was fear that finally killed the samurai. In the 1800’s, fear of the government’s army (with their rifles and Western allies) forced them to put away their swords. The spirit was yet alive in WWII, when kamikaze pilots charged into their deaths without fear. But the bomb, along with the implied threat, encouraged them to embrace more of the West than they ever had before.
          A beaten and weary people were handed all the worst aspects of the Modern West. No wonder they fell so far so fast.

        2. Werent the kamikazes high on methamphetamine though? High as kites; brave, not so much

        3. coupla bong hits too. Popped Dark Side of the Moon into the Zero’s CD player too(it was a very mellow suicide mission)

        4. Sokaku Takeda lived through Meiji and the banning of swords. He was a badass.
          “There are many legends about TAKEDA which are couched in ambiguities such as the time when a certain area of Japan was infested with bandits and SOKAKU was sent to “investigate”. The day after TAKEDA left the area the bandit leader was found dead from a broken neck. It seemed that he had fallen from his horse.
          One incident is far from ambiguous. One day while on his way to the training hall TAKEDA became the butt of jokes and insults from a group of construction workers. In the ensuing confrontation TAKEDA drew his sword and although hopelessly outnumbered fought until mounted police came to rescue him.. The police found nine dead and many more seriously wounded. At the trial SOKAKU was told that the day of the sword was over. He had his weapon confiscated and was released without charge. Incidentally the judge was of samurai stock.”

        5. Yes, one shot of sake, but not enough to get drunk. They spent the night before the flight in quiet contemplation, going on solitary walks, writing their death haikus, writing their good-bye letters to their loved ones, that kind of thing. It was all very dignified. Most of them were university-educated and the oldest among them was 26 years old. Each kamikaze pilot wore a ceremonial belt around his waist with 1,000 stitches. This belt was given to him by his mother, who went around looking for 1,000 virtuous maidens, each of whom she asked to sew one stitch into the belt. I find all of this very moving. Here is the death haiku of one of these pilots :
          “If only I may fall
          Like a cherry blossom
          In the spring:
          So radiant, so pure!”

        6. All sides used speed in those days … U.S., German as well. Mainly to stay awake for long periods of flight and fighting.

        7. Technology is responsible for the rise of beta males. Men that weren’t mentally developed enough to suddenly take control only leads to a cucked nation

        8. Alas, even to an untrained eye 70 years after the fact, they clearly had to know that their deaths would be nothing but impotent statements. Better to have stayed on and lived to fight the invaders on the island (they had no idea bout the nukes at that time) than burn out in a futile gesture, methinks.

        9. The genie is out of the bottle. What would change this is the type of technology that promotes excellent men. And not allow the scenario you talk about come to pass and be able to counteract and out compete current technology

        10. What men really need is the flexibility to adapt and display masculine virtue in whatever circumstance he finds himself in. Samurai who didn’t adapt became obselete. Same with us.

        11. As I grow older, it becomes clearer how death cults are not only always doomed to failure, but just how flamingly gay they are.
          I bet faggots write some sweet haikus…

      1. I think they kind of peaked on the testosterone. That’s the danger of losing balance

      2. Add the Scots to the “devolved” list. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to “remain” in the EU . To remain part of the corporate slave state which is the EU. What happened to the ferocious , violent jocks? Answer: the welfare state . Welfare can transform any culture/peoples into sheep…

        1. Wales did the same, as did the more Catholic areas of Northern Ireland. I suspect one part of it is being cucked, and another part is flipping the finger toward England, who throughout history has been antagonistic and often downright hostile toward their ethnic interests. The irony is that the EU’s plans for them are far far worse.

        2. No force in Nine Hells can make me frown upon redheads with freckles…;))
          As for their men…that’s another story..

        3. Allowing them to shave those magnificent burning bushes is a sin that can not be forgiven. 🙂

        4. …and going extinct because of the results of its own poor choices.

        5. Maybe it’s the sheeps’ fault – remember that article about gene transfer through intercourse?

      3. Too much masculinity brings security which brings prosperity which causes people to be more relaxed and ignore the past.

        1. Unless humans transcend their primate ancestry…Ares will continue to cull the herd – and bring (cyclic) progress in His wake…

      4. Advancement of science and technology was one factor
        If it wasn’t for women’s health improvements, women would know their best place to work was at home.

      5. Italians and Greek do not fall much behind, alas…all noise, no swords….:((

      6. Japan had the benefit of the nuclear bomb. Nords had the benefit of welfare and equality.

    4. Hikikomori, locking oneself in ones bedroom for the duration of ones adolescence

    5. “The Japanese keep learning this the hard way—the last time, it took a couple nukes to get them back on track.”
      Not sure I agree with that. The Japanese CRUSHED all the other countries in Asia, not because they were savages, but because they were nationalistic, disciplined people that saw themselves at the chosen ones. They also needed resources which the islands of Japan lacked.

      1. The Japanese crushed them, but to what result? They believed that their ethnic and national purity would lead them to victory, but they failed to read the first chapter of Sun Tzu, the little bit that talks about the “moral law.” They took on China, the Soviet Union, and the United States plus Great Britain within FOUR YEARS. And unlike in 1905, when they treated Russian prisoners humanely, in WW2 they intentionally expressed the greatest brutality to their conquered populations.
        What reason did they have to fight? The army didn’t want Japan to do trade with other countries like China and the United States in peace. They thought that the only way to survive was to have a colonial empire, where everyone except Japanese were slaves or subservient in some way.
        The Japanese army and navy had special consultative privileges with the Emperor, and starting in the mid-1920s began to dominate politics in Tokyo.
        The Japanese military, as has happened so many times in the nation’s history, superseded the civil government and expanded its own power using nationalism and geopolitical Darwinism as an excuse.
        What happened to Japan is a lesson to those who are fiercely nationalist and disciplined but lack a greater, universal sense of justice. The Japanese have an issue where they think the form is the most important and often are nihilists when it comes to the deeper aspects of life and morality.

    6. Japan is oversexualized and very feminist on an economic standpoint hence low birthrates and foppish men

      1. Certainly. I don’t why they gave women rights considering the excellent job they’ve done of keeping politically correct BS to a minimum. I’d guess it’s a combination of Japan’s historically lax sexual mores and the greed of those who produce popular culture (sex sells).

        1. Politics in Japan is male dominated and they don’t have universal suffrage(as far as I know)

        1. They are a wise choice; with a little proper training and some tender infernal loving care, you can have Your own little SJW-eater…

  3. The modern man no longer possess any spiritual wisdom or guidance in regards to the world of traditional masculinity. In otherwords, it has died. Over the course of the last few decades, we have essentially witnessed the demise of what it was that gave man purpose and a sense of hope in this life- a job, a family, and a respectable place in society. All of this has now disappeared and resulted in the high epidemic of today’s emasculated men that we see everywhere- the man who is thin, relys on his girlfriend to support him, has no spiritual strength to overcome the hurdles and struggles of life etc.
    It is a sad but honest reflection of the kind of world in which we live in. After seeing the destruction of the manufacturing industries, the over regulations of small businesses to the creation of a service sector economy in conjunction with every law and piece of legislation being made in favor of women while creating negative consequences to the spirituality of what it means to be a man, the modern man has essentially been left to rot. He has no sense of purpose or any real direction to follow. It is the very reason why men are resorting towards crime, committing suicide and even worse, repeating the same mistakes of their parents- having kids out of wedlock, giving up on building ambition etc. The continuous cultural decline we are witnessing has spiralled out of control and anyone with a degree of common sense and astute observation, can see it.
    I believe that men now more than ever, need to find themselves as to who it is that they truly are as individuals. Indeed, no one is going to help you and we have seen that over the last decade or so with the continous denigration and berating of men being portrayed as the villain. So learn from what it is you are seeing and experiencing and learn to persevere. If there is one classic trait that the Samurai had mastered than it was not to fear death. Look at life with an open mind and always be ready to take on the challenges it will throw at you. Even in the darkest of times, keep yourself going by doing something that gives you purpose such as reading, working out and travelling and to always remember that you will depart this world at some point in your life. So make the most of it.

    1. “the continuous cultural decline we are witnessing has spiralled out of control and anyone with a degree of common sense and astute observation, can see it”
      Unfortunately, the majority of people (i am not counting women cause they are not capable of critical thinking in general) cannot even see the decline and degeneration of our times even if it is pretty obvious. They cannot reverse a lifetime of programming, indoctrination and propaganda.

  4. The key points, rewritten in the style of the Havamal (the cheap translations – I’m not made of money)
    Learn to seek strength and comfort
    From within yourself
    He who draws from others
    Becomes their slave
    When the mind is empty
    The body acts
    When the body knows its role
    The mind is not needed
    A man who forges his own path
    Becomes king of new lands
    The man who sails among a fleet
    Will never see his glory
    On the long and winding road
    Each man walks alone
    Confident in his axe and shield
    A man is unafraid

      1. This is at the heart of mastery, and is most difficult to describe.
        In direct application to Game, it means the Game has suffused your entire person. You no longer have to actively approach women – you will approach women naturally. You no longer have to think about what to say or do next – you just do. You no longer have to push yourself to the gym – you go, and you work hard.
        In martial arts philosophy, it is called “assuming formlessness” or “becoming one with nothing.” The state is easily recognized when achieved, but difficult to describe.
        These explanations are woefully insufficient, but I hope they help you see what is meant.

  5. I see ronin all the time in nyc. they rock those topknots, so they must be ronin, right?

      1. Ah, so they arent ronin, they are merely dickbags. thanks for clearing that up

  6. With an honest look at history you realize that kingdoms and governments are simply the protection rackets that lasted the longest.
    Only one tribe ever broke past that stage, the Anglo-American tribe. We achieved the idea of legitimacy meaning the consent of the governed, but we lost it. The cycle begins again.

  7. “Many even cuck themselves and join the screeching howls of petulant poodles clamoring for their own extinction.”
    This is hate speech against poodles !!! Triggered :

      1. Poodles are dog’s nobility. Bow down to them, you unwashed Germanic hound !

  8. And people wonder why Neoreactionaries say that we need to give monarchy a second look. We have Ronin in the West because of our chronic kinglessness. When white nations don’t have a clear system of hierarchy and authority, (((guess who))) steps into the void to exploit the resulting anarchy and aimlessness?

    1. European states exist because there were families interested in them. They actually created those nations. Now, the serfs are orphan of ethnic leadership. We are just globablist meat.

    2. of course it’s much more (((fun))) to be a slave to an inbred degenerate “monarch” than to (((guess who))).

      1. We’re not talking the Windsors here (the “Mr. Beans” of monarchy), but a real monarch like a Frederick (either the Holy Roman Emperor or the Prussian one), or a Charlemagne.
        “Frederick is the subject of many legends, including that of a sleeping hero, like the much older British Celtic legends of Arthur or Bran the Blessed. Legend says he is not dead, but asleep with his knights in a cave in the Kyffhäuser mountain in Thuringia or Mount Untersberg in Bavaria, Germany, and that when the ravens cease to fly around the mountain he will awake and restore Germany to its ancient greatness. According to the story, his red beard has grown through the table at which he sits. His eyes are half closed in sleep, but now and then he raises his hand and sends a boy out to see if the ravens have stopped flying.”,_Holy_Roman_Emperor
        The ravens are looking a little tired these days …

        1. oh yeah… blind obedience, submission and respect to some unelected beardy “authority”. is it some kind of masculine red pill thing now?

        2. Well, after the crash, you can try and install any benevolent tyrant ya want, but after the IRS burns, I’m shooting the first motherfucker in the face who comes around to collect “taxes.”

        3. No it isn’t. It’s just trading one form of slavery under a big daddy government for another.
          He just wants a Monarchy Massa so that maybe he can have a chance to be a House Negro, since this big daddy government is keeping him in the fields.

        4. That’s ironic, because the Founding Fathers despised ‘democracy’ just as much as they would have despised ‘socialism/communism’, which is why they originally set up a constitutional representative republic, with only property owners having the right to vote.
          To them, ‘democracy’ was the same as the ‘mob rule’ exhibited in the French Revolution and especially during its Reign of Terror.

  9. This is a great article, one of the best of ROK in my opinion. However, the message at the end is a bit counter productive. While I agree that a man must ultimately rely on himself, he can find meaningful relationships through brotherhood. In fact, it will likely be a requirement for survival. Find a group of other men that you trust and a common cause that you intend to actualize. Men in struggle together are as close as people can get, and such a relationship is a trustworthy as they come.

    1. As unabashed stated I am in agreement with the sentiment and I appreciate the compliment.
      My first emphasis for men is to become strong in their mind. Self reliant.
      “For the self reliant man all honors are given, doors are flung wide and our hearts go out in love towards him……because he never needed it.”
      Ralph Waldo Emerson
      After a man finds his inner strength he will logically band with other men who have been down the same road, who bear the same scars and have bled the same blood.
      When this happens there will be many changes starting in the local communities wherein you find yourselves. I believe this is also congruent with the pyramid of neomasculinity which Roosh advocates.

  10. We can all sleep better at night now that transgengers can openly serve in the military. Got your boots? Got your weapon? Ammo? Lipstick and nail polish? Then you’re ready to go! ……..sometimes you just gotta laugh.
    I still hold out hoping that normalcy will return some day…..doesn’t look real promising at the moment though.

    1. wonder if you’d have got all that petitioning for women and gays to be included in the military if it had ritual sepukku as a condition of service.

      1. If they could get some ” likes” and some “retweets”, anything is possible I suppose.

  11. “Nobody gives a fuck about you”
    Now would be a good time to also cite Chateau Heartiste’s “Sperm is cheap” essay.

    1. The one sperm that made you was priceless. Everyone alive is a lottery winner in that sense.

  12. thought-provoking article.
    There is another sense in which you can speak of the master slave nexus and that is with respect to what Hegel called the master slave dialectic. This is quite complex (if indeed I understand it properly), but it’s worth considering because provides a sense of how the master and slave is in a sense a constant struggle. The slave it turns out does have something more to lose than his chains. Slaves, that’s to say, good slaves are often extraordinarily useful their masters, and as they become increasingly indispensable (allowing for the of dispensibility the generic slave touched on in this article) they often assume some of the mastery of the masters themselves, just as the master takes on a kind of slavery by virtue of his increasing helplessness etc. The point here is that while we may well benefit from throwing off our chains, and becoming free, to the extent that we do not do this intelligently and strategically, in such a way that maximises one’s skill-set and proficiencies there is a danger that one becomes a little bit unfree and helpless by virtue of becoming the master (or the free self-determining man). Wage slavery is often very well paid, and often quite high status. Maybe men are slaves to society and to the desires and needs of women and the feminine imperative more generally, but there is often great honour and reward to be had from being a good slave: in fact to some extent society reserves its greatest honours and rewards for its good slaves, and indeed a truly great slave, can rise from the lowliest rank to become the greatest in the land. History is replete with such examples, and frequently such men became more powerful than their titular masters.
    So, yes loss of status, and the possibility of shaming language / judgements etc may be likely but there are very real dangers to losing the kind of structured servitude t that society requires of its best slaves. The most powerful position perhaps would be to occupy by both positions – that of both master and slave – held in tension. In other words a meta-position that encompasses both positions in a higher level synthesis.

      1. Thanks. I do think some of the brilliance male civilization has demonstrated has reflected a kind of slavery or at least slavishness towards the feminine imperative. Sublime thirstiness if you like. Much of the rest is down to the wish to please God – which may be sublimation (of sexual energy) in itself. So the question is what happens if there are no longer such motivators?

  13. Once again ROK proves itself to be a forum for critical thinkers, insightfulness, and truth. May I suggest that the first two sections of this masterpiece be archived for ready access for posting in reply to any future slams on men to “man up”, marry her, die at your desk, and other such nonsense. I have been a student of MGTOW and the manosphere for some years now and have never read such a terse and accurate description of the root cause of the modern Western male dilemma. Thank you.

    1. Hey john thanks for that compliment. It means a lot to me as I used to read articles on ROK and be inspired by those who contributed. Now I am offering what I have to give.
      I will be writing more here for sure.

      1. By far the most difficult thing a Western male will ever do is fully digest the Red Pill. It is a truely gut wrenching experience to realize that what you were taught to believe were universal truths are undeniably universal lies. Your past life suddenly becomes totally meaningless. Some can handle it, some can’t. But either way they face a choice, just like the unemployed samurai.
        Once digested, a man still has the choice faced by the lordless samurai of honorable (blue pill, tradcon nonsense) suicide or becoming ronin (the practical, logical choice to environmental changes beyond a man’s control). Who was more “honorable”? The answer should be obvious.
        BTW, “Shogun” by James Clavell is one of my favorite books of all time (that is where I first learned of ronin). When read from the perspective of Toranaga instead of Blackthorn, it becomes a “how to” manual rivaling “The Art of War”. I recommend every man read it at least twice.

        1. Interesting you mentioned Clavell’s book. That’s also a favorite of mine. You are totally correct about Toranaga. He was a fascinating character.
          That book is a masterpiece.

        2. What few people know is that Clavell’s book was based on a real Englishman — William Adams — whose life was a model for “Shogun”‘s character, John Blackthorne.
          Years before Clavell’s book came out, I stumbled across a book (I wish now that I’d kept it) that paralleled William Adam’s story, titled something like “Dashai San” (I can’t remember it accurately). It also was a great read and a fascinating story — very much akin to “Stranger In A Strange Land”.

  14. I think some of the loose former Samurai took vows and entered monasteries as another alternative. It led to a very tough and disciplined Zen in later years.

  15. Good article. Occasionally I look around at work and the city and think is it just me? Has the culture really flipped upside down to where seemingly the vanguards are the enemy? I remember being younger and it didn’t seem at all like this. A ‘good man’ could walk with his head high and command respect. Now it’s like being a stranger in your own land. Reading everyone else’s perspective for better or worse tells me and others that in fact it is happening everywhere.

      1. They all killed them selves for the system, as it existed in their time and place. I would not imagine people here considered taht a good model to follow.

        1. Everyone dies. It seems to me that some die better than others and the best die with a belief, true or not, that their life meant something.

  16. The solution is simple. Stop giving a fuck about people, organizations, institutions, etc. that clearly don’t give a fuck about you. And don’t support them. Don’t help them out, don’t give them your precious time or energy. Not one ounce. They’re certainly holding you accountable and to a standard, now hold them accountable to you.

    1. ACCOUNTABILITY — which is anathema to the elites, Leftists, feminists, SJWs, and all their lapdogs, toadies, and lickspittles.

  17. Dear Mr. Jack Ronin,
    Fuck my words.
    Hear my will ! I express gratitude.
    On behalf of the community I say –
    Give us more !

    1. I second. Jack Ronin needs to be writing his next article like last week. Looking forward to seeing more from him.

  18. I heard somewhere in Japan and middle eastern cultures when a woman marries a man the woman’s possessions all belong to the man. Like how Muhammad’s first wife was rich because of what er family left her with and by law she gave all her possessions to Muhammad who made good use of it.
    Muhammad was only 14, his first wife was 50+

  19. A growing undercurrent of Ronins dwells in every emasculated western country. Universal patriarchal order is as natural as the spirit of man. Ideas and truths are everywhere, nebulus but increasingly actualizing and spreading. A great communion is building momentum. The undercurrent beneath Sweden must be like the Yellowstone Caldera.
    Atop the Caldera supervolcano. So peaceful. Birds tweeting
    Malmo Sweden

  20. You only need to look at the UK and it’s current shambolic state to understand how spineless our political elites are. They were once so confident and arrogant thinking it was their duty to impose upon the population what they think is morally correct. These moral arbiters loved calling us “homophobes”, “bigots” and viewed traditionalists as uneducated plebs. So much so they gave us a referendum, thinking it was one sided. Little did they know that the British public walk around in masks. Outwardly we may appear to demonstrate the qualities which this culture demands we adhere to but in our own homes we think and act differently. All the polls were showing us to remain inside the EU from the moment the referendum was announced. However as soon as people walked inside the secluded voting stations and cast the vote which they truly wanted but could not publicly say, the leavers of the EU won. Now our politics are in shambles; people resigning left and right and the ultra liberal EU who loved enforcing the moral authorities on us are in disarray.
    What I’m trying to say is, these corporations and elites outwardly appear to be assertive and strong but as soon as you challenge the status quo they run and hide like rats. The millennials who over depend on these immoral wasters are in a huge shock when they realise their precious petitions and laws are absolutely worthless. Between them and the corporations who make a living out of getting people addicted to their system you’ll soon realise that we can’t depend on anyone but ourselves.

  21. Great read, just bought “the book of 5 rings” on Audible, Keep up the good work!

  22. Great work man! On point and cuts to the core of a serious concept of masculinity.

  23. Inequality is the natural state of everything in the universe. There are seven billion opinions about how the world “should be”. I only care about what the world actually is. Only reality matters.

  24. Enjoyed the article. As a minor note, the link to the author’s website found in the accompanying biography does not actually go to his website.

  25. You can be two things in this life. You can be the prey or you can be the predator. I chose the latter.

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