6 Logical Fallacies From Race-Obsessed Jewish Leftist Tim Wise

This article is a continuation of an educational series addressing SJW’s and their logical fallacies on Twitter. CNN commentator Sally Kohn was the first person showcased in this series, and now we are moving onwards to another giant human hemorrhoid to logic and reason: Tim Wise, whose family name is most ironic indeed.


Tim Wise is a highly controversial “anti racist” (Jewish Europhobic agitator and cultural Marxist propagandist) author and speaker who lives in a Tennessee census tract which is over 95% white. (Diversity apparently isn’t important when considering the school districts for his two precious daughters).

He has written seven books which more or less address how awful white people are, and are undeserving of future self-preservation and a sense of nationalism or pride. Because that would like, on queue from the SJW playbook, make you a “Nazi” and stuff.

Sales of these books and his ongoing speeches and television appearances have earned him a comfortable living, though unfortunately due to exploiting the emotions and fervors of woefully uninformed African-Americans, and even stupider bleeding heart white liberals. Observe.

Tim Wise

#BlackLivesAreUntouchable #BlameAllWhitePeople #BurnItDown #SocialJustice #DisruptCapitalism #DisruptChurch #DisruptTraffic

Tim also has an incredibly irritating habit of routinely referring to people of European descent as “white folks” (which I suspect is done purposefully as a historical jab against salt-of-the-Earth white people who referred to blacks as “black folks”) and, in complete SJW fashion, will double down on his entirely false anti-white narratives at all cost. After all, book sales and cash flow are at stake if he dares to admit that his logic is wrong.

Speaking of logic, we will now dissect a number of his tweets for fallacious content.

Logical Fallacy #1: Appeal To Antiquity

Tim Wise - Appeal To Antiquity

SJW’s like Tim Wise are absolutely obsessed with bringing up examples from the distant past to continue pushing a false white oppressor-black victim mythos in the 2010’s (and the white guilt trip which will hopefully ensue). These cheap insults and tactics are completely irrelevant in 2016 USA, where African-Americans have enjoyed full civil rights and privileges for nearly two generations and counting.

This is part of the reason why the “progressive” left is jeeringly called the “regressive” left—because they are constantly living in bygone days to push their devious narratives, at the partial or complete expense of achieving true progress.

Logical Fallacy #2: “Pooh Pooh”

Tim Wise - Pooh Pooh fallacy

A “pooh-pooh” is a fallacy that consists of dismissing an argument as being unworthy of serious consideration, often by ridiculing the argument without responding to the substance of the argument.

In this tweet, Tim claims that he says whatever he wants to his target audience (“Nazis”) but is unwilling to be receptive to whatever counter-arguments his opponents have to say. Pooh-pooh’s are most often used to express a sheer sense of spite for the opponent, or due to the users desire to simply be an ass (which Tim Wise does very well).

Tim Wise - Pooh Pooh 2

Here is a second example of a Pooh-pooh (laced with ad hominem) presented by Tim Wise. We are well aware by now that he isn’t going to respond favorably to anything that Donald Trump or his supporters has to say, but this tweet is particularly hilarious since Timmy actually thinks that HE is a legitimate source of logic and reason.

Logical Fallacy #3: Loaded Question + Ad Hominem

Tim Wise - Loaded Question and Ad Hominem

A “loaded question” is a question that has a negative presumption built into it, so that the target cannot answer it without appearing guilty. Recipients of loaded questions often feel compelled to defend themselves, but they are actually being lured into a trap.

In this tweet, anyone who is actually “brave” enough to debate with Timmy while using their real names will inadvertently be admitting that they are a “White Nationalist” or a “Nazi” in his eyes.

And who would want to confront an SJW with their real name anyway? Their single most powerful form of retribution is trying to doxx you on Google (hoping to make you unable to obtain an income via future employment) or to get you fired (removed from your chief source of income).

Only those who are financially resilient (Roosh, Milo, Cernovich, etc.) have the privilege to confront SJWs head-on with their real identity.

Logical Fallacy #4: False Dilemma

Tim Wise - False Dileema

Tim is creating your standard two-choice false dilemma, implying that a vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders (multiracial democracy) will be leaps and bounds better than a supposedly fascist Donald Trump (white nationalism). However, anybody with half a brain knows that Donald Trump does not stand for “white nationalism” just because he wants to curtail illegal immigration and secure the borders.

Take a chill pill Timmy. Oh and please tell me, what makes a multiracial democracy any better than a monoracial democracy, such as those in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan? You know, countries which enjoy rock bottom crime rates, excellent social cohesion, proud and distinct ethnic cultures, and almost no racial discord or Islamic terrorism?

As you can clearly see, monoracial Asian nationalism has been “toxic” to these Taiwanese children, who cannot celebrate diversity in the same way that people in Paris, Orlando, or San Bernardino can. They will probably grow up to be unhappy, uncoordinated, undisciplined, bigoted, tattoo-free hooligans as adults. 🙁

Logical fallacy #5: Hasty Generalization

Tim Wise - Hasty Generalization

A hasty generalization is a fallacy which is based on making a hasty conclusion to an action or event with insufficient evidence, often while giving little consideration to other variables. These are usually variables which (of course) go against the narrative that the arguer is trying to espouse.

During the stupid “Oscars So White” controversy earlier this year, Tim is trying to imply that “white folks” would lose their minds and claim reverse racism if too many non-whites got Oscar nominations or awards. But has he completely forgotten that both Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won the best actor Oscars in 2002?

That would mean African-Americans won 50% of the acting awards that year, despite being just 13% of the US population, while also having considerable competition from white actors potentially hailing from other Anglosphere countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Last time I checked, most “white folks” during this period were very congratulatory of the two actors for their achievements, and did not lose their minds or claim reverse racism. They graciously accepted that two black actors were the best that the acting world had to offer in the preceding year.

Actor Denzel Washington and actress Halle Berry appear backstage with their Oscar statues at the 74th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood in this March 24, 2002, file photo. REUTERS/Andy Clark/Files

According to Tim Wise, this image would have driven “most” white people insane in 2002

Logical Fallacy #6: Texas Sharpshooter

Tim Wise - Texas Sharpshooter

Last but not least, Tim Wise is cherry-picking data from the New America Foundation (complete with image of Confederate flag to specifically try and implicate white Southerners), which is advancing the face-palm worthy narrative that white extremists are a far greater threat to the United States than Muslims.

Released in June 2015 (long before San Bernardino and Orlando), the foundation says that 48 people were killed by white terrorists, while 26 were killed by radical Islamists, since September 11th, 2001. Therefore, the narrative that looney leftists are trying to espouse is that white “right wing groups” are twice as likely to kill you than a Muslim extremist.

What the data does not tell you (beyond completely omitting 9/11 and the future Muslim mass shootings of San Bernardino and Orlando), is that Muslims are barely 1 percent of the US population while Non-Hispanic Whites are nearly 63 percent.

Therefore, even if twice as many terrorist deaths are caused by Americans of European descent up to this point, Muslim extremists are still killing people at a rate over 30 times relative to their population.

Wow. Kind of purposefully avoided the demographic variable there didn’t you Timmy boy? Oh and the New America Foundation website has now been updated, with “Violent Jihadist Attacks” now at 94 and “Far Right Wing Attacks” standing at 48.

Whose twice as likely to be the killer now ay? Per head of population, those numbers would now equate to a Muslim extremist death rate of over 100 times relative to Non-Hispanic Whites.

Final Remarks

Tim Wise

The Kingsmen know! I’d better double down!

I find it incredibly difficult to imagine that Tim Wise actually believes in what he sells. Frankly, I think that he doesn’t. He knows that what he is peddling is horse manure.

The narrative of doubling down on the white privilege-black victim ethos for his books and speeches is simply where he has carved out a lucrative niche, and has been very diligent and successful at it for many years. For that, I have to give the guy some credit.

However, as long as he wants to continue the bogus narratives and maintain a public figure, people are going to call him out on his fallacious twitter phlegm. Now then, whose next?

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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147 thoughts on “6 Logical Fallacies From Race-Obsessed Jewish Leftist Tim Wise”

  1. I hate to say it, but I think communist bolshevism has made it’s way to the US.
    Watch out!
    1. Divide the citizens.
    2. Destroy ideas of unity.
    3. Create divisions on ( age, race, culture, religion, sex ).
    4. Create genocide by ( poisoning the food, cutting the housing, healthcare, jobs ).
    5. Infiltrate the Parlament, Senate and all areas of decision making and law – enforcement.
    Believe me, I know, we live in it for 26 years.

    1. Uh, bro, that all started in the US right around 1950. By the sixties, the communists had achieved a tremendous foothold, while paradoxically prosecuting a war against vietnamese commies at the same time.

      1. Ho Chi Minh was much more of a patriot, and beholden to Vietnam as a nation than someone like Kim Il Sung, who was mostly about power, and had no issues with being used by China and the USSR.

        1. The Nationalist Patriotic Leaders must always be taken out! They might negotiate better business deals for their people!
          Our military has been used as globo-corporate pawns for far too long.

        2. Uncle Ho copied the US declaration of independence with help of some OSS officers at the close of WWII. He was very friendly and amicable to the Americans until they backed the French

        3. This is a little known fact among Americans. We could have been in a friendly relationship with a post WWII Vietnam (united under Ho) if we had just chosen not to back a dictatorial foreign colonial power. We didn’t back the English in their colonies after WWII, why did we back the French? Because Ho made the mistake of declaring himself a communist. The Indian power structure, like the Mexican PRI before them, just kept quiet while they went about their communist/socialist conversions. We have had friendly relations with many essentially communist countries, as long as they didn’t scream they were communists from the rooftops.

        4. Interesting stuff.
          I can see the perspective of wanting to stop the spread of communism though. At the time it was a pretty serious threat that was enveloping large swaths of the world. The Soviet Union and China were expanding their respective spheres of influence rapidly.
          But stopping communism by bombing civilians or launching a massive ground invasion? Seems crazy, knowing what we know now. You can’t stop an “idea” with violent force. You can only stop it with a proven better idea.

        5. Yeah, agree with these comments. Vietnam would have been a great counter-move to check Mao (long history of animosity there, going back thousands of years). Ho only went with Russian military support out of necessity, as China was not friendly with Russia either, and he needed to square off against South Vietnam supported by the US.
          Have you noticed the parallels with Noriega, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? US sets up the guy that’s going to be their enemy number one in a span of less than 20 years. The CIA is into some shit…how do you create these monsters then you then act the shining Knight and slay them? All the while sleeping on major world events, fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11, major intelligence lapses.

    1. Whites seem to be under siege from all sides: migrants, muslims, jews, blacks, leftists, globalists, feminists, their own leaders, all not mutually exclusive. It’s like one big tag team trying to nip whites in the bud.

      1. Even my lifelong liberal hippie feminist family member can see this very clearly now.
        And it all boils down to envy. It’s the Revenge of the Losers.

        1. “Revenge of the Losers.” I like that. A shattered ego and a big mouth is all they have.

      2. I never felt ‘white’ until we started getting picked on. Today if I visited the US I’d be considered one of the villains who exterminated the Indians and enslaved the blacks even though I’ve never visited the place.
        I’ve always felt Australian. I can’t believe I suddenly share kinship with Americans, Hungarians and even, gasp, the Welsh.

      3. “Whites seem to be under siege from all sides: migrants, muslims, jews, blacks, leftists, globalists, feminists, their own leaders”
        And its still not a fair fight. We are the builder…and destroyer of worlds.

        1. A lot of Muslims and legal Mexicans with traditional family values hate progressives too, and want a boss in the west to respect who acts like a boss. It’s too confusing mish mash with progressives. Why not have white Christian men who fight in the military as boss and get law abiding Muslims and Mexicans to work with them. That would be more harmonious and everyone would be happier. You’d even get some Orthodox Jews to join. Bring everyone who supports family values behind the white Christian male and his family

        2. Hate the Jihadis and Islamists, not the Muslims.
          Hate members of the global elites, not “The Jews”.
          Hate the Latin invaders, not the landed citizens. Note that Caesar Chavez had an unofficial squad vetting for citizenship and would ‘escort’ the illegals off the fields.
          Form Team America from any who who will “abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any
          foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty” and “support and
          defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against
          all enemies, foreign and domestic;” (from Oath of Allegiance to the United States).

        3. I am 100% with you on that! There need to be more people like you. God bless you!

      4. All sides as you say are just tools of the true zio-orchestrators, all sides bear their signature based on critical theory.

    2. What will happen in 4 years when the UK is thriving on their own? Who will dig up those articles from their past and admit they were wrong or overly catastrophistic? Nah. One thinker will just be replaced with another.
      Is it just my personal biased opinion when I say that “elites”, no matter which side they are on, seem utterly unable to actually predict what will happen at any time? Only ever looking backwards in time and claiming they have seen it coming?

    3. James Traub is going to end up with a his picture on a playing card if he’s not careful. A most wanted list – by the people – would be ugly for many of these elites.
      They wouldn’t be able to hire enough security to keep them all safe if they wanted to go after the masses.

    4. “Now”. Its been happening for a very long time my friend. They are just becoming more excited of late because they can see the finish line and victory in their grasp.

  2. Jews have had a bloodthirsty hatred of Europeans since Ancient Greece. They are our mortal enemies and will stop at nothing to destroy us. It sickens me that most white people still worship them as “chosen ones”.

    1. The vast majority of Americans are completely ignorant of the history between Jews and Gentiles. Most people don’t even understand that Jews are not White, or that being Jewish is not just a religious choice. This is all by design. A covert war is much easier to win, if you don’t have superior numbers or firepower.

    2. Yepper, ever since Judah the Leader (aka ‘Maccabeus) kicked the snot out of the Selucid Greeks. Ever since his brother Simon got the treaty with Rome that declared Judeans “Friends and Allies”. Ever since the Judeans supported Caesar against Pompey. Ever since Claudius confirmed their privileges. Even since, even during the Judean wars, all Jews in Rome and Alexandria were left unmolested. Ever since Julian the Apostate gave permission to rebuild the Temple. Trouble starts with Nicea. And not until. Don’t y’all read?

      1. Not at all. The trouble started way longer than that.
        The book of Esther in the Old Testament is a perfect blueprint of how the Jews work to destroy societies from the inside.
        It was their lies which led to the massacre of thousands of innocent Persians at the order of their own king, fooled by the lies of Mordechai who pimped his own daughter (yes, not niece).
        The Jews celebrate this massacre to this day under the name of Purim.
        And they were not scattered around the world when Titus destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem (as Christ had predicted it would be destroyed, which of course only increased their hatred against him). They already had established communities and their own synagogues all over the ancient world.
        Apostle Paul writes how the Jews were plotting against the Christians wherever they went, and fomented hatred against them.
        It was mostly the Jews who caused the massacres of the Christians in the Roman Empire, starting with that in Nero’s time, which they arranged through Nero’s wife, Poppaea, who had converted to their religion.

  3. Like the phrase “follow the money”, anytime you are talking to a liberal, whether a feminist, a whacko environmentalist (not the common sense variety), a BLM supporter, or whatever, you need to keep in mind that there are nefarious motives going on. Money and power are strong motivators.

  4. “Reverse Racism” doesn’t that imply that the person committing this imaginary act is not subject to racism? I mean regardless of the target of Racism its still racism. Or is this to Imply that like “color” White is the absence of color White people are absent of race? fuck I just broke my brain. /TILT*!

    1. It’s all a play on words to keep their opponents on their heels. Reject their terms and call it for what it is.
      Whites can be racists.
      Blacks can be racists.
      Chinese can be racists.
      Hispanics can be racists.
      Reverse racism is just a stupid buzzword they created.

        1. More than that, I loathe the words and icons they undermine the meaning of:
          Gay means happy
          Fag means cigarette
          The rainbow is a symbol of peace from God (Noah’s Ark)
          I’m sure there’s others I’m missing. I often wondered what looks I’d get if I started using those words by their original meaning…”What a sunny and gay day it is! I’ll be right back; gonna go smoke a fag.”

        2. In their terms you just said that; the day is shitty because its sunny and that in light of that, you are now going to gun down a homosexual.

        3. I wonder if the taking of the rainbow for the gays was done on purpose to piss off Christians. Especially since the rainbow was pretty much a promise for Noah to go and repopulate the earth which is the opposite of sodomy.

        4. Wouldn’t surprise me. It seems half the things the gay community does is to spite another group. They seem to not be appreciating the HeteroPrideDay trend on Twitter. They like to dish it but they sure can’t take it, unless it’s in the ass.

        5. True. Also, (in embroidery) join by faggoting and apparently……………women can be faggots too
          BRITISH informal dated
          an unpleasant or contemptible woman.

        6. In many circles smoking is the same as performing oral sex on a male. So smoking a fag does not include gunfire aimed at a homosexual.

        7. I dunno a lot about these “circles” but a masculine man saying im gonna smoke a fag, id bet that an SJW would think its a bit more violent since in the same sentence he called the day gay, assuming they saw that statement as derogatory. Plus that was a joke.

    2. The definition for “reverse racism” I always knew (and still use) was to discriminate not *against* someone, but *for* them instead. Like, if you’re setting up a group to work on a project, you’ll pick a black guy to be part of your team not because you value his skills or think he could contribute in any way, but because he is black.
      I think this usage has dwindled in popularity because reverse racism is now just a fundamental part of how liberals live their lives.

  5. Also, how can you have a Gear Shift without NEUTRAL? What the Fuck is this guy talking about? maybe he means there is no “PARK”.. WTF. There can still be a REVERSE since he hasn’t magically removed that from the metaphorical gear Shift. How is this guy still living? World class moron.

  6. The progressive cleric never disappoints an aficionado of the ridiculous.

  7. One of the most interesting things about Wise and others like him, is that his entire shtick is race-obsessive, and yet he goes to great lengths to avoid disclosure of his own Jewish ethnicity. It works out much better for him to pretend to be a self-critical White, which gives him a pass to say highly offensive things, because he is only talking about his own people.
    It’s also worth noting that Wise is suggesting that Southern Redneck Racist Whites are a great concern and urgent threat in this country, and yet Jewish Timmie Wise is allowed to spout off his hateful anti-White agenda from the heartland of Tennessee without any fear of repercussions. If Whites were nearly as terrible as Little Timmie claims, his security would be under tremendous threat like David Duke living in Brooklyn.

      1. Y’all are some fine Southern Gentlemen down there. Sometimes a little too gentle. heh

          by Rudyard Kipling
          It was not part of their blood,
          It came to them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to wait
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the Saxon began to hate.
          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the state.
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not suddently bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years ahead,
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the Saxon began to hate.

        2. Just the sheer number of variable firing systems alone and the vast majority of laws throughout the world pertaining to them show statistically you could never own all the different firing systems designed and produced. And you hail from the southern states and I’m well aquainted with the gun laws of your area. So yeah I have a very factual knowledge of what firearm you possess Bubba

        3. Ok idiot. Apparently your reading comprehension is lacking. I said we all have guns, not we have all the guns. And to answer your other comment. I didn’t delete anything. The only modification i made to any part of our discussion was changing a period to a question mark. Not sure what got your dander up, but you can take it elsewhere. Toodles

    1. Jews like Wise with their race obsessions and race baiting are playing a very dangerous, disingenuous and, ultimately, stupid game in the interest of money. Spend some time with educated blacks and you may catch a sense of the resentment towards Jews. “Oscars So White” wasn’t directed at Jim Bob from Tennessee. One group overwhelmingly dominates Hollywood to a hugely disproportionate degree. They look, act and talk “white” but, when convenient, drape themselves in the cloak of the oppressed in order to deflect attention away from their wealth, power and influence. Personally, I don’t care for identity politics of any kind but if you play that game don’t be surprised if there is a backlash.

      1. I don’t care for identity politics either, but I can tell you this much: I’m very tired of my people being framed for the actions of another Tribe that looks like us and talks like us, but is working against us.

      2. “Spend some time with educated blacks and you may catch a sense of the resentment towards Jews. “Oscars So White” wasn’t directed at Jim Bob from Tennessee”
        Are you saying that that’s what Will Smith’s wife was concerned about?

        1. Unlikely but who knows what she says behind closed doors?
          The headline was rhetoric spouted by mindless celebrities. However, I do think there’s an undercurrent of black resentment below the surface that sees quite clearly the Jewish identity of the Hollywood power brokers.
          Personally, I try very hard not to look at things through a racial lens. People like Wise don’t take that approach and maybe one day he’ll get bit in the ass by people who have adopted his racial/ethic lens and conclude that they don’t like his identity group notwithstanding his protestations that he’s a victim too.
          Identity politics, victim status and the politics of envy are all things I despise.

        2. Identity politics and all that goes with it is foul, but as you say if you play that game it’s inevitable that others will follow suit: people will mirror tactics. Re. Hollywood, Patricia Arquette arguably started it off by attacking Hollywood as a male dominated industry. I doubt it even occurred to her that she was being hypocritical given that she’s – I believe – half jewish. As for Will Smith’s wife, I’m not quite sure. I took it as straight up black identity politics

    2. How about Israel surrounded by Arab countries that want Israel disappeared from the face of the Earth.

      1. Doesn’t seem a likely eventuality. Besides, there’s that nuclear stockpile and the Sampson Option.

    3. “…he goes to great lengths to avoid disclosure of his own Jewish ethnicity.”
      There is a long standing history of Jewish people in the media changing their names dating back to the early days of Hollywood. Also, you have the practice of hiring Jews that have distinctly non Jewish-sounding names: Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer…hell, even Geraldo Rivera is Jewish!

        1. The rapper Drake is half Jewish just like Lenny Kravitz (last name should be obvious). Not hard to become famous if you have Jewish relatives.

    4. He can only get away with it for so long. If the natives (Tennessee) find out what’s going on with him, then he’ll be on the outs. They’ll only give you so much room but if you turn on them they can make things ugly in your life. It’s southern hospitality until things get ugly.

      1. An article from 2012, and another one from 2003. Ok.
        If you polled 1000 random readers of his work, what percentage would answer that he’s Jewish? And do you suppose his name is really ‘Wise’? Could it possibly have been changed from Weiss, or Weissman?
        I’ll meet you halfway. Perhaps he doesn’t go to “great lengths” – but he certainly “avoids disclosure”.
        Most public Jews who are open with their Jewishness mention it in nearly ever article they write. It completely defines their existence.

  8. Pretty silly stuff. That girl talking about being ashamed of being white, the most productive and civil race of all time, is such a joke. Anyone who hates their race or is ashamed of their race is a shallow retard.

    1. She is the precise template of the New White Woman that our system has purposely created. She hates her own kind, hates the idea of having White children, and will doubtlessly copulate and marry non-Whites exclusively. It is genocide by autosuggestion.

      1. “White” is not a race. It is a phenotype most associated with European Caucasians. What’s more, according to- of all people- Stefan Molyneaux, when genes are passed on, it is technically not genocide. IF she does have kids with a black/Asian/Latino man, it is not genocide so long as she passes on her genes.

  9. Funny thing is, when black people bitch and moan about slavery, they’re forgetting that there have been multiples more white slaves throughout history. Also, Brazil had 7 times more slaves than white people did in America. It’s all a show so they can justify taking which they have not earned. Whites falling for this garbage are just getting duped. Clearly lacking in critical thought.

    1. Whites are the only race to ever rise up and fight against slaveholders and violently put a stop to the vile practice of slavery.

      1. Blacks rose up against slaveholders plenty of times throughout history. The Haitian Revolution in 1804 (which destroyed the country all the way to the modern day) is a notable example.

        1. I don’t mean a slave revolt where they attack the White farmer and burn the plantation down. I’m talking about using national military force and national law to put a permanent end to slavery throughout the entire country.
          I hadn’t been thinking of Haiti, and don’t know as much about how their slave revolt went down. But you’re right. However it’s hard to view that as a victory when you look at the state of the island today. Seems they were better off under colonialism and slavery, as harsh as it sounds. The same is true of many places.

    2. Yes, whites have been enslaved but the slavery of people from Africa was the most vicious and nefarious in the history of the world. Using Brazil is not a good example. The people of African decent still suffer severely in all facets due to the aftermath of slavery.

      1. Why do Jewish and Arab slave traders get a guilt free pass?
        Further, why does the African American community refuse to accept the role of blacks capturing their own to trade with slavers and the slave trade that still exists in Africa among tribes.

  10. Faggot cucks like this don’t even bother me anymore. Nothing but a troll for likes and clicks by spewing verbal garbage. Just an insecure fat bitch filled with hot air. I’d imagine he’s never worked a day in his life. I doubt he could fix a sandwich.

    1. Unfortunately, these subversive instigators have PLENTY of influence.
      “Since 1995, he has given speeches at over 600 college campuses across the U.S. He has trained teachers, corporate employees, non-profit organizations and law enforcement officers in methods for addressing and dismantling white racism in their institutions.”

      1. Yes, if you are an anti-White, anti-Christian, and ostensibly anti-Zionist Jewish Intellectual, your fellow travelers will make sure you never miss a meal, that much is certain. It’s notable that most/all of his paid gigs come from taxpayer funds, or from University funds that are being misspent on this divisive and unpatriotic figure.

      2. Well, that sucks for all that attended the brainwashing(s). He still doesn’t bother me, he doesn’t even exist in my world.

  11. 360.000 violent black on white crimes & 35.000 black on white rapes a year.
    Over 10 years, that’s over 3 million violent crimes against whites & 350.000 rapes of white women. Now they have been weaponised by the likes of Wise.
    Jesse williams speech is a direct outcome of 15 years of Wise’s work.
    If there were real right wing nationalists Wise would have disappeared by now.
    The slave trade was almost completely run and controlled by the Wises of the world.
    His name was Aaron Lopez!

    1. If the races on those crime stats were reversed, it would be called a “shocking epidemic” and an “urgent priority” to drastically reduce the numbers. There would be endless articles and shows about the violent racism of Whites. Bono and Bob Geldof would be holding fundraiser concerts for the poor black victims of White Violent Crime.
      Instead, what do we hear? Chirp…chirp…chirp.

      1. Best source of info bout the tsunami of black on white violence i have found is Colin Flaherty – White girls bleed a lot & Don’t make the black kids angry. His youtube puts up 2 or 3 videos a day, full on shit.
        Tommy Sotomayor is also pretty good at explaining the nature of violence going on by black people in da hood. His rants are hilarious.

      2. If those figures involved two ethnicities in Africa, we’d all justifiably call it a genocidal war crime.

        1. But we’d still not do any thing about it. I’m sure you were glossing Rwanda.

        2. Well, Rwanda being one of the more notorious examples. Notorious due to its being universally condemned, which is in fact “doing something about it.” I submit that moral condemnation is in fact the least destructive thing outsiders can do in no win situations involving ancient tribal conflicts.

    2. Before anyone asks, the government stats DO back up the rape numbers Nobodi Bilderberger is claiming.
      Bureau of Justice Statistics data: in 2003-2008, there were an average of 22,534 black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults every year, and an average of zero white-on-black rapes or sexual assaults every year. Why is it acceptable to be worried if, on a given day, a white person is harboring racist thoughts towards black people, but it’s “racist” for (22534/365=) 61 white women in America to be concerned about getting sexually assaulted by blacks that day?
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0302.pdf – Table 42: (131030*.155) = 20,309
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0402.pdf – Table 42: (139900*.083) = 11,611
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0502.pdf – Table 42: (111490*.336) = 37,460
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0602.pdf – Table 42: (194270*.167) = 32,443
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0702.pdf – Table 42: (185430*.076) = 14,092
      http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0802.pdf – Table 42: (117640*.164) = 19,292
      Average: 22,534
      Slave trade and ownership was definitely not “almost completely” run by Jews though. They were about as active as whites in proportion to their population (1%), which means they definitely deserve just as much blame as white people although they never receive it.

  12. 1) We see this sort of logic used a lot by the Regressive Left. “Over 100 people massacred at a concert in Paris? What about the Crusadeeeeees?”
    5) So looking at the Oscars, despite the #OscarsSoWhite meme it was a great year for diversity. Best Director? Latino.(See The Revenant if you haven’t already) Best short and feature documentaries? Both Desi. But no, we get to listen to Spike Lee throwing a tantrum about White Supremacy because no one liked his POS movie Straight Outta Compton.
    6) There’s a lot of fuckery with terrorism statistics in Europe too. IE, cucks will take a Catalonian separatist’s attempt at arson and put that on the same level as the massacre in Paris so they can argue most terrorists are White.

    1. If its not black its white. Latinos and other races don’t matter to the blacks dude.

        1. We also saw Latinos and Asians get rounded up to White during the LA Riots in 1992.
          The cucks are always framing American racial conflicts as Whites versus “People of Color” but I think Blacks versus non-Blacks is more apt.

  13. Correct logical reasoning is not always a synonym of fairness, sometimes it is unfair and uncoherent; and sometimes false reasonings are arguments that are completely valid and coherent. Example: A thief says that stealing is wrong, and someone points out that he’s a thieve and he has to stop stealing in order to say that. Well, that’s a false reasoning, but it’s a completely fair and valid argument because the thief is being a complete hipocrite and have no legitimacy because there’s a lack of coherence between what he says and what he does.
    Humar behavior is not always logical and it doesn’t have to be so, as well as correct logical reasoning is not always a synonym of fairness.
    Fairness is the most supreme value, much higher than logic which sometimes falls unfair.

    1. Technically, what you have pointed out is not an example of false reasoning being valid. The hypothetical you propose showcases an ad hominem fallacy (and perhaps a non sequitur fallacy) on the part of the person pointing out the thief’s flaws (reject the thief’s views on theft because he is a thief, not because there is anything wrong with his views). But that’s not the thief’s fallacy. The thief is correct in his reasoning even though his behavior isn’t logical.
      You say that it’s a fair and valid argument, but I would disagree. Who better to warn you of the dangers of stealing than a thief who has probably paid the price for doing it? To me, learning from someone else’s mistakes doesn’t undermine their legitimacy, it reinforces it.

      1. Despite both of us disagree on each other, the good news is your answer was non agressive and polite. Thanks.

  14. It really baffles me how so many Jews are Far-Left agitators.
    Do they imagine that an angry mob out to bash every White person they can get their hands on will recognize that they’re part of The Tribe and therefore an ally? Do they think that some Dystopian all-powerful government trying to push equality at all costs would tolerate Jewish scholarships and other forms of nepotism? Do they think Israel would be safe if the UK and France(and their nuclear arsenals) fell into the Muslim hands?
    If I were Jewish I’d support closed borders and pro-business policies with all my might.

    1. They think they will either reign from the shadows or simply get on the plane and fly away to another destination where their brethren will assist them.

  15. I could care less what this UnKosher Pig thinks, there are a lot of delusional self hating nuts out there and deserve only contempt.

  16. “Diversity apparently isn’t important when considering the school districts for his two precious daughters”
    Lmao. Isn’t that always the way with these cunts? Great article.

  17. Somebody tried to spout off about white privilege several weeks ago. My counter: “So you’re telling me that a white kid with drug-addicted parents who grew up in a trailer park has better opportunities for success than a black kid who grew up in a two parent, upper middle class family simply because he’s white?” Their answer was, with a straight face, yes. You can’t fix stupid.

    1. I usually just talk about my ancestry. Up until my grandparents, they were subsistence farmers who would travel hundreds of miles each winter to work just so they could feed their families. And when I say “families,” I mean up to a dozen kids in a single-room house.
      My grandfather left home in Middle School so there’d be more money to keep his younger siblings fed. He worked his ass off in construction and became a foreman and, ultimately, something of an architect. He still works weeks and tends a ranch on the weekend.
      My dad grew up with several step-fathers and a bunch of brothers. They could afford one beat-up clunker for mom and a redneck motorcycle (held together with duct tape and prayers) when he was a kid. He was working full-time in high school. He worked his way through college and is now a very successful engineer. And, though he’s never told me as much, I suspect he had a problem with drugs and/or alcohol at one point (I mean, most of his brothers did…)
      Now, tell me again how white people are so goddamn privileged.

      1. Tell me about it. Mom’s parents were hillbillies in the Ozarks. Mom was born in a shack which looked like what the Clampetts lived before Jed struck oil

      2. They have the privilege of not being taught to blame others for their problems, resulting in having the ability to work hard and better themselves.
        Funny thing is- you don’t have to be white to have this kind of privilege. You just have to not be a moron.

    2. Your example is a anecdote which is the weakest form of argument. Look at the entire demographic or a larger sample. Not an outlier.

      1. So you’re saying white privelage is a thing? Because I would love to eat someone alive tonight…

        1. Nevermind. I thought we could Maybe have a reasonable debate. However, it’s highly unlikeyly we’ll get along.

  18. How does this man reconcile any sense of self-worth with this very broken ideology? One would think suicide is an ever-present threat in his deranged thinking.

    1. Low self-worth always tries to compensate. But it is important to note that low self-worth primarily compensates with the appearance of value, not with actual value. Hence the gap between the self-perceived importance of narcissists and their actual perceived value by others.
      Why is it that the broken self pursues the appearance rather than true value? It is because the value in itself is of no actual importance to the broken self. It seeks approval from the outside world and for that, it only has to be good enough to reasonably fool itself and the outer world. Cognitive blockades ensure that this is rarely revealed through introspection or even feedback.

      1. “But it is important to note that low self-worth primarily compensates with the appearance of value, not with actual value.”
        That is true. A man was once told he had a lot to offer a woman in a relationship, but in spite of the facts he disagreed because of how he perceived himself. It didn’t matter that the person telling him saw many desirable qualities in him. He perceived his value in a different way.
        Thanks for the response.

  19. As if patriarchy was not an appeal to antiquity / appeal to nature. In the end, values are always emotional.
    That said, it is amazing that the human race has come as far as it has with politicians being as stupid and simple-minded as they are. This Tweet you quote in the False Dilemma section just makes me cringe. How can a person write this and actually believe it? 😀 Does that not hurt?

  20. They are the first and only completely parasitic race in the world. I like Billy Crystal though..

  21. This is like Bristol Palin preaching abstinence while at the same time getting knocked up.

  22. Tim Wise should have been in Heartiste’s most punchable shitlib contest.

  23. A J profiting by inciting trouble. There’s something we’ve never seen before.

  24. Typical marxist jew. Hes all for multiculturalism, just not in Isreal where jews should have a state based on nationalism and should be allowed to have a wall for protection.

    1. you are incorrect.
      “…I no longer believe in a 2-state solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict, but now believe that only a one-state, binational and completely secular state can possibly work — in other words, I believe in the end of Israel as a Jewish-specific state”
      -Tim Wise
      you could figure it all by yourself by just doing a quick search before posting.

  25. There is nothing…I repeat NOTHING more repulsive than a self-loathing, self-hating, ethno-masochistic white male like this filthy Jew. Worse than gangsters, worse than femcunts, worse than Obama….if anyone deserves to have their head on a pike, it is this doughy faggot.

  26. You can tell just be looking at his smug face at the top of the article what kind of person he is. What fool ever said “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

  27. Never listen to these types of people.
    They cry racism from their nice (white) gated communities.
    They are usually the Hollywood types or rich types (mostly well to do, they live in blue or red states in the gated -mostly white- communities).
    They preach to others about being “diverse” while living in their walled palace (often with security).
    They don’t agree with closed borders – everyone should have the opportunity to come in (while living behind gated communities).
    These people are the worst and they will get you killed.

  28. This fat moron lives in Tennessee among those bigoted, rednecked, racist southerners? He should move to Detroit and enroll his kids in school there.

  29. Tim Wise is a giant tool. I remember he came around when I was in college to “teach” a mandatory diversity course. He was an ugly fat idiot and, at least back when I was in school, most white men wouldn’t take what he was saying sitting down. He was heckled and challenged outright. It got so controversial that he actually walked off stage only to have some random dean of diversity come out and start lecturing us. It was then students walked out. I long for the days when students have the same balls we had to stand up to these social justice wankers.

  30. People like me are actually the worst nightmare of SJWs like Tim Wise: Americans of Jewish ancestry who identify with and support the AltRight. Of course I realize some on the AltRight instinctively hate me because of my Jewish ancestry, and I have been flamed more than once. But that doesn’t make the ideas and ideals of the AltRight any less valid.

    1. Your comments remind me of the movie Porky’s. If ya haven’t seen it, ya should. It’s funny as hell. Anyway, there’s an after school fight scene, and afterwards the guys go up to the winner and ask, “where did you learn to fight like that?” And he said, “When your Jewish, ya either learn to fight or ya learn to take shit. I don’t like to take shit.”

      1. I have never seen Porky’s. Will have to check it out now. I appear to be a bit of an outlier: being a right winger and a gun owner. But there are more of us than you’d think.

  31. Again this is a virtue signaler who thinks broadcasting his anti-raciss bona fides will preserve him when the presumptive full-scale anti-white violence begins.

  32. Well, for the record, I’m Jewish myself, and this guy Tim Wise is scum of the earth. Either he has no Jewish identity, or he’s so embarrassed by it- or by being white- or by something- that he lashes out like an infantile baby.
    G-d punished the Israelites who witnessed his miracles and agreed to his covenant, yet turned to worship the golden calf. Tim Wise here would have been eager to worship the golden calf… as today he worships a golden calf known as the SJW ideology.

  33. The eternal destroyers. One doesn’t survive for 4,000 years by being straightforward, sincere and honest.

  34. i think a massive problem in the US is this: zero exposure to the world outside the US, esp monoracial countries like the author mentioned. irony of the SJW-infested US (which claims to be all about ‘others, others, others’) is that it suffers from a massive amount of geocentricism that cant acknowledge how others live in other parts of the world. if it could, then it would understand that majority of the world lives in monoracial climates and that that is actually the NORM of the world. then you would see diversity is not a virtue or strength; it is the exception to the rule and totally circumstantial given the history of how the americas was formed. THEN, rather than push a less whites/more colors attitude, you’d understand that non-whites are the minority and that its not surprising when hollywood casts whites as leads instad of minorities, just as they’d cast chinese as leads in china in favor of other races. and last, you’d ACCEPT this and live your goddamn life in the context of that understanding and acceptance (just as i have as a non-white from the US)

    1. If more Americans actually WENT to the countries they are so eager to import people from (and not just the nice tourist resorts in Mexico/Central America), they would definitely be advocating for a wall and deportations.

  35. Rosalind Brewer, SAMs Club CEO (black woman) openly admits to discriminating against white men. She should be fired immediately.

  36. Logical fallacies of the article:
    #1 Post hoc ergo propter hoc – the crappy rhetoric of the speaker is relevant to him being LEFTIST…not Hebrew…;)))
    …which leads to making author guilty of the sin of:
    #2..Hasty Generalization…

  37. It’s amazing how jewish PTSD impacted US academia, when you have Einsteins with PTSD from Spanish Inquisition and Holocaust moving to a land of Sarah Palins.
    They are afraid of a Christian masculine armed white men. This is why you see they were inventors of militant mock Christianity New Atheism, inventors of second wave feminism, radical feminism, third wave feminism. They went to radicalize the blacks in the 1960s in the civil rights movement, 75% of black kids are born out of wedlock. They are trying to inflitrate Muslim groups and do the same with us, but SJWs are virtue signaling degenerate hypocrites. We look at our masculine men, beautiful women and strong family, are like “thanks but no thanks.” It’s not cool to wind up in the west to just find you you are being used for someone’s project. When you want to run to other people to warn them about this they hate you in advance and we don’t want to be the next ghettoized #ThugLivesMatter.
    From the Muslim perspective, the Christian man, his family has to be at the center of the society for any form of multi-ethnic or Mutli-religious society to work – we need to know who is boss. Also we have to honor the sacrifices of Christian male soldiers who fought valiantly and those who died in war, not victims or we get frauds like Clock Boy and Mattress Girl.
    I think its key to bring immigrants with any traditional family values and red-pill whites together and put the masculine white Christian male who fights, keeps us safe in his military sacrifice and puts food on our table from farming at the center of western society. Israelis and some religious jews are surprisingly red pilled. We have to work together or the other side will win & civilization will fall if SJWs win.

  38. I don’t mind the Jews in the Israeli armed forces. It’s the damn Hollywood Jews that I can’t stand. Not because they are Jews but bedcause they promote these stupid liberal causes.

  39. Rule 0: SJWs lie.
    Rule 1: They’ll stop at nothing to end western civilinaction.
    Rule 2: We are their enemy.

  40. Bravo for calling him out on his Jewishness. They are the group behind this.

  41. I have been listening to an audio book version of Mein Kampf (read aloud by an Englishmen with a mesmerizing voice) and I am overwhelmed with how ahead of his time Uncle Adolf was.
    While I don’t necessarily agree with his final solution (although something HAD to be
    done as the Jews were bent on destabilizing Germany) he no doubt was onto something.

  42. Jews are hardheaded and can’t seem to control their compulsion to instigate and race-bait. Judging by how easy it is to catch them lying through their noses because we live in an age of information, It truly makes me question everything I thought I knew about past events. Master Swindlers and opportunists.

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