Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Attempting To Incite A Red Scare Against Russia

Red panic has gripped America once again, though the people stoking it are far different and their motivations more sinister. Following Wikileaks’ release of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee—emails that revealed how the DNC rigged the party’s primary to elect Hillary Clinton and showed the extent to which the mainstream media functions as their official propaganda wing—the left tried to distract everyone from talking about their corruption by blaming Russia. No, seriously:

“We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we know that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin,” Clinton said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

In the days after Wikileaks released the emails, leftists went berserk, claiming that the Russians were behind the hack (with no proof whatsoever), accusing Vladimir Putin of trying to influence the presidential election, and even accusing Donald Trump of being a Manchurian candidate for Moscow. Curiously, none of them have taken note of the multitude of other countries who are also sticking their hands into the American cookie jar, most notably Mexico, whose government has been funding riots at Trump’s rallies.

It’s quite telling that the only country that leftists don’t want influencing the government is a white, traditionalist, Christian one. The left’s anti-Russian hysteria isn’t simply repugnant: it’s a throwback to the anti-communist fervor of the early 1950’s. The difference is that while Joseph McCarthy’s claims that communists had infiltrated the government had validity, the left’s hatred of Russia is rooted entirely in their paranoia and hatred of healthy, prosperous societies.

The Left’s War On Russia


Masha Gessen, lesbian activist who agitates against Russia

Before and during the Cold War, leftists were in love with Russia. The Soviet Union represented the end goal of leftism: total state control over every aspect life. Because of this—and also because the Soviets extensively funded efforts to infiltrate Western institutions—the American and European left sided with Russia at every opportunity. For example, during World War II, leftists promoted the idea of opening a second front in Europe with the goal of taking pressure off of the Soviet Union, when the militarily smart move would have been to let the Nazis and Soviets destroy each other. The Normandy invasion was completely unnecessary; all it did was enable the U.S.S.R. to colonize much of eastern Europe.

Similarly, in the 1950’s, leftists in the media and government smeared Senator Joseph McCarthy when he courageously pointed out that Soviet agents were deeply embedded in the State Department and other prominent federal agencies. The Venona Papers—a collection of decrypted messages from the Soviet Union’s intelligence agencies released in 1995—later vindicated many of McCarthy’s claims. Later, in the 1980’s, leftists vociferously opposed Ronald Reagan’s aggressive stance towards the U.S.S.R., claiming it would lead to war; Ted Kennedy even begged the Russians to intervene in the 1984 presidential election and help defeat Reagan (irony).

The love between the Western left and Russia died when the Soviet Union collapsed. Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has transformed itself from a failed socialist state into a patriarchal, traditionalist one, reasserting its place as a world power. Christianity has been revived and takes a central role in Russian life, open homosexuality is frowned upon, and George Soros-funded front groups have been banned from the country. The reason why Russian (and other eastern European) women are known for their femininity and beauty is because these nations resist the moral turpitude of the West.

All this naturally makes Russia an enemy of the degenerate left. Anti-Russian feelings among leftists exploded in 2012, when members of Pussy Riot, a Western-funded leftist agitator group, were arrested after they broke into an Orthodox church and disrupted a mass in process. Leftists began foaming at the mouth a year later when the Russian government formally banned homosexuals from distributing propaganda to minors. When Russia began attacking ISIS last year—and actually made progress towards dismantling the Islamic State—Barack Obama shit a brick and “moderate” Republicans such as John Kasich and Lindsey Graham began speaking of war with Russia.

The left’s fear of Russia is simply their fear of normality, of white heterosexual men taking back what’s theirs. They’re aided by clueless cuckservatives who still think the Cold War is on and Russia is the Red Menace. Additionally, a large number of Russian Jews in the American political establishment, such as neocon Max Boot (a prominent #NeverTrump Republican) and radical lesbian activist Masha Gessen, have spent their careers agitating for more conflict with Russia. (Ilya Sheyman, another Russian Jew, is the head of MoveOn.org, which was behind the riot that shut down Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago last March.)

World War Gay


Common Filth and other commentators have quipped in the past that the U.S. will start World War III with Russia over the issue of gay rights, and those predictions are disturbingly close to coming true. The left’s irrational hatred of Russia combined with our constant meddling in their internal affairs (for example, see Ukraine, where we helped instigate an anti-Russian coup right in their backyard) ensure that tensions with Putin will continue to escalate.

This is lunacy. Beyond the fact that Russian society is one that we should aspire to emulate, Russia is a superpower with a nuclear arsenal. Vladimir Putin is not some tinpot potentate of a third-world hellhole; he’s a crafty leader with a strong military and a nation of hundreds of millions behind him. Hillary Clinton will almost assuredly escalate tensions with Russia, possibly bringing us to war, destroying what is left of America with it.

The left hopes to distract Americans’ from the Democrats’ corruption and malfeasance by ginning up a Red Scare 2.0, and we can’t let them get away from it. Leftists’ hatred of Russia, combined with the apocalyptic ramifications of war with Putin, are too significant to ignore.

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305 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Attempting To Incite A Red Scare Against Russia”

  1. This can’t be true. Clinton went over there several years ago and gave them a reset button herself. That fixed everything with Russia. Duh.

    1. The year is 1976. There’s a guy running, claiming to be a conservative, and he even has some prior political experience. There are only a few minor problems though:
      1. He only became a Republican in 1962.
      2. Prior to that, he was a solid Democrat, even serving as head of a labor union.
      3. He previously enacted policies that legalized abortion, restricted gun rights, raised taxes and loosened laws regarding divorce.
      Do you buy his claims that he’s a solid conservative or do you toss him out as a RINO?

        1. Imagine if Carter had lost in 1976. We’d still have the Panama Canal and our military wouldn’t have been seriously weakened to the point where nothing short of a massive commitment of money would have been needed to fix it.

    2. In 2011 I was purple pill, in 2008 I was blue pill. Now I’m red pill. But since I still have a few friendships left with blue pill men and my kids are friends with kids of people I no longer associate with, I guess I’m just working with the blue pills to try to gain you alls trust and bring you back to blue pill. Its all a conspiracy. Everyday, All the time. Oh and PBS helps me with my hypothesis because, well… because fuck you, that’s why.
      lmao, give me a fucking break. Really?

    3. You are an idiot. Trump is not a lifelong Democrat, he is a lifelong businessman. If you had an ounce of brains (or business sense), you would understand this.
      I’ve said this in another thread but it bears repeating: When you are someone like Donald Trump, you have to pay to play. Period, no exceptions. No one becomes uber-rich, without greasing the palms of politicians, regardless of which party they are for.

      1. I’ve gotten tired of saying this over and over. Same shit with the family of the fallen soldier.. Dude, he was in Trump tower closing deals when your son was sent off and died, not to mention it was war and Khans son volunteered to be in the military.. the shit coming out of the anti trump balloon is retarded.

        1. I don’t think blame was intended, but it was definitely perceived. He used the “sacrifice” that he and his wife made by giving their son to the military and him dying as a weird and awkward jumping off point to denounce Trump and uplift Hillary. note: the son sacrificed his life, the parents cant sacrifice him. smh. Its really mostly Gibberish and nonsensical ramblings that Mr. Khan speaks and he says, “don’t you read the constitution, don’t you know how you are supposed to treat gold star parents” um what? you gain no privilege from your son dying at war. what the fucking fuck? lol.
          Now the woman whose spoke at RNC who actually does have a bone to pick with her son dying in Benghazi in a non war conflict, in a situation where the govt of the US refused to send help and they survivors had to be saved by friendly local militants… different story, but no one likes to talk about that in the media. lol

        2. Libs love shit that doesn’t make any sense, its easier to attach circular arguments to nonsense.

        3. Well, it just came to light that not only is Khan an Clinton insider, he has worked for them and even did their taxes… Mystery solved on that shit show.

        4. How come Khan gets a nicer, more legible gravestone than everyone else (they all died around the same time), and that Jewish guy in back, and one Christian?

        5. Sharia law proponent, his job is immigration attorney (apparently you can get green cards for the entire family for a $500k investment in the U.S.), poor Pakistani who somehow lived in Dubai with family and came here and enrolled in Harvard Law School.

        1. by actually looking out for our bottom line, in lieu of selling us out to foreign dictatorships.

  2. Russia is a dying country. They aren’t replacing themselves and the government is too corrupt for real economic growth.
    But Putin is smart and can smell a wimp – Obama and Clinton stink of weakness. He knew they wouldn’t lift a finger when he destabilized and invaded the Ukraine. Clinton is dangerous because she is so inept and weak. There’s a good chance that she simply blunders into a war.
    Hopefully a Trump Administration could treat the Russians with respect and friendship while also projecting the strength to convince them that empire-building in eastern Europe and the Baltics is a bad idea.

    1. You are part of the problem. You wanted us to go to war with Russia over this Crimea bullshit.
      He was right about the Ukraine, they are on his border and wanted to join NATO (an organization devoted to fucking with Russia).
      NATO should have went away when the Soviet Union collapsed. In this case Putin is absolutely right and we are wrong. We should stop antognizing him and shut down NATO. In the meantime everybody should shut the fuck up about going to war, or “doing something” with Russia. It is totally irresponsible.

      1. I can understand why the countries like Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the like might be scared by Russia seeking to reclaim ethnic Russian enclaves in eastern Ukraine and why NATO might be a deterrent against further aggression.
        But Putin made an interesting point… if he really wanted to take the whole of Ukraine he’d have been able to do it by now and a Russian flag would be flying in Kiev. Instead he’s taken the parts where it is a majority Russian population.
        It seems that Putin is more interested in establish a Russian state that has all enclaves of Russians in it; which may not be a bad thing, as Ukraine was being torn apart politically by having 2 large opposing ethnic groups of people who simply aren’t interested in getting along.

        1. Putin abandoned plans even to take Mariupol after his coups started failing in places like Zaporozhye or Odessa and russian actually started sustaining severe losses.
          Putin did not expect any resistance in Ukraine as they has been no army.Ex minister of defence of Ukraine was RUSSIAN, the army was practically dissolved.
          Putin did not expect that Ukrainians would actually start forming volunteer divisions and fight teetch and nail.Pretty similar to Northern War of 1939
          He abandoned his plans and got sucked in in Minsk negotiations.

        2. However-look up Kaliningrad, a Russian EXclave…which borders Poland and used to be….Prussian? Some city with a German name I think…Koneigsburg?

      2. I didn’t say that we should have gone to war. I’m saying Obama and Clinton’s weakness made it an easy decision for Putin.

      3. I know many who say they identify more with Russia than they do their own nation. Which is sad, because Russia is not paradise–there is actually a lot wrong with Russia today, and I wouldn’t choose to emigrate there.
        But the western states seem to always be on the wrong side. In Libya. In Syria. In Ukraine. In almost every intervention. And Russia stays out of most affairs, except oddly enough they choose to intervene in Syria, attacking IS-IS, and helping to stem the flow of refugees which is a huge European and American problem, for which the Europeans and Americans are doing nothing! (Except for when USA tried to intervene last year on the side OF IS-IS! You can’t make this stuff up!)
        I read a story the other day about a Russian chopper being shot down, the pilot and crew’s body dragged through the streets by fundamentalist Syrian rebels, desecrating their bodies and destroying the Christian orthodox symbols, and I felt true sadness and empathy for these men. Where, sad to say, I don’t feel anything for rich contractors who get blown up while meddling in Iraq’s affairs.

        1. I RESPECT Putin for fucking up ISIS. They are assholes. He ALSO maintained bases within striking distance. What did the USA do? Try to arm rebels for civil war against ASAD. WTF?? You KNOW the world is odd when Russia is saying it obeyed the UN charter in both spirit and letter by attacking Isis and respecting the democratically elected leader, Assad-who protects Christians by the way!

      4. Yep. NATO is a 19th century solution to a 20th century problem. In the 21st century it is pointless and costly at best, dangerous at worst.

    2. “*insert white nation* is a dying country. They aren’t replacing themselves and the government is too corrupt for real economic growth.”
      This old multiculturalist trope

      1. Russia (and Eastern Europe in general) isn’t nearly as traditional as a lot of manospherians seem to believe it is. Many of the women there are just as addicted to attention whoring as western women. As for their demographics, the only group that is reproducing is Russian Muslims.
        Roosh pointed this out in one of his Q&A videos.

        1. Poland seemed light-years more traditional when I visited back in 2008 than the USA.

        2. Russia has a traditional facade, but if you dig beneath the surface, there’s no way you can call it traditional. Divorce rate and abortions are through the roof. Religion doesn’t guide people’s lives. Family unit is wrecked. Tons of gays in big cities. Women are eager to be sponsored by sugar daddies, etc.

        3. I would settle for the facade of normality over the debaucher and depravity Washington celebrates and advocates and seeks to export.

      2. I really hate that shit too. They screech about the dangers of overpopulation but the second the birthrate dips to 1.9 they immediately do an about-face and start screeching about how the country is dying and how third-world human detritus is needed to pay the pensions of the elderly. It’s an unholy alliance between Marxist social engineers and business owners looking for cheap labor.
        Populations will bounce back if left alone for a bit. There are innumerate examples throughout history – after the Black Death, the Mongol Horde, et cetera.

      1. You see the pics of “objective” journalist Wolf Blitzer partying with the DNC on the final night?

    3. The US destabilized Ukraine. Crimea has been a warm water port for Russia for hundreds of years. Kruschev “gave it back” to Ukraine during his premiership thinking that the USSR would never dissolve. The US getting involved in Ukraine is stupid bellicosity on our part.
      One should think what our country would do if Russia orchestrated a coup in Mexico and put put troops and missile defense systems in Nicaragua and Honduras.
      We are being led into war by psychopaths.

      1. If I have to take up arms, it won’t be against Russia. It will be against globalist forces and the traitors within.

      2. Normal transactions are happening up there for reasons that are legitimate, but the Western Libs want to demonize every move they make. “Putin went into the restroom with his iPad at 8:45am Eastern Time, He has not been seen exiting the restroom in the past 30 minutes. He must be playing words with friends with Kim Jong-Un in an effort to organize a Nuclear strike on the United States. Donald Trump is in the que to play the winner….more on this developing story as it……develops. Now back to ‘New Day’ with Chris Cuomo”

      3. I agree…it appears Putin really wants peace….Crimea was Russian anyway…

    4. “He knew they wouldn’t lift a finger when he destabilized and invaded the Ukraine.”
      Ha ! Good one bro.

    5. ” He knew they wouldn’t lift a finger when he destabilized and invaded the Ukraine”
      Codswallop. If you’re responding to the claim about “our constant meddling in their internal affairs (for example, see Ukraine, where we helped instigate an anti-Russian coup right in their backyard)” why not come out and dispute it instead of sneaking in that tired MSM lie: all the west does is de-stabilise countries. God knows what’s in Victoria Nuland’s cookies but it isn’t love

    6. I am worried about Poland…they are historic enemies….I hope you are right and I hope Trump gets in, and its not a big scam…him running, I mean….

  3. It blows my mind that they think they can get away with starting a conflict with Russia just because Russia stopped them from overthrowing a democratically elected government in Syria.

    1. It’s not just about that. Russia continues to evade the globalist octopus, the same octopus that’s strangling the living daylights out of the West.

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      1. “Healthy in terms of values.”
        I’m not so sure about that. Russia’s government is among the most corrupt in the world, and their women aren’t nearly as traditional as commonly believed.

        1. The Russians at least make an outward showing of being traditional, with masculine men and feminine women, and they don’t worship homosexuality. Granted, Russia has plenty of problems, but in this sense they’re healthier than the West.

        2. I agree. I would have said something to this effect, but you said it better than I would have managed.

      2. I haven’t lived in Russia, but I spent a few years in eastern Ukraine (which is arguably more Russian than it is Ukrainian). It’s always seemed to me that if they could somehow ditch the corruption and staggeringly high amount of alcoholism, Ukraine would be one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Do you think it’s mainly corruption and alcoholism that hold Russia back too? It’s ironic that Russia, with it’s strong traditional values, still lags behind the degenerate US in terms of prosperity, but maybe time will fix that.

        1. Alcoholism and corruption are a huge problem no doubt. However, my latest conviction is that too much comfort leads to a degenerate belief system like the one in the West. Russians never really regarded wealth accumulation as the goal of their existence. Life normally had rather spiritual meaning.

  4. I have experienced extreme anti-Russian hatred based on some of the conversations I had with different anglo-Canadians. Once one guy asked me “Why Russia even exists?”. Another older gentleman started almost screaming and turned red when I told him that I support V. Putin.
    Majority of Anglo-Saxons consider Russia to be hell on earth, while being almost completely oblivious to all the “humanitarian” interventions of their nations around the globe and the fact that their countries are turning into third-world societies due to unrestricted immigration.
    Russophobia is so deeply embedded into Western psyche that I doubt it will ever change. Or it might stop once the West becomes majority minority since non whites either have a neutral or a positive outlook of Russia.

    1. There is a lot of brainwashing done in that purpose.
      In two weeks from now I’ll be in St Petersburg for one month. Can’t wait.

      1. I think you’ll like it. I dont know if you been there before, but Hermitage is well worth visiting

      2. So jealous. I wish I could be there and enjoy the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum too. Maybe in 2018 where I’d go for the World Cup and see Moscow also if all goes well.

    2. “Russophobia is so deeply embedded into Western psyche that I doubt it will ever change”
      Having spoken to many younger Americans at school, it seems the young generation is not as Russophobic as the older Cold Warriors are. Some other guys I met at my American high school said they would be interested in visiting Russia, and when I told them I planned on returning there and joining the Russian military in the future, they thought it was pretty “cool” (although I’m not going to be able to do that now, as I found out recently).
      But then of course there are the multitude of other problems that Generation Z Americans have, so I’m not too positive about things changing for the better.

      1. I lived in eastern Urkaine for a few years and I speak Russian, so I’m interested in Russia and it’s culture, and I’ve come to respect and even admire it. Seems to me like the elites in the US are desperately trying to drum up hatred for Russia in the general population, but no one aside from the ruling class really cares much about Russia or Ukraine, beyond maybe the SJWs a little bit because of the perceived oppression of homosexuals in Russia. Can’t see the SJWs and their hipster allies going to war over much of anything, though.

        1. No, I was born in Russia, but I moved to the US with my mother when I was seven or eight.

      2. I’m worried about Poland. Will Russia attack Poland? Putin said they would not, no reason to….

    3. As a minority, Christian I love Russia. I love Putin . What will the west fight for ? The degenerates, feminists, homos, trannies. Russia has something worth fighting for.
      I hope to visit there one day, am considering going there during the FIFA world cup. Hopefully things are still stable 2 years from now.

      1. Exactly, what are modern Western values worth fighting for? Only degeneracies like you mentioned. Not my values, no doubt so many immigrants recent them. If West to survive, it needs to promote healthy values people be willing to support. No one will die for a man wearing a lipstick in a dress or a fat, gross feminist.

      2. You really need to visit Russia to kick this spectacular bullshit from your head.

        1. I understand a lot of this is probably all false opitimism on the same level as how eastern women are angels, nevertheless the values of Russia and Putin are something I would stand for rather than the values of the degenerate West.

    4. Well, technically Russia is a hell on earth.This is for example their 6th largest city:
      Also, regarding russophobia. Ever thought why is it all the neighbour countries hate Russians so much and ready to die fighting against Russians just not to have “Russia” in their home country? Finns,baltics,ukrainians,poles?All have fought or are fighting russians at the moment.
      In fact Americans and Canadians are probably the most sympathetic to Russia nations out there.

      1. a lot of those pictures I could have guessed were from Edmonton, AB, Canada, where I live. Everywhere is shitty once the snow begins to melt.
        But I get your point.

  5. Follow the money on this one, too. The left is being used to agitate for war with Russia over gayness. Clinton is owned by the Saudis, Israelis, and Sunni Gulf Oil States. They want a gas pipeline to run from Qatar through Syria to the Mediterranean as a means to break Russia’s monopoly on natural gas sold to Europe. It explains the conflict over Syria, which has nothing to do with “dictator Assad” and everything to do with installing a regime friendly to Riyadh, Tel-Aviv, and DC instead of one friendly to Tehran and Moscow. It’s why we are fomenting belligerence in Ukraine. Kagan, Nudelman, et al. are doing their usual neocon thing.
    Clinton and her backers will make lots of money selling gas to Europe. They don’t care if they plunge the world into war to do it.
    The gay thing is a smokescreen to draw in support from the useful idiots of the left.

  6. You can tell the Left is really trying to grasp at straws these days. For one example DNC email gets hacked, might be Russia who did the hack (not confirmed), so now blame Trump for the hack because he says some nice things about Putin every now and then. Seriously? Random hacker located somewhere in the depths of Russia equals Trump. That is like saying 2+2 = a billion-gillian. It makes absolutely no sense.

    1. The Left is ADD, if they don’t get constant rapid info they start to think. So the media keeps them occupied as best they can. Facts take too much time man!

  7. Ugh, these pictures of liberal women….is there one well-known liberal woman that doesn’t look completely grotesque?
    Also, has anyone else heard about the hold on Clinton’s tongue? Lotta talk going around that it was some tumor that got removed or something to that effect. Her health seems to be declining at a rapid rate. Hoping she has a stroke by November.

    1. I dunno man, Evil women seem to live long lives, I do see that the slow poisoning of Bill seems to be working however. I wonder what sort of cleaning agent she puts in his soup…

    2. That Harry Potter girl (can’t remember her name) is pretty easy on the eyes if you like them skinny, as I do.

        1. There must be others. Isn’t Jane Fonda like, a feminist icon, or something? She was rather attractive back in the day.
          One of the Pussy Riot girls, the dark-haired one, is very good looking. Come to think of it, most of the FEMEN girls are at least palatable. Maybe being Russian/Ukrainian trumps being a feminist as far as looks go. Who knows?

        2. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova? I do kinda like her determined gaze and the way her slightly boyish features are offset by sensual lips. She’s been dying her hair unnatural colors lately, though. Must be Western feminism rubbing off on her.
          There are pictures of her having sex in public as part of a protest you can find with a Google image search. If you don’t mind that she’s heavily pregnant and paired with a dude who looks like the lovechild of Varg Vikernes and Gollum.

        1. LOL! I was so annoyed by the noah movie I couldn’t even find her hot. However, I will take in any post Chamber of Secrets HP movie.

        2. I have no idea how old the little tart was when she made that movie, but you’re probably on safe ground. Used to see gadding around highbury with her latest flame. Not bad in the flesh

        3. she was too young to fuck, but not too young to be sexualized by Hollywood.

        4. as far as Hollywood is concerned one might wonder if there was a lower limit. Having said that the very first Harry Potter film was pretty innocent. By the last one they were all slutting around on their broomsticks

        5. What about when Hermoine lead Delorus Umbridge into the Forbidden forest to get what she knew was going to be a huge fucking raping and then, as she recovered in the hospital from it, teased her by making horse sounds. Straight up cruel.

        6. I think Hagrid was known as the Hogwarts John Holmes and taught Hermione everything she knew about magical creatures, including unicorns

        7. You know, not enough attention is paid to Hagrid’s father. I mean, his father was a man and his mother was a giant which makes his father the king of all chubby chasing perverts.

        8. Hagrid’s dad is part of the problem and clearly needs to read some Matt Forney articles. Probably more fun the other way for all involved

        9. But remember, it’s the Christian patriarchy that’s sexualizing tweenagers. Not the various Jews and Atheists churning out our entertainment or the women and gay men designing our clothing.

        10. ha. I don’t want to go as far as to put a motive on it. As soon as a girl has bleed, if she is famous, she is in the public for consumption as a sexual ideal.

      1. To be fair, Emma Watson isn’t a feminist. She is an actress. SHe is playing a feminist because it is good for her career. If she has any thoughts at all in that cute head of hers they are solely based on which her next movie is going to be and when she will get some more alpha cock.

        1. I just don’t buy any “convictions” from actors and actresses. It is their job to be convincing. I am sure they are just as self absorbed as people assume and what they want is to be continually successful. To that end they will do their best to act out whatever it is helps. I don’t blame them. For that kind of money and fame I would be giving feminist speeches too.

        2. Being a feminist isn’t good for anyone working in Hollywood. It’s a boys club. She’s actually taking a huge career risk that studios will view her as uncastable by being so vocal.

        3. Probably right. That’s not to say she isn’t being advised otherwise or poorly. That said, I wouldn’t mind being nearly as successful as her.

      2. Emma Watson? Ewwwww!.
        She’s attractive if you’re a virgin prepubescent nerd who likes Harry Potter and playing assorted card games at the local comics shot. She’s fap material for the un-laid tween.
        Damn. You bang a couple of hot Latina and poolside model types and you just wonder who finds gaunt, pasty white brexit pussy so appealing. I guess my standards are too high.
        God save the Queen!

        1. I’ll give you that.
          Emma Watson is to hotness what scones are to cookies — not my cup of tea.

        2. So now people who like tall, skinny caucasian women are pre-pubescent nerds?
          No accounting for taste, but the surety of your conviction makes me think that you are projecting a bit.
          Why not enjoy all the kinds out there?

        3. So, by that sentiment of “why not enjoy all kinds out there,” you’re enjoy big booty hood rat mamas?
          Tall, skinny, Caucasian women like you find on the cover of MEN’s magazines — yeah! That’s not nerdy at all. I love ’em. But you won’t find Emma on the cover of such magazines. And sorry, GC is not a a “men’s” magazine.

        4. I think she’s totally hot. Hot, young pussy. What’s wrong with that?!

        5. If you like the hood mammas and have the game(which you don’t) then by all means go ahead and try it. Im not going to call someone a “basement dwelling nerd” based on ressonable tastes.

        6. I don’ fucktard. I’m making a point — a point which escapes you Beavis Bunghole.
          Sorry for not responding sooner. I was busy closing a deal last night with a new blonde I added to my harem. But as you so accurately put it, I don’t have any game. And I’m still feeling the effects of a bottle of wine and numerous Vanilla vodkas we did last night. But I didn’t want to delay responding despite my slightly impaired writing abilities at 6am. It don’t usually do my best work in the early AM. But fuck, I gotta set the record straight judge.
          I stand by my assessment of Emma Watson. It’s my opinion. She’s white, pasty, thin, gaunt, and her face has boyish features which I find unattractive. I can only fathom that heterosexual males (assuming you are one) who find her attractive do so because they developed an irrational attraction to her in their young formative years when anything with a vagina could have given them a hard-on. It’s akin to a first “love”, crush, or whatever from your childhood. If you or anyone else takes offense to the label “nerd” because you find her attractive, then you’re the one(s) who’ve identified with the label. And you gotta own that. If my generalization has touched a collective nerve. So be it.
          If you or anyone else thinks Emma Watson is attractive on any level, and you do so not being a nerdy per-pubescent tween male, then cool. Whatever. I’m generalizing. However, I’ll stand by my generalization, just like my opinion, and can show solid evidence that most of the guys that find her attractive are just as I described.
          To illustrate, when I was that age, I found former mousekateer Lisa Whelchel to be one of the hottest girls out there (google it). Hell, I even thought Bo Derrik (the movie, “10”) was “hot” back then. Wait! Here’s the poster child for my point — Carrie Fisher. Yeah, she was “hot” back in 1977 as Princess Leah, but I hadn’t even been laid back then. Was she hot? Back then as a 12 year old Star Wars nerd, “yes”. But I looking at those pics of here today, I say to myself, “Meh, what was I thinking back then?”
          But I grew up and realize now that those girls were not all that hot then, and they certainly aren’t any longer. It was a phase — a per-pubescent ogling over what was being thrown out there as cute and hot. Now that I’ve sampled what’s out there, the girls that I though were hot when I was 10 are merely “meh” today. And men of my age who still think those women were, or heaven forbid still are hot, well, that’s my point.
          So under the umbrella of spouting my empty opinion I’ll label EW’ers as anything I want, including “basement dwelling nerd” It’s a free Internet.
          You all like Emma Watson. Ok. If you’re not basement dwelling nerds, then ok. I guess you guys are the exceptions. Fine! Whatever. Enjoy whatever about EW that you find attractive. I still say, “EWwww”, and to you adieu.

      3. People have been jumping on the “Emma Watson is hot” bandwagon in recent years, but I’ve been saying that since 2001.

      1. Assuming he turns up of course. I’m betting he’ll find some excuse to cry off. Doesn’t like the venue, date, moderator, questions, etc etc. Of course none of this will bother you. You’ll agree with him whatever he says and vote for him anyway.

        1. At least I know she would turn up for the debates. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Personally it’s beyond me how you or anyone else can take a grown man who back combs his hair to hide his baldness seriously.
          If he’ll lie about being bald then he will lie about things a lot more important than that.
          C’mon. He’s a vain blowhard and you all know it.

        2. You sound like exactly the type of intelligent voter that has brought us to this point. The way a man combs his hair speaks to his moral fiber. Behold – the stupidity of democracy!

        3. Suit yourself. It’s going to take a lot more than a bunch of angry white guys for Trump to win this election.
          Btw. Do you have an estate worth more than 5.3 million dollars? I’m sure you do so you won’t have to pay estate tax on it if Trump wins. He just said so. Isn’t that good news?

        4. We’ll have to wait to see who ultimately wins the election, but if you think it’s just “angry white guys” that support Trump, you are critically underestimating the opponent. Lots of his positions (trade, immigration, tax, war) speak to many of the democrat’s core constituencies – minorities, unions, the lower classes. You may be very surprised at who will vote for him. Hell, even in the recent polls that show Hillary up by 8%, Trump is drawing 42%! That’s a lot more than angry white guys, and you should be very concerned that he draws this level of support DESPITE his abrasive rhetoric, and despite the fact that Hillary is spending millions while he is spending nothing.
          And for the record, what’s wrong with abolishing the estate tax? Consumer spending drives our economy. What’s wrong with rich kids having free money to spend?

        5. Yeah I’m sure rich kids buying Rolexes and Ferrari’s will really help the economy.

        6. Who mines the raw materials and makes the components for Rolexes and Ferraris? Who ships them? Who works on the docks and the trucks that carry them to the stores? Who works in the stores? Who gets to benefit from the sales taxes? Who works in the repair and mechanic’s shops? Who works in the gas stations? Who works in the insurance industry? Etc…
          Yeah, no help to the economy at all. Close down all the Rolex shops and Ferrari dealerships! Completely useless.
          Let me guess, Hillary wasn’t your first pick, Bernie was?

    3. They wouldn’t be liberal if they weren’t grotesque.
      How many alpha males do you know are leftists? OK, maybe Che and Fidel, but that’s about it.
      The entire left movement is based on envy.

  8. Russia experienced, first hand, what is to live under a marxist dictatorship, so it’s no wonder they hate marxist and their derivatives. And they also dislike the people behind them.
    (((Who))) created marxism and ruled the Soviet Union? (((Who))) murdered millions -holodomor, for just mention one- and millions of white people? (((who))) supplied the CCCP with money and food?
    Russia right now is the closest thing we have to a conservative and nationalist state, so (((they))) and their minions hate it frantically. They need to point a finger and say: “they hate the jews”, “they are with Trump”; and some factions within the establishment are even agitating for war against Russia, which would be suicidal for the USA.
    P.D. (((Masha Gellen)))……Every.Single.Fucking.Time

    1. And not only Russia. Eastern Europe generally have the same frame because, as you said, they lived under marxist totalitarianism for decades and know damn well what it means, hence the return to a strong christian faith and nationalism.

    2. Wrong. Russians are way more left wing than their Western counterparts and incredibly proud of the USSR. Why wouldn’t they? Stalin single-handedly built 75% of their standard of living.

      1. I don’t know who this jew is. I don’t know what he wants. But if he is looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have any rubles. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will make you eat bacon.

        1. If my chair wasn’t quite supportive and also didn’t have armrests, no doubts I would have fallen out of it.

        2. ha. Like the southpark when Cartman calls Kyle out on having his bag of jew gold.

  9. If anything, Russia should be our natural ally against mohammadanism. Putin knows that he has a lot of them on his border. He can se how they are invading Europe and infiltrating the United States. Hopefully, Trump will be able to sit down with him to work out a solution.

    1. I agree. I saw recently a documentary about Chechnya and they are shit scared of Putin, because he does not play around with the safety of its national citizens. In fact, the Chechen wars have to be seen as probably the first sign of a resurgent muslim jihadic effort in modern times.

      1. Putin already had a über fight with Erdogan about that. Even before it was built.

  10. The pro-gay propaganda doesn’t seem to work on boys, but it does get traction on girls because girls have a more plastic sexuality. When sex ed and our degenerate culture normalize lesbianism (like the lesbian character in the Ghostbuster reboot), and teach girls how to masturbate and have orgasms as ends in themselves, that lower girls’ inhibitions about seeking lesbian experiences and “relationships.” Every white girl, especially, this project diverts from early marriage and family formation into lesbian hedonism, even for only a few years, just contributes to the eventual obliteration of white biodiversity.

  11. The fact that Russia is far from what is perceived aside, Hillary winning this election would be an utter catastrophe. Trump’s reasonable propositions of normalization of relationships with Russia are always viewed as ‘selling out’ to ‘evil Russia’. Hillary truly is in the stranglehold of elites seeking more war to fill their W. Street pockets.
    P.S. did anyone even notice how insane that woman looks when she smiles?

      1. The fact that every single picture of her face looks insane and every single thing she wears looks like it is from Dr. Evil’s closet is just too hilarious.

        1. its called the “Chairman Mao” fashion line, available only at Lane Bryant

        2. Lane Bryant new collection Chairman WOW! for the fashionable would be communist dictator. At Lane Bryant we celebrate all types of fat asses….even the ones that are decidedly unjolly

    1. If there was a thing called “hate speech”, nowadays’ left would monopolize at least 80% of it. Hate against Russia, Assad, Hungary, Poland, large sectors of the population (remember the many many insults directed against Brexit voters, or what they say about Trump voters), “patriarchy”, “racism” (which in their point of view includes basic things like borders or cultural identity of “whites”), religions… This goes on and on. Of course, they find ways of providing a rationalization for their constant hate, it’s part of it, hate is nothing other than projected war against reality (and this is also why they try to hide “mein Kampf”, non-PC comments in Facebook, etc. -> they want to have a sort of “intellectual monopoly” to justify their own hate rhetoric).
      Play this game with yourself: gather a collection of news reporting who demands whom to be fired from their jobs or harmed based on what they said, who demonstrates and starts violent confronts, who comes with war threats… It’s the left.
      Obama started the racial civil war in the USA, a question which was dormant for decades. Obama and the left started this nonsense WC question, and gender deviancy controversy.
      They feed on hate, they seed hate, and then, they claim to be the “tolerant/accepthing” ones, in a show of dispicable disloyalty.

  12. Russia has become a huge problem for the project of creating the autonomous, deracinated, atomistic, racially mixed, cosmopolitan, secular New Man of the Enlightenment. The Russian people had this project beaten into them in the last century, and they organically rejected it, at a horrific cost. They show good instincts now by stomping on intrusions of gay degeneracy into their society; gays instantiate this New Man model by taking it to its logical conclusion. Gays even promote a sterile parody of miscegenation by their willingness to engage in sex acts with men of other races they don’t even know; and the ones with the wherewithal and passports do this in other countries they can get to via air travel.

    1. Do you ever have a comment that isn’t a copy or re-wording of an earlier comment? You say the same damn thing over and over. What are YOU doing about it?

      1. Propaganda 101: You have to repeat a message in different places and formats to make people aware of it so that it starts to change their thinking.
        How do you think the social-justice ideology became so successful in the first place?

        1. Perhaps a better question is, why have certain groups of people (western Europeans) bought into leftist ideas so fervently while others (Eastern Europeans) have not? An idea can only grow if enough people believe it. Why have western Europeans fallen so hard? I have asked this question many times and I have yet to receive an answer.

        2. Would most of eastern Europe have fallen to the Bolsheviks if Russia had not conquered them? I don’t know. And could not the widespread poverty in eastern Europe have been an incentive for many Russians to believe the Bolsheviks and their gospel of communal wealth? The west, in large part hasn’t seen that kind of poverty in ages.

        3. Absolutely. But that still leaves yet another question to be answered. Why did western men give their women such power?

        4. Because we were tricked in getting easier and more abundant pussy, in detriment of destroying the civilization we built during the last 3 millennia.

        5. And of course, that pussy only became easier and more abundant for the top 20% of men.

        6. And also a very good point. But it remains strange that only Europeans allowed this development. We’ve been trying to push the whole “women’s rights” thing in other parts of the world, and it hasn’t really taken off, especially in the middle east.

        7. Then clearly Jews must be the master race and not Europeans, since it seems that Jews are responsible for all this.
          Funny how the alt-right doesn’t seem to realize this.

        8. Being a parasite is a very useful biological strategy. Just check fleas and mosquitos.

        9. And yet the western Euros have done very little it seems to resist the parasites, in comparison to Eastern Euros.

        10. The Catholics eventually lost against the anglo-saxon-jewish alliance.

        11. But why did the Anglo-Saxons get involved?
          As for Pope Francis, well, hopefully his papacy will not last much longer.

        12. My theory is that Northern Europe was irrelevant during the XVI century, they had no economic power in comparison with the discoveries of Spain and Portugal. An excuse had to be created to separate the north from the Papal authority and gain power independently. The reformation was the great excuse to grow those local elites and the jews took advantage in the Netherlands through calvinists.

        13. Or, could the answer possibly be that northern and western Euros, through their genetics, were simply more inclined to engage in such… progressive pursuits as Protestantism, women’s suffrage, and now, gay rights? Could it be that perhaps western Euros got the ball rolling in the first place, and that Jews-progressive though they tend to be- simply got the ball moving a bit faster rather than started it themselves?

        14. I would not say genetics, but these people came from the barbaric tribes who used to be more sex egalitarian etc. As I said in a previous thread, Western patriarchy comes from the figure of Pater familias of Roman Law, not from Christianity. While some of these tribes were romanized and stood Roman Catholic, the north was clearly not. Check the scandinavian leftist shithole, for instance.

        15. Thanks. I’ll take a look. But think that universalism is not something new invented by the anglo world. The Spanish Empire was universal on Catholic faith and hispanic Race. The Catholic church is universalist (Catholic in greek means universal). Islam is universal as well, under the notion of “ummah”. Etc.

        16. Indeed. Anglo/Germanic Europeans are not the only group of people to have universalist beliefs, but they have certainly taken it further than just about any other group of people, inside or outside of Europe.

        17. Can’t really argue with this. Hucksters (of certain ethnic predispositions) have always known that the feeble Western European mind was, is and always will be too susceptible to catch phrases and grand ideologies that a) have little to no real meaning in the natural world and b) are too obtuse and subjective to really carry any weight. e.g. the most abused two words of the last three centuries, ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’.

        18. So could it be, perhaps, that you’re admitting that these “ethnic hucksters” are not responsible for this change, but rather simply sped up a process of “progression” which had already been undertaken by western Euros?

        19. No, I’m admitting that Western Europeans need “racism” more now than ever before.

        20. Wanted to stop reading at “Indeed, as a Black man,” but kept reading until “deserve the rights,” where I made a hard stop. No one “deserves” rights. They’re earned, generally by force. Why are you reading this emotional drivel?

        21. Why can’t you understand that maybe, just maybe, your “huwhyte” genes aren’t quite as flawless as you like to think they are? Why can’t you understand that human group differences apply to EVERYONE, not just “the coloreds?” If you cannot or will not understand that, and if you can’t be the bigger man for ten fucking minutes to read an article, than you’re an even bigger idiot than I had previously thought you to be.

        22. Why can’t you understand that maybe, I don’t care. That MAYBE A homogeneous society and in-group bias (e.g. Japan) is better than worrying about the rights of people who hate you and pray on your downfall.
          P.S. Fuck your article.

        23. Wow. SO SUPERIOR.
          Have you moved to Russia, that great white hope yet? When you do, maybe I’ll be able to take you seriously.
          P.S Your “white racial identity” doesn’t exist.

        24. Actually, I’ve done quite a bit of business in Russia and would rather live in it’s shittiest city, than Africa or anywhere with a high density of Blacks. Can you guess why?
          P.S. Your “rights” don’t exist. They’re a figment of your imagination.

        25. And guess what? You’re not going to get western Europeans to stop caring about the rights of other people because that’s just how they are. Deal with it.

        26. Yeah. Sure you would.
          And if “rights” don’t exist, then neither does your “racial right” to survive as a people.

        27. Neither does yours. At least Whites fought for theirs. Whereas yours were given to you by Whites. Btw, you’re welcome.

        28. Lol. No. There was a time when Western Europeans only cared about their respective people. When things get bad enough (i.e. SHTF), tribalism and loyalty to clan will return and your Black ass can kiss the rights we allowed you goodbye.

        29. Homogenous culture, that’s hostile to outsiders? Yeah, I probably would.
          Russia > South Africa
          St Petersburg > Detroit or Chicago

        30. What the fuck have YOU done, shithead, besides bitch and moan anonymously on the internet?

        31. I’m not black, dumbass. And if you want that tribalism to return, well, you might want to take a page from the Muslims and stop all the outbreeding. That’s why the west became the west and eastern Europe has remained largely a shithole in comparison. Of course you would have realized that if you read that article I posted. But no, you couldn’t be big enough to do even that.

        32. You’re the only one bitching on the internet about your rights like an emotional little girl. I’m just fortunate enough to be the descendent of a culture that has created a society that the rest of the world wants to live in and migration is essentially one way. Can you say the same?

        33. Who’s to say they’ll take you in? You’re an outsider aren’t you? Don’t count on Big Daddy Putin to save you.

        34. Where did I bitch and moan about my rights? I tried to start a conversation, but you refuse to entertain any ideas that don’t follow your Roissyan “muh whitness” narrative. Are you afraid that maybe you’re not as smart as you seem to think you are, and that your own people are largely responsible for their own situation?

        35. Again, I do quite a bit of business in Russia. Thus, a large chunk of my social circle consists of Slavs. You have to earn their trust and respect, otherwise they’re good people.

        36. Where did I mention “muh whiteness.” I remember saying Western Europeans needed “racism” more than ever. At which point the conversation devolved into petty name calling because you couldn’t defend your position. Stop projecting your insecurities onto others and return to the argument.

  13. My opinion about Russia and the West is very simple. Since Peter the Great that Russia is a apart of Europe and therefore Western Civilization, even with some specifics like its geographical size. Russia was a pivotal power in European History for 2 centuries and was not seen as some “alien” power.
    The problem dates back to 1917, when the Bolsheviks took power and divided Russia from the rest of the West, turning Russia into the USSR, a marxist hellhole. This is when the cultural ties where broke because prior to that Russians were capitalists, Christians, had coalitions with European powers, spoke french as a diplomatic language and listen to the same operas as in Lisbon or London.
    As far as i am concerned, it is time to reunite with Russia and make it again a part of the European concert. Like many have said, Russia is not the enemy now facing the West, its Islam.

    1. Geographic location in Europe does not equal a part of western civilization. Northwestern Europe, Mediterranean Europe and North America are western civilization. Eastern Europe is not.

      1. “Geographic location in Europe does not equal a part of western civilization. ”
        True but where does the West begins? Are all Western nations the same in their behavior? For example, as a Portuguese i can assure you i have more in common with a Italian or a Spanish then a Swede or a German…And being roman catholic…Does that mean that Poland, a bastion of roman Catholicism, is not a part of Western Civilization just because they are in the East??? Europe as far i am concerned, from Lisbon to Moscow, is all the same family. Time to begin acting on it.

        1. Portuguese people have a strange spiritual resemblance with Russians. The way they feel and live the past, the music, the perception of distance (maybe the Ocean is the equivalent of the Steppes). A certain kind of relationship with authority, the antipods of the german one. And a strong tendency to individual heroism, sometimes intermingled with messianism (the portuguese Fifth Empire and the russian mysticism of figures like Vissarion or Rasputin; Pessoa corresponded with Blavatsky). And if you hear the languages at distance, they have the same musicality (even if they are so different in their genesis).
          Europe never ceases to amaze me.

        2. I know little to zero about Portugal, while I am somewhat of a Spaniofile (is that a word?), which I find very odd. I wonder if Europeans are taught more about Portugal, because Americans are taught nothing.

        3. Outside their former Empire (in the southern hemisphere), and France, where they immigrated in massive proportions, Portuguese people are unknown to most of the World, even if they played a key role in our civilization’s History (they started the Age of Discovery and in a way, globalization, when Europe’s nations were still killing each other in the Hundred Years’ War).
          Modern “Hispanophiles” are more likely to be “Andaluciphiles”, as the Spain we know and they brag about is the correspondent of Andalucia (bull fighting, flamenco dancing, Don Quijote…). Galicia, Navarra, Asturias (Leon) and Catalonia are less known, for political reasons. They all have strong identities, different languages and cultures. Portugal went even further on this path and could keep its independency (with 8 centuries of English help, but even so, it’s a remarcable feat, as they fought the Muslims, Spain, France and Austria/Germany to maintain their flag flying), as well as build the 9th biggest empire in History with a meager 5-10 million nation. They travelled the World (from Newfoundland to Japan, including Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, India and Sri Lanka, Timor…) and gave you Americans a lot of good people (like John Philip Sousa or Tom Hanks).
          We British should know them better, as they are our oldest allies in Europe, but I’ll be honest and say that before having a summer home here (in Lisbon), I didn’t know Portugal and its people very well.
          ” Americans are taught nothing.” Sad truth. When I think you have “Black History months” (if we were rigourous, there isn’t such a thing, as History is reserved to “recorded SIGNIFICANT past”… But let’s not go this way, I’m fed up with race talk) and then let your children widely unaware of their ancestors’ real History (History of Europe, the Ancient World, China and Japan)… You are really educating your children the wrong way, they should know the past (beyond the American Revolution and a few hints on British History), learn from it, and not be brainwashed in the “Diversity Agenda” (and its beautiful CRASS lies).

        4. I wasn’t aware that Ireland wasn’t part of Western civilization. Sure, they speak an Indo-European language, are strong proponents of the Catholic faith, are white, have been a part of the history of Western Europe since the time of the Romans, have countless artists, poets and philosophers who have contributed to our societies, but clearly…not Western civilization.

        5. That is a very narrowly defined map, which does not take into account any history at all. The whole eastern/western Europe is really a 20thc. invention. Western civ started thousands of years ago in the middle east and for talking about western civ. The middle east is still apart of that tradition as well as eastern europe. This is quite distinct from African or Asian cultures. Geography is important but to draw a highly debatable line on a map is doing a disservice to our history and culture.

        6. Take it up with HBD chick, Ghost. I didn’t come up with the map. To be fair, though, Charles Murray’s map of human accomplishment would probably show a similar result.

        7. I’ve never heard anyone say that western civilization started in the middle east. One of the elements (Christianity) originated there to be sure. But democracy? A concept of human rights? The innovation which has driven the world for the past few centuries? Those things certainly didn’t come from the middle east, nor from eastern Europe.
          I will admit, however, that I may have improperly defined this map. This is a map showing where the bulk of innovation and advancement (in all metrics) took place in Europe. Perhaps instead of calling this “a map of the west,” a better name would be “the core nations of the west.” As you can see, eastern Europe (and even certain parts of western Europe) are not part of this core.

        8. What a beautiful and poetic insight my friend. Russians and also Ukrainians btw do have a very close link to Portuguese history and culture. They learn Portuguese quite well and also love our cuisine and music. There are Fado houses in Moscow or Saint Petersburg and they really feel the emotion, something that still amazes me to this day.

        9. So, Southern Portugal, Southern Italy, Ireland and also Poland, that is split in two, are not part of Western civilization…How and Greece, the cradle of it all is also left behind?!? This map makes no sense at all. Culture supersedes geography. Australia or New Zealand are not part of Western Civilization, even being in Oceania??? They are.

        10. Poland is not a part of western civilization.
          And as I said in another comment, I titled this map incorrectly. This is not a map showing the boundaries of the west. Rather, this is a map showing where most of the advancements and achievements in Europe were located over the last few centuries. Compared to these “core” European countries, the others have not achieved as much.

        11. Beautiful song, and they sang it in a great accent, I think. It’s that “melody of distance”.
          Your comment means a lot to me, since you are a portuguese. I’ve been sort of a nomadic wanderer my whole life, and to be able to know people and their ways of thinking and living is sometimes of a greater importance to me than simply learn how to speak their languages. Since I’m in Lisbon for long periods nowadays, I’ve set myself this goal of understanding your people, beyond the obvious and fashionable and the usual shyness implied when natives interact with foreigners.

        12. Ok, if that is your criteria i has more logic but still, its very relative to define the west cultural achievements to recent centuries. I mean, you also cut Ireland apart. What about the crucial importance of Irish monasticism in preserving Classical knowledge and Christianize other parts of the British Isles??? As for Poland..is it not the work of Jan Sobiesky defeating the Turks at Vienna a grand achievement???

        13. I never said that Ireland, Poland, Russia etc. never achieved ANYTHING. All groups of people in the world have achieved SOMETHING in the course of human history except for Australian Aboriginals. But if you took all the combined achievements of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, you still wouldn’t be able to equal the achievements made by western Europe.

        14. I thought Poland was CENTRAL Europe…that’s what my ex-wife says anyway….

        15. Poland is CLEARLY part of Western Europe….this sounds like Germans in the 1200’s saying “Poles are pagans we must convert!”…what a load of bullshit.

        16. I agree with you. As far as i am concerned, Eastern Europe is part of European Civilization. Culture supersedes geography.

        17. Have you studied any Western civ? Sure many developments come from the west but western civilization as a whole is a long tradition beginning 5000 years ago in the middle east. I do agree that the middle east today is far from Western and to assume that is what i meant displays ignorance of any history before the last 2000 years. In no way did I imply that democracy or human rights originate in the middle east. (Well the Code of Hummaribi is a basic concept of human rights. And out of that tradition came democracy, but I digress.) I think what may be going on is a confusion of terms.

      2. Western civilization is a civilization founded upon elements of Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity. Russia, from what I learned, is Christian as per its Byzantine foundations. The Byzantine foundations are Greek, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity emerged off these foundations. The art and literature of Russia is Western. And when I say Russia,I am referring to the part that is located in Europe.
        If you’ve something to add that differs I am open to that.

        1. Russia was indeed a power in Eastern Europe, but in comparison to smaller western European countries like France and England, Russia hasn’t been nearly as successful.
          It is inarguable that western civilization, over the past 500 years, has achieved more than any other civilization in terms of advancements in science, literature, art, music, human rights, standard of living, virtually any metric imaginable. Can the same things be said for Russia and Eastern Europe?
          Below is a map of human accomplishment in Europe. You’ll notice that the accomplishments are disproportionately focused in western Europe, and more specifically certain countries within western Europe:

        2. I’m referring to the cultural foundations which are Greco-Roman and Christian, not advancements. Civilization is an issue of culture. Whether or not a culture within a category of “civilization” is “advanced” is, in my opinion, a completely different issue.

        3. Eastern and western Europe may have similar cultural foundations, but it’s clear that there is a split between east and west which is more than just geographical. And indeed, civilization is an issue of culture, but where does culture come from?

        4. If we are talking about the culture of Russia then its cultural origins are similar to those of other western nations.

        5. In eastern Europe, Russia is far and away the dominant power. But can their accomplishments objectively stack up to those of western Europe?

        6. But why have western nations, throughout history, generally been more successful than eastern European nations despite similar cultural origins?

        7. I thought we were discussing the idea that Russia can be categorized as a western civilization, not the level of advancement of Eastern European nations?

        8. But it’s precisely these accomplishments and advancements which make western civilization western civilization.

        9. I think literature and music wise Russia in the 19th and 20th century (both pre-and post 1917) can hold its own against anywhere else. As a mainly agricultural country it wasn’t as developed as England, France or Germany, and perhaps had a slight inferiority complex – but you can make too much of that perhaps. I would note my idea of advanced or civilized is not ‘ready for proletarian revolution’. Having said that late 19th century Russia was melting pot of ideas, mixing the backward (and autocratic) and the modern: a country that should have slowly been reformed into a limited constitutional monarchy or maybe something slightly more paternal was hijacked and destroyed by entirely destructive forces. I’m not sure 18th century Russia stacked up against Western nations, but 19th century Russia was getting there. Until…

        10. A lot of that has to do with climate and economics. If you have studied Russian history it would be apparent why Russia was behind the west for so long. It really has little to do with culture.

        11. Is that really an excuse? Look at Scandinavia. They managed to overcome shitty climates.

        12. With all due respect, accomplishments and advancements have nothing to do with the way in which a given civilization’s cultural foundations are characterized. It appears that you are trying to argue that a civilization’s cultural foundations are western only if it has achieved certain advancements. If we are to strictly adhere to this criteria then Japan can be categorized as “western” due to its advancements.

        13. But, with all due respect to Japan’s own native culture, how many of Japan’s advancements have been truly its own, and not simply a copy of advancements made by western civ?

        14. Are you trying to say, simultaneously, that Japan is a “Western Civilization” and Russia is not? I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who’ll agree with that. What Japan has done is mondernize and the tools of modernization not are not the same thing as the cultural underpinnings of a civilization. Japan is a modernized non-western civilization.

        15. Clearly you misread my comment. Japan is absolutely not part of western civilization. Japan adopted certain elements of western civilization in order to modernize itself, as did, well, almost every other country in the world. Eastern Europe did the same thing. Without western Europe, eastern Europe would still probably consist of mostly peasant farmers with a few wealthy rulers at the top.

        16. Wait a minute. I thought we were disagreeing on the issue as to whether of not Russian culture falls in the category of “Western Civilization”? You brought up Japan in the context of achievements being a sign of “Western Civilization”.

        17. But Japan did not achieve (most) of those things themselves. Japan has had great achievements in its own right. So has Russia. But not to the extent of western Europe.

        18. I was never discussing the achievements of a particular nation/ peoples, I was merely pointing out the civilization to which that nation, those peoples belong. Once again, Russia can be categorized as a Western civilization because of its cultural foundations.

        19. Would western civilization be western civilization without such things as democracy or republicanism, free speech and basic human rights? Has Russia ever really had that? Most of western Europe has.

        20. Democracy and republicanism are not the only forms of governance that have characterized western civilization. Remember the absolute monarchs of Western Europe? Would you consider those nations, at those particular historic periods, to not be part of Western civilization?

        21. What does scandanavia have to do with this. Will you make a point? Apparently you have not bothered to research any Russian history, and your response is intellectually lazy. Lastly you didn’t even bother to touch upon economic. Ever hear of serfdom? That is an economic system and can explain along with climate (think the growing season) the nature of the Russian economy for the medieval period, which is the period that mostly sets the stage for the 18th-20th centuries.

        22. Yeah, Russia has a few achievements in terms of music, literature, and science. I never said they didn’t. But can it honestly stack up to what western Europe has accomplished?
          Ok, Russia put people in space. Fantastic. But they couldn’t create an economic system which would provide a decent standard of living for a majority of its people? The west was able to do both. Climate isn’t an excuse unless you admit that there are group differences between eastern and western Europeans.

    2. I’m not convinced Islam is the enemy facing the west. I think Islam is a tool used by globalists to distract and confuse and control us. But otherwise agreed 100%. Islam would have no interest in the west, and didn’t, until it was violently provoked for years.

      1. “Islam would have no interest in the west, and didn’t, until it was violently provoked for years.”
        I do not agree with this part. The notion that Islam is being provoked, only fuels muslim justifications for their never ending victim mentality. The tension between Islam and the West dates back to when Islam began attacking the Eastern Roman Empire and it did no stop there.
        I mean, as Portuguese i know this very well. Who the hell provoked muslims to invade the Iberian Peninsula in the VIII??? Did the Christian Visigoth kingdom insult them??? No. Islam always seeks a casus belli for their endless jihad and its a mistake, i think, to use the war on Iraq, stupid i agree, with muslim goal of world domination.

        1. I had a long discussion about the history of Islam today, and concur with the above. However, the problems between *AMERICA* and Islam simply wouldn’t exist today without the US intervening in the middle east. Perhaps they would exist at some date in the future, if Islam conquered Europe, but at that point “what difference does it make” to quote HRC.

        2. There was a civil war in Visigoth kingdom between two heirs. One of them lost and he later invited Muslims to help him get the throne. Muslims used it as a opportunity to invade Iberian Peninsula and later the rest of the Europe but luckily Karel Martel and his army stopped the invasion.
          Muslims tried to invade two more times (Malta and Balkans) but they were always stopped ( the third one was a pyrrhic victory but it still counts)
          The current “immigration problem” is fourth invasion. They just changed the tactics. Spicynujac was right to some extend. The fourth invasion was triggered by the American invasion of Afghanistan and Irag.

        3. Not necessarily; it’s just something they concocted as justification that they can use to commit atrocities and galvanise their own by stating how the West/America and their Zionist masters oppress good Moslems and some such. Their whole ‘religion’ is predicated on there being two sphere-The House of Islam and the House of War where the latter is full of unbelievers they wish to subjugate to convert to the former.

        4. Islam has been at war with the west for over 1200 years…maybe longer….

        5. My point is exactly that. The West just forgot it because we not only managed to survive them but become so powerful that even controlled much of the muslim world.

        6. I understand Spicynujac view. I just think we have to see this in a systemic view: this conflict with Islam is wayyyy older that the recent wars.

        7. I understand what you are stating but what about the barbary pirates that attacked american ships way before America was relevant to the world stage? If you reed the explanation their ambassador gave, its all about jihad.

        8. I think that someone who is born Muslim today doesn’t understand their own history, and has never heard of the Barbary Pirates. I think that religions can be tools that tap into human emotions, and Islam is a religion which magnifies some of the worst qualities in men. I think that the way Islam, or Christianity, or any set of afterlife beliefs, is interpreted and taught to the masses, can have huge impacts on how the people behave.
          After all, you *could* have Christians focusing on the Crusades (which were not Christian or biblical, but part of Christian history), stirring up violence and aggression. Or you could have Christians focusing on piety and conservatism and virginity, which are definitely in the bible. Or you could have Christians focusing on the peaceful, helping others message of Jesus. And all those would change the world in drastically different ways.
          The current teachings of Wahhabist sects of Islam are teaching invasion, conquering, and aggression. I think that there is plenty in Islam that could be used to create a peaceful, conservative, chaste society, and plenty as well to create a violent, maurauding society. With the current state of the religion, we are getting the latter.
          I haven’t read the holy books, and can’t tell you which is “more violent” but I think there is sufficient info to be misinterpreted in any major religion. What matters more is the church or the institution and its teachings, and not the archaic holy books and their modern translations.

  14. Lets talk about the western front in WWII, atrocities in western Europe by tje Reich, and what would have happened if the Soviets had controlled all of Europe instead of just east of the Rhine…

  15. If there was to be some kind of Kirgil conflict between Russia and the U.S army I think the Russians would wipe the floor with the latter.
    There are stories highlighting the weakening of your forces circulating in my country’s military circles.
    For example, there were training sessions during which Navy Seals were tied to trees by French paratroopers during the night and found in the morning, or marine platoons that couldn’t finish regular French infantry hikes, etc.

    1. Why would one expect one’s allies to attack them and tie them to trees in the middle of the night?

      1. Surely this must have been one of these exercises in which one team play the baddies, the other the goodies.

  16. It’s all distraction – not gunna be no nukes…
    Russia is just another pretend bogey-man.
    Communism is the real problem – inexorable loss of freedoms in western countries…especially for straight white men.
    We are the evil “bougious”. And the SJW, fatties, non-whites, Women, gay, transgender and 72 other genders are the oppressed (useful idiots) proletariat.
    Socialism truly is a mass hypnosis mental disorder…To literally believe that we all live in mansions and sit at a massive round table with all white men…When actually most white men are and have been tools of the state. Most military casualties in WWI and WWII were white (and Asian)…both ends of the bayonet were poor(no rights) white dudes…
    “Hate Speech” laws are the most insidious and universal tool to destroy…
    Ayn Rand:
    “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”
    Enjoy the decline… but don’t invest in it…

  17. Is Russia a “patriarchal, Christian nation”? I keep hearing conflicting reports on the nation. Some seem to indicate its a red pill country, while others say its not all what it is made out to be. I’ve been curious about this for a while, could anyone get me up to date on this?

  18. It’s the same thing they did to Snowden. The debate isn’t whether we should be spied upon and surveilled. It’s whether Snowden was a naughty boy or a hero. Likewise, the issue isn’t that Hillary was the selected elitist candidate, whose opponents never had a chance, but whether Putin, who possibly revealed this to us (though NSA whistleblower William Biney thinks it’s another disgruntled US government worker) is an enemy or a strong leader.
    The fact that any of these distractions get any traction at all is proof of how dumbed down the American public has become.
    I have a friend who is studying for the British version of the English foreign language exam (America’s version is the TOEFL which is a breeze) and the level of questioning is so advanced I laugh when I hear sample questions. It’s stuff 95% of Americans could not answer.

  19. There seems to be no concrete proof of Russia’s involvement in the leaked DNC emails. Only wild accusations, in an obvious ploy to distract from the real issue, which was that the DNC establishment actively conspired against Sen. Sanders.
    However, I see Russia and Putin having a very real interest in undermining Clinton as Trump has been the only candidate who has stated openly that he favors peaceful and friendlier ties with Russia. Every other candidate on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton did their best to denigrate Russia and ratchet up the hostility towards Putin. The leaked emails just may have been their best shot at insuring a POTUS that won’t seek to isolate them or threaten war.
    That’s a pretty good reason to meddle on behalf of Trump and I for one, don’t blame them one damned bit.

        1. Ha, wow. I don’t think the person would have to work for Hillary, although Assange’s comments sort of suggest that. The surveillance state is so pervasive it controls everything. You don’t have to be on the inside, everything is recorded and cataloged.
          It’s funny.. wikileaks was seen as an extreme left-wing group when they were releasing documents showing the crimes of the W administration. And now they are seen as extreme right-wing as they are exposing Hillary Clinton. Maybe people will wake up and realize they are neither. They are just stating the truth, as it is.

      1. Zero proof that Russia released the emails but you can bet your last penny that both Russia and China have those emails. Espionage is as old as the world itself.

        1. Perhaps, but really, what’s the point? I mean Russia knows Hillary is bloodthirsty and makes threats to Russia, and they know Trump respects Putin and as long as they don’t get into an ego contest and nuke the world over it, Trump would be the best candidate for international relations, especially from a Russian point of view. But what can they do about it other than sit and wait???

        2. I’m not saying that Russia released those emails just the fact that the emails were on an unsecured serve and were easy pray for hackers.
          Not much the Russians can do but wait for Trump to be elected. They can’t fund as it would be suspecious and undermine Trump’s popularity. Maybe win the Syrian War by Christmas.
          Also, even frickin Andorra or Brunei can get a copy of those email!

  20. I think the global Left’s major objection to Russia is that they won’t play ball with transnational finance. Putin is wary of the banksters of Belgium, and is building up Russia’s stores of gold. Fewer dems/media would care about Russia’s treatment of anybody, so long as they carried a hefty level of debt to the approved overlords.
    Another issue is the use of NGOs to accelerate political crises (intentionally or not) under the guise of humanitarian relief: http://barentsobserver.com/en/politics/2015/03/putin-western-governments-use-ngos-destabilize-russia-27-03. This is a hard issue to learn about– lots of moving parts and players.

    1. Accumulating gold is a big no-no. Gaddafi’s fate was definitely a warning to the other world leaders.

  21. I really think you’re onto something. Trudeau pulled Canadian forces out of the joint-bombing of Daesh after coming into office. I dismissed that as him just being a weak-kneed Leftist. But now he’s sending forces to Latvia? Meanwhile Japan and Germany are expanding their militaries.
    France is forming a National Guard in response to the rash of terror attacks. Now this got me thinking that maybe the Muslims are useful idiots. The Elites imported them and gave them free handouts to prevent them from working and integrating, knowing they’d end up committing all sorts of horrible terrorist attacks, which would be used as an excuse for the governments to grab more power. This makes a bit more sense than the demographic replacement theory – why would the Jews want the nuclear arsenals of France and the UK in Muslim hands?
    I want to place hope in a Trump presidency turning around relations with Russia, but if there is a conspiracy of this magnitude there’s no doubt the plotters are also capable of rigging an election.

  22. A second Cold War would have the same effect as the first one; the Marxist society would collapse.

    1. It is so sickening that Clinton used his murder to further propagate her gun control agenda.

      1. I think Hillary slipped up. She knows far too much about the firearm used. Here most of us just thought it was probably another pawn-shop .38 Special… but Hillary knew it was a “weapon of war.”
        Odd that a random street thug looking to steal a white boi’s iPhone had an AssaultRifle15™ idin’t it? Odder still how she knew. I’m sure that’s just another (((coincidence.)))

  23. Did quite well,till here:
    “for example, see Ukraine, where we helped instigate an anti-Russian coup right in their backyard”

    Poor understanding of geopolitics, poor understanding of internal realities Ukraine.
    Also, don’t forget to contact Russians when you find proofs! They are desperate lol. Accounts, photos,names of coordinators, emails. I mean from 10-20k people participating somebody must have leaked something hahaha
    Alt right are as full of bullshit as lefties.

    1. And everyone working on the Manhattan project knew they were making an atom bomb, right?

    2. I am afraid that it is you who has poor understanding of the realities in the Ukraine. Only a few soldiers in Eastern Ukraine have been identified as having to do anything with the Russian army in their not so far away past.
      You are alleging there are 20 thousand of Russian soldiers in the East, for which there is no evidence. You are full of shit.
      Of course I do not agree with the article as it is pure nonsense.

      1. Jesus ,its like you are writing this from the 2014.
        There is plenty of evidence.From russian POWs to sattelite images to documents to ..anything.All the top of separatists are Russians.
        There are over 700 tanks in Donbass,more than some large european countries.
        Only large losses among Russian soldiers (who “are not there”) made Putin stop the advance further west,just short distance from Mariupol and a corridor to Crimea.
        Do you speak russian?I mean if you are a russian zombie than this discussion is pointless.

        1. Russian =/= Russian soldier. There have been a couple of Russian soldiers that were found out like the guy VICE doxxed. That is about it. The satellite images showing artillery firing across the border is almost as ridiculous as the image of an SU24 firing a rocket into MH17.
          You not knowing why does Donbass have hundreds of tanks ( implying that they were handed to them by Russia) kind of shows you know very little about the conflict. Here there is an exact source of almost every single one of them.
          Not to mention the ones that were repaired
          In graph
          Of course you will have to use chrome google translate for that I guess.
          Yeah large loses, keep telling yourself that. The Ukrainian army got butchered and lost tens of thousands of soldiers (which might be another revelation for you who is probably fed the bs numbers from BBC)
          I am not Russian but me understanding Russian makes me more qualified to talk about this, not less. Your logic is seriously inverted.

  24. What self respecting heterosexual man is going to risk his life so some degenerate fag can stick his shit encrusted cock up another disease ridden fags asshole?

  25. When would the left start having a deep hatred of African countries and their leaders. When would the right start embracing Africa countries and their leaders. The right wing now love Russia, when would they start loving Africa as well.

    1. They won’t. They only love Russia because it is white. Russia has the largest base of leftists and communists in the world. Most Russians hate free markets, Putin wins all of the minority vote. Russians have nothing in common with the fantasy morons on this site project onto Russia. It is nothing but a white supremacist’s wet dream.

  26. Hollywood started making Russians thugs and bad guys again a few years ago. Batman v Superman is when I became conscious of it.

  27. I noticed this trend as well. All media has coordinated an attack narrative to make Russia the bogeyman a very LONG time after they took back Crimea (fake-gifted to Ukraine). Only now right after Wikileaks do you see this hyperventilating hysteria over big bad Russia.

    1. Russia would be nothing without Ukraine. Ukraine made Russia. And Crimea is ours.

  28. As a non-European Caucasian myself, all I can say to the entire White race is you’d better wholeheartedly embrace Putin and Russia to the fullest, for they are your last great hope at survival, the final bastion of the “scary White man” who tramples all in his way and asserts his place on the world stage!

  29. Poland-92% Catholic, does not trust Germany nor Russia-for good reason! All leftists voted out….Hottest women in Europe too…no immigrant problem..
    Hungary-totally right wing, no immigrants problem.

  30. We need someone to develop a program to calculate both chemical exposure to certain female breeding populations through food, hygiene and modern chemical proliferation from a geographical perspective and the continuing expansion of globalist reach of said products into otherwise pristine areas where the genetic stresses are not evident.
    When you choose to mate you should be choosing the least contaminated and least exposed women period.
    Russian might have you covered on that if you can learn to love the proto vikings.
    Last I heard though the women are exposed to feminisms and of course are avid consumers of what is considered important among the herd.

  31. Reality is stranger than fiction in any case and who cares what we stick our dick in anyways right.

  32. What do you think these elites seek to protect in those bunkers and controlled environments of theirs?
    War on top of everything else damages it as does excessive human vehicle traffic.

  33. Solar power shields powered by god knows what delivery system would do the trick though here on old earth.

  34. Или нахуй, блать дебил. You’re a fucking moron forney. Ukraine isn’t Russian back yard. Ukraine is a separate fucking country. Euromiadan was ours and ours alone. Don’t fucking over estimate your own shitty countru США.

  35. Russia is not a superpower. It’s GDP is smaller than Brazils. In fact it ranks 14th largest GDP. It is a 25% the size of Japans. 33% the size of Germany’s. Barely ranks at all next to America and China.
    Russia is a tinpot dictatorship run by a tinpot dictator with a barely literate low skill population. If you wish to live in a country with a very low standard of living that spends nearly all its money on weapons and none on its people then Russia is the place for you. When are you leaving?

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