Bronies: The Men Who Love “My Little Pony” Are Losers

“My Little Pony” was a media entertainment franchise created in the 1980’s by Hasbro that was initially marketing toy ponies to young girls. It eventually spawned multiple TV shows and movies and generally been considered a financial success for Hasbro.

In 2010, a Lauren Faust revived the franchise with a new TV show. As expected, the show was again a success, but a queer and disturbing trend emerged: grown men became rabid, eager fans of the show.

According to the men who would be Bronies, they don’t love the show because of the bright, colorful displays or writing or the quality of production, but because the show celebrates friendship. Think about that. Grown men love a TV show aimed at socializing children into healthy, mature adults has a large and vocal fanbase.

Yet, these men don’t just love the show. No, these men fashion themselves as some sort of progressive gender-benders who challenge traditions of men growing up, excuse me – being masculine.

A video representing a good bit — but not all — of how Bronies see themselves:

This video has been pretty popular throughout the community and has positive references on feminist gaming sites — The Mary Sue  — and the sentiment has been echoed on and USA Today.

I already addressed his ridiculous gender theory from Judith Butler here.

Before dissecting the untoward psychology of the movement, consider the concept of “New Sincerity.” The movement is a self-professed reaction against the “irony” of the modern age. Irony is classic distancing behavior of a person who wants to be real but is terrified at what people will think of them if they are honest. Honesty is secondary to other’s approval. “New Sincerity” seems to be a fumbling attempt at true expression, but still needs escape hatches to escape social judgment and true, honest expression of the self. These are sorts of people who think treating people respectfully with compassion and decency are “revolutionary.” It’s not.


This is where “My Little Pony” comes in. The men who identify as “Bronies” are not challenging anything at all, but men who are so psychologically weak that they need a portal to their childhood where they fantasize about being a little girl. It is a queer way of reconnecting with a failed childhood, fantasizing about women while pretending your ability to garner the approval of women would be greatly helped by being a woman yourself. It is distancing yourself from your own personal desires and concerns and escaping into a fantasy world filled with the trappings of femininity where a weak man can exist amongst the feminine while simultaneously pretending he is one of them to get their approval and doing absolutely nothing to garner feminine approval in real life.

On one hand, it is part and parcel of female worship and a deeply rooted belief in female superiority and misandry. Bronies take like ducks to water when rhetoric about male hyper-masculinity is spewed, as they are the first in line to accuse men — as a class — of misogyny. These men have no guilt about throwing a fellow man under the bus, if female approval lies on the other side of the bus. They hate themselves more than they hate masculinity. The self-punishment and debasement is born of a society that teaches men they are not true men unless they have female approval. Escaping into a world filled with symbols of femininity is their way of garnering female approval in the abstract without actually having to do that in real life. Imagine a grown man enamored of a purple pony charming a woman on a first date.

On the other hand, it is based out of a false sense of male superiority. Consider this website, Betapedia. As I observed in my review of the movie “her,” these sorts of men have a deep sense of superiority over women that is rooted out of a pure, unadulterated sense of male ownership of women. These men have no game, no real lifestyle and see women as objects – of either worship or control. They don’t understand game, charisma or personal psychological balance. The fact that they worship objects — literally pony-shaped objects — and spend so much time on fictional characters over which they exercise complete control in their fan fiction is supremely telling. Sure, it is pure narcissism. Yet, unlike many functional narcissists, they can’t even convince people around them of their personal delusions. They are so neck-deep in narcissism, they need to fictional characters to meet their thirst for female approval.


These men are representative of the new masculinity: one based entirely on female approval and supremely beneficial to alpha males.  Most importantly — as the creators and writers have — is the embrace by the franchise of these “Bronies.” They didn’t expect grown men to embrace the show, but whatever drives revenue is good, right? The rhetoric over gender and challenging masculinity is simply a smoke-screen for the producers of “My Little Pony” to keep selling this ridiculously childish imitation of masculinity to “Bronies.”

If you are watching a TV show geared towards children, you have problems. Further, for a grown man to eagerly consume a TV show aimed at girls is to admit the complete devolution of men into female children. Those men don’t aspire to self-sacrifice or any sort of stoicism, they aspire to…friendship.

Real men don’t spend their time fantasizing about true friendship, as they have that in real life. They certainly don’t fantasize about feminine ponies acting out friendship in a cartoon.  Real men carve out their own life according to their terms; they spend time chasing and pursuing concrete goals. These “Bronies” spend their time fantasizing about either being a fantasy pony or “identifying” with a fantasy pony. All within the confines of childish femininity.

“Bronies” are nothing more than a sign of the times: weak-ass betas desperate for a personal identity and female approval so they find a  outlet in “My Little Pony.” They are nothing more than a den of ankle-biting losers, but be aware they lurk in your midst. They are men who cock-block with impunity and men who sabotage other men with no remorse.

Just know that if a man has a purple pony on his nightstand, he is a man you can never trust.

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665 thoughts on “Bronies: The Men Who Love “My Little Pony” Are Losers”

  1. Masculinity is so greatly shamed that a lot of men prefer to associate themselves with femininity. It’s a sad time indeed.

    1. I would never date a brony. In my opinion masculine, dominant MEN are way better than feminine, submissive BOYS. My boyfriend is 16 just as I am and is more masculine and manly than the grown guys that watch My Little Pony. Not only is it childish but they sexualize characters and a show aimed and little girls. So not cool or manly. Disgusting actually considering they sexualize animals. Masculinity needs to stop being shamed and instead be celebrated, in my opinion. Western society has a lot of changes to make. there is so much role reversal in relationships. In my opinion, men are supposed to lead, women are supposed to follow. I value my submissiveness towards my boyfriend and won’t let anyone shame me for it.

        1. Um, no. But what does that have to do with what I said, good sir? I’m sure you aren’t meaning to be offensive but I do take a little offense to that question. I have poor self esteem and that didn’t really help. 🙁

        2. If you’re attractive AND have a good attitude towards your man then you’re double-good. But if you were fat, you’d be nothing special.

        3. I’m not fat. Though I am looking to lose a bit more weight because I’m unhappy with certain aspects of my body. Thanks for the reminder….

        4. Ah. So you didn’t mean to offend right? Alright, I understand why you asked now 🙂 Yeah, I’m looking to improve my body to be more visually pleasing. Do you have any tips on how to make him happy. Like what does a man really want? I all I ever hear is feminism bs and the like.

        5. You’re not asking me on a forum by means of which I can truly assist you. If you want I might could talk to you on Skype this evening. I’ll be busy until then.

        6. How am I obviously a troll, good man? I sincerely feel these things and think these things I said. I am submissive by nature and refuse to let society change me. Is everyone with a female name necessarily a troll by virtue of possibly having a vagina. You have no refutable evidence that I may be a troll. My boyfriend and I are actually considering a d/s relationship instead because he enjoy being dominant and I enjoy being submissive. Come forth with evidence or don’t come forth at all.

        7. “I have poor self esteem and that didn’t really help.”
          Like muscle, bone and sinew, self esteem improves with the exercise thereof.
          Exercise consists of stressing the system beyond it’s ability to perform the work load, recovering, then doing it again, and again, and . . .

        8. Thank you. I’ll exercise my self esteem. But how do I do that?
          That will make an improvement on it right?

        9. “Becky is obviously a troll”
          That’s whatI was thinking, I have my doubts about her/him but I don’t want to jump into conclusions.

        10. Just as a lifter builds strength by deliberately exposing his muscles to loads that temporarily weaken them, you must expose yourself to stimuli that weaken your self esteem.
          The trick is that the exposure, just as for the lifter, must be short, but intense.
          Then you must allow time for full recovery of your energy before you do it again. Otherwise you just wear yourself out instead growing stronger.
          This is not a pleasant experience, any more than you would find a 300 lb. deadlift a pleasant experience, which is why most people avoid doing it entirely. Simply trying at all will move you above the fold.
          “That will make an improvement on it right?”
          Yes. That is what was meant by “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”
          With repeated exposure, without actually being killed by it, you will become inured to that level of exposure and require a stronger stimulus to produce that same effect.
          That means, I’m afraid, that it never gets easier; the load just keeps increasing.
          Also, consciously remember that having self esteem is not at all being bitchy to cover up the lack of it. This is a deliberate process, so you must use deliberation to achieve the desired goal.
          Bear in mind as well that weakness is not submission. It’s just weakness. True submission comes when is operating from a position of strength and choose to relinquish it to another.
          So if you wish to be valuable from a submissive position, you have a duty to build up your strength.

        11. Thank you so much for the information. 🙂 I’ll make sure to build up my strength. And I try my best never to act rude to cover it up.

        12. Laura, I have been nothing but in agreeing and as respectful as I can. Why do you try and discredit that I believe as I say?

        13. Here is a good place to start:

          (yes they have training programs for girls that emphasis fat burning and not muscle mass).
          Also, remember to eat right and DO NOT starve yourself. That will slow your metabolism.

        14. Right, like totally. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’m so fucking alpha, fuck beta losers. I can’t stand all these betas and little girls on the internet and what not and shit.
          Like…….come the fuck on guys.
          The internet needs to be shut down, or dick in my ass.

        15. Your original post was a good one Becky. I commend you for coming here to find out what men think. I think if a woman truly understands men, she has a large advantage over other women who don’t care. Its good not to take things too personally here, there are a few people who are kind of angry and overly aggressive. Often an insult tells you more about the person giving the insult than the insult itself.

        16. True. He wasn’t really bothering me, I kind of found him entertaining, just he took it too far when he insulted my mother. You can say whatever you want about me, just insulting the people I love irks me.

        17. I think anyone that clearly states they are a16 year old female over and over again, on an adult MENS website for MEN only is not someone any of us should be replying to.
          Proceed with great caution. This could be trouble.
          Something about this doesnt smell right.

        18. OMG really? I need to stop that right away! Good thing you were here to shame me into it.

        19. You have to remember that men are people too. So really it depends on the individual, unless you mean specifically the physical aspects of him that make him male, and then that would probably have some pretty common similarities across the board. I don’t get yah on the submissive /dominant thing personally, but whatever floats your boats I suppose.

        20. Actually, if she was fat, she would just be fat, not ‘nothing special.’ Human life is valuable and you should learn more respect sir. Realize that every single person who has been born won a marathon against millions of other packages of DNA before we were even in our mother’s wombs. If we will revere and reward athletes who spend their lives working towards becoming the best in their field, why can we not appreciate the result of the best that our fathers could offer up for a race to gain life?

        21. Dude, this is the internet. Anyone can read anything. The narrow minded idea that their is men’s talk and girl’s talk is dull and repressive. There is only information, and then there is gender frivolity.

        22. You know, for someone insulting other’s because of a preference in media, you are really easy to upset. This shows signs with years of mental abuse and the fact one must seek the approval of other’s in order to feel better about themselves. Here’s a suggestion, instead of insulting the fandom, get to know em. The group you’re thinking of only consists of 1% of the fandom, the rest are really good people of all shapes and sizes who try to accept all and treat everyone with respect, because that’s what the show does teach, to tolerate and accept everyone for their strengths as well as flaws. A lot of them are really cool intelligent beings who hold fundraisers to charities, assist with the community, and try to make other’s feel welcome so other’s have a group of friends who won’t judge you.

        23. ” A lot of them are really cool intelligent beings who hold fundraisers to charities, assist with the community, and try to make other’s feel welcome so other’s have a group of friends who won’t judge you.” Translation follows:
          Some hold charity fundraisers, help out in the Brony community and try to make other Bronies welcome within a circle of non-judgemental friends.
          My sister’s pony wasn’t too good at English either…… More worryingly though, is the arrival of ‘super cool intelligent beings’ on this planet who have a secret apostrophe agenda.

      1. padre99
        Thing is Becky, Men came up in a time where such lil pussy boys such as “Bronies” would get slapped, mocked, and run out of the group on a rail for being little bitches, just degenerated punks
        Think Walt Kowalski
        Today however, things do not work that way, I sort of pity today’s young female, there are few men around to chose from, and the ones there are to chose from normally are hip deep in females

        1. Yeah. I had to work hard to get my boyfriend because there were a lot of girls eying but I got the guts and gave him my number. He texted me a few days later and we started talking. It is sad how guys act these days, so few real men. My mom grew up with real men, and would have gotten any man she wanted if she wasn’t so masculine. She tells me these tales of men acting like men and I feel society is just oppressing a male’s natural state of being. Men are naturally providers, protectors, dominant, and masculine.

        2. Flip side to that is real men, and real women, today, are very very busy going about their lives, there is no damn time to indulge in crap like “Bronies”. The most attractive, feminine women I know are busting their asses ditto high value men.
          Say what they will about Roosh et al, they are about their business and living a good life on their own terms

        3. Bronies existence irks me. People need to stop this dressing up stuff and indulging in total crap. Being about business and living a good life on your own terms are very valuable qualities in anyone in my eyes.

        4. “Kick the crap out of” ?
          “love and tolerate the shit out of you” is a joke. It’s not serious.
          Continue your mindless slander of entire fandoms, though.

        5. Im a brony and someone called me gay so I beat their ass and got suspended for 5 days, blood and ton of shit, im not a freak that dresses as a pony, im a human not a horse, but hell I like the show and im tough so I don’t give 2 shits, no wait, 3 shits bout anything.

        6. real men, and so if I watch a TV show im not a real man, makes total fucking sense, and for those people that dress up, just say fuck it, you obviously wanted to troll or just make an ass out of yourself so you searched, bronies need to grow up or some shit, find a discussion, and post bull, so fuck you and fuck this article too. bronies like MLP, gay men like other men, furries like cats, and I like MLP, so we all like stuff, except for people like you who just hate every fucking thing, SO FUCK THIS ARTICLE AND FUCK YOU TOO!!!!

        7. You people are fucking assholes everyone of you so what if grown men like the show I’m a female brony and have tons of male friends that like the show. We NEED people that understand friendship and love in this world STOP PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN YOU UNGRATEFUL WORTHLESS ASS HOLE FUCKER!

        8. You people are fucking assholes everyone of you so what if grown men like the show I’m a female brony and have tons of male friends that like the show. We NEED people that understand friendship and love in this world STOP PUTTING PEOPLE DOWN YOU UNGRATEFUL WORTHLESS ASS HOLE FUCKER!

        9. You keep blabbering on how all bronies are submissive and fuck horses… well guess what fuckers? Not all bronies are like that. I am a brony and still follow Rugby, Football, NFL, NHL and Baseball. I love women and I will not explain my personal life the kiddies might see it (13 year olds), BTW the stupid ass horse porn they make in my eyes is disgusting. and BTW my age is 18 just so you know

        10. “Blood and a ton of shit.”
          LOL! Spoken like a true faggot who’s never been in a fight. You remind me of the local cholo homos here who get drunk and beat their twink boyfriends while screaming how they’re not gay.
          Hahahahahaha! Good luck finding a REAL chick to fuck you. Hands and hentai ponies don’t count.

        11. Just because you WATCH other MEN play sports does not make you any less of a mangina, if anything MORE SO.

        12. And messages like this remind me of why the internet hates bronies 🙂

        13. There have been a test, about Bronies. It seems like a 1/10 of the population on earth is a Brony. And Bronie does have jobs and are helping society with what they can such as charity. So I can’t see the harm in Bronies. Even before I became one

        14. I have a 20 year old friend that bust his ass every day and hes a brony. He used to work for Uhaul and now works in poltics

        15. Live and let live! You are a brony, so what! I couldn’t give two shits whether someone is a brony or a furry or whatever! It ain’t bothering me! As long as you are a good person!

        16. Everyone is different and there are always exceptions to the rule. Be you and who the fuck cares! As long as you’re not infringing on someone’s rights!

        17. becky i would like to inform you that there are a few masculine bronies out there, im a male nurse practitioner and while that alone may make me seem feminine i also compete in physique but that aside, i have recently become a brony, not gonna lie kinda was disappointed at first but after watching it with my little girl its a show i grew to love and actually enjoy watching with her! it makes me feel like we are bonding together emotionally because not only can we both feel at certain parts but am able to feel confident it’s teaching her morals and values that if I can appreciate then shes gotta be getting something out of this. Lastly, just a side note not all bronies are into the sexual aspect no lie i find that weird like no just beastiality is a no.

        18. If you think that it’s ok to watch this show as a guy, you have problems. May God have mercy on your soul.

        19. 1. I am a woman 2. Why can’t men like a child show when adults still like batman the animated series or the lion king when those were made for kids? There is nothing wrong with like and enjoying a show.

        20. There is nothing wrong with likeing some childish. Do you still like the lion king? Well guess what, it is made for children.

        21. They have post traumatic stress. I’m not kidding. There was a doc on a guy from Iraq that couldn’t reconnect back to society but has been so emotionally stressed from field work that he became a brony. There’s all kinds of nutjobs in the military.

        22. Heh expected to see this many responses from bronies. They are found just about every social media defending their kind. They know they are insecure and they know they have mental problems.

        23. Just because I follow it does not mean I watch it. Hahaha and I bet if we met face to face you’d scream and run to your mummy, not because of your homophobia (How pathetic, you’re scared of a harmless human with a different sex life to you) But you’d be running scared for your life I would headbutt you until I cracked your skull than proceed to gnaw at the flesh on your throat you macho, stereotypical, Obnoxious male.

      2. Hi Becky,
        You are 16 years old, correct? Correct me if I am wrong.
        Are you in school? What grade, if I can ask?

        1. Becky,
          Did you just change your nickname? 8 minutes ago you *were* someone else, someone different, another nickname.

        2. You too,
          You changed your nickname, the post remained the same but you had another nick until 2 or so minutes ago,

        3. Was I Laura? I’m sorry if I mistyped it some where. I’ve been going by Becky on this site for awhile though a couple times I posted my first and last name. What was the other nickname?

        4. I think it was a glitch. A few other users were all listed by the name “Sebastian Flyte.” Atlanta Man, too. Maybe my name appeared as that too. So maybe Becky isn’t a sock.

        5. The Disqus database is slow and crappy, without the necessary level of data integrity.
          The wrong posts can get assigned to the wrong handles for a period of time before they get properly sorted out. We’re being gaslighted by the system.
          Somebody over there should read Date and Pascal, but I question whether they’re smart enough to understand it, so perhaps it doesn’t matter.

        6. She/he is a semi retarded fat hillbilly. Home schooled just means that she’s poor and comes from a wacko religious family. That 11th grade is like kindergarten in a normal school.

        7. Check out her post on this thread and my interaction with her. Her socks are “Apollo”, “Apollp”, “Apollopollo” and “YourButt”, though there may be more.
          She has a screw loose. She basically post and then replies with her sock.

          The 6 Principles Of Effective Persuasion

        8. Personally I think this troll is some kind of trap with the intention of something bad to happen here on RoK.
          I dont know what, but I suggest MODs ban “it” asap and nobody reply to “it”.

      3. To everyone who upvoted this, thanks. Seriously, any reinforcement for my nature is appreciated. Good to know there are still people out there that value a female’s submissiveness toward the man she is with. 🙂 That’s a comforting thought.

        1. I agree with what kfg says about submission; “True submission comes when one is operating from a position of strength and choose to relinquish it to another.”
          If you are trying to be ‘submissive’ all the time, every time any subject comes up on nothing between you and your boyfriend, then how are you truly submissive? If all the decisions are made by the one in the dominant role in the relationship, then the other member has no power to even relinquish.
          What are you basing your preference for female submissiveness off of Becky?

        1. Correction. Bad dragon sells all sorts of sex toys dildos and flesh lights. Dog, shark, horse, dragons, foxes. I own a kelvin the ice dragon dildo.

        2. I have a plush of my of and she is a real stuffed animal that cost my friend $112 for a birthday gift for me. She is 9 inches from hoof to hoof and is like a beanie baby. A plush would just get ruined by the fluids. That is why you get a real sex toy

      4. I am by no means a feminist, but I am an independent woman, and I prefer to be my own person than live in the shadow of a man. My husband and I work as a team, neither leads nor follows, and I feel that our marriage is stronger that way. If I were to be completely submissive to my husband, I would lose my identity of who I really am. Women need to stand up with men as equals, not cower and bow down to them. We are not animals, we are humans just like them, and should be treated as such. I pity the women who don’t value themselves enough to stand up and act like an independent person, not a dog cowering on the floor.

        1. I agree, except I disbelieve your first claim. If believe women are humans and have rights then you are a feminist, though there is a difference between feminists who complain about men, and the proper way to go about it, which you’ve nailed.
          I think in any loving relationship, there needs to be bouts of submission from both sides of it, other wise you would get sort of a too many cooks in the kitchen deal. Submission isn’t something that should be particularly one sexes’ thing to deal with all the time, instead as kfg said, true submission is when someone is a position of power and relinquishes it. So when anyone, whether they be male or female is in that situation in a relationship with someone they care about, then they have the choice to submit to the other out of love or to not, and I am sure that depends on the particular situation of course.

      5. It is disgusting. These guys are so far gone that they have to beat off to a children’s cartoon character, since they’ve probably never seen a pussy in real life?
        Makes me feel depressed just thinking about it – thankfully they’ll never reproduce

        1. Dudes, there is a serious difference between a brony and what we in the fandom call… *shudder* cloppers… the guys who jack off and want to bone ponies are cloppers and they are not cool. However, there are seriously some individuals who actually do like the show because of its themes and continuity. It is a high quality show with incredibly well designed backgrounds, even though its original intended audience is little girls. If any of you had studied Sociology, you would release how much gender is effected by the society that you are in. Femininity and masculinity and fluid things that are different in different countries the world over. Female submission to men, or in an alternate reality, male submissive to a woman is a innate natural born thing. Men and woman are MADE, not born. For example, in our cultural men are supposed to be logical breadwinners who keep their emotions in check and like sex. Yet woman are supposed to be emotional nurturers who use emotion as a strength and put up with sex. However, in other cultures men are supposed to be in touch with their emotions and woman are the bread winners. If these supposed feminine or masculine quality were actually physically innate based on what genitals one has, which by the way occurs due to levels of testosterone and estrogen in the womb, which are easily effected by things that you eat, and even temperature changes, so even that is a fluid thing!- if these feminine/masculine qualities are innate in every man and woman, then why is it not the same the world over?

      6. If you are so submissive, you shouldn’t be speaking here with the men. Go back to the kitchen.

      7. At Becky Masculinity is good but so is have emotions.Crying among other things does not make you any less of a man. I have a fiance hes transgender female to male and is dominant but when it comes to the bed room he likes me to take the lead and be the dom. Other times he takes the lead. If you want someone who is all TOUGH,good luck getting beat up hit and yelled at because men like that think they are better than everyone else. A gentleman has a feminium side he understands women. A man with a high grade of masculinity is nothing but an ass hole that thinks he is the best god damn this is the world. Call me a femnazi but I’m not I’m seeing it from my point of view. Also with the femnazi thing. They can all go wrought in hell if there even is a hell. I’m wiccan so I don’t know if there is a hell.

      8. This article makes me laugh. I’m a brony and they entirely missed the point. You can’t just say all broneis are ankle biters looking for women. They come from many different backgrounds and joined for many different reasons.
        There are bronies in Motorcycle gangs, the military, govt., working at wall mart etc. Obviously these are all not fat insecure slobs looking for women. Nor could they all be little pedofiles imagining horse sex. We would be hearing more horrible stories from all sectors of the work force if this were true.
        I became a brony largely because my girlfriend. We watch all sorts of animated tsuff together. Why? Because, sometimes watching a cartoon horse freak out from some mental disorder (seriously all the main characters have one) is entertaining. Not to mention all the adult humor like references to movies like “The Big Labousky.” Hell, Weird All Yankovick is a character in an episode.
        I feel secure enough as a man to do whatever, watch whatever, and live however I want. If I want to go play paintball one day, have fun with my girl another (wink), and watch cartoon horse doing hilarious shit the next then you can’t stop me.
        Before you say I’m full of shit and probably don’t have a great relationship with a girl, just know that I don’t care! I just hope I can save enough money for a ring in the future : )

        1. “There are bronies in Motorcycle gangs, the military, govt., working at wall mart etc. Obviously these are all not fat insecure slobs looking for women. Nor could they all be little pedofiles imagining horse sex.”
          Hmmmm actually…

      9. Missy, you are just basing your opinions on what people have told you. It takes real intelligence to get facts, something you obviously lack. I’m a brony, and I’m in better shape than pretty much anyone I know. I can run a 5K in under 19 minutes and a mile in under 6. I squat 300 pounds, and thoroughly train in martial arts. How’s THAT for manly? My guy friends tell me almost every day that they wished they had a body like mine. A true man like me, isn’t afraid to admit they are different. Plus, not all bronies sexualize ponies. Most genuinely like the show. Also, if you want to grovel on the ground in front of your man, instead of stand beside him, you go right ahead. But can you reach new heights when you spend all your time in the dirt?

      10. Fuck of a lot of them in the military I’ve found recently. Even if some of them do have the expected build of Joker from Full Metal Jacket.
        One good theory I’ve heard is that it appeals on some level to the paternalistic instincts of men without children (or the ability to have them) who have been frightened away from associating with actual children due to the paedo-hysteria panic in the Anglophilic countries (US/UK/AUS/CAN and related territories), and it strikes me as a good theory as a majority of them are inner-city dwellers, where such a panic has been at its worst since the 80s. In olden times it might simply have a few adult bonus nods their way, But due to the current hysteria, rather than sitting down with their kids for a half hour, then going back to doing whatever, they latched onto it as hard as they did any other form of escapism from the encroaching police-state.
        And the result was…The show has gone full-on 50/50 with the demographic. Even to the point of having an episode about fighting a marxist dictator.
        It’s been a fascinating spectacle to follow, that’s for sure.

    2. Yeah… is amazing how people criticise masculinity…..until they need it.
      Ever heard of a 10 year old girl saving an old womans life like this?
      Masculinity is to be celebrated. It’s GREAT to be a masculine man. I think one of the great things of my life was playing football. I used to LOVE getting into fights and crashing in to other guys on the football field to test myself against them.
      I was not so great a football player so I was beaten a few times. But very often I was able to play the best opponents in my league and come out on top…..I was very pleased the days I came out of top of boys or men who were considered much better than me.
      Competing with other men physically is part of what being a man is all about….it lets you judge yourself and your progress.

    3. This isn’t even feminine – its just plain f*cked up. Some commentators in the past had suggested our future is like Japanese men. Well, its happening and it makes a lot of uber-rich people happy that we are turning into a phaggot society. Even gay guys are worthy of way more respect than these ‘tards.

      1. such butt hurt. over a show that you obviously never watched. Why is it such a big deal

    4. I wonder if this is behind the increasing trans number, considering how they also have ridiculously high mental illness levels too? crossing wires?

      1. The increased ‘mental illness levels’ in the trans population is due to the stigma attached to being ‘transgender’, i.e a trans person is not accepted by their own society which (as noted in this article) is a key aspect of human mental development. The collapse of gender stereotypes in society HAS brought about an increase in people questioning their gender identity due to that feeling of more acceptance. But basically, you’d be mistaken if you presume that these ‘bronies’ are expressing some gender dysphoria. It’s not actually a mental illness to like cartoons as an adult, regardless of their target audience.

        1. As someone who enjoys the likes of Johnny Bravo, I would never suggest to enjoy a particular style of entertainment is causative of mental illness.
          Actually, the assumption of an identity they have zero experience of, nor can ever physically experience regardless of surgeon lies, is indicative of mental illness, classic escapism to be something you’re not (since, for example feminized men aren’t allowed to be men).

    5. They are an alternative tranny.
      But in all seriousness bronies do fall under the queer category look it up and queer isn’t really just gay though bronies are without a doubt almost all homosexuals

  2. I hate that this article appeared on Return of Kings; only because it reminded me these screaming infants still exist.

  3. What’s with all the insubstantial, thoughtless, trolling articles recently? Did we really need to write about how guys who watch MLP are weird? That ship sailed a good 4 years ago. It doesn’t help that the article is written in such a (deliberately) unempathetic and condescending way. Mostly just hateful vitriol. 16 paragraphs of “guys who watch shows for girls are weird.” Barely any real thought to it beyond the guesses as to their motivations for doing so, which are probably wrong themselves.
    This would be just fine if it really bothered to get into the subject at all, but no, just trolling. Boring.

    1. Didn’t take long for your true troll character to show itself. If you don’t like what is posted here, why are you wasting your precious time reading it? I am sure you can add value at a pro-feminist site. Go try.

    2. Feel encouraged to contribute higher quality articles. Trying to tear guys down who are actively contributing just makes you look like a bitch.

      1. How you incorrectly think it makes me look is not a matter of concern for me. I made a correct statement. You can be angry with it or you can learn from it.

    3. If you think it is boring? Why actually bother to say so? Why not just ignore it and move on?
      Oh, that’s right, you are an attention whore who thinks other people are interesting in your criticisms. Guess what? It just makes you look like an attention whore. Try making a constructive comment next time. Or try actually doing something useful to help other men like I have done.

    1. Yep, there is a concept known as man shaming, the inverse of slut shaming, other men simply would punk them out for being so limp wristed, now, not so much.
      I’d bet hard core gay men would still pimp slap them for being so weak and having such little self worth

      1. Hard core gay men, such as Jack Donovan, deny that they are gay, as the term is offensive to their masculinity.

        1. Before he wrote The Way of Men he wrote Androphilia.
          From Wikipedia:
          “Although Donovan is a homosexual himself Androphilia, A Manifesto is a polemic directed at the gay community and contemporary gay culture. In Androphilia, Donovan employs the word androphilia
          to distinguish his own experience of homosexual desire, which he
          defines as a “Mars/Mars” attraction between two men, from the label “gay” which, Donovan claims, is inseparable from connotations of effeminacy and “a whole cultural and a political movement that promotes anti-male feminism, victim mentality, and leftist politics.” ”
          He is an openly homosexual man who is militantly anti-fairy and as a public figure always has been. It ain’t even news, let alone questionable.

        2. Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know that. I am subbed to his blog and have been following him for quite some time so I was just wondering if you were correct or made it up. Too many men make up “he is gay” today.
          No offence meant. ok?
          I watched a presentation he gave recently yesterday and he didn’t strike me as gay at all.

        3. If he is gay, than I am sure he is the dominant partner, not the submissive one.
          When I first heard this, I thought:
          I does not matter. The way of man is a brilliant book, and I do not care who wrote it. In this fucked up world maybe the gays know more about masculinity than hetero males do. It is irrevelant. The book’s message is what matters. He is a good writer, an important voice for us.

        4. “No offence meant. ok?”
          The idea never even crossed my mind.
          “I watched a presentation he gave recently yesterday and he didn’t strike me as gay at all.”

        5. Yep, thing is, the avg ROK reader is not the usual “nice guy”
          I brought up gay men b/c I know them, know how they look at the world, your Dom Gay Male has more courage then Suburban White Guy by a looong shot
          Do not misunderstand that as praise for their lifestyle, coke a glory holes has no allure, not should it, when it comes to courage tho, there are lessons to be learned

        6. Yes. This is a slander site that Michael Toal and his buddies from ASIO use tax payer dollars to maintain. This slander is being paid for with tax dollars with the full consent of all members of the Australian parliament.
          If you are not being attacked by your “guvmint intelligence agency” then you are not important.
          So your point is? Explain your point to the men here.

        7. Yes. This is a slander site that Michael Toal and his buddies from ASIO use tax payer dollars to maintain. This slander is being paid for with tax dollars with the full consent of all members of the Australian parliament.
          If you are not being attacked by your “guvmint intelligence agency” then you are not important.
          So your point is? Explain your point to the men here…

        8. I don’t believe it’s slander, I bet it’s true. No wonder you’re so bitter and hateful to people online.

        9. Becky doesn’t understand British spelling.
          One piece of advice: this is a site for men. You are a guest here. If you don’t knock the insolence off, my prediction is that your allegedly young self is going to have a first-hand encounter with the banhammer.

        10. “I don’t believe it’s slander, I bet it’s true.”
          This is why we are not going to allow women to sit on the higher courts we are creating. Because you have no reasonable ability to judge the likelyhood of evidence being true.
          If the “evidence” is against a man you will “believe” it no matter how obviously false it is because of your psychopathic hatred and fear of men.

        11. He has delusions that he can form his own government and then try people without getting a bullet in his fat butt lol
          He’s living under a bridge now in Stuttgart and stealing the breadcrumbs people throw to the birds.
          So how’s that fav 4 doing blowhard. Only a complete loser would even talk that way.

      2. Would it not be called beta-shaming instead of man-shaming? After all, the desired outcome of said shaming would be to encourage development of manly traits, where slut-shaming hopes to encourage a development toward femininity.

    1. Bronies. At least people in Japan have culture, whereas westerners – especially Americans – are the blandest people you’ll ever meet.

      1. I’m American and in agree with that. No culture what-so-ever. That’s why I like to read classic novels, listen to good music and classical music(i.e Bach, Mozart). Oh and would you have any good books or good music to suggest that would help me be more cultured?

        1. Try reading some of the best known classics from different eras… such as Dostoevsky from the romantic era.

        2. As a 16 year old girl what makes you think anyone wants to hear what you have to say?
          “children should be seen and not heard”….both my grand mothers.

        3. “”children should be seen and not heard”….both my grand mothers.” That’s quite an insult to children, most children are smarter and more virtuous than the vast majority of adults who are dumbed-down degenerates to one extent or another. Dominating children is not a proper attitude to have with parenting.

        4. Maybe her father didn’t abandon her and she actually feels she has worth as a human being, unlike your own “former” children. So fuck off, asshole.

        5. PANiC has no “attitude” toward parenting. He abandoned his and fled to another country when he couldn’t get his way in life. He is a piece of shit.

        6. Ignore that guy. My father wasn’t there so it has nothing to do with that. I’ve just always been around adults who treated me with a sense of respect and listened to what I said sometimes. But I mostly commented on that to see if anyone would suggest things for me to be more cultured. Do you have any suggestions Mr. Nolan?

        7. Don’t talk to PAN, he is a toxic human being. I may be a troll, but I have no desire to see any young person subjected to his abuse.

        8. Sure I have suggestions. You have a whole host of posts on this story.
          My suggestion is that you should be “seen and not heard”.
          If you have some questions? I would suggest you put them in a single post and start a new thread. Then let those who wish to answer you answer you.
          You are attention whoring and it is quite obvious that you are. The Men are better than women forums were ruined by two attention whoring women just like you.
          Here is a question back to you. Did you bother to read the two books I pointed you at that will explain a great deal about what is happening in your world? And if not? Why not?

        9. Thank you very much. I’ll stop right now. He’s highly offensive and rude. Just because he’s an older man does not give him the right to talk down to me.

        10. “That’s quite an insult to children”
          Actually no, it is not. It is how to make sure that children understand their place in the household as well as the extended family.
          To teach a child that his/her opinion is “special” and “should be heard merely because the child has it” is in fact very abusive to the child. It gives them a false sense of “importance” and falsely imbues in them the idea that their opinion is important regardless of what that opinion is.
          This goes on to create adults who think their opinion is just as important and just as valid as anyone elses opinion regardless of whether they have done their homework or not.
          And that is what we see today. Go to any forum with people 20-30 years old and you will see them spouting opinions like water sprinklers in the false belief that their opinion is just as valuable as anyone elses.
          Children should be seen and not heard.
          Children should speak when spoken to by an adult. If they want to speak to an adult? They should ask politely to be heard.
          To tell a child to “freely express themselves” to adults is child abuse. How is a child supposed to know when to speak and when not to speak, eh?

        11. LOL! And you claim to be a 16 year old girl? With a potty mouth like that?
          More likely you are a grown woman just trolling.

        12. Trial and error, like, duh! I was always allowed to express myself and I turned out pretty good.

        13. “Just because he’s an older man does not give him the right to talk down to me.”
          Actually that is exactly why I have the right to talk down to you. You are not my peer. You claim you are a child. And you are an attention whore to boot. So I have EARNED the right to criticise you. And if you were sincere you would shut up, listen, and accept the rebuke.
          My guess is you are an adult woman who is so dysfunctional that you seek male attention by pretending to be a 16 year old girl. That’s pretty sick.

        14. I am Laura. Sigh, I really hate that people don’t believe me…oh well not really my problem. You know I tell the truth very often and am person of my word and yet people either do not believe what I say or are suprised I am being truthful. Eh, I’m about ready to give up, only a few people have been nice everyone else thinks I’m a troll 🙁

        15. Wow, you have some awesome theories about parenting. Too bad you didn’t stick around to raise your own children.
          Nobody listen to this marshmallow shaped human fungus.

        16. “and I turned out pretty good”
          Actually no. You, as a claimed 16 year old girl, are an obnoxious attention whore who does not show due respect to men who have earned it.
          If you were my daughter and I saw you post like this in public I would actually take you to your room, spank you, and leave you in there for a few hours to ponder your mis-deeds.
          If it was before dinner time? You would be sent to bed with no dinner either for commenting to a man of my character as you have. A missed meal might sharpen your sense of respecting your elders a little.
          My daughter, at 16, would never imagine to speak so dis-respectfully to a man of 50 years of age as you have for the very reason she would know that she would be most severely punished for doing so.
          Your mother has abused you and it shows.

        17. You would never know what your 16 yr old daughter was doing because you would have cut her out of your life and fled to Germany you colossal shit stained human sweat bag. How dare you lecture others about parenting.

        18. My apologies….I thought I was responding to Becky.
          You are just an idiot….that is pretty clear.

        19. You’re sick. You’re attacking me, a sixteen year old girl, for no reason other than your personal beliefs. Just leave me alone alright? I’ve gotten enough crap from people between middle and high school. So I don’t need some childish adult disrespecting me just because he’s older.

        20. He needs to abuse children online because he can’t abuse his “former” children IRL because he abandoned them.

        21. I was responding to his attitude of children not having anything interesting or important to say.
          Is your name Ashley or Laura?

        22. “You’re sick. You’re attacking me, a sixteen year old girl, for no reason other than your personal beliefs. ”
          Nope. I am calling you an attention whore because that is what you are. And I do not believe you are a 16 year old girl. You are much more likely to be a mentally unstable woman who is so dysfunctional that you need to pretend to be a 16 year old girl to garner attention for yourself.
          Clearly, you are “damaged goods”.

        23. Something’sRottenInDenmark,
          Laura; I think there is something wrong, the system here is switching nicks; either way, I agree with PAN.

        24. You’re putting words in my mouth and getting awfully defensive. That’s never a good sign.
          You sound like a tyrant (I’m hesitant to say well-meaning) in your relationship with little people. Smothering is definitely abusive, and so is the self-esteem movement, where you’re special just for existing.
          However, I said nothing of that, I said children often have keen observations and a natural curiosity that makes them ask a lot of questions, and it’s the parents job to humbly answer those questions and provide guidance for the child. Bringing a child into this world only to command them to respect you and boss them around because they’re dependent on you is nothing short of repulsive and sign of a weak character.

        25. Like I said before: Leave. Me. Alone. I come on this site because I like the articles. Someone of the comments are really funny. I’m looking for self improvement and seeking male opinions on what they really want. I have a boyfriend that I wish to please. Now I repeat: Leave. Me. Alone. You are not my father or an elder close to me which means whatever respect I had for you is ow gone because of your actions. Don’t try and parent me, that is my mother’s job(as I stated before my father is out of my life). Again: Leave. Me. Alone.

        26. “You’re putting words in my mouth and getting awfully defensive.”
          Pure projection on your part which makes you completely normal for a woman.
          “Lack of empathy and dehumanization of children”
          Again…just like a typical woman. There is nothing dehumanising about teaching children what their place is. There is nothing I said that even remotely approaches “(they’re not fully human, so I can treat them like property)”.
          This is the typical tactic of lying women like you. Make up some bullshit that I never said and then attack me for bullshit you made up that I never said.
          Do you have any idea how much you women disgust me for your lies and hypocrisy like this. If there are people who are not fully human around who need to be treated like property so as to stop them from criminally abusing children it is 99.9%+ of western women….just like you.
          And by the way? The father is the natural guardian of a child and it is his right to even slay a child if he sees that as necessary. The romans did this and that worked quite well for them.
          If a father does not have the right to put the fear of God into his child then he does not have one of the most essential tools needed to ensure that his children will grow up to be a law abiding person.
          Given that I raised two step children where they were never spanked and they had very difficult teen years and turned on their mother quite viciously for a considerable period of time and two (allegedly) of my own children who were very well behaved because they feared me should they mis-behave? I know what I am talking about.
          Go raise 4 children before you attempt to comment on my parenting skills. I was a great father. And everyone in my community knew it.
          I am still going to complete my fatherly responsibilities by prosecuting all 4 children to the full extent of the law for the crimes they committed. That is what a GOOD FATHER does when his children commits criminal acts. He ENSURES that his children make remedy for their criminal acts if they commit such as adults.
          If all the fathers of these women who commit such acts would actually live up to their obligations and responsibilities we would not have the issues in the west we have today.

        27. Plenty of fat, negative, stressed-out people hit the genetic jackpot and somehow, against all logic, manage to avoid dying of heart disease until well into their 70’s, no matter how hard they have been hitting the cheeseburgers. Survival, alone, does not oblige anyone to admire or respect you.

        28. “Like I said before: Leave. Me. Alone.”
          You are in the public acting like a disgusting little potty mouthed attention whore.
          If you want to be left alone? Keep your mouth shut and show the respect due your elders and your betters.
          Better still? Get off the internet and practice your cooking and sewing skills. Or other skills that a good man might appreciate.
          “Don’t try and parent me, that is my mother’s job”
          And she is very obviously very bad at being a mother and even worse at being a parent.
          “I’m looking for self improvement and seeking male opinions on what they really want.”
          No you are not. You are merely attention whoring.
          “which means whatever respect I had for you is ow gone because of your actions. ”
          LOL! You imagine that your opinion of me carries any weight? How stupid and arrogant can you be. What a disgusting attitude you have. Your mother has obviously damaged you very severely.
          @Lads…this is one to say faaaaaaaar away from….and girls like her…..stay faaaaaaar away from them. They are dis-respectful, lying little bitches who will do you no good.
          Take it from a man who had three such females in his house.

        29. “Do you have any idea how much you women disgust me for your lies and
          hypocrisy like this. If there are people who are not fully human around
          who need to be treated like property so as to stop them from criminally
          abusing children it is 99.9%+ of western women….just like you.”
          Shaming and projection… and you accuse me of acting like a woman and projecting. Gold. But hey, thanks for the epic rationalisation hamstering with regards to your parenting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re better than a lot of dads out there, but that’s not saying much these days.
          “The father is the natural guardian of a child and it is his right to
          even slay a child if he sees that as necessary. The romans did this and
          that worked quite well for them.” Yes, I am a lying hypocritical woman when I say that children are treated as property. Are you not saying murder is justified under the judgement of the father (based on religious scripture), and you accuse me of lying when I say children are viewed as property? You’re clearly not thinking straight on this.

        30. Ignoring social politics for a minute; it is rather rude that you’d insult a girl for genuinely asking your advice. It doesn’t seem like a healthy attitude to have if you want the younger generation to under you.

        31. Becky, this is called “the Internet”. It’s a hostile wasteland where egotism meets factual inaccuracy, and sometimes there are animated gifs. The one good thing is that you don’t need to give two shits about offending someone, here. Don’t worry about it.

        32. “Are you not saying murder is justified under the judgement of the father (based on religious scripture), and you accuse me of lying when I say children are viewed as property? ”
          One word.
          2 billion babies ACTUALLY aborted since 1970 according to the WHO…..and you attempt to attack me when I point out that in roman times fathers where considered to have the right to kill their child if they were of the opinion the child had not grown to be what was acceptable to them as a roman citizen?
          You women are truly, truly sick monsters. You really are.

        33. ” it is rather rude that you’d insult a girl for genuinely asking your advice.”
          And I would agree. The point is that she is not genuinely asking for advice. She is being an attention whore and she has a very disgusting and disgraceful character.
          You would do well know learn these things.
          Two questions to you Erik.
          1. How old are you?
          2. How many children do you have over the age of 18?
          I am 50…I have raised 4 children who are now over the age of 18.

        34. And as an elder, shouldn’t it be your duty to pass on knowledge to the next generation, regardless of their age?
          Really? Because looking back, there isn’t really isn’t that much evidence to prove she’s solely doing this for the attention. And even if she was; what’s the point in insulting her? I can understand if your goal isn’t to educate her in any particular way, but what about others that view your comments; perhaps even young individuals like her? With the way you’ve presented yourself, any young person reading this would just assume you’re an asshole.

        35. Erik,
          “And as an elder, shouldn’t it be your duty to pass on knowledge to the next generation, regardless of their age?”
          She has been given the links to my books and video library….I have passed on a great deal of knowledge to her. Ask her if she read the books.
          Indeed? Ask the other men here how many of them have read my books or watched my videos such that they have taken value for themselves out of the incredibly important information I have presented to them….information that will save many a young mans life and show him how to live a better quality of life.
          It is my CHOSEN responsibility to pass along this critical and very valuable information. I have no OBLIGATION to do so. And for my efforts young men mostly attempt to insult me. Not very smart, eh?
          The Truth Be Told had more than 8,000 downloads before I updated it due to my YT channel deletion. After I updated it I decided to charge CHF10 for it.
          I have no obligation to give my hard earned knowledge away for free. Plenty of men write books and sell them.

        36. “Because looking back, there isn’t really isn’t that much evidence to prove she’s solely doing this for the attention.”
          1. How old are you?
          2. How many children have you raised who are now over the age of 18?

        37. “With the way you’ve presented yourself, any young person reading this would just assume you’re being an asshole.”
          Many young people do make that assumption. And then they choose not to listen to the truth I present to them.
          “We literally believe that we are in the right to ignore a message of Truth if the messenger is somehow distasteful to us. I would argue this to be a symptom of total madness.” Anonymous.
          So to those people who do not like the way I speak? I say by all means do not listen to the truth. Why should I care about their lives when they do not care about themselves or those around them?
          They are being taught the lesson “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. And since the vast majority of people openly condone and support women committing crimes against men not “liking” the way I present my posts is neither here no there.
          Only those who really want to learn, who are honest men of honour and integrity, men who have a good heart, those are the ones who will listen to the truth. The rest? They would prefer to listen to lies and waste their lives. You see such men around you every day.

        38. Erik,
          1. How old are you?
          2. How many children have you raised who are now over the age of 18?

        39. Now here, I’ll give you your credit where credit is due. By sharing a link to your book, you did at least extend some knowledge. I’ll applaud you for that, and I can least say you made an attempt.
          However, I can’t really say the same for your attitude. Now while I can respect your need to your sell your knowledge in the form of books (As the old saying goes, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free). Now while I’ll admit, I haven’t read the full extent of the conversation you had with Becky, from what I have seen, she was asking very broad questions on how to be more cultured. A simple solution to this would’ve been mentioning the names of some influential philosophers,
          And you know what, for all I know, you might’ve done exactly that. Sadly, it was probably lost in your very hostile and nasty communication.

        40. “You seem to cry foul whenever anyone judges you without knowing your history, but you’re doing the exact same thing to this young woman.”
          No. I do not “cry foul”. I criticise them for being so stupid as to attempt to criticise me without taking the time to find out who I am and what I have done which is PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.
          On the other hand? I happen to know this woman is an attention whore and have a disgusting, lying and hypocritical character. I do not need to know her history to know this.
          And you, you stupid young man, have been suckered into defending a liar, a hypocrite, an attention whore. You are a great example of what is wrong with young men.
          And when you are asked two simple and direct questions you failed to even answer them. How pathetic. It much be horrible to be you knowing you are so stupid and so weak yet having the rest of your life to live in front of you.

        41. And that shows everyone here what a pathetic mangina coward you are. You ask questions but you won’t answer them because they will show you up to be an idiot, a stupid young man with no life experience trying to question a man who I would bet is older than your father and who has children older than you.
          I bet you are under the age of 33 which is the age of my former step daughter.
          Young men like you have been very well advised by me, many times over, to show me the respect I have earned across my lifetime. For if you do not show men like me such respect you are not worthy of respect yourself.
          That is why these adult males like these ponies. They hate themselves. They have no self respect. They have no integrity….so they hide themselves in a fantasy land and identify as female so as to escape their own self hatred.
          Totally pathetic. They have no right to use the title “man” to describe themselves…and neither do you by the way. When you ACT LIKE A MAN then you can use the title “man”. But being too gutless to answer:
          1. How old are you?
          2. How many children have you raised who are now over the age of 18?
          That tells me everything I need to know about you. Now…before you open your mouth again. I recommend you read my books. You might just learn something.

        42. I do find it kind of sad that you may very well have different worldview with some amount of truth to it, but it’s lost in your insults.
          And you’re right. It is completely wrong to make any sort of character assessment, (or at the very least, such a concrete and definite one) without taking into account the personal history of said person. One could say that you’ve “presented” yourself as a very hostile individual, but they couldn’t say you “are” one.
          Actually, you still can’t. You’ve at least provided some history into your background as an author. You seem to be a public figure after all, with some amount of respect. “Becky” on the other hand is just that…”Becky”. All you have to go on is her username, her age, and the comments she’s left on this page. I certainly wouldn’t deem it enough to make any definite calls on her character, like calling her a “lying attention whore”

        43. And I have every right to refuse those questions. Though I might respect you as an elder to a certain degree, that doesn’t mean I have any particular obligation to reveal anything about my personal history beyond what I’m already comfortable with.
          And again, you’re throwing very harsh insults at me, when I haven’t shown you any. I’m more then willing to admit that you clearly have more life experience than I do; and therefore might know some truth that I don’t.

        44. Erik thank you very much. You’re definitely a kind person and I wish you the best. 🙂 Thanks again for calling him on his crap.

        45. “lying little bitches”
          Very mature. Insulting someone, calling them a bitch, and calling them an attention whore meanwhile insulting the only parent they have ever had. You’re crude and vulgar and you’re daughter probably hates you for good reason. You’re a jerk. And hello, I’m America, 1st amendment, ever heard of it. Of course you haven’t or else you would care about freedom of speech. I can cook and knit, working on sewing. My mother taught me well in realms of house making. While she is imperfect because she is human, she is a very good mother and has always been there for me. And I’m arrogant, for having opinions? It you who is arrogant. Take a look in the mirror, old man. You act high and mighty like a king but you are no more than a peasant.

        46. Alright. I’ll stop worry about being offensive. Good advice actually because it holds me back on really calling someone on their crap most of the time.

        47. Oh, and a little FYI, it was not my mother that damaged me. It was Carlos for being a pervert(a lot more happened than just looking, guys are allowed to look just like girls are), it was the guy who I thought loved me but abused me instead. It was the bitches and assholes in this world who berated, harassed, and humiliated me and others around me. It’s the people like Junko Furuta’s murders, rapists, and tortures who recently reminded me of what a shit, shit world it is. There are few lights in my life, Tati(my bestfriend), Tristan(my caring boyfriend), my supportive and caring mother, my nephew, my sister, her fiance. Don’t you disrespect my mother she is but a year younger than you. You are immature, arrogant, and have a false sense of entitlement. I feel entitled to nothing on the other hand, nothing, I am satisfied with my life and what have despite my poor experience with people just like you. Assholes, jerks, bitches, and if my cursing makes you uncomfortable or offends, good.

        48. “Now while I can respect your need to your sell your knowledge in the form of books”
          Moron….I gave all the things I learned away for free so as to reach the widest audience. But since young men are so dis-respectful I decided that the new version of my book they can pay for if they want it.
          If reading The Truth Be Told is not worth CHF10 to you? Then you deserve to be ignorant and you deserve no help from me.

        49. You don’t know me, my mother, my full back story, my life, my desires, my hates, my loves, my likes, my dislikes, you know nothing about me. So stop judging and start looking at yourself like a decent human being. While I don’t really know you either, just by the words exchanged I can sense you false sense of entitlement just for being older. Let me tell you something, the world owes you nothing, it was here first. And I owe you nothing, for you are not MY elder, you are simply a bitter old man in my eyes. You’re opinions mean nothing to me until you bring my mother into the mix, all bets are off. I’m not going to let you disrespect her. Not with the hell she’s been through. Stop judging people, take your own advice and learn some humility, sweetheart.

        50. “I certainly wouldn’t deem it enough to make any definite calls on her character, like calling her a “lying attention whore””
          No. You wouldn’t. That is because you are young and have the level of ignorance that comes with being young.
          If you had the level of my experience you would know she is a lying attention whore and you would not be giving her the attention you are giving her.
          I have not presented myself as hostile. If you see “hostile” it is in your own head.

        51. I wouldn’t call it attention per se, but rather just a bit of a “benefit of the doubt” as it were. She’s young, but that doesn’t make her less of a person. It just makes her an inexperienced one. And the last I checked, inexperience isn’t exactly a crime.
          Oh, and how would react if say a 70 year old with a vastly different opinion then you approached you? Would you show him the same amount of respect as I’ve shown you so far? Or would you continue to claim that he’s just a moron who’s been brainwashed by the “feminist agenda” and what ever else you can think up?

        52. Erik,
          “And I have every right to refuse those questions.”
          Sure you do. And by doing so you waive the right to expect anyone else to answer any of your question.
          Men have many rules in their behaviour towards each other. One of them is this.
          “Never ask another man to do what you will not do yourself”
          If you will not answer simple questions? You just waived the right to even put questions to any other man for the remainder of your life. Every time you put a question to another man? Just remember. You were not man enough to do what you are asking him to do.
          You have no honour. This is why you suffer from low self esteem and self hatred….which you very obviously do by the way.

        53. And again, that’s your decision and I can respect that. However, it still doesn’t necessarily excuse the pedestal you’ve put yourself on. Despite what I’m sure are years upon years of experience, you seem to be showing a surprising lack of humility.

        54. Tell me…have you ever done something like this?
          If not? You should shut up and listen and learn from me. Go read my some of my more than 200 videos. Watch the education channel I have created….and AFTER you have learned as much as you can from the men you are pointed to? THEN you might have EARNED the right to ask a question. But you have not earned the right for any man to answer any questions you might ask. You waived that right just now.

        55. Oh no, I’m perfectly fine with answering a plethora of other questions. I don’t hold any particular obligation however to answer a question I’m not comfortable answering. I’m a private citizen after all, and I do hold that right. I’d be a much different matter if say I were a public figure like yourself.

        56. “You don’t know me, my mother, my full back story, my life, my desires, my hates, my loves, my likes, my dislikes, you know nothing about me. So stop judging ”
          I know you and your mothers type very well.
          And I have every right to judge you. You put yourself into the public domain……so you are to be judged.
          If you don’t like being judged? Stay out of the public.

        57. “Oh, and how would react if say a 70 year old with a vastly different opinion then you approached you?”
          Older men have approached me with vastly different notions to me all across my life. I treat them with the respect their age deserves and I listen.
          When I was young my father told me “when a man older than you speak you shut up and listen. You might learn something. If an older man speaks to you? He is doing it for your benefit. Not his.”
          Sadly, you young men did not have a father who told you to shut up and listen.

        58. “However, it still doesn’t necessarily excuse the pedestal you’ve put yourself on. Despite what I’m sure are years upon years of experience, you seem to be showing a surprising lack of humility.”
          1. I do not put myself on a pedestal. I am just better than most men. That is a fact. Putting someone on a pedestal is something you do with someone who does not deserve it.
          2. I am one of the most humble men I know.
          Your comments reek of a man who hates himself. Sadly for you.

        59. And again, I can respect for that.
          And as such, I’ve kept a very open mind about this. I’ve yet to actually directly insult you or your intelligence. The very fact that I’m actually willing to keep up this conversation for as long as I have proves that I must some some amount of respect for you.
          However, you’ve made numerous assumptions on both my character and intelligence, all of which has been rather harsh and frankly, unnecessary.

        60. “I do not put myself on a pedestal. I am just better than most men.”
          Because, you know, that’s what a man with humility would say…

        61. Yet you totally ignore my other comments that prove you wrong. It is not my mother who made me this way. It is society, feminazis and their wacko beliefs, it is the guys who I trusted who betrayed me, it is the PEOPLE I trusted who betrayed me. You are nothing but a drop in the ocean incapable of making waves, we all are. You cannot my or my mother’s type at all because you know neither of us. You’re hostile demeanor shows your true self. Our true selves come out when no one who we care about can judge us. You are cruel, crude, and ignorant. You lack knowledge and make statements about things you do not know. I cannot judge your character but I can judge you. I do not mind judgement on myself but you leave my family members and loved ones out of this. This is between me and you, not them. Insulting people’s loved ones is a low, immature blow. A “yo mamma” childish thing. A “I know what you are but what am I?” type of thing. I know what you are, sad. You must have lived a sad life to have become so bitter in middle age. I pity you.

        62. Insulting, not cool. I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t insult you, just like I didn’t, so you should give the same courtesy and act like grown man instead of a boy.

        63. “Thanks again for calling him on his crap.”
          I was waiting for the proper time and context to answer your question (to me) about “Why do you try and discredit that I believe as I say?” and my answer is: I don’t trust you.
          You are not genuine, maybe it’s true that you are 16 or maybe not (but something tells me that you are way over 16) and maybe it’s true that you are asking for guidance, but if you really, I mean REALLY are here with a genuine intention and in need of support and guidance, you wouldn’t be using the word “crap”, to start with.
          I know how women operate and I have seen how they destroy lives and these type of women usually start with a nice and pity tone but somewhere along the way their latent aggression becomes apparent. Aside from the fact that you don’t care about women´s crimes, and this is where a woman must start if she wants to *understand* and love men. It doesn’t matter if you are 16, 20 or 65.

        64. Oh and I challenge you Nolan. Thou shall come forth with thine evidence of thine claims or thou shall not come forth at all.

        65. Roman society: a brutal, violent, military state. Yeah, real good role models. MY favorite is Caligula, my second favorite is Nero because they were bold in their depravity. You are looking up to depraved monsters. Good for you.

        66. “I can cook and knit, working on sewing. My mother
          taught me well in realms of house making.”
          You are lying.
          9 hours ago you asked for advice and you said this (The Bakken Oil Fields Article):
          “don’t really have good role models in my life when it
          comes to women (i.e. my mom acts more like a man”
          And now it happens that your mother, your 9-hours-ago-mother taught you well in realms of house making.
          You are crazy.

        67. I don’t care about women’s crimes. Have you seen any of my other comments, say about women on women violence where I talked about the women on male violence that consists of torturing, burning to death, killing, and maiming men because they are “potential” rapists. Seriously? Laura, I like your opinions, but you don’t really know me. I can understand you not trusting me, I trust almost no one, few people earn my trust. And how can you say I’m not genuine, because I don’t sit back and take shit from just anyone? Yeah, sure, let me just sit back and let a 50 year old man who doesn’t know me berate me. Because that really shows self respect. I’ve gotten told you are one of the few good women on this site and I applaud you for that. And as for me using the word “crap” that’s exactly what this guy is spewing. Just because he’s a man doesn’t make him right. I understand wanting respect from younger people but you don’t need to treat them like second class citizens. It is not “latent aggression” it is self respect with me. I respect myself, even though I hate myself, I respect myself. I am not going to let just anyone tell me what to do. One man is allowed to do that, and that’s my boyfriend. One woman is allowed to do that, and that’s my mother. Two people who may tell me what to do without my asking their opinion. Have some self respect and use your brain, nobody is always right. And his attacking my character and deeming me an attention whore and “little lying bitch” are not respectable qualities in anyone. He got angry with me for stating my opinions, which weren’t feminist or ant-men. So explain to me, why should I not be happy someone called him on his crap? Tell me why I myself should not call him on it. He puts himself on pedestal and has no humility(a quality of which he preached on another topic of discussion that I lack yet he lacks it himself, that’ hypocrisy). News flash people, having a certain genetalia does not mean you’re always right, that goes for men and women reading this. And being older does no make you more experienced or smarter or right all the time. Grow up, Nolan should you read this. And Laura, please do see, I am not faking anything. I just don’t believe that anyone has the right to ridicule someone or judge them unless they have been ridiculed or judged first.

        68. And what proof, undeniable or not, that I am likely over sixteen. It’s not like I’m highly articulate, though I can put words together pretty easily. Explain to me this idea running through you and Nolan’s head that I’m no older whacked out nut job. I’d appreciate it so I can understand where you are coming from on that particular matter. Thank you in advance.

        69. She does not make the best role model in being feminine, but her mother taught her and she taught me how to properly keep a house. I taught myself to knit though, she was never very good at that. My mother has her positive and negative aspects as does every human being. Why I said she acts more like man is due to bar fights, serious partying, and aggressiveness. Though she knows how to keep a house properly. I varying opinions on my mother, but she has always been there for me, she has always encouraged me to be myself and taught me to do house hold chores. While yes, she is a masculine woman, like every masculine woman, she has a fair few feminine qualities. Though, she does not make a good role model for behavior in the social sphere. Pardon me for having not clarified all this at the time of my comment. I am truly sorry for the confusion.

        70. And you learn something: Just because you don’t agree with every single man on this site does not make you a troll. It makes you a person with a brain. There are many men on this site with whom I agree, others, I do not. And this is not because I am a troll, this is because I have a brain that I put to use. I have opinions on matters and subjects. I repeat, having a differing opinion does not make you a troll, it makes you a human being, because no two random people agree entirely on any matter.

        71. Bollocks. When I hear people talk about ‘the inner child’ and ‘childhood innocence’ I want to puke. Weren’t they ever children? They’re vicious, cruel, manipulative little monsters. Personality is largely-formed by seven. Those degenerate adults were simply degenerate kids.

        72. Apparently, you can’t read. Because clearly, the user “YourButt” is a completely different person from “Becky”. If you’re gonna fling hate at somebody, could at least make sure it’s the right person.

        73. “Troll” demands supporting details for the claims made against the “troll”. Neither party replies. And remember opinions are not facts. They are just opinions.

        74. Excuse me, but please do tell how you can KNOW any of that, which is not true, about me. You can INFER to get your own OPINION on the matter. But opinion is not FACT. And I feel the need to capatlize these words because you do not seem to get it. You cannot know anything about me for certain due to the fact you do not know me.

        75. You know, the true irony of this, is in this guy’s videos, he’s actually much more articulate then this. Peter actually brings up some solid points on the bias the court system often has towards men.
          What’s really disheartening though is that over this truth is just a nasty layer of hostility towards all women, or anyone seemingly supportive of women.
          I’m sorry to say this Peter, but not all women are as “heartless” or as “Cruel” as you’re painting them all to be. I know how you might’ve been given that impression, given your own history has a attorney in child custody cases where you normally represent the husband, and your own rather nasty divorce.
          However, it is a tad unfair to label “all” women as such.

        76. Truth. Children have no filters, they call it like they see it. Children will be the ones to call you fat, ugly, ect. I’ve found from my own experience by watching what my elementary school “friends” ended up like. I realize the “friends” I had then were already future ball breakers. I’m glad I stopped being friends with them early on or they could have turned me into one of them. These girls I was “friends” with are now the sluts of the school or infamous mega bitches that guys and girls a like trash behind their backs. I always disliked my “friends” when I was a child because they were users and they liked to make fun of people. I didn’t like that. I thought you should be polite. It was when I began to ponder this information that I came across the realization that you pointed out, they were degenerate children and are degenerate teenagers and will be degenerate adults. Thanks for pointing that out to everybody because I remember talking to my bio teach sophmore year and I said, “The fact is, these bullies will always be bullies, and these victims will probably always be victims unless they realize the way of the world. People rarely change for the better unless they want to our they get a smack in the face from reality, like you men who overtly object feminist ideaology *applauds*. That’s why we should all look to better ourselves ya know? But back to the point I was making, you are 100% correct. I’m proof right here, I’ve been a strange, unusual, morbidly thinking, anxiety filled, annoyed with the way of the society I am forced to be in where they scream “Be more masculine ladies! Be more feminine boys!” When I was a little girl I loved pink and dressing up and dressing to please and make up. I was pushed to forget these thoughts of pleasing, looking for approval, make up was for idiot girls and pink was for bimbos. I like pink, green, blue, red, black, and white mostly equally(still favor my pink eye shadows and lipsticks cause it looks really good on me). See what I’m saying is I didn’t change, my personality was still there, dying to show through. And my boyfriend helped me fit back in my skin and be comfortable there. He taught me that I’m allowed to like what I like and think what I think based on my opinions, not feminists. Because of that I learned I don’t HAVE to be a feminist to be a good female, I have to be true to me and nature. I’m sorry for so much typing but your comment really spoke to me. Keep up with these types of comments that provide the truth of things instead of insults, I respect you doing that very much if it means anything.

        77. Something I just thought of. MY boyfriend indirectly taught me that I don’t have to explain my likes and opinions to any feminist or anyone for that matter unless they wish to have a healthy discussion or debate about it. Again, thank you for putting that truth out there. It spoke to me more than on an emotional level, it spoke to me on a logical level, a psychological level, a sub-atomic level. Your words were much deeper than you may have intended. Have you considered poetry or writing a book. You’re very articulate. I write fiction novels btw. You seem to have a very natural talent for speech which is also a natural talent for writing. Bravo. You’re a natural. You write a book. Let me know if you do so I can be quick to buy it. 🙂

        78. I have a theory he might be a real misogynist because he hold similiar views but I can’t really say for sure. He said women are disgusting but that’s not the same has hating all women. But that’s my theory and proves it almost completely.

        79. It could definitely lead to that conclusion, but I honestly don’t know Peter enough as a person to make any real assessments of his personal character quite yet. The internet is kind of odd place when it comes to the readability of people. Without that personal interaction, it’s very hard to read people, and therefore make that kind of judgement.

        80. Yeah, but most parents treat their children like property, so what you’re seeing is for the most part a mirror of their parenting. I’m not saying that children don’t have moral responsibility, but given that they are in a completely dependent position, and that parents have total control of children, it mostly comes back to the parents. If you want to punish somebody for cruel behavior in children, start with the parents.

        81. Yeah, I hate abortion too. The women insult is actually pretty effective, I think I’ll use it myself when I want to shame someone for being a mangina, but not when having an important “conversation” about how to properly raise children.

        82. “However, you’ve made numerous assumptions on both my character and intelligence, all of which has been rather harsh and frankly, unnecessary.”
          What if, from my privileged position of life experience I can see that my criticisms of you are not harsh and are necessary?
          What if, as a result of being harshly criticised you decide that you are going to actually learn from the information I have put in front of you?
          Harsh criticism is not only good for a young man, it is absolutely necessary much of the time. This is why us older men do this. I can assure you I was very harshly criticised all across my life. In most cases it was warranted and I was grateful that those who were older and wiser than me were willing to take the time out to criticise me.
          When criticism was not warranted? So what? I, as a man, can tell if criticism is warranted or not. Criticism is warranted if it is true. If it is not true it is not warranted. So when a criticism is made of me that is not true why would I even care? I know it is not true.
          Young men today have been coddled in cotton wool like girls. They have never had a real man harshly criticise them so when that happens young men act like girls. They pretend to be “insulted” or “upset”. What they should be is grateful and appreciative and ask in return “Ok, you have criticised me for xyz, what would you suggest I do such that I could be a better man? What do you suggest I can do to improve myself?”
          And then the older man will share with you what he has seen you could do to improve yourself. In my case? My recommendation to young men is to read my books, watch some of my personally made videos, especially the ones on law, and watch the videos I have placed on to the MBA Education Channel as and when they can. This will nourish your brain with some of the most valuable information you are ever going to get.
          Alas…very few young men are brought up as I was brought up….to be grateful and appreciative of criticism that is helpful to me. You might want to explain this is how young men might choose to be to all your mates/buddies.
          Your problem is that you are very ignorant and very stupid like so many other men, young and old alike. The difference is that you now have my books in front of you to learn from. If you choose not to? Well? That’s not my problem, right?

        83. That is what a man with humility who is better than most men would say.
          If you do not know that? You are very ignorant.
          It is a lie and false humility to put yourself down when you are better than most men. This false form of humility you have been taught is very destructive. Ayn Rand talked about this on the videos I put on the education channel.
          I have EARNED the right to say that across a wide variety of character traits I am better than most men. For example? I am the only man in the world to have had the guts to do this. See the video.
          Tiger Woods was better than most men hitting a golf ball. Roger Federer was better than most men hitting a tennis ball. I am better than most men in such character traits as honesty, honour, integrity, courage, willingness to act as well as a wide range of intellectual pursuits.
          It takes a great deal of REAL humility to know that you are better than most men and be willing to say so.

        84. ” It is not my mother who made me this way. It is society, feminazis and their wacko beliefs”
          Nope. It was your mother. If it was “society” then you would see children brought up with a father in the house have the same troubles as single mother households.
          Mothers make terrible parents. And you are a good example of how badly a child turns out with a single mother. She probably forced your father out by being horribly abusive to him.
          Good luck with your life. You are going to need it. You have gotten off to a very bad start and you have no mind to improve yourself. Typical for a western woman.

        85. “Roman society: a brutal, violent, military state. Yeah, real good role models.”
          You imagine roman society was more brutal than the USA?
          Did the romans ever drop atomic bombs on people?
          Did the romans spray agent orange all over people causing them endless misery until death and birth defects of their children?
          Did romans spread depleted uraniium all over countries to cause birth defects of their enemies?
          Did romans put flouride in the water of their own citizens to dumb them down?
          In rome could a man have his house and children taken from him by his whore wife who wanted to have sex with another man?
          In rome could a whore lying wife get her husband thrown in jail based on a lie?
          The USA is a FAR more brutal and military state than the romans EVER were. And you seem to stupid to realise it.

        86. LOL! I made a mistake. I noted it like a man will. And Yourbutt is just another moron who has nothing useful to say. You might read some of her comments.

        87. “What’s really disheartening though is that over this truth is just a nasty layer of hostility towards all women, or anyone seemingly supportive of women.”
          “However, it is a tad unfair to label “all” women as such.”
          And this is why I call you stupid and ignorant. Criticism that you are well advised to take on board. Since I have quoted my fav#1 and #3 in my first book and I have praised eastern european women so much that even a russian female friend of mine told me I was praising them too much the “all women” claim you just made is a blatant lie.
          You are too stupid and ignorant to actually read what I have written or listen to what I have said. You have to repeat that “all women” lie when I have, many hundreds of times, pointed out that I am talking about ENGLISH SPEAKING WESTERN WOMEN LIVING IN THE ANGLO WORLD which is a very small subset of the women in this world.
          I have gone out of my way to say WESTERN WOMEN hundreds of times. I have gone out of my way to say that the women I meet living in germany are NOTHING LIKE women in the west and they NEVER condone women committing crimes against men. In SIX YEARS only ONE woman living in Germany has attempted to justify women committing crimes against men….it happened on a german facebook group I am on….and the men CONDEMNED HER SEVERELY for her comment and she was suitably chastised.
          Thanks for demonstrating to other young men what stupidity and ignorance looks like.
          Now…as my grand mothers used to say “put your brain into gear before you put your mouth in to motion”.

        88. Is Romans had that technology, they would have done all of that in the name of the Emperor. Know a little more about Roman society.

        89. Yeah. That’s why I say might because I’m not certain that it’s a fact but it is a possiblity

        90. …..My father is a sick baby rapist you fuck. He deserved to be pushed out because he fucking molested my oldest sister who was ten and later she found out from his ex that he raped and beat a six year old little boy. You know nothing of my life or my father or my mother. So shut up, you’re ignorant and aren’t owed a single ounce of respect.

        91. I have a theory, newly formed, you came after me in particular, not because I’m sixteen, not because of anything I said other than, “I’m from America.” You just hate “English speaking Western women” and any female from an English speaking country my be condemned. Makes sense that you’d come after me for that.(Note: sarcasm). I did nothing to you other than type up a comment agreeing that yes, Americans have no culture. There’s a fair few that do. I try and be more cultured. I said something along those lines. It’s not because I’m sixteen, it’s because I’m and English speak Western female. I will not say woman because I’m still but a girl.

        92. But they didn’t have the technology and they didn’t do these things while the USA has the technology and does do these things.
          The USA is the military wing of the current roman empire….the roman empire did not go away. It is still with us.
          If you were the least bit educated you would know this. For example, when Obama gave his state of the union address you can see the fascai behind him on the walls. These are the symbols of Rome in the US Congress and they are there to tell people with eyes to see that the roman empire is alive and well.
          The fascai represent the absolute authority of the praetorate (the axe) and the “proletariate” being bound to the praetorate under penalty of death should they rebel.
          We are living in the Roman Empire Becky…and a very fe of us who are brave enough are opposing it and working to build something that the few who wish to live in freedom can migrate to. Most prefer to live in the roman state enforced slavery system.

        93. “My father is a sick baby rapist you fuck. ”
          You forgot the word “alleged”.
          Also, if what you say is true? Your mother chose to have you to that sort of man meaning that she did not care to make a good choice of men for your father. Your mother cared so little about you she could not even care about finding you a good father.
          That is how bad a parent your mother is. She knew from the start that she was choosing badly and that it would affect your entire life. And she didn’t care one little bit about that.
          Not nice to find out your mother does not care about you for you, she only cares about you for what you can bring to her.
          You are her social security net in her older age. And she will lie to you and manipulate you however she can such that you will do what she wants.

        94. “You just hate “English speaking Western women” and any female from an English speaking country my be condemned. ”
          You western women are the haters Becky. I do not hate anyone. And it is very rare for a man to express hatred of anyone.
          I do not like people who are liars and hypocrites, male or female. Now, 99.9%+ of western women and 99%+ of western MEN are liars and hypocrites on the issue of holding women equal before the law.
          Mangina Obama repeated the lie 77 cents in the dollar in his state of the union address….but he did NOT SAY that “if women get equal pay for equal work then they must also get equal sentences for the same crime.”
          Nope…he didn’t say that. Somehow he missed that.
          And here in Germany? When I talk to women about what happens in the west? They are shocked. One woman I work with? She is about 45. She has a 16 year old son. He wants to go to the UK when he is in college to improve his english. She asked me my advice.
          I told he under no circumstances should she allow her son to travel to the UK until we have sorted out the mess. I told her how a false rape allegation could see in in jail for 10-15 years and that there would be nothing she would be able to do about this.
          She was shocked to the core what I told her and thanked me profusely for telling her what western women were like so that she could protect her son.
          You western women are DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE because you openly support women who commit perjury in order to vindictively, maliciously, cruelly and callously victimise a man via the illegitimate application of force and violence by the state.
          And I do not hate western women for being DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE. But I do have no respect for them. And I do not wish to live among them because if I sleep with dogs I will wake up with fleas.
          I prefer to surround myself with good women who have good hearts who love their fathers, brothers and sons and do not wish to allow other women to destroy their lives.

        95. Dude, I’m from America and rape is a slap on the wrist charge. So don’t give me bs about 10-15 years. You can get out after less than five in America. Sodomizing and beating a little boy is 5 years, plus probation and therapy. And the five years can be suspended. I kind of live in America so I think I’d know

        96. Rome was a state that gave no freedoms, so don’t give me any bull. I studied it for my pleasure.

        97. You haven’t seen the pic where my father had his hand inches from my ass when I was six so he’s not an alleged pedophiles, he is one. He fooled my mother by charming her and buying her and the kids things. You need to stop talking because you don’t know shit. Don’t you DARE defend him.

        98. “You haven’t seen the pic where my father had his hand inches from my ass when I was six so he’s not an alleged pedophiles,”
          this is your “proof”?! A man in the proximity of his daughter at the age of 6 is PROOF he is a paedophile? LOL!!
          When my kids were little I would bath them in the bath with me…take them in the shower with me…..they would cuddle up with me on the bed when I read them bed time stories…we would play in a tent we put up in their bedroom.
          A million things I did with my children would today look “suspect” because you women have suspicious minds and pathological hatred and fear of men.
          I think it is 99% likely your father was falsely accused.
          By the way? I defend ALL MEN who are accused of crimes until they are found guilty by a jury of their peers unless I KNOW FOR CERTAIN they committed a crime.
          By your own post you said your father NEVER GOT A JURY TRIAL so he is INNOCENT because he was NEVER PROVEN GUILTY. Whether he committed a crime or not he is to be treated as INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY BEFORE A JURY OF HIS PEERS.
          That is why I promote jury trials and promote finding out the facts. I promote putting the accuser under pressure to make their accusations on an affidavit.
          Just today I told Michael Toal that I recommend he suggest to his sister to put on an affidavit under oath her story as to whether the conversation happened where his sister Suzanne claimed her father abused her.
          I did not say what I think she should put on the affidavit…just that she should put her version of events on an affidavit.
          You see…unlike you western women I stand for truth, justice and equality before the law without fear or favour.
          I don’t know a western woman who stands for those things…not even ONE.
          You are a sick demented child and you were made that way by your evil mother.

      2. Someone asked me why I did not live in america. The main reason I did not move there is that it has no unique culture. The mcdonalds, starbucks etc are in every mall…and every mall is every mall.
        In europe locations have their own culture. You drive 300 kms in Europe and you can be in a very different place.

        1. Depends on the town/region, stay the hell out of malls, they are plastic garbage.
          My town, can go to a tailor, a Ukrainian, head uptown to a brwery/bad and speak Mandarin with some friends and chat with some French tourists about the merits of “Put’m down, Take’m out”
          Good times

  4. Aren’t these dudes harmless? I’m not really into trying to control my fellow man. Sure they are herbivores and won’t achieve any greatness, but I’m happy to leave them to it.
    I can’t imagine these dudes out in the club actively cockblocking anyone. They are definitely effeminate and zeta, but not threatening in anyway.

    1. “Aren’t these dudes harmless?”
      Far from it. They will be talking to young boys who do not have the cognitive ability to understand that the man is mentally ill and the young boys will believe what they are told by these mentally ill men.
      Mentally ill men such as this are very dangerous to impressionable young boys.

        1. Yes. This is a slander site that Michael Toal and his buddies from ASIO use tax payer dollars to maintain. This slander is being paid for with tax dollars with the full consent of all members of the Australian parliament.
          If you are not being attacked by your “guvmint intelligence agency” then you are not important.
          So your point is? Explain your point to the men here.

      1. Have to say that’s a pretty narrow minded view of things, ‘these guys like kids cartoons therefore they’ll be after my lil’ boy!’
        Quite frankly, you’re wrong all round as you not only suggest that paedophiles are mentally ill (deranged maybe by social standards, but not ill necessarily), you also place young males who watch girls cartoons in the same category. Having a background in the mental health sector and also a fair understanding of the DSM-5, I’d like to know what qualifies you to label someone as ‘mentally ill’?
        I would agree with OP, these guys are harmless. Without proof that ‘bronies’ is actually a cover up for a sophisticated paedophile ring I can’t take you seriously.

    2. They are the ones who enable women’s bad behavior.
      You can thank them for today’s laws.
      Women only have the power men give them. If every bitch has an army of suck-ups at her disposal, why wouldn’t she behave the way she does?

      1. I didn’t follow that at all. First, I think you blamed bronies for the state of the country, then you claimed women will have armies of men and also said that bronies are the reason women are bitches. With this trend I could see you blaming 9/11 on bronies…

        1. People like dayumshame have such narrow views, turning grains of sand into moutains.

  5. They are weak, they are losers, and they deserve to have the shit kicked out of them. And as for that faggy video which tries to claim that gender is a fluid and changing concept, that is merely a trojan horse to try to turn men into cocksuckers and slaves. There is no time in human history where men were this faggy, and in all those past eras that the cockjocky presenter mentions, men dominated women, so it is not as if his examples are even remotely relevant. The main lesson the be learned here is that the faggots and cunts who want to castrate men will try to promote any fringe group of deviants in order to try to make it look like men in general are faggots. Fuck those cunts.

      1. What is “kicking the shit” out of someone going to do? Why would you physically harm someone just for liking something you don’t agree with? That’s what’s really wrong with the world. Too many people want to jump at the chance to abolish something they don’t like/understand. This has been man’s problem throughout history. Man up and learn to tolerate your fellow man, despite your differences.

    1. You, sir, are about as manly as a sprinkled muffin. Furthermore, I am ashamed to classify you as a fellow man. The fear you reek of is just intolerance and a horrible sense of what it is to be a man.

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of this phenomenon and I’m absolutely speechless. What on God’s earth…
    This disgusts me. I can’t work out whether it is just contemptibly pathetic or actually sinister. A psychologist would have a field day. Grown men indulging a fetish for cartoon ponies, playing out bizarre pantomime friendships and all manner of deviant behaviour. These men should be carefully investigated and prevented from working with children.

    1. This is what happens when genetically inferior degenerates are allowed to pass on their genes, sheltered, emasculated males without the slightest fucking clue of reality whatsoever. This judeo-christian meme of equality and justice for all that protects weakness is what killing civilization. If these “Bronies” were forced to live without the system or in the wild they would die within hours due to their own weakness and stupidity.

        1. Now I know Maschenka was a man! That fucking guy sitting behind his computer went and stole photos off Facebook and has some poor girls picture as his avatar while making bullshit statements about as Russian as the Founding Fathers. Wonder if he is gay?

        2. Looks like the Brownie pyjama loser boy sits on this dumb blog all day and is still obsessing over me. When I offered to turn on the chat and video server on our very advanced computers at my Uni to see who’s who on here this little pussy whipped negro ran away. And with 50% of negroes on the downlow(from the WHO Africa report on AIDS) he may be wise to keep his mouth shut about gays because 1 in 2 negroes would fit the description of gay.
          And it’s funny that you should mention the US Founding Fathers because my father is descended from one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence and also was at the Constitutional Convention where we made the negro slaves 3/5 of a person. I think they based that on IQ compared to Whites. So you should be kissing my feet for that privilege instead of behaving like a typical jealous low IQ ‘hood punk whose sole goal in life is getting a White girl and wearing bling to impress the other natives.

        1. he’s probably referring to nietschze’s disdain for christianity as a religion that in his opinion consoled the weak and for him bred resentment (early socialism had christian origins). He had a point, but then the nazis decided to riff on the general theme….

        2. Early socialism had its roots in the “enlightenment values” which can be traced back to freemasonry…

        3. I’m aware socialism & freemasonry are sometimes linked (by detractors). As for enlightenment values, the idea of progress, the rousseauist general will etc its true they aren’t obviously christian, but a lot of socialist / communistic ideas often arose in reformist or heretical christian communities. There were proto-communist religious communities in the middle ages, During the protestant english revolution you got the levellers & the diggers who drew inspiration from certain ‘socialist’ passages in the bible. There isn’t a single origin perhaps. The history of ideas is always complex

        1. Not equality, but the bible as interpreted by early Christians appeal to the same kind of people equality appeals to.
          It tells you that what you achieve here on earth doesn’t matter, and can be even harmful for your salvation in the afterlife.
          You can easily see that the folks that today are egalitarian would be drawn to such an ideology in the antique and the middle ages.
          It’s very different from Judaism, which not everyone can just adopt by simply changing faith.

    2. I remember telling a girl I like how into the smurfs I was….pretty much the last time she talked to me. And of course she was quite right

  7. It’s extremely pathetic behaviour. The most out of feminity these hopeless idiots can hope to attain is an overweight girl who loves consoles.

  8. I will say the same thing I said about wizards , let them live enjoy your pony. I am going to get laid.

  9. Just seems to be kicking people that already down. These guys are already on the short of the stick and simply seek a subculture that accepts them. They have poverty genetics and are just doing what makes sense for their emotional well being as best they can. These men are so far out there and of so low value that even as White Knights they are harmless.

  10. Wow….just wow! I never heard of this before…..these men are very, very sick indeed. I guess nukes are needed, right?

    1. Sick, maybe. But not as sick as you. You take the cake. Looks like you ate it, too, fatty.

        1. Oh, so that guys on this board can use words like “Faggot” almost liberally, but the minute a fat joke is uttered, they get banned?
          Hypocritical much…

      1. Dude he’s a criminal and a sex offender to boot? Is that for real or some joke? Cause if it’s a joke its not funny. Sexual violence is real and serious and shouldn’t be joked about. Please tell me it’s a joke though I hate the idea that someone got hurt by this creep.

      2. Yes. This is a slander site that Michael Toal and his buddies from ASIO use tax payer dollars to maintain. This slander is being paid for with tax dollars with the full consent of all members of the Australian parliament.
        If you are not being attacked by your “guvmint intelligence agency” then you are not important.
        So your point is? Explain your point to the men here……

        1. I am going to laugh on the day when you finally get a bullet thru your sick fucking head, Mick.

        2. LOL! A tad upset that your father, Bill Toal, has been publicly accused of sexually molesting Suzanne?
          And a bit upset another woman has come forward and told me that Suzanne also said you molested her?
          It is all looking a little bad for you and your family isn’t ot Michael. And calling me a liar? Show some evidence.
          After all? I proved Jennifer was a liar and lied under oath by producing letters from two bank managers from two different banks that showed she was lying under oath. One of those letters was directly out of Jennifers own hotmail account with her responses intermixed. So she can hardly claim to have been “mistaken” in her perjury, right?
          That is how it is done Michael. When you call some one a liar you actually produce some evidence, or even better, proof. And I have PROVEN that Jennifer committed perjury in her affidavits and that makes EVERYTHING that happened after that her responsibility and liability. And those who assisted her, like your mother and father and you became accessories to these crimes and therefore are also liable.
          So…go talk to your father and ask him when he thinks he might want to settle this matter like a man rather then be blackmailed and used as a beta loser by his daughter.
          This is such great grist for the mill for all the lads here…to see how the fathers and brothers of whores like your sister support them.

        3. We all know that you are a satanist who molested your sister along with your father, you sick fuck.
          One day you’re sick fucking head is going to blown off, you evil sick fuck, Mick. You are going to fucking die.

        4. Peter STOP TELLING LIES YOU COWARD! About the only police action which will result from your lies will be YOU charged with making false reports and demanding money with menaces … you had better hope the cops get a hold of you before I do when you get deported back to Australia. Oh, and remember, you were the one denied Irish Citizenship because you are dodgy and of poor character …

        5. Okay, you have my address, Peter Andrew Nolan, COWARD, come and sort me out. So far all you’ve done in this place has been to publish addresses and phone numbers and invited strangers to harrass people on your behalf! You’re not much of a man, are you? “Okay internet strangers, go and sort this bloke out on my behalf, okay, he’s a sniper who has been running around Afghanistan, and when you are killed, I will send a lawful notice from Germany, where I am hiding out as a bludging illegal non citizen” … do you really think the people who read your crazy on the internet are as stone dumb as you? Meanwhile, remind me, what did you do as an alleged “man of honour and integrity” LIAR … you did fuck all, except to allegedly threaten the life of the woman you were persecuting. Youre a bit of a COWARDLY CUNT, aren’t you, c’mon, be honest, it is the first step to redemption, Meanwhile, if you want to show some INTEGRITY to the men in this forum LEAD THE WAY and face me, rather than asking strangers to do it on your behalf while you are a COWARD hiding in Germany and STEALING wages from legitimate EEC Citizens, COWARD!

          This from a man who has condoned his sister committing perjury for SIX YEARS? Hhhmmm?
          You might want to go deal with Jennifer Michael. And you might want to go deal with Chris Roubis and Chris Merrett as well. They are your colleagues in slandering me and they too will be prosecuted.
          As for telling lies about you?
          I have a witness. Someone you know very well. Someone who knows all the members of your family very well. And she says Suzanne told her that you sexually assaulted her when she was a teen girl.
          That is a very serious accusation Michael. And the very fact that the accusation made by Suzanne and repeated by me to Catherine Burn against your father was quashed and no questions were asked while at the same time Rolph Harris is pilloried in the press is very, very strong evidence that your ASIO buddies spoke to Catherine Burn and told her not to ask any questions.
          Now. Jennifer has dug a GREAT BIG HOLE for your family whereas she could have just smiled and said “irreconcilable differences”.
          I was prepared to remain silent on her disgraceful behaviour in our marriage. I talked to your father directly in November 2007 and went over the deal that was arranged by Jacqueline Vincent. Notice she is female.
          Here is Jacquelines link on the web site.

          Jacqueline was asked to put together a deal that was more than fair and given 10% negotiating room. What Jennifer was offered in November 2007 was 70/30 in her favour which included the highest rate of child support award able in Australia through to the 18th birthdays of both children.
          Jacqueline herself called what I asked her to do “overly generous” and “more than any court in Australia would award her”. If you do not believe me? Call her up. She still works there. She will remember me since I am going to prosecute her.
          Once we had the deal worked out I emailed your father and told him the details and suggested to him that it was in the best interests of all that Jennifer renounce her perjury, apologise and accept the deal. Bill said that the deal was “more than generous, indeed Jennifer would have more money than me.”
          So the head of your family, your father, was made the offer directly as to how to resolve the dispute Jennifer brought out of greed, vindictiveness and malice.
          I never understood why Bill was so foolish as to not ensure a peaceful settlement since there were so little assets to fight over due to Jennifers reckless spending. Really? 8 overseas holidays a year? What was that even all about, eh?
          It only made sense when Catherine Burn removed the post of my statement to the Wagga Police from her facebook citing “possible bias of any future proceeding”. Since men are regularly pilloried in the media as “alleged sexual molesters” like Rolph Harris is now there could be only ONE REASON why Catherine deleted the post with such a lame excuse. She was told to. And that means the accusation is very, very likely true.
          And THEN it made sense. Jennifer threatened your father with exposing the claim Suzanne made so as to force him to help her attack me all these years. It makes complete sense. And it was only AFTER I made it public that this other witness came forward and told me that Suzanne had also accused you of doing the same.
          Now, given that Suzannes claim against your father has associated with it the complicity of the Deputy Director of NSW Police? That makes Suzannes accusation against you FAR MORE CREDIBLE.
          So…we are going to sort this mess out that Jennifer created. With respect to these allegations by Suzanne? Jennifer has three choices.
          1. Remain silent.
          2. Commit perjury and sign an affidavit that says the conversation we had never took place. In which case she can no longer blackmail your father.
          3. Tell the truth and sign an affidavit that says the conversation we had DID take place.
          After all? All I have attested to is that Jennifer repeated to me an accusation by Suzanne that your father molested Suzanne. That is what I said in my statement. That is what I will say under oath if asked.
          So you see. You should go and talk to Jennifer. You should ask her to take one of these three actions. Because if she takes action 2 then she can no longer blackmail your father and your father will be free to settle this matter in his family. He will be able to require Jennifer to make remedy for all her crimes and he will be able to make remedy for the crimes he committed as well….and he will also be able to require you to make remedy for your crimes.
          Of course, Jennifer has proven she is quite willing to commit the crime of perjury which is why your father fears her so much. Accusations of child sexual abuse makes a man pretty unpopular in a place like Wagga, right? He might just get himself bashed by someone who believes these accusations of Suzanne, right? Happens all the time, right?
          So I recommend you go and ask Jennifer if she is going to take one of these three options. For my part? I don’t really care what option she takes. If she takes option 2 and lies and says the conversation never took place whereas I know it did? Then Bill will be free to punish her and remedy her crimes. That would be good for me. If she chooses options 1 or 3? Well? That’s bad for your father. Option 1 leaves the question open. Option 3 puts your father under the microscope because then you have both Jennifer and I saying that the conversation between Jennifer and I happened and that we were both aware of Suzannes allegation of child sexual abuse.
          So. What are you going to do, eh? Are you going to keep falsely calling me a liar or are you going to go to Jennifer and put her on the spot? After all? If she chooses option 3? The fact another witness came forward and implicated you as sexually abusing Jennifer will carry a great deal of weight. If she chooses option 2 then the weight of the witness coming forward does not carry as much weight.
          So what is Jennifer going to do? And what is Suzanne going to do? And what is going to happen to you and Bill? Your fate and Bills fate is now almost entirely in the hands of Suzanne and Jennifer. If Suzanne now claims you and Bill BOTH sexually assaulted her and Jennifer backs up my testimony that we had this conversation in 1989? Your life and Bills life is over. You will be branded child rapists.
          If Suzanne and Jennifer remain silent? The question will linger and poison your lives. The only thing that will clear your names on this point are an affidavit each by Suzanne and Jennifer clearly stating that Suzanne never made any such allegations and that Jennifer and this witness were making up stories about what Suzanne was saying…or Suzanne saying she did say these things but they were false.
          Tell me. How does it feel to have your life in the hands of two women, eh? Especially where one of them, Jennifer, has already made it clear she is willing to commit perjury to viciously and maliciously injure her own husband? That must be keeping you awake at night, eh?

        7. NOT a serious accusation Loopy Peter Andrew Nolan, meanwhile, please explain to me why you ask posters in this forum to face me on your behalf WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS, COWARD? Stop with the LIES and answer the question COWARD!

        8. C’mon, be a MAN, explain to the men in here why you demand they harrass people on your behalf when you are hiding in Germany as a COWARD and stealing rightful income from rightful declared EEC Citizens who aren’t paedophiles, terrorists and child pornographers, COWARD! Come and face me, COWARD! And after you have done so, and lived, which will never happen, ask strangers on the internet to do so FAT ALCOHOL SOAKED PAEDOPHLE HIDING OUT IN GERMANY AS AN ILLEGAL NON REVENUE STEALING CITIZEN!
          You’re not much of a man, are you?
          Simple, have the BALLS to face me in person, or go down in history as a COWARD who tries to entice mental defectives on the Intrenet to do his bidding. Your choice, but face me in person and your integrity will be intact, but that won;t ever happen COWARD!

        9. A serious accusation? Coming from YOU a fat retarded FALSE ACCUSER AND PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? By the way Loopy Pete, update your head shot, the one you’re using was from 25kg ago – here’s one you took of yourself in 2009, and you’ve only become FATTER and CUNTIER since then …

        10. Michael,
          your mental instability is showing. The woman who claims Suzanne told her that you sexually molested her when she was young is someone who knows you well and you know well.
          She asked me to make oath that I would never reveal her name. She is certain Suzanne told many other women the same allegation so she does not fear Suzanne being able to identify her.
          But she knows that you are quite mentally unstable and that you are a violent dangerous man who is now accused of war crimes in Afghanistan. I agree with her that her identity will never be revealed because you are mentally deranged enough to do her harm.
          The problem you have is what are Suzanne and Jennifer going to put on their affidavits.
          And calling me fat? Pl-eese….Jennifer grew to land whale proportions as you can see in the video. She needs to dress in size 16 tents. You might do better to help encourage her to lose some weight. Being that fat is bad for her knees. You know as well as I do that she damaged her kneeds in the 90s doing too much backbacking over the weekends when it was very likely she was having an affair with Konrad Lippman.
          You have made a right mess of this Michael. You are now a suspected sexual abuser of your sister Suzanne. And only Affidavits from Suzanne and Jennifer will clear you of suspicion. Are they going to prepare those affidavits for you and put them in to the public where I can see them? Hmmm?

        11. “Coming from YOU a fat retarded FALSE ACCUSER AND PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?”
          You seem to have it mixed up.
          I have PROVEN that it was Jennifer who was the pathological liar….and she sure is fat now, eh? Just like your mother is fat, eh?

        12. Peter is producing child porn? Surely you have some evidence for such an accusation, right? Real evidence, not what the voices in your satanic head are telling you.

        13. This is him threatening violence again. Ban this nut, he’s been banned from every site and has done the same things on every site

        14. So I guess Suzanne and Jennifer are not willing to put on an affidavit that Suzanne did not say these things or if she said these things that they are not true.
          You really seem to be losing it Michael. The fact we have a witness who knows you and Suzanne very well come forward and repeated Suzannes allegations that both you and your father sexually abused her seems to have really gotten under your skin. Why? If you were innocent it would not bother you, right?
          It sounds to me like you really did sexually abuse Suzanne.
          After all, you could never get a girlfriend at school. You have been socially awkward all your life. That is why I took pity on you when you were 12 and new to our school and our town. My father taught me to “take care of people less able to take care of themselves”. So, seeing you were new to our school and new to our town and were socially awkward and could not make friends for yourself I took pity on you and helped you into the social circles of your new school and your new town.
          And how did your family repay me for all the good I did your family. I raised your niece and nephew, Kristen and Jarrod, as my own. I paid for all their food and housing and clothing. You didn’t. You didn’t even send them so much as christmas presents or birthday presents. You did nothing for your Niece and Nephew.
          And how did you help Jarrod when he had cancer? Did you even know? Did you even care? I, on the other hand, asked my brother to use his position to get Jarrod in to see the #1 cancer specialist in the country for his type of cancer. She assessed him as a 20% chance to live using the standard techniques he was so ill. Did you ever bother to find out about that? So, because I LOVED YOUR NEPHEW I got him in to the #1 cancer specialist who used an experimental technique that saved his life.
          Did you know the next 2 patients she tried that on died? He was a 1 in 3 survivor. That is how serious his cancer was. And when he wanted to die? Did you bother to even call him and talk to him? When he was so depressed he gave up where were you? Oh, that would be right, serving your masters at ASIO, that is where you were when your Nephew was in the pit of depression and suicidal and wanting to die.
          Where was I? I was on the phone to him speaking to him out of love and compassion to inspire him to save his own life….Even Jarrod himself has openly stated that my phone call to him was the inspiration he needed to fight for his life through chemo for the next six months. Jennifer was such a terrible mother and such a selfish woman that she could not even get over herself long enough to inspire her own son to fight for his own life.
          That is the sort of selfishness and greed that pervades your family Michael. The members of your family have always been greedy and self interested. The only one not that way was Kerry.
          So yeah…now every who reads this comment can see the sort of man you are. You cared nothing for your own niece and nephew while I raised them and loved them as my own. When one of them, Jarrod, wanted to die you were nowhere to be seen while I was arranging for him to get the best possible medical treatment in the country and calling him to inspire him to fight for his life.
          And you come in to a place like this and tell lies about me? You think ANYONE is going to EVER take ANYTHING you say seriously EVER again? Good luck trying to get any stories in to newspapers. Good luck trying to get photography jobs when you mental instability and hatred has been posted to CAF.
          And how much of a loser are you with women, eh? You have never been able to manage a long term relationship in your life have you? I never heard from Jennifer that you ever actually managed to attract a women to settle with you.
          Never married. No kids. You have never even raised one child Michael. Your whole life has been about yourself. You have made very little contribution to the world you live in. Go ahead, tell all the men here your great “achievements” now you are 50 years old. What did you do with your life, eh? Go around telling lies about the man who saved your nephews life? That’s what you think is important in your life?
          I guess being rejected by women all these years has really pissed you off, right?
          Anyway….you know what you have to do. You have to ask Suzanne and Jennifer to put on an affidavit under oath whatever it is that they will say and you can post it to the web. I will then post it to CAF.
          If BOTH Suzanne and Jennifer (and perhaps Chrissy and Kerry as well just for good measure) say that there was no child sexual abuse in the household by either you or your father then great. I would be happy to post such affidavits to the public.
          After all? It is just as possible that Suzanne is lying and was telling these lies to garner attention as a “victim”. I have openly stated that I think 95+ of rape allegations by women are false. You can ask anyone around here if I have said that many times over in this place.
          But if the 4 girls flatly refuse to say there was no sexual abuse in the household? Well? Why would they refuse to do that? It looks very suspicious that not even your own sisters will say you never raped them on an affidavit.
          And if all 4 girls all say on affidavits there was no sexual abuse in the house? Then Jennifer will no longer be able to blackmail you and Bill with the threat of such an allegation and you and Bill can finally “do the right thing” and ensure that Jennifer returns ALL my property and that your family pays me compensation for your crimes FOUR OF YOU have been so willing to engage in.
          At least Suzanne, Chrissy and Kerry had the good sense to keep their mouths shut.
          And your pathetic and childish attempts to say “come and see me face to face”. What are you going to do, eh? You are the coward here as you will not even face your sister.
          And if you are thinking that you would like to use violence to settle a criminal matter? Then you must also agree that I am entitled to use violence against Jennifer and your mother to settle their crimes against me. After all, women are equal, right?
          You are 50 now Michael. And you are a loser who has wasted his opportunities in life by going to work for ASIO, a part of a satanic criminal cult. I look back on my life and I am extremely proud and pleased with what I have done. The only peer of mine in Wagga who did better than me was Mark Taylor and good luck to him.
          How about you? Now you are 50 and you look back on your life and what you have done? What do you think of your contribution to the world, eh? What have you done that you can be pleased with and proud of?
          Going around telling lies about a man who took pity on your as a socially awkward 12 year old? Are you proud of this? Eh?

      3. Psychiatry is a bogus science. And, a man is the victim of crimes by a woman, and instead of holding the woman accountable for her crimes, you hate on the man and tell him to get help?
        What an incredibly hateful, evil bitch you are. I hope you fucking die.

        1. He’s an insane compulsive troll who has been banned from every men’s site.He’s made up all of these stories and even a fake video pretending he’s in court telling the judge off lol He’s wacko. He has a number of dumb sites that 2 people have ever gone to and both of them are him lol

  11. Probably the closest thing to this historically was the glam rock thing of the 70’s, i.e., the Kiss Army, or the besotted Bowie fans who cross-dressed like he did. This was during the heyday of second-wave feminism when some men really thought it possible if they glammed up and feminized themselves girls would like them again. (Of course the joke was on the fanboys – we all know about Gene Simmons’s +1000 notch count, and Bowie plowed as big a furrow through the groupie set as did Mick Jagger).
    I really like the thesis that these guys, for all their pedestalizing, have that objectifying superiority which explains precisely why women – and especially feminists – hate the NiceGuy (TM), and from this standpoint are right to do so, they can sense it. (And why it’s OK to threaten the NiceGuy with violence since he would never think to argue back, let alone defend himself).

  12. This article is kind of BS as it doesn’t once mention the real reason the Bronie thing took off…To piss off the mods at 4chan.
    Yes it’s stupid, but this article gets the cause 100% wrong

    1. That’s how it started, not how it took off. The article gets the reason why it took off (got big) right.

  13. I discovered bronies as I perused betapedia about two months ago. Horrifying. But, if you’re a real man, it just means there’s that many dudes out there who aren’t even in the competition. It really takes so little these days to be a superior man.

  14. “Real men carve out their own life according to their terms; they spend time chasing and pursuing concrete goals.”
    This sticks out to me and I think for a slim majority of “Bronies”, there is another side to the coin. If a man wants to define himself as someone so completely satisfied in his own skin that he can appreciate and be open about the things he enjoys regardless of whether or not they’re manly, that’s a whole different level of alpha male that needs to be appreciated. Trying to shoehorn yourself into an identity whether it be a traditionally masculine one by smoking, drinking, watching action films and grab-assing strangers or a feminine one by enjoying kids shows and kissing up to girls is beta on either side. True alpha comes from having an honest discussion with yourself about who you are, what you like and what you want and having the brass to say fuck you to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.
    That said, all bar one of the bronies I’ve dealt with (I consider interaction with these people an obstruction) are woman worshiping cuckolds whose awful game absolutely stinks up the joint to the point where although the guys thinks they’re appreciated for being so sweet, you can see the pained expressions in their faces with every damnable sentence that spews out of their sugar coated mouths. They’re just begging for a real man to come along and challenge them on something, anything.

    1. You ain’t lying, come deal with these fucks to get a bit of taste of what it is like, be prepped to deal with an assault of overly estrogenic “men”
      “are you okay?”
      Bleech, at least Saul had the balls to end it all, these misguided punks do not have nearly that much courage

  15. Ugh, it’s sickening to think there are people out there like this. This is why society doesn’t trust adult males teaching/coaching/mentoring their children.

  16. This comment section is spewing stupidity at an alarming rate. If you want to get an expert psychological pov on this thing, go to and read the results. Bottom line is these ‘bronies’ are statistically smarter and wealthier than your average joe.

    1. they are men playing with the performative nature of gender – that means they’ve been to university pretty much for an MA in indoctrination. They’ve bought into an idea that won’t serve them well

    2. A vast proportion of bronies are autistic or have some other learning difficulty. Considering that the only people that would care enough to make a study about this would obviously be bronies themselves, your ‘statistics’ are a farce. If ‘men’ need a children’s show to teach them about anything at all then they are broken. Not to mention the vast amount of them that have ‘relationships’ with soft toy horses… It is sick.

        1. Haha. I like you 🙂
          (I get the feeling some ‘men’ on this thread are a bit more unhinged than the bronies themselves.)

      1. Exactly. It’s a voluntary response study conducted over the internet; the data gathered is completely devoid of meaning.

    3. And they’ve chosen to take that higher education and income level and emasculate themselves.
      their choice is theirs to make, granted, however when it involves acting like a pre teen girl, yep, they will be mocked and ridiculed as they should be, for such abhorrent behavior

    4. A lot of beta nerds that don’t fall into the traps of vidya games, pr0n, or offing themselves tend to be better off financially. They still don’t get laid though.
      Luckily for them, many bronies are white so they can just fall off of a plane to Taiwan and become gods.

    5. I went to your link and viewed their methodology.
      It is a voluntary response sample. It is neither scientific nor useful in any way. A 1st year college student could tell you it’s complete garbage.
      The “psychologists” who are conducting it would be laughed out of any legitimate peer reviewed journal.

      1. Considering its a quantitative sampling method i’m not sure you can call it ‘unscientific’. Also, in the scientific feild its considered plenty useful as it’ll promote research into the area. Yeah sure its fairly bias but you cant actually eliminate ALL bias, a 15 year old psych student could tell you that.

        1. I can actually; voluntary response samples are never scientific.
          This is why no one listens to 15 year olds.

        2. Simply put you’re wrong. Says every book on sampling ever made that acknowledges voluntary sampling as an act of sampling. This is no one should listen to you.

        3. Uh-huh. Voluntary response samples are acts of sampling you say? I believe you.
          Back on topic, look at the disclaimer at the bottom of any internet poll conducted by any news site:
          “These results are not scientific.”

        4. Wow, your transition must be going along quickly! You’re already arguing like a woman!

  17. these guys are straight up peadophiles …… they just want little girls and are using this show as a means to an end

  18. No woman of any caliber would be caught dead with these sad sacks. The mere existence of these loser men shows how soft, pampered, and tolerant to the point of societal suicide we have become. In the past, creatures like these would not have been allowed to consume any societal resources, and for good reason.

    1. the romans had problems with bronies in their legions. That’s why they invented decimation

      1. Wow, I guess that is another impact of globalization. Even total loser American males can get cheap Chinese goods delivered to their doorstep.

  19. Is this real? These “men” are incredibly pathetic. Talk about self-emasculation. They need to be sterilized.

  20. A great article from 2Wycked yet again. Masculinity comes from doing things that are beneficial to the community, not from playing with ponies like a little girl.
    I could go on and on about how masculinity is shamed, but I’d rather talk about what men need to do in this day and age – either get a great career or start a business. Save up a lot of money, buy a good suit, get your hands on a game resource and boom – f*** bitches get money.
    You can’t do this playing video games, watching TV or surfing the net all day long. So get your ass of the couch, step outside the door and make something out of your life. Be a playboy, not a brony.

  21. To the author: I was typing up a massive textwall, rebutting all this bullshit, but then I realized you seem to be under an impression about the fans, and heir motivations, which is completely false. The whole article would need to be retracted, in order for you to get this right. Suffice it to say, the fans don’t give a single flying fuck about this new sincerity, or any of that nonsense about gender bending, or feminine approval. I don’t know who the fuck you’ve been talking to on Tumblr, but you need to flush all that shit from your brain, it’s turning you into a yellow journalist.
    For my part I’ll just say that a vast majority of the fans like the show for its quality, in all aspects of production, be it writing, voice acting, music, or animation, and they appreciate the personality traits of the characters, who themselves extoll integrity, loyalty, and generosity. Those qualities are something anyone of any age or gender should be able to appreciate and respect.
    I honestly don’t know what the hell all this other shit is that you’re talking about, but you need to just get rid of it. You’ve got the complete wrong idea about the fans, and I’m pretty sure that picture of the land whale with the sword is fake, I’ve seen the original floating around the net, and the doofus doesn’t have any shitty OC ponies in the foreground.

    1. u wot m8?
      are you defending the bronies??
      are you one of em flamboyant faggots???
      but seriously though i’d like to see your rebuttal

      1. ha, well the whole thing would be a reply to his grossly misinformed article, so there’s no point. If I can address the greater fallacy he’s made here, then that’d be more accurate.

    2. Methinks the lil’ bitch doth protest too much. My deepest and sincere sympathies to the younger brothers out there. I cannot even imagine how most of you navigate thru your day-to-day lives having to deal with this type of diseased, degraded shit in your paths, and not go completely postal.
      It’s truly a different fuckin’ world from the one I grew up in, and I’m only in my mid-forties…

    3. “For my part I’ll just say that a vast majority of the fans like the show for its quality, in all aspects of production, be it writing, voice acting, music, or animation, and they appreciate the personality traits of the characters, who themselves extoll integrity, loyalty, and generosity. Those qualities are something anyone of any age or gender should be able to appreciate and respect.”
      Did I read what I thought I just read?

      1. Yes. You did. Plus he’s not entirely wrong. As I’ve already mentioned, bronies actually don’t hold any particular political or social ideal above any others as a whole. For any political or social ideal you might think of…there’s a brony group for that. Trust me, conservative, overly-manly, traditional values bronies actually exist and are a thing.

        1. “bronies actually exist and are a thing.”
          the good news is we’re working on that

        2. You signed up for dignitas the moment you became a Brony. We just want to help the process along

    4. Sorry, but there is no way you can convince me that this is in any way, shape or form healthy, or normal.

  22. That group photo: not a looker in the bunch. Why can’t ugly betas stick to stamps or baseball cards?

  23. I feel there’s a vast differene between watching a show with girls as it’s target audience (example: for kids, Pepper Ann, for adults, Scandal) and watcing a show specifically for girls. MLP, Barbie and things like that are specifically for girls and boys should not be watching these.

    1. Ok, this is a important point.
      Lets say you took something you consider good content, like Breaking Bad. But you retitled it “Strawberry Cupcake” or something inherently girly. You wouldn’t watch that just because of the name?
      I know the brand MLP is inherently associated with femininity and little girls but the current incarnation is pretty gender neutral, like Animanics. There is absolutley nothing about it that indicates its just for little girls. The creator herself said she didn’t make it JUST for little girls. Yes the toys are clearly aimed at girls but the show is not.
      I feel like most of you have not watched a single episode, or if you have at best 1 minute. Its not a juvenile show for little girls like you all seem to think it is.

      1. You’re talking to a big fan of Powerpuff Girls here, so the name argument goes out the window.
        I watched one episode of MLP out of curiousity a long time ago. It didn’t hook me in. If you like a show for girls that’s you, but it’s a show for girls.

        1. “You’re talking to a big fan of Powerpuff Girls here”
          “a big fan of Powerpuff Girls here”
          “Powerpuff Girls”
          …Just so you are aware, Lauren Faust, who was a director of ‘Powerpuff Girls’, and was also married to the show’s creator, made ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’, as well as ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”…
          Soooooooo Yea.

        2. I already knew that.
          Now I agree with her that there should be more “girl-specific” shows, but I disagree that MLP is for boys.

        3. Well i don’t think MLP is specifically for boys… It’s like a Disney movie, where basically anyone can enjoy it because it doesn’t have a specific, pin-point audience. Sure, 20+ years ago, it was definitely aimed towards girls, but for the current show, that just simply isn’t true.
          I mean, what kind of little girl would get all the references to The big Lebowski, Castlevanea, Metal Gear Solid, or even Star Wars IV?

  24. “These guys are losers”
    As opposed to a website full of beta MRAs that blame their sexless lives on evil feminists rather than their fear of women? The successful alpha males that you all claim to be would never follow this website, let alone even know what an “MRA” is. Face it, you were always picked last and never got the girl. Now you’re looking to a lesser group to compare yourselves to as a means of inflating your damaged egos.
    Christ, even the author’s name is “2Wycked” and calls himself a “serial womanizer”. I can already smell the Axe body spray and rejection through the computer screen.

    1. Wow,someone projecting like crazy.
      But if this makes you feel better: yes, we are all virgins, never touched a women, never had kinky sex 6 times a day, never fucked a women in the shower, never fingered a girl on a bus, we live in the basement, we have no friends, no job, we are fat and bitter.

    2. Nice attempt at shaming a group of people who could give a flying fuck about what this degenerate “society” thinks of them.
      This website is for men who wish to improve themselves to better navigate the lies and propaganda we’ve been confronted with since childhood.
      I’ve always sought to improve myself, in all ways- not for the likes of you, but for my own edification and betterment. The majority of men are here for the same reason.
      We neither require nor want the approval of a sick, diseased world that seems happier reveling in disfunction, shame, and misery, and that wants nothing more than to bring everyone down to a pathetic, lowest common denominator.
      Scuttle off back to your little navel-gazing PC hole. Grown-ass men are talking here.

      1. “This website is for men who wish to improve themselves to better navigate the lies and propaganda we’ve been confronted with since childhood.”
        All I see here is the male equivalent of feminists. You’re all different sides of the same coin. Rampant idelogical arguments with no regard for facts, psycho-interpretations (they like My Little Pony so they can get female approval) that have no bearing on reality.
        I genuinely hope all PUA’s arent’ this retarded.

      2. “Grown-ass men are talking here.”
        Can’t argue with that.
        Most of the members on this site appear to be a bunch of pissed off 8 year olds with the vocab of a 20-year old. So no, not really grown.
        You’re all just kinda spewin’ shit everywhere.

    3. Lets get a little perspective you sad little chap. The men on this website are trying to preserve the natural order of things. Boys grow into men and find a partner, procreate and assume the role of a masculine adult. For bronies boys turn into socially inept creeps that find meaning in a children’s program. What can’t you find humour in mature art and literature? Grow a brain and a pair of balls. Your very existence proves devolution.

    4. “Face it, you were always picked last and never got the girl.”
      Maybe. Everyone who has tried to get laid has struck out and that goes for both genders. However, they kept persisting and got laid. What did you do? Avoid life’s risks that could’ve made you stronger, for better or worse, and masturbated to cartoon ponies.
      You are a failure in life.

    5. Counldn’t have said it any better. This site is basically the male version of Jezebel: blaming all of their problems on the other side of the fence. Complete. Whiny. Cunts. Both of them.

  25. My 12 year old daughter is a rabid my little pony fan. But when she mentions bronies, her lip curls with visceral disgust. Bronies are not betas. They are omegas. The only real life bronie I know is an autistic homosexual.

  26. This article is so incorrect I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not a guy defending the show or the fandom, I just care about the truth and its clear this guy has done no research on anything he’s talking about here.
    1. This is the biggest mistake and seemingly everyone who writes about Bronies and MLP make this. MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC IS NOT A FEMININE SHOW!! If you actually watching the goddamn thing you’d see that its about on the same level as Animaniacs. Now you may think even something like Animaniacs is something just for kids and not for adults, fine, good for you! But my point is stop thinking of the current gen of My Little Pony (Generation 4) the same as the past generations (the classic 80’s version). This is very important because people seem to think the show Bronies watch is all about tea parties and baking cookies and dancing or whatever. The current show is not traditionally feminine because the creator Lauren Faust (who is a feminist) seems to have thought that traditional feminine cartoons (the tea parties, baking cookies) were lame so she created a much more dynamic show with monsters and the female protagonist fighting battles, and racing and all kids of stuff normally associated with boys cartoons.
    So if you think MLP FIM is a feminine show and base Bronies embrace of it on some type of weird gender-bending thing you’re entire premise is flawed.
    2. Everyone in every article about Bronies seems to ask why they like the show. I’ll tell you right now the real answer to that question.
    The short answer is: the culture. To understand Bronies you have to look at where they originated: 4chan. Specifically it was /co/ (the board for cartoons and comics) and /b/ (the infamous random board). Bronies originated from those two boards and to this day the culture of those boards is baked in the Brony DNA. If you go to a Youtube comments section below a Brony video or msg board you will see the same sense of humor. Its basically the kind of humor you’d expect from 16-35 yr old men with the basis being MLP FIM. There’s the obvious sense of camadrie that any fandom has, then the memes, artwork, video parodies, actual animations. This is in fact a underrated subplot when it comes to the Brony fandom, the creativity and talent that many of them have. MLP FIM is clearly a creative outlet for many of them.
    Now obviously Bronies are a large group, there proabably are those that believe in neo-sincerity and breaking gender roles and all that. But as a person who’s been in this fandom for 3 years now I’m telling you, most Bronies don’t care about gender ideology or any of that. They just like the humor, they enjoy the memes, they like the show, and they like discussing the show after they watch it. Just like any fandom of a tv show, the one they like just happens to be one for little girls, and that’s part of the humor.

    1. Hm, I never thought I will see a male hamster in the wild.
      The day has arrived.
      At least it makes a coherent argument unlike its female counterpart.
      But it is a hamster nevertheless.

    2. a passionate and articulate defence, although it doesn’t stop me wondering whether you regularly go to kid’s birthday parties with the express purpose of suggesting a sleepover.

        1. humor? I’m sincerely happy you and you’re young friends will have so much to talk about in between pillow fights

    3. All I heard was ‘I am an omega faggot who watches a little girls show and will probably be on the sex offenders list before the year is out. Good luck with your magic friendship goals of 2014 you oestrogen filled lady-boy.

  27. Oh look, an article that bashes bronies. “I’ve never seen that before…” Seriously; I thought bashing on these fellows stopped being a thing in like 2010-11. If you guys really wanted to jump on that hate bandwagon, your time has long since past. At this point, it’d be as topical as bashing a furry.
    What really get’s me though is the irony in the fact that one group of males that seem be a vocal minority…are bashing another group of males for living in a “Fantasy World”. (in this websites case, it’s a fantasy world that seems to think the world of “Mad Men” is actually something to aspire to instead of a time to cautiously look back on)
    Oddly enough, you guys do also fail to mention the subset of bronies that also enjoy the traditionally masculine things (The Military Bronies, and Body Builder bronies to name just a few)

    1. Yeah let’s all become androgynous childish creeps and expound our philosophy through little animated ponies! Society is so much better now than before, becoming awkward creeps that live in a fantasy world and have zero social interaction skills seems like the way forward. Stupid omega ass-baby, stick to horses the human race doesn’t need your genes.

      1. I dunno. They’re a seemly small group of men that seem to enjoying themselves without bothering anyone. I mean, you can’t claim them to be “evil feminazis” because bronies rarely branch out to matters outside their own fandoms. Plus, they also donate to many children’s charities and hospitals. So you can call them pansies all you want; at least their hearts are in the right place.

        1. It’s irrelevant whether thy ‘branch out’ or not. It is a sad reflection of society when so many adults have to seek companionship and education from a child’s show. Also nice to see you ignoring the amount of them that cross that boundary and have MLP plushies for their special quiet time. Their heart might be in the right place but their brain is in a 5 year old girl and their penis is in a horse toy.

        2. Well, if you’re gonna use the “closeted nerd pervert” argument, you can literally apply that to any fandom. After all, there’s a reason why rule 34 is a thing.
          Actually, it sort of it, since the group clearly hasn’t bothered the mainstream too much. They certainly haven’t changed the social hierarchy in any radical way. They can claim they’re challenging gender norms, sure, and they wouldn’t entirely to be wrong. But there’s certainly a difference between challenging something, and actually making an impact. And so far, they only impact they’ve had is…donating to charity…and that’s a bad thing how exactly?
          Face it, they’re a relatively harmless subset of fans that bothered you or this website in any way (well, at least until now, but I’m sure the author was well aware of what would happen if he insulted bronies. But hey, gotta get those views somehow, right?)

        3. Your arguement is valid in the sense that there impact is limited and currently harmless. The issue is that it reflects a larger problem which is the lack of cohesion in our society and the inability to shame unacceptable behaviour. Society is already suffering the ills of liberalism as children aspire to be ‘famous for nothing’ bodies have become vessels to chop and change at a whim. People cannot interact face to face and get lost in a world of fantasy. I do not promote this lifestyle of meaningless sex and subjugating women it is ridiculous but it is farcical to ignore clear biological differences. I almost feel pity for bronies because they seem to b a product of a society where people are just lost and seek meaning and entertainment in ridiculous places. Is this really how you want to spend your life watching a cartoon about ponies?

        4. And I would agree with you a certain degree if bronies actually stuck to one unified ideological or political train of thought. In reality, the brony community actually expands to many political and philosophical ideals. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen RoK type bronies (yeah, they exist, surprise, surprise) argue with feminist bronies.
          And in a warped sort of way, bronies are actually a unifying form of peace. Because not matter what these bronies might disagree on, they can all agree on one thing…they love MLP. In actually a sweet sentiment in way.

      1. I think he handled more foolish things than bronies in his time.
        He would be amused. In a way, it is very amusing. You can make a lot of interesting social-physiological observations about the bronies.

    1. Electronic entertainment is like poison to men. It’s a full-fledged synthetic world, and doesn’t even require the active participation of the reader’s imagination to be immersive. Video games and TV shows and movies are a pocket of irrelevance for people to hide in.
      Marcus Aurelius lived in the physical world. It doesn’t even make sense to imagine him confronting a man who’s obsessed with a childish fantasy character.
      Fandom is for women and children. Fandom for electronic blips is even worse.
      I shudder to think what sort of upbringing these men had. They were clearly abused. They’re mentally ill now. I don’t know what could cure them, but cutting off all electronic media would be a start. Spending a few months to a year in the wilderness, enduring hardships and accomplishing difficult tasks might bring some of them back around to the basics of their humanity.

  28. Most of these guys would have been better off being born girls. I would say that they would have been better off not having been born, but I wouldn’t want to deny a mother the right to have a child.

  29. “This is where “My Little Pony” comes in. The men who identify as “Bronies” are not challenging anything at all, but men who are so psychologically weak that they need a portal to their childhood where they fantasize about being a little girl.”
    Bronies don’t fantasize about being a little girl. Clearly 2Wycked did zero research for this article other than searching for that video.
    “It is distancing yourself from your own personal desires and concerns and escaping into a fantasy world filled with the trappings of femininity where a weak man can exist amongst the feminine while simultaneously pretending he is one of them to get their approval and doing absolutely nothing to garner feminine approval in real life.”
    It has nothing to do with getting feminine approval. Exactly where did you pick that up?
    “On one hand, it is part and parcel of female worship and a deeply rooted belief in female superiority and misandry.”
    Well now you’re reaching feminist levels of retardedness here.
    “Bronies take like ducks to water when rhetoric about male hyper-masculinity is spewed, as they are the first in line to accuse men — as a class — of misogyny”
    2Wycked is embarassing himself here and basically proving he’s full of shit. In my personal experience almost every Brony is either neutral or outright hostile to feminism. I’ve never seen any Brony use the term “misogyny” (besides some Tumblr SJW’s who identify as Bronies). And speaking of which isn’t it funny the feminists on Tumblr accuse Bronies of being misogynists and rape culture advocates while this bozo accuses them of being misandrists? Can you be both misandrists and misogynists?
    “The self-punishment and debasement is born of a society that teaches men they are not true men unless they have female approval. Escaping into a world filled with symbols of femininity is their way of garnering female approval in the abstract without actually having to do that in real life.”
    This is like a feminist psycho-analyzing (“Super Mario is a example of misogyny Mario represents the white hero rapist who has to save the Princess from the black rapist Bowser).
    “Imagine a grown man enamored of a purple pony charming a woman on a first date.”
    If the man is rich and confident it wouldn’t matter. In fact if he likes ponies it would just show that he’s confident enough in his masculinity to like it and not give a fuck what anyone thinks of it, which women would love. Again, only if the men had other compensating qualities. If its a stereotypical nerdy guy yeah it would be one more knock on him.
    “They didn’t expect grown men to embrace the show, but whatever drives revenue is good, right? The rhetoric over gender and challenging masculinity is simply a smoke-screen for the producers of “My Little Pony” to keep selling this ridiculously childish imitation of masculinity to “Bronies.””
    Another example of 2Wycked not knowing what he’s talking about. First, the creators and writers have no control over the show, they’re basically wage slaves. Hasbro calls the shots and they have shown no inclination to cater to Bronies. Though they’ve occassionally thrown Bronies a bone. Hasbro hasn’t said anything about challenging masculinity. Now the creator Lauren Faust has but to say she had a financial incentive is laughable.
    “Real men don’t spend their time fantasizing about true friendship”
    I’ve been reading up on World War I for the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the start of the war. Seems like many men died died godforsaken deaths in some muddy trench in the middle of nowhere, lost their limbs, got fucked up psychologicaly because people were telling them that real men go to war. That real men would sign up for the army. (Britian had voluntary conscription but pressured the menlike crazy).
    I would tell all men to not listen to what anyone, whether its a woman, man, feminist, PUA or whatever the hell you call yourselves to tell you “Real men do X”.

    1. “I’ve been reading up on World War I for the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the start of the war. Seems like many men died died godforsaken deaths in some muddy trench in the middle of nowhere, lost their limbs, got fucked up psychologicaly because people were telling them that real men go to war. That real men would sign up for the army. ”
      The fact that that’s your last paragraph is revealing. I don’t believe that every man should be in the military, or be a warmonger, or anything, and would only support ‘just’ wars etc, but so much of reconstructing masculinity, particularly on the left, is at root about guilt or despair over violence. The articles on ROK don’t idealise violence or war, but neither are they founded on a false sense of guilt for past excesses that have little if anything to do with present day men. I doubt its even a conscious thing. But its there in the background.

    2. Christ, I said that modern male identities are rooted out of female approval.
      As for your other posts, this isn’t some ludicrous psycho-babble. People in America are retreating from real relations and using proxies in media, the Internet and in books to flee reality. Bronies are part of this, obviously.
      The producers and writers are well aware of the Brony fan-base. They can’t outright cater to them because, you know, it’s creepy as fuck grown men are fantasizing about a TV show aimed at socializing children into healthy adults.
      Finally, you say the most if not all Bronies are hostile or neutral about feminism. Yet, you and other apologists talk paint a picture of “big-tent Bronyism.” What is it? Are there other ideologies that Bronies by-and-large ignore or dislike?

  30. And to absolutely no one’s surprise Bronies have come out to defend their choices. A group lower than LARP’ers wants people to understand how mis-understood they are and MLP really is. Now live action role players (LARP) just dress up in make-believe and card board sword their weekends away in an effort to make real their knighthood and fantasy dreams. To them I say, Kendo and Fencing are cheap at the YMCA and you’ll keep your self respect. Bronies on the other hand , what are they after? To imagine a world where the attitudes and actions of cartoon ponies manifest in real life? Geez man, if you as a grown ass man can’t find a way to relate to the world without aid of a parable designed to teach little girls about life then you are a complete failure as a person. Because you’ve wasted every lesson a life time has given you. I learned to be brave facing a fastball when I was 12, I learned to tough out a hard beat when Mary didn’t want to dance with me at the school dance when I was 12, I learned the value of hard work cutting grass all summer when I was 12! You apparently missed all that, and it’s my bet you missed it because at the time you were involved in another fantasy life where you controlled not only your actions but the others players as well.

    1. I don’t care if you hate Bronies, if that was all the article was about I wouldn’t have commented. What I find laughable enough to correct is 2wycked’s little pet theory of how “oh they’re just watching it for female approval, they want to change the def of masculinity”.
      In fact in the political spectrum I’d say they lean more towards MRA/PUA (BECAUSE THEY’RE FROM 4CHAN) than feminism or liberalism.

      1. An oddly enough, even that wouldn’t be necessarily true. In reality, bronies actually spread out to the entire political spectrum. Name an issue, and I can guarantee you, there’s a brony subset for that.

        1. Well, it just goes to show that cartoons (at least the family variety anyway) aren’t restricted to just one ideology.

  31. Oh I get it. Change the definition of masculinity. Where have I heard this tune before? The one where adhering to the proper definition of something requires a bit of self-reflection and some personal effort, which is ultimately too difficult for a certain segment of the population, so they simply adjust the meaning to include themselves. Yeah, that’s right. It’s the same song and dance we get from feminists about what constitutes an attractive female.

    1. The problem is not liking pretty ponies. The problem is investing in pretty ponies to the point that they become part of your identity.
      To be fair, the same is true of sports fans. If you are wearing another man’s jersey it is because you have not invested any value in your own. You are feigning value by a process of sympathetic magic. By “showing your support” for a player what you are really doing is leaching off of his accomplishments as if they were your own.
      A “community” of fans is a group who engage a mutual interest passively. They are, by their very natures, outsiders to the actual community.
      The actual community is that group of people who are mutually and actively engaged in the interest.
      The actual sports team is the sports community.
      To Hasbro and its franchisees, Bronies are, and rightfully so, nothing but a bunch of rubes and marks.

  32. OK, so I have read through about 190 incredibly insightful comments, here, and unless I am mistaken, I have not seen a single “beating a dead horse” joke…

  33. I think Bronies are doing something right considering FOX NEWS, Tumblr feminists and now PUAs have attacked them. Although personally I am dissapointed because I didn’t think PUA’s were Tumblr SJW level retarded like this. Hopefully this is limited to ROK.

    1. On the contrary, I think the ones who neglect to attack such an easy target are doing it wrong. The amount of laughs Howard Stern alone generated in his expose on these dorks probably added a decade to my lifespan.

    1. Geez, only 2 people liked this compared to the 26+ for everyone else. Is she a fatty or a dyke or something?

  34. I didn’t know about this… I thought this was a joke. This is the stupidest damn thing a grown a$$ man can be a part of. My God, they need to step back and take a good hard look at the themselves.

  35. Is it just all the chemicals and stuff that’s in the water, or is it just a symptom of a sick society ?
    Apparently Rome went through the same stuff just before the barbarians burnt it to the ground.

    1. Think about it. How many real men that possess the values and characteristics that we value in masculinity have died in the wars. All the while the impaired and mentally I’ll were left at home. They bred and we are left with an oestrogen filled cluster of mentally damaged people and a gene pool which would not have thrived in any other circumstance.

  36. I’d like to make fun of these guys, but as a grown man who is also a fan of Marvel comic book superhero characters…I think I’ll just let this one slide

    1. Nothing wrong with enjoying comics. In a society where men are so emasculated and we are constantly taught that we are some hairy knuckled oppressors its not surprising that people like to read about fighting, women with little on and justice. Now explain to me why you always have sticky white stuff in your pants Peter dear?

    2. There’s a fucking difference! I’ll give you two examples and you can tell me which one is healthier:
      1) Reading The Punisher comics when they come out. After you’re done reading it, you return to reality and hit the gym. Make some food then go out for the night to get some poon.
      2) Watching this gay pony show and making it a part of your identity. Wearing the clothing, photoshopping pictures of them with you, attending conventions as well as sleeping with a stuffed animal! I don’t think I have to mention the fact that these freaks masturbate to cartoon ponies do I?

      1. Yeah, on the flipside of that, you have the Marvel fans you read nothing but comics, wear comic book based clothing, attend all the comic book conventions, and collect all assortments of comic book busts and action figures.
        You’re gonna have to try a tad harder then just wheeling out the usual “obsessive nerd boy” arguments if you’re legitimately gonna claim that liking colorful ponies is any less embarrassing then liking muscular dudes in colorful tight outfits.

        1. Yup…all those male role models…with their tight, bulging muscles in skin-tight outfits…and in the Punisher’s case, a psychopathic guy in a tight outfit that kills for vengeance…E’yup…totally someone you could realistically look up to.

        2. Kinda missing the point of my sarcasm there, fella.
          I’m saying every fandom has ridiculous qualities about them. Superhero hero comics are no exception to the rule. At face value, most superheros can get down right ludicrous (Literally anything from the silver age of comics can give you a bit an indication as to what I mean…I mean, come on…Bat-Baby…)
          So to judge one fandom without acknowledging some of the sillier points of other more guy-accepted fandoms is just hypocritical.

    3. I will happily make fun of both fandoms, but the brony one is orders of magnitude more hilarious.
      A lot of the guys here seem to think it’s a blight. That is definitely true, but it is a fucking FUNNY blight.

  37. That feminist agenda stuff is mostly nonsense, but otherwise surprisingly well researched for a smear piece. All that’s missing is how the absence of father figures contributes to participating in the fandom.

    1. talking of which, how comfortable would you be discussing your MLP enthusiasm with your dad? ….oh he’s a MLP fan too. I see

  38. The sad part is that bronies aren’t just betas, they’re the beta’s beta, an omega, if I you will.
    I used to spend a lot of time back when I was younger and more blue pill than I am now on my xbox and 4chan. I was still in that stage of my life when the subculture really came to birth a few years back. When it first came about, they were rejected by both of these beta havens. They were ridiculed, shamed, and essentially chased out of both of these places for some time. I guess the bigger the group got, the more they managed to force themselves into typical beta culture. Funny enough, most betas still find bronies repulsive, and hate that they get associated with them.


  40. Well, today I learned:
    Everyone on this site is a judgmental, uneducated, close-minded prick. Seriously, words cannot express how much I pity all of you. Unless you actually watch the show, and actually spend time in the fandom with all of its amazing artwork, music, and the outstanding community to see for yourself what bronies are actually like, you have no right on this planet to talk shit about bronies. And to the people who say the masculinity should be praised- great, think what you want to think, but that’s an old way of thinking, and you might want to check your calendar, because last time i checked it’s 2014. Women have the vote, African-Americans aren’t slaves, and people are free to do what they want with their lives …and not to mention that there are a fair amount of bronies that are just as ‘masculine’ as you, even a small amount of bronies are in the military, so you are calling some of those who protect your country “gay, weak-ass, pedophiles with problems”, to which i applaud you. Congratulations! You’re officially a giant fucking dick!
    …I think this video sums up what i’m trying to say…

    Oh, and I’ll gladly challenge any LOGICAL reply to this comment with a LOGICAL response.

      1. And how else do you suppose I was supposed to convey my message to brick walls that don’t know logic?

    1. Who are you to judge all of us in such emotionally hurtful terms? I demand an apology.

  41. I think we also have to consider that a not insignificant percentage of these bronie deviants might possibly be paedophiles.

        1. “heh kids, want to come see my ponies?”
          sounds like the perfect cover for a bit of paedoing.

  42. I guess I’d have to see an episode of the show before I could judge. I’ve enjoyed children’s shows like “The Backyardigans” and “The Mr. Men Show” and I don’t feel that makes me a freak.

  43. “If you are watching a TV show geared towards children, you have problems”.
    Except if that cartoon is Dragon Ball Z. That show is still bad ass.

  44. “…fantasizing about women while pretending your ability to garner the approval of women would be greatly helped by being a woman yourself.”
    This pretty much hits the nail on the head, not just about the sickening reality of bronies, but of the feminization of our culture and society in general.

  45. I am legitimately surprised that a horde of pathetic bronies have not already descended on this article yet. I was expecting them to say things like “my love for a little girl’s cartoon character is real!” and “The show is actually for adults!”
    It’s interesting; the wizard-chan guys kind of redeemed themselves a little bit by coming here and offering a rational explanation of why they exist in the comments section. I didn’t accept their argument, but they earned themselves some respect by not sperging out. This, despite many being actually legitimate sperglords by diagnosis.
    Ironic then that legitimate autists can rationally explain their sorrowful situation, but a brony has no hope of ever saying anything that doesn’t boil down to, “I’m a huge fag.”

    1. “Because, you know, watching a japanese cartoon about a boy that pilots a giant robot head, that also turns into a larger robot, which then becomes a robot larger than the solar system (spoiler), is totally traditionally manly in every way possible….”

    2. I am legitimately surprised that a larger horde of pathetic bronies have not already descended on this article yet
      That’s because they’re already here and pretend they are “kings” lol

  46. If I were a parent, I’d rather find out that my son was in to hard drugs than that he was a Brony. I’m not even kidding.

  47. This article is deeply troubling. It just reinforces the oppression of the gender binary and shames anyone who acts outside the accepted norm. You believe that bronies have some deluded ideals and are contributing to the downfall of society. Your only argument in this article is, “I don’t like what they’re doing, therefore they should stop!” The motto of a true bigot. Bronies aren’t the problem, it’s close-minded idiots such as yourself. Don’t worry, masculinity is not under attack.
    And I am someone who has no affiliation with the MLP fandom, I am someone who is just tired of ignorance.

    1. “It just reinforces the oppression of the gender binary”
      Does your women’s study professor have her hand up your arse or did you come up with that yourself? The point of the article is precisely that Bronies serve precisely the function of attacking masculinity, or rather encouraging alternative performativities.
      Little boys don’t have to play with guns. little girls shouldn’t wear pink and Grown Men should imitate pre-pubescent girls (in an apparently ironic way)

    2. “It just reinforces the oppression of the gender binary and shames anyone who acts outside the accepted norm.”
      I really don’t see any difference between the arguments of those who support bronies and those who support fags, cross-dressers, trannies, and various other unhealthy freaks and weirdos.

    3. Look. you dim-witted dumbass, you didn’t read the article. I don’t know which part I simply said, “I don’t like what your doing!!!” Obviously, that sort of behavior is your tactic.
      There is no “gender” binary. Once again, you didn’t read the article, as I linked to an article which I debunk gender theory. It is a sex binary and just because some men or women are more feminine or masculine than others doesn’t prove much. A butch lesbian went undercover as a man for a year and was still regarded as highly feminine, meaning that even more masculine still have more female qualities to them.
      You are right, masculinity isn’t under attack, it’s dead.

  48. One one level I feel for the Bronies, I used to watch Powerpuff Girls and Kim Possible back when they were on, so I understand the stigma of liking a girls show, but then I also never dressed like a Powerpuff Girl, so let’s face it, the Bronies kinda bring it on themselves.

    1. But then again, literally every fandom always has that subset of people who take it way too far.

  49. First off, let’s do a full disclaimer: I am a former long-time Furry (I got into it back in the early 90’s), My-little-pony watcher, married beta-male, current broken (you can fix a crashed car, but you can never un-wreck it) human and border-line alcoholic. Now having said THAT…..
    I can’t comment on Bronies. I’ve been to Furry-cons, but never a Brony-con. While the mentalities may overlap, it may be a completely different response.
    I’ll say this: I belive the reason My-Little-Pony has such a strong following among adult (snicker) males am because they main six characters embody everything that is desirable about the feminine, while effectively filtering out everything negative. You won’t see the main characters all chasing the same alpha-male, having colts out-of-wedlock, or generally behaving like a typical modern gal. In other words, lots of pedistalizing and an ideal that is as far removed from reality as a girl cknowledging a brony during his high-school years.

    1. Oh wow, this is a fascinating insight; thanks for your perspective.
      To be honest, that’s hypothesis makes a lot of sense.

  50. “Real men don’t spend their time fantasizing about true friendship, as they have that in real life.”
    >Real men
    You lost.

    1. And yet, everyone is a winner compared to bronies. Hell, even furries look kinda legit when thrown in stark contrast to those dorks.

  51. Also, I don’t think you get to determine what hobbies people are to pursue. Granted, MLP is retarded to follow as a grown man (even as a hipster) but I watch “children’s cartoons” at times as well. So does a large part of th epopulation perfectly well adjusted.
    Could you hate on a man watching Tom and Jerry? Rhetorical.

    1. The original, Academy Award winning, Tom and Jerry cartoons are not children’s cartoons.
      The first proper children’s cartoon was Rough and Reddy, which began television broadcasting after the theatrical run of Tom and Jerry was over in 1957, so when the world was fresh to my eyes I didn’t watch children’s cartoons for the simple reason that . . . there weren’t any.
      OK, there was Crusader Rabbit, but that was childish, which isn’t quite the same thing.

  52. Oh, man. Here we go. First Furries and now this?
    I think the photo in the article of the group of “men” says more than words. So much wasted potential.
    I’m not one to give anybody a hard time for their hobbies, but they will pay for their lack of male development the rest of their lives for this kind of stuff.
    Definitely a shame.

  53. Fucking stupid article. I’m engaged to one of these “losers” and he started watching the show AFTER he gained my “female approval”. He also has an engineering degree, a full time job, goes to the gym, and is really good in the sack. So what on Earth is your point? Besides claiming that the only way to be masculine is to get the fuck into the business of other people?

  54. I’ve never heard about this. It made for a very interesting read. My little pony is only cute for little girls, beyond that, I really don’t know what to write

  55. Take a good look at those above pics because that’s what the loser pyjama boys on here look like hiding behind their monitors with delusions that they are “kings”. It’s pathetic. Not one of these losers and negroes had the yarbles to come on video with me and show themselves. All they are good for is jerking off to porn and writing fake biographies and putting them on the free negro fat girl site OKStupid.They never get any replies except for the occasional pig and even then are too pussy whipped to even meet the slob.They con her into sending some pic of her boobs so they can jerkoff to it in their cellar when mommy is not around lol None of them have a pot to piss in and dress like little boys in the Walmart clothes mommy buys them. These boys rode the short bus to school and mommy told them it was because they were “special”. Since graduating from Jr High at age 20 (the oldest they can be kept there) they haven’t been doing too much aside from boobtubing, porn watching and playing Nintendo while dreaming about getting a hot girl like Lena Dunham. It’s a good thing that mommy gets extra food stamps because she has a “special” boy so that they can have their grape sodas and skittles and keep their Humpty Dumpty body looking good lol

    1. Wow. I mean, I knew this site had it’s MRA leanings, but I had no idea they attracted the racist types too.

      1. This isn’t an MRA site, this is a game site, a different group of the manosphere.

        1. That’s precisely why I used the word “leanings” not affiliations
          What I’m pretty sure this site isn’t though is Racist. That much is certain (hopefully)

        2. I don’t understand the claims of racism, as Roosh himself is Arabic and I’m sure the majority of the contributors or either black, Hispanic or Asian.

        3. Oh, not towards him. No, no, no.
          It was actually more towards…other users (Mashenka being one of them).

        4. Did you actually read Mashenka’s post? She’s accusing RoK readers of being brony-like. She’s just an angry feminist troll.

      2. What type does this site attract?
        Well, your type, for starters.
        Not everyone is here to learn the secret handshake. Mashenka is a resident troll.
        If you stick around you will be too. Your post count is starting to get up there. You’re already past the surf by point.

      3. Yeah, but unlike Feminist sites like MarySue, they don’t ban and block dissenting opinions.

        1. Not entirely true from what I’ve seen. I mean, you still frequent those pages just as much as I do.
          And while there are some cases of hypocrisy (So fat jokes are a banable offence, but calling someone a faggot isn’t?), I can safely say that while RoK’s opinions of women are very conservative, they’re surprisingly liberal when it comes to race, and even cases of homosexuality.

        2. Actually no, they blocked me. Not like I ever posted anything obscene, or vulgar, no, just disagreed with their idiotic victim mongering feminism. Of course they still left up my last comment so others could respond to it but I couldn’t respond back. Because that’s just how they roll I guess.

        3. Well, you do come off as a tad…”hostile”. Would that be the right word to describe you? Mind you, it’s not a negative trait if given the right context, but there is a fine line you have to be aware of between righteous indignation, and just being…Bill O’Reilly. Though to your credit, you’re not as hostile as some of the other users I’ve encountered.

        4. But when the feminist responders would call me names,that was of course just fine. But again, it’s not surprising, MarySue is after all all about victim mongering.

        5. Meeting negativity with more negativity only leads ruin or disaster. I can certainly sympathize with people who are…less then patient for the positive route. It takes a lot of patience and dedication, and sometimes it can be very hard on a person’s psyche.
          And you certainly wouldn’t proving your case if you used terms like “victim mongering”, any variation of “Alpha/Beta”, “White Knight”, or “Manganias” (especially in this case, since you’re making inherently feminine things seem like an insult…which is wrong). On the flip side of that though, I wouldn’t be right in calling you a “Basement Dweller”, “Virgin”, “MRA-Lover”, or ” An Angry Neckbeard”. It’d be wrong, and we’d be entering into “insult flinging” territory, which just..well, it just ends up ugly for everyone. Nobody comes out of those with any dignity intact.

        6. Either way, the manosphere sites, on average, despite being labled as bigoted, are far more tolerant in their comment sections than feminists and social justice sites.

        7. Debatable; but since you’ve been rather polite so far, I’m just gonna have to “agree to disagree” with you.

    2. I know you want attention since your troll posts keep getting longer, but move along honey men are talking

  56. I have this story about a female former co-worker who dated a bronie. She wanted to leave him the entire time she was in a realtitnship, but was afraid that he would kill himself, so she cheated on him first with a butch lesbian that had more alpha traits than her boyfriend, she would constantly complain to not only just me but everyone we worked with about this beta, she loathed him with every bone in her body, and sex with him was repulsive because she shared he had fantasies about sleeping with other men, she finally cheated on him with yet another beta, and eventually left the bronie for him. Until the day she got fired, she would complain about this dude, yet was sexuality satisfied. To betas and other men, if you want to have sexual success with women, don’t be a bronie.

  57. Bronies aren’t even beta males, they’re Omegas and as an Omega I’m ashamed to have these men in the same socio-sexual class as me.

    1. As an interesting counter note though, it is noteworthy to point out these fellas.
      So yeah, these guys are about as “Alpha” as you can be, and they like MLP. As I mentioned before, bronies actually spread thru multiple creeds and ideologies. You name it, and theres probably a subset of bronies in it.

      1. A small subset of group that happens to be in a traditionally-masculine fields –> does not change the impression of the larger group as anything other than socially maladjusted weirdos with very odd tastes.

        1. Hmmmm…You mean the same socially maladjusted weirdos that might also visit this site? I mean, I can only assume as much, since I’m pretty sure I saw a few users who were either anime or comic geeks. I mean, if you’re gonna judge one subset of nerds for liking a thing, then you better be ready to acknowledge some of the sillier elements of the more “man-centric” geekdoms. I mean, honestly, you could literally write this exact same article about Star Trek nerds, or Comic Book nerds, and not even miss a beat.

        2. Capt Kirk and Bruce Wayne portray the same values as My Little Pony, huh? Keep trying, Defender of Dorks.

        3. Oddly enough…yeah. Granted, it’s a pink and girly package, but they actually address some of the same morals. Honesty, Comradery, Thinking of others before yourself. If you look hard enough, the parallels are there, and these values aren’t completely exclusive to one gender..

  58. So, why even have an article about these bronies? What does it do for us to focus on them?

    1. It points out way markers of emasculation.
      So, smack your younger brother upside the head and tell him to grow a pair if you spot him wearing a my little pony t

  59. QUOTE: “The men who identify as “Bronies” are not challenging anything at all, but men who are so psychologically weak that they need a portal to their childhood where they fantasize about being a little girl. It is a queer way of reconnecting with a failed childhood, fantasizing about women while pretending your ability to garner the approval of women would be greatly helped by being a woman yourself. It is distancing yourself from your own personal desires and concerns and escaping into a fantasy world filled with the trappings of femininity where a weak man can exist amongst the feminine while simultaneously pretending he is one of them to get their approval and doing absolutely nothing to garner feminine approval in real life.”
    Those above words from the author sums it up perfectly right there. The inmates are running the insane asylum.

    1. “The inmates are running the insane asylum.”
      This thread is a scary window into their lives.

  60. In a kind of sick way, I wish more men would become bronies so that I have less competition.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Reading these idiots defending themselves all I can think is ‘why take yourself out of the game?’.

  61. Ok, I got curious and watched an episode of MLP on youtube.
    I have a graphic arts background and was impressed with the cartoon. Good character and background design, animation was good, and the songs were well written and performed. The episode I saw had a positive message about social cues and rules that would be helpful to young children of both sexes.
    However, I do not understand why a grown man would become obsessed with the show, and the fetishization of the characters is disturbing to say the least.

  62. “Just know that if a man has a purple pony on his nightstand, he is a man you can never trust.” Wiser words have never been written.

  63. I knew you guys would touch upon this sooner or later. From my experience, every person I’ve met that is fan of the show, “bronie” or female, display signs of social awkwardness. It is obvious that these people did not have a father figure, or anyone for that matter, guide and give them life advice while growing up. I view bronies as a cry for help and it’s sad when you see that they will not accept help for their problem.

  64. I was almost certain this article was a satire, until I read the comments.
    Becky, there’s nothing wrong with being submissive. It is, however, wrong to judge others for their lifestyle choices. Just because you appreciate the traditional roles of women in today’s society, that doesn’t mean any woman (or man) is going to bend over backwards to agree with you.
    I don’t prefer to associate myself with “masculine” or “feminine” characteristics; those are labels of a society that’s scared of being self-expressive, thus they have to label themselves and fit these stereotypes so as to be able to create outliers of self-expression. In other words, people who don’t fit the traditional roles of “Man” and “Woman” are shunned by society for being who they are.
    I’m not sure what the thoughts for every brony are, seeing as I’m not every brony, but I am unconcerned with whether I’m viewed as masculine or feminine. If a man or woman doesn’t like me for being exactly who I am and not some archaicized stereotype that is held to some ludicrous standard of society, then I’d rather not involve myself with them anyway.
    I’d also like to point out the contradictions in the article. The first point made is that men are trying to get some kind of approval from women by liking a kid’s show, then immediately afterward states they are beta males who feel they’re superior to women. This makes no sense, as subservience to women only comes from a feeling of inferiority, not superiority.
    Last point I’ve got here. I don’t watch the show because it makes me feel like a little kid, nor do I watch the show because I feel like I’m advancing feminist ideals. I watch it because it’s entertaining and far better than 7/8 of the shit that I’m pretty sure those who ascribe to the mindset of this article watch. That’s not to say I don’t watch the same things everyone else does–Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Supernatural–but I don’t see why I should be judged just because I watch something that so much of the world feel doesn’t fit societal roles of a culture long-since dead and forgotten.

  65. “Irony is classic distancing behavior of a person who wants to be real but is terrified at what people will think of them if they are honest. ”
    Thank you.

  66. its absurd that this topic even needs to be adressed, males obsessed with MLP. scratch that, we get obsessed, it is an advantage/vice. as a species our obsessions are responsible for our progress as well as ridicule. porn fuelled the movement from cinema to beta/vhs to better download speeds. as deplorable as it sounds, perhaps it is a necessary evil or disposition. we are what we are as a species and obsessions have fueled progress. brony behaviour is an outlier, its normal behaviour in the context of humanity and that should be recognised and accepted for what it is. i’m not going to argue the morality of the issue, all I am suggesting is that reality/rationality is impaired and they don’t get to vote

  67. Bronies are the worst of all the degenerates and girly men, they will be first to be shot when the revolution comes

  68. I know a couple of bronies, I wouldn’t say they’re psychologically unhinged, as they’re a good laugh, and very good friends, but they definitely get more excited about it than my 4 year of niece, and she’s the intended audience, and having watched an episode or two with her, I really don’t get it. The only thing my mates have in common with my niece, is that they all call me Dash, because of the show. Which is kind of embarrassing.

      1. I have no idea, I personally didn’t see the hype. I only watched it to keep a 4 year old happy. Its flat out weird that guys my age love it.

    1. Nobody is surprised ashlieelizabeth is buddies with these kind of abject losers.
      The correct term, though, is these bornies are her beta orbiters.

        1. though tragic, the kid did the right thing. as a young bronie, he was staring at years of celibacy, unemployment and social ostracism.

        2. Dude, nobody deserves to be bullied to the point of believing suicide is a viable action. Period.

        3. I gotta agree with Erik Miles on this. You wanna mock a grown man for dressing like a pink pony, by all means cause he’s got it coming, but this was just a kid for fuck’s sake.

  69. MLP actually had a positive impact on my life, hear me out. I was a geek, spent many hours playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, and most of all wasting time on 4chan. The whole Brony thing started off as a joke on 4chan’s comics board, and like “Anonymous” before it, people didn’t get the joke. From there, everything spiralled out of control. I am ashamed to even admit I gave MLP a chance, and watched the first three episodes. The show itself is okay I guess. If I was watching children, I could watch this with them and be mildly amused. But it would not be something I’d ever watch in my free time. The whole “Brony” phenomena caused me to look in the mirror. I was disgusted by grown men watching a show for little girls, but how was it any better than me watching “Adventure Time”, “Regular Show”, or watching Japanese cartoons with big eyed magic girls? So I’ve since turned away from geek culture, and consider it largely a waste of time, toxic even, and realize why geeks were so shunned to begin with.
    So yeah, thank you Lauren Faust, for showing me the error of my ways.

    1. Though it should be noted that completely shunning that which is considered “Childish”…is also considered a form of immaturity. Now learning to enjoy it, but not let control you…that is a form of maturity. .

  70. A (regrettably) socially accepted cousin of otherkin and fur-faggotry. The kind of deviance embraced and catered to by an anemic society. Think of the greatest generation; tell your grandfather or grandmother about this phenomenon- and watch as their brow wrinkles even further, first in confusion, then in disgust.

  71. Are people honestly blowing up over guys who like a cartoon?
    This is the same as making a page saying “christians are assholes” and posting about west boro. Of course you’re going to pick the worst examples of the fandom, but honestly, it’s a cartoon, and they enjoy it. Are people that retarded to judge someone’s taste in a cartoon so harshly? They have a hobby, and it’s not actually hurting anyone or themselves so what’s the problem? Hell I’m a brony and yes this fandom does have dark bad sides to it. But here’s the thing
    bronies, whovians, potter fans, narutards, pokemon, anime nerds, gamers, homestuck etc.
    they allllll have shit with them, but that doesn’t make them all shit. So saying they’re losers and actually making a page about it, is honestly hypocritical because this person really needs a hobby of his or her own.

  72. Havent watched Cartoon Network in a long time, but i heard of this show and honestly i thought it would be a flash in the pan. How very wrong i was. But ive never seen any “Bronies” in my town, though ive known high school graduates who still play pokemon.

  73. No need to mention Bronies about how soft we’ve become, check out this World War II training film on killing in combat. The 1943 Golly-gee-whiz-stick-your-thumb-in-the-Kraut’s-eye ethos would give teenagers just by itself today:

  74. I really don’t understand what the big deal is I watch the show with my little brother and sister before I set out to live my life and still watch it because I grew up with Lauren as an animator (fosters, powerpuff girls etc.) it’s not a bad show and I enjoy it I like to think I’m pretty damn masculine and serve my country with pride the point is some people just like the show for what it is and if you don’t like that just move the hell on with your life there are worse things in life than people watching a safe show like this, sure there are people you go off the deep end but that is everything in life society needs to move on instead of ostracizing each other…

  75. I’ve heard about that trend about the 2010 remake, and I’m never a fan of MLP to begin with.
    Seriously, what’s next: a debate what’s the bigger stereotype about Americans?
    –“Americans are furry for ponies.”
    –“Americans are necro for zombies.”

  76. Why can’t people just live and let live? Someone liking My Little Pony is not preventing you from living the life you want, so why can’t you let them live the way they want? Looks like some of you could stand to watch the show and LEARN a thing or two! The show promotes great morals that everyone should live by! How many of you have ever even watched an episode or two before completely bashing it or the fan base? Don’t speak bad about something you haven’t even tried, and therefore, don’t know much about. If you want to argue against something, at least educate yourself about it.

      1. Yeah, but just think how many pedos might just be using this “online Brony community” to groom little kids – it’s a kids show and a lot of kids who are fans of the show probably visit the websites, so what better way for pedos to get access to little kids than becoming a “Brony”? I imagine a lot of these “Brony” fansites are pedophile playgrounds.
        Personally I’d feel safer leaving my kid unsupervised outside a a seedy Swinger’s club than letting them browse a “Brony” themselves, but that’s just me

        1. There is a few pedophiles in the catholic church, that doesn’t mean that catholics ARE pedophiles.
          There is -maybe- a few pedophiles that subscrib to some website related to MLP… Nothing to do with the MLP fandom because they are not fans.
          And why choose only MLP anyway ? A pedophile can try every website of every cartoons…
          Anyway… Don’t let yout kid alone on internet is the intelligent thing to do anyway =).

  77. I have a **** like a horse, does that make me a brony? I also have a fairy/angel fetish, you know, the hot scantily clad women with wings? (not the childish kind)

  78. A man, called Disney, once said that he wasn’t doing cartoon for children… But for the family. This is probably why is cartoon were amazing.
    MLP is not for “little girls” too, but for “the family”. A very good quality production that everyone can enjoy.
    In general Geeks don’t care what society wants you to do (be “an adult”, no “fun”, no “cartoon”, no “video game”… boy your life must be boring o___O). As long as they enjoy something it is great. This is why I think we are less afraid to watch MLP (and like it !). I’ll agree that a lot of geek, especially from generation Y had bad moment in school. Yup, some of us are a bit crazy… So what ?
    80% of my friends watch MLP anyway… And a lot of them are not Geeks, just open minded.
    A quote of one in my favourite Doctor : What’s the point of being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes ?

      1. Go back to your manga kid ?
        I don’t care what’s for who.anyway. Don’t let stupid people dictate what is for which gender.

        1. The “stupid people” are the show’s creators. Keep sperging on bruh.

        2. Someone ask Lauren Faust (producer of MLP… the reason why the cartoon is awesome :p).
          “May I asj how it feels to know that a show you’ve created for little girls is obsessed over by sexyally repressed manchildren”.
          You want to know her answer ?
          I feel that people wo call them that are ignorant a-holes. That’s how I feel.
          I didn’t create this show for little girls. I created for little girls and theirs parents — including male parents. It only stands to reason that adult animation fan without children may like it, too.
          The belief that boys shouldn’t be interested in girl things is the main reason there’s hardly anything decent for girls in animation– or almost any media for that matter.”
          Anything else to say a-hole ? =)

        3. What’s she saying is that she doesn’t mind you omega losers contributing to the show’s success while you jack off to cartoon ponies in your furry costumes, money’s money after all.
          I know you sperglords aren’t able to read between the lines and all.

      2. Many people think the same about manga and anime. In fact, these 2 subcultures have comparable sperglords to the Bronies in them and you know it.

  79. Losers ? You’re the loser that can’t even think without stereotypes. Led by Society Logic. Losers are those closed-mind, that think that because televisions says “this is for little girls, this is for men” they trust them. You like to think you’re never wrong, because it’s colorful it’s for little girls, because it’s a bloody cliche zombies series it’s for “true” men. We’re all the same, Humans. Some men just want to watch a peaceful funny cartoon show. What’s wrong with that ? It make you mad to see a guy with a rainbow hair style ? I’m sure that he would kick your ass, because he’s proud of himself, he assumes his choices, compare to you, hiding on the Internet thinking that you’re right. And before criticize me with your so original grammar arguments, I’m Swiss.

  80. Oh the internet and its flame wars :p To start out I would just like to say that I am a brony so just putting that out there before I dive into this. Also would like to say that this is just my own opinion and is no way reflective on the community as a whole. (as is the case with literally every fanbase of everything from sports to kid shows) Also any facts (not opinions remember that!) I have are also subject to be invalid but to my knowledge as of this point of time are correct as far as my knowledge of them goes.
    While both the maker of the youtube video (meh to lazy to scroll back up and check on the name) and the maker of this article both have valid points, neither of them are completely right. While I agree of the idea that gender roles are general social constructs I believe that for most acceptable norms. Take homosexuality for example in america while it is still frowned upon its rapidly becoming socially acceptable yet in some places (Russia i’m mostly thinking of you) its illegal to even be positive about it. So while I agree on the idea of the youtuber’s video there’s still not enough tangibility about it to say that that is necessarily the case with bronies. As far as the writer of this article goes I did like that read on Judith Butlers theory (hell I like most articles that have any theory in them) but I have to respectfully disagree on the fantasizing about being little girls etc part. As far as masculinity goes I do not have a problem with mine and also have no problem with telling others that I’m a brony; its my own opinion m’kay? Just to be clear here I don’t wear the costumes but that’s mostly due to me not having the money/like to cosplay about anything.
    And while I do love watching MLP (My Little Pony for all you non-bronies) I also love camping, rugby and cool construction projects (shout out to all you engineers you guys are awesome). Believe the above mentioned activities or not that’s up to you but its the truth. And for all of you thinking that’s a big variety I’ll add a few more: Reading, writing, piano playing, tennis, football, soccer, gardening, animal care, computer programming, web design, star wars, lord of the rings, fast and furious, rap music, classical music, techno music (those are the main ones I can think of off the top of my head).
    Also as far as the male superiority and no game/lifestyle goes I have a successful relationship with my fiance going on 3 years now and will agree 100% to the youtuber Onision about the fact that women are far better than men. Once again you reserve the full right to disagree and disbelieve everything I’ve said so far but take it with a grain of salt I guess.
    The whole target audience thing and how anyone who watches anything outside the target audience has problems I have to disagree with. Pokemon was and still is targeted to prepubescent teens, the pixar movie cars target audience is for 5 year old boys who like nascar. My point being that the targeted audience is by no means completely inclusive or definitive. While it does heavily influence the movie or show as far as design and theme goes it is also by no means able to be enjoyed by people of all ages.
    While once again I am not representative of the community I do know that I love it because simply it has a wide variety of characters and a good healthy plot and focuses on teaching good morals with a dash of 100% non realism and childish humor. And to everyone saying that I’m still mentally a child for enjoying childish humor if you enjoy in any capacity blowing bubbles, jumping in puddles or laughing when someone farts to name a few childish things then you fall in the same category and must be mentally a child. I’m not attacking anyone with that statement just pointing out a bit of faulty logic here.
    Also while being a brony is not socially accepted as cool or normal, there is a lot worse things to like. At least it teaches friendship, teamwork, knowing that every little bit helps, self-sacrifice, being kind and helpful to others. Just not seeing how enjoying the show that promotes those things is bad just saying.
    Lastly once again this is my own personal opinion and views and is not reflective on the community as a whole. This was a lot longer than I intended but ’twas bored and at work meh *shrugs*. And for everyone thinking I’m hiding by posting as guest I just haven’t made an account for this site and probably will not seeing as I don’t regularly go to this site.

  81. Lol, where did you get that? We like it because of the characters and animation, maybe a little bit because of the lessons – but not mostly.

  82. I seriously couldnt believe Bronies were a “thing”. I thought for sure it was one of those ironic “things” that was the exact opposite of an actual “thing” because, seriously? My Little Pony?
    Apparently I was wrong, and it actually is a “thing”, which makes me weep for the species, but fill with pride for my two boys, who are so clearly going to just steamroll their competition for female attentions when they reach that age.
    Jesus tapdancing christ. Bronies?

  83. On the contrary, my childhood was great.
    Then again, this article is so undeniably biased anyway…

  84. I hate people who hate bronies . I’m a pegasister and there is nothing wrong with bronies they are vary nice people . all of you people who hate bronies are little piece of s*** in this world. of course some bronies are gay and some are straight but who cares . most people who hate bronies think they own the world but they don’t they are bullies .
    a message to all brony haters f*** you 🙂
    Love Erica

  85. also most people say that bronies stay on the computer all the time actually not all of them do in my opinion being hooked on ponies is a lot better than being hooked on Mario Brothers or some war game that is fake .we need more friendship in this world not war .if any of you think MLP is for babies look up fallout Equestria or cupcakes or rainbow factory it is very cool mlp is not for babies because how can babies even understand the characters .baby’s wouldn’t understand plate of crap if they saw it . and five year olds can’t even talk in complete sentences or listen to anybody. even 8 year olds don’t understand very much of anything so in my opinion the show is not for babies its for anybody

  86. Dude i found this when surfing the internet. All i can say to this is…….

  87. Let’s establish one quick fact: betas have ALWAYS existed.
    So here is my question: What does it matter what their TV fetish is? Sure it’s weird, but if it wasn’t Ponies it would be Dora or some other infantile show aimed at small children.
    Moreover, I am of the thinking that a betas are, generally, born rather than made. Don’t take this statement too far; I am just saying that I dont think you can take an Alpha or Gamma (or whatever other greek letter), force him to binge watch MLP, and end up with a beta Brony. In short, strange as their viewing habit is, it doesn’t affect anyone but themselves.
    Finally, doesn’t the fact that women dont like feminine men work to our advantage? With more and more men being overtly feminine that just means that the rest of us will have quicker access to them, and a starker comparison to be measured against.



  90. I get this is article is over a year old- but holy shit did you hit the nail on the head! I was never a brony myself, a mate of mine was- well soon to be ex-mate, if he doesnt shape up.
    He was never abused and had a fairly normal upbringing, but this obsession with MLP got me worried- he was 22 and a virgin, who put girls on the magical totem left, right and center thinking thats what he had to do to get laid- while not fully being red pill until 5 months ago, I understood that certain aspects of game could be used in order to be more attractive to women (as well as having a mission, working out, ect) and i tried to explain this to him multiple times- he rejected my ideas and went back into his MLP world, much to my dismay.
    It reached the point where a girl had friend-zoned him and she invited both of us to a small party she was having (this girl was cringe worthy- a 3 AT BEST) and since everyone but me was into MLP I just so happened to be the most social and confident of the group, seriously no-one could look me in the eye- long story short i fucked host’s best friend on her bed while everyone was watching mlp, after we were finished and going down the stairs she came up to me with a seductive look on her face asking “so what were you two doing?” ill never forget that look- it was like she could smell sex in the air and was gobbling it up, savoring every fragment. At this stage i was still pretty beta and not sure of myself as a man, so instead of pulling her for a threesome i just said “oh yknow talking” and walked off.
    My mate found out and told me to keep my distance, which i did- however he recently got back from a 6 month deployment for the army reserves- i was hoping the experience would help him grow out of this child-like phase but his STILL into that tv show.. In a final act to help him grow up I gave him three books which helped me open my eyes to the possibility of the red pill and the true nature of women- Bang, The Rational Male and Way of the superior man.. To be honest I think its doomed and he’ll reject the ideas, at which point ill simply cut the cord and end the friendship, ive done what i can for him.

  91. This article makes me laugh. I’m a brony and they entirely missed the point. You can’t just say all broneis are ankle biters looking for women. They come from many different backgrounds and joined for many different reasons.
    There are bronies in Motorcycle gangs, the military, govt., working at wall mart etc. Obviously these are all not fat insecure slobs looking for women. Nor could they all be little pedofiles imagining horse sex. We would be hearing more horrible stories from all sectors of the work force if this were true.
    I became a brony largely because my girlfriend. We watch all sorts of animated tsuff together. Why? Because, sometimes watching a cartoon horse freak out from some mental disorder (seriously all the main characters have one) is entertaining. Not to mention all the adult humor like references to movies like “The Big Labousky.” Hell, Weird All Yankovick is a character in an episode.
    I feel secure enough as a man to do whatever, watch whatever, and live however I want. If I want to go play paintball one day, have fun with my girl another (wink), and watch cartoon horse doing hilarious shit the next then you can’t stop me.
    Before you say I’m full of shit and probably don’t have a great relationship with a girl, just know that I don’t care! I just hope I can save enough money for a ring in the future : )

  92. I have a question. What does attracting women have to do with being a man? Absolutely NOTHING. As you should know, women as well as men are sometimes attracted to the same gender. Many people have different theories about why this happens, but there seem to be no clear answers. People are into different things, some stranger than others. Now, I’m not a homosexual, but I know I don’t need a woman in my life to be a man. I already have something worth fighting for, and that’s what makes me a man. I don’t need to prove that to some hyped up….
    Excuse me. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. I know me better than anyone else. The only thing you are doing, is wasting your breath.

      1. We’re kind of overpopulating the earth. Survival of the species is the least of our problems. Also, there’s much more to being a man than attracting women.

  93. Most definitely bronies are faggots. Losers of the lowest order. These are the kind of pathetic bastards who got the shit kicked out of them in highschool. These are the kind of losers who need an asskicking in the street.

    1. Oh look! A troll! That means I can instantly rule out anything you say as unimportant.

  94. Seriously though the entire diatribe about gender rolls and stuff is pretty stupid on either side. it’s a tv show not some big social statement. I also find it ironic that the MRA site has such an issue with people liking whatever the fuck they want to like when they constantly bitch about feminists having the same attitude. You faggots are basically the feminists of the other side except even more pathetic because at least the feminists could say at one point the movement had merit and wasn’t full of whiny cunts. MRA’s got to that point immediately. why is it retards like yourselfs and the feminists seem dead set on making everyone conform to a retarded arbitrary standard? “you should be your own man! but not in the way i don’t approve” “set our own standards and don’t let society tell you what to do! unless we disagree then you’re actually a beta shill serving the matriarchy”
    I’m glad nobody takes you faggots seriously and i’m also glad feminists are losing credibility too. Identity politics are utter shit.

  95. YOU INSULTING… PATRONIZING… DICKHEAD! HOW DARE YOU! How DARE you insult Those with good taste who actually appreciates A show that does not NEED to appeal to the lowest common denominator, HOW DARE YOU Imply that Society is made by simply Women who are just there to be dominated by “Stronger” men, HOW DARE YOU Try to imply that the old ways of Violence of simplistic thinking was a GOOD thing?! I DO NOT Condone Violence usually. But I really Hope someone of your own kind shows you Excactly WHY we need this sort of Positety in a world full of people like YOU. So go take that “Maschuliety up Your Ass And SUCK IT. You Hypocritical Asshole, YOU are the one who men should hate. You do NOTHING but prove WHY Your side does not WORK, So SUCK IT.

  96. I love seeing stuff like that, not the article, that’s kind of stupid, but comments are magicals lol. I mean, Bronies GENERALY over react and start complaining because people don’t like them, and people also GENERALY over react and say that all Bronies are gay and need to die. Both are wrong, and I’m sure of what I say.
    I consider myself as a Brony and I won’t hide it, but I’m not gonna try to convert people so they become Bronies too, and you know why? Because people like what they want, and no one can tell you what you can or can’t like. You like cars, guns, gym and explosions? Good for you, you arn’t a worst person if you like that, and I don’t think that someone can say the opposit. So why can a men do all that and also love this show?
    I honestly think that people who realy hate Bronies and the stuff around it havn’t even try to understand it. And that’s from where the love and tolerance shit come from, but the “tolerance” is more important. I don’t realy love haters, but I tolerate them, exactly how you should all act, don’t love us, tolerate us, you’ll have something less to think 🙂
    If someone isn’t happy whit what I’ve write, just email me, I’m curious to see how a real hater defend himself : [email protected]

  97. Basically when you get beat up humiliated, bettered, insulted and stolen from a woman you’re a man yeah okay

  98. Its only acceptable if you are a girl or trans it seems, well that can be done if freedom to hormones was a thing everywhere.

  99. For every episode of my little ponies you watch you lose another skill that is needed to be a man. If you have the time to watch a rainbow colored cartoon show you could be pursuing an intellectual or physical skill you do not yet poses. As a man the most important thing in life is being able to provide and stand tall no matter what happens in this world. Therefore as a man one should devote his life to conquering skills in order to help him build his own personal “empire”, whether that empire be a business, a home, a family or a career. Fantasizing about being a pretty and popular little girl is the opposite of manliness.

    1. I have plenty of skills, though sometimes I get tired after my 6 mile runs, and like to watch a cartoon. This is wrong why?

  100. bingoX1000. all my revulsion. harbinger- reaping the harvest of a morbidly narcissistic self-obsessed culture that displaces blame for anything and everything. pathetic genetic flotsam.

  101. What I don’t get is why there needs to be such hype over the show. Sure, my boyfriend and I love the show ‘Hamtaro’ to pieces, but at least we don’t make up a separate pony lingo word for fapping or constantly shout spaztastic things like “dErpy is best pony hurrdurr”
    I used to watch the show when I was in 6th grade. A 6th grade girl. I will admit that it is well-written. Yet I still will never understand why all these sweaty man-children fap over a bunch of technicolor cartoon horses.

  102. “The men who identify as “Bronies” are not challenging anything at all,
    but men who are so psychologically weak that they need a portal to their
    childhood where they fantasize about being a little girl.”
    LOL. Do you think we read stories about the ponies committing genocide because we want to be little girls? Do you think the pony MOV series exists because we want to be little girls? Do you think all the freaking PORN exists because we want to be little girls?
    You’re so painfully wrong it’s hilarious.
    This is nothing to do with being feminine or childish, it’s about interesting characters in a world with a lot of lore to work with, and which is open to speculation.

  103. And I suppose all these men:
    Gabe Newell
    Weird Al Yankovic
    Rupert Grint
    Sean Astin
    Seth Green
    John de Lancie
    Andrew W.K
    A whole bunch of youtube bronies:
    Dusty Katt
    Black Gryph0n
    Are all losers… yep makes total sense. Wait, I better make the sarcasm obvious. The protein shakes might have gone to your heads and blocked out common sense.
    Masculinity and how people perceive it, is a subjective thing, not only that but cultures around the world have a different idea of what it means to be masculine. The assertion that “you aint a man because you X” is stupid to assume that it’s universal law.
    How about you deal with it! Deal with the fact that people can be different to you, that a male of any calibre (straight, gay, bi, trans, etc.) can prefer something different to you. You like to feel secure in your “manliness” that you have to target those who don’t share your level of testosterone.
    In Australia, I see way to many bogans and lads that think to be a man you have to talk shit about women, act tough, drink and be an all round dick to anyone who isn’t like you.
    If you want to be like that, go ahead, I’ll be sitting back and enjoying what I want and treating others with the same respect I have for myself.

  104. wow. way to judge men and make it harder to be accepted as an adult. MLP is a hugely regarded story loved by people of all ages – there are fan fictions, merchandise (other than the dolls), art, clubs, etc. dedicated to the MLP universe. Bronies are people who simply enjoy watching the show, it does not reflect anything about their personality. Why must we judge? Let us do an experiment: Women who like super hero movies are too masculine and will never be loved by a real man. What is your response? You might possibly say that the women who love super heroes ARE too manly, or that I am judging too harshly based on one aspect of their preferences. Whatever you like to think, the FACT is that bronies are just fans of a show, it is not a problem until they show ACTUAL obsession, and at that point it isn’t their masculinity, it’s a problem to be looked at by a certified doctor. (obsession: “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind”) God is the only one who may judge. God bless you all.

  105. Even the name of the article makes me NOT want to read this. What I’m getting from this article is that all bronies will do anything for “female approval” and anyone who watches this show has no life. How in the absolute FUCK can any of this make logical sense. Of course not all bronies act like this, but the article suggests otherwise. WHY is watching a “kids show” a problem? In case you didn’t know, there are *tons* of “TV shows geared towards children” that are successful such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc. But despite that, this article is not very thought out as you seem to only include what YOU think about bronies. As I said before, not all bronies act like this, but your article constantly views it as the complete opposite.

  106. I think bronies are a broad category and there are exceptions to your rule. With that said, your characterization is very accurate. It’s obvious to me why these guys are so fixated on the show – it’s a form of wish fulfillment and escapism. Instead of adapting to the real world, they would rather indulge themselves in an absurd, cartoony, childish fantasy; where everything is happy and bright, everyone gets along, and conflicts can be resolved by being nice. It’s pure, unbridled escapism and indulgence, and it reflects the stunted, abnormal psychological state of many of these bronies.

  107. Id like to add something here. It is ok to like a T.V. show but when you breathe in it and live in it to the point where your sole collection is just MLP then we have an issue. Because that isn’t healthy at all. That on the same level of being a hoarder you need help at that point. You gotta broaden your senses there are other thing to be involve in beside just MLP.
    I do think that being a brony is bad for your own health but to own a tv, show dvd is fine just don’t live in it as well.

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