Women Don’t Owe You Anything

Flawless olive skin and mossy green eyes. She’s just my type. I sip my scotch and as we trade glances I know its on with this girl. Fifteen minutes later we’ve been introduced and are immediately hitting it off. She compliments me on my suit and asks me how I know everyone there. An hour after that she pulls me aside demanding I not kiss her that night because she was ever so tempted. “The thought hadn’t crossed my mind” I say smirking and I send her on her way.

women 1

9pm on the dot and she disappears to take a phone call. 15 minutes later I stop her and ask if it was her boyfriend. Reluctantly she says yes, he’s all the way across the country and he’d promised to call her. “Well, he’s very punctual” I say. She laughs and tells me “It’s complicated” but she’s really falling for him, it’s hard since he’s gone away to school. Leaning in to kiss her she pulls away at the last second. I push her hair aside and we start making out. She didn’t say much about him after that. A while later I playfully tell her how much of a slut she is and she gladly replies saying, “I’m the most innocent slut you’ll ever meet”

It is one of the biggest fears of man. From the religious man who waits till marriage to the cold-hearted player: betrayal guts us at the core of our being.

The disgust we feel from betrayal is something that we can overcome. Something we need to overcome. The wool has been pulled over our eyes for our entire lives. The accepted life path we are taught by our families, our friends, and society is that which maximizes stability. Women had incentive to be chaste and man had incentive to work and provide for his family.  People still fucked other people, but in the 21st century there is less shame around it.

The old model goes against our nature as human beings, as animals. Both sexes are now capable of providing for themselves and taking autonomy over reproduction. Ironically enough, this detachment from nature’s purpose has given us more freedom to act out what nature has always intended. Indiscriminate, bestial, raw, sex.

Mother nature is the cruelest bitch out there. She doesn’t give a fuck about you. Morality is an invention of man influenced by nature. Working together, trust, and the strength shown by integrity and honesty help everyone have a better quality of life and a better chance of survival. Now that modern day women’s behavior is being fully normalized we have no reason not to swim with the current.

When the vast majority of people are so easily deceived, and so easily believe the rules of life are the same as they always were, we have a gift when entering this lifestyle. We can, through experience and the wisdom of others, use the true nature of each sex to our advantage.

women 3

Women don’t owe you anything. You can only trust that they will follow their nature. Nature is often stronger than the self-prescribed morality of man. The deeply Christian girl will still have animalistic rough sex with you on your first date. Her love of God and want of a pious life may try to overcome her deep desire to have your children, but when you’re the most interesting man she’s ever met, her biology will always win. All the more incentive to learn game, lift weights, juice, travel, and stack cash.

The old adage of “Watch what she does instead of listen to what she says” has never been more true.

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271 thoughts on “Women Don’t Owe You Anything”

  1. “Her love of God and want of a pious life . . .”
    . . . will eventually lead her to convince herself that it’s what Jesus wanted her to do.

    1. “A man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental
      convictions…. He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects
      his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to
      experience a sense of self-esteem. The man who is proudly certain of his
      own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman
      he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer–because only the
      possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.”
      Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

      1. i love the quote but am not particularly bothered about hardest to conquer. just traditional feminine, and not a huge slut. in other words, a foreign girl [eastern europe, parts of south america, parts of south east asia]

      2. ” The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find, the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer–because only the
        possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.”
        Sounds like a drama queen, and I’m referring to the man. Personally I don’t care about trying to “conquer” someone. I’d like a mutually respectful, peaceful and smooth relationship without many bumps in the road.
        But Rand herself was fond of drama, wasn’t she? I mean check out her relationship history. Wacky.

        1. So you’re a 21st century AFC wimp.
          WIMP = Women influenced male person
          You will never date anyone of value if you think you can coast without drama or maintain a respectful relationship without passing shit tests daily with a 9 or 10s.
          If aren’t aiming for the best then just give up and get a dog.
          Rand was an alpha female who wanted more men to be alpha but was disappointed with the legions of diaper pissers that US men are becoming.
          All women like drama to an extent. We are human not robots. Seriously if you based the credibility of writers/philosophers based on their personal lives, all would be disqualified.
          She was a philosopher and eccentric because genius IQ are misunderstood by mental midgets. Doubt you have the attention span or intellect to comprehend a 1000+ page book. The only wacko is you.

        2. “Rand was an alpha female”
          An alpha female?!
          “who wanted more men to be alpha but was
          disappointed with the legions of diaper pissers that US men are becoming. ”
          She was a promiscuous, hypergamous slut who cheated on her husband. Nothing more or less.
          “All women like drama to an extent. We are human not robots.”
          “We”? PSA: Our “Capt. Capitalism” commenter is a woman posing as male author Aron Clarey.
          “Seriously if you based the credibility of writers/philosophers based on their personal lives, all would be disqualified. ”
          Just applying Ayn’s own theory to her personal sexual choices. As is the sexual choice, as is the person.
          “If you aren’t aiming for the best then just give up and get a dog.”
          Obviously neither Mr. Rand nor Mr. Branden aimed for the best, and both got a dog.

        3. Ayn Rand died on Medicaid and Social Security, get your globalist money borg masturbatory fantasies out of here, dipshit.
          You call someone else a “woman influenced person” and then ride mommy Rand’s hypergamous trips all the way to self-righteous town.

        4. Common BS myth. What is wrong about being globalist and pro capitalism btw?
          But if she paid into the Ponzi scheme that is Medicaid or social security, why shouldn’t she get her money’s worth? Or are you against anyone making more than you from leaching like you?

        5. Rand underwent surgery for lung cancer in 1974 after decades of heavy smoking.[88]
          In 1976, she retired from writing her newsletter and, despite her
          initial objections, was persuaded to allow Evva Pryor, a consultant from
          her attorney’s office, to sign her up for Social Security and Medicare.[89]
          Why shouldn’t she get her money’s worth? You spend a lifetime crafting an ideology based on self-reliance and a disdain for the dregs of society and then sign up for Medicaid, not even fucking Medicare, because you’ve chain smoked smoked your way into a premature grave?
          Follow your pedestalized snatch to her logical conclusions, I’m sure you embody the fictitious Galt that made her ever-so-wet to a drone-like T.

        6. She paid into it so she should get her money’s worth. Wikipedia is not a credible source. Did you graduate high school?
          “Do you know the hallmark of a second rater? It’s resentment of another man’s achievement. Those touchy mediocrities who sit trembling lest someone’s work prove greater than their own – they have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach the top. The loneliness for an equal – for a mind to respect and an achievement to admire. They bare their teeth at you from out of their rat holes,thinking that you take pleasure in letting your brilliance dim them – while you’d give a year
          of my life to see a flicker of talent anywhere among them. They envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all men have become their acknowledged inferiors. They don’t know that that dream is the infallible proof of mediocrity, because that sort of world is what
          the man of achievement would not be able to bear. They have no way of knowing what he feels when surrounded by inferiors – hatred? no, not hatred, but boredom – the terrible, hopeless, draining, paralyzing boredom.” Ayn Rand
          “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. A true christian woman will not have sex on the first date if she really knew what Christianity is about. But most women are idiots who follow the empty christian religion and have an endless empty dark abyss for brain capacity. Thus a christian woman who thinks that shes allowed autonomy or anything outside of servitude is a hypocrite not a christian. Such women should be stoned and not allowed on the internet. Especially if she considers herself a christian. This place is becoming a male version of jezebel with tolerance and respect for women you guys suck.

    1. Dont think Jesus ever said a stupid thing like “You cant have sex on your first date”..probably old testament could come up something like that..but as we all know, jews killed jesus..so these bastards dont belong in the bible.
      Also they came up with feminazims.

        1. New testament has nothing to do with the old..thats why I dont get why they are merged. And you can worship my cock.

        2. Yes it does it comes from the same rotten hole of degeneracy and inbreeding. Christianity never was nor will be a true European religion. Christianity is at the core of bastardized soul. Christians are disgusting fags and christian women are automatically whores. Christians are second class species deal with it.

        3. “I dont get why they are merged.”
          In which case we can deduce that you don’t actually understand Christianity. It is the fundamental issue which created it.
          See Marcion of Sinope. Warning! Here there be heresy. Proceed at your own soul’s risk.

        4. Another poor imbecile. Ignorant of history, doesn´t know the bases that created his world (Classical Western civilization), unable to grasp the fact that without Christianity he would either be an Arab or a Mongol, or both (a Turk). Unable to grasp the very fact that Europe survived, so divided as it was for centuries, was in itself, at certain times, a miracle…

        5. Actually if it wasn’t for the European pagans (Eastern Europeans) Baltic tribes, even your so-called ‘Christianized’ ‘proper’ world would not have been saved from the Mongols. The Balts stopped the Mongol invasion of Europe, get your facts straight you pussy idiot and go back to praying for your western values and your faggot imaginary ‘God.’ And no without Christianity we would be pagans. Your spot in the light is quickly ending you disgusting fag westerner Christians, enjoy it while you can, I will be laughing as the Arabs will fuck your useless Jew worshiper Christian slut whores and enslave your sons.

        6. Uh, no. Christianity is a product of Greek philosophy having very little to do with judiaism……..the spririt of the law vs. the “letter of the law”. Christ was the ultimate alpha.

        7. Believing in a god, any god (especially YOUR god) is completely idiotic. Why would you blindly follow a set of rules made up by some crusty old dudes who didn’t have any real knowledge of science? If you actually think there is some higher power at work in life I feel very sorry for you. You are living a lie. Religion/god is to the world what feminism is to Western Culture. False and damaging.

        8. Poor imbecile, Baltic tribes, didn’t stop the Mongol, the death of their leader did, along with organized uprisings in the CHRISTIAN conquered lands of Rutenia, as well as the losses sustained in the battle of Liegnitz against the Polish forces and Teutonic knights.
          I guess you are one of those cocksuckers who think the Crusades were imperialism and that the religion of the Peace would have left us alone… and that the Turkish advance into Europe would have done nothing to Europe…Yes, Christendom is finished and unfortunately so is Europe, a pity someone so idiotic and ignorant is from the same continent…

        9. God was the aloof alpha, Mary the hypergamous cuckolding wife and Joseph was the poor beta provider chump cuckolded husband. The 3 Wise Men that came bearing gifts were the State that would take care of Mary and her bastard child-of-alpha seed when Joseph fell on hard times and could not provide.
          And we wonder why a “civilization” built around this religion is in the “state” its in?

  3. I’m sorry but someone has been reading too much Howard Bloom with a low reading comprehension.
    nature is not cruel and in fact evolution is a non zero sum game. your pop evo pysch nature red in tooth and claw assertions are laughable.
    nature is not inherently cruel, evolution strives towards altruistic behavior because it is most efficient: see game theory’s famous tit for tat program that utterly dominated the game it was introduced to or; the big man system in tribal societies to what makes a man alpha in modern societies.
    what truly makes a man an alpha is the ability to get shit down the fastest most effectivelly and

    1. ” . . .see game theory’s famous tit for tat program that utterly dominated the game it was introduced to . . .”
      . . . but always loses by one point in another.
      “what truly makes a man an alpha is the ability to get . . .”
      . . . other men to defer to him. Knowing how and when to use the shift key may be an aid in that endeavour.

    2. nature is not cruel and in fact evolution is a non zero sum game. your pop evo pysch nature red in tooth and claw assertions are laughable.
      nature is not inherently cruel, evolution strives towards altruistic behavior because it is most efficient: see game theory’s famous tit for tat program that utterly dominated the game it was introduced to or; the big man system in tribal societies to what makes a man alpha in modern societies.

      Pop evo pysch? What? Evo pysch is universally hated by almost every group because it exposes harsh truths that people basically already knew. How the hell is it popular?
      Tit for tat is the most efficient in terms of everybody getting fair amounts of resources without resorting to violence, but it’s a pipe dream. It only takes a small percentage to realize that if they play dirty they take it all.

  4. “but when you’re the most interesting man she’s ever met, her biology will always win.”
    Unless it doesn’t win. Proof by assertion.
    Or you’re not the most interesting man she’s ever met. No true scotsman.
    C’mon. Shouldn’t a men’s site be a little more logical than this?

    1. The non commutative equation has had its terms reversed.
      If her biology wins you will appear to be the most interesting man she has ever met; for now.

      1. I get annoyed with women who say similar stupid shit.
        I get annoyed even more when men do it to other men. I save the double-talk and outrageous propositions when I’m gaming broads.
        But hey, if it inspires you, more power to you. NAMALT

    2. Its “no truthful Scotsman.” Or if you really want to dig it, “All Cretans are liars.” the Epimenides paradox.
      “Κρῆτες ἀεὶ ψεῦσται”

  5. Whores are gonna be Whores and men are gonna be men. Treat them as such and act accordingly. Whores get dick…and thats ALL they deserve. Good Women get love, security, stability, a good man….and his dick, because they’ve earned it.

  6. This is one of the most anti-civilizational articles to ever disgrace this fine site. So let me get this straight, everything that build Western Civilization, patriarchy, monogamy, nobility, loyalty, courage and fidelity to the home and posterity and lastly, our Godhead is not worth fighting for or even more worth cherishing in its last death throes? Yes there are whores, but ladies in all their fidelity built civilization by supporting their husbands. Western Cancer, is exhibiting his name, in that he is directly promoting “Western Cancer.” Show me a society where decadence reigns and I’ll show you a society on its way out. The author’s views, are directly in support of the current feminist matriarchy, “do what thou wilt.” You sir (Western Cancer), are apart of the problem. You are apart of the men in this country who give a blank cheque to our enemies, and thus make yourself out to be an enemy. If a future war broke out between the forces of civilization and degeneracy, we’d know whose side you’d be on. Lastly, for all of you “tolerant” men, imagine how much respect you’d have for your mother if you knew she was a whore, you didn’t know who your father was, and thank of how much you’d respect her, and ask yourself “is this the kind of society I want to live in”?

    1. Dude, we don’t owe society shit. Society has shit all over us men. Fine. We owe absolutely nothing to society in return.

      1. Clearly that was not his assertion. His assertion was that “we let women do whatever the fuck they want, because we’re all animals at the end of the day.” Of course Western men shouldn’t give a fuck, but he’s promoting open degeneracy, especially posting a picture of a known subversive “Hugh Hefner” on his article. At this point it’s too late but his arguments are entirely Marxist in scope.

        1. Might as well let society collapse. As Captain Capitalism says “enjoy the decline”. Believe me, there is NOTHING we can do to stop the collapse of America at this point. And in fact we should be happy that it is collapsing, because the sooner it collapses, the sooner we can create the new world order.

        2. John I fully agree, but the point is, is that the author is not in favor of any established order. He prefers the gutter as denoted by his comments. I’m just pointing out the author’s open subversive sentiments.

        3. Lance, you’re not wrong that the behaviour espoused in the article is anti-civilisational. But I think the point the author is trying to make is that you cant count on women to behave in a civilised fashion any more, and consequently responding to women as a civilised man puts you at a great disadvantage. Its a reasonable point, despite the fact that its ultimately nihilistic where the fate of society is concerned.
          You may be hastening the fall of our civilisation by acting in such a way, but as John said, our civilisation is doomed regardless. The best you can do at this point is to look after yourself and the ones you care about.

        4. It must also be pointed out for those who regard “Hugh Hefner” as an icon that “Hefner” is a self-admitted bi-sexual and has done more for feminism than Friedan, Steinem, or any of the rest of their ilk.

        5. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! say it aint so! Hefner’s bi! Damn it! is nothing sacred! And a fucking feminist!! I can never look at playboy the same. Hugh is definitely not a play boy.

        6. I think it proper to kick society now that it is down gasping and
          writhing down on the ground.

        7. The world has known Hef is gay since forever. One of the playboy bunnies wrote an expose exposing how the only way he can get an erection now is by watching gay porn and taking tons of Viagra. He doesn’t have sex with women and hasn’t for a long time. Not that their complaining, they still get paid regardless and then share the money with their hot young 25 year old stud muffin boyfriends (mostly black and mulatto guys of course).
          And Hugh’s daughter took over the Playboy Empire back in the 70s. He’s on her payroll.

        8. don’t bring politics into this. human nature is biological and not political in scope. besides, i failed to read the part where WC is *promoting* degeneracy. he merely pointed out how to enjoy today’s world, not how to make it even worse for future generations.

        9. My fond memories of jacking off to playboy magazines (before I discovered Hustler and Penthouse) has been ruined forever! LOL

        10. Read accounts of the rise and fall of civilizations. When they are on the rise they are masculine. As they degenerate they become effeminate; weak. Then another masculine civilization or culture conquers them and the cycle continues.
          Today, due to communication and mobility, it’s more complicated, as rising masculine cultures have interaction with other masculine-effeminate cycles at various points in their rise and fall, but the principle is the same.

    2. What I’m trying to address is our deep entitlement towards fidelity from women. I’m guilty of it at times too. You find out some girl you’ve been banging for a while is fucking some other guy and you get mad.
      Guys also show entitlement by thinking that if they learn game and look good girls just owe them their pussies or commitment. Game is pushing the right buttons to signal to a girl you’re a quality guy to sleep with. We can try our best to manipulate a girl or push her biological buttons, but at the end of the day that’s all we can do. If a girl doesn’t want to fuck you, so what, you tried your best, then try better next time. Your girl sucks another dudes Dick, whatever theres always another girl. And just like theres always another girl theres always another guy your girl wants to fuck its just her nature

      1. “What I’m trying to address is our deep entitlement towards fidelity from women.” – Western Cancer. So what should men demand from their women? Outside of our Western cesspool, should this be the model for any society? Should we just let the mothers of our children suck the mailman’s dick with no punitive repercussions? And your use of the word “entitlement” is simply atrocious. Men can die for our fucking countries, work laborious backbreaking hours and jobs all for our women, but we’re “entitled” because we would rather our children know their paternity, and keep our women from fucking every dick that moves? Your use of that subhuman degenerate Hugh Hefner’s picture shows us what you’re all about.

        1. Lance, I think what WC is trying to say is that unless a contract outlining monogamy from both sides has been agreed upon and signed, there can be no expectation of monogamy. I don’t consider girlfriend/boyfriend to be any sort of real relationship. In fact I think its only very recently that people assumed someone you were not married to was not going to be seeing other people also. Unless a couple sits down and has a very serious talk about their expectations of where the relationship is going, i.e., “the talk” – why should or would there an assumption of exclusivity?

        2. you’re looking at this the wrong way. men shouldn’t demand anything, since they’d be almost inevitably disappointed with the outcomes of such logic. the very most you can do is provide a woman with the conditions, the framework, for being faithful. then at least the odds would be somewhat in your favour. it’s impossible to fully eliminate the possibility of cheating, due to women’s natural hypergamic tendencies. people like you involve in wishful thinking, tell me where does that lead you? it’s unlikely that you will better the world somehow, and even if you do manage to improve your small corner of the world, guess what – in the grand scheme of things it does not matter. you can call me nihilistic or misanthropic or pessimistic, but i would much rather take the world at face value and develop ways of coping, rather than daydream about some kind of better world in my head. at the end of the day, we’re living in this fucked-up present anyway, and no amount of pining for romantic ideals or chivalry/honour will change the fact that – at least during the course of yours and my lifetimes – the world will continue to sink lower and lower.

        3. and what good would a legal contract do? see ‘marriage’
          you cannot legislate biology, sorry. men are polygamous and women are hypergamous because it’s in our genetic heritage. no amount of coercion will stop humankind from partaking in our pre-programmed behaviours.

        4. Right. That is where mutually agreed upon open marriages come in. That in both get to see other people while also keeping an intact family home in order for the sake of the children. Like this couple is doing;

        5. not all of us want to spawn, dude. having kids is right up there with ‘chopping my own dick off’ on the scale of life-shriveling activities.

      2. The decline may be impending, but it’s no excuse to devolve society into chaos. Women thrive from order, that’s true in nature. Without a structured support and instead rampant Cultural Marxism, we have a society of confused young people who instead of relying on tradition go straight into hedonism.
        If you’re supporting this lifestyle you’re part of the decline.

        1. again: wishful thinking does not accomplish squat. just because you’re denying reality does not make it less ‘real’. go ahead, pine for a better world. now open your eyes. did the world improve in the meantime? no? then enjoy the decline.

      3. “Your girl sucks another dudes Dick, whatever theres always another girl. And just like theres always another girl theres always another guy your girl wants to fuck its just her nature.”
        I understand your words and why you speak them, but you’re wrong. The reason why this is bad is because of the very nature of women. If one of them can do it, all of them can do it. That’s how women are between each other. That’s “just her nature”. That is what those in a herd consist of. They practice the “same” principles.
        If one of them does something “new” to the herd (practicing deviancy), you do well to believe she may be thinking, “well, if she can and get away with it, I can too.” This is why men with strong boundaries are necessary. He won’t LET her do something stupid. Though, sadly, in the end, you’ll still be blamed if you’re a man in this culture.
        “All men are pigs…”
        We’ve heard this and tons of variations of this before from women. Simply put, its solipsism at its finest. Because ONE of us can do it, ALL of us can do it. Right? This is false. Because one alpha had a rotation of 9s, men, in whole, have it easier attracting women. They can have rotations too…..just as easily. This is a proven lie.
        Us here, with red pill knowledge and experience, understand that men don’t follow one another JUST “because it’s cool” or “because that guy did it”.
        It’s usually, more or less, because the guy has already shown his competence and understanding. If they don’t follow, then they create or ponder, to create a better tomorrow, either for themselves or for those they care about.
        Following a “standard” set is the last thing on a man’s mind unless the plan actually makes sense and CANNOT afford to be deviated from. Notice the common utterance of “pump and dump”. Why? Well, other guys here can (and did) explain such better than me.
        If it weren’t so bad, I’m sure most guys would take one women with sexual satisfaction, loyalty, and kindness, at least, if she isn’t VERY unnattractive.

        1. You’re talking like infidelity or women seeing multiple partners at once is a new phenomenon.
          The only consequence for a girl seeing other dudes is that you will leave. She will be left without the feelings you give her.
          two solutions:
          1. bring your best game (dominance, looks, $$$ etc)
          2. don’t even let yourself whine that “omg all women are sluts life is painn” just walk out the door if you catch your bitch cheating. never look back. create a consequence.
          They don’t owe you anything, they don’t owe you their pussy, they don’t owe you infidelity, but thats not the same as promoting their infidelity. I’m promoting indifference to the nature of women, they are who they are now deal with it.
          People will always fuck, people have always fucked. Irregardless of laws, social norms etc, there is always infidelity.
          The only thing you can do and the only thing you should do is the above. It shouldn’t even factor into your consciousness or you’ll start getting needy and possessive which will just drive her away.

        2. “People will always fuck, people have always fucked. Irregardless of laws, social norms etc, there is always infidelity.”
          Not everyone cheats on their spouse, in fact, most people do not. Without being married you can’t call seeing someone else “cheating” because there has been no vow of exclusivity taken. Cheating is only possible if both parties have vowed exclusivity to one another.
          Nowadays there is no shame in admitting one is not inclined toward monogamy and hence the polyamorous can easily find other poly people to date and even marry (mutually agreed upon open marriage).
          That also makes it easier for monogamist inclined people to screen for monogamous partners as well.

        3. to quote the great bill maher: “there’s a difference between not cheating and not being able to get laid anywhere else”.
          men and women will always cheat if the conditions are right: if the person you cheat with is attractive, if you are unlikely to get caught, or – the wild card – your judgement is somehow impaired through alcohol and whatnot.
          just because a person chooses not to cheat does not mean they made an informed decision or that they are a ‘good person’ deep inside. it may mean that the conditions were not ideal, the potential consequences too severe, they chickened out, etc.
          stop glorifying human nature! we’re animals with a bigger brain, not with ‘bigger’ morals. the two do not equate.

        4. all this wishful thinking is making me wanna punch the screen. kudos to you for seeing the world as it is, WC, and not ‘how it should be’. i prefer grim reality anyday.

    3. Well said Lance. People lack the author are misanthropes that revel in degenerancy and anarchy.

      1. wishing things were better does not goddamn make them better! what don’t you people get? the author merely pointed out a way to function in this shitty world, anything concerning its betterment was never intended to be in scope of the article.
        i swear, you people and your endless wishful thinking….what the eff does it accomplish, again??

    4. Agreed does anyone argue with the state of the African American community due to embracing unrestrained hedonistic materialism? Let’s see how much order we have with 70% out of wedlock births.
      “Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the
      power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a person’s sexual choice is the
      result and sum of their fundamental convictions. Tell me what a person
      finds sexually attractive and I will tell you their entire philosophy of
      life. Show me the person they sleep with and I will tell you their
      valuation of themselves. No matter what corruption they’re taught about
      the virtue of selflessness, sex is the most profoundly selfish of all
      acts, an act which they cannot perform for any motive but their own
      enjoyment – just try to think of performing it in a spirit of selfless
      charity! – an act which is not possible in self-abasement, only in
      self-exultation, only on the confidence of being desired and being
      worthy of desire. It is an act that forces them to stand naked in
      spirit, as well as in body, and accept their real ego as their standard
      of value. They will always be attracted to the person who reflects their
      deepest vision of themselves, the person whose surrender permits them
      to experience – or to fake – a sense of self-esteem .. Love is our
      response to our highest values – and can be nothing else.”
      – Ayn Rand

      1. “Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the
        power of all philosophers. But, in fact, a person’s sexual choice is the
        result and sum of their fundamental convictions. Tell me what a person finds sexually attractive and I will tell you their entire philosophy of life. Show me the person they sleep with and I will tell you their valuation of themselves.”
        Ayn Rand cheated on her husband with a married man, so yeah, that’s her entire philosophy of life.
        (Indians reading here will get the “rundi” references).

        1. She was an alpha female, Escaped communist Soviets and hate beta male. The husband was weak and left her no choice. He was no John Galt.
          Ad hominem & attempting to character assassination is quite juvenile and pathetic course of debating.
          It’s always easy to keyboard jock. But who the fuck are you? Is your philosophy powerful enough to influence John. D. Rockefeller?

        2. Not now, no. We dated briefly about 4 years back. He’s a relatively smart and gracious guy and I don’t like seeing him misrepresented.

        3. You’re either a bitch or a fag. Both not welcome if you’ve read the about section. So please kindly fuck off. I don’t need your approval or permission.

        4. Out of context. Irrelevant.
          Ayn Rand is not my girlfriend, wife or lover and have never emotionally guilt tripped me to to taking an action that is contrary to my convictions and betraying my core values.
          I’ll give you the context. WIMP when pook said was men who live and change their entire existence to cater to the approval of women. Meaning they will mold themselves and betray their souls and values just to pickup some skank and look at women to give them the reason for their entire existence.
          Clearly you are new to game and haven’t read that there is much more to being a man than devoting all hours to getting laid and constantly compromising to meet female approval.
          Now go troll somewhere else. You add no value to the discussion & its obvious why you were dumped.

    5. I don’t think Western Cancer likes the current situation anymore then we all do. I don’t think he’s saying let’s accept the statue quo. I think the main point of his article is to make the best of it for now. He’s busy getting laid, and if you want to do the same, you need to adjust to the current situation.
      Also, you need to look at ROK as a sum of its writers. Some are on the front line dealing with cunts and bitches on a daily basis that you sir would easily qualify as animals if you met them. These writers are important because they teach others the logistics, the tricks and the tactics needed to deal with those women regularly. Some are more taking the family man route and write articles to promote better societal structures for the future generations. Both kind of writers contribute to the cause and complement each others well.

    6. If you want to try and save western society, that’s fine. Pursue your own life’s goals, whatever they may be. However, there is no real, tangible way to save western society. It’s not like our women and the emasculated boot licking men which worship them are being forced to make their selfish choices. They make their own choices. Why should any man sacrifice their mental health and time trying to rebuild society just so the women and their male mascots can be comfortable and raise another generation just like them that’ll bring it back down once more? If they’re going to be shitty, then let them live in their shit.
      No man has any obligation to work hard and support a society/culture that spits right back in his face while laughing and calling him an idiot. Go your own way; revel in the party; work hard and piss off to the countryside – men, just do what you want, because that’s exactly what the other side is doing. Saying that men are cowards because they’re not wasting their time trying to save a society they feel has shown time and time again that it doesn’t appreciate them is the societal version of the ‘man up’ chant. The red pill doesn’t just apply to women – it applies to all things.
      The red pill for our culture is thus; hard working, loyal men are not appreciated, and are largely thought of as fools by women and their male mouthpieces. Why should any man waste his happiness trying to appease such a foul group of people? They’re never going to change, and they’ll never appreciate the sacrifices other people make to keep them living in a safe, prosperous society.
      Men must pursue their own personal happiness, and work only to obtain their own goals. If saving western culture is one man’s dream, then by all means he can attempt it – but he should not expect other men to sacrifice themselves for that pipe dream. It’s unfair and womanly.

      1. Exactly. I’m so sick and tired of anti-game tradcons trying to pretend there was a golden age when women were good and faithful angels. They were forced to act better by the laws. That’s it. There’s no honor or sense of duty involved.
        Why should we respect some placeholder boyfriend’s rights over a hottie? She’s gonna dump him or use him anyway. The simple fact she’s out partying is proof that she has no respect for him already. Accelerating the breakup is actually a blessing to him. He might take the red pill.
        Anti-game tradcons are the same as feminists, accusing players of being sluts and telling them to “man up”.

        1. you can keep your fucking honour. it’s bullshit ideals like that one that gave rise to white nights everywhere. i would kill every single one of you if it meant i would be better off. survival of the fittest, mofo

        1. you can keep your fucking honour. it’s bullshit ideals like that one that gave rise to white nights everywhere. i would kill every single one of you if it meant i would be better off. survival of the fittest, mofo.

        2. I mean honor AMONGST MEN, not honor toward women.
          Since you obviously don’t believe in brotherhood, I would extend any toward you.

        3. no no, i understood what you meant. and i stand by my comment anyway. my default setting is to not expect honour from anyone, regardless of gender.

        4. Post your pic. I want to look into your eyes when I read your comments and see if you really mean what you say or if you are just bullshitting. Eyes are windows to soul, bro.

        5. yeah, sure. why don’t i just pic my ID while i’m at it? maybe you want the keys to my house as well? i do hate to disappoint.
          stick to the point, otherwise i’m through discussing threads that don’t lead anywhere.

    7. You make one mistake in your argument: women tend to use their sex, all times and all places, and even Western Civilization had its punitive measures for difficult or unfaithful women.
      Ever heard of a Scold’s briddle? One example of many.

    8. i call bullshit. first let’s get the obvious out the way – women did not help in building anything worth two shits. they maybe helped by not impeding men from building those things, but that’s like saying i should get a medal for not willingly jumping in front of your car as you drive to work, since arguably i ‘helped’ you get to work. cmon. it’s a lame argument.
      now to the meat of the argument. i will never understand why you and people like you engage in wishful thinking. it’s mental masturbation – your honourable society exists only in your head! men built society because it was the most convenient and safe way to lead one’s life, not because they felt a deeper duty to their fellow man and to their descendants, to offer them structure and safety. do not confuse honour for plain self-interest!!
      at the end of the day, wishing the world is better does not make it better. hence you have two options: look out for number one, or try to change things. i see which side you are on, and i wish you luck in your pointless errand. meanwhile, i’ll look for ways to use today’s world to my advantage, who gives a fuck what sort of world i leave behind? i won’t ever see it since, you know, i’ll be dead..and i sure as fuck don’t intend on spawning.

  7. “Women don’t owe you anything”.
    OK. No problem. I understand that. Fortunately, there is nothing a woman has that a man can’t otherwise get for himself.
    And I do mean… NOTHING.
    Now say: “Men don’t owe women anything” and see if the reverse is true.
    If every man dropped his sense of obligation and the feeling of “owing” society out of sheer duty TODAY… within 7 days, women everywhere would be sucking dicks in public just to BEG to get ANY man to take her garbage away.
    And when she’s finished sucking your dick, look her right in the eye and say
    “Men don’t owe you anything.”

    1. “If every man dropped his sense of obligation and the feeling of “owing” society out of sheer duty TODAY… within 7 days, women everywhere would be sucking dicks in public just to BEG to get ANY man to take her garbage away and turn the water back on.”
      Ha ha, my exie called me at 8am this morning and cried in her most pitiful voice that there was no hot water in her house and that her basement was flooded. What did I do? Buy her a new water heater and plumb and wire it in myself (the old heater was oil-fired so I had to wire the new electric one in from scratch). If she had called a plumber she would have been paying super expensive weekend rates and crazy markup on the water heater and supplies (I buy wholesale from a plumbing supply distributor). I would have told her to go to hell, but since my kids live with her, what else could I do? A lot of good her ballroom-dancing accountant boyfriend was to her (oh she brags about him ballroom dancing with her, like she always wanted me to)! Well what the fuck is a better skill to know, ballroom dancing or plumbing/electrical?!?! Fuck, women are fucked! Ballroom dancing people are like dog show people: fucked in the head!
      I must say though, my installation today was the quickest, most professional water heater installation I’ve ever done (I’m an amateur, a jack of all trades).

        1. Well, I couldn’t very well say to myself, “I don’t want to be too Beta about this, so I’ll tell her to fuck off,” because what can I say, I love my kids, and my exie is finding her financial situation a little tight this time of year so she couldn’t afford the $1500 to get it replaced professionally (it cost me about $550 in materials). Oh, and I am suffering through the flu as well, so I was feeling pretty shitty while doing it.
          But yeah, I love it when the power goes out. I love blizzards! I took my younger daughter driving around the city during the last blizzard and we had a blast doing donuts in empty parking lots and driving along empty roads blinded by whiteouts. I’ve got the generator, I’ve got woodstove, I’ve got the gasoline and firewood stored; bring it on baby! We men just love the adventure of emergency situations I guess.
          One of my goals in life is an off-the-grid camp with chickens and goats.

        2. Hey no judgement. There is nothing “beta” about attacking a problem like you’re gonna kill it and eat it. That’s what we do. We fix shit. Solve problems. Split atoms and conquer challenges. A woman doesn’t. She just pushes the problem over to a man. (And if that’s not an open admission of inferiority I don’t know what the fuck is.)
          You can tell woman are complete shit at solving problems because they love to TALK about them. TALK about your problems. TELL me your problems. Lets find the nearest man and tell him our problem. But a man rolls up his sleeves at any cost and says fucking STFU and screw this, and switch that, and plug this in there and POOF! problem solved. Done. Next! And if he could do it himself for $500 instead of $1500 and teach himself a new skill, then everything is right in the universe.

        3. I just do what my father did, which as you say, means fixing shit.
          Yeah I’ll never fucking understand women. Not only does my exie brag about her boyfriend ballroom dancing, but she says he’s a wonderful communicator, “Just like I always wanted you to be.” Well what the fuck?! We talked. If she asked me something, I answered her. Though beautiful, she was an insecure woman who needed to be told “You’re beautiful” and “I love you” 100 times a day.
          Heh heh. They’ve been together for only two months, so they’re just in the infatuation stage. I don’t see why she’s telling me all this shit anyway….if he does this and does that like she always wanted me to do, then fine, good for her….but she keeps telling me that he ballroom dances, communicates. talk sincerely, shaves every day, “just like I always wanted you to do”. Ha ha, as if she’s trying to get me to say, “Okay then, I’ll do all that for you, let’s just work things out baby….please, I’ll do anything!”
          I guess it doesn’t help her situation that I’m handsome as hell and he ain’t. 😀 When she said, “He can’t believe that you wouldn’t shave for me every day,” I just rubbed my chin, smiled, and said, “I love my goatee!” 😀

        4. Beautifully played.
          • “Yeah I’ll never fucking understand women.”
          That’s OK, there is nothing to understand. Don’t give it a second thought. Women understand women and they hate each other.
          • “He’s a wonderful communicator”
          Oh I LOVE that one. Women pretending to be authorities on “better communicators”. That’s like saying a Hummer burns gas… “better”. Ridiculous.
          If women knew anything about “better communication” why would they feel a need to publish shit like this?
          Translating everything she is “TRYING” to say — but can’t get across — so they feel a need to translate “girl talk” into MANGLISH because they are complete shit at communicating.
          The first lesson in successful communication is shutting the fuck up and listening. Women know as much about that as a donkey knows about playing a flute. When a man tells me to listen and shut the fuck up, I know I am about to learn something of VALUE. But tell a woman that and she thinks you’re being cruel.
          If you want to communicate with women, I recommend a good set of coloforms and a puppet of Oprah Winfrey. Your results may vary.

        5. didn’t even demand a quickie as payment.
          ballroom dancer fucks, goatee bux.
          enjoy your donuts in the parking lot, shipmate.

        6. Ha! You’re running with the assumption that I’d want to fuck her. Believe me, after 10 years of marriage, I’d rather just have the cash. 😀 That gives me an idea: put an ad on craigslist offering handyman services, and when I get female bites, propose sex as payment. Hmmmmmm.
          Being a man means doing whatever the fuck you want, which does not include being ordered to ballroom dance or shave every day or whatever. Sure, if she were 25 and hot, I’d do that shit just to fuck her, but for my exie? I don’t think so. 😀
          I’ve seen ballroom dancing people; my exie forced our daughter to go to lessons against her will. These people are fucked. They’re obsessed in a weird way, like dog show people.

        7. 1. He’s pushing all her buttons and giving her everything she always wanted from me, just to keep fucking her. He was a ‘friend’ she met at class, with whom she discussed her relationship problems (meaning all my alleged negatives) before they finally hooked up, so he knows what he has to do to impress her. I asked her if this guy gave lessons because I’d like to learn a few things from him! 😀 Typical rebound I suppose, and the poor girl needs a good rebound after the likes of me! 😀
          2. You’re right about women refusing to shut the fuck up and listen. She would always tell me, “Don’t get angry, let’s just talk about it,” which meant “Let’s talk and talk and talk and talk until finally you get exhausted and let me have my way.” Women seem to mistake excessive yakking for communication. It’s no wonder women boast about having “gay besties”. The Western world’s gone to hell, dammit, gone to hell! (as a side note, I see that China has ovetaken the USA as the largest trading nation on earth)
          Ha, the only tolerable women in my life are my employees (who are great). Maybe there’s a lesson in that. Maybe women should always be considered hired hand(job)s.
          One way or another, you always pay. 😀

        8. I’m a bit with you on this one. Shouldve told her send the kids here since you’re irrespinsible enough to go ballroom dancing instead of saving for home repairs. Oh yeah, have ol ballroom dancer, dance around the heater and see if that fixes the problem. Props to him for moving on though.

        9. Props to you! “Send the kids over here where it’s nice and warm… and you and your ballroom dancer can dance round the water heater”. Brilliant. Hilarious. And drives the point right home.

        10. So, she basically replaced you for a girlfriend? If she ever brings up the shaving thing again tell her: men don’t shave.

        11. It’s complicated, but the kids love the house; it’s their anchor. I did it for them. I practically live in my office area at work (it’s all I need), so them staying with me for any length of time is impractical.
          Ever since she saw ‘Shall We Dance” it’s been some stupid fantasy of hers. Just because I look like Richard Gere doesn’t mean I want to fucking dance like him.
          Women. Fuck & chuck. Better to learn later than never.

        12. Redpill 101 says that she left because she couldn’t control you, but she finds you helluva lot more attractive because she couldn’t control you. To a man, this sound illogical, but no more illogical than a man wanting to do a woman on the first date and then get a tad dissapointed about her morality that she was willing to go the distance on the first date.

        13. “If you want to successfully communicate with women, I recommend a good
          set of coloforms and a puppet of Oprah Winfrey. Your results may vary.”
          Props, man. I laughed my ass off when I read that.

        14. “…when I get female bites, propose sex as payment.”
          Watch out if you’re doing that…today’s ‘privileged princess’ skanks think nothing of filing false ‘rape’ charges. Don’t give the whores a chance to screw you over, while they get the chance to play ‘victim’ and generate some drama in their pathetic lives.

        15. Would you be able to use that in court to get custody of your kids? She could not provide the basic necessities and is an unfit parent?

        16. “Just because I look like Richard Gere”
          Dough face with beady eyes?
          He’s got some bad looks karma for a Buddhist.

        17. How much money to they make from these false allegations? I want to investigate this and expose them on CNN.

        18. lemme get this straight: you agree that women don’t habitually do shit, yet you employ them? seems kinda self-defeating, but hell what do i know about your circumstances

        19. God: aloof alpha
          Mary: hypergamous woman
          Joseph: average frustrated beta provider chump, cuckold
          Jesus: bastard alpha spawn
          3 Wise Men: the Welfare State that comes bearing gifts

        20. Christians are now transitioning into the more nuanced and intellectual approach of seeing the Hebrew myths as they were intended – as archetypes.

        21. as long as they believe in talking snakes and benevolent zombie-saviours, they’re still dumbasses however you wanna spin it

        22. Does it scare you that the Devil and demons are real?

          If she is acting then she should win an Oscar.

        23. mm nice, now demons can use phones? shit maybe in ten years’ time they’ll get with the program and start sending satanic texts on my cell. too bad i don’t speak latin, oh well…
          but seriously, if that fake shit is enough to get you to believe in something, no wonder you believe in ghosts in the 21st goddamn century. gullible prick.

        24. You obviously know nothing of possession. You see the body is merely a vehicle of the soul and spirit. In the same way a demon or fallen angel is a immaterial soul or spirit, perfectly capable of entering into another body that gives it spiritual legal right.
          If it’s fake then debunk it. Well I guess I am a gullible prick. So what? What benefit do get from being an atheist? You sound frustrated and miserable.

          How is this faked?

        25. “If it’s fake then debunk it.”
          ah, here we go with the burden of proof again. you asserted that ghosts and demons and shit are real, YOU have to prove their existence to me, dumbass.

        26. Actually I provided two videos which you fail to explain or provide any scientific rebuttal. It’s like asking prove gravity, so I showed you a video with a pen being dropped. WTF caused the household items to fly around like that?
          Denial and ignorance is bliss.
          Quit with the ad hominem its juvenile.

        27. LOL! Would love to see you in a debate with an average Traditionialist Catholic theologian.

        28. You can thank Gwenhwyfar’s time in the monastery for ensuring Christianity gets warped into THAT.

        29. What is a “soul?”
          What is a “spirit?”
          In what way(s) are they the same?
          In what way(s) are they distinct?
          “The Cross’” post is 2 years old, so anyone answer.

      1. thanks for reminding me to get snipped and not let myself be taken advantage of in order to maintain my spawn’s living standards. cheers mate.

        1. I’d advise jerking off and freezing your sperm; you never know when you may want to become a Papa. Like someone else in the Comments section somewhere: hire a surrogate mother, then hire a hot Filipina nanny to raise them (the good ones live for this stuff). It might be best to hire the surrogate mother abroad, and then as soon as the child is born apply to adopt him/her. Make sure the surrogate mother lives in a country where she can be easily and cheaply threatened with execution if she falls in love with the infant and reneges on the deal.
          Am I joking? No.

      2. You should have told her to go to hell anyway. You should have stopped and thought about why the courts gave your ex custody of the children when you are obviously the better provider. When the kids are hungry and cold, they will want to come live with you, not her.

        1. Every time the wife has threatened to leave, the kids who were able to understand what she meant wanted to stay with me. I’m the one who swats their asses, too.
          Every time the wife has threatened to kick me out, the kids who were able to understand what she meant wanted to go with me. I’m the one who swats their asses, too.

    2. Right on. The Brits wanna do “The Week the Women Went” and snicker and giggle as guys try to do the dishes. How about “The Month the Men Moved On”? Let’s see the ladies try to dump trash, dig ditches, and fight fires. You’ll be able to hear the collective screams of billions of panicking women from space. C’mon, guys, can’t we all go on strike for about a month? Hell, it might only take two weeks.

      1. Agree with every word…. except that we go “on strike”.
        I recently saw an article – writing by a woman – with the headline: “MEN ON STRIKE…”. I thought about that for a second and wondered: what the fuck is this bitch implying?
        Does she think men are her EMPLOYEES?
        Her use of the word “strike” implies she thinks men everywhere work for her. She even implied that about her personal life that men are on a “marriage strike”. Is being married to her a JOB????
        This is the real root of the problem. Women think and expect men to work – for them, their benefit, comfort and convenience. That’s why they call it a “strike’. Because they all have it in their heads that you WORK FOR HER. So it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, she already expected you to do it. Every woman thinks she is entitled to your labor.
        To show just how ARROGANT women have become, they actually want to have a little laugh about what it might be like for a man to wash dishes. As if dishwashers weren’t already invented by men. And have you taken a look in every restaurant? How many women are washing the dishes? This extreme cuntishness is about to come to an end. Abruptly.
        And it can’t be called a “strike” because “men don’t owe women anything”.

      2. I’ve known how to do household chores since childhood. I’ve done dishes (by hand) since I was six years old; I also learned how to hand sew and darn my own socks. When my youngest brother started kindergarten, our mother went back to university — so my older sister and I (besides watching our younger brothers) started doing household chores (I was ten, she was eleven). She did cooking, I did the laundry and vacuuming, besides doing yard work (we also did backyard gardening). When I was twelve, I started mowing the lawn (that was also when I started learning about gas engines and automotive mechanics).
        In my adult life, I’ve learned carpentry, home wiring and electric repair, basic plumbing, and some electronics (also was a Navy Surface Sonar Tech for twenty years). Besides doing household renovation projects with my girlfriend, I’m also thinking about learning gunsmithing as a possible skill for future use.
        My point is, we men are more than capable of taking care of ourselves AND doing it well!
        I’ve met some women in my life who were so proud and infatuated with themselves and their miniscule accomplishments (mainly because they had a vagina), when they were about as dumb as rocks and not even as useful as dog crap (at least it can be used as fertilizer).

        1. You da … man. 😮 You’re in a really great position to tell a woman to fuck off when she refuses to iron your shirt. 😀

        2. Thumbs way up. If the apocalypse ever hits, we need to seek this guy out. He’s covered all the bases.

      3. I think it would be monumental if RoK could mobilize a global “Week the Men Relaxed” and did just that!
        The gauntlet has been laid down. Who will take up the challenge?

    3. I know you can’t wait for the day that women will be lined up begging to suck your dick, but guess what… it’s never gonna happen. But keep jerkin’ it, loser.

      1. DickHerp,you are probably just one of 2, maybe 3 at most, men who post at this site who are a 4 or 5 on the looks scale. Most are 1s and 2s.

      2. Beware of Modern Women who ‘come on’ to you, nowadays — they’re such underhanded skanks that the only reason that they “would be lined up begging to suck your dick” would be because they are STD-infested and want to ‘get revenge on all men’ by giving you genital warts, Herpes, and/or HIV.
        “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”

    4. It’s funny because without women, men wouldn’t get their ever-so-precious sex. So there is something men owe women for. A girl can live her whole life without sex pretty easily. A man? No way. He’d be begging for mercy in two days if sex was refused him. There’s nothing a girl can’t live without that must be given to her buy a man. But there are things a man can’t live without that must be given to him by a woman.

      1. Yes it certainly IS funny. Especially when women like YOU pretend men want sex more than women.
        You’re not fooling anybody.
        Too many women make the tragic mistake of thinking exactly like you do. But WE know that women want sex MORE than men. Even right AFTER sex… when we’re done, we’re done. But women would go all night if they could have their way. That’s why you girls own vibrators. Because you can’t get enough orgasms.
        And not only do you WANT sex more…..
        You even HAVE sex more!
        So why are you pretending men can’t live without it?
        There is NOTHING you have that man can’t get elsewhere.
        The minute a man knows this, there is an ENORMOUS shift of power. Suddenly your little manipulations and lording sex over his head like some “reward” doesn’t work anymore. Because we’ve got your number. And that’s when it’s GAME OVER for you. You can’t demand as much. It lowers your “price”.
        Where you used to get away with pretending you need 3/5/10 dinner dates (or an engagement ring) in order to put out…. men like me know you were ready to go (and already made up your mind) before finishing the first drink.
        You know it. And I know it.
        Ain’t that right, sweetheart.
        You’re BUSTED. Try that shit on your beta boyfriend who needs to get laid so badly he will say ANYTHING to get you to spread. But it won’t work here. You should stick to playing that fraud withholding-sex-like-a-hostage game with him. Because we know better. Cute try though.
        Women are MUCH too horny for you to get away with that.
        “Begging for mercy”. Give me a fucking break.
        What a vivid imagination.

    5. “The reason “men don’t owe women anything” is such a threat is because
      there are men out there DYING and laboring like SLAVES to provide women
      with the basics of life that they take for granted. If women have no
      sense of obligation or duty, life still goes on. But take away a man’s
      sense of duty and you will get TOTAL FUCKING ANARCHY.”
      I am just outright laughing in real life when I read that paragraph, especially when I still remember western women that complain, “men act like we owe them something”, to the point it brings us to lingering Victorian attitudes towards sex (read: concurrent rape hysteria, just like how Victorian Englishmen are constantly accused of being “Jack the Ripper).
      I personally find it amusing to see American single moms, complaining why their sons have a “lack of sense of duty”; hey, since they literally did not grow up with a dad (an American white female feminism fantasy that came true), I also find it ironic they blame everybody else but themselves for making it happen (nice job unleashing that nightmare, American white female feminism; GO BLAME YOURSELVES).

  8. Learning game, lifting weights, juicing, traveling, and stacking cash is all useless when attracting a good girl. A good girl requires your dominance and control. Just develop your personality and mind, you need not concern yourself with all of this other alpha male bs

    1. Juicing? You mean taking steroids? I’ve been tempted to do it, but I’d rather not get bitch tits when my body stops producing testosterone naturally.

      1. He’s not referring to steroids. He’s talking about juicing raw veggies and fruits.

  9. I’m fine with women not owing us anything. HOWEVER, if that is the case, don’t expect men to owe women anything either.

  10. Not a great article. At best, a pointless bragging vehicle (also probably largely fantasy). At worst advocating exactly the behaviour which will lead to the decline of society RoK claims to lament.
    RoK has lost its way and suffers from the have-your-cake-and-eat-it style of argumentation it calls out in certain feminist writing.

    1. Please don’t judge the whole site because of one subversive author. There are many fine authors on this site such as “John Doe” or “Quintus Curtius” etc. These are men such as myself who understand the problem, properly diagnose it, describe the prognosis and how the Western man should appropriately respond. There are a few black sheep in every family, nothing is perfect.

      1. John Doe, seriously? I’ve perused several of his comments and he’s a racist against brown and dark skinned people and pro white and light skinned “aryans” as he erroneously calls them.
        And he flips back and forth between demonizing and glorifying “the west” and talks of conquering brown and dark skinned peoples.
        And his articles are written by a 5th grader.

      2. lance, again: knowing what to do is different from being able/allowed to do it. nevermind the fact i’m skeptical about your so-called solution, but even if you held the absolute key to right the wrongs of western society, how in the effing world do you intend to put your ideas into practice? go into politics? your voice would be drowned out by the overwhelming majority of the status-quo lovers. then what? whine on the internet? well, you can see for yourself that, other than convincing some disillusioned lost souls, you didn’t affect society in the slightest by posting here. sorry to be such a drag, but i think you need a reality check. the odds are way stacked against you and your fellow reformers.

  11. Correct, women don’t owe men anything. This is why I have a laugh when a guy brings a foreign bride in for marriage: she only does it because it’s an easy ticket out of the hellhole she lives in. Divorce will probably follow.
    Likewise, men owe women nothing. Honestly, the only reason that the trash gets moved and the sewage gets fixed is because:
    1/ it brings in good money
    2/ we also need that shit done
    Pretty-much everything else we don’t need a woman for. Biological children? Go spend $20k for a surrogate mother overseas, that’s cheaper than paying for a wedding-and-divorce.
    Anti-civilisational? You bet. The West is already on a collision-course with racial suicide and self-loathing. The faster it happens, the faster we have the chance to fix the mess up – assuming that it can be fixed, given the high rates of infertility (sterility) in our women.

        1. Pull your dog’s teeth out. Problem solved. Children are useless and I hate them and anybody who claims to care about, love, or want them. It is weak and pathetic.

        2. I don’t give a fuck about ensuring the survival of the human race and any man with half a brain in his head would feel the same way. The world we live in is foul, why keep adding to the population when really what we need is LESS humans.
          Why is it so hard for so many men to understand that if you really want to stick it to women/feminists then stop putting babies in them. No true red-blooded man wants to be a “father”. That is just one more thing that makes bitches think WE owe them something. Don’t fall for that shit. Don’t be a fucking moron baby daddy.

        3. Duh, even better response. “pull your dogs teeth out”. If I had been drinking water, I would have splashed it all over my fucking laptop

        4. It is not our duty to save society by “having children”. I’m really tired of hearing conservatives talk this kind of shit. Especially the white supremacist fags. “Oh you guys need to have lots of white children so we can save the white race”. Who gives a flying fuck about the white race? Majority of feminists are white women.

        5. So true, I can understand White Nationalists in Eastern Europe feeling this why, after all Eastern European women are the LAST white women on earth that have redeeming qualities about them. However in America, let’s theoretically say, these “precious” whorey Aryan women are “saved,” what righteous man could imagine spending the rest of his life tied to a nagging, entitled, spoilt whore American princess who’d gain 50 Ibs after 30? I say if that’s what they want, let them have it!

        6. While East European women are indeed more feminine than American women, don’t forget that the divorce rate in East Europe and Russia is even higher than that of America.
          REmember, East Europe/Russia has been feminist since 1917. They are now post-feminist societies. And it just goes to show that feminism always burns itself out in the long run. Basically what happens is that the men get burned out by feminism and thus lose interest in marriage. Then the women go apeshit because they can’t find stupid betas to marry anymore and thus they become feminine again.
          America is now entering a post-feminist stage. Russia/East Europe is simply 40 years ahead of the West in this regard. If you want to know the direction the West is headed? Look at the Ukraine/Russia.
          Also don’t forget that FEMAN and other psycho feminist organizations started in the Ukraine.
          Feminism seems to catch on most strongly in white countries, and thus white women are most susceptible to it. So don’t be fooled by the nice exterior of the East European women, ALL women are naturally misandric. Women are inherently selfish and only think in terms of their own selfish interests. That is why the idea of a “antifeminist woman” is a joke. There is no such thing as an antifeminist woman. Why do you think all these so called “antifeminist women” hate MGTOW so much? Because MGTOWs do not financially support women since MGTOWs do not marry. Clearly, ALL women, including the so called “antifeminist women”, are ONLY interested in money, and what a man can provide for them.
          When you really think about it, women truly are parasites.

        7. Also when these Russian women invade the West, they tend to comprise amongst their ranks, the most avaricious gold-diggers. Even a MSM British publication wrote an article titled “The Invasion of the Russian Golddiggers.” This detailed the numerous Eastern European skanks foisting themselves upon thirsty Western men in London and NYC. However, this behavior is somewhat of an anomaly in the Orient. Arabs, Indians, Persians (Aryans themselves) and Asiatics seem to be impervious to feminism. Women over there are decent, natural, maternal and virginal upon marriage. Even in the white man’s fantasy land of Ukraine, this cannot be boasted of, for that European reality collapsed in 1918. I feel bad for these men looking to marry “foreign Eastern European brides.” Slavs are a very tribal bunch and even amongst whites, they prefer other Slavs. They use American and English men for greencards/citizenship and after that it’s “buh-bye.” After nearly a century of communism and godlessness, do Western men really expect these Slavic women to be all that much better than their Western counterparts? Hell, if I were trapped in Russia, I’d take extreme measures to get out too. Men should start looking to the Orient. White women in the holistic sense just may be a completely losing proposition.

        8. Good thing your father didn’t think like that. Or maybe not.
          …no problem, though. I have the money and the desire to have kids. Just as you can’t picture taking any sort of pleasure out of guiding them and watching them grow into good men, I can’t picture letting my awesomeness, superior intellect and physical nature die with me. My boys are awesome, and I haven’t had any girls yet, and hope not to.

        9. This again speaks to my point about feminism being a fragile philosophy that can only exist in times of peace and great abundance of wealth. People who don’t have food security beyond 48 hours don’t have time for bullshit whining, and that means feminism is a false construct.

        10. Can you please explain why you actually desire and enjoy your children? Are they really worth all the money they cost plus the nagging of your whore? How is dealing with poop and puke and childish behavior not putrid?
          Men who talk about loving their children and the joys of fatherhood strike me as being closeted pedophiles.
          Also what will you do if you ever have a girl? I hope you curb stomp her if so. That would be AWESOME. I’ve always wanted to curb stomp an infant.

        11. We shouldn’t care about white women. We shouldn’t care about colored women. We shouldn’t care about any women. They are just holes for men to fuck and that is how they should all be viewed no matter their race or country of origin.

        12. Lance, beware of the psychologically disturbed “John Doe” anonymous commenter and writer here (the fall of RoK, mark my word).
          Peruse through his comments and you will find racism against people like you whom he calls “brown and dark skinned”.

        13. “America is now entering a post-feminist stage. Russia/East Europe is
          simply 40 years ahead of the West in this regard. If you want to know
          the direction the West is headed? Look at the Ukraine/Russia.”
          Yeah riiiiiiiiight!!!!
          There is NO WAY American women are going to become fit and beautiful like Ukrainian women again. Why? Because FAs and BBWs and SSBBWs are a HUGE sub-culture going mainstream here in the USA. If you are unfamiliar with those terms then google them and be forwarned.
          THAT is our future. Not fit, beautiful women.

        14. ” However, this behavior is somewhat of an anomaly in the Orient. Arabs,
          Indians, Persians (Aryans themselves) and Asiatics seem to be impervious
          to feminism. Women over there are decent, natural, maternal and
          virginal upon marriage.”
          And how many Arab, Indian or Persian women do you see marrying non-Arab, non-Indian and non-Persian men?

        15. because it shows you’ve drunk the kool-aid, caved in to demands that you put someone else’s well-being over yours.

        16. did any one of us ASK to be born? then why draw the conclusion that we somehow owe our parents anything? hell i wish my father HAD jerked off instead of making me. would’ve saved me from all you idealistic twats.

        17. oh yeah, nice comeback. and what would i be doing under your bed, pray tell? i have better things to do, thanks.

  12. This article reeks of a beta make desperately pretending to be an alpha. Good luck with that.

    1. sees name: the comment above reeks of a gamma illiterate male trying to be a keyboard alpha, but failing miserably. good luck with that

    1. Jesus she is fucking UGLY. What kind of fucking loser beta would subordinate himself to such an ugly bitch?

        1. Seriously. This chick is hot as fuck. You don’t have to hate EVERY single woman just because they hate you. Stop being a whiny sad loser.

        2. LOL, Joe, you really need to up your standards, if you find that woman attractive.
          If you’re into white women, check out the Ukraine. Those women are quite hot. The chick above would be a 3 or 4 in the Ukraine.

        3. I’m sure every single white woman hates you too. That’s why you spend your life commenting all day on a blog site. How many comments have you posted already? Get a life, tool.

        4. Beta much, joe?
          I remember back when I was a beta, I also had this same passive-aggressive attitude towards my fellow man.

  13. Expecting fidelity with a woman you’re supposed to be in a relationship is ‘entitlement’? It’s called common fucking decency.

    1. Right. But who told you women have “common fucking decency”?
      You’re talking about the sex that commits paternity fraud for Christ’s sake and VOTES for it to be LEGAL in all 50 states and Canadian provinces – which it is!
      That’s why they think expecting a woman to have “common fucking decency” is *entitlement* and they look at you like PFFT WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? – like you are the unreasonable one. Women know themselves better than YOU do.
      To be clear, I’m not challenging you here. I get you. But when it comes to expecting “common fucking decency” from a woman…. however LOW you LOWER the floor of expectation for a woman, you can always count on her to fall BELOW it.

      1. Of course I’m aware of the brutal reality. Even still, I’m in the NAWALT camp who believes that there are still few 1~3% decent women out there. My moral expectation differs from the statistical expectation. Otherwise, the only way for our society’s redemption is through the total collapse of the cancerous Western civilization and the rebirth of patriarchy.

        1. Oh yes indeed Corvus! I’ve been saying this for a while now. The West is beyond any redeeming capacity to be saved by a last crusade against the ungodly forces that have seized it. There will be no Knights Templar this time. The West will have to die a very violent and bloody death. The weight of decades worth of lies will cause society to crumble and there a vacuum will be created for power and in that vacuum is where the new patriarchy must seize the day.

        2. Nonsense. The only thing that will save mankind is the advent of an artificial womb, forever severing the chain attached to the ball keeping us back.
          All the rise of a new “patriarchy” would accomplish would be a repeat of the cycle, men would build and overcome and recreate a world largely free of primal worries ( safety from predators, vast surplus of food, water and luxury goods ) at which time women would, once again, demand their leash be loosened.
          If women cannot stand side by side ( as we know they cannot ) with men we as men must shed our infantile desire to protect and provide for women and leave them behind as nature does through natural selection. It is out only hope for salvation.
          I have no interest in seeing myself and my fellow men return to utiitarian beasts of burden, working themselves to death to provide for her and her brood. Make no mistake, that is exactly what the men before us were.
          What you and many men don’t realize is that feminism didn’t turn women into the degenerates we see today, all it did was allow them to drop the veil. Your great grandmother stuck around with your great grandfather not out of love or loyalty but because she had no choice. All a return to patriarchy would do is force them to temporarily don the veil once more.

        3. “Nonsense. The only thing that will save mankind is the advent of an artificial womb”
          Are you a member of The Venus Project? Why an artificial womb? Why reproduce the human species at all?

      2. Leykis can kiss my ass. Oh wait. Forget I said that. Ian Somerhalder or Bruno Mars can kiss my ass instead. They’re younger, hotter, tighter and both are up for roles in the 50 Shades of Gray movie.
        Google their names and weep that you are not that good looking.

        1. You SURE about that? How sure are you.
          I live and work in Hollywood too, you know.
          Yes really.
          I know it would really bake your noodle if I were good looking, so I will allow you to continue pretending I am a 0 all you like. Whatever makes you feel better. Carry on.

        2. “I will allow you to continue pretending I am a 0 all you like.”
          I don’t think you’re a 0. If you are an American man then you most likely are a 3-5. I was talking about Tom Leykis by the way, not you. If you don’t know who he is, google him and you will see a fat old man with thin, pasty skin pushing 70. I’m sure you can’t possibly look that bad.

        3. Again, it doesn’t matter what you “most likely” think, and it sure as fuck doesn’t matter what Tom Leykis looks like — or how old he his. None of it means he is (or we are) wrong.
          In fact, in this video he openly admits to a female caller that he is a -1 in the looks department…. which really doesn’t matter a damn.

          SHE’s the ugly one. Take your infantile deflections elsewhere. They don’t work. You are POWERLESS.

  14. What do you mean when you say “juice”, as in “all the more incentive to learn game, lift weights, juice, travel, and stack cash”?
    Are you talking like vegetable juice? Apple juice? Or like, steroids?

  15. You know, we should all also remember that our predictions, perceptions and philosophies have developed during the most stable, peaceful time in human history. Feminism is certainly a peacetime philosophy, but we are not a peaceful species. We thrive through competition and dominance- altruism supports that idea wholly. For that reason alone, feminism strikes us as counterintuitive.
    About the only thing we can predict with surety is that the peace won’t last, and when scarcity, want or violence becomes a direct possibility to us on an individual basis, whether through social upheaval, a military draft or whatever, all these peacetime philosophies will become footnotes.
    As an analogy, look at France 10 years ago vs. today. 10 years ago, the French philosophy of tolerance allowed for some derogatory views of American puritanism. Today, Muslims are being denied religious expression under French law. It’s as good example as any that cultures will go from zero to jackboots in 4 seconds or less when under duress… so it will be with feminism the next time we have an upheaval.

    1. “Today, Muslims are being denied religious expression under French law.”
      What?! How are Muslims being denied religious expression under French law?!

  16. Sorry, no. Left to their own devices women would still be living in treetops, having never had the initiative to leave the jungle and find a cave. Men built and invented just about everything that makes human civilization possible. Women owe us big.
    The real problem is their idea of paying us back was to use all the wealth we accumulated to finance a lush welfare state for themselves, while systematically stripping all but a very few rich men of political power and denying men education or employment as anything but cannon fodder.
    And they wonder why men hate them.

    1. sustainability was never the point. the point was more along the lines of ‘ the world is going to shit anyway, might as well enjoy yourself along the way’. not all of us are concerned with what we leave behind once we expire, ya know.

      1. If you are not concerned with what you leave behind, then you are not a man.
        You aren’t anything.
        “If I am only for myself, than what am I?” – Hillel.

        1. oh dang, now you went and ruined my self-esteem..grow up man, i live my life however i see fit and you do the same. insults are childish.

  17. I think people are wasting way too much time thinking about women’s infidelity. While we know how it is, how good can it be when we obsessively try to control female sexuality? There real alfa man has so many women in his life that he actually does not care that much about their cheating and, because of that, his spouse won’t cheat on him.

    1. You have a valid point. If she cheats it is time to dump her, the relationship is irreversibly broken.

      1. Unless you have kids then you are obligated to stay married for their sake. Marriage was created for childrens’ sake, not the sake of adults. Whenever a spouse cheats she or he has transitioned the marriage from a closed one to an open one, which gives the other spouse free range to date other people also. Its only fair and serves to balance the scales and bring harmony and possibly some spice back into the marriage. But under no circumstances should they divorce if they have young children living under their roof. Children need a mother and father together under the same roof. Even if in separate bedrooms. At least live like friends and set a good example for your kids.

        1. i would have thought that the ‘don’t fucking ever get hitched’ part would be implied, but yeah…don’t get married. you get bored of even the best broads.

  18. jesus christ this site has taken a nose dive, somebody get that david guy to crank out another article to save face.
    “Ironically enough, this detachment from nature’s purpose has given us more freedom to act out what nature has always intended. ”
    didn’t you claim to be a biologist? do you even science dipshit? we’re only ~50 years in to reliable contraceptives, but sure, this has always been what nature intended
    these tenants that you’re shitting on definitely had no part in giving you the society you’re a parasite on. i can’t wait until your cousin/sister/future daughter falls into my lap bruh, imma take yer advice and run with it.
    the sad attempts to make yourself look cool in this article that has no point define your vapid life pretty well

    1. actually you’re the ignorant one here.
      “Ironically enough, this detachment from nature’s purpose has given us
      more freedom to act out what nature has always intended. ” -> animals have a strong tendency to fuck whenever they can, since more sexual events equals more offspring, hence the species has a better chance of surviving. us humans have developed means to prohibit conception so as to enjoy all the benefits of screwing without the automatic expectation that you would be getting a present 9 months later. nature pushes animals to fuck as soon as possible and as much as possible, that is what the author meant and it is entirely correct. the fact that you’re trying to be all high and mighty is laughable.

      1. drop the animal bullshit. we’re not rabbits, dogs or even our chimp cousins. consequently, we don’t fuck like them to produce litters.
        have you compared the gestational and developmental periods for a new human life, relative to the rest of our “animal peers”? how about the rates of maternal mortality during childbirth prior to the advent of the modernization of healthcare, let alone that of the offspring?
        man’s success on this earth is due entirely to his ability to abstract his cognitive processes into effective survival mechanisms, not by his ability to mate with everything that moves to produce an abundance of grass-eating offspring. subsequently, all of these years of development should enable him to abstract himself from the basal reptilian impulses shared with his lower-ordered cousins.
        you can liken yourself to an animal all you’d like, i’m sure you’ll make a good work horse for your more advanced peers.

        1. nice try buddy. the fact that we have evolved some superior mechanisms compared with lesser animals does not mean we are no longer to be considered animals. look up how much of our genes are shared with ‘inferior’ animals and you’ll see my point

  19. I never understand the shallow idea that our “nature” is the same as the beasts, and that lots of promiscuity with many slatterns is therefore “what nature intended” for us. This attitude seems to be oblivious to the obvious, leading to the conclusion that the person who holds it is either stupid in the extreme, or is simply looking for an excuse to justify his low, personal standards (and doesn’t mind looking stupid in the process).
    Is it not obvious from looking at man, that his nature is not that of the mere animal? What manatee has ever written a symphony? How many bulls have designed and built a gothic cathedral? Which wombat built the microprocessor? The human being is, *by nature,* vastly higher and more glorious than any brute beast. And as is obvious from the culture in which we live, the attempt to pursue sex “as nature intended it” (i.e., in a way that is obviously inferior to our *true* nature) has had horrific effects upon our nature. The human mind, soul and heart is obviously built to form higher concepts, deeper connections and more subtle and multi-layered kinds of interaction than “penis in vagina 1, penis in vagina 2, penis in vagina 3…. I’m not opposed to game, but I am opposed to being an effeminate man-whore that thinks nailing today’s easy prey is anything like a proof of true manliness.
    An ant, a dog, a dolphin and a man all have their particular natures. As they are all animals, they all share some features; but no dolphin would be behaving naturally if it behaved like anything other than a dolphin. Man is endowed with a rational soul, which at one and the same time means that he has a vastly higher nature, to which he should strive to conform… but because this rational soul has the power to think and to will in ways that run contrary to his nature, he can, by living in a manner that would be natural for lesser creatures (but unnatural for him), degrade himself in ways that no other animal can. The point? Obviously, the widespread tendency of modern people to live like animals in every way, but especially when it comes to sex, has produced the kind of misery and degradation that can only come from a superior being gone horribly wrong. In other words, “nature” didn’t intend for us to hump like rabbits, and that should be clear from the consequences of people living that way: it destroys society, scrambles children, damages men and women. It is precisely and obviously unnatural for man. When a man tries to live like a dog, he is actually living less naturally than a dog, and is worse than the worst animal.

    1. barf. what drivel. this is essentially the same arguments used by jesus-freaks – there’s so much beauty in the world, SOMEONE had to have created it!
      wake up buddy. there is no god and there are no morals. what was considered moral in the past were the things that allowed people to live together – shit like ‘don’t steal’, ‘don’t kill’, etc. morals are born out of UTILITARIAN values and as such are relative to the time and place where you happen to live.
      do not confuse brains for morals. we are primates with big brains, that does not mean we are MORALLY superior. we have a genetic legacy that we have enherited from our animal lineage – hence we have identical impulses to monkeys, we just curtail our ‘baser’ instincts for fear of being shunned in society. your notions are idealistic but in the end dead wrong. tell you what, put down your bible and study some goddamn evolutionary psychology. you jesus-fags make me sick.

      1. Okay, so if there’s no God and no morals, if values are merely utilitarian and our base instincts are only curbed for an irrational fear of being shunned (and presumably a stronger, better person would realize the truth that he should follow his base instincts and reject the irrational fear of being shunned), then:
        What is your beef with feminism? Why can’t they follow their base instincts and reject any shunning?
        Why do you care what I believe, and where do you get your quaint, *moral* idea that pursuing the truth is somehow important or a moral imperative? If you think values should only be embraced on utilitarian grounds, then why not approve of peaceable religion for its utilitarian values? If you think the merely utilitarian nature of values means morality should be rejected, why the hell would you care about what people “should” or “shouldn’t” do? These are moral judgments! Why condemn religion? Why condemn irreligion? Why condemn anything? Factual correctness, in an amoral universe, is a mere state of being. There is nothing “good” or “bad” about it, no question of it being something we “should” or “shouldn’t” want to pursue. Why don’t you put down your shallow, half-baked secularism and study a bit of logic and philosophy?
        But in the end, I didn’t mention God, and for a reason: the reason being that it should be plainly obvious that man is more complex and of a different nature than a chimp (or any other animal). If a chimp’s papa leaves the house, he doesn’t develop a psychological complex that perpetuates that pain upon others for generations. Female chimps don’t sit around and send their rationalization hamsters into overdrive trying to convince themselves that they love exactly the kinds of male chimps that they actually despise. Monkeys don’t deal with the emotional pain and confusion of debating whether an abortion is necessary to preserve their lifestyle, mental and financial stability.
        Animals, living in their natural impulses, are content to lead brief, meaningless existences answering merely to the instinct of life. If men attempted to live that way, not only could we not succeed so well as animals, we would positively destroy ourselves. We are a complex species that needs complexity; we build cathedrals and supercomputers; we form associations and pursue abstract ideas and interests. We explore and discover. We are not like other animals, and the attempt to reduce us to their state as though this were our “true” nature – religion completely aside – is irrational, because it ignores the obvious facts. If people tried to sit around in the woods, squatting and shitting and humping and foraging and sleeping (those are our natural impulses, according to you), we would be miserable, because we would be denying many important facets of our nature. For my part, I think it is more than obvious, religion entirely aside, to say that man *naturally* has more complex impulses than those of other animals, and also has a more complex web of competing interests and drives, that introduce reasons to check the “lower” impulses. These are the values you deride as “utilitarian.” Fine. But if they are useful, why deride them?
        It is an interesting philosophical field, to investigate the genesis of this more complex network of impulses, drives, interests and goals, and what they may mean. But the fact is, that they are part of our nature, and they are not a part of other animals’ nature, even if for merely evolutionary reasons. That’s the point: you speak as though “evolutionary psychology,” if its explanation for the genesis of this complexity proved true, would therefore invalidate the complexity. Obviously it wouldn’t; it would just explain why it is there. The idea that this means we “should” (or “shouldn’t”) therefore reject or embrace the complexity, would bring you back into moral territory, not scientific territory. Thus, trying to live as though they don’t exist, simply because there is an evolutionary theory that could explain them, is an irrational and anti-scientific, anti-empirical attitude.
        I may be a Jesus-freak, but I have an IQ over 155 and plenty of philosophical chops. I find your condescension insulting, not so much because it arrogantly upbraids the religious beliefs you imputed to me, but because you, like feminists and so many modern “thinkers,” spew out your pseudo-intellectual hogwash as though it were brilliant, rational and scientific. It gets wearisome dealing with armies of people like you, who haven’t ever bothered to think things through to their first principles. You believe what you believe for emotional reasons, which was very clear in your post. I don’t doubt you’ve met many unreasonable people of faith. But a Christian with faith and reason beats a man with neither, any day.

  20. The premise of this article of true – women don’t owe us anything. The world doesn’t owe us anything. However, men have previously worked to contribute to their society knowing there were safeguards on their results; a man going to hunt or to war would come back to find his wife, household, assets intact and waiting for him. There is no honor in Western society now – hypergamy unchecked, run amok.
    For honorable men, the solutions are to unplug from the hedonistic culture, create value with your time and abilities, and build your own gang / tribe / community (hat tip to Jack Donovan).
    I find randomly gaming / banging loose women abhorrent. The Ayn Rand quotes relate to principles I hold very dear – whoever you believe is or isn’t pulling the strings “you shall know them by their fruits:” men are powerful when we channel our energies wisely. Our souls blacken and wither when in contact with immoral behavior.
    Whether you call it God, Spirit or any name, we are far more than lumps of flesh and bundles of neurons firings semi-randomly. Develop your discernment, see your masculine energy and seed as the incredible forces for creation they truly are. Temptation is all around us, we constantly run the gauntlet – but we can smile in the face of this knowing because as men we ARE meant to be masters of this world – if we first master our passions.

  21. Is that Samuel Jackson in that pic? Beautiful, smooth, sexy, mocha legs!
    The brunette you pictured is quite lovely too. Is she a celebrity or an ordinary person?
    Men don’t owe women anything either. The only people who really “owe” somebody something are parents of children. It could be said that once grown the children owe a debt to their parents as well, to take care of them in old age like their parents took care of them in childhood. The parent-child bond is therefore the most important.

      1. Mina, thanks for the info but I was referring to the pretty brunette below the first picture, not the blonde in the first photo itself (who I found rather plain). However I did go to that wiki page and Bridgette Fonda is downright unattractive. No lips. Indistinct features that are common to people with her phenotype. I’d rate her a 4.

        1. Watching the trailer now. Pam Grier was like almost 60 when that movie was shot and she looks younger than many 35 year olds in this country.. Black people are lucky. Black don’t crack.

  22. “The disgust we feel from betrayal is something that we can overcome.
    Something we need to overcome. The wool has been pulled over our eyes
    for our entire lives. The accepted life path we are taught by our
    families, our friends, and society is that which maximizes stability.
    Women had incentive to be chaste and man had incentive to work and
    provide for his family. People still fucked other people, but in the
    21st century there is less shame around it.”
    – Cheating is a shame. What’s not a shame is a mutually agreed upon open relationship. People who are not in denial about their polyamorous natures and are honest about it with their partners, who usually share them (water seeks its own level), have my respect.
    “The old model goes against our nature as human beings, as animals.
    Both sexes are now capable of providing for themselves and taking
    autonomy over reproduction. Ironically enough, this detachment from
    nature’s purpose has given us more freedom to act out what nature has
    always intended. Indiscriminate, bestial, raw, sex.”
    – Nature intended pregnancy through sex and monogamy was created to insure the best chance of survival and success for the offspring. The old model does not go against nature but it goes against morals – that is vowing monogamy and then sneaking behind your spouses back to cheat.
    The new model is both natural and moral: Honest Polyamory. In the new model such people can enter into open, honest and mutually agreed upon plural relationships. That way no one gets lied to, betrayed or cheated on.
    “Mother nature is the cruelest bitch out there. She doesn’t give a
    fuck about you. Morality is an invention of man influenced by nature.
    Working together, trust, and the strength shown by integrity and honesty
    help everyone have a better quality of life and a better chance of
    survival. Now that modern day women’s behavior is being fully normalized
    we have no reason not to swim with the current.”
    – As outlined above, there is no need to be immoral and lie, cheat and betray. All you need to do is be honest about your desire for an open marriage/plural relationship/poly lifestyle. There are plenty of men and women out there seeking the same, and the numbers are growing daily.
    There are also plenty of people choosing monogamy as well.
    Take your pick.

    1. The question is: can you raise childeren effecively in an open relationship? I am sure that it is much better than raised by a single parent, but I am not sure if it is better than a monogamy.

      1. “The question is: can you raise childeren effecively in an open relationship?”
        Yes. There are two ways of doing this that I have seen. One is where the outside relationships are kept to a minimum and the children are not exposed to the boyfriends and girlfriends of their parents at all. The key here is minimalization. The parents might be missing one night per month each.
        The other is where the partners of the parents are introduced to the children as friends or even like an extended family. These relationships tend to be a bit more serious or long lasting. Like instead of seeing a different partner every month, the mom and/or dad might have a steady partner they date long term who makes his or her appearance at family dinners. Their kids grow up thinking this is normal and natural.
        That’s the way this couple is doing it;

        1. Seems to be a workable solution. I would give it a try if I would want to have childeren.

        2. Molnar, can you post a photo of yourself looking forward and directly into the camera? My sister is dating an Albanian guy and she has since developed a fetish for EE guys. She likes the ones mixed with Arab genes because she says they are “tall, dark and handsome”. She wants to see what you look like straight on to determine if you qualify. She is interested in the open marriage template. I also think it will be mainstream within a few decades, though jealousy will still be an issue, naturally.

    2. “There are also plenty of people choosing monogamy as well.”
      that’s like saying that if i put my gun to your head and you hand over your wallet, you actually CHOSE to give the wallet to me. it’s bullshit man. most monogamous relationships (married or not) result from female pressure, pussified men and accepting bullshit idealistic white-knight fantasies of family and everlasting bliss.
      no man who truly knows himself and his nature would ever settle down with ANY one woman. you get bored of even the best of women. i mean shit, look at the divorce rates, you really think they would be as sky-high if monogamy would be natural for either gender?

      1. “that’s like saying that if i put my gun to your head and you hand over
        your wallet, you actually CHOSE to give the wallet to me. it’s bullshit
        man. most monogamous relationships (married or not) result from female
        pressure, pussified men and accepting bullshit idealistic white-knight
        fantasies of family and everlasting bliss.”
        BULL! Everyone has the choice to go mono, poly or go it alone. If you are poly and some woman is asking you to commit exclusively to her just tell her that she is free to commit to you if she wants but you are polyamorous. If you are truly polyamorous then you know where to find poly women so its a non-issue.
        Its only an issue for you because you are not poly – you’re scared of it actually.

        1. and how does your argument contradict mine? i never bashed poligamy but rather monogamy.

  23. Title should be “Women don’t owe you anything and so do you”
    99% of women have stripper mentality aka “how to extract the most money/attention for the least amount of pussy”.
    dumb betas paying for everything are the dumbest men alive!

  24. Here’s what I agree with in the article:
    – taking the “stability” model for granted is a recipe for disaster in most cases. the conditions simply are not the same
    – that being the case, a more active, “ruthless” strategy w/ women is advantageous. one has to adapt and adjust
    However, the author’s claims to the effect that the present situation is more “natural” than the previous one sound like a justification or rationalization to me. First it goes in for drawing a sharp division between the “stability” model and the “natural” one, which I don’t quite buy. How many times have we heard that tomorrow has finally arrived and how much better it is than yesterday? Second, the idea of “nature” at play here is close to old-fashioned, nineteenth century humbug from when social Darwinism was the latest fashion. Communism, for example, justified itself on the basis of claims to being objective and scientific – it’s just a convenient rhetorical trick to say that something is natural.
    It simply is in your self-interest to be skeptical and active without drawing conclusions about nature.

  25. It’s like I been saying for years. Not completely original, but…
    “No man ever lost money by assuming the American consumer is stupid, and no man ever had his heart broken by assuming that every woman was a lying, treasonous whore.”

  26. “It is one of the biggest fears of man. From the religious man who waits till marriage to the cold-hearted player: betrayal guts us at the core of our being.”
    You say you hate betrayal, yet you encourage it.
    This is like a man who sees the forest on fire and instead of fighting the fire, he grabs a flamethrower, sprays the forest with fire and then sadly, wistfully laments about how sad it is to see the forest on fire.

  27. I’m 52. I mis-spent my younger years chasing pussy. I alternated between chasing to bang them and chasing them to get love/relationship. None of it was worthwhile in the end. Anything that takes you away from developing yourself and being and experiencing who you are is a waste, imho. Rule #1: be about yourself first. Rule #2: If you let a woman into your sphere, make sure she knows about Rule #1.
    I’m still really good looking and look much younger than I am. And now that I ignore women I have at least 10 women that are basically in love with me. And the more I ignore them the more they want me. I don’t go out anymore, but when I do go to social situations I find that ignoring them or making sure that they know I don’t need them always gets them preening for attention. It’s also amusing to see the married or attached women who try to use me to find out their current “market value”.
    Like somebody else commented here, YOU DON’T OWE WOMEN ANYTHING. Not your love, your attention, your friendship and definitely not your money. If they are able to prove themselves useful and loyal and a friend to you, then you can maybe choose to obligate yourself to giving of yourself to her. But she has to GET that it’s a choice you are making, not an obligation or a need.

  28. There is a next-door type of girl at work who most betas would classify as marriage material.
    She’s in her twenties, clean, cute, loves animals and has a faithful boyfriend….
    Well this girl also likes to have breakfast with a guy coworker, probably lunch too…
    Won’t take time before she sucks his dick…
    THAT”S why the red pill is real and important. No girl plays the rules anymore. Even if she looks and acts like an angel, she will cheat.

  29. She’s a just any other human being. Humans don’t owe anyone anything but for some reason, women think they are entitled, which is stupid.
    “Watch what she does instead of listen to what she says”
    True. Actions speak louder than words.

  30. women owe us everything it’s in their fucking nature. and i’m going to beat them if they refuse and act like they don’t

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