5 Reasons Fat People Are Evil


America continues its glorious descent into the hell that was foretold by our Puritan forefathers. A rapidly increasing piece of the populace threatens the delicate social order of America: fat people. Fat people sometimes go by ‘fatties,’ ‘fatasses’ or ‘gluttons,’ whose putrid and unsightly waistlines will taste the cleansing fires of Hell. Regardless, they highlight some dark and horrific realities about America.

1. Fatties Only Give A Shit About Themselves


Fat people are all self-absorbed assholes. Like an alcoholic, all they care about is the next slice of double stuffed crust pizza cruising down the conveyor belt. Instead of craving the high of drunkenness, they lust for the rush of harmful nutrition.

Woe is he who decides to be a part of a fattie’s life; he will always come second to her desire for the next piece of fried chicken. To them, you don’t have needs, you exist to make sure she gets her Whopper fresh. Sure, she feigns gratitude when you bring her burger and fries, but beware: when the high wears off, she will target you. All that matters to her is constantly eating. They hate Paleo diets and abhor vegetarianism. Their supreme desire to consume their world represents their inability to improve.

2. Fatties Don’t Give A Shit About Their Appearance

Funny-Fat-People (2)

Consider the depressing blog People of Walmart. Walmart isn’t just representative of our mindless consumerist society or the entrenchment of corporations as the ultimate authority figures in America. It also shows how far the average American has fallen. People used to care about their appearance because they cared about society around them and their contribution to it.

No more. Fatties roam the aisles of Walmart, armed with obesity-induced rage, and a wardrobe that reflects a person half their size. Their unwashed ass-cracks hang out at every other free food stand, their cellulite is disgustingly on display in the frozen pizza aisle and their guts hang over the check-out aisle because they are too fucking lazy to self check-out.

3. Fatties Are Often Feminists


Considering how self-absorbed feminists are, it only makes sense for them and fatties to unite. This often takes the form of “fat acceptance,” which is always couched in feminism, which means it is meaningless. It claims people are not responsible for their personal choices, that other people exist to validate them or mollify their self-hatred as it inevitably bubbles up when McDonald’s runs out of nuggets. Their feminism is simple extension—others exist to maintain their personal emotional state. And that state is never your responsibility. It was the gift of fatphobic patriarchy that privileges those who care about themselves over those who want to waste away in a fat-encased shell of a human body.

4. Fatties Smell Horrible


Studies have conclusively proven that fat people are the cause of global warming. In order to understand this mind-blowing epiphany, understand that fatties have a difficult times processing the livestock feed they slip down their gullets. When food hits their intestines, their body has no option but to expel the waste as gas. As such, unbelievable levels of methane and other dangerous gasses are emitted through their distressed and overworked anuses. These released gasses have contributed greatly to man-made global warming.

Even if you don’t believe in global warming, understand that that foul smell you encounter on the streets of America is a direct result of fat people. Since their bodies can’t handle the feed they force into their mouths, they expel offensive and putrid scents. The next time you encounter a foul smell, blame the nearest fatty. Or knock the drumstick out of their hand. Either way, you are doing the Lord’s work.

5. Fatties Are Creepy As Fuck


Face it, fat people are creepy as fuck. Their self-hatred makes you pity them and their poor nutritional understanding makes you feel bad. Fat women are worse. You can see the look in their eyes, the dead look of a person long-past caring about themselves, motivated only by the fleeting, short-term thrills of bingeing on unhealthy foods. They pretend their “curves”—which is really just one, expansive bowling-ball of flesh—are sexy to men. Of course, they refuse to date or have sex with fat men, as those people are disgusting, but men should and need to find them attractive. They creepily stalk men online and in real life, pretending nobody notices their geological impact. Healthy people avert their gaze from the afflicted and proceed without noting their existence. All this blatant self-hatred reeks of an emotional life not lived.

In sum, fat people are evil personified. Their self-possession is borne of self-hatred, and it’s perpetuated by their desire to destroy their bodies with the widest spectrum of unhealthy foods. Don’t try to help them – they want you to worship them or hate them. If you want them to improve, ignore them. They will either slip into depression or lash out violently. Either way, you expose them for who they are: tyrants with a chili dog in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other.

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236 thoughts on “5 Reasons Fat People Are Evil”

  1. Dear 2Wyked, I am worried about your soul. It is clear to me by your chosen moniker and this hate-filled article that Satan has truly wrapped his hands around your heart. Please accept the Lord, Jesus Christ into your life, it is your only hope of being saved.
    God bless.

    1. Oh stuff it. God himself opposes these fatties’ gluttony.
      Like Moses would have tolerated all theses fatty cakes walking around.

      1. How can God be all loving/accepting if that very same god hates someone for unreasonable reasons?

        1. True, but you are only feeding a hamster. Seduce them (sometimes platonically) or crush them or ignore them. Otherwise, you invest your emotional energy and feed yourself to the hamster. No way hamster zombies should thrive at the expense of rational men.

        2. I understand the hatred you feel in your hearts. One time in my life I too was lost and confused, I was taking drugs, sleeping with random women, stealing but none of it filled that hole inside me. Then one day god spoke to me and told me that I have a higher purpose, so I gave up all my vices and now live a happy and contented life. When you have god in your hearts you will see that shaming people who are different to you hurts you more than them.
          God bless,

        3. You understand nothing. You are a mental invalid who needs a frame imposed from upon high. You are afraid or unable to think for yourself. Sheeple are parasites. Your ilk is always trying to convert and subsume any and all people regardless of their qualities, better or worse. You are the lowest common denominator defining the race downward. I wish you well in trying but without me. Of course, parasites don’t live and let live. I understand the cowardice you have in your heart, sorta.

        4. The night is always darkest before the dawn, my son. I understand your hurt and confusion, Satan clouds his victim’s minds with his filth and hate. Understand, I am not here to hurt you but to bring you into the light. I don’t want your soul to burn in hell for eternity. You must learn to love all of God’s children, young or old, big or small, only then will you be blessed with the light within and be able to ascend to the heavens when your time has come.
          God bless,

        5. I don’t know. You can ask him. I’m just going by the incoherent shit he said.
          He hates a lot of folks.
          I don’t know what his beef is. I agree with him on the fatties though.

        6. Man I said the same shit along with 10,000,000 other people.
          Whatever your religious beliefs are, fine.
          Why don’t you spare us your deflection and go preach to some feminists to submit to their husbands.
          When I see that miracle I just might change my heathen ways.

        7. No effect? God is all powerful. If you don’t accept him you will burn in hell and I’ll be in heaven watching on with a smile on my face. Why would I be smiling? Because I’ll be in eternal bliss. I’ll be able to say I told you so. I’ll be happy and you’ll be in eternal pain.
          No effect, yeah right.
          God bless,

        8. Everyone, a big round of applause for fear-mongering St. Peter the Chode, easy enough mnemonic, who want everyone to live and think like him for validation. The psycho goes bully when the pure love pick-up fails. These weak-minded pussies improve their lives in the least bit by avoiding drugs or whatever with religiousity and they think they have all the answers. Will a monitor delete the feckless zealotry? Let the parasitic mental sodomizer start a religious blog no one cares about.

      2. Gluttony as a sin has nothing to do with eating or being fat. A good example of gluttony is being rich and buying 20 cars.

  2. 6. Fatties are a stain on the environment. They use too much soap and more harmful chemicals are released into lakes, rivers, and streams. They also take longer showers and use up too much water. Think about how much water and detergent a car uses. You get the idea. They gorge themselves stupid eating everything in sight and help exhaust the Earth’s resources. It costs twice as must to feed these walking tubs of donut batter than it does for someone who takes care of themselves. Plus, when they fart they release more methane gas which helps contribute to global warming.

  3. Hit that point about global warming more. Use the SWPL hippie shit against them (I do believe we should take steps to curtail man-made emissions as a matter of prudence, but the way the serious greenies always try to guilt-trip you is obnoxious).
    Want a fat story? About a month ago, my boss and I were eating lunch. We saw the most overweight woman I’d seen in some long time. I’m talking so overweight her ass was hanging over her side. She was carrying a HUGE shitty drink yet found the time to come in and order a greasy meal. We were both repulsed and made *GASP* fat jokes.
    Yes, some people just have bad genetics or legitimate health problems. Most don’t. Even with the above there’s no excuse for being that overweight, ever.
    And now these people are demanding we coddle them? Nope. I don’t intend to ‘bully,’ I simply intend to say ‘NO.’

  4. Come-on guys, lay off with the fat shaming already.
    I only get irritated at fatties when they deliberately put themselves between my “male gaze” and some hottie.
    Or when they seem to expand to fill some hallway when I am trying to pass.
    Or when they “tong-block” me at the salad bar.

    1. Yep, Monday can’t come soon enough.
      I wanna read pick up tips, embarrassing stories of pick up fails, sex tips and embarrassing stories of sex fails. Actually, has anyone noticed the distinct lack of sex tips on this site? Makes one wonder…

        1. But I wasn’t. It gets kinda tiring hearing the same old shit over and over. I mean, how many times do we need to be told feminists are cunts and that fat people should be exterminated?
          BTW. those things you got are wrong, one goes before the sentence and one goes after .

      1. “sex tips” ?? You are clearly a chick. You’ve been trolling ROK for a week now; your attempts to pose as a male commenter are try-hard and obvious. Go away.

        1. Wow, talk about boy cry wolf. I’m a guy, dude. Always have been. Suppose it’s my own fault got you all double guessing my posts. But when I troll I troll to make fatties, lesbians and cunts look bad, so how would that “clearly” make me a chick. I’ll let you dwell on that.

        2. Your writing style is obviously that of a woman pretending to be a man. Not to mention that you are qualifying yourself to me like a chick would do, and you’re only passively defending yourself against accusations against your manhood. So, clearly a chick.
          If you were really a man that enjoys trolling, you would have responded with “fuck you faggot.” and not the whole “boy cry wolf” charade.
          Don’t forget that men are smarter than you, so you’ll have to try harder if you want to trick us.

        3. Haha. Dude… go get laid or something, you need to chill out. I don’t know, maybe watch some My Little Pony and lay off the conspiracy documentaries.

        4. Come on, did you even read the troll posts? There’s no way a feminist or fatty would sabotage themselves like that. It seriously doesn’t take a genius to work out those posts were NOT written by a feminist.

        5. Yea ur def a girl, you know how i can tell ? Only girls use the lack about talking about them as a indicator of homosexuality. Guys use weakness and a bitch attitude/personality to indicate another guys homosexuality.

  5. I swear to God (and I’m not into supernatural politics even) I can’t take any more of these pictures. That Doritos lovin’ femist at the top, I’m anchoring the feeling of nausia on her. And I thought Ross Jeffries’ stuff was only close but not quite right. NLP repulsion works just fine, so I must reconsider. Then there is the new talent that objectively is worse. Could we have a #hotbabeskudos week? This is a matter of therapy and health recovery. Any non-bitch (you know what I mean, as women go) babes worthy of any kudos, and go liberal on the pictures, please, I swear to Gawww-dah.

    1. I see some hope in you, Reality Doug, you use your words fleetingly and yet, notice how you are asking God for this reign of hatred to end? Come, my son, open your heart to Jesus, he will take the pain away. I will pray for you.
      God bless,

      1. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits in the name of the one true gawd not your gawd. May you worry about everyone’s soul for eternity. May your choad forever be just short of pleasing penetration and masculine fulfillment. How empty you are to obsess over me. I own you, bitch. There will alway be men who disagree with your values simply by being rational and independent. We Own You, Bitch! And I would not keep you around for the cost of a crumb. Neither will a patriarchy, not the NWO and not us. Go do missionary work in the Middle East and get what you deserve.

  6. Look up the stats on Amazonian deforestation by the fast-food industry. Fatties are toxic to the entire biosphere.
    Also, Lindy West looks like a fucking retard in every picture. Wonder why that is.

  7. This site is fucking retarded now. Roosh you let it get out of hand. You have fucking nut jobs writing these entries. Ive met many nice fat people who would feel very hurt to read this. This is coming from a fit guy btw. Seriously guys…this negative evil shit needs to stop. People are linking sites blaming jews for things and now saying all fat people are evil. This whole ROK community is looking like the Nazi party.

    1. >negative evil shit
      It’s called being a realist. That’s what it means by the phrase “Truth hurts.”

      1. the truth is not all fat people are evil and people like you are the same kind of people that let 6 million jews be slaughtered because they fell for the propaganda.

        1. Schizophrenia is one of the symptoms of a soul that is posessed by Satan. You must speak to a priest immediately.
          God bless,

        2. God damn. New some reference to Hitkwr would come up sooner or later.
          Look, no fatties will ever be up in some kind of concentration camp and you know it.
          Is it that fucking hard to eat a motherfucking salad?

        3. Schizophrenia is a mental problem located in a person’s brain. Just like depression, anxiety, paranoia etc. If someone has a mental illness, please direct them to a doctor or to a psychiatrist and then to the religion’s word spreader. As a person who has over come a mental illness, this is a recommendation. I have had paranoia, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and a lot of self-hate and a professional doctor has helped me to over come paranoia and suicidal thoughts. Have a nice day with new knowledge.

        4. “Let” 6 million Jews be slaughtered? First of all it was closer to only 1-2 million Jews according to every accurate modern accounting. Every Holocaust memorial has even had to alter the numbers on all their plaques to reflect this. Second, how come Jews couldnt just fight for themselves? Why do they always need gentiles to spend their lives and money saving them from the consequences of their own actions?

        5. A lot of short-term anxiety and depression can be overcome, but conditions such as Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and other forms of psychosis, sadly, are permanent since they tend to involve a chemical imbalance or brain damage of some sort. I’m of the mind that in cases of morbid obesity there is an underlying mental illness. Sure, we all like to make fat jokes for shits n’ giggles, it’s just so much easier than tainting one’s mind with the understanding of mental anguish and sickness.

        6. It’s not that people make fat jokes or make comments about fat people for shits and giggles

        7. Mostly because they were out manned and outgunned? Also they were being killed for a stupid reason. We should of let them die is what your suggesting?

        8. OMG. That’s a little brutal. Most people sound very young. Believe me, you get a certain age and just glad someone has their real teeth, some hair (or not LOL), and maybe a job or a little money. This works for fat or thin. For now, ya’ll are probably superficial and young as the young really are.

        9. A lot of the reason Jews couldn’t fight for themselves was gun control. Only the state had guns. This is a reason for the United States to respect the second amendment.

      2. I swear ROK is gonna start proposing concentration camps for fat people. Tread lightly with this hate people. It can lead to more harm than good very quickly.

        1. They would survive for a long, long time in those camps. They have them in real life. They’re called “fat farms.”

      1. I work with a fat guy who is very polite, treats everyone with respect, and brings in tons of food for everyone to eat. he may be fat, but hes spreading the love. that isnt evil to me. santa is jolly.

        1. Dude, fat males are nice people, and this is coming from a dude rocking a six-pack. Now fat women on the other hand are ultra superficial and terrible to look at plus unlike for male, a fat women directly reflects her personality.

        2. Most of the fat people I have met are evil and that’s from my personal experience. However I am considered underweight like less than 100 IBS and don’t eat that much. And I despise evil fat people and leave the good ones alone.

        3. A fat women’s worth is equivalent to a broke homeless man’s worth.
          It is very true all the time. For a fat woman to have value, she has to lose weight. I mean men just don’t go for women for what they have, but rather how feminine they are and slim they are and the health of the women.
          If am an goes for a fat women, it is because he is beta, weak or has no options. You get a very small percentage of men out there who are chubby chasers.

        4. To some men, thin is seen as being less feminine than fat. In case you’ve noticed, fatter women tend to have more curves than thinner women. And for some men, curves are seen as feminine and attractive rather than thin woman that probably lacks breast and/or hips.

        5. Curves and fat rolls are two different things. Those men that have fat fetish are also men who have low self worth to the point where they believe the best they can get is a fattie.

        6. Taking your curves theory to motors ports and with NASCAR being the big money maker as far a putting people in the stands as far as popularity is concerned. A then there is NH followed by FL r alleys and such. Well stock car racing has one curve and it’s fan base is what it is. Then you have drag racing which doesn’t have any curves at all. Which leaves grand prix, rally racing and the rest with all the curves. Yet which of these sports have the most beautiful fan base as a whole. Just putting curves in perspective and wondering if they are relevant.

        7. I think curves are different to everyone. I think Kim Kardashian is curvy but I just saw a magazine cover with red arrows pointing to different parts of body to label her fat.

        8. Kim hit the wall, and is married. And thus uses her fame and marriage as an excuse to get fat.
          Younger Kim had curves….the good kind, not the flabby kind.

        9. Hahaha so a women’s worth is only proportionate to how much she pleases the male gaze? A woman offers nothing else? Wow.

        10. Well western women offer nothing else except for looks and sex value . Western women lack femininity, respect and feminine charm that EE and SEA women possess.

        11. well she is getting fat and hitting the wall…her looks are deteriorating . she is not curvy by any means.

        12. You serious?Just because fat women are not fat men does not mean anything different just because we have a vagina and boobs should not mean we should get treated differently.Now I would like to finish off with 2 words.Sexist bitch.

        13. That is not true at all.Would you like it if I said men offer nothing but looks and sex value.No you probably would not.Western girls can serve much more than looks and sex value.We are really smart,we can play tons of sports.We have respect and feminine charm you are just too shallow to know this.

        14. Almost all all the hideous things Ive heard of late, told to me- are done by very fat people. But almost everyone is fat now.

        15. So true. There’s a retired Marine that lives across from my house that is a chubby chaser. Good looking, fit man too. I can only assume his mother was obese or she loves anal.

        16. “we can play tons of sports”..
          Um. When was the last time you saw a fat chic play sports other than competitive eating?

        17. That’s because 99.9% of the women in this world will get laid. Guys are that horny. Even the ugliest beast of a woman get laid after a bottle of Jack. Just walk into a local Wal-Mart to see the cattle with their kids.

        18. Not true. A person’s worth is not equivalent to how he or she looks or have. We are all humans. We are all worth the same.

    2. What if the unpleasant reality you describe is, in fact, reality? Stereotypes evolved out of observations. If a group regularly gets blamed for something, odds are there is some truth buried somewhere. There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Also there is a difference between “lifer” fatties (usually evil) and the kind of people who lived normal lives but got fat later (usually OK). Most of what’s been written here describes “lifer” fatties, who expect the world to bend to their perverse worldview.

      1. Please relate “stereotypes evolved out of observations” to black people. I’m sure it will make just as much sense and be hilarious.

    3. Buddy, hate is an integral part of being male. Just hate things worth hating. No one here seriously believes every fat person is evil or should be thrown into a pit, you know that.

    4. “Ive met many nice fat people who would feel very hurt to read this.”
      Easy, STOP. BEING. FAT.
      If you really cared about them at all, you would not want them to be fat.

      1. Why? Why does it matter? If his friends want to be fat, That’s their call to make. Do you often go into your friends lives and tell them you know better?

        1. Well, if they are fat they shouldn´t bitch that others find it disgusting.
          Oh and their health are ruined.

        2. Of course they should. Are you saying you can’t be friends with someone who is fat? What if they are friendly, fun, engaging? Don’t you think you sound superficial?
          Also not Really. It would depend on a number of factors. Read a book.

        3. Yes because being fat leads to instant death. Your not very bright are you?
          If a friend of mine is fat that is their call. What right so I have to tell them how to live?

        4. no you’re just an idiot Ted who cannot face facts. Probably you are a useless fat fuck.

      2. You can not just “Stop being fat” it would take a lot of hard work,exercise,and a strict diet.So you can not just stop being fat.

  8. I really wish i could see what these “fat shamers” look like. Probably a bunch of skinny fat non-lifters who got rejected by whales. Can’t imagine a jacked aesthetic brah being so bitter about their very existence.
    Plus the humor on this site … fucking painful to read ! So try hard … i can imagine guys like 2wycked running around in a bar tryina hit hoes with jokes and getting blank stares !
    0/10 article …. please delete !

    1. Let’s end the charade, you have asked for multiple photos of my body – you want me to send you a dick pic?

      1. That’d be pretty cool ! Wouldn’t that require a cam with superzoom lens though ?

        1. Oh hey, a feminist troll uses Feminist Trope #17:
          “You hate womynz because you have a small dick!!!!”
          How original….

  9. i get that fat people are cunts and that feminists suck but please stop with all of this hate speech it gets A BIT repetitive and annoying. I don’t think that people come here to hear all of this shit about fat people, I think we come here to read funny interesting articles not this hate speech

      1. I’m fat. Six foot, two fifty seven. Down from two sixty seven. Been a problem all my life. When I was in the sixth grade I can remember going from skinny to fat, and I stayed that way until 11th grade, when I lost weight. Kept it off for six years, then gained it back. I’m positive that all of it was self medicating for depression. I could have picked booze, tobacco… I picked food. I just started thinking this way a few months ago; now the weight is coming off. I wonder how much damage I’ve done to my body?
        Calling me evil doesn’t make a lot of sense.
        I remember guys like you in high school; guys who went out of your way to shame people. Most of you tended to back down quickly. Sometimes you didn’t.
        A man worthy of respect wouldn’t write an article like this.

        1. You sound like a beta male. You obviously do not understand female nature or what women need or what civililzed men need. Ten pounds or almost 4%. That’s about twice a good dump. I am so sick of ‘respect’ being the PC default. Bullshit! Misplaced respect is the problem.

        2. I think that I am naturally a beta male. Websites like this have given me some very usable techniques which have enabled me to advance socially, to show leadership and to achieve a great deal of personal satisfaction, for which I am very thankful. This includes “what women need.” That’s been great. That said, for a group of men who ostensibly value Western culture some of you seem oblivious to classical Western virtues.
          Judging by your reply I suspect that I wouldn’t value your respect. You can keep it.

        3. I recognize the value I have gained from this site. I wish that some of the authors on this site spent less time working up simple ad-hominem attacks on straw men. It’s degrading. Care about it or don’t.

      1. You should write a letter to god first, denouncing Satan. I will pray for your soul until then.
        God bless,

        1. I notice you *still* haven’t responded to preaching to wives about submitting to their husbands.
          You want to teach the Bible? Then teach the whole thing jackass. Not just the 1960s Vatican II hippy-dippy feel-good parts.

    1. Demanding more from women u. Society isn’t “hate speech.”
      This is a necessary effort to reintroduce an anti- fat attitude into the culture.

      1. Don’t know what happened to eat my post there. Maybe that one guy’s fat acceptance deity got a hold of it and put it in a hoagie.

        1. Satanic rituals should not be laughed at, they are dangerous. Do not under any circumstance let Satan into your lives. Let god in instead. Read the bible. Pray. Your lives can be saved.
          God bless,

        2. I’ve looked at your other posts on the thread and your finger-wagging at 2wycked for this article. It’s moralizing libtards like you who make Christianity look like a joke. Shut up already.

    2. I’d be careful about expanding the definition of “hate speech.” One day you’ll wake up to find your own thoughts and ideas banned. It’s fine when it’s the other guy; not so good when you become the enemy.

  10. “Fatties Only Give A Shit About Themselves.” To put it another way — if someone doesn’t care about themselves, they sure won’t care about you. I’d also like to add a #6: Fatties are bullies. Most of the bullies I’ve had to deal with have been fat pigs. My ex had a fat female boss who bullied her into massive stress, and eventually, disability. Stay away from fat fucks. I’m serious.

    1. 68 percent of American adults are overweight or obese. 35 percent are obese. The majority of the people you encounter are fat. Some aren’t nice. Some are. Either way your correlation doesn’t indicate causation. It’s like asserting that people with thumbs are assholes. Well, most assholes have thumbs, but not everybody with thumbs is an asshole.

  11. The “fat shaming” is in many ways misdirected.
    Let me give my view:
    * You being fat means everyone else has to pay for your health problems – you are trying to become diabetic, have heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, cancer, and everything else. Just like a gay male who wants to have a thousand anonymous contacts and gets HIV, HBV, Shigella, Ghonorreah, Syphillis, herpes and other diseases and expects me to pay to fix it so he can continue. I shouldn’t have to pay for Lust, but neither Gluttony and Sloth.
    * There are diets that work – try atkins, paleo, primal, or other low-carb high-fat diet, but it does mean you have to give up the sugar addiction. Find a diet that works and you can live with. Maybe you can go vegetarian or vegan (especially if you’re a feminist). But either food controls your consumption or you control the food. Do bariatric surgery if necessary.
    * You aren’t beautiful and will be less so when you need parts cut off when you get diabetes, or when you have a stroke and one side droops. You aren’t “nice” if you can’t exercise self-control even if your personality is pleasant. If you were good you wouldn’t be committing slow-motion suicide.

      1. If you want to read about all the harm done to society by fatties, there are 1000’s of articles elsewhere (and even on RoK) on that exact topic.
        So if you can’t handle the truths of this article, get out of here and go read one of those.

        1. Can’t handle the truths? The author doesn’t decry fat people for harming society… He calls us “evil.” This is a wildly hyperbolic assertion backed by a very flimsy set of baseless claims. You seem to imply that I can’t accept the “truth” of this article because I am… What, not man enough? There simply isn’t any truth here to accept, and it’s obvious to any thinking person.
          No, I won’t get out of here. Come back to me with a rational argument and let’s duke it out like gentlemen. I enjoy this.

    1. Nice is used here to mean “considerate.” Self-destructive people routinely show consideration for others, though your point about tax dollars is well taken.

  12. Just wanted to add to the growing consensus that RoK is posting increasingly terrible content. I dare say most of us are here for game and pickup content, not this bitter tirade against anybody who doesn’t idealise our chosen lifestyle. Sure, I look down on fat people a little. Would I pour abuse on them and consign them to a life of misery? No, and I certainly don’t want game advice from someone so full of hate and loathing and scorn. Right now, this site is looking like the personal project of some geeky kid who got bullied at school and has decided to bully others in return to make himself feel better.

    1. “I dare say most of us are here for game and pickup content”
      While I have some considerable empathy for your general point, I would note that that is what the Roosh V site is for. This one exists specifically to do something different.
      A man does not become King by his high notch count. The King achieves a high notch count because he is King.

  13. I hope a fat chick crawls into all of your beds at night and bites your tiny steroid-filled dicks like a twinkies. You guys don’t have much a brain much less a dick to keep any woman, fat or skinny around.

    1. I have long feared the elusive fat chick biting my cream-filled dick. I don’t have the brain to deal with it – I blame the patriarchy.

    2. Hmmm…. feminist troll:
      1. complains about discussion of fat women
      2. hope for a punishment of “fat chicks” on the writers & commenters
      Nice use of hypocritical imagery to shame fat women!
      Feminist logic FTW…

      1. See, THIS is a proper, manly retort. Wishing plagues of locusts on people is great fun to write and to read, but THIS is how a thinking man ought to deal with an opponent.

  14. girl in #3 goes to my school.. coincidentally, she is quite representative of the feminist student body at said university… not to mention that there are way too many overweight/obese people on campus.. quite distracting if you ask me..

  15. So the fact I’m 260 lbs. means I’m evil? I only eat once a day because I work so much that I can’t eat more than that many times, often only a miniscule meal, so that I have time to sleep and go back to working for 16 hrs. a day asphalting and other manual labor that requires the ability to constantly lift items that weigh upwards of 70 lbs.

  16. I think we should promote HEALTH in this country. Not hating on people with weight problems, and NOT encouraging eating disorders. Both are unhealthy, but making someone feel bad about it and hating on someone, and “fat shaming” makes it worse, and doesn’t help the obesity epidemic at all. I feel so sorry for whoever wrote this that they are so insecure with themselves that they can bash on someone else without any remorse. Everybody has problems, NO ONE is perfect, and being HEALTHY is the most important thing. PLUS, getting people to be healthy is done with positive motivation and support, not making fun of someone and bashing their body. What is that going to do?

  17. This is fucking evil. Thanks for telling people that they are 100% opposite of normal because of their body type. It will help. No, just kidding, go to hell.

  18. Thank God I can finally come out of the closet and be free!! I’ve been trying to hide what a selfish bitch I am and now I can just be as outwardly selfish and bitchy as I want to be. I mean, I’ve tried to be as attractive as possible so you guys will think it’s okay for me to keep living, but the facade is slowly fading and soon I won’t even be able to get that mascara want to my eyelashes because OMG! DONUTS!. I’m so glad I have my husband’s balls in a glass jar (’cause, you know, feminism steals balls) so he’s not afraid to cross me. I mean, I’m pretty creepy because I’m so fat, so he’s totally afraid not to want to fuck me or to call me out for being so smelly. This article has changed my life and allowed me to be me. Thanks for the help and insight.

    1. Your closet must have double doors. Lol. Behind the sardonic attempt is admission that you don’t have a real answer. You wish anyone cares.

      1. I have no clue what this means. Don’t MOST clothes closets have double doors? I mean, at least in modern houses? I’m not sure what the weight limit is between selfish/not selfish and smelly/not smelly and cares about their appearance/not cares about their appearance, but I so thank God you guys are here to educate the public on the terribles I impose on society.

        1. No, not all closets have double doors. You mentioned coming out of the closet so you don’t have a clue? lol. Selfishness is the cause and not the other way around. Bad attitude is the the problem. Thinking you have no control of it means the lesson is not learned. There is a element of truth in all of this. Otherwise why would there be people responding with this “thanks”.

  19. Hey you can substitute “fatties” with “whittie” and the rules still apply. Leave it to whites to keep categorizing people into other groups. Thanks for the list hitler.

  20. Fat people are not the only people eating at McDonald’s. Nice try blaming them for the destruction of the world’s forests. Saying any part of this hatred is the Lord’s work is a wicked statement and you will be judged for the people who you convince that these things you’ve written are true. Much of the world’s people who hate any group of people this much usually have major insecurities that they never deal with manifesting in hatred and gross ignorance.

  21. You guys are dinosaurs engaged in an act of collective madness. You have chosen the most cowardly and dangerous ways in which to expose your own insecurities, and have found a community of similarly abusive people to justify your atrocious world views. You have no choice but to post using pseudonyms, because discovery of your identities would be an insufferable lifting of the veil that covers your hideous character. It is sad, you should be deeply ashamed. This might be the most disgusting site I have ever seen. I thought it was a joke.

  22. Those people aren’t disgusting, the author of this piece of trash is. You must be seriously insecure if you spend your time verbally abusing people, who oftentimes are genetically incapable of fitting the ideal image you have of women and men. Seriously, I really pity you for being filled with so much contempt. Why don’t you use that energy to reevaluate your own life..

    1. “verbally abusing people, who oftentimes are genetically incapable”
      nope, stop right there… don’t feed me your, fat people are genetically flawed skinny people are just born that way bs

      1. Why does someone else’s appearance matter to you? Are you dating them? Get over yourself…

    1. I have the same problem, constantly on this website. Well… at least we’ve found proof that Nature has a sense of humour.

  23. Stupidest article ever. Actually, let me rephrase that– stupidest site ever, and this is coming from a girl who is a size 4. You all are a bunch of negative, close-minded LOSERS. Stop being so judgemental and shallow, and accept people for who they are! People come in all shapes and sizes as you clearly know, but it doesn’t make them evil. Open you’re eyes and change your view on things.

  24. “Studies have conclusively proven that fat people are the cause of global warming.”
    This is the best laugh I’ve had in a while. Seriously, fucking hilarious. How about you provide some links to these “studies” to back that claim up? I could use more laughter in my life.

  25. I’m sure that a ‘fat’ person has more intelligence in their little finger than you do in your entire shallow, worthless body. Make me happy. Go chew a rock.

  26. Obesity is a growing problem in America today, this is especially confusing because we are also the most preoccupied with our appearances than we have ever been. This does not match up at all. The problem is the food that we eat is more processed and worse for us than it has ever been. Even so called “diet” foods. Many diets call for majorly cutting calories which causes the body to go into starvation mode. Of course overweight people stay that way, the fad diets and weight loss pills do not work properly and that is very discouraging. To succeed at weight loss and truly become healthy, it requires a lifestyle change that goes against what is “normal” and available to us Americans. Some people are more genetically more prone to being overweight, and the way we eat as Americans will exacerbate that. There is a choice, but many of these habits stem from childhood. Look to the root of the problem, have you ever thought that the impossible beauty standard and the judgement of others will most certainly result in low self confidence which then results into the negative personality traits described mixed with failed attempts at diets that will not work and will naturally cause people to eventually give up. Promoting real healthy habits and compassion is the best way to end this problem, not “fat shaming”

  27. it’s a joke sit innit? i mean you can’t be this stupid, really. A 45 retarded with a computer, blimey.

  28. this is great, a fat shit should be called a fat shit, finally, a blogger who tells it like it is

  29. Fuck you. Fuck you and everyone that gets to think like this. This whole site makes me sick. And yes, you bunch of idiots, I am a guy and a Christian and you make me feel ashamed of being so, when people that claim to believe in the same God as I do come around with this disgusting crap.
    So fuck you.

  30. how could you even say that? You don’t even know those people.I’ve met a lot of fat people and most of them were nice. If you were fat and you saw this I wonder how you would feel

  31. Being fat myself, I’d say not all people can be generalized like that. I don’t sit there all day munching, I actually try and get off my ass and do something about it. I don’t only give a shit about me, I do care about my appearance, I am a woman and not a feminist. (Yes, I think women are actually taken this feminist thing out of hand. ) I can’t say if all fat people stink and I sure as hell am not evil. This post may be true for some people but it cannot represent the whole fat population.

  32. To the dumbass writing this,
    1. Global Warming is a hoax.
    2. You are making a generalization about all fat people by calling them feminists, selfish, smelly, creepy, etc. Some fat people want to lose weight and sometimes, being fat is a predisposition or hormonal imbalance in some people.
    3. Get a fucking life! You are just as bad as those radical feminists hating on men!
    An Annoyed Reader

  33. You really are a hateful, batshit crazy person. Especially towards women. I hear Prozac does wonders.

  34. You men disgust me with this double standard, acting like there’s such a
    difference between fat women and fat men. It’s sexist and
    you’re probably gonna be alone for the rest of your lives because women
    are getting sick of putting up with it and seconds away from forming
    another Island of Lesbos. If you think about it, now is the best time
    with gay rights and the vast majority of dildos bigger than your dicks
    will ever be… But, no, that would all be unfair to the respectful guys
    posting on here who are also sick of the bigotry.
    I don’t believe
    this argument that women will be loved more when they lose weight. I
    think you already hate women (or are just super arrogant, it’s usually
    the latter) and the idea of fat ones just makes you more mad because
    they no longer ‘look good for you.’ Hell, I’ve heard guys with model
    girlfriends complain that she orders a salad because it costs him more,
    but he also expects her to stay skinny. This is controlling
    whether you believe it or not and the stress often contributes to weight gain
    whether it be compulsive-eating or gaining weight to spite you. Or she’ll just develop anorexia and die–either way you’ll probably call her a
    Furthermore, fatness in men and women is a choice, disease,
    and in sad cases, a defense mechanism to deal with child sexual abuse
    or incest. If it’s a choice, just shut up and let people do what they
    wanna do because you can’t force people to change anyway. Just like how
    we can’t change your angry hate-filled mind.
    If it’s a disease like
    hypothyroidism or even weight gain from a pill (like those needed for
    bipolar disorder or pregnancy prevention) then shut the fuck up and let
    people deal with their illness without making them feel worse then they
    already do. And the same goes for the victims of sexual abuse. You’ll
    never know what it’s like to either not be able to eat because you’re
    disgusted with your body or feeling the need to over-eat to be
    unattractive to your abuser. You’ll never have to worry about developing
    a fetish where you want to make your partner so fat they can’t
    walk, when in reality you just want a normal relationship. You’ll never
    understand that, so just open mouth, insert foot.
    Besides, fat doesn’t make people ugly, hatred does! Just look at Michael Dunn’s racist ass.

  35. Fat people are just as bad as other minorities. They feel entitled to their disgusting actions and attitudes and then think I have the problem when I call them out on their laziness. It’s all about gibs me dat. The only thing I’m going to give you is to slap the fork out of your fat paw because you lack the self-discipline to do it. Fat people are scum!

  36. Seriously though I live with someone who weighs over 500lbs and the first part of this article totally killed it they are addicts and are very selfish without even seeing it and they get VERY hostile and mean when things dont go their way. Dont get me wrong I am overweight, about 190, but I only eat one meal a day that is usually salad if there is any left and can seem to starve myself thin so I will probably die serving food to the other half before that happens. FML

  37. I’m a little overweight. I’m a female, I care about everyone, I care how I look, I a little bit feminist, I smell fine, but a little creepy in a fun way. So, either hate overweight people or your just heartless. 🙁

  38. Umm… I’m pretty big (not that^^^ kind of big) but still considered ‘fat’. I don’t do any of those things.
    1) I try to keep a healthy meal every day
    2)I do care about my appearance. That is why I am on a diet.
    3)I do believe women have rights (I don’t really understand this one)
    4)I don’t stink. I take showers on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, And Thursday’s. (Depending on what I do)
    5) How the fuck are ‘fat’ people ‘creepy’? That picture was just taken at the right (wrong?) moment. So to me I find this Humiliating, inaccurate, and just straight on fucked up. I bet the person that wrote this is a skinny bitch…

  39. excuse me…
    1) I don’t care only about my self i love my family and friends. Personally I feel like skinny people only care about themselves. They only cares bout looks.

  40. This is so pathetically child like. What is fat anyway? MY BMI (a bullshit number) is high but I can do pushups by the dozens and bench nearly double my weight. I’m also officially old. I was hoping for something better here but if this is any indication then in your own way you are just as PC as the MSM.

  41. fuck these guys this is bullshit i have many very friendly friends who are fat

  42. dude shaming fat people will do is make them sad so they’ll eat more so you’re sorta digging your own grave

  43. I’m 51 and in my best shape ever bcz I work hard at it. Bike ride and walk every day and eat healthy foods. I love hitting on younger women 1/2 my age, that’s my biggest turn on. I’m working on my arms and trying to trim my waist. When I see fat obese people who suck down sodas and eat junk food every day, it sickens me. I feel like puking. I don’t feel sorry for them one damn bit.

  44. Oh my fucking god. Have you no shame? THEY ARE THE SAME AS ANYONE. Like…omfg. I just can’t. Looks. Don’t. Fucking. Matter. Take it as is, or fuck off.

  45. If you have nothing going for you but being thin, it’s understandable you would skewer people for being fat.

  46. Let me play the devil’s advocate here and simply say that I think this is the best thing I’ve read this week and possibly ever. Ever. I should frame this on the wall in my home gym as motivation to not get fucking lazy.

  47. I thought I’d respond, as a fat girl, to some of the stuff you posted.
    “Fat people are all self-absorbed assholes. Like an alcoholic, all they care about is the next slice of double stuffed crust pizza cruising down the conveyor belt.
    Instead of craving the high of drunkenness, they lust for the rush of harmful
    Like you’re the paragon of being giving and caring? I volunteer and give to charity. I’m currently involved in a project to gather school supplies for needy children. What are you doing, besides taunting people online with poorly written articles?
    “They hate Paleo diets and abhor vegetarianism.Their supreme desire to consume their world represents their inability to improve.”
    I’ve been a vegetarian for sixteen years now. I don’t consume animals of any kinds and limit my consumption of eggs and milk. I’m actually eating a salad as I type
    “… a wardrobe that reflects a person half their size. Their unwashed ass-cracks hang out at every other free food stand, their cellulite is disgustingly on display in the frozen pizza aisle and their guts hang over the check-out aisle…”
    I’m certainly not going to spend my hard earned dollars (which I get by dealing
    with assholes like you, day in and day out) on clothes that don’t fit. If it
    doesn’t fit, I don’t buy it. I wear clean, proper fitting clothes every day. I
    also shower twice a day, every day. None of my friends or family have ever taken me aside to tell me I smell (and believe me, they wouldn’t mince words) so I’m going to assume that I am doing just fine.
    “Fatties Don’t Give A Shit About Their Appearance”
    Explain why I spend so much money on clothes, make-up, hair
    dye, and hygiene products then. And what about the $1200 I spent on exercise equipment, which I have begun using every day? If I truly didn’t care about myself, why would I do these things?
    “Considering how self-absorbed feminists are, it only makes sense for them and fatties to unite.This often takes the form of “fat acceptance,” which is always couched in feminism, which means it is meaningless. It claims people are not
    responsible for their personal choices, that other people exist to validate
    them or mollify their self-hatred as it inevitably bubbles up when McDonald’s
    runs out of nuggets. Their feminism is simple extension—others exist to
    maintain their personal emotional state. And that state is never your
    responsibility. It was the gift of fatphobic patriarchy that privileges those
    who care about themselves over those who want to waste away in a fat-encased
    shell of a human body.”
    I am a feminist; I’ll give you that one. But how is wanting to make the
    world a better place for all women being self-absorbed? I am a feminist because
    I care about issues like women having proper access to birth control, child
    brides, FGM, domestic violence, abortion, and rape. Fat acceptance is only one
    form of feminism. It does make sense that the FA movement and feminism go
    together and here’s why: the common thread is that women do not want to be
    treated like second class citizens for any reason. We are people. We want to be
    seen as people. If we want that, it is our responsibility to speak up and tell
    misogynistic douchnozzles such as yourself that you are in the wrong.
    “Studies have conclusively proven that fat people are the cause of global warming.”
    Care to site your sources? National Georgraphic says:
    “One of the first things scientists learned is that there are
    several greenhouse gases responsible for warming, and humans emit them in a
    variety of ways. Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars,
    factories and electricity production. The gas responsible for the most warming
    is carbon dioxide, also called CO2. Other contributors include methane released
    from landfills and agriculture (especially from the digestive systems of grazing
    animals), nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration and
    industrial processes, and the loss of forests that would otherwise store CO2.”

  48. “Fat people cause global warning”-that is the most retarded statement I ever heard.
    Seriously, you people need to read a biology book and actually get some brains.

  49. I’m a “fatty” but I am a vegetarian, I care about my appearance and I smell good. I lost track of how many positive comments I’ve gotten over the years on my appearance or the way I smell. Most of this article is false. This article doesn’t make me mad; because I sincerely respect everyone’s opinion, but I truly wish less generalizations would be made. We are not all the same.

  50. I’m guessing this is some sort of feeble attempt at a satirical piece. If that’s the case, Jonathan Swift, you are not sir.

  51. God fat shaming week?Is this what the world has come too?Fat people no matter what gender are evil.See some fat people suffer from anorexia an eating disorder.You should not mock them for this.Many fat people I have met were the nicest.So do not mock them do not be rude to them because they are people too they have feelings.

  52. Fat people are only nice cause most are on anti depressions.
    The body is a reflection of your mind! How can you respect yourself and other people if you dont care about yourself and your well being.
    Being obese = i hate myself = depression

  53. I ate waffles before I saw this.
    I wish I hadn’t. In fact, I may never make waffles at 4 am, again. Ever.

  54. Yeah, why would anyone worry about pedophiles, maniacs, human trafficking, air pollution, and the rest of the shit on this planet. Fat people and feminists (of course!) are the sole weapon of devil! Yay!

  55. fuck fat people, they’re grotesque, social parasites. They don’t give a fuck about themselves much less you or me. The only good news is that are likely to live between 8 and 12 years shorter lives than a healthy weight person.

  56. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I am fat, and this was hilarious!!! It’s not true. I’m not out to eat the whole world, creepy, or mean. I got here for a reason, have been working hard to overcome those things, and am on a path to a better lifestyle. Hahahahaha this was super hilarious.

  57. These morons down here do not understand that this is not a serious article. But nonetheless, it’s point of fat people being a plague holds true. Not one of these fat bastards wants to be fat. Nobody wants to see themselves with rolls of gross skin on themselves. These repulsive blobs can not even bend over, run, or climb a fence.

  58. This article is bullshite. Poor fat people. I especially hate the part about feminists. Whatever ignorant dumbass wrote this article can go fuck themselves. This is coming from a fit woman.

  59. Fat people may not necessarily be evil, good, or what have you. But they sure are not taking GOOD CARE of their own selves.
    A poor carer of self would make a poor carer for others.
    A good reason no obese man has ever been, nor ever will be, President.

  60. I’m an alcoholic and I wish I saw you in my neighborhood so I could pour your intestines on your lap with my Stanley Knife®

    1. they may , but not because of self hatred due to fatness . it’s all about the genuine will and motivation to lose weight . I used to be fat ( not really my fault , i was 10 , and my mom thought that fat = good health (poor me) . at 12 i was 90kg .finally at 16 i lost the whole thing . I never enjoyed being fat , not once , never would you have heard me say crap like ” i’m fat and beautiful” . losing all that extra fat was a revelation , i became myself at last , not a hideous grease ball

  61. True as hell. Fat guys have a good sense of humor though, but fat women are entitled and narcissistic cattle.Let’s add are less intelligent and lazy as hell. Most medication from thyroid issues to bipolar have obesity as a side effect so they are probably not sane.Or have become cows by over eating. They have terrible body issues so nearly all they talk about is validation from other men.They can’t maintain a steady diet or gym routine so trash healthier women instead of upping their game.Worst is the fact that fat women give birth to fat, entitled brats with nothing to offer the world.And they age horribly.Does not count for any woman who has given birth or some grandma. But if you are in your 20s and can pass for a whale, I suggest you seek a therapist and a gym trainer.

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