Anti-Vaccination Documentary “Vaxxed” Exposes The Medical Establishment’s Lies

“Oh my god. I cannot believe we did what we did…but we did.”
– Dr. William Thompson

Of all debates—the political, social, and the personal—the subject of vaccine safety is the one I broach the least with friends and colleagues. It’s a conversation that so few, even many of the most informed people I know, want to have.

For many, the subject immediately strikes a sharp chord that begets the reaction of conspiracy!, that maternal reflex of how dare you question what I put into my child’s body, or the classic you’re not a doctor, you don’t know! Nevertheless, the same people and I talk passionately about the transparent greed of Big Pharma, how it is the biggest lobby in Washington, and that it makes billions of dollars a year at the expense of overmedicated adults, the young and the old—yet when it comes to vaccines, the conversations falls to silence.


Big Pharma stands to make 3 billion dollars a year per vaccine added to the schedule… and yet Dr. Wakefield was questioned for his “financial incentives.”

The new documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is like a shot in the arm (excuse the pun, but here the description is too apt) that turns up the volume on a pretty close to mute conversation.

Directed by the controversial British medical researcher and gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew “Don’t Believe His Wikipedia Page” Wakefield (more on him later), Vaxxed is an impressively concise and affecting 90-minute exposé of the mercenary Medical Establishment. The film is refreshingly replete with fact-based skepticism, intellectual nerve, and yet free of reductive sensationalism and rhetoric—which is a difficult feat given the urgency of the issue.

The exonerated Dr. Andrew Wakefield, writer-director of "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe".

The exonerated Dr. Andrew Wakefield, writer-director of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”.

Vaxxed advances the findings of Wakefield’s 1998 research paper that there was a possible link between the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine causing autism in young children. Unsurprisingly, the 1998 paper was aggressively disputed by vaccine manufacturers and “public health” institutes in the U.K. and United States.

In response, Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Walker-Smith were (wrongly) accused of ethical violations and falsifying data and, in turn, were discredited by the General Medical Council. The study’s publisher, The Lancet, had to retract it; fortunately though, one of the study’s coauthors Dr. John Walker-Smith—and Dr. Wakefield by association, though not officially—were later exonerated by the High Court of all counts of misconduct. 

Now vindicated, and in a perfect stroke of irony, Dr. Wakefield lays the same claim against the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): falsifying and manipulating data in a 2004 study that tested if there was a prevalence in young black males for developing autism after taking the MMR vaccine. Further, Wakefield asserts that the CDC destroyed documents thereby leading to an obstruction of justice. 

How does Vaxxed argue this case? Extremely well via whistleblower accounts and recovered documentation that strongly suggests something shifty went on in this CDC study. The key whistleblower is Dr. William Thompson (quoted above), who was the CDC’s senior scientist of vaccine safety and one of the four doctors that participated in the study. According to Thompson, the study revealed a prevalence but the CDC altered the data. 

The CDC then buried the documents, but Thompson kept his copies and stayed silent for nearly ten years. In 2013 he contacted Dr. Brian Hooker, a PhD scientist and long-time critic of the CDC. It was to him whom Dr. Thompson shared his secrets, chief among them being that the CDC study did, in fact, determine an increased risk (3.36 times, to be exact) in black males developing autism when receiving the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months, while male infants were 4 times as likely to develop autism than females.

Considering that 15 years ago only 1 in 10,000 children had autism and now that statistic has increased in terms of odds to 1 in 50, it is amazing more people don’t get angry or even ask why?.

a CDC study showing a steady rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder in Atlanta, GA from 1991-2010.

A CDC study showing a steady rise in Autism Spectrum Disorder in Atlanta, GA from 1991-2010.

In fact, the opposite happened: two disparate movements emerged, where you have the “pro-vaccine” versus the “anti-vaccine” camps. Similar to the left-versus-right mentality in American politics, a false paradigm has been created out of this issue to shut down productive, truly progressive scientific thinking.

Those who stand by the integrity of modern vaccines dismiss the opposition as “quacks” and “anti-science” and typically pull the “lack of evidence” card (even though this documentary shows that there is some) in attempt to silence opposition.

On the other hand, thinkers like Dr. Wakefield insist they are not anti-vaccine but merely “pro-vaccine safety.” It is incredible how the “anti-vaxxers” seem so alive in their interviews here, whereas the bureaucrat drones like CDC’s Coleen Boyle (shown only in archival footage as they refused to be interviewed) exhibit sunken, soulless expressions and dryly regurgitate rehearsed platitudes.

From archival footage in "Vaxxed": CDC drudge Coleen Boyle testifying to congress.

From archival footage in “Vaxxed”: CDC drudge Coleen Boyle testifying to congress.

Vaxxed makes this point repeatedly throughout its duration, while also offering solutions to keep the vaccine industry alive and well. Dr. Wakefield argues that single monovalent vaccines (meaning the ones that contain a single strain of a single antigen) would be a much safer option and avoid the risk of viral interference, but Merck has taken those vaccines off the market. Why not change it? Medical journalist Del Bigtree, featured in the film, explains that Merck would lose the patent.

Like the 2011 documentary The Greater Good, Vaxxed uses anecdotes of families whose children suffered a vaccine injury. Dr. Wakefield smartly begins with this footage to contextualize the issue in juxtaposition with an earlier barrage of news clips that show pundits and billionaires like Bill Gates shucking off claims that today’s vaccines are dangerous (even though the inserts of actual licensed vaccines make plain a list of possible side effects and neurotoxic additives like mercury and aluminum).

Vaxxed has been broadly labelled “anti-vaccine propaganda” by its critics. But any piece of media that seeks to make a social and political point is, to some degree, propagandistic as its aim is—and should be—to influence or question your present ideology. The film may agitate the stubborn-minded because Vaxxed does not equivocate on its position or make needless concessions.

Vaxxed is very clear with its intentions: predicting a 1 in 2 epidemic of autism by 2032, Vaxxed implores the viewer to take action, to write to your local congressperson, and stand up for your informed consent when it comes to vaccinations.

Tribeca FF cofounder Robert De Niro has publicly regretted banning "Vaxxed" from the festival's lineup and says it's a movie people should see.

Tribeca Film Festival cofounder Robert De Niro publicly regrets banning “Vaxxed” from the festival’s lineup and insists it’s a movie people should see.

When a documentary like Vaxxed is bullied and banished from a major film festival (Tribeca Film Festival, though its cofounder Robert De Niro stands by the picture), one should have an instinct for knowledge and seek it out. Come away with your own conclusions, question the Medical Establishment and Dr. Wakefield’s narrative, just do your research, then follow the evidence and go with your gut.

Any reasonable person would agree that Big Business and Big Government do not always have the people’s best health and interests in mind, so ask yourself—why should that line of thinking end with vaccines? Is the science truly “settled” or are your own preconceived notions responsible for that settlement?

Agree or disagree with Vaxxed, but this much is true: it thrusts itself forward into the middle of a debate that needs to be happening now.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is now playing in select theatres. Visit to check for local showtimes and to set up a screening in your area.

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388 thoughts on “Anti-Vaccination Documentary “Vaxxed” Exposes The Medical Establishment’s Lies”

  1. What a joke, your argument don’t account for diagnoses having a wider criteria or the public having a greater awareness, and that’s not even mentioning the variables like diet, environment, chance mutations, other disabilities, how everyone else who has been vaccinated doesn’t have autism or even how people who haven’t do.
    The guy (Wakefield) took a bribe to build a case against the vaccine, which he didn’t disclose, there was a load of other things going on too.
    I’m all for suspicion of big pharma, but picking someone who had evidence overwhelmingly stacked against him doesn’t help the argument, you just end up sounding like the shrieking banshees who screech “all men are rapists”.

  2. The vaccine manufacturers and doctors who administer them have zero liability regarding them in the US. Instead, parents of children who are adversely affected by vaccines have to go to vaccine courts and make their claim there.
    Ironically, the vaccine courts in the US have issued settlements for kids who developed autism after receiving a vaccine.
    Essentially, one agency of the US government says vaccines don’t cause some cases of autism while another does.

    1. This is indeed interesting.
      For myself, I am predisposed to question vaccines because I know how bad nutritional “science” has been over the past sixty years or so. We know that the seminal China Study was heavily massaged to show medical benefits to high-carb, high-vegetable diets and cast aspersions on saturated fat. We know that saturated fats have ultimately proven healthy and essential to human diet while canola is basically pure poison. And we know that triglycerides are the only cholesterols we need worry about, and we know that they are created as a byproduct of certain carbohydrate consumption (not dietary cholesterol consumption). So, if you tell me that there’s evidence to suggest the MMR vaccine has negative consequences for a percentage of children, I am predisposed not to dismiss it without further review.
      I always worry that so much science is considered “settled.” Where there
      is any question, there must be further study so that knowledge can
      progress forward. To say, “it is beyond questioning” is to say there is no more to learn, and that is the antithesis of science.

      1. But vaccines are “natural” in a purely medical sense. The Turks used inoculation for about 1000 years until it was rediscovered about 150 years ago by us. It doesn’t introduce a foreign or manufactured drug into your system, it merely stimulates your natural immune system to produce certain antibodies that will detect and destroy those bacteria and viruses when they enter you body, like the common flu vaccine.
        I don’t really get all the objections to vaccinations, I’d, have much more concern about heavy metals and chemicals in our water and food supply which clearly can be linked to autism.

        1. The question with the MMR vaccine is usually with the transportation agent used to neutralize and transmit the controlled infection, not the infection itself. I have heard that it’s possible any negative consequences come from inoculating too early, but I have not spent the time to read the papers myself.
          If it were like exposing your babies to the chicken pox by sneeze, that would be a clear cut case. But the more elements we introduce, the more elements we need to examine.
          With you on the metals and chemicals, though. I worry that, in the name of health and safety, we intake unsafe levels of potential toxins. Even sodium fluoride can be lethal, with LD50 being about 50mg/kg mass in rat studies.

        2. The industry likes to portray anyone questioning the safety and health of their vaccines as “anti-science.” Most serious people who are questioning vaccines believe in the science and the principle, but object to things like mercury and thimerosol which are added to the innoculations as preservatives and are very obviously bad for you.
          I’m very open to the message of this film, but I also got my Yellow Fever vaccine last year before going to Africa.

        3. I will say that I am quite opposed to inoculating babies within their first 48 hours of life. Infants are *extremely* susceptible to the smallest changes, and I don’t think my newborn is going to contract polio. I will be waiting several months before my child is inoculated with anything. And it’s not going to be anything silly like the chicken pox. I had chicken pox. It wasn’t bad, and was kind of fun, really.

        4. Addendum: Drinking 2 liters of water each day and brushing twice will give you about 15mg NaF, as a rule. And you excrete approximately half a milligram each day.
          Possible problem over a lifetime? I find no real studies either way.

        5. I’ve heard that the British inoculation schedule is a bit slower than the US one, and they have lower reports of negative effects. If I was looking at having kids any time soon, I’d probably look into that.

        6. Imagine, I’ve still four massive lumpy mercury fillings in my head. In the 1980s nobody cared about these types of issues, cheap and durable, that was the way back then. Oddly, one split over a weekend sometime back, and I felt quite odd over that period.
          I don’t know why they continue to use hg as a preservative. There are far better and safer ones that can be used without any side effects. Yeah, I always get the three in one when I go outside Europe, although the Hep A is pretty useless. Dysentery/Malaria and Diphtheria, I never get the Yellow Fever shot as it’s too complicated (over a couple of months) and doesn’t last long.

        7. I have a similar reasoning behind not getting the flu vaccine. I have yet to get the flu (or I do, but my symptoms are so insignificant as to look like a mild sinus infection), but I note that almost half the people I know who do get vaccinated end up with the flu, anyway.
          The risk/reward ratio in my case is skewed.

  3. ugh, this is one of the “debates” that annoys me the most. Just get fucking vaccinated and stop being crazy.

    1. Florine in water and chem-trails are up there too, the later is particularly absurd if imagine the conspiracy of airline and oil companies along with Government adulterating the fuel that goes into all commercial aviation.

      1. Of course that level of cooperation is completely absurd, plus it would require the assistance of the engine manufacturers to account for the adulterated fuel. That’s why the Illuminati installs separate chemical tanks on the airplanes at night, when everyone is sleeping.

        1. “That’s why the Illuminati installs separate chemical tanks on the airplanes at night, when everyone is sleeping” And if you eat a pile of rosy carrots at your supper and wander out to the local airport under the sweet moonlight you might just glimpse that little army of grey pixes doing their Masters work…hehe.

        2. You play the same games as those like the Alex Jones production crew.
          Why debate valid points of concern when you can mix them in with bullshit to discredit them pushing the lunatic stereotype closing the minds to any would be curious public written off as ‘crazies’.

      2. There is tremendous cover up with the chemtrails. Just try to look up this plane crash:

        Usually when a jumbo jet crashes, there’s massive news coverage and cockpit simulations detailing the cause of the crash that are accessable to public viewing. Try to find a shred of anything on this military 757 (C-32) transport/chemtrail plane other than the amateur vhs camcorder video from 1994 in Leeds. You can look up any of the big crashes; TWA 800, Tenerife/KLM and so on but not this 757?? Not even a passenger list if there was one. It was a military transport plane. Could have had a number of servicemen on board as well.

        1. Interesting video. Never knew about this plane crash, but, sometimes you don’t hear about these freight plane accidents. I think the conspiracy theory is too wild on this front. Aircraft engines for example on the newest 737-800 and Airbus A330 series have been adapted greatly by Rolls Royce for environmental and fuel efficiency purposes. The “con trails” look different to the “con trails” of older Aircraft in the skies, so people started calling them “chem trails” which are of course some sinister Government plan to control the weather or satellite signals or where ever your mind goes… I think they’re pretty benign.

      3. Ever look into the actual “science” behind water fluoridation? Basically it starts with noticing some benefit in a town that a natural level of one fluoride compound and then they just decided this other fluoride compound was close enough and it was cheap so they put it in the water hoping for the same result. The science had continued to be weak in the decades since. Then a couple-three or more years ago Harvard went over it all and I’ll just say their conclusions weren’t exactly favorable to the fluoridation crowd.

    2. In the 1980’s, the U.S. government passed a law that capped all pharmaceutical damages proven to result from vaccines at $250,000. This has not been adjusted for inflation at any point.
      They knew something was wrong, and they knew it could bankrupt the whole industry via legislation when it came out. They moved to make sure the pensions were safe.

      1. The 250k cap is for pain and suffering and non inclusive of medical expenses, legal expenses OR loss of future earnings. Remove tinfoil. Get vaccinated. Stop being a crazy lunatic.

        1. This would all be pertinent except that this rule doesn’t exist for anything else. BUT: I have no opposition to you being vaccinated.

        2. Maybe it should exist for other things. “Pain and Suffering” awards are kind of bullshit. I mean, ok, you sue. You recoup your medical expenses. You recoup your legal expenses. You recoup the money you would have made but were incapable of going to work. You even get an estimated payment for the money you will lose going forward for work missed. Now you want more money because you are sad about it? Ok, fine…but a cap on that might actually be a good thing. I don’t really like the idea of judges punishing private companies for hurting your feelz. Yes, they should be responsible for the damage they cause, but when a judge can come up with an uncapped arbitrary amount of money to fine a private company to compensate you because you are sad then there is a bad president being set.

        3. Not sure. Lots of factors involved including whether or not that person was just unlucky or if there was a pattern of negligence. What is the cost for a huge percentage of children dying of small pox or getting polio?
          Shit has associated risks. Vaccinating children is a no brainer–even if a small, boardering on I significicsnt, percentage of them have a bad go of it

        4. I understand your point. But not many are criticizing the vaccines against polio or small pox, but the cocktail of vaccines that the industry is forcing into little babies, compromising their inmune systems at such a young age (polyvalent vaccines) and taking away from the parents any choice on the matter. No one is advocating for children to die of polio or small pox, however letting them (the pharmaceutical industry and politicians) get away with it, will set a bad precedent.
          The day will come in which you can be forced to take an oestrogen supplementation (booster) and women testosterone booster and all will be good because it will be for your own good, since we can inject children with mercury and other mystery ingredients, what can go wrong…

      2. What happened was the government assumed all liability and simply tells people to go pound sand. Very rarely it has to pay out something. I never heard of a cap on damages. Simply the pharmaceutical companies have -zero- liability for vaccine damage once the government approves it.

      1. That is the first time anyone has ever looked forward to him getting anywhere other than away

      1. Remember when measles was subject of laughs on TV sitcoms?
        It wasn’t dealt with as a serious life and death subject from the 1950s forward from “I love Lucy” to “The Brady Bunch”.

        1. I’m supposed to get a flu vaccine because I’m asthmatic. I don’t bother with the vaccine because it will only protect against certain strains of flu. I also do not like to take any medications unless absolutely necessary.

        2. Over medicating is as bad as under medicating, my opinion. If they could predict which flu strain with more accuracy, maybe, but it’s a crap shoot right now.

        3. How irresponsible! You’re causing the deaths of elderly people. You need to get your flu shot to protect everyone. Haven’t you heard of herd immunity? Seriously though, how can you tell everyone to just get their shots and then not get yours? Didn’t you hear mainstream media tell us that this years flu will be the worst yet!!!?!?!?
          The hypocrisy

        4. Yes, the flu vaccine is as you say. I chose not to get it. However, that choice may change when I get to an age where the flu doesn’t mean 3 days off of work, a bunch of soup and power watching breaking bad and means, well death.

        5. I dont think people here are anti-vax, its now we are over-vacincated and the cost cutting measures like using a mercury based preservative and adjuvants may cause these problems. The quality of the vax is irrelevant, gotta boost profits. You eat pretty clean, you know the deal with the food supply…the food is tainted bc of cost cutting measures. why do you trust big pharma and yet you know the deal with big agriculture?

        6. I don’t trust anyone and I am not denying that cost cutting leads to mercury and other shitty stuff being put in you. But not to vaccinate for Hep, for Polio, for RV, MMR fucking whooping cough…I mean, really. When is the last time you heard someone tell you they had whooping cough? Yeah, greedy fucks will cheap out on some stuff, but if you decided that rather than a polio vaccine you would rather be all crazy and stuff they should take the kids away.

        7. Tell that to the government agencies trying to make sure no one crashes a plane into a building. lol Retroactive prevention.

        8. The system in the USA doesn’t allow pick and choose. This whole mess could have been avoided if people just had the freedom to do so. Even a compromise of mandating a few heavy hitters only would have likely avoided the issue.
          It’s all or nothing for those vaccines on the mandated list. The big pharma corporations got government to take all the liability for vaccinations in the USA. The big pharma corporations fund the FDA and game the system with regards to approval. So they get their vaccines approved pretty much regardless of the risk/benefit ratio and then they lobby the state governments and donate to politicians to get the new vaccines mandated.
          Nobody in their right mind should trust something coming from such a system. There’s no incentive for doing quality work, no liability for doing shoddy work, and it’s a product people are forced to buy.
          Then when one starts digging there ends up being so many other problems… polio vaccine and SV40, adjuvants(sp?) jacking the immune system, Hg, too many vaccines too fast, various vaccine manufacturing errors sterilizing people in the 3rd world, etc. Worse is finding reasonable discussion isn’t allowed. It goes beyond broken, there are forces at play we don’t fully understand or recognize for it to be this bad. something has its greedy evil paws wrapped around vaccination so to get the good we also get the bad.

        9. If herd immunization/immunity doesn’t work for humans, how do you explain the virtual elimination of diseases like polio et al. from the industrialized world? There are people out there who can’t have vaccines for physical reasons, and yet they don’t contract polio in the West.

        10. The only counter argument to that point is that getting these vaccines when you are young and healthy is giving your body controlled exposure to these viruses while you ought to be able to physically handle it. This may give you an edge when you are older. Also, depending on how much you travel, I can personally attest to the fact that my “swine flu” vaccination actually made the difference to my gaining entry to a particular country, during the height of that outbreak.

        11. Optimize health instead. The Gerson therapy diet had a 95% cure rate of incurable skin tuberculosis based on German studies(this was before antibiotics). Imagine a diet being able to cure you of a bacterial skin disease. Dr Broda Barnes did some fascinating research that makes a persuasive case that the same people that antibiotics saved from dying thriough infection(tuberculosis was the main killer long long ago), were the same ones dying later from heart attacks. Oddly it seems that it was the same cause.

        12. good point, i meant to clarify I was specifically referring to the Flu vaccine. Polio, MMR, TDAP are good vaccines provided that they are of good quality and spaced out. I’m glad you mentioned ‘the west’ as there have been some reports of resurgence of polio due to live vaccination use in africa and pakistan.

        13. <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il660r:….,……

        14. Hygiene. That’s it. You know things like sewers, public sanitation, washing your hands and voilà you are not dying like flies.

        15. The equation by which they compute “Vaccine Effectiveness” counts damage done by the flu vaccines as effectiveness. If the vaccine did nothing but make recipients 4 times as likely to get a non-flu respiratory illness, they would count it as 75% effective.
          Which, btw, making recipients 4 times as likely to get a respiratory illness, is what was reported in a placebo controlled study on children.
          For an interactive diagram laying out flu vaccine damage with citations:

        16. Feynman told us clearly: “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” So long as you check everything from experience, you can be scientific about everything. Cargo Cult Science arises when the arguments for the opposite side aren’t prominently presented. Cargo Cult science is like a perfect replica radio made all of wood: it may have all the trappings of degrees and chairs and journals, but it is missing the key ingredient and won’t function.
          Vaccine science is cargo cult science. There are a ton of peer reviewed papers demonstrating that vaccine aluminum is damaging, that they are full of contaminants, that they can disrupt brain and immune system development, that they aren’t nearly as effective as they are cracked up to be, for example that the smallpox vaccine was wholly ineffective and the polio vaccine is questionable. They never rebut any of this. They just ignore it.
 supports this model of science applied to everything. Just as in mathematical practice, you can post proofs and refutations. But nothing is considered established unless every proposed refutation has an established counter-refutation. Try it out. Check out the ongoing diagramming of the vaccine literature.

        17. ” But nothing is considered established unless every proposed refutation has an established counter-refutation. ”
          ok tell that to gravity.
          Seriously though, this is the most juvenile asinine explanation of scientific proof I have ever heard in my life. If you want to enjoy a confirmation bias on a bunch on nonsense sites feel free, but keep your doodie off my lawn

        18. The tell it to gravity comment is very apt, because in the real world, the vaccine delusion is causing massive damage and grief.
          The underlying cause of this delusion is that the vaccine proponents, since the 18th century, have been ignoring all the contrary arguments and evidence that has been raised, often in peer reviewed publications or by very eminent scientists.
          In mathematical practice, you can publish a proof, and people can publish refutations, and you can fix the proof and counter the refutations, and at the end of the day if there is a proof which all proposed refutations have been refuted by established refutation, its accepted. TruthSift implements that process, and applies it to any topic. One of the benefits of this is that, since anybody can challenge any step of a proof giving reason,you can’t just ignore the opposing arguments.
          Here’s a link to the Vaccine Safety Diagram. The dangers are established. Feel free to challenge anything with a novel rational argument and see its status change.

        19. I tried to reply somewhere else and I don’t know if it worked. Research is beginning to show an increased susceptibility to worse cases of influenza in the years just after getting the shot. Some research shows an increase in children for other types of respiratory infections after getting the flu shot and generally killed viral vaccines are being observed to have this effect. Some forms of the flu vaccine also contain preservative levels of thimerosal (mercury based preservative, and all around systemic poison) and you get whatever is shaken out of the vial and you handle it however you are able to detox (which appears to vary greatly between individuals)

        20. That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that (the susceptibility aspect). To that point, there is research to suggest that the original live polio vaccine is more effective than the killed version, as well as being far more stable, making it easier to administer in impoverished nations who lack proper storage facilities. Of course with polio the reason we switched to the killed version was because of the, albeit extremely remote, chance of contracting the disease from the vaccine. So it’s very interesting that in the case of the flu a killed vaccine would increase contraction. Thanks, I’m gonna look into this.

        21. It’s pointless, the flu was only really deadly to young adults before we had drugs to reduce inflammation. H1N1 binds closely in the lungs and causes a huge inflammation response, which is what killed most people in the 1918 pandemic.

        22. Well said. And actually the key to surviving infectious diseases is… wait for it… good nutrition and hydration.
          Strangely its the same thing that prevents chronic disease (you know the diseases you are more likely to die from, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes).

        23. It is an absolute shame that most men will never know how powerful they can become. Their diets, both intellectual and physical have been guided to be very poor.

        24. Indeed. A lot of the problems middle-aged men have is because of diet. Sugar, grains and alcohol. These men suffer from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and low test among others, along with the emotional problems and depression that comes with it.
          I have none of these problems. Because I am Super-Human? No, because I eat the diet we have evolved for. Or is that the same thing?

        25. I understand early polio vaccine actually caused epidemics. One thing about the polio narrative particularly, that is coming out more with the internet is the association of co-factors that impact immune function like pesticides (arsenic based, DDT) with an increasing risk of paralysis from infection (polio was generally considered benign and endemic prior to the early 1900s. Everybody got exposed with little risk).
          There is also the argument that diagnostic criteria were tightened with the advent of vaccine making the rates of polio automatically go down by switching to essentially only counting cases involving long-term paralysis (poliomyelitis) instead of all cases of infection. Also, new diagnoses are used today that would have been “polio” in the past. In fact some are saying we actually have more “polio” today when you add up forms that would have been called polio in the past. I don’t know personally how to verify that.
          We’re seeing a similar process with the Zika virus. It was never associated with microcephaly(? spelling) before and endemic in some regions (so it’s likely to be present whether it plays a role or not in any adverse outcomes so finding the virus in some mothers/infants isn’t good evidence of anything). In Brazil, the problem appears to be confined geographically and word is getting out that they don’t believe there that the virus is to blame, possibly new vaccine requirements for all pregnant women and/or use of certain pesticides not widely used, etc.
          But there’s a Zika vaccine in the works (and they’re already spraying the U.S. with pesticides nevermind the risks, including an increased incidence of autism in some research), so Zika may be officially very scary from here on out (if the public generally accepts this as a reality).

        26. I believe The earlier polio vaccine you refer to was a crude version of the live vaccine, and it did cause recipients to get polio. Whether it caused actual outbreaks, I’m not sure. Makes sense that it would have, except I believe the test recipients were a fairly small group. Agree with you completely with respect to Zika: the virus is old and the microencaphaly sp??? is new, so many, many, factors may be at play, including the possibility the virus has evolved. It being a mosquito borne illness, could very well point to pesticide use or some other water contaminant. Any vaccine in the making has the potential for very scary unknowns.

        27. I’m late on this reply, but I agree. The efficacy of the flu vaccines is very debatable. Good quality, well spaced vaccines are beneficial. The live polio vaccine is riskier than the killed version, but there are delivery problems in third world countries with the latter. For starters, the killed vaccine is far more temperamental and needs to be kept within strict temperature limits. This is very difficult when you are transporting it in a cooler to remote populations. In addition to this, the killed vaccine needs a booster and the live vaccine is a one off (at least this is how it was explained to me). A booster means multiple trips to remote, and often mobile, populations. Populations with no medical records to speak of. Polio was actually never completely irradiated in the third world, but the live vaccine may be causing a resurgence. That said, depending on how old you are, you may very well have received the live vaccine. I know I’m one of the last group in my country who did, and I’m not that old. BUT, western children who received it were also probably healthier to begin with, including better nutrition an stronger immune systems. And if you know anything about vaccines, you’ll be grateful if you are one of the last to receive the live vaccine…and survived it;)

        1. Apparently big pharma doesnt have any slam dunks in the pipeline anymore. The future profits, by their own admission, lay in vaccines.

        2. Makes sense.
          Statins are dangerous but unimprovable. Pain management is about as good as we can expect it to get. And there’s no real money in (or likely chance of developing) a pill that cures cancer.

        3. Developing a cure for all cancer, particularly pill-wise, is insanely laughable. People seem to think everything that is a malady is a virus, or bacteria. Except of course, the cold, which they believe you get from being chilly (rhinovirus).

        4. and statins can damage the heart and cause brain fog, which requires you to take even more pills

        5. Its about time we developed a vaccine for the leading causes of death like heart disease, stroke and cancer…

        6. Statins. Man, you said it. Statins are extremely dangerous and will likely kill you after a few years of use. I’ve seen it happen, and it makes me wonder if the people would have lived longer (and certainly happier) if they never had this “treatment.”

        7. As usual, government focuses on the wrong problems. But not if you are a big campaign contributor that stands to earn lots of money in new drug sales….

        8. Niacin improves cholesterol better than statins, based on studies, yet its prescribed about 1/8 as much, cough cough not enough money in giving vitamins. Then if you start pushing nutrition, all the drug money disappears.

        9. Diet is the most interesting one to me. There are alot of unusual things like aperatifs or coffee or bitter substances and spices that have powerful unexpected effects on health. Many of these things are completely absent in american diets.

        10. Fair enough, but vaccines still contributed to the greatest reduction in childhood mortality. Salk never patented the polio vaccine, and forfeited millions of dollars in profits. It was very noble of him, but the problem is medical research costs big bucks, and without the ability to profit from these expenditures, no one will foot the bill. Drug patents have expiration dates, so drug companies try to squeeze as much profit as possible into the limited time span they are given to own a particular vaccine or medication. They become pushers. If however, they are unable to profit at all, research will stop. One big vicious circle. Personally I’m fairly anti-medication but I’m glad someone’s doing the research to avail me assistance if push comes to shove.

        11. Was it vaccines or improvements in hygiene, public sanitation and nutrition? I think that all of these factors are important. For example, cholera was virtually eradicated once we realized it was water borne.

        12. I imagine it was all the above, but that doesn’t completely eliminate the efficacy of vaccines. In theory they should work, but I believe problems may stem from the way they are produced and/or preserved.

      1. The only reason why I get the flu shot (which is invariably at least a year behind), is because vaccines work by exposing the body to the virus in a controlled fashion. This is not the same as antibiotics and the resulting resistance that can occur. So, I figure expose my body to as many forms of the flu as possible when I’m young and healthy, and it may give me an edge when I’m older.

        1. Yeah, there was a pretty neat study suggesting that really old people faired better to one of the recent flu outbreaks because they had been unwittingly exposed to a similar strain during some of pandemics in the 1930s etc…Viruses evolve and morph but can be related.

      2. We have more paralysis today that when polio was increasingly becoming associated with that outcome. What they did in the 1900s was go for a vaccine “success” story rather than officially investigate the environmental changes that were probably contributing to paralyzing outcomes (like the use of pesticides and even vaccines, which were being implicated by observations of the day). And then they made the diagnosis of polio more stringent and started looking for other causes, so we probably don’t have less “polio” today, just more diagnoses.
        And it appears the flu shot increases your susceptibility to other infections and even the flu in the following years, so I agree it’s junk or worse than junk.

      3. The flu is historically dangerous because H1N1 would kill all the young adults as it turned their immune system into a dangerous weapon as pneumonia like symptoms emerged and the inflamation caused death. And then we found NSAIDS.

        1. Control bird and swine flus at their source: crowded and unhygenic farms and poor farming practices in Mexico am China.

    3. Hey Knee. I am currently in Tuscany, Italy. You have ever been? Learn some Italian and enjoy. If you don’t have the time, go to Florence and bang the tourists. The japanese tour groups are ripe.

      1. A nice idea Galt but my days of going to Europe are behind me and I’ve never had a taste for Asians. Also, I’m trying to forget languages not learn new ones!

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Italy arms enjoyed my time there—short though it was. However, I see no returns I’m my future

        2. Shalom. Meeting real Italians outside of business in Milan was different for me. I am pleased with my observations. I like Italy.

        3. I felt the same way about France. To be honest, I take my vacations, short though they are, in the Caribbean now. Quick flights and fun times.

        4. I’ve always dug Italian women. Thought they were the most beautiful I’d seen in my travels, until I got to the former USSR. I’ve always been kind of disappointed at the lack of discussion about them on ROK and its associated sites.

        5. In a few days I go back to work and will be stifled until next year. So it goes.
          On Sunday, walking from the cathedral with my little one in hand I cross a lithe italian (late 20) woman. She was checking me out a half second slower as I was checking her out. Eyes met. She smiled. I smiled and gave her a wink. She smiled even more and looked away all the whle her male hipster escort was walking 3 meters behind her. He was not in anyway involved

      2. I have long been thinking about making a bicycle trip down to Rome from Munich. Around 1k kilometers. Stupidly, the thing that most keeps me from it is the lack of money to afford a train back.

    4. Yes! But not all at once!
      Also, no thermerisol based vaccines.
      Two of my sons, now 26 and 21 suffer from severe autism.
      The year my oldest son was born the rate of autism was up in my state 300 percent. NOT A ONE of the doctors kids had thermerisol based vaccines administered to THEM.
      Obviously this issue doesn’t affect you.
      Going along to get along by not questioning whats going in to the bodies of yourself or your loved ones isn’t “crazy”, its insane.
      And tragic.

      1. firstly, sorry to hear about your son.
        secondly, out of all the potential factors that contribute to increased likelihood of autism spectrum disorders, why are vaccinations the one that you think is the most important?

        1. Thanks.
          As I said, its been proven that virtually none of the doctors administering the vaccinations, had, “their”,children administered thermerisol, (see mercury derivative), based vaccines. Or practice, “stacking” of certain types of vaccines. What did they know that we didn’t?
          I watched big pharma and every political element in this country circle the wagons as soon as this particular implication came to light back in the late 90s. We’re talking about a potential of multi billions of dollars in class action law suits these people today, are still trying to duck out of. IMHO,They’ve ruined two of my sons and many other peoples lives with impunity.

        2. So what have you got to loose? I don’t have the issue that your family has at this point, but if I did, I wouldn’t just be getting mad about it and posting on the internet. I’d be trying to prove to myself whom is really at fault and taking real action from there.

        3. Yeah, we didn’t already spend years jumping through any hoops, taking real action, or suffer any financial ruin and heartbreak pursuing this. And you must have nothing BUT TIME, and money to do just what you claim I should be doing. (Sarc off).
          Us regular folk can’t afford the likes of Derchowicz or Feiger. And the people you are up against are ten times worse than the powers that be , who are going after people denying climate change. Big pharma greases all political and judicial palms.
          “Getting mad??”
          If you’re not directly affected, you have zero idea of what real outrage is.
          What we have, “to lose”, has already been lost.

        4. I want to chime in and ask thinking individuals why we are in a state where those observing injury, often right on the heels of a vaccine have to prove the vaccination role or explain the biological mechanism (I think it’s likely through getting concentrations of some toxic substances in the lymphatic system and associated organs, with a permanent or long term disruption of the gut microbiome possibly the most promising explanation of the source of disruption for some infants’ development, especially if there is a co-occuring latent infection or persistent live viral vaccine challenge that may be taxing the immune system/detoxification system resources in infants who probably already have a lower ability to detox effectively).
          But why isn’t pharma responsible to first demonstrate safety for their mandated/essentially mandated products? Instead they use short-term research comparing a vaccine in one group with a vaccine in another group or against “placebos” containing active vaccine components like aluminum salts or thimerosal (without safety having been established for these…they’ve been “grand-fathered” into use because they were in use–not at current levels–before the FDA, etc). And vaccines are not tested in the combinations they are given in, either. So no true placebos, no true control groups, no long term followup for all side-effects, and combinations where possible adverse interactions are not monitored either…completely counter to the way most assume all our drugs are tested and monitored.
          In 1986 pharma got liability protection, because they said lawsuits (often quietly settled) were driving them out of the vaccine making market. Then the infant schedule tripled and accelerated, and we’re supposed to assume there are no problems now.

      2. From what Ive read, they have finally removed thimierisol from all vaccines except the one for the flu.

    5. You dont seem to understand the quantity to which “they” desire people to be injected with mercury etc.

    6. I feel that way also except that sjw’s are rabidly pro vaccine and I kinda reactively think they are wrong about everything.
      Also, I accidentally down voted you when I was trying to reply. Sorry.

        1. True. Again the article and documentary isn’t about being “anti-vaccine” but pro vaccine safety.
          This causes too much of a kneejerk reaction in many people who automatically make assumptions as a result of conditioning.

        2. Many people don’t realize that the anti-vaxxer movement started on the left. The far left. It wasnt until about 2010 that this craziness was adopted by certain uninformed elements of the right.

      1. You only have to look at social media when the topic of vaccine arises. Your typical lefty virtue signalling moron will be calling for kids taken away from parents and draconian laws to punish people who question the system.

    7. Accusing people of being crazy is not an argument.
      I’m sure feminists feel the same way about ROK readers.

      1. It is not meant to be an argument. Not getting your children vaccinated is just plain fucking crazy. If I tell you that you shouldn’t kill and mutilate people and then eat their corpses because you are crazy I am not opening a dialogue for debate. Just don’t do it.
        Yes, I am sure feminists feel that ROK readers are crazy very often. If they want to open a dialogue about issues then just saying “you are crazy” isn’t the way to do it. This isn’t a discussion, this isn’t a debate. If you have kids and you do not get them vaccinated then you are a dangerous lunatic and should probably have your children taken away from you.

        1. Except no one is making the argument against vaccination. The argument is that certain vaccines are unsafe, and among other things have causality with autism. That doesn’t mean the entire Pasteur theory of vaccination is invalid, and no one is claiming such.
          That’s like saying we found a problem with the new Boeing 777, therefore no one should ever fly in an airplane. Let’s not be extremists.

        2. I don’t want to get too extreme, but there is a certain course of vaccinations (mmr, polio, hep, etc) that every kid needs to get and every time I see some hippy left cunt or a tin foil hat lunatic suggest that they shouldn’t I go all rubbery.

        3. The author of the study is in fact a vaccine researcher and inventor. He makes money off of selling vaccines. He’s not trying to get people to stop using vaccines.
          Yeah, there are idiots that are misinformed about this issue like any other, and will never read his paper but conclude “Well then I just don’t trust any vaccines at all and doctors are stupid”.
          There are also people who interpret some ancient text as not allowing them to ride the subway on certain days, think the solution to pollution is to go back to the horse and buggy, and think by murdering people they will be greeted by 72 virgins in the afterlife. These people are called extremists, and I never give them any credence in their beliefs. You think vaccines are bad and evil? You’re an idiot. You want to have an intelligent conversation about them? Fine, I’m listening. I don’t have time to convince dullard luddites to be reasonable.
          Anyway, we shouldn’t be dumbing down our arguments here to the lowest common denominator. We’re doing the equivalent of arguing about the definition of rape with a feminist.

        4. I can get on board with this thinking and not just because of the hilarious subway line which I will, just being honest, steal. Well done.

        5. “Children taken away” and “Lined up against the wall and shot” from another comment. For what, not having blind faith in big multinational and government enforced medications.
          For a self proclaimed Nihilist you sure do prescribe to Communist fantasy a lot.

      1. Actually that is pretty much all I want all the time but I try to behave myself.

    8. Its not the inoculatino its the safety. Its the additives in addition to the weakened bacteria and viruses.

    9. No kidding. I can’t believe RoK is now part of the anti-vaxxer group. I’m seriously considering leaving this site unless the majority of the comments are saying, “dude, Roosh…WTF? Do you have no QA/QC on your articles here?”
      I could post scientific study after scientific study after scientific study, and stupid people will practice cognitive dissonance to believe what they want.
      The anti-vaxxer crowd are basically the right-wing version of SWJ’s: it doesn’t matter how much evidence you present, they will believe what they want.

      1. You’ve fallen into the same trap that is described in the article above. Whats wrong with healthy skepticism about pharmaceutical drugs? Should we treat vaccines as articles of faith?
        You sound like a “The Science is Settled” environmentalist.

      2. That is all fair. That said, it seems the article is recommending watching a documentary and giving the issue some thought. While I am with you 100% here, I would never recommend against taking a look at something and thinking about it.

    10. Replace the word “vaccine” with the word “drug” and realize the same people who are faking, bribing studies and selling harmful or ineffective drugs are the same people making vaccines. Someone was able to get ahold of hidden study data for prozac. Guess what, no better than placebo. Vaccine manufacturers finally relented and said they would stop using ethyl mercury..except they didnt. The only reason mercury is even used is so they can do multiple doses in the same vial. Would you spend a little extra money so your baby isnt injected with mercury?
      Did you make sure to get your tetanus shot?? Good now your safe if you happen to step in horse crap with a cut on your foot. Havent stepped in horse crap and don’t expect to in your lifetime? Oh well I guess you didnt really need that vaccine.

    11. Two hundred and 70 plus new vaccines in the pipeline and an industry used to mandated markets without liability for harm. They are targeting adults now with the “Healthy People 2020” agenda.
      But first, historically, in the 1980s the vaccine industry said they were losing so much to quietly settled lawsuits regarding harm to children that they would stop making vaccines unless shielded from suit. So congress and the president caved and now the schedule for infants has tripled and accelerated, but there can be no problems now (the corporate controlled media tells us so), even though back then there were so many problems driving vaccine makers out of the market.
      Your doctor has no liability either, for vaccine harm, so why would he or she bother to question if the debate doesn’t happen. They’ll just go along to get along like they’ve largely done for twenty years if the soon to be mandated vaccine consumer doesn’t get informed and stand up for their right to informed consent or dissent.

  4. Hello everyone, I’m new here and have been engulfed as of recent months in reading up on the whole MGTOW/BluePill/RedPill generally the entire Manosphere paradigm. I don’t believe in over complicated comments so I’ll keep this short. What advice do any of you have for me. 27 years old Male – father to a 13 month old baby girl – married for 3 years so far and happy. Overall satisfied financially in life but feeling unfulfilled. The day to day grind provides little challenge and I am overweight (5’9″ 230 lbs)
    give me the regiment ppl GO!

    1. Reading through the archives is a good start.
      There are way too many things you could need, and we can’t know from the information you’ve posted. I guess I could recommend you start lifting (5×5 program is generally recommended), but other than that it’s hard to say.
      Lurk around here and soak in what wisdom you find. Your path will become clearer in time.

      1. Thank you – I appreciate the sound advice. I’ll dive deeper into the archived articles momentarily. In the meantime would you be able to explain for me the racial undertones to some of the comments and articles pertaining to the movement? I geniunly am curious and wish to learn and absorb what I can. I also pride myself on being open minded and understanding so please forgive me if I wish to know more about things. Anyway I appreciate the advice and any help provided. Thank you.

    2. First and foremost: Get your weight and general health under control. You’re only young now (27 is young), but when you’re 50 you’ll thank yourself you’re not 5’9 330lb with clogged arteries and bowel cancer.

      1. This is fantastic advice – thank you. would you happen to have any programs or strength training plans available by chance? Really appreciate all of the help and support.

        1. If you can find a good gym to join. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Find an in shape trainer and he can work with you getting your diet and exercise program back on track. Once you get a good handle on it, you can devise your own work out regiment and possibly build a small gym in your home. But always get some solid advice first from a professional. It’ll help you on your and prevent any injuries.

    3. Join a gym (i use 24 hour fitness go to any gym in country) and lift. i break mine into chest and tries, back and bi’s and shoulders and legs. one hr. body gets strong and fat comes off. Wife will want to fuck you more too. enjoy life and stay red pill

    4. Mo mate, diet is number one reason people are fat second is not enough exercise. Take the stairs more often,reduce portions, drink more water (more water not just as replacement for sodas and sugary shiznit but water helps the body burn fat), go gym and never ever give up. Inconsistency is the enemy of fitness and I know this first hand. Gym is not easy at first and not easy after but do keep in mind that you have a daughter to which you must set an example.
      Losing weight will also improve your mental and sex drive which are key to a healthy marriage. Testosterone is for men what oil is for motors.

      1. Despite your comment I appreciate all of the others input and will take the constructive criticism. Thank you all for listening a providing me with something to work toward. Stay blessed everyone!

    5. Change diet. Obesity is caused by diet, not lack of exercise. But, you also should do exercise and a lack of it is probably a really big reason why you fill “unfulfilled”.

    6. Not particularly something that is tailored to your situation, but I love meditation. Way to get yourself to know better and ask all the existential questions.

  5. Side effect are bound to show up and affect a fraction of the population considering the numbers of children which get vaccinated. It’s mostly genetical, that being some will and are allergic to his the contents of the vaccine. Nonetheless, vaccines are still the number one and only true effective way of containing epidemics and ensuring a nation’s welfare.
    However, given the track record of these elite cunts, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually fuck with the vaccines in order to curb human population growth. Vaccines could be added to the vast array of tricks used so far such as feminism, quotas for career women, sugar enriched foods and sedentary lifestyles.

    1. There probably are substances out there that destroy testosterone receptors (for men) or destroy estrogen receptors (for women).
      Although deet pretty much acts like an estrogen substitute when ingested, causing genital defects. You need a lot of exposure to it, but a decade of eating pesticide-laden foods during the body’s development will have some drastic effects…

      1. But genes command the way your body devolopes and responds to certain substances. A % will develop in a certain way which renders them sensitive to vaccines.

  6. Don’t worry: at the same time the government requires you to get your children vaccinated, including in Texas, where female students are required to to receive the vaccine against HPV (so they can enjoy lots and lots of sex), it will also be letting in thousands of refugees who have drug-resistant TB

    1. I guarantee you the first thing horny girls are thinking about is not “Will I get HPV if I do this?”

  7. So if all these illnesses have been eradicated, why do we still have to get the vaccination?
    It’s not the vaccine itself that causes autism but the fact that the vaccines are stored and preserved using a mercury-containing substance.

    1. There are may places in other parts of the world where the illness is not eradicated, and what with all the immigration going on… you can figure it out from there.

    2. One one disease has been eradicated, small pox, and we don’t get the vaccine for it anymore. By the way, thimerosal hasn’t been used in any vaccines (except flu) for over 15 years now.

      1. What I wonder is whether some of these diseases are prevalent enough to merit such early inoculation, or whether it might be better to wait a few extra months.
        If there is a problem in the binding agents, I would expect a few months to a few years of extra development (primarily mass) would reduce incidence of whatever they say is happening. If nothing changes, we can easily wipe the vaccines off the list. If something changes, whether it’s increased rates of the diseases or decreased rates of the whatever, then we have a stronger argument for one side or the other.
        Seems worth a shot to me. One American died of polio last year, and a few dozen from Measles, Mumps, or Rubella (and all of these were unvaccinated adults, as far as I know). Three or four years of experimentation seems unlikely to start a pandemic.

        1. It isn’t just death, Rubella and Mumps can cause retardation. And with all the scare by the anti-science crowd about Zika about it’s (dubious) connection to microcephaly, I find it highly weird that they could ever push something like that. Early vaccines aren’t necessarily placed in their position on the vaccine schedule because that is when people start needing protection, they are placed their because it provides the best chance for antibodies to develop.

        1. You think we ended the smallpox vaccine because of the anti-vaccine community? I assure you, I am not the fool here.

        2. Thimerosal is no longer used, because of the anti vaxx crowd, not idiots like you.
          That’s my point. I addressed smallpox earlier

  8. The government will bully you into vaccinating your children while respecting every backward religious kook who says it goes against their beliefs. Don’t bow to pressure! What? You won’t let my children attend the thought prison that is the public school system? Oh darn …

  9. Again, parents are too trusting: they think the teachers and government really want whats best for their children.
    Stop listening to what the Marxist teachers: they are trying to indoctrinate your children.
    And stop listening to what the government says regarding vaccines: Funny how the government wants you to vaccinate your kids against all these diseases that were wiped out a century ago but didn’t even enact a travel ban to Africa during the Ebola outbreak or a ban to Central and South America on account of Zika. The government cares about public health? Like hell it does.

    1. This is an interesting point. If we’re genuinely concerned about public health and wellness, we shouldn’t be worried about the largely-eradicated Polio (which was already on the decline before vaccination) but importing diseases which are harder to eradicate.
      I’ll have to meditate on the ramifications of our current policies regarding such.

        1. Oh hey, the one disease that has been eradicated ISN’T VACCINATED AGAINST. Exactly what I was trying to point out.

        2. It was the original disease where a vaccine was introduced (ok, cowpox, but the target was smallpox). It isn’t vaccinated against because it’s, well, gone. Vaccine comes from a root word of “cow” in Latin, btw. Cowpox.
          If you ask for an eradicated disease, then throw out eradicated diseases, well…um…wtf?

        3. “It isn’t vaccinated against because it’s, well, gone.” I know this. Waldemar Pabst made the dubious claim that there are disease still being vaccinated against that have been eradicated. This simply is not true.

        4. An unscientific claim is that smallpox was eradicated by vaccination when that frankly is nonsense scientifically.
          The demise of the disease came about as a result of the interaction of three completely different factors: isolation, attenuation and improved living conditions, particularly nutrition and sanitation.
          The effect cannot be attributable to the smallpox vaccine – any vaccine which takes over 100 years to work ipso facto proves itself not to have:
          Small Pox – Big Lie – Bioterrorism Implications of Flawed Theories of Eradication
          There was a nasty disease called smallpox and it did kill people long ago.
          This was especially the case when the poor moved to the cities during the industrial revolution looking for work and choked them in overcrowded unsanitary slums ripe for breeding and spreading disease: London’s first park built after rich feared disease spread from slums UK The Independent By Andy McSmith Friday 07 November 2008; Hygiene History in the Industrialized World.
          The middle and upper classes needed to be reassured the State would keep them safe from the threat of disease. The majority of the population of entire countries were persuaded their States could achieve this by ensuring the then truly “great unwashed” masses would be vaccinated and the disease controlled. The trouble was this was a myth but the people wanted to believe and were persuaded.
          Smallpox vaccination did not work and sometimes killed as many or more than the disease itself whilst many of the “vaccinated” still contracted the disease: Smallpox Mortality, UK, USA, Sweden.
          Now you can read a relatively short but well-referenced history of the myth of vaccination and the myth of its role in the eradication of smallpox:
          Online Version – Vaccination: A Mythical History ~ by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries MD – August 27, 2013
          PDF file download – Vaccination: A Mythical History ~ by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries MD – August 27, 2013

  10. most anti-vaxxers are liberal-leftist and women. the same crowed that support climate alarmism and anti-male feminist policies. ROK need to connect the dots.

    1. I haven’t found that to be true. The crowd of at Jezebel is rabidly pro vaccine. it seems like the biggest anti-vaccine group is affluent white women. Which could explain why the jez groupies are on the other side. After white men, there is nothing they hate more than affluent white women.

      1. Add Vox Day (manospherian supreme) to the vaccine questioning category. Searching his blog with the term “vaccine” yields a lot of questions and stats that merit analysis.

  11. DeNiro sure plays a tougher character than he is in real life.. just caved to the whiners that didn’t want this film shown. Anyway, from what I’ve read, the autism link is attributed to the combination of a preservative in the vaccine WITH aspirin or tylenol.
    The same vaccines are used, for example, in Cuba, but they do not have the spike in autism that the USA does. Cuban doctors also send the parents home with strict instructions not to give the child aspirin. In the US I guess if the baby whining is interfering with your World of Warcraft or Pokémon Go experience, the parents just drug the kid without a second thought.

    1. I think he got a call from someone on the film festival board of directors who is also a big whig in the pharma industry.

      1. I wonder how much of this is related to the “Hollywood is a sick culture that has skeletons on everybody” issue, because it seems like someone of DeNiro’s age and stature could just tell some pharma businessman to fuck off.

  12. I have never in my adult life gotten a vaccine. I may have had one as a kid, I don’t remember. I go to the doctor once annually, if that, and even then it’s only so my wife will stop nagging me about it. And yet I literally never get sick. I haven’t missed a day of work in over 15 years.
    I’ll never understand the obsession with medication that grips most of this country.

    1. I’m the same. I go to the doctor far less than you. I can’t understand people who think paying $300 a month for health insurance is “a good deal.” I should probably at least do an occasional checkup, but I also take far better care of my body than the average person. Your skin, hair, nails, and eyes are all indicators of health. That’s not to say I don’t have some terrible bizarre illness right now, but if so, I’d rather not know it and go quietly in my sleep.
      I recently had a soda for the first time in over a year. The taste was fine, but I remarked how I wanted another almost immediately. Then my friend reminded me that’s exactly what they are supposed to do–not satiate thirst and create dependency.

      1. They also make you piss like a racehorse at 330am. That’s why I finally gave them up, they were literally causing me to wake up in the middle of the night.

        1. And the fructose tends to build up fat deposits around your liver and intestines, producing effects like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic disorders.
          Best to skip sodas altogether.

        1. Dunno, but you can offer it to your hot neighbor before she turns into a zombie, I hear.

        2. Did you order a code red on Santiago???????????
          @ghostofjefferson:disqus wanna feel old…lets see how many people don’t get this reference 🙁

  13. Interesting quotes from Bill Gates here; I’m a little dense so I’m not sure what he was trying to say???….

  14. You always hear people saying: I am looking forward until the day we find a cure to cancer or whatever incurable disease! They actually think that a billion + market would just find a quick fix to something and proceed to lose a shitload of money, deliberately. Know what is more sad? Their vote count as much as mine.

  15. What I find interesting is the Facebook community for “Vaxxed”. You can’t watch the film for free there, or anywhere else for that matter, at least that I can find. Let’s just say it’s not readily available to the masses, without coughing up coin to see it. Pretty odd for a group of activists, who allegedly want the truth to get out there…wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

    1. Good catch. There are many ‘truthers’ out there who seem to only be out to sell books and videos.
      That said, it does not disprove nor prove anything.

      1. So true…I just think it’s interesting. And De Niro’s involvement is sketchy, too. Plus, it’s been talked about in the mainstream media, which is always a red flag. Smells fishy to me. Might be a blind-alley film, divulging part of the truth, while indoctrinating the viewers into a secondarily desirable mindset. You know, like proselytizing someone from socialism to Marxism. It’s sold as being revolutionary, and eye-opening, but ultimately, it’s ineffectual. The whole thing seems too Hollywood-slick for my tastes. If the guys behind it were on the level, and were truly hard-core activists, they’d make damned sure the movie was available for free somewhere. But it isn’t. It probably pushes Big Pharma’s other remedies, instead of vaccines. You know, like those drugs you see advertised primarily to women on TV; “For a better world, take Trumantria…side-effects include bleeding from your pores, vomiting bile, developing scurvy and dropping dead. Consult your doctor before taking…”

        1. Yeah. I feel that way about many documentaries. It’s always full of dramatic music and suggestive editing and shocked faces of some random interviewed people etc. Why the fuck don’t you just use music sparingly and focus on facts? But fuggetabout it. People like the scary music. It makes them feel like they’re part of a big adventure.

        2. Women are really susceptible to that. They watch a movie, and the music preys on their emotional state. So when the little squirrel gets run over by a car, they cry, as it takes them back to visions of “Bambi”, etc. Music can really alter emotions that’s for sure. And those filmmakers exploit the fuck out of it…

        3. DeNiro has an autistic child, you fool.
          But ultimately he was a good sayan as he pulled the film due to “pressure” he received.

  16. Vaccines are like wines…many different cellars – many different effects.
    The concept of vaccination is immensely beneficial; big pharma, however, ALWAYS goes for profit – not the “advancement of Mankind”.
    Small countries often have better labs.
    P.s. Polio is on the rise again, because of non- vaccination. A limp, hanging mouth, or a wheelchair WON’T increase your sons’ SMV….unless they excell in some blockbuster movies about burned-out boxers, or Vietnam vets, of course…😆

  17. How the fuck did this garbage end up on ROK? I thought this website would be more sensible then to put anti vaccine horse diarrhoea!

    1. It’s a site with multiple writers. You don’t always get the ones you want.

      1. “pro-safe vaccine”? The only people I know why say that are the people who say they want to get rid of the “mercury” in vaccines. Thimerosal hasn’t been in any of vaccine except flu vaccines for more than 15 years.

        1. Even if they are wrong. There is no evidence to prove that they are against inoculation.
          Its not an all or nothing debate as it seems to be portrayed as.

    2. @ghostofjefferson:disqus is right, there are multiple writers, view points and the site is not a monolith. Also, I am pretty sure that the author is recommending seeing a documentary about this and giving it some thought which is never a terrible idea. That said, I think it is bat shit fucking insane not to vaccinate your children. By not giving your kdis childhood vaccines you are basically saying that you are not fit to live in a society much less have children and shuld probably be put against a wall and shot

      1. What would we really lose if all the antivaxxers up and died? A bunch of hysterical women and neckbeards?

        1. I’m not really sure how it works tbh. What I do know is that small pox isn’t a thing anymore. But if one person for small pox they would need to be isolated in a huge community of people who were vaccinated in order for it not to become like a global catastrophe. Things like that scare me because it means hear dangerous morons could effect me too. If that isn’t true and I am just wrong then great. I don’t care. But if they are putting me at risk I’m ok with internment camps

        2. Pertussis and diptheria have come back because of these people. They started this pretending they knew everything with no effort on social media, and now they are trying to herd everyone off of a cliff.

        3. aaaaaannnnnd this is EXACTLY the reason for my original comment. Thank you sir. Ugh. Lunatics.

  18. The anti-vaccine movement is both wrong and extremely dangerous. As far as public health goes in the 20th century two massive steps forward were achieved. Those are antibiotics and herd immunity from many common and nasty viruses and bacteria. Antibiotics are already heading out the door due to abuse. We might have 20-25 years to find new classes of them or develop another technological solution to replace them. But, if you are on the younger side you will soon know a world without effective antibiotics absent some huge discovery.
    The second, herd immunity to many common diseases, was a HUGE step forward for mankind. It took a massive societal effort at an international level to achieve. Undoing that now is not only a big mistake, but I also doubt that we have the drive to “redo” it after it is gone. Do you want whooping cough to become as common as the flu? Kids with polio braces walking around schools? Mumps being as common as chicken pox were 20 years ago? Do you want that reality when, even if the data can be believed (and I am a skeptic in full disclosure) there is a vastly remote chance that vaccines may cause autism. Balancing all concerns, do we, as a society, want to save maybe maybe 1 in 10,000 kids from getting autism and exchange that with the reality of polio crippled children and deaths from many other common diseases that have been effectively eradicated in the 20th century. I don’t know about you buy my answer is an astounding NO.

    1. They gave us a couple good things and in the same breath, made a lot of already available great stuff illegal – cough, Marijuana, cough, LSD, cough etc.

    2. There are a lot of people who would simply want to limit vaccines to the big hitters and administered in a slower fashion. Say roughly like was done in the 1970s. But that choice doesn’t exist. Either one accepts all the mandated vaccines or none of them. That’s how the exemption works. There’s no picking the big hitters that are worth the risk and others aren’t.
      We are falsely told vaccines have zero risk. They have risk, it’s just ridiculed out of the public conversation and those damaged by them end up in the abyss of the government’s vaccine injury compensation system.
      Furthermore pretty much no subject is better than vaccination to show what the ruling class considers us. A herd. Livestock.

      1. Of course everything in life has risks. Most intelligent people realize that. It is just because about 60% of this society have IQs below 100 we have to lie to them and say “no risk”. I don’t like the fact that we have to lie as a “marketing” ploy but unfortunately it is necessary.
        The thing about herd immunity is you can’t have an a la carte system. It has to be all or nothing. That said, I think we can definitely have a conversation about what should be in the “mandatory” category, but there has to be such a category in order to obtain herd immunity to certain diseases.
        I think one obvious optional vaccine should be for diseases that are acquired via personal decision. That means like HPV or a future HIV vaccine. Bottom line is if you don’t engage in a specific action you are highly unlikely to acquire those diseases. I’m not sure what other diseases we currently vaccinate for which you would not put into the “big hitter” category other than maybe chicken pox or shingles.
        Bottom line is I don’t think people understand what a future without herd immunity to many diseases which used to be common will mean. We have become so sterilized to the effects of those diseases we think that they no longer exist and don’t ponder what will happen when they are once again commonplace.

        1. As having experience with this topic many people do not accept that vaccines have risk of harm. The names I’ve been called for making that point….
          The whole anti-vax thing started when people started wanting to separate the vaccines of the MMR. That’s all. Just spread them out over time and lessen the stress on the child’s immune system. In the US there’s no ‘big hitters only list’. Trying to vaccinate slower will cause problems too. There can be a lot of choice in getting vaccinated and instead it’s their way and everything or nothing. The whole idea of a mid-1970s vaccination schedule is considered absurd and out of the question today. Instead what some children’s immune systems are exposed to today should be considered absurd instead.
          HPV and any possible HIV vaccine aren’t to be optional. Instead the company that made the HPV vaccine (which is approximately of near zero value) went state to state to get it mandated. I have a bad feeling any HIV vaccine that may be created will be forced on everyone including adults. That is probably where I stand my ground and either get disappeared or end up the kook on TV.

        2. It could certainly lead to a slippery slope in my opinion.
          God forbid we could even progress further from mandatory vaccine bloat to behavioural drugs enforced on children because a ‘professional’ deemed little Timmy not complying.

        3. So much that. They’ll do it. Everything that isn’t the behavior of a compliant little girl has been turned into some sort of pathology.

        4. The 40+ vaccines we give your kids are all good. Don’t read the warning label insert either.
          More billions await us

  19. There is no arguing with the fact that vaccination can prevent very serious or fatal illnesses. The issue, and my GP has said it when I asked about Gardasil for my daughter, is that it’s not been demonstrated that massive multiple vaccinations on a very young child doesn’t overwhelm the child’s very immature and developing immune system. My children are vaccinated, and I wouldn’t NOT vaccinate them, but if I had my preferences, I would have much preferred doing single vaccinations spaced over time.
    The problem is that the government, through edicts that have filtered down through the states to virtually every daycare and school, is that more and more vaccinations are required or your child doesn’t go there.
    I’m old enough to have had a teacher who was a lucky polio survivor – she only had very severe paralysis on one side, especially her leg. Seeing that definitely leaves an impression about what vaccines can prevent.
    That’s as close as I’m going to get to the vacc / anti-vacc debate.

  20. If you want to know why children should be vaccinated you should go walk around an old cemetery and see how many kids graves are there. How many kids do you hear about dying from communicable diseases these days? Until the 50s parents were lucky if half their children lived to adulthood. Or……don’t vaccinate them them because “big pharma, the government, Jews , global elites or the Killer Klowns From Outerspace” are putting bad stuff into the vaccines to turn your children into Satans imps.

    1. “Until the 50s parents were lucky if half their children lived to adulthood.”
      I’d love to see the data on that to come to such a conclusion. Ironically sounds like ‘conspiracy theory’ Heh…

      1. It’s just a personal observation, I’m quite sure that not every family that had four kids had two die but, there’s no doubt many children died from all sorts of diseases that had been almost elimated due to vaccinations. When was the last time you saw someone with smallpox or saw a kid walking around with braces because of polio? Answer-you haven’t.
        As for “big-pharma” how much MORE money would they make by treating all those diseases that have disappeared instead of vaccinating against them?

        1. The book “Dissolving Illusions” helps put a broader perspective on the likely contribution of vaccination to the improvements in public health that we’ve seen during the past century.

        2. If you average over all families, it is like that. That’s why the average lifespan in 1900 is around 35-40. The average lifespan of a human who makes it past puberty is 70-80 and has been for 1000’s of years. When you have 2 children, one dies young, other lives to 80 the average is 35-40. This is a remarkable testament to vaccines.

    2. You do realize it’s not an all or nothing debate… Right? Or are you so simple minded that you equate all questioning to being contrary to everything about vaccines?
      Further, a lot of early child deaths were not due to communicable disease but malnutrition, bad water, backward parents, cot death and innumerable other things.

      1. When was the last time you heard of a kid dying from measles,mumps,rubella? Prior to vaccines you would have known several by now…..provided you are adult age.
        An epidemic of rubella(German measles) in 1964-65 infected 12.5 million Americans, killed 2000 babies and causes 11,000 miscarriages. In 2012, 9 cases of rubella were reported to CDC. Most doctors today have never seen a case of measles. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me.
        Morons are literally morons

        1. Who cares what is or not a bad deal for you? That’s not the point is it? I have heard of deaths from measles at least, the others I’m not sure of as I know them by other names. I’ve had both measles and mumps myself, as did many other kids when I was growing up.
          But the thing that you seem to ignore was the main point of my comment, which is that all of this should be open to debate, discussion and research. To you the world must seem very simple, either you accept everything or refuse everything, but fortunately for humanity, that’s not how it works for everyone else.

        2. Vaccinations are a medical procedure, there’s a small chance that an adverse reaction will happen. There’s people who have reactions after being given an IV, and DIE. There’s people who are allergic to Penicillin, and don’t find out until their first hospital visit. People fail to understand that medicine, like all science isn’t infallible, and when one is dealing with human beings unfortunate things can happen. Think about the following: MILLIONS of measles vaccines are administered every year, yet there’s only 108 documented cases of people dying because of said vaccine, and even then, linked, and directly causing are two different things.

      2. The problem is that your followers WILL turn it into an all or nothing debate and call for all vaccines to be banned. Look how they behave on the internet.

    3. Dirty water and poor sanitation.
      Let Joos mainline msg, Mercury, dog and monkey kidneys, aborted fetal cell tissue and aluminum adjuvants goyim.
      It’s good for you. Really

    4. The U.S. has the highest day 1 infant mortality, higher than all industrialized nations combined. It can’t be because we give a vaccine on day one for a sexually transmitted disease, just to get parents used to vaccinating can it?
      Then if you look at all the SIDS and SUDs deaths following “well baby” visits…which is something the “officials” won’t do, but you can find testimonies of clear-cut vaccine reactions leading to death that are then labelled as SIDS on the coroner’s report. Our society’s impressions of vaccine safety are not established in an honest system.

      1. That has more to do with women taking so many fucking drugs that we have one of the highest early birth rates in the world. You are looking at a data set with many variables as if it has one and then generalizing it.
        Every western country in the world except the US does not include fragile infants such as these as infant mortality. The infant mortality rate has many other problems; if you believe it at face value, as the propaganda wings of many governments present it, you probably believe the ‘official’ unemployment rate and other statistics that are doctored towards a political end.

        1. We’re talking “day 1” mortality only here. Risks from all pharmaceuticals (or some illegal drugs will weigh in on overall mortality, including day 1), but if the first day rate of survival differs significantly from other time periods, I would think you would have to assign specific concerns to the interventions at birth (hep B, vit. K shot, maybe early cord clamping) until you’ve done appropriate studies independent of financial influence with true control groups, etc before dismissing any intervention. Though, the use of a drug (hep B vaccine) with significant risks, only studied for a few days in limited uncontrolled studies, against a disease primarily transmitted via sex and sharing dirty needles in all infants should have been halted at the start and got certain “public health authorities” booted from positions of influence eons ago.
          Also, the push of flu vaccine and now others in pregnancy which started/increased thoughout the 90s has never been studied for it’s effects on the rate of preterm birth and probably should be. The conventional wisdom prior was that you should never try to artificially rev up the immune system during a time where the maternal immunity should be suppressed (so the infant would not be attacked as a foreign invader). Suddenly it was ok, without any presentation of new data, etc, to artificially attempt to generate various antigen titers, auto-immune “side effects,” etc. So pregnancy vaccinations are currently an experimentation in violation of past observations (anecdotal perhaps) and any data being kept is in the hands of corporate-captured corrupted institutions.

        2. So you answer with hypotheticals… any guarantee the dumber people in your movement (which outnumber the smarter ones) will take it to the extreme and ban all vaccines, unleashing horrible illness upon the innocent?

        3. Few people want to ban others from vaccinating however much they want, but there are risks and costs to the population in doing so (horizontal transmission of a vaccine virus, the provocation of serotype replacement to more harmful strains, the likely encouragement of viral evolution as is suspected with whooping cough and as has been seen with antibiotics, not to mention the costs of all adverse “non specific” effects of vaccination), despite the corporate media/corporate medical claims the risks are all in not using vaccines.
          So, in a society where many tend to believe that whatever is “best” should be “the law” it’s understandable that some might call for an all-out ban. Some might even want to “mandate” healthier choices in diet, nutritional supplementation, etc.
          Most vaccine-educated individuals I know just want to protect their right to make healthcare choices as they see best, not be dictated to by the interests of pharma’s shareholders.

        4. The problem with that is they directly indanger the most vulnerable members of society… but I guess that is no surprise in a joke of a country that thinks it will live forever even when its women murder children for the sake of convenience.
          It’s funny; people like you think that because you can use google you know everything. Irradicated diseases coming back is merely one of the ways that nature is putting you in your place for such ridiculous arrogance.

        5. My understanding was first informed by my disabling my daughter with vaccinations to the point I wanted to know that the vaccine lore was honest in other aspects, as I was seeing that in some it was not. I wanted to know whether or not her sacrifice was founded upon denial and profiteering or outright lies and profiteering. I think now that the truth is probably closer to the latter.
          Eradicated diseases never left, they just now have a population of adults without natural life-long immunity (their vaccines have worn off) and mothers now cannot protect their infants through maternal immunity (so here’s a case where a vaccine program increased the risk for the vulnerable). Research curiously predicted that a 2 dose measles vaccine program would begin to see outbreaks about now. Officials probably aim to mandate another dose for adults after they get everyone to surrender their rights “for the vulnerable.” Then some of them will likely become the vulnerable.
          Whooping cough vaccine allows the vaccinated to be contagious symptom free carriers of the disease. So you can’t truly “cocoon” a baby or immune compromised individual by vaccinating those around them (you might be creating a dangerous false sense of security). You have to rely on quarantine and nutritional boosting of immunity, hygiene, etc.
          Immune compromised individuals can’t be around those recently vaccinated with live viral vaccines either…
          So why aren’t we informed of these risks so we can behave responsibly?
          And if mandates, bullying, and lies are so justifiable here, why aren’t other health measures (such as nutritional supplementation) already shown to prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity mandated? Maybe because they don’t have pharmaceutical selling side effects?

        6. Aqcuired traits are not passed through offspring, your understanding of biology, let alone immunology is pathetic and ridiculous. But hey, you got an emotional argument backed by assumptions, so congrats, you’re a typical, narcissistic ignorant american.

        1. I do not know anything regarding that (and I can imagine how that might sometimes occur, but…), if all U.S. abortions (something like 1 in 4 or 5 infants I’ve heard?) were counted as day 1 deaths (or overall infant deaths), the mortality would put us at the top of this list (not day one data)…

          Either way, it’s hard for me to think of the U.S. as a first world country for more reasons than one lately, but the above factors in strongly.

  21. Most pediatricians are women and are the ones vaccinating babies for few bucks.
    This will quickly stop if FDA lifts the immunity on pharma from vaccine injuries.

  22. “Considering that 15 years ago only 1 in 10,000 children had autism and now that statistic has increased in terms of odds to 1 in 50, it is amazing more people don’t get angry or even ask why?”
    Considering the definition and statistics surrounding “autism” seem to change as politically expedient, it’s no wonder it didn’t even exist 15 years ago aside from “rain man” versions.

  23. Likely I am the only person in the discussion who actually read Wakefield’s paper. The biggest question is the zeal that the system went after Wakefield. Wakefield’s paper is not what it is portrayed to be. It’s pretty bland, very preliminary, and is not anti-vacation. In fact it is pro vaccination saying further research should be done to see if it is better to separate the three vaccinations over time.
    I have heard that Wakefield was working on a stand alone Measles vaccine and that’s why this paper was done and bad because Wakefield was prepping to get people to buy what he was working on. Or at least that’s what comes up in a discussion when someone has actually read the paper.
    What happened first in the UK when people learned of Wakefield’s paper was to not use the MMR but instead have children vaccinated with the separate vaccines. Remember in socialized medicine everything is a cost so that didn’t go over well. The response was then to remove the approval of the separate vaccines. That’s right, their government approval was yanked. Only the MMR was then available and some parents chose not to vaccinate. Then they went after Wakefield.
    So for whatever reason the government in the UK did not want people choosing the course of vaccination for their children. The same is the USA where the exemption is an all or nothing affair. If governments didn’t have this hard line stance then there probably would not be and anti-vaccination movement/crowd/whatever. Some parents would simply take a more conservative vaccination choice more along the lines of what was done in decades past and only for the big hitters and that would be that.

    1. Wakefield patented a trial transfer factor treatment for the Royal Free hospital (it was part of his job). It was hoped that the treatment might turn out to be valuable in helping clear a persistent measles infection from the bowel, and possibly by acting to prevent such infections (part of filing a patent is to try and determine all theoretically possible commercial uses). This was made out to be a competing vaccine by “journalist” Brian Deer. As far as I can tell, it would only be commercially viable if MMR or another form of measles vaccine that might tend to establish chronic infections continued to be used (and if it worked).
      Since single measles vaccines were already available (from the manufacturers of MMR) at the time this was going on, claims that Wakefield was under delusions of competing with MMR appear to be a stretch or a fishing expedition.

  24. The best treatment option for TB used to be wheeling your bed out into the street so you could get some fresh air, and you know best of luck man.
    If vaccines demonstrably caused 10k deaths a year it would still be worth it.

  25. When did you let shitlib hippy moms write for this fucking site? Total fucking garbage. The West is the best because we’ve culled most of the superstitious retards and have been putting men on the moon etc. But no, you have to publish an article by this faggot.

    1. Touched a nerve huh? That would be the point little kiddie, if you can’t stand arguments and facts contrary to your beliefs then maybe you should stick to your safe spaces eh?
      Your stupidity is Literally Hitler.

      1. “touched an nerve”…yeah you got me. I’m bummed because ROK has stooped to publishing Natural News-level horseshit. Go live on a commune you fucking granola faggot.

    2. The VAERs (co sponsored by CDC) statistics for 2014 were the highest ever with 38,519 MAIMED and 3,737 killed from vaccines. All 18 years and younger.
      These numbers are going up every year.
      We don’t need an expert for that. We don’t even need a debate. To make this mandatory is criminal.
      it’s the same as playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives.

    1. The Amish don’t have gut bacteria then. They don’t get autism nor do they vaccinate
      What a strange coincidence

  26. Autism isn’t something that a person can develop it’s a complex syndrome that the chemicals in a vaccination have no way of causing.
    Still, if you’d rather watch your children die from a disease that’s easily prevented, go ahead and avoid vaccines.
    I’d rather not see someone have to deal with that pain though.

      1. Thanks for pointing out the bad wording, I mean that it’s not something you can develop later in life. So, for example a 7 year old can’t suddenly become autistic, but rather it’s something that’s present from birth.

        1. I know of one case of a regression at age seven following a flu vaccine onto the autism spectrum. I don’t know the specific diagnosis, but I remember the parents saying their son became more disturbed, began to forget things he used to understand, had to have instructions repeated, complained of not being able to understand where before he thrived in school, etc.
          I think the point of those who observed or experienced cases of “regressive autism” is that maybe some cases of autism are not actually that, though there may be related biological factors. Research has been hampered in answering such questions by the fear of liability (liability which I believe is truly a valid factor for many children and young adults whose vaccines were not administered with informed consent) and maybe fear of losing some other profit producing effects of the bloated and expanding U.S. vaccine schedule.

    1. No ones died from the measles in over ten years
      But over 100 have died from the vaccine.
      You can trust joo pharma though. Some say for profit medicine is bad but they can’t deny us our shekels

    2. Bernard Rimland observed that most autism cases in his early experience were present at birth and few involved later regressions, but something changed in the 1990s to reverse that and he encountered regressive cases far more than cases present at birth. He also said the epidemic was real and excessive vaccination was the cause.
      Here’s a statement by Julie Gerberding, then head the CDC who went to work for Merck after leaving her as soon as she legally could, about a case the government settled (and wanted sealed) to remove it from being one of the test cases of the autism omnibus.
      “Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in
      kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications
      from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial
      disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can
      be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”
      This was made about child who was diagnosed with autism.

    3. As for deadly diseases, you have to look at the actual mortality risk at the time of vaccine introduction (and the mortality trajectory over a long period of time) to get a feel for the value of vaccination in preventing the mortality observed. We also need some actual retrospective study of overall mortality risk of the procedure. There’s never been any research comparing the overall health of those who vaccinate with those who do not (a true control group). It’s actually frustratingly difficult to tell if they have any value that outweighs the risks, at least for someone whose paid a pretty high price taking that risk.
      There’s some effort to chart the actual data we have here:

  27. I can’t believe this nonsense is still going on. Do you think vaccines are a great business for big pharma? Try to compare the costs of treating 1 single patient of polio (or any other of these diseases, INCLUDING the flu, research the Spanish flu for better enlightnment) versus a standard vaccination program for the whole life of an individual.
    The risk of autism? Come on, if you want to research it seriously, why not go for psychoactive drugs, which are now being taken like candy by mothers and children alike? I mean, it’s just there. But no, noone wants to take them as a threat. They are both a big business (much, much more profitable than vaccines), and an useful weapon of “the system” to shut down sad or rebellious portions of the masses.
    There are many, many righteous fronts for public outcry about public health management, like GM foods, food and water additives, air quality, construction materials (asbestos were not replaced, simply stoped being used in new buildings), excessive prescription of painkillers and antibiotics, etc.

    1. Duh, so you assume that people who question the safety of some vaccines basically refuse them all, and on top of that they do not question psychoactive drugs, GMO, additives, water etc?
      Your brain is Literally Hitler! Man oh man I hope you grow up one day.

      1. Probably 90% of the parents who follow these “doubts” have no scientific culture at all, and end up being against vaccines (in general) because “they are bad” (vaccines are literally Hitler, see?).
        What I can assure you, is that if one of these vaccines was scientifically correlated with unsafety (which is different from lack of adverse effects; unsafety is about adverse effects of greater dimension than direct risk or of unmanageable future progression [example: lobotomies]), it would be immediately taken out of the market by the pharma industries themselves. Lawsuits are a bitch, ask Roche about Roacutan.

        1. Except that pharma is protected from the lawsuits by the government in many cases, if it weren’t so maybe there would be a bit more trust in how they operate.
          In several European countries the H1N1 vaccine was found to cause narcolepsy in some children, what the exact combination required to trigger it is afaik not known yet but the link was clear enough to warrant massive compensations by local standards. So there are very clear examples, also others, of vaccines being far from safe, quite the opposite.
          What families do or don’t do based on their ability of reasoned thinking or lack thereof should not be what determines what subjects are examined and explored, and doubted and debated when warranted. Pandering purely to the lowest common denominator brings us idiocrasy and nanny state scenarios which to me are worse than infectious diseases and cancer combined.

        2. I mean with a decent p-value. There are ways of determining if something is a cause or not. Most SERIOUS adverse effects are only “reported”, not studied, which allows the possibility they are simple outliers (or, in my previous words, not scientifically correlated”).
          Then, a good study needs a good “design”, with a non-biased population. Where can you find pure controls in treated populations?

        3. Correlation is only one of the steps in the process of a regression model. But again, regression is never going to give you certainty. This is the limit of empirical studies.

      1. Except (orally taken) destilled water, all substances can be individually harmful to a random individual. Vaccines are perfectly safe in a public health logic, which means relative risks of vaccines are lower than the risks of the diseases, both in quality and quantity of people possibly affected.
        Yes, this means all vaccines DO HAVE adverse effects for a few individuals. And YES, some vaccines might even kill one person or another, and this CAN occur, for any vaccine we are using right now. It’s called anaphylactic shock, and is much more common and deadly than any other possible adverse effects mentioned by conspiracy theorists. This is THE reason why vaccines are administered in a medical environment. Bad news: peanuts, shrimp and other everyday substances can also cause anaphylaxis.

        1. So if I decide not to eat peanuts am I an “anti-peanut” nut? (No pun intended). I don’t eat peanuts because I don’t think they’re healthy. Similarly, if I am not convinced by the literature on vaccines is it OK that I can decide not to take them? Or does that make me some kind of conspiracy nut as well?

        2. My attitude on anti-vaccination people is the same I have on drug users. They can do it how, when, wherever they feel like it, I don’t care. But they should immediately and irreversibly be declared noneligible to access any state-funded medical care, as they should be held responsible for any harm they could be inflicting on others for their reckless choices. Namely, a cluster of unvaccinated people/families should be held accountable for negligent murder in case an outbreak happens. Likewise, all other material and personal damage taken care by the national health systems and caused by these reckless behaviours should be included in reparations to be paid by any (unlikely) survivors.
          It’s called sustainable health system. Enough with cautious taxpayers paying for the fools’ miscalculations. But fools must be allowed to be fools. Otherwise, our species wouldn’t evolve and Darwin Awards would be collecting tyrants’ dust.

        3. Medicine is the leading killer of people in this country, but you think they should be trusted?
          You goyim are so gullible

        4. Why do you keep saying “anti-vaccination people”? It betrays your emotionalism and dogmatism. If you want a vaccine, its your body, go at it. I don’t care. What I oppose and I think everyone else here opposes, is forced vaccinations and the general propaganda and anti-intellectual smear campaigns surrounding vaccination. Your irrational fear is now obvious for everyone to see. Irrational because if you truly believe vaccinations work and you are vaccinated, why should you care if someone else isn’t? You should be immune yes?
          You betray also a) your lack of faith in vaccinations and b) your authoritarian need for everyone else to drink the toxic Kool-Aid along with you.

        5. ” I think everyone else here opposes, is forced vaccinations” – strange, what have I just written? If you don’t want to take a vaccine, it’s ok by me, as long as you face the consequences.
          “why should you care if someone else isn’t? You should be immune yes?” WRONG!!!! And this is really the question, here. A vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from becoming infected, it simply reduces the TIME you need to develop a proper immunity. Pathogens multiply exponencially.

          In an outbreak, if all individuals are vaccinated, they will respond with the same rapidity, hence, they will be carriers for less time, and I will be exposed to less environmental pathogens (sneezes, unwashed hands, shared objects, exhaled air, etc.).
          If noone around me is vaccinated, individuals will carry more living pathogens, for more time. This means more environmental pathogens, for more time, too. Not only my immunity is in risk of being overloaded with a constant flux of new pathogens (think of a small room with 5 other people, all of them constantly exhaling active flu viruses), and I will risk illness despite having had a vaccine, as the fact that if more pathogens are now interacting with me, they are “allowed” the possibility of adapting my antibodies and developing mutations to avoid them (this is why there is never the same type of flu virus in two consecutive years -> they adapt to immunization). We can already estimate the “time needed to mutate” for a specific species of bacterium or virus (viruses are always faster, as they are more simply built, and this is the reason why we can’t develop a vaccine against HIV, for example). Unfortunately, even if we are certain mutation is inevitable, we can’t predict HOW it will occur.
          Oh, and another thing. There are immuno-suppressed people. They are MILLIONS. From people who are given corticoids to treat auto-immune diseases, like Addison disease or rheumatoid arthritis (the list is huge, research it if you will), to people currently facing cancer (or its treatment: both kill their individual immunity), people with AIDS, obviously, and people who simply were born with defective immune systems (boom! check this: ). The only defense these people have, in reality, is other peoples’ immunity. You might be a monster of selfishness and don’t care at all if they die or not (of which, I don’t care about your feelings at all), but they have families, and they are citizens the same way you are. It’s only logical societies and governments protect them as well, as they would protect them from natural disasters or random serial killers.
          Use this as you will, Medicine (real medicine, not showbusiness medicine, popular/feel good medicine or financial/corporate medicine) is a science. Hard, cold-hearted and objective (non-subjective). This means it IS NOT democratic. The West will taste this bitterly, when dysgenics start to have a noticeable effect, when antibiotics are no longer useful at all, and when anti-vaccination brings us straight back to the Black Death age. I am on the opposite site of Socialists (or Communists), but I know what they did in countries like Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan. They saved millions, and millions died when the Soviet Union collapsed. Medicine is more important than democracy. I would prefer if it wasn’t used to promote Socialism, but if my choices are democratic chaos and death or medical Totalitarianism, call me Mengele or Miterev.
          And simply, if this is such an issue, why don’t you simply start a joint-venture and produce your own, safe vaccines and other drugs? It could be both a good business and a service you did us all.

        6. Semitic, dualistic thinking is a disease itself. There are no real things in the “good” or bad” categories. Only abstract ideas, and even so, in a subjective way. So, imagine your mother is the leading cause for you to be constantly ashamed in high school. Will you scorn her?
          “Medicine is the leading killer of people” – of course it is. It deals with death, so it could only be less than that if it was perfect. Now, if Apollo missions blow up in the air, if chemical accidents and infrastructural collapses happen all the time, why should Medicine be an exception, חברי הטוב?
          Even so, if you remove the group of people who use medical care when they are hopeless (because we are mortal beings, and there is only this amount of years you’ll live, even if your doctor studied in Mount Sinai Hospital for the big-nosed), and it’s useless, Medicine has probably progressed more in the last 100 years than any other human science.
          Now, we are only gullible, because you are so smart, deary! It’s all on you, you naughty God-chosen (for what?) little scoundrels.

        7. I think you are missing my point. There is no midterm, you are either in or out. If you’re out, face the risks. I prefer to be in.

        8. And Pasteur. And electrical conduction of your nerves. And binary codes, used by all the devices of our digital era, etc.

      1. Oh, ok, I see.
        Cost of one vaccine, Europe prices: 6 €
        Costs of a single sick person: 45€ / each hour of medical attention; 40€ /a week of one antibiotic therapy (currently, combinations of 2 or more are used); other materials, including masks, desinfectant, rubber gloves, blood analyses: 100€ / week minimum; a room to treat severly ill patients: 300€ a day.
        After costs for adverse effects of antibiotics (which are more common and serious than those of vaccines): insert your number here, as they go from kidney failure, to epilepsy, arrhythmia, etc.
        $$$ Yesh Tikva! $$$$

  28. Wow such a trolling activity around this post or just people with big egos incapable of thinking? I am going to be brief you monkeys. There are tons of papers that shows that there is a link between vaccine and autism, just freaking google it. Secondly there are not enough studies that prove vaccination work, vaccination like any other medicine has side effects, that is a plain fact not an opinion. Then there are the stupid vaccines like the one for Tetanus. Where there is no virus involved but the byproduct of a bacteria that is present normally in out body. They claim the vaccine works, but if you get Tetanus you do not develop immunity! (Really?!?) And for you not to question vaccines and have an open mind, you don’t belong here.

    1. There aren’t enough studies that prove vaccines work?
      In 1921 more than 15000 Americans died from diphtheria,before there was a vaccine. One case of diphtheria has been reported to CDC since 2004. It doesn’t take much of a study to figure that out.

      1. But it does take logic.
        That is an example of the correlation equals causation fallacy. Lots of things happened between 1921 and now that could account for that, such as improved hygiene and water treatment technology.

        1. The trouble with examples is that it only takes one counter-example to prove an absolutist argument wrong.

        2. MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted human babies
          Sunday, February 15, 2015
          Julie Wilson staff writer
          Vaccines contain DNA fragments from aborted human fetal cells and viruses that could cause both autism and cancer
          (NaturalNews) The recent hysteria propagated by the dinosaur media regarding the latest measles outbreak is beyond illogical and simply based on a patchwork of lies and misinformation. News of the recent “Disneyland measles outbreak” has brought forth a sudden myriad of self-proclaimed “experts” on measles and vaccines, particularly the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella).
          Aside from expressing a know-it-all attitude, vaccine proponents have viciously attacked and threatened anyone in favor of, or even on the fence about, not vaccinating.
          One of the most classic (and also completely unreasonable) threats insist that parents who choose not to vaccinate should be arrested and charged with child abuse, a concept that infringes not only on natural health freedom but freedoms rooted in the framework of a true democracy.
          All of this anger, hate and debate over a disease that hasn’t taken a life in the U.S. since the early 2000s? Anyone with remotely any intelligence can sense that this issue goes much deeper than what’s being reported on TV.
          As with any emotionally charged issue, the measles debate has quickly turned political, being used as a tool to influence voters, as well as eliminate more freedoms through forced vaccinations. For such a heated debate, little true information is being provided.
          For one, those only following mainstream media may not realize that people who have been vaccinated for measles may be more dangerous than those who haven’t.As Natural News’ Jonathan Benson recently reported, numerous published studies show that people who have received the MMR vaccine shed the diseases for weeks, or in some cases even months .
          This means that the vaccinated could potentially be infecting others, as the virus is very contagious, making vaccinated individuals very dangerous, especially around those with compromised immune systems. Benson’s report continues to note that nearly two decades ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention realized this phenomenon when they tested urine samples collected from newly vaccinated 15-month-old children as well as young adults and found that nearly all of them had detectable levels of the measles virus inside their bodies. If I had to bet, I doubt emerging self-proclaimed “experts” on the MMR vaccine and measles aren’t privy to this information, making their accusations even more unfounded. MMR vaccine contains human DNA from fetal cells linked to autism?
          Another important tidbit of information that’s being completely ignored on a national level is the possible link between the MMR vaccine’s ingredients and autism. A study released in 2011 called “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review,” considers a host of peer-reviewed, published theories that suggest a possible connection between vaccines and autism.
          The study’s lead researcher, Helen Ratajczak, a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm wrote: “Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis following vaccination. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain.”
          “Human tissue used in 23 vaccinesOne of Ratajczak’s biggest concerns is the human DNA used in vaccines, including cells from the fetal lung tissue of aborted babies. Around the time vaccine makers removed thimerosal (mercury) from most childhood vaccines (except for the flu shot), they began making vaccines using human tissue to grow viruses, including measles and chicken pox.
          Ratajczak observed a correlation between the introduction of human DNA to the MMR vaccine and autism, suggesting a possible link.She also notes an additional spike in autism in 1995 after vaccine makers began growing the chicken pox vaccine in human fetal tissue.
          In regard to why human DNA could possibly cause brain damage, Ratajczak said that the DNA in vaccines is taken up by human cells and recombined into their genome. She further stated: “That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it’s changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it’s an ongoing inflammation. It doesn’t stop, it continues through the life of that individual.’
          SCIENCE FACT: The U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families (

    2. People’s drive to support a cause is instinctively tribal and the instinct has been hi-jacked. People get the same reciprocal ‘good feeling’ serving their tribe as they do when defending the vaccines that the good doctor put into them as a youth and rewarded them with a happy-face sticker. People jumping on the bandwagon for vaccines are herd groupthinkers just like the throngs of hypno-button-eyed cabbage-patch zombots that gather in a public school or civic auditorium to ‘raise awareness’ to the flavor of the day cause-for-action campaign. One day it’s handing out pink ribbons for breast cancer and another day it’s a fund drive to stamp out domestic violence and throw all evil men under busses. They have defined all men basically as ‘the abuser’. How impersonal. An orwellian play on words. Oldspeak was ”father”. Newspeak as the pamphlets illustrate men are now re-defined and termed as ”abusers”.
      The gaggles of pharmaco belching adult children are numerous, so numerous in the urban fluoridated ghettos that it’s like living in a big petri dish. It’s a big chemistry set.
      PEOPLE ARE SHITTING pills these days. Folks, my shit had corn in it when I was a chap. Now people’s shit looks like a gay wedding cake with all the pills people poke in their hole.
      THIS FOOL obstructed his bowels with undissolved pills that required surgical removal. I see pills, McD’s sweet n sour sauce but no flora present to break anything down??
      They must have had insurance. I would have blasted them out with a cheap cleaning vinegar enema. ”Whoooey” ”pft . . pft pffft . . ” budda bing

      1. 95% of those treated with chemo die within five years, but the joo oncology doctors find ways to scam the elderly from their money and Bill Medicare.
        “Sidney Farber (September 30, 1903 – March 30, 1973) was an American pediatric pathologist.
        He is regarded as the father of modern chemotherapy, and after whom the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is named.
        Farber was born in 1903 in Buffalo, New York, the third oldest of a family of 14 children. He was a graduate of the University at Buffalo in 1923.
        In the mid-1920s, Jewish students were often not admitted to US medical schools.”

        1. Chemo is among the top 5 cash cow rackets going in medicine. The others are elderly/convalescent homes and psychiatric/drug treatment centers. All of them convert state and private insurance funds. A crazy unemployed ward of the state can sap a quarter mil in yearly insurance payouts but they’ll never see a dime of that money personally. It goes to bottles of price jacked pills that would cost $400 but zero out on medicaid and therapy at $120/hour. All money gets funneled to providers and pharmaco. You’d have to rob a bank to see any of that money, shit. If I were a crazy fuck and if I had the option of keeping the healthcare funds for myself instead of ‘treatment’, I’d take the quarter mil and skip the doctor, eat right (paleo) and buy a boat and expatriate to poosey paradise. Anyone who lives in a socialist nanny state is wealthier than they know, only their personal wealth is scammed and skimmed from them above and over their heads. People will have to smash the socialist nanny apparatus and bust it open like a pinata to recoup and get back all the wealth and goodies that it has stolen from the people of the nation.

  29. I can’t believe RoK is now part of the anti-vaxxer group. I’m seriously considering leaving this site unless the majority of the comments are saying, “dude, Roosh…WTF? Do you have no QA/QC on your articles here?”
    I could post scientific study after scientific study after scientific study, and stupid people will practice cognitive dissonance to believe what they want.
    The anti-vaxxer crowd are basically the right-wing version of SJW’s: it doesn’t matter how much evidence you present, they will believe what they want.

    1. Obey propoganda, goyim.
      1 in 50 kids now has autism.
      Merck killed more than the Vietcong with Vioxx, but you can still trust them with your kids.

  30. Captain Poothang decries ”’STOP THE VACCINES – AT ONCE”’
    up up and away!!

  31. People get sick mainly because of three factors;
    -Lousy sanitation
    -Contaminated drinking water(related)
    -Poor nutrition
    If you want to help people, for example in Africa, this is what to focus on. Think about the great epidemics in Europe before modernity, the Spanish flu, the Black death etc.
    These where NOT caused by a lack of vaccines, but by the factors mentioned above.
    I`m not saying vaccines are all bad, but they have great risk associated with them, and they also distract us from the main causes of disease, which is a crying shame.

    1. The Black Plague was caused by Joos throwing down flea bitten eats down the wells of Christian land owners.
      Their confessions are on record, as many were caught in the act. Most turned their rabbis who gave them the directive, in.
      The land could then be bought for pennies on the dollar. You goyim are so naive.

    2. You literally cannot comprehend germ theory. The germ theory of disease. Your comprehension of medicine is pre-mid nineteenth century. That’s a hilarious degree of ignorance.
      Although it’s not ignorance, is it, when we do have the knowledge. It’s imbecility.

      1. We do have an immune system you know,
        if our bodies are healthy and are not tested by a constant onslaught of pathogens from say, contaminated drinking water, poor diet, etc.
        it will be much more efficient than if the otherwise is the case.
        This is really not that controversial.
        Sugar is also a major factor in immobilizing white blood cells, central to our immune function.
        This is more of a problem in the western world.
        Also, are you a progressivist?
        Many ideas of the past where better than the ones we have to day, that is also true in some areas of medicine.
        For example the recommendation of eating a high carb low fat diet where seen as folly for centuries, then it was, and still is pushed upon people by Government and resulted in the obesity epidemic we witness today. (less fat=more carbs)
        German pre WW2 scientist had already figured out that insulin triggered by carbs is what made people fat, so we took a giant step back scientifically.
        Only now are we beginning to realize that the old ideas were the right ones.
        Also, you have to consider that there is unfortunately a lot more money to be made by keeping people ill and selling them medicine, rather than speaking openly about how to avoid disease in the first place.
        There is really so much scaremongering when it comes to the subject of health and pathogens that people totally shut down their rational thinking process, I can`t help but to think that this is done on purpose.
        I leave you with a short clip by Dr. Luc Montagnier,
        the co-discoverer of the HIV virus and Nobel prize winner in Virology, speaking about the importance of good immune function when fighting pathogens.
        (I know HIV is not a bacteria, but the same exact principles applies)

    3. Why would we want to help people in Africa?
      The more saved, the more there are to slaughter one another. The continent also cannot, at present, support its current population 🙁

      1. I was speaking more out of principle as to what causes disease.
        But in many ways you`re right, many countries in Africa have sky high birth rates, while “ours” are very low, so really they should help us, or we should learn from them.

  32. As someone who works in the medical field, i will honestly tell you that most physicians only know what they are told from big pharma. Very little independent thought on the subject. Immunology is no joke, a very difficult sublect. The science of vacination is sound, but the question is what else are they injecting vis a vis adjuvants, foreign dna,rna fragments, preservatives etc.
    This is not medical advice, but i woild tell the flu industry to f off. If you are a parent, please consider spreading out the vaccine schedule, and stick with the bare minimum vacines, keep your children away from gardisil. And please do read the vaccine inserts in their entirety.

    1. But gardasil must be great, the idiot Rick Perry mandated it for all TX schoolgirls 🙁
      Similarly, all vaccines must be great because the ironically-brain-damaged Dr. Ben Carson expressed his belief that the federal gov’t should force vaccinations.
      Edit: Sarcasm aside, I agree that the flu vaccine is ridiculous (every year, someone I know who gets the vaccine also contracts the flu) and the vaccine schedule really does need to be spread out, that’s the crux of the vaccine issue IMO.

  33. I’m pretty sure the majority of neuroscientists believe autism is a developmental disease that takes place while the child is growing in utero. The brain itself is made differently; the “wiring” in those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) does not form the same connections as a neurotypical person. The images of ASD brains shows alterations in the connections with increased local connections and a loss of overall global connections. This means while nuclei in the front of the brain can all communicate just fine, communicating information between the frontal lobe to the visual cortex in the occipital love or auditory cortex in the temporal lobes is not transmitted as well. Some think there is an issue with neural cell progenitors migration during brain development resulting in abnormal brain structures. This results in differences between excitation and inhibition of the cortex. There are also several genes and proteins that are associated with autism symptoms that people can get screened for. If the damage of ASD is made before a child is even born then no one is to blame. People love having someone to blame other so they look for any scapegoat.
    Questioning the norm is a great practice but make sure you read up on the current climate of the field too. There are no neuroscientists in my doctoral program, or any, that believe vaccines have anything to do developing ASD. That said, there should be studies where model animals are injected with vaccines/ boosters on a similar time course as human children. We can then test out what, if any, brain changes are occurring as a result.

    1. Good sheep.
      Keep parroting our propoganda, goyim. The Warning label insert on vaccines lists Autism and Death as possible side effects….
      1 in 50 kids now has autism.
      Merck killed more than the Vietcong with Vioxx, but you can still trust them with your kids.

  34. The head of the CDC is a joo. Just sayin.
    Why again were they forbidden the profession of medicine for centuries, goyim?
    Oh well billions in annual vaccine sales. Lots of shekels

    1. Oh shut the fuck up you sick idiot. Even you know that what you’re saying is utterly inane (“just sayin”).

      1. I’m sure it’s just a strange coincidence that the CDC head, and most ceo and members of the boards of big pharma are jooish.
        Who knows. Oy vey

  35. This site is excellent in general, but one thing that plagues it is conspiracy crackpot rubbish. The vaccines cause autism lunacy is one of the most loathsome delusions going around today. And like all the most loathsome rubbish, it’s not only stupid, and crazy, but grossly immoral, and very possibly highly destructive. The importance of vaccination in eliminating debilitating and deadly diseases cannot be understated. It is literally the difference between a 30% and a 0.2% childhood mortality by disease rate. The people who oppose vaccines are now just moderately harmful imbeciles who are endangering their own children, and the children unfortunate enough to be close to their children. But if this wicked nonsense were to ever become common, it would ruin or rob the lives of innumerable children. As such it is quite right to feel contempt for the imbeciles supporting vaccination conspiracies, and to be entirely dismissive of of their nonsense.

  36. This site is excellent in general, but one thing that plagues it is conspiracy crackpot rubbish. The vaccines cause autism lunacy is one of the most loathsome delusions going around today. And like all the most loathsome rubbish, it’s not only stupid, and crazy, but grossly immoral, and very possibly highly destructive. The importance of vaccination in eliminating debilitating and deadly diseases cannot be understated. It is literally the difference between a 20% and a 0.2% childhood mortality by disease rate. The people who oppose vaccines are now just moderately harmful imbeciles who are endangering their own children, and the children unfortunate enough to be close to their children. But if this wicked nonsense were to ever become common, it would ruin or rob the lives of innumerable children. As such it is quite right to feel contempt for the imbeciles supporting vaccination conspiracies, and to be entirely dismissive of of their nonsense.

    1. Here’s a great video that in 90 seconds destroys the anti vaccination cretinism/craziness. Very entertaining too.

      1. The issue is that it doesn’t destroy the intelligent skepticism of modern vaccination.
        If we were still vaccinating kids like we did in the 1990s and before, that video would be spot on. But we’re not, and Penn and Teller unfortunately overlooked that.

  37. The VAERs (co sponsored by CDC) statistics for 2014 were the highest ever with 38,519 MAIMED and 3,737 killed. All 18 years and younger. These numbers are going up every year. We don’t need an expert for that. We don’t even need a debate. To make this mandatory is criminal.
    it’s the same as playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives. People need to wake up, quit letting the government give itself authority it doesn’t have. Government officials are just people, if they think it’s ok to kill and maim 38,000 kids a year, I think they belong in prison. This whole thing is a criminal fraud. People should be like a mother/papa bear when someone is attacking it’s cubs. There are other bills following this one to mandate vaccines for adults.

  38. Goyim, I mean People, there is nothing in vaccines that could hurt you.
    * aluminum hydroxide
    * aluminum phosphate
    * ammonium sulfate
    * amphotericin B
    * arginine hydrochloride
    * dog kidney, monkey kidney,
    * dibasic potassium phosphate
    * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
    * calf (bovine) serum
    * betapropiolactone
    * fetal bovine serum
    * formaldehyde
    * formalin
    * gelatin
    * gentamicin sulfate
    * glycerol
    * hydrocortisone
    * hydrolized gelatin
    * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
    * monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    * monobasic potassium phosphate
    * neomycin
    * neomycin sulfate
    * nonylphenol ethoxylate
    * octylphenol ethoxylate
    * octoxynol 10
    * phenol red indicator
    * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
    * potassium chloride
    * potassium diphosphate
    * potassium monophosphate
    * polymyxin B
    * polysorbate 20
    * polysorbate 80
    * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
    * residual MRC5 proteins
    * sodium deoxycholate
    * sorbitol
    * thimerosal
    * tri(n)butylphosphate,
    * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, aborted feral cell tissue and stuff.
    What could go wrong ?

  39. The Father of so called ADHD, is a Russian joo/Israeli, named Leon Eisenberg-who confessed later it was all fictitious, meaning a lie. A fabricated creation.
    And yet 1 million children are made zombies because of it..
    See on utube his confession of this fictional diagnosis.
    Yet over one million children are drugged and big pharma loves it. Crappy teachers do too.
    You goyim are so gullible. Counting shekels

    1. I would not totally dismiss ADHD and other disorders on the autism spectrum, but I reckon its definitely over diagnosed. The world we are living in today is very different from our ancestors. There is something like 50,000 chemical compounds registered since 1950 that the human biochemistry was never designed to encounter, plus for some families the diet is also radically different that fed our ancestors for thousands of years. Some chemicals/toxins can turn/off certain genes so it can effect the subsequent offspring.
      I actually thought part of the problem with vaccines was the heavy metals they used (or used to use) as preservatives. For the majority of the population they were not a problem but for a subset of the population with certain gene mutations (have difficulty excreting heavy metals) the vaccines had the potential to cause great damage to the developing baby. That aspect does not seem to be the topic of the topic of this article, which seems to be about combining multiple bacterial strains in the one vaccine. I’ll need to watch the documentary.

      1. You stupid goy
        I said once the creator of ADHD Says it was fabricated! A Fiction!
        Young boys are not meant to sit still for 6 hours listening to Marxist crap from feminist trash, you fool. Not to mention that PE is cut, recess has gone away. So let’s drug em!
        No wonder this site is popular. The idiocy is all too common here.
        Again here is The Creator founder of ADHD. Listen to his confession

    1. The issue with that video is it doesn’t address today’s radically different methodology of administering vaccines.
      Even as recently as the 1990s, vaccines were administered to older children and were staggered throughout their childhood.
      Now we just blast kids full of a vaccine cocktail when they’re practically still wet from the womb.

  40. Big bank, gun, coal, Koch, chemical lobbies: GOOD!
    Pharma lobbies: BAD!
    The anti-vaxx conspiracy shit (as with a lot of the Republican conspiracies on this site) is pure trash. Can we just stay on-topic with the Red Pill stuff? I’m here for game/self improvement. Not to turn into a fucking doomsday prepper loser.

  41. I would say leave the anti-vaxxers alone, as they will inevitably prove both the efficacy of vaccines and Darwin’s theory, but there are individuals out there who legitimately can’t get vaccines and they rely on herd immunization to stay safe.

    1. Yes
      I predict the Amish community will soon wipe itself out, though it is one of the healthiest and autism free for almost 500 years, and also largely vaccine free.
      But why should we not trust the CDC and Merck, the co that killed more with Vioxx than the Vietcong?…
      Good goyim

      1. A. The Amish community is fairly cut off from the population at large.
        B. That the Amish community doesn’t contract diseases like polio is only proving the herd immunity concept. There simply is no polio to be caught round these parts, because the vast majority of the population is immunized.
        There are no peer tested/reviewed studies linking vaccines to autism, but if you want to make serious medical decisions for your family based on Jenny Mcarthy’s (later retracted) opinion, go right ahead.

        1. How could you not trust Merck after they killed 60,000 with Vioxx?
          Polio was caused by poor sanitation and water you silly goyim but don’t stop as we need the shekels. And don’t read the insert warning label on the vaccines either. It list autism and death as possible side effects. Just trust us
          Amish don’t vaccinate as a rule. They don’t have autism. And cancer is extremely rare too.
          And now living an hour from a major city is cut off to you?
          Vaccines are a billion dollar industry for us and you need the 40+ vaccines we give you. Trust us. Our doctors used to recommend cigarettes as safe too years ago

        2. Vioxx is/was a drug. It’s not the first drug to have been brought to market under suspect circumstances and subsequently cause disastrous consequences, but it’s also not a vaccine. Large scale vaccination is the single greatest reducer of childhood mortality. Your hero Wakefield was completely discredited and contrary to the author’s assertions, he has not been completely exonerated. Criminally, perhaps, but his study remains discredited. And even his now defunct study only ever critiqued the MMR vaccine. I read all medical disclaimers before agreeing to any procedure or vaccine, and I’ve only ever seen warnings about Guilliom-Barr sp??? , and the risk of death via an allergic reaction, especially if you are allergic to eggs, a common incubator for vaccines. In any event I encourage you personally to refrain from giving your kids the MMR vaccine: childhood mumps often results in sterility in males….aaaand over to you, Darwin.

        3. Is the Amish community really cut off from the population at large?
          Do the Amish and affiliated folks who run the myraid tourist traps and public businesses not mingle with the bulk of the Amish?
          What about Rumspringa?

  42. I am old enough to remember “Polio Summers”. I remember “New People” moving into the neighborhood, not visiting them for at least two weeks because that was a safety margin for infectious diseases … including Polio.
    I remember my entire 4th grade class walking to the nurses office to get our “sugar cube” except for that one kid who was diabetic and hadda get a shot in the behind. We all laughed behind his back because he not only didn’t get a free candy, but got stuck with a needle …
    I remember one of my 5th grade classmates who didn’t come back from summer camp. His parents left town and we never got a clear story on the disease that killed him.
    Everyone in my 6th grade class had a smallpox bandage on their left shoulder the first week of class. Most of my 11th grade class had a smallpox bandage on their right shoulder the first week of class.
    My 7th grade class shared the mumps, chicken pox and both kinds of measles between Labor Day and Christmas. We carried a lot of take home lessons and tests to our neighbors that semester.
    Most of the comments seem to believe that these diseases are dead. These are the same people, this is the same mentality that thinks civilization is SAFE.
    They’re wrong. You have to be prepared. You have to make your body & mind strong.
    This article makes your body weak. It makes your mind weak. It makes your society weak.
    I am astonished to see this on ROK.

    1. Amazingly the Amish don’t succumb to any of this. Must be all the prayer or something they do, right?
      Humans thrived for thousands of years.
      Treating water and sanitation was the key.
      Not mainlining dog and monkey kidneys, aborted fetal cell tissue, Mercury and aluminum adjuvants et al
      The warning label insert itself warns May Cause autism, death, syds etc

  43. This is the head of the CDC Tom Frieden, selected by Obama. What’s not to trust about him?
    Jew CDC head Tom Frieden wants White people to embrace the cultural vibrancy of the Ebola virus.
    The Jewish Director of the Center for Disease Control, Tom Frieden, has just written a ridiculous opinion editorial explaining why he doesn’t support a travel ban to the Ebola infested regions of West Africa. It almost looks like a satire piece, considering the insane arguments that this Man makes.
    In Sierra Leone, the government is so incompetent that they have been unable to adequately compensate the people who have been tasked with removing the corpses of Ebola victims. As a result, Ebola infected bodies are rotting in the streets. Even worse is the fact that some of these people don’t want our help as evidenced by a Red Cross team that was attacked by local Blacks.
    Frieden also frames the issue in a false context. He acts as if a general travel ban to these regions would mean that exceptions couldn’t be made for aid flights to and from the region. Even though I do not support allocating resources to help these people, it is obvious exceptions could be made under particular circumstances. Frieden pretends that there can be no gray area in dealing with this situation.
    A general travel ban to and from these Ebola infested regions would in fact be a common sense measure to restrict the spread of the virus. Instead, they have decided to take the risk of allowing people from these areas to fly into the United States where they will be screened once they arrive. Why take that chance? It is absurd to believe that screenings will be 100% effective at controlling the spread of Ebola.
    Despite all of this, it would obviously be “racist” to place a travel ban on any African nation regardless of the circumstances. It also impedes Barack Obama’s open borders agenda that is facilitating the on-going third world invasion of America. So because of political correctness and Obama’s desire for illegal alien amnesty, we have to put millions of people at risk of catching Ebola. This is just stupid.
    Some say Tom Frieden should immediately be removed as CDC head for his irrational stance on this matter. Unfortunately, it will probably take thousands of Americans getting infected with Ebola before people in power start suggesting this as a possible course of action.
    But you can trust your kids with the vaccines he says are okie dokie.

  44. Why would anyone be shooting vaccines into a <=3-year-old kid?
    I remember many of my vaccinations, which as I started public school and throughout it. So I was markedly older than 3 for those. Might have to dig out my medical records just to see exact ages.
    If only the “pro-vaxxers” would realize that the way we vaccinate kids today is not the way that they were themselves vaccinated.

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  46. Well, personally I think that anti-vaxxers are just a bunch of conspiracy theorist. Vaccines are so diffused that it would take very little to prove definitively that they are harmful in one way or another. The science behind vaccines is pretty simple. You deliver an “hollowed” version of the virus so that the immune system can learn to recognize the threat before it actually gets under siege. This cannot be cause of autism more than the actual virus can be.
    Now, if we are saying that the industry is willing to cut corners for profit and use a mean of delivery that is potentially harmful to the recipient that’s a separate matter, but it’s still hard to believe. Especially in a world like the medical industry, where the competition is so very high.
    I admit that I don’t know myself what’s the scene in the US-based vaccine business, but I assume it’s not a monopoly (you guys have laws against that if I’m not mistaken). Wouldn’t the vaccine producers (if there is actually more than one) be on the lookout for the competition’s screws ups, trying to invalidate their products and promote their own with health concerns?
    And even if there was a US based conspiracy to keep the harmfullness of the vaccines away from public knowledge, the scientific community is large and worldwide. More than an handful of critics (actual scientists) would come up with documented objections if vaccines were to be considered even slightly harmful.
    This is what my critical thinking is telling me anyway. I’m open to discussions.

    1. On CHS we wrote previously about how unscientific the claim is that smallpox was eradicated by vaccination when that frankly is nonsense scientifically. The demise of the diseaseHumphries MD – August 27, 2013

    2. The VAERS( sponsored by CDC) statistics for 2014 vaccines were the highest ever with 38,519 MAIMED and 3,737 killed, all 18 and under. You don’t need to be a statistical analyst to decipher it.

      1. Interesting. Before I get to it there is one thing that I want to ask you. The issue with vaccines is how it operates (delivering the crippled virus to the body) or with the mean of delivery (the chemical compund that is injected along the virus). This is the answer I’m looking for.

        1. What could possibly go wrong with mainlining any of this into your cells and bloodstream?
          Listen to your doctors and don’t question authority. And don’t you dare read the warning label insert on the vaccines either
          * aluminum hydroxide
          * aluminum phosphate
          * ammonium sulfate
          * amphotericin B
          * arginine hydrochloride
          * dog kidney, monkey kidney,
          * dibasic potassium phosphate
          * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
          * calf (bovine) serum
          * betapropiolactone
          * fetal bovine serum
          * formaldehyde
          * formalin
          * gelatin
          * gentamicin sulfate
          * glycerol
          * hydrocortisone
          * hydrolized gelatin
          * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))
          * monosodium glutamate (MSG)
          * monobasic potassium phosphate
          * neomycin
          * neomycin sulfate
          * nonylphenol ethoxylate
          * octylphenol ethoxylate
          * octoxynol 10
          * phenol red indicator
          * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
          * potassium chloride
          * potassium diphosphate
          * potassium monophosphate
          * polymyxin B
          * polysorbate 20
          * polysorbate 80
          * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
          * residual MRC5 proteins
          * sodium deoxycholate
          * sorbitol
          * thimerosal
          * tri(n)butylphosphate,
          * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, aborted fetal cell tissue and stuff.

    1. That’s funny given that VAERS (sponsored by CDC) statistics for 2014 vaccines were the highest ever with 38,519 children MAIMED and 3,737 killed from vaccines. You don’t need to be a statistical analyst to sort that out, do you, dumbass?
      My guess is that the unvaccinated & Amish will be laughing at you.

      1. That’s funny considering many diseases we’ve eradicated are coming back. Late into life I have become sadistic. I am tired of dealing with idiots, I merely want them to suffer for their arrogance. You dying of diptheria would bring me great joy.
        I am willing to bet money your beliefs are based on a misinterpretation of a paper somewhere, probably that you heard by ear and accepted as true without a second thought. The original person thought the ability to use the computer and google made them a genius. Considering you obtained this information the same way, the same can be said of you. You are not a fool because you were born dumb, you are a fool because like many westerners you have always mistaken borrowed power (technology and safety) for your own ability and have never really been forced to cross examine yourself regularly and improve upon a base of knowledge. Maybe for a job, where you were threatened destitution if you didn’t. Your lack of discipline precedes poor results, and the diseases that have returned because of people like you will kill many innocents, mostly children.
        So if you could die I would orgasm in my pants.

        1. Like what?
          What In The hell is coming back that isnt coming from Mexico or Central America, where poor sanitation and contaminated water are causing disease outbreaks?
          Or are You implying that The Amish are spreading these diseases? And if you’re vaccinated and they really work, why in the hell would you care?
          Stupid fool. You sound like a real degenerate from your post, devoid of character, empathy or intelligence. So typical and brash
          Just like American doctors Used to recommend cigarettes. Be a good goyim and do as your told. Don’t question authority, sheep.

  47. “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or
    mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.”
    This phrase or one similar can be found on just about every vaccine package insert and should be justification for any reasonable person to decline vaccination. However, doctors are not required to give full informed consent regarding vaccines and most people blindly trust their doctors.
    Considering the recommended vaccine schedule has tripled in the United States over the last thirty years, parents have begun to question whether this is necessary or valuable to their children.
    In 1983, children received up to 23 doses of eight vaccines before the age of eighteen. Today children receive as many as 69 doses of 16 different vaccines, all given by the age of eighteen.”
    Cancer and vaccines
    Do your research goyim…

  48. f Health Edward Brandt, Jr., MD, testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, rounded… figures off to 9,000 cases of convulsions, 9,000 cases of collapse, and 17,000 cases of high-pitched screaming for a total of 35,000 acute neurological reactions occurring within forty-eight hours of a DPT shot among America’s children every year.” (DPT: A Shot in the Dark, by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fischer, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)
    “… Based on the only U.S. findings on adverse DPT reactions, an FDA-financed study at the University of California, Los Angeles, one out of every 350 children will have a convulsion; one in 180 children will experience high-pitched screaming; and one in 66 will have a fever of 105 degrees or more [all signs of acute and very serious neurological reaction].” (Jennifer Hyman, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, special supplement on DPT, dated April, 1987)
    “A study undertaken in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, and which has been confirmed by other studies, indicates that in the U.S.A. approximately 1,000 infants die annually as a direct result of DPT vaccinations, and these are classified as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths. These represent about 10 to 15% of the total number of SIDS deaths occurring annually in the U.S.A. (between 8,000 and 10,000 depending on which statistics are used).” (Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, CW Daniel Company Limited, Saffron Walden, Essex, England, 1987)
    “…in 1970/71, there were more than 33,000 cases of pertussis with 41 fatal cases among the very well immunized British child population; whereas in 1974/75, with a declining rate of vaccination, a pertussis epidemic caused only 25,000 cases with 25 fatalities.” (Wolfgang Ehrengut, Lancet, Feb. 18, 1978, p. 370)
    “… Barker and Pichichero, in a prospective study of 1232 children in Denver, Colorado, found after DTP that only 7% of those vaccinated were free from untoward reactions, which included pyrexia (53%), acute behavioral changes (82%), prolonged screaming (13%), and listlessness, anorexia and vomiting. 71% of those receiving second injections of DTP experienced two or more of the reactions monitored.” (Lancet, May 28, 1983, p. 1217)
    “Publications by the World Health Organization show that diphtheria is steadily declining in most European countries, including those in which there has been no immunization. The decline began long before vaccination was developed. There is certainly no guarantee that vaccination will protect a child against the disease; in fact, over 30,000 cases of diphtheria have been recorded in the United Kingdom in fully immunized children.” (Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, p. 58)

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