Two Major Media Outlets That Defamed ROK As “Pro-Rape” Are Laying Off Hundreds Of Journalists

Only weeks after slandering Roosh and those who had planned to attend the ROK meet-ups, Fairfax Media and Guardian Media Group have announced plans to cut 120 and 250 jobs, respectively. The latter business is also considering compulsory layoffs for the first time in its history, under a very pessimistic three year plan to finally break even.

In February, Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald was the first mainstream newspaper to go for Roosh and ROK’s jugular, using outright fabrications and the sloppiest of research. Its sister newspaper in Melbourne, The Age, published the same initial articles as well. Phoebe Moloney, whose “work” inspired a group of SJWs to publicly plan a knife attack against ROK supporters in Sydney, slandered Roosh and ROK readers by claiming they all supported the legalization of rape.

Very quickly, Fairfax’s newspapers were joined in the reporting of lies by some 1,600 other publications, including The Guardian. At no point did any of the journalists writing these anti-ROK stories bother to seriously report the avalanche of threats their pieces helped to whip up against Roosh and ROK readers.

The central dilemma faced by the very bloated Fairfax Media and Guardian Media Group is that their championing of elite and politically correct viewpoints is not matched by reader numbers and the dollar signs they are meant to bring. For example, Fairfax requires paid subscriptions after a certain number of articles have been viewed online and The Guardian implores its readers to become, in order of cost, “Supporters,” “Partners,” and “Patrons.” If enough people were taking up these subscription/donation options, employment at these media concerns would be steady. Additionally, advertisers have become far less enthused about spending tens of thousands of dollars or more for every portion of a printed page or an online banner. Even if we assume that physical newspapers are on the decline, why are jobs being hemorrhaged.

Fairfax journalists have gone on strike and are waiting for the money trees to save them

Stupidity personified.

Irrespective of the evidence showing Fairfax’s leftist business model has destroyed any chance of stability, let alone growth, hundreds of Fairfax Media staff stupidly went on strike when the job cutting plans became known. One can only hope that many of the business and financial journalists, whose greater objectivity makes them comparatively blameless for Fairfax’s woes, have tried to convince the political writers that industrial action will only make the paper go officially broke much faster.

Guardian Media Group employees have been less vocal so far, yet I am sure behind the scenes they are behaving similarly to the Fairfax employees in their denial about the distinct lack of value they give in the marketplace. The blind stubbornness of these men and women over many years, refusing to see the writing on the wall, will now severely damage the lives of their partners and children. Even those not sacked after the decision this month will be at risk for the inevitable next round of terminations, not to mention suffer from reductions in their workloads before that time.

The CNN Effect

Regardless of how many views her own articles get (and the count is not as high as you think), Jessica Valenti’s presence within the Guardian Media Group turns away readers interested in genuine, even-handed news commentary. This is one reason why the paper is always losing money.

The announcement that two anachronistic news conglomerates are significant downsizing should not come as a surprise. Not only is print media struggling in the digital age, the senior staff of many leftist-inclined outlets have continually overestimated the number of people who agree with their political views and are therefore willing to subscribe or buy the products of advertisers. Frauds like rape culture and male privilege simply do not sell to the public at large. Many readers, myself included for a long time, would use these publications to get the gist of news events, always unconsciously screening out the obvious bias in reporting.

This brings me to the “CNN Effect,” the phenomenon where a nominally left-of-center news outlet is bombarded by comments that excoriate the progressive agenda of reporters otherwise pretending to be neutral. Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti is a particularly salient example of this dissonance between journalists and their readers. With comment sections filled with criticisms of Valenti’s toxic diatribes, far too many disillusioned readers were bringing the site zero revenue, refusing to either enter into subscriptions or take advertiser bait. The paper’s overall image suffered more and more, too, with many realizing that other articles by other writers would be biased as well, even if less starkly than Valenti’s pieces.

Once again, the volume of leftwing newspaper readers is loud, but the total number of people behind the noise-making is unimpressive and not enough to save most outlets. This is despite the completely privileged political space within which leftists can and do operate, from journalism itself to many of its subject areas, such as Hollywood. If the senior executives and editors for The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Guardian and other mastheads were good businessmen, and not ideologues masquerading as truth-tellers, they would have tapped into the needs of disenfranchised, non-SJW potential readers a long time ago.

Karma’s a bitch

Agreed, Nelson.

Journalists from Fairfax Media and Guardian Media Group watched with glee as ROK readers were exposed not just to the risk of violence but the guarantee of it if our meet-ups went ahead. In the end, these pseudo-professionals got what they wanted, the canceling of our events. It did not matter how it was achieved, the outcome was all that mattered.

We feel no sympathy for any of these newsmen and women likely to lose their jobs. Those who did not write the pieces trying to incite violence against us were still aware of their newspapers’ bent and would have eventually participated in crafting dubious, politically-motivated stories about topics other than ROK. So good riddance, ladies and gentlemen.

On a final note, this whole saga with Fairfax Media and Guardian Media Group shows the laziness and reptilian nature of non-journalist SJWs. If they had wanted to, leftists could have made a point of supporting these newspapers in more financially meaningful ways. They did not. The job cuts were going to happen anyway, but SJWs did not ever concern themselves with putting up a fight to save their beloved mouthpieces.

In so many ways, the tears we are drinking just got saltier.

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124 thoughts on “Two Major Media Outlets That Defamed ROK As “Pro-Rape” Are Laying Off Hundreds Of Journalists”

  1. I cannot wait for robots to replace the unskilled drones who populate the urban economies.
    No more well paid lawyers, no more accountants, no more waste of space DMV/IRS trolls.
    The market gets flooded with cheap foreign labor and if I complain Im racist.
    What will the former white collar slobs get called when a machine takes over their jobs?
    Real men with real jobs will never be replaced.

    1. Excellent point.
      Liberals don’t understand that nobody is entitled to job and everyone must be fundamentally responsible for themselves.
      The manual dexterity of robots will exceed that of humans very soon and all low-skill jobs will be replaced by robots, self-driving cars/trucks, etc.
      People will slowly start moving out of cities to rural settlements just like how it was like 100+ years ago.
      Best defense is to become self-sufficient, self-sovereign and reject consumerism.

      1. You misread his post. He is argueing that highly intelectualized and burocratic work will be replaced by robots before physical labor.
        Which is insanity. Every line reeks of his contempt for such careers.

        1. I agree with you that having robots that replace lawyers is taking it a bit too far. I think it’s just the OP’s personal disdain for such people maybe due to bad experience in life that he has such negativity towards such careers.
          I agree with his general point though how a blue-collar worker not supporting multi-culturalism can be labeled racist, but what will that same lawyer, accountant, etc. person do if/when a computer/robot eventually replaces them? They will not be spared when the elites start mechanizing everything.
          Believe it or not, many lawyers, accountants, etc. are idiots and many of their basic services can be computerized. For example, most decently educated people (as long as you don’t have a complicated tax situation) can files their taxes themselves and don’t need an accountant.
          A human element of some sort will always be involved, but the job market will drastically shrink. We are converging towards a few people who will control almost all of the world’s resources and everyone else will either be unemployed or self-employed.

        2. Most bureaucratic ‘work’ consists of paper-shuffling by simple-minded relatives of politicians who can’t get an honest job in the ‘real world’.

    2. Karma is a bitch. Like the leftist squatters that were kicked out in Germany a couple of weeks ago, to make room for immigrants. And then they started to protest in front of the town hall, because it was sooooo unfair.

      1. You only think that because you are bottom shelf no skilled labor or the ass wipes about to get replaced.
        You stupid cocksuckers have completely ignored the fact that manufacturing jobs like mine have had their wages driven down by your degenerate maids and gardeners and now- ITS YOUR FUCKING TURN.
        Theres nothing more useless than some cock smoking clerk or a lawyer who contributes no real tangible benefits to the nation.
        It only makes sense to replace the bloated masses of pencil pushers with machines.

        1. You’re probably 12 years old and have no fucking clue what something like that would do to the general population. I don’t care what fucking field gets replaced by robots; it’s a bad idea and it only serves one fucking purpose; line the pockets of the owner at the expense of the employees. You’re a fucking simpleton that can’t see past your fucking nose.

        2. Why would you want Lawyers to be replaced by Machines? That’s terrible. Tones of innocent people would be thrown in jail. Lawyer’s get a lot of money because they get people who most likely deserve it thrown in jail

      1. So theres no difference in a rudimentary robot doing clerical work and one that has the dexterity and intelligence to completely replace a silled laborer?
        Your a smart guy.

        1. You said “lawyers”..a robot that could actually be a lawyer ?! like making a case, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, talk to the client, present it all in court, try to win over the jury etc etc !
          If you can make it do that, you can make it do everything.

        2. You’re pulling quite the strecth, here.
          It’s easier to build robots to do labor and have mechanical precision and dexterity than it is to build a Lawyer robot.
          Like, it’s not even a comparison.
          If your case is a defense of physical labor (You never made yourself clear- all you said was an empty “real jobs”; as if you were the judge on what a real job truly is or can be), I have to inform you this:
          Physical labor is THE FIRST to be replaced by mechanized work.

    3. Hey fuckstick, where are people going to acquire the money to use these robotic services if they have no jobs? You’re a fucking moron and I can’t believe people agree with you.

      1. Things will get alot cheaper since all products are made by robots that dont ask for salary. So people need less money also. At one point, when they have completely taken over the job market, there will be some kind of citizen salary. Meaning, you will get paid just to exist.

    4. What’s wrong with lawyers? I’m actually changing fields to be one and purge fire departments of PC hires.

  2. I don’t get why the meet-ups were cancelled, honestly. Am I the only one who relishes the prospect of having a few beers then watching an SJW riot go psycho and try to “assault” me?!
    My only logical conclusion is that Roosh just staged the meet-ups for publicity and planned to cancel them all along. Minus all respect for Roosh until he proves me wrong, gets a grip on his balls, and stages a rally.

    1. Anonymous got involved and started doxxing information about Roosh’s family and threatened to do so for all involved on this site. There were a few insiders who were actually outsiders providing information to get people and their families assaulted. Minors were also being threatened in the process. Rush into a fight on your own, but you don’t get minors and the impartial hurt involuntarily. It wasn’t a public loss but more of a declaration as to the new big brother engine at work disguised as “protection for citizens”.

      1. Correct. Roosh even said that if the SJWs only threatened him alone, he would’ve let the meet ups happen. Once they threatened his family who had nothing to do with it, he canceled.
        We can clearly see the extent these mobs would go.

        1. Exactly why we have allowed more women posters to peak out of the shadows periodically; to show we are 100% consistent with our message but are also operating in a space with male interests at heart. The minute I saw a feminist hurl her rape threats at a minor, repeatedly, who doesn’t even frequent our site, I knew we were dealing with a rabid dog who I have no problem putting down personally. I will not drag a minor in to that battle so that I can exact my vengeance.
          If anything I applaud the group for standing their ground at large, leaving the SJW’s to their devices, and even reporting when those deranged loons got themselves arrested. You do not fight crazy. You destroy it if it comes to you but otherwise you don’t engage. I thought this was a standard law, or have people forgotten how fundamentalists used to strap bombs to their chests running into their enemy and anyone nearby, to send a message?

      2. Anonymous did no such thing that was bullshit. Roosh’s phone info was already in the public domain. Some bitter feminists filled up his answering machine and email in-box with sceeeeeery messages.

        1. Not sure, but if that is true, my full comment still applies for the minors and impartials. As a man you stand your ground. You don’t fight with women and children. Even if that narrative is false, it does seem to be working in tandem with this new public Anonymous image which has them giving the social security number of Donald Trump as well as his phone number out, so citizens can do their due diligence.

    2. They don’t only go psycho. They pick some targets and harass them until they get fired, messing with their lives and their jobs.

    3. Think about it. The mob would have the location and time, would have time to plan an attack, since they all know each other beforehand. Whoever of us showed up didnt even know who else would show up, or even if they were ready to fight. That’s not good odds for a fight. Canceling was the right thing to do.

    4. Its not personal physical repercussions we fear. Its complete destruction of financial well being, future employment, social status, threats to our families etc under this totalitarianism rule. Essentially a soft Gulag for dissidents to todays dogma’s of politically correct opinion, thought and behaviour.
      Its why these pencil neck purple haired gender confused freaks act so invincible with the state and brainwashed masses at their backs.

  3. I’ve said this before – “Discretion is often the better part of valor”. We’re going to eventually come out on top as society crumbles because current patterns are unsustainable as you all can see with your own eyes and ears. I think it best to observe at this point until such time when the threat to those we love is no longer present.

  4. What’s that…the feminist narrative isn’t a viable business model? What if men stop reading…?

  5. Hopefully Gawker is next-the Hulkster is gonna get a settlement in the tens of millions

      1. Hey, the former ed in chief said they would publish a sex tape of anyone 4 yrs of age and older- thats where he drew the line.
        Let them crash and burn

      2. He didn’t know he was being filmed. His privacy was violated. If he had known and went ahead that would be different. I’ve had my private life invaded before. It’s not fun.

        1. Privacy violation is one of the worst things that can happen to a person bro but what I’ve pointed is how bad it backfired in the face of those promoting it!

    1. Not in 10’s, he got ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION! He didn’t even ask that much, the jury and judge decided to get him extra!

  6. i dont like to blow my own trumpet…………….. but i did write a really angry email and send it in !!!!!

  7. They can always send their CVs to North Korea. I hear Kim Jong-un’s propaganda bureau is recruiting. I’m sure they’ll fit right in.
    To the 370 lazy professional liars who are still wondering how this could have happened when they were simply following orders. It’s called Divine Justice.

  8. Ahahaha, great news. Journalists, and I use the term loosely since every cuck with a blog styles themselves as such, are the enemy.

  9. Oh yeah this article and Roosh’s email made my day!
    Roosh, one slight disagreement with your email though.
    Judging from the picture of the soon to be terminated SJW journalist I do not believe a career as a street walking prostitute is a wise one but rather perhaps a “glory hole” operation in a men,s washroom, in a bar for convenience, where the face can’t be seen would be better.
    Just a suggestion as I know we both have the interests of these SJWs emploment prospects at heart.

  10. “May a slanderer [or libeler] not be established in the earth;” Psalm 140:11 NASB
    Great news. Let the dominos fall.

    1. Definitely. While people like us welcome the collapse of a biased media, there are a lot of people who (verbally if not financially) buy into their rhetoric. I went and had a look at some of the comments sections if Australian media reporting this story.
      As they say, faith in humanity restored.

  11. That email cracked me up.
    The fact that these left wing propaganda outlets lose money yet still remain in business has always been a mystery to me. Money is pumped into them from somewhere, or an actually profitable part of the organisation effectively susbisides the revolutionary political arm of the newspaper.
    Even the Guardian CIF comments section is often massively contemptuous and critical of the journalism these days (to the extent that this isn’t moderated). If these outlets didn’t viciously moderate comments they would be going out of business even quicker

  12. Great article except this:
    “Jessica Valenti’s presence within the Guardian Media Group turns away
    readers interested in genuine, even-handed news commentary.”
    The Gruaniad’s has never had genuine, even-handed news commentary. It has always been a hard left, economic and cultural marxist, anti-semite and anti-American mouth piece for Britain’s economic, social, and sexual screw ups (not saying all Brits are screw ups, just that like any country they will have some) to blame their failure in life on other people’s successes.

  13. I’m glad these strunzos suffer! The meetups were voluntary gatherings which were peaceful. These ass-wipes lied about and smeared all of us for no reason other than the fact that they want to force people to embrace and apply THEIR values. They mobilized their useful idiots in order to use the threat of violence to deprive those with whom they disagree of their right of voluntary association. We had to alter our original meetup location because of this. #WhereIsThePetShop?

    1. I don’t ordinarily take enjoyment from seeing others lose In life, but you’re right. For far too long those such as these never feel repercussions.
      Although, I’m fairly confident they won’t learn anything from it, and will simply cry victim as is always the case.

  14. Paid journalism, a presently very well sought after job for your average leftist is simply a dead end. Lefties, nobody is going to pay you to do something that many people will do as a hobby.. It’s over, time to move on and become productive members of society.
    Journalism 2.0 is already proving to be niche news, providing smaller audiences with quality content that they want to access.
    At the upper end of the spectrum there will be freelance writers who are experts in their field, most of those experts will be professionals in the fields they are writing about.
    At the lower end of the spectrum it will be amateurs who enjoy writing, they will do it as a hobby, because they enjoy it.
    What journalism won’t be any longer is university graduates with journalism majors that presently work in these roles. These ‘career journalists’ offer no value to readers and thankfully will end up manning obscure social justice blogs somewhere in the corners of the internet. They are going to have to actually get a freaking economically productive job, which for many i’m sure is why they ventured into journalism to start with..
    I do love how they have gone on strike.. It is almost as though they all want to be out of work as soon as possible.

    1. I’d argue that there will still be business news organizations that focus on hard data and research, but otherwise I completely agree.

    1. Lindy West should be thrown in jail for her treatment of Jamie Gilt! That thing that calls itself a journalist is attacking a lady who passed away and cannot defend herself! That Heffalump Lindy should be run out of town on a rail! At least in the past the media made a pretense of adhering to some rules. I guess the rules are out now.

  15. Glad to see mainstream media bite the dust. By the way, the video against RooshV was a hit piece. But it DID seem to have more integrity than most hit pieces.
    Even if the journalist would do his aside PC vitrue-signalling, we DID get to hear RooshV’s view.
    And hear him clearly state that it was satire. I was amazed aat the unprecdented level of integrity at the BBC. I am used to hit pieces where not even one coherent thought is allowed.

  16. Gawker is next. Oh the lovely tweet that can be provided on their demise.
    People tire of false narratives. Honesty gains respect.

    1. Especially after loosing 115$ because they have no concept of boundaries.
      Edit: Oops? Did I say 115$? I meant 115 million!

  17. MSM solely exists due to corporate sponsorship. The big 3 survive on fumes [the average age of viewership is in the high 50’s – early 60 year olds] as internet has made them obsolete.
    Good riddance.

      1. I am 60 and I haven’t watched TV news in decades. They are out of luck sooner than you guys are imagining.

  18. Don’t forget gawker’s army of liberal feminist sjw sites are soon to follow this trend. ‘Tis a good week for masculinity indeed.

  19. Similarly, the biggest smelliest media fish, the BBC must be dealt with, by destroying the TV licence. But the BBC is now trying to force the TV licence on people who don’t have a TV but have the internet, so they can grab even more money from the public (as they are desperate to keep their million pound salaries). Ominously, this means the BBC’s goons will have the right to apprehend and search the contents of people’s PCs and phones.
    British readers, please sign the below petition to stop this from happening:

    1. Thanks for brining this to my attention, I did wonder when the bbc would go after the online side of this.

  20. We should have a meetup day now since all the fags, losers, and feminists are too busy protesting against Trump.

      1. I wonder if something like that might work. Set it up as a massive troll assuming roosh and his inner circle can keep a straight face.

        1. It could definitely work. Trolling is the next great art form.
          Although I suppose there’s a danger we might accidentally get her elected

        2. Or we could dramatise scenes from Lena Dunham’s autobiography like when she abused her little sister over a lengthy period of time.

    1. That’s a good idea. It could be a good test of their defenses too. In that, if we announced another meet up while the left is focused on Trump. We can measure how well they do or don’t do when have to focus on A) more than one issue and B) an issue that they have not brought up.

  21. You know there is something wrong when in a site like The Guardian, 90% of the comments are calling out the hateful SJW bullshit, to the point of comment sections to be shut down. Their own readers think it is shit!

    1. In Gawker, I no longer comment, even in my favorite site Alpha Foxtrot. Too much moderation, even if you give well thought and well mannered comments.

  22. Drudge and Breitbart are names associated with calling out the b.s.
    Roosh will be among them soon enough. A revered name, that is.

  23. No doubt the ways mainstream media are structured will be completely different now that “Publishing 2.0” is already here.

  24. As Pat Condell said, particular pubs like the Guardian has its readership composed of “middle-class left wing pricks,” so it finally looks like the common non-leftist/SJW folk have had enough of this self-righteous, sanctimonious nonsense.

  25. Journalism was in crisis already in XIX century, if you read books like The Coun of Montecristo or Rocambole´s Feats you´ll see.

  26. The email that Roosh sent just made my fucking day! HAHA. I hope she is able to read it clearly through her blurred eyes after crying so much. Karma is a bitch.

  27. Haha, the first tweet from Roosh in this article about his email to Kate Aubusson is so fucking savage

  28. Maybe they have kids, they can therefore eat their children , there is not reason for concern. The time for mercy is over.

  29. If the Grauniad printed news along with commentary by patriotic Britons, and not just what SJW’s, sinecured socialists and other useful idiots wanted to read (without paying, of course), they wouldn’t be the Grauniad any more. They’d be the Daily Mail.

    1. For the life of me, I just can’t fathom why any liberal, multi-culti newspaper would fawn over, sympathize with, and even print radical Islamic savages.

  30. I love Roosh’s first letter. And he brings up a great point: The liberal “journalists” have zero chance of parlaying their non-skillz into income.

  31. It gets even better-Gawker is also done as Hulk Hogan destroyed them in court with a $115 million win-all the scumbag SJW retards employed by that hydra will be out of jobs too!

  32. Good riddance to bad garbage I say. Media conglomerates like these two examples ceased being outlets of any value when they realized they could sacrifice their journalistic integrity in exchange for more pageviews. Useless cunts like Valenti simply vomit out “news” articles without even bothering to fact check or give equal voice to both sides. This garbage is then reported on by other equally useless “journalists” who just assume someone before them has done all the fact checking and veracity tests. Churnalism at its finest. Lots of vapid substance and absolutely zero value.
    Let these morons starve in the streets for all I care. They’re the ones that have turned journalism into the punch line it is today. One single sided story at a time.

    1. Oh, go back farther than that. Their job was always to sell soap and tell the proles what their masters wanted them to hear. The “free press” was a joke unless you owned one. Someone determined to tell people the truth was lucky to get the wherewithal to print a few pamphlets or newsletters at his own expense. Letters to the editor trying to set the editor straight could be chucked in the waste paper basket.
      Now anyone who wants to tell the truth—and wants to set the mainstream media straight—can publish it on line. Good old competition is bleeding the MSM to death. Turns out lying to people and insulting their intelligence is no longer a viable business model.

  33. “On a final note, this whole saga with Fairfax Media and Guardian Media Group shows the laziness and reptilian nature of non-journalist SJWs”
    Easy now player, although yes some of my people are over there to stir things up.

  34. Feels good man. That twitter quote at the end…
    Some people say kicking your enemies when they are down is bad form.
    I am not one of those people.

  35. It would be nice if the whole system devours itself and these employees make a class action against their former employees and take it to the leftist courts. It would be nice to see these freaks cannibalise each other.

  36. they’re permanently fucked. they have 0 marketable skills. Creating leftist clickbait was a fad.
    Now they’ll be in similar financial situations to the migrants they love so much.

  37. Hahahahaha! It feels great when your enemy suffers a misfortune. It’s hilarious. The reward sections of my brain are going crazy. Schadenfreude. Love the Germans for inventing this word.

  38. News outlets have been shedding journalists and reporters and just reprinting what the other guy writes for some time now. It started in the early 1990’s with Murdoch. He owned a huge number or media outlets, and would have a shill write something false in one, and then have his people in other outlets pick it up and run with it, then making it out like it was a big scandal that everyone was writing about. Other media conglomerates realized that it worked, and now they all do it. No real reporting or investigation, it’s just one moron printing what other morons say. It’s a system that ripe for abuse by the people who really run our society and government.

  39. Another thing is that Leftists do not spend money except on themselves. So even if these publications had ten times the readership, they’d still be going broke

  40. The press at Guardian and Fairfax is one big lefty circle Jerk.
    The buiness journalists are definetly not objective at Fairfax, at least the ones that are allowed to write and signe off. They are leftist shills like most the other journalists there. I’ve never seen any numerate analysis from these people. They promote a global border less world which they claim will double global GDP. Even their flagship Australian Finacial Review is vacuous opening. They simply opine to support or damn a particular policy to suite their corporate masters. Don’t get me started about Ross Gittins.
    I have had several posting accounts with the Guardian. Banned 3 times with accounts supposedly closed. Unfortunately they keep sending you advertising email. No doubt this means they can claim advertising revenue.
    The guardian at least do let the little people have a say on occasion though on certain critical posting comments they sometimes moderate heavily. Anything by Lindy West is totally pre moderated.

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