Misandry Is Real

The English word misandry as defined as “The hatred of men.”  It´s that simple. Yet if you use this word in writing you will find that it does not exist in any of the spellcheckers in most text document editors nor online spellchecks, including but not limited to gmail and hotmail. On the other hand, the word misogyny is universally recognized in all spellcheckers across the board. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but in fact it is.

The battles raged against men consists more than just a bunch of short haired, overweight, mustached feminists who hate their fathers and spend their days screaming at university protests like we saw recently in Toronto.  Misandry is also at the most subtle levels of mainstream dialog and communication. The use of linguistics have a powerful impact on how we as humans interpret the world as well as ourselves; unbeknownst to us what is transpiring.  Most times we are too busy doing our thing, trying to survive and better ourselves. Yet this goes on under our noses and the end result is an automated anti-male biased perception by the general public; an attitude that is accepted as the norm.

In the above video the author explores just how  this is being done in our media, showing that by gender neutralizing the headlines men have been reduced to non entities, at the same time putting women on pedestals. This brings about a collective guilt in men  for being men.  The end result is a majority populace where women hate men, men hate men, and some men even hate themselves.

No doubt there are jackals benefiting from all of this.  Just as a military offensive is a money making operation, misandry is also lucrative.  Governments use feminism as a means of controlling the male population, as well the non profit organizations and anti-male businesses gain financially from this runaway campaign.

To what the solution to this might be? These avenues of attack via the contemporary lexicon is part of the bigger hostilities aimed at us. I have not yet the answer, but at the least men should be aware of their second class citizenry they have in the English speaking World.

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59 thoughts on “Misandry Is Real”

  1. Unbelievably good find! I had noticed some of this before, but that section about male deaths being hidden behind gender-neutral codewords was enlightening.

  2. Wow. Never realized that it’s always “men” when they do something bad. But when men do something good they are not called men. It’s “workers” or “engineers” or “personnel.”
    Misandry will get worse in the Anglo world before it gets better.

  3. It’s pretty clear that the interpretation of words is the most powerful force. Politicians spend lifetimes debating the words of the constitution.
    But the progressive agenda never really let’s issues reach the vocal / dictionary definition point.
    It’s more better to see no evil hear no evil. Or NIMBY- not in my back yard aka morve to safe homogenous areas.

  4. Actually seems questionable whether misogyny is real. Disappointment, resentment, sure, but to hate women so much you want to destroy them like women frequently work to destroy men? Maybe guys who go out and stab hookers 70 times, or homosexuals who have no other use for them, but it doesn’t seem like a normal occurrence. Women probably have more contact with sociopaths, but those guys enjoy using men too, so the idea the being mean to a woman is in some way extraordinarily villainous kind of makes “misogyny” self-contradictory.

    1. An excellent find. The video on paternity fraud is good too. It’s typical that even if a man finds out he is not the father of a child, the courts will still make him pay child support. In fact there have been cases where a woman with a bastard kid will go to the State and accuse a man she has never met as being the father, and the family courts will still go along despite proving his innocence. It’s incredible just how dangerous it is fucking a chick in America these days.

  5. I saw this dynamic in effect in law school. In all the textbooks and case law, the generic word “man” or “men” is always distractingly replaced by “her” or “woman”. This is the result of 30 years of unrestrained feminism.

  6. German news, the German prime minister speaking:
    “Our women and men in Afghanistan.. bla bla bla”
    And out of 50 deaths, as of 2012, how many were women? 0
    How is that reported?
    Dead soldiers.
    So, you can bet your ass, if there were no women in the german troops in Afghanistan,
    the prime minister would have said
    “We wish for the safety of our soldiers”, not “of our men”…
    but now that we got women, it is “women and men”
    And the same with the india story.
    Nobody, not a single outlet that i was occasionally listening to talked about the man beaten, left helpless against the rape, and then thrown out of the bus.
    the girl has undergone a more traumatic crime, true, but where is the mention of the boy? Who could easily be killed, as some rapes that made the news show; rape the girl, kill the boy…
    Man, by default is the Invisible Man, to society.

    1. More girls have been killed in a span of 50 years simply because they were girls, than all the men killed in all the wars of the 20th century.(Dont believe me, but it was written by pulitzer prize winning journalists, a man and a woman team) Thats WWI, WWII, Vietnam, korean war, blah blah the list goes on. And men barred women from combat, so go ahead and use war as a “woe is me” retort, but remember that women are usually left unarmed and untrained and left to die when their country is invaded by enemy combatants.
      Yeah its unfortunate that no one seemed to care about that womans male companion, but I think a metal rod being jammed into someones guts through their vag and being the one who is dead… I guess took more precidence.

      1. “(Dont believe me, but it was written by pulitzer prize winning journalists, a man and a woman team)”
        We don’t have to. (a) There’s plenty of men who think by buckling under to feminists they’ll get credit or laid. (b) So what if they won a Pulitzer Prize? That means jack shit in terms of reproducibility or quality of data. Show us some real numbers.
        “Yeah its unfortunate that no one seemed to care about that womans male companion, but I think a metal rod being jammed into someones guts through their vag and being the one who is dead… I guess took more precidence.”
        Ah, yes, the good old Hilary Clinton point of view: that women are the primary victims of war. My physical ordeal is more important than the life of the many men who were defending me.

  7. I noticed this a little while back, virtually nobody knows what misandry means nor that it exists (including the spell checker for this comments box). Not only that, but the definition of misogyny in some dictionaries has morphed from the hatred of women to include “prejudice against women”.
    Expanding definitions or masking words in a language can have powerful effects over time.

  8. They are right about one single thing: there ARE too much men on this planet. You cannot deny that. Few decades ago we were needed to construct things and protect society. Now, with MANpower done by machines betamales are just not needed anymore. A lot of resources are now just used to control the huge amounts of beta and gamma males who dont have sex. Imagine what we can do if we could spare those resources?
    In what kind of world would we life in if there were 10 females for 1 male, which is +- the natural ratio?
    No more war (countries with huge male population tends to attack countries with big female population)
    No hunger (3 billion less mouth to feed, mouth that eat more than the average person)
    No stress (every man is happy because he has harem, and every female is happy because she has a man)
    No frustration (all frustration comes from short amount of females)
    Lesser psychological problems (due to less frustration)
    Lesser diseases (due to less stress)
    Lesser pollution (due to less population)
    (list goes on)

    1. Read Fisher, there’s a good explanation as to why this is unsustainable (why human genetic sex ratios are around 50:50).

    2. That’s like promoting influenza to improve life on Earth. On the other hand, if you eliminated 90% of women and established brothels filled with supermodels (assuming lab-grown children) there really could be a massive advancement of humankind.

    3. “Now, with MANpower done by machines betamales are just not needed anymore.”
      Do you think robots built the house you live in, keep the power running, drill and refine the fuel you rely on, guard the streets you live on, haul your trash, build and maintain the roads you drive on, etc?

    4. Ahhhh yes, woman good, man bad. Repeat that after me 10 times: woman good, man bad. How many fingers am I holding up?

    5. I guess you expect to be one of the lucky men left under your plan, yeah?
      Always the way isn’t it, do unto others what i won’t do unto myself. Very progressive.

    6. Hahaha, another idiot who thinks our ancestors lived like kings when the world had less than one billion…don’t feed the troll, by the way in the state of nature the ratio is 40 against 80 so roughly speaking 2 women per men dumbass (assuming 80% vs 40% could reproduce in ancient times).

  9. It’s interesting how spot on is your thinking about linguistics.
    I’ll tell a story who happened with me.
    I’m brazilian and i’m a Law student. Recently i had a lecture on the “Maria da Penha” law, the brazilian equivalent to common law VAWA Act.
    In these class, the teacher asked which was the concept about “gender violence”. I made a point of what it meant, and said it is “the violence against a individual due to the gender he belongs”. She said it was right, but told me it’s an outdated meaning for the term. She corrected my definition, as the “actions and circumstances where a man subjects a woman, both emotionally and phisically”. I asked why, but she couldn’t give me a coherent answer, only that the term changed its meaning during the 90’s. I presume it’s when feminism began spreading in these lands.
    The feminist march is roaring across these lands, the boys are becoming wussies, the young girls (14 year old range) are developing a hatred against men with no precedents in history. It’s SAD to stare at the decline.

    1. Thats’s sad. Brazil is a beautiful country but it sounds like it’s going down the shitter pretty fast.

  10. True misandry does exist. But you can’t deny that misogyny doesn’t exist. I get it that you guys don’t like women and hate how feminist can be a bit much at times. Yet you can’t ignore that there are women out there in the world and in America who get abused and raped. Speaking from experience I grew in a poor neighborhood/ghetto in the US. Unfortunately it wasn’t uncommon for fathers to be abusive and abounded their wives(not all my father wasn’t like that) and rape occurred at a MUCH HIGHER rate then it did in middle to upper class neighborhoods.I was raped myself and so was my cousin.I get that you guys what empower young men to embrace their masculine side and give them solid dating tips. But based on what I read this site you guys seem to have a dismissive attitude about women’s issues. If you want true equality to be achieved in America both genders have to support feminist and MRA issues. I will continue to encourage women to support MRA issues and hope you guys will start encouraging men to support feminist issues.

        1. QUOTE THE BITCH: “I will continue to encourage women to support MRA issues and hope you guys will start encouraging men to support feminist issues.”
          Because supporting feminism = supporting hate. Feminism is no longer about equality, it’s pure H.A.T.E. If there was no feminism there would be no reason to have MRA’s. The fems started the war, not men. The female in question, quoted, is obviously clueless.

        2. misogyny AND misandry exist, but a lot of feminists have denied that misandry exists whenever I argue them about it. A lot of obnoxious men exist and need to be straightened out, but a lot of obnoxious women also exist and they have had a big effect on me growing up. A lot of people call returnofkings a “hate group”, but I’ve heard WAY worse from the other side, so I still come here for improvement.
          Believe me, a lot of women love THEIR delusional drama. I’m sick of the PC police.

    1. I know what you’re saying. I was debating with a feminist how misogyny AND misandry exist, but he kept saying that misandry doesn’t exist. I don’t hate women at all like some of those feminists think, I simply feel that they hate me, and I’m apparently a misogynist for defending myself.
      I don’t call myself a feminist, MRA, or egalitarian. Being a decent person is simply called being a decent person.

  11. Nice try boys. Misandry doesn’t exist. It’s a funny made up word boys made up when the people they used to own started being mean to them for once. Do you guys actually understand the issue at hand? Do you guys understand the meaning of White Male Privilege? Here’s something you guys might have missed form history class but women were not considered people until the 1920’s. Do you guys get that? That was 90 years ago. We were property you guys. Property. And that’s how men still treat us. If we’re not pretty, we’re not good for anything. “you’re only here to please me and me alone and if you go off and please other men then you’re a slut” Do you see how society shames us for just about anything? We women HAVE to fight back. Because this shit is not fair. It’s not fair that we get paid less than a man for the same work. It”s not fair that we’re called sluts for having sex but men are heroes if they get into a 3 way. It’s not fair that we’re the ones who have to look beautiful for you but we have to take you as is because “we won’t find any better” Do you guys see this? Feminism is not a bad thing. 95% of feminists just want to be equal. We don’t want to be fuck toys and just objects. We want to be equal. The other 5% are the radicals and every group has their radicals. But seriously, if you agree that women should be your equals than you’re a feminist too, and that’s not a bad thing you guys. “Misandry” is a totally called for thing. We’re not being mean to men, We’re not trying to be better than you, but because so many men keep knocking us down instead of helping us up to equality we now have to knock YOU down to bring you to our level. We’re not trying to be better just equal, but if you could come off your thrown for 5 minutes maybe you could see that.

    1. Misandry is the hatred of men. Mysogyny is the hatred of women. By saying that the hatred of men does not exist you are making a vast over-estimation of the quality of our world. You talk about men as if men are all one being. You pretend that men are all the same disgusting individual, sitting on their throne, filling their castle of oppression with innocent girls, smashing and raping all who stand in their way. Have you even been outside lately? Do you ever look around you and see all of the people who don’t reflect this projected image that you have in their mind, or do you simply paste your view of men onto every male’s face to suit your beliefs? Yes, women are more oppressed than men, especially in less developed countries than people like me are lucky to live in, but oppression of men occurs every day, every second even. Turn on the TV sometime and watch a children’s show. Count how many bumbling dad’s, bullying brothers, male villains, and stupid male friends you see. A lot, you will find. You say that feminists have to knock men down in order to create equality, but that’s not the only solution. I’ll provide an analogy and see if you can connect it to the real world:
      Jimmy and Bobby were climbing a mountain to see the beautiful view at the top. Jimmy was a crafty fellow and had asked his friend Sally to set up some hidden ladders for him beforehand to ease his journey. Bobby didn’t notice Jimmy’s trick until Jimmy was already way ahead of him, at which point, Bobby yelled up, “Hey Jimmy! Slow down so I can see the same view as you!” Jimmy understood Bobby’s complaints, but he liked seeing the best view all the time, so he kept climbing. Bobby was angry, so he started to throw rocks at Jimmy as he screamed to Jimmy why the whole thing wasn’t fair. Jimmy could see Bobby’s pain, and chose to let Bobby catch up, climbing at a much slower rate. Bobby, still angry, continued to throw rocks, telling Jimmy that he needed to climb even slower, or even fall, so that Bobby could see the best view with or without Jimmy. Jimmy was upset that Bobby would attack him even though he was making an effort to let Bobby catch up, so Jimmy lashed back by climbing just as fast as Bobby, to show Bobby that he would never catch up by using violence. Bobby saw this and after coming to the ralization that Jimmy wanted, he stopped attacking Jimmy and simply had a conversation with him to explain his position. Jimmy, noticing the change in Bobby’s tactics, respected Bobby infinitely more than when Bobby was trying to make him fall, and stopped completely to wait for Bobby so that they could see the wonderful view at the top together.
      See? Jimmy didn’t have to fall for Bobby to get the view that he deserved. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind,” so don’t resort to fighting to get what you deserve. We can climb the mountain together, like Jimmy and Bobby, or we can throw rocks and climb ahead of each other with for all time as we traverse the neverending slopes of Mount Life. I know which journey would be more pleasant. Do you?

      1. Sorry. I just saw another hilarious typo. It should say, “Especially in some less developed countries that people like me are lucky to not live in.” (Forgive me, but it’s hard to type long rants out on my iPod)

      1. edit: in reference to the gibberish written by the hating animal that goes by “b”.

    2. Yes women may have been”not considered people until the 1920s”, but believe me life for the common man wasn’t too greater either. Or would you fancy being knee deep in mud in a trench in the Somme for weeks on end then expected to rush the enemy head on against machine guns, often with just a swagger stick? If you refuse you’d be shot as a coward and your family disgraced. Most men didn’t have any real freedom, they were just cannon fodder.Like then you don’t know how lucky you truely are because believe me (with the exception of childbirth) most WESTERN women are in a position of privilage.

    3. You should seek out evidence before you talk.
      First thing first, women did not equal slaves before the 1920’s. 1920 was the year women were given the right to vote, funny thing about that fact is most white males weren’t given the right to vote until the Andrew Jackson administration (google universal male suffrage) which really didn’t come to fruition till 1850. Ten years later black males were given the right to vote. And then 10 years after that, when white women complained about the injustice of ex male slaves being given the right to vote and not white women, (in other words, we’re better than the negroes and you gave them the right to vote), states started to assign women the right to vote and in 1920, it became official. Which is why so many feminists like to act like back in the day white women were treated as slaves.
      What actually used to happen back in the day, the time period where you say women were property, was that a man who was interested in a woman, would court her, then he’d head over to his parents house and give a payment to the father. This is what feminists usually use to say that they were property: however, it’s idiotic. It’s called a dowry. And it was a gift given to the head of the household or the patriarch (the one feminist hate) for handing his daughter to him in marriage, it also represented the bond that would happen between two families. It still goes on today, even in the United States, it’s just that all that money that used to be handed to the father is now lavished on ridiculously expensive weddings.
      As for calling women sluts, or men not dismissing women because they have sex with multiple guys…sorry. Women choose who they want to have sex with, and men choose who they want to marry. It’s not society’s fault that women don’t give it up to anybody who asks, or that broke men can’t get any, that’s a personal decision that has nothing to do with society. The same thing goes with men who dismiss women who like to get around, we don’t owe you anything, neither do you.
      I could go on and keep adding context to your vast and typical accusations of male privilege, but like I’ve said before when someone makes a judgement, that means they have considered all the facts and have come to a conclusion, thus they are no longer open to debate. Feminists think they have considered all the facts and know men, yet every idea they spew about men paints us as oppressors and abusive. Feminism is not open to argument, because it doesn’t challenge itself. It ignores contradictions and is purely based on demonizing men. Yet, what does that matter; feminists only care about being equal (theory), yet in practice i.e. reality (it’s about legitimizing a fear and/hatred for men which is what we call misandry, which according to you doesn’t exist.) it has more to do with power over men.
      Men don’t knock you down, they just can’t stand the fact that you think by guilting them on biased facts that that is somehow going to make them respect you as equals, which it won’t. You can take whatever you want from men, via their own vices or through government action, but regardless of what happens, you’re never going to be able to force men to respect you, because men only respect individuals, not groups. You want respect, you want equality, stop relying on feminists for back support and talk to men as an individual and not as a victim, and then you’ll have our respect rather than our phony tolerance of you, which is what you have at the moment.

      1. Did you know that famous Rothschild family funded the Feminatzi movement because they wanted women to work so they can tax them ? Did you guys know that fact ?

      2. Misandry is a ‘thing’ you retard, go look it up in the same dictionary you used to define feminism as an ‘equal’ rights movement. After that you admitted to hating men and trying to them knock off some imaginary pedestal. Which makes you a misandrist. I suppose within your inferior mind that’s justified since your have an inferiority complex about being a woman. When the leadership of your so called movement is being headed by women who spew man-hate it can be established that feminism equals man hate. What you as a woman need to understand is “men don’t owe you shit.”

    4. Show me one job in the western country that pays less to women for the same work !! Show us ! Come on now . Its a lie its illegal and you know it !! Cops ,bus drivers , nurses , where , where does a women get less money for the same job ,same job love, get it ?? Its illegal ,they can’t do that . Its should be criminalized for people to lie about statistics ,I think .

    5. Am i the only one surprised after a year nobody deiced to say ” The b must stand for b****! “

    6. I am sorry to say what you have written is errant nonsense. Both forms of hatred are folly and unhelpful. Misandry is evident in many places and at many times. Our own small part of the world may have its particular mix or imbalance but a failure to address the unjust will only cause more vendetta.

    7. You’re not still property in my country of Canada. Bitches like you have made me consider suicide. Women who hate men do exist, so misandry thus exists. I’m sick of you delusional brats (not all women) thinking that you’re a victim when you wouldn’t know a victim if one fell on you.
      I have Aspergers, and life hasn’t been the easiest thing for me, yet I don’t call myself a victim. I’m more of a victim then you are, though! I assume you grew up in some middle-upper class hipster home-I’m in the lower class (not middle-lower, just lower), and my family actually qualifies for welfare since both my parents aren’t working. My dad drove trucks, but he’s just now finishing a battle of cancer. I’ll bet you would agree with someone like Hillary Clinton and say that my mother would be the primary victim because she would have to deal with losing him, even though my dad would be the one who has his life ended.
      If you say any of that shit to me in person, I won’t hesitate to slap you around.
      (equality, remember?)

  12. Amazing stuff !! A real aye opener . And women enjoy sex more then men ,multiple orgasms so…we are brainwashed to chased them . Our mothers and sisters are lying to us and the Media is disgusting …..travesty really !
    Solution : Get educated and don’t marry and don’t go to the army ,be an asshole !!!!!

  13. Heh, I love the part about spellcheckers – too true
    But what’s worse is the DICTIONARIES:
    Misandry as Defined by Random House Dictionary (from dictionary.com):
    “hatred of males.”
    Misogyny as Defined by Random House Dictionary:
    “hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.”
    To note, not all dictionaries do this, Merriam-Webster online still defines misogyny as “hatred of women.” However, were this trend to continue, Misogyny might as well be anything that a women doesn’t like that men do.

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